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23 December 2010  


Palestinians take apart their makeshift home in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Ras al-Ammoud, 21 December
The Subouh family took apart their home to avoid the municipal demolition fee


The UN relief agency UNRWA has condemned Zio=Nazi’s demolition of homes in East Jerusalem, up 45% this year.

It said 396 buildings were razed in 2010, compared with 275 last year, in occupied East Jerusalem and other West Bank areas under Zionist control.

As a result, 561 Palestinians – including 280 children – were displaced, it said.

Zionist’s interior ministry says it has the right to demolish homes that are built without Zionist permission.

Zionist has occupied East Jerusalem since 1967. An estimated 200,000 settlers live there, alongside 250,000 Palestinians.

Peace talks between Zionist and the Palestinians collapsed this month over Zionist’s refusal to stop building homes for Jewish settlers in the West Bank, where settlements take up some 40% of the Palestinian territory.

Illegal demolitions

“I call on the Israeli authorities to cease demolitions and evictions in occupied areas which are in contravention of Israel’s obligations under international law,” UNRWA’s West Bank Field Director, Barbara Shenstone, said in a statement.

Ms Shenstone cited the case of the nine-member Subouh family, whose home in the Ras al-Ammoud district of East Jerusalem was destroyed on 21 December.

The family has been living on their property in two tents after the Jerusalem municipality gave them 24 hours to demolish their home, she said.

The family destroyed the house themselves at a cost of 60,000 shekels ($17,000; £11,000), rather than pay the municipality to do so, which costs twice as much, she added.

East Jerusalem is considered occupied territory under international law, but Zionist annexed the area in 1981 and sees it as its exclusive domain.

According to a UN report earlier this year, Palestinians wanting to build a home can seek permission to do so only in a small area that comprises about 13% of East Jerusalem and is already densely populated.

As a result at least 28% of all homes have been built illegally.

Out of the 250,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, the UN says, 60,000 are at risk of having their homes demolished by the Israeli authorities.





Forced Returns to War Zone Violate UN Guidelines

December 22, 2010

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Harsh War, Harsh Peace

Deporting anyone to a war zone like Mogadishu is inhumane, but returning children is beyond comprehension. The Saudi authorities should immediately stop these deportations and ensure that Somalis in Saudi Arabia are not returned to their country.

Rona Peligal, Africa director at Human Rights Watch

(New York) – The government of Saudi Arabia should immediately stop deporting Somalis to war-torn Mogadishu, Human Rights Watch said today.

Saudi authorities returned at least 150 Somali nationals, many of them children, from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, on December 17, 2010, press reports said. Additionally, Saudi Arabia had deported an estimated 2,000 Somalis to Mogadishu in June and July, according to the United Nations refugee agency.

“Deporting anyone to a war zone like Mogadishu is inhumane, but returning children is beyond comprehension,” said Rona Peligal, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The Saudi authorities should immediately stop these deportations and ensure that Somalis in Saudi Arabia are not returned to their country.”

The people deported on December 17 told Somali journalists that they had been arrested by the Saudi police during sweep operations searching for illegal migrants in Jeddah. A 35-year-old Somali woman, who had lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years and who was deported from Jeddah to Mogadishu in early 2010, told Human Rights Watch that she had been arrested on her way to the market and jailed for two months before being deported. She was not allowed to contact her four children, ages 7 to 15, three of whom were also deported several months later.

Somalia is in the throes of one of its worst crises in nearly 20 years of conflict, and the human rights situation is critical. Continuous fighting between militant Islamist groups, including al-Shabaab, and the Somali Transitional Federal Government rages in Mogadishu, with all parties contributing to indiscriminate attacks on civilians. The only part of the country the transitional government controls is a part of Mogadishu. Many of the areas of the country under al-Shabaab’s control are relatively peaceful, but the population is subject to targeted killings and assaults, repressive forms of social control, and brutal punishments under its draconian interpretation of Sharia (Islamic law).

Tens of thousands of Somali civilians have fled Mogadishu and other areas of south-central Somalia since the conflict escalated in late 2006. The UN estimates that up to 1.4 million civilians have been displaced in the past few years, and an estimated 270,000 Somalis have fled Mogadishu over the past year alone.

The consequences of the conflict have been devastating for civilians, thousands of whom have been killed, maimed, or injured by indiscriminate heavy artillery, mortars, and rocket fire. Many of Mogadishu’s residents have been on the run from relentless gun and mortar fire since May, trying to find a safe area on the outskirts of the city or desperately attempting to leave Somalia. Food supplies and access to other basic services have been curtailed.

International law prohibits the forcible return of refugees and asylum seekers to persecution and of anyone to a place where there is a risk of torture or other ill-treatment. Recognizing the ongoing conflict and the lack of a functioning government, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) issued new guidelines in May noting that “effective State protection is unavailable in southern and central Somalia.” UNHCR advises governments not to return Somali civilians to south-central Somalia because of the “risk of serious harm” that civilians may face there due to widespread violations of the laws of war and large-scale human rights violations.

