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Treason Fest



Treason Fest 2011: AIPAC’s Annual Policy Conference May 22-24


1. Hey goys and girls, it’s that time of year again. Yup, it’s time for your so-called representatives in whore House and Senate to engage in the annual bacchanalian/sodomite freak show known as the AIPAC Policy Conference that runs from May 22-24 in downtown  WashingTelAvivton. Oh and this year there is a counter fest being held at the same time, and guess what, it’s being run by Palestinians. Well, actually it isn’t being run by Palestinians. It’s being run by the Vatican. Well, er, no it isn’t.  It’s actually being run by people who are afraid to let Helen Thomas speak. Pretty gutsy.  More on that later. But first let’s get to the ass-kissing and its repercussions for you and your loved ones.

Take a gander at this:

Global Currents – Confronting Radical Islam

From Kabul to Khartoum, London to Lahore, the threat of Islamic radicalism aimed at the United States and its allies is growing. How has the threat evolved since the 9/11 attacks? What can the United States and the West do to confront the global proliferation of Islamist terrorism? This session looks at the options available to policymakers.

The above quote could have come, these days, from almost anywhere. It could have come from Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, you name it.  No doubt it will not surprise readers of this website that the quote above is from AIPAC’s pages where it is advertising its upcoming hate conference known euphemistically as the AIPAC Policy Conference.  The Zionist Jews want you to be afraid of Muslims, they want you to hate Muslims, they want you to kill Muslims, they want you to persecute Muslims living in the United States even if they are US loyal US citizens. They have worked hard to create a violently anti-Muslim culture in the United States. That culture is something I’ve documented here for the past two years and many others for much longer have done the same from their own perspectives.

They promote hate and you goys and girls fall for this bullshit every single time. And your sons and daughters then go out and die for this bullshit. They also, not incidentally, kill for this bullshit. In fact, the more they kill for this bullshit the more enemies we make and the more enemies we make the happier ZMIC becomes. (That would be the Zio-Military Industrial Complex).  I also call it the Zio-cycle. More on this in a second.

I’m tired of having people come up to me in daily life talking about the “150 million Muslims who want to kill Americans.”  I mean, if I walk into a coffee shop and sit down with my $35.00 cup of mocha (and no I don’t do this at Star of David Bucks) no sooner do I sit down with my laptop to start another post than hordes of white zombies come running up to me asking me this question. “Oh Mantiq, why do 150 million Mooselims want to kill us?”  The fact is, thanks to our behavior, the number really should be much much higher. But in reality the number is astonishingly small. But this type of question comes up all the time because it is what people read and hear about constantly: that millions of Muslims want to kill them. It’s fed to them day and night. Click here and here for a couple of the funnier examples. Oh, and here too. Hell, you may as well go herehereherehere, and  here. Also, go here. But I digress.

There is a reason American are fed this shit about millions of Muslims.  The larger the number of mindless Muslim zombies (MZBs) the better it is for Israel. Also, the larger the number, the better it is for the Zio-Military-Industrial Complex (ZMIC) to make tons and tons of money all the while controlling stupid dumbass Fox-fed Americans. Wonder why these stupid wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now Libya seem endless? Because it means money for these people. They don’t give a shit if they bring democracy to these countries or a holocaust. In fact the latter is preferred because it means endless money for them. Remember those missiles we dropped on Libya at about a million a piece? Each time we drop one we then go back to the contractor and order another to replace it. Military people get promoted, their contractor friends make more money, and the icing on the cake is that Muslims die which causes more Muslims to hate us and so they do something and then we kill more of them. It’s the Zio-cycle.

The announcement above, from AIPAC’s website and which is featuring one of its many programs during AIPAC’s hate fest scheduled for May 22-24, is a typical example of what I am talking about.  Let me rewrite this to illustrate my point:

From Lod to Langley, Herziliyya to Huston, Ashqalon to Anchorage, Tel-Aviv to Topeka, the threat of Jewish radicalism aimed at the United States and its allies is growing. How has the threat evolved since the 9/11 attacks? What can the United States and the West do to confront the global proliferation of Jewish terrorism? This session looks at the options available to policymakers.

