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IsraHell exploited loophole to take 1,000 DNA samples from African refugees

Sudanese refugees in a park near the Israeli Parliament. (AFP Photo / Yoav Lemmer)

Sudanese refugees in a park near the Israeli Parliament. (AFP Photo / Yoav Lemmer)

Israeli police have admitted to collecting some 1,000 DNA samples from African refugees who have arrived in the country since 2012, after using a security-related clause to open criminal cases against some of the immigrants.

The news was comfirmed by Commander Eran Kamin of the Investigations Division, who reported on the issue to a Knesset committee on Tuesday.

The issue was first revealed in an article in Haaretz, which said that police officials had earlier had their request for collecting refugees’ DNA samples rejected by Knesset Committees. To bypass this rejection, the police opened criminal cases against the African migrants – they had technically entered the country illegally, which the police then classified as a ‘security-related’ crime.

“We are aware that those entering Israel have had unpleasant experiences, to say the least, but still, we’re aware of the fact that they broke the law. The law defines them as infiltrators,” Kamin said, according to Haaretz.

In 2012, Israeli police collected more than 600 samples. However, they have not solved any reported crimes as a result of this DNA collection practice, Haaretz said.


Sudanese refugees wake up at a park near the Israeli Parliament building in Jerusalem. (AFP Photo / Yoav Lemmer)

Sudanese refugees wake up at a park near the Israeli Parliament building in Jerusalem. (AFP Photo / Yoav Lemmer)


Police officials claim they are not creating a refugee database, and that the personal data they receive from migrants are placed in a general pool. African immigrants are nevertheless reportedly angered by the procedure, which they have slammed as discriminatory.

Human rights activists in Israel strongly oppose the practice: “The criminal process is meant to reach the truth and punish offenders who have been legally convicted. But in terms of asylum-seekers, police are making a different use entirely of the criminal proceeding,” said attorney Asaf Weitzen of the Hotline for Migrant Workers. He added that police were “creating a new law and suiting it to a regime in which there is no longer a need for courts, legislators or public opinion.”

Alva Kolan of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel said this is “a cynical use of the Prevention of Infiltration Law, and squarely contradicts the International Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, which explicitly states that infiltration, in itself, cannot be considered a criminal offense.” 

The DNA collection is another facet of the Israeli government’s crackdown on immigrants coming from such African nations as Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. After being dubbed“infiltrators” and a threat to state security, they are encouraged to return to their native countries. Many of those unwilling to return home face indefinite jail terms.


South Sudanese refugees board a bus taking them to Ben Gurion International airport, near Tel Aviv. (AFP Photo / Oren Ziv)

South Sudanese refugees board a bus taking them to Ben Gurion International airport, near Tel Aviv. (AFP Photo / Oren Ziv)


Israel has regularly been accused of deporting Sudanese migrants back to their homeland, where visiting or living in Israel is a crime. In February, Israel reportedly forced at least 1,000 Sudanese to return home.

Israel described the deportations as “voluntary leave,” which the UN Refugee agency dismissed as unlikely. “Deporting Sudanese to Sudan would be the gravest violation possible of the refugee convention that Israel has signed – a crime never before committed,” the UN representative to Israel Michael Bavli said.

In August 2012, a report by the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that Israel deported Sudanese asylum seekers by issuing documents with intentionally incorrect nationalities. Having no repatriation agreement with Sudan, Israel gave more than 100 Sudanese nationals passports or birth certificates labeling them citizens of South Sudan, which seceded from Sudan in 2011, the report stated.


AFP Photo / Yoav Lemmer


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9/11 in Context: The Importance of the Growing Contradictory Evidence

Global Research


Nearly 12 years after the event, the official account of 9/11 continues to be actively studied by academics around the world. The idea of 9/11 as a false-flag operation to build support for an aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East is steadily gaining ground, suggesting that a policy change is overdue.

This essay provides a brief overview of recent academic evidence, high-level conferences, and media documentaries that raise fresh questions regarding the official account of 9/11. It then describes the 9/11 Consensus Panel as an up-to-date source of evidence-based research for any investigation that may be undertaken to settle 9/11′s unanswered questions.

Finally, this essay argues that mortality from all terror events combined lags far behind annual mortality from preventable common causes such as obesity, smoking, and impaired driving. More importantly, all these causes together will be dwarfed by the mortality from predicted “business as usual” global warming events — which cry out for a unified emergency response.

Today is the second anniversary of the day the United States announced the destruction and disposal of Osama bin Laden during a special military operation.

In spite of this announcement, worldwide skepticism and research continue to dog the official account of 9/11.

Had the United States Government called an immediate investigation (it did not form the 9/11 Commission until late 2002) and provided consistent and transparent proof of its claims against Osama bin Laden and the 19 alleged hijackers, things might have been different.

In the wake of the officially failed evidence, NGO’s continue to dig into the disturbing and unanswered questions that haunt this world-changing event. Year by year, these research bodies have been delving ever more deeply into new photographic, FOIA, and witness evidence.

Recent high-level conferences in Kuala Lumpur,[1] Bremen, Germany,[2] and Toronto, Canada,[3] have raised public awareness of the urgent need to revisit the watershed event behind the global war on terror.

An issue of the international magazine Nexus, which sold on news-stands across France in March and April this year, devoted 12 pages to the work of the 9/11 Consensus Panel ( and its 28 peer-reviewed Consensus Points of evidence against elements of the official story.[4]

In late 2012, PBS aired one of its most-watched documentaries, “Experts Speak Out,” in which 40 architects and engineers demonstrate that the structural collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 could only have been caused by controlled demolition.[5]

Indeed many serious investigations have been undertaken by the major media, including Canada’s flagship CBC program, The Fifth Estate.[6] These explorations were summarized in my 2010 essay reporting that “eight countries – Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Russia – have allowed their publicly-owned broadcasting stations to air the full spectrum of evidence challenging the truth of the official account of 9/11.[7]

In February, 2010, the American Behavioral Scientist published six articles introducing the concept of “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCADS), including “Beyond Conspiracy Theory: Patterns of High Crimes in American Government.”[8]

Why has all this effort to establish the truth about 9/11 persisted for nearly 12 years?

