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Zio=Nazi Netanyahu, Ab-A$$ hold rare phone chat over fires

Ab-A$$ sends firefighters to extinguish blaze in Carmel.

04 December 2010

Flames engulf trees in the Carmel Forest on the outskirts of Haifa


Flames engulf trees in the Carmel Forest on the outskirts of Haifa.



Ab-A$$ civil defense forces have joined the huge international operation to tame the massive blaze ravaging in Carmel, Ab-A$$ office said on Saturday.”The three units of the Palestinian civil defense were sent to assist in extinguishing the fires in the Carmel,” said a statement from the office of Ab-A$$.


 Puppet Mahmud Ab-A$$ on Saturday received a telephone call from Zio=Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing his gratitude for the help of Palestinian firefighters.  

The massive fire, which broke out on Thursday morning, has so far killed 41 people and is still raging out of control, prompting an urgent appeal for international help from Zio=Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Zionist Puppet Ab-A$$ on Saturday received a telephone call from Zio=Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing his gratitude for the help of Palestinian firefighters in putting out the fires raging since the day before yesterday in the Carmel mountains,” the statement added.

The two  were not believed to have spoken since they last met in September when U.S.-backed peace talks stalled in a spat over illegal  Zionist settlement construction.

A statement from Netanyahu’s office said Ab-A$$ “expressed his condolences to the Zionist people of ‘Israel’ on those who died in the fire and said he would be happy to provide any necessary help.”

In the conversation described as “warm and friendly,” Zio=Nazi Netanyahu replied that “neighbors should always help each other.”

Netanyahu also suggested he would put a fleet of firefighter planes he has plans to establish “at the disposal of” Israel’s Arab neighbors, the statement said.

Zionist police suspect the fire was set by negligence after the lighting of a campfire on grounds near the drought-stricken woodland.

Zionist-Palestinian peace talks have remained stalled over the Zionist illegal settlements dispute, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday the United States was making intensive efforts to relaunch the talks and would announce further steps next week.


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Lebanon defense chief worked with U.S. against Hezbollah, leaked cable says

Defense Minister Elias Murr is described giving U.S. diplomats advice to pass on to Israel for any Israeli attack on Hezbollah. Another cable refers to hitherto-secret U.S. spy flights over Lebanon.

December 03, 2010|By Borzou Daragahi and Meris Lutz, Los Angeles Times

U.S. diplomats complained in the cables that Britain wouldn’t allow Americans to stage the flights from an airbase it controls in Cyprus. Britain, U.S. diplomatic officials bristled, wanted assurances that the entire Lebanese Cabinet, which included Hezbollah, and not just Murr had signed off on the missions and that captured Hezbollah members would not be tortured. They also worried that Cypriots would be outraged to learn of the missions and “could turn off the utilities at any time.”

American officials dismissed the worries.

“This seems to be an unnecesary layer of bureaucracy,” London-based U.S. diplomat Maura Connelly, who now serves as U.S. envoy to Lebanon, told her superiors in April 2008.



Another Dahlan coup?

From BBC monitoring service:  “A Palestinian leader close to Fatah has revealed new details of what has become known in the Fatah milieu as the “Dahlan case,” the incessant accusations against him for being the architect of a comprehensive plan to control Fatah and succeed Mahmud Abbas as president.

Two weeks after the Palestinian Information Centre disclosed the content of the plan sent by Fatah Central Committee [CC] member Muhammad Dahlan to the US Administration, which contains security proposals to topple the Palestinian government in Gaza and to control the Gaza Strip, the source related to our correspondent the existence of a connection between the abovementioned security document and the developments within Fatah, after Dahlan and other Fatah leaders, including CC member Nasir al-Qudwah, appeared before a commission of inquiry set up by the PNA presidency and headed by Fatah leader Abu-Mahir Ghunaym.

The source explained that the investigation of Dahlan and a number of Fatah leaders followed on the heels of Al-Qudwah’s harsh criticism of Mahmud Abbas, which was published in The Wall Street Journal and was later confirmed to be instigated by Dahlan.   Yet, the most serious thing that the sources disclosed goes beyond disagreements and verbal criticisms to practical action on the ground that Dahlan and a number of leaders supporting him are preparing. The source revealed that the US Administration received a letter from Muhammad Dahlan, Nasir al-Qudwah, Sultan Abu-al-Aynayn, and Tawfiq al-Tirawi stating that “Abbas is now unable to make peace but we are able to, and that he must be substituted by a personality that has the ability to achieve this.” Moreover, and as proof of the seriousness of the offer, the letter suggests assigning the Interior Ministry in the Fayyad government to Dahlan and pledges to regain control of the Gaza Strip from Hamas according to the plan sent earlier.

The source also noted that the US response has not arrived yet.  According to the source, the recent letter coincided with the rise in the pace of alignments within Fatah between a group supporting Dahlan and another comprising historic leader who oppose him, especially after the return of large numbers of Dahlan’s supporters to Palestine after their exit from the Gaza Strip in the aftermath of the decisive military action that was carried out by Hamas.”

PS Source: Palestinian Information Centre website in Arabic 21 Nov 10,2010


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Panic, Outrage as Iran Notes Ability to Mine Uranium

Ability to Extract Ore From Ground Spun as Huge Advancement

by Jason Ditz,

Media outlets the world over are spinning as gravely troubling the news of a major “advancement” in Iran’s nuclear program. The advancement, which involves the extraction of ore from the earth, is known commonly as “mining.”

Extracting ore from the earth has been a popular human pastime for millenia

US National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said the announcement of the development of mining raised “further questions” about the true intentions of Iran’s nuclear program. Other officials predicted the issue of “mining” would be raised at the upcoming Geneva summit.

Yet it is unclear how revolutionary this advancement is, technologically. Though Iran has not developed the practice of mining on as large a scale as some other nations, mining of ore in one form or another has been ongoing in Iranian territory for many thousands of years. Yet it is only recently that the practice has come under international scrutiny.

With regards to unenriched uranium, which is by definition the only kind that can be produced by the process of mining, the Iranian government bought massive quantities of the unenriched uranium in the 1970s, when they were an ally of the United States. As the US has since pressed a ban on providing new unenriched uranium to Iran, the Iranians have been seeking domestic sources, particularly as reports persist that much of their stockpile has already been enriched to the low levels needed for energy generation.

Poll shows majority of Muslims want Islam in politics; feelings mixed on Hamas, Hezbollah


King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia 


King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. An American diplomatic assessment says the Sunni state is alarmed at Shia political ascendency in Iraq. Photograph: Rabih Moghrabi/AFP/Getty Images

Iraqi government officials see Saudi Arabia, not Iran, as the biggest threat to the integrity and cohesion of their fledgling democratic state, leaked US state department cables reveal.

The Iraqi concerns, analysed in a dispatch sent from the US embassy in Baghdad by then ambassador Christopher Hill in September 2009, represent a fundamental divergence from the American and British view of Iran as arch-predator inIraq.

“Iraq views relations with Saudi Arabia as among its most challenging given Riyadh’s money, deeply ingrained anti-Shia attitudes and [Saudi] suspicions that a Shia-led Iraq will inevitably further Iranian regional influence,” Hill writes.

“Iraqi contacts assess that the Saudi goal (and that of most other Sunni Arab states, to varying degrees) is to enhance Sunni influence, dilute Shia dominance and promote the formation of a weak and fractured Iraqi government.”

Hill’s unexpected assessment flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that Iranian activities, overt and covert, are the biggest obstacle to Iraq’s development.

It feeds claims, prevalent after the 9/11 attacks, that religiously conservative, politically repressive Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 terrorists came from, is the true enemy of the west.

Hill’s analysis has sharp contemporary relevance as rival Shia and Sunni political blocs, backed by Iran and the Saudis respectively, continue to squabble over the formation of a new government in Baghdad, seven months after March’s inconclusive national elections.

Hill says Iraqi leaders are careful to avoid harsh criticism of Saudi Arabia’s role for fear of offending the Americans, Riyadh’s close allies. But resentments simmer below the surface.

“Iraqi officials note that periodic anti-Shia outbursts from Saudi religious figures are often allowed to circulate without sanction or disavowal from the Saudi leadership. This reality reinforces the Iraqi view that the Saudi state religion of Wahhabi Sunni Islam condones religious incitement against Shia.”

Hill reports the Saudis have used considerable financial and media resources to support Sunni political aspirations, exert influence over Sunni tribal groups, and undercut the Shia Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) and Iraqi National Alliance.

Hill adds that some Iraqi observers see Saudi aims as positively malign. “A recent Iraqi press article quoted anonymous Iraqi intelligence sources assessing that Saudi Arabia was leading a Gulf effort to destabilise the Maliki government and was financing ‘the current al-Qaida offensive in Iraq’.”

Hill and his Iraqi interlocutors are not alone in their suspicions of Saudi policy. At a meeting in Ankara in February this year a senior Turkish foreign ministry official, Feridun Sinirlioglu, told an American envoy that “Saudi Arabia is ‘throwing around money’ among the political parties in Iraq because it is unwilling to accept the inevitability of Shia dominance there”.

Returning to more familiar ground, Hill asserts that Iranian efforts in Iraq are also “driven by a clear determination to see a sectarian, Shia-dominated government that is weak, disenfranchised from its Arab neighbours, detached from the US security apparatus and strategically dependent on Iran”. Such an outcome is not in the interests of the US, he notes drily.

