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Public invited to inform on those renting to Arabs


In step supporting rabbis’ letter on halachic ruling against renting to Arabs, initiative gives number so public can give names for ‘list of disgrace’

Yair Altman



The Lehava organization issued a notice Sunday evening, inviting the public to call a voicemail service and record the names of Jewish Israelis renting apartments to Arabs. Lehava, identified with supporters of Meir Kahane, thus adds its weight to the recent call by 50 prominent rabbis to avoid renting to Arabs which, the organization says, amounts to no less than assimilation.

According to the notice, the information given anonymously will be verified, after which the names will be published as a mark of disgrace “so the public can decide what to do with them.”

“If we were in the time of (former Prime Minister David) Ben Gurion or (former Prime Minister) Golda (Meir), the organization would undoubtedly receive a governmental citation,” said a Lehava activist to Ynet, claiming the activists were taking the rabbis’ letter one step further.


“The organization wants to apply this important ruling, while our main aim is to counter assimilation. We publish our number, people will call, then we’ll make checks of course, and as soon as we see the information is correct we’ll publish it in a list of disgrace.”


The activist added that the publication of the list of names will not actively include a call to harm the people involved.


He also referred to what he termed “assimilation,” saying, “Unfortunately, this is a serious problem, and we hope the rabbis’ halachic ruling will put a stop to it. This is an existential struggle for the character of the Jewish State, and we don’t intend to give up.”

This new initiative comes just a week after 50 rabbis signed a position paper which stated that renting or selling apartments or land in Israel to non-Jews is forbidden according to halacha.


“The neighbors and acquaintances of the seller or renter must warn him personally first and later they are allowed to make this matter public, distance themselves from him, avoid commercial ties, and so on,” the letter reads.

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Knesset Approves New Law Preventing Detainees From Meeting Lawyers For Six Month

 December 13, 2010 12:51

by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC

The Legal Committee of the Israeli Knesset decided on Monday to approve a new draft submitted by the Israeli Interior Minister, Yitzhak Aharanovitch, in which he demanded that Palestinian detainees, imprisoned on nationalistic/political grounds, should not be allowed to meet their lawyers up to six months after their arrest, the Maan News Agency reported.

File – Image


Originally, though not always the case, Israel allows Palestinian detainees to meet their lawyer three weeks after they are arrested. Hundreds of detainees never met their lawyers before court.

Israeli TV, Channel 10, reported that during its Monday meeting, the Legal Committee accepted the claims of Aharanovitch in which he claimed that security detainees provide their lawyers with sensitive security information that could lead to attacks against Israel.

The law also authorizes prison directors to prevent visitations up to 96 hours instead of the originally allocated 24 hours.

Under the new law, prison managers are also allowed to extend the visitation ban up to two 14 days instead of the currently allocated five days. They only need to consult with the Legal Adviser or his aid.


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The Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. hosted a fundraiser at his residence for a neoconservative D.C. think-tank, which solicited donations of $5,000 for invitations to the event. But the think-tank, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), didn’t bother to tell the Pakistani embassy that the event was a fundraiser or that it was sandwiched in the middle of a two-and-a-half day conference on “Countering the Iranian Threat” put on by the group.

“We didn’t know at all that they have done this fundraising,” Imran Gardezi, a spokesperson for the Pakistani embassy, told the Middle East Channel. “And neither did they share with us that they would be doing this conference. Very frankly, we didn’t know about this conference.”

Though the dinner appeared in the paper and online conference programs, FDD president Cliff May insisted that the two were unrelated: “The dinner was separate from the conference but it coincided with the conference. Why? Because many friends of FDD were in town for the conference,” he wrote in an e-mail to the Middle East Channel. May conceded that his staff may have failed to notify the Pakistani embassy that the group was in the middle of hosting the conference.

At the “Washington Forum, “as the conference was called, fellows and scholars from FDD advocated for escalating measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran, ranging from “ratcheting up” sanctions and pressure to U.S. support for regime change and even military strikes against Iran. “Pakistan and Iran are brotherly countries and neighboring countries, brotherly Muslim countries,” said Gardezi, citing cooperation between the two countries on a pipeline project. “Anything against Iran is unthinkable for us.”

The location of the fundraiser — billed on the program as only “dinner at the residence of one of Washington’s noteworthy Ambassadors” — was a closely guarded secret on the first full day of the event. FDD’s communications director, Judy Mayka, told the Middle East Channel on Wednesday night before the dinner that even she didn’t know where it would be held.

As the conference’s second full day drew to a close, May confirmed that the dinner had been at the Pakistani ambassador’s residence and said that between forty and fifty people were at the dinner. The press attache for the Pakistani embassy put the number between sixty and sixty-five people. Both May and the press attache confirmed that Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani delivered brief remarks at his S Street home in Washington.

But Gardezi, the embassy spokesperson, emphasized that Iran was not an issue during the dinner or Haqqani’s informal greeting. “He made no remarks about iran and there was no mention of Iran,” Gardezi said. “Anything prompting against Iran is, for Pakistan, unthinkable.”

May disputed that the event was a fundraiser, telling the Middle East Channel that “friends and supporters” were invited, and that there was no “quid-pro-quo” relationship between a $5,000 donation and an invitation. “I invited FDD donors at or above the $5,000 level to the event,” May wrote in a follow-up interview by e-mail. “Others friends of FDD were invited — at my discretion. Several FDD staff members were invited as well.”

But the online conference schedule, which didn’t name the ambassador in question, left little room for equivocation:

7:00 pm 
Dinner at the residence of one
of Washington’s noteworthy Ambassadors

(Closed to Media)
(Minimum $5,000 gift required. Contribute here, or for more information on becoming a donor, please contact [e-mail of FDD staffer removed])

The paper version of the schedule handed out to conference participants only said: “Dinner at the residence of one of Washington’s ambassadors — Will leave from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. See staff for more details.”

The Pakistani press attache, Nadeem Hotiana, said the dinner “was in honor of (FDD), but the participants were donors.” He added that no donations were collected on the premises.

May described Haqqani as an “old personal friend,” a relationship corroborated by Shuja Nawaz, the director of the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. “I think the ambassador had a personal relationshp with this group for quite some time,” Nawaz said, “but I don’t know if this would reflect official policy. It could well be that this is an unofficial action on his part.”

Indeed, while Iran and Pakistan more or less waged a proxy war in Afghanistan in the 1990s — when Iran supported the Northern Alliance until the Pakistani-supported Taliban took power nationally — the countries enjoy good relations. “I would characterize their relations as cordial — not warm at all times, but for the most part cooperative on issues like building a pipeline through Pakistan,” said Alireza Nader of the RAND Corporation.

Nawaz of the Atlantic council said the issues between the countries revolve around Jundullah, a Baluchi rebel group on the border that says it fights for Iran’s Sunni minority that Iran alleges seeks refuge in Pakistan, and Iran’s collaboration with Pakistan’s archrival India to build a road from Afghanistan to a port town in Iran that bypasses Pakistan.

“But they’ve always maintained good relations on the surface,” said Columbia University professor and Iran expert Gary Sick. “They try to maintain good, business like relations. Each side will allow a certain amount of trouble from the other because they know they need each other.”

Which makes it curious that a group hosting a conference very much focused on isolating Iran and pushing escalating measures against the Islamic Republic would take refuge in an embassy of a country — Pakistan — so opposed to such policies. Perhaps that’s why both May and Gardezi, the embassy spokesperson, tried to explain away the events. May said the funding links on the conference program — listed under the dinner, with a minimum to attend — was merely a “reminder” for donors to give more, “routine among think tanks.”

For his part, Gardezi chalked up the mix-up to chance: “We Pakistanis and we Muslims are very courteous people,” he said, explaining why so few questions were asked. “It was just a coincidence that this happened like this because the Ambassador has his personal friends.”




Mohammed al-Abdulkarim, a Saudi law professor, was arrested Sunday after publishing an article about the royal succession and the possibility of a power struggle inside the Zionist ruling family. The article was firs published on al-Abdulkarim’s Facebook profile, and later republished on Royaah magazine website.

Four men, variously wearing civilian clothes and uniforms, arrested him at his Riyadh home, the Human Rights First Society of Saudi Arabia (HRFS) said. Ibrahim al-Mugaiteeb, head of HRFS, told AFP that al-Abdulkarim’s arrest was illegal on two counts: he was taken without a court warrant for his arrest, and has been held for 24 hours without charge.

