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December 21, 2010

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by James G. Bruen, Jr.


Last year the Washington Post’s lead editorial on Christmas Day, an editorial entitled simply “Christmas” in print, but “Christmas not what it used to be, but becoming better” on-line, opined that Irving Berlin’s song “White Christmas” is “the most essential contribution of all to the creation of the 20th-century American Christmas,” which is “a Christmas that was secular, sentimental, commercial and, to a large extent, more inclusive than the religious celebration that preceded and now accompanies it.”


Sadly, there’s much truth in the Post’s statement. The American Christmas celebration is largely a secular, sentimental, and commercial orgy that has overwhelmed or displaced the Church’s celebration of Christmas. But there is also falsification. The American Christmas is not more inclusive; it has a narrow vision; recognizing only the natural, it tolerates the supernatural only as a sentimental affectation or commercial prop.


In contrast, the Catholic Church is universal, catholic, and inclusive: no one who professes what the Church professes is excluded; all are welcome. America builds border walls to exclude Mexicans, but the Church welcomes all believers regardless of race, color, sex, age, physical infirmity, or national origin. Christ came not for one nation or tribe, but for all men. The Church celebrates Christmas as the birth of Him who redeemed all mankind, not just Americans, not just Jews. What could be more inclusive?


How did White Christmas transform Christmas? Why is it “the most essential contribution of all to the creation of the 20th-century American Christmas?”


“Like a number of other popular songs that came along during the war, [White Christmas] captured the sadness of separation, the longing for peace and normality and the nostalgia for a better time that really wasn’t that long ago. These shared emotions gave Christmas a new poignancy and significance during the war years, and made it something different from what it had been,” continued the Post. “Radio, with its nationwide audience – just about everyone listened to the same shows – not only amused and entertained, it comforted and reassured. In the dark war years, it created a new Christmas spirit. … Christmas has continued to move toward becoming a truly national holiday, a time of good feeling and universally shared hopes, and an occasion in which all can share.”


Is that really all there is to it? Christmas changed because of the Second World War, and now it has becoming a wishy-washy national holiday of good feelings and shared hopes?


Writing in the New York Times last December, musician Michael Feinstein captioned his piece: “Whose Christmas Is It?” Feinstein also embraces the fatuous idea championed in the Post editorial that Christmas is becoming better because it is becoming secular and inclusive. But he probes a little deeper into the genesis of the popular songs that abet the transformation of Christmas into a national holiday instead of a Catholic holyday.


The evolution of Christmas is reflected to a degree in its music. As the holiday has become more secular, so have its songs, with religious and spiritual compositions largely supplanted by the banalities of Rudolph, sleigh bells and Santa. Many Christians feel that the true essence of Christmas has been lost, and I respect that opinion. It must be difficult to see religious tradition eroded in the name of commerce and further dissipated by others’ embrace of a holiday without a sense of what it truly means to the faithful.


Yet I also hope that those who feel this encroachment will on some level understand that the spirit of the holiday is universal. We live in a multicultural time and the mixing, and mixing up, of traditions is an inevitable result. Hence we have the almost century-old custom of American Jews creating a lot more Christmas music than Hanukkah music.


If you look at a list of the most popular Christmas songs, you’ll find that the writers are disproportionately Jewish: Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas,” “The Christmas Song” (yes, Mel Tormé was Jewish), “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” “Silver Bells,” “Santa Baby,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Winter Wonderland” — perennial, beloved and, mostly, written for the sheet music publishers of Tin Pan Alley, not for a show or film. (Two notable exceptions: “White Christmas,” introduced in “Holiday Inn,” and “Silver Bells,” written for “The Lemon Drop Kid.”)


Feinstein suggests that Jews wrote popular Christmas songs simply because that’s what sold: “Tin Pan Alley songwriters … churned out songs to order on every conceivable subject for their publishers.” Is that all there is to it? The change in Christmas resulted from a commercial transaction?


In Operation Shylock: A Confession, which won a 1994 PEN/Faulkner Award, writer Philip Roth provided still deeper insight:


The radio was playing ‘Easter Parade’ and I thought, But this is Jewish genius on a par with the Ten Commandments. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and then He gave to Irving Berlin ‘Easter Parade’ and ‘White Christmas.’ The two holidays that celebrate the divinity of Christ – the divinity that’s the very heart of the Jewish rejection of Christianity – and what does Irving Berlin brilliantly do? He de-Christs them both! Easter he turns into a fashion show and Christmas into a holiday about snow. Gone is the gore and the murder of Christ – down with the crucifix and up with the bonnet! He turns their religion into schlock. But nicely! Nicely! So nicely the goyim don’t even know what hit ‘em. They love it. Everybody loves it. The Jews especially. Jews loathe Jesus. People always tell me Jesus is Jewish. I never believe them. It’s like when people used to tell me Cary Grant was Jewish. Bullshit. Jews don’t want to hear about Jesus. And can you blame them? So – Bing Crosby replaces Jesus as the beloved Son of God, and the Jews, the Jews, go around whistling about Easter! And is that so disgraceful a means of defusing the enmity of centuries? Is anyone really dishonored by this? If schlockified Christianity is Christianity cleansed of Jew hatred, then three cheers for schlock. If supplanting Jesus Christ with snow can enable my people to cozy up to Christmas, then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


The Church has often baptized pagan holidays, transfusing them with Christian meaning and transforming them into Catholic holydays. Today’s crusade to drain holydays of Christian meaning and transform them into feel-good commercial events renounces that baptism. And that crusade marches to the music of Jewish genius, which has made the most essential contribution of all to the creation of America’s schlockified Christianity.


May you have a happy and holy Christmas.CW


James G. Bruen, Jr. writes frequently for Culture Wars.

This article was published in the December, 2010 issue of Culture Wars.