But he passes on to Washington the arguments of Iraqi officials who say they know how to “manage” Iran. “Shia contacts … do not dismiss the significant Iranian influence but argue that it is best countered by Iraqi Shia politicians who know how to deal with Iran.” These officials also maintain Iranian interference “is not aimed, unlike that of some Sunni neighbours, at fomenting terrorism that would destabilise the government”. They predict Tehran’s meddling will “naturally create nationalistic Iraqi resistance to it, both Shia and more broadly, if others do not intervene”.

The difficulties encountered by Iranian-backed Shia parties in coming together to form a new government, despite much urging from Tehran and the co-opting of the hardline Iran-based cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, could be seen as evidence that Iran’s overall influence has been exaggerated and that public “resistance” to Iran’s role is indeed growing.

All the same, American officials continue to blame Iran principally for instigating and fomenting much of the sectarian and insurgent violence that has disfigured Iraq since the 2003 invasion. James Jeffrey, Hill’s successor as US ambassador, claimed in August that about one-quarter of all US casualties in Iraq were caused by armed groups backed by Iran.

A Baghdad embassy cable from November 2009 says Iran continues to view Iraq as “a vital foreign policy priority for theIranian government’s efforts to project its ideology and influence in the region“. At the head of this effort, it says, is the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps-Qods (Jerusalem) Force, or IRGC-QF, led by Brigadier-General Qasem Soleimani, whose authority is “second only to supreme leader [Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei”.

Soleimani has close ties with prominent Iraqi government officials, including the president, Jalal Talibani, and prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, the cable reports. “Khamenei, President [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, Speaker [Ali] Larijani and former president [Ayatollah Akhbar Hashemi] Rafsanjani consult regularly with visiting GOI [government of Iraq] officials as part of the IRIG’s [Islamic Republic of Iran government] broader ‘strategic’ council of advisers seeking to influence the GOI.”

The cable continues that Iran’s tools of influence include financial support to and pressure on a cross-spectrum of Iraqi parties and officials; economic development assistance, notably to religious organisations; lethal aid to selected militant Shia proxies; and sanctuary to Iraqi figures fearful of US government targeting, or those seeking to revitalise their political-religious credentials, most notably Moqtada al-Sadr.

“This leverage also extends, to a lesser extent, to select Sunni actors, including such public figures as Iraqi speaker [Iyad al-] Samarra’i, whose September visit to Tehran included meetings with several senior IRIG officials.”

The cable comments that Iran is watching the US troop withdrawal schedule closely as it tries to make permanent its “strategic foothold”. All US troops are expected to leave Iraq by the end of next year. But the cable’s American author also injects some welcome historical perspective.

“Iran will continue to flex its muscles to ensure its strategic outcomes are met. This should not lead to alarmist tendencies or reactions on our part. The next Iraqi government will continue to cultivate close ties with Iran, given longstanding historical realities that precede Iraq’s ties with the United States.

“On the other hand Iran’s influence should not be overestimated. As the GOI continues to gain its footing, points of divergence between Tehran and Baghdad become increasingly evident on such sensitive bilateral issue as water, hydrocarbons, maritime borders and political parity. Some prominent Iraqi leaders, including those with ties to Iran, are increasingly sensitive to being labelled Iranian lackeys.”

A visit last December by US diplomats to the Iraqi holy city of Najaf, the “epicentre of Shia Islam”, finds further evidence of Iraqi public resentment of foreign meddling from whatever quarter. One local leader “singled out Saudi Arabia and Iran as the biggest culprits but noted that a ‘mental revolution’ was under way among Iraqi youth against foreign agendas seeking to undermine the country’s stability”.

Iraqi sources also tell the visiting Americans that the Iranian government and the IRGC cannot match the “social and political clout” that Iraq’s Shia establishment, led by the Shia world’s most senior cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, wields among the ordinary citizens of both Iraq and Iran.

Sistani, it is noted, rejects the fundamental tenet of Iranian clerical rule – the unchallengeable “custodianship of the jurist” adopted by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to justify his de facto dictatorship. Seen this way the entire Iranian Islamic revolution is illegitimate.

Cable: EU President Told US Afghan War “Unwinnable”

Told US Envoy Troops Are Only Staying ‘Out of Deference’ to the US

by Jason Ditz,

newly released WikiLeaks cable describing a late 2009 meeting with European Union President Van Rompuy had the EU chief warning that “no one believes in Afghanistan any more.”


President Van Rompuy

Van Rompuy, whose comments came in the wake of President Obama’s December escalation announcement, said the European nations in NATO were only going along with the war out of deference to the United States and added that by the end of 2010 he thought nations would start to bail out.

Though the comments point to a general pessimism about the Afghan War (even ahead of the record 2010 death toll) Van Rompuy’s prognostication leaves something to be desired, as a Lisbon Summit last month secured the continuation of the war in Afghanistan through at least 2014, though again, comments suggested few actually believe the war will be won even then.

Van Rompuy also predicted his native Belgium would leave if they had a single combat death. So far there have been no Belgian combat deaths, with the only Belgian soldier who died in Afghanistan having died of meningitis.



A majority of Muslims around the world welcome a significant role for Islam in their countries’ political life, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, but have mixed feelings toward militant religious groups such as  Hamas and Hezbollah.

According to the survey, majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing the current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion. About 85% of Pakistani Muslims said they would support a law segregating men and women in the workplace.

Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria and Jordan were among the most enthusiastic, with more than three-quarters of Muslims polled in those countries reporting positive views of Islam’s influence in politics: either that Islam had a large role in politics, and that was a good thing, or that it played a small role, and that was bad.

Turkish Muslims were the most conflicted, with just more than half reporting positive views of Islam’s influence in politics. Turkey has struggled in recent years to balance a secular political system with an increasingly fervent Muslim population.

Many Muslims described an ongoing struggle in their country between fundamentalists and modernizers, especially those who may have felt threatened by the rising tides of conservatism. Among those respondents who identified a struggle, most tended to side with the modernizers. This was especially true in Lebanon and Turkey, where 84% and 74%, respectively, identified themselves as modernizers as opposed to fundamentalists.

In Egypt and Nigeria, however, most people were pulling in the other direction. According to the poll, 59% in Egypt and 58% in Nigeria who said there was a struggle identified with the fundamentalists.

Despite an overall positive view of Islam’s growing role in politics, militant religious organizations such as  Hamas and Hezbollah spurred mixed reactions. Both groups enjoyed fairly strong support in Jordan, home to many Palestinians, and Lebanon, where Hezbollah is based. Muslim countries that do not share strong cultural, historical and political ties to the Palestinian cause, such as Pakistan and Turkey, tended to view Hezbollah and Hamas negatively.

Al Qaeda was starkly rejected by majorities in every Muslim country except Nigeria, which gave the group a 49% approval rating.

WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia rated a bigger threat to Iraqi stability than Iran


Baghdad says it can contain influence of Shia neighbour, unlike powerful Gulf state that wants a return to Sunni dominance 

Lebanese Newspaper Publishes U.S. Cables Not Found on WikiLeaks


 (  Nearly 200 previously unreported U.S. diplomatic cables were posted on Thursday to the website of Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar. The cables, from eight U.S. embassies across the Middle East and North Africa, have not appeared on Wikileaks’ official website or in the Western media outlets working with Wikileaks. Al Akhbar, which defines itself as an “opposition” newspaper, is published in Arabic. It has posted all 183 cables in their original English but promises readers a forthcoming Arabic translation.

It’s unclear how Al Akhbar got the cables, which they say are “exclusive,” and whether they posted them with the permission of Wikileaks, which has tightly controlled who publishes which of its cables and when. Wikileaks offered a handful of media outlets, such as The Guardian and Spain’s El Pais, advance access to some cables on the condition that they coordinate release. But neither Wikileaks nor those media outlets have released the same cables posted by Al Akhbar. If Al Akhbar had coordinated their release with Wikileaks, it stands to reason that the Lebanese publication would have been granted sufficient advance time to translate the cables to Arabic.

The documents appear to be authentic as the cables from Tripoli match up with The Atlantic’s background reporting for an earlier story on a 2009 Libyan nuclear crisis, some details of which The Atlantic did not publish but nonetheless appear in Al Akhbar’s cables. The rest of the cables are from U.S. embassies in Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. They portray U.S. diplomats as struggling to understand and influence the region’s oppressive and sometimes unpredictable regime.

One series of cables from Baghdad reports that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki replaced hundreds of his most experienced intelligence and security officials with under-qualified “political officers” in advance of the 2010 Iraq elections.

Another series from Beirut in 2008 shows Lebanese Defense Minister Elias al-Murr telling U.S. diplomats, in a message he implied they should pass on to Israeli officials, that the Lebanese military would not resist an Israeli invasion so long as the Israeli forces abided by certain conditions. Murr, apparently hoping that an Israeli invasion would destroy much of the Hezbollah insurgency and the communities in Lebanon’s south that support it, promised an Israeli invasion would go unchallenged as long as it did not pass certain physical boundaries and did not bomb Christian communities. A U.S. embassy official wrote, “Murr is trying to ascertain how long an offensive would be required to clean out Hizballah in the Beka’a.” Murr added that he had discussed the plan with then-Military Commandant Michel Sleiman, who has since become the President of Lebanon. The small but vibrant community of Middle East-based, English-language Arab bloggers have expressed outrage at Murr and Sleiman’s apparent invitation, predicting it will bring political disaster and possibly worse.