As usual, local Pro-Zionist media in Saudi Arabia has ignored the story, but the social web was quick to pick it up. Not too long after the arrest, the news was flying all over Twitter and Facebook. Users on Twitter used the hashtag #FreeDrAbdulkarim to denote their reactions. Most of them expressed anger and frustration at the arrest. “I, and many others, believe in every word Dr. al-Abdulkarim said in his article. Are you going to arrest us too?” Abdulrahman Alnasri said.

However, the most intense exchange of the day on Twitter was between Abdulrahman al-Enad, member of the Shoura Council, and Waleed Abulkhair, the lawyer of Mohammed al-Abdulkarim. Al-Enad said al-Abdulkarim has made a mistake and should be punished. Some of what al-Enad said did not set well with Abulkhair, who demanded the Shoura Council to apologize for what he considered impoliteness. Al-Enad refused to apologize and told Abulkhair in a relatively salty language to shut up.

عبدالرحمن العناد@aalenad
عبدالرحمن العناد

@abualkhair كل تبن

Monday, December 6, 2010 19:18 via webRetweetReply

I was momentarily startled by al-Enad’s choice of words and thought it was a slip of the tongue, but the Shoura member stood by what he said. That prompted the creation of another hashtag, #koltebin, which people are using now to discuss the issue of al-Abdulkarim and the kerfuffle between Abulkhair and al-Enad.

Last week I told you that Twitter is big in Saudi Arabia, but did not elaborate on why is that. This is why.

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December 13, 2010

Police attack on disabled man

posted by lenin

Peter Hallward writes: “Unable to sustain let alone win the argument in public debate, unwilling to devote even minimal time for general consultation and discussion, the government has instead opted to quash our demonstrations with naked force, intimidation and collective punishment.” That certainly explains the open brutality of the police’s response – it has become a counterinsurgency, in which the population of the UK is becoming the ‘enemy within’ once more.

The British police system was, after all, partially constructed from the materials of the colonial repression. Before Scotland Yard, there was the Thugee and Dagocity colonial police department. Many of the Met’s modern policing techniques were pioneered in India first, as part of the business of subduing the native population.

But look what happens when you let London’s finest thugs off the leash. Here, they turf Jody Macintyre out of his wheelchair, throwing him onto the road, and drag him along until horrified students intervene on his behalf:

These are people who come armed to the teeth, helmeted, shielded, combat-trained and baton-wielding. Then they take a dive for the cameras the moment anything more wounding than “hello” comes their way – some of them evidently graduated from the Gillian McKeith school of melodramatic swooning. But they aren’t scared to have a go at someone in a wheelchair if they feel like it. They aren’t shy about beating up teenage girls, or giving students brain damage either. So, definitely, give them the use of the water cannon by all means.

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Assange Accused: “Took Money From Israel”

By Gordon Duff

Reports have come in today, tying Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, directly to Israeli intelligence and “Israel friendly” media outlets. We are told Assange, while at a Geneva meeting, agreed to allow Israel to select or censor all Wikileak output.


Despite the dramatic arrest of Julian Assange for rape, a story long hyped by the media, Assange “the martyr” now appears to be Assange “the Israeli spy.” Reports from inside Wikileaks differ greatly from the image presented by the press, an Assange tied to ultra-nationalist Israeli groups, an Assange with an extremist agenda, an Assange who sees himself as a geopolitical player, willing to censor, willing to fabricate and willing to betray.


The new Assange, as recent revelations reveal, may very well be capable, with help from Israel and powerful media friends, of staging a phony arrest. The new Assange may also be absolutely guilty of real sex crimes, and not a martyr at all.


The look “behind the curtain” at Wikileaks we have been given shows us a Julian Assange capable of anything, now labeled a paid Israeli agent by multiple press sources around the world.


Neocon Threats On Fox News “Part Of The Act”


The latest pro-Israel “Neocon” to attack Assange on the very pro-Israel Fox network is Newt Gingrich.


When I saw Newt Gingrich, Neocon hardliner with a closet full of skeletons, on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, something was terribly wrong. Gingrich was threatening Julian Assange, who had, only that day, praised Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News and long time patron of Gingrich.


I immediately smelled a setup.


There is a problem with all this. Both Assange and Gingrich are virtual “stepchildren” of Rupert Murdoch, his followers, his acolytes, and, despite the “bad boy” Assange persona, political twins. Assange, at heart, is everything but progressive and open. Assange, as described by those around him, is a dictator, manipulator and allied to wealth and power.


Newt Gingrich was on a mission, he and other Neocons along with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, all pouring threats at Assange to build “his” credibility on the basis of the total lack of theirs.


Then The Shoe Drops On Assange


Today we learn that Assange is also a creature of Israel, bankrolled by spies, running a disinformation site with help from Fox News, the New York Times and other media giants. A confirmed news story from the “IndyPress” has Assange in bed with Israeli intelligence;


“Assange met with Israeli officials in Geneva earlier this year and struck the secret deal. The Israel government, it seems, had somehow found out or expected that the documents to be leaked contained a large number of documents about the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006 and 2008-9 respectively. These documents, which are said to have originated mainly from the Israeli embassies in Tel Aviv and Beirut, were removed and possibly destroyed by Assange, who is the only person who knows the password that can open these documents, the sources added.”



More importantly, Wikileaks has never had a document mentioning the 9/11 investigation, the controversy over the 9/12 secret flight to Israel or the “dancing Israeli’s,” the 5 Mossad agents arrested on the George Washington bridge on 9/11 in a van with 2,000 pounds of explosives. This group, admittedly “documenting” the 9/11 attack for the Israeli government was *kept in custody for 10 months and only released after diplomatic wrangling and a major lobbying effort. *[Editor’s note: Many sources report the dancing Israelis were held for 71 days]


Hundreds of cables were generated by this issue and thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, tied to 9/11. All magically disappeared at the hands of Julian Assange whose public statements on 9/11 now make him suspect.


The Wikileaks Dictatorship


Inside the Wikileaks organization, Assange’s secret deals are seen as a betrayal. Assange is described as dictatorial and secretive, with a lot to be secret about.


“In a recent interview with the German daily Die Tageszeitung, former WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg said he and other WikiLeaks dissidents are planning to launch their own whistleblowers’ platform to fulfill WikiLeaks’s original aim of “limitless file sharing.”


Mr. Domscheit-Berg, who is about to publish a book about his days ‘Inside WikiLeaks’, accuses Assange of acting as a “king” against the will of others in the organisation by “making deals” with media organisations that are meant to create an explosive effect, which others in WikiLeaks either know little or nothing about.”

Wikileaks And Tel Aviv


Payoffs by Israel to Assange had, until today, been an issue of debate among journalists.


Following the leak (and even before), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a press conference that Israel had “worked in advance” to limit any damage from leaks, adding that “no classified Israeli material was exposed by WikiLeaks.” In an interview with the Time magazine around the same time, Assange praised Netanyahu as a hero of transparency and openness!


As for personal ethnics, I give it to Assange, hands down, he is the cleaner of the two, no question about that, and far more valuable to Rupert Murdoch and his media empire, the virtual voice of the State of Israel.


Assange, “The Cardboard Lothario”


Yesterday, something odd happened in Britain. Julian Assange was arrested on charges that seem bizarre, under circumstances that discredit the legal system of Sweden. The alleged victims have been cited by the world press as CIA agents in more than one story and the case itself shows obvious signs of tampering, maybe to harass Assange or maybe, based on bizarre timing, to help sell Wikileak data that is increasingly looking like an Israeli intelligence scam.


Today, Julian Assange, “bad boy,” hacker, accused rapist, threatened by American neo-cons with contract killing, authors and op-ed for The Australian, Rupert Murdoch’s flagship publication in Australia.


His article cites Murdoch as his inspiration. A day later, we learn that Assange was working, not just for Israeli ultranationalist Murdoch but for the Israel government as well.


An Israeli Psy-Op?


All three, Gingrich, Assange and Murdoch have several things in common. All are avid Zionists, supporters of Israel’s expansion. Murdoch, Australian *born of a Jewish mother, is an Israeli citizen and the powerful guiding force behind the ultranationalist Likudist Party, the hardliners pushing to dispossess Palestine’s non-Jewish population, Israel’s anti-American political wing. *[Editor’s note: It wouldn’t surprise us if Rupert Murdoch was a crypto Jew which would make him eligible for Israeli citizenship however just for the record he has recently denied being Jewish]


Assange, we know nothing of him other than the rumors and myths, now all brought into serious question.


Gingrich’s move to “the darkside” traces back to the beginnings of his political career.


