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I am IsraHell

The Real Identity of IsraHell

I am IsraHell. I came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Those people who happened to be here, had no right to be here, and my people showed them they had to leave or die, razing 480 Palestinian villages to the ground, erasing their history.

I am IsraHell. Some of my people committed massacres and later became Prime Ministers to represent me. In 1948, Menachem Begin was in charge of the unit that slaughtered the inhabitants of Deir Yassin, including 100 men, women, and children. In 1953, Ariel Sharon led the slaughter of the inhabitants ofQibya, and in 1982 arranged for our allies to butcher around 2,000 in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.

I am IsraHell. Carved in 1948 out of 78% of the land of Palestine, dispossessing its inhabitants and replacing them with Jews from Europe and other parts of the world. While the natives whose families lived on this land for thousands of years are not allowed to return, Jews from all over the world are welcome to instant citizenship.

I am IsraHell. In 1967, I swallowed the remaining lands of Palestine – the West Bank and Gaza – and placed their inhabitants under an oppressive military rule, controlling and humiliating every aspect of their daily lives. Eventually, they should get the message that they are not welcome to stay, and join the millions of Palestinian refugees in the shanty camps of Lebanon and Jordan.

I am IsraHell. I have the power to control American policy. My American Israel Public Affairs Committee can make or break any politician of its choosing, and as you see, they all compete to please me. All the forces of the world are powerless against me, including the UN as I have the American veto to block any condemnation of my war crimes. As Sharon so eloquently phrased it, “We control America”.

I am IsraHell. I influence American mainstream media too, and you will always find the news tailored to my favor. I have invested millions of dollars into PR representation, and CNN, New York Times, and others have been doing an excellent job of promoting my propaganda. Look at other international news sources and you will see the difference.

I am IsraHell. You Palestinians want to negotiate “peace!?” But you are not as smart as me; I will negotiate, but will only let you have your municipalities while I control your borders, your water, your airspace and anything else of importance. While we “negotiate,” I will swallow your hilltops and fill them with settlements, populated by the most extremist of my extremists, armed to the teeth. These settlements will be connected with roads you cannot use, and you will be imprisoned in your little Bantustans between them, surrounded by checkpoints in every direction.

I am IsraHell. I have the fourth strongest army in the world, possessing nuclear weapons. How dare your children confront my oppression with stones, don’t you know my soldiers won’t hesitate to blow their heads off? In 17 months, I have killed 900 of you and injured 17,000, mostly civilians, and have the mandate to continue since the international community remains silent. Ignore, as I do, the hundreds of Israeli reserve officers who are now refusing to carry out my control over your lands and people; their voices of conscience will not protect you.

I am IsraHell. You want freedom? I have bullets, tanks, missiles, Apaches and F-16s to obliterate you. I have placed your towns under siege, confiscated your lands, uprooted your trees, demolished your homes, and you still demand freedom? Don’t you get the message? You will never have peace
or freedom, because I am IsraHell.

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Justice for Bahrain


Bahraini comrades sent me this:  “As you may know the oppressors in Bahrain are targeting professional women arresting from their places of work or study. Many have disappeared into military style prisons and have not had access to lawyers or their families. The few who have been released report sexual attacks, verbal and physical insults and threats and other forms of torture. I attach for your attention a spreadsheet with the names of only 55 of these detainess.

You will note that one of those arrested is a pregnant woman who happens to be the wife of an activist.  Many others are young women in their early 20’s. One of these young ladies is a poet and a student teacher who was arrested after 4 of her brothers were threatened at gunpoint to turn their sister in.

No other Arabic regime has used torture and arrest against women to crush protests in this systematic and brutal manner.

Yet media outlets in the west and Aljazeera Arabic are largely silent on these abuses in stark and shameful contrast to the coverage given to other protests.  I ask you to urge the young women who read your blog to do whatever they can to call for the release of these detainees.”

Visit here for the “Justice for Bahrain” campaign.


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“Jerusalem Zio-Nazi policemen arrested a Palestinian seven-year-old child, relatives said on Sunday, claiming that the boy was battered by Nazi police officers during his arrest”

Can you imagine the uproar if a Muslim country held a seven-year-old Jewish child?

Can you imagine the international condemnations?

Can you imagine how conferences and fora would be held to discuss the affair?

Can you image the debates at the UN Security Council?

Police detain 7-year-old Palestinian boy and accost relatives, family members say

According to relatives’ account, the boy was arrested by border policemen in East Jerusalem village of Silwan; police: We acted in accordance with the law.


By Nir Hasson

Jerusalem policemen arrested a Palestinian seven-year-old child, relatives said on Sunday, claiming that the boy was battered by police officers during his arrest.

