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Falsely Identified ‘Boston Bomber’ Found Dead In River



Sunil Tripathi, originally fingered as culprit by 4chan users has been found dead.

by Paul Joseph Watson


One of the individuals identified by 4chan users as a possible Boston bombing accomplice has been found dead in the Providence River.

“Police in Providence pulled a man’s body from the Providence River on Tuesday, and authorities said it is “very possible” that it is Sunil Tripathi, 22, a former Brown University student who has been missing since mid-March,” reports the Boston Globe.

Tripathi’s possible connection to the Boston bombing was first raised by users of the 4chan website when it was pointed out that his image bore a similarity to one of the suspects first named by the FBI who later turned out to be Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev.

Users of the Reddit website later apologized to Tripathi’s family for making the erroneous connection, with one moderator writing, “We cannot begin to know what you’re going through and for that we are truly sorry.”

According to Zero Hedge, the misidentification of Tripathi as one of the Boston bombing culprits means it “could be time to reevaluate the crowdsourced approach to “solving” crimes.”

However, given the innumerable other contradictions that skeptics of the official narrative behind the bombings have put forward, with particular emphasis on the possibility that the Tsarnaev brothers may have been patsies or otherwise radicalized or duped by intelligence agencies, Tripathi’s death takes on more prominence.

– Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation.

– Tamerlan Tsarnaev was on both CIA and FBI watchlists in addition to drawing the attention of Russian investigators who attempted to alert the FBI in 2011.

– Former FBI employee Sibel Edmonds believes the two alleged bombers could have been recruited by the FBI.

– Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the alleged bombers, claims the men were “framed by the authorities” and that the video of a naked man being arrested on the night the suspects were captured, which authorities claim was an unrelated individual who was later released, was in fact Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The video shows an uninjured man being led to a squad car, whereas police claim Tsarnaev was badly injured when he was captured and later died in the hospital.

– The alleged bombers’ aunt Maret Tsarnaeva also claims that the man seen being arrested in the video was Tamerlan Tsarnaev. She also says that she was threatened and told not to speak to the media.

– Contradicting claims by authorities that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ran over his own brother, an eyewitness to the incident said that police ran over Tsarnaev with an SUV and then pumped bullets into him.

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Pappe’s Discomfort


 By Gilad Atzmon

Ilan Pappe is an important voice. One of those courageous historians, brave enough to open the Pandora box of 1948.  Back in the 1990s Pappe, amongst a few other Israeli post-Zionists, reminded Israelis of their original sin – the orchestrated, racially-driven ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine – the Nakba.

But like many historians, Pappe, though familiar with the facts of history, seems either unable to grasp or reluctant to address the ideological and cultural meaning of those facts.

In his recent article, When Israeli Denial of Palestinian Existence Becomes GenocidalPappe attempts to explain the ongoing Israeli dismissal of the Palestinian plight. Like Shlomo Sand, Pappe points out that Israeli President Shimon Peres’ take on history is a “fabricated narrative.”

So far so good, but Pappe then misses the point. For some reason, he believes that Peres’ denial of the Palestinian’s suffering is a result of a ‘cognitive dissonance.’ i.e. a discomfort experienced when two or more conflicting ideas, values or beliefs are held at the same time.

But what are those conflicting ideas or values upheld by Israelis and their President which cause them so much ‘discomfort’? Pappe does not tell us. Nor does he explain how Peres has sustained such ‘discomfort’ for more than six decades. Now, I agree that Peres, Netanyahu and many Israelis often exhibit clear psychotic symptoms, but one thing I cannot detect in Peres’ utterances or behavior is any ‘discomfort’.

I obviously believe that Pappe is wrong here – expulsion, ethnic cleansing as well as the ongoing abuse of human right in Palestine, are actually consistent with Jewish nationalist supremacist culture and also with a strict interpretation of Jewish Biblical heritage.

Pappe writes, “The perpetrators of the 1948 ethnic cleansing were the Zionist settlers who came to Palestine, like Polish-born Shimon Peres, before the Second World War. They denied the existence of the native people they  encountered, who lived there for hundreds of years, if not more.” Here Pappe is correct, but then he continues: “The Zionists did not possess the power at the time to settle the cognitive dissonance they experienced: their conviction that the land was people-less despite the presence of so many native people there.”  But Pappe fails to point at any symptom of such a dissonance. Could it be that the Director of the Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter is just ignorant?

