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‘Green on blue’ killings reveal the farce of the Afghanistan war


More lies cannot sustain the occupation

The author is a former U.S. Army infantryman, Iraq war veteran and a member of March Forward!.
Today, May 7, the Associated Press reported yet another killing of a NATO troop by an Afghan National Army soldier. Last week, two U.S. soldiers were also killed by their Afghan “partners.”


“KABUL – Army Command Sgt. Major John Troxell is one of the highest ranking, most experienced U.S. soldiers fighting in Afghanistan this year. His counterpart in the Afghan army has the same prestige.

“They trust each other, but whenever they meet one another, each soldier brings a personal security team.

“’I always have someone locked and loaded, passively watching,’ Troxell said.”

So begins an article posted by Adam Ashton April 20 on the The News Tribune online blog.Troxell is also one of the highest ranking senior non-commissioned officers in Afghanistan. This excerpt reveals how he feels about “his Afghan counterparts” and sheds light on the claim that the United States trusts Afghan soldiers.

The U.S. government has made its case for continuing the wildly unpopular, criminal war in Afghanistan, based on the claim that “progress” is being made and Afghan military forces will take over the job, allowing for a U.S. withdrawal. This is what President Obama recently reiterated during his surprise photo-op to Afghanistan, where he gave the illusion that the war was winding down and could soon be taken over by Afghan forces (he then proceeded to sign a pact that will keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond 2024.)

If the occupation of Afghanistan is such a success and the end of the war is right around the corner, why does Troxell need a personal security team every time he meets his Afghan counterpart?

We have all heard the phrase, “If you lie and lie and lie, eventually you will get caught.” The U.S. government and its top military leadership have been caught yet again in a lie about their claims of Afghan support for U.S. goals and progress toward being able to turn over Afghanistan to reliably pro-imperialist forces.

Ashton’s post comes while what are referred to as “green on blue” killings are at an all-time high. What this means is that U.S.-funded Afghan soldiers are killing U.S. troops, becoming one of the biggest threats to the lives of U.S. soldiers.

CSM Troxell continues to spew lies and ignorance in the post, which quotes him as saying that soldiers should be cautious with new Afghan recruits: “Often, the Afghans are young and poorly educated. They have likely heard anti-Western propaganda all their lives.”

The post continues: “‘What we have to do is educate these young men,’ he said. His safety precautions are being replicated throughout the NATO headquarters where he works and its connected bases around Kabul.”

‘They have likely heard anti-Western propaganda all their lives’

For the past 10 years, the United States has waged a brutal occupation that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Afghan people and plunged their country into a chaotic quagmire—a country where over 92 percent of young men have never even heard of the 9/11 attacks or the World Trade Center. The war is at an all-time high in unpopularity among both U.S. and Afghan people as well as service members.

The Afghan people do not exactly “hear” anti-Western propaganda. They see it and feel it every day in the form of missiles, Apache strikes, night raids and the funerals of their family members.

This begs the question: What must these young men be educated in? It does not take a genius to realize that no one of any nationality wants to have their country occupied for any amount of time.

The ‘progress’ we have been dying for

Last year, an article featured a company commander who absurdly boasted that they can successfully maneuver 100 meters (about the size of a football field) from their combat outpost without being shot at—where before they would be shot at instantly upon leaving their outpost. Nine years to clear 100 meters … hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of tax dollars. Sounds like real progress.

Those 100 meters have come at a heavy price for people in the U.S. and an even heavier price for the people of Afghanistan.

As we see atrocity after atrocity erupt in Afghanistan, from the video of Marines urinating on the dead, the burning of Qurans, the Afghan kill team, the Staff Sgt. Bales massacre that left over a dozen Afghans dead in the middle of the night—should it really be any surprise that the people of Afghanistan are rejecting the U.S./NATO occupation of their country? Can anyone really blame them for doing so?

In fact, the reason so many U.S. service members turned against the wars after fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan is because they realized: “If I was in their position, I would be doing the same exact  thing.”

The ‘partnership’ Washington boasts about

Ashton’s post continues to show the “partnership” between Afghan and US forces: “Flora is working with a three-star Afghan general at the Ministry of Defense’s ground forces command. Afghans are not allowed to bring weapons in American offices. A U.S. soldier always has a loaded weapon when entering the Afghan side of their complex.

“Likewise, on the Afghan air force wing of the base here, U.S. airmen wear their body armor and carry rifles to their work. Their Afghan counterparts are prohibited from bringing their weapons into joint facilities.”

This does not sound like a partnership between U.S. and Afghan forces against the Taliban as Washington and the Pentagon would have us believe, but rather a failing policy that is continuing to cause more suffering, death and misery. Opposition to the U.S./NATO occupation is so widespread, so popular, that it penetrates the highest levels of the Afghan government, police and military, in the “safest” of areas.

Of course, as far as CSM Troxell’s friends in the White House, Congress, the officer corps, the Pentagon and the parasitic war profiteers are concerned—they will never be placed in harm’s way. They are in no rush to end an occupation that they know is doomed to fail. In fact, this war was lost the day that it began.

The leaders of the military are consciously sending young men and women to their deaths knowing full well that the U.S. strategy is incapable of being successful. They are knowingly lying to our loved ones, friends, family members and the people of the United States. They are forcing an occupation on a sovereign people who overwhelmingly want us out, killing thousands.

No victory in sight for the corporate politicians and their financiers

Just recently, an 84-page report was released to the public by Lt. Col. Daniel Davis that destroys the castle of lies built by Washington regarding the “success of the Afghan war” and the promise that it will end.

Davis states that there is absolutely no way this war is winnable or has even affected the Taliban. “Even a cursory observation of key classified reports and metrics,” Davis explains, “leads overwhelmingly to the conclusion that over the past two years, despite the surge of 30,000 American soldiers, the insurgent force has gained strength….”

The report continues to state that the Afghan army and police are “a barely functioning organization” and that they often refuse to even leave cover to investigate possible insurgent activity.

President Obama’s promise that the U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan is premised entirely on replacement by Afghan puppet forces (also widely hated among Afghans). But those intended puppets are not dancing as Washington is assuring the public they will.

The reason there is such a lack of desire by the Afghan police and military to engage the Taliban is because even many among the Afghan police and military overwhelmingly disagree with the U.S. occupation. The United States has failed so miserably in Afghanistan that what should be the most pro-occupying force in the country, the Afghan military, has rejected the U.S./NATO-led debacle.

They are able to fill its ranks with the promise of a paycheck (in the second-poorest country on the planet) but actual support for the U.S. occupation is non-existent, not just among the populace, but among those on the U.S. payroll who are supposed to be the most dedicated supporters.

Why are we killing and dying for this?

What does this mean for enlisted service members? It shows that we have no reason to take part in their war and in fact have the right to reject participating in Washington’s tragic failure. The war is a massive tragedy for the Afghan people, who are not our enemies, and a disaster for us and our families.

As soldiers continue to return from the field of slaughter in Afghanistan, as more and more of the undeniable truth is revealed to us, we will continue to build against the officer corps and their lap dogs the senior non-commissioned officers like CSM Troxell. We will continue to raise the slogan that service members have the absolute right to refuse to take part in this war.

Those who are profiting and expanding their profits from these wars will soon find themselves with no one willing to lose their lives or kill for them.

The shameless lies told by the military leadership can no longer cover up the predatory aims of the war. No longer will national chauvinism work to trick service members into dying for the profits of Big Oil and the defense industry. The truth is on full display for the world to see.

The military has run out of places to hide their skeletons.

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