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17 Oct 2010

Oh my. A former, US-backed dictator looking to make a comeback and some Israeli hacks wanting to get in on the action:

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is stated to have shared a lunch with a couple of members of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, at a Chinese restaurant in Kensington area of central London a few days ago.

The Israeli parliamentarians included Silvan Sahalom and Brigadier General (retired) Ephraim Sneh, also the chairman of the subcommittee on Defence Human Resources, The nation reported.

Some colleagues of Musharraf also attended the lunch, which comprised of fish, some duck dishes and expensive wine, the paper said.

The lunch lasted more than 90 minutes, it said, adding that the following day, the former president left for a visit to the United States.

According to diplomatic sources, one of the Israeli parliamentarians had also called on Musharraf when he was on an official visit to Turkey.

Jewish settlements are keeping the Zionist “dream” alive

17 Oct 2010

Looks like Zionist colonies will never end, then. If nobody seriously pressures Israel to cease settlement building, the Jewish state will soon find itself an even more isolated, pariah state. This is brain-dead and dead-end Zionism:

Israel will only stop its disputed settlement building when the Palestinians make a peace agreement, its UN ambassador said ahead of new Security Council talks Monday on the Middle East conflict.

But Israel would be concerned if Arab nations pressed ahead with a campaign to get United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state before any accord, the envoy, Meron Reuben, told AFP in an interview.

Reuben will face new international pressure when he appears before a UN Security Council meeting on Israeli-Palestinian hostilities. The United States and most world powers have backed Palestinian demands that Israel renew a freeze on settlement building in the occupied territories.

“People understand,” Reuben declared. “I don’t think they agree with the way we are going, but they definitely understand the fact that settlements are not a burden on the peace process and not something that will stop the peace process.”

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Al-Hamdulilah– ‘Judaic Studies’ at Univ at Albany to host the great Amira Hass next month

Al-Hamdulilah– ‘Judaic Studies’ at Univ at Albany to host the great Amira Hass next month

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

Memo to Obama: Settlers torch cars, torch olive trees, and release wild boar that breaks 57-year-old Palestinian farmer’s legs

Oct 16, 2010


and other news from Today in Palestine:

Settlers / Land, property and resource theft and destruction / Ethnic cleansing

Israel begins expanding settlements in Jenin
Israel began large-scale digging works on Saturday in preparation for the expansion of an illegal settlement in the northern West Bank district of Jenin. Residents of the Ya’bad village, on which the Shaqed settlement is built, said bulldozers entered on Saturday and began razing village land to make way for several new housing units.

Israeli settlers begin new settlement expansion outside Jenin
…The Jenin-area settlements are particularly controversial due to their proximity to Palestinian cities and towns deep inside the West Bank, areas which were supposed to be under complete Palestinian control since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993 … Local witnesses report that construction has also begun in nearby settlements including Shaqed, Rehan, Hinnanit, Mevo Dotan. and Hermesh.

Settler press conference and clash in Sheikh Jarrah
Thursday illegal settlers of the Umm Haroun Compound of Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem gave a press conference about their plans for the upcoming year. The Settlers’ Organization stated that they plan to build two new blocks of settlements and a holy tourist park of biblical archeology on the Palestinian owned land of East Jerusalem. The organization’s website has a one-year-plan on how to remove the Palestinian people from Umm Haroun.

Settlers caught on camera torching cars
Three Israeli settlers were caught on security cameras setting fire to two Palestinian cars in the village of Qusra in the northern Nablus district overnight Saturday … The footage captured by Hamdan’s home security surveillance also show settlers writing “death to you” on his doorstep after the settlers drove up to his home in a Peugeot, fleeing the scene after the arson.

Settlers torch olive groves in northern West Bank
Firefighters were called to a Qalqiliya village on Friday after settlers torched Palestinian olive groves, a civil defense spokesman said. Mohammad Amer said residents of the illegal Gevat Gilad outpost prevented fire engines from reaching Far’ata village. He added that tens of thousands of shekels of damage was caused in part due to the delay.

Awarta man suffers broken legs after settler pig attack
Farmer Ismael Awad, 57, is recovering in Raffidya hospital, south of Nablus, after a wild boar attacked him in his olive fields yesterday, breaking both of his legs. The animals are believed to have been released from the nearby Itamar settlement. Such attacks are becoming increasingly common.

The burning report / Adam Keller
The testimony of A., a Palestinian farmer from the village of Far’ata telling of what happened to his olive grove yesterday morning, was written down by peace activist David Nir, who spends much of his time monitoring the situation in the Nablus Area. On the morning of Friday, October 15, A. And his family were harvesting olives on a plot near the built-up area of Far’ata. At 10.30 he was alerted to smoke rising from his other olive grove, which is near the “Gile’ad’s Farm” settler outpost.

Amnesty: Settlements threaten human rights
Illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank threaten Palestinian human rights, Amnesty International’s regional deputy director Philip Luther said Friday … AI said Israel’s “land grab and dissection” of occupied Palestinian territories had a “devastating impact” on the lives of Palestinians, noting that 40 percent of the West Bank had been classified by Israel as “state” land, which was often used for settlements. In East Jerusalem, 35 percent of the occupied land was confiscated for settlements, while more than 250,000 Palestinians are designated only 13 percent of the occupied area.

PA condemns Jerusalem plan
The Palestinian Authority on Friday condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s approval of tenders for over 200 settlement homes in occupied East Jerusalem. President Mahmoud Abbas’ spokesman told the official PA news agency WAFA that the approval undermines the peace process’s credibility. Nabil Abu Rdeina called upon the international community to pressure Israel to halt settlement activities, warning that failure of the peace process would inflame an indefinite cycle of violence in the Middle East.

Israel settlement building surges as US pushes for a new freeze
Israeli settlement monitors estimate that construction has begun on 500 new units — nearly one-quarter of the number for all of 2008 — as settlers try to make up for lost time … The freeze is also having an unintended consequence: building in the West Bank is slowly shifting from large settlements near Israel’s border to smaller far-flung settlements that Israel is expected to evacuate if a peace deal is reached. n the rush to build both before and after the 10-month moratorium, settler construction has surged on medium- and small-sized projects overseen by ideologically driven builders. Those require less bureaucracy than large-scale building.

Israel orders removal of East Jerusalem protest tent (AFP)
Jerusalem city council is threatening to expel a Palestinian and raze his home if he does not remove a protest tent from a strife-torn district on the city’s eastern side, locals said on Friday. Residents in Silwan told AFP that city officials had delivered a “demolition order” late on Thursday, ordering the removal of a tent set up to protest against municipal plans to level 22 homes to make way for a new tourism park.

Druze: Natural pool drying up due to Mekorot pumping
Golan residents call on government to limit pumping of water for irrigation from ‘Ram Pool; say 20 tons of fish died — Thousands of Druze from the northern Golan Heights marched to Berekhat Ram (Ram Pool) on Friday in protest against the increased water pumping at the crater lake, which is located near the villages Majdal Shams and Mas’ade.,7340,L-3969926,00.html

’60 Minutes’ set to look into colonized E. Jerusalem / Philip Weiss
[Tomorrow, Sunday], [CBS TV’s] “60 Minutes” will go to Silwan, the neighborhood just outside the walls of the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem that Jews are colonizing. The trailer suggests that she will put some emphasis on the biblical stories that rightwingers tell themselves to justify the landgrab … I am told that Stahl turned to Ir Amim for her reporting, the group that wants to share Jerusalem, and that offers some hope that she will expose the occupation in all its gory.

Activism / Solidarity

Detained protest leader’s daughters join Bil’in rally
The daughters of imprisoned protest leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah joined the weekly anti-wall rally in Bil’in on Friday to demand the release of their father. Abu Rahmah’s daughters Luma, 7, and Laian, 5, marched to the separation wall carrying photographs of their father. An Israeli military court on Monday sentenced Abu Rahmah to 12 months in prison and ordered him to pay a 5,000 shekel fine for organizing and participating in anti-wall protests.

Weekly demonstration report
FRIDAY October 15, 2010 — Yesterday the village of An Nabi Saleh was transformed into a war zone, with Palestinian villagers and about fifteen International Peace activists trapped within the village behind a checkpoint for five-and-a-half hours. Soldiers shot at these non-violent activists with live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas cannons, and sound bombs. One Palestinian man was shot twice in the leg, and several children needed medical treatment from exposure to teargas inside their homes …[Also: report on Al-Ma`asara]

Undercover special forces attack the unarmed demonstration in Nabi Saleh
(with video) Undercover soldiers from the Army’s special forces unit, Duvdevan, attacked the demonstration [today] in Nabi Saleh as it was coming to an end. Four were arrested and four were injured.

Activist: Forces ban students, farmers from olive harvest
A human rights activist said Israeli forces banned farmers and students from access to a field for the olive harvest on Saturday in the illegal Hebron settlement of Tel Rumeida. Issa Amr said dozens of students joined farmers to assist in the olive harvest but were stopped by Israeli forces who denied them access to the field “at gun point.” The troops then declared the area a closed military zone, he added.

