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Massacre In Norway: Mossad Strikes Again Under ‘Lone Gunman’ Cover

Anders Behring Breivik:
Norwegian terrorist,
extremist, Islamophobe,
hatemonger, Freemason,
agent of the Zionist entity. 

by Jonathan Azaziah 

The everyday murderous behavior of the world’s hegemonic powers, led by the exponentially powerful Zionist entity that has illegally occupied Palestine for 63 years, has split humanity right down the middle into two reactionary groups when a catastrophic event shakes the geopolitical sphere. The first group can be classified as “the sheep;” the oblivious, ignorant masses that believe anything and everything that the talking heads on the ‘fiction box’ known as the television tell them. “The sheep” believe that there is an international ‘Islamic’ terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda that is responsible for a great majority of the world’s terror attacks.

The sheep are unaware that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, it never has existed and it is nothing more than a creation of Zionist neo-conservative warmongers to be used as a psychological warfare tool by global intelligence agencies (1). This is because they are sheep.

The second group can be classified as the “awakened.” The awakened wholeheartedly and emphatically reject what they hear and see on the fiction box, as it is owned and run by Zionists with an agenda firmly rooted in brainwashing, and when they hear of any ‘game-changing’ geopolitical event, they pin the blame on one of the aforementioned global intelligence agencies, with Israel’s Mossad sitting atop the mountain and America’s CIA, Britain’s MI-6 and India’s RAW providing support cohesively or individually depending upon the region. The evidence excavated by the ‘awakened’ shows deadly accuracy in their ‘pinning.’ The ‘Arabs’ or ‘Muslims’ reported by the Zionist media as the perpetrators of such attacks, if they actually exist that is, are always patsies. Not sometimes, but always.

However, on July 22nd, 2011, the sheep and the awakened were taken by severe surprise when tragedy and horror struck the European nation of Norway. A man named Anders Behring Breivik, described by media outlets as a “right-wing Christian fundamentalist,” bombed the Norwegian Prime Minister’s office in the capital of Oslo and went on a shooting spree on Utøya Island that left at least 94 people dead, mostly teenagers (2).

Was this man really responsible for such brutality, such carnage? Was the Zionist media telling the truth for once? Or was there something more to all of it? Something more, much more indeed. The evidence will show, that this “right-wing Christian fundamentalist” was simply the face of another Mossad false flag operation conducted under ‘lone gunman’ cover.

Was Breivik a 
legitimate lone 
gunman or an 
asset in an intricate
intelligence operation?

Anders Behring Breivik: Extremist, Patsy, Terrorist Or All Of The Above?

The Zionist media would like the public to believe that Anders Behring Breivik is a nut; a madman; a mentally disturbed ‘loner’ who simply lost it and carried out a heinous crime. 32 years old, no contact with his estranged father, immature with women, obsessed with the Dragon Age II video game and doped up on multiple doses of xenophobia (3), upon first glance, Breivik appears to be just that: a lunatic. But a first glance is never enough to truly solve a crime with implications that shake the foundations of the geopolitical establishment.

Upon a second glance, a third and several more, Breivik is a Freemason, initiated in the Saint Johannes Lodge in Oslo in 2008 (4), an extreme bigot with strong anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-immigrant sentiments, an avid Zionist who supports the genocidal Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman and his Yisrael Beitenu party and an endorser of racist, fascist and xenophobic Dutch Politician Geert Wilders (5).

Wilders of course, is the tour-de-force behind the Netherlands’ shift towards solidarity with the Zionist entity and has infamously given his support to the violent, extremist Israeli settlers fully dedicated to ethnically cleansing every Palestinian from occupied Palestine (6). Breivik was ‘inspired’ by anti-Islamic Zionist ideologues like Daniel Pipes, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (7). The latter two are heavily funded by the Zionist power couple of Aubrey and Joyce Chernick, who have donated to the ADL and Zionist Organization of America for decades (8).

Seemingly, in 2007, Breivik took his inspiration to new heights by directly contacting the Chernick-funded Geller through an email which she later posted on her website, the Zionist hate festival known as ‘Atlas Shrugs.’ In the message, Breivik moaned and groaned of increasing Muslim immigration to Oslo and boasted of the Zionist entity launching a strike against ‘all of its enemies’ in the Middle East.

Breivik also drew inspiration from David Horowitz, the screaming Zionist neoconservative who not only funds Robert Spencer’s abhorrent Jihad Watch, but an entire network of anti-Muslim/anti-Arab organizations, including magazines, publishing firms, NGOs and student groups. Horowitz has also gone on record to state that all “Palestinians are Nazis (9).” Breivik frequently posted on the boards of the blog, ‘,’ run by Zionist propagandist and xenophobe Hans Rustad (10).

The very frightening,
very hateful, very Zionist,
very crazy Pamela Geller; 
object of Breivik’s admiration
and asset of Israel’s anti-Islam

And if that wasn’t enough, Breivik was also deeply connected to the utterly vile English Defence League (EDL), Britain’s leading far-right, xenophobic, fascist organization. Brevik had held meetings with senior EDL leaders and kept in contact with them via Zionist-owned social networking giant, Facebook (11). The EDL is allied with Zionist Pam Geller and also has strong links to America’s Tea Party movement (12), which is bankrolled in the millions by Zionist billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch and none other than Zionist mega-media mogul and war criminal, Rupert Murdoch (13).

All of these connections to Zionist hatemongers and extremists coupled with his own despicable views on Arabs, Muslims and immigrants, culminated in Breivik’s 1,467-page manifesto entitled, ‘2083: A European Declaration of Independence.’ In the manifesto, Breivik described a war of epic proportions (in vivid detail) that would be waged by a Freemasonic reincarnation of the Knights Templar against Europe’s Muslim population.

Just prior to the Oslo attacks on July 22nd, Breivik emailed this document to thousands of people (14). It is now readily available for anyone to read on a plethora of websites and blogs across the Internet. But there is something violently wrong with Breivik’s manifesto: large sections of it are plagiarized from the writings of the man widely accused of being the ‘Unabomber;’ outright copy-and-pasted (15).

With all of Breivik’s links to the Zionist network of hasbara fellows and propagandists, the question begs to be asked: how much more of his manifesto was ‘plagiarized?’ Or was it completely composed by the aforesaid propagandists or like-similar elements then deposited online to reinforce the lone gunman narrative?

Additionally, despite initially admitting that he was behind the assault on Oslo and Utøya Island, Breivik pleaded ‘not guilty’ in court on July 25th. While in court, he bragged that there were two more cells from the ‘Knights Templar’ network still at large, preparing to carrying out more attacks (16). This, by itself, is a strong indicator that Breivik was by no means alone in this slaughter of innocents. It is a strong indicator that Breivik is nothing more than the frontman of a larger operation, taking the fall for the team.

This bumper sticker says it all. Never 
forget who fuels anti-Islamic fervor:
the media. Never forget who owns
the media: the Zionists.

Zionist Media Analysis I: Blame Islam, As Always

Prior to Anders Behring Breivik’s name hitting the airwaves, search engines and television sets across the globe, the Zionist media did what it normally does when there’s a terror attack: it blamed Islam and using its ever-expanding rolodex of buzz words including militants, terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists, jihadis, jihadists and Islamofascists, it attempted to convince the masses that this blame was rooted in fact. Well, as the usual case is, fact was nowhere near the Zionist media’s pathetic excuse for ‘reporting.’

‘Analysts and experts’ from around the globe, America to Britain, began stating that the Norway attack was the work of al-Qaeda after the first reports rolled in regarding the bombing of the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo. When the second stream of reports rolled in about the savage shooting on Utøya Island, the ‘analysts and experts’ compared the attack to the Mumbai massacre of 2008 (17).

This was the last thing that they should’ve done as the 26/11 attack in Mumbai has been completely debunked as an ‘Islamist’ op and fully exposed as a joint false flag operation between Mossad and India’s RAW, carried out to achieve regional objectives against Iran and Pakistan and cover up Zionist-Hindutvadi crimes against humanity in occupied Kashmir (18). But still, even after Breivik’s identity was exposed, the ‘experts’ and the media outlets that gave them a platform persisted.