Wonder how long an organization holding seminars like this would be allowed to lobby on behalf of a foreign power and never even have to register as an agent of a foreign government?

2. They Pray, Therefore They Must Die

Now I want you to read this carefully. The red highlights are mine. The radio conversation shows that the US military personnel involved in the mass murder of a bunch of civilians, men, women and children in the excerpt from the story I am citing below, had a thoroughly bigoted attitude about the people of Afghanistan.  Thoroughly bigoted, totally utterly bigoted. This mass murder was a hate crime.  Since it was a hate crime against Muslims, the ADL has nothing to say.

The US war in Afghanistan is a hate crime. The US war in Iraq is a hate crime. US support of Israel is a hate crime.  And the  source of these hate crimes is the virulently bigoted anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda propagated by the main stream media, by a number of academics, by a whole slew of viciously anti-Islam and anti-Muslim websites, by many members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, by any number of people in the executive branch of the US government,  by “think tanks” that train US, state and local government and law enforcement agencies, by a considerable number of American “Christian” clerics, and by a huge number of Jews and organizations run by Jews.  At the risk of sounding repetitive: One thread runs through all of these groups: the influence exerted upon them by a huge number of Jews and organizations run by Jews.  The result today is that US popular culture is just as bigoted today, maybe more so, against Muslims as it was against African Americans before (and during) the civil rights movement.

So you dumbasses go out and kill Muslims, and the more you kill the more enemies you make and the more enemies you make the more money they make.

You fight, Muslims (and you) die, they all make money. Nice work if you can get it.

Here’s the Zio-cycle at work:

Nearly three miles above the rugged hills of central Afghanistan, American eyes silently tracked two SUVs and a pickup truck as they snaked down a dirt road in the pre-dawn darkness.

The vehicles, packed with people, were 3 1/2 miles from a dozen U.S. special operations soldiers, who had been dropped into the area hours earlier to root out insurgents. The convoy was closing in on them.

At 6:15 a.m., just before the sun crested the mountains, the convoy halted.

“We have 18 pax [passengers] dismounted and spreading out at this time,” an Air Force pilot said from a cramped control room at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, 7,000 miles away. He was flying a Predator drone remotely using a joystick, watching its live video transmissions from the Afghan sky and radioing his crew and the unit on the ground.

The Afghans unfolded what looked like blankets and kneeled. “They’re praying. They are praying,” said the Predator’s camera operator, seated near the pilot.

By now, the Predator crew was sure that the men were Taliban. “This is definitely it, this is their force,” the cameraman said. “Praying? I mean, seriously, that’s what they do.”

“They’re gonna do something nefarious,” the crew’s intelligence coordinator chimed in.

That’s right, prayer is an indicator of terroristic intent.  But only if it’s Muslims who are praying. How, pray tell, could US military officers and grunts all hold the these views? It is because our culture is permeated with anti Muslim hatred which is literally ingrained in our civil society, our government and our military. See hereherehere, and here to learn about how our government at the state and local levels – to include our police forces is taught hatred against Muslims. Go here to see the utterlydisgusting on-line web presentation by an officer in US military intelligence which is not only filled with falsehoods but is also in part plagiarized. Go here to see an unintentionally funny website by a guy who does comic books about how much Islam sucks. I have been told by civil servants that US government personnel place this cretin’s literature in the hallways of US government buildings. Did you know that Islam is a Vatican conspiracy? But I digress.

Go here and here and here and here to see what psycho’s we have or have had in the US military and what they do to Muslims. Please note that one of those psycho’s is a speaker in one of the links above. In fact, here is that same video but at youtube itself. It’s Senator Allen West of Florida a former nutcase in the military who was rewarded by being elected to be a nutcase in the Senate.  (You might have fun reading this link too, though I do not endorse the thesis, it’s deliciously ironic. )

Where is this all coming from?  You get one guess. (Shas Party members get two, of course.) How is it in your best interests that you are paying for wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and on smaller scales in countless other places many of them against majority Muslim populations? But I digress, let’s get back to killing Muslims.