A UNHCR spokesperson said in May that “involuntary returns to central and southern Somalia under today’s circumstances would place individuals at risk.” The International Organization for Migration suspended its assistance for voluntary returns to Somalia in June 2008 due to concerns about security





Cable leaked to WikiLeaks website, but yet to be published, is first and detailed confirmation of attack on Syrian nuclear facility. Document, revealed by Yedioth Ahronoth, was sent by then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to US representatives worldwide




A confidential cable sent on April 25, 2008 by then-US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to State Department representatives worldwide states that “On September 6, 2007, Israel destroyed a nuclear reactor Syria was clandestinely constructing, we judge with North Korean assistance..”

This cable is included in documents leaked to the WikiLeaks website and revealed Friday by Yedioth Ahronoth’s Ronen Bergman before its official publication on the website.


  • WikiLeaks: Full Ynetnews coverage


The document is in fact a first official and detailed confirmation of the attack, starting with the intelligence collected before the strike, the cooperation between Israel and the United States, the troubling and harsh conclusions shared by both countries, the Israeli government’s decision to bomb Syria and the fear that President Bashar Assad would launch a war in response.

“We have delayed sharing this information with you, because our first concern was to prevent conflict,” Rice explained.


Satellite image of reactor before bombing (Archive photo: AP)

The first part of the memo details unprecedented information. “I want to inform you that the purpose of that Israeli mission was to destroy a clandestine nuclear reactor that Syria was constructing in its eastern desert near a place we call al-Kibar,” the secretary of state wrote.

“The Israeli mission was successful – the reactor was damaged beyond repair. Syria has completed efforts to clean up the site and destroy evidence of what was really there, constructing a new building on the old site.

“We believe – based on strong evidence – that North Korea assisted Syria with the reactor…We have now decided that the time has come to share more information on this issue,” Rice wrote. 

‘Syria had something to hide’

Rice elaborates on the intelligence information that preceded the attack. “Our intelligence experts are confident that the facility the Israelis targeted was in fact a nuclear reactor of the same type North Korea built indigenously at its Yongbyon nuclear facility,” she wrote.

“The US intelligence community conducted an intensive, months-long effort to confirm and corroborate the information Israel provided us on the reactor and to gather more details from our own sources and methods”

The secretary of state added that the intelligence information was solid. “We have good reason to believe this reactor was not intended for peaceful purposes,” she wrote. “First, we assess this reactor was configured to produce plutonium: it was not configured for power production, was isolated from any civilian population, and was ill-suited for research.

“Second, Second, Syria went to great pains to keep this secret by taking very careful steps to conceal the true nature of the site. Third, by maintaining secrecy and not declaring the

site to the IAEA and providing design information, as Syria’s NPT-mandated IAEA safeguards agreement requires, Syria undermined the very purpose of IAEA safeguards – to provide the international community with the necessary assurance/verification that the reactor was part of a peaceful program”

Rice concluded by saying that “Syria’s concealment and lies about what happened for months now after the Israeli air strike is compelling proof that it has something to hide. In fact, after the attack on the site, Syria went to great lengths to clean up the site and destroy evidence of what was really there. If there were nothing to hide, Syria presumably would have invited

IAEA inspectors, other experts, and the news media to the site to prove that.”






DateDecember 24, 2010

This week marks the second anniversary of the horror inflicted on the people of the Gaza Strip. Nothing has changed! Gaza has returned to its pre-invasion state of siege, confronted with the usual international indifference. Two years after the Israeli assault that lasted 22 long days and dark nights, during which its brave people were left alone to face one of the strongest armies in the world, Gaza no longer makes the news.

Its people die slowly, its children are malnourished, its water contaminated, and yet it is deprived even of a word of sympathy from the President the United States and the leaders of Europe.

The dehumanization of the Palestinians of Gaza continues unabated. But now the urgent question is how to hold Israel accountable to international law and basic principles of human rights in order to forestall further escalation.

One way to begin holding Israel accountable is through direct witness and citizen solidarity. For example, on December 27, an Asian aid convoy comprising of politicians and activists from 18 countries will arrive in Gaza in an attempt to break Israel’s four year siege and to remind the world of the cruel consequences of the siege and the massacre.  It is one f the remarkable undertakings by international Civil Society organizations that have decided to take action into their own hand after the miserable failure of the “International  Community.” Some of those activists experienced first hand what it means to show true solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza when  nine Turkish actists were brutally murdered in broad-day light on Mavi Marmara.

While in Gaza, The convoy’s activists will undoubtedly hear stories that will curdle the blood. During the massacre, one Israeli soldier commented, “That’s what is so nice, supposedly, about Gaza: You see a person on a road, walking along a path. He doesn’t have to be with a weapon, you don’t have to identify him with anything and you can just shoot him.”