Certainly not, Pappe is far from being ignorant.  Pappe knows the history of Zionism and Israel better than most people. He knows that ‘Zionist settlers’ like ‘Polish-born Shimon Peres’ were ideologically and culturally driven. But then why would a professor of history attempt to turn a blind eye to the ‘ideology’ and the ‘culture’ of those early Zionists?

The early Zionists, were neither blind nor were they stupid. They saw the Arabs in the land of Palestine – in the fields, in the villages and in the towns – but, being driven by a racial, supremacist and expansionist philosophy, they probably regarded the Arab as sub-human and so easily dismissed their rights, their culture, their heritage and indeed, their humanity.[1]

But, even though a cultural and ideological analysis resolves the proposed alleged ‘dissonance’ and illuminates the historical complexity, Ilan Pappe avoids elaborating on those issues. I have a good reason to believe that the truth is just too offensive for Pappe’s audience to digest. So instead, Pappe continues with his psychological model: “They (the Zionist) almost solved the dissonance when they expelled as many Palestinians as they could in 1948 — and were left with only a small minority of Palestinians within the Jewish state.”

Yet again, it could be helpful if Pappe provided the necessary ‘historical’ evidence that would prove that the Nakba, was indeed an attempt to ‘resolve an internal Zionist collective cognitive dissonance’. I assume that Pappe knows very well that it is actually that lack of such a “cognitive dissonance” that drives a few Israeli individuals such as Uri Avnery, Gideon Levy and Pappe himself towards universalism, humanism and pro-Palestinian activism.

I guess that Pappe’s new cognitive analytical model is telling us very little about Zionism, Israel or Shimon Peres but it actually tells us a lot about Pappe and the grave state of the Palestinian solidarity intellectual discourse. The discomfort he talks about is in fact his own: the clash between known and accepted facts and logical conclusions and the task he has accepted of squaring the circle, of wrapping up a racist, supremacist project in psychobabble wrapping and presenting it as nothing less than a pandemic of ‘cognitive dissonance.’

For some reason many of us insist on producing ‘inoffensive’ chronicles of Israeli barbarism and Jewish nationalism that attempt to mask and deflect from rather than pointing to the obvious cultural and ideological kernel of the problem. 

Yet, the question that bothers me is how is it possible that a leading academic exhibits such a problematic understanding of a conflict after studying it for three decades.

The answer is pretty embarrassing. Pappe is actually a serious scholar and a gracious human being.  However, in the current intellectual climate, Pappe, like many others cannot freely explore the truth of Zionism and the Jewish State. The shocking truth is that Pappe was much more provocative and intellectually intriguing while teaching in Haifa University than now when he directs the institute of Palestinian Studies at Exeter University.  It is a fair assumption that telling the truth about the culture that drives the Jewish State would cost Pappe his UK academic career and obviously the support within the Jewish so-called ‘left’, let alone the Soros funded Palestinian collaborators.

So instead of searching for the truth, Pappe and others end up searching for some ‘inoffensive’ models – anything to sustain the image of ‘solidarity.’     

I do not have any doubt that Pappe knows by now that Israelis are far from being tormented by the Palestinian plight. They are not exactly regretting the Nakba either, they certainly do not sob over their past racist assault on the people of the land of Palestine. And as Israeli polls reveal time after time, most Israelis would support a second Nakba as much as they supported the criminal carpet bombardment of civilian population at the time of operation Cast Lead.  Pappe knows very well that Israeli racist policies and collective attitudes are culturally and ideologically, rather than politically driven. Israel is the Jewish State and its politics is dictated by a new Hebraic interpretation of Jewish culture and Judaic heritage.

Pappe is a humanist and I want to believe that in the small hours, he himself feels some discomfort. Deep down, Pappe must know the truth. He knows what drives Zionism and Israeli militarism. He knows it all but, for obvious  reasons, he must keep silent and wraps the conflict up with faulty terminology and ‘inoffensive’ cognitive models.

Instead of engaging in an open discourse and digging into the truth of the conflict, we see our leading scholars actively engaged in concealment of the truth. This is actually a tragedy, for the Palestinian Solidarity discourse is  now an intellectual desert. We have murdered and buried our most inspirational thinkers[2] and poets. We replaced them with rigid slogans and banal Herem[3] culture.

Interestingly enough, by the time Pappe finished writing his paper, he himself was no longer so convinced by his own model. He writes, “It is bewildering to learn that the early Zionists denied the existence of Palestinians in 1882 when they arrived; it is even more shocking to find out that they deny their existence — beyond sporadic ghettoized communities — in 2013.”

