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Saudis Zionist puppet’s family launch campaign to expel Syrian ambassador



Campaign comes after Zionist puppets Saudi King Abdullah recalls Saudi ambassador to Syria and strongly condemns Syrian President Bashar Assad’s brutal response to protesters.

Two Saudi rights activists have launched a popular campaign calling on the government to expel the Syrian ambassador to the kingdom.

In a statement posted online Wednesday, Ali Mahdi al-Hattab and Raif Mohammed Badawi appeal to their fellow Saudis to join the campaign.

The activists say the Saudi people have been following with great concern the Syrian government’s escalating crackdown on protesters, and call on the Saudi government to “expel the ambassador of this savage (Syrian) regime immediately.”

Earlier this month, Zionist puppet Saudi King Abdullah recalled the Saudi ambassador to Syria and strongly condemned Syrian President Bashar Assad’s brutal response to protesters.

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‘Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility’


by crescentandcross 



Egypt’s Al-Ahram daily claims Israeli Ofir Harrari accused of spying for Israel, devised to sell Egypt hair products endangering reproductive abilities

Israeli citizen Ofir Harrari, recently accused by Egypt of spying for Israel, was allegedly involved in a complicated scheme intended to harm Egyptian reproduction abilities, Egypt’s official state paper Al-Ahram has claimed.

Harrari, accused by Egypt of being an agent of the Mossad, is set be tried in absentia on charges of “spying for a foreign country with the purpose of harming Egyptian national interest,” news agency MENA reported on Sunday.

Cairo alleges that Israeli Ofir Harari, Jordanian national worked for Mossad to recruit Egyptians in telecoms sector

“According to the public prosecutor’s office’s investigation, ‘Mossad agent Ofir Harrari’ instructed Jordanian Ibrahim abu-Zaid to set up a company in Egypt which would exclusively import an Israeli hair product, for both men and women, which causes infertility. This in order to completely destroy Egyptian reproduction abilities,” Al-Ahram states.

The report also asserted that the Mossad supposedly required that abu-Zaid open communications companies in Sudan and Libya, so as to enable Israel to follow communication traffic in both countries.

On June 12, Egypt arrested US-Israeli dual national Ilan Grapel on suspicion of spying for Israel, which denied any such charge.

Egypt’s espionage allegations come at a sensitive time when Israel is trying to understand where Egypt’s new temporary regime is headed.

It has been estimated both in Israel and in Egypt that the Egyptian allegations stem from a wish to appease Egyptian demonstrators protesting against the close relations that existed between Jerusalem and Cairo in the pre-uprising days.

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The Bank Markazi Blacklist Proposal: Straight Out of the McCollum Memorandum and the FDR Playbook for War


by crescentandcross



Mark Dankof

     Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern makes two prescient observations about the Zionist-Central Banking-War Party’s drive to incite an American-Israeli conflict with Iran, aside from the sheer insanity and immorality of the proposition itself.

     The first is that Fawning Corporate Media (FCM), as McGovern aptly tabs it, virtually never covers the real story, or gets it right.  The late William Colby told me much the same thing over 30 years ago, in greater detail.  Colby flatly stated in the late 1970s that Corporate Media is totally at the behest of the American National Security Establishment, Central Banks, and Multinational Consortiums.  Once it is understood who the Masters of Fawning Corporate Media (FCM) are, the methodology and the game plan become clearer.  Seen through these lenses, FCM’s failures in covering what the public has a right to know are no longer attributable to sheer incompetence, but to deliberate demonic design.

     Any analysis of an FCM newspaper, television show, magazine, or Internet site will reveal the basics of how the game is played.  FCM either: 1) fails to report the real story of any given day or week; 2) buries the real story without comment or explanatory context on the back page of the paper/magazine or in the filler section of a telecast; or 3) reports the real story with the prominent lead story status it deserves, but with a manipulation of the data and a false spin on what the data means, provided by news anchors, columnists, and editors, whose handsomely paid corporate salaries depend on serving as a conduit for the deliberately deceptive, proffered at the direction of The Masters.

     The Monday, August 8th, 2011 Wall Street Journal is a classic exhibit of the FCM phenomenon.  On page one, the lead stories are the economic downturn in the financial markets in the aftermath of the debt ceiling negotiation controversy, and the CH-47 Chinook helicopter shootdown in Afghanistan complete with 38 casualties.  Arguably, neither story is given its real context in the larger scheme of what is happening both in the United States and globally, but the real story is on page A10.  It is entitled, “Senators Press Obama On Iran’s Central Bank,” and is penned by Jay Solomon.

     Mr. Solomon reports that 90 members of the United States Senate (90% of the Senate) have signed a letter to President Barack Obama pressing him to sanction Iran’s central bank, with some threatening legislation to force the move, “an outcome that would represent a stark escalation in tensions between the two countries. [emphasis added]“

     The kicker is in paragraphs 2 and 3:

     “Such a measure, if effectively implemented, could freeze Iran out of the global financial system and make it nearly impossible for Tehran to clear billions of dollars in oil sales every month, said current and former U. S. officials [emphasis added].

     “Many Americans view the blacklisting of Bank Markazi as the ‘nuclear option’ in Washington’s financial war against Tehran [emphasis added].  Some Iranian leaders have said they would view such a move by the Obama Administration as an act of war. [emphasis added]“

     The unnamed Iranian leaders cited by the Wall Street Journal are correct.  It is.

     But what the paper conveniently fails to contextualize is what the entire world, including the Iranians, knows.

     Israel, the Jewish Lobby worldwide, the Central Bankers, and the energy/gas consortiums, are the driving force behind making this war happen.  Jay Solomon’s story indeed notes that Senator Mark Kirk (R., Illinois) and Senator Charles Schumer (D., New York), are the co-sponsors of the letter, in a “sign of bipartisan support for tougher financial measures against Iran.  . . .“  What the Wall Street Journalomits, of course, is that Kirk received more Israeli/Jewish PAC money for his initial election to the Senate, than any other candidate in the last election cycle, and that Schumer’s pockets have been lined historically with reams of the same levels of financial largesse for doing the bidding of the Zionist State.  We might also draw the legitimate and documentable conclusion that Kirk, Schumer, and their colleagues in both houses of Congress, demonstrate the stranglehold that Israel has on both major political parties, as demonstrated each year by Hugh Galford and Janet McMahon of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs in Washington.  The numbers provided annually by Galford and McMahon provide the quantitative proof of what President Obama told Ha’aretz in his last trip to Israel:  that Obama himself could not possibly have been elected to the U. S. Senate in Illinois (the seat now held by Kirk, by the way), or the American Presidency, without the amount of Jewish money and political support that came his way.  Presumably, the President is saying something about the larger political system and the way it works systemically.  Follow the money trail.  And the Bankers.  And the number of Israeli assets in the GOP Presidential sweepstakes (the exception is Ron Paul) who have never met a surrogate war they didn’t like, including the one on the drawing board now they will assiduously promote if The Mastersshould decide that Mr. Obama needs replacing in 2012 for insufficient sycophancy.

     The average American reliant on FCM for information is also operating minus other information, including all of the specifics of the lies told by Mr. Obama’s predecessor and his Neo-Conservative advisors, regarding why the United States intervened in Iraq and Afghanistan militarily, and who was really behind these ill-advised commitments of thousands of conventional forces into Central Asia.  Mr. or Mrs. Middle America has never learned about the laundry list of American physicists with Ph. D.s from the most famous scientific institutes in the world, who question the official version of what happened in New York on September 11, 2001.  Or the related implications of the cases involving the Israeli Art Students involved in spy networks in the United States before 9-11, and the Dancing Israelis arrested in New Jersey filming the burning Towers on 9-11 prior to their mysterious release by American authorities and subsequent deportation to Israel.  The name Larry Silverstein continues to go unreported in FCM in the United States, both in terms of the conditions behind his assumption of ownership of the World Trade Center (WTC) towers before 9-11, his longtime relationship with Benyamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government, or the amount of insurance profit he accrued in the aftermath of the attacks.  The name of the Israeli security company operating at Logan International Airport in Boston that day has been similarly buried to public purview and examination, along with the role of Israel’s Odigo instant messaging service on the day of the attacks.    What does it all really mean?

     Middle America has subsequently never learned the truth about the numbers of casualties in both the Iraqi and Afghan theatres of conflict, even as the truth behind the NATO intervention in Libya continues to be withheld from the public by a Fawning Corporate Media (FCM).

     And in the case of Iran, the average American knows nothing of ongoing violations of Iranian airspace by Western intelligence services, the ongoing American-Israeli-British paramilitary operations of the last decade in Iranian Azerbaijan, Diyala Province, Khuzestan Province, and Balochistan Province, not to mention targeted assassinations of scientists in Tehran clearly marked with the fingerprints of the usual players.  Mr. or Mrs. John Q. Public has similarly never heard of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO, PMOI), the Kurdish PJAK and PKK, and Jundallah, and the criminal activities of these organizations on behalf of Israeli, American, and British Intelligence, as chronicled by Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal State Fullerton, and Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest.  We may well ask, why are such activities unprovoked acts of war and state sponsored terror when allegedly undertaken by one of the adversaries of the American-Israeli nexus, but perfectly legitimate when employed by the latter?  Is it really a case of “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose?”

Pals of the Mossad and the CIA: The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK)’s recent murder of an Iranian Scientist. Do 90 United States Senators Behind the Bank Markazi Blacklist Proposal Consider This an Act of Terrorism?


     And Mainstream America is not asking itself a most obvious question:  Why is Israel, a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and armed to the teeth with nuclear bombs and the most lethal arsenal of chemical and biological weapons in the region (in violation of international law), our “ally” in isolating and attacking Iran?  By way of comparison, Iran is a signatory to the NPT, has the right in international law to enrich uranium to certain levels, and according to our own National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is not pursuing a weaponized nuclear program.  To make matters even worse according to Philip Giraldi, one organ of FCM, the Rupert Murdoch News Corporation, has deliberately been disseminating false stories about the Iranian nuclear program courtesy of Israeli intelligence in a classic cooperative effort between a pro-Zionist international news consortium and the Jewish State’s National Security Establishment.  This of course, includes the infamous Fox News in the United States, hawking the Presidential candidacies of the Rick Perrys, Michelle Bachmanns, and Sarah Palins of the universe.

     And what if Mr. or Mrs. Middle Western or Southern American knew the truth about how Israel’s own weaponized nuclear program came into existence?  Will the Wall Street Journal inform us of the Zionist State’s intelligence operation that purloined the raw materials from the NUMEC nuclear plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania in the 1960s?  Will it even once mention the role of Israel and the late Robert Maxwell of the UK Daily Mirror in the black-ops alteration of PROMIS software by the Israeli LAKAM, which lifted American nuclear secrets and technology from the computers of the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory in New Mexico in coordination with the Communist Chinese?  Will we ever be told in the United States that the Mossad subsequently assassinated Maxwell at the order of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir?  And what was the real role of the Meyer Lansky Organized Jewish Crime Syndicate in the United States in the most secretive affairs of the Jewish State, even aside from that Syndicate’s acknowledged role in providing massive funding and money laundering operations for the Haganah and Irgun in the late 1940s, along with arms running for both in conjunction with the Sonneborn Institute?  Some Hints:  1) Meyer Lansky worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)[the forerunner of the CIA], and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), in World War II; 2) As Michael Collins Piper chronicles it in Final Judgment, Lansky and his Jewish mob money, plus the brokered support of Huey Long, were the difference in the eventual nomination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the Democratic National Convention in 1932; 3) Meyer Lansky would become Franklin Roosevelt’s liaison to Cuban strongman, Fulgencio Batista.  This began Lansky’s massive instigation of the Jewish Crime Syndicate’s criminal empire building in Havana.

Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest: Israel Spying and Technology Theft is Threatening American National Security.


     The Lansky criminal assets in Havana included Carlos Prio Soccaras, a business partner in gun running activities with one of the Lansky Syndicate’s most notorious henchman.  This latter individual had been a mechanic in the American Army Air Corps in World War II.  After World War II, this Air Corps mechanic resettled in Dallas, Texas, and became a part of gun running operations out of the Lone Star State for Israel through the Sonneborn Institute, operations supervised by an Israeli intelligence officer.  Like Lansky, he would have provable connections to the Guy Banister–Carlos Marcello network in New Orleans linked for years to the Kennedy Assassination by authors like Anthony Summers and Jim Marrs.

     The Lansky Syndicate henchman in question would later become the operator of the Carousel Club in Dallas.  He would achieve notoriety for the execution style killing of accused Kennedy assassination Lee Harvey Oswald.  His name:  Jack Rubinstein, a.k.a. Jack Ruby.  Like fellow partner in Lansky Crime Syndicate operations in Cuba, CIA and anti-Castro operative Frank Sturgis of JFK Assassination and Watergate fame, the connections of Ruby are indeed suggestive.  We learn not only from Michael Collins Piper, but from Frank Sturgis’s new biography penned by his nephew and entitled, “Warrior,” that Sturgis was also in the Army Air Corps in World War II and served on General Lucius Clay’s honor guard detail in postwar Germany.  Sturgis, began his clandestine career, however, courtesy of a Jewish girlfriend who was simultaneously sexually involved with a Colonel on Clay’s staff.  She was an operative with the Zionist Haganah, and recruited Sturgis in the late 1940s as a courier for the underground terror organization, at the same time Meyer Lansky and the Sonneborn Institute were providing the Haganah with money, arms, and international contacts.

The view of the Grassy Knoll Gunman on November 22, 1963. Did the Mossad and a Renegade Element in the French OAS Provide the Rifle Team? Mark Dankof photo in Dallas, September 1st, 2010. 

     Taken in tandem with the knowledge we possess now about J. F. K.’s secret conflict in 1963 with David Ben Gurion over the issue of international inspection of Israel’s nuclear program at Dimona, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s relationship with Lansky, is there yet another reason why Israel continues to refuse to release Mordechai Vanunu?  Is there still concern over what Vanunu has already revealed about the nuclear program of the Jewish State, or are his statements about events in the United States in 1963 what must continue to remain in relative darkness as far as the Israeli government and intelligence community and their allies in the United States are concerned?

     I reiterate without apology what I told Iran’s Press TV last week in a discussion on Israeli settlements with Saeb Sha’ath and pro-Zionist London film producer Carol Gould.  The entire history of Israel since 1947/48 underscores the ongoingly criminal character of the Zionist enterprise, ideologically rooted in the racial supremacist doctrines of the Talmud.  That linear historical line traces from Deir Yassin and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arab villages to Menachim Begin and the Irgun’s blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.  It includes the assassinations of Lord Moyne and Swedish Count Bernadotte.  One continues through the Lavon Affair; the Kennedy Assassination; the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967; the Sabra and Shatila massacres in southern Lebanon in 1982; the PROMIS affair and the Robert Maxwell murder; the Pollard spy case, including the murder of Shabtai Kalmanovich in Moscow; the Ben-Ami spy case; the AIPAC spy case; the murder of Rachel Corrie; the utilization of white phosphorus and depleted uranium munitions in Lebanon and Gaza; the Operation Cast Lead in Gaza which killed 1400 Palestinian civilians; and the May 2010 criminal assault on the Mavi Marmara Freedom Flotilla in international waters, which are only the highlights.  It all began in earnest, however, with stealing the land of 750,000 Palestinians in a 51%-49% “deal” arranged by UN Partition in 1947.  That 49% is now down to 9% and shrinking for the Palestinians, including the obvious attempt to purloin East Jerusalem by Israeli settlers and their financiers.  But as I said on Press TV, one must contextualize all of this by reiterating the operative Zionist doctrine of “Eretz Yisrael” or Greater Israel, which stakes a claim on Jewish control of all the territories between the Nile River and the Tigris-Euphrates.  This was the vision of not only Herzl, but his predecessor as the Father of Zionism, Christian businessman and Dispensational prophecy guru William E. Blackstone of Chicago.  Blackstone foundationally established the political, economic, and military application of his Scofield Reference Bible eschatology to the facilitation of the actual creation of the State of Israel, in a way understood by few modern Zionists or Christians.  John Hagee primarily carries the water for this ongoing effort now.

     But these past criminal highlights pale in comparison to launching a preemptive military assault on Iran, or inciting the United States to do so.  The potential not only for massive loss of life but creating the genesis of World War III, is inherently obvious.

     Ray McGovern warns us that Israel may well embody the wounded animal syndrome.  Like the wounded and cornered animal who becomes irrationally ferocious in a final fight to the death, Israel’s conduct is likely to become more, not less reckless, in the days ahead.  As the days count down to what may well be the UN General Assembly’s decision to unilaterally declare a Palestinian State, and as the grip of the United States continues to loosen on its own economy and its Wars of Empire, desperation may facilitate the ultimate False Flag Incident designed to deliberately frame Iran for an event in the world which rejuvenates the comatose American public’s appetite for war in the Islamic world on behalf of Israel.  It is a dangerous period of time that now approaches.

     With this context in mind, we return full circle to the proposal of the U. S. Senate for sanctions on Iran’s Bank Markazi.  It is clear that this latest offensive has upped the ante in American-Israeli attempts to economically and politically isolate the Islamic Republic, even as black operational paramilitary actions continue to occur in conjunction with criminal terror organizations presently on the CIA-Mossad payroll in the Middle East and Central Asia.  These tactics, along with continued attempts at altering the domestic Iranian political landscape with Western intelligence funding for NGOs advocating “reform“, are intensifying even as the verdict is still out on their ultimate effectiveness.

     The historic context for what is happening now is seven decades past, in the days between October 4th, 1940 and December 7th, 1941, and the machinations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Oval Office.

     George T. Eggleston’s compendium on the forces behind FDR’s war plans is but one place to turn for the beginning of the explanation of the historical context involved in what happened.  But several facts are not in doubt.  Roosevelt’s desire for provoking war with Japan was not simply to gain backdoor access for American involvement in the European war he yearned for, it was also a desire to protect the Soviet Union from a pincer attack on the part of both Germany and Japan.  The Tyler Kent case is illustrative of what was going on, and what was being systematically concealed from an unsuspecting American public both then and now.

     Roosevelt, like Barack Obama, could also read poll numbers.  The American public wanted no part of another Great War in Europe.  Thus, Roosevelt knew that he would have to lie the American public into the conflict. He manipulated events to insure that it would happen in a fashion designed to fan war fever from coast-to-coast.  And he did so while publicly assuring the masses in the Presidential election of 1940 that he would never send young American boys into harm’s way in Europe, even as the New Deal’s vaunted economic stimulus package of programs was failing to jump start the American economy out of the Great Depression.

     The Rosetta Stone, as chronicled by Robert Stinnett in Day of Deceit:  FDR and Pearl Harbor, was the McCollum Memorandum.  Lieutenant Commander Arthur McCollum was head of the Far East desk of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).  His code name was F-2.  He oversaw the routing of communications intelligence to FDR from early 1940 to December 7th, 1941.  Every intercepted and decoded Japanese military and diplomatic report destined for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue went through the Far East Asia section of ONI, which McCollum supervised and directed.  His office was an element of Station US, a secret American cryptographic center located at the main naval headquarters at 18th Street and Constitution Avenue, N. W., about 4 blocks from the White House.

     The McCollum Memorandum of October 7th, 1940, provided Roosevelt’s blueprint for inciting the war he fervently sought.  Point 9 of the Memorandum contained the 8 point formula for war in the Pacific sought by the President, as well as the rationale for pursuing the strategy commended by the Lieutenant Commander. From October 7th, 1940 to December 7th, 1941, Roosevelt diligently pursued them to the letter, with the endgame being the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It would not be until January 24, 1995, that Robert Stinnett would discover the Memorandum in Box 6 of a special US Navy collection in RG 38 in the Military Reference Branch of Archives II.

     McCollum’s direct unfolding of the pathway to war is bone chilling prose 70 years later.  He writes:

     “Point Nine:  It is not believed that in the present state of political opinion the United States government is capable of declaring war against Japan without more ado.  [emphasis added] . . . Therefore, the following course of action is suggested:

     “1.  Make an arrangement with Britain for the use of British bases in the Pacific, particularly Singapore.

     “2.  Make an arrangement with Holland for the use of base facilities and acquisition of supplies in the Dutch East Indies.

     “3.  Give all possible aid to the Chinese Government of Chiang-Kai-Shek.

     “4.  Send a division of long range heavy cruisers to the Orient, Philippines, or Singapore. [emphasis added]

     “5.  Send two divisions of submarines to the Orient. [emphasis added]

     “6.  Keep the main strength of the U. S. Fleet now in the Pacific in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands. [emphasis added]

     “7.  Insist that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese demands for undue economic concessions, particularly oil. [emphasis added]

     “8.  Completely embargo all U. S. Trade with Japan, in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed by the British Empire. [emphasis added]

     “Point 10:  If by these means Japan could be led to commit an overt act of war, so much the better[emphasis added].  At all events we must be fully prepared to accept the threat of war.

     “[Signed] A. H. McCollum

     Fast forward to August of 2011.  The American government continues to rhetorically threaten Iran, as does the Netanyahu-Lieberman phalanx in Israel.  Overt military preparations ranging from base acquisitions and arrangements in Central Asia to aircraft carrier task force deployments and military exercises continue.  Covert black operations inside Iran procede apace, along with the adjacent American conventional military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz watch for signs of overt American or Israeli naval actions.

     In an impending election year, the American economy continues to flounder courtesy of national debt, overreaching military commitments, ballooning federal budget deficits, a moribund manufacturing economy, burgeoning foreign trade deficits, fractional reserve banking, an unemployment rate close to 22%, and a dollar perhaps soon to be history as the world’s reserve currency.  No one in power has any answers, just as Roosevelt had none in 1940.  Like the political scene then, the poll numbers now indicate an American public sick of never ending wars of occupation and counter-insurgency in Central Asia, even as more Americans are beginning to sense that their government’s monolithic support of the Jewish State and its policies in Palestine is creating more enemies exponentially, and arguably the most hostile international climate faced by the United States in its entire history.  Zionist Neo-Conservative zealots criticize this turning of public opinion tide against spending 10-12 billion a month in Afghanistan, a total of 1 trillion thus far in both Iraq and Afghanistan with the meter running, and 10 billion in year in subsidizing Israel.  Thanks to an Internet technological era not seen in previous epochs in history, more Americans are finding out about the real truth of past and present.  It may be harder for the War Party to raise the curtain as effectively this time.

     But try they will.  Obama is faced with a dilemma.  He must either revitalize his sub-40% approval poll numbers and his flagging economic program with action approved by The Master Plan of His Masters, or risk replacement with a GOP mannequin more than willing to do The Masters bidding.  Bona fide American populists and a declining middle class are caught in the crossfire of the Hegelian dialectic, withoptions in 2012 fading and time running out.

     The next phase in this escalation by The Masters is clearly the Bank Markazi blacklist proposal being foisted upon Obama by the U. S. Senate.  But this is not the endgame.  The endgame is war.  The preferred method of starting it is to do what General George Patton advocated in post-war Europe [against the Soviet Union], to “. . .  get us a war with those sons of bitches and make it look like it was their fault.”