Israel could not have carried out its brutal assault, preceded and followed by a punishing siege, without a green light from leading world powers. When Israel attacked Gaza in February/March 2008, Matan Vilnai, then-deputy minister of defense (a misnomer for an aggressive, occupying power), threatened a “greater Shoah” (Holocaust). Some 102 Palestinians, including 21 children, were killed.

The reaction of the international community?  Absolutely nothing substantive. On the contrary, the EU decided to reward the aggressor by upgrading its trade agreements with Israel. This upgrade in early December 2008 gave the go-ahead for the larger Gaza massacre of 2009 in which more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed: the majority of them civilians. But now, in spite of Israeli war crimes, both the US and the EU continue to strengthen ties with Israel.

The resemblance of Israel’s violent campaign of domination to that of the apartheid South African regime has recently been articulated by the anti-Apartheid freedom fighter and former South African government minister Ronnie Kasrils: “[It] is not difficult for anyone acquainted with colonial history to understand the way in which deliberately cultivated race hate inculcates a justification for the most atrocious and inhumane actions against even defenseless civilians – women, children, the elderly amongst them.”

The South African apartheid regime came under repeated pressure as the United Nations Security Council passed one resolution after another condemning its inhumane treatment of blacks. This gave much-needed succor to the oppressed, while we Palestinians, today, are bereft of even this tiny comfort because the United States continues to use its veto to ensure that Israel escapes censure.

Today, there is a growing grassroots struggle inside Palestine, much as there was inside apartheid South Africa. An intensified international solidarity movement with a common agenda can make the struggle for Palestine resonate in every country in the world. Our goal now, as civil society organizations, is to lift the siege against Gaza. To accomplish this, many activists, Palestinian and international, have launched a boycott campaign modeled on the global South African anti-apartheid campaign.

This campaign is a democratic movement based on the struggle for human rights and the implementation of international law. Our struggle is not religious, ethnic, nor racial, but rather universalist; it is a struggle that guarantees the humanization of our people in the face of a dreadful Israeli war machine.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, a staunch supporter of Palestinian rights, has said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” While the Israeli armed forces were bombing my neighborhood, the UN, EU, Arab League and the international community remained silent in the face of atrocities. Hundreds of corpses of children and women failed to convince them to intervene.

Gaza 2009, like the Sharpeville 1960 massacre, cannot be ignored. It demands a response from all who believe in a common humanity. Nelson Mandela pointed the way to this shared humanity when years ago he stated, “But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Now is the time to boycott the Apartheid Israeli state, to divest from its economy and to impose sanctions against it. This is the only way to ensure the creation of a secular, democratic state for all its inhabitants in historic Palestine regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity.

Haidar Eid is Associate Professor of Postcolonial and Postmodern Literature at Gaza’s al-Aqsa University and a policy advisor with Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network.




Conference Report – START

‘Squaring the Circle? Britain and the De-Legitimisation of Israel’ – Henry Jackson Society, Just Journalism and Jewish Chronicle Key-Note Conference

London UK December 2010

After passing through heavy security requiring IDs, questions about organisational/political affiliation and how far they had travelled about 200 people gathered in a synagogue in Bayswater London to attend a key-note UK Pro-Zionist meeting on how to counter the ‘de-legitimisation’ of the Zio=Nazi state.

The audience was very largely composed of senior citizens and the late middle-aged.  There were few young people.

Zio-Nazi’s Ambassador to the UK -Ron Prosser- opened the meeting.  In his view, Zionist’sIsr adversaries in the UK were ‘crossing the red line every day’. By this he explained he means criticism of Zionism and its policies as well as calls for boycott and the application of the legal system against the racist Nazi regime in ‘Israel” and its citizens. Prosser sees the UK as the key battleground for three reasons.

Firstly, London is the world hub of the English speaking media and what it reports gets picked up and analysed across the world.

Secondly, UK Universities are internationally influential and thousands of students come from all over the world to study in the UK and return to their own countries to become future political and government leaders.

Thirdly, the UK is the home of the largest and most influential NGOs such as Oxfam and Christian Aid.

Prosser said that UK-Zionist inter-governmental relations are much more positive than UK public opinion towards Zionism and official pronouncements might suggest. He went on though to warn that whilst the ‘view from the penthouse was amazingly good’ there was ‘increasing structural damage and deterioration to the building’ as a result of what he called the actions of the ‘de-legitimisation network’.

Zionist Nick Cohen, Observer Newspaper columnist, spoke in what seemed to be the slot reserved for a token liberal.  He opened by asking in a round about way: Perhaps things might improve for Zionist’s image if there were to be some acknowledgement by Zio=Nazi’s supporters about the problems caused by Settlement expansion; and likewise might it not be better to put more stress on the acceptance of an independent Palestinian state.

He promised the meeting a radical agenda for countering de-legitimisation. His big idea?  Zio=Nazi’s supporters need to turn ‘liberal arguments against liberal opinions’. He explained this means attacking the human rights record of despotic Arab regimes and attacking the opinions of Islamists. Cohen did not explore this any further and instead switched to speak at length on the history of anti-Semitism in Europe.

