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UK Labour Party student officials face backlash over free tour of IsraHell, settlements

Asa Winstanley

A member of the UK’s National Union of Students Executive Council has denounced several youth and student officers from the opposition Labour Party for taking part in an all-expenses-paid tour of Israel and its illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. The Labour students delegation met with Captain Barak Raz, an Israeli army spokesperson and other Israeli officials.

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS), a pro-Israel group, paid for the entire junket. The 4-9 January tour was led by Dan Sheldon, UJS campaigns officer. It included meetings withTony Blair, the former UK prime minister who now works as a representative of the Middle East “Quartet” (the US, European Union, UN and Russia), and Mark Regev, chief spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Delegation member Joe Vinson told The Electronic Intifada that the group had “visited the [Israeli] settlements” in the West Bank as well as “various religious landmarks” on a “fact-finding mission to explore the conflict.” Of the settlements, Vinson said it was “not ideal that Israel is building on Palestinian territory.” All Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law, a position upheld by successive UK governments. Vinson is president of Cornwall College Students’ Union.

Vinson defended the tour, claiming it had given the Palestinian perspective as well as the Israeli. “We didn’t control the agenda,” it was set by the UJS, Vinson said. “Not for one minute do I think that the UJS tried to use it as a Zionist propaganda trip, they were very conscious to give the two sides of the argument throughout the whole trip.”

“Unbiased” propagadanda

Vinson said that Captain Raz “didn’t give us much opinion, it was very much an unbiased point of view that he gave us. It was mostly information about what they do to ensure that peace is consistent in the West Bank.” He added, “it was interesting, but didn’t really give us much to go on.” During the trip, Vinson wrote on his Twitter account that he had been “Really glad to meet” Captain Raz.


Joe VinsonReally glad to meet @CaptainBarakRaz. Very interesting to hear about his time serving in the West Bank.

Jan 06 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Asked if he thought it was problematic to visit settlements as part of an Israeli delegation, Vinson said, “I certainly see the issues that surround that and the international law” but that it was crucial “to get opinions from all sides of the argument.”

When pressed, Vinson said OneVoice Palestine was the only Palestinian group his delegation had met. OneVoice is an Israeli-Palestinian group founded by Israeli businessman Daniel Lubetzky. It has often been criticized by Palestinians for encouraging normalization between Israelis and Palestinians in violation of the Palestinian civil society call for boycott, divestment and sanctions on Israel.

A “Palestinian perspective” given by Israelis

Vinson admitted that “we didn’t meet with as many Palestinians as we did Israelis” but said that the guide for the tour “was always trying to put the Palestinian perspective across, we were always asking him questions about things from a Palestinian perspective.” According to other members of the delegation writing on Twitter, this guide who supposedly gave “the Palestinian perspective” was Jeremy Leigh of tour group Jewish Journeys. “Born in the UKand a graduate of the Reform Zionist youth movement, RSY-Netzer, [Leigh] has been living in Israel since 1992,” says the group’s website.

The Electronic Intifada asked Vinson what he thought qualified Leigh to give a “Palestinian perspective.” He replied: “the fact that he’s lived there for 20 plus years and I guess he acknowledges both sides of the argument.”

Also on the delegation were: Emma Meehan, the secretary of Scottish Young Labour and a vice-president of Edinburgh University’s Students’ Union; Ruth Brewer, of Liverpool Labour Students; Jess Leigh, the vice-chairperson of Labour Students; Sam Woodcock, co-chairperson of Manchester Labour Students; and Nick Pringle, northern coordinating officer of Labour Students. Labour is now Britain’s main opposition party, having been in government from 1997 to 2010.

Student activists denounce tour

James Haywood of the National Union of Students (NUS) Executive Council denounced the tour. Haywood said, “for elected officers to accept all-expenses-paid trips to Israel is scandalous, all the more so that it was arranged by an openly pro-Israel organization. I’m not surprised that these officers didn’t meet Palestinian refugees, students and activists — because they would have seen the truth of the racism and oppression they suffer from daily.”

Haywood, a Palestine solidarity activist and an elected student officer, is on the same NUSSociety and Citizenship committee as Vinson.

Majdi Hafi, president of the Student Council for Birzeit University in the West Bank told Edinburgh student newspaper The Journal he was “very disappointed and shocked” to learn of the trip.

“As students at Birzeit University we were looking forward to working towards forming closer relations” with the Edinburgh Students’ Union, he wrote. But he said the trip’s “sole aim is to whitewash Israel’s crimes and the suffering of the Palestinians.”

He said the delegates had shown “a blatant disregard for the history of student activism for human rights at Edinburgh University,” and called upon “the other sabbatical officers, and the wider student body [to] distance themselves from this shameful trip and condemn Ms. Meehan for taking part.”

Liam O’Hare, president of Edinburgh Students for Justice in Palestine, told The Journal he was “horrified” that Meehan had chosen to join the trip, which he said was “designed to whitewash the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people.” The trip “has brought the union into disrepute,” he said, promising to protest against it in all relevant forums.

Shallow understanding

Vinson said the tour was a fact-finding mission to encourage debate and improve understanding. If that was really its aim, it seems to have been pretty unsuccessful judging from what delegates have publicly discussed about their trip.

In one now-deleted Tweet, Ruth Brewer commented on the looks of Israelis: “I don’t understand why people boycott Israeli goods, the lads here are fine to dine.”

The Electronic Intifada asked Vinson how the trip facilitated discussion when they had met with only one Palestinian group, and he had mentioned not discussing the conflict with Captain Raz. He confusingly replied they they had asked Raz “why some Palestinian settlements were being pulled down in Israeli areas and vice versa.” When asked if he meant Israeli settlements, Vinson said “sorry, other way around.”

Brewer tweeted that they had spent the day in East Jerusalem and the Gush Etzion settlement, then “took a short cut through the West Bank” to Tel Aviv where she was “enjoying cocktails.” She later deleted this tweet and several others.

Other members of the delegation tweeted enthusiastically about their free trip to Israel, thanking the UJS for arranging it. The highlight for many seems to have been their meeting with Tony Blair. They came across as star struck after the official Twitter account of Blair’s office wrote to delegation members: “Thanks for coming along. Was good to meet you all here.”


Tony Blair Office@ruthbrewer @emma_meehan @joevinson @nickpringle@jess_leigh @sheldononline Thanks for coming along. Was good to meet you all here.
Jan 10 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

The mapping information on various tweets from the meeting shows it took place in eastern Jerusalem (illegally occupied by Israel since 1967), near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Blair is known to have his office in this area.

On the frontline of Zionism

Dan Sheldon of the UJS did not reply to an email asking for comment.

Asked about the UJS’ objectives, Vinson said: “I don’t think it’s fair to call them a pro-Israel group, I’d say they’re a pro-two-state-solution group.” He accepted the free trip because “I didn’t know much about the conflict before,” wanted to experience what it was like first hand, and “figured I’d probably never get the chance to go to Israel again, so it seemed like a good opportunity.” Of the clause in the UJS constitution that calls for “inspiring Jewish students to make an enduring commitment” to Israel, Vinson said he hadn’t been aware of it before he went.

At a recent conference, Sheldon said that UJS had “been at the center of the debate about how we should do Israel for many decades. Many consider us to be on the ‘frontline’ in the battle for Israel — our campuses have been playing out a shadow conflict for as long as anyone can remember.”

Asa Winstanley is an investigative journalist who writes about


Barack Obama Is Not That Hard to Understand


Andrew Sullivan has a longish cover story in Newsweek arguing that both conservatives and liberals attack Barack Obama in dumb ways. Conservatives are convinced he’s a fire-breathing socialist out to destroy capitalism and appease our foreign enemies at every turn. This is little short of deranged, and Sullivan does a nice job of taking it apart.

Likewise, the progressive base convinced itself early on that Obama was a committed leftist and has since excoriated him for selling out now that he’s in office. But I agree with Sullivan: Obama simply never sold himself that way. He was, from Day One, a pragmatic, cautious, mainstream Democrat, and anyone watching the 2008 campaign with both eyes open should have understood that. He may be less liberal than a lot of us would like, but anyone who’s disappointed because he turned out not to be the second coming of FDR was just deluding themselves from the start.

But Sullivan loses me here:

By misunderstanding Obama’s strategy and temperament and persistence, by grandstanding on one issue after another, by projecting unrealistic fantasies onto a candidate who never pledged a liberal revolution, [liberals] have failed to notice that from the very beginning, Obama was playing a long game. He did this with his own party over health-care reform. He has done it with the Republicans over the debt. He has done it with the Israeli government over stopping the settlements on the West Bank—and with the Iranian regime, by not playing into their hands during the Green Revolution, even as they gunned innocents down in the streets. Nothing in his first term—including the complicated multiyear rollout of universal health care—can be understood if you do not realize that Obama was always planning for eight years, not four.