The boy’s parents, residents of the East Jerusalem village of Silwan, said they searched for their son for two hours at several police stations, without the police providing any information as to his whereabouts.


Palestinian boy arrested by police - Tomer Appelbaum Palestinian boy who arrested by police in Silwan, May 29, 2011.
Photo by: Tomer Appelbaum
According to family members, the second grader was arrested during play. His father, who noticed policemen arresting his son, attempted to intervene, and in the ensuing scuffle was sprayed in his face with pepper spray and was evacuated to receive medical care.

The boy’s aunt was also injured, later treated for what appeared to be wounds related to an anti-demonstration projectile. According to the police account, the boy had been hurling stones and after he had attempted to escape, he was apprehended in a house along with two adults who were also suspected of hurling stones.

Family members searched for the child from the moment of his arrest, with the boy’s uncle driving to Jerusalem’s Shalem and Russian Compound police stations, in both of which police officers said they did not have any information concerning the boy.

The family’s lawyer, Leah Tzemel said that she arrived “at the Russian Compound [police station] and they told me they didn’t know anything. So I forced my way in and had a sitting strike. They told me that if I didn’t go out I’d be detained myself, and I said that I would be honored to be detained for that.”

“I have a seven-year-old granddaughter and he looked younger than that,” she added.

Finally, the boy was found by his mother waiting in a Israel Border Police vehicle near Silwan. He arrived at a police station after being held up in the police car for two hours, where he was investigated with his mother present on suspicion he had hurled stones. He was eventually released about four-and-a-half hours after his arrest.

Jerusalem police said in response that “as a result of repeated incidents in which stones were hurled at police officers two suspects were arrested, who forcibly resisted arrest, which necessitated the use of pepper spray.”

“A minor of about eight ran to his house, with officers taking both him and his mother to questioning at the minorities’ unit. The boy was released at the end of his investigation and was put in the care of social services,” the police said.

The police also said that the arrest of children in Silwan was “done according to the law. Any questioning or investigation of minors takes place in the presence of his parents, as regulations stipulate. The police will continue to enforce the law without any discrimination.”

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Egyptian Military summons comrade Hossam



“Blogger Hossam El-Hamalawy and television host Reem Maged were given a summons on Monday to appear before military prosecution after Maged screened on her show on Thursday Hamalawy criticising the role of military police, holding the head of the military police responsible for torturing activist.”

Egyptian journalists to be questioned tomorrow by military for denouncing the torture of activists
Tomorrow blogger Hossam El-Hamalawy and TV présenter Rim Maged will be interrogated by the military prosecution for criticising Egypt’s ruling military on air; protests are expected
Salma Shukrallah, Monday 30 May 2011


Blogger Hossam El-Hamalawy in Reem Maged’s TV show

Blogger Hossam El-Hamalawy and television host Reem Maged were given a summons on Monday to appear before military prosecution after Maged screened on her show on Thursday Hamalawy criticising the role of military police, holding the head of the military police responsible for torturing activists.

The questioning will start tomorrow at 11am, and there has already been a call for demonstrations in front of the military prosecutor’s building.

Journalist Nabil Sharaf El-Din was also summoned on the same day after he criticised on OnTV Friday the way the military was handling the transition period.

Sharaf El-Din claims that the military’s approach makes many suspect that there is a transfer-of-power deal with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The same programme aired a very critical phone call with Mamdouh Shahin, member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), who attacked both OnTV and Sharaf El-Din.

The SCAF has criticised what it calls “irresponsible media,” arguing that it is creating a national split between the military and the people. The SCAF has decided to hold a forum 5 June to discuss the Egyptian media with the country’s various political forces.

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We assumed that Western powers never intervene in internal affairs of Arab countries



Oh, really? We did not know that. How surprising. We assumed that Western powers never intervene in internal affairs of Arab countries

“An al-Jazeera report appears to show western special forces on the frontline in Libya, in what the TV channel said was “evidence for the first time of allied boots on the ground”.

Al-Jazeera footage captures ‘western troops on the ground’ in Libya

Five of Gaddafi’s generals are among latest defectors to rebels as South African president seeks to broker ceasefir.

Armed westerners have been filmed on the front line with rebels near Misrata in the first apparent confirmation that foreign special forces are playing an active role in the Libyan conflict.

A group of six westerners are clearly visible in a report by al-Jazeerafrom Dafniya, described as the westernmost point of the rebel lines west of the town of Misrata. Five of them were armed and wearing sand-coloured clothes, peaked caps, and cotton Arab scarves.

The sixth, apparently the most senior of the group, was carrying no visible weapon and wore a pink, short-sleeve shirt. He may be an intelligence officer. The group is seen talking to rebels and then quickly leaving on being spotted by the television crew.