Dec 21, 2010




Pic Of The Day


Nazi racist teen gang arrested on suspicion of attacking Arabs in Jerusalem


Zio=Nazi gang suspected of plotting to bomb Arab school


Syria blames Zionist regime  for top general’s assassination, WikiLeaks cable reveals


Zio=Nazi  Demolishing Talks


US Military Pushes for Pakistan Ground Raids


US Govt Builds (Another) Vast Domestic Spy Network


Ahmadinejad Appoints Fourth Woman to Cabinet


‘I didn’t think of Iraqis as humans,’ says U.S. soldier who raped 14-year-old girl before killing her and her family 


The Great Islamophobic Crusade


NATO Trains Afghan Army To Guard Asian Pipeline


The future of the Middle East is in the grip of Zio=Nazi extremism
Always Someone’s Mother or Father, Always Someone’s Child: The Missing Persons of Iraq


‘Evil’ Syria regime would collapse in war with Zionist, former MI chief told U.S.


Knesset to water down bill barring Arabs from Zionist towns


US preparing for ‘new Pakistan raids’


Zio=Nazi jets pound Gaza Strip, injure 3


‘Iran MPs join Gaza aid convoy in Syria


Erdogan renews call for Zionist apology


Bat Yam rally: Death to Jewish women who date Arabs


PM considers requesting Jonathan Pollard pardon




Please check out the brand new book detailing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY here

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December 21, 2010


It’s the story of America, and how one ‘special relationship’ with a foreign nation brought it to the edge of ruin.   I can only imagine how that story might play out on the big screen.   

by Keith Johnson

                       Matty: You aren’t too smart, are you?  I like that in a man.
                                                           from Body Heat (1981)

Did you hear the one about the guy who had everything, only to lose it all to the connivance of an evil seductress?

It’s a familiar story that has been the subject of countless novels and films.  It became quite popular during the 1940’s and 1950’s, giving rise to the ‘film noir’ genre that brought us such classics as Gilda, Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice.  A revival, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, put a modern spin on that theme with critically acclaimed features likeBody Heat, Fatal Attraction and The Last Seduction.

In these films, the femme fatale—French for “deadly woman”—usually enlists the help of some hapless bloke to help advance her hidden agenda.  To this end, she will use her feminine wiles to ensnare him, and then ultimately employ lying and coercion to control and manipulate him further, until she has finally achieved her objective.

The conclusions are often the same.  After helping the woman with her schemes, the man is usually discarded, and left alone to answer for her crimes.  By the time he finds out that he has been betrayed, the woman has already left—and has moved on to her next victim—leaving him a broke and ruined man. 

Sound familiar?  It should.  It’s the story of America, and how one ‘special relationship’ with a foreign nation brought it to the edge of ruin.  

I can only imagine how that story might play out on the big screen.  Unfortunately—given today’s political environment—that’s not likely to happen. 

But that’s not to say that some clever screenwriter couldn’t find a way to tell the story anyway.  Crafty storytellers and filmmakers—who have lived under repressive regimes— have always found ways to slip in political messages past unsuspecting censors.  They do so by way of analogies and parables, often using human dramas or tragedies to illustrate the larger political realities of their societies.

Here’s how I’d pitch America’s story to a big-shot Hollywood producer:

Rick is a well-respected member of his community, who has built a thriving business empire out of a vast fortune left to him by his late father.  He has a lovely wife and several grown children who are integrally involved in the day-to-day operations of his enterprise.  

One day, Rick’s wife introduces him to Isabelle, an old friend who has fallen on hard times as the result of a messy divorce.  Rick takes pity on the woman, and invites her to  stay with his family until she can manage to get back on her feet.

Over the course of several weeks, Isabelle proves to be a troublesome houseguest.  She constantly complains about the food, the temperature of the room, the décor, and even the color of the walls.  She has also voiced her objections to certain religious symbols displayed prominently throughout the house, deeming them to be offensive to her own religious beliefs.  

More time passes, and now, two of Rick’s children—Edward and Chloe—have grown impatient with the insolent Isabelle, who has become less of a houseguest, and more of a permanent fixture.  In Edward and Chloe’s estimation, Isabelle has now become a burden, surviving solely upon the welfare afforded to her by their family, and making no effort to take responsibility for her own life. 

Fearing that Isabelle has taken their family’s kindness for weakness, Edward and Chloe take their grievances up with their father.  But they find that this once reasonable and approachable man has become somewhat aloof—and even hostile—to the criticism they’ve leveled against Isabelle.  Rick scolds his children for being insensitive, and reminds them that Isabelle has lived an extraordinarily difficult life, suffering at the hands of many brutal husbands.  He insists that they afford her every consideration so that she may heal her emotional wounds on her own terms.

Frustrated with their father’s sudden lapse of reason, Edward and Chloe decide to appeal to other siblings, hoping that they might be more sympathetic to their concerns.  But, to their surprise, they find that even their own brothers and sisters have been taken in by Isabelle’s hard luck story.

Finally, they take up the issue with their mother, who has fallen ill in recent days.  Lying in her bed—despondent and melancholy—the mother confides in her children, “I never should have invited that woman into our house.”  

Shocked and dismayed by this revelation, Edward and Chloe press their mother to elaborate.  They learn that she has recently confirmed that their father and Isabelle have been carrying on an affair behind her back, and that she fears that Isabelle may have been working to break up their family by spreading lies and rumors among their brothers and sisters.

Now deeply troubled, Edward and Chloe insist that their mother confront their father over the affair.  But the mother refuses, fearing that a confrontation would destroy what’s left of their almost broken home. 

