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BOOK: Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America.


9-11 Plot—‘Made in Israel

By Michael Langston

If it’s 9-11 truth you seek, look no further than Victor Thorn’s latest book on the subject, Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America.

What this book makes clear, and what many 9-11 “truthers” don’t know, is that a massive deception and cover-up exists not only in the mainstream media, but in the so-called 9-11 truth movement as well.

It is true that 9-11 was an “inside” job, and criminal elements within the U.S. government were undoubtedly involved, as is so often stated by many authors and activists.  But 9-11 was much more. It was an “outside” job also, ultimately made in Israel, as a mountain of evidence compiled in this new, landmark book clearly shows.

For example, whereas other authors and activists have repeatedly pointed out that Marvin Bush, brother of former President George W. Bush, was on the board of directors of a company responsible for security at the World
Trade Center, Thorn specifically names the Jewish-owned security firms involved, discusses them in detail, and most importantly, points out who actually owned—and therefore controlled—them. It certainly wasn’t Bush.

While other 9-11 researchers and authors might lead you on a wild goose chase and have you barking up the wrong tree at the Bush administration and the U.S. government, this book sets the record straight by focusing on the actual perpetrators and puppet masters.

Jewish control of World Trade Center security and Jewish ownership of the WTC complex is only one tiny piece of the 9-11 puzzle that Thorn meticulously pieces together. The degree of Jewish-Zionist influence over many aspects of American society documented in this book is mind-boggling.

As former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon knowingly proclaimed, “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

A cover-up of this magnitude on 9-11 could only have been carried out by a group of ruthless individuals who will stop at nothing to protect their vital interests, who will disregard and cross any moral boundary, and who possess control over America and the minds of most Americans through their control of the media.

Only Israel and its Zionist supporters could have accomplished such a feat. No other group had this kind of power or the motive to perpetrate a crime so horrendous and dastardly.

Only one nation and group of people benefited most from the attacks on 9-11: Israel and the Zionist Jews. Every other nation and group suffered, most especially those who were wrongly blamed for the attack. America suffered, Iraq suffered, Afghanistan suffered and Arab Muslims suffered. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so arrogantly boasted before an audience at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, “We are be nefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the twin towers and Pentagon.”

There you have it: The prime minister of Israel publicly admitted that the Israelis benefited from the 9-11 attacks. As any criminologist will tell you, the most likely suspect in any crime is the person or entity that benefited from the crime.

Considering the fact that the rogue state of Israel has a prior criminal record of perpetrating just such a crime—the June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty—the verdict in this case is clear and unmistakable: 9-11 was made in Israel.

Victor Thorn’s latest book, Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America, is available now from AMERICAN FREE PRESS for $15 plus $3 S&H. (Less if you buy multiple copies.) Call 1-888-699-6397 toll free to charge. ORDER ONLINE HERE.

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Come September: The UN, Palestine, IsraHell, Vanunu and a Syrian Connection


by Eileen Fleming

Just after I taped the above Youtube, I received an email from a friend who was born and bred in the USA, but living in the Mediterranean coastal city of Latakia, Syria.

I saw him last in 2007 when we had lunch with Amy Goodman in my homeland-New York City.

That story here: Vanunu VS the Unjust Justice System of Israel

My friend informed me that the Philippine government has now called for all their nationals to leave the country.

He also spoke to the British council and was told the British government is gearing up to evacuate all Brits from the costal areas of Syria to Turkey at a days notice.

He added, “With September right around the corner I have no doubt that something very bad is brewing and will probably be here before the U.N. vote for Palestinian statehood.”

The U.S. and allies such as Britain, France, Germany and the European Union have all demanded that Assad resign.

Also on Thursday, in a statement issued by the State Department after closing for the day, addressed the “targeted, brutal attack” on Ali Ferzat, a cartoonist and human rights advocate.

The statement said:

“The regime’s thugs focused their attention on Ferzat’s hands, beating them furiously and breaking one of them – a clear message that he should stop drawing.

“Many other moderate activists who oppose violence have been jailed for speaking out against the regime, including Walid al-Buni, Nawaf Basheer, Georges Sabra, Mohammed Ghaliyoun and Abdullah al-Khalil. Some have been held incommunicado for months.

“While making empty promises about dialogue with the Syrian people, the Assad regime continues to carry out brutal attacks against peaceful Syrians trying to exercise their universal right to free expression. We demand that the Assad regime immediately stop its campaign of terror through torture, illegal imprisonment and murder.”[1]

Because of empty promises to the indigenous Palestinians, come September, a diplomatic intifada [Arabic for rise up and cast off] could well erupt in the United Nations when President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmud Abbas, submits a formal request to the Security Council for UN recognition and membership for the State of Palestine.