So what did the drone end up doing?

At 6:22 a.m., the drone pilot radioed an update: “All … are finishing up praying and rallying up near all three vehicles at this time.”

The camera operator watched the men climb back into the vehicles.

“Oh, sweet target,” he said.

And they sure as hell were. The drone took them out about 3 hours later.

By the U.S. count, 15 or 16 men were killed and 12 people were wounded, including a woman and three children. Elders from the Afghans’ home villages said in interviews that 23 had been killed, including two boys, Daoud, 3, and Murtaza, 4.

All of the victims were non-combatants. Every single one.

The Zio-cycle keeps rolling along.

3. So yeah, there’s this alternative thingy to Treason Fest that is being held in WashingTelAvivton  at exactly the same time. Go here to read about them and their activities.  Because some very good people are supporting this alternative conference, such as the folks at the Rachel Corrie Foundation, Grant Smith, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt and Nadia Hijab, the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr voted, reluctantly, to support them. The vote was not unanimous. There was much bickering and gnashing of beaks.

The issue we had was that Helen Thomas had been asked to speak at the conference but once this was announced a bunch of people in the “Move Over AIPAC” coalition started bitching and moaning about it and so Ms. Thomas graciously decided not to participate but she did encourage others to join in this effort. She did not want her presence to be a distraction. Well, for me, the people who bitched and moaned about her are the distraction. If people opposing the Zionist stranglehold on this country are afraid of being called names because they invite someone like Helen Thomas to attend their function then they are doomed to fail in not only the short term, but also in the long term because they are allowing the enemy to dictate the terms of the struggle. Until you stupid dumbass American goyim say “enough is enough” you will forever remain subject to the Zio-cycle.

Nonetheless, due the presence of so many good folks of all persuasions attending this event, Mantiq al-Tayr endorses it and might even travel to WashingTelAvivton to attend. Needless to say, I won’t be speaking at the event. :-)

But they have some really interesting workshops and I might pop up at one of them. Their schedule ishere.  Give it a good read. They are busy with all sorts of cool things Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd. One workshop that looks really extra cool is one that Grant Smith will be at. It’s called: “Exposing AIPAC: Delving into the Nitty-Gritty of How the Israel Lobby Works”.  Could be very informative. Oh, and some guy no one has ever heard of, Jeffrey Blankfort, will also be at that one. :-)

I hope Ms. Thomas shows up anyway.  In case she doesn’t, you can all read her columns at the Fall Church News-Press.

4. “We are the ones who resist, from the river to the sea, from the north to the south.”

It sure would be nice if Nabil Mansour could be at the counter-AIPAC event I mentioned above. Nabil, is, of course, familiar to readers of Mantiq al-Tayr. Here’s a new one from him. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Get out your Mantiq al-Tayr handkerchiefs for this one.


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Anti-Syria Zionist Propaganda “Crunch Time for the Syrian Regime”



Peter Harling in Foreign Policy

Seen from Damascus, the crisis that is gripping Syria is fast approaching crunch-time. The regime appears to have stopped pretending it can offer a way out. More than ever, it portrays the confrontation as a war waged against a multifaceted foreign enemy which it blames for all casualties. This narrative, which informs the security services’ brutal response to protests, has cost the authorities the decisive battle for perceptions abroad, at home, and even in central Damascus — a rare bubble of relative calm that has now entered into a state of utter confusion.

The primary benefit of observing events from the Syrian capital is to measure just how unreliable all sources of information have become. Local media tell a tale of accusations and denials in which, incredibly, security services are the sole victims, persecuted by armed gangs. Where the regime initially acknowledged civilian martyrs and sought to differentiate between legitimate grievances and what it characterized as sedition, such efforts have come to an end.

