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October 24, 2010

by Debbie Menon

Catholic bishops in the Middle East urged the United Nations Saturday to end the Israeli occupation of Arab lands at the end of a meeting chaired by Pope Benedict XVI.

In a final statement of their two-week synod, the bishops and patriarchs of the region’s Catholic churches said the citizens of the Middle East “call upon the international community, particularly the United Nations, conscientiously to work to find a peaceful, just and definitive solution in the region, through the application of the Security Council’s resolutions and taking the necessary legal steps to put an end to the occupation of the different Arab territories.

“The Palestinian people will thus have an independent and sovereign homeland where they can live with dignity and security. The State of Israel will be able to enjoy peace and security within their internationally recognized borders.

“The Holy City of Jerusalem will be able to acquire its proper status, which respects its particular character, its holiness and the religious patrimony of the three religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. We hope that the two-State-solution might become a reality and not a dream only.”

The statement referred to Security Council resolutions which called on Israel to quit territories seized during the 1967 Middle East War, including east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The synod was marked by repeated affirmations that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the root of the tension affecting the whole Middle East.

With its resolution, the bishops said, “Iraq will be able to put an end to the consequences of its deadly war and re-establish a secure way of life which will protect all its citizens with all their social structures, both religious and national.

“Lebanon will be able to enjoy sovereignty over its entire territory, strengthen its national unity and carry on in its vocation to be the model of coexistence between Christians and Muslims, of dialogue between different cultures and religions, and of the promotion of basic public freedoms.”

The synod also said, “We condemn violence and terrorism from wherever it may proceed as well as all religious extremism. We condemn all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianism and Islamophobia and we call upon the religions to assume their responsibility to promote dialogue between cultures and civilizations in our region and in the entire world.”

The bishops took aim at claims by hardline Jewish settlers in particular that they had a right to occupy the whole land of Israel promised to God by the Jews according to the Old Testament.

“Recourse to theological and biblical positions which use the Word of God to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable,” the synod said.

“On the contrary, recourse to religion must lead every person to see the face of God in others and to treat them according to their God-given prerogatives and God’s commandments, namely, according to God’s bountiful goodness, mercy, justice and love for us.”

Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros, head of the Greek Melkite Church in the United States, who headed the commission that drew up the final statement, said, “The theme of the promised land cannot be used as a basis to justify the return of the Jews to Israel and the expatriation of the Palestinians.”

“For Christians one can no longer talk of the land promised to the Jewish people,” he told a press conference, because the “promise” was “abolished by the presence of Christ.”

In the kingdom of God, which covers the whole world, “there is no longer a favored people, a chosen people, all men and women of every country have become the chosen people,” the Lebanese-born Butros said.(AFP)




October 24, 2010

by Debbie Menon

The fury of the “pro-Israel” lobby lately has truly been something to behold.

By MJ Rosenberg — www.informationclearinghouse

It has abandoned bipartisanship by setting up front organizations like the so-called Emergency Committee for Israel, which is running ads across the country calling on voters to defeat Democratic members of the House and Senate for signing a letter urging President Obama to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

With all the problems average Americans are facing, the lobby is so out-of-touch that it thinks that hard-hit Pennsylvanian voters (the ads runs most often in the Keystone State) will actually cast their votes based on the lobby’s litmus test of who is and who isn’t hawkish enough on Israel.

Then there is the American Jewish Committee, which has now issued an unusual second political poll this year. The first, issued in March, was its traditional annual poll of American Jewish opinion on matters foreign and domestic.

This second poll, issued just before the congressional elections, is more limited and clearly is designed to demonstrate that Jewish voters are deserting President Obama because of his efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians to the peace table. (The AJC press release carries the title: “AJC Poll Shows Jewish Disapproval of President Obama Rising.”)

Actually, the poll’s intent is to create the shift it claims to portray, a shift that is, in fact, not happening because, as Republican Whip Eric Cantor said on October 2, American Jews are voting Democratic, as they always have, because “Jews are prone to want to help the underdog.”

But not the American Jewish Committee, the most established and establishment of lobby organizations which, under its current leadership, is a bastion of neoconservative war-mongering and has put its once-respected polls to the service of the GOP.

The good news is that Eric Cantor is right: American Jews (not him) are liberals and Democrats. But the “pro-Israel” establishment just follows lockstep behind Prime Minister Netanyahu who wants Republicans to win in November (he has a history of supporting the GOP) and President Obama gone in 2012.

One, they are tired of even Obama’s timid pressure on settlements and (2) they want a President who will give Israel permission to bomb Iran. George W. Bush said “no” to that scheme as has Obama. But President Palin or Huckabee? They know that they would say “bombs away” in a heartbeat.

That is why they are running these ads. That is why the American Jewish Committee has become a Republican cutout. It’s all about the Middle East: preventing Israel from achieving peace with its neighbors and preventing Iran from getting nuclear weapons, not through diplomacy but war.

And check out this ad the “Emergency Committee for Israel” is running against a Democratic Congressman in Connecticut. (They are using the same ad against a host of Democrats). Happily, it won’t work. But it does demonstrate what this game is all about. And it’s not jobs, jobs, jobs.

MJ Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, Media Matters Action Network. MJ Rosenberg, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow, Media Matters Action Network. Since 1998, M.J. Rosenberg has been the Director of Policy Analysis for Israel Policy Forum (IPF). He heads the organization’s Washington, D.C. office and writes IPF FRIDAY, a widely-circulated weekly opinion column which focuses upon U.S. Middle East policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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Israel Crushes A Palestinian Gandhi: Bil’in Organizer Sentenced to 18 months

Oct 23, 2010

Philip Weiss 

The other day I vowed to show this video of Adeeb Abu Rahma till everyone in America had seen it. And I’m just stupid enough to try.

Because if anything can change the American paradigm of Palestinian resistance, it is watching Adeeb Abu Rahma, at a demonstration in 2008 in Bil’in, brave bullets and then almost break down as he calls on the Israeli soldiers who have occupied his land to show that they have hearts.

As Susan Abulhawa tweeted the scene: “one man armed only with truth immobilizes an entire platoon of soldiers.”

No wonder they arrested Abu Rahma and have jailed him for over two years.

Well there’s news about Abu Rahma. In a post titled, “Israel Crushes a Palestinian Gandhi: Bil’in Organizer Sentenced to 18 months,” Joseph Dana (who turned me on to the video in the first place) gives the latest:

Judge Lieutenant Colonel Benisho of the Military Court of Appeals accepted the Military prosecution’s appeal in Adeeb Abu Rahmah’s case today, which demanded to harshen the already heavy-handed one-year sentence imposed on him by the prior instance back in July. The court sentenced Abu Rahmah 18 months of imprisonment with bail of 6,000 NIS and suspended sentence of 1 year. An appeal filed by the defense both on the severity of the punishment and on the conviction itself was denied.

Adeeb Abu Rahmah’s sentence is the first to be handed by the Military Court of Appeals in a series of recent trials against high-profile Palestinian anti-Wall grassroots organizers. The harsh and imbalanced decision is likely to affect other cases, most notably that of Abdallah Abu Rahmah – the Bil’in organizer declared human rights defender by the EU – who was too recently sentenced to a year in jail by the first instance of the military court.

Adeeb Abu Rahmah’s case relied heavily on the forced confessions of four minors arrested in nighttime raids by Israeli soldiers. The four attested in court to having been coerced into incriminating Abu Rahmah and other organizers during the course of their police investigations. They were also questioned unlawfully, denied counsel and without their parents being present and, in some cases, late at night.

And now Robert Mackey at the New York Times has picked up Dana’s reporting. Good work, Mackey; now watch that video. Please get it out to the people! 

Brooklyn rabbis Lippman and Bachman are part of the Am Yisroel Chai crowd

Oct 23, 2010

Barry Weiss 

Yesterday Weiss did a post expressing surprise that liberal Brooklyn rabbis Ellen Lippman and Andy Bachman are urging Brooklynites to buy products made in the West Bank at an illegal settlement! Barry Weiss, a California activist (and no relation), says Weiss is naive:

I do not know why this surprises you. Since I live in LA, I know nothing of these “liberal rabbis” in Brooklyn, but we have plenty of them in the Reform community in LA, nay even terming themselves as “progressive.” And they are progressive on issues such as labor, immigration, environment, capital punishment, etc. But almost to a man/woman is is Am Yisroel Chai. (The People of Israel live!) They say they feel for the plight of the Palestinians, but when it comes to any real challenge to the status quo, such as BDS in any form, they are not to be found. Their voices during the Lebanon and Gaza invasions were there in mild, but very mild, criticism.

They spend most of their time on the Middle East “reaching out to our Muslim brothers.” I must say they are very supportive of Muslim groups and Islamic mosques when it comes to anti-Muslim discrimination. But, there is an unstated and sometimes stated price for these folks to pay, which is “be gentle on Israel, be critical of certain measures, such as house demolitions, but be understanding in general.”

Since I work with the same Muslim groups, going back several years ago I found their deference to their “liberal Jewish friends who are so supportive of us” to be very frustrating. But, fortunately, these are not foolish people and they have now seen the ploy. As a result, while interfaith dialogue between liberal Jewish clergy and Muslims still exists, it is pretty much window dressing and groups such as MPAC and CAIR are much more outspoken on Palestinian issues. But, in conclusion, liberal/progressive Jewish clergy in the LA area set back support for Palestinian rights like Wiesenthal Center, ADL and AIPAC never could; and I believe that was their role.

Maybe now Obama can say something?

Oct 23, 2010

Philip Weiss 

Jerusalem Post:

New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman said that many Americans are becoming “fed up” with Israel. Friedman’s comments came in an interview with Channel Two reporter Dana Weiss aired on Saturday….

Friedman derided Israel’s calls for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State in exchange for a renewed freeze on construction in the settlements that could revive peace talks. He jokingly said that Israel is asking for “Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] to sing Hatikva [Israel’s national anthem] in perfect Yiddish.”

Good work, Tom!!! And many Palestinians have said as much about the extreme demand. Now can American policymakers say the same?