     Who will win this war?  Will it be the Central Bankers, the Israeli Lobby, the Multinational Energy Consortiums, and the armaments manufacturers?  Or will the American public finally wise up and reclaim their own country again?  Does the spirit of Charles Lindbergh still live?

     Who are the wild cards?  One is clearly an Iran more resilent than those who consistently misunderstand and underestimate it in the West.  Two others are China and Russia.  What will the Chinese do with American debt instruments on the open market if we undertake the most catastrophically idiotic preemptive war in history?  Will the Chinese and the Russians merely standby militarily?  How does the larger Islamic world react to these events as they continue to reach a climax?

     One thing is clear.  Israel needs a diversionary event to refocus attention away from Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem, while jump starting their flagging domestic political support in Europe and the United States.  The American government needs one to jump start domestic support for their Imperial Wars and to divert attention from an economy in free fall.  It is Winner-Take-All for the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve.

     The creation of an external enemy, followed by a manufactured incident with The Masters behind the curtain, is one of the oldest tricks of the trade in history.  When you hear a new version of Remember Pearl Harbor playing on the radio after an American-Israeli war with Iran commences, either before November of 2012 or after a Presidential inauguration in 2013, remember the warning you are reading this day.

     As for the American people, if they want a real war the enemy is not Iran and the Iranian people.  If there is a fight worth fighting, it is in reclaiming our nation’s political, cultural, and economic landscape from the same sorts of thieves who have been robbing Palestinians blind since 1948.  They have been robbing Americans of their Old Republic throughout the 20th century, with nary a domestic uprising.

     Will The Masters pull it off again?

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Syria Under Fire: Zionist Destabilization Hits Critical Mass


Syria is in the final stages
of a Zionist-engineered
destabilization operation;
can the Arab nation of
Resistance survive?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Since 2004, the Zionist entity’s Mossad and its American partners in the Zionist-founded, Zionist-run National Endowment for Democracy (NED) have funded, armed and trained various opposition factions in Syria, spawning an army of ‘democracy-seeking activists’ ready to mobilize on command. An operations team was assembled by the House of Saud and the usurping Israeli regime, working together with a closeness most would have never imagined to be possible, and an HQ was established in Brussels with various satellites inaugurated in America and Britain just prior to the inception of the ‘Syrian Revolution.’ Leading this team are Zionists US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffery Feltman and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, influential, US-based Zionist Syrian exiles Farid al-Ghadry and Ammar Abdulhamid, the well-connected ex-Syrian VP, Abdel-Halim Khaddam and of course, the powerful Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (1).

Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s immensely popular President, is in the crosshairs of an axis bent on transforming the Middle East into an extension of the illegitimate entity currently occupying al-Quds. He, along with the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran and what is left of the Islamic Resistance of Gaza, make up the counter-axis; the Axis of Resistance standing in the way of Zionism and its aims of conquest. Syria is under the heaviest fire it has ever been under; even heavier than the plot that the Israeli-Saudi partnership attempted to execute against Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father, from 1976-1982 (2). And as the fire continues to burn through Syrian society, Zionist destabilization has hit critical mass. The plot to take down Syria which the usurping entity has actively and vigorously pursued for decades is dangerously close to coming to fruition.

On Syria, as well as a

plethora of other geopolitical

issues, the Saudi tyrant sees

eye to eye with the Zionist regime

and its lapdog, the United States.

Israel, Saudi Arabia And America: Demanding Regime Change In Unison

From the moment that the unrest in Syria exploded, Tel Aviv, through its tremendously venomous and wide-reaching media apparatus, unleashed one of its many ‘kisses of death’ against Bashar al-Assad and his government, labeling him its “favorite dictator (3).” This piece of pernicious hasbara was disseminated far and wide with the intent of not only turning the Syrian people against Bashar al-Assad, but to mask any Israeli involvement in Syria in the eyes of the international onlookers, developing an atmosphere of bewilderment and psychological warfare. The calculated move proved successful and the Zionist regime provided perfect cover for covert Israeli special forces, who have been on the ground since August 2007 (4). And then, as the world was looking away, Zionism lowered the boom.

It began on July 20th, when Israeli Prime Minister and mass murdering war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu offered his support to ‘protesters’ in Syria by stating, “the young people of Syria deserve a better future” and he went on with his usual diatribe against Syria for standing with Iran and Hezbollah. Ominously, Netanyahu also stated that it would be “bad for the people of Lebanon, bad for the people of Syria and bad for peace” if attention was shifted away from the unrest in Syria. The subtle words of Netanyahu were not what was most disturbing though. It was who the words were delivered to. And that who was Al-Arabiya News (5), the malicious Saudi propaganda outlet owned and run by the brother-in-law and son of the ex-Saudi tyrant, ‘King’ Fahd (6). The rare interview was an important revelation, exposing the public Israeli-Saudi working relationship.

Next up was an amplification on July 26th, when godfather of the Zionist nuclear program, war criminal, massacrer of Qana and Israeli President Shimon Peres stated in no uncertain terms, “Bashar al-Assad must go. The sooner he will leave, the better it will be for his people.” Peres also went on to say that regime change will lay down the groundwork for an eventual ‘peace’ treaty between Syria and the vile Zionist occupation. Who did Shimon Peres deliver this declaration of overthrow to? Arab media (undoubtedly dominated by the Saudi-Qatari alliance), in an ‘unprecedented’ press conference (7).

The Saudi-Israeli Alliance:

demolishing Syria under the

guise of ‘democracy.’

Following the example of his partners in Tel Aviv, ‘King’ Abdullah of Saudi Arabia weighed in on August 8th. He recalled the Saudi Ambassador to Syria and issued an ultimatum to Bashar al-Assad, “The future of Syria lies between two options: either Syria chooses willingly to resort to reason, or face being swept into deep chaos.” Translation: Step down now or be destroyed. Going further, ‘King’ Abdullah demanded that the “Syrian killing machine” halt its operations and said that “what is happening in Syria is not acceptable to Saudi Arabia (8).” The Kuwait and Bahrain monarchical dictatorships abided by the orders put forth by GCC figurehead Saudi Arabia and recalled their ambassadors to Syria as well (9). The events in Syria aren’t acceptable to the Saudi tyrant because the operation to take down Bashar al-Assad isn’t successful yet; the tyrant is growing impatient. Not mentioned by the tyrant is his regime’s excessive participation in the unrest and that his Ministry of Defense has formed a council whose specific goal is to drive Syria into a chaotic state of civil war (10).

The “killing machine” spoken of by the Saudi despot is in reference to what the Zionist media calls the “Ramadan Massacre.” In a desperate attempt to garner international Muslim support during Islam’s holiest month, the Zionist media has peddled unverified, reactionary, sensationalist claims that Syrian security forces have massacred hundreds of ‘protesters’ in the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold of Hama (11).

The truth, something that the Zionist propaganda machine has never been concerned with, has been systematically repressed. An insurrectionist named Nader Hassan al-Kattan has confessed to being part of an organized terrorist operation in Hama, consisting of multiple units, in which he was paid $5,000.00 a day for his services. The operation consisted of the targeting of security personnel and civilians alike, for the sake of triggering all-out mayhem on Hama’s streets. Al-Kattan says he was recruited by a man named Mohammad Noir (12). Mask of Zion’s Syrian sources have confirmed that Mohammad Noir is a disciple of Mossad asset Muthanna al-Dhari, detained earlier in the uprising by Syrian security forces for attempting to coordinate false flag bombings with Israeli intelligence (13). It is clear that even without its leader, al-Dhari’s Zionist-backed network is alive and well.

America stands with

the usurping Israeli entity

and the House of Saud in

an axis against Syria.

The US government, just days after extending a fourth round of crippling sanctions against Bashar al-Assad and his closest associates in cohesion with its fellow Zionist allies in the European Union (14), has now adopted the position of its Israeli masters and Saudi partners and is set to demand the departure of Bashar al-Assad, with a White House mouthpiece stating, “You can’t have any kind of partnership with a regime that does this kind of thing to innocents (15).” The ‘mother’ of all Zionist mouthpieces, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recently declared, “Syria will be a better place when a democratic transition goes forward (16).” The Zionist-Saudi axis’ Syrian opposition has already formed a 25-member ‘National Salvation Council,’ with one committee functioning as a lobbying agency to drum up support to overthrow al-Assad’s government (17). The Zionist-occupied US government has initiated the next step and is seeking to convert the ‘National Salvation Council’ into a ‘Syrian Transitional Council,’ just like the NATO-Israeli-backed puppet regime fighting Muammar Qaddafi in Libya (18).

This is a most frightening development, as the Zionist entity, the House of Saud, Washington D.C. and the Turkey-France partnership, which has played a prominent supporting role in the attack on Syria’s sovereignty via intelligence and military support for the Mossad-NED-created opposition (19), have taken their once-covert agenda public, so that the entire globe becomes aware that under the rule of international Zionism, Bashar al-Assad has no place. Also, the formation of such a council will mean that when the inevitability of sanctions against Syria’s rich oil and banking sectors becomes reality and billions of dollars are confiscated, the money will then be transferred into the hands of the Zionist criminal network’s puppets. The formation of such a council is an act of war.

Essential to every Zionist

war effort is hasbara; and

the hasbara against Syria

has been nothing short

of epic.

Hasbara In Full Effect: Exaggerations and Fabrications

Former Al-Jazeera Beirut Bureau Chief Ghassan Bin Jeddo, who will be launching an anti-Zionist satellite network called ‘Al-Mayadeen’ in early 2012 to serve as a counterweight to the media monopoly in the Arab world currently held by the GCC (20), went on the record in July to condemn the international (Zionist) media’s campaign to sow sedition in Syria, with the greater agenda of undermining Syria’s ‘Resistance’ stances and fragmenting the country (21), as per the plans laid out by Israeli Foreign Policy Advisor Oded Yinon in 1982 and the neoconservative ‘Clean Break’ cabal led by Zionist war criminal Richard Perle in 1996 (22).

Bin Jeddo couldn’t be more correct in his assessment. The powerful New York Times, owned by the Sulzberger family, a founding clan of the exclusively-Jewish Freemasonic organization B’nai B’Brith that is at the heart of all major media cover-ups (23), has been depicting Hama as a massacre-zone where civilians are under siege from a cruel, unrelenting military force (24), instead of a city where bitter armed conflict continues to rage. Robert Fisk, a foul (and unfortunately, authoritative) 9/11 gatekeeper and notorious slanderer of Hezbollah, Lebanon’s righteous Islamic Resistance, is begging the Zionist puppets in France, America and Britain to take action against Bashar al-Assad to “stop the spilling of innocent blood (25).” House of Saud mouthpieces, specifically those owned by ‘Prince’ Salman and his children, continue to elevate the anti-Assad, pro-Brotherhood line with each successive clipping that they print (26).

The historically Zionist wire service, the Associated Press, is channeling the hasbara of WINEP, a known front for AIPAC, in regards to the foreign-sponsored ‘Syrian Revolution’ taking a toll on Hezbollah’s image throughout the region (27). But no media institution has participated in the propaganda campaign against Syria quite like Qatar’s Al-Jazeera, which has taken the ‘humanitarian intervention’ approach in the dissemination of its hasbara and has now been picked up in New York, giving it a wider audience to influence, manipulate, confuse and brainwash (28). Al-Jazeera deliberately mistranslated a Bashar al-Assad speech in late July, ‘revealing’ that the Syrian President called opposition protesters “germs,” when he said no such thing (29), thus fueling the already-present geopolitical conflagration against Syria. Most despicably, it has partaken in the propagation of the ‘Ramadan Massacre’ narrative, using a pathetic, poorly-shot, unverified video as “evidence” that a murderous army operation had occurred (30). This is not journalism. This is not credible. This is hasbara, simple and plain; clear-cut.