Zionist-run British media in particular did everything in its power to direct the world’s attention from Breivik’s blatant connections to the Zionist entity and Freemasonry, instead choosing to blame the attacks on ‘Islamism’ and Nazism {one of Israel’s favorite and most effective propaganda tools} (19).

The most prominent ‘expert’ quoted during the Norway horror and the man who planted the ‘jihadist’ seed in the minds of the planet’s populace was US State Department Advisor and Center For Naval Analyses (CNA) agent Will McCants. McCants absurdly claimed that he received his information from the most ‘elite jihadi forum in the world.’ The Zionist-owned, Zionist-run New York Times ran McCants’ disgraceful story as fact and the hasbara mouthpieces commonly known as BBC, the Guardian and the Washington Post followed suit, even after McCants retracted his lie (20).

In reality, the 
‘war on terror’ is a
bloody, bloody war
on Islam.  

The CNA is a federally-funded propaganda outlet that provides intelligence, research, data and other services to ‘help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of US national defense efforts (21).’ In other words, as evidenced by McCants’ skullduggery, the CNA concocts fabrications and handfeeds them to the US government to execute the Zionist War On Terror, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocents, with maximum efficiency.

CNA’s ‘leadership’ is comprised of nothing but lifers of the US intelligence establishment and its President and CEO, Robert J. Murray, is an ardent Zionist who participated in the treacherous Camp David negotiations (22), which resulted in Egypt getting back the Israeli-occupied Sinai in exchange for being economically enslaved to Zionism forever.

Not only has the Zionist media exhaustively worked to deflect Breivik’s adherence to Zionism and Freemasonry from the public eye via anti-Muslim, anti-Arab hate-rhetoric, but it has also exhaustively worked to maintain the ‘lone gunman’ theory. The evidence to counter this theory however, is far too overwhelming and damning to ignore.

The Zionist media
has done everything
in its power to conceal
Breivik’s connections
to Zionism, Freemasonry
and a greater
intelligence agenda.

Zionist Media Analysis II: The Unreported and The Downplayed

“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists and multiculturalists (23).” ~

Anders Behring Breivik.

This quote, from Breivik’s startling manifesto, has been completely repressed by the Zionist media. It’s no surprise why. This single declaration not only shows that Breivik is a militant Zionist, but one who is ready to shed blood for the usurping entity’s ‘crusade against Muslims.’ Sick doesn’t begin to describe it. This critical revelation will be revisited in just a moment.

As was the case with the attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. on September 11th, 2001, when multiple war games and terror drills were being conducted as Mossad’s false flag operation commenced (24), and the attacks against Britain on July 7th, 2005, when a terror drill involving mock bombings were being conducted just hours before another Mossad false flag operation unfolded (25), Norway also had its own pre-false-flag-op terror drill. 48 hours before carnage struck Oslo and Utøya Island, Oslo police staged a dramatic sham terror attack with bombs and firearms near the Oslo Opera House (26). Alone, this piece of information shatters the already fragile mainstream narrative; it displays foreknowledge. Someone knew that this was coming and nothing was done to stop it. Why? And who knew?

The manner in which the unsuspecting innocents on Utøya Island were massacred was yelling at the top its lungs, “there is more than one shooter! There is more than one shooter!” And indeed there was. Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that at least two shooters were on the island, as bullets spilled blood from two different directions at the exact same time. The second shooter was described as ‘Nordic in appearance, tall, dark hair.’

The brutality of Breivik and this other gunman was also described. Eyewitnesses confirm that Breivik and his accomplice made sure whoever was shot, was shot dead, including a young boy who was already dying on the ground as the second shooter fired into him again to solidify the kill (27). Animalistic. And where were the police? Where were the ‘anti-terror’ units? SWAT? Anyone? Why did it take 90 minutes before any law enforcement showed up and why was access to their helicopters blocked (28)?

In fact, why did this bloodshed even occur? Why wasn’t Breivik taken into custody back in March when he was put on a Norwegian Secret Service watchlist for purchasing massive amounts of fertilizer (29)? How was a man on an intelligence watchlist able to acquire such high-powered weaponry? And lastly, how did Norwegian police know Anders Behring Breivik’s name before they even arrived on Utøya Island and obtained visual identification of the suspect (30)?

In Norway, a very real
Zionist-Masonic conspiracy
exploded on July 22nd,
murdering more than 94

The answers to all of the aforementioned questions emanate from a single point; a single point that is chilling, malevolent and shocking. It lies within the first question: Who knew? The answer: Anders Behring Breivik’s initiated friends in the Oslo police department and Norwegian security services; fellow Freemasons, sworn to secrecy through the blood oath of the order and who work for the betterment of any Masonic brother in need. Revealing secrets of the order is punishable by death.

Norway’s security establishment in particular has been controlled by Freemasonry since at least 1957. But Breivik is no mere Freemason. No, Breivik is part of a Masonic terror organization that is closely allied with the Zionist entity (31). It is essential to note, that Freemasonry would not exist without the Jewish mystical practice known as ‘Kabbalah (32),’ an esoteric set of teachings rooted in devil worship and anti-Gentile xenophobia (33).

And still, the plot thickens. Breivik honed his skills, perfected his tactics and learned how to develop bombs in pine forest ‘training camps’ with a ‘neo-Nazi’ group known as The Vikings (34). Intelligence sources from Pakistan and Norway have revealed to Mask of Zion that The Vikings are the farthest thing from neo-Nazis and have sinisterly used the label as a front. The Vikings are a proxy of the Zionist entity’s Mossad, and have served as the European branch of Israel’s Dragon Policy operation since 2001.

Weapons, funds to build camps and set up cells and high-level paramilitary training have been provided to The Vikings by a Mossad team stationed in Oslo. Mossad’s movement between camps and headquarters was/is protected by its Freemasonic allies in Norway’s terribly corrupted security establishment. The Vikings are part of a 10-year operational ‘standby’ plan to balkanize any European nation that is not prepared to adhere to the Zionist regime’s ‘Greater Israel’ vision. Several cells have been set up throughout Europe with ‘sleeping orders,’ awaiting activation. Norway was the first target and the operations base.

This intelligence is confirmed by Zionist asset and Breivik object of admiration Daniel Pipes, who just so happens to foresee Europe entering a state of “protracted civil conflict” in a matter of a few short years (35). Just two days after the Norway attacks, Zionist Defense Minister and war criminal Ehud Barak stated that “Israel must exert all efforts” in stopping UN recognition of a Palestinian state (bantustan) in September. He specifically mentioned Europe as Zionism’s main target in this mobilization (36). Terrorism has always been an Israeli speciality; was Barak referring to ‘exerting’ terrorism to ensure his objectives result in success? The Dragon Policy is one of Israel’s most successful and most murderous operations and Pakistan bears the scars. Mossad has collaborated with RAW in using the fake ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ to plunge the Islamic nation into chaos via car bombings and shootings en masse (37). The Zionist entity’s Dragon Policy has successfully struck Europe; Norway now bears the scars too.

Mossad’s tentacles
hit many corners
of the globe in
preparation for
the Norway

Tentacles of Mossad Further Exposed

The Anders Behring Breivik affair is not the first time the Israeli mass murder apparatus known as Mossad has meddled in Norway. On July 21, 1973, in the Norwegian resort town of Lillehammer, a Mossad hit squad shot dead a Moroccan waiter named Ahmed Bouchikhi in front of his pregnant wife. In a miserable, disgraced operation, the agents mistook Bouchikhi for Hassan Salameh, a PLO intelligence chief and premier Mossad target. The Norwegian government slammed the heinous crime as a serious violation of its sovereignty and despite the Zionist entity attempting to cover up its murderous behavior by paying blood money to Bouchikhi’s grieving family, Norway remained infuriated. The Nordic nation reopened the case in 1990 and tried for a decade to get a conviction before abandoning the case in disgust in 2000 (38). The ‘Lillehammer Affair’ was led by Mossad veteran Mike Harari, infamous for dealing $500 million worth of (Israeli) arms across Latin America and his role as advisor (read: handler) to US-Israeli intelligence asset and Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega (39).

