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Concert interrupted by PA* police over song critical of UN statehood bid


by Jalal Abukhater

At the Palestinian New Year’s festival at Arafat Square in Ramallah, musician Basel Zayed and his group Turab were prevented from completing their music concert by the Palestinian police because the group sang “El-Doleh” ; a satirical song about the Palestinian promised state. The police issued a statement (quoted in Arabic in al-Ayyamnewspaper) regarding preventing Basel Zayed’s group from continuing their concert, the statement says that the police reacted in order to maintain security because the song has provoked the feelings of the audience. Basel Zayed has strictly denied that his song has provoked anyone’s feelings; rather he said that the audience were happy and large crowds were enjoying the concert.

Basel Zayed’s group, along with many other Palestinian artists, musicians, and dance troupes, were part of the Palestinian public New Year’s festival held in Ramallah. This festival was entirely organized on a short notice by Palestinian youth as a response to some New Year’s parties hosting Israeli singers and performers in Ramallah. This first-of-a-kind event was a success and has attracted many Palestinians who came to celebrate, dance, enjoy the music, reject normalization, and confirm their commitment to maintain the struggle for their full rights as Palestinians.

I have known Basel Zayed since I was 6 years old; he was my music teacher in elementary school and was my musical mentor when I used to play the Clarinet in oriental music groups at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. After yesterday’s event, I got in touch with Basel to ask him for more details of why the police have interrupted his concert. Basel said that he believes the police initially reacted this way because they misunderstood the song to be against the police and the government, but he continued saying “but in fact, the song is really saying that we want a country with a strong police and army, not just figures who have no power and no real authority.”

Refuting the official statement issued by the police, Basel said that audience were happy and unprovoked at all by his song, he is used to sing this song at many concerts and no one has ever had any issue with it.

The song “Doleh”, as Basel puts it, is a sarcastic commentary about the state promised for the Palestinian people. It is also a message to the Palestinian leadership and the world that Palestinians don’t want half states and half solutions anymore. He continues to say that the song also raises the issues of freedom of speech and questions the kind of a state that is being negotiated on the Palestinians’ behalf by people who do not officially represent the Palestinian people.

It is an issue of an artist’s right of freedom of expression. Basel wants to challenge people to look critically at oppression and injustice, not only from the occupation but from their own society and government as well. He hopes that the police who have taken this action would reconsider what they have done and listen to what the song really says.

Palestinian artist Hafez Omar has created the following artworks protesting the authorities’ attempt to silence artists.

* PA is Ab-A$$ Zionist puppet Police

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I met Jesus today

by nahida the Exiled Palestinian

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

I met Jesus today
His name was Palestinian

Issa… Jesus he was called

On the altar of “chosen-ness” he was crucified

Time and time and time again


His face was Palestinian

Olive, with a hint of agony


Years of torture fail to conceal the glow

The purity of his soul peeks through

The sparkle in his eyes invites you to dive in


His pain was Palestinian

The colour of his words

Grips your guts

And squeeze… squeeze … squeeze

Until you lose consciousness

You fall on your knees

Begging for forgiveness


His faith was Palestinian

“Their sadism too much to bear

In the street I waited for a car

No way out but to kill myself

Twilight hour the fall of night

The call to prayer woken my heart

Healing balsam caressed my soul

Maybe…. In this life… still…there is something I can do”


His heart was Palestinian

Carved with sorrow

Filled with love

Flames of rage and roars of thunder

Hound his torturer to his grave


His tears were Palestinian

His first crucifixion… he was only fourteen

On the second, he was nineteen

From then on

He was crucified every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year


His dignity was Palestinian

Anguished by his rapists

With his broken back he stood tall

His wounds run deep… his head held high

He saw the rainbow in the horizon

When all gave up he gave them hope


His smile was Palestinian

It has been said:

“To smile when confronted with most severe oppression

Is and act of Resistance


In unparalleled beauty” *

The smile of Issa

Was Palestinian


His resilience was Palestinian

“As he punched me in the face

I felt stronger

As he kicked me in the stomach

I felt stronger

As he slashed my arm

I felt stronger”, he said


His hope was Palestinian

Insha’Allah, ya rab, Alhamdulillah

Bouncy words sprinkled around

Buds of trust bloom and grow

His broad grin whiffs you to life

His nightmares close their eyes

His tales of horror lie to slumber

When all lost hope he saw a future

I saw Jesus today

* Jonathan Azaziah

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Twitter threatened with court over Hezbollah tweets

Twitter has been threatened with legal action by an Israeli pressure group in an attempt to force it to close accounts run by Hezbollah and other organisations classed as terrorist by the United States.

Al Shabaab

Al Shabaab’s military spokesman Sheik Abdul Asis Abu Muscab issues a statement south of capital Mogadishu Photo: REUTERS


Technology Correspondent


Shurat HaDin, the Israel Law Centre, demanded in a letter to the microblogging service that it block access to Hezbollah, the East African al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab and other outlawed “Foreign Terrorist Organisations”.

“Please be advised that providing social media and other associated services to terrorist groups is illegal and will expose Twitter, Inc. and its officers to both criminal prosecution and civil liability to American citizens and others victimized by terrorisms carried out by Hezbollah, al-Shabaab or other FTOs,” Shurat HaDin’s letter said.

The lawsuit would target accounts such as @Almanarnews, which is run by a Hezbollah television station in Lebanon.

It adds to pressure on Twitter in the United States over tweeting by militant organisations. Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, called on the firm this week to shut down accounts that support the Taliban.

Twitter reportedly rebuffed his call on grounds that the Taliban is not officially designated as Foreign Terrorist Organisation by the State Department. The firm has previously signalled its commitment to free speech by arguing that “the tweets must flow” and only shutting down accounts following a violation of its terms of service, such as impersonating someone else or harrassing other users.

In its letter however, Shurat HaDin said Twitter was acting illegally by allowing organisations that, unlike the Taliban, are labelled Foreign Terrorist Organisations to tweet propaganda.

The pressure group, which says it fights terrorism by cutting off funding and seeking compensation for victims through the courts, in particular said that Twitter was in violation of a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that outlawed “any assistance or support” to organisations on the State Department list.

Hezbollah “and its terrorist networks have entered the global world of social media to further their murderous agenda”, said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, executive director of Shurat HaDin, in a statement released with the letter.

“Twitter’s complicit service to known foreign terrorist organizations is not only morally irresponsible, it is also illegal,” she said. “Twitter needs to take responsibility for the platform it is providing to known terrorists and cease and desist immediately. Their failure to do so exposes them to severe liability.”

Her group said it would sue unless Twitter “immediately provide us written confirmation” that it will shut down Hezbollah and al-Shabaab accounts. Twitter has declined to comment on the threat.



























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By: Teresinka  Pereira


Children dying in Gaz

did not have the privilege

to celebrate the 2012 new year

with their innocent laugh.

Their few days, months or years of life

were filled with darkness and fear,

tears and pain. Their blood fertilizes

the exact piece of land where 

they were born. Their land.

In my understanding, this war in gaza 

is not justified in any way by any side

Ican hear. It does not matter to me 

who is the landlord of the rich settlements,

or the poor houses

on the other side of the border.

Idon’t care either for who’s is paying

with the obligatory federal taxes for

the war arsenal. I consider criminals

and killers the people who arelaun

the missiles, who are selling and who are

buying these terrible weapons of death.

I condemn the hands that are taking

lives of innocent people on the both sides

of the border, although the unmber

of death in Gaza speaks for itself.

The life of a chiold worth more

than the whole land, more than

all ideologies and religions or 

politics of drawing new maps according

to the winners of any war.

Each child is the owner for liftime

was barred

of the land where she is born.

from certainty

about features














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This video report tells the story of the child Firas Mazloom, born in Gaza, who has two holes in his heart. His condition could have been fixed by routine surgery, but Zio-Nazi siege on the Gaza Strip has crippled the medical system there.