A Gingrich Path…


In 1994, Gingrich’s wife, Marianne, was hired by the Israel Export Development Company. This was while her husband, Congressman Newt Gingrich had just announced support for that company’s free trade zone in Israel. Gingrich had already established himself as “fair game” after a series of ethics and IRS investigations involving the GOPAC organization and its questionable financial practices.




(“Gingrich Aided Export Firm That Employed His Wife”, NY Times News Service, San Francisco Chronicle, February 7, 1995 pA7)


(“Gingrich, Critic of ‘Business as Usual,’ Helps Out Special Interests Like ‘Any Member of Congress’”, Phil Kuntz, Wall Street Journal, April 3, 1995 pA16)

Both articles, exposing the Gingrich/Israel connection were in the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper later purchased by Murdoch, a paper unlikely to carry such as story ever again.


Soon afterward, Newt was called on to aid Murdoch in an FCC complaint made by NBC. They contended that foreign ownership of Fox, Murdoch was not an American, was illegal. Murdoch then gave Gingrich $4.5 million through his publishing company, Harper Collins, to write a book. Murdoch had offered similar deals to Margaret Thatcher and other politicians where Murdoch had regulatory problems. This time, when Newt was found to be meeting with Murdoch’s lobbyists, it all blew up in his face and he was forced to give the money back.


When it came down to “splainin’ time,” Newt and Murdoch denied it all, then it came out that they met secretly on a park bench. Then they claimed Murdoch’s agent, Lynn Chu and Gingrich’s “associate” Jeff Eisenach had cut the deal and forgot to tell them about it. Rupert Murdoch got to keep Fox News and the Neocons gained control of content, making Fox the unofficial voice of Israel, the Republican Party and the military/industrial complex.


Thus began the Gingrich/Murdoch partnership which continues to this day.




(“Gingrich’s political education”, Jeff Gerth and Stephen Labaton (NY Times News Service), San Francisco Examiner, February 12, 1995 pA6)


(“IRS clears Gingrich donation that led to his House censure”, Capitol Hill Blue Website, February 4, 1999)


(Ethics Committee Drops Last of 84 Charges Against Gingrich ,By Curt Anderson (Associated Press), Washington Post, October 11, 1998, Page A13)


“Use of Tax-Exempt Groups Integral to Political Strategy”, by Charles R. Babcock, Washington Post, January 7, 1997, Page A01)


(“Jump-Start: How Speaker Gingrich Grabbed Power and Attention So Quickly”, Wall Street Journal, January 19, 1995 pA1


(“The Inner Quest of Newt Gingrich”, Gail Sheehy, Vanity Fair, September 1995 p147 “Gingrich, Murdoch reveal lobbyist’s role at meeting”, Katharine Seelye (NY Times News Service), San Francisco Examiner, pA1 “Murdoch, Gingrich Admit They Talked”, San Francisco Chronicle, January 13, 1995)


(“The Mysterious Mrs. Newt”, Martin Fletcher (London Times News Service), SF Examiner, January 15, 1995 pA4 “Newt’s Near Misses”, Ron Curran, The Bay Guardian, January 11, 1995 p10)


(“Newt, Inc.”, Dennis Bernstein, Bay Guardian, February 1, 1995 p19)


The Neocon Charade


Separating myth from reality, real “Wikileaks” from the “Franken-Wikileaks” of Israel and Julian Assange, is going to be difficult.


Where the Swedish government may really be after Assange, it is obvious that the parade of Neocon politicians and media pundits, all “creatures” of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, are not.


The same media that worked with Assange to censor and manipulate Wikileaks for the Netanyahu government in Israel is the same media, the same outlets, the same ownership, the same management that are now pouring out threats, demands for “hanging.”


Seldom is such a scenario successfully exposed, particularly of such complexity. First Wikileaks source is tied to AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in the United States, through information leaked in a private lawsuit.


Then we learn Assange is, not only working directly for Israel, but is closely aligned with the Murdoch media empire that is managing the most violent criticism of Wikileaks.


Will there be an end to this, a “not so innocent” side show that may well have been put together to push the world into its last war?


Wikileaks once had much promise. It can again.







December 13, 2010

by J. Bruce Campbell

The leakers are being called “anti-American.”

What decent person, anywhere in the world today, is not anti-American? Is there anyone more dangerous than our typical ignorant, arrogant American “citizen,” who very likely couldn’t find America on a marked map of the world? Well, yes: the American military man, who is the most dangerous son of a bitch on the planet. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

I’m anti-American. I really wasn’t until I returned to Rhodesia in January, ’73 to join up and help in their struggle against Communist terrorists. I’d been down there in ’71 for discussions with the government on bringing Americans and others wanting to be part of a new country project based on a book by my boss, Michael Oliver, called A New Constitution for a New Country. The plan was to have a minimum of a hundred square miles with no taxes and no draft, replacing the former tax-haven in Freeport, Bahamas. Thousands of productive Americans and others were ready to relocate.

Mike’s real name was Olitsky and he was a Lithuanian Jew who’d fled into Germany to escape Stalin’s Red Army. He wound up in Dachau for four years. He introduced me to Holocaust Revisionism when I ventured to ask him about his experience. He shrugged and said, “It was a factory. We worked during the day and stayed in a dormitory at night.”

“But what about the, uh, the—“

“The what?”

“You know, the killings.”

“I never saw any of that.”

Four years in Dachau, never saw any of that. Okay. He did see the US Army “liberate” the camp in April, ’45. The SS and Alpine troops recuperating there had negotiated a surrender to the Americans, who entered the camp and started shooting the guys who thought they were surrendering. Then the Americans marched the surviving soldiers (all the prison guards had fled days earlier) up to a wall near the hospital and set up a machine gun. Three hundred forty-six German soldiers on R&R were slaughtered in a few minutes, five hundred twenty in all that morning. George Patton handled the cover-up and protected the war criminals. The army doctor on the scene, Col. Howard Buechner, described it in his book, Dachau: Hour of the Avenger. Of the 32,000 inmates freed, about 1,200 were Jews, including Mike.

My new country project discussions were with the Rhodesian minister of internal affairs, Jack Howman. He rather indignantly turned us down. Nevertheless, I did return and take part in their war against Communist terror. I suppose it was during those two years that I became reluctantly anti-American. Our country, the good old USA, supported the Communist war of terror against the Rhodesian people, black and white. Our country put Robert Mugabe in power, just as it put Nelson Mandela in power a few years later. Mandela was Member Number One of the South African Communist Party.

America put every Communist party in power in every single Communist country since 1917. That includes Lenin & Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il-sung, Ho Chi Minh, Tito, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro. Our government kept Stalin in power from 1924 until his death in ’53. It went to war in ’41 to rescue Stalin from well-deserved German destruction. Billions (trillions in today’s worthless money) were given by America to save Soviet Communism.

An itinerant writer named Robert K. Brown came to Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1974 to interview me. He said he was freelancing for Esquire Magazine and Guns Magazine. He wanted to know what would make a Californian such as I come over to this little country in southern Africa and fight terrorism? The interview eventually appeared in the first issue (Summer ’75) of a strange magazine called “Soldier of Fortune.” I took Brown up to Mt. Darwin and introduced him to my farmer friends who were on the front lines of terrorism every day and night of their lives. I asked him not to quote me because I could be prosecuted for “mercenary activities” by the State Department. He quoted the hell out of me but changed my name to “Mitchell McNair.” But the point of this is that he told me what he did for the CIA back in the ‘50s… Brown was in the CIA’s Special Forces and was part of the assassination team that murdered Rafael Trujillo in ’61. But in ’58 and ’59, Brown ran guns to Fidel Castro to assist in his coup against Fulgencio Batista.

Once Castro came to power, the CIA pretended to be against Castro to justify its gigantic power-grab of the government. But Castro, along with every other Communist leader in the world, was put in power by the US government. Then our government exploited the “threat” presented by Communism to justify “defense spending” and lucrative no-win wars. Today, the Chicoms, those ultimate Communists, are our business partners and we have arranged for the anti-Communist Moslems to be our new worst enemies.

Brown’s magazine was funded by the CIA and was immediately put to use in recruiting mercenaries for their ludicrous operation in Angola. I called Brown in Boulder at one point to ask why the hell he was recruiting for the foul Angolan terrorist, Holden Roberto? He said lamely, “Well, the CIA likes him.” Any questions so far?

The more I studied US history over the next few years, the more I came to hate everything this country stands for, or pretends to stand for. American history turns out to be one gigantic lie, as phony as a Hollywood movie. In fact, all we have come to believe about ourselves has pretty much come from Hollywood. This is no exaggeration. The American myth was created by a few Russian Jews who ripped off Tom Edison’s film process in New Jersey and split for the coast to avoid prosecution. Neal Gabler wrote a book entitled An Empire of Their Own, How the Jews Invented Hollywood. The inescapable fact is that not only did they invent Hollywood, but the entire myth of America as the promised land.