Al-Jazeera’s coverage

on Syria is one of the most

disgusting propaganda 

campaigns in modern history;

it is now an official arm of

the Zionist media, serving

as the ‘Arab’ division.

And where is Al-Jazeera’s ‘objective and even-handed’ coverage on the Zionist-allied House of Saud’s role in fomenting the chaos in Syria? It doesn’t exist on this plane of reality; like a figment of your imagination reprocessed in a dream. Why doesn’t it exist? Because in September 2007, the Saudi ‘King’ met with high-ranking officials in the Qatari regime and Al-Jazeera’s chairman of the board in Riyadh; an agreement was made, silencing any and all criticism of the House of Saud, effectively “disappearing all dissident voices.” The agreement was attached to a larger agenda, triggering reconciliation between the Gulf sheikhdoms, ending internal disputes and directing the GCC’s attention towards a greater threat: Iran (31). Naturally, Amnesty International (AI), the Zionist, propagandist, George Soros-funded corporate member of the UK’s Chatham House ultra-think tank that has already (baselessly) accused Syria of crimes against humanity (32), had to weigh in on the latest developments. The fraudulent ‘human rights’ group is demanding that the UN Security Council take Libya-like steps to ‘end repression’ in Syria and those who disagree with its warmongering position on AI’s Internet message boards have their heartfelt comments deleted, in true Orwellian fashion (33).

While Al-Jazeera is leading the way in overall coverage in the ongoing stream of hasbara against Syria, there is a single story that soars high above every single other propaganda pieces like a condor soaring above the Andes Mountains. And this is not the typical ‘inflated-protest-numbers’ story which has been typical and frequent of the Zionist media’s coverage on Syria; transforming hundreds of demonstrators at Syrian Muslim Brotherhood-dominated gatherings into thousands, thousands into millions and deceptively morphing pro-government protests into anti-government protests (34). No, this is far more gruesome, far more obscene in its falsehood. Propagated by CNN, run by avid Zionist Jeffrey Bewkes who has been honored by the ignominiously pro-Israel American Jewish Committee and the equally pro-Israel Simon Wiesenthal Center (35), this story was quite literally a blast from the past; a replication of a Gulf War PSYOP against Iraq.

CNN has always functioned

as a mouthpiece for the Zionist

occupation and all of its global

ambitions, whitewashing its crimes

and covering up its most intricate


Quoting the London-based, regime change-promoting Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Zionist-run CNN ran a story which boldly and emotionally claimed that Syrian babies were dying in their incubators because Bashar al-Assad’s army had cut the electricity in Hama. No further information was provided; nothing regarding why the electricity was cut or why back-up generators didn’t kick in; nothing regarding doctors attempting to save the babies’ lives or even an exact date as to when the babies died. Then, in an even bolder move, ‘Syrian revolutionaries’ active on social networks, Twitter specifically, began circulating a picture of the ‘dead’ babies. This however, would be their undoing and the entire story, which was totally lacking in evidence to begin with, came crashing down. The dead babies picture was actually a picture of live babies in an overcrowded hospital known as al-Shabti in Alexandria, Egypt. It was nothing more than a tasteless hoax comprised of 100% hasbara (36).

As aforementioned, this ‘incubator babies’ hoax had been attempted before, in the lead-up to the Gulf War which paved the way for genocidal sanctions against Iraq, weakening the nation for the Zionist-engineered invasion that would thoroughly annihilate its infrastructure and brutalize its people in a seemingly eternal occupation 13 years later. At the heart of the Iraq ‘{312 dead} incubator babies’ hoax was the ubiquitous and devilish Amnesty International, working hand-in-glove with British intelligence and Zionist war criminal and Congressman Tom Lantos. Though the story was ultimately revealed as a hoax, it didn’t matter in the slightest. The Zionist plot had been put in motion and Iraq’s fate (destruction) was sealed (37).

This invocation of history is of the utmost vitalness to note. False stories, drawn up to despicably target basic human emotion and generate support for criminal-minded plans, can have tragic, reprehensible results; Iraqis, 2.5 million dead Iraqis from Zionism’s 2003 invasion alone (38), are the proof. The Zionist globe holders attempted to use such a story against Syria to accelerate their ‘Greater Israel’ ambitions and turn the Arab nation into another Iraq. It seems they will now have to go back to the drawing board.

Sheikh Adnan al-Ar’ur;

agent of the House of Saud

and ‘face’ of the ‘Syrian Revolution.’

The ‘Syrian Revolution’ In Faces: Puppets Galore

With international efforts mounting to topple Bashar al-Assad and replace his government with one more subservient to the iron fist of the Zionist Power Configuration, the mainstream media has bombarded its viewers with a plethora of figures spouting propagandist venom and bolstering the Zionist narrative to increase unrest and ultimately bring about an invasion. Each figure, in their own way, plays a part in the global media spectacle shaping public opinion on all matters pertaining to Syria.

The individual with the most influence and therefore, the most destructive potential, is a ‘religious’ figure named Sheikh Adnan al-Ar’ur. Sheikh Adnan is based in Saudi Arabia and is receiving an obscene amount of press from the House of Saud’s propaganda giant, Al-Arabiya, which is touting him as a ‘symbol of the Syrian Revolution.’ He is known for his promotion of sectarianism and tragically, he commands a significant amount of influence in Syria (39); because of the sectarianism embedded in his verdicts, he is playing a major role in the Saudi Defense Ministry’s ‘civil war’ agenda.

Al-Ar’ur’s bloody fingerprints can already be found on the streets of Homs, a city 165 kilometers north of Damascus. On July 26th, three Alawi families were brutally butchered by agents of the Saudi-funded Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in an attempt to plunge the city of Homs into sectarian civil conflict. Throughout the unrest, MB agents, influenced by al-Ar’ur, have attacked Alawi mosques in Homs, Adlab, Latakia and Hama; all points of conflict between the MB and the Syrian army (40). While the Syrian people themselves have righteously rejected such sectarianism, this outrageous violence is taking a toll on the nation and their communities.

Rime Allaf is a member

of the Chatham House,

the UK arm of the Zionist,

warmongering Council

on Foreign Relations.

One of the more familiar faces of the ‘Syrian Revolution’ is globalist and hasbaranik Rime Allaf, who has been quoted by just about every Zionist-run news outlet from the UK to America and everything in between regarding ‘what is happening’ in Syria. Channeling typical, uncorroborated, scandalous propaganda via her Twitter account, Allaf is simply doing the bidding of her masters at the Chatham House, the UK mega-think tank and sister of arguably the most powerful Zionist think in America, the Council On Foreign Relations. Allaf is involved in multiple projects aiming to increase relations between Syria and the West and to prostitute Syria’s sovereignty by replacing it with neoliberal economics and multinational corporations (41). Mask of Zion’s social networking sources have also found that Allaf maintains a close relationship with the Economist magazine, the Rothschild-owned Zionist mouthpiece which has been churning out anti-Syria, pro-intervention propaganda from the onset of the unrest.

Other notable assets of the hasbara war against Syria are Hamdi M. Rifai and Radwan Ziadeh. Rifai is a Syrian exile and News Jersey-based attorney who has recently had his legal license revoked for ethics violations. He has openly declared his friendship with the usurping Zionist entity and has strongly advocated for the Zionist-occupied United States government to militarily intervene in Syria. Rifai also spends significant amounts of his time spreading the works of neoconservative fanatics to justify his murderous positions and works with fellow exiles to generate sectarianism in not only Syria but Lebanon as well (42).

Twitter is a major

breeding ground for

hasbaraniks where

anti-Syria propaganda can

flourish uninterrupted.

Ziadeh is no different. He is a frequenter of US State Department events sponsored by Zionist think tanks. He has appeared before the Zionist lobby’s foreign policy arm, the American Jewish Committee and has shared the stage with Zionist war criminal Elliot Abrams. He’s been commissioned by the US government to lobby Russia for support for the Zionist-engineered plot to militarily demolish Syria and if that wasn’t enough, Ziadeh is the recipient of an award from one of Zionism’s most deadly agencies, the National Endowment for Democracy (43). Another figure uncovered by Mask of Zion’s social networking sources is a man by the name of Mohammad al-Abdallah, a self-styled Syrian ‘human rights activist’ that has most recently held meetings with Hillary Clinton and Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, a Zionist who has issued condemnations of activists who participate in Israeli Apartheid Week and parroted hasbara against the Freedom Flotilla II (44). Al-Abdallah is pro-intervention and glowing with delight over the economic warfare launched against Syria by the US and EU. Simply unnerving.

While Allaf, Ar’ur, Ziadeh, al-Abdallah, Rifai and other House Arabs cut from the same cloth claim to represent Syria and the demands of the Syrian people, the evidence shows that they are no more than shrill propagandists of the Zionist-Saudi axis and its agenda to drive Bashar al-Assad’s government into the ground. The truth is clear, overwhelmingly clear: the Syrian people support al-Assad and the multiple million man marches that they’ve conducted to show support for the President and his stance of Resistance and to counteract the Zionist-Saudi-backed insurrection are the proof (45).

An Israeli-NATO

plan is already in the works

to launch military strikes

against Syria and cripple its

army and infrastructure.

NATO Invasion And Opposition Crimes Against Humanity

One of the lesser-discussed players in the ongoing onslaught against Syria is Turkey, a collaborationist regime bound to the Zionist entity via several military-intelligence MOUs drawn up for the specific purpose of carrying out aggression against Israel’s enemies, including Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ankara has not only played the role of host for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and served as the go-between for the US government and the Israeli-Saudi-controlled opposition, it has already intervened in a militaristic way by providing MB agents with weapons and a safe haven to re-up when ammunition is low. Ankara has already given NATO the signal to set up a military base in Western Turkey and fill it to the brim with ground forces (46).

NATO’s leadership has answered Ankara’s call and has begun planning an invasion to ‘roll back’ Syria and then Yemen in the final steps before launching full-scale warfare against Iran (47). This would assuredly please the Zionist creature occupying al-Quds, which signed an intensive, exhaustive military-cooperation agreement with NATO in 2005; a military offensive against Syria represents the very essence of the Israel-NATO bilateral agreement (48). Part of the Israeli-NATO plan has already been revealed and it is a mirror image of the current monstrous bombing of Libya; multiple airstrikes against Syria’s air defenses followed by an all-out bombardment of Syria’s army and infrastructure (49). Another criminal Western war carried out in the Zionist regime’s name. It for this reason, that Bashar al-Assad scoffed at Turkey’s attempts (read: threats) to convince his government to kowtow to Western pressure and bow to the insurrectionists tearing the country to shreds (50). Iran has also rebuked Turkey for its traitorous stance against Syria, offering its full support to Bashar al-Assad and signing a multi-billion dollar energy pact to solidify it (51). As Israel’s smokescreen dissolves, the battle lines get clearer and clearer.

Meanwhile, the aforesaid Saudi-Israeli-controlled insurrectionists continue wreaking havoc throughout the streets of Syria and are doing so with new weapons provided by a smuggling operation run by Saudi-puppet and former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s March 14 movement (52). The Zionist media’s ‘peaceful protesters’ narrative crumbles a little bit more every day. Beyond waging brutal warfare against the Assad government, the Syrian opposition is committing crimes against humanity; crimes that will almost assuredly not be investigated by the likes of the ‘international community.’ In Hama, they are butchering soldiers and dumping the bodies into the Asi River (53). In Jisr al-Shughour, a conflict-heavy area in Syria’s north, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood agents are murdering al-Assad supporters by lynching them (54).