The meaning of this is clear: we are dealing here with a total and categorical dismissal of otherness. This is not a symptom of ‘cognitive dissonance’ but rather a historical continuum of a psychopathological condition that is inherent to the politics of the chosen. It is the direct outcome of Judeocentric supremacy – the very domain Pappe and others prefer not to tackle.

At the end of his paper, Pappe claims that Peres is a ‘madman’ who ignores “millions and millions of people, many of them under his military or apartheid rule while he actively and ruthlessly disallows the return of the rest to their homeland.”  But if Peres is a ‘madman’, he is unlikely to be riddled with discomfort. If Peres is mad he is not in a state of ‘dissonance’, struggling to integrate conflicting ideas. On the contrary, Peres is, in his awfulness, entirely at peace with himself.

As far as I am concerned, Shimon Peres is not mad at all. He is evil, coherent and consistent. He is the president of the Jewish State and it’s high time that Ilan Pappe openly faced up to this – and to what it means.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics and Jewish Left’s  spin particular  or


[1] Interestingly enough, it was actually the notorious right-winger Zionist Vladimir Jabotinsky who was amongst the first to deal with the necessity to address the complexity of dealing with the indigenous population within the context of the Zionist dream. It was the rabid ultra-nationalist Jabotinsky, rather than the Zionist ‘left’ who regarded the Arabs as proud, highly cultural people that must be confronted militarily. In that regard, I would recommend reading Vladimir Jabotinsky’s Iron Wall.

[2] Just in the last year we have seen the BDS campaigning against Prof Norman Finkelstein, Greta Berlin, MP George Galloway and many others.

[3] Hebrew word for Excommunication and Boycott

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State Police & Homeland Security to Target Christians



State Police & DHS Now Targeting Christians and Individuals Seen as Dissenters

Special Report

By Avalon

Update: Prowers County Sheriff Jim Faull said in a statement Sunday that the training should be suspended until it has been reevaluated and re-written. More here.

Update 2: The CSP told Examiner Wednesday that other officers did not interpret the instructor’s comments the same way that Undersheriff Trowbridge did, and the agency is not targeting Christians. More here.

According to a letter written by Ron Trowbridge, undersheriff with the Prowers County, Colo., Sheriff’s Office, Christians who believe the Bible is the literal word of God and others who do not agree with the changes taking place in America could find themselves under scrutiny by law enforcement authorities and Homeland Security, Steven H. Ahle wrote at Red Statements Friday.

Trowbridge, a law enforcement officer with many years of experience, told Ahle that he recently attended a training session in La Junta, Colo., where, he says, Colorado State Patrol Trooper Joe Kluczynski gave a 2-hour presentation on the “sovereign citizen” movement.

“Kluczynski spent most of his two hours focusing on how, in his view and apparently the view of Homeland Security, people turn to the sovereign citizen movement,” he wrote.

Continue reading this story here…


News of the training comes on the heels of a report at that says “Colorado is being targeted with an attempt to set up loopholes that will allow the U.S. Secret Service to arrest and remove an elected sheriff for refusing to enforce the law, or anyone breaking the law.”

Recently, Colorado passed several sweeping gun control measures and some county sheriffs, like Weld County Sheriff John Cooke, have said they would not enforce mandates that infringe on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Trowbridge’s entire letter can be seen here.

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Colo. undersheriff warns: State police, Homeland Security to target Christians

April 5, 2013

By: Joe Newby


Colorado State Police and Homeland Security Target Christians

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‘Missiles fired at’ Russian plane with 159 passengers flying over Syria


Two missiles were reportedly fired at a Russian plane with at least 159 passengers on board flying over Syrian territory. Russian officials admit the jet faced danger, but are not talking of a targeted attack.

On Monday Interfax cited “an informed source in Moscow,” which reported that a Russian passenger plane was attacked, while flying over a mountainous area of Syria.

“Syrian [officials] informed us that on Monday morning, unidentified forces launched two ground-to-air missiles which exploded in the air very close to a civilian aircraft belonging to a Russian airline,” the source told the Russian agency.

The pilots reportedly managed to maneuver the plane in time however, “saving the lives of passengers.”

“No one was injured, and the plane was not damaged. The aircraft landed in Kazan as had been planned,”the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism told news agencies. There were 159 passengers and eight crewmembers aboard the aircraft.

