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Hail to Injustice, death to Justice from the West to the East, from America to Palestine?

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US (Pal Telegraph)–Inside the house, store or building rain beats the pavement.  Rapid, pitter-pattering drops echo as they pound the puddles that have already formed from the onslaught.  Sounds intermittingly interrupted with rolling thunder in the skies above, filled with dark black clouds, pierced only by flashes of lightening.  These sounds, familiar to us all, are that of a summer storm.  Yet similar sounds are heard in homes across Gaza and similar images seen in the skies above, but a summer storm it is not.


Israeli bombs rain from the sky, beating upon the pavement, homes, and shelter of Palestinian children, men and women.  Explosions are intermittingly interrupted with the roar of the fighter jet or unmanned drone looking for its next target.  Light from the explosion pierces the darkness of night and signifies the target has been met, and more Palestinians have been killed and maimed.

It is at night, while most should be sleeping, that Israel embarks on its campaign of terror.  Could the timing be to ensure that there are more Palestinians murdered in their beds or children huddled in fear in corners?   “Of course it cannot be,” is the response for those in the West that turn a blind eye to their “only friend” and the “only democracy” in the Middle East.  Present democracies, especially those that are American style, are humane after all, for one need only look at or experience on the ground US policies to see a shining example.

Many parents in the West look in on their sleeping, innocent children, watching them toss and turn, smile and frown from the dreams that are passing in the night.  Across the world, however, Palestinian children are not sleeping, for they are being terrorized and their bodies mutilated by an Israeli war machine that is funded by US taxpayers and supported by other western governments.

Flesh is blackened, internal organs protruding through open wounds and limbs lay motionless, as mothers and fathers bring their dead, bombed children to the hospital.  Similar to the blood spilling from the almost dead, tears flow from the eyes like a dam that has broke, filling the open wounds with sorrow and heartache at the loss and injustice of the act that took their babies. On the western front, a dam of another sort gave way.

In the West, the eyes of those defending Israel are blazing, glaring and twinkling with outrage at the so-called terrorist attack on Israelis.  Of course, to them, the Palestinians killed in the days prior to the incident were of no consequence.  Defenders of Israel are spouting, defending, and providing a chorus for the  bombs dropped on the Gaza Strip and upon the heads of innocent Palestinian children, elderly, men and women.  Then again, election time is coming soon.

Many US congressional voices are singing, with their hands outstretched, waiting for the silver and gold.  The political elite line their pockets and fill their bank accounts, while those of more Americans go empty, the bellies of children hungry, and mouths muzzled with fear over the growing nature of the police state, where to speak out against policy or the government position risks the charge of “aiding and abetting terrorism.”

If speaking out, taking to the streets and standing for justice, freedom and the right to life and dignity for all, for Palestinians, and not the select few, makes us terrorists, then maybe we should all proudly wear the Scarlet Letter and join those inside our prison walls that have fallen prey to injustices wrought by a failed system.

For Western leaders it is hail to Israel and death to Palestine.  For humanity, it is hail to justice and death to injustice.  Yet the dichotomy does not seem to register among the western political elite.  Maybe the voices of the Global Street are not speaking loud or forceful enough.

Will there only be change when the reality of war, the brutality thereof, is brought home for the people to bear witness?  Oh humanity, people of heart around the world, let there be an end to this destruction and injustice, tyranny and aggression; let freedom and justice reign in the land of Palestine, from the river to the sea. It is time to take a stand, walk hand-in-hand, and fight shoulder-to-shoulder with the people and against the Israeli policies of injustice that are bent on destroying the body, mind and soul of humankind.

Pockets of conscience did emerge in places around the world.  People of the Global Street did take action and demand accountability in Italy, Ireland, London, New York and, en masse, in Egypt.  The sight witnessed on Egyptian streets warmed the hearts of many and the chants were music to the ears.  All who took to the street gave hope to humanity that there may indeed be a chance for justice to ring from the roof tops in the land of Palestine.    Action taken was not enough, however.  There needs to be more before it is too late.

America, when will it be your turn?  When will the people demand politicians to pledge allegiance to them rather than to Israel?  Maybe after the US vetoes a Palestinian bid for statehood in September, should Israel not plunge the region into war and make Palestinians extinct there before.

The reign of the people is coming.  Will existing political leaders stand with or against humanity? Will they continue taking from the mouths and future of your children to fund and provide Israel with weapons to kill, eviscerate and terrorize Palestinian children?    The time has come to stand with humanity, with Palestine.


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