If Al Akhbar did not receive the cables from Wikileaks, it’s unclear whether the newspaper got them from a leak within Wikileaks or perhaps from a third-party source who wanted to beat Wikileaks’ planned release. But it appears that this is not the only such case of loose documents. Less than a week into Wikileaks’ gradual release of State Department cables, a process it is less than 0.25 percent through, the shadowy radical-transparency group seems to have lost control of its cables. Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin reported on Wednesday:

One Washington lobbyist who represents countries in the Middle East said that local press in several countries he works on is reporting on cables that haven’t yet been reported on by the media outlets who had advance access to the documents. The lobbyist speculated that foreign governments may also be selectively leaking cables they’ve come across in order to spin them in their own favor before WikiLeaks or local media has a chance to weigh in.

“New leaked cables are coming from weird sources, think tanks, the countries involved. There’s a lot of stuff being quoted in local press from cables that haven’t been released yet and I have no idea where they are coming from,” this lobbyist said.

It remains to be seen if Al Akhbar will translate the cables for its Arabic readership or even keep them posted online. Much like, which has gone down several times since posting the cables and had its hosting pulled at least twice, has been increasingly difficult to load since it posted the cables. While that could be the result of a spike in traffic, media attention on Al Akhbar’s exclusive cables has been relatively sparse. But, for the moment, you can still view all 183 cables here.

Update: When I asked about the origins of the cables, Al Akhbar executive editor Khaled Saghieh replied, “We are not in a position to disclose information about who we received these documents from, as the source requested strict anonymity. We have reasons to trust this source.” But whoever that source was, the mere fact that he, she, or they requested anonymity suggests it was not Wikileaks. After all, the group has openly disclosed and actively promoted its role in every one of it leaks. When I pointed this out to Saghieh, he refused to confirm or deny Wikileaks’ involvement.


US Eyes Embassy Shake-Ups in Wake of WikiLeaks Shaming


Diplomats’ Dirty Dealings Necessitate Transfers

by Jason Ditz,

After publicly condemning the leader of the nation you’re stationed in or it becomes public knowledge that you’re been spying on an opposition party that is part of the current ruling coalition, how do you remain the US ambassador? The short answer is, you don’t.

With the unseemly comments and behavior of US diplomats the world over slowly unveiled by the WikiLeaks cablegate release, the State Department is said to be planning a massive shake-up of its staff, with large portions of the department needing transfers to places where their reputation will not haunt them.

Officials say the revelation of their most embarrassing moments, and even some of their less than embarrassing moments, has left officials struggling to cope with distrust the world over, and that the truth could take five years of trust-building to undo.

It leaves the State Department in a particularly difficult position as officials the world over are facing the need to be shuffled to places in which they have less experience, and no contacts. Perhaps the bigger problem though is that officials don’t seem to be planning to change their behavior going forward, so it is only their ability to keep their actions secret that will prevent a redo of the shuffling.

Clinton: Saudis World’s Largest Terror Funders

WikiLeaks Cables Bring Renewed Attention to Saudi Terror Funding


by Jason Ditz,


A new flurry of WikiLeaks cables may prove embarrassing to Saudi Arabia, as the documents show US allegations that the nation is the “world’s largest source” for funding to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other Sunni terror groups.

The new documents include a December 2009 memo signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging diplomats to press Saudi Arabia on the funding efforts, despite other documents praising the Saudi government as a “key partner” is stopping such funding.

US officials have expressed concerns about Saudi funding for terror in the past, but the cables provide a more frank assessment of what the US sees as the major problems, primarily the Saudi government’s reluctance to crack down on religious charities.

Other dispatches point to other regional countries, from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to Kuwait as serious problems, but it seems none are as serious a source of funds as Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has yet to comment on the cables.

Erdogan insists on Israeli apology before ‘page is turned’


Turkish premier stresses again his country’s aid to Israel as it battled Carmel blaze stemmed only from humanitarian motives, Islamic duty

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed Sunday that the aid sent from Turkey to Israelfollowing the Carmel fire disaster does not signify an improvement in relations between the two countries.

However, in an unprecedented statement since May’s flotilla raid the Turksih premier said that “one day we shall turn the page.”

According to a report by Turkish news agency Anatolia Erdogan said that the relationship with Israel will not improve until the Jewish state “cleans” the blood of the victims. He repeated Ankara’s list of demands to Israel before ties can be rebuilt: Compensation to the victims’ families and an official apology.

“One day we shall turn the page but first Israel needs to apologize and provide compensation,” Erdogan said.

He explained his country’s willingness to send aid to Israel at its time of need. “If a hand is reached out we do not ignore it…but we must ensure the hand is being reached in earnest.”

He added: “No one can expect us to sit silent and abandon law and reason while the blood being spilled in the Middle East remains unwashed.” Ergodan stressed that the aid provided to Israel by Turkey was sent out of humanitarian reasons and Islamic duty.

Hours after the Carmel blaze broke out last Thursday Turkey sent Israel two helicopters to help it fight the flames. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Erdogan for Turkey’s assistance as they spoke on the phone and expressed hope that the step will help the nations rebuild their relationship.

However, the Turkish premier was quick to clarify over the weekend that the aid was sent for humanitarian motives only and that it has nothing to do with the diplomatic relations between the two countries.


Dutch politician says West Bank belongs to Israel



Controversial political leader Geert Wilders visiting Tel Aviv, calls for continued settlement building and defensible borders for Israel.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders called on Israel to build more settlements in the West Bank in defiance of international demands for a construction freeze on Sunday.

Wilders stated that building must continue so Israel can create defensible borders — by annexing the West Bank. Wilders is known in the Netherlands and Europe as a staunch critic of Islam and political Islamism.

Wilders also said on Sunday in Tel Aviv that neighboring Jordan should take in Palestinians.

While Wilders doesn’t represent the Dutch government, he leads the Netherlands third most popular party, which supports the ruling coalition. 


Larijani urges Muslim cooperation

Speaker Ali Larijani (R) and Indonesia’s Regional Representative Council Irman Gusman

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says Muslim countries can turn global and regional changes to their favor through cooperation and holding talks.

“In the current situation that important changes in the international and regional arenas are taking place, Muslim countries could achieve better status in global equations through consultation, cooperation and negotiations,” Larijani said in a meeting with the speaker of Indonesia’s Regional Representative Council, Irman Gusman, on Sunday.

If we become neglectful, international powers will try to establish neocolonialism in the Muslim world through adopting new policies, Larijani added.

The Iranian lawmaker described issues concerning Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan as the Muslim world’s most important matters and said, “All Muslim have an Islamic duty to help the people of these countries, especially to defend the rights of the innocent people of Palestine,” Mehr News Agency reported.

Larijani blamed the increase of Israel’s oppressive measures against Palestinians, the destruction of Iraq due to occupation, the expansion of terrorism and the raise in the production of narcotics in Afghanistan on the policies of major world powers in the region.

“The Muslim Ummah (community) can alter the course of change in the region and world to its favor by using all its capacities and abilities, and close cooperation and consultation.”

Larijani described the relations between Iran and Indonesia as friendly and said, “The two countries have great capacity for expanding cooperation especially in the economic-industrial sectors.”

Gusman said Iran’s economic and technological progress is a source of pride for the Muslim world.


‘US diplomats run slander campaign


Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

(presstv) Turkey accuses US diplomats of spreading “slander” across the world, stressing that the unreliable information aims at damaging ties among countries.

Alleging to be exposing the United States diplomatic cables, Wikileaks has released thousands of documents, some leveling insult against a number of world statesmen, including Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“The unserious cables of American diplomats, formed from gossip, magazines, allegations and slander are spreading worldwide via the Internet,” Reuters quoted Erdogan as saying on Sunday.

Turkey has been the second country to get most of the mentions in the documents following Iraq.

The releases claim that the respected Turkish leader lacks “vision” and “analytic depth” and reads “minimally.”

“Are there disclosures of state secrets, or is there another aim?…,” the Turkish leader asked.

“Is it carrying out a veiled, dark propaganda? Are there efforts to affect, manipulate relations between certain countries?” he queried.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also expressed doubt about the alleged exposition, saying that the US administration has “released” the material intentionally.

“The material was not leaked, but rather released in an organized way,” he said on Monday in response to a question by a Press TV correspondent.

“The countries in the region are like friends and brothers, and these malicious acts will not affect their relations,” the Iranian president said.

Turkey’s Interior Minister Besir Atalay said on Thursday that Israel, as opposed to others in the Middle East, has benefited from the alleged US documents, AFP reported.

“It seems to us that the country which … is not mentioned much, especially in the Middle East, or which this development seems to favor is Israel,” he said. “This is how we see it in a way when we look in the context of who is benefitting and who is being harmed,” Atalay said.


Zio=Nazi Gestapo abducted 280 Palestinians in November


A Palestinian protester is detained during a demonstration against Israel.


(presstv) Israel’s military has kidnapped 280 Palestinians, including 43 children and three women, in the occupied Palestinian territories in one month, a report says.