The plane that was allegedly targeted belonged to Nordwind Airlines – a Russian charter air carrier – and was identified as an Airbus A320. On April 29 it was en route to the city of Kazan, in Russia’s republic of Tatarstan, from Egypt’s resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website the plane’s crew at 4:55pm Moscow time (12:55 GMT)“detected battle action on the ground that, according to the crew, could constitute a threat to the 159 passengers on board the plane.”

The ministry is now “taking emergency measures to clarify all the circumstances of this situation, including making contact with the Syrian authorities,” spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said.

Airbus A320 specifications
Cockpit crew: 2
Seating capacity: up to 180
Length: 37.57 m
Wingspan: 34.10 m
Operating empty weight: 42,600 kg
Cruising speed: 828 km/h
Maximum speed: 871 km/h
Maximum range: 5,900 km
Service ceiling: 12,000 m

On Tuesday, Interfax’s source informed that the aircraft was attacked when it was flying at an altitude of 9,800 meters.

“The first missile detonated at 9,200 meters, the second one at 8,900 meters”, the source said.

After the crew reported the incident to Syrian ground control, the flight was allowed to gain altitude of nearly 1,000 meters more, according to the source.

Meanwhile, Russia’s federal air traffic agency Rosaviatsia on Monday issued a directive to all Russian airlines prohibiting routes through the Syrian airspace. Previously in February Rosaviatsia issued a warning to all Russian airlines to avoid routes over conflict zones.

Russian experts believe that, so far, there are no grounds to claim that the aircraft became a target of a missile attack, experts say.

Russia’s major airlines – Aeroflot, Transaero, S7, Tatarstan – have avoided Syrian airspace for months due to the situation on the ground, despite additional time and fuel expended to avoid Syrian territory.

Meanwhile, Syrian aviation authorities received no indication of the alleged attack on the Russian plane, says the director of Syrian Airlines, Ghaida Abdullatif.

“We contacted the service that monitors traffic within Syrian airspace. None of the air traffic control services or other ground services at the airports in Damascus and Latakia have confirmed the information of a Russian plane being fired at.”

Russian experts have already voiced their doubts that a passenger plane can actually perform the kind of maneuvers that would allow it to avoid a missile attack.

“Planes are usually attacked either from the side or from above. A pilot could not have seen the missiles,”Vladimir Gerasimov, a Russian pilot and an expert on flight security told RT.

“A passenger plane crew simply couldn’t see what’s behind. And if something is approaching the plane from the opposite direction – the speed doubles, so there is no time to do anything,” he added.

Danny Makki of the Syrian Youth Movement in the UK believes that the incident is no doubt a rebel attack, which could have been carried out with weapons supplied by neighboring governments or taken off the Syrian army. He thinks that the attack is an intentional one and should receive widespread condemnation, just as the attacks carried out by government forces do.

“The most likely thing that could have happened was rebel fire from missiles that could have been given by regional countries or government forces… no rebel forces would fire a missile at civilian aircraft without it being done intentionally. So it is essentially another reprehensible act that would have been committed by rebel forces, and should gain condemnation from all the states after it is clearer who actually committed it”, Makki said.

“But it does show that these are not the liberal forces which the West wanted to arm in the first place,” he added.

The civil war in Syria between the government of President Bashar Assad and opposition forces has been raging for over two years, claiming the lives of more than 70,000 people according to UN estimates. Assad says he is fighting an insurgency that has been sponsored from abroad.

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Zio-Nazi Navy Unveils fifth Submarine in Germany


Former Shin Bet chief: Netanyahu not interested in peace talks

Israeli navy unveiled its fifth submarine in Kiel, Germany on Monday, the Israel Defense Force ( IDF) said.

Israeli and German officials gathered at the Kiel dockyards on Monday morning to inaugurate the Dolphin-class vessel, named INS Rahav, which is “considered one of the most advanced and cutting- edge in the world,” according to a press release by the IDF.

The submersible will arrive in Israel later this year after all its operational systems are installed, said the IDF.

Israel’s submarine flotilla is regarded as the Jewish state’s vital long-range strategic arm, second only to the air force. The capabilities of the craft unveiled Monday were not detailed, but media reports have previously said that Israeli Dolphins are configured to carry nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

The vessels are also reportedly used to transport Israeli special operation forces on missions far from the country’s shores.