Pelosi’s ‘progressive,’ antiwar challenger is also… pro-Israel

Oct 23, 2010

Matthew Taylor 

Out here in San Francisco, progressives are furious with Nancy Pelosi for enabling the Bush war machine, Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan, and her utter disdain for (our crappy definition of) democracy, as she has refused to debate her libertarian Republican opponent John Dennis. Although his is clearly a Quixotic campaign, Dennis is running to Pelosi’s left (to some extent) and picking up support from across the political spectrum, including, quite shockingly, former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez

Gonzalez is a progressive icon who nearly became the first Green Party Mayor of a major American city in 2003, when he picked up 47% of the vote. He was also Nader’s VP running mate in 2008. Gonzalez’s passionate endorsement of Dennis, in an open letter to Pelosi:

Even your most ardent supporters are at a loss to defend your escalation of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan after you became Speaker (despite your promises to end the war), and for your support for the Patriot Act, its subsequent reauthorization, and for your support for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, among other things…

Although you may want to dismiss your congressional opponent John Dennis because he is a Republican, I assure you that he is a serious candidate with views worthy of consideration. In addition to being firmly anti-war and committed to defending civil liberties, Dennis is pro-gay rights, opposed the Wall Street bailouts and has joined in the populist call challenging the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve…

As with virtually every politician in America, it turns out John Dennis’ progressivism has a limit. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with an “I” ends with an “L” and has “obliviousness to racist ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization” in the middle.

Check out Dennis’ comments on Israel at 4:40 of this video. The upshot: he wants to not only continue to dole out six billion in military funding to Israel every year, he insists that Israel should be able to build unlimited settlements/colonies, and the U.S. has absolutely no right to criticize what Israel does with the U.S. guns.

John Dennis, where’s the limit? What would Israel have to do with U.S. guns for you to say, “too far”? Outright genocide?

I love Matt Gonzalez – worked on his campaign, in fact – but Gonzalez totally blew it on this one. Gonzalez should run against Pelosi instead of handing out endorsements to pro-Israel sycophants like candy. Gonzalez might actually win.

Nir Rosen on the media’s double standard for Palestine

Oct 23, 2010

Philip Weiss 

On Thursday night the Nation Institute and the Arthur Carter Journalism Institute at NYU held a “Backstory” panel on foreign reporting with Nir Rosen, Ann Jones and Aram Roston. Jones carried the evening with entertaining tales about how being a woman in the Middle East has allowed her to break stories others cannot (including the extent to which American forces have alienated Afghans by farting; and break was her word not mine).

For his part, Nir Rosen talked about the horrors of occupation. He faulted the tendency among embedded American journalists to laud the troops they’re with, even though “they are part of an occupying army.” And an occupier is by definition oppressive.

“They could be the Girl Scouts. Their mere presence is humiliating and alienating and lethal. That’s the very nature of what they’re doing,” Rosen said. Occupation is a “crime on an entire people.” And yes there are racial issues involved. “It is difficult for white people to identify with brown… Abuse of civilians is a routine thing in any occupation.” Including, he added, the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine.

Rosen said American editors don’t like writers to humanize the occupation story because it doesn’t make Americans look good. And when he criticized the American occupation, say in Fallujah, he got letters accusing him of “treason.” But (and I’m finally getting to the point) he comes “under less condemnation” for criticizing the American occupation than he does for criticizing the Israeli one.

Wait, you ask: How can there be condemnation stronger than the accusation of treason? Well that was just readers mouthing off; but it was evident from what Rosen said that editors don’t want to run stories about Palestinian victims of Israeli occupation.

And that is the point. It is easier in American media to criticize American policy than it is to criticize Israeli policy.

Other examples: Obama ran for president opposing the Iraq war, and defeated his primary rival in spring 2008 by staking out that position, but he could not say anything against the Gaza war in 2008-2009.

My congressman, John Hall, defeated a Republican incumbent in ’06 by attacking the Iraq war. He does nothing but praise Israel.

And this is my primary argument against those who say that Israel is just carrying out American policy in the Middle East. If that is so, how come mainstream liberals routinely criticize U.S. policy but they never criticize Israel?

How come the U.S. gov’t can build a governing coalition in Iraq with former Al-Qaeda-allied insurgent car-bombers– and meantime Hamas must be isolated forever and ever.

The answer in all these cases, Obama’s silence on Gaza, Rosen’s inability to criticize the Israeli occupation, and the perpetual isolation of Hamas even while we work with former Sunni terrorists and dicker with the Taliban, is the presence of the Israel lobby in our public life. That is to say, the double standard reflects the influence of Zionism inside the establishment, an anachronistic ideology that maintains strong roots in the empowered Jewish community and that sees Palestinians as lesser human beings than Israelis.

The death of a child

Oct 23, 2010

Lillian Rosengarten


From Middle East Children’s Alliance:

Nasma Abu Lasheen died on Saturday, October 16, 2010 in Gaza. Israel failed to issue her an urgent entry permit for life-saving medical treatment at Ha-Emek Medical Center in Afula, Israel. She was two years old.

Abu Lasheen, a young resident of Gaza diagnosed with Leukemia, was referred for emergency treatment in Israel on October 6, 2010. When requests to the Israeli Army for an entry permit went unanswered for several days, by way of B’Tselem, the family contacted Physicians for Human Rights- Israel (PHR-Israel) for additional help. That very same day, on October 13, 2010, PHR-Israel contacted the Gaza District Coordination Office (DCO) demanding a permit be issued immediately to the baby and her father to enable their entry into Israel. A military approval was finally granted the next afternoon, October 14, 2010. 

Abu Lasheen’s medical condition had been deteriorating rapidly and by the time the permit was received, the treating doctor in Gaza, Dr. Mohammad Abu Sha’aban, said she was too sick to travel. Nasma died in the early morning hours of October 16, 2010.”

So it has come to this as generations of hate and paranoia  leach the humanity of Israel, to create a heartless society composed of “them and “us.”  Weep we must. Nama Abu Lasheen , age 2, was someone’s precious daughter who was helped to die by those  whose hearts have turned to stone. I am not a proud Jew when I must disassociate myself from such acts, for they defy what it is to be a Jew. Not for this did millions of hearts and souls go up in smoke from the ovens of the crematoria and die in the ghettos and camps constructed by the Nazis who deemed this appropriate for Jews and dissenters. Not for this did I once hope quite naively that Israel could rise above the gruesome lessons of a hunted and oppressed people.

That  I was deported and told I no longer could enter Israel and questioned as to whether I was REALLY a Jew and could I prove it– that is minuscule in the face of the dehumanization of “Them.”  What laws allow the “us” the “good Jews to be morally superior to “them?” Pure racism as I see it. Israel should know better for history has taught it well.  America knows the face of racism which makes me incredulous to observe  the unflinching support of semites and anti semites for Israel as it exists in this state of apartheid.  No, I am not afraid to use that word, for when one population is forced to live as the “other” in the same country, they are against their will living apart. Let’s be real, America knows well the face of apartheid.  In the face of human rights disasters perpetuated on the “other,” those who have had their voices taken away, I am appalled.

In the case of Israel, call me a traitor or anti Israel, anything you wish to justify these actions and to keep this travesty going.  I am devastated that it has come to this twisted moral righteousness, this myth of superiority that provides the venue for “us” against “them.”  Such division separates humanity, splits all of our brothers and sisters into good and evil, victim and victimizers. Make no mistake, Israel is divided into the prosperous Jewish state that lives along side a walled, collectively punished society of Palestine, under siege, in deplorable despair,  “them”, “the other” “forgotten” “not cared about.”

No, I am not proud to be a Jew. How can life continue in this land dominated by hate and war. How can the Jews in Israel be happy while their neighbors suffer?

I wish to remind you of the death of this child, not a Palestinian child, not an Israeli child, not an American child. She was a child who died and I who also had a child who died stand hand in hand with all parents and siblings who have lost children.  Let Nasma Abu Lasheen’s death bring us all to an awareness of what hate and moral superiority will do to destroy.

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Dear Friends,

Six items below of the many that should be read today. 

The first brings more data on the court session of the Rachel Corrie trial in which the bulldozer driver who ran over Rachel Corrie 7 years ago was questioned as witness.  This report is by the Corries and their media advisors.   You can well imagine how difficult a day this was for the family.  Yet understanding is not something that they attained from the defense, which filled the small room with its own crowd. 

The 2nd item relates details about what led the Israeli military to bomb a house in Gaza full of members of one family, a family that the IOF had itself made the family stay in.  Pretty disgusting and painful.  But this is what happens when armies fight civilians instead of other armies.  Sickening.  When will it stop?

The 3rd item relates that the Israeli military denies UN agencies to build schools in Gaza.  Why?  Security, of course! This, by the way, after Israel claims to have left Gaza—long after!

Items 4 and 5 bring more hopeful news.  Item 4 reports that the Bishop’s Synod of the Catholic Church has decided to ask the international community to take ‘necessary legal steps to put an end to the occupation of the different Arab territories’, and item 5 relates ‘that a Dutch company was raided by police for violating The Hague ruling on Wall.’  I’m so happy to be able on occasion to distribute positive information.

The final one is not positive.  It reports on an attack by Israeli border police on a small community.  This report is in many of its details typical of the violence perpetrated by Israeli forces against Palestinians and those who stand in solidarity with them.  This violence is typical of many West Bank communities on Fridays, when most of the demonstrations against the theft of land and homes takes place.

All the best,



 Bulldozer driver testimony underscores lack of transparency in Corrie trial

Bulldozer driver testimony underscores lack of transparency in Corrie trial


October 23, 2010

Voice behind screen says soldiers don’t stop work

Haifa, Israel – The bulldozer driver who struck and killed Rachel Corrie in March 2003, in Rafah, Gaza, testified for the first time Thursday in the civil lawsuit filed by the Corrie family against the state of Israel, but did so under extraordinary protective measures that continue to underscore the lack of transparency in the investigation as well as the trial process.

The driver, Y.P., whose name was not released, is a 38-year-old Russian immigrant who came to Israel in 1995. He was the sole witness for the day and gave his testimony over four hours behind a makeshift partition, a measure the state claimed was necessary to protect his security. Attorneys for the Corries requested that the family be allowed to see the driver even if the public could not, but their appeals were denied.