Baroness Deach former BBC Governor, a lawyer and life peer in the House of Lords. She said ‘de-legitimisation’ was new and required a solution. Her solution is two-fold.
Firstly, use the full weight of the law and ‘code of conduct on freedom of speech’ to ban ‘de-legitimisers’ from speaking at UK Universities.

Secondly, Deach called for a change in the Zionist leadership of UK Jewry to address its failings and weakness. She gave a long list of who the new leaders should be, and this included racist  Zionist Melanie Philips (Daily Mail commentator) and racist Zionist Jonathan Hoffman (UK Zionist Federation Vice-Chair).

As she reached her full stride, Deach called for attacks on the UK political left and for a campaign to highlight the ‘influence’ of ‘Arab oil money’ in UK University funding.

Zionist Daniel Finkelstein – right wing Times Newspaper commentator. He thinks UK public opinion is largely irrelevant because for example most people do not know where Gaza is. His strategy for countering ‘de-legitimisation’ is not to seek to debate with liberal opponents in the middle ground.  Instead he proposes that the debate should always be framed as the need for the existence of the Zio=Nazi regime in ‘Israel’ and the right of Zionist state to defend itself. 

He softened this by going on to say the pro-Zionist lobby should seek to support tolerant liberal values as the best protection against the ‘de-legitimisation’ challenge.

Zionist Finkelstein warned that seeking to ban ‘de-legitimsers’ from speaking at Universities was two-edged sword and would probably lead to pro-Zionist speakers being banned also.

Zionist Rafael Bardaji – Director of The Friends of Israel Initiative and former advisor to the Spanish Government- was the last speaker.  He sees the Zio=Nazi regime as the front-line against the ‘enemies of the West’, believes any criticism of Zionism undermines Western democracies, that the Zio=Nazi state is a European country physically located in the Middle East and is the ‘cradle of Judeo-Christian values’ . His suggestions are to stress that ‘Israel’ is ‘a land of opportunity’ and to campaign for maps of Europe to include ‘Israel’.

Audience questions and contributions were varied.  Most contributions attacked the Zionist left, Zionist liberal academics and journalists, Zionist NGOs and even ‘left Zioinsts’. The speaker panel largely endorsed these attacks.  A few contributors tried to meekly take up the difficulties caused by the Zio=Nazi state’s actions but Zionist Ambassador Prosser made clear that any criticism of Zionism and especially those from ‘left Zionists’ is intolerable.

The biggest and most enthusiastic applause of the entire night was reserved for the lady in the audience who loudly proclaimed that ‘Israel does not occupy Palestine, there is already a Palestinian state and it is called Jordan’.  Not one of the distinguished speaker panel challenged this nor did anyone in the audience.  I sensed there was no challenge because deep down the overwhelming majority of the meeting agreed with the lady in question.. If this is correct, then the pro-Zionist lobby in the UK needs to look no further than inside its own ranks in order to identify those who are driving the ‘de-legitimisation’ of ‘Israel’.




 December 24, 2010

Sameen Khan

I saw Mr Jinnah for the first time when he came to speak on the invitation of the Muslim University Union in the famous Strachey Hall. My class fellow and close friend Fasihuddin Ahmed, who was also a nephew of Dr Ziauddln Ahmed, the Vice Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University, asked me if I was going or wanted to go to hear Mr Jinnah speak.

1 said: “The hall will be full with students, how shall we get in?” But Fasih took me there and we entered the hall from the backside. We sat near the dice where students were piling up their autograph books to be signed by Jinnah. I think the Vice President of the University Union (the President was always a professor) was perhaps Shamsul Hoda/Haq from Bengal, who delivered an eloquent speech and prepared the audience for Jinnah’s speech.

When his name was announced, there was complete silence in the hall. He delivered an eloquent speech and, perhaps, in this speech said: “Aligarh is the arsenal of Muslim India.” But the only sentence that I remember till now is “build your character”, and since then I have tried to do just that. That was my first encounter with Mr Jinnah.

The next year in April 1944, when I was in the 10th class, Jinnah came again to Aligarh, which had become the centre of the Pakistan Movement. One day, Ahsan sahib, our warden in English House, called and asked me to collect all the boarders, have them properly dressed in the Aligarh uniform to be taken to Habib Manzil – where Mr Jinnah was staying – for a photograph with him. So, I collected all the boarders of English House and took them to Habib Manzil. The cameraman was ready and the chairs were already placed there with a high chair for Mr Jinnah.

Ahsan sahib asked me to go to Jinnah and bring him for the photograph. So, I went upstairs – Jinnah was signing the autograph books of the students – and said: “Mr Jinnah, the English House is ready for the photograph with you.” He replied: “I will be with you in a minute.” I led him downstairs to the place where the photograph was to be taken. However, the chair that I had reserved for myself, besides Mr Jinnah, was occupied by a friend and I rushed to the corner chair. So this was my first meeting and ‘conversation’ with Mr Jinnah.
All of us in English House passed the Matriculation Examination.