1. First, because many high officials have cast doubt on the official story. To name just one, a dismayed General Wesley Clark reported in a 2007 interview with Amy Goodman that on September 20, 2001, and again later in November, his former Pentagon staff told him that the US was going to “take out” seven Middle East countries in the next five years, beginning with Iraq; then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan.[9]

2. In carrying out these operations, the “global war on terror” spawned by 9/11 has maintained an unprecedented degree of fear and divisiveness in the world;

3. This war has been justified by a pervasive, shadowy enemy that can only be countered by flawless surveillance, suspension of civil rights, and unlimited military spending;

4. This “forever war” has redefined world relationships (Muslim and Christian) and given the West a new kind of entitlement to occupy lands that might foster terror against it;

5. It has virtually bankrupted the West through trillions spent in Afghanistan and Iraq that are roughly equivalent to the bank bailouts;

6. September 11th and its offspring terror war have wrecked our confidence in the first principles of democracy. Ever-reminded that terror lurks all around, we must cower and surrender freedoms to contain it.

7. Worst of all, preoccupation with terror has taken our attention off the vital need to address global warming and planetary survival. War-on-terror hawks have done quite the opposite, having manufactured public consent to occupy the very lands that house the cheap oil that is cooking the planet as it approaches 400 ppm of atmospheric CO2.[10]

How do we get back to first principles and return to global, survival-oriented priorities?

The central question is: “Do we choose to act from what we want our world to be, or from what we fear it might become?”

Do we design a harmonious world fit for all humanity, or do we stifle our vision and hopes for peace behind fear, prisons, martial law, and infinite military spending?

All great periods of history – the golden ages of optimism, learning, culture and prosperity — have been inspired by the creative, expansive human imagination. This imagination is inspired by the belief that a civilized world is possible because we can make it so. It is inspired by a vision of human beings as a world family whose spirits embrace justice, order, and decency.

As President John F. Kennedy said in his famous speech of 1963:

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. In the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”[11]

Because of 9/11, however, our new century has been dominated by an obsessive fear of Muslim peoples. This fear, fueled daily by the Western media, has persuaded America to compromise its fundamental democratic rights and principles in favor of a “security” that has not yet become evident.

Thus it is crucial to know whether 9/11 transpired as we have been told — and for this we need the means to identify the best evidence possible.

The 9/11 Consensus Panel and its Approach to Evidence

The 9/11 Consensus Panel was formed in May, 2011. Its purpose and procedures are briefly outlined below:

· The media has claimed for a decade that it is unable to evaluate the technical evidence being presented against the official story of 9/11.

· A parallel problem existed in medicine during the years when there were contradictory, unranked approaches to evaluating the 22 million articles in the biomedical literature databases.

· This problem was greatly reduced by the introduction of “evidence-based” medicine, which applied formal rules of evidence in evaluating the clinical literature.

· Using widely accepted tools such as the Delphi Method, medicine has now developed hundreds of standard Consensus Statements to guide physicians in diagnosis and treatment.
· Similarly, 20 expert members[12] of the new 9/11 Consensus Panel have now developed Consensus Points of “best evidence” opposing the official account of 9/11.

· The Panel Members, who remain blind to one another throughout the process, provide three rounds of review and feedback that are refined into 28 Points (thus far) of “best evidence”.

· This scientific process has yielded an unprecedented degree of credibility for points of evidence relating to 9/11 that can be trusted by the media and the public.

· The 9/11 Consensus Points provide a ready source of evidence-based research to any investigation that may be undertaken by the public, the media, academia, or any other investigative body or institution.


We have seen that the evidence supporting the official story of 9/11 has become increasingly open to question. We have also seen that preoccupation with 9/11 has continued unabated through the ever-present war on terror.

But to keep things in perspective: lives lost to the sum total of terror events are far fewer than those lost annually to preventable deaths from obesity, smoking, and impaired driving.[13]

This should translate into the media giving more time to the prevention of obesity, traffic accidents, and smoking, and less time to preventing terror events.

That would be fine except that all these things taken together pale by comparison with the disease and mortality[14] that will ensue if we continue with “business as usual” in the face of recent evidence that “observed [fossil fuel] emissions continue to track the top end of all scenarios.”[15]

In order to steel ourselves to confront global warming — the most serious challenge ever faced by civilization — we need to reframe our priorities.

We need to wage war on our own behaviour, and it’s time to gear up, impose discipline, and win the planet back.

This means taking our declared “war on global warming” to the front page of every newspaper, to the top of all social media discussions, and to the Number One item in every town hall meeting on Platform Earth.


[1]International Conference: “9/11 Revisited — Seeking the Truth,” sponsored by Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of Perdana Global Peace Foundation (

[2]“Quo Vadis NATO? — Challenges for Democracy and Law,” University of Bremen, April 26-28, 2013 ( Presenters included: Dr. Hans-Christof Graf von Sponeck, former United Nations Assistant Secretary General; Prof. Dr. Christopher Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice; Dr. Dieter Deiseroth, Judge at the German Federal Administrative Court; Wolfgang Nescovic, former Judge at the German Federal High Court; Prof. Dr. Reinhard Merkel, Professor for criminal law and philosophy of law, University of Hamburg; Dr. Andreas von Bülow, former German Assistant Secretary of Defense; and Dr. Daniele Ganser, Swiss historian and peace researcher.

[3]The Toronto Hearings, September 2011, chaired by four international judges, including Mr. Ferdinando Imposimato, Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court ( The Proceedings are available at:

[5]“9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out,” produced by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( was the most watched and most shared PBS video nationwide for several weeks, with over a million viewers. (

[6] CBC. The Fifth Estate. “The Unofficial Story”, November 27, 2009 ( ) The Fifth Estate has won 243 awards, including an Oscar for best documentary, three international Emmy Awards, and 31 Geminis.