This is sort of a watered-down version of the 11-dimensional chess hosannas that deservedly got a lot of mockery back in the day. But it wasn’t true of Obama then (both his campaign and governing strategies have been fairly straightforward) and it’s not necessary to explain anything now.

Why was Obama so conciliatory toward the Republican Party early on? It has nothing to do with long-term strategy. It’s because he needed at least two or three Republican votes in the Senate to pass anything, and if he’d been a fire-breathing partisan from the start he wouldn’t have gotten them. He went down this road partly out of native temperament and partly because he didn’t really have any choice.

Why did health care reform take so long? Not because of any clever strategy on Obama’s part. It was because, right or wrong, he made a rational calculation not to repeat Bill Clinton’s mistakes. So instead of pushing a plan of his own, he let Congress take the lead. And Congress decided to move very, very slowly.

Why was Obama’s reponse to the financial crisis basically pretty centrist? Again, not because of any long game. More likely, it’s because Obama himself is genuinely fairly centrist and business oriented when it comes to financial policy.

What explains Obama’s strategy toward Israel and its West Bank settlements? I’m not even sure what the argument for a long game is here. The more prosaic—and probably correct—explanation is that Obama failed. He tried to press Netanyahu on the settlements because he thought he had the leverage to make him listen. He turned out to be wrong, plain and simple.

Why is Obama now taking a harder, more partisan approach toward his GOP adversaries? Not because he was cleverly playing with them for three years and is now reaping the rewards of an electorate convinced that Republicans are hopelessly obstructionist. In fact, surveys don’t suggest that public opinion has moved much in Obama’s direction at all. Rather, he’s doing it because it’s an election year. It’s now time for contrast, not compromise. This is Campaigning 101.

There are a few examples where I think Obama has indeed played a deliberately patient game that’s paid off. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is one: Doing it his way made repeal far less divisive and far more permanent than if he’d tried to hurry it through. Likewise, his policy toward Iran has been deliberately devised to demonstrate that he’s trying his best to be reasonable and is only tightening sanctions as a last resort. This has successfully kept China and Russia from being obstructionist and produced a better, more global sanctions regime than he otherwise would have gotten.

But these are the exceptions, not the rule. For the most part, Obama’s actions can be explained without resort to mysterious and ulterior motives. He’s done what he’s done sometimes out of native temperament, sometimes out of straightforward political calculation, sometimes out of plain misjudgment, and sometimes because he genuinely has more centrist views than his critics want to believe. More than with most presidents, I think that with Obama, what you see is what you get. He’s just not that hard a guy to explain.


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“IsraHell-Firsters” Vs Center for American Progress


Our readers will be as fascinated as we are by an article by Peter Wallsten, titled “Think tank faces anti-Israel claims” in the Jan. 20, 2012 paper edition of The Washington Post. The online edition titles the article “Center for American Progress, group tied to Obama, under fire from Israel advocates.” Wallsten’s article shines a spotlight on the intense pressure major Jewish organizations can exert on think tanks, journalists and public officials.  The organizations have demanded “corrective action” and we know heads may roll at CAP.

What were the offenses? A CAP writer referred to “Israel-firsters,” a term used to describe Americans, both Jews and non-Jews, who are more loyal to Israel than to the United States. Major Jewish groups are characterizing that language as “anti-Semitic.”

Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, told the Post “that Jewish groups ‘should tread lightly’ when they make accusations of anti-Semitism. ‘Because when they do need to use that word, people won’t take you seriously.’”

Another CAP staffer described a U.S. senator (we’re not sure which one!) as showing more fealty to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC, than to his own constituents.

Yet another offense upsetting pro-Israel organizations was an August ThinkProgress post titled “AIPAC’s Iran Strategy on Sanctions Mirrors Run-Up to Iraq War Tactics” by Eli Clifton. <>

CAP officials are trying to mollify critics saying the “incidents in question were an anomaly,” according to the Post.

We’re sorry to hear that because the Washington Report agrees with David Harris, president of the National Jewish Democratic Council, who “described CAP’s views on Israel and Iran as reflecting ‘mainstream positions and concerns of the American Jewish community — and indeed of most Americans.’”

We suggest our readers contact the Center for American Progress (see e-mail addresses below) to offer their support. Let them know that Americans who care deeply about an even-handed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East can also exert pressure.


Matt Brown is the Associate Director of Communications for the Enough Project at American Progress.

Ken Gude is the Chief of Staff and Vice President at American Progress.

Judd Legum is VP for Communications and New Media.

Zaid Jilani was Senior Reporter/Blogger for and The Progress Report at American Progress. He has now left CAP as a result of this campaign by the Thought Police.

You can also write a letter to the editor of the Washington Post

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Will PSC rise to the Challenge?


By Nahida Izzat 

“In the true spirit of anti-racism we call on PSC to examine all links with all Jews-only campaigning groups”
from  the deLIBERATION team.


Tony Greenstein is Deliberation’s Sayin of the week

As the AGM of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) approaches, the drive to control, fragment, agitate and to steer away PSC from its fundamental core issues is at all times high.

As the AGM of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) approaches, the drive to control, fragment, agitate and to steer away PSC from its fundamental core issues is at all times high.

The crusade against PSC was ignited by Zionists from outside the movement beginning in September, following an article published on the Zionist hate-website Harry’s Place (HP), and a letter from the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BODBJ), accusing PSC and its branches of publishing anti-Semitic articles and linking to Holocaust denial websites, which arguably is a crude lie. However, the crusade was sustainedpromoted and amplified by insiders with questionable loyalty, who roam freely within the Palestine solidarity movement.

Following those attacks and demands by BOD of British Jews, certain elements inside the solidarity movement picked up where Zionists stopped. Since then they have initiated a campaign of defamation against Palestinian activists (including myself) and numerous other supporters.

The smear and defamation campaign, ignited by BODBJ and its mouthpiece HP, is destined to divide and curtail the Palestine solidarity movement. It shrouds itself with a veneer of “ethicality” by invoking bogus concerns about “racism”, while the result is the expulsion of anti-racist activists including Palestinians, and the fragmentation of the Palestine solidarity movement at large, its campaigns being debased, its efficiency being crippled.

The paragraph below is only one piece of evidence that some alleged supporters of Palestine have indeed been engaging in gossip and spreading defamation, rumours and lies. It is but one example of the appalling consequences of such behaviour.

In Liverpool a Palestinian activist, Nahida, who was once the mainstay of the group, changed almost overnight when she married a sinister Dutchman. Jewish conspiracies took over her life and it was with difficulty that the branch reclaimed its website, which had posted links to her anti-Semitic website (‘Spiders Web’).” Tony Greenstein.

In his latest defamation article, Mr. Greenstein extends his attacks to include yet another Palestinian with this defamatory claim:

In Liverpool the Friends of Palestine website was taken over by a holocaust denier“

Or another example is his use of insulting expletives in lieu of factual arguments:

“At the AGM there is also a not very clever motion from Gill Kaffash …. It is a stupid motion from the stupid.”

The aim of such vicious crusades, of course, is to discredit the research of those who dig deeper, and to control the boundaries of debate by shooting at those who dare to cross the line. As it appears, no one is “allowed” to investigate neither the deeper ideological motives nor the networks enabling Zionists crimes. No Palestinian is “allowed” to express more assertively the true voice of their people and their deeply anchored aspirations of FULL Liberation.

In this example,Tony Greenstein never met and never had contact with the people he is smearing. He uses lies and fabrications about their private life, to execute ad hominem attacks against them, and to propagate libellous accusations of anti Semitism and Holocaust denial against them. Obviously he has been fed with rumours, which as his blog shows, he never fails to transform in unreadable ramblings. .

I would have assumed that in all logic such attacks from external enemies and their internal contributors, would reinforce the cohesion of the movement, by a reflex of protection. What we see instead, is the disturbing reality of utter silence of other members, or even explicit approval of the attacks by the failure to reject them and sanctioning those who engage in such attacks. The occupiers and enemies of Palestine must be happy and indeed grateful, since the damage to the Palestinian solidarity movement in the UK is already substantial. Suffice to look at the nonsensical amendments and motions put forward, the waste of time and effort, and the harmful evictions and alienation of scores of members and potential members.

Such abhorrent behaviour is allowed to continue within the movement with the compliance of decent members who have swallowed the lies and let them pass unchallenged without demanding thorough investigations of such offence, and without firm rejection, chastisement or sanctions against guilty elements who took part in such smear campaign

As they exclude more and more Palestinians through their defamatory campaign, as they rally themselves up and down the country to attend the AGM, and as they strengthen their position within by appointing themselves as political guides and censors of the solidarity movement; Mr. Greenstein and his clique expose their determination to take over PSC and to define its aims.