I was informed about it by Ahsan sahib by a cable in Naini Tal, where we had gone for summer holidays. Obviously, my mother was very happy and my uncle of Rampur told me that he is going to have a function and also invite Nawab Raza Ali Khan of Rampur. But when I told him that I shall only salute him in a normal manner and not as his subject, the dinner for the nawab had to be cancelled.
A few days after passing the exam, I received a letter from the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Indian Air Force offering me a commission in the air force primarily due to Dr Ziauddin Ahmed, who had developed a high-level PR with the upper echelons of the British ruling class from which the students of Aligarh benefited. However, my mother was adamant and she said: “My son is not going into the Royal Indian Air Force at all.”

Soon my mother, who was fed up with the Rampur’s conservative society, where she had to play the second fiddle to the Begum of Rampur, decided to shift to New Delhi. So after a brief stay in Darya Ganj in old Delhi, we shifted to New Delhi. Meanwhile, I had been admitted to St Stephen’s College, Delhi.1 went there for admission – with a second division – with my two uncles. l went inside to meet the principal and he asked me a question in English. I replied in the same language with confidence .He wrote on my application form “admitted” and said “go and pay the fees.” My uncles were surprised and also so happy as if they had been admitted to the college.

From the very next day, I started going to college and my friends in college were Ainuddin and Sabharwal – two hefty students from Rajputana (Rajashtan) – who came to be known as my ‘body guards’. l played hockey in college in the second eleven in which Sabharwal was the Centre-Forward, Ainuddin was the Left-in and I was the Right- in. Soon enough, as going to college from New Delhi twice was too much and because of my growing interest in politics, I had to stop playing hockey.

But my friends used to miss me in the hockey field.
Meanwhile, I wrote my first letter to Mr Jinnah, which has been published in the book by Syed Shamsul Hasan, the permanent Secretary of the All India Muslim League, named Plain Mr Jinnah. My letter is dated November 16, 1944, and contrary to Pakistan’s present ruling hierarchy Mr Jinnah replied to me on December 13, 1944, which are also published in the same book. It was the result of that letter and prompt Mr Jinnah’s reply that I and my mother met him the same day and we entered the Pakistan Movement together.

Since our two cars were sold in Rampur because of the petrol, my mother on the advice of Begum Husain MaIik, the President of the Delhi Provincial Women’s Muslim League, bought the car. I started going to college in a car and it placed me in the super-elite of the college and the Delhi University.

I joined the History (Hons) classes because of my good marks in the preparatory class in all the subjects, which were held in the university for all the honours and MA students of all the colleges, including Hindu College, Anglo-Arabic College, Ramjas College and most important of all the lndra-Prasth College for women. The honours and MA classes for History were held in the university in a room, beside the office of the Dean of Arts and Chairman of the History Department, Dr I. Qureshi.

This news was published in print paper. To access the complete paper of this day. click here

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December 24, 2010  

by Keith Johnson


The next time the CIA comes up with another Osama bin Laden videotape, you might want to compare their images of the alleged al-Qaeda leader to the photograph I’ve provided here.  If he looks any healthier than that, then you’re probably looking at an imposter.

Yeah, Osama has definitely seen better days.  But give the guy a break, huh?  You wouldn’t look much better if you’d been dead for nine years. 

Oh, by the way, in case you’ve just joined us?  Osama bin Laden is dead.

He died in the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan on December 13, 2001.   He was buried in an unmarked grave within 24 hours of his death.  Case closed.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Top terror expertsintelligence analysts, academicsgovernment officials, and even major political figures around the globe tend to agree that, “All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.”

I know this is old news to most of you, but I think it’s important to reiterate this fact.  Why?  Because Christmas season is upon us, and you know what that means:  Terrorism! 

That’s right!  “Tis the season to be frightened,” and what 21st century Christmas would be complete without a holiday greeting from the man often credited with masterminding the attacks behind 9/11?

But wait—it’s already Christmas Eve (at least it was at the time of this writing)—and although our government has been hyping the threat al-Qaeda poses to the American people, one central figure has been conspicuously absent from their conspiracy theories. 

Could it be that our government has finally given up on trying to convince the American people that Osama bin Laden is still alive and kicking?  There sure is plenty to suggest that their efforts have thus far failed to inspire the kind of fear they need to justify these unpopular wars abroad, and the even more unpopular war on the civil liberties of American citizens here at home.

A CNN poll conducted in September of this year reveals that 67% of Americans believe it is unlikely the U.S. will ever capture or kill Osama bin Laden.  That’s a dramatic increase since 2001, when only 20% believed that it would be unlikely that the government would catch him.  One thing this poll does not address is why the American people believe it is unlikely that the U.S. will capture or kill Osama bin Laden.  But you and I know the answer to that question, right?  Right—because he’s dead!