For Russian Jews, it was. America was the land of milk, honey and suckers by the millions. Our self-image as Americans is a Jewish image. The slaughter and rip-off and exile of American Indians to Bantustans we call “reservations” was glamorized (authorized) by Hollywood Jews. The reality of this genocide makes American condemnation of Zionist genocide of Palestinians meaningless. That is, it would be meaningless if any American politician condemned Israel, which hasn’t happened yet. If we had some bacon we could have bacon and eggs, if we had some eggs.

The whole American experience is based on mass murder and land-grabs and lies (broken treaties). Not one treaty made by the US Army with the Indians was left unbroken. Maybe the one with the Yakimas, but I’m not sure about that. Up in this country where we live, you see the slogan once in a while, “Custer Had It Coming.” When you investigate what all he did to the Lakota, Cheyenne and others, such as mass murdering women and children, for no reason other than ethnic cleansing, you have to conclude that he and his war criminals definitely had it coming.

Custer worked for Phil Sheridan and Bill Sherman, both of whom are in the War Crimes Hall of Fame. Their crimes against the Southern people and the Indian people will turn your hair white with shock. American (Yankee) war of aggression and genocide are the bases of all modern total war. The buffalo were exterminated just to cripple the Plains Indians. To punish the Nez Perce for resisting another broken treaty, the army slaughtered thousands of their Appaloosa horses. The army put the Nez Perce in boxcars in the winter of ’77 and shipped them to Ft. Leavenworth. This is the actual American way.

I’ll skip over our genocidal adventures in the Philippines and our Jewish-engineered role in the Great War and go right to the World War, or rather its aftermath in Europe. Our mopping-up method is described above with the Dachau massacre of surrendered troops. Such sadistic butchery was encouraged by a 1941 book “highly recommended” to the troops by Franklin Roosevelt, a book by an obscure Jew in advertising named Theodore Kaufman, entitled “Germany Must Perish!” It was the basis for what became known as the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, which called for the extermination of a large percentage of Germans, the forced sterilization of the rest and the destruction of all industry or its removal to the Soviet Union, flooding all mines and turning Germany into a goat pasture. Henry Morgenthau was FDR’s Jewish treasury secretary.

George Patton writes in his memoirs that Eisenhower gave Morgenthau his plan, which was eventually drafted by another Jew named Weiss (Harry Dexter “White”). Upon war’s end, Eisenhower put the plan into effect with his order to starve to death all captured German PoWs. This is documented in James Bacque’s Other Losses. Over a million German prisoners died eating grass and bugs out in open fields in the American starvation program from May to December, 1945.

Then, Ike starved millions more German civilians throughout that period ‘til 1947, when the Cold War started and America needed Germany to pretend to fight our erstwhile ally, Stalin. This merciless starvation program is documented also by Bacque in his Crimes & Mercies. Naïve people have doubted this crime against humanity and asked, “Why didn’t the Germans complain, if what you say is true?” Answer: For one thing, the Germans are not a complaining people, the way Jews are.

This is not a good thing, but it’s the way they are. They shut up and take it. But the real point is, to whom could they complain if they were complaining people? The Americans? The British, the Soviets, the French, all of whom were participants in the American genocide program? Bacque estimates that between nine and thirteen million Germans were slaughtered in Eisenhower’s starvation and forced exposure operation in two years.

Then there was the Eisenhower program officially called by the army, Operation Keelhaul. If you still think that being an American is a good thing, consider this one… During the war, millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Cossacks and others escaped from Soviet slave-terror into Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia and other countries. Many of them were Red Army soldiers captured by the German army at Stalingrad, Leningrad, Kursk and countless other battles and sent to PoW camps in Germany and Poland and Italy. The hysterical beast, Josef Stalin, who fled Moscow at the approach of the German army, gave the order that any Red Army soldier who surrendered was to be shot when the war was over. This was well-known. Nevertheless, Dwight Eisenhower broke all international laws regarding treatment of captured enemy forces and ordered the rounding up and handing over of these men and their families.

Approximately five million of them were forced into boxcars by US Army soldiers at bayonet point and sent east to Hungary, where they were taken off the trains and either shot by the tracks or sent to the Gulag Archipelago to be worked to death over the next year. This was documented also by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his monumental record of Soviet/American bestiality. I have interviewed veterans who participated in this unimaginable betrayal of humanity.

Reportedly, the only photo on Ike’s Oval Office desk was one of Josef Stalin—autographed.

In 1956, our President Eisenhower encouraged the Hungarians to rise up and kick the Soviets out of Budapest, promising them American help if they showed they deserved it. So the Hungarians rose up and seized all the Jews that Khrushchev and Stalin had installed over them, hanging and shooting many hundreds, and forced the Soviets out of Budapest. Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that he waited a couple of weeks for Eisenhower to follow through on his promise of aid, but it never came. So he ordered the tanks back in and the wiping out of the freedom fighters.

This is the actual American way, administered by respectable political pukes such as Dwight David Eisenhower, nicknamed in the 1915 West Point yearbook as “The Terrible Swedish Jew.”

We are just now learning what the army and air force did to the Koreans during the Korean War. Millions were slaughtered. We Americans wonder why the crazy North Koreans are so paranoid and ready to fight? We wonder because we don’t know what the hell our government did to those people in the 1950s. We have no idea that our government approved the Soviet occupation of North Korea in 1945, making it Communist in ‘48. Then we drew an arbitrary line across the 38th parallel and created “South Korea” and prepared to go to war against “North Korea” when everyone was ready in 1950. War made to order with unbelievable profits to the bankers and “defense contractors.” 34,000 Americans killed – for what?

Viet Nam. Did you know that Ho Chi Minh was a US intelligence agent during World War II? He made his reports to the OSS at the Texaco office in Hanoi. Did you know that the American OSS installed Ho Chi Minh in power in the northern half of Indochina in 1945? An arbitrary line was drawn across the 17th parallel in ’54 and our northern puppet started the war against our southern puppet in ’59, which we of course lost in ’75. Another war made to order with unbelievable profits to the bankers and “defense contractors.” Millions of Vietnamese slaughtered by our wonderful boys, 58,000 of whom were also slaughtered – for what?

The United Nations is a US front. It was devised by American traitors in the Council on Foreign Relations in 1945 and has always been housed in New York. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. donated the sixteen acres in Manhattan and built the edifice in 1951. Its first crime against humanity was the creation of the Israeli nation of parasites in 1948, while the UN was still headquartered on Long Island. The UN waged war against Rhodesia and South Africa throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, always subsidized by American taxpayers. Most Americans don’t know or remember that the Korean War was fought by American soldiers under the blue and white flag of the United Nations.

And now, our wonderful boys are fighting for Israel against Moslems in Iraq and Afghanistan and secretly killing thousands in Pakistan and Yemen. These wars are based on Israeli lies stemming from their massacre of 9/11. Even though the American FBI director, Mueller, admitted there was no evidence of Moslem hijackers, we invaded Afghanistan. Americans don’t know that the Taliban were our guys until they objected to a Unocal pipeline being constructed across their country. Richard Armitage told them they could either have a carpet of gold (if they went along with the pipeline) or a carpet of bombs if they didn’t cooperate.

They didn’t cooperate and virtually overnight, the Americans categorized them as the enemy, showering our gold on a rival group, the Northern Alliance. Our former friends, the Taliban, are kicking our butts, which is only fair. You invade someone’s country based on your own lies, you deserve to have your butt kicked.

Football star and millionaire Pat Tillman fell for the 9/11 legend and joined the Army Rangers to hunt down Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. But then he and his brother were sent to Iraq, which puzzled them both. Why Iraq? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 (but neither did Osama or Afghanistan). Pat Tillman signed his own death warrant with his questions and complaints about invading Iraq. So he was sent back to Afghanistan to be silenced. In one of the dumbest excuses for a skirmish I’ve ever heard of, he was sent forward to engage with some non-existent enemy fighters.

Then he was shot at by his own guys behind him. The odd thing is that his forehead had three .22 caliber bullet holes in it. The M-4 rifle shoots a .22, of course, but it’s a high-power, high-velocity .223 that does serious damage. The fact that his forehead had three .22 holes and wasn’t obliterated means he was executed with three low-powered .22LR bullets from a pistol. The general in charge of the official heroic lies about enemy action and then “friendly fire” was Stanley McChrystal, an infamous black ops leader of The Secret Team and organizer of many, many assassinations.