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TUT Broadcast: 2 missiles fired at a Russian passenger jet over Syrian airspace

TUT Broadcast April 29, 2013

by crescentandcross

2 missiles fired at a Russian passenger jet over Syrian airspace–Russia’s way

of warning America out of Syria or a failed false flag event by Israel? This and

other items. tut-broadcast-april-29-2013.mp3

Download Here


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San Onofre Nuclear Plant Whistle-Blower: ‘There Is Something Grossly Wrong with the Plant’


One can only hope that we have learned valuable lesions from other nuclear disasters as the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station remains a threat.

by Shepard Ambellas


SAN CLAMENTE, CA — The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has been shut down for about a year now, as one anonymous source (from inside the plant) has came forth saying that the plant is absolutely to dangerous to restart saying, “there is something grossly wrong with the plant”.

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) is a nuclear power plant located on the Pacific coast of California, in the northwestern corner of San Diego County, south of San Clemente. The site is surrounded by the San Onofre State Park and sits next to Interstate 5. The landmark spherical containment buildings around the reactors are designed to prevent unexpected releases of radiation. The closest tectonic fault line is the Cristianitos fault, which is considered inactive or “dead”. The plant has been the site of many protests by anti-nuclear groups., according to Wikipedia.

The plant itself sits in a low lying tsunami zone and potential earthquake zone not deemed safe by many concerned Americans after what they saw take place during the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. In fact a unanimous vote at a recent city council demonstrates the public concern, as the vote 11-0 was to not reopen the plant this summer during California’s peak energy usage while the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says otherwise.

The NRC maintains that the plant will be safe to open if it’s only ran at 70% power, reducing the risk of the tubes rubbing causing fatigue, raising more concern amongst the general public.

The recent passage by the city council on April 23, will make sure San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has “fully reviewed public safety through a prudent, transparent, and precautionary process, has allowed independent experts and the public ample opportunity to comment, and has confirmed that Southern California Edison has completed any resulting mandated repairs, replacements, or other actions necessary to guarantee both short and long-term safe operation of San Onofre.”

Lately the NRC has been on a push to restart the plant after a 2012 radiation leak created by tubes hitting each other in the steam generator which has caused major wear which could lead to a crack or breach resulting in a massive disaster.

The whistle -blower that came forward also stated, “If an accident like this were to happen, San Onofre’s emergency plan is not here to handle it and it could cause a public disaster.”

Mitsubishi, the steam generators designer responded to an ABC news source stating, “the design went through an extensive review process which included the participation of third-party experts.” But others are not so sure. Mitsubishi was contracted to build new steam generation units in 2010 and 2011 that would replace the old offering what was supposed to be clean safe energy for decades to come. However, major flaws in the design have led to problems causing the plant to be shut down 11 moths after the new steam generation installation in 2011.

The whistle-blower (with 25 years experience in the nuclear field) maintains that San Onofre’s units 2 and 3 are simply too dangerous to restart. Tubes that carry water to and from the reactor core operate under very high internal pressure and are hitting eachother creating cracks.

Due to the recent concerns brought forth the public is demanding answers. In fact Harvy Wasserman reported, “California’s largest city thus joins Del Mar, Encinitas, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Santa Monica, Solana Beach, Vista, Berkeley, Fairfax and the San Diego Unified School District board in asking the NRC to take all steps necessary to guarantee the public safety. Some resolutions include the demand that the NRC make utility officials testify under oath in public before San Onofre might be allowed to go back on line.

The sentiment has been echoed by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) who chairs the Senate committee that oversees the NRC. Boxer has been joined by Representative Ed Markey (D-MA) in questioning whether Southern California Edison knew steam generators being installed at San Onofre were faulty.

The new Mitsubishi generators cost some $770,000,000. But critical tubes began banging together and sprang leaks after less than a year of operations. As many as 17 percent of the plant’s 19,400 tubes may have been involved.

The reactors were shut in January, 2012. Edison has since billed ratepayers roughly a billion dollars for them, even though they’ve generated no electricity for more than a year. The utility says it needs the reactors’ power for the coming southern California summer, even though the region operated just fine last summer without them.

ABC News has now broadcast warnings from a 25-year insider at San Onofre. “There is something grossly wrong,” the whistle-blower told a San Diego TV in a carefully disguised appearance.

Edison wants to operate Unit Two for five months on an experimental basis. But there are 8 million people living within a 50-mile radius. “If an accident like this happens, (an) emergency plan is not geared to handle such a public safety devastation,” says ABC’s inside source. “Those things have never been practiced or demonstrated in a drill scenario.”