The footage emerged as South Africa‘s president, Jacob Zuma, arrived in Tripoli in an attempt to broker a ceasefire. He described reports that he would ask Muammar Gaddafi to step down as “misleading”, and said he would instead focus on humanitarian measures and ways to implement a plan concocted by the African Union for Libya make a transition to democratic rule but not seek Gaddafi’s exile.

The westerners were seen by al-Jazeera on rebel lines late last week, days before British and French attack helicopters are due to join the Nato campaign. They are likely to be deployed on the outskirts of Misrata, from where pro-Gaddafi forces continue to shell rebel positions to the east.

There have been numerous reports in the British press that SAS soldiers are acting as spotters in Libya to help Nato warplanes target pro-Gaddafi forces. In March, six special forces soldiers and two MI6 officers were detained by rebel fighters when they landed on an abortive mission to meet rebel leaders in Benghazi, in an embarrassing episode for the SAS.

The group was withdrawn soon afterwards and a new “liaison team” sent in its place. Asked for comment on Monday, a Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: “We don’t have any forces out there.”

The subject is sensitive as the UN security council resolution in March authorising the use of force in Libya specifically excludes “a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory”.

Despite more than two months of bombing by Nato, rebels have remained unable to advance west of Misrata, or west of Brega, 300 miles to the east. The capital, Tripoli, also remains in the grip of Gaddafi, who has defied all attempts to force him to leave.

However, a fresh blow to his position came yesterday as eight Libyan army officers appeared in Rome, saying they were part of a group of as many as 120 military officials and soldiers who had defected from Gaddafi’s side in recent days.

The eight officers – five generals, two colonels and a major – spoke at a news conference organised by the Italian government. The officers said they had defected in protest at Gaddafi’s actions against his own people, citing killings of civilians and violence against women. They claimed that Gaddafi’s campaign against the rebels was rapidly weakening.

Air force pilots landed in Italy and defected earlier in the rebellion. Under-trained and under-manned rebel forces have been encouraging defections as a way to whittle away support for Gaddafi in the absence of a ground army sent to assist them.

The latest group are reported to have been spurred largely by tensions arising from the appointment newcomers to senior positions in the security services.

The behaviour of these men, many of them relatively youthful Gaddafi loyalists in their mid-30s, are throught to have stirred anger and dismay among the army’s officer ranks.

In April, William Hague announced that an expanded military liaison team would be dispatched to work with the Benghazi-based Transitional National Council, which is positioning itself as a democratic alternative to Gaddafi’s rule.

The foreign secretary said the team would help the rebels improve “organisational structures, communications and logistics” but stressed: “Our officers will not be involved in training or arming the opposition’s fighting forces, nor will they be involved in the planning or execution of the [transitional council’s] military operations or in the provision of any other form of operational military advice.”

There were unconfirmed reports at the time that Britain was planning to send former SAS members and other experienced soldiers to Libya under the cover of private security companies, paid for by Arab states, to train the anti-government forces.


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UK acadmics’ union rejects EUMC bogus definition of Anti-Semitism


The congress of the Universities and Colleges Union has just voted to support motion 70, copied here from the Engage website together with David Hirsh’s report of the actual proceedings: 