But this point soon becomes irrelevant—because unbeknownst to them all—Rick has been listening in on their conversation.  He crashes into the room and accuses his children of betrayal.  Edward and Chloe level those accusations right back at him.  An ugly scene erupts, and Rick orders his wife and two children out of the house.

Several months pass.  Isabelle has become the center of Rick’s world.  Not only has she been given full reign over his household, but she has also become influential over most of his business decisions.  As a result, Rick’s empire begins to falter. The respect he once enjoyed in his community also suffers.  Though everyone else can see Rick’s world collapsing all around him, he remains blinded by his infatuation with Isabelle.

Confident that he has proven his devotion to Isabelle beyond any doubt, Rick is surprised to find his overtures toward intimacy rejected.  Isabelle has become frigid.  Every time he tries to show her any affection in the bedroom, she turns her back on him and turns out the light. 

After several nights of frustration, Rick confronts her.  He wants to know what he has done wrong.  Isabelle tells him that she has “trust issues,” and finds it difficult to bond with any man.  She fears that Rick may grow tired of her—and cast her aside—like so many others have done in the past.  Rick tries to convince her that he would never do such a thing.  He asks what he could do to convince her.  Isabelle tells him that she has never had a home of her own, and that as long as she lived under someone else’s roof, she would always live in fear that she could be disposed of on a whim.  

Rick promises to give her that home, and soon learns that Isabelle has already been eyeing some beachfront property on the other side of town. 

Meanwhile, Edward and Chloe have been making some inquiries about Isabelle, and learn that she has a checkered past with a history of manipulating men.  They take this information to their father, but find the same cold reception.  Rick tries to brush them aside, but Edward and Chloe corner their father, and make one final attempt to reason with him.

Chloe tells her father, “Dad, this woman is bad news.  She has had several husbands, and all of them have dumped her for the same reason.  She is only out to enrich herself.  She finds wealthy men to latch on to, and then takes them for all they’ve got.  I know she always portrays herself as the victim, but think about it?  If someone tells you that they were kicked out of a bar for no reason, you may show sympathy on them that one time.  But if they get kicked out of every bar in town, you might start to wonder if there’s more to the story.”

The common sense in their argument resonates with Rick.  He breaks down and cries.  He confesses that he may have gotten in over his head, but he can’t see any way out of it.

Edward asks his father, “You’re a six foot, two hundred pound man.  How can you possibly be intimidated by a five foot, one hundred pound woman?” 

Rick confesses that he has placed himself in a vulnerable position by compromising his integrity.  He tells them that Isabelle has persuaded him to engage in illegal activities that could ultimately bring down the family empire.  He fears that Isabelle might use this information—to do just that—if he were to break things off prematurely.

Edward and Chloe tell their father that he needs to cut his losses and end this toxic relationship before things spiral out of control.  But Rick has other plans.

“Just let me do this one last thing,” he reasons.  “I’ll give her this home she wants, and then tell her that she is on her own.”

Rick explains that Isabelle has set her sights on some beachfront property.  She claims that she is entitled to the land because it was illegally taken from her great grand parents—by ruthless land barons—several generations ago. 

Edward and Chloe tell their father that her notion is preposterous.  They are familiar with the property in question, and inform Rick that the people living there have owned that land for close to a century.

But Rick has already made his decision.

“I have to do this,” Rick tells his children.  “I have no choice!”

Using his money and influence, Rick convinces the city council that the beachfront property on the south end of town should be cleared away—in order to make room for a new recreation facility—that will bring in millions of dollars in revenue, and hundreds of jobs to the local community.  He promises to put up his own money to construct the facility, but needs the city fathers to use eminent domain laws to displace the current property owners from the land. 

Weeks later; bulldozers arrive on the beach to level homes that have been there for decades.  Police are mobilized to deal with any resistance. 

It’s an ugly scene, as many homeowners refuse to leave.  Those who are not arrested flee into the nearby hills.

Once the homes are leveled, and the debris is cleared away, Rick begins construction.  But the recreational facility—that he promised to build—never materializes.   Instead, a lavish mansion is constructed in honor of his mistress. 

Outrage within the community sparks rebellion.  Rick is blamed for the turmoil.  Though he is hated and despised, he has no choice but to finish what he has started.  He uses his last remaining dollars to buy off the local police so they can enforce the acquisition.

Meanwhile, Isabelle has moved into her new digs, and has used Rick’s money to finance a security team to ward off intruders.

Edward and Chloe have now become sympathetic to the plight of the vanquished landowners.  They organize a flotilla to bring aid and supplies to the refugees.  But they can only reach them by passing through a delta that comes dangerously close to Isabelle’s coastline.  Confident that this seaway is public domain, Edward and Chloe embark on their rescue mission.  But their efforts are cut short—when Isabelle’s security team intercepts them—and murders nine of their crewmembers.  Edward and Chloe are among the casualties.

Rick is informed of the death of his two children, but  refuses to accept responsibility.  He has been corrupted beyond the point of redemption. 

The screen would then fade to black with the words:

                                                                             To Be Continued

How will this story end?  That’s up to us.  We still have a chance to turn things around.

This nation is long overdue for an intervention.

It’s high time we took our philandering government aside and let them know—in no uncertain terms—that we will no longer tolerate their infidelity.

We need to tell them:

“It’s time to come home and take care of the FAMILY business.  No more running around with that no-good, gold digging freeloader.

Cut her off!  Kick her to the curb!  Time to put an end to this toxic relationship once and for all!”

It’s really not an insurmountable task.  But it does require that each and every one of us start reading from the same sheet of music.

So, how’s it gonna be?

Is there anyone else out there who is as sick and tired of this BITCH as I am?

If you’re not, then I really need to ask you a serious question? 

How much more of your family’s blood and treasure are you going to let this woman steal from you—before you finally wise up—take a stand—and start singing the same damn tune as the rest of us.