President Obama indicated that he would use the U.S. veto to block the initiative.

Of the 193 UN members, 122 already recognize Palestinian statehood. Israel has diplomatic relations with 156 states.

On 14 July, the Arab League pledged to “take all necessary measures” to secure recognition of a Palestinian state via the Security Council.

The Palestinians have lost faith in the leaders of the West to be honest brokers for justice that could bring peace, and their move to the UN-the body that partitioned the Holy Land and thus is very responsible for the ongoing disaster-could also help bring an end to the “special relationship” between USA and Israel.

America’s tied-to-the hip blind allegiance towards Israel, its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and likely intervention in Syria could also well spin America’s alienation from the Arab world into high drive.

“In a recent article, an influential member of the Saudi Royal family, Prince Turki al-Faysal, former head of intelligence and former ambassador to London and Washington, warned the United States that ‘there will be disastrous consequences for US-Saudi relations if the US vetoes UN recognition of a Palestinian state.’ He added that ‘the game of favoritism towards Israel has not proven wise for Washington…It will soon learn that there are other players in the region…’ This angry tone from America’s main Arab ally is highly unusual.” [2]

“Everywhere except in America, the Palestinian narrative is well known.”-Rashid Khaladi

Everywhere except in America, the Israeli occupation of Palestine is seen as a US-Israeli collaboration.

Recognition of a Palestinian state in the UN will not end the military occupation, but it will gain “virtual citizenship, a passport and sovereignty; legal protection against violence by Israeli settlers; the right to fight back in self-defence if attacked; potential backing for their claims from international tribunals such as the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice.” [IBID]

‘Occupied’ Congress could respond by cutting “US aid to the Palestinian Authority of $550m a year.

Israel’s right-wing government might react aggressively by annexing Area C of the West Bank, amounting to almost 60% of the territory, or by scrapping the Oslo accords, and therefore ending economic and security cooperation with the Palestinian authority. Any of these moves could trigger an outbreak of Palestinian violence, even a third intifada.”[IBID]

A third intifada is exactly what this Citizen of CONSCIENCE for House of Representatives 2012 has been calling for since 2007, when I published my second book:

My friend in Syria also said:

“About 10 or so days ago I’m sitting in my living room about 7:30pm watching Bloomberg market reports when this women broadcaster comes on to give the world headlines all with flash pictures in the background then she comes out with, ‘BATTLESHIPS OFF THE COAST OF LATAKIA SHELLING CIVILANS, ASSAD REFUSES TO STEP DOWN’ with pictures in back of like WW2 battleships guns blazing like it was the invasion of the Philippines.

“First of all, Syria doesn’t even have such boats. I doubt they have anything bigger then like a destroyer if that. So you ask ‘where does this BS come from?’

“EASY Israel and U.S. to make trouble here…to take attention away from the real issues- like Palestinian statehood!”

Marwan Barghouti, a Fatah leader who Israel has imprisoned for rising up against the Occupation of his homeland, wrote from his jail cell calling for “a peaceful million-man march during the week of voting in the UN in September.”

Israel responded by putting him in solitary confinement.

Just weeks after his FREEDOM OF SPEECH TRIAL began in Israel, Mordechai Vanunu nailed why Governments inflict this form of cruel, barbaric and inhumane punishment on dissenters and truth tellers:

My friend in Syria also wrote:


“Here’s another one to think about happening now. Turkey yesterday had like 100 air raids in Iraq fighting the Kurds PPK terrorists like 85 dead or something.

“When the Kurds ambushed the Syrian security forces and killed over 120 soldiers, they were called freedom fighters seeking democracy.”

Israel is NOT and NEVER was a Democracy:

“The terms ‘democracy’ or ‘democratic’ are totally absent from the Declaration of Independence. This is not an accident. The intention of Zionism was not to bring democracy, needless to say. It was solely motivated by the creation in Eretz-Isrel of a Jewish state belonging to all the Jewish people and to the Jewish people alone. This is why any Jew of the Diaspora has the right to immigrate to Israel and to become a citizen of Israel.”– Ariel Sharon, May 28, 1993 edition of Yedioth Ahronoth.

In September 2002, Arundhati Roy wrote, “Come September”

“Young Palestinians who cannot control their anger turn themselves into human bombs and haunt Israel’s streets and public places, blowing themselves up, killing ordinary people, injecting terror into daily life, and eventually hardening both societies’ suspicion and mutual hatred of each other. Each bombing invites merciless reprisal and even more hardship on Palestinian people. But then suicide bombing is an act of individual despair, not a revolutionary tactic. Although Palestinian attacks strike terror into Israeli citizens, they provide the perfect cover for the Israeli government’s daily incursions into Palestinian territory, the perfect excuse for old-fashioned, nineteenth-century colonialism, dressed up as a new fashioned, twenty-first century war.