It is nothing but deliberate Controlled Opposition, when such individuals silence Palestinians and capture the levers of decision as to what is good for Palestinians, and what is not, and what aims to pursue, and what aims need to be smothered. Has the Palestinian voice not been smothered enough already, after a century of Zionism? Does it not appear evident that post-Zionism is preparing itself to do exactly the same? Why would a campaign who claims itself to be in solidarity with Palestinians, betray the noble aim of enabling Palestinians to freely express their Legitimate and Sovereign Rights?

Instead, Mr. Greenstein and co condescendingly declare that PSC members need “more internal education on Zionism“:

He writes: “On Saturday there will be one motion on anti-Semitism and racism on the agenda from the National Executive. A motion from Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and myself, which called for more internal education on Zionism, has been amended and accepted by the Executive.”

It is disturbing when the likes of Mr. Greenstein, -who sticks the accusatory label “anti-Semite” (i.e. racist) on whomever disagrees with his views, and who introduces to PSC redundant motions to emphatically re-reject Judeophobic racism and to emphasize yet again on “anti-Semitism”, feels vindicated to surreptitiously collaborate with the incitement of racial and religious hatred against Muslims, when for example he spreads blatant lies against the Islamic Resistance Movements Hamas, and even about the Qur’an, thus joining the ranks of Islamophobes when he propagates such hateful unsubstantiated claim:

the Quoran also have passages that are chauvinist and today, in the context of state policy, would undoubtedly be deemed racist“

Moreover, Mr. Greenstein, the avid “anti-racist”, finds no shame in propagating Islamophobia by attacking the religion of Islam as whole and publicly participating in division, fomenting hatred and incitement against Muslims by arrogantly pretending that:

Islam has introduced sectarianism into the Palestinian movement and has nothing to offer but further division“

Imagine for a moment someone writing: “Judaism has introduced sectarianism into the Palestinian movement and has nothing to offer but further division”, one can only imagine the outbursts of wrath, fury,  outrage and accusation that would follow, by Mr. Greenstein and co.

With the acceptance of such methods; whereby the defamers give themselves the right to DEFINE the meaning of words like racist, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, then they allow themselves to ACCUSE, LABEL and DEFAME others with such titles, without any proof or evidence, and without allowing the accused to defend him/her self, they demand the excommunication of those accused and even aim to remove the right of appeal against such accusation, justice becomes a joke!

Regrettably, PSC has exhibited signs of moral fatigue by allowing some of its members to engage in such Zionist-style methods of operation by:

  • Meddling in private affairs of members and using slander and defamation as a political tool (as seen from the writing of Tony Greenstein).

  • The use of the label “Anti-Semitism” as a political tool. By branding those they disagree with, with charges of racism and anti-Semitism (Racism is unlawful according to British law). Completely dismissing the seriousness and the gravity of such allegation, they (carelessly or malevolently) have accused other activists of committing an unlawful offence.

Furthermore, PSC and some of its branches failed in the following:

  • Evading to address the defamation against its members;

  • Escaping the responsibility of launching an investigation to uncover the guilty elements;

  • Failing to understand the real meaning of racism;

  • Failing to identify the REAL racist;

  • Failing to sanction/punish guilty members who engaged in such libellous acts;

  • Failing to apologise to accused individuals for the harm and damages caused.

It has become increasingly apparent that some clique inside the solidarity movement, under the pretext of “fighting anti-Semitism”, are engaged in hijacking, deforming and sidetracking the solidarity movement from supporting the Palestinian people and their cause of Liberation, and instead pushing PSC into morphing into yet another ADL, “witch-hunting” and “book-burning” organization.

Tragically, the excessive and inappropriate use of the word “anti-Semite”, by the likes of ADL (who have their very own definition of the word), and the same pathetic use that has been adopted by some elements inside the solidarity movement -who just like ADL, claim the exclusive right to define the meaning of words and the boundaries of debate, such excessive use by Zionists and anti-Zionist alike, and As I warned before, they have managed to make the word vacuous, meaningless and even a nuisance.

Those whose primary aim is to fight anti-Semitism are better advised to join more appropriate organizations who deal specifically with anti-Semitism, there are myriad of them around.

Those whose main concern is to educate people about the Holocaust, thus enabling Zionists to continue to use and abuse it, in what Dr Finkelstein correctly calls the “Holocaust industry”, should NOT do so on the back and expense of Palestinian and their solidarity movement.

Those interested in bickering and infighting -which only weakens the solidarity movement, would feel more at home working here or even here far and away from our Movement.

People with such divergent aims should stop imposing their agenda on others, and leave PSC to do what it was created for, SUPPORTING PALESTINIANS IN THEIR STRUGGLE FOR LIBERATION.

True Friends of Palestine should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked or sidetracked into adopting other groups’ agendas or doing other organizations’ work.

Diverting PSC from its main aims does not serve the cause of Palestine or the Palestinians.


I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to put an end to this fiasco;

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to have the courage to stop slanderers and liars from hijacking the solidarity movement, dragging it down and turning it into a bickering stage of accusations and counter-accusations;

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to have the dignity and cease to alienate/ expel exiled Palestinians by phoney, uncorroborated and unsolicited claims and defamatory allegations;

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine not to allow itself to be steered away from its original aims of supporting the oppressed Palestinians and to stay focused on the daily slaughter of Palestinians.

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to remember that Palestinians have NOTHING to do with the Holocaust, yet they have been paying the price for it since before it actually even happened!

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to remember that they are not an association of historians, and ought not to be distracted by the obsession about an historical event that ended almost seven decades ago, instead of focusing on the ongoing genocide against Palestinians and the destruction of their Biblical Land;

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to rescue itself from being diverted into nonsensical, useless, fruitless, endless debates, which irremediably lead to unnecessary infighting, thus wasting and crippling the movement;

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to remember that the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population, and the annexation of their country, has been almost completed while we respond with deference to people whose prime interest is obviously not the restoration of Palestine, or the Rights of Palestinians.

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine not to become an arm of Michael Whine, morphing into a “Holocaust-deniers hunters instead of trying to stop the ongoing and upcoming genocides of the Middle East;

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine not to allow itself to be misguided and hoodwinked even from comprehending and recognizing of the meaningand manifestation of racism and the real definition of an anti-Semite, Hasn’t the anti-Semitic charge been abused and trivialized enough?

I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine not to become deafened by big-mouthed detractors, or blinded by glittery definitions coiled by deception, so as it fails to identify the REAL RACISTS who are worthy to be rejected and fought against.

Finally, I call upon PSC and all genuine supporters of Palestine to take a firm action against malicious trouble-makers, and to expel those who engage in unsubstantiated defamation of other activists.

Such agitators whose exclusive organizations embrace Zionists as full members, those who come loaded with hidden agendas, neither represent Palestine nor Palestinians

Their agenda includes the preparation and facilitation of a prosperous and secure future for the planners, authors and perpetrators of our NAKBA.

They blather about road maps, about deleting the green-line while coercing the Palestinians to forget their inalienable rights to their Historic Palestine.

They aim to deceive Palestinians and the world to accept the terrorists, colonizers, war-criminals, thieves and murderers who occupied Palestine since 1948, they want to promote them as “civilised” “peaceful”, humane”, “Jewish”, “peace-loving” “Israelis”, who should have the same right to the Land of Palestine as Palestinians do!

It is not up to a Netanyahu, Schneerson, or Lieberman, and sure NOT for a Semoff, a Dropkin or a Greenstein to decide for us about the future of our Homeland; it’s not for them to decide what is good for Palestine and what is not, who is allowed to stay and who is not, or who is to be summoned, charged, prosecuted or punished for their decades of genocide and war crimes and who is not.

True friends of Palestine appreciate that ultimately, only Palestinians are entitled to make such decisions, especially after decades of relentless slow genocide. Palestinians are entitled to use whatever appropriate methods of resistance, legal, intellectual, or otherwise to achieve their long-lost Liberty.

True friends of Palestine realize that it is the fundamental and intrinsic core of the Palestinian National Rights, to define, express and publish concepts such as the unhindered Right to Return, Restitution AND Compensation, Liberation of the occupied Homeland, unrestricted Sovereignty including over Immigration Policies, Prosecution of Criminals, etc. Those who smother these fundamental Rights, contribute to the finalization of the Zionist project, itself representing the total negation of all bases of Law, in particular pertaining to Crimes Against Humanity, Wars of Aggression, War Crimes, and ironically, the negation of the Post-WW2 Nuremberg Principles, especially the sixth principle, which were wisely crafted to precisely avoid such horrors to happen again.