International aid convoy to Gaza due to sail this Sunday
LONDON — October 15 — A ship loaded with vehicles and aid for Gaza is due to leave Syria for Egypt this Sunday, carrying members of Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK. The ship will pass the exact place in international waters where Israel boarded the Mavi Marmara in May and killed nine Turkish humanitarians on board as they attempted to sail to Gaza to deliver aid. Those on board the ship, including 40 survivors of the Mavi Marmara attack, will throw a wreath into the sea to commemorate those killed by Israeli troops.

Danish game show winner donates 1  million krone to hospitalized Palestinian children
Denmark’s former foreign minister, whose game-show winnings will be donated to the Peres Center for Peace, stressed yesterday that the contribution was not made in honor of President Shimon Peres … The money will be used to cover the expenses of Palestinian children hospitalized in Israeli facilities. The two game-show winners are former Danish foreign minister Lykketoft and television journalist Martin Krasnik, who also participate on an international affairs television program together.


German firm helps Israel cement occupation with light rail / Adri Nieuwhof
Last month, the German company TÜV NORD Group announced that it will test the technical safety of the first line of the controversial Jerusalem light rail project that critics say is being built in violation of Palestinian rights. The light rail project will connect West Jerusalem with several illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and is expected to enter into operation next spring.

Siege / Restriction of movement / Human rights / Humanitarian

Water crisis in Palestine is worsening / Nora Barrows-Friedman
…For Palestinians under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, and in Palestinian-Bedouin communities inside Israel itself, water has historically been a precious commodity especially in the summer months – which can stretch, like this year’s, for over five months – because of the ongoing resource theft of groundwater tables by the Israeli state and the economic blockade the government continues against the people in Gaza.

Oxfam: Israeli policies damaging to the Palestinian olive oil industry
The Israeli occupation of the West Bank and siege of Gaza are seriously harming Palestinian olive oil production which contributes up to US$100 million annually for some of the most underprivileged Palestinian families, the international NGO Oxfam said in a report on Friday. The report, entitled, “The Road to Olive Farming: Challenges to developing the economy of olive oil in the West Bank,” blames Israel for restricting access to land and olive tree farms.

Tunnel workers hospitalized after inhaling solvent
Six tunnel workers were hospitalized on Saturday after inhaling paint thinner as they transferred goods inside a smuggling tunnel under the Gaza-Egypt border in Rafah, a medical spokesman said.

Arab agricultural experts tour Gaza Strip
A delegation of Arab agriculture experts toured the Gaza Strip on Saturday to check up on projects funded by a $10 million grant delivered during its visit shortly after Operation Cast Lead last winter … The delegation met with Gaza premier Ismail Haniyeh and agriculture minister Ramadan Al-Agha, and spoke with fishermen and farmers affected both by Israel’s siege and its devastating assault last year, which brought the sector to near collapse.

Gaza restrictions an obstacle to peace: Elders (AFP)
A delegation of the Elders group of retired world figures on Saturday visited the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and called Israeli restrictions on the Palestinian enclave both illegal and an obstacle to peace. “Mary Robinson, Ela Bhatt and Lakhdar Brahimi say the isolation of Gaza is not only illegal collective punishment, but also an impediment to peace,” a statement from the group said after they spent the day in the enclave.


The IDF kills 1 Palestinian civilian every two days, on average, with impunity / Philip Weiss
Every other day, the IDF kills a Palestinian civilian with impunity in the occupied territories. And the Israelis have treated these killings as “combat action,” reports B’Tselem in a report on Israeli military killings in the occupied territories, 2006-2009, not including the Gaza war.

Chas Freeman on Muslim death toll and its emotional/political consequences
Chas Freeman gave a speech at Tufts yesterday. Paul Woodward picked it up. “Consider, for example, the two sides of the Israel-Palestine struggle. So far in this century – since September 29, 2000, when Ariel Sharon marched into the Al Aqsa mosque and ignited the Intifada of that name, about 850 Israeli Jews have died at the hands of Palestinians, 125 or so of them children. That’s equivalent to 45,000 dead Americans, including about 6,800 children. It’s a level of mayhem we Americans cannot begin to understand. But, over the same period, Israeli soldiers and settlers have killed 6,600 or so Palestinians, at least 1,315 of whom were children. In American terms, that’s equivalent to 460,000 U.S. dead, including 95,000 children. Meanwhile, the American equivalent of almost 500,000 Israelis and 2.9 million Palestinians have been injured. To put it mildly, the human experiences these figures enumerate are not conducive to peace or goodwill among men and women in the Holy Land or anywhere with emotional ties to them.

Night clashes erupt in Jerusalem Shu’fat camp, dozens wounded
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dozens of Palestinians sustained breathing difficulties after inhaling tear gas during clashes that erupted Friday night between Palestinian youths and Israeli occupation forces in the vicinity of a military checkpoint near the Shu’fat refugee camp in central Jerusalem. Locals reported that violent clashes broke out when the youths hurled stones and empty bottles at the IOF soldiers stationed at a provocative checkpoint located at the camp’s entrance.


Palestinian detainees organize hunger strike
Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails are organizing a prison-wide hunger strike to protest poor conditions, the head of a detainees committee said Friday. In a letter sent from his cell, Yehya Sinwar said the strike would be called the Al-Furqan battle … Fifty detainees from various prisons would participate in the strike in the first week, and a further 100 would join in the second week, Sinwar said.

Hamas confirms Shalit swap talks have resumed
Hamas previously denied reports German mediator visited Gaza Strip two weeks ago in bid to resume talks; Hamas official Abu Marzuq says Hamas still holding on to prior demands.

Top Shalit activist: Say yes to Hamas
As reports surface about a recent visit by German Mediator Gerhard Konrad to Gaza, the top Shalit campaign activist says Israel should accept Hamas’ demands to secure Gilad Shalit’s release. “To my regret, here in Israel we are constantly preoccupied with thinking how Hamas will respond to a deal where 1,000 people are released for our Gilad,” Shalit campaign manager Shimshon Libman. “Our strength as a nation is to say yes to Hamas; our one person is as important as your 1,000 people.,7340,L-3970093,00.html

Israel’s Arab helpers

Hamas accuse Egypt of planning hajj travel ban
GAZA CITY (AFP) – Hamas on Friday accused Cairo of planning to bar a number of the Palestinian Islamist movement’s leaders from crossing into Egypt on their way to the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. “A senior Egyptian official informed a Hamas official in Gaza about a list of Hamas leaders who are to be banned from travelling, including Salah Bardawil, Sami Abu Zuhri and myself, without explaining why,” said Fawzi Barhum, a spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas rulers … But Egyptian security sources denied any such ban was in place, telling AFP that Hamas leaders had yet to request permits to travel via Egypt, despite an official request for a list of names.;_ylc=X3oDMTEwNnJjbmxvBF9TAzIwMjM4Mjc1MjQEZW1haWxJZAMxMjg3MTYzODM5

AOHR accuses PA security of torturing families of slain resistance fighters
LONDON, (PIC)– The Arab organization for human rights (AOHR) in Britain accused the Palestinian Authority’s security apparatuses of harassing and torturing families of slain resistance fighters Nashat Al-Karmi and Mamoun Al-Natsha and demanded their immediate release … AOHR noted that about 400 members of Natsha family were arrested by the PA security apparatuses. The same thing happened to the family of Nashat Al-Karmi whose members were arrested, tortured and humiliated.

Hamas: PA referred 40 affiliates to military courts
Hamas accused the Palestinian Authority of referring 40 party supporters from the northern Nablus district to military courts, which have in turn delayed hearings until next month, a statement issued Saturday read. The Islamist movement further said the use of torture against party affiliates in Jericho prison had intensified and that the PA continued to bar detainees in Hebron from family visits.

Hamas calls for dismissal of US security coordinator
Hamas on Friday called for the dismissal of recently appointed US security coordinator for the West Bank Michael Moeller, and said security coordination with Israel was a crime … In a statement, Hamas reiterated its demand to reform security forces according to “ethics which prohibit security coordination and integration with the enemy.” Security should protect Palestinian land, its residents and resistance, Hamas said.

War crimes

Israeli navy examines ways to avoid repeating Gaza flotilla mistakes
While the Turkel committee continues its investigation of the Gaza flotilla affair, Israel’s navy has already drawn operational conclusions from the altercation at sea last May and is mulling how to avoid the same pitfalls. One change being considered by the navy is to purchase equipment that will help it board vessels while minimizing harm to soldiers.

‘Israel must apologize for Gaza flotilla or remain isolated in Mideast’
Turkish PM Erdogan slams U.S. for supporting ‘state terrorism of Israel against Turkey,’ says Turkey, Iran and Pakistan have a common future.

Political developments

US ‘disappointed’ by approval of new settlement construction
Philip Crowley: Israel approving tenders for construction in East Jerusalem is contrary to efforts to resume peace talks.