[7]Elizabeth Woodworth, “The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Part II: A Survey of Attitude Change, 2009-2010,” Global Research, February 15, 2010 (

[8]These are listed at The print issue is available for $24 from Sage Journals at, telephone 1-800-818-7243.

[9] “The Plan — According to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.),” Interview with General Wesley Clark, Amy Goodman, March 2, 2007 ( For other military leaders who share General Clark’s concern, see

[10] Global Carbon Project, “Global Carbon Budget, 2012,” December 12, 2012 (

[11] John F. Kennedy. American University Commencement Address, June 10, 1963 (

[12]The Panel Members’ photos and biographies are available at

[13]World Health Organization. “Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for mortality worldwide, accountable for at least 2.8 million deaths each year.” (

CDC Atlanta. “The adverse health effects from cigarette smoking account for an estimated 443,000 deaths, or nearly one of every five deaths, each year in the United States.” (

CDC Atlanta. “In 2010, 10,228 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.”

[14]Climate Institute, “Human Health,” ( This short summary from 2009 or 2010 estimates the health impacts of global warming.

[15] Global Carbon Project, “Global Carbon Budget, 2012,” December 12, 2012 (

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Kerry in Moscow to press US agenda against Syria


US Secretary of State John Kerry (R) with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in February 2013 (file photo)

US Secretary of State John Kerry (R) with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in February 2013 (file photo)
US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Moscow in a high profile bid to press top Russian officials against backing the Syrian government amid the recent US-backed Israeli aggression against the nation.

Issues surrounding Israeli aerial and missile strikes against Syrian installations are widely expected to be the top agenda in the talks as the US has announced a major effort to begin providing military aid for foreign-backed militant gangs, trying to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power, press reports said Tuesday.

Russia has already expressed major concerns over the Israeli attacks and warned that such acts of aggression threaten to expand tensions to neighboring countries.

Despite growing US-led pressures on Moscow to halt its support for the Syrian government, Russia has so far resisted efforts by the US and its allies to wage a direct military intervention against Syria, insisting that the crisis will have to be resolved diplomatically.

Kerry will meet with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, although the two greatly disagree on the events in Syria and the future of President Bashar al-Assad.

This while the Obama administration has recently said it does not rule out providing arms for the militant gangs in Syria which include al-Qaeda-linked terrorist elements.

Ahead of Kerry’s visit to Moscow, Russia’s foreign ministry called on the West to stop politicizing the issue of chemical weapons in Syria,.

This is while Carla Del Ponte, a member of the UN commission probing the alleged use of the nerve gas sarin in Syria, announced on Sunday that the country’s opposition forces, and not the Assad regime, were behind the use of chemical weapons.

There are “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof” of sarin gas being used “on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities,” she reportedly told a Swiss-Italian television outlet.

Following his visit to Russia, Kerry is to travel to Rome to meet with Italian, Israeli and Jordanian officials to discuss Middle East issues, including the Syrian situation

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Syria–IsraHell strikes ‘co-ordinated with terrorists’


Syrian Information Minister Omran Zoabi said Israeli air strikes have “opened the door to all possibilities”

The strikes had led to a number of casualties and widespread damage, it reported in a letter sent to the UN.

State media said a research centre and other sites had been hit overnight. Israeli sources said weapons bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon were the target.

The strike, the second in two days, drew condemnation from the Arab League.

Syria’s government refers to rebels fighting against it as “terrorists”.

On Friday, Israeli aircraft hit a shipment of missiles near the Lebanon border, according to unnamed US and Israeli officials.

The BBC’s Yolande Knell in Jerusalem says the latest developments are a significant escalation in Israel’s involvement in the conflict.

Israel has consistently said that it does not want to get involved in neighbouring Syria’s bloody civil war, but that it will act to stop anti-aircraft rockets and chemical weapons falling into the hands of extremist groups that threaten its national security.

Government and military sources have not officially claimed responsibility for the latest attacks, but Israeli experts suggest there must have been solid intelligence that Hezbollah was receiving a shipment of high-precision Fateh-110 surface-to-surface missiles from Iran via Syria. These would have been a powerful tool for Israel’s sworn enemy with which it fought a month-long war back in 2006.

The threats from Damascus and strong anti-Israeli rhetoric now coming from other Arab capitals are reminders that military intervention carries high risks.

The IDF has now positioned two batteries of its Iron Dome anti-missile defence system in northern Israel in preparation for a possible retaliatory attack. Civilian flights in the area have been cancelled and Israeli embassies around the world have been placed on high alert.

The Syrian foreign ministry statement said three military sites had been hit – a research centre at Jamraya, a paragliding airport in the al-Dimas area of Damascus and a site in Maysaloun.

“The flagrant Israeli attack on armed forces sites in Syria underlines the co-ordination between ‘Israel’, terrorist groups and… the al-Nusra Front,” the statement said, referring to al-Qaeda militants fighting with the rebels.

“The Israeli attack led to the fall of a number of martyrs and wounded from the ranks of Syrian citizens, and led to widespread destruction in these sites and in the civilian districts near to them.”

The statement added: “This leaves no room for doubt Israel is the beneficiary, the mover and sometime the executor of the terrorist acts which Syria is witnessing and which target it as a state and people directly or through its tools inside.”

The Syrian cabinet held an emergency meeting on the attacks, after which Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi read a statement at a news conference.

He said the attack made the Middle East “more dangerous” and “opens the door wide to all possibilities”.

Syria had the right and the duty “to defend its people by all available means,” he added.

In the latest attack, Damascus was shaken by repeated explosions coming from the north-western suburbs.

Amateur video footage and eyewitness testimony suggested rocket attacks had hit weapons dumps, triggering dramatic orange-flamed blasts.

The area houses numerous military facilities, including the Jamraya research centre, designated by Syria as a scientific research centre “in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defence”.

Damascus-based journalist Alaa Ebrahim told the BBC it was “the biggest explosion” the city had seen since the conflict began two years ago.

He said residents living near Jamraya reported feeling a “mild earthquake” just before the blast, indicating that the rockets may have hit an underground facility.