“Israel’s staunchest political and military ally is and always has been the U.S. The U.S. government has blocked, along with Israel, almost every U.N. resolution that sought a peaceful, equitable solution to the conflict. It has supported almost every war that Israel has fought. When Israel attacks Palestine, it is American missiles that smash through Palestinian homes. And every year Israel receives several billion dollars from the United States – taxpayers money.

“What lessons should we draw from this tragic conflict? Is it really impossible for Jewish people who suffered so cruelly themselves – more cruelly perhaps than any other people in history – to understand the vulnerability and the yearning of those whom they have displaced? Does extreme suffering always kindle cruelty? What hope does this leave the human race with? What will happen to the Palestinian people in the event of a victory? When a nation without a state eventually proclaims a state, what kind of state will it be?”

Come September, a diplomatic intifada at the UN could be the showdown confrontation that forces this issue to a conclusion.

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Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Needs Veterans To Get Involved


9/11 Tenth Anniversary Brings Truth to the Forefront of Public Awareness

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth on the 10th year anniversary of this tragedy is asking U.S. Veterans to participate and join with them in their effort to raise public awareness that leads to an independent investigation and the truth.

They need your help! There are 4 phases described there where you can choose to get involved according to your interests.

These are designed to make the most out of the public and media attention which is expected to be given on this critically important tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Here is the four-phase strategy:

  1. Letters seeking appointments with local legal/law enforcement professionals in August and September

  2. At local courthouses on September 8, “daytime vigils” with optional press conferences

  3. Premiere screenings of “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out,” Sept 7-11 in local communities nationwide

  4. In-person presentations in your local Congressional offices

1. Letters and appointments with your local legal/law enforcement professionals

Whatever the chances of a new, legitimate federal 9/11 investigation, we will have a better chance if we work together to engage in educational outreach to local and state professionals with legal and law enforcement expertise. We provide a cover letter to legal/law enforcement professionals, and you provide educational materials for professionals in your community. A variety of brochures, postcards, and other graphics-rich materials are available in our online store.

2. At local courthouses on September 8, “daytime vigil” and press conferences

Hold a daytime vigil at your county courthouse and press conference in your local community. Raise public awareness of the evidence of controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center high-rises that killed as many as 2600 people on 9/11. Choose a visible location at or near your courthouse. The courthouse is a universal American symbol of truth and justice and is closer to most people than their congressional office. Hold your vigil from about 11:00 am to 3:00 pm to connect with the most people during the lunch hour. Plan ahead and commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 as a visible presence in your local community for justice.

Arrange for a competent photographer/videographer to record your event. Download our press materials and do your best to get local media to cover you. We chose the Thursday before 9/11/2011 because Thursdays are the best news day of the week before September 11. Sixty-seven groups around the world did this last September! Rehearse, dress for success, and get the word out through your local media.

3. Premiere screenings of our new DVD “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out” in local communities nationwide

Be a part of the premiere release of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out,” September 7-11. Introduce your neighbors to the dozens of experts, high-rise architects, structural engineers, metallurgists, chemists, explosives experts and others, laying out the evidence for controlled demolition of the three World Center high-rises on 9/11/2001. Host a screening of this unprecedented documentary in your local library, theater, college, community center or house of worship. Register your event and the DVD will be sent to you in time for your screening. Increase public awareness of its release by forwarding the link to the trailer to your friends, family and local civic leaders.

4. In-person presentations in local Congressional offices

Congress will be in recess from Washington several times throughout the summer (see the schedule here). Whenever you are ready, schedule a meeting with your member of Congress. Present the 10-minute 9/11: Blueprint for Truth video to your member of Congress or to congressional staffers in your local district. We provide letters you can ask your member of Congress to forward to NIST, a federal agency, a request that will be difficult to turn down since this function is traditional and doesn’t require that the member of Congress immediately take a stand on the merits of the issue. Even if your member of Congress does not attend your meeting, you will educate the staffers, and they will get to see how their bosses respond.

Sign Up To Help

There are many ways you can help. Make phone calls to recruit additional help. Take the initiative to send or deliver letters to local legal and law enforcement professionals in your community, hold a courthouse vigil, host a premiere screening, and/or lead a delegation of AE911Truth petition signers to your local congressional office. You can also help as a photographer and videographer of your local events or you can write about a local event. Sign up here to let us know what you can do to help.