Brigadier General 

al-Talawi’s children;

murdered by the ‘peaceful’

Syrian opposition.

In the central city of Homs, Syrian Brigadier General Khodir al-Talawi, his two children, his nephew and two of his subordinate officers were shot dead and mutilated (55). They were hacked to death with sabers in an utterly deranged, savage crime; even more deranged is that this brutality was ordered… by the US State Department, during a meeting between opposition leaders and Hillary Clinton’s Middle East Special Representative and Zionist agent, Dan Feldman (56). And now, as the Israeli-Saudi nexus prepares for the imminent NATO invasion, it has employed assets from Turkey, Jordan and occupied Iraq, most likely assets from the neoconservative-created P2OG false flag agency (57), to not only provoke security forces, but deliberately target Syrian civilians (58).

Israel’s favorite Western mouthpiece, the Sulzberger-owned New York Times, covers up these horrors by concocting its own horrors; its latest lie is that Syrian security forces are using “anti-aircraft weaponry on civilian buildings” in Hama (59). Hillary Clinton is now covering up the barbarity that her office ordered by calling on the world to completely cut economic ties with Syria and blaming the barbarity on Bashar al-Assad (60). The people of the world are being duped yet again; but it seems that not even the thud of NATO depleted uranium rocking Damascus as it is now rocking Tripoli will convince them of this reality.

Syria and Somalia:

The first two targets

of the Zionist-Orwellian

‘Atrocities Prevention Board.’

Conclusion: A New Generation Of Tyranny

On August 4th, 2011, the next generation of war, psychological subversion, intelligence masking and covert operations began, officially, with a United States stamp of approval. Chief Zionist stooge, Barack Obama, considered by the Zionist-gangster class that fomented his meteoric political rise to be “the first Jewish President (61),” created the Atrocities Prevention Board to ‘stop genocide’ and “isolate those who engage in or conspire to commit atrocities (62).” Naturally, in a move obviously meant to please his Zionist sires, Obama invoked ‘the holocaust’ to justify the creation of the shadowy interagency (63). It is ironic: ‘the holocaust’ is one of history’s greatest exaggerations/fabrications, filled to the brim with false testimonies and coverups and is now an ideological weapon routinely deployed by the Zionist Power Configuration against all who oppose Israel (64), and it is now being used as the basis for the creation of another ideological weapon.

Apart from the gut-wrenching hypocrisy of the United States government taking steps to prevent atrocities, when it has funded or is directly responsible for mass atrocities in Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and Kashmir to name just a few, the creation of the Atrocities Prevention Board will now give America (acting at Israel’s behest) jurisdiction to unleash hell on any nation it so chooses with the use of a single pretext: “humanitarianism.” Just like the Wikileaks PSYOP was designed to usher in a new era of COINTELPRO to subvert the growing anti-war and solidarity movements (65), the Atrocities Prevention Board will serve as its twin sister, coopting human rights movements and steering them towards an agenda of Orwellian war (66).

Libya was the trial run for the Atrocities Prevention Board; the absurd, baseless official line remains that NATO prevented Muammar Qaddafi committed a massacre in Benghazi, the second largest Libyan city. A similar plan is already in place for Syria, with the Zionist entity leading and Washington D.C., Ankara, NATO and Riyadh ready to provide support for the ‘humanitarian war’ under the logo of R2P, ‘Responsibility To Protect.’ This is why the usurping entity, the US and NATO have been stockpiling and integrating their weapons systems since 2005, when Israel and NATO signed the aforementioned bilateral agreement. Mossad is increasing its covert support to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots and the Zionist media is increasing its hasbara against al-Assad to mask the Brotherhood’s atrocities. The groundwork for ‘R2P: Syria’ is deeply underway (67).

The Zionist Power Configuration

wants al-Shabab eliminated

so it can turn Somalia into a 

haven for multinationals and


It is no coincidence whatsoever that Obama’s Atrocities Prevention Board has been created at a time when Syria is being prepped for an Iraq-style annihilation and when the Zionist ‘War on Terror’ coalition is looking to deliver a crushing blow to the righteous Somali Resistance movement, al-Shabab. The Zionist media is overloading its viewers with images of Somalis suffering from famine and drought while not uttering a single word that the famine and drought only exist because an IMF-World Bank ‘reform’ operation decimated Somalia’s agriculture in the 1980s and American oil giants have been plundering the Horn of Africa nation since 1991, robbing it of its wealth (68). Nowhere in any of the Zionist media’s abysmal coverage on Somalia is the critical info that the CIA has penetrated the entire country, running secret torture centers, setting up proxy agents and collecting intelligence so Special Forces can conduct illegal drone attacks and airstrikes (69).
Drowned out in the Zionist media’s coverage of famine and drought in Somalia is that the Zionist-run US State Department is sending droves of private military contractors to fight the Resistance (70) and aid the puppet government forced upon the Somali people by a globalist axis and armed by the Obama administration (71). Not mentioned by the Zionist media at all is that al-Shabab didn’t even exist until the US-backed United Nations-African Union occupation of Somalia began in 2006. The occupation has been slaughtering Somali civilians in the thousands ever since. There is no “democratically-elected” government in Somalia, only a coalition of puppets handpicked by the American and French militaries (72). Al-Shabab is all that stands between Somalia and total Zionist-globalist colonization.

The Zionist-dominated Obama administration is denying aid to all areas in Somalia controlled by al-Shabab, which is the majority of the country. Aid has been restricted to a few square miles of territory controlled by the US-AU-UN-backed puppet regime, exacerbating the famine and the drought and effectively transforming them into weapons of war (73); weapons of war against Resistance to colonial domination. These deliberate acts of terrorism will generate an international outcry to ‘save the babies,’ and in response, another invasion of another Muslim-majority country will occur, but this time, it will be under the ‘almighty’ humanitarian brand of the Atrocities Prevention Board.

At the heart of the ‘humanitarian’ adventures planned for Syria and Somalia, as is the case with every war waged by Israel and its global garden of imperial puppets, is energy. For Somalia, there is Bab el-Mandab, a strategic waterway that links Yemen, Somalia and billions of dollars in oil traded on the neoliberal markets; the Zionist-occupied United States government is dying to take control of this waterway, snatching it from Russia and China, allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (74). For Syria, there are the gargantuan natural gas fields of the Levantine coast line, sitting between two energy corridors that Syria rests upon; Iran has already offered Syria assistance in cultivating these fields and the Zionist Power Configuration wants to take control of the project at all costs (75).

The Merhav Group of Israel

is a Mossad asset that

specializes in hostile

takeovers of regions

rich with energy.

It would by no means be surprising if the Mossad-run Merhav Group of Israel was on standby for such hostile-takeover-type measures, as its energy interests in Asia were the driving force behind the savage war against Afghanistan. Controlling the pipelines, mines and gas fields that Afghan territory runs parallel to is central to the Israeli-American foreign policy of brutally undermining and hurting the Islamic Republic of Iran wherever undermining and hurting can be executed. The Merhav Group of Israel has carried out Israeli-American hegemonic directives in the South-Central Asia region with precision (76). Because Syria and Somalia also fall under the anti-Iran energy directives embedded in the unified US-Israel foreign agenda, it is not a possibility but a likelihood that Merhav is the beast lurking behind the curtains of the war machine.

Today, Syria and Somalia, two of the last remaining nations on the planet standing up against the neoconservative foreign policy and neoliberal economics of the globalist power matrix governed by Zionism, are both targeted under the insane premise of ‘humanitarianism.’ Tomorrow, the targets will be Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Yemen, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. Plans are already in place, as are agents of subversion and in some instances, preliminary, criminal action has already been taken.

If Bashar al-Assad falls, what will replace him? An anti-Resistance proxy of Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime. If al-Shabab is conquered, what will follow in Somalia? Most likely a carbon copy of the Zionist-marionette regime in Ethiopia, which has been nothing more than an Israeli military proxy for decades. But if the Resistance of both nations can survive the onslaught that they are now experiencing, feeding off of the intense support of the people that they defend, it will send a message to the globe holders: no matter what kind of tactics you may employ, the will of the people will always leave the arrogant powers torn asunder when the sun rises and the darkness is exposed. If only ‘if,’ wasn’t the word.

~ The End ~    


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Insurance Scammers As Evil As Central Bankers; a History


The saga of Lloyds of London is most revealing.

by Tom Valentine

Most of the details are on the Internet as propaganda, but one must read between the lines:

“From its first beginnings in Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House in 1688, Lloyds has been a pioneer in insurance and reinsurance.Starting with its roots in marine insurance, Lloyds has grown over 300 years to become the worlds leading market for specialist insurance.”

Now we pause to insert what we have learned about “’the city of London” (the fascist ‘Crown’) into this company propaganda from the Internet.

“From 17th century shipping and Lord Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, through the devastation of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, and on to the emergence of space satellite technology in the late 20th century, the story of Lloyds is both a long and an interesting one.”

The Internet propaganda is careful not to distinguish the ‘city” from metropolitan London at large: “Lloyd’s earliest home was Edward Lloyd’s coffee house, firmly established by the year 1688 at Tower Street in the City of London.
This small club of marine underwriters moved to Lombard Street, closer to the heart of the “City” in 1691.

The market began in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house around 1688. His establishment was a popular place for sailors, merchants, and ship owners, and Lloyd catered to them with reliable shipping news. The shipping industry community frequented the place to discuss insurance deals among themselves. Just after Christmas 1691, the coffee shop relocated to Lombard Street (a blue plaque commemorates this location) This arrangement carried on until 1774, long after Lloyd’s death in 1713, when the participating members of the insurance arrangement formed a committee and moved to the Royal Exchange on Cornhill as The Society of Lloyd’s.

Whenever we see the designation of “ Royal Society ” we must realize that this is historically and actually a cabalistic, Masonic organization for elite racists.

Due to the focus on marine business, during the formative years of Lloyd’s (between 1688 and 1807), one of the primary sources of Lloyd’s business was the insurance of ships engaged in slave trading; as Britain (read ”crown”) rapidly established itself as the chief slave trading power in the Atlantic.

(Crown) shipping carried more than 3.25 million people into slavery, meaning that by the end of the eighteenth century, slave trading had become one of the primary constituents of all (crown) trade. The dangers involved necessarily meant that insurance of slave-trade shipping was a major concern. Between 1689 and 1807, 1053 British vessels were lost whilst undertaking slave-trading activities.

“The Royal Exchange was destroyed by fire in 1838, and, although the building was rebuilt by 1844, many of Lloyd’s early records were lost.(convenient) In 1871, the first Lloyd’s Act was passed in Parliament (by puppets), which gave the business a sound legal footing (as if it were necessary) The Lloyd’s Act of 1911 set out the Society’s objectives, which include the promotion of its members’ interests and the collection and dissemination of information .
The membership of the Society, which had been largely made up of (money launderers) market participants, was realized to be too small in relation to the market’s capitalization and the risks that it was underwriting.

Note the dates given from this point on are modern history.

(Crown insiders always seek to cover risk with money from the sheepish taxpaying population). “Lloyd’s response was to commission a secret internal inquiry , known as the Cromer Report, which reported in 1968 . This report advocated the widening of membership to non-market participants, including non-British subjects and women, and to reduce the onerous capitalization requirements (which created a more minor investor known as a mini-Name). The Report also drew attention to the danger of conflicts of interest. (false flag in the report).

“During the 1970s, a number of issues arose which were to have significant influence on the course of the Society. The first was the tax structure in the UK: capital gains were taxed at 40 per cent, earned income was taxed in the top bracket at 83 per cent, and investment income in the top bracket at 98 per cent.