For its part, the foreign media, denied access by the regime, relies virtually exclusively on material produced by on-the-ground protesters, the dependability of which has proven uneven. The novel phenomenon of “eye-witnesses” further blurs the picture. Outside observers have sought to counter the state-imposed blackout by recruiting correspondents, often haphazardly, flooding the country with satellite phones and modems. Several cases of false testimonies have cast doubts on such procedures but, for lack of an alternative, they largely continue to shape coverage of events.

Under the circumstances, Damascenes have but one option: to work the phones, calling relatives, friends, and colleagues throughout the country in a desperate attempt to form their own opinion. They hear and tell stories that are self-contradictory. Some tend to confirm the existence of armed agents provocateurs; many others credibly blame the regime for the bulk of the violence. Instances of sectarian polarization surface in some areas, while examples of cross-community solidarity burgeon in others. Neighbors often provide inconsistent accounts while people who share socio-economic backgrounds react to similar events in contrasting ways.

Such chaos is inherent in times of crisis, but it also is a reflection of the profound mistrust between citizens and their state, which has failed to offer any point of reference around which undecided Syrians could rally. To the contrary: the regime has systematically fostered a sense of bewilderment and anxiety. Most damaging of all has been the constant contradiction between its words and deeds.

Regime assertions notwithstanding, evidence regarding excessive use of force by security forces in circumstances that cannot plausibly be described as representing an immediate threat is piling up. Given the extraordinary deployment of forces and security lockdown in and around the capital last weekend, it is simply impossible to imagine that so-called agitators could be behind the bloodshed. Even where the regime’s responsibility in both the onset and escalation of confrontation is beyond doubt, as in the southern city of Deraa, the regime feels the need to undertake an endless “investigation” before holding anyone accountable, even as arbitrary arrests remain the norm when dealing with protesters.

On the political front, the regime has lifted the emergency law but allows security services to conduct business as usual, illustrating how irrelevant the concept of legality was in the first place. It authorizes demonstrations while stating they are no longer needed and labeling them as seditious. It speaks of reforming the media and, in the same breath, fires an oh-so-loyal editor-in-chief for straying from the official line. It insists on ignoring the most outrageous symbols of corruption. It promises a multi-party law even as it proves how little power is vested in civilian institutions. Finally, and although it has engaged in numerous bilateral talks with local representatives, it resists convening a national dialogue, which might offer a slim chance of finding an inclusive and credible way forward.

In more parts of the country than one can count, protesters now face only the most brutal, repressive side of the regime. For those who mourn the dead and know them not as saboteurs and traitors, but as relatives, neighbors, and friends, there is nothing left to discuss. Slowly but surely, these ink spots of radicalized opposition are spreading and joining in an increasingly determined and coordinated movement to topple the regime.

Many Syrians — even among those without sympathy for the regime — still resist this conclusion. Their arguments should not be ignored. They dread the breakup of a state whose institutions, including the military, are weak even by regional standards. They fear that sectarian dynamics or a hegemonic religious agenda could take hold. They suspect Syria would cave in to foreign interference. And they distrust an exiled opposition that is all too reminiscent of Iraq’s.

The regime appears to be calculating that the prospect of a bloodbath will prove the strongest argument of all. The scenario is both risky and self-defeating, for if it will be a tragedy for the Syrian people, it will also spell disaster for the regime itself. Instead, it should immediately rein in security services, take decisive action against those responsible for state violence, and initiate a genuine, all-inclusive national dialogue. This could provide an opportunity for representatives of the popular movement to emerge, for their demands to be fleshed out, and for authorities to demonstrate they have more to offer than empty words and certain doom.

Peter Harling is the Iraq-Syria-Lebanon project director with the International Crisis Group ‘ a Zionist Group work with the CIA and Nazi Mossad’

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“National Initiative for Change” Program of Syrian Opposition: the liberal wing


The following is a press release from the liberal wing of the Syrian Opposition. It is notable because it does not include anyone that I know who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic currents of the opposition or speaks for it. Many of the animators of the movement are academics in the US – Najib Ghadbian, a political science professor, and his wife, Mouhja Kahf, a talented poet, both teach at the University of Arkansas.Ammar Kahf, probably a brother,  is a grad student at UCLA.