The abductions were conducted in several areas in the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem), International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) reported on Sunday.

Among the abductees was a 55-year-old female, named Shaheera Borqan, who had been spirited away from the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) in the south of the West Bank. The Israeli military kidnapped the victim to pressure her two detained sons, IMEMC added, describing the act as illegal.

The families of around 9,000 Palestinians in Israeli detention have for long been calling on human rights organizations and groups to intervene in order to secure the release of their loved ones, many of whom have been incarcerated without charge, trial and sentence.

There are reportedly hundreds of children and women among the victims. At least 27 of the inmates are as well said to have been kidnapped and jailed more than 25 years ago.

A 45-year-old victim, identified as Abdul-Qader Masalma, who had already spent seven years in jail, was taken away again despite suffering from torture-induced paralysis during previous detention, IMEMC said.

The organization also reported the families of several detainees had come under the military’s attacks, which had injured the wife of one inmate and the mother of another.

Israel occupied East al-Quds in 1967 and later annexed in a move never recognized by the international community.


Israel must still apologize to Turkey’


Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

(presstv) Turkey has reiterated its position that Israel must apologize and pay compensations over the killing of nine Turkish activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla before Ankara-Tel Aviv relations can improve.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that “no one should expect us to keep silent and forfeit law and justice as long as the blood spilled in the Mediterranean is not cleared,” AFP reported.

Nine Turks died and around 50 other people were injured on May 31, when Tel Aviv ordered the assault on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla relief mission.

The bilateral relations between Turkey and Israel reached their lowest ebb ever following the incident.

The fleet was carrying approximately 750 human rights activists and around 10,000 tons of construction material, medical equipment, and school supplies. The activists were subsequently expelled and the cargos were transferred to the Israeli port of Ashdod in the south of Tel Aviv.

“Some say we should turn a new page… An apology must be offered first, compensation must be paid first,” Erdogan said.

The clarification came following speculations that the strain in the ties had lessened, when Turkey dispatched two helicopters to help Israel douse a devastating forest fire that killed 41 people.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly thanked Ankara for the assistance.

The Turkish leader, however, said, “If a hand is extended, we will not leave it in the air… but we want to see that this hand is extended with sincerity.” He described the civil defense assistance for fire control as “our humanitarian and Islamic duty.”


‘Hate monger’ Zio=Nazi Wilders invited to ‘Israel’



Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders


(presstv) Controversial Dutch hardliner and anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is to visit Israel on Sunday, as demonstrations are expected at the site of his planned speech in Tel Aviv.

Unlike the frequent personal visits he has previously made to Israel, this time he has been officially invited by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported.

The 47-year-old leader of the Party for Freedom has been one of the most vocal supporters of the Israeli regime in Europe. He has been compared to the hard-line, anti-Palestinian Israeli foreign minister, something that Wilders has said he is proud of.

Wilders is expected to be greeted by huge protests, as many rights activists and Arab residents in Israel have described him as “the hate-monger from Holland.”

He was internationally denounced after he produced an anti-Islamic film, called ‘Fitna’.

Germans and Britons have staged protest rallies against Wilder when he visited their countries for the screening of the Islamaphobic movie.

Fitna, which means ordeal, also drew strong criticism from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who called the 17-minute movie “offensively anti-Islamic.”

In 2009, British officials refused the politician’s entry into the county, denouncing him as a “genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society.” The ban was, however, overturned in October after he appealed the decision.

The controversial politician has been on trial in his own country facing several charges that include inciting racial and religious hatred. He has also called for the banning of the holy Qur’an as well as outlawing construction of new mosques.


Please check out the brand new book detailing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY here

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After hearing the announcement on the Israeli TV news (channel 1), I searched the papers–international and local.  Finally did an internet search, which turned up the following (except for the Buenos Aires one, which I found by looking at Argentinean newspapers in English).  Oddly, most of the electronic media that I checked do not yet have this (including BBC, Reuters, Guardian, Independent, NY Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, and Ynet and Haaretz), or at least didn’t have it when I began writing this message.  What will come of this recognition, hard to tell.



Jerusalem Post   

Monday, December 6, 2010  21:46 IST   


Argentina follows Brazil, recognizes Palestinian state






Argentina announced on Monday that it has decided to recognize a “free and independent” Palestinian state, just days after Brazil said it would do so, unleashing sharp criticism from the US and Israel, reported AFP.


Argentine President Cristina Kirchner wrote a letter to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas saying her country recognizes a Palestine as defined by the 1967 borders, AFP cited officials as saying Monday.


Israel reacted with “sadness and disappointment” to Brazil’s recognition, saying it violated a 1995 agreement with the PA that a Palestinian state should only be established through negotiations. 



More Latin American countries to recognize Palestinian state soon   Xinhua,

December 6, 2010


A senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official on Monday revealed that more Latin American countries will soon recognize a Palestinian state on 1967 borders.


Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary general of PLO’s executive committee, told “Voice of Palestine” radio that several Latin American countries “will recognize a Palestinian state within the coming few hours.”


“The recognition will be based on establishing a state on the territories occupied by Israel in 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital,” said Abed Rabbo.” The recognition mustn’t be based on political nature, it should be based on moral principles.”


The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday that Brazil had officially recognized the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the occupied territories of 1967.


The Brazilian declaration was largely welcomed by the Palestinians amid a PNA threat of using other diplomatic options instead of the stalled peace process in case Israel insisted to continue with settlement construction.


Meanwhile, Abed Rabbo slammed Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s statements that the talks with the United States over freezing settlement had reached a deadlock, adding “this shows that Israel is not interested in peace.”


The Palestinians officially suspended the direct peace talks with Israel on Oct. 2, one month after it was relaunched in Washington. The Palestinian decision was made after Israel refused to freeze settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


Buenes Aires Herald

Press conference at the Foreign Ministry

Gov’t recognizes Palestine as ‘independent and free state’


Foreign Affairs Minister Héctor Timerman.


After stating he was to give an “important announcement regarding foreign policies,” ForeignMinister Héctor Timerman announced “Argentina’s firm stance of recognizing Palestine as a free and independent state.” The Minister talked about the strong bilateral relations between Argentines and Palestines, showing strong support towards Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.


This way, Argentina joined Brazil, which had made the same announcement last Friday. The Minister assured “this decision comes within the framework of Argentina’s willingness to help for the Palestine-Israeli conflict to be solved.”





5 December 2010

As you get older you tend to revisit previous writings. An old article I had forgotten about was a debate with Julia Bard of the Jewish Socialists Group in the pages of Labour Left Briefing of October 1993 re Oslo.

People may remember the Oslo Accords when everything was going to be sorted out in Palestine. All that was needed was an honest broker, the USA and an ability to reach out and ‘understand’. Drawing on the process that was underway in South Africa, without ever understanding what it was that was making Apartheid there crumble, the PLO leadership sacrificed all for the honeyed words of Rabin and Peres.

In Britain, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, at an Extraordinary General Meeting, with Uri Davies arguing strongly in support, passed by 2-1 a resolution supporting Oslo. In response many of us who were founding members walked out of PSC. Unfortunately neither PSC nor many others learnt the lessons of Oslo. These can be summed up as follows:

Arab nationalism in its historical reaction to British colonialism and the first phases of Zionism is dead. The Arab regimes today are divided between different forms of reactionary politics with a few clowns like Ghadaffi in between. The Arab world is, of course divided amongst itself and large chunks of it are now overtly in the camp of Israel. Which is not surprising since the Saudi state and the Gulf Emirates have historically relied on imperialism for survival.

But the Palestinian Question is eminently one of the international class division of labour. That means quite succinctly that there is no united national front now possible in Palestine. The enemies of the Palestinians are both their own Quislings (Abbas/Fayed) and the Arab regimes. To pretend otherwise is to engage in delusion. There can be no blockade of Gaza without Egypt. There can be no attack on Iran without Saudi Arabia. Those who steal the oil wealth from the Arab masses and spend it in the casinos of Monte Carlo and London are no less thieves than those who stole the land of the Palestinians.

And whilst they cut the hands and legs of the poor who steal a loaf of bread in Saudi Arabia and Iran, those who steal the nation’s wealth are given titles instead. Class struggle is alive and well and religion is the weapon of the rich in the Arab lands. The Shi’ite branch of Islam no less than its Sunni counterpart is equally reactionary, as Iran demonstrates. Social revolution throughout the Middle East and the toppling of the Egyptian and Saudi regimes is a sine qua non for the overthrow of Zionism.

Hindsight is, of course, a wondrous thing. Foresight is rarer. However the article I penned for National Labour Briefing in October 1993 was neither of these things. What it did do was dispense with liberal woolly thinking and an abandonment of class analysis. Questions such as what is/was the role of the Arab ruling class in the region, the balance of power, the role of different strata within Palestinian society, the international balance of class forces within Palestine and the disparity in strength between Israel and the Palestinians. All this was dispensed with in favour of hope that somehow Israel had, like the leopard, changed its spots.

I can remember attending a UN Conference in Austria around September 1989 on behalf of Return, a magazine of Jewish anti-Zionists, at which this type of atmosphere was prevalent. All the peaceniks were there in force. Mention of Zionism was strictly verboten. It was all a question of ‘misunderstandings’ and ‘mutual recognition’. Once a form of words was agreed then all was possible. Nabil Shaath, one of the key Palestinian collaborators was in full flow. We were on the brink of ‘new politics’ etc. etc.