Download this press release: English (pdf, 171.35 kB)

“We were disappointed not to see the whole human being,” said Cindy Corrie, Rachel’s mother. “It is a personal affront that the state’s attorneys and Israeli government, on the basis of security, chose to keep our family from seeing the witness.”

Scores of journalists, human rights observers and members of the public were shut out of the proceedings Thursday. The courtroom has only two long rows of seats, nearly half of which were held for the first time by observers apparently from the State Attorney’s office and Ministry of Defense.

In over four hours of often confused testimony, Y.P. seemed to struggle to read and understand his own affidavit signed in April. He could not remember basic facts, such as the date of Rachel’s killing or time of day it happened. He repeatedly contradicted his own statements on the stand and testimony given to military police investigators in 2003.

Highlights of testimony include the following:

  • Y.P stated that after he drove over Rachel and backed up, she was located between his bulldozer and the mound of earth that he had pushed, corroborating photographic evidence and testimony from international eyewitnesses given to the court in March. His testimony calls into question that of the commander inside this same bulldozer, whose written affidavit states that Rachel’s body was located in a different location, on the far side of the mound of earth created by the bulldozer. In court, Y.P. was asked if based on this contradiction he wanted to change his testimony. He firmly stated no.

  • In testimony to military police investigators only three days after the incident, Y.P. said the blind spot in front of the bulldozer was 3 meters. In contradicting court testimony, he claimed the blind spot was 30 meters – ten times the distance first stated.

  • Y.P. knew about regulations that the bulldozer was not to work within 10 meters of people. He was aware civilians were present, but said he was given orders to continue working. He said I’ m just a soldier. It was not my decision.

  • He claimed he did not see Rachel before the event. Nor did he recall seeing her specifically at all that day, despite the fact that she had protested the bulldozer’s activity for several hours and was the only female activist wearing a bright orange fluorescent jacket.

Following the driver’s testimony, Cindy Corrie stated, “It was very difficult not to hear or detect anything in this witness’s words or voice that suggested remorse. Sadly, what I heard from the other side of the screen was indifference.”

The proceedings on Thursday were attended by representatives of the US Embassy, Advocates sans Frontiers, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), National Lawyers Guild, Adalah, and the Arab Association for Human Rights, many of whom have closely followed the hearings throughout the trial.

The next scheduled hearings are November 4 and 15 between the hours of 9:00-16:00 before Judge Oded Gershon at the Haifa, District Court, 12 Palyam St., Haifa, Israel. Additional court dates are expected to be announced soon.

Please visit the Trial Updates page for more information and changes to the court schedule.

For press related inquiries and further information, please contact:

Stacy Sullivan

stacy [at]

Phone (Israel): 972-54-280-7572

October 24 2010

by Dave.

Trial Updates

Featured Projects


For additional reports about the trial and this particular session see

Democracy Now video

[About 1/3 of the way up from the beginning of the video.  Shows also shots of the incident and words from Cindy Corrie expressing her disappointment with the testimony of the driver that killed Rachel and the fact that he was hidden from view.]

2.  Dimi’s notes [forwarded by Ofer]

Driver who killed Rachel Corrie testifiesOctober 22, 2010…3:43 pm

[shows contradictions in the driver’s testimony]

3. Details about the October 7, 2010 hearing

4.  Furnishes background and a review of events, but does not yet cover the October 21 proceedings when the driver of the bulldozer that killed Rachel testified.  However, 


2. Haaretz,

October 24, 2010

What led to IDF bombing house full of civilians during Gaza war?

The order to bomb the house has been explained as the brigade commander’s legitimate interpretation of drone photos shown in the war room.

By Amira Hass

A Military Police investigation into an air strike that killed 21 Palestinian civilians during Operation Cast Lead, according to a recent Haaretz report, indicates senior air force officers had approved the attack. The report, published on Friday by Amos Harel and Anshel Pfeffer (“IDF probes top officers on Gaza war strike that killed 21 family members” ), alleges senior officers authorized the bombing despite being warned by more junior officers that civilians were likely located at or nearby the target site.

One officer involved in approving the attack is then-Givati Brigade commander Col. Ilan Malka. To date it has not yet been determined whether he will stand trial as an officer involved in the affair.

The incident took place on January 5, 2009, in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City. During Givati Brigade activity in Zeitun, a house there – home to the Al-Samouni family – was identified as harboring armed Palestinians. The Israel Air Force hit the house twice with missiles, killing 21 civilians, including women and children, and wounding 19 others.

While some Givati soldiers agreed to testify to Breaking the Silence (an organization of veteran combatants who served during the second intifada and have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to everyday life in the occupied territories ) about their part in Operation Cast Lead, notably absent are the soldiers who manned the position nearest the house that was bombed on Malka’s orders.

On the morning of January 4, the commanders of this force ordered the dozens of members of the extended Samouni family to leave the three-story house (the home of Talal Samouni ), which they then turned into their outpost. The soldiers told them to gather in the one-story home of Wail Samouni, on the other side of the road and about 30 meters southeast. The Samounis took the fact that the soldiers themselves concentrated the family in one building, and saw that there were infants, children, women, elderly people and unarmed men, as insurance that they would not be harmed.

Despite the intense firing heard all around them that entire evening, the family’s fears were mitigated by the proximity of the soldiers who had assembled them into the one home. Several of the Samouni men even left the house on Monday morning (January 5 ) to collect wood for a fire, hoping to bake pita and heat up tea. They also called out to a relative who had remained in his home, a few meters east of them, and suggested he join them because their house was safe.

Shortly before that, one of the women of the house ventured outside with a child to draw water from a nearby well, as the water tanks on the roof had been riddled by the soldiers’ bullets a day earlier. The woman and the child were within view of the soldiers, a fact which the Samounis reported to Haaretz, in Gaza, over a year and a half ago. Their testimony received extensive coverage in Haaretz, in world media outlets, and in reports filed by Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations.

Straight from the war room

A small wooden structure stood next to the house, and several of the men apparently began climbing onto it to take apart the boards. This activity was seen in drone photographs shown on the screen in the war room headquarters, which according to testimony obtained by Breaking the Silence is of poorer quality than the screen before the person operating the aircraft.

In the war room the poles the men were holding were taken to be RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades ) and the people carrying them were marked as a squad of terrorists who should be shot immediately. First the group of men outside the house was shelled. They ran into the home, which was then shelled twice. The structure was not destroyed, but because it was so crowded inside, dozens were killed and wounded.

One soldier who had testified to Breaking the Silence told Haaretz about two months ago that soldiers at another outpost, east of the Samouni compound, received information from the war room on the two-way radio that an RPG squad was walking around in the area.

On the morning of Monday, January 5, a group of stunned Palestinian civilians, including a woman and her baby daughter whose fingers had been lopped off, arrived at that soldier’s outpost. The soldiers managed to understand that the woman’s husband had just been killed. The woman’s husband, the soldier confidently told Haaretz, had been killed by a Palestinian RPG that was aimed at the other soldiers’ outpost but by mistake had hit the adjacent Samouni home.

Most of the Givati soldiers who gave testimony to Breaking the Silence didn’t even know 21 civilians had been killed in a shelling carried out under war-room orders, based on drone photographs. They didn’t know in real time, nor did they know a year and a half later, when they spoke to Haaretz. They hadn’t heard of the “Samouni” family, despite the extensive media coverage as well as the space devoted to this family’s history in the Goldstone report.

Unknown details

On January 4, 2009, the Sunday after the ground incursion had begun, a Givati force set up outposts and bases in at least six houses in the Samouni compound at the southeast end of Zeitun – as revealed upon matching the testimony of local Palestinians with that of the soldiers. Immediately after the ground incursion, IDF soldiers had already killed five Palestinian civilians, most of them from the Samouni family, in separate incidents that took place late at night and in the morning. One child who was seriously wounded when forces broke into his home, bled there to death until the next day – 24 hours after his father was killed at short range.

These details were also unknown to the soldiers that Haaretz found with the help of Breaking the Silence. They agreed to the organization’s request to testify because they were horrified by two other incidents they witnessed, when their comrades killed civilians at close range. The soldiers were upset by the destructive actions of the IDF, the trigger-happy atmosphere and the virtual reality, as they described it, created by IDF spokesmen inside Israel, to the effect that there was serious fighting in the Gaza Strip. The soldiers soon understood that they were not actually confronting the dangerous Hamas resistance for which they had been prepared on the eve of the attack.

Until now the order to bomb a house full of civilians has been explained and understood as an ostensibly legitimate interpretation on the part of the brigade commander of drone photographs displayed on the screen in the war room. According to the findings of human rights organizations and Haaretz investigations, during the course of Cast Lead many other civilians were killed and wounded by aerial strikes, in a similar process: based on how drone photos on war-room screens were interpreted.

The many incidents described in the human rights organizations’ reports indicate that the drone photographs are not as precise or clear as they are said to be, or that the technology considered “objective” also depends on commanders’ interpretation: Children playing on the roof are liable to be regarded as “scouts,” people trying to speak to their relatives over the phone are liable to be “signal operators for a terrorist brigade,” and families that went to the garden to feed the goats, squads of Qassam launchers.

In the case of the Samounis, the possibility of cross-referencing sophisticated technological information with human information from the field was available 24 hours before the “RPG squad” ostensibly appeared on the war room screens.

No ambulances

The Givati Brigade commander, fearing Hamas attempts to kidnap IDF soldiers, insisted that not a single ambulance enter the sector under his control. That was also learned from soldiers who spoke to Breaking the Silence. Testimony from the Zeitun area, which was reported by Haaretz in real time based on conversations with neighborhood residents, told of at least two children and two adults who bled to death after being shot by Givati soldiers, because the Red Cross and the Red Crescent were unable to coordinate with the IDF the approach of ambulances to the area.

According to the testimony of the family of Hussein Ayedi, who lived in eastern Zeitun, only a week after he was injured and after daily coordination efforts by Physicians for Human Rights, were they allowed to leave on foot, under various conditions, and to meet up with ambulances at a distance of over three kilometers. 