The reportage shows Firas’s parents struggle to take their son for life saving treatment out of Gaza and their hopeless efforts to overcome the impossible Nazi barriers facing them. Just when they finally managed to push through the red tape to get their son out of Gaza, Firas died.

(Part II) an interview with Ran Yaron of PHR-IL, manager of the Occupied Palestinian territories department.

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Systematic West Bank Settler Violence


by Stephen Lendman


B’Tselems been on the story for years. Settler violence is longstanding, troubling, and largely without accountability.

Since September 2000 alone (the beginning of the second Intifada), the toll includes 50 Palestinians killed. Since December 1987 (the first Intifada’s onset), it’s 115, besides many more injured, including children.

With few exceptions, settlers initiate unprovoked violence. More recently, those under the “Price Tag” slogan rampage out-of-control.

B’Tselem documented numerous incidents, including blocking roads, stoning cars and homes, torching fields, uprooting trees and other crops, as well as other forms of violence and damage.

In response, Israeli security forces do little despite a High Court ruling that “protecting the security and property of the local residents is one of the most basic obligations placed upon the military commander in the field.”

Moreover, Justices said Israeli authorities must “give unequivocal instructions to the forces that are deployed in the field.” They must also “allocate forces to protect the property of the Palestinian residents.”

More on the most recent incidents below.

Israel’s Duel Legal System

Civil law governs Israeli citizens. For Palestinians, it’s repressive military law, affording little or no justice.

Under Israel’s July 1967 Emergency Regulations (Offenses in the Occupied Territories – Jurisdiction and Legal Assistance), 5727 – 1967, Israeli citizens charged with Occupied Palestine crimes face civil trials, if any.

As a result, they enjoy liberties and legal guarantees not afforded Palestinians, including when charged with similar or identical offenses.

At all times, fundamental protections differ, including arrest procedures, interrogations, maximum detention periods before initial judicial proceedings, due process, maximum punishments, early releases, and other legal rights.

Under military occupation, nationality and religion are determinate, not judicial fairness. Equity is denied. So are territoriality principles under which law and order standards apply uniformly for every area resident. Not in Occupied Palestine.

For example, Palestinians charged with crimes are judged guilty by accusation. International law protections don’t apply. Human rights are flagrantly breached. Military courts are unforgiving. Maximum sentences are common. Secret evidence is used. Defendants have minimal legal representation. Once charged, exoneration rarely follows.

For Israelis, in contrast, authorities apply an “undeclared policy of forgiveness, compromise, and leniency in punishment.” Moreover, most violent or other abusive acts against Palestinians are ignored.

In addition, security forces do little to prevent settlers from harming Palestinians or their property. Inaction amounts to encouragement. Palestinians aren’t protected.

Most incidents aren’t investigated. Others are whitewashed. In rare cases of settler convictions, sentences are extremely lenient in contrast with harshness against Palestinians.

Knowing the futility of trying, they rarely file complaints. Moreover, police stations often are in accessible. In addition, authorities go out of their way not to help.

Background on Israeli Settlements

Fourth Geneva’s Article 49 prohibits “(i)ndividual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons, from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country (regardless) of motive.”

In addition, the 1907 Hague Convention prohibits occupiers from making permanent changes in occupied areas, except for military necessity in its narrowest sense or to benefit resident people.

Since June 1967, Israel’s 121 settlements and 100 unofficial outposts contravened international law. In addition, 12 illegally established neighborhoods became part of greater Jerusalem.

Moreover, authorities funded, aided, and encouraged settler enclaves in East Jerusalem neighborhoods. They include the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, Silwan, Sheikh Jarrach, Mount of Olives, Ras al-’Amud, Abu Dis, and Jabal al-Mukabber.

Overall, about 250,000 acres of Palestinian land were stolen. Systematic ethnic cleansing displaces Palestinians for Jews. Settlements, outposts and Jews only enclaves violate international law.