Our correspondent says the Israeli attack is a high-risk strategy, and it has drawn strong reaction from the rest of the Arab world.

30 January – Syria says Jamraya research centre attacked, Israel says target was weapons bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon

3 May – Strike on shipment of missiles near Lebanon border, US and Israeli officials say
5 May – Attack on military sites at Jamraya and Maysaloun, and a paragliding airport in al-Dimas, says Syria. Israel says weapons bound for Hezbollah are the target
Q&A: Israeli strikes on Syria
Profile: Jamraya research centre
The Egyptian presidency said they “violated international law and principles that will further complicate the situation”.

“Despite its strong opposition to bloodshed in Syria and the Syrian army’s use of weapons against its people… Egypt rejects at the same time the assault on Syria’s capabilities, violation of its sovereignty, and exploitation of its internal crisis under any pretext,” the presidency’s statement said.

And the Arab League, which has given its Syria seat to the rebels, called on the UN Security Council to “act immediately” to end the attacks.

The Jamraya facility was also apparently hit in an Israeli air strike in January.

Israeli officials confirmed the January strike, but insisted trucks carrying missiles to Hezbollah were the target.

After the latest attack, unnamed Western intelligence sources said the target was a weapons cache heading for Lebanon.

Israel has repeatedly said it would act if it felt advanced weapons were being transferred to militant groups in the region, especially Hezbollah.

Correction (7 May 2013): The headline of this report has been amended to make clear that the claim that Israeli air strikes had been co-ordinated with the rebels was made by Syrian officials.

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Robert Fisk: The truth is that after IsraHell’s air strikes, we are involved


If the EU and US say nothing about these attacks, approval is granted

Lights in the sky over Damascus. Another Israeli raid – “daring” of course, in the words of Israel’s supporters, and the second in two days – on Bashar al-Assad’s weaponry and military facilities and weapons stores. The story is already familiar: the Israelis wanted to prevent a shipment of Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles reaching Hezbollah in Lebanon;  they were being sent by the Syrian government. According, at least, to a ‘Western intelligence source’. Anonymous, of course. And it opens the old question: why when the Syrian regime is fighting for its life would it send advanced missiles out of Syria?

But the Syrians themselves have officially confirmed that military installations were hit by the Israelis. And not for the first time during the rebellion. The Fateh-110 – the new version, at least – has a range of perhaps 250km. And it could indeed reach Tel Aviv from southern Lebanon. If the Hezbollah has actually acquired any. But why would the Syrians send them, as US sources were also claiming last night, when the Americans themselves claimed only last December that the Syrians had used the same ground-to-ground missiles against rebel forces in Syria.

In other words, the Syrian regime was prepared to dispense with their rockets to Lebanon when they were already using them in the brutal war in Syria…  Now there are other questions to be asked. If the Syrian air force can use their MiGs so devastatingly – and at such civilian cost – against their enemies inside Syria, why couldn’t they have sent their jets to protect Damascus and attack the Israeli aircraft? Isn’t the Syrian air force supposed to be guarding Syria from Israel?  Or are the MiGs just not technically able to take on Israel’s state-of-the-art (American) hardware? Or would that just be a step too far?

Much more important, however, is the salient fact that Israel has now intervened in the Syrian war.  It may say it was only aiming at weapons destined for the Hezbollah – but these were weapons also being used against rebel forces in Syria.  By diminishing the regime’s supply of these weapons, it is therefore helping the rebels overthrow Bashar al-Assad. And since Israel regards itself as a Western nation – best friend and best US military ally in the Middle East, etc, etc – this means that “we” are now involved in the war, directly and from the air. 

Let’s see if the US and the EU condemn Israel’s air attacks. I doubt it. Which would mean, if we are silent, that we approve of them. Silence, to quote Sir Thomas More, gives consent.

So now the Iranians and Hizballah are accused of intervening in Syria – true, though not to quite extent we are led to believe – and Qatar and Saudi Arabia funnel weapons to the rebels – true, but not quite enough weapons, as the Syrian rebels will tell you – and the Israelis have joined in. We are now militarily involved.

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Pro-Zionist US senator pushes bill requiring military aid to Zio-NATO Rats in Syria


Democratic Chairman of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez

Democratic Chairman of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez

Democratic Chairman of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menedez, well known for his pro-Israeli views and positions, introduced the legislation to his committee on Monday, which would explicitly allow Washington to provide arms and military training to the militant gangs that include al-Qaeda-linked terrorist elements.”

Despite recent findings of a UN probe team that foreign-backed insurgents in Syria have used chemical agents in the country, a top US senator has introduced a bill requiring the Obama administration to supply lethal weapons to the anti-Damascus militant gangs.

Democratic Chairman of US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menedez, well known for his pro-Israeli views and positions, introduced the legislation to his committee on Monday, which would explicitly allow Washington to provide arms and military training to the militant gangs that include al-Qaeda-linked terrorist elements.

The move came on the hills of unprovoked Israeli aerial and missile attacks against Syria in recent days, in a flagrant violation of international law, and a report by a UN investigation team that pointed to “strong, concrete suspicions” of chemical weapons use by foreign-backed Syrian opposition forces that are engaged in a US-led move to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Carla Del Ponte, a member of the UN commission probing the alleged use of the nerve gas sarin in Syria, announced on Sunday that the country’s opposition forces, and not the Assad regime, were behind the use of chemical weapons.

There are “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof” of sarin gas being used “on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities,” she reportedly told a Swiss-Italian television outlet.

Meanwhile, Menendez, a New York Democrat that was recently investigated for ties and accepting campaign funds and bribes from a criminal enterprise in Florida, claimed in a statement that “the Assad regime has crossed a red line that forces us to consider all options.”

He further called for clear measures by Washington to tip the military balance in favor of the anti-Damascus militant gangs in line with the recent aggression by the Zionist regime.

“The greatest humanitarian crisis in the world is unfolding in and around Syria, and the US must play a role in tipping the scales toward opposition groups and working to build a free Syria,” Menendez further claimed.