As confirmed by Norwegian police, the bomb used by Breivik in downtown Oslo at the Prime Minister’s office was in fact a car bomb (40). The car bomb is Mossad’s signature weapon. It has used this device in thousands of operations across occupied Iraq, in mosques of various sects, churches, homes, businesses and government buildings. Mossad has used the car bomb to effectively transform Iraq into an apocalyptic wasteland. It also used the car bomb for the operation at al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria, Egypt and as mentioned in the previous section, in collaboration with India’s RAW, the car bomb has been Mossad’s weapon of choice in ravaging Pakistan (41). Even the materials used in Breivik’s bomb bear the signature of Mossad; the bomb was comprised of fertilizer and fuel, exactly like the bomb used in the Oklahoma City false flag attack on April 19th, 1995 (42). Unbeknownst to most, the Oklahoma City false flag attack was a Mossad operation, planned and executed by Zionist agents out of Elohim City, Oklahoma (43).

In the aftermath of the devastating bloodshed, The Jerusalem Post, the militant right-wing Israeli newspaper and widely-known mouthpiece of the Tel Aviv regime, composed an editorial on July 24th shockingly telling Norway to look at the attack as “an opportunity to seriously reevaluate policies for immigration integration (44).” The immigrants that the Zionist writers are speaking of are Muslims of course. This was no mere editorial, it was a reinforcement of the threat made against Norway with the attacks.

Evan Kohlmann:

Zionist propagandist

and anti-Muslim bigot.

Another one of the “experts” that incessantly rambled about Muslims being behind the Norway terror was Zionist Evan Kohlmann, protégé of neo-con giant, anti-Muslim xenophobe and staunch defender of Israel, Steve Emerson. One of Kohlmann’s closest colleagues is none other than Israeli Zionist and founder of SITE Intelligence Group, Rita Katz (45). Katz worked with Kohlmann on numerous projects and set up her organization with Kohlmann’s school friend and fellow Zionist, Josh Devon (46). Katz, a former Zionist occupation soldier and daughter of an Israeli spy, erected SITE as a front for Mossad psychological warfare operations in the Zionist-designed global ‘war on terror (47).’

In the modern era, no geopolitical analysis would be complete without the mentioning of the world’s ‘finest whistleblower,’ Wikileaks. Anders Behring Breivik stated that he had been planning his attack since 2009 and by some mystical, odd, magical coincidence, Wikileaks released ‘cables’ from 2009 on the exact same day of Breivik’s rampage that Norway was “in over its head” in regards to a terror attack, going further to state that Norway “felt immune to terrorism” and was “unprepared (48).” When it is taken into consideration that Julian Assange is an agent of the Rothschild family, the Zionist entity’s godfathers, and the Wikileaks organization is a Mossad-CIA ‘limited hangout operation’ designed to control dissent in a re-branding of COINTELPRO and attack ‘hostile’ nations with psychological warfare (49), it can easily be deducted that the release of these ‘cables’ was the usurping Israeli regime’s way of gloating as Norway coped with the tragedy.

It is now known that Anders Behring Breivik traveled to the Zionist entity several times before the July 22nd operation (50). What isn’t known is what Breivik’s reasons were for traveling to Zionist-governed historic Palestine, but based on the evidence presented in the previous section, it is of the strongest likelihood that Breivik made pilgrimage to the occupied holy land to receive additional orders from his Tel Aviv paymasters.

The target of Breivik and his accomplice in Oslo was Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Breivik has now admitted that his target on Utøya Island was former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, commonly referred to as the ‘the mother of the nation (51).’ These were assassination attempts and they overtly wreak of Mossad involvement. But why didn’t Kidon, Mossad’s high-level assassination unit, pull the trigger directly? And furthermore, why didn’t Israel use its typical ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ patsies for the operation?

Anders Behring Breivik:
A shabbos goy, helping
out his “Jewish friends”
when their ‘religious duties’
prevent them from
killing innocents themselves.

The answers are relatively simple. July 22nd, 2011 was a Friday. An ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ carrying out a terror attack when he should be in the masjid (mosque) performing Salat al-Jumu’ah (mandatory Friday prayers) doesn’t make much sense, now does it? Every operation that the Zionist entity carries out has a psychological warfare aspect to it. By unveiling its European Dragon Policy operatives, Tel Aviv was sending an intimidating message to the governments of Europe: ‘fall in line or you will be struck; any place, any time, by people that look just like you.’ Friday also represents the start of the Jewish Sabbath, taking Mossad’s Kidon unit (reportedly comprised entirely of religious Jews) out of the picture. Enter Breivik, who played his role as ‘shabbos goy’ to the letter. ‘Shabbos goy,’ is a Yiddish phrase that simply means a gentile who provides assistance to Jews during the Sabbath. But in the modern sense, in the fields of intelligence and war, a ‘shabbos goy’ is a gentile who would literally (and willingly) kill for the Zionist state (52).

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, has gone on the record to state with no hesitation that Tel Aviv was behind the Norway atrocities. Major General Firouzabadi hit the nail on the head when he said that the Zionist regime is attempting to create divisions and deviations within Christianity and subsequently convince the world that ‘Christian’ Zionism is the real face of the Christian religion (53). Taking it a step further, the 7/22 false flag was meant to sow discord between Europe’s Christian and Muslim populations, which enjoy brotherly relations. Hopefully, both groups will see through the Zionist media lies and avoid the trap.

Norway consistently

found itself on the

side of the Palestinian 

people, much to the ire

of the Zionist entity.

The Motives: Norwegian-Israeli Tension Across The Board

Despite the fact that the Norwegian government recognizes the illegitimate and criminal existence of the Zionist entity and has actively participated in the (Israeli-led) international conspiracy against Syria by slapping the Arab nation with sanctions (54), relations between Tel Aviv and Oslo have been anything but friendly. Assumably attained by Mossad, Israel has at least 169 articles on file that it considers “anti-Semitic” regarding Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Zionist regime has launched a full-scale hasbara assault against the Norwegian government to discredit these foreign policy positions (55). Israeli-Norwegian tension has been at an all-time high since the Zionist regime’s genocidal bombing of illegally besieged Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. During the bombardment, a prominent Norwegian physician named Dr. Mads Gilbert performed invaluable humanitarian work and documented Israel’s crimes against humanity in detail (56).

Two months after Israel’s cold, calculated and murderous campaign of destruction in Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister and object of Brevik’s admiration Avigdor Lieberman called for an ‘overall reassessment’ of the usurping Zionist entity’s relationship with Norway and demanded that the Norwegian state’s human rights observers in occupied al-Khalil (Hebron), placed there after psychotic Zionist mass murderer Baruch Goldstein brutally massacred 29 Palestinian men and children as they prayed on February 25, 1994, be thrown out (57). And so began the downward spiral. Shortly thereafter, heeding the call of the Palestinian Stop The Wall Campaign, Norway’s State Pension Fund completed its divestment from Israeli military contractor, Elbit Systems, a producer of death machines for the illegal entity and well-known occupation profiteer. Thanks to Norway’s decision, Danwatch, a top Danish financial watchdog, placed Elbit Systems on its blacklist and then the largest bank in Denmark replicated the motion (58).

Norway’s next divestment was an even bigger statement, sending shockwaves through the upper echelons of Zionist financial circles. In August 2010, Norway’s Finance Ministry dumped the shares it had in the Zionist firms Africa Israel and Danya Cebus, both of which were heavily involved in illegal settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem). Both of which are also owned by Israeli multi-billionaire Lev Leviev (59), a morally destitute blood diamond dealer who is intimately linked with the powerful Russian Jewish mafia and who has dedicated his life to the Zionist project, spending tens of millions to “judaize” all of criminally occupied Palestine (60).

