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I am all of those

by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian 

Even when full

 Bites of hunger eat my guts


Clad with soft and silky garments

I feel bare, no clothes can veil


Wrapped up cosy in a home so warm

 My shivering bones are bitterly cold


Snug and secure in my serene abode

In constant fear… ever terrorized


No health problems or complaint

Yet throbbing pains tear me apart


This being within is not only me

But all of those who roam the earth

Longing to be loved

Yearning to be Seen


No warmth … No shelter

No wealth… No health

 No food … No haven

Fleeting in stealth

Longing to be loved

Yearning to be Seen


When a child lies in bed with hunger

When a baby dies for a droplet of water

When tots are torn with drones to pieces

Hearts of angels burst into flames… blazing fire

Souls of prophets split asunder

Heaven cries with rage and thunder


Wait man… wait

God postpones… Never ignores


Closing your eyes pretending not to see

God’s eyes neither snooze nor go to sleep

Tenderly caressing fathers who mourn

 Watching over mamas who weep


NO… No escape

We are all to blame

No lame excuse can wash our shame


Don’t get me wrong, no offence intended

But truth can hurt and may even kill


Gazing in the abyss while staying still

No longer an option… You have got a will



Don’t go far searching for the truth

Look only inside, you’ll find it near within

Open your heart and sing my song

Praise the Sublime and join along


Yes I am indeed all of those

Who roam the earth

Fleeting in stealth

Longing to be loved

Yearning to be seen

Don't Plant Anything But Love

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