Are you with us?  Then sing-a-long!

Hit it, Maestro!




December 21, 2010 


By John Kaminski


Unless we see that the way to the universe is inward, we will never reach the nearest star or have peace in our lives.

Unless we develop the common sense to see that who we kill is who we are, we will inevitably kill ourselves.

Unless we understand that the devices of life, when disconnected from the natural cycles of the Earth, make us sick and kill us, they will continue to do just that.

Unless we see that profit, as the total focus of our lives, obliterates every beauty in its path as it plummets toward the bottom line, we are doomed to destroy everything we love.

Unless we see how the rose is twisted, the garden will die in midsummer.

Unless we see how the game is fixed, we’ll be fleeced and discarded by the roadside.

Unless we put our trust in others, we will walk a lonesome road.

Unless we forgive them their trespasses, well, we just won’t get along with anyone, will we?

Unless you understand the background of how America went wrong, you’ll have no clue of how to fix things, because you’re still enmeshed in the tentacles and aspirations of that system, which was poisoned from the very beginning and has metastasized into a monster that is about to snuff out the last of our liberty and steal the rest of our money.

Unless you detox the false beliefs about America and God that you have ingested into your deluded system, you will continue to serve the interests of: 1, the devil, of course; 2, the Jewish destabilizationtemplate, which has just about achieved complete control of the known world through its control of money (“Hey, it’s only business.”); and 3, your own fear of death that is the exact thing that has caused all these problems, and all the lies you have utilized to anesthetize that fear are now manifesting as bad karma in the real world, we’re talking the ultimate insult to God here — the deliberate and malicious murder of innocent families that the Jewish-controlled United States inflicts on all the peoples of the world. You may want to reread that.

Unless you live your life for others, you’re nobody, and nobody loves you.

Unless you live your life for everybody and every living thing, you are a potentially drug addled airport security tyrant, fresh back from killing civilians in Afghanistan, ready to frisk children and imprint them with a memory of their government that sounds a lot like a circumcision of the mind, just a little something to remind you of the
Jews in charge of everything. Or, the alternative: go through the airport scanner and get cancer. Giving and “treating” (but not curing!) cancer is a longtime Jewish moneymaker, in which they keep you alive as painfully as possible just long enough to get all of your money.

Unless you know that Tom Eliot (Ezra’s protégé) backed out of his existential position in the final years of his life and into the loving arms of Jesus, you probably don’t know that that abdication of thought left unanswered the pressing question of who in the hell was that shadow he talked about in his Nobel Prize winning poem “The Waste
Land.” (1922)

Unless you know that he was talking about “that third that always walks beside you” which is an affliction we all have — really, it’s over your left shoulder all the time — the shadow, suppressedawareness of our own mortality, a shadow self, utterly manipulated by behavioral forces, in other words, utterly exploitable by the predators who designed the system that you, dear reader, certainly donot fully comprehend how it controls you.

Unless you know who John Kaminski is, you probably do not know that he has gathered all the weight of history from the remaining responsible non Jewish sources to conclusively identify who T. S. Eliot wasreferring to when he wrote that memorable poem, which for years has been taught in every respectable English class in the whole world. Who was the shadow, you ask, that casts its ugly pall over the whole of human existence?

Unless I miss my guess, it is the Jews, sucking the blood out of cultures and spilling it with glee in all corners of the planet, ruining everyone’s lives just to make a buck. Disgusting. Now, you’re already their slave in some way. The only question remaining is how they will choose to kill you, and believe me, they are matching methods and persons right now.

Unless we immediately recognize how we are being changed from decent people into preprogrammed robots with built-in self-destruct mechanisms, our collective future is history. The Jews are the Shadowof Death, manifested as the constant shadow of debt that imprisons us all, and so ably described in The Waste Land we now see before us, menacing our lives and laughing at our pain.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida chronicling Jewish depredations in a world hurtling towards its doom.  Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what it means.  250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA




(COLUMBUS, OH, 12/20/10) –- On Tuesday, December 21, the Columbus chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will hold a news conference to urge the FBI to investigate an apparently bias-motivated attack earlier today on a Muslim woman outside a local mosque as a hate crime.

CAIR said the Muslim woman, who wears Islamic attire, was allegedly stalked, verbally harassed and then pepper-sprayed by a white man shouting religious and ethnic slurs such as, “Tell all of your Muslims that this is not your country,” “Go back to wherever you came from,” and threatening “I will kill you.” The incident was recorded on the mosque’s security camera. Columbus police are investigating the alleged assault.






In Britain, the elites often use understatement in English to convey their meaning or downplay a problem so the winter chaos is really just seen as a “little problem”.

International conflicts can be conveyed as “a temporary difficulty”, normally this would not be a problem but BBC News has taken it one step further.

For the BBC News, the neofascists in the EDL are “controversial”.

Instead of being racist thugs, the BBC News now calls them an “anti-Islamist group”.

Any competent journalist, or those able to access the Internet, would realise that the EDL are considerably more than a “controversial anti-Islamist group”, they are a proto-neofascist street gang, with ex-BNPers and stuffed full of neo-Nazis.

This is the appalling BBC News story.

Oh, someone hacked the EDL’s servers and their membership list is doing the rounds, along with the names of those cretins that purchased EDL merchandise.

PS: ANYONE remotely tempted to defend the EDL should read my comments policy, again.





 Debbie  Herdan is a former Tel Aviv  resident who was very active in  the

 organization  Hagar and Miriam,  which works with African women in Is-

rael who are either pregnant or have recently given birth.  Debbie worked

 with  Eritrean,  Sudanese  and  Darfurian asylum seekers for several years

and writes that they became like family to her.

She passed on the following messages encouraging people in Israel to come

out to a rally on December 24th in Tel Aviv (corner of Roth- schild and Shei-

nkin at 10 am, for those who want to attend).  