In 2011, Norway’s opposition to several objectives of international Zionism ascended its position in Tel Aviv from ‘annoying’ to ‘despised.’ On March 29th, Norwegian Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen’s Socialist Left Party released a proposal that was nothing short of earth-shattering: Halvorsen and her constituents called for military action against the Zionist entity if it attacked Hamas and the defenseless, starving, civilian population of illegally besieged Gaza (61). On June 27th, a humanitarian aid ship called the “Juliano,” for slain Palestinian-Jewish activist and director Juliano Mer-Khamis, was sabotaged in Greece. The ship was jointly owned by solidarity groups from Greece, Sweden and yes, Norway (62). Only a few days after the potentially life-threatening sabotage, former IOF chief of staff, war criminal and Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon admitted with sickening braggadocio that IOF carried out the sabotage operation (63).

The documentary “Tears of Gaza,” a powerful piece of film-making that walks the viewer through the ungodly devastation that the Zionist entity inflicted upon the coastal enclave during Operation Cast Lead and indicts it for crimes against humanity, was put together by Norwegian director and actress Vibeke Løkkeberg. It exposes Israel for the barbaric, soulless entity that it is through the eyes and words of the children it unleashed hell upon. Løkkeberg has come under heavy fire from various Zionists for the film (64).

Just four days before the Mossad operation of July 22nd rocked Norway, the Norwegian Foreign Minister offered his support for the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state that is expected to come at the UN in September (65). While ultimately, this is what the Zionist entity wants, for such a declaration would legitimize 63 years of ethnic cleansing and land theft since the criminal establishment of the usurping regime, it was expecting its European allies to go along with the charade in public. Norway didn’t play ball.

Utøya Island before the
Zionist-designed carnage;
teenage activists show
solidarity with Palestine
and call for the boycott
of Israel.

Just two days before the murder of at least 94 innocents between the attacks on Oslo and Utøya Island, the leader of the Labor Party Youth Movement (AUF), Eskil Pedersen gave an interview to Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper and showed no cowardice by stating what he believed be the proper measures in combating the Zionist regime’s desecration of human rights, occupation and oppression in Palestine, “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expects Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side. We are tired of Israel’s behavior, quite simply.” As Breivik and his fellow operative made their way onto Utøya Island, the teenage Labor Youth activists were chanting for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel (66).

Norway’s acts of divestment, harsh rhetoric, righteous solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and exposés of Zionism’s crimes obviously and most certainly play a part in why the atrocities of July 22nd took place, but nothing infuriated the Zionist Power Configuration quite like the Norwegian decision to stop partaking in the hostilities against Libya. Back in May, Prime Minister Stoltenberg told reporters that the carnage in Libya required a political solution and his government then pledged to scale down its participation in the bloodthirsty bombing campaign before rounding out its ‘commitment’ on June 24th (67). Now, Norway has officially bowed out of the illegal aggression against Muammar Qaddafi and the people of Libya (68).

Though it isn’t talked about enough, the ongoing demolition of the Libyan nation was 100% designed, instigated and carried out by Israel and its agents, using NATO as the ‘strongman’ to maliciously assault Qaddafi for his multiple ‘acts of war’ against the usurping regime and for the purpose of satisfying Israeli energy needs (69). And with the CIA-backed, Israeli-advised rebels becoming a more formidable international force, they are now ready to allow the Zionist regime occupying al-Quds to construct a military base in eastern Cyrenaica on a 30-year lease (70). Norway could no longer tow the Zionist line and go along with this plot. Israel made Norway pay.

The Norway terror
attacks were carried 
out 65 years to the
day that a Zionist
militia bombed the
King David Hotel
in al-Quds.

Conclusion: A Bloody Anniversary and More Media Coverups 

While many will dismiss the idea of a Zionist-Masonic alliance as laughable, delusional or the all-time favorite, “conspiracy theory,” there is an undeniable link that exists between the Talmudic enclave built upon ethnically cleansed Palestinian land and the satanic secret society that has had a prominent, clandestine hand in world events for centuries. One needs to look no further than the buildings and lodges donated to the Zionist entity by its founders, the international banking giants and originators, the Rothschild family, who are rumored to “own” 80% of historic Palestine. Literally,Freemasonry is written all over each massive structure. The reason why this connection needs to be discussed is painfully significant. The Zionist regime is exceedingly precise in carrying out its intelligence operations of death and destruction on anniversaries, on Jewish holidays or on days with deeper, “spiritual” meaning in the Kabbalist-Masonic context of “sacred geometry.”

Examples: Mossad’s false flag attack on September 11th, 2001; in Kabbalistic teaching, the numbers (9/11) represent the day in which the religion of the world becomes one of which that requires its followers to disbelieve in ‘God’ on earth and believe that all life on earth should be annihilated (71). Leading 9/11 researcher, journalist, writer, professor and scholar Kevin Barrett described the September 11th attacks as “a mass human sacrifice designed to ritually inaugurate a New World Order of global government by Satanists and atheists (72).” It is also 11 years to the day that George Bush’s father called for such a ‘New World Order.’ Next, one of Mossad’s false flag attacks in Mumbai and the infamous train bombings in Madrid; the events of both attacks were overwrought with Kabbalistic numerology, the destructive number 11 in particular (73). Also, the criminal, genocidal, Zionist invasions of Iraq and Libya; both nations were invaded on the twisted Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, in which the blood of the Amalekites (in this case, Arabs) must be spilled for the ‘Jewish people’ to rejoice in victory (74).

And now: the 7/22 (‘oddly enough,’ the sum of the numbers is Kabbalistic 11) atrocities in Norway; 65 years to the day that terrorism in the Middle East was born, when the deranged and mass murdering Irgun militia, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, bombed the King David Hotel in al-Quds, killing at least 92 people. This sanguinary operation paved the way for the Zionist entity to be established.

It is an event that is celebrated to this day by Zionists, including the butcher of Gaza himself and current leader of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu (75). How did Israelis, the thieves of Palestine, react to the 7/22 terror attacks in Norway? Taking historical precedent, they celebrated. The Israeli daily Ynet called the murdered teenagers of Utøya Island “anti-Israeli hatemongers (76).” The Jerusalem Post called the Utøya Island activists murdered by Breivik attendees of a “pro-terrorist camp (77).” Israelis across the web hit the message boards to bash Norway’s martyrs and state repeatedly that they “got what they deserved” and cheer gleefully that the enemies of the Zionist entity had been killed (78). Appalling.

Libya’s Great Manmade River;

perniciously bombed

by the NATO international

terror outfit.

The very day of the Norway terror attacks, there was another monstrous event that occurred in the Eastern hemisphere, but this event was not reported by any Zionist media outlet and it still hasn’t been reported. One week prior to July 22nd, 2011, NATO bombed the largest irrigation system on the planet, the Great Manmade River of Libya, which miraculously carts water from the Sahara Desert to millions of Libyans from the west to the south, from Benghazi to the capital city of Tripoli.

On July 22nd, 2011, NATO bombed the only factory in Libya that produced the pipes to repair the damage, in a deliberate, heartless act of terrorism that is as blatant as blatant can be. Millions of Libyans are now at risk of dying of water deprivation because of this act of reprehensible, evil barbarity (79). Was Anders Behring Breivik’s operation carried out on this specific day to mask the beginning of the end of the Libya, another nation of Amalekites, as the Zionist criminal network plunges it into an Iraq-like descent? NATO has no intention of stopping its terror. On July 31st, NATO helicopters slaughtered 160 Libyan tribesmen and reportedly buried them in a mass grave (80). This was also not covered by the Zionist mainstream media.

Meanwhile in occupied Afghanistan, hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed by NATO machine guns, brutal air raids, helicopter assaults and Mossad-RAW car bombs every day for three weeks straight and excluding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s English-language Press TV, it has not been talked about anywhere. At all. Children being slaughtered like animals at the hands of men in possession of war machines and they are ignored as if they carpet in a cheap apartment. This Zionist-instigated criminal occupation, which has claimed millions of Afghan lives and destroyed millions of others, has become forgotten completely by the mainstream press and abysmally covered by the alternative press.