Today, of course, Oslo is a distant dream but its corrosive effects are still present. One only has to look at the politics of the PSC Executive to see that. Even now they harbour hopes in Abbas and co, refusing to condemn them even as they encourage Israel to remove Hamas in Gaza. Class politics is still verboten. They cite South African apartheid without ever understanding the politics that lay behind its removal. Boycott played a key part but it was not the only part. Black South Africans were actors too and created organisations which helped create the climate which led to its dismantlement. The Palestinians have failed in this regard so far. There are, of course, other differences, but the debate I had with Julia Bard of the Jewish Socialists Group is instructive.

Reading back, of course, some things I got wrong, for example the fact that the settlers withdrew from Gaza but overall the article stands the test of time.

Tony Greenstein

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Rajeesh | December 6, 2010




Press Release

December 4, 2010




Exactly 18 years ago, on 6th December, 1992, Hindu religious fundamentalist goondas in connivance with the then Congress government at the centre, demolished Babri Masjid at Ayodhya. Firstly, these Hindu fundamentalists made 500 year-old Babri Masjid a controversial site by claiming it as the birth place of Lord Rama and on that pretext many a time instigated communal disturbances in the country killing thousands of Muslims. Demolition of Babri Masjid was the biggest attack by Hindu fascists in the history of our country.

The likes of LK Advani, Ashok Singhal, Murali Manohar Joshi, Praveen Togadiya, Uma Bharati, Sadhvi Ritambara, who were directly involved in it were not punished by any court even till today. On 30th September, giving its verdict on the ownership rights of the controversial site, pending for 61 years, the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court with its Brahminical Hindu religious ideology did injustice to Muslims. Without any historical evidence and archeological proof it stated the controversial place to be the birth place of Lord Rama. First occupying Masjid, then demolishing, now by giving verdict to build temple, that too to handover the very forces involved in demolition, clarifies Indian state’s Hindu fascist mindset.

By this verdict, once again it has been proved that the Houses of justice in this country favour only exploitative classes and Brahminical Hindu religious fanatics, but not peasants, workers, dalits, women and religious minorities. By court verdicts a solution to this cannot be found, only by smashing the present system and by establishing New Democratic State, a solution to this can be found.

In the recent past, many evidences surfaced proving the involvement of saffron terrorist groups of the Sagh Parivar in bomb blasts at Malegaon, Ajmer Sherief, Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid, Samjhouta express. The leaders of VHP, RSS, Bajarang Dal and other organizations on the proxy name of ‘Abhinav Bharat’ conspired bomb blasts and killed many innocent people. It has become a norm for the police and intelligence agencies to blame Muslims as culprits, wherever and whenever bomb blasts take place, even if at Masjids. Arresting hundreds of youth without any reason and severely torturing, killing in fake encounters, implicate false cases, accusing of having links with ISI and thus playing with the lives is part of the Hindu communal and fascist policies of the governments. By projecting every Muslim as a terrorist through media, governments are trying to suppress them by all means.

Those who demand to hang Ajmal Kasab who is involved in Mumbai attacks, at the same time keeping mum or not raising their voice loudly against Hindu fascist killers of Sangh gang is a dangerous sign. Governments are not arresting these saffron terrorists, even if they arrest a few on some occasions, are setting them free declaring innocent by not conducting thorough probe. On the other hand, those intellectuals, journalists, media organizations, newspapers and activists who dare to raise their voice against these Hindu fundamentalist forces are being attacked by Sangh gang at several places. On the whole, the communal fascistic trends of the Indian state are taking a severe form day by day.

Secular forces of all religions, democrats and progressive thinkers should come forward and fight unitedly against Hindu communal fascism. All of us must condemn the attacks of Hindu fascist forces on Muslims, Christians and all other religious minorities. At the same time all other kinds of religious fundamentalism should be opposed.

Our Party has been maintaining that the place of Babri Masjid belonged to Muslims; it should be given to Muslims and has been demanding that Babri Masjid should be rebuilt at the same site and those fascist leaders who had demolished it must be punished severely. Our Central Committee calls upon all democratic, secular, progressive and revolutionary forces, organizations and parties to support this demand. Our CC also calls upon entire people to observe ‘BLACK DAY’ on December 6, by conducting meetings and processions and wearing black badges in protest of Hindu communalism.



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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Dear Friends,

Just three items this evening—not because there was nothing else of interest to forward, but because these three have a common thread running through them, and also because the third is quite long. 

The subject is Israel’s handling of Palestinians, namely Palestinians who are either herdsmen or farmers, some who live in the West Bank, some who live in the Negev and are citizens of Israel. 

The third item is about Palestinians who are citizens of Israel, and about a village that you already have heard of, Al Araqib.  Israel has demolished it 7 times, attempting to force its residents to move to one of the miserable cities that Israel has built to ‘contain’ Bedouin.  The Bedouin are either husbandmen or farmers.  To stuff them into a city is itself bad enough.  But to stuff their large families into small apartments in a city where jobs are scarce and there is no room for either agriculture or raising animals is cruel, unjust, and a method of ethnic cleansing.  Now the Jewish National Fund has a partner in crime: Evangelical Christians.  In item 3, Richard Silverstein expands on them at length.

To learn more about Al Araqib and Israel’s treatment of its Bedouins, see the Haaretz editorial

In item 2 Gideon Levy relates the woes of a Bedouin village in the Jordan Valley, where settlers circumvent the Bedouins attempts to live their lives in peace.

Item 1 is Iyad Burnat’s brief report on a solidarity meeting with Bil’in in Geneva, followed by his report of this past Friday’s demonstration in the village.  Most impressive is the number of villages that now hold these demonstrations weekly.  May their numbers continue to grow, and may the unjust treatment that Israel deals out to them end.

All the best,




1. From Iyad Burnat,

December 06, 2010

1-Geneva, dec. 3Rd 2010, solidarity meeting with the struggle of the Palestinian people in Bil’in. 50 persons engaged or interested in the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people gathered for a meeting in support of the struggle of the Popular Committee of the palestinian village of Bil’in last friday in the « Maison des Associations » in Geneva. The main speakers at the event organized by the Collectif Urgence Palestine-Genève ( were Iyad Burnat, a prominent activist of the Bil’in Popular Committee, and Rémy Pagani, administrative Councillor (executive) of the city of Geneva who as acting mayor of the city had participated to one of the weekly demonstrations in Bil’in earlier this year.

Iyad Burnat gave an impressive account of the nonviolent struggle of the Popular Committees that began six years ago and have been growing and spreading to include 16 Popular Committees today all over occupied Palestine. The struggle of the Committees is not limited against the apartheid and annexation wall, but it targets the ongoing settlement activity as well. Burnat underlined that despite the efforts of the Israeli state and armed forces to provoke violent reactions, for example by infiltrating disguised special security agents as provocateurs in the demonstrations, by the killing of activists (one in Bil’in, five in nearby Nil’in) or by the ongoing night raids and arrests, the movement stays committed to the methods of nonviolent struggle.

The Popular Committees wish to avoid falling into the trap of military confrontation like it happened with the second Intifada when the extremeley brutal repression and killings by the israeli army of the peaceful mass-demonstrations at the beginning of the Intifada in 2000 entailed armed response.

Rémy Pagani mentioned the duty to support the struggle for freedom and justice, especially by the city of Geneva wich gives its name to Geneva Conventions, the international humanitarian law that should protect civilians in situations of conflict.

At the end of the meeting participants contributed by offering 56 young olive trees (5-year old plants) for the project of the Bil’in Popular Committee to plant a total of 1’000 new olive trees in the areas where the olive trees have been uprooted by the israeli bulldozers in the last years.

2-Bil’in – palestine 3-12-2010,   Today dozens suffered tear gas inhalation due to the clashes that took place in the village of Bil’in

This Friday’s demonstration took place as a protest against the Wall, the settlements, and  the Israeli practices of occupation, deportation and exclusion. A large group marched after Friday prayers from the center of the village toward the target areas of the Wall and settlements. The group consisted of dozens of Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists.

Participants chanted national slogans calling for national unity and a removal of the occupation and its walls. They raised Palestinian flags and called for liberation, national unity, freedom for political prisoners, and an end to the settlement assault in Jerusalem. The demonstrators were met with a shower of tear gas, sound bombs, and rubber bullets fired at them by the Israeli occupation forces. Dozens were afflicted by choking from the gas as clashes continued for quite awhile.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall and settlements in Bil’in appreciate the presence of several joint solidarity groups and in particular a French national, who came to Bil’in from France by bicycle as a form of solidarity with the people of Bil’in in their fight against the occupation.


2. 03.12.10


Twilight Zone / Of fences and neighbors



The ongoing saga of a Jordan Valley moshav and the barrier it is trying to erect on lands abutting – and encroaching on – the encampment of 170 beleaguered Palestinians.


By Gideon Levy


On the one side lies the Jordan Valley settlement of Massua with its greenery and blossoms, electricity, water, hothouses and an abundance of land. On on the other, a tent encampment of 170 souls without any of those things. There, among sheep, dogs, chickens, donkeys and swarms of flies, children in rags live in a small collection of tents, after the Civil Administration last week destroyed the pitiful tin shacks that had housed the villagers.