France to Israel: Reconsider Jerusalem construction
Paris joins Washington in expression of ‘deep disappointment’ over decision to issue bids for 240 housing units in neighborhoods located beyond Green Line,7340,L-3970117,00.html

Arab states: World must put an end to ‘Israeli arrogance’
57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference condemns Israel for renewing settlement construction in East Jerusalem, says it’s a ‘provocative step intended to sabotage peace process.’ [these are not all ‘Arab’ states]

Fatah official: Palestinians have options
Palestinian leaders still have options despite the crisis in negotiations, Fatah Central Committee member Mohammed Shtayyeh said Friday … Palestinian leaders would explore all avenues, he said, including approaching the UN Security Council and the International Courts of Justice to recognize a Palestinian state. Shtayyeh said another option was to increase the financial cost to Israel of occupying Palestinian land. Israel was obstructing peace talks because continuing the occupation served Israeli economic interests, he said. “We import 86 percent of our imports from Israel, and we export to it 64 percent. The Palestinian territories are the landfill for Israeli goods. The total domestic product of settlements reaches $4-5 billion annually in addition to water resources,” he said. Meanwhile, it cost Israel nothing to occupy Palestinian land, he added.

Radwan: the security issue will dominate Damascus meeting
GAZA, (PIC) — Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan stated that the next meeting between his Movement and Fatah faction in Syria will focus on the security file which is considered the most important outstanding issue between the two parties.

Zahhar: Hamas wants ties with Arab world
Hamas is interested in developing special relations with neighboring Arab countries, particularly Egypt, senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar said Saturday … Tensions between Hamas and Egypt have remained high since Cairo announced it would be constructing a subterranean wall to thwart smuggling through the Gaza-Egypt border’s tunnel complex.

Other news

UNRWA director meets with donors over latest strike
UNRWA’s West Bank director met Friday with representatives of donor countries in East Jerusalem to discuss the latest employee strike action over pay … West Bank UNRWA employees announced the strike on Thursday and have been taking similar action over pay since May.

New Columbia U. Palestine Center gets a shingle and bupkus / Philip Weiss
Good reporting at the Forward, by Joy Resmovits, on Columbia U. opening a new Center for Palestine Studies. No funding for it, though note the appearance of filmmaker James Schamus, who is Jewish, near the end of the story. I wonder why the Forward did not call Columbia alum Robert Kraft, who gives a ton of money to Jewish causes and to dialogue causes, and ask why he isn’t ponying.

Analysis / Opinion / Human interest

Time to stick it again to the Arabs / Gideon Levy
Underneath everything is hatred – hatred and contempt for Arabs. The ideology of the right has been dead for some time, nothing of its former glory remains; primeval emotions are now its true driving force. This is what is behind the right wing’s nationalist laws and its so-called “peace.” Lurking beneath all the unpretty words are not just political considerations, but a lack of any systematic ideas – only dark and dangerous instincts. [See also last article in this list]

‘NYT’/Bronner push the legality of settlements / Norman Finkelstein
In today’s New York Times, Ethan Bronner writes that the United States AND JAPAN consider the settlements legal. I checked with the Japanese Embassy, which proceeded to check with the Japanese government. It got back to me a few minutes later [on Friday afternoon]: Of course it’s a lie: the Japanese government considers the settlements illegal. Poor Bronner, sitting in his Jerusalem office, calling up every consulate in the phone book starting with the A’s trying to find just one other country that considers the settlements as legal. He gets to the J’s, calls Japan, and you know how polite the Japanese are…

Deconstructing Israeli media distortions / Ira Chernus
It’s a rather ordinary, run-of-the-mill piece of Israeli government propaganda – an op-ed in The New York Times, October 14, by Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren. Precisely because it is so typical, it’s a fine specimen to deconstruct, to see how Israeli propaganda works … Oren leaves no doubt where all the blame for the continuing conflict lies: “The core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the refusal to recognize Jews as a people, indigenous to the region and endowed with the right to self-government.”

The State of Bla-Bla-Bla / Uri Avnery
…one may well ask: what is the source of this obsession, this demand from near and far, strangers and non-strangers, to declare that Israel is the “Nation-State of the Jewish People”? … What do we have here? What is the reason for this gaping lack of self-confidence? This obsessive need for confirmation and for the respect of the entire world? A collective mental disturbance? A matter for political psychologists, or perhaps for political psychiatrists? I CANNOT abstain from comparing this pathetic need to our mood when I was young.

US supports Taliban talks; still opposing Hamas?? / Helena Cobban
So here are Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and SecDef Bob Gates now saying they support– and are giving active support to– the Afghan government’s initiative to negotiate with the Taliban. But the U.S. government continues to completely oppose any attempt by any parties, Palestinian or other, to reach out and deal with the Hamas government that, lest we forget, was democratically elected in Palestine in January 2006. How does that work again? And why?

Video (2008): Birthright Israel (Taglit) World’s biggest militaristic project for youth

The tide has changed / Ramzy Baroud
If one tried to fit music compositions into an equivalent literary style, Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble’s latest release would come across as a most engaging political essay: persuasive, argumentative, rational, original, imaginative and always unfailingly accessible. But unlike the rigid politicking of politicians and increasingly Machiavellian style of today’s political essayists – so brazen they no longer hide behind illusory moral façades – the band’s latest work is also unapologetically humanistic.

Twilight Zone: Cause for celebration / Gideon Levy
At a recent wedding in the Jenin refugee camp, Apache helicopters are replaced by twinkling stars, IDF tanks by trucks filled with plastic chairs and musical instruments. The massive Zubeidi family celebration shows clearly how times have changed


Friday: 5 Iraqis killed, 5 wounded
…at least five Iraqis were killed and five more were wounded in light prayer day violence. Also, Shi’ite spiritual leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani suffered a heart attack. Criticism of the latest Iraqi casualty estimate has come quickly. The new figure, released by the U.S. military yesterday, came under attack from Iraqi politicians who feel the tally is too low. One former parliamentarian even warns that civilians killed in U.S. operations could have been left out of the numbers, while another politician suggested the deaths were purposefully undercounted.

OPEC considers adding Iraq to quota system
…Abdalla El-Badri said the decision on when to bring Iraq’s output within Opec constraints would be up to the 12 member states and was unlikely to arise before 2013 or 2014. But he said Iraq’s current status, where it is exempt from Opec quotas while still being a full member of the club, would certainly change.

Iraqi police and army officers targeted in new wave of violence
A wave of targeted attacks on soldiers, police, traffic officers and senior officials is steadily picking off the custodians of Iraq’s streets at rates that are nearing the darkest days of the insurgency, according to security commanders.

Iraqi PM seeks neighbors’ support to stay in power (AP)
BAGHDAD — An adviser says Iraq’s Prime Minister will travel to Iran and Jordan to seek support for his bid to win a second term more than seven months after national elections.

Other Mideast

Hariri to Ahmadinejad: Lebanon won’t join axis
Lebanese daily says prime minister rejected Iranian leader’s offer to join regional axis due to ‘coexistence formula’; Hariri also quoted as saying, ‘Confronting Israel requires high-level economic capabilities’,7340,L-3969992,00.html

On the road with Ahmadinejad in Lebanon / Franklin Lamb
…A grateful nation extended to Makmoud Ahmadinejad what one Bishop claimed was the greatest outpouring of popular support on the streets, all along this country’s sectarian divide, that the Republic of Lebanon has ever witnessed including the May 10, 1997 visit of Pope John Paul II. An important reason for the outpouring of popular support was the quarter century of Iranian assistance to Lebanon for social projects, and for rebuilding much of Lebanon following the 1993, 1996 and 2006 Israeli aggressions.

AlJazeera video: Jordan’s bedouin ‘desert forces’
Throughout Jordan’s harshest deserts, bedouin security forces working for the government have been a key part to the country’s security for decades … Riding on camels in extreme weather conditions, the nomads have a rare capability and familiarity to manoeuvre through the rugged and rough terrain. Nisreen El-Shamayleh reports from Wadi Rum in southern Jordan, where she followed a group of the desert forces on patrol.

Iranian speaker calls for use of all diplomatic leverages to pressure Israel
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani asked the international community to use all diplomatic channels and potentials in an effort to force the Zionist regime to end its cruel behavior towards the oppressed Palestinian people.

Ex-Guantanamo Al-Qaeda suspect surrenders to Saudi authorities (AFP)
RIYADH: A former Guantanamo detainee who rejoined Al-Qaeda in Yemen after graduating from Saudi Arabia’s rehabilitation program has turned himself in to Saudi authorities, the government said on Friday … In total, 11 of 117 Saudi Guantanamo returnees returned to militancy after completing the rehab program, according to a top Saudi counter-terror official. Several have been killed or captured.

Afghanistan / Pakistan

Court martial for US soldier
A US soldier who allegedly killed three Afghan civilians for fun will face a full court martial. Jeremy Morlock, one of the group of 12 accused soldiers, faces charges of premeditated murder, military authorities said Friday.

Afghanistan: Little relief for growing number of conflict IDPs (IRIN)
KABUL, 14 Oct – Over 100,000 people have been forced out of their homes by clashes in different parts of Afghanistan over the past 12 months but by no means all of them have received aid, according to aid agencies and affected people.  The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says civilians are trapped in a difficult environment: “One armed group may demand food and shelter in the evening and an opposing side demand justification for harbouring an enemy in the morning,” ICRC spokesman Bijan Frederic Farnoudi told IRIN.

‘Lack of facts’ disturbs Petraeus
US general says enhanced video of rescue bid prompted change in explanation for UK aid worker’s death in Afghanistan.