So do human rights violations by their presence, including equity, property rights, free movement, expression and assembly, judicial fairness, safety, and Palestinians self-determination within 1967 borders – 22% of historic Palestine.

In contrast, settlers enjoy rights given all Jewish citizens, as well as special benefits to encourage Israelis to move.

They include reduced land and housing costs, generous loans and grants, extended school years and daily classroom hours, teacher incentives, subsidized transportation to school, investor development grants, lower personal and business taxes, and more.

No wonder over half a million Israelis took advantage, mindless of how they violate Palestinian rights under fundamental international law.

Jerusalem: A Case in Point

For Jews, Jerusalem is their historic capital. For Christians, it’s where Jesus preached and healed. Muslims also call it their third holiest site after Makkah and Medina, Saudi Arabia. It contains the 35 acre Noble Sanctuary (al-Haram al-Sharif), including the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock.

In 1947, UN Resolution 181 established Jerusalem as an international city under a UN Trustee Council, a provision still binding. Nonetheless, in 1948, Israel occupied West Jerusalem. In 1967, it occupied East Jerusalem.

In July 1980, it annexed the entire city. In August 1980, Security Council Resolution 478 followed. It declared Israel’s Jerusalem Law null and void with no legal validity. Israel ignored it like dozens of other UN resolutions and all international human rights laws.

Since 1967, Israel tried to create a demographic/geographic reality on the ground to entirely Judaize the city. As a result, Jews systematically displace Palestinians.

Moreover, Israel physically isolated East Jerusalem from other West Bank areas, including by its Separation Wall. Other lawless practices include land expropriation, home demolitions, dispossessions, denying Palestinians basic rights, and doing whatever it takes to remove them.

Under international law, East Jerusalem is occupied. Annexing it was illegal. Palestinians rightfully claim it as their capital. Israel pays no heed by violating their rights systematically.

December 2011 Settler Violence

On December 3, settlers endangered Palestinian women in a taxi near Gilad Farm settlement outpost. They threw stones. No one was hurt. The driver complained to nearby soldiers. No intervention followed.

On December 7, settlers tried to torch a Brukin village mosque. They also sprayed Hebrew slogans on walls. In addition, cars and a tractor were set ablaze. Police said they’d investigate. Don’t bet on it.

On December 12, settlers attacked Asira al-Qibliya village near Nablus. They threw stones and broke windows. They also smashed a cab window and doused it with petrol. Soldiers were late arriving. Instead of pursuing settler perpetrators, they assaulted Palestinians outside their homes with stun grenades.

At 9PM the same day, a Palestinian family car was assaulted. Its windshield was smashed. A mother inside was overcome. Her infant daughter received facial scratches. Police said they’d investigate. Expect the usual way.

On December 14, three northern West Bank communities were assaulted – Duma, Yasuf and Hares. Motor vehicles were torched. Hebrew slogans were sprayed on walls. Two trucks and two cars were set ablaze.

The slogan Mizpe Yizhar (outpost)” was sprayed on a sidewalk. The slogan “Price Tag” was sprayed on a fence and wall. So far, no indication of follow-up investigations occurred.

On December 15, a Burka village mosque was torched. “War” and “Mizpe Yizhar” were sprayed on walls. Angry Palestinians threw stones at late arriving soldiers. They responded with tear gas.

Since 2008, eight mosques have been set ablaze. No prosecutions followed.

On December 19, Bani Na’im residents found “Price Tar” and “Yizhar” sprayed on fences encircling a mosque, as well as a racist prophet Muhammad slogan. No indication of an investigation followed.

On December 21, settlers assaulted Khirbet Shuweika village. Residents found damaged olive trees, as well as “Price Tag” and “Yizhar” sprayed in the area.

Settlers regularly intimidate and assault Palestinians and their property with impunity. Nearby security forces don’t intervene. Often they commit violence.

Investigations seldom follow. Those done are whitewashed. Settlers rage with impunity. So do security forces. World leaders turn a blind eye. As a result, Palestinians are denied protection and justice.