And so, I’m anti-American. I suspect that if Pat Tillman were alive he’d be just as anti-American. Real patriots can get that way quickly when they realize they’ve been hustled.

Don’t start about the Constitution. Don’t tell me that if we just stuck to the Constitution we’d be in good shape. I’ve found that people who go on about the Constitution have never read it. They don’t understand that it’s just a seven-part plan for running the government. They don’t understand that it was crafted by Freemasons using Masonic lodge rules of order as a template. They don’t know or forgot that the founders sneaked the Constitution on us when they were supposed to modify the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the States.

The Bill of Rights was our friend and it was added by Patrick Henry and truly patriotic friends to protect us from the Constitutional government. But George Bush and his PATRIOT Act destroyed the Bill of Rights. Obama is a foreign-born CIA asset so he has no understanding of the Bill of Rights. Apparently both he and his strange wife lost their law licenses several years ago anyway and I suspect they missed Bill of Rights day in law school.

I’m not sure what it is about America that we’re expected to love. The government? The Federal Reserve? The IRS? Our banking system? Wall Street? How about our schools? The way we conduct our foreign policy? How about the CIA and sanctioned kidnapping, torture and false imprisonment and killing Israel’s enemies with our cowardly Predator flying death machines? Maybe the FBI, America’s number one terrorist organization?

Tell me, what is there to love? Our farms and Monsanto suicide seeds and all our fake food? Our labor unions that don’t try to protect American jobs? How about NAFTA that was jammed down our throats by Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh? You don’t remember that 1994 tag-team?

Maybe we should love Wal-Mart and all the Chinese junk inside. How about our great industries? Wait a minute—we don’t have any industries. They’re all in China.

Should we love our cities? How about the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. We really need a War on Warmongers and Profiteers. I won’t even ask if we’re supposed to love our politicians, our judges and our news media. Our ranches are nice, except the cattle are full of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Nope. Sorry. Nothing here to love, if we’re honest. Maybe if we brought our occupation forces home from the 120 countries they’re occupying, this country wouldn’t be so hateful. But there’s a gene in us that makes us extremely dangerous and destructive. We have been conditioned to view ourselves as exceptional—better than other people—and deserving of whatever other people have, such as land, gold, oil, water, whatever. You can see this gene metastasizing in the leaked videos of Americans slaughtering Iraqi civilians from our multi-million dollar attack helicopters. I say they’re ours because we’re on the hook for them.

Somebody is going to say, Well partner, you better love your right to shoot your mouth off and you can thank a veteran for that right. Uh, huh. You mean the guy over in Iraq, blowing away a family that misunderstood orders in a foreign language to stop at this goddamned roadblock (that wasn’t here yesterday)? You think I owe my free-speech right to a guy who spent the war spraying Agent Orange on foreign civilians? Do you think any of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights was reinforced by the crew of the Enola Gay? My old man was a marine in the first World War. I said to him, Man, you made the world safe for Democracy! He just looked at me, like, very funny.

It is not safe to shoot your mouth off these days and hasn’t been for a long time. The military is not making it any safer, in fact, just the opposite. The US military is breaking the law wholesale by acting as “law enforcement,” in complete violation of the law (Posse Comitatus). But shut my mouth, because there is no law anymore. We’re under the law of the gun, or Deuteronomy, which is the same thing.

Most people today are afraid even to READ my material, let alone comment on it. Let alone write something along these lines. Why do you suppose there’s so much fear in this country since 9/11? Is the military relieving this fear or reinforcing it? What about the reports that the military will be rounding up dissidents? Don’t believe them? They’re already illegally working as cops. The military does not protect ANYONE’s rights. The military kills people and destroys property. No American is safer because our military is killing Moslems in Iraq or Afghanistan—just the opposite. Not only is the military killing the world with depleted uranium munitions, but it is causing a blinding hatred of us. Just imagine armed thugs breaking into your house or your relative’s house and what it would do to your mind, assuming they didn’t blow you away because of the look of resentment on your face.

I discovered myself, years ago, that the FEMA camps are staffed by the 300th Military Police POW Command headquartered in Inkster, Michigan.

An honest American has to admit that he hates this country, not just the government. The government is a reflection of the people who pay for it. This country isn’t what you thought it was and it never has been. We’ve been conditioned to pledge allegiance to the flag and to the nation for which it stands, but what it stands for isn’t what Hollywood has had us believing since we were little kids.

All leaks are good, as long as they’re the real deal, not redacted or altered to make us support Israel. The only way we can survive is to know the truth about what government and the corporations have been secretly doing to us and others. The truth may be anti-American, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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December 12, 2010

by J. Bruce Campbell  

(Flashback – Prelude to today)

The Bush dictatorship just got its green light for army law. The Military Commissions Act sets up military tribunals to kill the enemies of Zion. We won’t have roadblocks right away but they’re coming. Have you flown lately? Militarized police will be setting up checkpoints where we’ll have to stop on our way to Safeway so they can check our travel papers. Not this year, maybe not next year. But that’s what’s coming. They’ll be looking for terrorists. Since I’m considered a terrorist, they’ll be looking for me. You, too, since you’re reading this. They’ll be looking for us all but they can’t get us all. If we handle this right, they won’t get any of us.

As we know, there’re lots more non-military men in this country than there are military, which is why they’re trying to start the draft again. The kids don’t know that once they put on the uniform they become the Jews’ janissaries. And they get to breathe uranium dust and be injected with secret “vaccines” and other biological and chemical warfare experiments because once they get sworn in, they belong to the Jews. As gladiators for Zion , they get to slaughter Moslems by the thousands (something the Zionists can’t do) and frequently get slaughtered in dramatic ways.

This time, though, it appears they’ll all be slaughtered by the uranium dust, even if they make it home safely. For all the war crimes they committed, though, they’ll deserve it. Harsh? Yes, harsh. But not as harsh as what they’ve done to the Iraqis, who never threatened us in the slightest.

You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists. The soldier boys are the terrorists. Bush and his Jewish handlers couldn’t get anything done without their killers. The soldier boys like to think they’re fighting “terrorists,” but they’re fighting patriots. They’re murdering people who just want to be left alone. People like us. And as they practice their murdering ways against Moslems, they’re being trained to murder us.

So now that Bush and the Jews have the green light to send their killers for us, arrest us for terrorism and make us disappear, their immediate obstacle is the miracle weapon known as the Internet. We have this fantastic capacity to communicate instantly with millions of others, which include real fighters, the merely curious and the killers. Bush and the Jews fear that we may turn some of their killers around, kind of destabilize them, and that it may spread.

The truth is one of the things that scares the Jews. Nothing scares Bush because he’s too stupid and rich and cocky to be scared. Maybe he’s scared of a press conference with real reporters, but there’s not much risk of that anymore.

So the Internet has to be disabled. The government gave it, the government can take it away. America ’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Michael Chertoff, the Israeli citizen, the same day that Bush signed the MCA, said that the Internet is a tool for terrorism…

BOSTON (Reuters) – Disaffected people living in the United States may develop radical ideologies and potentially violent skills over the Internet and that could present the next major U.S. security threat, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said on Monday.

“We now have a capability of someone to radicalize themselves [sic] over the Internet,” Chertoff said on the sidelines of a meeting of International Association of the Chiefs of Police.

“They can train themselves over the Internet. They never have to necessarily go to the training camp or speak with anybody else and that diffusion of a combination of hatred and technical skills in things like bomb-making is a dangerous combination,” Chertoff said. “Those are the kind [sic] of terrorists that we may not be able to detect with spies and satellites.”

Chertoff pointed to the July 7, 2005 attacks on London’s transit system, which killed 56 people, as an example a home-grown threat.

To help gather intelligence on possible home-grown attackers, Chertoff said Homeland Security would deploy 20 field agents this fiscal year into “intelligence fusion centers,” where they would work with local police agencies.

By the end of the next fiscal year, he said the department aims to up that to 35 staffers.

The un-grammatical rabbi is talking about us – “the disaffected people.” “Possible home-grown attackers” with “a combination of hatred and technical skills.” Of course, he mentions “bomb-making.” That makes us sound like terrorists who want to blow up our own people. When have we ever done that? Remember – McVeigh was US Army all the way and even he was a patsy, run by the Mossad through Morris Dees.

Michael Chertoff is a Bolshevik Jew who has taken over the police apparatus of our country. This is the Jewish Rule I wrote about recently. He may have been the craziest possible choice for the head of the American Cheka because he looks so alien. Who can have confidence in such a sinister-looking character? Didn’t this guy have something to do with Katrina? Why is he still around? Because he’s a Bolshevik Jew. His mother was a Zionist Jewess who helped create the Mossad, it’s reported. And of course Chertoff is also a Zionist, dedicated to the hegemony of Zion over the Moslems.