Lloyd’s income counted as earned income, even for Names who did not work at Lloyd’s, and this heavily influenced the direction of underwriting: in short, it was desirable for syndicates to make a (small) underwriting loss but a (larger) investment profit.

The losses were 98% funded by the taxpayer (the sheep dues) while the gains largely accrued to the Names; when Margaret Thatcher’s (puppet) government greatly reduced the top rate of income tax , (This clever tax code ploy worked beautifully—remember Ronnie Reagan?) the proportion of the losses paid by the Namesincreased astronomically. The investment profit was typically achieved by ‘bond washing’ or ‘gilt stripping’: buying the bond ‘cum dividend’ and selling it ‘ex dividend,’ creating an income profit and a capital loss. (clever gambit continued by today’s investment bankers).

Syndicate funds were also moved offshore (which later created problems through fraud and self-dealing; how could the rulers of all the seas move “offshore)?

“Because Lloyd’s had turned itself into a tax shelter (for super rich), the second issue affecting Lloyd’s was an increase in its external membership, such that, by the end of the decade, the number of passive investors dwarfed market investors. (a “city”gambit) Thirdly, during the decade a number of scandals had come to light, including the collapse of the Sasse syndicate and the disgrace of Christopher Moran, which had highlighted both the lack of regulation and the legal inability of the Council to manage the Society. (surprise, surprise).

“Arising simultaneously with these developments were wider issues: firstly, in the United States, an ever-widening interpretation by the Courts of insurance (admiralty)? Coverage in relation to workers’ compensation relating to asbestos-related losses, which had the effect of creating a huge, and initially unrecognized and then unacknowledged hole in Lloyd’s reserves.

Secondly, by the end of the decade, almost all of the market agreements, such as the Joint Hull Agreement,which were effectively cartels mandating minimum terms, (a touch of truth)? Had been abandoned under pressure of competition. Thirdly, new specialized policies had arisen which had the effect of concentrating risk: these included ‘run-off policies’, under which the liability of previous underwriting years would be transferred, and ‘time and distance’ policies, whereby reserves would be used to buy a guarantee of future income.

“In 1980, Sir Henry Fisher was commissioned by the Council of Lloyd’s to produce the foundation for a new Lloyd’s Act. The recommendations of his Report addressed the ‘democratic deficit’ and the lack of regulatory muscle. (oh ho-ho, another phony commission).

“The Lloyd’s Act of 1982 further redefined the structure of the business, and was designed to give the ‘external Names’, introduced in response to the Cromer Report, a say in the running of the business through a new governing Council. “(more double talk; we know how the “crown” operates).

Isn’t it time to eclipse these archaic masons? We the productive people do not pay attention.

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New York Times Support for US Imperial Wars


by Stephen Lendman


The Times never met a US imperial war it didn’t endorse or designated enemy it didn’t vilify. Nor are concerns ever raised about constitutional and international law issues, crimes of war and against humanity, or mass slaughter and destruction.

Only supporting the home team and winning matters, not right or wrong, or cost in terms of dollars and human lives. It’s as true about Libya as US wars against Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, others ongoing directly or through proxies, as well as earlier ones, at least in their earlier stages.

The Times strayed far from June 13, 1971 when it was the first broadsheet to begin publishing the top secret Pentagon Papers under Neil Sheehan’s byline. At the time, its publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger said, “What was revealed, had to be revealed….people had the right to know.”

In fact, in a 1996 article, The Times (belatedly) said:

The Pentagon Papers “demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public, but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance.”

Did misreporting about alleged Iraq WMDs matter less?Functioning as a de facto Pentagon press agent, Judith Miller’s manipulative agitprop bears huge responsibity for America’s 2003 war, lying in daily front page bylines.

Times editors were cooperatively complicit, as they’ve been for all US presidents in their direct and/or proxy wars, notably:

  • – Nixon before the Pentagon Papers and Watergate;

  • – Reagan in Central America and elsewhere;

  • – GHW Bush in Panama, Haiti and Iraq;

  • – Clinton on Rwanda, Iraq sanctions, the Balkan wars, and especially for attacking Serbia/Kosovo in 1999;

  • – GW Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan;

  • – Obama in six direct wars and other proxy ones; as well as

  • – every president since Johnson on Israel/Palestine.

The Times backed them all as it now endorses Obama’s Libya war, no matter its lawlessness to colonize and plunder another country, adding one more imperial trophy to America’s collection.

In feature articles, op-eds, and editorials, The Times cheerleads war, practically glorifying mass slaughter and destruction, besides suppressing vital truths by providing one-sided distorted coverage.

On February 28, 2011, shortly after strife began, op-ed contributors Irwin Cotler and Jared Genser headlined, “Libya and the Responsibility to Protect,” saying:

The Security Council “imposed an arms embargo on Libya, targeted sanctions and travel bans against Qaddafi, his family members and senior regime officials, (and) included a critical reference to Libya’s responsibility to protect (RtoP) its own citizens from mass atrocities.”

The General Assembly’s 2005 World Summit Outcome Document adopted RtoP. Paragraph 138 states each nation must “protect (its) population from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity.”

Paragraph 139 delegates responsibility to the UN “to use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other peaceful means, in accordance with Chapters VI and VIII of the Charter, to help protect populations from” these crimes.

However, as Professor Marjorie Cohn, former President of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), explains:

“The UN Charter does not permit the use of military force for humanitarian interventions.”

As a result, justifying them under RtoP is illegal. It amounts to committing genocide, as well as crimes of war and against humanity to prevent them.

The UN Charter’s Chapter VI calls for peaceful conflict dispute resolutions. If they fail, Chapter VII authorizes the Security Council to impose boycotts, embargoes, blockades and severance of diplomatic ties – not war.

Nonetheless, Cotler and Genser said “much more needs to be done….to end (Gaddafi’s mass atrocities)” when, in fact, none were committed then or after NATO bombing began.

With no justification, they also said Gaddafi no longer “can legally be described” as Libya’s leader. The “nascent provisional government” should be recognized, despite no legitimacy to do so.

In addition, the Security Council needs to do more, they said, including perhaps authorizing “the rapid deployment of an African Union-European Union force to the country,” calling it “a test case for the Security Council and its implementation of the RtoP doctrine.”

Doing so, of course, effectively endorses war through an illegal invading force, protected by aggressive air support. In other words, bombing – committing crimes on the pretext of preventing them.

Cohn, however, explains that RtoP “violates the basic premise of the UN Charter,” calling for peaceful conflict resolutions, not war or other hostile interventions.

The New York Times disagrees, cheerleading war, other forms of violence and imperial dominance, falsifying reports as justification.

On February 28, its editorial headlined, “Qaddafi’s Crimes and Fantasies,” saying:

His “crimes continue to mount.” Citing unverified reports, it said “Libyan Air Force warplanes bombed rebel-controlled areas in the eastern part of the country. Libyan special forces mounted ground assaults on two breakaway cities near the capital. (Finally), the United States (EU and UN want) Qaddafi and his cronies to go (and) called on the International Criminal Court to investigate potential war crimes.”

In other words, when no evidence exists, Times correspondents, opinion contributors and editorial writers invent it, reporting it like fact, betraying their readers in the process by lying.

A March 21 editorial headlined, “At War in Libya,” saying:

Gaddafi “has long been a thug and a murderer who has never paid for his many crimes, including the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.”

Of course, neither he or falsely convicted Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi had anything to do with it, what Times writers won’t explain. In fact, Scottish judges knew Megrahi was innocent, saying so in their final opinion. In addition, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission’s investigation called his conviction a gross miscarriage of justice, saying no credible evidence of his involvement exists. Nor Gaddafi’s.

In fact, he never admitted fault, saying only Libya would accept responsibility to have international sanctions lifted. Nonetheless, to this day, he stands falsely accused, including by The New York Times.

Its editorial called UN Resolution 1973, instituting a no-fly zone, “an extraordinary moment,” even though Pentagon commanders admitted beforehand that passing it meant bombing Gaddafi’s command and control capabilities.

Once it began, The Times endorsed it, admitting “no perfect formula for military intervention.” It then falsely accused Gaddafi of “gather(ing) women and children as human shields at his compound,” calling him “erratic, widely reviled (despite his popularity), armed with mustard gas and has a history of supporting terrorism.”

Endorsing military intervention to remove him, The Times claimed if US recruited, armed and funded paramilitaries were “crush(ed), it would chill pro-democracy movements across the Arab world.”

In fact, like Washington and its NATO coalition partners, The Times deplores democracy, peaceful resolution, and rule of law principles, opting instead for lawless intervention for imperial dominance.

On June 16, its editorial headlined, “Libya and the War Powers Act,” saying:

“It would be hugely costly – for this country’s credibility, for the future of NATO and for the people of Libya – if Congress were to force (Obama) to abandon military operations over Libya.”

The editorial came during duplicitous congressional posturing on Libya, avoiding its responsibility to stop funding Obama’s war. Instead, debate focused on whether or not he had War Powers Resolution authority to wage it, not that under international and constitutional law it’s illegal – a consideration airbrushed from The Times’ editorial and other reports.

As a result, it said “Congress….needs to authorize continued American support for NATO’s air campaign over Libya,” failing to explain that NATO is code language for the Pentagon, running all its operations under its supreme US commander.

After rebel forces assassinated commander Abdul Fatah Younis, Times writers downplayed it, saying details about it were “in dispute,” when it was clear what happened.

On August 6, in a straight propaganda piece right out of Judith Miller’s playbook, Times writer David Kirkpatrick headlined, “In Libya’s Capital, Straight Talk From Christians,” quoting Protestant minister Rev. Hamdy Daoud saying:

“When NATO bombs at night, I hear my neighbors clap and cheer ‘bravo’….People are very, very down, and they are depending entirely on NATO,” in a city where near unanimity condemns its atrocities, besides rallying en masse for Gaddafi.

Never once did a Times writer report it or how daily bombings target civilians, factories, schools, hospitals, vital infrastructure, residential neighborhoods and other nonmilitary sites, slaughtering hundreds of innocent people.

Instead, they falsify reports about anti-Gaddafi sentiment and rebel advances, leaving unexplained how Washington and its NATO partners stand to gain if he’s ousted, at the expense of all Libyans, except a Western-installed puppet regime as in Iraq and Afghanistan, complicit in violence and immiserating their people.

On August 8, Times writer Kareem Fahim headlined “Libyan Rebels Dissolve Cabinet Amid Discord,” saying only that it was “for improper administrative procedures,” and that Younis “was killed more than a week ago in murky circumstances.”

Omitted entirely was explaining the Transitional National Council’s illegitimacy, that it’s teetering close to collapse, and that disparate rebel elements are in disarray.

A Final Comment

Like all US major media journalism, The Times substitutes managed news for truth, based on facts, not insults to its readers by distorting and/or omitting it.

In their landmark book, “Manufacturing Consent,” Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky explained their “propaganda model.” It controls the public message by ‘filter(ing)” disturbing truths, “leaving (behind) only the cleansed residue fit to print” or air.

It’s why America’s media, including The Times, risk a free and open society by controlling the news for powerful interests they support, at the same time betraying their readers, viewers and listeners.

As a result, a truth emergency exists when it’s so badly needed. It’s also why supporting independent sources is vital.

Where else can you get what America’s media won’t report, notably by New York Times correspondents, op-ed contributors, and editorial writers, straying far afield from honest journalism and opinions. Getting them, of course, means shunning them.