The occasion is the declared intention of the State of Israel to require refugees

to live in a refugee camp (run by the Prison Service).


African refugees in Tel Aviv at a protest against deportation From Alma Zohar:

Hello everyone, In the Jewish state, they are about to finally establishing a refu-

gee ghetto in which to imprison black refugees. Don’t let the name ‘refugee camp’

fool you, by making you believe that such a camp will act as a leading humanita-

rian assistance centre for the refugees. 

The  camp  that  they  are  setting up in the south of Israel is an IMPRISONMENT

CAMP, designed to isolate an unwanted part of society. In other places, this is kn-

own as a “ghetto.”  They will probably also be coerced to work. 

Those who are against this but stay quiet are not any less to blame. The Jews of

Israel must wake up!!! We won’t be able to help everyone, but that’s not a reason

not to help anyone! We need to ensure that the refugees that are in Israel are allo-

wed to work.

 Recently  Israel  has  denied  permission  for  refugees to work, which will force them

to be thrown to the streets. This has been done to worsen their situation, to the point

 that they will have no opportunity to support themselves in such minimalistic condi-

tions. Either they must choose to leave, or else turn to a life of crime and prostitution.

We  need  to  get  up  off  our backsides and come to the protest on Friday (24/12) at Gan

Meir!!!  There are enough sane, humane,  and logical ways to deal with these problems.

We will not allow a detention  camp for  black refugees to be  established in the state of


Not as long as I am a part of it. Not under my watch.

Looking forwards to seeing you there, Alma Zohar

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December 20, 2010

by Debbie Menon  


Downtown Seattle, the First American City to Call for End of War Crimes



SEATTLE – “Israeli War Crimes,” the enormous advertisement reads. “Your tax dollars at work.”   To the right of the image is a group of children — one little boy stares out at the viewer, the others gawk at a demolished building, all rebar and crumbled concrete.  It’s an ad you’ll be seeing soon on a handful of Metro buses in downtown Seattle.

A group calling itself the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign has paid King County $1,794 so that 12 buses will carry that message around town, starting two days after Christmas. That’s December 27: the two-year anniversary of Israeli attacks on Gaza, aimed at stopping rocket attacks and weapons smuggling.

Ed Mast, a Seattle man who is a spokesperson for the group, says it’s not meant to be an anti-Israel message, but a message designed to generate discussion and awareness.

“I wouldn’t say it’s an anti-Israel message any more than any complaint about a country is anti-that country. We would like Israel to stop violating human rights. We would like Israel to give equal rights to its Palestinian citizens and its Palestinian subjects who live under occupation,” said Mast.

At the Pacific Northwest office of the Anti-Defamation League, the ad campaign is seen quite a bit differently.

“We’re dismayed,” says Community Director Hilary Bernstein, who calls the bus-born advertisement grotesquely one-sided. “Citizens young and old will be seeing this sort of propaganda, this very one-sided distortion. It’s unfortunate.”

So, is the side of a public bus the right place for this kind of attack? Are the issues that regularly inflame one of the most flammable hot-spots in the world appropriate fare for people strolling the sidewalks of Seattle?

As far as King County is concerned, it’s not really up to them what appears on the side of their buses, as long as it fits specific guidelines regarding:

  • Pornography

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco, and

  • As long as the images and material used don’t interfere with public safety or insult specific groups to the point that a riot could be incited, vandalism could occur or public safety could be threatened.

King County Metro Transit spokesperson Linda Thielke acknowledges some people will be offended by the campaign, but that is not enough to prevent the rolling billboards from hitting the streets.

“As a government, we are mindful of the provisions in state and federal constitutions to protect freedom of speech. So, we can’t object these campaigns simply because they offend some people,” said Thielke.

The Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign has targeted their advertising so that the buses carrying their message will run mostly on Seattle routes.





December 20, 2010

by Gordon Duff





Joe Quinn of sticks to the facts.  His video report on FBI complicity in terrorism is dead on.  Video’s like his or Tony Lawson’s are some of the best tools we have for demonstrating the numbing effect of the incessant fabrications, lies and propagandizing the press in the United States has sunk to dishing out.  There is no lower position in American society, no more criminal act one can perform than to be a paid journalist.  There is no more ignorant and cowardly group than the press with a few, very very few exceptions.

Joe Quinn, Helen Thomas, Phil Giraldi, the crew at Veterans Today, Salem News, Jeff Rense, these are pretty much all that is left for America.  With 4/5ths of Americans now getting their news from the internet, the work done there is vital.  The corrupt media, corruption is an understatement, let’s admit it, the “criminal media” gets billions each year.  Their masters, the thinly veiled military dictatorships of the United States, Israel, Britain, Germany.

Their job?  They sell lies and have fed a destructive machine that has led to the murder of millions of innocent people at the hands of the American military.  By military, we mean our own troops, the ones we support, the ones that become the veterans that we protect and fight for.  For decades, the world has pointed a finger at Israel as a murderous dictatorship, continually voting sanctions that are blocked by an American veto in the UN Security Council.  American citizens have been told that “communists” or “terrorists” control the countries voting against Israel, countries making up 70% of the earth’s population.

If we would believe that we would go further, and we have.

Everything Israel was ever accused of, America has now done more, under the guise of the “war on terror.”

The facts are simple, once you become free of the disease that decades of lies have drummed into your subconscious.  Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA and died in 2001.  He was never involved in 9/11. There is no such thing as Al Qaeda.  There are no terrorists in Afghanistan, never were.  There was no bunker complex at Tora Bora and no training camps in Afghanistan.  Has anyone seen a photo of one?  Google.  See what comes up.