70 EUMC working definition of anti-semitism – National Executive Committee

Congress notes with concern that the so-called ‘EUMC working definition of antisemitism’, while not adopted by the EU or the UK government and having no official status, is being used by bodies such as the NUS and local student unions in relation to activities on campus.
Congress believes that the EUMC definition confuses criticism of Israeli government policy and actions with genuine antisemitism, and is being used to silence debate about Israel and Palestine on campus.
Congress resolves:
  1. that UCU will make no use of the EUMC definition (e.g. in educating members or dealing with internal complaints)
  2. that UCU will dissociate itself from the EUMC definition in any public discussion on the matter in which UCU is involved
  3. that UCU will campaign for open debate on campus concerning Israel’s past history and current policy, while continuing to combat all forms of racial or religious discrimination
1443. proposal to change the rules to allow Conference Business Committee to co-opt members between Congresses
1445.  Business of the equality committee.  Chair of the committee to move.
1448. Marion Hersh argues for Motion 66, which says that the union should be in favour of institutions carrying out equality impact assessments.  This means that things such as cuts imposed by universities shouldn’t impact on one ‘equality’ group more than another.
But there is no call that the union itself should undergo a quality impact assessment about how its policies on Israel impacts on minorities within the union.
1458.  Motion 67.  From Black members standing commitee.  Another motion about impact assessment.  remitted.
1500.  Motion 68.  Every branch should have a properly resourced Equalities Officer.
1503.  Motion 69. “defend multiculturalism”.  conratulate UAF for its opposition to the EDl.  Work with UAF and Hope Not Hate against fascism.  Defend the values of multiculturalism.
1504.  The atmosphere in conference is calm, quiet relaxed.  Nobody is cheering or booing.  Just doing business in a normal kind of way.    See if the atmosphere changes for motion 70 on the EUMC defiinition?
1505.  Ammendment: give United Against Fascism (UAF) £1000.
1509.  another speech about how the EDL’s “flash mob” tactics make it necessary for the union to give £1000 to UAF.
1511.  vote on the motion.  Surprisingly, Sally Hunt is on the platform.
1512.  Sue Blackwell to propose the motion against the EUMC.  definition adopted by NUS, parliamentary inquiry, US State Department.  In Jan 2010 Denis Mcshane tried to have Azzam Tammimi banned from speaking.  [Tammimi is Hamas’s guy in London – DH]  Blackwell goes on,McShane argued that an external speaker should be rejected if they have a history of antisemitic language in line with the EUMC…”   EUMC comes from the American Jewish Committee, European Jewish Congress, self confessed lobby groups for Israel.  Ken Stern, author of EUMC is deeply concerned about “politically based antisemitism” otherwise known as antizionism which treats Israel as the classic Jew….  antisemites seek to qualify israel from membership of the community of nations.”  In other words, if you are for a boycott, you are an antisemite.  These influences are evidenced by American spellings in the document.  Definition is not fit for finding Real antisemitism but is ideal for those who want to blur boundaries between antisemitism and antizionism.
1515.  Mike Cushman, LSE.  Opponents of this motion have been filling the internet with insults against this union.  Lets see how EUMC definition is used.
One example:  a member wrote “no compromise with Zionists or university closures”.  Claimed to be antisemitic.  Linking the international with the local is part of our politics.  Not racist.  By making Israel a special case the proponents of EUMC are being antisemitic.
Cushman goes on: David Hirsh that “expert” on antisemitism says “Israel murders children is antisemitic”   Not its not, its pro children.  Antisemitism must never never  be normalized.  Puts jews at risk  Crying wolf puts the sheep and the shepherd at hazard.
Support this motion because the EUMC definition is dangerous to Jews.
1517.   Ronnie Fraser (I had this text already):
I, a Jewish member of this union, am telling you, that I feel an antisemitic mood in this union and even in this room.
I would feel your refusal to engage with the EUMC definition of antisemitism, if you pass this motion, as a racist act.
Many Jews have resigned from this union citing their experience of antisemitsim.   Only yesterday a delegate here said ‘they are an expansionist people”. It is difficult to think that the people in question are anything other than the Jews.
You may disagree with me.
You may disagree with all the other Jewish members who have said similar things.
You may think we are mistaken but you have a duty to listen seriously.
Instead of being listened to, I am routinely told that anyone who raises the issue of antisemitism is doing so in bad faith.
Congress, Imagine how it feels when you say that you are experiencing racism, and your union responds: stop lying, stop trying to play the antisemitism card.
You, a group of mainly white, non-Jewish trade unionists, do not the right to tell me, a Jew, what feels like antisemitism and what does not.
Macpherson tells us that when somebody says they have been a victim of racism, then institutions should begin by believing them. This motion mandates the union to do the opposite.
Until this union takes complaints of antisemitsim seriously the UCU will continue to be labelled as an institutionally antisemitic organisation.
It’s true that anti-Zionist Jews may perceive things differently.  But the overwhelming majority of Jews feel that there is something wrong in this union. They understand that it is legitimate to criticise Israel in a way that is, quoting from the definition, “similar to that levelled to any other country’ but they make a distinction between criticism and the kind of demonisation that is considered acceptable in this union
Ronnie met with stoney silence.
1519.  Speech against.  Pete Radcliffe, (AWL).  No definition of any form of racism can prevent misuse.  each time an accusation of racism is made it should be assessed by the specifics.
The fact that defs may have been misused is no argument that they are wrong.
What does it say?
Look at what is written.
The most controversial is where it says those who claim that the existence of the israeli state are antisemitic.  Consider the peaceniks and the Israeli peace movement.  The def says that to call such people racist – because they are Israelis – is antisemitic.  They are Israelis who aren’t racist.
Congress we should be endorsing this definition, not condemning it.
We are going to have a general secretary election.  We need to take care.  OUr union is never more in the public eye.  do we want to make this a bit issue?
Des Freedman, Goldsmiths.  “As a Jewish member of this union I urge you to support.”
By conflating justificed criticism of Israel with antisemitism it restricts our ability to make justified criticism.
One example:  the NEC of NUS recently passed a motion calling for freedom for Palestine.  The reaction by the outgoing president was to promise to campaign against it and referred to it as a form of hate speech.  The point of something like that which was much debated, reflecting on the events for example in gAza, over a thousand people who were killed – adopting the EUMC definition unnecessarily curtails our ability to intervene, to call for justice, to call for freedom for Palestinians.
We shouled be firm in opposition to a-s.  EUMC prevents us from doing that.  I urge support.
1526.  Another speech.  This union should not be challenging antisemitism by rejecting a definition.  We should propose our own definition if we want to speak on this.
EUMC does not use the definition.
1527.  Sean Wallis.  Definitions include things and exclude things.  Read the definition and you’ll see how we need to be clear.  My branch defines antisemitism as a form of racism and so we oppose it.  The only way of doing this concretely is in concrete circumstances.  This elaborate extensive definition is unhelpful.    I was libelled 2 years ago.  There are people in this room who participated in this libel.  As a jew I find it offensive that the term antisemitism should be used in this way.  Throw it out .  It is not a definition. It is not working.
Ronnie Fraser point of information.
The EUMC definition itself.  It is used by law enforcement authorities throughout the world for guidance to recognise antisemitic statements and acts.  It is recommended to be used in academic and the unions by the Parliamentary Conference of 2009.
Sue Blackwell:  I think Ronnie just made a speech in favour of the m0tion – that’s why we should be worried about it.
EUMC has been replaced.  successor organisation have no plans for any further development of it.  the latest publication doesn’t mention the definition.  They’ve dumped it because it is not fit for purpose.
Whether we need an alternative definition.  I recommend Brian Klug’s “hostility towards Jews as Jews”.
Quoting richard Kuper: the strong fight back by israel and its supporters has been sometimes crude… the EUMC has been effective.  inadequate, yet it is increasingly presented as THE definition of antisemitism, it cannot bear this weight.
The vote was overwhelmingly carried.  4 people, I think, voted against.
After the vote, Ronnie was very upset.  “I feel physically sick and so upset because of their racism,” he told me.  He was close to tears.