Charging of Australian soldiers for Afghan crimes provokes frenzied reaction
An unprecedented controversy has erupted in Australia over the charging of three special forces’ commandos on September 29 for the killing of five children in Afghanistan in early 2009.

Pakistan frees Taliban commander
ISLAMABAD – Pakistan has freed the supreme commander of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, so that he can play a pivotal role in backchannel talks through the Pakistani army with Washington, Asia Times Online has learned.

Where is Pakistan’s ‘Halo’, Beyonce?
…this past summer, the worst natural disaster in recent history – with its destruction and human-suffering surpassing the destruction caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2005 Kashmir Earthquake and the recent Haiti Earthquake combined – occurred, in Pakistan, with massive post-monsoon floods displacing over 20 million citizens and destroying anything and everything in their way – from 17 million acres of cropland, upon which thousands if not millions are reliant for sustenance, to complete villages … Yet … the international response has been unabashedly silent, forced and, at best, slow.

U.S. and other world news

Iran welcomes Ashton offer for resumption of nuclear talks (AFP)
Jalili: ‘Any other option [than dialogue] is a mistake’ –BRUSSELS: Long-stalled talks between world powers and Iran over its controversial nuclear program look set to resume after Tehran on Friday welcomed an offer to get back to the negotiating table next month.

America’s Trail of Tears: Tracing the fall and rise of the Cherokee in Tennessee
[‘Transfer, anyone?] Already pushed inland by the arrival of colonial Europeans, the fate of the tribes who occupied the fertile soil of what is now the Deep South took a terrible turn in 1830. The Indian Removal Act, pushed through by then-president Andrew Jackson, started a decade-long process that saw the ejection of Native Americans from the lands east of the Mississippi (the modern states of Tennessee and Georgia especially), and their transfer to less coveted terrain further west (in particular modern Oklahoma).

Subpoenas rescinded for antiwar activists raided by FBI
Federal investigators have rescinded grand jury subpoenas issued to the 14 antiwar activists whose homes and offices the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided on September 24 in Minneapolis and Chicago. Whether or not the cancellation of the subpoenas signals that the government is dropping its case is not yet clear.

NY man charged for fake tip on terrorism threat (Reuters)
A New York man has been charged with lying to FBI agents about a fake terrorism plot in the United States, U.S. authorities said on Friday.

US to Iran: Help us against Al-Qaeda
Daniel Benjamin, the counterterrorism coordinator at the US State Department, charged that al-Qaeda’s headquarters in Pakistan’s Waziristan, close to the border with Afghanistan, is involved in plots to strike Europe. In an interview with the London-based Arab-language newspaper al-Hayat, he said that American officials are aware that al-Qaeda activists are passing through Iran. The senior US official urged officials in Tehran to detain them.,7340,L-3970082,00.html

Injustice in the age of Obama / Cindy Sheehan
Barack Obama, a former law professor, should have a healthy respect for civil liberties, but his actions suggest not — Since being the defendant in about six trials after I was arrested for protesting the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, it’s my experience that the police lie. Period. However the lies don’t stop at street law enforcement level … Having clarified that, I would now like to examine a case that should be enshrined in the travesty of the US Justice Hall of Shame. In February of this year, Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani mother of three, was convicted in US Federal (kangaroo) Court of seven counts, including two counts of “attempted murder of an American.”

What’s it all about? The war on terror / Paul Craig Roberts
…Most Americans believe that their government is the best on earth, that it is morally motivated to help others and to do good, that it rushes aid to countries where there is famine and natural catastrophes. Most believe that their presidents tell the truth, except about their sexual affairs. The persistence of these delusions is extraordinary in the face of daily headlines that report US government bullying of, and interference with, virtually every country on earth.

Islam in the West

Dutch court urged to acquit Wilders
Prosecutors want anti-immigration politician cleared of charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims.

Rightist leader: German multiculturalism dead
German politician says country’s values only drawn from Judeo-Christian tradition, not Islam,7340,L-3970098,00.html

Charges against Islamic center are an affront to entire Muslim community
[Letter to the Boston Globe from leaders of a predominantly Pakistani mosque defending the Boston mosque repeatedly attacked by certain groups who have called the Pakistani mosque ‘moderate’. Why is the ISBCC the mosque attacked, and not the Turkish or Indian or African-American mosques in the Boston area? One reason: the ISBCC is seen as the ‘Arab’ mosque.] …We have noted the vendetta waged by this group against the ISBCC for some time, but had hoped that the good will being engendered with other large Christian and Jewish groups would help to diminish their vitriol. Clearly, as this has not been the case, we now openly declare our solidarity with the ISBCC and consider any attacks against it as a denigration of the entire Muslim community.

Neocon says that Khalidi aims to establish Haram-al-Sharif at Columbia U

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

This is repulsive. Martin Kramer, whose blog is appropriately titled the Sandbox, is upset by the new Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University and has posted a Columbia campus map showing the Noble Sanctuary (in Arabic, the Haram-al-Sharif, for Jews the Temple Mount), as part of the Columbia campus. He says that establishing the Haram at Columbia is the “ambition” of Rashid Khalidi and other proponents of the new center. Hard to say which is larger, the stupidity or the Islamophobia.


Brzezinski: Obama ‘pathetic’ in dealing with Israel (Right; why?)

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

This is good. David Ignatius of Washington Post quotes Brzezinski and Skowcroft on the failure of the Obama administration. (h/t annie). Note implicit reference to Israel lobby.

The two men cited the Israel-Palestinian peace process as Obama’s most important unfinished business. Both have argued often that the president should have started by outlining the basic parameters for a Palestinian state, as they have emerged in negotiations over the past 40 years. 

Brzezinski contended that it was “pathetic” to see the United States making big concessions to Israel this month — ones that should be reserved for a final “grand bargain” — simply to add another 60 days to a temporary freeze on Israeli settlements. If the peace process should collapse, Scowcroft argued that it still would make sense for Obama to specify the terms of a U.S. peace plan.

What perplexed both men was the disconnect between Obama’s strategic vision and what he has been able to achieve. “He makes dramatic presidential speeches,” said Brzezinski, “but it’s never translated into a process in which good ideas become strategies.” One complication, both noted, was a process of “subcontracting,” in which major policy areas such as Middle East negotiations and Afghanistan-Pakistan have been handed over to special representatives.


Neocon threatens withdrawal of ‘Dem Donor$’ if Obama pressures Netanyahu

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

This is important. Michael Goldfarb is a promising young neocon, I believe at the Weekly Standard. The picture at the top of his twitter feed shows him standing with Norman Podhoretz or Bibi Netanyahu. Actually I think it is Netanyahu. My eyes are going.

Yesterday on twitter, Goldfarb tweeted and linked to a Politico piece saying that Obama is about to put public pressure on Netanyahu over settlements for the first time in a long time. Goldfarb scoffed:

I’m sure endangered Dems are super grateful for WH threat to attack Israel two weeks out from an election…..

Matt Duss of Thinkprogress responded to Goldfarb: “Yeah, because that’s what the American people really are worried about right now. Israel.”

Goldfarb responded: “don’t worry — we plan on putting our $$ where our mouths are….”

Duss: “Whose money?”

Goldfarb: “pro-Israel $$$….and you care about israel, i care about israel–why you think other people don’t?”

Duss: “Of course, but we both know the US calling on Israel to honor its commitments is not really going to swing any races.”

Goldfarb: “Disagree! Lots of voters care about Israel — Jews and Christians. And Dem donor$….a lot of them care about Israel too.”

Duss: “Did John Mearsheimer steal Goldfarb’s twitter password?”

Goldfarb: “Accusing people who care about Israel of divided loyalties is not cool.”

Duss: “That’s called cognitive dissonance. It’s what happens when you’ve been caught making an argument you’ve called anti-Semitic.”

The exchange is significant of a few things. One is the alacrity with which neocons threaten financial blackmail when they don’t like an argument. For instance, the publication of Walt and Mearsheimer’s paper on the Israel lobby resulted in a lot of financial pressure on Harvard, where Walt works. Including from a rabbi there who I talked to for the Nation.

Just as important, notice that Goldfarb, who works inside the Republican fold by and large, claims to speak for Democratic Party donors. And well he can. The Israel lobby is not about party. Dennis Ross can work for Republican and Democratic administrations because he represents the Israel lobby. Alan Dershowitz is now supporting his former student in an Illinois congressional race even though he is a Republican, because of the Israel issue.

Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz both left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party over Israel in the ’70s. Michael Walzer supported Nixon during impeachment because he’d helped Israel. And some Israel lobby types flipped back to Clinton from Bush during the 90s because Bush had gone after Shamir on settlements. Party loyalty is less important than loyalty to Israel, as Goldfarb demonstrates. 

‘NYT’/Bronner push the legality of settlements

Oct 16, 2010

Norman Finkelstein 

In today’s New York Times, Ethan Bronner writes that the United States AND JAPAN consider the settlements legal.

The United States and Japan take no stand on the settlements’ legality, according to spokesmen of their embassies in Israel, although they oppose them on policy grounds.