“Liberation,” Defined By NATO:
Afghan children ruthlessly
slaughtered by the
 Zionist-fueled, US-led
coalition of murderers.

This is the hideousness that lies at the very heart of the Oslo-Utøya Island killings; tragedy and travesty of humanity they most definitely are, but they are only a drop in the bucket compared to what happens every single day in occupied Palestine, occupied Iraq, occupied Afghanistan, occupied Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, occupied Kashmir and now, Libya. Breivik, under the influence of his warped Zionist ideology, does not even consider the martyred innocents of these oppressed nations as human beings, but necessary casualties in the ‘crusade’ against Islam.

What is most frightening of all is not that a Zionist-Masonic terror network exists within Europe, operating at Israel’s beckoned call, but what Breivik (and his accomplice{s}) could potentially inspire or already have inspired. Across Europe, an alliance exists between far-right-wing, anti-Islamic parties and the Zionist entity, its extremist settlers and its hardline parties (81). The danger in this is grave, as these parties command the influence of millions of sheepish, ignorant Europeans. Whether these parties know it or not, they have created millions of foot soldiers to fight in the Zionist war against Islam.

There is an echo in this danger; and once again, the echo is Freemasonic. In a letter dated August 15th, 1871, the highest-ranking Freemason in North America, General Albert Pike wrote to the highest-ranking Freemason in Europe and founder of the Italian mafia, Giuseppe Mazzini, mapping the plans for three world wars that would trigger the ‘New World Order.’ The last of which would be fought between Islam and political Zionism, destroying both and making way for a satanic one world religion that would be universally accepted as ‘savior’ by the world’s masses (82); a religion of consumerism, self-worship, capitalism, bigotry and the worst forms of depravity known to man; a religion that already exists. This plot is unfolding right before the very eyes of the world but the inability to see is of such severity, the plot grows stronger with each passing moment.

Political Zionism as we know it today encompasses a vast network of lunatics, hatemongers, warmongers and zealots but none are as noteworthy (or as mentally disturbed) as the Christian Zionists who have taken the Zionist entity itself as their idol-god. The reference in Albert Pike’s letter to political Zionism was of Christian Zionism, the final, transmuted, dilapidated form of Christianity after centuries of Jewish-Zionist weakening, put on the altar to be sacrificed along with Islam, annihilating all “goyim” once and for all.

Muslim-Christian Unity:

the anti-venom feared deeply

by the Zionist serpent.

Battle lines have been drawn, a war has been initiated and Islam is the target. The Anders Behring Breivik network’s attacks on Norway were a wake-up for not only the millions of Muslims in the West, but the billions of Muslims, Christians and like-minded spiritual thinkers who focus on the fight for the oppressed worldwide. There are forces at work attempting to pit these two great faiths and their allies against each other and the money trail behind these forces leads back to Tel Aviv, the City of London and the Zionist-occupied territory commonly labeled as “Capital Hill.”

The Zionist media’s nonstop flow of anti-Islam sewage is a disease; the cure is not only faith in what the ‘believers’ call ‘God’ and the ‘nonbelievers’ call ‘the greater good,’ but faith in each other to triumph over these Zionist monsters and take back the beautiful world that we have been given. It is a triumph that is attainable, no matter how hard ‘t.h.e.y.’ try to convince us that it isn’t.

~ The End ~


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Tahrir August 1st


Phil Rizk has a great multimedia post at Jadaliyya on the forced dispersal of the sit-in at Tahrir Square.Go read it:

After a nearly three-week long sit-in, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) sent their forces—the same forces that are reportedly tasked with “defending us from our external enemies”—to violently attack peaceful demonstrators, clear a site of protest, and, with the help of a propaganda media machine, try to win over more support of the Egyptian public. I will map out the logic I see in this violent rampage.

From his perch @kikhote captures an important vantage point of the joint military and Egyptian security forces violent attack against demonstrators and the disbanding of the Tahrir sit-in on the eve of the 1st of Ramadan 2011.

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Paying for PR in Washington, DC: the case of Syria


“The Syrian government hired an international public-relations firm to help coordinate a Vogue magazine profile for Asma al-Assad, Syria’s first lady.  Brown Lloyd James agreed to a $5,000-per-month contract with the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic in November 2010 to help with the interview and photo shoot for a glowing profile of al-Assad by the high-profile fashion magazine.

PR firm worked with Syria on controversial photo shoot

By Kevin Bogardus

The Syrian government hired an international public-relations firm to help coordinate a Vogue magazine profile for Asma al-Assad, Syria’s first lady.

Brown Lloyd James agreed to a $5,000-per-month contract with the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic in November 2010 to help with the interview and photo shoot for a glowing profile of al-Assad by the high-profile fashion magazine.

The piece has been criticized heavily due to its publication in Vogue’s March issue, which coincided with the Syrian government’s crackdown on anti-regime protesters.

The firm “liaised between the Office of the First Lady and the Vogue editorial team on the scheduling of interviews and photo shoots,” according to Department of Justice records. Brown Lloyd James also agreed to an extension of the contract for another $25,000, but its work for Syria has since ended, according to the firm.

“We look forward to an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship,” the firm wrote in its contract with the Syrian government.

In a statement to The Hill, Brown Lloyd James said its work for the Syrian government ended in December 2010.

“The $25,000 listed as a contract extension was for a separate project that was ultimately postponed,” Brown Lloyd James said in its statement. “This project was to support a cultural forum on Syria’s incredible antiquities. The limited scope of work would have been conducted solely in Damascus and did not affect a U.S. audience. We have not been engaged in any activity in Syria in a number of months.”

The PR firm’s work for Syria was successful, as Vogue published a profile of al-Assad under the title “Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert,” along with a full-page photo of the Syrian first lady. But when the profile was first published online in February, it faced a wave of criticism from media and foreign-policy circles.

“The article does not once mention the protests currently under way in the Middle East, including scattered evidence of demonstrations in Syria,” wrote David Kenner, an associate editor for the magazine Foreign Policy, when the profile first went online. “Instead, the article focuses on Syrian first lady Asma Assad — the ‘freshest and most magnetic of first ladies,’ endowed with ‘[d]ark-brown eyes, wavy chin-length brown hair, long neck, an energetic grace.’ At a time when other Middle Eastern first ladies, notably Tunisia’s Leila Trabelsi, have been the target of protesters’ wrath, this may not be the wisest moment for Asma to flaunt her glamour.”

Links to the profile of al-Assad on the Vogue website have since gone dead, sending readers to an error page. A spokeswoman for the magazine did not return messages from The Hill asking for comment on the profile.

Brown Lloyd James said in its statement that its work on behalf of Syria came at a time when the country’s relationship with the United States was changing for the better.

“Our project in Syria, for example, hewed with U.S. efforts at rapprochement and normalization of relations, which were a major strategic priority to the U.S. at the time,” the firm said. “During the time of our activity, the U.S. was engaged in a thaw in relations, highlighted by the appointment of a U.S. ambassador to the country. By complementing the efforts of traditional diplomacy, our approach seeks to establish a deeper reservoir of good will and a strengthening of international relationships. We aim to start dialogues and exchanges and develop constituencies for normalization in each country.”

Syria has often run afoul of Western governments, due to its poor human-rights record and having been listed as a state sponsor of terrorism by the State Department since 1979.

And like much of the Middle East this year, Syria has been rocked by anti-government protests that have swept away long-entrenched regimes. Al-Assad’s husband, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has beaten back the protests brutally with his country’s military.

The latest confrontation was in the Syrian city of Hama. Syrian forces attacked protesters there this past weekend, with press reports saying the military has been shelling the town and that more than 100 people have died so far.

That crackdown has been met with disapproval from Washington. In a statement Sunday, President Obama criticized the Syrian government for its treatment of the anti-regime protesters.