We had planned to go to neighboring Khirbet Yarza, where Israel last week demolished a mosque, but were prevented from doing so by soldiers at the roadblock; telephone calls also did not help. So we made our way instead to the Abu al-Ajaj compound, which neighboring settlers have surrounded with a fence. The 70 members of the families of the three Adais brothers now live here in a tent encampment, with a few other families. The Adais clan owns 1,500 sheep, their sole source of income.


The collection of tents is situated a few hundred meters west of the Jordan Valley road. Massua – which started as an outpost of the Nahal paramilitary brigade in 1969 and became a moshav affiliated with Haoved Hatzioni – lies further west.


Sitting on plastic chairs, brothers Shahdi and Adnan Adais, aged 52 and 47 respectively, told their tale of woe. Kate Allen, the director of Amnesty International in the United Kingdom, had left just before we arrived. In the past few weeks, a number of young volunteers from abroad have been living in the compound, in a show of solidarity and to document the goings-on there.



The members of the Adais family arrived at this site in 1979 from the nearby village of Al-Jiftlik, after being evacuated from there. In 1999, the brothers said, the settlers of Massua built a small hothouse at the site of the village and forbade them to approach. Two years later, the settlers set up another hothouse and closed off the area to the Palestinian shepherds. That land, claim the former residents, is public property that belongs to the village.


In 2008, the settlers expropriated more land for a hothouse and also tried to close off the dirt path that leads to the Jordan Valley road, along which the sheep are taken to pasture. The police were called in then, and kept the road open.


Shahdi Adais says he misses the earlier neighbors – the first generation of Massua. “The members of the old generation were like friends. We lived together,” he says. “We had special relations with them. But the young generation is so arrogant. In the past, they used to pick us up with their cars for work and drop our children off at school. Now times have changed. The new generation is violent and extremist. The youths attack us.”


About a month ago, the people living in Abu al-Ajaj built a few shacks for the winter. The neighbors from Massua appeared immediately when the work started and threatened them. The Palestinian residents called in the police, and a large contingent of policemen, soldiers and Border Policemen arrived. A man named Itzik from the Civil Administration told the people in the compound that they must demolish the shacks. Adais says he showed them a High Court of Justice ruling from March of this year, responding to a petition filed by him and his neighbors, that prohibited any demolition of structures at the site until a further injunction was issued.


“I want to keep living here. I have lived in the area for 30 years and we never made any problems,” Adais continues, adding that Itzik then told him: “All the Arab states have not succeeded in stealing even one meter from the State of Israel – so you think you can?” – and the shacks were indeed destroyed.


A few days later, the settlers reappeared and began building a fence around the compound. The residents once again telephoned the police, who again arrived on the scene. The fence pegs remained in place, but the settlers left. Two days later, they returned and resumed building. Though the Palestinians called in the police again, eventually the settlers erected their fence, which made the area of the compound even smaller.


An investigator on behalf of the B’Tselem human rights organization, Atef Abu al-Rub, arrived on the scene then and saw that soldiers and policemen were helping to put up the fence, after which they affixed an Israeli flag on the fence and started to dance. Itzik warned the residents not to dare touch the barrier; two of the Palestinians were arrested and then released.



On Wednesday of last week, the Civil Administration official returned to Abu al-Ajaj, accompanied by a large police force, Israel Defense Forces soldiers and two bulldozers. Shahdi Adais tried to show them the court ruling, which he had kept in his pocket, but to no avail. “I am the law,” he says that Itzik told him, in excellent Arabic. Adais explains that the children were still asleep, and he stood in front of the bulldozer. Someone shouted: “Where are the soldiers? Bring in the soldiers.” Adais was knocked down and beaten. Now he has a scar from the beating near his ear. What disturbs him most, he adds, is that he was beaten in front of the settlers “who came to watch the show.”


Adais was handcuffed and taken to a nearby army base. By the time he was released, a few hours later, the shacks had been demolished. One of them, 500 square meters in area, belonged to Shahdi Adais, and three others belonged to his brother, Adnan. B’Tselem’s al-Rub reports that he saw six young goats being crushed to death under the debris; family members say the number was closer to 30. Two young relatives are still being held at the Hawara lock-up.


“What will we do? We’ll stay here and we’ll build again,” the Adais brothers say. “We don’t have anywhere else to live. They can dig us up from under the ground, but we have nowhere to go.”



The Civil Administration spokesman said in response that the Abu al-Ajaj structures were demolished in accordance with the law, after all the required legal steps were taken, including summoning residents to the sub-committee that deals with overseeing and carrying out demolition orders. The administration is not aware of any High Court order forbidding carrying out demolitions at the site, he said. The agricultural fence was erected on state land allocated to Massua, he added, and it does not enclose the homes of the Palestinians, as described in this article, but rather partially separates the fields of Massua from the homes of the Palestinian residents.


David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, responding in writing to questions from Haaretz, says: “Moshav Massua, one of 21 communities in the valley, received an allocation of agricultural land from the state, which included the area under discussion.

In 1998, stop-work orders were issued to five tent encampments in the area earmarked for agriculture , across from the community [moshav]; some of them were also demolished that year. In July 2008, the Civil Administration’s inspection coordinator handed another two orders to the residents to stop the work on two new tent encampments in the same compound on state land, including the encampment next to the hothouses and agricultural land of Massua, and situated 150 meters from that community itself.


“Despite an interim injunction forbidding [the village residents] from continuing construction and moving into the buildings, they continued the building process without a permit and in contravention of the law. Residents of the village who took over the area from the community of Massua testify that relations between them are excellent, and that is indeed so. The erection of the fence by residents of Massua was carried out according to the law, with a permit, and in the presence of army personnel and officials of the Civil Administration. There is no basis to the claims of the village residents that they were treated violently. They are the ones who acted violently and we have documentation of that.


“The settlement intends very soon to submit to the courts a demand that the orders be enforced immediately against the buildings that were erected without a permit, and in contravention of earlier court orders, on the outskirts of Massua.”



Doron Yisrael, the community coordinator of Massua, says he is familiar with the Palestinians’ petition to the High Court, but says it is based “on false claims.” The land in question “was allotted to Moshav Massua legally,” Yisrael explains, “for development of agriculture. The shepherds in question are members of the Adais family, a wealthy family from the village of Yatta in the Hebron District, which has trespassed on our lands in recent years.”


According to him, the petition was filed after the Civil Administration “started carrying out enforcement actions against construction done without a permit.” He adds that under the interim order issued regarding the petition, “The structures will not be demolished on condition that the situation on the ground is frozen, both with respect to construction and with respect to occupancy of the buildings – until such time as there is a ruling on the petition. However, despite the stipulations of the order, the trespassers have been building without a permit at a faster pace, they have tenanted the buildings and have even started the construction of new ones.”


The fence was erected, according to Yisrael, because of the “Civil Administration’s helplessness” and based on authorization from the regional council. “The fence,” he says, “is intended to prevent damage caused by the entry of flocks onto our land and to prevent the spread of the illegal construction onto additional lands.”


The construction of the barrier, he claims, was stopped time after time “in the wake of the rampages by the Palestinians, who were accompanied by leftist foreign activists.” He adds: “In both incidents in which the Palestinians and the leftist activists rampaged, violence was not employed on the part of the settlers.”


Meanwhile, the fence is not yet complete, and looks like more of a physical declaration of intentions. In the afternoon, when the sheep start to return from pasture, a large cloud of dust rises behind them. For a moment one could think this was a scene of idyllic peacefulness in the countryside, somewhere in the Jordan Valley.


Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better PlaceEssays on politics, culture and ideas about Israeli-Arab peace and world musicTwo birds


Isaiah Weeps: Jewish National Fund, GOD-TV Erase Israeli Bedouin Village to Bring Jesus’ Second Coming


Sign celebrating GOD-TV/Jewish National Fund forest eradicating Bedouin village, Al Araqib


After researching this post and watching the video transcribed below, I don’t know whether to cry or scream at the grievous injustices done to Israel’s Bedouin in the name of the Jewish people (the Jewish National Fund) and Christians the world over (GOD-TV).


The Israeli government is hoping the seventh time is the charm in their efforts to eradicate the Israeli Bedouin village of Al-Araqib.  That’s how many times they’re destroyed it only to have its inhabitants return and rebuild it once more.  In fact, the steadfastness of these indigenous residents of the Negev reminds me of the Biblical Prophets exhorting the Jews to cling to their Land no matter what evil befalls them.


Now, Israeli State thieves have come upon a new scam to make the destruction of the place more thorough and long-lasting.  They’ve enlisted the Jewish National Fund, whose forests have already disappeared hundreds of former Israeli Palestinian villages uprooted during the Nakba.  JNF together with the Israel Lands Administration which claims the Bedouin land on behalf of the State,  brought their bulldozers to plant a new forest that will cover the ground on which Al-Araqib stands.  

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, JNF’s partner in this crimes is even more astonishing: the Christian Zionist evangelical GOD-TV.


Neve Gordon just wrote about this in The Nation and suggested I do further research and publish on this tragedy.  I also commend the activism of the Negev Coexistence Forum, which is fighting the good fight on behalf of Al Araqib’s rightful residents.