My prime concern has always been the cause of Palestine and the Palestinians’ inalienable Human Right of Self-Determination in their own ancestral Land, which they inhabit and protect since thousands of years, continuously. The voice of Palestinians is barely heard in the West. Therefore, those whose aim is to muffle the voice, block the research, contain the freedom and veil the views of Palestinians cannot be truly friends of Palestine.

Real friends are those who want to keep the solidarity movement on the right track, focused on Palestine and the Liberation of Palestine.

Hereby, as a Palestinian exiled from my home for more than 44 years, I affirm my right and the right of my people to aspire to the Liberation of our Homeland and to pursue the intellectual means that will help to achieve that goal, moreover since this goal is the strict reassertion of Human Rights and International Law.

I affirm my right to continue my investigations into the role of global Jewish Zionist networks through their many facets, institutions and organizations supporting, sustaining and propagating the cause of the Zionist entity.

I affirm my right to continue investigating the supremacist ideology that animates the entire Israeli-settler society and to expose its consequences on Palestinians, and beyond.

I affirm my right to continue my activism, to share the results of my work and to connect with people who want to learn about Palestine, without being defamed, censored or chastised by self-appointed gurus.

I affirm my right to defend my reputation and the reputation of my fellow human beings who are wrongfully accused and defamed, and to stand up to those who cause harm to the cause of Palestine, those who use ad hominem attacks, defamation and slander as a political tool to muffle and excommunicate their opponents.

I affirm my right to continue to expose those elements who try to achieve deleterious political aims by controlling and crippling the Palestinian solidarity movement, through the use of debate framing, information filtering, and eviction of activists who step outside the narrow boundaries set by these elements to keep the opposition constricted and limited in its scope and efficiency.

Finally, I call upon the Solidarity Campaign NOT fall prey to such manipulation conducted by individuals with ulterior motives and compromised loyalty who appointed themselves to be in charge of the flow of information, to control the direction of the Palestinian solidarity and to push it towards the acceptance of “soft” yet final and permanent colonization of Palestine, thus to steer it away from its prime objective; the unconditional support of Palestinians and their quest for Full Liberation.

YouTube – Videos from this email

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Weekly Intel Report


January 14, 2012

Kabuki Theatre, The Mask Behind the Mask

Coverage by Press “Kabuki Bunk” and Little More


by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


I no longer use the term “mainstream media.  I call it “the suppressed news.”  We have real stories to cover, how foreign agents have been throwing money at Gingrich, how the Republican primary campaign has had voting rigged and how the press has been “bought” to destroy Ron Paul.

On that, after wide consultation, some with ranking Army and intelligence officials, current and retired, Ron Paul is candidate for president of universal choice, both left and right and Jesse Ventura is “acceptable” as candidate for vice president.

Many of those consulted are people who I have never politically agreed with before.

Today, President Obama is expected to block SOPA, the Stop Internet Piracy Act, an attempt, backed by Hollywood, to empower more spying on the American public.  After backing the NDAA, a defense act with full martial law powers, an utterly unconstitutional and illegal law recently, Obama has betrayed his constituency.

Worse still, and something discussed with military and intelligence folks, many of whom I consider “right wing morons,” nobody in the US wants the NDAA although congress supported it, no judge has opposed it, no news media has spoken against it and it is totally illegal.

It is so illegal that the military is discussing finding congress itself “in rebellion against the United States” for supporting legislation requiring our military to violate their oaths.

The world is now totally “inside-out.”


This week, the Council on Foreign Relations in its publication,Foreign Policy, outlined how the Mossad was using CIA identities to recruit terrorists to attack Iran.  Veterans Today took this forward and forced a White House response ending with a threat to Israel for them to end this practice immediately.

The truth goes further.

First of all, neither the CIA nor Mossad function as national intelligence organizations, not for nearly a decade.

Both are deeply involved in criminal activities, diamond and drug smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing and false flag terrorism.

Both have private clients used to manipulate oil and currency markets through bombings and assassinations.

MI6 in Britain and French, Canadian and German intelligence groups along with Pakistan’s ISI and India’s RAW stand similarly accused along with Turkish intelligence.

All have been involved in private espionage rings, not just industrial intelligence but weapons as well.

Israel has gone furthest.  They were involved, with American backing, in the planning and execution of many terror operations, from Bali and the Marine Barracks in Beirut to the embassy bombings in Africa to 9/11.  Any attack on a scientist in Iran by the Mossad would have to have been accidental at best.


New Iranian Missile Battleship

There is no conflict with Iran.  They are another “cardboard Lothario” enemy, powerless, barely able to defend their own capitol, no ability to even go “head to head” with Israel as far as deployable firepower.

The “tensions” with Iran are financial games meant to run up the oil markets, attack western currencies and allow America to continue to deploy forces to the Middle East although there is no excuse for any presence there.

Iraq, the illegal war, is over.  Afghanistan is totally lost, a fiasco from day one, and oil, the commodity that was so vital to America, supposedly, is in such oversupply that the Straits of Hormuz are no longer of strategic interest to the US.

Oil oversupply has made Hormuz a joke.

Then again, were Iran to close Hormuz, their own government would fall in a week, they would starve and China, their biggest customer, would simply go elsewhere.  Oil has no value anymore, the world is drowning in it and it is price at 300% of its actual value now.

We could say the US and Israel, with cooperation from Iran, are staging the current “problem.”

The truth is worse, it isn’t the nations at all but criminal organizations that control the governments of all 3 nations and many others. The entire congress of the United States is 100% controlled by organized crime.

Watching the GOP primaries is like watching Chicago during the 1920s.  The Republican Party has, since Reagan, become an arm of an international conspiracy involved in human slavery, drugs, arms trafficking and terrorism.

The military knows this, the intelligence community knows this and all are at an end of their patience.


This is a genuine humanitarian disaster.  Were Russia to have any cohesive leadership, it would have pushed to enact reforms.  This year, the “under the table” deals between Assad in Syria and Netanyahu in Israel were exposed, at least to some.

It has now been decades since Israel had any serious opposition other than “tail pulling” a few years ago by Hizbollah with Iranian backing and even that has all been bought off.

Simply put, the Middle East isn’t worth fighting over, oil is worthless, the Cold War is over, the War on Terror has been debunked and nobody is willing to go after those responsible for 9/11, the neocons in America and their friends in certain political groups in Israel.


Traitors have been running Egypt for decades, puppets of Israel, corrupt military, thieves and murderers.  They are all still there.

It is necessary for the Egyptian Army to be disbanded, reformed as a force representing Egypt and not the criminal element that runs it now, and for Egypt to move forward as a progressive force for democracy in the region.

The lack of policy toward Gaza and Israel, other than threats and blithering, is an embarrassment.  A just settlement is simple, for Gaza at least, and we should move on from there.  The Gaza disaster is as much the fault of Egypt as it is of Israel.


VT Exclusive – New West Bank Stealth Missiles!!

The trillions of dollars have already been spent and the Middle East is less secure each day.  Settlements in the West Bank are all illegal and must go.

On the other hand, if Israel, real or imaginary, feels it can’t defend itself, an international convention of all nations in the region, from Algeria to India, should join in a convention in Geneva to discuss it.

I suggest we address the immediate causes of extremism, respect the rights of all in the region and demilitarize all areas of conflict.

Then we move to establish an open commercial region based on mutual trust and guaranteed by force of arms, primarily American.

Israel will do well as will others.  If we want democracy, then we stop the lying.


When Stealth Impaired Marines Took Tripoli

Today Cynthia McKinney reported 12,000 Marines landed in Tripoli.  All news reporters, all camera phones, every foreign satellite suddenly quit working, all at the same time.

These were ‘stealth marines’, perhaps? She might as well said they landed on the moon.

Anyone who repeated this, supported her comments or sent on emails containing these bizarre fantasies needs to wear a dunce cap for at least a week.  This is all totally absurd.

There are, however, exercises in Israel involving 5000 Americans, two years in planning.

They involve integrating Israel into the NATO air defense grid, which Turkey is also part of.  The US military has dozens of operations around the world, every continent, every friendly military force and has done so for decades.

If something genuinely threatening were to go on, I would have reported it.

As for Libya, as is plain to all, every statement made during the Gaddafi regime and its final days by bloggers and “hangers on” have long been debunked.

No troops are in Libya.  No changes in the oil business have occurred.  There is no new central bank.  Al Qaeda still doesn’t exist and Osama bin Laden is as dead now as he was Christmas 2001.

Libya is relearning politics, will form new political parties and every attempt to color this as a defense of Gaddafi will continue from the same voices trying to save face after being totally debunked.

What did happen, however, is that two Israeli WMD plants were found in Southern Libya 6 weeks ago.  Orders were given to “pretend you didn’t find them.”  Those who report on chemical warfare but have chosen to ignore these plants and one recently discovered in the Negev Desert of Israel are not credible.