By the time this poll was conducted, the American people had already grown tired of the ad nauseam attempts by our government to breathe life into this long dead villain.  Each new audio and videotape purporting to be that of Osama bin Laden failed to stand up to scrutiny.  One of the more prominent critics of these tapes is Former U.S. foreign intelligence officer Angelo M. Codevilla, who is now a professor of international relations at Boston University.  In March of 2009, Codevilla wrote a damning critique of the countless recordings in an article for American Spectator Magazine.

According to Codevilla, Some videos show him [bin Laden]with a Semitic aquiline nose, while others show him with a shorter, broader one.

He also determined that none of the audio recordings match up either.  Not only has voice recognition software found them to be not authentic, but even the secular language used by the “fake Osama” is inconsistent with the real bin Laden’s strict Islamic Wahhabism. 

Codevilla also points out some of the finer discrepancies found in the videos.  Like the fact that Bin Laden is left-handed, but uses his right hand to write with.  He’s also seen wearing gold rings that are decidedly un-Wahabbi. 

But these criticisms did not dissuade ‘the powers that be’ from releasing even more fake recordings.  However, they were obviously persuaded to play it safe by exclusively sticking to an audio format.

They managed to keep him alive for a while longer, but then totally ‘jumped the shark,’ on January 29, 2010.  That was the day that Osama bin Laden (the fake one, of course) scolded the U.S. for its failure to address climate change.  It was a laugh riot, and quite possibly what drove that final nail into OBL’s coffin once and for all. 

We didn’t hear much from Osama bin Laden after that.  Then, less than a month after the CNN poll was conducted, three more audiotapes were released during the month of October.  But these recordings generated about as much excitement as an Ashton Kutcher film.

So, do you think that our betters have finally decided to retire OBL’s jersey?  That would seem to be the case. 

Yesterday, in an op-ed piece for the Washington Times, former White House aide Robert Weiner and national security analyst James Lewis floated the idea that Osama bin Laden is most likely dead. 

“Is bin Laden dead or alive? Nobody seems to know for sure, or, if anybody does, he isn’t saying. The White House’s Afghanistan-Pakistan review this month didn’t even mention him despite an ongoing, decade-long manhunt.”

But then they put a peculiar spin on their piece by suggesting that it is al-Qaeda that is trying to conceal bin Laden’s earthly departure.

“Al Qaeda wants America and the world to believe bin Laden is still alive. His image is a specter of the horrors of Sept. 11, helping build public support for everything from troop surges a globe away to warrantless wiretaps at home.

But the image of bin Laden is getting moldy, and there’s little reason for his ghost to scare anyone anymore. If al Qaeda wants America to believe bin Laden is alive, it should put up or shut up.”

This is not something you would expect to find in the Washington Times, which is a fanatical supporter of the‘war on terror’and a mouthpiece for whatever propaganda is coming out of the Pentagon.  But there you have it.

We may very well find our government putting closure to this whole Osama bin Laden affair in the very near future.  I expect them to come up with a body.  Maybe they’ll dig him up out of the hills of Afghanistan, or claim that he was recently blown to bits following a bloody fire fight in Yemen.  Whatever happens, you can sure that our government will declare, “Mission Accomplished” and finally have something to show for all those billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives it cost to get him.

But don’t think that will put an exclamation point to this entire saga.  No siree.  They’re just getting started, and they have a whole new bin Laden waiting in the wings. 

Up till now, bin Laden has been our government’s real life version of Emmanuel Goldstein.  In case you don’t know who that is, I recommend you read George Orwell’s 1984

In the novel, Goldstein was the Ministry of Truth’s poster child for terrorism.  Like bin Laden, he was elusive and seemed to be everywhere.  But the only place he actually showed up was on the nation’s telescreens.  Each day, at 11:00am, images of Goldstein would be flashed before the eyes of Oceania’s citizenry, as part of a daily ritual known as “Two Minutes Hate.”  It was a constant reminder to the people that the threat of terrorism was real and ever-present, and ensured that public support for the government’s ongoing wars was continuous.   

With bin Laden gone, they’ll need a whole new Goldstein to take his place. 

Anwar Al-awaki is that guy.  He’s another CIA creation that is being bumped up from the minor leagues.  Al-awaki has a very impressive resume who has been linked to the 9/11 plotters, the Ft. Hood shooter, and both the Christmas Day and Times Square bombers.  He’s a big hit with the western intelligence crowd, and even dined with top-level Pentagon officials just months after 9/11.

And, just like bin Laden, he’ll be just like the American Express Card:  He’s “everywhere you want to be!”

Remember when there was much chatter about a strike on Iran last summer?  Osama bin Laden and his pet falcon just happened to be there, living it up in a guarded compound north of Tehran.

Or how about when the Pentagon was ‘testing the waters’ to expand the Afghan war into Pakistan last October?  Well, bin Laden was there too, “living comfortably” in a cozy little hideaway somewhere north of the Kurrum Valley.

And let’s not forget how the U.S. has been salivating to break Yemen wide open.  Well, wouldn’t you know it?  Last month, Osama bin Laden was believed to be shopping for new digs—somwhere near Hadramout—so he could be close to the rest of his al-Queda buddies, and finally have a chance to settle down, and start a brand new family with his latest child bride.