Those who read this blog know I wrote several posts on the destruction of the village a few weeks ago by thousands of Israeli Border Police along with armored vehicles.  The devastation of this place, which has been the residents’ home for generations, and going back much earlier than the creation of the State in 1948, is worse than a tragedy.  It is truly an evil deed hatched by a nation calling itself a Jewish state, thus deprecating, even figuratively disappearing its non-Jewish citizens.


What you won’t see on GOD-TV: Al Araqib residents resist Israeli government efforts to eradicate their village

Now, Israel feels it needs to add a final exclamation point to its efforts to wipe out Al Araqib.  It will no longer need to demolish the village every few weeks once a forest grows and subsumes any civilization that once existed there.  It will be like the thick Central American jungle blotting out the Mayan ruins to the naked eye centuries after the magnificent cities were emptied of their inhabitants by flood, fire or other disaster.


Planting a forest on the site of a Palestinian Israeli village is a tried and true tactic used by the early Israeli state to eradicate remnants of Palestinian civilization lost to the Nakba, when 750,000 Israeli Palestinians were expelled just before and during what is commonly known as the War of Independence.  Today’s Zionist JNF/ILA apparatchiks seem to think the same ploy will work in the Negev.  But it won’t and can’t because the whole world (or least this blog and its readers) is watching. When the world watches evil unfold it cannot take hold as firmly and deeply.  We know where evil lies and we can uproot it at a future time.  We will not forget Al Araqib nor those who violently wiped away its existence.  The evil they do will follow them; or at least we will.


If anyone needed evidence of the fact that the nationalists extremists running this Israeli government have made unholy alliance with Christian Zionist extremists, there can be no better example than this.  This sign proudly erected a few hundred feet from where Al Araqib lies boasts not only that GOD-TV is partnering with the JNF is destroying a Bedouin community–it has the chutzpah to quote Isaiah.  This brilliant prophet committed to justice and morality is being exploited to whitewash pure evil.  It would make the man who proclaimed these words cry out in his anger and his shame:


The prophet Isaiah weeps: woe unto evangelicals ‘who call evil good.’

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.


Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips.


What do you mean by beating my people to pieces, and grinding the faces of the poor?


He looked for judgement, but behold oppression; for righteousness, but behold a cry.


When you see images of the young, green saplings planted by JNF juxtapose this image with the following news of the devastation the Israeli government wrought in 2004 on these same fields when they were planted and harvested by the native Bedouin:


…The authorities stepped up the pressure on the Araqib to leave by spraying powerful herbicides on their crops, making the young shoots shrivel and die in the following weeks.  It was the third time the Araqib’s crops had been sprayed in the past two years by a government agency, the Israel Lands Authority.


“This time we hurriedly took what crops we could for feed,” says Abu Darim. “We made the mistake of giving them to our animals. Nearly 400 of the sheep miscarried.”


The recent campaign of crop-spraying by the authorities – more than 6000 acres have been destroyed over a wide area of the Negev in the last two years – is not the only weapon being used by the state.


Over the past 12 months, there has also been a wave of house demolitions, making nearly 2000 bedouin homeless. At least three mosques have also been destroyed.


It seems the good Christian folk at GOD-TV don’t want just anyone making the desert bloom.  They want only Jews to do so.  Bedouin are the wrong sort of people for them.


If you read the GOD-TV site, you’ll find the convenient and miraculous discovery of an ancient Christian monastery in an internal Israeli settlement dubbed Givot Bar:


While clearing land as part of Israel’s project to reclaim the desert as suitable residential ground, a buried ‘world’ was unveiled. This historical gem has revealed buildings and artifacts from an ancient Christian community who lived in the Holy Land over 1500 years ago! This location is where some of the first Christian gathered to worship God. At Givot Bar in the Negev stands an old Farmhouse and Byzantine Church building – from as early as the 6th Century. Historical artifacts like an ancient wine-press and water cistern also point to a lifestyle of centuries gone by.


Such a “discovery” mirrors similar archaeological finds at digs in Silwan and other Arab communities which the far right settlement movement wishes to expel for political purposes to establish Jewish presence and supremacy.  This is the use of history and archaeology to settle political disputes.  Similary, Givot Bar is nothing more than an internal Israeli settlement meant to displace not Palestinians as in the West Bank, but indigenous Israeli Bedouin, citizens of the State of Israel.


Cook notes that the Al Araqib destruction is part of a larger government effort to consolidate Bedouin in large central population centers so that Jewish settlements can take their place:


…A government plan, personally approved a year ago by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and backed by $200 million, [will] force the rural Bedouin off their lands and into a handful of urban reservations the state is building for them.


…The stakes are high. The government wants the huge land reservoir of the Negev – two-thirds of Israel’s total territory -for Jewish immigration over the coming decades, and possibly for settlers evacuated from the West Bank and Gaza if peace ever arrives.


In 2002 the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) announced plans to start building settlements to bring 350,000 Jewish immigrants to the Galilee and the Negev the first time the WZO has funded settlements outside the occupied Palestinian territories in 26 years.


…If the Bedouin can be forced out of their villages, their place will be taken by 14 exclusive Jewish settlements and dozens more private farmsteads, modelled on Sharon’s own huge agricultural estate in the Negev, known as Sycamore Ranch.


This phenomenon provides proof that the Israeli Occupation isn’t the only injustice perpetrated by the State, but that Israel citizens too suffer.  The expulsion of the Bedouin is a contemporary iteration of the Nakba meant to reinforce the supremacy of Israel’s Jewish citizens.


Who has the JNF made common cause with?  GOD-TV, a group which in 2009 gave $500,000 for this forest as preparation for Jesus’ return.  This is precisely how the project is described in the group’s IRS 990 form:


“The grant to the Jewish National Fund was to plant trees in Israel, to participate in dressing the Holy Land for the return of Jesus.”


In other words, world Jewry is embracing a group which is aiding evangelical radicals in their goal of bringing about the Second Coming of Jesus.  Is this why we collected coins in our blue JNF pushkes in Hebrew school lo those many years ago?


Rory Alec and Bo ‘preparing to dress the Holy Land’ with trees ‘for Jesus’ Return’

Now, let’s read excerpts of the transcript of the following video that GOD-TV’s owner-host Rory Alec (legal name, Rory A. Stephen) made on the site of Al Araqib, all the while never mentioning a word about this eradicated Bedouin village on whose lands he stood:


[Camera pans over hills of Al Araqib as Rory Alec comes into view.  Superimposed on his image is a full-frame Israeli flag waving as he addresses the camera]


It’s quite amazing Precious One how the Lord has led us as a ministry, GOD-TV, to connect with this land, this land that God loves so much.


…[Alec gives a summary of Jewish history refracted through evangelical theology ending with the expulsion of Jews from their land].  And then the prophets describe something extraordinary, how God will bring His people back to what has become a barren land. In 1948, we see something extraordinary in the history of the nations of the earth, where a majority of the United Nations agree after much prayer, and of course the prophecy is fulfilled and the land is reborn in a day.  The nation in May 1948.


Here we are in the Negev [Alec turns to look at the surrounding landscape] and something the Lord put in my spirit, an instruction from God which was, “Rory and Wendy,” (we’re the God TV family) “prepare the land for the return of my Son.” And my spirit jumped and I said “Father in heaven, how do we do that?”  And the Lord said to us, and this was three or four years ago, “Plant a million trees.”


I believe that’s what I heard the spirit of God, in a still small voice, say to us.  And we shared that with you and I remember…we said for every gift…you’d send in, we would thank you for your gift by representing you and your family with this little tree, with a little sapling.  Well, welcome to the God TV Forest and Bo this is amazing.  [Rory, reading Isaiah 41:18 from JNF’s God TV Forest sign],  “I will turn the deserts into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.”


This is the beginning of, my goodness, right across Israel, how many trees have we planted so far?…


Bo Sander:  So far we have planted in the ground about a half a million trees, half a million trees…


You know, Saints (addressing television audience), the extraordinary thing is the Lord put it in our spirits that we should plant a million trees to prepare the land for the return of his Son, and I tell you Jesus is coming back soon!  This ministry is about a billion souls, and you and I will be fired up and stirred up to go out and share Jesus…He’s coming back and the Lord is saying to us, the God TV family, prepare the land and this is the land that needs preparing.  This is the desert, brother!


Bo:   It is wonderful and you know, this is where his people [Jews returning to Israel] are going to stay when they come. And the Scripture also says…that the desert needs to grow and develop, because His people are coming back.  This is aliyah and the Jewish people are coming back to the land, and they need to have a place to stay and to live.  And this is part of the development of the land, and this is scripture being fulfilled.


Rory:  In front of us…And I know some of you are skeptical about Israel.  Not everything the government of Israel does is correct, but you and I have been instructed by God Almighty to stand in the gap, to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem, so to speak, to intercede and to pray for.  And God does declare in his Word, his sovereign unchangeable Word, that he who blesses Abraham, he who blesses the seed of Abraham, he who blesses the land that God has promised and given, he who blesses the Jewish people – Israel and Judah – God will bless them, irrespective of what the Israelites or the Israelis are doing.  We are praying for salvation, we are praying for blessing.  But you and I have been instructed, as the body of Yeshua, to stand in the gap, and intercede that the divine will of God takes place in this nation, this miraculous nation…


Bo: I just want to emphasize what you and our viewers at GOD-TV have done here in Israel.  It’s so appreciated.  And the government here, the Jewish National Fund, Land of Promise, the Givot Bar village here, all of them are super-excited about what is happening here.  How we can come in and support them and help them in this very difficult time. It’s just so wonderful to see.