According to one soldier who spoke with Breaking the Silence, brigade commander Malka insisted that if there were wounded, they should be taken on foot. But according to many reports from the field, sometimes even convoys of civilians were not allowed to progress on foot and the soldiers fired at them.


3. Ynet,

October 23, 2010

    IDF stops UN from building Gaza schools

Officials say Israel fears Hamas, which has facility on location, will use schools for terror purposes,7340,L-3973715,00.html

Ali Waked

The IDF is preventing the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) from building schools near Hamas headquarters in Gaza, the UN agency said Saturday.

Defense officials said Israel had approved the construction of eight schools but rejected four, which the agency had asked to build near a Hamas facility in the Gaza City neighborhood of Tel al-Hawa, because the state fears they will be used as defenses for the organization. 

UNRWA spokesman Adnan Abu Hasna told Ynet that the agency had planned to build the schools in open spaces, in areas containing mainly a population of refugees. 

He also warned that Israel’s refusal to transfer building materials for the schools’ construction into the Strip would further exacerbate the shortage in classrooms.

“UNRWA was forced not to accept 40,000 students this year because of the lack of space in schools,” said Abu Hasna. 

Defense officials said Israel would reconsider and probably approve the transfer of materials into Gaza if new locations were found for the institutes of learning. 

Hanan Greenberg contributed to this report


4. In final statement of two-week conference, bishops’ synod urges international community to take ‘necessary legal steps to put an end to the occupation of the different Arab territories’,7340,L-3973590,00.html


Roman Catholic bishops for the Middle East urged the United Nations Saturday to end the Israeli occupation of “Arab lands” at the end of a meeting chaired by Pope Benedict XVI.

In a final statement of their two-week conference, the bishops’ synod said the citizens of the Middle East “call upon the international community, particularly the United Nations, conscientiously to work to find a peaceful, just and definitive solution in the region, through the application of the Security Council’s resolutions and taking the necessary legal steps to put an end to the occupation of the different Arab territories.

“The Palestinian people will thus have an independent and sovereign homeland where they can live with dignity and security. The State of Israel will be able to enjoy peace and security within their internationally recognized borders,” the statement read.

According to the bishops, “The Holy City of Jerusalem will be able to acquire its proper status, which respects its particular character, its holiness and the religious patrimony of the three religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. We hope that the two-state-solution might become a reality and not a dream only.”


5.  Gush Shalom Saturday, October 23, 2010

   Press Releases 

Riwal raided for violating The Hague ruling on Wall


Dutch police raided offices of company leasing cranes for building West Bank Separation Fence and settlements, on suspicion of violating International Law

A few days ago, the Dutch police’s National Crime Squad raided the offices of the Riwal Holding Group in the city of Dordrecht, confiscating computers documents relating to the leasing of cranes owned by the the company’s Israeli branch for the construction of the “Separation Wall” and of settlements in the Occupied Territories. Police findings have been passed on to the Dutch State Prosecution, which should decide whether or not to prosecute the corporate executives – including the Israeli businessman Doron Livnat – on charges of violating International Law.

The affair started with the 2004 ruling by the International Court in The Hague, which determined that construction of the “Separation Wall” within the West Bank territory constituted a violation of International Law, and that if Israel wants to build a border fence to prevent infiltration into its territory it should have been placed on the border, i.e. on the Green Line. Accordingly, the International Court judges called for upon all UN member states and Geneva Convention signatories not to cooperate with erection of the Wall and to prevent their citizens from any such cooperation.

In 2006, a Dutch television crew filmed cranes active in construction of the Separation Fence and of settlements, which bore the Riwal Company logo. Dutch Labour Party MP’s raised the issue and addressed parliamentary questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. As a result, the Dutch Government in 2008 warned the Riwal company not to engage in activities at the Occupied Territories. But the organization “United Civilians for Peace” in Amsterdam found evidence that the company ignored the government warning and continued this activity.

Last year the Palestinian human rights organization Al Haq of Ramallah engaged the Dutch law firm Bohler. On its behalf, Adv. Liesbeth Zegveld lodged this year a complaint to the legal authorities. The raid on the Riwal Dordrecht offices is a tangible result of this activity.

Gush Shalom, the Israeli Peace Bloc, regards this episode as yet another alarming sign of Israel’s deteriorating international position, fast slipping down to a disastrous total isolation. “A decade ago, authorities in the Netherlands would not have considered taking such measures. The Israeli Government, renewing settlement construction, promoting loyalty oaths and ever new provocations, confronts the entire the world, alienates Israel’s best friends and takes us on a mad gallop into the abyss”.

Riwal is the largest company in the Netherlands in the field of building cranes, and among the largest in the world. The Riwal Israel Company, active also under the name “Lia Holding”, was in the news a few years ago when a business dispute between it and the competing “Avi Cranes” escalated into violence and the setting of cranes on fire.

Contact: Adam Keller, Gush Shalom Spokesperson 054-2340749 Background:


6.  [forwarded by Asaf  Oron]

2010/10/23 david -N

Israeli Border Police Seized, Attacked and Burned Nabi Saleh Homes During Demo; 2 Palestinians Arrested

posted by Ayala Shani

October 22, 2010

House burnt by tear gas canisters attack; houses invaded and used as military outposts; soldiers shooting on sight whomever in their range; making arrests; collectively punishing a population by mass tear gas attacks; snippers shooting rubber bullets; and live ammunition shot towards protesters – another long Friday of harsh Israeli army repression was the share of Nabi Saleh residents, bravely standing up for their freedom against the strangulating occupation and the Halamish settlement, built itself on the village’s lands.

The demonstration’s initial march was even shorter than usual as it met with an immediate unprovoked attack by Israeli border police, shooting tear gas canisters directly at the protesters, a conduct which persisted throughout the demonstration and which violates even the army’s own regulations.

This attack was soon followed by an army break-in and takeover of several houses within the village, using them and especially their roofs as military outposts. During the second Intifada the Israeli army took over houses for months in a row, and now residents say the houses taken over during the demonstration are likely to be repeatedly taken over in the coming Fridays.

The army soldiers took the liberty (with, in many cases, twisted pleasure) to shoot on sight whomever was in their range. Only in few cases stones were thrown back to ward off the army’s incursion. Snipers used rubber bullets and close to the end of the army’s incursion into the village, soldiers also shot live ammunition towards the protesters. Several protesters sustained non-serious injuries, mostly from tear gas canisters shot directly at them.

Within the army’s unprovoked and cruel attacks inside a populated area, two houses were hit by tear gas canisters. In one of the houses a fire erupted as a result. The fire consumed some of the family property (mostly mattresses and the internal walls paint). Protesters came to put out the fire, and later own Palestinian fire department tracks arrived.

In a separate incident two Palestinian protesters were arrested for no justified reason.

On Thursday night, prior to the day of the demo, as is the case on many nights since the demos has started – the Israeli army has invaded the village and patrolled it. No arrests were made. Some 10 army jeeps were involved in this Friday’s army incursion into Nabi Saleh.

The three village’s youth who were arrested during last Friday were released on Tuesday and Thursday to the joy of their families, friends and supporters.

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upcoming events: BDS and education on Tuesday

Via Brooklyn for Peace:

Please join us Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. to tell Ricky’s Brooklyn: “No More Ahava Cosmetics!”

Tuesday, October 26, 5:30-6:30

Ricky’s, 107 Montague Street (between Henry and Hicks)

Pink Spa Attire Recommended but Not Required–bathrobes, towels, etc.

When you buy Ahava products made in a factory in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank, you help finance the destruction of hope for a peaceful and just future for both Israelis and Palestinians. Ahava products are made from Palestinian natural resources illegally taken from the Dead Sea.

We are picketing Ricky’s store to bring the message to shoppers: Help us tell Ricky’s not to carry Ahava products.

Sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace, with the cooperation of: American Jews for a Just Peace; Adalah-NY: The NY Campaign for the Boycott of Israel; Al-Awda; CODEPINK; Jewish Voice for Peace; Jews Say No!; US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel; Women of a Certain Age; Women in Black Union Square

#2,3,4,5 trains to Borough Hall       718-624-5921 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              718-624-5921      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Technorati Tags: Ahava, BDS, Boycott Divestment Sanctions, Brooklyn for Peace, Code Pink, Invincible, Israel, molucular resistance, Palestine, Pamela Olson, Zionism.

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Tony Blair’s sister-in-law converts to Islam


October 24, 2010

by crescentandcross 

Most Popular Content All 

        *   A Personal Message from Father Elias Zahlawi, a Syrian Catholic priest to Pastor Terry JonesRated 5/5 (21 Votes)

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having what she describes as a “holy experience” during a visit to Iran.

Journalist and broadcaster Lauren Booth, 43 – Cherie Blair’s sister – now wears a hijab whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque whenever she can.

She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago after visiting the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom.

“It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy,” she said in an interview today.

When she returned to Britain, she decided to convert immediately.

Booth – who works for Press TV, the English-language Iranian news channel – has stopped eating pork and reads the Qur’an every day.

Booth has stopped drinking alcohol and says she has not wanted to drink since converting.

Before her spiritual awakening in Iran, she had been “sympathetic” to Islam and has spent considerable time working in Palestine, she said, adding that she hoped her conversion would help Blair change his presumptions about Islam.




October 24, 2010

by Gordon Duff


“Israeli terrorist “clones” are responsible for most hard line rhetoric, threats and, if we investigated closely, have actually recruited terrorists and directly inspired, if not planned and executed, attacks on Americans…Gadahn is part of it, so is Wikileaks”

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

9/11 End of the NYC World


A call to arms, demanding Muslims in America and elsewhere begin a terror campaign, was spread around the world.  The message, we are told, was found on a “secret website” by an Israeli company who put it in a press release.

There is no evidence any American Muslim has ever been on the website referred to, no American intelligence agency could find it, not the CIA or the FBI or Homeland Security.  There was only one way the 300,000 Muslims of Detroit could hear call to terrorism, from an Israeli company that passes on such messages for profit.

Does it create them too?  You be the judge.

Let’s look at a possible analogy.  If you were to capture a vicious rabid dog in the wilderness and turned it loose in a children’s playground, would you be a terrorist?

This is essentially what is being admitted to.