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From Libya to Palestine — Tyranny to Freedom


Dethroning Qaddafi was the easy part; the real struggle to build a new Libya begins now

by Aijaz Zaka Syed

We are living in truly interesting times, as the Chinese would put it.  What a remarkable year it has been for the Middle East, and the rest of the world! We will all remember and cherish these historic moments for the rest of our lives, wherever we are or whoever we are.  For it’s not every day that you get to see history being enacted and mighty men, who have ruled and controlled the destiny of millions of people for decades, come crashing down on the ground.

The Libyan people have finally joined the Tunisians and Egyptians in celebrations and are rejoicing the departure of their tormentor after four decades of vile, total tyranny.  And this isn’t just their victory or that of the people of the Middle East.  This is an epic triumph that belongs to us all—everyone who believes in freedom, human dignity, and an individual’s and people’s right to choose their destiny.

This is the best Ramadan the Libyans have had in decades. And this Eid the Libyans will have their celebrations doubled. Indeed, this will be a special Eid for the Egyptians and Tunisians as well.  For there’s not a greater gift than freedom—freedom from fear, freedom from tyranny and freedom from indignity.

However, this is also a critical point in the history of the liberated country—and the Middle East. Thanks to the decades of abuse of power and one man’s absolute tyranny, Libya today has no functioning institutions and infrastructure.  As in the other so-called Arab socialist republics, police and security forces and intelligence agencies have been so abused and accustomed to protecting the powers that be that they aren’t good for anything else.

Unlike Egypt and Tunisia, Libya, a largely tribal society, doesn’t even have a basic institutional framework in place.  On the other hand, this deficiency could also prove a blessing as Libya’s new leaders will not have to face the resistance of the forces of status quo as has been the case in the neighboring countries.

Libya’s new leaders and people won’t have much time to celebrate though. Dethroning Qaddafi may have been the easy part.  The real struggle to build a new Libya begins now.  The challenges facing the country on all fronts are daunting.  But for a people who have managed to surmount the greatest challenge to their existence with their determination and enduring faith in themselves and in a better Libya could transcend any obstacle.

While the Libyans are celebrating their hard-earned victory, there has been much jubilation and back-slapping in the West. Much is being made of the Western support to people’s revolt against Muammar Qaddafi. Of course, the NATO bombing targeting Qaddafi’s forces – and many innocent civilians – has played a significant role in tilting the scales against the tyrant.  However, the credit for this revolution in the end goes to the Libyan people.

Without their initiative, without their steadfastness, and above all without their monumental sacrifices, this dawn of hope would have never arrived.  It’s the Libyan uprising that persuaded the West to abandon its appeasement of the dictator for those handsome contracts and billions of dollars of deals and shift its patronage.

Again, it was the infectious courage and resolve of ordinary Libyans that forced the Arab and Muslim nations to give up their cautious indifference. Which wasn’t too difficult. Qaddafi had few friends and supporters even among his neighbors. Few tears will be shed for the despot. For all his rhetoric for the oppressed of the world, he offered his own people nothing but endless suffering.

His fate, and like that of his other disgraced peers, should be a wake-up call to others who have all these years abused the sacred trust and responsibility thrust on them. The ignominious end of Qaddafi is almost certain to hasten the departure of the Assads and Salehs. Their collapse is imminent, as inevitable as the sunrise tomorrow.  And the longer they drag their feet, the greater humiliation will be their fate.

All those sacrifices by the people of Syria, Yemen and elsewhere will not go in vain.  The dawn is nigh. And you could almost smell the sweet freedom, wherever you are and whoever you are.

As Faiz Ahmed Faiz, South Asia’s revolutionary poet, would put it, this is the time to demolish all tyranny and oppression:

Aye khaak nashinon uth baitho ke waqt karib aa pahuncha hai;

sab takht giraye jayenge sab taaj uchale jayenge

We shall see

When the insurmountable mountains of oppression

Shall blow as if cotton flakes

And beneath the feet of us common folk

This land will throb with a deafening sound

All crowns will fly

All thrones will fall

Let’s hope Libya’s new leaders will learn from history and do not end up as other wannabe revolutionaries of the Arab world have—assuming absolute power and turning on their own people to abuse it.

Let’s not forget Qaddafi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Tunisia’s Ben Ali, Syria’s Hafez Al Assad, whose son is now trying to outdo him in cruelty, and many others had all thrown up previous regimes, promising moon to their people and look where and how they ended up. Road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions.

But the Libyans, or for that matter the Egyptians, Tunisians and others, are capable of dealing with future tyrants just as they have dealt with the just departed lot.  And they are equally capable of dealing with all those vultures waiting in the wings—waiting to move in for the big kill.

Western powers do themselves no justice if they believe they could arm-twist Qaddafi’s inexperienced successors into signing on the dotted line.  The people of Libya are watching. They are in no mood for more clever colonial games.  The West mustn’t squander the goodwill it has earned itself in Libya with such shenanigans.