Radwan Ziyadeh is now visiting at George Washington University and was at USIP. Ammar Abdulhamid was visiting at Brookings’ Saban Center. Khawla Yousef, another signer and activist, is his wife.

Ausama Monajed is the head of public relations at the Movement for Justice and Development in London , which has been in the news recently for getting 6 million dollars from the US.

Osama Kadi is co-founder and president of Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies SCPSS – a non-profit organization registered in Washington DC.

Their strategy is to ask the Syrian Army to turn against the president, as was the case in Egypt. This is an unlikely scenario because the Syrian Army has remained loyal to the President. The opposition has been claiming that soldiers have been shooting other soldiers for refusing to shoot on protesters. This is not convincing and seems to be the product of wishful thinking. Of course, if the revolution grows in size and force, the Sunni military officers will come under increasing social pressure to resign or defect.

The political reform plan is admirable.

Press Release

National Initiative for Change

Syrian Opposition Demand The Army to Protect Civilians and Facilitate a Transitional Period
Damascus, 29 April 2011


Last Friday, 84 different cities and towns in Syria witnessed massive protests, 400 have been killed since the Syrian revolution started on March 15, with hundreds missing and thousands that have been detained. This popular uprising will lead eventually to the overthrow of the regime. It is imperative that we put an end to the arguments of Syrian exception. Our ultimate dream, as loyal

Syrian nationals, is first to witness our country become one of the best nations in the world. Given that we are witnessing profound “revolutionary”  changes not seen in the Arab region since the 1950’s and that we do not want a single drop of blood to be shed by any Syrian, we aspire to learn from other experiences and apply it to our case starting from experiments of transitions to democracies in Western Europe in the 1970’s, Latin American in the 1980’s, Eastern Europe in the 1990’s and what the Arab world is experiencing today as a result of successful popular revolts overthrowing regimes that had been in power for three decades or more.

Situation Now

Syria today only faces two options; either the ruling regime leads itself in a peaceful transition towards democracy –and we are very doubtful to the desire or will of the regime to do so- or it will go through a process of popular protests that will evolve into a massive and grassroots revolution that will breakdown the regime and carry Syria through a period of transition after a wave of violence and instability. Therefore Syria is at a crossroads; the best option is for the leadership of the regime is to lead a transition to democracy that would safeguard the nation from falling into a period of violence, chaos and civil war.

Moving Ahead Syria can accomplish this goal by many means. Political reform should start with re-writing the constitution in a modern democratic fashion that guarantees basic rights to its citizens and emphasizes a system of checks and balances between branches of government. This means a complete separation of the three branches of government: judiciary, executive and legislative. This would also include a radical reform of the judicial system or institutions that have been overcome with corruption and loss of trust by the citizens. This includes the lifting of the state of emergency and all extrajudicial special, martial and field courts -especially the State Security Court-, the release of all political prisoners, the legislation of a modern law governing political parties that would ensure the participation of all Syrians with no exceptions, the reform of media laws and regulations in order to guarantee freedom of the press, the legislation of a new election law, and the forming of a national committee for truth and reconciliation to investigate Syrians who have disappeared and to compensate political prisoners. Above all comes the granting of all political rights to Kurds, the removal of all forms of systemic discrimination practices against them and the prioritizing of eastern provinces in development and infrastructure projects.

The safe transition period in Syria must be based on a firm conviction that the Syrian population completely lost faith in the executive authority, on top of it is the president, his deputies, the prime minister, and the parliament or the People’s Council that has no role in the decision making process and its members are elected with no minimum standards of credibility, transparency and integrity in addition to the election law that regulates the political process rendering it no role in the transition process.