It is the duty of every American, every free person to learn a simple and clear lesson.   Learn about the USS Liberty, an American ship attacked, slated to be sunk and the crew murdered, part of a deal between Israel and America in 1967.  The facts are there.  The lies are all in the open.  The Medal of Honor winning captain “rats out” the whole thing.

Then you will be able to understand 9/11, why Jesse Ventura was able to pull witnesses and science together to debunk the Pentagon attack and how Geraldo Rivera was able to debunk the WTC  Building 7 attack.

We now hear that the 7/7 attack in London is also debunked, more governments killing their own people because “terror war” is big bucks.

All the proof,all the hard science is always on the other side, never with the government, never with the “criminal media.”

The American public has been conditioned just as Goebbel’s conditioned the Germans.  Jews in America now vote for candidates that have always been anti-Semites and closet Nazis.  Working people vote for candidates that send their jobs overseas.  Gun owners vote for candidates that overturn their own rights to own guns.  Americans have voted themselves into endless war, a police state they all hate and a corrupt political system they despise.

They voted this way because the criminal media told them to.  They never asked.

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December 19, 2010


by J. Bruce Campbell

Communists are the lowest form of life. We’ve been Communists since 1861. The Yankees, that is, and all who sympathize with what they did, which was wage aggressive war against people they’d already ripped off for decades. And then they ripped them off for decades after the war was over. That was Communism, American-style.

Karl Marx was a big fan of Abraham Lincoln and wrote to him in praise of his war of aggression against people seeking independence from Yankee dominance, under the terms of the Declaration of Independence. But Lincoln was our Lenin. He put thousands of Northern protesters and hundreds of newspaper publishers in prison for opposing his war of aggression. Grant became Trotsky.

Sherman, Sheridan, Custer and the other generals were their Bolshevik killers who went on to slaughter hundreds of thousands of American Indians, who also wanted independence. This was the first state-sponsored genocide and it happened here. Since then, no independence movement has been allowed by our Red government, anywhere in the world. I joined an independence movement in an African country called Rhodesia, but that movement was also crushed by the US government.

The American government is no more tolerant of independence than was the Soviet government. As I have pointed out many times, the American government created the Soviet government in 1917 and sustained it to its bitter end, and then supervised its reorganization in 1990. All Communist governments since, from China’s to Cuba’s, from East Germany’s and all of Eastern Europe’s to North Korea’s, from Vietnam’s to South Africa’s, have been organized by the US State Department and/or the CIA.

The hallmarks of Communist power after 1917, the things that made it different, were the psychiatric prisons and forced confessions of “crimes of disloyalty” that never happened. The most loyal and die-hard Communists were frequently executed by their own colleagues after they confessed to made-up charges. Party members were expendable and formed a valuable database for the control of the general population. This was revealed also by the American Communist, Benjamin Gitlow, in his The Whole of Our Lives.

He wrote that party members were occasionally murdered by other party members and their deaths blamed on “reactionaries.” The purpose was mainly to radicalize even more party members, and reinforce their fanaticism and fear. It was all about mind-control, and still is. Our churches do it, too, and our schools. The only difference is the level of fear needed for control. Most people only need a little fear to be controlled.

America has lots of Communists. Obama is a doctrinaire Marxist, Bush and Cheney are rich Communists. The Zionist Neo-Cons are Communists. We all know that. But so are prison guards. Soldiers, marines and airmen, too. They just don’t know it, because “they fight for freedom” while they slaughter civilians in their homes. Our police have become Communists, the way they lie and plant evidence and invade people’s homes. IRS agents are Communists, along with just about everyone else in government – especially the FBI, tricking simpletons to be “terrorists.” The way our politicians take our money and pay themselves – at the point of a gun – qualifies them as first-class Communists. But anyone who is willing to kill for unearned political power is what today we might call a Communist.  Think Hilary Clinton.

The CIA got its original members from the wartime OSS. The OSS’ membership was comprised of fifty percent members of the Communist Party USA (to gain the immediate cooperation of the French Underground). My uncle was a colonel in the OSS, so I’ve got that to live down. As Captain John Birch said, “I’d rather be a private under Chennault than a colonel in the OSS.”

The John Birch Society was named after the first American killed by the Red Chinese at the end of World War II. He was ordered to meet with his killers, a platoon of Mao’s thugs, by Paul Helliwell, his OSS boss in China. Helliwell was a Miami banker before and after the war! Birch and his squad were disarmed by their Communist allies and then Birch was lead away and bayoneted to death. He’d complained a little too loudly, like Pat Tillman, about America’s pro-Communist policies in China. That’s what you get from Communist America.

The JBS was a false-front operation that angered its members over Communist subversion but channeled their anger and money into meaningless busy-work projects. It also concealed from the members the true nature of Communism and who financed it. Any member who discovered that Communism was just as Jewish as Zionism – and mentioned it – was ordered to leave the group, which was little more than the cult of Robert Welch, the founder. Board members included former Communists and Federal Reserve executives!

The American-built Soviet Communist machine finally ran out of gas and our military-industry gangsters lost their valuable and lucrative “enemy,” which had to be replaced quickly. Fortunately for the “defense contractors,” the CIA, Mossad and Zbigniew Brzezinski put together a new enemy they called “al-Qaeda.”

My wife and I watched a movie the other night – “The Road to Guantanamo.” It is the true story of several British Pakistanis from Tipton, West Midlands, who accompanied their friend to Pakistan, where he was to be married. This was a few weeks following 9-11. The wedding was canceled and the young Brits had nothing to do and so, through several misadventures, wound up across the border in Afghanistan. There, they were quickly rounded up by the Americans and our puppet hoodlums, the Northern Alliance. Falsely accused of helping the Taliban, the men were placed in appalling SRO dungeons and then in the dreaded shipping containers, in which most of those with them died of suffocation or gunshots by American soldiers. The movie did not depict that hundreds of these victims actually cooked to death in the containers, left out in the hot sun for days. This was overseen by our wonderful boys, who were fighting for freedom.