The Libyan revolution for once saw the Western nations and Arabs and Muslims on the same side and, more important, on the side of justice and freedom. After a disastrous decade of wars and crimes against humanity, the West finds itself on the right side of history.  Which is to be welcomed even by cynics like us.

If this support for the Libyan freedom isn’t underpinned by the thirst for oil and all the riches waiting to be explored and exploited in Libya, let the United States and its comrades-in-arms across the Atlantic extend similar support to the Palestinians. Let Washington, London and Paris spread the cheer all around and bless the Palestinian demand for statehood when it comes up at the United Nations next month.

While the Libyans have struggled for freedom these past six months, the Palestinians have pined for it for the past six decades. And they aren’t any less committed and sincere in their aspirations for freedom and democracy. The Coalition of the Willing has an opportunity to redeem itself.

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General Assembly Palestinian Statehood Vote

by Stephen Lendman


Earlier articles discussed it, accessed through the following links:

They explain that in 1987, Law Professor Francis Boyle was Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) legal advisor in drafting its 1988 Declaration of Independence.

In the late 1980s, he was asked, “Why should the PLO crate an independent state?” He responded, saying:

If you don’t, “you will forfeit the moral right to lead your people.”

The second link discusses his “CREATE THE STATE OF PALESTINE” Memorandum of Law, describing characteristics for world community recognition. Palestine easily qualifies for statehood and full de jure UN membership.

Delay is neither wise nor right for all Palestinians who deserve it. The time to act is now, no matter how Israel and/or America will contest.

A recent article also said the following, repeated below to explain what’s important to understand:

(1) Last March, Israel told UN Security Council members and other prominent EU countries it will act unilaterally if the General Assembly grants Palestine de jure membership in September inside 1967 borders, 22% of historic Palestine.

(2) If granted, Israel will likely deny recognition, continuing its illegal occupation, this time against a sovereign country. Moreover, expect it to accelerate West Bank/East Jerusalem land seizures, isolating Palestinians on smaller portions of worthless scrub land.

(3) While rhetorically favoring Palestinian statehood, Obama categorically rejects PA officials seeking it unilaterally. Instead, he wants Israel to decide its terms, size, locations and timetable. In other words, he supports Israeli veto power over Palestinian rights, including sovereignty. It’s an unacceptable/illegal condition under international law.

In a White House statement, he also “emphasized that a vote at the United Nations will never create an independent Palestinian state” even though defying a two-thirds majority General Assembly affirmation is illegal.

Despite his and congressional opposition, Washington earlier provisionally recognized Palestine as an independent nation. According to UN Charter Article 80(1), it can’t reverse its position by vetoing a Security Council (SC) resolution calling for Palestine’s UN admission.

Any veto is illegal, subject to further SC action under the Charter’s Chapter VI. Ultimately, the SC only recommends admissions. The General Assembly affirms them by a two-thirds majority. At this time, enough support exists to get it.

Moreover, UN Charter Article 80(1) and others empower the General Assembly to recognize Palestinian statehood and take all necessary measures to end Israel’s illegal occupation. If sovereignty is granted, it’s more than ever essential to do so, holding Israel fully accountable for not complying.

Up to now, however, Washington’s threatened Security Council veto prevented de jure membership, despite its illegality under international law and its pledge not to do so against any state seeking UN membership.

In fact, the General Assembly has sole authority to admit new members, not the Security Council. If Washington uses its veto as threatened, the GA can circumvent it under the 1950 Uniting for Peace Resolution.

Legal Opinion Believing UN Statehood Threatens Palestinian Rights

On August 24, Ma’an News said:

“The Palestinian team responsible for preparing the United Nations initiative in September (got) an independent legal opinion (warning about) risks involved with its plan to join the UN.”

It claims transferring PLO representation to a newly established statehood “will terminate” its legal status held since 1975 as “the sole legitimate” Palestinian representative.

It says doing so will remove an “institution” able to represent “the inalienable rights” of all Palestinians, including diaspora/refugee ones, adding that they’ll be “disenfranchise(d),” unable to return home.

Oxford University Professor of Public International Law Guy Goodwin-Gill prepared the opinion. Ma’an News said it claims that the General Assembly can’t create an “actual state” under occupation, so debate should focus on whether the Security Council or General Assembly “should be asked to grant” observer status only. In fact, it already has it.

At issue now is full statehood recognition and UN membership. Only the General Assembly can grant it, not the Security Council as explained above.

Yet Goodwin-Gill believes “dramatic legal implications” for Palestinian rights aren’t considered if the PLO loses its status, including:

(1) Palestinian National Charter constitutional issues, as well as others relating to the PLO and its entities.