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“Depleted” Uranium & Induced Radioactivity


M1M2 Abrams Battle Tank is equipped with DU armor and carries 120mm rounds

“Depleted” Uranium & Induced Radioactivity–What the DOD hopes you do not learn

by Elaine Hunter

Lest anyone jump to the conclusion that this article is about my opinion, let’s start out with the military definition:

”Induced radiation: (DOD, NATO) Radiation produced as a result of exposure to radioactive materials, particularly the capture of neutrons.” (From Military Dictionary: ”US Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Words” Terms and concepts associated with the military. Induced-Radiation)

Induced radioactivity occurs when a previously stable material has been made radioactive by exposure to specific radiation(specific being: alpha, gamma, neutrons, x-rays).

The author recalls reading decades ago, in the context of research about the push for fusion power production, that where there is substantial neutron activity, the equipment that initially was not radioactive eventually becomes so radioactive that it must be decommissioned. To date I’ve seen not seen very little discussion of this aspect of the use of DU. It is not insignificant.

120mm DU Munition

Neutron activation is the main form of induced radioactivity, which happens when free neutrons are captured by nuclei. A less common form involves removing a neutron via photodisintegration. In this reaction, a high energy photon (gamma ray) strikes a nucleus with an energy greater than the binding energy of the atom, releasing a neutron.

Induced radioactivity was observed early on along the rocky road of nuclear sciences; it was first observed in 1934, by Irene Curie and Frederic Joliot. They bombarded aluminum metal with alpha particles in the following reaction:

The casings, at least for the 30mm DU munitions are aluminum! (“Al” noted in the above equation). The “He” noted in the above equation represents an alpha particle, an alpha particle is essentially a helium atom. The resulting atom is phosphorus (“P”) plus a neutron (“n”). The neutron that results can go on to induce radioactivity in other atoms of aluminum or steel or….

25mm DU munition

The resulting phosphorus atom is radioactive with a half life of approximately 14 days. This is not insignificant. I can’t help but wonder what role induced radioactive phosphorus played in causing the increases in horrid birth defects in Iraq and elsewhere. Phosphorus is an essential element in DNA, RNA, amino acids, etc., the building blocks of life.

Surely those concerned about DU munitions have learned that U-238 is an alpha emitter. It is also a neutron emitter (my article DU – You Don’t Have To Inhale Or Ingest It For It To Make You Sick gives details about this).

The A-10 Thunderbolt jet and the Apache helicopter both use 30mm munitions in their GAU Gatling gun (front

Bradley Fighting Vehicle

mounted). However what was in their linked ammo is not 100% DU rounds. The linkage was 4 DUs to 1 HEI (High Explosive Incendiary) round (Note I’ve also seen 5/1 ratio). Has anyone else noted that those HEIs and their casings had to have become radioactive? How about the region of the jets or helicopters where the ammo was loaded? Wouldn’t they also become radioactive? From where I sit it is too difficult to come up with a listing of what artificial radioisotopes would have been induced or what half lives they would have, but they have to be there.

While in stockpile or not yet loaded for action, the DU munitions are stored in now radioactive steel ammo cans. Troops who sat on such cans would have been cooking their behinds and “family jewels” with various radioactive emissions to their peril.

Some years ago the Navy stopped using the 20mm DU round. Was it because it was gradually making their ships radioactive; because sailors were getting sick? You’ll have to ask the higher-ups on that one. They said it was because they did not need them.

Marine Harrier Jet

How about DU armor on tanks? Did the manufacturer or the DOD give some special blessing over it to prevent the inevitable induced radioactivity it would cause to the rest of the tank and the crew?

These are not the only examples of where DU occurs. Fill in others that you know and think about it.

More and more examples of information for the horses’ mouths that show the US military has failed to consider or reveal the far reaching ramifications of using “depleted” uranium ostensible on the enemy, yet on its own who have to have anything to do with it. Always, always more questions than answers. Obfuscation, betrayal.


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Pentagon Trillions Missing, New Report


Pentagon Waste Murders Deficit Plans

Analysts predict deficit plans to fail due to trillions in Pentagon theft, continued waste.


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Britain: Shaming of our spooks, MI6 produced bogus Iraq war evidence under pressure from Downing Street


by Tony Rennell,

UK Daily Mail

The exhausted secret intelligence officer was heading home after a heavy session analysing reports from Iraq. As he stepped out through the high-security air-lock exit from MI6’s grand headquarters beside the Thames in London, a newspaper-seller’s placard caught his eye — ‘45 minutes from attack,’ it proclaimed.

It was September 2002, and Prime Minister Tony Blair had that day unveiled with great fanfare the government’s dossier detailing Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, as a justification for going to war. He knew, in a way the public did not, the precise background to that headline. His first thought was that this was not what the original intelligence report had said. ‘If this goes wrong, we’re all screwed,’ he muttered to himself.

It did go wrong, spectacularly so, as a new history of MI6 by the BBC’s well-informed security correspondent Gordon Corera recounts. It’s a disturbing story of how tiny sparks of dubious information picked up in the backstreets of Baghdad and elsewhere were fanned into giant flames.

The result was a firecracker of a dossier which was pivotal in the run-up to the deeply divisive British and American invasion of Iraq. For many people, the scary information it disclosed — that Saddam was so advanced with his chemical and biological weapons that he could fire them with a mere 45 minutes notice — was a tipping point.

Millions who had been sceptical about the reality of the Iraq threat were brought up short by the Prime Minister’s assurance that the evidence of Saddam’s evil intentions was ‘extensive, detailed and authoritative’. The case for confronting him was cut and dried.

Only later would it emerge how dodgy that dossier actually was.

Victim: David Kelly, 59, after giving evidence in a Commons Select committee

Victim: David Kelly, 59, after giving evidence in a Commons Select committee

Yet disastrous consequences flowed from its false and exaggerated claims. They were cited as a pretext for the conquest of Iraq, which led to tens of thousands of deaths.

They also caused a damaging clash between the government and the BBC over suggestions that the dossier had been ‘sexed-up’ and the mysterious death of a respected weapons inspector, Dr David Kelly.

For MI6, the dossier brought the biggest crisis of confidence since the infamous Cambridge spy ring and the defection of one of its top men, Kim Philby, to the Soviet Union in 1963.

What happened was a lesson in the distortion that can arise when the painstaking craft of intelligence-gathering — MI6’s pride and joy since its inception in 1909 — was over-ridden by the wishful thinking and unrelenting ambition of politicians.

From the start, Blair had put his weight and his reputation behind U.S. plans to topple Saddam, believing in his heart that the world would be a better place without the Iraqi dictator. But selling a war to a sceptical public would be very difficult. Regime change on its own was not accepted in Britain in the way it was in post-9/11 America.

So the decision was taken to base the case for war entirely on Iraq’s possession of chemical, biological and possibly nuclear weapons. This meant leaning heavily on intelligence. From his spymasters Blair sought material to make a public case for armed intervention.

They, in turn, were eager to oblige. MI6 was still in shock from having missed signs of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and Washington and was determined never to be caught out again.

There was a more deep-seated reason too. ‘One of the cultural weaknesses of MI6 is that it is too eager to please,’ one former senior official told Corera. For all the secret service’s James Bond-ish bravado, it has always been beset by a fear that one day it will no longer be needed.

Trauma: After the events of September 11, 2001, MI6 was concerned not to be caught out

The ending of the Cold War and MI6’s legendary cat-and-mouse tussles with the KGB seemed to herald that redundancy. Then the post-9/11 era offered a new mission.

Out to prove it still had a vital use in the modern world, MI6 set to work.

Early drafts were begun of a dossier on Saddam’s weapons programmes.

Some MI6 officers were unhappy with the idea of working to so precise an agenda. ‘All our training, all our culture, bias, is against such a thing,’ one complained.

But there was no stopping what quickly became a juggernaut as Britain’s two most senior spies — Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, and John Scarlett, chairman of the government’s Joint Intelligence Committee, whose job was to sift and assess MI6’s information — became central to the build-up to war.

Dearlove in particular became one of the Prime Minister’s closest advisers and, according to officials, enjoyed a ‘privileged relationship’. Blair was open about his reliance on him to provide the central plank of the argument for intervening in Iraq. At one point he turned to his spy chief and said: ‘Richard, my fate is in your hands.’

Meanwhile, Scarlett was working closely with Downing Street, to the extent that Alastair Campbell, Blair’s all-powerful media director, would talk of him as a ‘mate’ and ‘a very good bloke’.

The JIC’s brief was to make its dossier suitable for publication to the public, in itself an unprecedented step in the publicity-shy world of spies. Campbell called for it to be ‘revelatory’. As the drafting process continued, Scarlett attended meetings chaired by Campbell to look at the presentation.

Target: Saddam Hussein's Iraq was viewed with suspicion by the West after the invasion of Kuwait and the First Gulf War

Target: Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was viewed with suspicion by the West after the invasion of Kuwait and the First Gulf War

Intelligence was being sucked closer to policy than it had ever been before in MI6’s history.

Scarlett disputes this, maintaining that he was just putting information in the public domain not taking sides. Subordinates disagree.

‘We knew the purpose of the dossier was precisely to make a case for war,’ one senior military intelligence officer later complained. ‘Every fact was managed to make it as strong as possible.’

Direction and pressure were being applied on the JIC and its drafters, he maintained. A line had been crossed. Intelligence was being used as a tool for political persuasion.

But what intelligence was there to gather? Not a lot, in reality.

Going to war: British airmen from 51 Squadron RAF Regiment shelter from the dust thrown up from a helicopter in 2009 in Basra, Iraq, after an invasion in 2003 that was supposed to bring peace and stability

Iraq had long been a backwater for MI6, with information about it, on the spy masters’ own admission, ‘sporadic and patchy’.

Then, suddenly, in the wake of 9/11, it was rocketed into top priority. All the dirt on Saddam’s supposed weapons of mass destruction was required as a matter of urgency.

The problem was that it takes years to build up reliable intelligence sources. Potential agents have to be spotted, researched, cultivated, approached and their veracity and good faith validated.

But that was not the time-frame on offer. Though MI6 had a small stable of agents reporting from within Iraq, one or two long-standing and reliable, none of them had any first-hand knowledge of the WMD programme.

Terror: A resident runs from the site of a bomb attack as fire engulfs vehicles in central Baghdad in 2009

But, knowing exactly what MI6 was looking for — and with cash bonuses on offer — they managed to find it by recruiting (or claiming to recruit) sub-sources with what was little more than gossip to spill and the product of their own imaginations.

What the handful of agents didn’t report on — because they knew it was not wanted — was the large number of people they met in Iraq who knew nothing about special weapons and doubted their existence.

Herein lay another problem. Saddam was clever and cunning, a master of deception. So MI6 decided they would have to deal with him in the same double-bluff and double-cross way they had treated the Soviet Union during the great espionage and counter-espionage days of the Cold War.

This has an inherent difficulty. If you are convinced that your enemy is practising deception, and you can’t find what you are looking for, the logic — which, of course, is utterly flawed — is that your opponent is simply very good at deceiving you.

Absence of evidence, as U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld put it, was not evidence of absence. It was a doctrine that was about to implode over Saddam’s non-existent WMDs.

Any claims he now made that he had destroyed his chemical and biological weapons and halted his nuclear programme were simply dismissed in Washington and London as disinformation. Because Saddam had lied and cheated in the past, the overwhelming view was that he was doing the same now.

As things stood, though, the dossier proving that he still had WMDs was still looking thin.

Horror: The site of a car bomb explosion in Baghdad’s al-Sadriyah district,in April 2007 in which 21 people were killed and 71 others wounded

Much of the ‘crucial’ material came from Iraqi defectors who pimped stories to the Western intelligence agencies, making wild assertions in return for asylum. One such ‘fabricator’, codenamed Curveball, was set up with a new life in Germany after making up information about biological weapons being manufactured on mobile trailers.