The Negev “thing” is a bit of a secret.  We suspect chemical weapons but don’t know.  We do know it involves advanced weapons research and is very “hush hush.”


As stated by Veterans Today several weeks ago, oil prices are being manipulated by a phony conflict with Iran.  There is no real conflict with Iran, nobody cares.

Iran is militarily weak, as is North Korea, and frankly, Russia.

Oil is worthless, America is capable of moving to full domestic supply in weeks and is now the largest exporter of gasoline in the world.

Gasoline prices should be nearly half what they are now and food prices in the US should drop like housing, by 40%.

There are no credible supports for increases in food costs, not weather, not fuel, not supply, not crop failures, nothing.

Supplies of natural gas in America are similarly in excess, wholesale prices are collapsed, most gas producers face bankruptcy and only payoffs to politicians are keeping utility bills in America from reducing by 30% overnight.

Were “free market” rules to really apply, America would be at full employment.


Maglev Train – Ready to Roll…or Flow

A reminder.  $1 trillion is on deposit, Federal Bank of Richmond, money issued by the Federal Reserve during the 1980s, taxes partially paid, full taxes in escrow, to finance a high speed Mag-Lev rail system for the entire US employing 400,000 Americans.

Steel and dozens of high technology jobs in America would end our depression in 90 days.

The pay order to begin this project is sitting on the desk of the President.

The only thing holding it up is that George H.W. Bush wants 2/3rds of the “net” revenue personally.

Another $2 billion has been earmarked to Veterans Today for projects to save veterans from suicide, homelessness and unemployment.

We stand ready to provide homes for 6000 veterans within 120 days and to demonstrate a model of non-profit corporation cost management that will put any charity in America to shame.

This money is already ours and is being held up illegally.


A reminder, oil, commodities including foods and metals and real estate crashed in 2007/8.  By 2009, oil was 34% of its current bloated cost and this was before Europe and the Euro crashed.  Today’s pricing on what you buy while what you own is “worthless” is evidence of criminal conspiracy.

If you choose to believe what you are told or participate in the current election, taking direction from the press and networks, you will be essentially working for organized crime.

We are done with this and “we” is more and more powerful than imaginable.

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Voters Choice: Ron Paul or Bibi Netanyahu


by William A. Cook


A curious glance at the current crop of presidential candidates makes it clear that Ron Paul stands alone when it comes to the issue of US engagement in foreign wars. He stands with George Washington against foreign entanglements while the rest of the candidates stand with Teddy Roosevelt and the attempted creation of America’s first empire one hundred and twelve years ago. Mark Twain responded to that effort by creating the Anti-imperialist society while he caustically satirized the effort in his depiction of the massacre of the Moros in the Philippines. Now we have more massacres, using drones instead of canons, on equally hapless civilians who are caught unawares or hiding from the wrath of America’s righteousness as we drive to bring virtue to a primitive world.

Today America has an estimated 700 military installations in about 140 nations around the world; its bases surround Iran as does its nuclear capability, and it is engaged in executive “wars” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Palestine. All of this while carrying a debt that exceeds thirteen trillion dollars, cutting budgets in education, medical care and social security, and retaining a Pentagon budget that exceeds that of the 16 declared developed nations combined. And to top it all off, we are considering armed aggression against Iran that could plunge America into the biggest war since WW II. Why?

Why add Iran to the list of wars when we have succeeded in losing the “wars” in Afghanistan and Iraq? Let’s admit the truth, we do not control Afghanistan and, while we have ostensibly left Iraq, we have left it in chaos and disarray. The question persists, why?

Why invade Iran? Ask first, why did we invade Iraq? Why did we not object to Israel’s bombing in Syria? Why didn’t we object to Israel’s invasion of Lebanon or Gaza? The world’s nations objected in UN Resolution after Resolution. But America voted to support Israel’s illegal aggression. Why? It is America’s reputation that has been placed in the gutter; it is America that is ranked with Israel as the most dangerous nations on the planet; it is America’s democracy that has been diluted, nay emaciated, as our liberties have been eroded with ever increasing draconian delusions that they are purportedly designed to protect while they make the citizen fodder for the few in control. So the question persists, why?

Not long ago, the answer may have been provided when Netanyahu was interviewed by Piers Morgan about the Iranian threat. Relative to this discussion is a comment made by Netanyahu in his interview with Morgan, a comment that I have not seen mentioned in America’s press.

When pressed by Morgan about the Iranian threat constantly broached by Israel and its U.S. supporters and what Israel intends to do about it, the repartee always returns to Iran as not only a threat to Israel, it is a threat to “Europe and the United States.” Morgan asks again, “What is the answer, Prime Minister?” Having successfully avoided saying that Israel would attack Iran to rid it of this danger, Netanyahu resorts to “I’m talking about a credible military action.” “Lead by who,” asks Morgan. “Lead preferably by the United States,” replies Netanyahu. “Could you contemplate some kind of land invasion,” asks Morgan. “Well, I think the United States has proven great effectiveness and I’m going to divulge a secret to you about their capabilities. They’re greater than ours.”

So says the Prime Minister of Israel as he talks about using America’s military to take out the Iranian threat to Israel. Why not use American boys and girls to kill your enemy and save your own sons and daughters? Why not indeed. Mark the tone. It’s almost as though he is saying to this imported talk show host, “Why do you ask, Stupid, it’s so obvious.”

According to recent polls, Americans have fallen out of favor with our numerous wars in countries we neither know nor can spell: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine and Syria. This fact seems to be of little interest to the candidates who appear committed to the military-industrial complex that funds their respective campaigns. Indeed all seem committed to the addition of Iran since it appears to threaten, existentially, our aborted child, Israel. In short, if an American believes that he or she should vote to end America’s foreign entanglements, he or she has only Ron Paul to vote for. All the others have stated unequivocally their support for the state of Israel and its drive to stop Iran from gaining nuclear power. A vote for Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, or Huntsman means a vote for Netanyahu and his expressed desire to have American boys and girls serve Israel in this cause, or so he says.

Consider these statements by our candidates:

  • Romney on Israel:”I will reaffirm as a vital national interest Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. I want the world to know that the bonds between Israel and the United States are unshakable…If I’m president of the United States, my first trip, my first foreign trip will be to

Israel to show the world we care about that country and that region.” Mark that Romney makes no reference to Palestine or Palestinians; how does one resolve a conflict if one does not recognize the second party?

  • Now consider Perry’s comment: “We are going to be there to support you. And we are going to be unwavering in that. So I hope you will tell the people of Israel: Help is on the way.” Perry makes no reference to Obama’s unequivocal support for Israel having outspent all previous administrations in dollars and military hardware.

  • Not to be outdone, Santorum offered the following: He said more or less what Newt Gingrich stated last month, “All the people who live in the West Bank are Israelis. They’re not Palestinian. There [are] no Palestinians. This is Israeli land.” What can one say, Santorum needs to read some history before opening his mouth.

  • And, finally, Jon Huntsman presented his views: “The United States should not pressure Israel to negotiate with terrorists, nor to enter into any negotiated deals that threaten Israel’s security. This is a particularly delicate moment. We are inspired by the “Arab Spring,” in which the Arab people are calling for an end to decades of dictatorial and corrupt leadership. These events also give the lie to the notion Israel is somehow the source of all problems in the Middle East.”

Note that Huntsman does not mention that Israel has occupied Palestine for 63 years, illegally according to international law and the charter of the UN that the US has agreed to. Moreover, the constantly reiterated cause of unrest in the mid-east is the occupation of Palestine by the Israelis. To say it is not so, is, to borrow Gingrich’s eloquent phrase, “baloney.”

  • Since we know that our current president has bragged that his administration has outspent all previous administrations in support of Israel, there is no need to argue that he would change course now. Since we also know that Israel can count on close to 400 supporters in the House and virtually all 100 Senators, as votes in support these past twelve years attest, the choice for Americans who desire a return to George Washington’s admonition that American democracy can be destroyed by foreign entanglements have only Ron Paul as an option.

Ron Paul: Foreign Policy & Israel

Ron Paul on the Economy

Here is what Ron Paul says about American imperialism, a voice crying in the wilderness:

  • Islamists attacked us for US bases on Arab lands. (Sep 2011)

  • Neither Dems nor GOP will cut one nickel from militarism. (Aug 2011)

  • American Empire is big government war & militarism. (Apr 2011)

  • We can’t keep troops in 135 countries & 900 bases forever. (Feb 2011)

  • We’re broke and we just can’t continue to police the world. (Feb 2008)

  • Stop policing the world and we can get rid of income tax. (Dec 2007)

  • Bring all troops home from abroad & save $100B’s every year. (Dec 2007)

  • 9/11 resulted from blasphemy of our bases in Saudi Arabia. (Dec 2007)

  • Pre-emptive war policy is a grave mistake. (Jun 2007)

  • Pre-emptive war is not part of the American tradition. (Jun 2007)

  • Military aggressiveness weakens our national defense. (May 2007)

  • Jihadists attack because we have bases in their countries. (Jan 2006)

  • Costs of war always higher than expected & go on for decades. (Jun 2005)

  • Conscription is a trait of totalitarian government. (Dec 1987)

This is the choice presented to the American voter.