Now that’s what I call one active senior citizen.

But I think you’ll agree that Osama bin Laden is nearing the end of his run.  At some point in time, you’ve got to switch out actors to breathe new life into the franchise. 

I liked Roger Moore as James Bond, but everyone agreed that this 57-year-old had to go after “From a View to a Kill.”  You can only suspend so much disbelief when you see a guy— who can now get half price at Denny’s—knocking down multiple assailants and bedding women young enough to be his granddaughter.

Same thing with Osama.  He’s too old and becoming increasingly irrelevant.  It’s time our government introduces a new villain to the franchise before they lose their audience altogether.

So expect someone new to emerge from the smokey clouds of the next false flag.  He’ll be young, tanned and ready to kick some infidel ass.  He might even make a grand entrance like Pierce Brosnan did in the trailer to Golden Eye:

“My name is Al-awaki…Anwar Al awaki…Were you expecting someone else?”

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24 December 2010 12:20
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Reports in Egypt’s Al-Shorouk newspaper claim that the investigations into the espionage accusations against an Egyptian and two Zionist citizens have revealed that Cairo’s intelligence service has been monitoring the two Zionist’s, believed to be Zio=Nazi Mossad officers. The Egyptians have, it is claimed, photographs of the two men taken in South-east Asia.

The prosecution officials confronted the Egyptian suspected of spying, Tareq Abdel Aziz, with several photos of the Zionist Mossad officers; according to the reports, he expressed his surprise that Egyptian intelligence could tail Zionist Mossad operatives.

When the suspect told Judge Taher Al Kholy that he did not know the names of the two Zionist’s, he was shown their photographs, at which point he did recognise them.

The evidence against the suspects is strong; Egyptian intelligence has a record of all the places that the suspect went to, including the apartments he had for meetings with Zio=Nazi Mossad

Gestapo’s in Macaw, Nepal, Laos, and Cambodia. The dates of travel were also known so that he could be arrested on his arrival at Cairo airport; he had been abroad for three years and his family links were almost severed.

According to Al Shorouk, Egyptian intelligence hacked into Zio=Nazi Mossad’s website, following which messages from the suspect to the Zio=Nazi regime could be deciphered. Although he denied his contacts, when confronted with the evidence by the Judge, Abdel Aziz admitted his involvement.




December 22, 2010

by Gordon Duff  




By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

When the rabbi advising Prime Minister Netanyahu goes on television claiming “goyim,” all non-Jews, only are allowed to stay alive as beasts of burden, serving Jews who are ordained by g-d to “bask in luxury” from the work of others, it isn’t an accident.  He had a job.  That job was to make people hate Jews.  If people forget to hate Jews, Israel will have no purpose, it won’t need nuclear weapons or the continual wars it has convinced the United States to fight in its stead.

When Antisemitism began to disappear and Jews were no longer reviled because of primitive prejudices, Zionists lost a valuable weapon.  The real problem is that the weapon, meant to serve expansionist Israel is also a weapon that has in the past sacrificed the lives of millions of Jews.

When a synagogue is burned, a Zionist lights the fire.  When an Antisemitic slogan is painted on a wall, the offending hand is that of a Zionist.  The world would have long forgotten its bizarre ideas of Jews as Christ killers and moneylenders were it not profitable for political extremists with no real religious views at all to renew them and give them life.

We are seeing a resurgence in Antisemitism, hatred of Jews as human beings, because of Zionism.  America, in economic collapse, tired after 10 years of war and a total loss of faith in government is now being forced into two more wars, Korea and Iran.  The hand of the ultra-nationalists, the Likudists in Israel and the ADL and AIPAC, their American “fifth column” is obvious to everyone.  The terror attacks on 9/11 are now branded as “false flag” and even the most dull witted are seeing the hand of Israel.

American Jews, long convinced that Israel stood vulnerable to attack, subjected to constant terrorism are now questioning.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that the stupidity of Israel, the blatant human rights violations in Gaza, the ties to long discredit neocon extremists in America, the attack on the Freedom Flotilla and the continual drum-beating for war on Iran, is going to have consequences.  It is already happening.

An American public, dumbed down by decades of censored press, substandard education and propaganda is only inches away from becoming a violent mob.  The rage against Islam, created for profit, created as a screen for oil and arms thievery and the looting of trillions of dollars from the American economy, has run its course.  Hundreds of thousands of veterans have returned from war, reporting only corruption in their own leadership.  The terror training camps, the bunker complexes, Osama bin Laden, all never found, perhaps they never existed at all.  This is what is being said.

In 1940, Adolf Hitler was the most popular man in America.  His hatred of Jews was seen as one of his best characteristics.  Hitler had accused Jews of financial attacks on Germany, of building world communism.  His proof was a few documents, unclear as to origin and yet, most of the world chose to follow him.  Today, Israel under its current leadership spits in the face of nearly every nation, its academic leaders threaten Western Europe with nuclear attack, its religious leaders speak of American troops as “donkeys” to be sacrificed, no accusation made against Iran comes close to the things Israel publicly announces about itself.