What is in question, another analogy, is whether you purposefully infected the dog with rabies in the first place.  Either way, you are a terrorist.

Adam Gadahn, the “American Taliban,” the lisping, overweight bungler continually calling for the murder of Americans is really named Adam Perlman from a family highly influential in the Anti-Defamation League.  The group distributing his threats, SITE Intelligence, contracted to the American government, is run by a former IDF member whose father was executed in Iraq as a Mossad terrorist.  SITE Intelligence is the source of the Osama bin Laden tapes long proven to be, not only the wrong voice, but to resemble bin Laden so little as to have become a joke.

Faces of Adam Gadahn

Adam Gadahn 

Gadahn came on the scene when tapes of Osama bin Laden claiming credit for 9/11 failed forensic examination.  They were counterfeits.  The CIA’s own version had bin Laden denying any involvement.  (See APPENDIX below for official CIA transcript)

This was late 2001 and Americans hadn’t been told that the story about Tora Bora, the many stories about Tora Bora, warlords covering for bin Laden, American troops being pulled back at the last minute by presidential order or the Delta Force being betrayed, were all lies.  Osama bin Laden, already dying from kidney failure, was murdered by one of his own men on December 14, 2001.

Pakistan’s ISI had informants there, it was leaked to the newspapers and was widely reported.  Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto even announced it in an interview with BBC’s David Frost.

With a 9/11 denial “on the books” and bin Laden dead, there would be no invasion of Iraq, no new leader was “in place” to bring out for the American people, no new “boogeyman.”

The very real conspiracy, covering up the sickening truth about 9/11, the treasonous intelligence doctoring leading to the disaster in Iraq and the upcoming years of building a drug empire in Afghanistan, stealing billions in oil from Iraq, the thinly disguised martial law decrees in America and the planned attack on Iran, was threatened unless, somehow, Osama bin Laden could be brought back to life.

Nearly a decade later, Pakistan’s intelligence chief, General Pasha does everything but scream it from rooftops, when he carefully hints to a dull witted ABC interviewer that bin Laden is dead.  Journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave of UPI and Washington Times fame, makes it as clear as possible when he says “Bin Laden is as dead as Elvis.”  Even CIA director Leon Panetta confirms there is no evidence of bin Laden since “late 2001.”

With bin Laden dead, it all falls apart, Al Qaeda, 9/11, and the continual accusations made against Pakistan.  Still, we hear it.  Bin Laden touring Afghanistan or as with last weeks report, “living in luxury” in Iran.

Not only is bin Laden dead but when he was alive, the BBC confirmed that he had absolutely no terrorist organization of any kind, masterminded no plots, controlled no organizations and had no more involvement on the world stage other than, at one time, helping the CIA raise money to fund refugee organizations during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Contrary to what has been reported, bin Laden never raised money for weapons.  That task was left to Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, the CIA paymaster who received $800,000,000 in US funds.  Today we are told Hikmatyar may be in Iran.  However, we have verified that he is actually in Pakistan, working directly with the CIA as “go between” with the Taliban, taking an active role in the current talks with the Karzai government.  Few in Afghanistan trust Hikmatyar, long a favorite with CIA and Pakistan “hard liners.”

If anything, the myth of Osama bin Laden is actually Hikmatyar.  What is said bin Laden did in Afghanistan was always Hikmatyar, CIA “moneyman” and terrorist.  Problem is, he is still a CIA moneyman and terrorist, flying on American planes, going on and off American bases but listed with the Department of Homeland Security as one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.  The truth, Hikmatyar is seen by the US as their “dealmaker” in Afghanistan, something many in Afghanistan find both frightening and delusional.

Perhaps one of the most frightening issues of the ‘war on terror’ or, more appropriately, ‘the phony war on terror’ has been the use of ‘terrorist clones’ like Adam Perlman, the Israeli actor playing a Taliban leader on videos distributed by Israeli intelligence.  The real insanity is that the videos aren’t produced to just fool Americans into rebuilding the coalition of Islamophobics and paranoids typified by the subscribers of  Please, visit this website.  See if everything on it doesn’t just scream 

“Look out, the boogeyman is coming, quick, hide under your bed!”

Things aren’t that innocent.  Much of the message is going to the Islamic community worldwide and is reaching people who are angry and looking for someone to blame.  Those funding Adam Gadhan, those magically finding his mysterious broadcasts and those distributing them to the world are giving material support to terrorism.  They are, in fact, terrorists.

The message they, our friends, you know exactly who I mean, are spreading is clear:

“Attack and kill Americans, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but anywhere you can find them in the world.  They are the real enemy, not Israel.”

Does anyone wonder why Gadahn never calls for attacks on Israel?  In fact, Al Qaeda doesn’t seem to know Israel exists.  They never threaten Israel.  They never attack Israel.  They never even mention Israel, never.  All those Osama bin Laden and Adam Perlman, sorry, “Adam Gadahn” tapes have one thing in common.

Israel doesn’t exist.  Get the  picture?  Here is what Perlman, lets be straight about it, his name is Perlman, his family is Jewish, Zionist, and very active in the ADL.  This is what he or is it ‘they” are advocating in this statement released yesterd

“emigrant communities like those which live on the margins of society in the miserable suburbs of Paris, London and Detroit, or are from those arriving in America or Europe to study in its universities or seek their daily bread in the streets of its cities….you have an opportunity to strike the leaders of unbelief and retaliate against them on their own soil, as long as there is no covenant between you and them”

Clear and simple, we are hearing what Israel is telling the world, the Muslim world, is the voice of Al Qaeda.  What is Israel, or rather “Al Qaeda” telling us?

Please attack Britain, France and the United States but leave Israel alone.

Detroit has Muslim population of 300,000 yet, the one terrorist attack there was done by a mentally incompetent Nigerian national.  Do you remember the “crotch bomber?”  Do you wonder why the story disappeared from the news so quickly?  When two Detroit attorneys caught airport officials putting the terrorist on a plane, airport officials working for an Israeli company, things fell apart.  When Veterans Today discovered from intelligence sources in both Nigeria and Ghana that the boy’s family was not only tied directly to the CIA but the father was a business partner in an Israeli defense firm, it came apart further.  When this came out, a news “blackout” fell and the story died.

When the government of Yemen found laptop computers belonging to “Al Qaeda” that showed a clear record of daily contacts with “handlers” in Israel, the story died totally.

The Detroit bombing told us two things:

  1. The vast majority of American Muslims are Americans and have no loyalty to religious extremists or any other country.  That is “those other guys.”  American Muslims are mostly, not only Republicans but politically active in the party and very conservative.

  2. Terrorists can’t move around the world without help, either visas, real or phony, passports, security”walk arounds” and more.  If a grandmother with a knitting needle and an American passport could never, under any imaginable circumstances, get on a plane in Schipol Airport, how did a single male, Nigeria, Muslim, no passport at all…he wasn’t carrying any identification of any kind and, this is the best part, a bomb strapped to his genitals get seated on a plane ahead of the rest of the passengers.  Remember, you first have to get into a country with no passport, around immigration,  then you have to go through airport security and prove you have proper immigration documents then you are checked again before boarding.  Abdul Mohammed, without Mossad help, stood a better chance of winning the Irish Sweepstakes than getting on that plane.

Is that a bomb in your pants or are you just glad to see me?


For years, Perlman, masquerading as a spokesman for Al Qaeda, has put out childish videos, all time to help certain political races, influence arms sales to Israel, or as with yesterday’s treat, to reinforce the Wikileaks fiasco, another attempt to con America.  Last time Wikileaks tried to get the US to cut all aid to Pakistan, an act which would have made the war in Afghanistan even worse than it is now, if that’s possible.  This one is time to a Wikileak “custom crafted” to blame the world’s ills on Iran, target number one for Israel.  As a “three fer,” the New York Times and MSNBC went after Iran for “secretly” buying off President Karzai of Afghanistan.

We knew Karzai was aligned with India and Israel against Pakistan.  Now he is “owned” by Iran?  How many sides can one person be on?

When I was in Pakistan earlier in the year, Gadahn was said to be hiding in an apartment building in Karachi.  The building was stormed, “Gadahn” was captured, a “Gadahn,” not “the Gadahn.”  It seems that a “look alike” had been used to leave a false trail, the real Adam Perlman was safe and sound elsewhere, some place with video studios.  The individual recruiting real terrorists to kill real Americans with real bombs is a real Israeli, no question about that, and not the first time.

It is also believed that the new “Al Qaeda” operations chief, Adnan Shukrijumah of Brooklyn, New York and Miami Beach is another Israeli creation, a phony terrorist, an actor, much like the phony “bin Ladens” of every shape and size used to scare small children after the death of the real bin Laden in December 2001.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

During comprehensive briefings with Pakistans ISPR, the group that briefs people like, well, Secretary Clinton, it was made clear to me that we were all on the same page, Osama bin Laden is dead.  There was much discussion, some of it humorous, as how to let people know.  After short discussions on this with ISPR DG General Athar Abbas I was summoned to a “mysterious” meeting.

This was General Ahmed Shurja Pasha, Director General of Pakistan’s intelligence service known as the ISI.  During a private lunch with  the director, his top aide, Commodore Zafar Iqbal and author Jeff Gates, who was accompanying me on a lecture tour, one of the areas of discussion was dishonesty in journalism.  An interview with a very prominent American journalist that General Pasha had held had been falsified.  Statements regarding Pakistan and Mumbai were simply invented.  This wasn’t the first time I had run into this.  A widely published interview between the editor of a Washington newspaper and former ISI Chief General Hamid Gul was similarly fabricated.

When I made reference to the Gul interview in an article, he phoned me.  Gul, an editor at Veterans Today, a co-worker and good friend, pointed out that the interview never happened and was entirely made up.  Another “famous journalist” with an agenda simply invented a story, had it published around the world, and the real truth would be lost forever.  Between video editing, phony interviews and released audio and video tapes of dead or non-existent “terrorists,” the media has ended up being as strong a force promoting extremism and conflict as the real issues, which, frankly, none of us are that sure about anymore.

People like Pakistan’s Imran Khan, who talk about extremism in realistic terms are seldom listened to.  How can I prove this?  Do you know who Imran Khan is?  There is your answer.