“I am appalled by the Syrian government’s use of violence and brutality against its own people. The reports out of Hama are horrifying and demonstrate the true character of the Syrian regime,” Obama said. “Once again, President Assad has shown that he is completely incapable and unwilling to respond to the legitimate grievances of the Syrian people. His use of torture, corruption and terror puts him on the wrong side of history and his people.”

The president added that the U.S. government would continue to pressure and isolate the Syrian regime. On Monday, Obama met with the U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, and repeated his criticism of the Middle Eastern country in a White House statement.

Congress is also following up with more action against the Syrian regime.

On Tuesday, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said they would introduce legislation this week to toughen sanctions against Syria due to the government-led violence against protesters. Their bill would penalize companies that invest in, buy from or sell to Syria’s energy sector by blocking access to U.S. financial markets and federal government contracts for those firms.

“The United States should impose crippling sanctions in response to the murder of civilians by troops under the orders of Syrian President Assad,” Kirk said in a statement. “The Arab Spring will sweep away this dictatorship, hopefully with the help of American sanctions similar to those leveled against the Iranian regime.”

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Zionist King PlayStation is like a kid


Look at him.  I mean, who would do that?  What kind of uniform is this?

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Although he was a Dictator”….


“The trial also drew a large audience in IsraHell, where many viewed the images of Zionist puppet Mu-Barak with a sense of unease. Although he was a dictator, several Zionist commentators said, puppet Mu-Barak had also been a reliable ally who upheld Egypt’s peace treaty with Zionist for 30 years. It was also noted that the corruption charges against Zionist puppet Mu-Barak included a natural gas deal that his regime made with IsraHell.”

Mubarak Spectacle Captivates the Middle East


Hosni Mubarak’s televised trial transformed Egypt and much of the Middle East into a vast living room on Wednesday, with millions of viewers, from the shops of Amman and Jerusalem to the hovels of impoverished Yemen, mesmerized by the live broadcasts of a once-unthinkable spectacle beamed from a Cairo court.

The sight of Mr. Mubarak, the former Egyptian president, 83 and ailing, confined to a hospital gurney inside a defendant’s cage reserved for common thugs evoked a range of reactions, with some people feeling the thrill of a vengeful comeuppance and others expressing pity for a proud man who once embodied the archtypical Arab autocrat.

Regardless of their politics or religion, many shared a feeling of watching a historical moment, not unlike the day nearly six months ago when Mr. Mubarak was deposed by an 18-day revolution that remade the region’s political dynamics.

“Everybody is watching from all parts of the society, young and old, pro-democracy or pro-government,” said Hussain Abdulla, 23, a human rights activist in Bahrain, where the monarchy has suppressed, sometimes violently, a democracy movement inspired by the events in Egypt. “Of course all the people who are pro-democracy are happy with it and it gives them a push to continue struggling.”

In Jordan, a clothing store salesman in Amman, the capital, who identified himself as Hisham said he like many others in Jordan was glued to the television in the middle of the day, awed by the trial’s opening four hours. “This is the trial that everybody has been looking forward to,” he said.

Many Jordanians — who have been demonstrating every Friday for political reforms in their own country — said they never believed they would witness such a thing. When Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator, was captured, Jordanians saw it as a result of the American invasion and occupation. On the contrary, Mr. Mubarak’s trial, they said, was the Egyptian people’s demand.

In Baghdad, some Iraqis drew parallels between the prosecutions of both former leaders.

“Saddam and Mubarak were criminals in their own way,” said Ahmed Amer, 40. “Let the people see the destiny of these tyrants. They have to put him on trial because he’s destroyed the Egyptian people.”

Salam Ali, 48, a former teacher in Baghdad, said that many of his friends and relatives had watched the opening of Mr. Mubarak’s trial. “It’s fair for them to show it on TV, because he’s been the servant of Israel and America,” he said. “They should execute him.”

In Yemen, the Middle East’s poorest and most unstable country, where a movement to oust the autocratic president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has been underway for months, protesters camped at an antigovernment demonstration in Sana, the capital, gathered around large screens showing Al Jazeera’s coverage of the trial. Many said they wanted to see Mr. Saleh and his family put on trial as well.

“Yemenis will learn a lot of lessons from the trial of Mubarak,” said Nabil al Hubaishi, who runs a small shop on Sana’s southern outskirts. “They will learn that everyone should be held accountable, even the president.”

Not everyone in Yemen shared that view. Some criticized the trial as a political charade.

“I don’t support it at all,” said Suad Mohamed, a middle-aged homemaker whose husband is in Yemen’s military. “Mubarak was the leader of Egypt. Now he is going to be tried when he is sick. Why?” Egyptians, she said, should be “applying rule of law in their new state. For Mubarak, it’s enough that he was ousted.”

It was unclear how many people were watching the trial in Syria, where security forces have been trying to crush a five-month-old uprising against President Bashar al-Assad. There has been speculation that Mr. Assad used the distraction of the Mubarak trial to order his security forces to seize the restive city of Hama, where dozens of people have been killed since Syrian armored columns first shelled the city on Sunday.

In much of Egypt itself, the trial stopped many daily routines. Cairo residents crowded into cafes or anywhere with a TV. Reuters reported that the city’s infamously clogged traffic had thinned during the broadcast.

The trial also drew a large audience in Israel, where many viewed the images of Mr. Mubarak with a sense of unease. Although he was a dictator, several Israeli commentators said, Mr. Mubarak had also been a reliable ally who upheld Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel for 30 years. It was also noted that the corruption charges against Mr. Mubarak included a natural gas deal that his regime made with Israel.

In the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, feelings were more conflicted. Many who watched the live broadcasts from the courtroom, on television and the Internet, expressed satisfaction that Mr. Mubarak was being brought to justice. Some said that it enhanced the credibility of Egypt’s interim military government. Others said they felt that the humiliation of the ailing former president went too far.

There was a measure of pity among some Gazans. Most, however, blamed Mr. Mubarak for having aided Israel in imposing a strict blockade of Gaza over the past few years, by keeping the Rafah crossing on Gaza’s border with Egypt mostly closed.

Abeer Ayyoub, a journalist in Gaza and a researcher for a human rights group, said that Mr. Mubarak deserved to be on trial for what he did to Gaza and to his own people. At the same time, she said, the trial had to be fair, adding, “This trial looks to be a matter of revenge.”

In the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi, the images of the former Egyptian president in court mostly elicited expressions of satisfaction, and envy, from people who have stumbled pursuing their own revolution to oust Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, who has ruled Libya for four decades.

Rafiq el-Fellah, the leader of a rebel militia assigned to find pro-Qaddafi agents and saboteurs in Benghazi, said he had been too busy with work to watch on television but had read the news about Mr. Mubarak: “He was brought into a cage in a bed. I like that very much. When justice is like that, we have a bright future,” Mr. Fellah said.

Mohammed Ali, a gasoline station attendant, said he was impressed with the Egyptian judicial system, a hopeful sign for its democracy.

“It’s not easy for us Arabs to bring a president to court,” he said. “It was kind of stunning We hope it will be an example.”

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Another reason to love the people of Palestine


If an Israel terrorist sent a bag of potato chips to the starving people of Somalia, the New York Times would have put that on the front page and US TV news networks would have scrambled to interview the guy.  

Yet, the people of Gaza (who are still under siege), have been organizing a collective campaign to help the people of Somalia and I did not see anything about it in the Western press.  (The poster above says:  From gaza…hand in hand:  Let us save the children of Somalia”).