But our immediate problem is that he’s a Bolshevik Jew here, over us. Zionist Jews torment and kill Moslems in steady though relatively small numbers but Bolshevik Jews deal in mass murder, murder in the millions. Big time gulags. Famine. A bullet in the neck with your hands wired behind you. Mass graves. And don’t forget what our own wonderful boys, executing the Morgenthau Plan, did to over a million German PoWs in the months after the 1945 surrender:

They starved them to death. Then they starved many millions of German civilians to death over the next several years until Jim Forrestal stopped it. For that and other offenses to Zion , he was thrown from a high window in 1949.

Don’t forget also the mass graves in Panama in 1989, courtesy of our wonderful boys. And now MIT and Johns Hopkins University have released their study which finds that the Bush-Jewish aggression against Iraq has produced 655,000 Iraqi corpses in three years, one third murdered by our wonderful boys (and girls). Hard to scoff at MIT.

Now that the Military Commissions Act has been passed by the Congress and signed by Bush, Chertoff announces simultaneously that the Internet has to be protected from disaffected, home-grown attackers who want to train and radicalize – ourselves! His grammar is so poor as to indicate a lack of clear thinking and self-discipline. Trotsky’s New York Bolshevik Jews who seized power in Russia were highly disciplined, if only from fear of being purged. Chertoff appears more of a jerk-off than another Dzherzhinski. His appointment seems to be an honorific, probably a salute to his homicidal mother and a signal to Israelis just how top-heavy the US government is with Bolsheviks. He comes off as incompetent, one of dozens of incompetent if bloodthirsty Jews around Bush.

The Military Commissions Act means martial law. The army or militarized police can now arrest us and put us in some kangaroo “tribunal” and either make us disappear or kill us for a variety of unjust causes. They’ve had lots of practice lately, and doing it to us the way they’ve been doing it to Moslems and reporters shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

The following link provides a cold shower of reality:

Study the three links at bottom to see how extensive and long-running the planning has been. Note the involvement of the Council on Foreign Relations every step of the way.

You will find that the plans for martial law, known as Operation Garden Plot, have been in the works for several decades. I would think that the escalating debacle in Iraq might have thrown a monkey wrench in domestic martial law plans. Most of the troops are either there or in Afghanistan or South Korea or Germany or in 175 other countries around the world. They will have to be brought home because the CFR cannot trust the National Guard to act as occupation forces. I’m not even sure the army can be trusted now, so great is the disillusionment from the invasion and occupation of Iraq based on blatant, undenied lies. Still, this would not prevent the use of terror, kidnap and assassination by federal police and Special Forces and the Mossad against the higher profile “disaffected people.” It just may delay the advent of true martial law, which requires a lot of soldiers. And the whole thing may be a Kissinger-Bush dream, just as the conquest of Iraq was just such a Jewish dream. I think they are dreaming the impossible dream.

The Jews dream and plan many things but every one of them is a failure. Yes, they control our currency and our policy, foreign and domestic, and look what has happened to those things. They dream and plan a North American Union, with one Jewish government over the whole of North America . They dreamed and planned and executed a Jewish takeover of Palestine and look at the result. Look at Russia , Judaized in 1917. Look at Hollywood : unmitigated filth. Look at the Republican Party.

Jews think they can do anything. A Jewish tailor knows he could run a studio, and sometimes does. He runs it right into the ground. The basis for this universal Jewish self-confidence is Jewish finance capitalism. The Jew figures that with unlimited Warburg money behind him, he can’t fail. But he does, over and over.

There is a good reason for the Mossad’s motto: Make War by Way of Deception. That’s the only way they can make war. As we saw in Lebanon , the mighty IDF couldn’t handle Hezbollah, a few smart guerilla fighters. Hell, the combined forces of the Israeli Air Force and Navy couldn’t even, in two hours, sink an unarmed US spy ship, which was just a converted old WWII freighter. They’re really not very good at most things.

They’re good assassins and good manipulators of cowards, such as our politicians. No question. But what has that gotten them? They have nothing positive to offer. All they offer is force and fraud. That’s what they had for the Russians and that’s what they have for the Palestinians. That’s what they have for us. They have already ruined our country but they aren’t satisfied. They won’t be satisfied when they are perched on a mountain of skulls; they’ll be looking around for something else to kill. The harmless little comic Joan Rivers (Molinsky) wants Mel Gibson killed. “He should f***ing die!”

As I wrote in a recent harsh essay (Immediate Action), some of us are going to be targeted for arrest and destruction by our only natural enemy, whether or not the army gets involved. Under the new Jewish law we shall have no legal recourse once arrested. There is no appeal, no habeas corpus, no lawyer, no phone call allowed under the new Jewish law. Once a few high profile people are arrested, the idea is that the rest will obey.

That’s how state terrorism works, as we see in the terrorist IRS rip-off of Wesley Snipes, threatening him with two [three] years in prison. So get ready and get your affairs in order. Get as much life insurance as you can afford and make sure there are no loopholes to get out of paying your loved ones. That’s just in case.

You of course know that there is no reason for you to be arrested. You’ve been minding your business, haven’t been spitting in the lion’s eye. There is no law that requires you to file with the IRS, there is no law that says you have to pay them a dime. Since the late 1700s we have operated under our supreme law that says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Of course, our right has been infringed, but it’s still the supreme law, the backbone of our Bill of Rights, torn up as it is.

It’s one of the few good laws in America , so don’t ignore it. No one can rightfully arrest you for guns without breaking this supreme law. So enforce the law. If you let the Gun Police break this law, then you will go away and won’t be seen again. Bush didn’t sign this new law to find out who’s a terrorist – he signed it so that all enemies of Zion could be tortured and killed.

The concentration camps and the planned round-ups are real but they all depend on one thing: our cooperation. If we don’t cooperate, then it won’t work.

Troublemakers such as this writer will be high on the list for disappearing. Most of us are amateur writers, not gunfighters. That’s going to have to change. I’ve been on both ends of the gun: a counter-terrorist in Africa and a “terrorist” in this country. I’ve faced down a SWAT team, been arrested several times for guns. Machine guns, concealed weapons, gun-running, conspiracy for this and that – all to do with guns. Everything I was accused of was in accord with the Bill of Rights, so there’s no moral turpitude in my dossier, which I admit is lengthy.

According to “the law,” I should still be in prison twenty years later, or dead. I either got off on technicalities or by dumb luck and have no felony convictions. The point is, I’ve been up one side of the street and the thought of saying “no” to the Gun Police doesn’t turn my guts to water. What does scare me is the idea of disappearing into Bolshevik hell. It should scare you, too – much more than sticking it to the Gun Police or the Internet Police or the Tax Police or any other pukes they send for you.

There can be No Surrender to these pukes who are living on tax money. They will be counting on our going quietly with them. They’ll tell you (not me) that if you cooperate it’ll probably all be cleared up. It’s probably a clerical error, but just come with us and we’ll get it straightened out. What’s the charge? Oh, Homeland Security has you as a person of interest – probably a mistake, but we’re just doing our job. No hard feelings, okay? Nothing personal, but it’s the law now. Okay, pal? And they cuff your hands behind your back and off you go, never to be seen again.

Not me. And not you, either, unless you’re a fool. Nothing will be cleared up and you’ll just disappear. The local police won’t help your family find you. Any attorney your family gets who tries to plead your case might be arrested, too. If you disappear then the insurance company won’t pay up. And after seven years you won’t be declared legally dead because there will be no official record of your disappearance.

This can all be prevented by a determination not to cooperate in any arrest that you know is politically motivated, and that’s the only kind of arrest to be worried about because you are not a criminal, subject to a normal criminal arrest – right? Anything to do with guns, taxes and what you read and write is political, not criminal. Anyone who would try to arrest you for a political matter is a traitor and must be resisted with deadly force.

You have the natural right to defend yourself from false or malicious arrest for which you know there is no legal recourse. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 is felony crime against America . It is Treason. If you cooperate with the enforcement of this treasonous act then you are aiding and abetting the traitors and you will deserve everything you get, because you didn’t defend yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s let the secret police start worrying about us. Our treacherous “leaders” have finally revealed what rats they really are, and what they really planned all along. They will be depending on the secret police to eliminate their enemies. If the secret police can’t do that, then all their dirty plans go up in smoke, just as they did in Iraq , Afghanistan and Lebanon . They have declared war on us and so we must respond in kind. There’s no peaceful way to stay alive. It’s either this way, or the highway to hell.