Such remarks come while Menendez, along with several other pro-Israeli Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the US Congress have been urging the Obama administration to intervene in Syria in support of the insurgents and in a bid to remove President Assad from power even before the reported use of chemical weapons in the key Middle East country.

Furthermore, Menendez is also among those American lawmakers that recently pushed a resolution calling for US backing of the Tel Aviv regime in case it decides to wage a military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is while the Iranian authorities have made clear that in case the Zionist regime dared to attack the country in any way, major Israeli cities will be “razed to the ground” in response and retaliatory measures against US interests would extend far beyond the immediate region.

The US Senate is to consider the draft bill introduced by Menendez next week. In order for the bill to become law, it has to first be approved by the committee, win passage on the floors of the House and the Senate and then signed by President Barack Obama.

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PLF to observe Palestine Week to commemorate the Nakba anniversary


Palestine Foundation of Pakistan has announced it will observe a Palestine Week in commemoration of the anniversary of Youm-e-Nakba when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their homes.

“Youm-e-Nakba or Catastrophe Day brought massacre and expulsion of innocent defenseless Palestinians, said former MNA Muzaffar Hashmi, member of central patrons committee of the PLF. Along with Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani, Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Mehfooz Yar Advocate and Sabir Karbalai, he was speaking at a press conference at Karachi press club.
The PLF leaders announced weeklong programmes under the title of support to the Palestinians right to return their homeland Palestine.
Muzaffar Hashmi said that the Palestine Week will be observed from May 10 to May 16 in all over Pakistan.
“We appeal to all Pakistanis to observe Friday May 10 as a day of solidarity with Palestinians,” said Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani.
Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi said that on the one hand, around 5 million Palestinians have to live outside of Palestine due to Zionist occupier Israel’s denial to the legitimate right of Palestinians to return Palestine and on the other international community remains silent over this unpardonable injustice being done to Palestinians.
Mehfooz Yar Khan said that Nakba anniversary is being observed across the world. He disclosed that Palestinians in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt will march to Palestine in a bid to enter into their sacred Palestine on the 65th anniversary of Nakba Day.
“PLF Pakistan will hold special programmes such as seminars, rallies and exhibitions in collaboration with Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, Awami Muslim League, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and other parties to express solidarity with Palestinians,” Sabir Karbalai, spokesman for the PLF said.
The PLF officials demanded of the United Nations, NAM, APU, OAS, AU, European Union, Arab League and OIC to break their silence and voice their support for the right of Palestinians to return Palestine without any delay.
They said that it was unujust and illogical that the racist Jewish terrorists of Hagana and Irgun brought Jews from across the world to Palestine and imposed an illegitimate state of Israel on Palestinian Arabs by massacring the sons of the soil and forced them to leave their abodes.
They said that Palestine is the land that belongs to Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews. Non-Palestinians and the illegal migrant Jews brought under Aliyah and Aliyah Bet have no right to live in Palestine. They must be sent back to their homes and Palestinians must be brought back to live in Palestine.
The PLF Pakistan vowed that they would continue their support till the last Palestinian refugee is brought back to the sacred land of Palestine. They said that all countries should use their influence and play their role for Palestinians right to return their homeland. They said that a referendum be held in which the Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian, Christians and Palestinian Jews should decide what sort of state they desire on their motherland and there must be no Israel on the sacred land of Palestine.


پریس کانفرنس
فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان نے ’’یوم نکبہ ‘‘ پر ہفتہ فلسطین منانے کا اعلان کر دیا،فلسطینیونں کی فلسطین واپسی کی مہم چلانے کا اعلان 
10مئی بروز جمعہ کو ’’یوم یکجہتی فلسطین‘‘ منانے کی اپیل،بعد نماز جمعہ فلسطینیوں سے اظہار یکجہتی اور غاصب صیہونی ریاست اسرائیل کے خلاف احتجاجی مظاہروں کا اعلان
انبیاء ؑ کی سرزمین فلسطین پر صیہونی ریاست اسرائیل کے غاصبانہ تسلط پر عالمی برادری کی خاموشی سوالیہ نشان ہے۔

فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان نے ’’یوم نکبہ ‘‘ پر ہفتہ فلسطین منانے کا اعلان کر دیا،فلسطینیوں کی فلسطین واپسی کی مہم چلانے کا اعلان ،10مئی بروز جمعہ کو ’’یوم یکجہتی فلسطین‘‘ منانے کی اپیل،بعد نماز جمعہ فلسطینیوں سے اظہار یکجہتی اور غاصب صیہونی ریاست اسرائیل کے خلاف احتجاجی مظاہرے کئے جائیں گے۔انبیاء ؑ کی سرزمین فلسطین پر صیہونی ریاست اسرائیل کے غاصبانہ تسلط پر عالمی برادری کی خاموشی سوالیہ نشان ہے۔ان خیالات کاا ظہار فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان کے مرکزی سرپرست رہنماؤں سابق رکن قومی اسمبلی مظفر احمد ہاشمی (رہنما جماعت اسلامی)، جمعیت علماء پاکستان کے رہنما علامہ قاضی احمد نورانی صدیقی، مجلس وحدت مسلمین پاکستان کراچی کی سیکرٹری جنرل مولانا صادق رضا تقوی، پاکستان عوامی مسلم لیگ کے رہنما محفوظ یار خان ایڈووکیٹ اور فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان کے مرکزی جنرل سیکرٹری و مرکزی ترجمان صابر کربلائی نے کراچی پریس کلب میں پریس کانفرنس سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کیا۔

فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان کے مرکزی رہنماؤں نے کہا کہ دنیا بھر میں فلسطین کی آزادی کی تحریک میں کام کرنے والے حریت پسندوں نے فیصلہ کیا ہے کہ اس سال یوم نکبہ کو ’’فلسطینیوں کی فلسطین واپسی ‘‘ کے عنوان سے منایا جائے گا اور اس حوالے سے فلسطین کے اندر بھرپور پروگرام تشکیل دئیے جائیں گے جبکہ فلسطین کے باہر سرحدوں پر اردن،مصر،لبنان اور شام سے ہزاروں فلسطینی اپنے وطن کی طرف مارچ کریں گے جو کہ ان کا بنیادی حق ہے۔اسی طرح دنیا کے دیگر ممالک میں آزادئ فلسطین کے لئے کام کرنے والے رضا کار اپنے اپنے ممالک میں خصوصی پروگرام ترتیب دیں گے،اسی حوالے سے فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان نے بھی فیصلہ کیا ہے کہ یوم نکبہ کو ملک بھر میں ’’فلسطینیوں کی فلسطینی واپسی‘‘ کے عنوان سے منایا جائے گا اور اس ضمن میں ملک بھر میں 10مئی بروز جمعہ کویوم احتجاج و یوم یکجہتی فلسطین قرار دیتے ہیں اور پاکستان کی تمام اکائیوں سے اپیل کرتے ہیں کہ وہ فلسطینی عوام کے حق میں اور امریکہ اور اسرائیل کے خلاف احتجاج کریں۔واضح رہے کہ فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان کی جانب سے آئمہ جمعہ کو خطوط لکھے جا چکے ہیں جس میں ان سے اپیل کی گئی ہے کہ وہ نماز جمعہ کے خطبات میں فلسطینیوں کے حق واپسی پر بات کریں ۔اسی طرح فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان نے تمام ٹی وی چینلز کے ڈائرکٹر پروگرام نیوز اور ڈائرکٹر کرنٹ افئیرز سمیت ڈائرکٹر نیوز کو خطوط لکھے ہیں جس میں اپیل کی گئی ہے کہ ٹی وی چینلز پر یوم نکبہ کی خصوصی نشریات دکھائی جائیں اور فلسطینیوں کے حق واپسی پر زور دیا جائے۔فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان ،جمعیت علماء پاکستان،جماعت اسلامی،پاکستان عوامی مسلم لیگ اور مجلس وحدت مسلمین سمیت دیگر سیاسی و مذہبی جماعتوں کے ساتھ مل کر مشترکہ طور پر ملک بھر میں یو م نکبہ کے عنوان سے 10مئی سے 16مئی ہفتہ فلسطین منایا جائے گا اور اس عنوان سے احتجاجی مظاہرے،سیمینارز اور تصویری نمائشوں کا اہتمام کیا جائے گا۔ہم اقوام متحدہ ،او آئی سی،یورپی یونین،غیر جانبدار ممالک کی تنظیم اور دیگر علاقائی تنظیموں سے مطالبہ کرتے ہیں کہ فلسطینیوں کے حق واپسی کے لئے اپنا کردار ادا کریں اور لاکھوں فلسطینیوں کو ان وطن فلسطین میں واپس آباد کرنے میں اپنا کردار ادا کریں۔

ن کاکہنا تھا کہ فلسطین روز اول سے فلسطینیوں کا وطن ہے،جسے دنیا کی کوئی طاقت ان سے جدا نہیں کر سکتی اور فلسطینیوں کو یہ حق حاصل ہے کہ وہ اپنے وطن لوٹ جائیں او ر اپنی زندگی گزاریں ۔اسرائیل ایک ایسا سرطان ہے جو نہ صرف فلسطین کو تباہ و برباد کرنا چاہتا ہے بلکہ مشرق وسطیٰ اور پھر ایشیاء سمیت پورے عالم اسلام او ر پوری دنیا کو اپنے پنجوں سے زخمی کرنا چاہتا ہے تاکہ پوری دنیا کے لوگ غاصب اسرائیل کے محتاج ہو جائیں او ر اس کے غلام بن جائیں ۔اگر ہم نے مظلوم فلسطینیوں کے حق کے لئے آواز نہ اٹھائی تو عنقریب پوری دنیا اسرائیلی سرطان کی لپیٹ میں آجائے گی اور پھر پانی سر سے گزر چکا ہو گا۔ان کاکہنا تھا کہ سنہ 1948ء سے قبل لا کر بسائے جانے والے یہودیوں کو یہ حق حاصل نہیں ہے کہ وہ سر زمین فلسطین کے مالک بن بیٹھیں اور اس سر زمین کے مالکوں کو بے گھر کر دیں۔انہوں نے مزید کہا کہایسے تمام فلسطینی جو سنہ 1948ء کے وقت فلسطین میں آباد تھے خواہ وہ کسی بھی مذہب یا مسلک سے تعلق رکھتے ہوں ان کو حق حاصل ہے کہ فلسطین لوٹ آئیں اور آنے کے بعد ایک عمومی ریفرنڈم کے ذریعے اپنے لئے ایک حکومت یا نظام کا فیصلہ کریں اور پھر وہ نظام یہ فیصلہ کرے کہ سنہ 1948ء کے وقت اور اس کے بعد دنیا بھر سے لا کر بسائے جانے والے یہودیوں اور صیہونیوں کو فلسطین میں رہنے کا حق حاصل ہے یا نہیں۔اور ایسے حالات میں صرف ایک ریاست کا وجود ہو جس کا نام فلسطین جو نیل کے ساحل سے لے کر تا بہ خاک کاشغر ۔

والسلام۔۔علی احمر۔۔انچار ج میڈیا سیل ۔۔۔0334-3206768/0321-2487492

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In Bed With Bibi


By Gilad Atzmon

Once again we see a familiar pattern: our united ‘progressives’ — a veritable synagogue, a collective of great humanists — lend their support to the oppressed.  This time it is the ‘Syrian people’ whom they wish to liberate and their enemy is obviously Bashar  Al-Asad.

It is a pattern we know only too well by now. Ahead of the ‘War Against Terror’ we witnessed years of intensive progressive Feminist and Gay’s rights groups campaigns for women’s rights in Afghanistan.  The Progressive type also disapproves of the current state of the Iranian revolution. Too often he or she would insist that we must liberate the Iranians.  This week, once again, we see a united front made by Tariq Ali, Ilan Pappe, Fredric Jameson, Norman Finkelstein and other very good people. They clearly want us to ‘liberate the Syrians’.