Therefore, the only institution that has the capability to lead the transition period would be the military, and especially the current Minister of Defense General Ali Habib and the Chief of Staff General Dawud Rajha. Both individuals represent a background that Syrians can positively relate with that enables them to take a key pivotal role during the transition process by leading negotiations with civilian representatives from the leadership of the opposition or other respected individuals to form an interim government. By entering the negotiation phase that should take us on a specified timeline to accomplish the democratic transition by first drafting an interim constitution for the country that should be ratified by a national referendum. The transition government will be responsible to monitor the elections and safeguard the successful accomplishment of the transition period beginning with certifying a new constitution drafted by professional constitutional and reform specialists.

Afterwards, the interim government shall issue a new election and political party law to regulate the election process for the president and members of the parliament which is monitored by an independent national committee based on judicial as well as domestic and international observers with an open door policy welcoming the formation of political parties that will participate in the elections.

If the Syrian President does not wish to be recorded in history as a leader of this transition period, there is no alternative left for Syrians except to move forward along the same path as did the Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans before them.

Signatories inside Syria:

150 politicians, civil society activists and human rights defenders (names are not published for personal safety reasons but will be provided to media).

Signatories outside Syria:

Yahya Mahmoud, Amer Mahdi, Najib Ghadbian, Saleh Moubarak, Ausama Monajed, Obaida Faris, Mohammed Askaf, Ammar Abdulhamid, Mohammed Zuhair Khateeb, Khawla Yousef, Abdulrahman Alhaaj, Douha Nashef, Mahmoud Alsayed Doughaim, Mouhja Kahf, Feras Kassas, Ammar Kahf, Aref Jabo, Mohyeddin Kassar, Abdulbaset Saida, Mazen Hashem, Hassan Jamali, Osama Kadi, Radwan Ziyadeh

Coordinators inside Syria:

Adnan Mahamid: +963 945 988958

Ayman Al-Aswad: +963 988 760302

Coordinators outside Syria:

Radwan Ziadeh:

Ausama Monajed:

Najib Ghadbian:

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The Man behind “Syria Revolution 2011″ Facebook-Page Speaks Out


Administrator of the “Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook Page” Speaks Out. The official spokesman of the cite lives in Sweden and leads Sweden’s chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood according to the Syrian press. His name is فداء الدين طريف السيد عيسى  Fida’ ad-Din Tariif as-Sayyid `Isa, born 1985. Syria Revolution 2011 is the most important webpage of the Syria revolution. It has over 130,000 members. It is the major source of news and Youtube videos about the Syrian revolution.

An account of how the video was captured and what happened to the Syria Revolution 2011 webpage on Saturday 2011, sent to me by a friend.

On Saturday afternoon, the suffered a sudden technical glitch. The main content page lost most of its content and its membership read only a few hundred rather than the nearly 138,000 members it had had.  Shortly after chrashing, a video appeared on the site.  In this video, a man – the administrator of the site – is seen angrily lashing out against those he believed had hacked the original Facebook page and taken it down.

Approximately 15 minutes later, a new message was loaded on the page. This message explained how it was an error by Facebook that brought the page down.  Shortly after the original page was restored along with the nearly 138,000 members who have joined.  The video accusing the Syrian authorities of having hacked the site was immediately taken down by the owner.  It has been sent to Syria Comment, which will presumably publish it.  The owner of the site “Syria Revolution 2011″ is clearly the same man that was mentioned by Champress a few weeks ago. In that article, it was revealed that the gentleman is based in Sweden and that he belongs to the Moslem Brotherhood.

فداء الدين طريف السيد عيسى من مواليد  عام 1985 ومنظم في جماعة “الاخوان المسلمين” ومدير لمكتبها في السويد ، وهو أحد أعضاء من يدعون اللجنة المؤقتة لإعلان دمشق المدعومة من جهات باتت معروفة بعداءها لـ سوريا

Here is another email about Fida’

All I know is that on March 22nd, Champress got it right when they said that he is the admin of the revolution page. Someone managed to get into his Facebook page and got all the photos in that article. Plus according to Champress:

ويظهر في صفحته الخاصة على الـ (فيس بوك) شعارات “للاخوان المسلمين” و صور تجمعه مع قيادات “للاخوان” في مصر ومحاضرات يلقيها على بعض الشباب في أماكن متفرقة.