What we know clearly is that America has set out on a course of world domination that mocks the very concept of democracy where people are free to choose their government, not be told who will govern them by a foreign power. What we know tragically is that the American government is content to support and sometimes to create dictators that oppress their own people, if they obey America’s dictates, as the fall of Mubarak in Egypt attests. What we also know is that our government has been bought by a foreign power to secure its own ends regardless of the consequences to the people of the United States. What we know unfortunately is that any citizen wishing to run for the office of President must kowtow to the desires of the state of Israel by declaring his or her allegiance to that state or be declared a nut case.. What we know truly is that America is no longer the nation of the free citizen, since we are now subject to the fear that resides in the gut when threatened by unsubstantiated allegations of suspicion as a terrorist that can result in indefinite detention without trial or due process. Such is the decline of the once proud and free experiment that was the United States of America.

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Why Is Everything A Filthy, Rotten lie?


by Tom Valentine


How do you teach impressionable youngsters anything of value when the whole bleeping world is a pile of deceit?

It can’t be done!

In the past when the knitted pattern got garbled, the one holding the needles and yarn, just looked it over and ripped it out, starting over. I would like that, but how much should be ripped off? Where do we restart?

Back with the founding fathers? Hell no. Back at the landing of the Mayflower? Double hell no! The Mayflower bunch were pure Oxymorons, Clutching new bibles and looking to Jerusalem.

Did you ever wonder why America had so many towns with Zionist names, even before Teddy Herzl let the cat out of the bag? This is verboten to say in the land of the free, and the home of the brave, why?

Who really asks such questions? Brave, thoughtful and informed people is who; where are they? How do we get them together as a force—Oh, wait a minute, getting such people together just makes them an easier target. Is that the infamous “catch 22?”

So, to clean the snarls out of the pattern we need to pull it apart further into history to start with a clean slate, don’t we?

How about going back to the beginnings of our civilization’s Golden Age, When Jesus Christ walked around Judea and told people the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help Him.

Could we do any better with truth, than those folks did 2000 years ago? I doubt it, because the same pack of evil liars were still running the show back then, and people are generally the same sniveling, selfish assholes they are now.

Yes, I admit I’m hard on ordinary folks, but hell it takes one to know one, and I be ordinary too.

Christ left quite an impression on people, and he demonstrated truth, in no uncertain terms, especially when it came to money, charity, respect and working together for common good.

What could be different if we unwound time back to that day, and witnessed the same solid lessons? I say, no big deal! Folks would still piss it away, and for the same reasons.

Look at what we dumb bleepers did with the wonderful lessons from Christ. Before good people established a framework to rely on (religion) they were bickering about points and issues tangential to the straightforward lessons—was Jesus the son of God, or a mere prophet? Or was he the fullness of God, or three entities in one?

Why was that esoteric fluff at issue? Who put such divisive ideas into the mix? Wasn’t the message clear regardless?

It was like making abortion or gay marriage into national issues today—strawman issues to help divide opinion and nothing else.

Things went downhill from there—not only did the heads of state get into the act while listening to the same dark whispers from behind the curtains telling everybody that Jesus was a bastard, and Mary was a whore; and he deserved the cruel death because he broke their exclusive, racist horse pucky laws.

People being what we are, is it any wonder the magnificent spiritual story and practical lessons were lost, and the strict rules against killing and warring for filthy lucre were abandoned? We also abandoned humility.

Ah, well; can we unravel the yarn further back to get a strip of unsoiled yarn?

How about finding the truth about the forming ideas prior to Christ and his advent? It can’t be easy, because the truths of God’s revelations to mankind were twisted at the outset by those who believed they knew all things better than the Creator—and still believe it—the Talmudists.

The unraveling yarn reaches a Gordion knot at this point. It will be useless to start knitting civilization again. I defer to a great journalist whose works I have reviewed: Controversy of Zion; Tragic History

To start over, it will be necessary to flush the racist, exclusive “laws” from Talmudic poisons out of our hair, thoroughly.

To illustrate the pervasive nature of creeping Talmudic evil. Read about Maimonides and his pursuit of the “Golem” and then take a look at a recent blurb from “scientific” literature: Scientists create test-tube sperm


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Bury Bin Laden at Arlington?


Bush Neocons Wanted Kennedy Grave Removed from Arlington

Terrorist Defilement or Honoring a Hero, Which Truth Do We Believe?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor




As this is a campaign year where our current president, despite his promises, is backing  the 8 years of treason and bare-faced lies  of the last pack of crooks, perhaps it is time to take honesty to where it belongs.

Let’s look at reality.

Did you know that Osama bin Laden quite probably had been awarded civilian and military decorations by the United States?  Osama bin Laden is responsible for more high risk intelligence and combat support operations on behalf of the US than any member of our military today.

Sources indicate that his equivalent rank, when representing the United States government to the Mujihideen was that of Colonel and that he qualified for combat awards including, not only the Bronze Star but multiple Silver Stars as well.

Osama bin Laden could be considered for burial at Arlington National Cemetery, with VT’s Ralph Eckard and Dave Hackworth and, oh, we have to mention this, John Kennedy.

You remember him, the coward, traitor and philanderer, whose acts of treason and incompetence caused the Japanese to sink his PT boat?  You don’t remember this.  I do. 

I was told this many times, I saw it on television while on a military base in Germany, it was taught to American soldiers. 

According to the propaganda shown to our soldiers, President Kennedy was a Mafia Don who belonged in prison, not buried with America’s heroes.

Meet Tim

This was the unofficial policy of the Bush administration, to brand Kennedy and Roosevelt as “un-American,” as cowards and traitors.  They felt it would raise morale for our troops?

Of course, this was an incredible lie, one of thousands to come out of the Bush administration.

What is most disturbing and part of our discussion here is that the classified records of CIA agent, “Tim Osmon,” also known as Obama bin Laden directly contradict all public government statements and mainstream media stories about him.  What are we saying?

Every word said about Osama bin Laden is a categorical lie in the same vein as almost every other public statement made by President George “W” Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and a number of other officials.

Since this time, no public official has had the courage and fortitude to tell the public that they had been lied to.

After all, if bin Laden wasn’t a terrorist there are a number of unanswered questions.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Try to find this movie today.  It has been “disappeared” as part of the attempt to besmirch the memory of the courageous president that gave his life for America in 1963, standing against the Federal Reserve, the Israeli nuclear weapons program and the expanding war in Vietnam.

The gang who came out with the immediate “bin Laden did it” on 9/11 are that gang, the thieves and liars whose inheritors, with the exception of Ron Paul, are scurrying from state to state as Republican presidential candidates.

Never have so many lied so often, done so little and stolen so much.  I can’t wait to find one of them to vote for.

General Hamid Gul – Former Head of Pakistan ISI

I have been unable to substantiate anything negative about Osama bin Laden, from the CIA, Army Intelligence (no laughing please…the CIA is no smarter) or Pakistan’s ISI including hours grilling former DG/ISI General Hamid Gul in his Rawalpindi home.

We think bin Laden may have allowed himself to be made a target after America abandoned Afghanistan and it became clear that Bush planned to wipe Islam from the map.  The Kennedy lies, that takes a special kind of coward.

Who would do such a thing?

Well, the person responsible for this, responsible for seeing to it that American soldiers were told President Franklin Roosevelt was a communist spy, not really a person, it was the Bush administration, Rove, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, the same people who claimed Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 long before there was any proof.

In fact, of course, there never was proof in the first place and nearly endless proof, testimony, documents and scientific analysis now, being illegally suppressed by the crooked American legal system.  There is no proof against bin Laden for any crime, no proof he was alive past 2001 and a wealth of proof he died as a US employee.  He often spoke out against hypocrisy but Tim Osmon/Osama bin Laden had many friends in the US, had a long and extremely successful history fighting communism.

Many of his friends, his closest friends were, of course, our special operations people.  Bin Laden worked with Navy SEALS for years and was accepted as one of them.  This is real life.

