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Gaddafi Forces in Retreat: Mass Executions, Murdering Everything That Moves


Libya: Doctor Sees ‘Mass Execution’ Victims

by Sky News UK

A doctor in Libya has told Sky News how he witnessed the bloody aftermath of an alleged mass execution by Colonel Gaddafi’s troops.

Dr Moez said he was working in a hospital on the Matiga airbase, in east Tripoli, when a truck full of bullet-riddled bodies turned up outside.

He said one of the survivors told them that they had been captured by Col Gaddafi’s troops, held in a school for several days and then executed.

If the allegations are true, evidence of the injuries collected by Dr Moez and his colleagues could be used in any war crimes trial, if Col Gaddafi is ever found and brought to court.

Dr Moez said: “Around dusk time a large truck with an open back turned up unexpectedly and I could hear people crying and wailing.


“I went out to have a look what was in the truck and even before I got to the truck the stench was quite overwhelming.

“As I looked inside there was possibly 16 or 17 bodies that were riddled with bullets from head to toe. A lot of them had been shot in the head but they had bullets all over.

“Later we found out what had happened: these were all people that had been held by Gaddafi loyalists over the past few days and they were possibly captured over the past week or two, kidnapped if you like, and they were held in a school quite close to the city centre.

“What had happened was as the Gaddafi loyalists retreated they went into this room and executed all these people.

“One… of the victims… was shot in the leg and they failed to execute him so he told us everything that happened.”

Dr Moez said he and other doctors spent about three hours photographing all the victims’ injuries in detail.

“These are the kind of things that are going to be required to prosecute Gaddafi in the international criminal courts.

“These are the war crimes we are talking about and I am sure this has been replicated in many parts of the city and even in the country as well,” he added.

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