The lucky survivors, who included the British Moslems, were then processed and put into those bright orange jumpsuits with total sensory deprivation. Hearing and sight were deprived with disgraceful hoods, black-out goggles and hearing suppressors. Placed in ritualistic positions on the floor of a C-130, they were flown to Cuba, specifically Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay.

Here they were subjected to pure American sadism. That is, it was Israeli sadism administered by screaming American thugs, same as Abu Ghraib. The prisoners’ entire life histories were already known by the American dictatorship, and so it was known months in advance that none of these prisoners was guilty of anything. And this was the whole point of the torture.

Rush Limbaugh, that plutocrat GOP Communist, sneeringly refers to this evil dungeon as “Club Gitmo.” He needs to do some time down there before dropping through the trap. Of course, now that Obama is running Club Gitmo, maybe it has a more sinister aspect.

My wife, a medical doctor, realized that these innocent guys were the subjects of a psychological experiment. She had seen the same sort of thing in Veterans Administration hospitals. That is, our entire veteran population is an experimental group. They have little choice but to submit to whatever procedures the government chooses for them, because they are Communists in a Communist system. She thinks that anyone who submits to the AMA priesthood is performing in one pharmaceutical experiment or another and should be paid by the industry.

The first big American psychological experiment was the Korean War, in which our wonderful boys killed and were killed under the flag of the United Nations. That was an experiment right there, having American soldiers who’d grown up pledging allegiance to the flag, living and dying under the blue and white UN banner. No one complained that I know of. In the hands of our North Korean and Red Chinese puppets (they were put in business by the US government), American soldiers were experimented on in very unpleasant ways. Pavlov developed brainwashing in Russia under Lenin, doing his dog experiments on Russians and other victims of Jewish Communism but the ultimate targets are American men and “conditioned response” had to be tried out on them.

It must have worked pretty well because the infamy of the Korean War was that no American POW ever escaped from a North Korean prison. Lots of them got away from the Nazis and even the Japanese, but not a one of them got away from the North Korean psycho-prisons. Except I knew one who did.

Don G. was a drilling fluids engineer in the California oilfield when I met him in the late ‘70s. Someone said he’d been a prisoner of the North Koreans but wouldn’t talk about his experience. He talked about it with me. Don and his group of forward observers were a little too close to the enemy soldiers, calling in coordinates for the artillery, when they were overrun. Most of his mates were killed but Don and a black sergeant from Houston were captured. Their ordeal became a nightmare that lasted several months. Both of them were interrogated and subjected to what became known as “brainwashing.” Neither of them cooperated and both of them were beaten frequently.

Other Americans who didn’t cooperate were shot occasionally. Don and the sergeant were threatened with being shot and the sergeant told Don that if they didn’t somehow get away they would doubtless soon be killed. Their crimes were an unwillingness to criticize their country in any way, even the Jim Crow policy the sergeant had experienced all his life. Talk about misplaced loyalty!

Brainwashing is a fairly simple procedure, it turns out. It does require the victim to self-criticize. Once he does that, he can be switched into anything the brainwasher wants. So to get him to self-criticize the brainwasher gets him to criticize someone else, eventually a friend and finally himself. The key to avoid being brainwashed is never to criticize anyone other than the one who’s trying to brainwash you. That’s what Don and his friend kept doing, and that’s why the Koreans were going to kill them.

Don and the other guy didn’t actually escape from a prison camp but got away while in transit from one camp to another one in the dark of night. (He said the North Koreans were always moving them around, afraid the Americans were going to try to rescue them!) They dropped down in a depression in the path while the other prisoners trudged by. Then they headed south, for UN lines. Their first surprise was their reception by the American doctors, who were astonished that these two men escaped. They were the only ones. So the doctors interrogated them pretty heavily, trying to figure out their motivation to escape, since no one else had ever tried it.

Then they were sent to Letterman VA Hospital in San Francisco. Here, the psychiatrists seemed downright hostile and even offended that these two mavericks would get away from the North Koreans. Don was totally confused. His confusion soon turned to anger at his treatment by the army, which seemed to view him with suspicion. Over the next few years of hostile treatment and examination by army psychiatrists, Don became bitter, so much so that his wife divorced him and his family feared he was a brainwashed Communist. He was the exact opposite. But this is what happens to anyone who bucks the system in America – even an American.

Back to the British Moslems. And the Afghans and Pakistanis and what other Moslems were kidnapped and tortured by the army. All of them are innocent, which is the point of what we are doing to them. We torture them to find out what breaks them down, so as to devise some formula, some database, for controlling all Moslems. These British guys somehow survived the sadism and were eventually released. No apology, just – “Okay, you’re done.” Victims of Communism, American-style.

Hundreds are still in our gulags, interrogated daily by American morons whose knowledge of Islam comes from Jewish television programs (and Israeli training). The same questions are asked, over and over, month after month, year after year. Confessions are demanded to non-existent crimes, just as the Soviets demanded them. All that is really wanted is a delta factor, some change in behavior or renunciation of Islam, ideally – which never happens. The Jews very much want to unplug Moslems from their religion, or figure new ways to turn Moslems against themselves and self-destruct, as they are doing in Jewish-ruled Iraq.

There are still five hundred or more Moslems in the US Naval prison at Guantanamo Bay. Ten of them have been charged with something and even those ten are totally innocent, compared with the Americans. The Brits were constantly ordered to confess to being members of “al-Qaeda,” which most refused to do, even after the most revolting torture. They had no idea what al-Qaeda was or is.