I checked with the Japanese Embassy, which proceeded to check with the Japanese government. It got back to me a few minutes later [on Friday afternoon]: Of course it’s a lie: the Japanese government considers the settlements illegal. Poor Bronner, sitting in his Jerusalem office, calling up every consulate in the phone book starting with the A’s trying to find just one other country that considers the settlements as legal. He gets to the J’s, calls Japan, and you know how polite the Japanese are. So, Bronner probably pleads, “Don’t you agree with the United States that the settlements are legal, although OF COURSE they are an obstacle to peace?”

And the Japanese are just too considerate to hurt Bronner’s feelings, so they say, “Well, yes, they are an obstacle to peace.” Bronner, thrilled that he’s finally found ONE other country that agrees (sort of) with the U.S. (even if the U.S. judge on the ICJ [International Court of Justice], Thomas Buergenthal, agreed with the other 14 judges on the court that the settlements are illegal) rushes into print that the U.S. AND JAPAN say the settlements are legal.

But it ain’t so Ethan. You’ll just have to go back to the phone book and start ringing up more embassies. Here’s a hint: you might have better luck with the N’s, as in…Nauru. By the way, Ethan, when you issue the correction, you might also mention that according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the settlements are not just illegal but a WAR CRIME. So every time your son protects a settlement, he’s an accessory to a war crime.

Annie’s awakenings

Oct 16, 2010


Weiss asked annie, who often posts here, how she came to the Israel/Palestine issue:

well, my i/p connection came about strickly because of my introduction to the internet. in 2003, i was heading off to thailand/india/europe w/ my son and wanted a cheap way to contact people back home and heard email addresses were free so i got one thru which we already had because my son was on the internet. then i took a little class at the neighborhood community center in ballard (seattle) which was attended by mostly people over 70 because everyone else in seattle was already on the internet.

so, in class i found the msn homepage and typed my name in the search to find my email account. imagine my surprise when my gallery appeared with photos of my art on it. i was in shock. i already had an internet presence. within a matter of days my friend told me i could read the nyt online (because i was a news junkie, but only seattle times and seattle post intelligencer or local papers wherever i was on the planet. i don’t get my news from tv). that first day upon learning i could read the nyt for free i discovered paul krugman. a little googling of his name landed me on atrios (blogger) who linked to billmon. my first day on the internet!

it was thru reading billmon and other linked blogs/commenters ravenously those next few years israel first came into my radar. it was thru those blogs i first was linked to mondoweiss. i blogged about the iraq war for years. it was cheney and the neocons and their attention towards all things israel that put israel on my map along w/billmon and some jewish/arab posters at that site. i didn’t even know who what where palestine was before any of that.

i knew nothing, that’s how quiet israel was in my world for most of my life. when i was a teen i heard about the kibbutzes and thought it would be so cool to go live on one. i had no idea there was another people there. when i finally got to israel/gaza/WB w/code pink (the trip i introduced myself to you in the basement of that hotel in gaza, you probably don’t remember) was actually the first time on that trip, if you can believe this, i ever actually grokked there were as many palestinians in is/palestine as there were jews. i thought they were a minority before that.

Kafka on Jewish insecurity

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

Excerpt of a May 1920 letter from Franz Kafka, 36, to Milena Jesenska, 24, a Catholic writer married to a Jew, and likely Kafka’s lover:

You don’t seem to be afraid of Jews. And that is rather heroic considering the last two generations of Jews in our cities and—all joking very far aside!—when a pure, innocent girl says to her relatives, “Let me go,” and moves to one of these cities, it means more than Joan of Arc departing from her village.

Furthermore you may reproach Jews for their particular type of anxiety, nevertheless such a general accusation shows a more theoretical knowledge of human nature than a practical one, more theoretical because first the reproach does not—according to your earlier description—apply to your husband, second—according to my experience—it does not apply to most Jews, and third it only applies in isolated cases, but then very strongly, as it does to me.

The strangest thing of all is that the reproach is generally unfounded. Their insecure position, insecure within themselves, insecure among people, would above all explain why Jews believe they possess only whatever they hold in their hands or grip between their teeth, that furthermore only tangible possessions give them a right to live, and that finally they will never again acquire what they once have lost—which swims happily away from them, gone forever. Jews are threatened by dangers from the most improbable sides or, to be more precise, let’s leave the dangers aside and say: ‘They are threatened by threats.’ An example close to you.

It’s true I may have promised not to speak about it (at a time when I scarcely knew you) but now I mention it without hesitation, as it won’t tell you anything new, just show you the love of relatives, and I won’t mention names and details since I have forgotten them. My youngest sister is supposed to marry a Czech, a Christian; once he was talking with one of your relatives about his intention of marrying a Jew, and this person said: “Anything but that, just don’t go getting mixed up with Jews! Listen, our Milena, etc.”

Kafka wrote the letter in Merano, Italy, to Jesenska in Vienna. Published here. No copy of Jesenska’s letter, to which Kafka was responding, survives.

Jesenska’s father had sought to block her marriage to Ernst Pollak, even committing her to a sanatorium (per Philip Boehm here); but she had eloped from Prague to Vienna with Pollak. 

The trend of Jews moving to the big central European cities from the shtetls and then succeeding in business was very familiar to Kafka from his own father’s progress. And of course, Kafka feared/chronicled anti-Semitism. Two statements from his letters and diaries:

“From early on [Jews] have forced upon Germany things that she might have arrived at slowly and in her own way, but which she was opposed to because they stemmed from strangers. What a terribly barren preoccupation anti-Semitism is, everything that goes with it, and Germany owes that to her Jews.”

“At times I’d like to stuff them all, simply as Jews (me included) into, say, the drawer of the laundry chest. Next I’d wait, open the drawer a little to see if they’ve suffocated, and if not, shut the drawer again and keep doing this to the end.”

Jesenska died in a Nazi concentration camp, as a member of the Czech resistance. Kafka’s three sisters also died in the Holocaust.

We live in dark times

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

I ran into an old friend at a NY party the other night, wealthy, conservative, and we had a polite conversation about his interests: hedge funds, corporate boards, the internet and the endurance of print media.

Then another friend came along, and the conversation became more frank. The first guy suddenly said, “I’m buying a 30.06 rifle.”

“Why?” I said.

“It feels like all the rivets are popping off the system, I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

I said, “I think it’s because you’re in your mid-50s. People in their mid-50s think that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s always true of people in their mid-50s.”

The third guy in the conversation agreed, but the first one shook his head. “OK but sometimes those people are right. Think what you’d have said in Germany in 1936. You’d have said, this doesn’t feel right, and you’d be right.”

The third guy then said, agreeing, “We live in dark times.”

The third guy’s comment got to me. I’ve always liked him. He’s rational, balanced, and connected; he has a keen understanding of power, he knows how to function in the establishment. I thought, what does he know, what does he think. And then the conversation segued into whether the U.S. was going to bomb Iran…

When I left, I thought about John Mearsheimer. Mearsheimer has a dark view of history. He can point to many large problems in history that got a lot worse before they got better, and the establishment drove the car off the cliff. His book on a leading English establishment military journalist of the 1930s says that the guy got German military strategy completely wrong and thereby damaged the English response to Hitler’s rise.

History is fragile, Mearsheimer writes in that book; and I guess that is why he is standing in the street today, banging pots about the Israel lobby and the Iraq war and the Iran war plans and America’s complicity in the occupation/apartheid. I always say everything’s going to work out in the end. Maybe I’m wrong.

Chas Freeman on Muslim death toll and its emotional/political consequences

Oct 16, 2010

Philip Weiss 

Chas Freeman gave a speech at Tufts yesterday. Paul Woodward picked it up.

Consider, for example, the two sides of the Israel-Palestine struggle. So far in this century – since September 29, 2000, when Ariel Sharon marched into the Al Aqsa mosque and ignited the Intifada of that name, about 850 Israeli Jews have died at the hands of Palestinians, 125 or so of them children. That’s equivalent to 45,000 dead Americans, including about 6,800 children. It’s a level of mayhem we Americans cannot begin to understand. But, over the same period, Israeli soldiers and settlers have killed 6,600 or so Palestinians, at least 1,315 of whom were children. In American terms, that’s equivalent to 460,000 U.S. dead, including 95,000 children.

Meanwhile, the American equivalent of almost 500,000 Israelis and 2.9 million Palestinians have been injured. To put it mildly, the human experiences these figures enumerate are not conducive to peace or goodwill among men and women in the Holy Land or anywhere with emotional ties to them.

We all know that events in the Holy Land have an impact far beyond it. American sympathy for Israel and kinship with Jewish settlers assure that Jewish deaths there arouse anti-Arab and anti-Muslim passions here, even as the toll on Palestinians is seldom, if ever, mentioned. But, among the world’s 340 million Arabs and 1.6 billion Muslims, all eyes are on the resistance of Palestinians to continuing ethnic cleansing and the American subsidies and political support for Israel that facilitates their suffering.

The chief planner of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, testified under oath that a primary purpose of that criminal assault on the United States was to focus “the American people . . . on the atrocities that America is committing by supporting Israel against the Palestinian people . . . .” The occupation and attempted pacification of other Muslim lands like Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the shocking hate speech about Islam that now pervades American politics lend credence to widening Muslim belief in a U.S. crusade against Islam and its believers.