They campaign openly to topple Bashar al-Asad’s regime.  They call the ‘people of the world’ to pressure the Syrian regime to end its oppression of and war on the ‘Syrian people.’ “We demand,” they say, that Bashar al-Asad leave immediately without excuses so that Syria can begin a speedy recovery towards a democratic future.”

So here we are. Ali, Jameson, Pappe, Finelstein & Co, in light of recent Israeli attacks on Syria, will you be kind enough, gentlemen, to tell us whom you support? Is it Asad or Netanyahu you side with?

One may wonder how it can happen that our progressives, in spite of their good will and humanist credentials, have managed once again to end up in bed with Bibi?

The answer is actually embarrassingly simple. The progressive philosophy is the latest and most advanced form of ideological choseness. Calling yourself a progressive obviously entails that someone else must be  a ‘reactionary’. It is a self-appointed elitist standpoint that is inherently intolerant and supremacist.

Progressiveness is a precept devoted to the Tikun Olam (fixing the universe) ideology.  It is premised  on the idea that those who uphold progressive ideas ‘know better.’  They know what is right and who is wrong. The Progressive knows how to differentiate between the Kosher and the Taref.  The progressive voices in this case  somehow turn a blind eye to the embarrassing fact that it is actually the Syrian army, largely Sunnis, that is fighting the so-called ‘Syrian rebels’ who are a motley gathering of foreign mercenaries.

Perhaps our progressive interventionists could do with reading Robert Fisk more often — after all, Fisk may as well be the only reliable English-speaking reporter in the region. “The word ‘democracy’ and the name of Assad do not blend very well in much of Syria.” Fisk reports, but he continues,   “I rather think that the soldiers of what is officially called the Syrian Arab Army are fighting for Syria rather than Assad. But fighting they are and maybe, for now, they are winning an unwinnable war.”

Bearing that in mind, I would expect progressive intellectuals, amongst them respected historians and political scientists, to be slightly more sophisticated and ponder a bit more before providing Israel with a moral green light to launch a new global conflict.

I would tend to believe that it is about time our progressive humanists engaged in a preliminary ethical investigation. They should find out, once and for all, what is it that constitutes moral grounds for any form of intervention. I believe that before you preach ‘Tikun Olam’ and  claim to ‘fix the world’ in the name of  the usually cited ‘civil society’ and ‘international law,’  you may want to consider fixing yourselves first.

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Al-Qasir liberated, net al-Jalil, “axix of evil” victorious


سيناريو تحرير القصير سيطبقه حزب الله في تحرير مدن الجليل الفلسطين


كتب : موسى الرضا
خاص بعرب تايمز

عندما بدأ تحرير هصبة مندو في ريف القصير قبل عشرين يوما لم يصدق أحد ما يجري على الأرض, لا الجيش العربي السوري كان يصدق ما تراه أعين جنوده البواسل وهم يدعمون بالنار التقدم الكاسح لخمسين مقاتلا من حزب الله, ولا الأرهابيون التكفيريون صدّقوا ملك الموت وهو ينهال عليهم خاطفا أرواحهم النجسة بعصاه دون أن يعطيهم فرصة من نجاة أو سلّما من فرار

خمسون رجلا من قوات التعبئة في حزب الله, أكثرهم لم يبلغ العشرين من العمر, يحررون تلة مندو الاستراتيجة بساعات قليلة ويوقعون في غضون ثلاثة ساعات فقط لا غير خمسمئة قتيل ارهابي تكفيري جعلت عدنان العرعور يعرعر صائحا نائحا معترفا لا يملك لنفسه نفعا ولا ضرا: خمسمئة في ثلاثة ساعات

بامكانكم مشاهدة الرابط

كانت مخابرات العدو الاسرائيلي تراقب المعركة بأقمارها الاصطناعية المتطورة وكان محللوها مصابون بالصدمة فوحدات التعبئة في حزب الله هي الوحدات العادية ومنها يتألف عديد المجاهدين المتطوعين غير المتفرغين وهي تتألف بأغلبها من طلاب المدارس والحرفيين الذين تلقوا تدريبات أولية ليكونوا عونا لقوات المقاومة الاسلامية في حالة الدفاع وأثناء الحرب. في التقديرات الاسرائيلية فإن حزب الله قد أراد من إدخال عشرات قليلة من قوات التعبئة تحقيق الأهداف التالية

دحر الجماعات التكفيرية عن حدود لبنان الشرقية بعدما تمادت تلك الجماعات بالاعتداء على القرى الآمنة وقتل أهلها

2. مساعدة الجيش العربي السوري في استرداد المبادرة واغلاق خط القصير حمص الاستراتيجي بما يؤمن لدمشق مزيدا من المناعة العسكرية ويجعل ارهابيي حمص في حالة من العسرة الشديدة

3. ابلاغ من تسول له نفسه أن اللعب مع حزب الله كالرقص مع التنيين, أوله دلع وآخره موت زؤام

أما أهم ما لفت نظر الاسرائيليين فهو الطبيعة الجغرافية لمنطقة القصير والتي تشبه الى حد بعيد منطقة الجليل الفلسطيني المحتل الملاصق لحدود لبنان الجنوبية. التقديرات الاسرائيلية رأت أن حزب الله استغل هذا الواقع لاجراء أمر اضافي زيادة على أهدافه الثلاثة السالفة الذكر تمثل في الاستفادة الى أقصى درجة على طريقة ” الفوز بالحج والعمرة معا” وذلك عبر استخدام أرض القصير الوعرة لتنفيذ تمرينات واقعية لوحداته المقاتلة وهو ما نسميه بالفرنسية

Exercise scolaire

أي التمرين المدرسي الذي يجرى للطلاب قبل امتحانات آخر السنة الرسمية. الاسرائيليون فهموا أن الأمر لا يعدو أن يكون سوى محاكاة تدريبية سوف ينفذها حزب الله في المواجهة المقبلة مع اسرائيل عبر اكتساح منطقة الجليل الفلسطيني وتحريرها ثم تطهيرها واعدادها لكي تكون أول معبر محرر لفلسطينيّ الشتات ولمن شاء منهم بالرجوع الى فلسطين

