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Translation from Hebrew:

Herzl Shviro

Head of the Police Internal Investigation Department

Ministry of Justice


On the19th of November 2005, we heard from the children of the Shawamrah family who sell

chewing gum at the French Hill crossroads, the following:

It was this summer (no school), at the French Hill crossroads, something like thirty policemen

dressed in civilian (“like Arabs,” say the children) set up a kind of barrier. The children, who had learned to fear police officers (who regularly confiscate their chewing gum they are forced to sell, who hit them occasionally, take them in their van to faraway places and leave them there, to teach them a lesson, as it says in our prior letter) did not recognize them to be the police, and were caught, all seven of them. Four of the brothers and three other children. They were taken in a large Mitsubishi, to what now we know is the Etzion Youth Division on Shlomtzion street.

Among the officers was police officer David Revivo, not in uniform, wearing a gun. And also his

partner, Arik Shem-Tov. Occasionally we heard from the children that they were taken to, what we thought was a police station, and beaten or detained.

This time, after we spent a long time with the children, the older boy led us to where it (the

beating) usually happens, and then we also realized that it was the Etzion Youth Division (on

Shlomtzion street). The boy thought it was where the police officers live. After they arrived at the Youth Division some of the officers went upstairs and David Revivo after changing back to uniform led the children down the stairs to the Youth Division building and struck them with a billy-club. The children told us that Muhammad (the oldest child) said “I am twelve why are you beating me”. So David Revivo told him “You’re fifteen years old” and hit him harder. There was another officer, the children told us, who eventually said “Why are you beating the children.”

At some point the children were told they could leave only after their fathers would come to sign

for them. Which happened. Their father came and they were released. We met David Revivo on Tuesday the 15th at the French Hill crossroads. The children told us that just before, he had taken their chewing gum, and stacked it in his trunk. When we asked, he said (and all that is filmed on video) he did not take the gum. Moments later his partner – Arik Shem-Tov, arrived, who verified that they had indeed taken the children’s chewing gum. He did not know Revivo just a moment before had told us he hadn’t taken the gum from them. Had went on saying it was all done by law.

The children were clinging to us the whole time, apparently terrified of Revivo, way more than of the others, who take their goods, and chase them off, away from the junction, however David Revivo beats them as well. Even with a stick. A billy-club. And had already beaten them all up before. They asked us to tell him not to hit them.

It would be appropriate to invite these children to give evidence, an accurate detailed account. Both on what had happened and is currently happening once in a while in the Etzion Youth Department, far from the public eye; the theft of their goods without giving anything for it, and violence, apparently not reported, and the particularly violent behavior of David Revivo.

Aya Kaniuk

Tamar Goldschmidt

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