No one knows how many Iraqis have died as a direct or indirect consequence of the U.S. invasion and the anarchy that followed it. Estimates range between a low of something over 100,000 to a high of well over 1 million. Translated to comparable proportions in the United States, that equates to somewhere between 1 and 13 million dead Americans. Over two-and-a-quarter million Iraqis fled to neighboring countries to escape this bloodbath. An equal number found shelter inside Iraq. Few Iraqis have been able to go back to Iraq or to return to their homes.

In our terms, that equals an apparently permanent flight to Canada and Mexico of 24 million Americans, with another 24 million driven into homelessness but, years later, still somewhere inside the country. I think you will agree that, had this kind of thing happened to Americans, religious scruples would not deter many of us from seeking revenge and reprisal against whoever had done it to us.

The numbers in Afghanistan aren’t quite as frightful but they make the same point. We’re accumulating a critical mass of enemies with personal as well as religious and nationalistic reasons to seek retribution against us. As our violence against foreign civilians has escalated, our enemies have multiplied. The logic of this progression is best understood anecdotally.

I am grateful to Bruce Fein (a noted constitutional scholar in Washington, DC) for calling attention to the colloquy of convicted Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad with United States District Judge Miriam Cederbaum. She challenged Shahzad’s self-description as a ‘Muslim soldier’ because his contemplated violence targeted civilians,

“Did you look around to see who they were?”

“Well, the people select the government,” Shahzad retorted. “We consider them all the same. The drones, when they hit …”

Cedarbaum interrupted: “Including the children?”

Shahzad countered: “Well, the drone hits in Afghanistan and Iraq, they don’t see children, they don’t see anybody. They kill women, children, they kill everybody. It’s a war, and in war, they kill people. They’re killing all Muslims.”

Later, he added: “I am part of the answer to the U.S. terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people. And, on behalf of that, I’m avenging the attack. Living in the United States, Americans only care about their own people, but they don’t care about the people elsewhere in the world when they die.”

No amount of public diplomacy, no matter how cleverly conducted, can prevail over the bitterness of personal and collective experience.


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October 17, 2010

by Michael Leon


Does anyone remember the “cakewalk war” that would last six weeks, cost $50-$60 billion, and be paid for out of Iraqi oil revenues?

Does anyone remember that White House economist Lawrence Lindsey was fired by Dubya because Lindsey estimated that the Iraq war could cost as much as $200 billion?

Lindsey was fired for over-estimating the cost of a war that, according to Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, has cost 15 times more than Lindsey estimated. And the US still has 50,000 troops in Iraq.

Does anyone remember that just prior to the US invasion of Iraq, the US government declared victory over the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Does anyone remember that the reason Dubya gave for invading Iraq was Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, weapons that the US government knew did not exist?

Are Americans aware that the same neoconservarives who made these fantastic mistakes, or told these fabulous lies, are still in control of the government in Washington?

The “war on terror” is now in its tenth year. What is it really all about?

The bottom line answer is that the “war on terror” is about creating real terrorists. The US government desperately needs real terrorists in order to justify its expansion of its wars against Muslim countries and to keep the American people sufficiently fearful that they continue to accept the police state that provides “security from terrorists,” but not from the government that has discarded civil liberties.

The US government creates terrorists by invading Muslim countries, wrecking infrastructure and killing vast numbers of civilians. The US also creates terrorists by installing puppet governments to rule over Muslims and by using the puppet governments to murder and persecute citizens as is occurring on a vast scale in Pakistan today.

Neoconservatives used 9/11 to launch their plan for US world hegemony. Their plan fit with the interests of America’s ruling oligarchies. Wars are good for the profits of the military/security complex, about which President Eisenhower warned us in vain a half century ago. American hegemony is good for the oil industry’s control over resources and resource flows. The transformation of the Middle East into a vast American puppet state serves well the Israel Lobby’s Zionist aspirations for Israeli territorial expansion.

Most Americans cannot see what is happening because of their conditioning. Most Americans believe that their government is the best on earth, that it is morally motivated to help others and to do good, that it rushes aid to countries where there is famine and natural catastrophes. Most believe that their presidents tell the truth, except about their sexual affairs.

The persistence of these delusions is extraordinary in the face of daily headlines that report US government bullying of, and interference with, virtually every country on earth. The US policy is to buy off, overthrow, or make war on leaders of other countries who represent their peoples’ interests instead of American interests. A recent victim was the president of Honduras who had the wild idea that the Honduran government should serve the Honduran people.

The American government was able to have the Honduran president discarded, because the Honduran military is trained and supplied by the US military. It is the same case in Pakistan, where the US government has the Pakistani government making war on its own people by invading tribal areas that the Americans consider to be friendly to the Taliban, al Qaeda, “militants” and “terrorists.”

Earlier this year a deputy US Treasury secretary ordered Pakistan to raise taxes so that the Pakistani government could more effectively make war on its own citizens for the Americans. On October 14 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered Pakistan to again raise taxes or the US would withhold flood aid. Clinton pressured America’s European puppet states to do the same, expressing in the same breath that the US government was worried by British cuts in the military budget. God forbid that the hard-pressed British, still reeling from American financial fraud, don’t allocate enough money to fight America’s wars.

On Washington’s orders, the Pakistani government launched a military offensive against Pakistani citizens in the Swat Valley that killed large numbers of Pakistanis and drove millions of civilians from their homes. Last July the US instructed Pakistan to send its troops against the Pakistani residents of North Waziristan. On July 6 Jason Ditz reported on that “at America’s behest, Pakistan has launched offensives against [the Pakistani provinces of] Swat Valley, Bajaur, South Waziristan, Orakzai,and Khyber.”

A week later Israel’s US Senator Carl Levin (D,MI) called for escalating the Obama Administration’s policies of US airstrikes against Pakistan’s tribal areas. On September 30, the Pakistani newspaper, The Frontier Post, wrote that the American air strikes “are, plain and simple, a naked aggression against Pakistan.”

The US claims that its forces in Afghanistan have the right to cross into Pakistan in pursuit of “militants.” Recently US helicopter gunships killed three Pakistani soldiers who they mistook for Taliban. Pakistan closed the main US supply route to Afghanistan until the Americans apologized.

Pakistan warned Washington against future attacks. However, US military officials, under pressure from Obama to show progress in the endless Afghan war, responded to Pakistan’s warning by calling for expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan. On October 5 the Canadian journalist Eric Margolis wrote that “the US edges closer to invading Pakistan.”

In his book, Obama’s Wars, Bob Woodward reports that America’s puppet president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, believes that terrorist bombing attacks inside Pakistan for which the Taliban are blamed are in fact CIA operations designed to destabilize Pakistan and allow Washington to seize Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

To keep Pakistan in line, the US government changed its position that the “Times Square Bombing” was the work of a “lone wolf.” Attorney General Eric Holder switched the blame to the “Pakistani Taliban,” and Secretary of State Clinton threatened Pakistan with “very serious consequences” for the unsuccessful Times Square bombing, which likely was a false flag operation aimed at Pakistan.

To further heighten tensions, on September 1 the eight members of a high-ranking Pakistani military delegation in route to a meeting in Tampa, Florida, with US Central Command, were rudely treated and detained as terrorist suspects at Washington DC’s Dulles Airport.

For decades the US government has enabled repeated Israeli military aggression against Lebanon and now appears to be getting into gear for another Israeli assault on the former American protectorate of Lebanon.

On October 14 the US government expressed its “outrage” that the Lebanese government had permitted a visit by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who is the focus of Washington’s intense demonization efforts. Israel’s representatives in the US Congress threatened to stop US military aid to Lebanon, forgetting that US Rep. Howard Berman (D,CA) has had aid to Lebanon blocked since last August to punish Lebanon for a border clash with Israel.

Perhaps the most telling headline of all is the October 14 report, “Somalia’s New American Primer Minister.” An American has been installed as the Prime Minister of Somalia, an American puppet government in Mogadishu backed up by thousands of Ugandan troops paid by Washington.

This barely scratches the surface of Washington’s benevolence toward other countries and respect for their rights, borders, and lives of their citizens.

Meanwhile, to silence Wikileaks and to prevent any more revelations of American war crimes, the “freedom and democracy” government in DC has closed down Wikileaks’ donations by placing the organization on its “watch list” and by having the Australian puppet government blacklist Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is now akin to a terrorist organization. The American government’s practice of silencing critics will spread across the Internet.

Remember, they hate us because we have freedom and democracy, First Amendment rights, habeas corpus, respect for human rights, and show justice and mercy to all.

Paul Craig Roberts was an editor of the Wall Street Journal and an Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.  His latest book, HOW THE ECONOMY WAS LOST, has just been published by CounterPunch/AK Press. He can be reached at:




The Ugly Truth Podcast Oct 17, 2010

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The Ugly Truth Podcast Oct 17, 2010
Nashid Abdul Khaaliq of comes on the program to weigh on in the latest controversy involving Jeff Rense and the general atmosphere of Islamophobia in the US.

Note-those in the position to assist us with any kind of financial help we strongly ask you do so.