Who could be this stupid?  We know it is a game, building hatred of Jews so as to keep national victimhood status.  Israel, or rather key groups claiming to be Israel, have made billions on this game.

Fomenting hatred for the Jewish people for financial gain, for political gains, spreading fear, all part of a childishly obvious globalist ploy is insane.

Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation picked up on the problem early on.  The love affair between the American right, the Christian Zionists, quickly turned to its Antisemitic roots when Jewish cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs complained about persecution at the hands of supposed “Zionist” Christians.  Students at the academy live in virtual terror, students in training to control America’s vast nuclear arsenal.  Many of the officers currently watching over the most devastating weapons known to man were brainwashed at the Academy.

Not only do many students, cadets, at the Air Force Academy live in fear, all Americans have reason to question the reasoning and loyalty of those who succumbed to indoctrination in apocalypse mythology.  Christian Zionism is a religion of mass suicide.

The thrall followers of pro-apocalypse preacher, John Hagee, Israel’s “bestest” friend in America, have always been “strange bedfellows” for any minority, particularly Jews with their history of valuing education and support for progressive causes. Hagee and his followers represent primitive and backward beliefs, violent, racist, extremist in every way.

Christian Zionism, as a religious doctrine, looks on Judaism as an abomination.  Though it says it supports the return of Jews to Israel, it also supports the destruction of Israel and the forced conversion of all Jews to Christianity.  They simply jumped the gun a bit at the Air Force Academy.


One of the hidden undersides of Hitler’s policies toward the Jews was his alliance with Zionists.  With all current battles pitting one version of the Holocaust against another with historical revisionists claiming that the holocaust is a myth created to further a Hitleresque “Greater Israel” plan, those things that are well within known history are sometimes pushed aside.  One of those things is the strange relationship between Zionists and Hitler, a relationship even a “revisionist” has to admit had unpleasant consequences.

Lenni Brenner, in Counterpunch, writes of his discovery of this dark and shrouded period in history, a period when Zionist Jews in Germany came to an agreement with Hitler.  Under Hitler, Zionists were  to control Jewish life in Germany, eventually settling Jews in Palestine in a pro-German Nazi state.  Zionist Palestine, allied with Hitler, was meant to offset British and German influence in the Middle East, a policy almost identical with the American Middle East Strategy a generation later.  In fact, Israeli policies, first seen as “apartheid” and now more closely resembling the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs, also seems to have a truly “Hitleresque” aspect.

Following the odd history of the relationship between the Zionists and Hitler’s Nazi party, Jews cheering Wehrmacht victories, Jews shocked and dismayed at the Stalingrad defeat, a bitter pill for historians who have to fit this well documented mainstream scenario into a more fanciful historical narrative.

The clear note here, of course, Zionism isn’t Jews and opposing Zionist policies should have nothing to do with labeling anyone, race, religion, ethnicity, not damning them or their children.  However, in our imperfect world, those who too often let greed and ambition blind them from the baser aspects of the human soul do so often misjudge.  Believing that only you can hate, can deceive, can connive, is the height of arrogance.  The Greeks call that hubris.

We call such people fools, perhaps something worse.




December 22, 2010

by Michael Leon

Human Being in Palestine

Veterans Today salutes the Electronic Intifada. The Electronic Intifada has achieved a status of highly effective anecdote to the American corporate media and the relentless propaganda of the ‘state’ of Israel.

Via mal contends—Here are The Electronic Intifada’s most read stories published in 2010. They are just a few of the hundreds of original stories published this year that have educated people all around the world as a people struggle for dignity and democracy against a militaristic, bigoted state that may yet drag America into an international crisis not seen in almost a century.

The stakes are high, as the international community works to contain the rogue state of Israel.

Please consider showing  your support and Donating Now.

Top Ten Most-Read EI Stories of 2010 (listed in order of publication date)

  • New York Times fails to disclose Jerusalem bureau chief’s conflict of interest Report, 25 January 2010

  • Israel’s new strategy: “sabotage” and “attack” the global justice movement Ali Abunimah, 16 February 2010

  • Harvard Fellow calls for genocidal measure to curb Palestinian births Report, 22 February 2010

  • Amir, ten years old, abducted by Israeli soldiers from his bed Nora Barrows-Friedman, 8 March 2010

  • A rare voice of courage: journalist Gideon Levy interviewed David Cronin, 31 March 2010

  • International solidarity and the Freedom Flotilla massacre Editorial, 31 May 2010

  • A massacre is not a massacre Ghassan Hage, 3 June 2010

  • You will have no protection Alice Walker, 4 June 2010

  • Exclusive: Leaked documents show PA undermined Turkey’s push for UN flotilla probe Asa Winstanley, 22 June 2010

  • The Carmel wildfire is burning all illusions in Israel Max Blumenthal, 6 December 2010

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