This week, something surprising happened in Australia.  In a world where you can’t tun on a television without hearing how crazy people are who question the 9/11 cover story, even though Fox News seems to have changed sides on this issue, what you don’t see are public opinion polls on 9/11.  If Bill Maher or Jon Stewart, the “liberal progressives” of American television, with their continual attacks on “the right” show us one thing it is that, no matter how much you may find government a pack of useless liars, the magic “boxcutter and pancaking building” story on 9/11 must be adhered to.  Even though those the 9/11 Truth movement blame, the Americans anyway, are you most vile political enemies, when it comes to 9/11, you attack anyone who questions the Bush/Cheney doctrine like a rabid field mouse.

There is a reason for this.  The ability to repeat 9/11, contain an investigation, keep press assets focused on a cover story few take seriously anymore, is vital.  Without the ability to blow up an American city and blame Iran or an imaginary terrorist group, the “Masters of the Universe” will lose their ability to control the fate of the human race.

Thus, everything we have seen since 9/11 has been done to prepare us for the next 9/11.  The last one finished Saddam, looted the American economy and imposed martial law on the United States.  Iran and Pakistan still stand.  With all the terror warnings, phony stories about imaginary nuclear programs, the threats, the sanctions and even Wikileaks, it all isn’t going to be enough.

America is sick of war and not very likely to believe the media, not anymore.  Big problem here, when you attack anyone’s credibility, the Bush administration, Obama, Tony Blair, eventually people begin to question you too.

Watch Wikileaks dribble away into nothing.  Watch the news try to pump air into this story and spin it against Iran.

When that fails, maybe it will be time to hide under your bed after all.





Website of Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic  [FBIS Report] Website of Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic,independent television station financed by the Qatari Government, which can be accessedat URL:, carries at 2011 GMT on 24 September the text of the following letter by Usama Bin Ladin “to the Pakistani people.”

  • “We hope that these brothers would be the first martyrs in Islam’s battle in this age against the new Jewish crusade that is being led by the biggest crusader, Bush, under the banner of the cross. This battle is one of Islam’s immortal battles.”

  • “We beseech God to grant him victory against the forces of infidelity and arrogance, and to crush the new crusader-Jewish campaign on the land of Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

  • “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States.”

  • “Neither I had any knowledge of these attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. . Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle.”

  • “All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel.”

  • “Whoever committed the act of 11 September are not the friends of the American people. I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed. According to my information, the death toll is much higher than what the US Government has stated.

  • “The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; the people who are a part of the US system, but are dissenting against it. Or those who are working for some other system; persons who want to make the present century as a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity so that their own civilization, nation, country, or ideology could survive.”

  • “They can be any one, from Russia to Israel and from India to Serbia.”

  • “Then you cannot forget the American Jews, who are annoyed with President Bush ever since the elections in Florida and want to avenge him.”

  • “Then there are intelligence agencies in the US, which require billions of dollars worth of funds from the Congress and the government every year. This [funding issue] was not a big problem till the existence of the former Soviet Union but after that the budget of these (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 180)  agencies has been in danger. They needed an enemy. So, they first started propaganda against Usama and Taliban and then this incident happened.”

  • “Drug smugglers from all over the world are in contact with the US secret agencies. These agencies do not want to eradicate narcotics cultivation and trafficking because their importance will be diminished. The people in the US Drug Enforcement Department are encouraging drug trade so that they could show performance and get millions of dollars worth of budget. General Noriega was made a drug baron by the CIA and, in need, he was made a scapegoat.”

  • “President Bush or any other US President, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United Sates? That secret government must be asked as to who made the attacks.”

  • “Supporting the US act is the need of some Muslim countries and the compulsion of others. However, they should think as to what will remain of their religious and moral position if they support the attack of the Christians and the Jews on a Muslim country like Afghanistan.”

  • “I have already said that we are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom.”

  • “This system is totally in control of the American Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. It is simply that the American people are themselves the slaves of the Jews and are forced to live according to the principles and laws laid by them. So, the punishment should reach Israel.”

  • ”The Western media is unleashing such a baseless propaganda, which make us surprise but it reflects on what is in their hearts and gradually they themselves become captive of this propaganda. They become afraid of it and begin to cause harm to themselves.”

  • “Terror is the most dreaded weapon in modern age and the Western media is mercilessly using it against its own people. It can add fear and helplessness in the psyche of the people of Europe and the United States. It means that what the enemies of the United States cannot do, its media is doing that. You can understand as to what will be the performance of the nation in a war, which suffers from fear and helplessness.”



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Arundhati Roy & SAS Geelai on the dias in the historic public meeting on ‘AZADI: The only way’
22nd October 2010 in LTG auditorium (Delhi)

Yesterday in a historic convention in LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, many voices representing various peoples’ movements of South Asia reverberated to collectively assert that Azaadi is the only way ahead for Kashmir. Along with the prominent speakers from Kashmir, the struggling nationalities of Manipur, Nagalim, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, as well as activists, writers, intellectuals from India hailed the heroic struggle of the people of Kashmir for their denied self-determination, the aspiration for justice and dignity.

The communal-fascist lumpen brigade of RSS, ABVP and Panun Kashmir repeatedly tried to disrupt the proceedings, create a ruckus and assault the speakers on the dais, but were successfully resisted by the audience present there. The convention extended an overwhelming support to the ongoing movement against the occupation by the Indian armed forces, and the inalienable right of the Kashmiri’s right to self-determination, including secession from India. Once again, the corporate media today carried more of the news of the disruption with its general misinformation campaign, while purposefully erasing the solidarity which was reasserted in the assembly. The media neither cared to report about the deliberations at the convention, nor about the spirit of unity among the oppressed peoples of Kashmir, Indiaand other persecuted nationalities of South Asia.

Far from a truthful reporting of the various views kept in the meeting, the Hindu-fundamentalist Indian corporate media demanded the booking of the organizers and speakers under charges of sedition! At the same time, having failed to stop the convention from its successful completion, the Sangh-giroh has today gone to the parliament demanding a clampdown on all democratic spaces and platforms of solidarity among the people of India and Kashmir.


Varavara Rao & SAS Geelani being flanked by the Kashmiri youth and student volunteers as some right wing miscreants attempt to disrupt the proceedings for a while..

From June this year, Kashmir has witnessed one of the largest mass mobilizations against the Indian occupation. People of Kashmir have come out on the streets in tens of thousands braving the teargas, bullets and batons of the armed forces. With nothing but courage in their hearts and stones in their hands, the youth, men, women and even children of Kashmircontinue to defy curfew and relentlessly uphold their aspiration of Azaadi.Since June this year, 111 Kashmiris including two children have been brutally shot dead by the police and CRPF. Neither the Indian ruling class nor the corporate media are ready to hear this clarion call of the people ofKashmir.

The response of the Indian state to this mass upsurge has yet again been bullets and brute force first, followed by sham committees and promises of ‘dialogue’. A delegation of parliamentary parties who are directly responsible for ordering the killings in Kashmir visited the Valley in the pretext of discussions. All that the Indian state could come up with following this much-hyped visit was to appoint a committee of ‘interlocutors’ who will further ‘interact’ with people in Kashmir to recommend some measures for reconciliation. This shows the complete lack of commitment of the Indian state to the settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

The people of Kashmir have proposed a five-point charter of demand to the Indian state, which asked for : 1. acceptance of the disputed nature of the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, 2. repeal of AFSPA and other black laws, 3. release of political detainees and prisoners, 4. withdrawal of the armed forces and 5. punishment of those police officers and armed men guilty of taking life in the past few months. The fascist Indian state is yet to respond to these demands. What they came up instead is an ‘8 point formula’ which basically included ‘economic packages’.

The Indian state is not ready to withdraw Indian Army or even review the draconian AFSPA. And all that the Indian state is doing is to delay any dialogue with the people inKashmir and in the meantime employ more force to crush the movement of the people. It is not ready to accept Kashmir as even a dispute for that will bring out all ugly facts which are forcibly buried in the past.

The unfulfillment of the promise for plebiscite in United Nations in 1952, the prolonged suppression of peaceful movement till 1980s, the imprisonment of elected representatives in 1989, the presence of 8 lakh armed forces, the draconian AFSPA and PSA, the 70,000 people killed, the thousands who have simply ‘disappeared’, the thousand of rapes, the torture centers, the fake encounters, the crackdowns, the mass graves, the massacres… do we need more evidence of the real status of Kashmir, which was never an ‘integral part of India’.

We do not need any more ‘interlocution’ to hear what the people ofKashmir are saying. The writing is loud and clear on the walls of Kashmir. Slogans like ‘Go India Go Back’ and ‘hum kya chahte? Azaadi’ are echoing in the streets of the valley every single day! The deaf Indian state might try to silence it, its corporate media lackeys might try to ignore the reality but this is what the millions of Kashmiris are saying in unison. No might of the colonizing Indian state can dominate this unflinching aspiration of the Kashmiri masses. It is the united fight of other oppressed nationalities along with the oppressed masses in India which can defeat this fascist brahminical state and its oppression.


In Solidarity with the brave Stone-pelters of the Valley..


With those braving the Indian Occupation Forces in Kashmir..


A human-chain being formed by Kashmiri youth, students and organizers to shield the speakers from thesanghi hooligans who made a failed attempt to disrupt the historic meeting..

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Israel lobby snares elite, Australian minds (and very few resist)

24 Oct 2010

Yet more evidence that the Australian political and media are largely bought by the Zionist lobby, unable to think for themselves. This upcoming trip will result in the following (let me make some wild guesses). Iran is a focus, Palestinians have to stop incitement, the occupation isn’t really a problem and Australia must support the Middle East’s “only democracy”.

How many of these folk will actually leave the official tour and visit the West Bank for a period of time or even Gaza? As global public opinion increasingly recognises Israeli apartheid, our “leaders” are blind to facts on the ground (such as the latest evidence that the Israeli siege on Gaza has nothing to do with security and is all about punishing the Palestinians there).

Just like politicians who visited apartheid South Africa, we will not forget these people, who remained silent and who became complicit:

The largest ever Australian parliamentary delegation to visit Israel will travel to Jerusalem in December.