Can we prove Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to be a pathological liar?  Funny you should ask, it takes him 39 seconds here with Tim Russert to bury himself, and Russert too frankly, in the trash heap of history’s worst villains:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Add to this similar lies about 9/11 and WMDs in Iraq, the rigged elections, endless crimes covered up, trillions of missing dollars, and we have what we have, government by organized crime.  But you may still believe that Osama bin Laden took credit for 9/11?

But you say he admitted it?  Really?  Here is his only statement on 9/11, from the files of the CIA, an official copy:



Website of Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic  [FBIS Report] Website of Doha Al-Jazirah Satellite Channel Television in Arabic,independent television station financed by the Qatari Government, which can be accessedat URL:, carries at 2011 GMT on 24 September the text of the following letter by Usama Bin Ladin “to the Pakistani people.”

  • “We hope that these brothers would be the first martyrs in Islam’s battle in this age against the new Jewish crusade that is being led by the biggest crusader, Bush, under the banner of the cross. This battle is one of Islam’s immortal battles.”

  • “We beseech God to grant him victory against the forces of infidelity and arrogance, and to crush the new crusader-Jewish campaign on the land of Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

  • “I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States.”

  • “Neither I had any knowledge of these attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. . Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle.”

  • “All that is going on in Palestine for the last 11 months is sufficient to call the wrath of God upon the United States and Israel.”

  • “Whoever committed the act of 11 September are not the friends of the American people. I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed. According to my information, the death toll is much higher than what the US Government has stated.

  • “The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; the people who are a part of the US system, but are dissenting against it. Or those who are working for some other system; persons who want to make the present century as a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity so that their own civilization, nation, country, or ideology could survive.”

  • “They can be any one, from Russia to Israel and from India to Serbia.”

  • “Then you cannot forget the American Jews, who are annoyed with President Bush ever since the elections in Florida and want to avenge him.”

  • “Then there are intelligence agencies in the US, which require billions of dollars worth of funds from the Congress and the government every year. This [funding issue] was not a big problem till the existence of the former Soviet Union but after that the budget of these (FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 180)  agencies has been in danger. They needed an enemy. So, they first started propaganda against Usama and Taliban and then this incident happened.”

  • “Drug smugglers from all over the world are in contact with the US secret agencies. These agencies do not want to eradicate narcotics cultivation and trafficking because their importance will be diminished. The people in the US Drug Enforcement Department are encouraging drug trade so that they could show performance and get millions of dollars worth of budget. General Noriega was made a drug baron by the CIA and, in need, he was made a scapegoat.”

  • “President Bush or any other US President, they cannot bring Israel to justice for its human rights abuses or to hold it accountable for such crimes. What is this? Is it not that there exists a government within the government in the United Sates? That secret government must be asked as to who made the attacks.”

  • “Supporting the US act is the need of some Muslim countries and the compulsion of others. However, they should think as to what will remain of their religious and moral position if they support the attack of the Christians and the Jews on a Muslim country like Afghanistan.”

  • “I have already said that we are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom.”

  • “This system is totally in control of the American Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States. It is simply that the American people are themselves the slaves of the Jews and are forced to live according to the principles and laws laid by them. So, the punishment should reach Israel.”

  • ”The Western media is unleashing such a baseless propaganda, which make us surprise but it reflects on what is in their hearts and gradually they themselves become captive of this propaganda. They become afraid of it and begin to cause harm to themselves.”

  • “Terror is the most dreaded weapon in modern age and the Western media is mercilessly using it against its own people. It can add fear and helplessness in the psyche of the people of Europe and the United States. It means that what the enemies of the United States cannot do, its media is doing that. You can understand as to what will be the performance of the nation in a war, which suffers from fear and helplessness.”


In fact, we have been totally unable to connect bin Laden to any violent act against America at all, including during lengthy debriefings of his CIA handler and former White House Intelligence Coordinator, Lee Wanta.  Here is what we had found out some time ago:

Two weeks ago, CIA Director Leon Panetta told the press the CIA had not been able to positively confirm any specific information on Osama bin Laden since “late 2000.”

Interviews with high ranking military and intelligence officials, some at the highest levels, have confirmed that all evidence lends toward Osama bin Laden’s death in December 2001.

Yet transcripts of translated audio and video tapes, albeit widely disputed, are continually released by a news agency tied to Israeli intelligence services.

We thank the Central Intelligence Agency for making this document available.

With dozens of films, videos and recordings, all claiming Osama bin Laden has taken credit for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks against America, Britain, Spain and other nations, the possession of the only official translation of the real Osama bin Laden is vital.


The Bush regime took office by appointment, not election.  Investigations of election tampering were quashed even after proof of electronic vote flipping, 6 million votes, was submitted to the FBI.  The Attorney General, John Ashcroft, had the case ended.  Bush was never legally president at all.

When 9/11 happened, when NORAD was ordered to stand down and allow the attacks, when terrorists were arrested with explosives in New York and released and sent back to Israel, when Americans learned Saddam had no advanced weapons program at all, nothing was done.

Americans also learned that Osama bin Laden was never involved in 9/11, never admitted it and no proof was ever submitted that any court would accept.

Colonel Tim Osman and White House National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski Discuss America’s Clandestine War Against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan (Osman/bin Laden spoke perfect English)


Those who damned bin Laden, who called him a terrorist are the same people who tried to defame the memories of John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt, two of the most popular men in American history.

In fact, because of the attacks, the name “bin Laden” stands alongside Kennedy and Roosevelt, damned by the same liars.

If they lied about Kennedy, and they did, they lied about bin Laden, that we can prove also.  America’s intelligence services that worked with bin Laden until his death in 2001 still respect him as an honored ally and hero.

In fact, no single living American can prove he has suffered more, fought more or risked more for America than Osama bin Laden.

Shocked?  You should be.

True?  Yes, every word of it, Osama bin Laden helped America win the Cold War, the same as others like Leo Wanta or Mark Siljander or from later times, Susan Lindauer and Sibel Edmonds.


Where do they go?  Congress?  Retirement in Samoa?

America’s real heroes go to prison, are put in mental hospitals, they are assassinated, their helicopters are crashed, they die in private planes, they get mysterious illnesses.  Sometimes, as with John Wheeler III, they end up in a garbage dump to be quickly forgotten, buried in lies.

Dave Hackworth, “Hack” to his friends was lucky.  He was simply thrown out of the army for saying Vietnam was a losing proposition.  This is the military record of the kind of American that the military had to get rid of:


Individual Decorations & Service Medals:

  • Distinguished Service Cross (with one Oak Leaf Cluster)

  • Silver Star (with nine Oak Leaf Clusters)

  • Legion of Merit (with three Oak Leaf Clusters)

  • Distinguished Flying Cross

  • Bronze Star Medal (with “V” Device & seven Oak Leaf Clusters)(Seven of the awards for heroism)

  • Purple Heart (with seven Oak Leaf Clusters)

  • Air Medal (with “V” Device & Numeral 34)(One for heroism and 33 for aerial achievement)

  • Army Commendation Medal (w/ “V” Device & 3 Oak Leaf Clusters)

  • Good Conduct Medal

  • World War II Victory Medal

  • Army of Occupation Medal (with Germany and Japan Clasps)

  • National Defense Service Medal (with one Bronze Service Star)

  • Korean Service Medal (with Service Stars for eight campaigns)

  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

  • Vietnam Service Medal (2 Silver Service Stars = 10 campaigns)

  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal

Unit Awards:

  • Presidential Unit Citation

  • Valorous Unit Award (with one Oak Leaf Cluster)

  • Meritorious Unit Commendation

Badges & Tabs:

  • Combat Infantryman Badge (w/ one Star; representing 2 awards)

  • Master Parachutist Badge

  • Army General Staff Identification Badge

Foreign Awards:

  • United Nations Service Medal (Korea)

  • Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device (1960)

  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (with two Gold Stars)

  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (with two Silver Stars)

  • Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal (1st Class)

  • Vietnam Staff Service Medal (1st Class)

  • Vietnam Army Distinguished Service Order, 2d Class

  • Vietnam Parachutist Badge (Master Level)

  • Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation

  • Republic of Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation

  • Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (with three Palm oak leaf clusters)

  • Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Honor Medal, First Class Unit Citation (with one Palm oak leaf cluster)

World War II Merchant Marine Awards:

  • Pacific War Zone Bar

  • Victory Medal

Note: As per a Department of the Army audit conducted by COL Pam Mitchell, Chief Personnel ServiceSupport Division on May 6 1999.

What is bin Laden’s list like?  We will never know.

To find bin Laden’s current grave, will require some effort.  He died, as was announced in the press, December 13, 2001, near Tora Bora in Afghanistan of advanced kidney disease after a number of treatments, several at US military hospitals.

His remains were recovered, according to the CIA, by a Special Forces unit and transported to a location in the Persian Gulf.  These facts have received multiple confirmations.