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October 17, 2010

by Joe Cortina

Summer of 1989 Trip Changed My American Perspective on Israel and It’s Unique Special Status Given to it by Our U.S. Congress


My name is Joe Cortina. I am a retired Florida businessman who has done substantial world traveling;  some purely as a ‘tourist’ and, some in areas shall I say,  ‘nothing to do with vacationing’.

I am a former airborne special operations commander and have done intelligence investigator work for over 15years – some of it overseas – mostly in Central America – but also in the Mid-East. My political posture is ‘conservative’ and my religious values are Christian.

Exposing lies and revealing the truth was what I did professionally for a long time.

I have hunted REAL terrorists in jungles with Salvadorian Rangers and Marines – so I am not a stranger to dangerous environments and am familiar with basic protocols of civilized conduct regarding civilians and the military – something that the Israelis do not consider applicable to them.

For anyone wishing to challenge my credibility – I am willing to show credentials. I have a flawless civic record, an honorable military record and have never committed a crime nor ever been accused of such. I am mentioned as my father’s son in the registry – ‘PIONEER FLORIDA’.

My grandfather was a pioneer in Florida in the most literal sense, and my father was a respected businessman and foreign diplomat.

I was invited to Israel by a former military comrade who attained a substantial rank and subsequently ended up as the ranking military attache’ from our govt., to the Israeli military (IDF). I went places and saw things only a hand full of ‘private sector’ Americans will EVER experience.

My ‘specially authorized’ trips included Gaza City, Hebron and areas of militarily protected Israeli ‘settlements’. I will touch on only a few of what I considered the most revealing experiences. I can’t stress this enough.

What I write here is but a tear in a sea of misery, that I witnessed.

Israel: Treason to the United States

While there I witnessed MANY signs and graffiti showing enthusiastic and shameless support by Israelis for the convicted American traitor Jonathon Pollard – a Jewish – Zionist Soviet spy for Israel. Intelligence experts in America have termed Pollards treasonous acts second only to the Rosenbergs in the level of betrayal and endangerment to every American man woman and child.

According to officials in Tel Aviv, Pollard was AND STILL IS considered a hero – literally – to the Israelis.

I have personally witnessed COUNTLESS examples of pro-Traitor anti-American grafitti throughout many Israeli cities and towns. The casual ‘Fallwellian’ putty brained robotic

Moron – on his pilgrimage to worship the ‘hometown of Satan’ will probably never see these offensive TRUE feelings of the Israeli Jew – as few voyage beyond the safety and comfort of Telaviv – the carefully sanitized Jew showplace for their goy victims.

Make NO mistake – the neo-con Jew traitor Pollard was – and STILL IS a NATIONAL HERO in IsraHell – an urban legend. Mockery of traditional America and the TRUE Christian values most of us were raised with is a national pastime in IsraHELL . I have ventured well over the world and the only REAL threat to our beloved freedoms and blessings comes from the Jew in America and IsraHELL. PERIOD!

So much for any laughable notion of the Israeli ‘love and concern’ for American families.

There is no more mortal enemy to what is left of Godly decent patriotic families in ‘Israeli occupied AmeriKa’ than the Zionist – be he an ethnic Jew or those who have sold our country out to the Jew – such as our IsraHELL Zionist loyal Treasonous Satan worshiping, blasphemous war-criminal, mega-murder Traitor President and his murderous ilk ‘advisors’.

Israeli destruction of civilian homes and businesses


The road blocks as one neared Gaza strip became increasingly secure and formidable. The absence of any civilian traffic was conspicuous. Once in either a suberb of Gaza or another city in the ‘Strip’ – I don’t remember the

exact name – a ride down the main street looked like a scene from some WWII movie. Windows shattered, charred rubble and destroyed vehicles littered the area. (I saw one still burning).

Then I noticed something a little strange. There was no building with any floor above the first. ALL buildings had any additional floors blasted into rubble – much of the jagged former construction black and charred. This was a city street no much different from any American small town. Shops, restaurants, services, apartment etc. – blown to bits and vacant as a tomb.

I learned quickly why the upper parts of the buildings (peoples homes and businesses, incidentally) – were blown away. This was to reduce any cover for potential snipers who might threaten Israeli patrols. Kind of like the mentality and rationale if it had been your hometown – after being occupied by the Soviets or Chinese communists. Just blow it all up! It is of no consequence if these were homes and businesses of the Palestinians — it was occupied by the Israelis now!

Mockery of America

At one of the many roadblocks – usually manned by a small IDF military unit, we stopped our armored vehicle just long enough for the CIA to ‘inspect’ the situation.

I got outside and overheard 2 of these young soldiers speaking. Much to my surprise, they had Brooklyn accents! I asked them where they were from, and they answered New York. Apparently they had left the States to serve a foreign power – remember – these were American citizens (who just happened to be Jews)

Puzzled at this bizarre reply, I decided to give benefit of doubt and responded with something like: “Boy, you guys are really something – having served the military of our country (remember – they were AMERICAN citizens)
and then investing your time in a ‘feeling for duty’ to Israel”.

They answered proudly and without hesitation: ” Oh no – we haven’t served in the United States military – there’s no way”. Then they both broke out in a cynical mocking laughter. So if there is any doubt where their loyalties lie – consider their unabashed answer of contemptuous scorn for the notion of patriotically serving in uniform for America.

I can’t think of ANY male American CITIZEN who would sneer at serving the United States but willingly owed their loyalties to -say Italy, or Greece or Ireland, or France or Germany – just because his ancestors were of that ethnic group. AND – if one such person voiced such an opinion – you can imagine what people would think of him. But of course – apparently if you are Jewish – such odious and OPENLY PROUD mockery of love of this country is acceptable conduct. So much for the loyalty of the average American Jew to America.

Israeli sanctioned creation of ‘incidents’

I witnessed ‘settlers’ vehicles driving around and around the homeland of the Palestinians (JUST LIKE YOUR HOMETOWN – NEVER FORGET THAT FACT!) whose purpose was only to taunt and humiliate the local inhabitants.

One of these cars had a sun roof through which protruded an Israeli flag (just like a Red Chinese flag from a car driving around in your American ‘occupied’ neighborhood) – AND an M-16 automatic rifle to insure their torment of the helpless Palestinians was ‘enforced’. ANY resistance to the dreaded ‘settlers’, and the UNITED STATES supplied – IDF rolls in and just blows them away.

After all – remember – the Palestinians are considered no more than animals to the Israelis. Do you see some sort of hypocrisy here?

Regarding the horrendous brutality to the Palestinian civilians – more than one conscientious Israeli journalist has concluded that “the Palestinians are now the Jews – and the Israelis are now the NAZIS”.

This is a COMMON reference in Israel today. Ever see that analogy in an American Newspaper, magazine or TV presentation? Ever wonder why not?

There are dozens of such stories involving brutality and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis – which must be put in historic perspective. This is the ancestoral heritage and home of these Palestinians

for over TWELVE HUNDRED YEARS! An entire MILENNIA longer than the United States has been in existance! Just immagine a FOREIGN power GIVING AWAY some 85% of the entire United States to an invading foreign Colonizer!

This land has been the home for generations and generation of Palestinians, and ‘Israelis’ are the intruders and occupying force here NOT the other way around.

Cold-blooded murders, torture, shelling of schools and hospitals, bulldozing of homes with civilians buried alive, PURPOSEFUL destruction of ambulances full of wounded children – and nearly every type of war crimes imaginable including torture of eight out of ten Palestinians brought in for “questioning”!

The Jew terrorist Gestapo – the so-called IDF – In addition to daily dehumanizing – cold-blooded murders – torture and brutalizing of civilians – ESPECIALLY children – these sadistic animals have routinely committed the worst imaginable acts of sacrilege and blasphemy against religious believers in Palestine.

To FULLY appreciate the Barbaric inhuman conduct of the Jew terrorists – and their TRUE criminal sadistic nature I must reiterate my analogy of a “WHAT IF” scenario

In YOUR home town – in your places of worship – a freedom which has been secured throughout history ONLY at the cost of life and limb – freedoms for which many a freedom loving American has sacrificed – and in my case – only risked his life to defend..

You walk into your church and to your horror – witness soldiers of a Godless imperialist occupation army – the Red Chinese for example – defecating and urinating on the most sacred of the texts of your faith – the Holy Bible for instance. Grinning soulless animals laughing and mocking our lord Jesus – and should lift even-so-much as a finger – you and your children and your priest or minister would be murdered on the spot. I witnessed one of these brutish blasphemous Mockeries of Christ – in Gaza – so filthy and so vulgar and cruel and so profane – I cannot in good conscience verbalize the actual language used. Remember – many of the inhabitants there are Christians.

Think on that ugly filthy scenario for just a few seconds – and should you even DARE to believe that such is a horrid nightmare fantasy of the mind – you had better come to the REALITY that this is NOT a hypothetical scenario for millions of enslaved Muslims and Christians – who are some 20% of the Palestinains – but an EVERYDAY HORROR THAT YOU HAVE MADE POSSIBLE by our cowardice, ignorance and hypocrisy.