Under occupation, they’ve gotten none for decades.

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Palestinian Children Detained Oppressively in Isolation



by Stephen Lendman


DCI/Palestine “is a national section of the international non-government child rights organisation and movement (dedicated) to promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children,” according to international law principles.

On December 28, it submitted a complaint to several UN authorities titled, “The use of solitary confinement on Palestinian children held in Israeli detention.” It’s specifically for five children held at Al Jalame and Petah Tikva interrogation centers in Israel.

Their cases follow 29 others since February 2008. At both facilities, “solitary confinement is routinely used.”

Though no universally agreed on definition exists, the Istanbul Statement on the Use and Effects of Solitary Confinement defines it as physically isolating prisoners in cells for 22 to 24 hours daily. Human contact is minimized, including quantitative and qualitative stimuli.

The harmful psychological and physical effects are well documented. They include:

  • severe anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • lethargy

  • insomnia

  • nightmares

  • dizziness

  • irrational anger, at time uncontrollable

  • confusion

  • social withdrawal

  • memory loss

  • appetite loss

  • delusions and hallucinations

  • mutilations

  • profound despair and hopelessness

  • suicidal thoughts

  • paranoia and

  • for many, a totally dysfunctional state and inability ever to live normally outside of confinement.

As a result, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez called for totally banning it for children. Calling it “torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” he stopped short of demanding its prohibition against everyone.

In 2007, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child urged the practice be “strictly forbidden.”

Israel Spurns All International Laws with Impunity

Israel frequently isolates adults and children, notably Palestinians. Facilities most commonly used include Al Mascobiyya interrogation center in Jerusalem, Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv, and Al Jalame near Haifa.

Israel’s Prison Service (IPS), Israel Security Agency (ISA), and Israeli police administer these facilities.

From February 2008 through November 2011, DCI/Palestine documented 34 child abuse cases. They endured “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and in some cases, torture, in violation of the” Torture Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Fourth Geneva.

Israel spurns all international laws with impunity, including those pertaining to war, occupation, and fundamental humanitarian and human rights.

At Al Jalame, children are held in 2 x 3 meter cells. In 2009, one child endured 65 days of punishment. All of them sleep on concrete beds, or on the floor on thin, dirty, foul-smelling mattresses. Meals pass through door flaps, depriving them of human contact.

Al Jalame’s “Cell No. 36 (like all isolation ones) has “sharp protrusions preventing the children from leaning against them for support.” It’s windowless with artificial light only coming from dim internal lighting kept on 24 hours a day.

As a result, “(s)ome children report suffering pain behind their eyes and adverse psychological effects.”

Harsh treatment, including prolonged isolation, painful shackling, physical violence and torture are used to extract confessions.

Children at Al Jalame and other interrogation facilities are generally denied access to lawyers and family visits in violation of Fourth Geneva and other international laws.

DCI/Palestine submitted complaints for five Palestinian children. They were identified only by initials, age, gender, ID No., and place of origin.

On October 15, 2011, Israeli soldiers arrested OA at 2AM from home. He was blindfolded, painfully shackled, placed in a military vehicle, taken to Huwwara interrogation center in Palestine, forced to sit on the ground until dawn, and refused permission to use a toilet.

Later that morning he was taken to Petah Tikva interrogation center in Israel in violation of Fourth Geneva. He was stripped searched, and denied legal counsel. With his hands tied to a chair, he was interrogated by a man called “Morris.”

Accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli jeep, he denied it. After two hours of interrogation, he was placed in isolation he described as follows:

“It was a very small cell with a mattress on the floor, a toilet and two concrete seats. It did not have any windows, just a vent for air conditioning. It was very cold because of the air conditioning. I could not sleep because there was a yellow light on 24 hours a day. I was detained in the cell for two days, before being transferred to Al Jalame.”

There, he was isolated for five days. His detention was extended. He wasn’t in court and doesn’t know if counsel represented him. He was then sent back to Petah Tikva, held another nine days under identical conditions, and interrogated twice before confessing, saying:

“I was in a very bad psychological state, so I decided to confess. I confessed to throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at army jeeps,” even though he was innocent.