But in the climate of the times no one wanted to have a major source knocked out from under them. Curveball’s reports became the main evidence for Britain’s case that Saddam was still producing biological weapons.

War crime: US Army Cpl. Charles A. Graner Jr. posing next to a detainee who died during interrogation in late 2003 at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, Iraq

War crime: US Army Cpl. Charles A. Graner Jr. posing next to a detainee who died during interrogation in late 2003 at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, Iraq

Even so, as time marched on and deadlines approached, the JIC and Downing Street were increasingly desperate for something more concrete to still the nation’s doubts about war. Emails whizzed back and forth, pleading for more information to put into the dossier. ‘Has anybody got anything more they can put in it?’ was the constant cry.

Then, with a flourish, the magicians at MI6 pulled a rabbit or three out of their hat. They produced new intelligence, in the nick of time, that seemed to save the day.

From Baghdad, a long-serving agent had sent an encrypted message over a tiny transmitter. One of his sources had produced a rather vague and ambiguous report saying that biological and chemical munitions could be with military units and ready to fire within 20 to 45 minutes. Quite what the weapons were he could not say.

The source was untested but his identity was known, and he seemed to be in a position to know the information. The will for him to be right outweighed caution.

Not everyone was convinced. Some at the JIC thought MI6’s description of its new sub-source too vague. It was also unclear what sort of weapons he was referring to.

If the 45 minutes related to battlefield shells, as the JIC assessment staff believed, then it was not particularly surprising. In fact it was pretty pathetic rather than scary if it took the Iraqi army 45 minutes to fire a shell. But if it was referring to a ballistic missile, it was unrealistic to the point that it should be ignored.

Prisoners: Iraqi detainees mill about and others pray at the Camp Cropper detention centre in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2007 US forces held a total of some 25,000 detainees

Basically, what the source had provided was what Corera describes as ‘just a lonely piece of intelligence floating in a sea of uncertainty, to which those who wanted to could cling’. It was more local colour than hard intelligence, but the spooks grabbed at it gratefully.

Then, out of the blue, another piece of intelligence dropped. MI6 had apparently bagged an important new agent, who claimed that Iraq’s production of biological and chemical weapons was being accelerated and new facilities built.

The source was untested but Dearlove and senior officers around him were bullish. This was crucial in hardening up judgments and overcoming doubts. The reports were passed straight to Downing Street, bypassing assessors who could judge its technical credibility.

Convinced: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair speaking at an inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq War

Some inside MI6 believed this was emblematic of what had gone wrong. Too much unproven intelligence, hot off the printer, was rushed into the welcoming arms of No 10.

‘Everything was supposed to go through the assessment staff,’ one officer recalled, talking about intelligence reports in general, ‘but often we got it half an hour after it had gone to Downing Street, with it post-dated to cover their backs.’

But confidence was high. The new source promised another consignment of crucial intelligence soon, including details of WMD sites. This, it was hoped, might be Blair’s eagerly sought ‘silver bullet’.

The dossier, now stiffened by the new sources, was ready for the outside world. In a foreword, Blair wrote that Saddam’s continuing production of WMDs was ‘established beyond doubt’.

Any hint that there were limits to the intelligence and even major gaps had been lost, along with many other caveats.

Armed with MI6’s dossier, weapons inspectors for the United Nations — which still hoped to forestall war — now went back to Iraq to hunt once again for WMD. They inspected 300 sites and found nothing. ‘We went to a lot of chicken farms,’ one said,’ but there were just chickens’.

The response in London was that this proved only how devious and duplicitous Saddam was and how incompetent and naive the inspectors were. In any case, proof of WMDs was largely irrelevant now. Nothing was going to stop the momentum.

Murdered: British hostage Kenneth Bigley on a video tape in which he made a plea to Prime Minister Tony Blair to work for his release from captivity by Iraqi militants

Murdered: British hostage Kenneth Bigley on a video tape in which he made a plea to Prime Minister Tony Blair to work for his release from captivity by Iraqi militants

When hard intelligence of Saddam’s preparedness or otherwise for war suggested Iraq did not have usable weapons able to attack at all, let alone in 45 minutes, this was never revealed to the British public.

‘The books had been cooked, the bets placed,’ as an American intelligence officer put it. The conquest of Iraq began.

In no time, Saddam’s forces were caving in, and it seemed odd that with Coalition troops approaching Baghdad, he did not use any of his ‘special weapons’. When it was all over, the issue resurfaced.

Site after site was searched for evidence of WMDs. None was found.

Linchpin: Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell played a major part in preparing the argument to involve Britain in Iraq

Linchpin: Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell played a major part in preparing the argument to involve Britain in Iraq

One by one MI6’s prized sources melted away like mirages in the desert heat. Three months after the fall of Baghdad, MI6 interviewed in person the cherished new source in whom so much had been invested and who had dispelled so many doubts.

He denied ever having said anything about accelerated production of biological and chemical weapons.

The military officer who had passed on the 45-minute claim also denied having ever said such a thing, and it became clear that he had made it all up. So too had ‘Curveball’.

The impact on MI6’s reputation was calamitous. The use of intelligence to sell a war to the public might not have mattered much if it turned out to be true.

But once it was proved to be wrong, it left the public, and especially those who had been persuaded by the intelligence, feeling bitter.

The recriminations began. Who was to blame for this fiasco, which had justified a war on a false premise? Who was responsible for launching Britain’s very own WMD, a weapon of mass deception?

MI6 over-promised and under-delivered, was the verdict of one JIC member. This is disputed by some at MI6, who maintain that they
always made clear the intelligence was scant.

Others argue that they had been left exposed by the politicians. The decision to go to war was a political choice by a prime minister who settled on intelligence as the best means by which to sell it to Parliament and the public. When it didn’t materialise: ‘We got dumped on.’

Many inside MI6 believed their organisation should take it squarely on the chin. Their sources had been wrong, and that was an end of it.

The politicians may have pushed and pressed and spun the intelligence, but ultimately, the problem was that MI6’s reporting was dud.

But others thought it was their own leadership who had let them down and left them exposed by getting too close to power.

Scarlett and his committee were accused of making a dreadful error in entering Blair’s ‘magic circle’. They had allowed themselves to be engulfed by the heady atmosphere and failed to keep their distance and objectivity.

The same criticism was made of Dearlove, who was said to have relished being at the epicentre of power, having informal meetings with Blair and even briefing Bush in the Oval Office. The truth — as we can now see nearly a decade later — is that politicians and spies became far too close in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Corera is clear that, if the spooks and politicos must sup with each other, then it is better for all of us that in future they do so with a very long spoon.

Read more: MI6 Pressure Blair Campbell Produced Bogus Iraq War Evidence

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Pakistan: Strategic Battlefield


Pakistan: the regional stabilizer

By Hamid Waheed

For nearly a century the two most powerful nations on earth-Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia –fought a secret war in the lonely passes and deserts of central Asia. Those engaged in this shadowy struggle called it ”The Great Game” the vast chessboard on which this shadowy struggle for political ascendancy took place stretched from Caucasus in west to Tibet in east .The focus on energy and mineral rich south Asia has thus been there for centuries.  

The geographical location of Pakistan makes it the most important country in the present politics of the region. Pakistan forms a natural bridge for any economic activity between this region and the outer world. The statement of US Senator John McCain despite existing tense relationship reflects the version of most of the world leaders he said ‘I think it is very clear — it is clear at some level there is a relationship there…. So, our options are very limited. But we try to assist them — the other options are not really viable. For a ten year period we cut off relations with Pakistan, things got worse. And so to do that obviously would not be the answer’.

Any strategy for this region cannot move forward without addressing the concerns of Pakistan. Today this region passes through grey fog of psychological warfare. It has become difficult to find a line between opposites like friend and foe. Understanding of the complete mosaic is only possible through analysis of the last three post bipolar world decades. An in depth study shows that the New World Order has completely changed the ethics, lifestyles and rules of the game. It is not only the democratic values which have changed but the international rules of the foreign policy have undergone a sea change.

Freedom movements of one decade have become terrorist activity in the other. Talibans the friends to defeat Russia are now in the list of terrorists. New jargons like double standards, mistrust, covert operations have dominated so much that even at times the red lines for national sovereignty have become flexible.

Pakistan finds itself in the most difficult challenges since its birth. Abrupt changes may not be that grave issue for a super power but for a third world country like Pakistan the changes do require a smooth transition period. The long paces are feared to leave spaces for the hostile forces, the forces which never accepted Pakistan as a sovereign state. The old policies of supporting freedom struggles by India in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other regional countries and the support for IHK by Pakistan find difficulty to fit in present regional situation. However, the dynamics foresee more regional destabilization in case of abrupt rapid and unplanned switchovers which must be understood by regional and global players.

The freedom fighters and their supporters working on an ideology need a certain space and direction to tailor themselves according to emerging realities. Haste and pressure in wrong direction may turn them into terrorist supporters and play catalyst for destabilization in this region.

The organization like Lashkir-e-Tayiba (LeT) and Jamat ud dawa (JUD) are a classical case study in this perspective. Let was raised in 1984 in Kunar by Hafiz Saeed and


Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi. They fought side by side against Russian occupation of Afghanistan. This occupation was a prelude to Russian desire of reaching the warm waters and next phase had to move through Pakistan. The US – Pak National interests coincided and full support was provided to this organization. In the aftermath of success US left Pakistan at its own to deal with such organizations. LeT a small organization of about 4000 odd members decided to support oppressed Muslims of Indian held Kashmir (IHK).

Pakistan also did not check them as it provided a counter to Indian interference in its neighbours. 9/11 decade brought yet another change in foreign relations and the New World Order rejected all such movements and linked them with Alquida (ALQ), US declared LeT as Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) in 2001 and Pakistan banned its activities in 2002 .  Where it was easy decision for US, Pakistan which had to implement had to face enforcement problems as the region went into destabilization mode due to 9/11. Pakistan’s take from here on followed a systematic approach to shift the orientation of modest faction of this organization towards welfare of countrymen and take strict actions against hard liners after 26/11 at Mumbai. Zaka ur Rehman Lakhvi was arrested and is presently under going trial in ATC.

A source close to a senior official dealing with the issue disclosed that firm measures have been taken and after 2005 it is being ensured that the hard line faction does not get any support to further its activities. He also told that the this faction has lost its potency to a great extent due to arrest of its leaders. According to his assessment widely publicized linkage between Alquida is a perception spread by interested players as they belong to Ahle Hadees group which is ante to Deobandis of Alquida therefore their close working is out of question.  Such measures are forcing hard liners to join the moderate group.

The moderate faction ,  Jamat ud Dawa (JUD) under  Hafiz Saeed who publically condemns Mumbai attacks  runs 163 schools and 4 colleges for almost 44000 students. In health sector it provides 6 hospitals , 153 dispensaries and 150 ambulances. Its contributions in floods and earthquake are recognized by the world. This organisation remains committed to support Kashmiri struggle on diplomatic fronts.

While Pakistan fights its war of survival the hostile countries take this as an opportunity to malign Pakistan and isolate it from its friends. The National interests in this decade may not seem to coincide with same fervor but future of region still strongly hinges on a stable Pakistan. The mindset has to change if nations are serious in defeating not only the terrorists, but also the nations behind them.

In its efforts to minimize implosions Pakistan moves forward for more stability by signing of extension of political parties order in FATA to bring FATA into mainstream politics and efforts by Gen Kiyani to reach out to deprive balochs. Pakistan needs regional and global support and understanding at this crucial stage. The regional and global success passes through Pakistan and if this bridge collapses the repercussions will be felt by the entire world.  As Pakistan celebrates its independence day more than anything it needs is a sincere understanding  of its problems and opportunities from within and from the international community. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAKISTAN

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