There is no star in the wall in Langley with the anonymous CIA dead although I have heard it told one should be there representing him.  Maybe one is, we will never know.

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Kuwait: Don’t Deny Right to Freedom of Expression


Stateless Bidun Ordered Not to Hold Demonstrations

This is a shameful effort to curb the rights to peaceful expression and assembly of Kuwait’s Bidun. These universal rights belong to everyone, regardless of whether they are considered citizens or are fighting to gain citizenship.

Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch

(Beirut) – A government order to Bidun residents, a group the government considers “illegal residents,” not to organize demonstrations denies their rights and should be revoked, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Interior Ministry issued a statement on January 11, 2012, saying that it will “absolutely not allow the brothers who are illegal residents to organize any rallies, gatherings, sit-ins or demonstrations regardless of their nature, objective and mission.”

“This is a shameful effort to curb the rights to peaceful expression and assembly of Kuwait’s Bidun,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “These universal rights belong to everyone, regardless of whether they are considered citizens or are fighting to gain citizenship.”

More than 106,000 people, known as Bidun, are considered illegal residents by the Kuwait government and have been denied citizenship for decades even though many are longtime residents. The Bidun have organized numerous demonstrations since February 2011 calling on authorities to address their citizenship claims.

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Egypt: Dismantle Tools of Repression


Reforming Laws That Curb Freedom, Shield Official Abuse Should Top Parliament’s Agenda

  • Women in Tahrir Square chant slogans against Mubarak on February 1, 2011.
    © 2011 Yuri Kozyrev/NOOR for Time

Egypt’s stalled transition can be revived only if the new parliament dismantles Egypt’s repressive legal framework, the toolbox the government has relied on for decades to silence journalists, punish political opponents, and stifle civil society. Egypt’s new political parties need to live up to the promises of the Egyptian uprising by ensuring that no government can ever again trample on the rights of the Egyptian people.
Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch

(New York) – Egypt’s newly elected parliament should urgently reform the arsenal of laws used by the Mubarak government to restrict freedoms, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today outlining priority areas for legislative and institutional reform. These laws were used to curb free expression and criticism of government, limit association and assembly, detain people indefinitely without charge, and shield an abusive police force from accountability.

The 46-page report, The Road Ahead: A Human Rights Agenda for Egypt’s New Parliament,” sets out nine areas of Egyptian law that the newly elected parliament must urgently reform if the law is to become an instrument that protects Egyptians’ rights rather than represses them. Egypt’s existing laws – the penal code, associations law, assembly law, and emergency law – limit public freedoms necessary for a democratic transition, challenge respect for the rule of law, and impede accountability for abuses by the police and the military, Human Rights Watch said.

“Egypt’s stalled transition can be revived only if the new parliament dismantles Egypt’s repressive legal framework, the toolbox the government has relied on for decades to silence journalists, punish political opponents, and stifle civil society,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Egypt’s new political parties need to live up to the promises of the Egyptian uprising by ensuring that no government can ever again trample on the rights of the Egyptian people.”

Egypt’s transitional political leaders have failed to reform these laws. The ruling military has relied on them to arrest protesters and journalists and to try over 12,000 civilians before military courts, adding to the heavy abusive legacy that Egypt’s future civilian rulers will have to address, Human Rights Watch said.

Egypt’s newly elected lower house of parliament, the People’s Assembly, will sit for the first time on January 23, 2012, two days ahead of the first anniversary of the January 25 uprising that led to the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.

On February 13, 2011, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) issued the first Constitutional Declaration stating that, “The SCAF will issue laws during the transitional period.” Since Mubarak’s ouster the SCAF has been the sole authority with the power to amend or approve amendments to existing laws, and issue or approve new ones. But with the elections for the country’s new parliament now complete, a new body also will be able to pass laws. It is unclear, however, what the power and mandate of the new parliament will be vis-à-vis the SCAF.

Over the past year, Egyptians have experienced many of the same human rights abuses that characterized Mubarak’s police state, Human Rights Watch said. Under SCAF leadership, excessive use of force and extrajudicial killings, torture, attacks on peaceful protests, and arbitrary arrests of bloggers and journalists have become commonplace and illustrate how little has changed, Human Rights Watch said. The SCAF has justified many of these abuses by noting that they are authorized under existing laws.

Military prosecutors have sentenced or summoned dozens of activists and journalists for “insulting the military” or “spreading false information.” Both charges violate international human rights law, which protects the right to insult under freedom of expression and limits penalties for peaceful speech to civil defamation. The United Nations Human Rights Committee, the expert body that provides authoritative interpretations of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Egypt is a party, states categorically in its recently-issued General Comment No. 34, on article 19 on Freedom of Expression, that, “States parties should not prohibit criticism of institutions, such as the army or the administration.”

By this standard, article 184 of the Egyptian penal code, which criminalizes “insulting the People’s Assembly, the Shura Council or any State Authority, or the Army or the Courts,” is incompatible with international law and Egypt’s new parliament should amend it, along with other provisions that restrict speech, accordingly, Human Rights Watch said.

“The military’s prosecution of journalists and protesters under the country’s existing laws is all the evidence one needs to know that changing leadership without changing laws will not ensure freedom,” Whitson said. “Egyptians need to know that it is the law that protects their rights, not new leaders who merely claim to share their values.”

The SCAF promised to lift the state of emergency, in effect continuously for the past 30 years. But on September 10 the SCAF expanded its scope of application beyond its use under Mubarak. The SCAF has been using the emergency law, and the state security prosecutor has so far referred at least five cases to the Emergency State Security Courts, which do not provide the right to an appeal. Both the Emergency Law and the Code of Military Justice allow for the trial of civilians before military courts, which violates the right to fair trial. Military courts have tried over 12,000 civilians in the past year.

The SCAF also has passed new laws under the state of emergency, such as Law 34 “On the Criminalization of Attacks on Freedom of Work and the Destruction of Facilities,” which criminalizes and imposes financial penalties for strikes and demonstrations that “obstruct public works.” The sweeping provisions of this law, together with the archaic 1914 and 1923 Public Assembly Laws, are inconsistent with the right to strike and freedom of assembly.

“Almost one year after tens of thousands of Egyptians rose up to demand their rights and dignity, it is staggering and shocking that not only has Egypt’s military failed to abolish the Emergency Law, it has passed new repressive laws,” Whitson said.

Most recently, Egyptian ministers for international cooperation and justice justified a police and military raid on 10 human rights and democracy organizations by citing the deeply flawed 2002 Association Law, which unduly restricts the formation and operation of independent associations. Despite the fact that the SCAF reformed the Political Parties law in March to allow for the establishment of new political parties and has allowed the establishment of over 100 new independent trade unions, there has been no movement to reform the Associations Law.

When Human Rights Watch met with then-Prime Minister Essam Sharaf and then-Minister of Justice Abdelaziz al-Guindy in June 2011, both agreed that the Associations Law needed to be amended. Instead, the transitional cabinet initiated a broad-based criminal investigation of nongovernmental organizations operating without registration under the Associations Law, violations of which are punishable with imprisonment and dissolution of the organization.

“The 2002 Associations Law was a Mubarak law designed to exclude and control independent groups and to give the government leeway to punish them when they become too critical.” Whitson said. “Rather than relying on this law to harass human rights organizations, the new parliament should revise the law to guarantee the independence of nongovernmental organizations.”

Egypt is party to a number of human rights treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which Egypt ratified in 1982, and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, which it ratified two years later; yet the Egyptian authorities have so far failed to take these international obligations into account in drafting new laws or in striking down old laws.

In April, then-foreign minister Nabil al-Araby announced that Egypt would ratify the Rome Statute, which created the International Criminal Court, and said that Egypt was “currently taking the required steps to join all United Nations agreements on human rights.” He said that Egypt was working hard to become a “legally-constituted state” and “wishes to follow the rule of law.” However, Egypt made no further moves toward ratifying these international treaties after al-Araby left his position in Egypt to become secretary-general of the League of Arab States.

Human Rights Watch calls upon the new parliament to make urgent human rights reforms a top priority by:

  • Lifting the state of emergency, repealing the Emergency Law, and revising the police law that allows Egyptian police wide latitude to shoot civilians including those who assemble in public and on the country’s borders;

  • Amending the Code of Military Justice to restrict its jurisdiction to military offenses perpetrated by military officers, and ending civilian trials before military courts;

  • Reforming the laws that restrict freedom of expression, association, and assembly, rights that are essential to creating the political space for Egyptian political parties, civil society, activist groups, and the media to receive and share information and views, including controversial and political ones; and

  • Amending the Penal Code’s definition of torture so that it accords with international law and covers all forms of physical and psychological abuse, and strengthening penalties for abuse by police officers so that the law will be an effective deterrent.

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