(2) Whether “the State of Palestine (can) effectively take on the role and responsibilities of the PLO in the UN.”

(3) Also issues of “popular representation.”

His document says the PLO-established Palestinian Authority (PA) “has limited legislative and executive competence, limited territorial jurisdiction, and limited personal jurisdiction over Palestinians not present in the areas for which it has been accorded responsibility.”

Moreover, the PA “is a subsidiary body, competent only to exercise those powers conferred on it by the Palestinian National Council. By definition, it does not have the capacity to assume greater powers.”

In addition, it can’t “dissolve” its parent body or claim independence from the PNC or PLO. Also, the PLO and PNC derive their legitimacy “from the fact that they represent all sectors of the displaced Palestinian people, no matter where they presently live or have refuge.”

Goodwin-Gill expressed special concern for Palestinian refugees, represented by the PLO through the PNC.

“They constitute more than half of the people of Palestine, and if they are ‘disenfranchised’ and lose their (UN) representation….it will not only prejudice their entitlement to equal representation….but also their ability to (air) their views, to participate in matters of national governance, including the formation and political identity of the State, and to exercise their right of return.”

Former PLO representative/now Oxford University Professor Karma Nabulsi also expressed concerns, saying:

“Without question, no Palestinian will accept losing such core rights for such a limited diplomatic initiative in September. First, we will hot have liberated territory, (and by) losing the PLO as the sole legitimate (UN) representative….our people immediately lose our claims as refugees to be part of our official representation, recognized by the world.”

She added that knowing the legal dangers should lead to an initiative that “will protect the status of the PLO” and rights of all Palestinians.

The PLO represents them all, not selective parts only. It also established the PA. Changes in who represents Palestinians “require an expression of the popular will and international recognition.”

Assuring new rights gained in September loses no current ones is crucial she and Goodwin-Gill believe.

Supporters of Palestinian rights surely agree, including Professor Francis Boyle.

An international law/human rights law expert, his important book, “Palestine, Palestinians and International Law,” covers a wealth of information, including the relevant legal history since 1987.

In an email to this writer after reading the Ma’an News article, he said:

“I have not read (Goodwin-Gill’s) memo itself. But from (the Ma’an News) report, unfortunately, this lawyer is not aware of all the safeguards I built into the 15 November 1988 Palestinian Declaration of Independence to make sure that his doomsday scenario does not materialize.”

In other words, despite Goodwin-Gill’s good intentions, his fears are ill-founded as long as the PA’s September bid includes all legal protections Boyle provided for them 23 years earlier.

That said, it’s vital they proceed as planned. All Palestinians deserve what they’ve been long denied, and with enough support can get it.

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Libya rebels demand Algeria return Gadhafi family

President of the Libyan National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil attends a press conference with Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini (not in picture) on April 19, 2011 in Rome, Italy. Italy welcomed Abdel Jalil Mustafa in his first official trip to Italy since the start of the conflict in Libya and he is due to meet Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi later today.

Overthrown Libyan leader’s wife, two sons, and daughter apparently fled to Algeria on Monday; rebels say son Khamis killed in clash outside Tripoli.

Libya’s rebels accused neighboring Algeria of an act of aggression for admitting the fleeing wife of Muammar Gadhafi and three of his children, but the whereabouts of the former strongman himself remain a mystery a week after his overthrow.

Algeria’s Foreign Ministry said Gadhafi’s wife Safia, his daughter Aisha and his sons Hannibal and Mohammed had entered Algeria on Monday morning.

The development threatened to create a diplomatic rift just as the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) worked to consolidate its position as Libya’s new government.

An NTC spokesman accused Algeria said the council would seek to extradite the Gadhafis.

A senior rebel officer also said Gadhafi’s son Khamis, a feared military commander, had been killed in a clash outside of Tripoli. The report could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile rebel forces converged on Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte from east and west, intent on seizing one of his last bastions of support either by force or by negotiation.

Gadhafi’s whereabouts have not been known since the rebels captured Tripoli and his 42-year-old rule collapsed a week ago after a six-month uprising backed by NATO and some Arab states.

Algeria’s acceptance of Gadhafi’s wife and offspring angered the rebel leadership, who want him and his entourage to face justice for years of repressive rule and who fear that he could orchestrate a new insurgency unless he is captured.

“We have promised to provide a just trial to all those criminals and therefore we consider this an act of aggression,” spokesman Mahmoud Shamman told Reuters. “We are warning anybody not to shelter Gadhafi and his sons. We are going after them … to find them and arrest them.”

“We have heard that Algeria will harbour them till they go to another country. They are trying to go to another country, possibly an east European country,” he said.

NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel NATO called on the Algerian government — which has not recognised the council as Libya’s legitimate authority — to cooperate with it and hand over any of Gadhafi’s sons on its wanted list.

Asked if he knew where Gadhafi senior was, he told al- Jazeera TV: “If we knew where Gadhafi was now our revolutionaries would be on their way to capture him. We have no information that Muammar Gadhafi is in Libya or in any other place.”

Abdel Nato appealed to NATO to keep up its air campaign in support of the rebels, saying Gadhafi was still a threat.

NATO warplanes have struck at targets near Sirte, on the Mediterranean coast, in recent days.

Whether or not Gadhafi is hiding in Sirte to make a last stand, the city would be a strategic and symbolic prize for Libya’s new rulers as they tighten their grip on the vast North African country.

Rebel forces were advancing towards Sirte from east and west even as negotiations continued for its surrender. Their eastern column had pushed past the village of Bin Jawad and secured the Nawfaliya junction by Monday.

Marwan Mustapha, an ambulance worker at Nawfaliya, said: “God willing, the rebels will enter the city without bloodshed and the negotiations will have succeeded. But if they have to enter by force, there will be blood.”

In the desert to the south, Gadhafi loyalists were also holding out, notably in the city of Sabha.

But the death of Gadhafi’s son Khamis, if confirmed, would be a serious blow to any chance of a military fight back.

Colonel Al-Mahdi Al-Haragi, chief of the rebels’ Tripoli Brigade, said he had confirmation that Khamis was badly wounded in a clash near Ben Walid. He was taken to hospital but died and was buried in the area, Al-Haragi said.

Rebel military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Bani told Al Arabiya TV that the rebels also believed Gadhafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi was killed on Saturday along with Khamis,

“We have almost certain information that Khamis Gadhafi and Abdullah al-Senussi were killed on Saturday by a unit of the national liberation army during clashes in Tarhouna (90 km southeast of Tripoli),” Bani said.

A U.S. official said Washington could not independently confirm Khamis’ death but similar information was being received from “reliable sources.”

Khamis has already been reported killed twice during the uprising only to re-emerge.

International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he may apply for an arrest warrant for Khamis.

Human Rights Watch said members of the Khamis Brigade, which he commanded, appeared to have carried out summary executions of prisoners whose bodies were found in a Tripoli warehouse.

A report by U.S.-based Physicians for Human Rights said in a report it had found evidence of crimes including “murder, torture, rape, forced internment and disappearance” carried out by Muammar Gadhafi’s forces during their siege of Misrata.

The Hague-based ICC has already approved arrest warrants for Muammar Gadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity.

The NTC, recognized as Libya’s legitimate authority by more than 40 nations, was working to establish control in Tripoli after days of chaos 
and clashes with diehard Gadhafi loyalists.

The council, whose leaders plan to move to Tripoli from their Benghazi headquarters this week, is trying to impose security, restore basic services and revive the economy.

Gunfire echoed occasionally across the city but aid agencies reported medical and other services were beginning to function again.

Residents, hit by shortages of food, fuel and water, ventured out to shop amid the stench of garbage before the Eid al-Fitr festival which follows the fasting month of Ramadan.

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Report: Zionist sends 2 warships to Egyptian border


Military sources tell AP Zionist Defense Ministry dispatched to warships to Red Sea border with Egypt following intelligence indicating viable terror threat

The Zionist military said Monday that it has sent two additional warships to the Red Sea border with Egypt following warnings that militants are planning another attack on southern Palestine from Egyptian soil.

Monday saw Zio-Nazi Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz order the deployment across the entire southern sector, and especially in the area near the Zionist-Egypt border, increased, following intelligence indicated a viable terror threat in the area.

The southern sector, and especially the area adjacent to the border, has been virtually flooded with military forces, deployed in a manner defined by one security source as “unprecedented.” No changes in security alignments were observed on the Egyptian side of the border.

Zio-Nazi has also deployed advanced technology in the area in order to thwart terror attacks. Military intelligence suggests that a terror cell has left the Gaza Strip and intends to infiltrate IsraHell through Sinai.

The security situation in southern IsraHell has been particularly tense over the past few weeks, following a series of terror attacks that claimed the lives of eight IsraHell in mid August; as well as several days in which IsraHell south and western Negev communities suffered heavy shelling by Gaza Strip-based terror groups.

Following the terror attack, in which five Egyptian troops were also killed, IsraHell and Egypt agreed to increase the presence of Cairo troops in the Sinai Peninsula. As a result, some 1,500 Egyptian soldiers deployed across Sinai on Monday.