Isolated for 16 days, he’s now at Megiddo prison in Israel.

Others DCI/Palestine represented told similar stories. They were falsely charged, arrested, interrogated, isolated and harshly treated overall. Israel treats children like adults, some young as 10.

International laws were grievously violated, including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It’s Article 37(b) states:

“The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child…shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time.”

In fact, Palestinian children are routinely arrested at checkpoints, on streets, going to or coming from school, tending olive groves, at play, and (most commonly) at home in the middle of the night.

Usually it’s from midnight to 4AM. Family members are threatened not to intervene. If they try, they’re assaulted and forced onto streets in their nightclothes, regardless of weather, and given no explanation.

Typically, arrests are lawless and violent. Homes are broken into unannounced. Property is damaged or stolen. Children are blindfolded, shackled, often beaten, then thrust into jeeps, sometimes face down.

In interrogation centers, inhumane treatment continues, including beatings, verbal abuse and intimidation. Most often, lawyers aren’t present until questioning ends with a signed Hebrew confession children can’t read or understand. Once gotten, they’re used to convict even though torture extracted evidence is inadmissible under international law.

Article 15 of the UN Convention Against Torture states:

“Each State Party shall ensure that any statement which is established to have been made as a result of torture shall not be invoked as evidence in any proceedings, except against a person accused of torture as evidence that the statement was made.”

In custody, children endure:

  • blindfolding and painful shackling

  • beatings

  • violent shaking

  • sleep deprivation

  • solitary confinement

  • other forms of sensory deprivation

  • no food and water for extended periods

  • poor quality or inedible food when gotten

  • no access to toilets, showers and clean clothes

  • exposure to extreme heat or cold

  • painful stress positions for extended periods

  • sexual abuse

  • threats, insults and cursing and

  • extremely loud noises.

Often parents and siblings are also arrested, beaten, detained, and their homes sometimes demolished.

Under Military Order 132, children aged 12 – 13 receive maximum six month sentences. Those aged 14 – 15 usually face 12 months, but can receive up to five years.

More serious offenders face no limits. Military Order 378 permits up to 20 years for stone-throwing (the most common offense charged). Moreover, children 16 or older are considered adults and treated no differently. Under international law, adulthood begins at age 18.

Under military occupation, Israel’s system is rigged to convict and brutalize before and after incarceration, despite Fourth Geneva’s Article 147 requiring fair trials, and holding those responsible for denying them criminally liable.

International law also forbids torture, other abuse and inhumane treatment at all times, under all conditions with no allowed exceptions. Israel ignores all international laws. It does what it please, including against children young as 10 no matter their innocence.

DCI/Palestine and other human rights organizations demand these crimes against humanity end and those responsible held accountable. So far it hasn’t happened.

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Europe: The Liars Club, Who Really Owes the Money


The EU is a Financial Shell Game


by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

You have been hearing Europe is broke but what you have heard has been filtered through newspapers and TV stations owned by “certain groups” paid to lie to you. 

Your information is useless, as usual, like everything else you think you know. 

Let me tell you a short story and then drop some minor facts any 2 year old could check that will, we hope, make you question other things.

Other than peddling lies on the internet, correct that, “information” that contradicts the harmful mythology peddled by media with an agenda quite directly orchestrated by organized crime syndicates, I work in murders and executions, tied to the defense industry.

This, of course, is a childish joke.  Business school folks have an underdeveloped sense of humor.  “Murders and executions” means “mergers and acquisitions.”

The defense industry is built on one failed company built out of “hot air and bullshit” buying others of the same, starting a revenue stream through bribery and being bought off by a larger shark.

I Think You Can Get the Picture Here

This is where the Carlyle Group, General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, Thales Company and others came from, crap piled so high the stockholders can never seen the real horizon.