غزة تهبّ لمساعدة الصومال: نحن معكم…

ضياء الكحلوت

أقسمت سمية على زوجها أن تتبرّع بالخاتم، الذي أهداها إياه يوم زفافهما قبل 4 أشهر، لحملة أطلقت في غزة لإنقاذ أطفال الصومال. فوافق الزوج، الدكتور عبد الرحمن الحداد فرحاً، واتصل بمكتب «اتحاد الأطباء العرب» القائم على الحملة، طالباً منهم الحضور لاستلام الخاتم. لم يتمالك زوج سمية، مدير المكتب، نفسه خلال سرده قصة الخاتم اذ شعـــر الطبـــيب المصري المقيم في غزة منذ حرب كانـــون الاول 2008، بقيمة مختلفة للحياة، وأخذ يردّد «إن جرح الأمة غزة.. لا تنسى واجبها»…
قصة مشابهة بطلتها طفلة في العاشرة من عمرها اتصلت على رقم الهاتف المدون على ملصق الحملة، وسألت: «معي 30 شيكلاً (8 دولارات) هل تكفي؟»… قالت انه مصروفها الشخصي الذي كانت تدخره لشراء ملابس في العيد…
المعاناة في غزة لم تمنع شعبها من مساندة الحملة التي أطلقت لإغاثة أطفال الصومال. وطلب «اتحاد الأطباء العرب» من مقتدري القطاع 10 دولارات فقط لإنقاذ حياة طفل صومالي وإعالته لشهر كامل، ففوجئ القائمون بتبرعات تفوق ما طلبوا.
يقول الحداد الذي يجمع التبرعات بنفسه لـ«السفير»، «كانت لدي مخاوف من أن لا نجمع شيئاً، لكني لا أصدق الآن كل من في غزة يهب للمساعدة، إنهم كرماء رغم ما بهم من ألم كبير». وأضاف أن إطلاق الحملة جاء بأهداف ثلاثة، الاول يتمثل بالقيمة المعنوية التي يحملها تبرع الغزاويين الذي يهبون لنصرة المحتاجين أمثالهم، والثاني، تعزيز ثقافة المشاركة بين المسلمين، اما الثالث، فالتبرع بمبلغ قليل يقتدر الناس على دفعه. واردف الحداد قائلاً إن غزة رغم معاناتها واستمرار الحصار عليها، تحمل قيم وثقافة التعاطف والتكامل والعطاء.. «الناس هنا مستعدون للتضحية بقوت أطفالهم لأجل غيرهم، قليلون من الناس كأهل غزة».
وأشار إلى أن موظفين حكوميين ومن القطاع الخاص في غزة بدأوا بحملات شخصية لجمع التبرعات من أماكن عملهم وتحويلها لمكتب الاتحاد ليــقوم بتحويلها إلى القاهرة ومن ثم شراء الحاجيات وإرسال الحملات إلى الصومال.
ليست هذه المرة الأولى التي يشارك فيها الغزاويون في مثل هذه الحملات. ففي وقت سابق قام أطفال وجمعيات تعنى بكسر الحصار عن القطاع الساحلي بجمع تبرعات نقدية وعينية لمتضرري كارثة زلزال هايتي وتم تسليمها للصليب الأحمر الدولي.
ويعيش في غزة أكثر من 800 ألف فلسطيني تحت خط الفقر، فيما تسجل البطالة بين سكانه المليون ونصف، نسبة 45 في المئة. ويتلقى هؤلاء مساعدات شبه منتظمة من منظمة «الأونروا» ومؤسسات محلية ودولية تنشط في القطاع.
ولعل غزة بمساندتها لهذه الحملة تريد أن تقول لمن وقف إلى جانبها ومن لم يقف «إننا معكم ولا يمكن أن نتخلى عن واجبنا رغم الألم الشديد والعوز وقلة الحال ونقص المال.. إنها ثقافة من يحيون بالكرامة».
وكانت حركة المقاومة الإسلامية (حماس) دعت إلى مساعدة الشعب الصومالي الذي تضرر بفعل كارثة الجفاف والقحط اللذين ضربا مناطق متفرقة في جنوب الصومال، وقالت إن ما يجـــري هو كارثة إنسانية خطيرة. وقال بيان صدر عن الحركة «إنّـــنا وإزاء هذا الوضع الإنساني الخطير، ندعو أبناء شعبنا الفلسطيني وشعوبنا العربية والإسلامية، وجامعة الدول العربية ومنظمة التعاون الإسلامي والهيئات والجمعيات الخيرية والهيئات الدولية كافة، إلى هبّة تضامنية عاجلة لتقديم الدّعم والمـــساعدات وحماية سكان الصومال والقرن الإفريــقي من الأخـــطار التي تتهــدده جرّاء هذه الكارثة».

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Bahrain: UPDATE – 46 doctors nurses and other health professionals still in detention or facing trial


While Front Line initially welcomed the appointment of the Royal Independent Investigation Committee and the decision to refer all remaining trials to civilian courts the organisation is concerned at the continued detention of 12 doctors, nurses and other health professionals and the situation of a further 34 who still have charges pending despite being released on bail.

Further Information

According to reports received today, 12 doctors, nurses and health professionals remain in detention, 34 have been released on bail but are still facing charges and 12 have been released without charge. Front Line is particularly concerned at reports that despite the commitment by King Hamad to reinstate those previously dismissed, this has not to date happened and indeed it appears that the dismissals are continuing.

Contrary to normal practice 16 recently qualified doctors who would normally be appointed to a hospital post immediately on graduation have been passed over because of their alleged political activities and left unemployed.

The list of those still in detention includes Front Line former Protection Coordinator for the Middle East Abdulhadi Al Khawaja and Drs, Ali Al Ekri, Basim Daif and Ghassan Daif who all trained in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

In light of recent detailed reports of torture while in detention the organisation is calling on the Government of Bahrain to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well being of all the human rights defenders and health professionals currently in detention and to undertake a thorough investigation of all the allegations of torture and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The full list of those still in detention, those released on bail with charges and those released without charge is attached as a PDF. This also includes the list of the doctors passed over in the recent round of hospital appointments because of their alleged political activities

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Bahrain/Dublin: Professor Eoin O’Brien writes in todays Irish Examiner on the findings of the recent humanitarian mission to Bahrain

Professor Eoin O’Brien writes in todays Irish Examiner on the findings of the recent humanitarian mission to Bahrain to offer support to imprisoned Bahraini doctors and their families.Three of the imprisoned doctors, Dr Ali Al Ekri, Dr Basim Daif and Dr Ghassan Daif studied in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin.


The delegation was led by Professor Damian McCormac, who was also joined by Ms Averil Power TD (member of the Irish Parliament). Ms Marion Harken MEP, Mr David Andrews former Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Front Line representatives Andrew Anderson and Khalid Ibrahim. The full text of the article is published below.

“I went home from my work as usual following a day of work as an oncologist at the Salymaniya Medical Centre. I was awoken from sleep at 3 a.m. when the door of my apartment was kicked open and I was pulled form my bed by two men who then ransacked the flat, shook and searched my four-year old child, packed my personal papers and computer, and then dragged me from my flat to an a van surrounded by police cars. I protested that my child was alone and young and was told she would be looked after.

I was taken to a room blindfolded and handcuffed with my hands behind my back. After hours of standing against a wall I was verbally insulted and then placed in solitary confinement for 10 days in a small dirty cell, during which time I was tortured, sexually molested by both male and female interrogators and beaten with a hose on the back and neck. I was then moved to a gaol where I could hear other prisoners being tortured and I was interrogated repeatedly. I was filmed signing many papers the content of which no longer mattered to me, but among which was a confession that I had stolen drugs from the Hospital and that I had incited disturbance.

This harrowing account is typical of many similar reports from imprisoned doctors who have been released form prison, and from the spouses and children of doctors who remain in prison that I have heard first-hand during a recent visit to Bahrain as a member of delegation consisting two doctors, Damian McCormack and me; three politicians, Averil Power, Senator of the Irish Parliament, David Andrews, former Minister for Foreign Affairs for Ireland, and Marian Harkin, Member of the European Parliament; two members of Dublin based international human rights organisation Front Line Defenders, the Deputy Director, Andrew Anderson, and Khalid Ibrahim; and a freelance photo journalist, Conor McCabe.

During a two-day visit we met close to 100 people from all sides of Bahraini life. We were brought to the house of a family, which had suffered dearly in the aftermath of the protests, where 27 women and men were gathered representing doctors who had been released from prison to await trial, and the spouses and children of doctors detained in prison. We were brought to a secret suburban location at night to meet ambulance drivers who had been taken from their ambulances, imprisoned and tortured, and medical students, some of whom have been prevented continuing their studies.