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MI5 Told Tony Blair Iraq Was No Threat


Blair Was Warned Invading Iraq Would Make UK Less Safe

The Chilcot inquest into the Iraq War has provided ample opportunity to uncover the disgracefully large amount of advice Tony Blair ignored in helping in the US occupation, but there’s always more, as Baroness Manningham-Buller revealed today.

In an interview today on BBC Radio 4, the Baroness revealed that she had personally warned Tony Blair that invading Iraq would actually make the country less safe, and might increase the risk of terrorist attacks.

The MI5′s assessment of Iraq, as communicated to Blair, was that Iraq “did not present a threat to the UK” and that the war would both be a “distraction” from al-Qaeda and would increase domestic terrorism.

The closest Blair ever came to an apology on Iraq was in January, when he insisted he “regretted” the large number of deaths, comments which were punctuated with calls for an identical US-UK invasion of neighboring Iran.

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Zionist Harvest Palestinian Organs


The Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqi’ was quoted  Sunday as saying the Zionist State is the “major harvesting and trading center” of body  organs in the world. His comments come as the Zio-Nazi Defense Ministry is  recommending to the government the release of a few hundred Palestinian prisoners to Zionist puppet Mahmoud A-Ba$$. The prisoner release is part of a number of  steps being discussed, including the return of the bodies of Palestinian ‘s buried  in IsraHell.

The prisoners to be released would be  Fatah members, none of whom is on the list being discussed for a possible deal  with Hamas for the release of Zio-Nazi Gilad Schalit.


Saudi-based  Arab reported Sunday that Qaraqi’, “during the national day of  Palestinian campaign to retrieve martyrs’ bodies,” accused Zio-Nazi regime of harvesting  parts from “the bodies of dead Palestinian martyrs without the consent of their  families.” According to the website, Qaraqi’ said Zionist’s was holding on to the  remains of “Palestinian martyrs to conceal the crimes it committed against the  martyrs’ bodies and to punish their families.”Zionist was “holding the remains of 338 Arab and Palestinian fighters” in secret cemeteries,  he said the “holding of the martyrs’ remains for many years casts doubts and  accusations that Israel assassinated them after detention, or harvested their  organs.”

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Cables Reveal 2006 Summary Execution of Civilian Family in Iraq


Women and children had their hands tied behind their back and were shot in the head in house raid, which was covered up by the military

As revealed by a State Department diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last week, US forces committed a heinous war crime during a house raid in Iraq in 2006, wherein one man, four women, two children, and three infants were summarily executed.

The cable excerpts a letter written by Philip Alston, Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, addressed to then Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. American troops approached the home of Faiz Harrat Al-Majma’ee, a farmer living in central Iraq, to conduct a house raid in search of insurgents in March of 2006.

“It would appear that when the MNF [Multinational Forces] approached the house,” Alston wrote, “shots were fired from it and a confrontation ensued” before the “troops entered the house, handcuffed all residents and executed all of them.” Mr. Faiz Hratt Khalaf, (aged 28), his wife Sumay’ya Abdul Razzaq Khuther (aged 24), their three children Hawra’a (aged 5) Aisha ( aged 3) and Husam (5 months old), Faiz’s mother Ms. Turkiya Majeed Ali (aged 74), Faiz’s sister (name unknown), Faiz’s nieces Asma’a Yousif Ma’arouf (aged 5 years old), and Usama Yousif Ma’arouf (aged 3 years), and a visiting relative Ms. Iqtisad Hameed Mehdi (aged 23) were killed during the raid.

Alston’s letter reveals that a US airstrike was launched on the house presumably to destroy the evidence, but that “autopsies carried out at the Tikrit Hospital’s morgue revealed that all corpses were shot in the head and handcuffed.”

The details revealed in the cable are a valuable insight into how many of these house raids turn out. The raids, often carried out in the middle of the night, have become one of the primary strategies of the US war in Afghanistan, with tens of thousands orchestrated just in the last year.

In one notable and comparable incident in February of 2010, US Special Operations Forces surrounded a house in a village in the Paktia Province in Afghanistan. Two civilian men exited the home to ask why they had been surrounded and were shot and killed. US forces then shot and killed three female relatives (a pregnant mother of ten, a pregnant mother of six, and a teenager).

Instead of calling in an airstrike to hide the evidence, US troops, realizing their mistake, lied and tampered with the evidence at the scene. The initial claim, which was corroborated by the Pentagon, was that the two men were insurgents who had “engaged” the troops, and the three murdered women were simply found by US soldiers, in what they described as an apparent honor killing. Investigations into the incident eventually forced the Pentagon to retract its initial story and issue an apology.

Civilian deaths are a common occurrence in these commonly occurring raid operations. In May, NATO killed another four civilians in a night raid, and another three in early August. No soldiers or US officials have been held to account.

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