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Another Anti-Semitic Outburst



by Jeff Davis


These anti-Semitic outbursts on the part of celebrities are becoming an epidemic. Now a famous Danish film director has spoken out.

Reuters article reports: “The Cannes film festival expelled Danish director Lars Von Trier on Thursday for jokingly calling himself a Nazi and Hitler sympathizer, leaving the world’s biggest cinema showcase in a state of shock. The expulsion, the first in 64 years, followed a hastily convened meeting of its board of directors … Von Trier told Reuters in a telephone interview that he was shocked by the decision, which he believed stemmed from the fact that his meaning had been misunderstood. Von Trier’s comments on Wednesday angered Jewish groups and caused U.S. actress Kirsten Dunst to squirm with embarrassment beside him at a press conference, as he launched into a bizarre monologue about his Jewish and German heritage.”

Wait a minute, so this guy is a Jew as well, and they’re still throwing him out? Oy, gevalt!

More Reuters: “The famously provocative film maker, formerly a darling in Cannes who won the top Palme d’Or award in 2000, quickly apologized in a statement but it proved too little too late. Jewish groups welcomed Cannes’ decision to ban him.”

First of all, how could these people take his comments about being a Nazi seriously if he’s of Jewish ancestry?

Secondly, the Jews waged a campaign to stop the outing of Communists during the McCarthy hearings in the 1950s. Senator Joe McCarthy was concerned that a large number of Communists had infiltrated the movie industry and he found quite a few Communists during hearings on the matter. The Jews of course have almost zero tolerance for the right wing. Republicans are a persecuted minority in Hollywood. Anyone further right than the Republicans is certain to be black-listed by the Jews.

The article continues “During Wednesday’s press conference, Von Trier joked that he was a Nazi and that he sympathized with Adolf Hitler. ‘I think I understand the man (Hitler),’ Von Trier said. ‘He’s not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him and I sympathize with him a little bit. But come on, I’m not for the Second World War, and I’m not against Jews. I am of course very much for Jews. No, not too much because Israel is a pain in the ass. But still, how can I get out of this sentence?”

Lars is about to find out just how open-minded and forgiving his fellow Jews are. It’s a pity Lars didn’t have a conversation with this producer from Bollywood, who can be heard here.

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Remember U.S.S. Liberty and Crew this Memorial Day



by Bob Johnson

On June 8, 1967 the terrorist Jewish state of Israel launched attacks against the U.S.S. Liberty which killed 34 U.S. sailors and Marines. The U.S. government ordered pilots flying American fighter jets that were on their way to rescue their fellow Americans from this vicious attack of Biblical ferocity to return to their carriers and let their fellow American sailors and Marines die. The politicians did this for the benefit of their own political careers.