Only the CIA really knows what it is because “al-Qaeda” is a CIA word. We all were told years ago that “al-Qaeda” meant “base.” I thought this meant base of operations, or fundamentalism or something deep. No. It means “database.” Al-Qaeda is the CIA’s computer list of mujahadin freedom fighters they were arming to defeat the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan back in the ‘80s. Osama bin Laden was a paymaster and CIA-backed organizer of the fighters. The point is that the CIA knows exactly every name in the database because it’s their database.

To force these innocent Brits, or any other Moslems, to confess that they are in al-Qaeda is CIA-Mossad brainwashing and psycho-conditioning. It is pure terrorism, as described by George Orwell in 1984. No one has described what the Moslems are up against as well as Orwell did in the final climactic scene in which Winston Smith is tortured by O’Brien. O’Brien explains that the object of torture is not to gain information but only to inflict pain. The only way to know for certain that a person is really under your control is if he is suffering.

What the Jewish Bolsheviks did to the Russians, the Jewish Israelis to the Palestinians, the Judaized Americans are doing to the Iraqis and Moslems everywhere. Orwell warned us that this was our future, and it is. He was just too polite to describe it properly as Talmudic Judaism, what I call Jewish Rule. On behalf of Jewish Rule, George W. Bush was and Barack Obama is conducting a merciless war of extermination against all Moslems.

George W. Bush, as he revealed as governor of Texas, derived pleasure from torturing and murdering those under his total control. Read that 2000 Vanity Fair article in which he giggles and talks obscenely as he mimics Karla Faye Tucker as she begs for her life. This was about the time that he would cite Jesus as his inspiration.

I must admit that the murder of Saddam Hussein, dressed up as a routine execution, left me speechless, but everything that George W. Bush did left me somewhat dazed and without the power to describe exactly what he had done, or why. Of course, Saddam was lynched on Bush’s orders, before he could speak of his dealings with Bush’s father. Saddam and GHW Bush reportedly shared billions of dollars in kickbacks from the Kuwaitis and from various oil companies engaged in the region.

Saddam was reportedly a major owner of Mercedes-Benz and therefore the Chrysler Corporation, among many others. He was supported by Bush, then head of CIA under “Gerald R. Ford, Jr.” (Ford’s actual name was Leslie Lynch King, Jr.) Saddam became Iraq’s president in ’79, during Carter’s reign, but worked for Bush against the Iranians throughout the Reagan-Bush years.

GW Bush claimed he was angry with Saddam for trying to assassinate “his dad.” But, as the ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky has revealed, it was the Mossad that tried to assassinate Poppy Bush in ’91, when he and Baker threatened to delay the ten billion dollar Israeli “loan guarantees” because of the crappy apartment houses they were greedily building on Palestinian land. I know – all of Israel is on Palestinian land. But Saddam never attempted to assassinate Bush, Sr. – it was the Jews, as usual. The little moron knows this full well but is incapable of anger at Jews so he pretended anger at Saddam, who was supposed to be murdered instead of being captured and tried.

The CIA was in charge of Saddam’s arrest and for some reason allowed him to live and threaten the Bush family secrets. I believe that this act was behind Bush’s decision to dismantle the CIA and give its job to Rumsfeld’s Pentagon. Rumsfeld – the guy who worked with Saddam and supplied him with chemical weapons against the Iranians in the ‘80s.

Saddam’s murder was inevitable because he had to be silenced. His dignified, heroic attitude on the gallows has probably never been seen in our lifetimes, and may never be seen again – certainly on videotape. Some have claimed that we were actually seeing one of Saddam’s doubles but that’s not likely. But, whoever he was, he died well and showed the world the difference between a real man and an alcoholic mama’s boy. As I predicted in an earlier essay, Saddam was subjected to Nuremberg-like treatment by his ski-masked enemies while the rope was put around his throat. Taunts and curses were yelled at him. Saddam’s calm and manly comportment didn’t give Bush anything to giggle about.

George W. Bush needs to experience the same treatment that, when he ordered it, gave him sexual gratification, probably the only kind he can get. He needs to experience Jewish Rule from the other end of the rope. So does Cheney and every other war criminal under them.

Justice will be served only when Bush and his handlers are standing on the gallows in a smelly room, hard Manila ropes placed around their necks and the trap-doors let go beneath their feet. I dream of hearing the sound of their necks breaking.

Only the sound of their necks breaking will stop the nightmare they have created for the Moslem world, and the nightmare they plan for us. Bush and his gang committed the worst war crimes in history, with the use of depleted uranium ammunition. They have consigned millions of us to very bad deaths, with four million pounds of uranium dust blowing through our lower atmosphere.

These monsters have already killed 700,000 Iraqis since Shock and Awe, plus thousands of Americans who helped kill them. The first Bush and Clinton killed over a million Iraqis with Desert Storm and their brutal starvation sanctions. The coming uranium deaths mean nothing to them. Kissinger, who was advising Bush, considers our military personnel to be stupid animals, pawns of foreign policymakers.

There is another group of Americans that needs to drop through the trap door: The Zionist radio talkers. Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, the Savage Wiener and all the rest who have screamed and urged the destruction of Moslems. The Wiener wants millions killed now. All of them call for the nuclear bombing of Iran. These loudmouths talk and talk, knowing that their homicidal words please the Israelis. They need to be shown that vile words have consequences.

The first thing we must do is get it in our minds that all war criminals must be hanged. We must stop acting as we have been programmed to act for generations, which is to acquiesce in every evil policy and law made up by these sadistic criminals. We, too, have been part of a huge Zionist program in mind-control. So far, we have not broken the spell cast by these masters of horror. They have millions of Americans believing that American brutality is a good thing. I believe the only way to break the spell is to call for their hanging.

Eventually, we will get around to it.

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