They will be part of a dialogue hosted by the privately funded Australia Israel Leadership Forum.

Julia Gillard has given approval for six ministers and parliamentary secretaries to be part of the trip led by Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

They will be part of a record 17 members of the House of Representatives and Senate who will take part in the visit.

The other Labor MPs are Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, Industry Minister Kim Carr, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture Mike Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs Richard Marles and MPs Michael Danby and Anthony Byrne. Bill Shorten, the Assistant Treasurer, is expected to join.

The Liberal Party plans to send nine members and senators — deputy leader Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne, Andrew Robb, George Brandis, Kevin Andrews, Brett Mason, Mitch Fifield, Steven Ciobo and Guy Barnett.

And the ABC will break with long-held tradition and allow a journalist to attend, political editor Chris Uhlmann. AILF is the project of Melbourne property developer Albert Dadon and is modelled on the Australian American Leadership Dialogue begun by businessman Phil Scanlon.

Mr Dadon said the record number of participants “is testimony of the goodwill that exists between Australia and Israel”.

Asked who was paying for the 17 members of parliament, Mr Dadon said: “The general rule for parliamentarians taking part in the leadership forum is that they pay their own way to Israel and we take care of all expenses on the ground except for ministers, who are also paying for their expenses.”

Five journalists are expected to attend, Uhlmann, Greg Sheridan from The Australian, Steve Lewis from News Limited, Tony Walker from The Australian Financial Review and Lenore Taylor from The Sydney Morning Herald.

On the trip, a ceremony will be held at Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum to honour William Cooper, the Aborigine who led a protest to the German consulate in Melbourne in 1938 after Kristallnacht (On November 9, 1938, the Nazis launched their first anti-Semitic attack on German Jews, to become known as the Night of Broken Glass).

While various organisations protested after Kristallnacht, Cooper is the only known individual to have organised a demonstration.

Funding for a “chair” dedicated to studying resistance during the Holocaust will be formalised.

“It’s fitting that the study chair at Yad Vashem that will be researching the resistance against the Nazi occupation during the Holocaust be dedicated to the memory of the only man in the world who had the courage to protest and stand up against Kristallnacht,” Mr Dadon said.


If Washington doesn’t pursue Blackwater, somebody has to

24 Oct 2010

Let’s get this straight. The US government has smeared the latest Wikileaks Iraq information dump and apparently has no interest in investigating anything. The Iraqi government, undeniably corrupt and broken, has a rather different attitude:

The Iraqi government says that it will investigate whether employees of the Blackwater security company were involved in hitherto undisclosed killings that emerged from the Wikileaks documents.

In addition to a notorious case in Baghdad in 2007, when Blackwater guards killed 17 and wounded 18 civilians, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism says that it has discovered a further 14 cases when Blackwater personnel allegedly opened fire on civilians. The information comes from the war logs made public by Wikileaks and allegedly shows that a further 10 civilians were killed and seven wounded by Blackwater, a US-based private security company now known as Xe. In one third of cases, the Blackwater guards were protecting US diplomats under a $465m (£300m) contract when they opened fire.

The war logs reveal repeated cases when they shot at civilian vehicles that came close to their convoys, on one occasion even shooting dead the driver of an ambulance who had attended the scene of a bomb attack.

Sunni politicians in Baghdad say that the US military reports confirm and give credibility to their claims over the years that members of their community were being tortured by Shia-dominated security forces.

Iraq Body Count says that the 400,000 Wikileak war logs show that an additional 15,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed in addition to the 107,000 in the group’s database, which was built up from published sources. From the start of the war in 2003, the US military claimed that it did not have statistics on how many Iraqi civilians were being killed or injured. The aim of this was apparently to try to undermine protests against civilian loss of life as had happened in Vietnam.

The American and British governments both sought to play down civilian casualties in Iraq, claiming that only four out of 18 Iraqi provinces had a high level of violence. The Pentagon did ultimately admit that civilian deaths peaked at between 3,500 and 4,000 in a single month in December 2006.


Needing security to protect the Wikileaks asset

24 Oct 2010

This is a battle for public opinion but only of these players has access to extra-judicial methods:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Israeli television he was taking security precautions following the release of nearly 400,000 secret US military documents on the Iraq war.

“No, I’m not running for my life, but we do have to take extra security precautions,” Mr Assange told Channel Two television in an interview that took place in London.

The Israeli channel reported that Mr Assange was accompanied by bodyguards during the interview.

The mass of US documents from 2004 to 2009, released by WikiLeaks on Friday, offer a grim snapshot of the Iraq conflict, especially of the abuse of civilians by Iraqi security forces.

“Just yesterday, in fact, the former general counsel of the CIA said that it was his view that the US was trying to get me personally and possibly some other people into the US jurisdiction, and that corresponds to former statements made by the Pentagon,” Mr Assange told Channel Two.

Asked whether the WikiLeaks revelations could be of use to Osama bin Laden, Mr Assange told the Israeli broadcaster that he was not privy to the thoughts of the Al Qaeda chief.

“I do not have access to Osama bin Laden’s thoughts. Many people want the truth out, insofar as Al Qaeda wants the truth out, they are correct,” he said.


Assange needs to take questions about his position in Wikileaks

24 Oct 2010

When Julian Assange walked out of an CNN interview after a journalist asked questions about his role in the organisation, it seemed both petty and justified. The Iraq war logs deserve serious examination but Assange himself is clearly a legitimate line of questioning: 


The Pentagon bathes in blood on a daily basis

24 Oct 2010

With customary passion, Robert Fisk on the real significance of the Wikleaks Iraq dump:

As usual, the Arabs knew. They knew all about the mass torture, the promiscuous shooting of civilians, the outrageous use of air power against family homes, the vicious American and British mercenaries, the cemeteries of the innocent dead. All of Iraq knew. Because they were the victims.

Only we could pretend we did not know. Only we in the West could counter every claim, every allegation against the Americans or British with some worthy general – the ghastly US military spokesman Mark Kimmitt and the awful chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Peter Pace, come to mind – to ring-fence us with lies. Find a man who’d been tortured and you’d be told it was terrorist propaganda; discover a house full of children killed by an American air strike and that, too, would be terrorist propaganda, or “collateral damage”, or a simple phrase: “We have nothing on that.”

Which makes it all the more astonishing that the Pentagon is now bleating that WikiLeaks may have blood on its hands. The Pentagon has been covered in blood since the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima in 1945, and for an institution that ordered the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 – wasn’t that civilian death toll more than 66,000 by their own count, out of a total of 109,000 recorded? – to claim that WikiLeaks is culpable of homicide is preposterous.

The truth, of course, is that if this vast treasury of secret reports had proved that the body count was much lower than trumpeted by the press, that US soldiers never tolerated Iraqi police torture, rarely shot civilians at checkpoints and always brought killer mercenaries to account, US generals would be handing these files out to journalists free of charge on the steps of the Pentagon. They are furious not because secrecy has been breached, or because blood may be spilt, but because they have been caught out telling the lies we always knew they told.


Serco and G4S are peas from the same pod

24 Oct 2010

In Australian political life, only the Greens are hammering away against the privatisation of detention centres:

Australia’s immigration detention system is failing, and this makes the need for transparency greater than ever, according to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on Immigration, says she is concerned at reports that immigration service provider SERCO may have sub-contracted unlicensed security guards in a number of detention facilities in the Northern Territory.

“Anyone who works in the immigration detention system should have appropriate training and knowledge to work in such a sensitive area, so we are extremely concerned at any evidence that standards are slipping – but there is a wider problem here,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“From evidence at estimates hearings it is clear that there is no real public oversight of service providers like Serco. This is the critical problem with using private contractors to run a sensitive system like immigration detention.

“This also flies in the face of Labor’s commitment in 2007, when it promised to return the management of detention centres to public hands.”

We know the future and it’s Britain. Multinationals given extraordinary powers to treat refugees as numbers to be managed:

The UK Border Agency has launched its second investigation this month into allegations of mistreatment of a man being forcibly deported through Heathrow after being refused asylum.

José Gutiérrez, 37, from Colombia, needed hospital attention after G4S security guards escorted him on to a British Airways flight. He was subsequently removed from the plane before take-off.

His experience – on the evening of 6 October – came only a few days before Jimmy Mubenga, a 46-year-old Angolan refugee, collapsed and died after employees of the same private security firm put him on to another BA flight at Heathrow. Gutiérrez’s partner, Teresa Ramsey, contacted the Guardian after reading of Mubenga’s death.


Online dissent is being crushed (and we don’t feel fine)

24 Oct 2010

My 2008 book, The Blogging Revolution, documented the rise of web censorship across the world and those fighting against it.

Tragically, the problem is only getting worse in Asia and rest assured many Western web multinationals are involved:

Governments across south-east Asia are following China‘s authoritarian censorship of the digital world to keep political dissent in check, the Guardian can reveal.

Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines have all moved or are moving towards monitoring internet use, blocking international sites regarded as critical and ruthlessly silencing web dissidents.

• In Vietnam, the Communist party wants to be your “friend” on the state-run version of Facebook, provided you are willing to share all personal details.

• In Burma, political unrest can be silenced by cutting off the country from the internet.

• In Thailand, website moderators can face decades in jail for a posted comment they did not even write, if the government deems it injurious tothe monarchy.

While much is made of China’s authoritarian attitudetowards internet access, a majority of south-east Asian governments have similar controls and , rather than relaxing restrictions on internet use, many are moving towards tighter regulation.


They torture, we ignore

24 Oct 2010

How we built a Western-backed, torturing nation:

How the newly released US military files reveal an instruction to ignore detainee abuse by Iraqi authorities.


Of course Iran wants to challenge Washington on the streets of Iraq

24 Oct 2010

Why are we surprised that Iran worked to influence events in Iraq after the 2003 invasion? Wikileaks shows the extent of Tehran’s understandable role.

When America invades a country, it’s called liberation. When Iran “meddles” in Iraq’s internal affairs, it’s called terrorism.