Are you beginning to get the picture folks! A substantial number of the murdered civilians murdered by the US financed terrorist IDF – AND approved/enabled and supported by so-called American Christian churches – ESPECIALLY the Baptists – THESE PALESTINIAN VICTIMS ARE CHRISTIANS – living for centuries in peace with Islam!

I suggest that ALL of you that are not well educated – read from the Quoran – pick a translation and or source that satisfies your level of truth and conviction and READ THE TRUTH! Of all the religions other than Christian that I have had any opportunity to be acquainted with – the tenets of Islam comes nearest to reflecting the TRADITIONAL Christian family values that I – as a Christian learned from childhood!

TWO religions – ONE GOD! Jesus and mother Mary of the Christian NT are ALWAYS spoken about in the highest of regard and true reverence. LEARN THIS TRUTH for your self.

THEN- I ask you to learn the TRUTH from the books of law and protocol for Jew ‘religious’ dogma. Our lord is OPENLY AND CLEARLY termed in the most contemptible of terms – A BASTARD! His blessed Mother – Mary – is OPENLY called a WHORE – a PROSTITUTE!

Or should you require a more contemporary in your face source for Jew blasphemy of our Lord – His mother and our religious beliefs simply go to the Jew controlled Jew Produced and Jew directed ‘COMEDY CENTRAL’ There you will find the TRUE face of the Jew and his vile blasphemous contempt for our Christian faith – but I digress. Back to IsraHELL and their concentration camps of death, starvation, murder and every horror imaginable to civilized man.


Remember – I was in a unique position rubbing elbows with CIA – Mossad and other Israeli officials who assumed that I was an ‘ally’ or ‘colleague’. I will remember the cruelty I witnessed there till the day I die! I had witnessed substantial horrors in other countries – but never such criminal conduct bought and paid for by my own countrymen!

Many of these incidents were shared with me – although several from UNQUESTIONABLY reputable sources – many with established intelligence associates, I cannot PERSONALLY attest to them – but have absolutely NO REASON whatsoever to doubt their authenticity. Most of what I have told the reader and will tell – are incidents and conduct I witnessed FIRST HAND. Truths that I would unhesitatingly speak to the face of God if need be!

Israel: Brutality Against Children

I will share one more incident – one I will not forget – which classically characterized the Israeli attitude to people which they OPENLY refer to as “animals” or “cockroaches”.

While in another area of Gaza, we were following our IDF Para escort. It was an open jeep with heavily armed Paratroops. Suddenly it screeched to a halt not 10 yards in front of us and out jumped the men – one immediately dropped to one knee and took careful aim at his victim to our immediate right.

The ‘enemy’ some 30-40 feet away – hands above his little head, brandished his weapon of defense against the 5th largest military in the world. an egg size pebble in the face of his tormentors. Hardly sophisticated or dangerous – but there he stood – proud, defiant and fearless – tears running down his dusty cheeks – a 5 year old child. He had more than likely, already witnessed his sisters raped – his parents murdered – his modest home bulldozed into rubble – the olive trees they farmed – uprooted and destroyed – an orphan – living in terror 24 hours a day.

This was HIS neighborhood and HIS country and HIS land almost since Biblical times -and he was a prisoner in this Israeli ‘concentration camp’ for “animals”. Think of it as a ‘role change’ for David and Goliath.

Children like this young lad, routinely ‘disappear’ in occupied territories. They are just never seen or heard of again. I have children – and grandchildren whom I would defend with my life. I would like you to imagine for just a moment that you are not an American – just close your eyes and visualize — finding your beloved child with half his head blown away – the flies feasting on his scattered brains.

The unimaginable accident ? – NO – a war crime- and it is YOUR child! The ‘sin’ of your child? He was throwing egg sized rocks at an invadors tank – that was BOUGHT and PAID FOR by people in a far away land who screamed for his innocent blood to be spilled on HIS OWN LAND!

Could you just forget it as if were only the family cat – or would you swear revenge/ justice against the monsters that made it happen? Could you possibly be so arrogant as to believe that this Palestinian mother and father loved their child any less than you would – or that ‘his’ life is ‘worth’ less in the eyes of God? Think of what abominable horrors and suffering – we as the ‘financiers’ are guilty of!

I had a Canon 35mm camera (official CIA issue at the time) and immediately jumped out of our vehicle and zeroed in on the would-be murderer – locked and loaded – not 10 paces in front of me. Apparently a heartbeat before he pulled the triger – he saw what I was doing and muttered something I couldn’t hear and angrily stood down- as he withdrew back to his jeep. I never saw the child again and was grateful that I had been able to save his life by my ‘intimidation’ with a camera.

Upon returning to the embassy vehicle – one of the people from Langley commented that I had undoubtedly saved the child’s life. Another ‘intel passenger’ in our groups wryly stated that even so – “that same child probably would not live to see the end of the following week, much less his next birthday”

God only knows how many children that same jeep full of soldiers had murdered before or after I was there. It is a common practice by the Israeli govt. military to murder children for even the slightest provocation – or just for ‘sport’. Just another dead “goy” – animal- to the Israelis. These were just some of the experiences of terror by the IDF that I had personally experienced. The stories I was told by other intelligence personnel there, would make your skin crawl. Depravities – rapes, murder – humiliation – beatings – desecrations and every manner of inhumane horrors.

The most accurate description of the IDF that I had heard – was that they were – in FACT – “ the largest institutionalized terrorist organization in the world”. The conduct of these sadistic animals – more recently – in Lebanon – as they mercilessly shelled fleeing civilians with 155mm white phosphorous (well documented war crimes!)- bear even more undeniable witness to the truth of that assessment. The documented lists of their terrorist acts as war criminals are now legion!

These are the events that occur daily in the ‘concentration camps’ of the Israelis – and MUCH MUCH worse!

You will NEVER EVER see these horrors in the ‘news’ and rarely if ever even hear of them. Virtually ALL of these brutal activities are ‘filtered’ from the American public. You are ONLY ALLOWED to see what the ‘entities’ which control the media to benefit Israel see fit for you to see.

ONLY relatively recently – with the wider offerings of ‘chat rooms’ ‘web sites’ and other similar internet facilities, do we begin to gain access to the truth without thousands of miles of travel – years of seasoned intelligence experience or personal perils. Look for the Jew to use his wealth to close down the internet as a “hate vehicle” – while all the time he is the most hateful creature on the earth!

If you are disgusted with the mega-lies and misleading propaganda about Israel – educate yourself as to what is REALLY going on in the world. You will NOT find the complete truth in the newspaper – or Time – or Newsweek – Or Rush – or our Govt. – or TV or even our hypocrite evangelical pseudo-Christian church ‘leaders’. These daily atrocities committed by the Israelis AND funded by YOU and ME, are carefully ‘filtered’ by our Israeli controlled press. Despite the one-sided propaganda, disinformation, distortions, and outright lies that we have been fed for years, you may now find and know the truth. The REAL truth – as in “so help me God”

We – the American people with the help of the Godless blasphemous pseudo-Christian fundamentalist evangelist moronic scum who grovel at the feet of our Jew President have now ALL been accomplices in the murders of over one million innocent civilian men women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan – ALL in the name of the Prince of Peace.

Perhaps our thinking has now been poisoned by the Jew so as to imitate the mentality of one of the most bloody monsters of all recorded time – Josef Stalin – when he responded to the criticism of some of the more sane Russians at he time regarding his sadistic bloody purges of Christians = “History will judge the unjust death of one human being is a tragedy – but the murder of millions of innocents will remain nothing more than a statistic”

The cruel irony is that the same Jew mentality still permeates today as echoed in the acrid cruel comment of Jew Madeline Albright when questioned about the huge numbers of innocent civilians – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN – murdered in the process of warfare. In typical Jew fashion -she called this enormous crime against the most helpless of God’s creatures as “necessary collateral damage”.

We have become what we used to despise the most – racist killers – soulless murderers of helpless children – thieves – imperialists and mindless mobs screaming for the endless blood of innocents – all in the name of Jesus. My mind cannot conjure a more revolting reality – except perhaps the mindless Godless Jew Marxist mobs in the streets of Moscow screaming for the blood of the Christians some 80 years ago..

We American have been responsible for the deaths of WAY to many innocent human beings throughout the world recently. Sooner or later – the truth will come to light – as it always does.

Do YOU have innocent blood ‘on your hands’? ESPECIALLY encouraged by the blasphemous hatred sponsored by your supposedly ‘Christian’ church? A LOT of American do – and a ‘higher’ Judge WILL hold them accountable for these crimes against humanity – even if not in this life.

Keep your eternal soul. Keep you conscience clean. The truth IS available. World War III is in the ‘making’ folks. The ‘model’ revelation for ‘Armageddon’ as described by Nostrodamus centuries ago, is now, at the beginning of the second millennium – becoming frighteningly clear. It is a no-brainer if you just open your eyes and your ears. .

Thank you for taking time to learn this. I am willing to speak personally with any moral American who still possesses a conscience and must know the truth.

  • May God grant you the conscience to care about the good and the evil

  • May God grant you the wisdom to distinguish the good from the evil

  • May God grant you the courage to defend the good and expose the evil

  • May YOU open your eyes and your ears- AND your heart so God may be able to grant you these priceless gifts.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.


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