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December 11, 2010

by Allen L. Roland  



President Obama’s Change We Can Believe in has become a sorry joke and the only ones laughing are the financial elite. Out of America’s current moral malaise must arise a leader who can both challenge Obama in the 2012 Primaries and unite the betrayed electorate who voted for true change in 2008: Allen L Roland


It’s time to stop wishful thinking and realize that President Obama has no interest in fulfilling the progressive agenda he rode to election in 2008. Let’s get something straight ~ Obama answers to Wall Street and the financial elite and is already much more concerned about his re-election than his incredibly expensive failed War or Occupation of Afghanistan, the sorry state of our economy, the 17% unemployment rate and his recent vote of no confidence in the 2010 mid-term election.

 Obama lives in an Oval office bubble which deflects all criticism or self analysis and replaces it with infuriating self righteousness and defensive attacks on his progressive base or those who don’t agree with him. But the hard reality is that Obama was chosen by the financial elite and answers primarily to Wall Street ~ liberals and middle class be damned!

 Obama is still under the mistaken impression that Americans voted to throw out the Republicans in 2008 and completely ignored the electorate demand for real versus token change. He still doesn’t realize that in many ways he is a lame duck president with a rapidly vanishing progressive and Independent base.

 Professor Stanley Aronowitz spoke knowingly of this immense malaise tormenting American society in late October of this year ~ just before the mid-term election ~ “The underlying problem in all of this is that citizens have discovered – thanks to the management of the financial/economic crisis – that their powers are reduced, that the oligarchy, that Wall Street, continues to dispossess them ever more.

That has been exacerbated by the bailout of the financial system, of the big banks and insurance companies. People feel they’ve been swindled.Everything happens above their heads without their getting a word in. They feel, without being able to articulate it more precisely, that they don’t have the democratic political system they need. They can’t express that because all the parties are in on the swindle … so, they follow those who deliberately depart from the accepted script and play on their emotions by throwing them the red meat of “too much government,’ the Washington establishment or more classical scapegoats such as immigrants… People believe that the economic system has exploded into bits. 

And they think that the political system is incapable of finding a way out, that there’s no one to defend them, to protect them from the disaster. You know that we have three million families confronted with foreclosure. We have a real level of unemployment that sits above 17 percent of the active population. And there’s no real political will to come to grips with these ultrasensitive questions, apart from a few exceptions that confirm the rule, such as the actions taken by Elizabeth Warren, who works in the Obama administration on consumer protection issues. The government itself is in question, hence the rise in receptiveness to the Republicans’ and the Tea Party’s anti-government or reduced-government demagoguery.” Read more 

However, out of our current American malaise and inept presidential leadership is emerging outspoken leaders ~ such as Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont ~ who spells out the class war that now exists in America and the reality of who is winning in this economy and who is losing ~ for example from 1980 to 2005, 80% of all new income went to the top 1% of population and now the super rich want to hold on to their Bush tax cuts with Obama’s blessing.

Bernie spent yesterday filibusting against Obama’s unfair tax cut compromise agreement with the Republicans on the Senate floor. Listen to Bernie’s speech and watch righteous indignation and inspiring leadership at work.

Right now, I’d support Bernie Sanders in a general  primary or election against Barack Obama because Sanders is tuned into the American people. Obama, on the other hand, is completely tuned out ~ witness his ongoing attacks on liberals, calling them sanctimonious, and then publicly criticizing their support for the late and blatantly ignored public option. Catch the irony ~ while Bernie Sanders filibusters on the Senate floor on the obvious injustices of our current economy, President Obama trots out our original Democratic centrist snake oil salesman, Bill Clinton, to sell Obama’s ill advised tax cut sell out to the financial elite ~ which includes Clinton himself. No wonder they are all laughing ~ it’s all a corporate money game and we are obviously not part of it.  

But America was apparently listening to Bernie’s over eight hour truth telling ~ News Web sites like live-streamed the proceedings on the floor, as did Mr. Sanders’ own Web site. According to The Huffington Post, that video stream “became so popular that it temporarily shut down the Senate video server.” In addition, C-SPAN was treating Mr. Sanders’ speech as the top story on its Web site Friday evening.

Hell hath no fury like a betrayed electorate and President Obama has just heard the first shot across the bow of his badly listing ship of state. As Michael Moore said ~ “Rather than an ally, the Obama administration has shown itself to be an implacable enemy of reform.”

According to the latest McClatchy Newspapers-Marist poll, Obama’s approval ratings are so low that Republican Mitt Romney would beat him if the 2012 Presidential election was held today ~ but I predict that Obama will probably lose to a serious progressive challenger in the 2012 Presidential primaries.

It’s time for a revolution and as George Orwell said ~ “By revolution we become more ourselves, not less” 

 Allen L Roland  




December 12, 2010

by Lila Rajiva



Let me first say that harassing Julian Assange for having published leaked government documents is completely wrong. There’s no evidence so far that anyone has been injured directly because of the leaks. National security (even as understood by mainstream statists) hasn’t been damaged. As for the embarrassment some officials might be feeling, tough. Governments routinely subject their citizens to much worse for no valid reason.  As for diplomacy, there’s none worth the name.  In high office, all we have are blackmailers, bullies, and bandits. Some outing and shaming of their public actions is in order. Exposing the crimes and blunders of the state is not only a right of citizens, but a duty.

As enough people have argued, Assange is obviously not guilty of treason, since he’s not a citizen of the US. And, although some people think he’s guilty of espionage, that’s doesn’t seem true either.  He didn’t hack any state computer or blow any agent’s cover to get his information. It was mostly given to him voluntarily by whistle-blowers and leakers.  All he did was publish it. And, since New York Times Co. v. United States (1971), US law has protected the right of publishers to publish politically sensitive information without “prior restraints,” as long as it doesn’t cause “grave and irreparable damage” to the public.

Having said that, though, I must admit that for almost a year now, as I’ve blogged, I’ve found the whole Wikileaksoperation strange, if not a bit fishy. Let me recount the ways.

1. Most of the documents seems to cover material already fairly well-known to informed people.  The new material is mostly embarrassing stuff, nothing truly revelatory, say dozens of critics. Now, mainstream critics might just be trying to do damage control, but why would respected alternative investigators who are outspoken critics of war and the police state, people like Wayne Madsen or co-founder John Young or Chris Floyd, among many others, also come to that conclusion? [Floyd seems to have “gone wobbly” since then].

By Assange’s own account in the  The Australian, here are the most important revelations from Wikileaks:

“The US asked its diplomats to steal personal human material and information from UN officials and human rights groups, including DNA, fingerprints, iris scans, credit card numbers, internet passwords and ID photos, in violation of international treaties. Presumably Australian UN diplomats may be targeted, too.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia asked the US Officials in Jordan and Bahrain want Iran ‘s nuclear program stopped by any means available.

Britain’s Iraq inquiry was fixed to protect “US interests”.

Sweden is a covert member of NATO and US intelligence sharing is kept from parliament.

The US is playing hardball to get other countries to take freed detainees from Guantanamo Bay. Barack Obama agreed to meet the Slovenian President only if Slovenia took a prisoner. Our Pacific neighbour Kiribati was offered millions of dollars to accept detainees.”

Now, these disclosures would be nothing to scoff at on any activist’s resume.  But is Assange telling us anything  we didn’t already know? What has really been added so far except specifics and details? Then why are the revelations being called a new 9-11 ?

2. An overblown media story is not the only difficulty with Wikileaks.

Consider that in all this welter of damaging information, whatever you think of it, there’s nothing that really damages Israel.

Justin Raimondo, a right-wing libertarian, has tried to suggest there is. He says there’s material in Wikileaks that reveals the sinister activities of the Israeli mafia. Big deal. Everyone knows the Israeli mafia is everywhere, not just in Israel. The Russian mafia is a euphemism for the Russian and Ukrainian Jewish mafia, which has strong ties to Israel. The Colombian drug trade is run by this mafia. So is the Eastern European sex trade. According to Mark Mitchell, Wall Street is run by it. A leak about the world’s most dangerous mafia, that everyone already knows about, doesn’t really damage Israeli foreign policy, does it? It even carries a good guy flavor about it. [Added: No criticism is intended of Raimondo’s intentions or his work, which I much admire and regularly read. I just think he’s wrong on this one].

That means what we really have in Wikileaks is a document dump slanted a particular way. So says at least one establishment figure, Zbigniew Brzezinski,  former National Security Advisor for President Carter. Say what you will about him, Brzezinski, master-mind of the policy of luring the Soviet Union to its destruction in Afghanistan, is nobody’s fool. He  spots the hand of an intelligence agency in all this.