This Memorial Day we need to take stock of this very disgusting, cowardly and revealing act of Israeli aggression and murder. We need to make certain we all learn the real lessons this war crime is teaching us. If we don’t, we’re letting those 34 Americans die in vain and we will allow Israel to continue its destruction of the United States via sacrificing our troops in Israel promoted wars and draining our finances through billion dollar hand outs the politicians give them.

The key lesson is Israel has far too much power over American politicians. Political whores in both parties sell-out American military personnel and America herself to please their string-pulling Israeli overlords to selfishly promote their own political careers. If they refuse, the Israel lobby will do all they can to see to it that they will lose in the next election.

This is why Congress and the White House are unAmerican and kosher. This is why American sailors, airmen, soldiers and Marines are being sent off to wars for the benefit if the Jewish state of Israel. This is why one Jewish “U.S.” Senator, Chuck Schumer, actually believes and openly said that he’s on a mission from God to be Israel’s protector in the U.S. Senate! Not one “journalist” questioned him about his priority of Israel, not America, first.

To help seal the fear of Israel they use the Bible. The Bible teaches all sorts of Jewish superiority. One fear based Bible threat is found at Isaiah 60:12 which plainly teaches that God said, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” Another is found at Genesis 12:3which has God saying to Abram, aka Abraham, which is taken to apply to Israel, too, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” This is  nothing but psychological warfare plain and simple.

And U.S. politicians appear to fall for it! U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann recently said to the Republican Jewish Coalition, “I am convinced in my heart and in my mind that if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States. . . [We] have to show that we are inextricably entwined, that as a nation we have been blessed because of our relationship with Israel, and if we reject Israel, then there is a curse that comes into play. And my husband and I are both Christians, and we believe very strongly the verse from Genesis, we believe very strongly that nations also receive blessings as they bless Israel. It is a strong an beautiful principle.” Do we really need politicians who believe in curses and hexes???

The only thing that will help free us of the deep rooted Hebrew/Jewish superstitions found in the Bible which are causing so much misery and suffering in the world is our God-given reason. Our God-given reason teaches us to reject such deadly nonsense. God-given reason united with belief in God is Deism. And as the Deist Benjamin Franklin warned, “Hear Reason or she’ll make you feel her.”

The Main Battle Dressing Station on the USS Liberty was described as a “bloody scene reminiscent of the American Civil War.” The Israeli torpedo and machine guns took a terrible toll on the Liberty’s crew, killing 34 and wounding 172.

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Waging The Battle for Reality



One of the biggest lies of 9/11 involves the all-purpose boogeyman known as al-Qaeda.

A Review Essay on a Propagandist’s Journey in Search of the ‘Conspiracist Underground’ by Anthony J. Hall Professor of Globalization Studies University of Lethbridge.

by Dr. Anthony J. Hall

Professor Anthony Hall is one of the world’s most esteemed writers in the area of 11 September 2001 history.

(ALBERTA) – Jonathan Kay’s Among the Truthers was written to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the contested events of 9/11. Its contents vividly illustrate the strategic geopolitical importance of the public’s changing perception of the hit on the Pentagon and the pulverization of the three World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001.

Most of Kay’s core arguments in the text are undermined by the author’s self-confessed decision not to address directly the empirically-verifiable proof pertaining to what did or did not happen on 9/11. Kay’s zeal to avert any hard reckoning with the complex body of evidence underlying his radical conclusions helps to shed light on the culture of cover-up and propaganda necessary to keep the sacred myth of 9/11 alive in the public’s imagination.

One of the biggest lies of 9/11 involves the all-purpose boogeyman known as al-Qaeda. The claim is often advanced either explicitly or implicitly that this caricatured embodiment of Islamic evil somehow extricated itself from the CIA and the other related agencies that founded the anti-communist proxy army of Islamic jihadists who in the 1980s overturned with US backing the Soviet-backed puppet regime in Afghanistan. Kay simply goes along with the prevalent public mythology constructed to present al-Qaeda as a credible replacement for the now-defunct Soviet enemy in order to justify the further expansion, empowerment and privatization of the world’s most formidable and expensive military-industrial complex.

A very detailed interpretation of al-Qaeda as the primary villain of 9/11 was fed into the echo chambers of the mainstream media from the first hours following the attacks until the present day. This interpretation has had the predictable outcome of driving a wedge between Islam and those adhering to a narrowed construction of the so-called West.

The sacred myth of 9/11 depends on planting diabolical stereotypes of Islamic terrorists in popular imagination

The sacred myth of 9/11 depends on planting diabolical stereotypes of Islamic terrorists in popular imagination<.