Rory: You and I are bringing life in all its forms…you and I are fulfilling a prophecy that was declared by Hosiah and Ezechiel and Hez…literally the whole shebang.  We are being obedient in the hands of the Lord.  We are His hands, His heart, His…we’re preparing the land by His spirit…


Everyone who gives a red cent to this outfit should know that it is displacing the legitimate, indigenous inhabitants of this land, the Bedouin.  And lest donors not care, let’s point out to the Internal Revenue Service that GOD-TV’s 501c3 entity, the Angel Christian Television Trust, Inc., gives the heksher of the U.S. government to these evangelical fanatic efforts to root out Israeli inhabitants of this land.  That means that once again the Obama administration is allowing U.S. non profits to undermine express U.S. policy toward Israel through supporting the violent supplanting of Israel’s inhabitants by a forest.


Lest this transcript hasn’t shocked you enough, let’s tell you a bit more about GOD-TV and its fanatical bedfellows.  Some of the most popular stars of this evangelical media enterprise are Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn,  and Kenneth Copeland, founders of the Prosperity Gospel movement, who in 2007 were under investigation by Sen. Charles Grassley for using their non-profit status to “shield their lavish lifestyle.”


According to Rachel Tabachnick, one of the closest students of evangelical theology, GOD-TV embraces Dispensationalist theology which declares that its adherents will:


Be the warriors of the end times and eradicate evil themselves with the aid of supernatural powers given by God.  God TV…is the network of choice for the “end times warriors” and the “apostles and prophets” who lead them and are preparing to bring the “Kingdom” to earth themselves.


…God TV is…deeply immersed in apocalyptic narratives merged with “New World Order” conspiracy theories. Each year they run a series that last a couple of months called Apocalypse and the End Times featuring leading bible prophecy experts and conspiracy theorists claiming that the globe is under attack by a cabal of demonic forces/global elites…[It constitutes] ”New World Order” conspiracy theories being marketed as prophecy.  

In short…1930s-style paranoid conspiracy theories with underlying anti-Semitic themes are being marketed internationally as End Times prophecy. God TV is careful with their treatment of Jews and do not overtly include Jews in the demonic Illuminati/Masonic conspiracy, although Jews are clearly the target historically in these narratives, and almost all of these end times prophecy experts teach that the termination of Judaism is necessary prior to the Millennial Kingdom on earth.


This is the source of much of the fear and hysteria in our society about a one-world government, one-world currency, imminent loss of American sovereignty to the U.N. or foreign troops, Federal Reserve conspiracy theory, imprisoning Christian patriots in concentration camps, etc.


The Apocalypse and the End Times series has featured End Times prophecy experts including:


-Tim LaHaye, author of the Left Behind series with over 65 million copies sold


-Paul McGuire, well-known End Times prophecy writer /New World Order conspiracy theorist and professor at Jack Hayford’s Kings Seminary which also trains Messianics for the “redemption of all Israel”


-Mike Bickle, one of major leaders training youth to be End Times warriors, teaching them that they will have supernatural powers given by God in order for them to purify the earth.  Bickle heads the International House of Prayer (IHOP) which now has centers all over the country and the world.  

One of their best known projects is the Israel Mandate.  They teach these youth that Jesus will not return until Israel calls on Him to come from heaven as their Messiah.  Their emphasis is proselytizing.  CUFI director Robert Stearns was trained by Bickle and works annually with the Israel Mandate conference. Lou Engle, who heads the anti-abortion, anti-gay “The Call” is also based at IHOP Kansas City with Bickle.


– Mike Evans, End Times prophecy writer who has been featured on network news as a “terrorism expert”


-Grant Jeffrey, End Times prophecy writer/New World Order conspiracy theorist, author of the “documentary” Shadow Government: How the Global Elite Plan to Destroy Your Democracy and Your Freedom.   Jeffrey was lead speaker along with Karl Rove at event in Toronto that was intended to parallel the G-20 Summit, hosted by Canada’s CUFI director.


-Chuck Missler, merges end times prophecy with alien/UFO conspiracies


God TV televised the revival of Todd Bentley held in Florida in the summer of 2008 which included kicking and head butting severely-ill people to expel the demons during faith healing ceremonies.  Bentley claimed that the revival was healing people from all over the world as well as reviving dead people. He is a heavily-tattooed former sex offender who has been embraced by the “apostles” as having special powers.


God TV televises “The Call” events of Lou Engle.  These are virulently anti-abortion and anti-gay but also stress proselytizing Israeli Jews.


Rory Alec’s wife, Wendy Alec, calls herself a “Prophet Evangelist.”  She writes a Christian fantasy series called the Chronicle of Brothers, which chronicles Lucifer’s fall from heaven and his campaign to contaminate the DNA of humanity.   It is heavily influenced by New World Order “theology” and conspiracy theories, which can be read in this passage which takes place on September 10, 2001 in front of the Council of the 13 Illuminati led by the Jesuit priest, Lorcan De Molay, who is contemplating the horrors of the following day:


“He surveyed the men seated before him.  The Council of Thirteen, the highest orders of the Committee of 300, the Black Nobility of Venice.  The Supreme Mother Council of the of the thirty-third-degree masons of the Scottish Rite.


He scanned the faces of the chairman of the Club of Rome, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderberger Group, the International Monetary Fund, the Bohemian Grove, the Lucius Trust, his gaze finally resting on the Frater Superior and Grand Tribunal of the Ordo Templi Orienti.



The Grand Masters of the Illuminati.


The secret Illuminati who controlled the American government.


Who controlled every government of the Eastern and Western world.


Who in turn were controlled by him.


Lorcan De Molay.”


When the Jewish National Fund and Israeli government lie down with dogs like this is there any doubt they’ll get up with fleas???  You make your bed, you lie in it.


Thank you to Rachel Tabachnik for helping transcribe the video and her research on GOD-TV.


1.Video Chronicles Israeli Effort to ‘Disappear’ Bedouin Village

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11. Jul, 2010 in 

Commentary/AnalysisIsraelNews/PoliticsU.S. Foreign Policy –

By Paul Balles

Wake Up Americans


When will the American public wake up to the fact that Israel controls America? If the public doesn’t wake up, Israel will destroy America.

The US government is a hopelessly lost slave to Israeli dictates. The media wallows in abject servitude to Israel’s shills at the helm of the major film studios, broadcasting companies, newspapers and magazines.

After the Israelis attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, most of the world condemned Israel for their blatant piracy, murder of nine humanitarian activists and serious injuries to dozens more.

The Israelis lied just as they have lied for years about the threat of Palestinian children throwing stones at tanks. Those on board the flotilla’s ships had only iron bars to try to defend themselves against heavily armed Israeli commandos.

What was the US government’s reaction? They bowed and scraped to Israel’s fabricated excuses.


One congressional representative, Mike Pence, literally said, “Israeli officials should tell us what they want us to do, and we’ll support it”. As insane as that premise is, many US politicians and media accept it.

Veterans Today Senior Editor and political commentator Gordon Duff notes that it doesn’t take a genius to see that our current foreign policy is dictated by Tel Aviv:

The basis for accepting the supremacy of Israeli interests over that of the United States is holocaust guilt, calculated Islamophobia promulgated by pop culture, the impression of a strategic alliance with Israel that secures the United States and a belief that Israel is a bastion of democracy that was brutally attacked in 1967 by massed invading armies of Arabs bent on the genocide of Jews around the world.

For some strange reason, many Americans do feel guilt over the holocaust. Holocaust survivor Alexander Kimmel explained it as essentially a failed moral responsibility:

“The responsibility of those who, witnessing the senseless killings, did nothing to stop the killings or help the innocent victims.” That he attributes to a general “anti-Semitism” on the part of both the public and the leaders of countries surrounding Germany.

The argument has, of course, been used to instill guilt in Americans who were just as oblivious to other terrible deeds. Victims of Stalinist terror have been estimated at between 20 million and 60 million. Americans feel no guilt over that.

There have been many other democides (murders of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder), but only the constant reminders of the Jewish “holocaust” has been used to inspire guilt.

Duff hasn’t explained what he means by “Islamophobia promulgated by pop culture” other than his later reference to how “the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] promotes negative racial and ethnic stereotypes of all Muslims as barbaric and often sub-human or untermenschen


Then there has been what Duff calls “the impression of a strategic alliance with Israel that secures the United States”. It is beyond comprehension that anyone in the US government still believes such nonsense.


Americans must have their heads in the sand to continue to believe that “Israel is a bastion of democracy”. Israeli political geographer Oren Yiftachel makes it clear that Israel is an ethnocracy that serves one ethnic group well and the other badly.


“An ethnocracy,” he explains, is a regime promoting “the expansion of the dominant group in contested territory … while maintaining a democratic façade.” Yet Americans, with only a little knowledge of the facts, still refer to Israel as “the only democracy in the Middle East”.


Instead of celebrating Independence Day with hot dogs, beans, beer, baseball and fireworks, Americans should wake up and declare independence from the dictates of Israel.

For more information, see

Also read:Delusions and Illusions of Press Freedom

Paul Balles Shame behind the silence of America


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