No Job We Cannot Handle – No Place We Can’t Go – IF We Can Agree to the Right Dough

One of my partners in this business works out of Switzerland and is an OPM guy.

This is another 5 cent joke.

OPM means “other people’s money” which means he sells bonds and manages a hedge fund.

What kind of money are we talking?

We could buy General Dynamics out of spare change.

There is nothing like “OPM.”

His point to me today, “Gordon, you write a lot better than me.  Please take a second and remind Americans who, in Europe, really owes money.

Wake these idiots up!

This is what he sent, taken right out of Wikipedia of all places:


The first four countries, represent the famous PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain), whose debt problems theoretically “threaten the stability of the world’s financial system”

They Have Tried to Put a Good Face on It

It is worthy to note, that Italy is in better shape than both France and Germany.

PR             46,795                 217%

IT             36,841                 108%

GR            47,636                 174%

SP            47,069                 154%

The next two countries represent France and Germany, which the media represent as the countries that will save the Euro!

I guess that they could not come up with a good acronym, which is why they excluded France from the PIGS group.

FR           74,619                 182%

DE            57,755                142%

Let’s not forget the USA, whose credit rating was lowered due to its “debt problem”  For whom exactly are these famous ratings agencies working for?  France, Germany, and the UK all have equivalent or better credit ratings that then USA !

Do the Numbers Lie – or Make Us Cry?

What more do you have to do to be accused of treason ?

US            47,568                   99%

The real bandits that risk collapsing the world financial system !

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UK          144,338                 400%







What my friend’s point is doesn’t take a genius to understand:

  • Britain is bankrupt and the Pound is utterly worthless.  Their inflated real estate has collapsed as have their banks.  Britain is “totally full ot it.”

  • Germany is buried in debt and lying about it.  Half the people heat with firewood and are on some kind of public assistance financed with counterfeit money and they have the audacity to criticize Greece or America.

  • France is lying about their debt, they are actually far worse than this but are pleasant and wonderfully polite.  I love France.

  • Blaming Italy, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, etc, is nothing but a childish game.  The entire EU, though largely disarmed, poorly governed and falling apart is what so many of us have always known, the world’s center for bullshit.


There is a reason I don’t invest in Swiss Franc’s.  Each bill or coin should have a picture of Alfred E. Newman.

The World is Floating in Oil and Gas – Yet Prices are Still High – Have You Wondered Why?

Right now, Israel, France and Russia are figuring out a way to keep the war in Afghanistan going while suckering America into moving troops into Northern Nigeria.  I expect to be heading there soon, a good chance for some to get a shot at me.  Good luck with that!

They are afraid cheap African natural gas will destroy their monopoly so they are acting just like they were the Capone gang, which is exactly what they are.

In the Persian Gulf, we are seeing exactly the same thing.  Iran and some “friends” are involved in a complicated theatre to push up oil prices.

Check today’s Bloomberg, although I cringe whenever mentioning the name of someone with such a reptilian demeanor.

Screw the current crisis, ignore Israel other than to forcibly strip the Zios of Gaza and the West Bank and pretend Iran isn’t there.  If you look at their military, Iran really isn’t there.

Do take a second to note that today, Iran put out a press release that they produced their first nuclear fuel rod.  This is a nice, decent and peaceful thing but the announcement was a challenge.

They just put a shot across the bow of another crooked monopoly.  The whole thing is organized crime especially the news.  Calling reporters and editors pimps is a kindness.

The deal?  Europe is being scammed into an unseen level of poverty by inflated fuel prices, price fixing in gasoline and diesel, price fixing in natural gas while keeping food prices low.

Ouch! – Can You Say Reversal of Fortune?

Try driving across Italy now.  Why can’t you see or breathe?  They are cooking their meals with sticks they pick up in the woods.

In southern Italy, they don’t even have sticks.

Why is all this happening? Why is Europe in hidden poverty while newspapers and news organizations continually print utter lies about everything from foreign policy to economics?

The answer is simple.