Could this be a calculated subliminal “prepping” of the collective pysche by a state intelligence outfit, masquerading as an expose of states?

3. Now comes a report that Julian Assange cut a deal with Israeli officials to keep anything damaging to Israel out of  the revelations. I don’t know how well-sourced or credible this report is. But then there’s also Assange’s citation of  Benjamin Netanyahu, the hawkish Israeli prime minister who’s praised Wikileaks. And there’s Assange’s statement in The Australian crediting Rupert Murdoch, a hard-line Zionist and one of the biggest promoters of war with Iraq, as his inspiration. That alone should make people think twice . It’s not just that Israel isn’t damaged by Wikileaks. A lot of the material on the site actually helps Israel’s global objectives.  We now know that neighboring Arab states are alarmed by the idea of a nuclear Iran. We learn that the Saudi rulers are in bed with the Israeli government and are thoroughly corrupt. Pakistan is treacherous and a threat. There’s a hornet’s nest of terror in South India. This is news? And even if you think it is, who benefits?

Doesn’t all this simply amplify Israel’s hardline attitude to the Islamic world and justify the recent introduction of thebiometric ID into India, Afghanistan, and the Af-Pak border? Don’t the revelations reflect most poorly on the Arab states and on America, but not on Israel? Don’t they channel attention away from the global economic collapse master-minded by Zionist financiers and their supremo, the Federal Reserve? Don’t they redirect toward the US anger that was previously directed at Israel, for the slaughter in Gaza, for the massacre on the Mavi Marmara, and for the AIPAC espionage case?  Gordon Duff, at Veterans Today thinks so.  Even liberal commentator Juan Cole writes that Assange is being tarred and feathered for giving to the public what AIPAC routinely gives to Israel.

And what is the ultimate result? Israel now claims that the US is too distracted to broker a deal on settlements.

Again, who benefits from that? Israeli hard-liners, of course.

4.  But maybe all this is just the price Assange has to pay to get wide coverage in the Western mainstream, largely dominated by Zionist editors, writers, and publishers?


Is it also part of the price that he has to bash the 9-11 movement? If you’re against empire and exploitation, as Assange says he is, then shouldn’t you be interested in uncovering the truth about the attack that was the explicit trigger for the unjust war on Iraq, the global war on terror, Homeland Security, and every police state measure since?

And if you’re not, what’s your excuse?

It’s not just that Assange is not interested in 9-11. He’s gone out of his way to mock people who’ve devoted countless unpaid hours of work to investigate it, with none of the media attention that follows every step Assange takes.

5. And that brings me to my fifth point. The fate of whistle-blowers and tellers of dangerous truth is rarely rock-star celebrity. Count them. Mordechai Vanunu, who exposed Israel’s nuclear program – imprisoned for nearly 20 years.Gary Webb, who exposed the CIA connection to the distribution of crack cocaine in the US –  probably murdered. Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, who criticized Putin’s policies in Chechnya – assassinated. Lebanese journalists Samir Qassir and Gebran Tueni, who criticized the Syrian government – killed in car bombings. In 90% of such cases, says the Committee to Protect Journalists, the killers are never brought to justice. Yet, Assange, “the most dangerous man in Cyberspace,” according to the faux-alternative magazine Rolling Stone, lives to tell the tale of his persecution from the cover of Time magazine and the podium of TED conferences, weighted down with awards and honors from such establishment worthies as  The Economist,  The New Statesman, and Amnesty International.

And now he is the center of an international man-hunt. Here too, the claims are bizarre. If Wikileaks hasn’t put lives at risk or seriously damaged “national security,” by even the government’s own account, what to make of all these feverish cries for prosecution under the espionage act, for imprisonment and torture, even for execution? Are they for real, or does any one else detect an element of theater?  The Wikileaks disclosures have been called cyber-terrorism by many. When before have we seen an international man-hunt for a rag-tag band of terrorists headed up by a charismatic leader with a striking appearance and a personal life shrouded in mystery? Now we have Osama-bin-Assange and Al-Wikileaks at war with Joe Lieberman and Sarah Palin, on one hand, and cheered on by David Frum, on the other. Notice that Frum points out that the disclosures actually support George Bush’s rationale for invading Iraq.

This is box-office gold. As some wide-awake journalist has noted, the big winner in all this is the establishment media. Before, it had one foot in the grave. Deservedly. Now it is a  “truth-teller.” Readership is up, resurrected by proxy. And the major alternative press, the foundation activists, are bolstering the conclusions of the New York Times. How convenient.

I dearly wish Julian Assange were exactly as he seems – a brilliant iconoclast delivering the death blow to imperialism. But my memory is not so dim.  I remember another media circus besides the one around Osama. I recall the mass adulation of  a man who exuded brilliance, youth, hope, and salvation. That was in 2008, and he was a young law professor from Chicago. How did that turn out?

6.  Then again, if Assange’s message is so subversive to the state, why are the state’s most reliable mouthpieces plastering his message everywhere? Why did Assange himself choose the New York Times, The Guardian, andDer Spiegel for his initial exposes? These are left-center outlets, statist to the core.  And Assange, the self-proclaimed libertarian chooses them? Perhaps, one could argue, the left-center is where the most powerful and influential media organs are located. Assange is just being a savvy marketer in picking those outlets.


But perhaps not.

Perhaps, instead, he could have thrown in one libertarian or conservative newspaper, at least, to show even- handedness? How hard would it have been to send material to, say, the Independent?

7. But he didn’t, so again I ask you,  how libertarian can he really be? And if he isn’t a libertarian, why does he go out of his way to proclaim he is? There’s nothing wrong, after all, with  being a socialist or even a communist, at least in most places outside the US. Why doesn’t Assange just declare himself a left-wing peacenik and leave it at that?

Ah, now things get even more interesting. Dig into Assange’s writings –  most of it very engaging and thoughtful –  and contradictions emerge.

On June 18, 2006, he writes:

“Rights are freedoms of action that are known to be enforceable. Consequently there are no rights without beliefs about the future effects of behavior. Unenforcable general rights exist only insofar as they are argumentation that may one day yield enforcement. Hence the Divine Right of Kings, the right of way, mining rights, conjugal rights, property rights, and copyright. The decision as to what should be enforced and what may be ignored is political. This does not mean that rights are unimportant, but rather, that politics (the societal control of freedom) is so important as to subsume rights.”

I will repeat that. Assange places societal control above the exercise of rights.

This is not libertarian. And it’s not an isolated statement. It’s repeated elsewhere.

“Technical people, good at stacking houses of abstract cards
often look at the law and see rules, but this is a shadow, for law hangs
from the boughs of politics, that branch of behavior involved with the
societal control of freedom of action. Always consider the real politik
of law; who will push for change and who will resist.”

And then about global warming (Assange seems to believe in anthropogenic global warming), he says this:

“The bottom line is, as Benford notes, “we’re going to have to run this planet.”

Some libertarianism.

One critic has pointed out that at the core of Assange’s philosophy is not openness and freedom so much as a left-leaning concern with “justice.” Nothing wrong with that either. So why the dress-up in American-style libertarianism? At whom is the repackaging, if it is that, directed?

Authoritarianism emerges also in Assange’s own work at Wikileaks, where he is technically the chief editor and spokesman.
His associates complain of egotistic, autocratic behavior, much different from his anarchist professions. Some have left to start their own sites. Others complain about the secrecy he maintains about his work, also at odds with the transparency he advocates for others.

This secrecy might, at first, seem justified. Wikileaks, after all, is a private, not a public outfit. Maybe so. But that distinction hasn’t stopped the site from publishing the secrets of other private organizations, like the Christian Scientists and the Mormons. It’s also published the hacked private emails of Sarah Palin and the financial information of private clients of the Swiss bank, Julius Baer. Wayne Madsen has argued that this ultimately benefits Democrat financier George Soros.

This is a performance that seems not only hypocritical but curiously partisan and parochial, especially when set against the generous intellectual sweep of Assange’s theoretical writing.

And that’s exactly the taste left in your mouth after a sampling of Wikileaks‘ revelations. After all the hype about “scientific journalism,” the conclusions Wikileaks supports are downright provincial: our government lied us into war in Iraq; Hillary Clinton’s a bitch; Arab regimes are corrupt and deserve regime change; private contractors are bilking tax-payers; corporate corruption is the real conspiracy, not 9-11.

This is stuff that could have come out of the computer of any government propagandist.

More to the point, some of us wonder if it did.

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