At our meeting with the doctors and their relatives their fairness in acknowledging what had been good in the Bahrain health care system, their affection for Salmaniya Hospital where so many of them had served for many years, and their regard for the previous Minister of Health, who had resigned because he had failed to protect doctors, was in contrast to their sense of betrayal by RCSI-Bahrain and the fact that none from the many representatives of both RCSI or RCPI, who had visited the country recently for the conferring of doctors, had made any attempt to contact the families of imprisoned health care workers.

Our delegation was invited to separate meetings with the management of the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The views expressed by these officials were largely repeated but in greater detail by Dr. Fatima Al Balushi, Minister of Human Rights and Social Development and acting Minister of Health. Dr. Al Balushi, was erudite, confident and particularly concerned about the public image of Bahrain. In our preamble to all meetings the similarities between Ireland and Bahrain were acknowledged – island communities, relatively small populations, religious conflicts (Catholic versus Protestant in Ireland, Sunni versus Shia in Bahrain), and the close medical ties between the islands for a quarter of a century.

These niceties aside we pointed out that Ireland differed in that freedom of speech was a cornerstone of our democracy, and most importantly persons accused of felonies and crimes were ‘innocent until proven guilty’. We stressed that nowhere else in the world had so many doctors and medical personnel been held incommunicado and allegedly tortured as in Bahrain and that this was totally unacceptable to the ideals and principles of European democracy.

Dr. Al Balushi stated that she was proud of the human rights achievements in Bahrain, and she saw Bahrain as a model for the Middle East and a champion for humanitarian issues, such as women’s rights and religious freedom; the Arab Spring had hit Bahrain like a tidal wave for which it was not prepared and which brought the country to the verge of civil war; the protests, which had started peacefully, had soon escalated into chaos with Salmaniya Hospital being captured by demonstrators; a number of doctors have been implicated on film and the guilty doctors would be subject to legal process for subverting the primary code of providing care to the wounded.

Asked if the allegations of kidnapping, detention and torture were true she answered that if such was found to be the case the perpetrators would be duly prosecuted; mistakes had been acknowledged by the King and redressed by the appointment of an independent commission to investigate violations of human rights, the transfer of trials from military to civilian courts and the release of most of medical detainees but the doctors remaining in custody could not be released because they present a threat to national security. However she agreed to approach the King with a request form us for their release.

At the end of our visit each member of our delegation was in no doubt but that doctors had been subjected to human rights abuses that included kidnapping, detention without trial in solitary confinement, and the extraction of confessions under torture. The failure of the Bahrain authorities to recognise the importance of restoring the medical profession to its former status will have far-reaching consequences for the island. We left Bahrain moved by the gratitude of the doctors and their families for our support from outside the country, and embarrassed that we were offering so little in the face of the enormity of their suffering and courage, and knowing that we would return soon to the security of democracy leaving them to endure sleepless nights in anticipation of the unknown vicissitudes that may beset a country denied the right of democratic expression

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Bahrain: Jalila Al Salman and Rula Al Saffar go on hunger strike in protest at ongoing torture and ill treatment in custody



Front Line is deeply concerned for the safety and well being of Mrs Jalila Al Salman, vice president of the Bahrain Teachers’s Society and Mrs. Rula Al Saffar Assistant Professor at the College of Health Sciences and the Head of Bahrain Nursing Society, following reports received to day that they have gone on hunger strike in protest at their continuing torture and ill treatment while in custody.

Further Information

There had been hopes that they would at least be released on trial pending the transfer of their trial to civilian courts to mark the start of Ramadan but so far there has been no improvement in their situation.

Jalila al-Salman Vice President of the Bahrain Teachers Association (BTA) is among several board members of the Bahrain Teachers’ Association (BTA) arrested in Manama after the group called for a teachers’ strike amid wide-scale pro-reform protests in March.

Prisoners who had been held in custody with her and then released have spoken of how she was particularly targeted for torture and ill treatment. She is the only woman prisoner facing charges of plotting to overthrow the government even though according to reports received she never made any political speeches or took part in strikes or demonstrations.

Mrs Al Saffar is a cancer survivor and founder of the National Association for Cancer Awareness. She had also been an active member of the Break the Blockade campaign in support of the Palestinian people of Gaza and had worked to deliver medical supplies and treatment to the people of Gaza

The Public Prosecutor’s Office accused Mrs Al Saffar of publicly defaming officials from the Salmaneyya Medical Complex, the main public hospital in Bahrain, in articles published in local newspapers. She has consistently denied the charges against her. According to Osama Al-Osfoor, the director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, a complaint was received from some senior members of the medical complex’s staff against Al-Saffar and Al-Demistani, claiming that they had published articles in the local press containing a smear campaign and defamatory language against them.

Front Line is calling on the Government of Bahrain to take immediate steps to guarantee the safety and well being of Rula Al Saffar and Jalila Al Salman and to release them on bail pending the resumption of their trial.

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What do Breivik, CounterPunch, David Duke, Stormfront and the Jerusalem Post have in common

Damn, no Atzmon on the list.  I saw Duke and read Atzmon.  Silly me or am I?  It seems like only yesterday that  neo-nazi David Duke was distributing his Letter to the Courageous Former Israeli Gilad Atzmon.

I ought to say that it is seriously not nice to try to make political capital over the slaughter that took place in Norway just recently though if there are political lessons to be learned then they should be and there are many outpourings on the web and in the mainstream media that are trying to glean lessons from the Norway killings that go beyond mere security issues.  There are also anecdotes arising out of the commentary and I suppose this post just draws on and adds to those.

So, I got the title for this post from a comment under the Louis Proyect blog, The Unrepentant Marxist post headed, “What do Alexander Cockburn and the Norwegian mass murderer have in common?” For openers:

The short answer to that is an affinity for the writings of paleoconservative William S. Lind. If you do a search on “by William S. Lind” on the Counterpunch website, you will come up with 16,500 hits. It should be understood that many of these hits refer to the same article, but clearly we are dealing with someone who was at one point as much of a presence there as fellow paleoconservative Counterpuncher Paul Craig Roberts is today.
Last October Alexander Cockburn defended this orientation to the right in an article that referred to me as an “old Trotskyist lag” in light of my unaccountable inability to appreciate the Tea Party:
Contrary to a thousand contemptuous diatribes by the left, the Tea Party is a genuine political movement, channeling the fury and frustration of a huge slab of white Americans running small businesses – what used to be called the petit-bourgeoisie…

It could be Hilary Clinton campaigning against Obama.

As the thread develops through Cockburn’s (and therefore Counterpunch’s) flirtations and affairs, theJerusalem Post’s availing of the opportunity provided by the Norway killings to denounce multiculturalism to David Duke’s similarities with the Jerusalem Post, a commentator put the following point:

So, it’s kinda boiling down to “what do Breivik, CounterPunch, David Duke, Stormfront and the Jerusalem Post have in common?”

So what’s all that got to do with Atzmon. Well nothing really but very few have put a marker down on David Duke’s letter to the courageous chap and I thought somebody ought to. Atzmon on line does a curious mix of bragging, hoaxing, sock-puppetry and smears and, of course, he is always welcome at Counterpunch. And now, Duke isn’t just running articles by Atzmon, he is heaping praise on the man whilst setting out a racist position that he fears Atzmon may not have fully considered. Now given that Atzmon loves a bit of praise, I am surprised that he hasn’t mentioned or responded to Duke’s letter, not publicly anyway.

PS: Actually I think this site is an Atzmon effort and it is happy to run Duke’s letter so I’m guessing the great man is at least fairly pleased with it though even he has enough decency to be embarrassed by it. He shouldn’t be embarrassed of course. He has no responsibility for who supports him and the shoah site links to Jews sans frontieres! Naturally I wish it wouldn’t do that but it’s not my responsibility. It might be my responsibility if I shared a worldview with the site owner or administrator but I don’t.

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