It injects new impulses of distrust between the worldwide ummah of Muslims and those encouraged to situate their heritage within the Judeo-Christian stream of history.

This development helps block wider appreciation in Europe and North America of the historic and continuing importance of Islam in the genesis of Western civilization, global civilization. The sacred myth of 9/11 helps renew the old imperial ploy of divide and conquer. By highlighting issues of religion and ethnicity as the primary cause of, and justification for, global conflict, the sacred myth of 9/11 diverts attention away from the huge and growing gap between rich and poor.

The sacred myth of 9/11 helps to raise walls of separation that hold back the wretched of the earth from the riches of capitalism’s blood-diamond elite.  It is the vast disparities of material entitlement, not some engineered and trumped-up conflict of civilizations, that requires our most urgent attention. The perpetuation of the sacred myth of 9/11 helps divert attention from places where it is really needed such as post-Fukushima Japan.[i]



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CIA Treachery in Texas



by JB Campbell


What more can be said about the performance last week in the Capitol Building by the agents appointed by Israel to represent the interests of Israel in our Congress? It was by everyone’s reaction a remarkable performance.

Twenty-nine standing ovations for one of the most overbearing, obnoxious and lying homicidal pricks in the world, in support of his attack on the US president who wants him to give back some stolen land to the hapless Palestinians. Most of the clappers were in the president’s own party!

I don’t think anything like it has been seen anywhere since before the breakup of the Soviet Union. Back then, we’d see clips of party members applauding endlessly at the tyrant’s remarks. You couldn’t stop clapping until a high party member stopped. If you stopped too soon, you could disappear. Same thing in DC. If your clapping for an Israeli tyrant stops too soon, you could disappear in the next election.

Maybe you’d heard about it before, but the former congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, revealed on Iranian television last week that all candidates for the House and Senate must sign pledges to support Israel’s military superiority. If they don’t – no Jewish money and a guarantee of defeat in the election.

Is there a political solution to this alien takeover? Both of the anti-war “maverick” Republicans, the darlings of the Libertarians and hard money believers, the Doctors Paul, pere et fils, said last week that Israel must be supported, or that Israel’s enemies must not be supported, or some such groveling. So Cynthia McKinney was right. There is no exception to the rule. The politicians can’t save us and let’s stop pretending they can.

Now, if you think about it, the only reason we have TSA in the airports is because of Israel. Because of our support of Israel. We’re in fear of Israel-hating Moslems who want to kill us all.

No one in his right mind has this fear, but there could never have been the so-called threat of terrorism if it weren’t for Israel.

This fake fear has produced the nastiest agency in the constellation of nasty agencies. Employing the abusive low-lifes of American society, the Transportation Security Administration is something that only the American government could produce.

The TSA has never caught a terrorist since its debut almost ten years ago, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. It also has also never failed to catch a terrorist, since there has been not one terrorist event in all that time. According to the FBI, 9/11 itself was not a terrorist event, as Director Robert Mueller admitted that they had no evidence of any hijackers on board the four planes. And those four “hijackings” justified the creation of the TSA, which makes it an organization based on fraud.

Most if not all federal organizations are based on fraud or on the violation of the US Constitution. The usual fraud we encounter is that these organizations are in fact private corporations domiciled in places such as Puerto Rico and Delaware. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about something really blatant such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

How did we get such a bureau that deals with the three items in its name, in complete violation of America’s basic law? We got it because in this American society the people who go into politics for a living are parasites and scum. They do what they’re told by the people who pay for their election victories. They sign pledges to support the military superiority of Israel. They vote for totalitarian bills that they don’t bother to read, because the resultant laws are what American Jews in power (e.g., Lieberman, Levin, Harman, Schumer) want us to have.

Fraud is the specialty of the US government. The world-wide war on Islam is based on fraud and lies.

The Transportation Security Administration has surpassed the ATF in its assaults on the people. The ATF goes after gun owners and gun dealers, plus dissidents and religious non-conformists. Even kills a few. But the TSA is in a different class of aggression, one that treats all travelers as “terrorists.” Fact is, the TSA wouldn’t know a terrorist if it tripped over one.

For example, the TSA is unable to discriminate between a stereotypical terrorist and say, an old lady in a wheelchair. Or a little kid wearing a diaper. With this barefaced ineptitude, how does it have a mandate to be allowed anywhere near an airport, let alone decide who can get on a plane?

Again, there are apparently no stereotypical terrorists for them to intercept, because it appears now and has for several decades that no one is interested in hijacking an airliner. Now that airline pilots can carry guns again, anyone who might be interested isn’t going to get very far.