Thank you for outsourcing and protecting our imperial wars

24 Oct 2010

Private mercenaries have been integral to the “war on terror”, so much so that Western aid groups are warning the Afghan government that without them the country will miss billions of dollars in aid:

More than a billion dollars worth of aid projects in Afghanistan will have to be cancelled by the end of the month if Hamid Karzaiprivate security companies should be disbanded by the end of the year, according to figures seen by the Guardian.

Foreign contractors insist on private security companies to protect their staff, and warn that the presidential decree, first issued in August, will put workers in jeopardy.

Now figures presented by companies running aid projects to the US Embassy in Kabul show that the proposed revolution to the country’s security industry will “severely handicap the counter-insurgency strategy” in the country and “put in jeopardy substantial humanitarian and development efforts”.

The report, collated by Overseas Security Advisory Council, a group representing the private sector but which works under the auspices of the US State Department, offers the best available guess of the effect on development work by 59 organisations that work on US funded projects, including massive road-building programmes and agricultural support.

The estimates suggest that of a total of $5.1bn worth of US aid earmarked for spending by the 59 companies, 18 projects worth $1.4bn would have to be shut down, starting at the end of this month.

The Wikileaks Iraq logs have revealed the US reliance on contractors and their complete lack of accountability. The New York Times have a piece about all this and feature the Australian company Unity Resources Group:

In 2007, a convoy operated by Unity Resources Group, based in Dubai, shot at an approaching vehicle near the Green Zone in Baghdad, wounded a bodyguard for President Jalal Talabani of Iraq and did not report the shooting until Mr. Talabani’s staff contacted the American authorities, one report said.

When asked about the incident last week, a Unity official, Jim LeBlanc, said that “in a time of numerous suicide vehicle attacks, a vehicle had presented itself in a profile that was consistent with the behavior of a suicide attacker.” Unity guards fired “carefully aimed warning shots” when the vehicle refused to stop, Mr. LeBlanc said, and the company did not initially believe that anyone had been hurt.

Only when contacted by American investigators did Unity realize that “an Iraqi security force member” had been struck by a ricochet, and from that point on, the company fully cooperated, Mr. LeBlanc said. After the investigation, he said, “all Unity members were cleared to immediately return to work.”

And still more recently, in July 2009, local contractors with the 77th Security Company drove into a neighborhood in the northern city of Erbil and began shooting at random, setting off a firefight with an off-duty police officer and wounding three women, another report said.

“It is assessed that this drunken group of individuals were out having a good time and firing their weapons,” the incident report concluded.

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Jewish Supremacism–The Worst of the Nasty Odors Stinking Up Our World Today


October 24, 2010

by crescentandcross Quantcast


It’s never a small slice of heaven when someone (obviously handicapped viz-a-viz grasping the finer points of social etiquette) decides it’s in his or her best interest to fumigate the area with an unannounced (and unwanted) digestive eruption. Worse still are those who somehow get their kicks from doing it, and who can’t imagine a funnier, wittier way of telling a joke than to shit his or her pants and stink the place up and watch the subsequent reactions from the innocent victims around him.

They exist, for sure, and just WHY on earth they engage in such behavior will forever remain a mystery, even to the best and brightest amongst us. Best explanation is that it’s just bad rearing, plain and simple. After all, even dogs don’t foul their own areas and that’s not something they even have to be taught…

There are other times however–as crazy as it sounds–that despite it not being a little slice of heaven nevertheless can be an absolute Godsend when Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so has an “announcement” to make and does so in a manner bold, brash and without the slightest concern for what may come afterwards.

I know what you’re saying, but believe me, it’s true. There are some people who’ve got the world fooled concerning their social status and who use that artificially-created status to wreak havoc on our otherwise pleasing-to-the nose world. Essentially rotten to the core, nevertheless the perfume they use in masking their true nature results in them having the world wrapped around their finger to the point that no matter what they do they come out of it smelling like a rose.

Given enough time however, they eventually do themselves in with their own arrogance. Thinking the rest of us are too stupid or that our sense of smell is too dulled to ever figure out who dunnit, inevitably they tire of holding in it and let loose with something that would wake the dead.

One such case occurred recently, although to relatively little fanfare. Had it been anyone else, and particularly from the Muslim community, why the country where the little eruption had taken place would already have been bombed into oblivion and its leaders sent an invoice for the bullets. The event in question, although certainly not easy on the nostrils, nevertheless is one of those cases we should all thank the maker for, given that it goes a long way towards explaining why our little Garden of Eden has turned into such a cesspool these days.

Imagine the scene…a synagogue–a PLACE OF WORSHIP, FOR GOD’S SAKE–and not just ANY place of worship, but indeed in the very headquarters of God Himself–Israel…He–Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, spiritual leader of Israel’s Shas party–mounts the steps to the podium, clears his throat, adjusts his glasses, shuffles his papers, opens his mouth to speak, and then, with no warning whatsoever–


–belches out a whopper of a heart-stopper that could (or at least SHOULD) have been heard from space.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow and reap while we Jews sit like an effendi (royalty) and eat…That is why gentiles were created…Their sole purpose is to serve Jews…Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the people of Israel…In Israel, death has no dominion over them…With gentiles, it is like with any other person – they need to die, but God gives them longevity. Why? Because this (the gentile) is his servant…Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. That’s why he (the gentile) gets a long life, to work well for the Jew…”

Now, lest some assume the ol’ Rebbe had a sudden attack of indigestion that caused all this ill wind to burst forth and pollute an otherwise breathable/livable environment, think again. Why, it was just a mere few weeks ago where he was heard giving a sermon calling down genocide against Gentiles simply based on their status as such. And he is not alone, as he and his fellow travelers are no longer bothering to hide anymore the foul air coursing through the bowels of Jewish thinking. Anyone needing proof merely get a copy of “The King’s Torah” written by Rabbi Shapira, with its licensing of murdering Gentiles, even innocent children, if it passes the Jewish sniff test.

Nor should we make the mistake of assuming their stinking up the place is limited to just belching such racist, elitist comments as the dirty old man and his fellow perverts are wont to do. It is an across-the-board phenomenon. Actually the statements–as raunchy as they are to both the nostrils and the soul, are mild compared to what happens when they are put into practice–

Operation Cast Lead. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The daily murder of Palestinian children “for sport”. Harvesting organs from Gentiles at gunpoint. Economic exploitation/ruination. De-moralizing entire swaths of civilization through unchallenged Jewish domination of the media. The complete corruption of every political office from the president to the town dog catcher.

Yes, that’s right ladies and germs, the nose knows and it is definitely not a case of “the one who smelt it dealt it”. And yes, as bad as it is, as much as it causes our eyes to water and our throats to burn, we should be rejoicing whenever stink bombs like this go off. The urge to pinch the nose, cover the mouth and start looking around frantically for a polite place to throw up is completely understandable, but the fact is that we need this, BIG TIME. Despite touching off our collective gag reflex and leaving us gasping for fresh air, nevertheless this (and other similar events) will be their undoing and our salvation one day. Why?

Because, it’s exactly the kind of rude, crude, and socially-unacceptable “cutting of the cheese” that exposes the artiste for the true, face-down-in-the-gutter barbarian he is and leaves no doubts concerning his civility and bearing. Remember all that stuff dealing with a “light among nations” and a “holy, priestly people” we have been fed since our earliest days at Sunday school? 

Well, what could be more raw and undiluted than this? There’s nothing “silent but deadly“ about it. It’s as loud as any typical Jewish military campaign–be it Gaza or Iraq–resulting in the killing or wounding of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children and prime efface evidence as to why there is this thing known as ‘the Jewish problem’ in the world, and more importantly, why there always has been.

He didn’t just think this up yesterday. This kind of thinking is as old as the hills. In these kind of raw, unvarnished, uncensored “Rabbis Gone Wild” vignettes, we get to see the real face of the creature we are dealing with here, the REAL face of Jewish thinking that has got us all by the family jewels these days. Why is there this thing known as war in the Middle East?

 SIMPLE–IMAGINE THESE ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS–people who shit on your front porch, smear it all over your door and then shoot you when you complain about it or try to clean it up. People who view the rest of us as their God-appointed slaves, or, in the rebbe‘s own words, no better than donkeys–JACKASSES.

Doubtless those within the Jewish community, and particularly the organized Jewish groups whose job is to walk around with a can of air freshener anytime someone from within la famiglia engages in such business will embarrassingly explain away little faux pas such as these with the excuse that it does not represent “true” Judaism that carries the effervescence of heaven and everything good and that this was just an unusual attack of spiritual indigestion.

To which all of us “in the know” can respond with “BULLSHIT”, no pun intended. This is the real deal. All that fluff we have been told–certainly throughout the centuries but specifically in the last 60 years or so–about the Jews just wanting to “live in peace” with others, how they are “misunderstood” and “helpless victims to anti-Semitism” all just got flushed right down the crapper with that little slip of the tongue. In the 60 or so seconds that it took the ol’ Rebbe to have his bowel movement of the heart, mind and soul, he made clear to the entire world why Jews have been hated throughout history and always will, as long as they entertain such thoughts. How does that old saying go–“Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks?” Truer words were never spoken.

Now, fortunately for those of us in the jackass community, we will get it. We will be able to competently put 2 and 2 together in coming up with 4. Sadly however, they–those who live by words such as those uttered by the ol’ Rebbe, will not. Rather, they will continue with the eternal drama, crying out loud with all their typical fanfare whenever there is some eruption of anti-Jewish activity with “Woe…woe…woe…Why us, Lord?…WHY US…?”

The Italians–God bless ‘em, have an old saying that pretty much sums it up–

”Gli ospiti come sono pesci. Dopo tre giorni, puzza…”

–Which, when translated goes something like this–

“Guests are like fish…After 3 days, its stinks…

And even moreso for unwanted ones, and if there were ever a more unwelcome and uninvited guest to the dinner table of nations, it is Israel and her extended family of racists, narcissists, murderers and thugs.

As with all mixed blessings, we, the jackasses of humanity, can take solace in the fact that the continued belching of such foul, sulphuric comments from more and more Jewish leaders worldwide will inevitably result in a much-needed clearing of the air, and hopefully–not just an enduring, but indeed–a permanent one.

© 2010 Mark Glenn


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