The Government Accountability Office has recently confirmed the confused state of atomic evacuation planning nationwide, a warning picked up by Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA).

Such warnings echo those of former NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko, who has told the public that none of the 104 reactors currently licensed to operate in the U.S. are safe. The industry, he says, is “just rolling the dice” by continuing to operate these commercial reactors, including San Onofre.

Edison has dismissed Jaczko, the GAO and the whistle-blower’s warnings in demanding a June 1 restart. Boxer and Markey want the NRC to refuse approval until public hearings can be held. But the Commission seems to be rushing ahead with the licensing process.”







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Prince Hamad of Qatar seen here explaining to Khadija Ghulaam, Pakistan’s Minister for Adolescent Affairs,  and Bunny Minsk, of Human Rights Watch, why sex with little boys is better than with girls.

No man has given so much to the Syrian Army as Prince Fatso (a/k/a Prince Drum son of Double-Drum Husband of Madame Banana of the Second Rate Tribe) of the Grand Duchy of Catarrh.  He has spent billions to arm the Syrian “opposition”, which includes mostly Islamist grubs and monkeys from North Africa, the Caucasus, Central Africa and Yemen.  He has spent over 12 billion dollars on arms from the U.S., France, Croatia, U.K. and other nations only to find these instruments of death falling into the hands of the Syrian Army, militia and National Defense Forces.

Since the time the Syrian Ministry of Defense graduated over 100,000 new militiamen and women, there was a need for weapons of high quality to deploy against such organizations as Al-Qaeda, Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood, inter alia, all funded and supported by the Prince himself!  But thanks to new techology and military tactics, the Syrian Army has seized most of these weapons (so generously granted by the good Prince) and turned them against his own putative allies.  This generosity must be rewarded with the Moussa Ibn Nusayr Medal which, in its own way, parallels the prestige and honor associated with the EGON KRENZ AWARD FOR SERVICE TO THE SYRIAN INTELLIGENCE ESTABLISHMENT.  (We note that previous winners of the latter award are: Robert Ford  (2011), Gerhard Schindler (2012) and the French Director of External Intelligence,  Erard Corbin De Mangoux.  Sadly, because of our award, Mr. De Mangoux was fired on April 10, 2013)

This is only one of thousands of examples of weapons seized by the Syrian Army and dispensed to militia and National Defense Forces. None of this would be true but for the generosity of Prince Fatso.

Therefore, it is with much pride that our Board of Governors has awarded the much-coveted MOUSA IBN NUSAYR MEDAL to PRINCE FATSO OF QATAR.  With our compliments and gratitude.  Good Show, Fat Prince!!!



Multiple Polls: Americans Are More Afraid of the GOVERNMENT than TERRORISTS


by JGVibes

It doesn’t help that the government claims the power to assassinate American citizens living on U.S. soil, indefinitely detain Americans without trial, spy on everyone and otherwise intrude into every aspect of our lives.

WND reports today:

According to a pair of recent polls, for the first time since the 9/11 terrorist hijackings, Americans are more fearful their government will abuse constitutional liberties than fail to keep its citizens safe.

Even in the wake of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing – in which a pair of Islamic radicals are accused of planting explosives that took the lives of 3 and wounded over 280 – the polls suggest Americans are hesitant to give up any further freedoms in exchange for increased “security.”

A Fox News survey polling a random national sample of 619 registered voters the day after the bombing found despite the tragic event, those interviewed responded very differently than following 9/11.

For the first time since a similar question was asked in May 2001, more Americans answered “no” to the question, “Would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism?”

Of those surveyed on April 16, 2013, 45 percent answered no to the question, compared to 43 percent answering yes.

In May 2001, before 9/11, the balance was similar, with 40 percent answering no to 33 percent answering yes.

But following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the numbers flipped dramatically, to 71 percent agreeing to sacrifice personal freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism.

Subsequent polls asking the same question in 2002, 2005 and 2006 found Americans consistently willing to give up freedom in exchange for security. Yet the numbers were declining from 71 percent following 9/11 to only 54 percent by May 2006.

Now, it would seem, the famous quote widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin – “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” – is holding more sway with Americans than it has in over a dozen years.

A similar poll sampling 588 adults, conducted on April 17 and 18 for the Washington Post, also discovered the change in attitude.