The terrorists that come to my mind are the ones who deal in stark, raving terrorism such as renditions, dungeons, torture and murder. The ones who come to my mind work for the CIA and the Mossad. These are actual terrorists. Two actual agencies of state-sponsored terror are the CIA and Mossad but the TSA lets them get on airliners with normal passengers.

So maybe what happened in Texas last week shouldn’t surprise us. Well, it was surprising that the Texas House of Representatives voted unanimously to prohibit the TSA from committing anymore sexual assaults against passengers in its lascivious feeling-up their erogenous areas and its forcing passengers to submit either to that or to radioactive X-ray machines owned by Michael Chertoff and his Israeli buddies.

When it came to the Texas Senate for its vote, though, the CIA got involved. The CIA’s man in Texas, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, collaborated with the TSA and the Justice Department in Washington and Austin. Dewhurst, the richest man in Texas politics, a Republican, worked quietly with the Obama administration to overthrow this bill in the Texas Senate. Just as in the lower house, the vote in the senate was unanimous to make the TSA’s sexual assault policy a felony.

Thirty out of thirty senators were prepared to outlaw sexual attacks on passengers. But Dewhurst, as the lieutenant governor, had the thirty-first vote. One to thirty was good enough.

Dewhurst’s specialty in the CIA was overthrowing governments in Latin America. That’s what he’s trying to do in Texas. He also tried to swear the senators to secrecy as he worked with the Justice Department’s lobbyist on the senate floor and exploited his CIA background to persuade the senators to change their votes.

David Dewhurst crafted a letter, supposedly from the TSA, that said to the Texas Senate that if it voted for this bill to criminalize TSA behavior that the TSA would declare Texas a “no-fly zone,” exactly as it did to Iraq following Operation Desert Storm and as it is doing to Libya now. No passenger flights into or out of Texas would be allowed!

Under international law, this is termed as an act of war. Senator Dan Patrick, in Dewhurst’s party, described him as a traitor to the State of Texas and to the United States. He is nothing more or less than a traitor.

The TSA is another CIA front, as is its parent organization, the Department of Homeland Security. It’s all a CIA operation. Traitors working for state terrorists. How can a CIA agent who specialized in overthrowing foreign governments, which always includes kidnap, torture and murder, be allowed to masquerade as the representative of the people in a democratic society?

Of all the nasty things we have to think about, from the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe to the Japanese catastrophe to the threat of a currency collapse to the CIA’s world war against Islam, I found this act of war by the federal government against the State of Texas, this ugly threat to shut down commercial aviation, the most disturbing evidence of the actual nature of the DC government. It is the single best reason that this District of Corruption must be shut down and never allowed to start up again. The so-called American Experiment was a failure. It died in 1861. The Constitution was shown to be meaningless by the first tyrant who ignored it.

Americans are living on myth. They want to believe that this is the freest country of all. Some of the smug ones say, well, where else would you want to live? America – not love it or leave it. It’s shut up or leave it.

Well, I don’t love America. Never did. But it’s where I’m from and I want to clean it up. It’s always been an aggressive, violent country because of treacherous respectable scum such as David Dewhurst, a Republican, a guy who rides some of the best cutting horses in the country because, like Roosevelt, he was born into a rich family and can buy the best. Like his rich colleagues, the Bushes, he went from college into the CIA, where he worked in black operations to overthrow democratic governments.

Riding cutting horses, by the way, isn’t done by cowboys anymore. It’s done by rich dudes who can pay a quarter of a million for a Quarter Horse. You just sit there and hang on. It’s not as if you’re roping and tying calves. It’s the modern version of Averell Harriman playing polo, except that high-goal polo actually required skill.

Reminds me of the German who came over to America for awhile and then went back home. A friend asked, “Did you figure out the American political system?” He said, “I think it’s this way: the poor are Democrats, the middle class Republicans and the rich are Communists.”

David Dewhurst is an American Communist. Not a card-carrying party member, but a part of the nomenklatura, the elite secret government that is able to derail a unanimous vote in the legislature of the biggest real state in the so-called Union. This is not disrespect for Alaska, but you really can’t be a state when you’re on the north side of Canada. Alaska needs to be an independent country with its own policy.

And now Texas is probably thinking the same thing. One thing we don’t need is 535 bloodsucking parasites who signed pledges to support Israel ruling us from an artificial little enclave invented by megalomaniacal Freemasons centuries ago. It isn’t working and needs to be discarded.

Another thing we don’t need is a bunch of low-life sex fiends feeling us up if we don’t want to be microwaved. The main thing we don’t need is treacherous political (CIA) scum working with DC tyrants to threaten a state with an act of war for wanting to protect peaceful passengers from sexual abuse and radiation poisoning.

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