The only real wars, the only real conflicts are between the organized crime syndicates, Israel and the Rothschilds and their thieving American partners against the Freemasons and the gang at the Vatican.

Oversimplified?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.

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The Revolution Begins in 2012 – Occupy All States


Get ready for 2012.

We are coming for you!


By Cenk Uygur


Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party were appetizers for what is to come. I have never seen the American people so disgruntled, and neither has anyone else. Every number is a record. Congressional approval is at a record low of 9%. Can it get lower? Can it go negative? The number of people satisfied with the candidates running for president is at a record low. Dissatisfaction in this category is four times higher than it was even in 2008.

The Tea Party might not know it but they are mad about the same thing that Occupy Wall Street is. They have a sense that our politicians have sold us out – and they are 100% right. The problem isn’t Big Government or Big Money. The problem is when Big Money buys Big Government leading to Big Corruption.

It isn’t personal corruption. No one is stuffing money into freezers (at least not a lot of people are). It isn’t that Senator Ben Nelson or Senator Orrin Hatch is a bad person. It’s that we have built a system that is built on systemic corruption. The only way you can get elected is by doing the bidding of huge donors. And those donors can control the process entirely because of the unlimited amount of money they can spend.

The average winning House candidate now spends $1.4 million per election. The average winning Senate candidate spends $10 million. Which average guy has that kind of money? You must raise the money from big donors – and then you are at their mercy. If you want to win, you need the money. If you want the money, you have to give them something in return.

How often does money control the outcome? An overwhelming amount of the time. The candidate with more money wins 93% of the time on the House side and 94% of the time on the Senate side. It’s game, set and match.

So, of course, our representatives don’t represent us, they represent the people who got them elected – the big donors.

This system cannot stand. It will not stand. I’m not saying that it falls in 2012. That is way too optimistic. But the battle is joined in 2012.

There are now many constitutional amendments trying to address this problem. Those movements will only grow. And probably at surprising speed.

Everything moves so much quicker now (just look at how many times and how quickly the Republican primaries have turned already).

This movement is going to take the country by storm and Washington is going to be completely surprised by it. As usual, they will say “no one could have seen it coming.”

I’m telling you now, it’s coming!

People are starting to become furious that we have in effect lost our representative democracy. It’s time for a revolution. Not a physical one, but a political one.

A revolution that turns over the establishment’s apple cart, challenges this corrupt system and brings back our democracy.

Get ready for 2012.

Declaration of Independence

Our politicians are bought. Everyone knows it. Conservatives know it. Liberals know it. The Democrats are bought. The Republicans are bought. They don’t represent us. They represent their corporate donors who fund their campaigns and promise them well paying jobs after they leave office. We have taxation without representation. Our democracy is in serious trouble.

What happened? CLICK HERE to find out.


So what can we do to regain our ability to make our votes count and take back our democracy? We have to concentrate all of our resources into one single attack – making sure we take corporate money out of politics. The only way to do that is to bypass the corporate owned Congress and the Supreme Court – and pass a Constitutional amendment. We must pass an amendment saying that corporations are not people and they do not have the right to spend money to buy our politicians.

The objective of Wolf PAC will be to raise money and raise an army for the sole purpose of passing this amendment. We need a Constitutional revolution to get unlimited corporate money out of politics. Please join us and help retake our democracy.

CLICK HERE to read our proposed amendment.

Join the Fight

The objective of Wolf PAC is not theory, it is results. We will pass the amendment and we will regain our democracy. Here is how we’re going to do it.

We must gather up a fighting force. We need programmers and organizers and lawyers and leaders. We need this movement to be in all 50 states. So, first we are doing a call for generals in this army. Please write into us and tell us what your expertise is and how you can help.

Our Congress is completely infected with the virus. So proposing an amendment through Congress seems hopeless. But luckily there is another way. We can do this purely at the state level. The states can call for a constitutional convention and they can ratify an amendment that comes out of one. And there is nothing our corrupt federal government can do about it.

We are hoping that the first wave of volunteers help us organize at the state level. Let’s go occupy the states!


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