“Which worries you more,” the Post asked, “that the government will not go far enough to investigate terrorism because of concerns about constitutional rights, or that it will go too far in compromising constitutional rights in order to investigate terrorism?”

The poll found 48 percent of respondents worry the government will go too far, compared to 41 percent who worry it won’t go far enough.

And similar to the Fox News poll, the Post found the worry to be a fresh development, as only 44 percent worried the government would go too far in January 2006 and only 27 percent worried the government would go too far in January 2010.

The Fox News poll found that a bare majority of Democrats (51%) would give up more personal freedom to reduce the threat of terror, while only 47% of Republicans – and a mere 29% of independents – would do so.

This is not entirely surprising.

As we noted in February:

For years, “conservative” pollsters have said that Americans are furious at the government:

Liberals may be tempted to think that this is a slanted perspective. But non-partisan and liberal pollsters are saying the same thing:

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Jan. 9-13 among 1,502 adults, finds that 53% think that the federal government threatens their own personal rights and freedoms while 43% disagree.

In March 2010, opinions were divided over whether the government represented a threat to personal freedom; 47% said it did while 50% disagreed. In surveys between 1995 and 2003, majorities rejected the idea that the government threatened people’s rights and freedoms.


The survey finds continued widespread distrust in government. About a quarter of Americans (26%) trust the government in Washington to do the right thing just about always or most of the time; 73% say they can trust the government only some of the time or volunteer that they can never trust the government.


Majorities across all partisan and demographic groups express little or no trust in government.

Obviously, Democrats are currently more trusting in government than Republicans. For example:

The Pew Research Center’s 2010 study of attitudes toward government found that, since the 1950s, the party in control of the White House has expressed more trust in government than the so-called “out party.”

But given that even a growing percentage of Dems believe that government is a threat to their freedom, things are indeed getting interesting …

It doesn’t help that the government claims the power to assassinate American citizens living on U.S. soil, indefinitely detain Americans without trial, spy on everyone and otherwise intrude into every aspect of our lives.

Postscript: What are the actual risks coming from government versus terrorism?  That’s an interesting question.

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PCHR is Concerned over the Security Officers’ Violent Dispersal of Two Peaceful Sit-ins Organized byHizbut-Tahrir in Tulkarm



The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is concerned over the attacks carried out against the participants in two peaceful sit-ins organized by Hizbut-Tahrir in Tulklarm.  These attacks included beating and arrest by officers of the Palestinian security services.  PCHR calls upon the Attorney General to open a serious investigation in these incidents and publish the results of their investigations on public.  PCHR also calls the Palestinian government in the West Bank to stop these attacks, and to respect the Palestinian right to peaceful assembly, guaranteed under the Palestinian Basic Law and international human rights standards.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR and eyewitness testimonies, at approximately 12:00 on Saturday, 27 April 2013, dozens of members and activists in Hizbut-Tahrir gathered near Martyr Jamal Abdul-Naser Square in the centre of Tulkarm, in the north of the West Bank, in protest to the arrest of a number of their colleagues on Thursday, 25 April 2013.  A large unit of officers of the Palestinian security services arrived at the scene and started beating the participants with sticks and clubs, and violently dispersed the sit-in.  Moreover, security officers arrested more than 30 of the participating civilians, who have been under arrest so far.

The security services violently dispersed a similar sit-in for Hizbut-Tahririn the same place on Thursday, 25 April 2013.  According to the observations of PCHR staff, at approximately 13:00 on Thursday, dozens of activists in Hizbut-Tahrir gathered near Abdul-Naser Square, to protest the U.S Secretary of State’s initiative.  Large units of security services arrived at the scene and violently dispersed the sit in, firing tear gas canisters and beating the participants with sticks and clubs.  Furthermore, the security services arrested approximately 20 participants, two of whom were released for health reasons, while others have remained under arrest so far.

PCHR is concerned over the violent dispersal of two peaceful sit-ins in Tulkarm by security services, and:

1.     Calls upon the Attorney General to open a serious investigation in the circumstances of the attack against the participants, which was carried out by members of the security services, and to publish the results of the investigation on public;

2.     Calls upon the government in the West Bank to issue clear orders to halt all practices carried out against participants in sit-ins and demonstrations, and to respect the right to peaceful assembly that is constitutionally ensured;

3.     Calls upon the Palestinian security services to respect international human rights standards, the Palestinian Basic Law and other related laws.

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