وكان فداء بدأ بالظهورعلى بعض الأقنية الفضائية دون الكشف عن صورته ، ويحرص على تقديم نفسه بإسم حركي مختصر من اسمه الكامل ، وعمد بعد أخر ظهور له على قناة الـ بي بي سي والتي ظهر فيها بوجهه الحقيقي الى إزالة كافة صوره الموجودة على صفحته الشخصية.

ولدى الرجوع إلى بعض هذه اللقاءات يظهر فداء في لقاء مع قناة “بردى” الفضائية المعارضة في تاريخ 5 شباط الماضي و يتحدث عن دعواته للتظاهر ويزّل بكلمة “جماعتنا” المشهورة الاستخدام للدلالة على “الاخوان المسلمين” قبل أن يتراجع مخاطباً المذيع بأنه لا يريد أن تظهر الدعوة بأنها من “الجماعة” بل يريدها أن تظهر بأنها عفوية وشبابية لمخاطبة شرائح كبيرة من المجتمع السوري لجرها إلى التظاهر.

Also, on his Facebook profile he had photos of meetings he held with Egyptian brotherhood leaders, he had the logo of the brotherhood, but when he appeared on the BBC and exposed his identity, he removed all previous photos from his profile on FB.

Also, he spoke to Barada TV on Feb 5th and called upon the Syrian people to demonstrate in the streets using “جماعتنا” (which is normally used to imply the Muslim Brotherhood.

I don’t know much more, but I have the administrator’s original (first few weeks’) posts and they were big time ikhwan.

See the attached sample where one Egyptian comment says “Dear administrator: I wish you can reduce the heavy use of religious language, we want to attract the whole spectrum of people”

Also, you can check this Egyptian imam’s video (Fadel Suleiman) that the admin posted proudly

It says “to Syrian Alawites … join us or your children will pay a heavy price from now until eternity”

Other videos of Syrian activists within the country

Activist Encouraging Aleppo to Rise Up

Student of Aleppo University Calling for Revolution

Activists Elsewhere

Exiles Shaping World’s Image of Syria Revolt

Rami Nakhle, a Syrian dissident hiding in Beirut, coordinated coverage of protests in Syria on Friday from his apartment.
Published: April 23, 2011

….Mr. Monajed [A London based activist] estimates that 18 to 20 people are engaged in helping coordinate and cover the protests full time, though he boasts that he can find someone in his broader community to translate English to French at 4 a.m. He has a contact in every Syrian province, who in turn have their networks of 10 people. “And the regime can’t do anything about it,” he said. [Here is Monajed’s website: Syrian Revolution News Round-up]

Ausama Monajed

Several say they relied on Syrian businessmen — abroad or in Syria — to finance one of their most impressive feats. After witnessing the Egyptian  government’s success in shutting down the Internet and mobile phone networks in January, they made a concerted attempt to circumvent a similar move by delivering satellite phones and modems across Syria.

Ammar Abdulhamid, an activist in Maryland, estimated that they delivered 100 satellite phones, along with hundreds of cameras and laptops…. Ammar’s site: Syrian Revolution Digest

Mr. Nakhle said he had urged people to use slogans that are free of the sectarian or religious bent popular with Islamic activists. “We have to worry about these people,” he admitted.

The unprecedented power of the long-distance activists to shape the message troubled Camille Otrakji, a Damascus-born political blogger who lives in Montreal. Where others see coordination, he sees manipulation, arguing that the activists’ mastery of image belies a revolt more sectarian than national, and deaf to the fears of minorities. “I call it deception,” said Mr. Otrakji, a somewhat lonely voice in the Internet tumult. “It’s like putting something on the wrapping of a product which has nothing to do with what’s inside. This is all being manipulated.”

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Actually, It isn’t nice is the name of the song, written by Malvina Reynolds, and performed as the soundtrack to this video by Barbara Dane.


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Exposing Democracy Promotion in the Middle East




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Shoah’s pages