من هنا جاءت الغضبة الاسرائيلية المجنونة, فقد الاسرائيلي أعصابه وتحفظه بعدما تملكه الخوف والرعب من فكرة تطبيق سيناريو تحرير مدينة القصير السورية في الشمال الفلسطيني المحتل, فشن عدوانا غاشما على سوريا منسقا مع حلفائه التكفيريين ومواكبا بالفضائيات العربية التي نشرت كاميراتها الليلة حول الأمكنة المستهدفة قبل وقوع الغارات بساعات قليلة لكي تنقل بالصوت والصورة “بطولات” الجيش الاسرائيلي في دعم اخوانه وحلفائه في ثورة هنري برنار ليفي السورية

الجيش السوري لم يلتفت عن معركته الاساسية فتابع ملاحقة العصابات التكفيرية محتفظا بحقه في الرد على الغارات الاسرائيلية في الزمان والمكان المناسبين لمعرفته اليقينية أن هذه الغارات استهدفت فيما استهدفت تخفيف الضغط العسكري عن التكفيريين الارهابييين وتأخير سقوط مدينة القصير واشغال الجيش وقواته المسلحة عن مهمته في ملاحقة فلول العصابات المأجورة وتشتيت تركيزه العسكري في حسم معركة الداخل المصيرية. ولكن هيهات هيهات فقد دحضت الوقائع على الأرض إمكانية أن تفلح اسرائيل في مساعيها الخائبة أو أن ينجو حلفائها المتأسلمون المهزومون من نهايتهم البائسة, ضعُف الطالب والمطلوب

في الأول من ماي أي قبل ستة أيام بالضبط أخبرتكم في مقالي السابق أن تحرير القصير في غضون اسبوع لا أكثر

اليوم وهو السابع من ماي تحررت مدينة القصير مبكرا أي قبل انقضاء الاسبوع الذي حددته لكم بفارق يوم واحد بعدما تم تحرير ريفها بالكامل

ها هي قوات الجيش العربي السوري الباسل تقوم – في هذه اللحظات – بتنظيف ما تبقى من الأوكار وتطهير المدينة من أدران المسلحين المجرمين والعملاء القتلة الذين لم تنفعهم غارات اسرائيل من قضاء الله المحتوم ومما كانوا منه يحذرون

انتظروني في المقال المقبل: ماذا بعد تحرير القصير

معلومات لها علاقة بمضامين المقال

نشرت صحيفة معاريف تحقيقاً يوم الخميس 02 ايار 2013 عن مشاركة “حزب الله” في معارك القصير حيث عنونت وقالت انّ “مشاركة الحزب في القتال إلى جانب القوات السورية له تداعيات وخيمة على مسار “الثورة السورية” وسيعطي كفة التوفق للجيش السوري الذي سيكتسب مزيداً من المعنويات تؤدي لفرض سيطرته على مناطق حساسة كان قد خسرها في الاشهر الماضية. المحلّل العسكري للقناة الثانية الاسرائيلية “روني أدنييل”، وفي سياق تحليله للمقال المنشور على “معاريف” قال بأن “ما يجري في القصير يشكّل خطرا إستراتيجيا بشكل غير مباشر على اسرائيل، لان قوات حزب الله العالية التدريب تقاتل في هذه المنطقة القريبة جعرافياً من جغرافية منطقة الجليل الاسرائيلية”، مضيفاً: “ان قوات حزب الله التي دُربت في ايران لعمليات إقتحام “لمدن” أسرائيلية، وقامت بعشرات المناورات على مسطحات ارضية، ومدن خالية مشابهة لمدننا، تقوم الان بعمليات تطبيق لما تدرّبت عليه وذلك خلالها دخولها غمار القتال في منطقة القصير ضد قوات المعارضة السورية، حيث استطاعت هذه القوات تغيير موازين القوة واجبرت مسلحي المعارضة على الانهيار في ساعات قليلة، واستطاعت في ايام قليلة فرض سيطرتها على منطقة القصير ومحاصرة مسلحي المعارضة”، والحديث للمحّلل، مع العلم بأن هذا النوع من المقاتلين التكفيريين مدّرب ويحمل عقيدة، وليس بالامر السهل ان تجبره على الخضوع، وهذا ما نجح به حزب الله





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New bill forbids ‘defamation’ of Zio-Nazi Army



ed note–remember the religious psychology that is in operation here–According to Jewish law, as based upon the Jewish religion, GAWD commanded the Jews to slaughter ‘everything that breatheth’ between the boundaries of the Nile and Euphrates rivers. Therefore, anyone 2nd guessing or criticizing this policy is guilty of heresy, according to the precepts of Judaism.
We  can be  rest  assured  that the  original  sponsors of  this  law wanted to make it a criminal offense rather than a civil one but realized it would wake up too many peopleNevertheless, they will–as organized Jewish interests always do–make the most of this bybringing  bankrupting  lawsuits to  people all over the globe for  speaking their minds about Israeli barbarism.

Times of Israel

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation voted to approve a new bill that would allow for easier civil lawsuits against a person or entity for defaming the military.

Currently, individuals or soldiers who want to sue on behalf of the IDF must get special approval from the attorney general.

The bill, introduced by MK Yoni Chetboun of the right-wing Jewish Home party, was formulated, in part, as a response to Israeli-Arab Mohammad Bakri’s 2002 documentary “Jenin, Jenin,” which falsely implicated the IDF in a massacre in the West Bank city during Operation Defensive Shield.

“There was a hole in the law, and many took advantage of it. Those who insult and denigrate Israel and try to delegitimize it in the international arena, attempting to bring about boycotts of Israel and its citizens, have used the IDF as an easy target for their complaints,” Chetboun said Monday after the bill was approved for vote. “As a result of this legislation, the soldiers depicted in movies like ‘Jenin, Jenin’ would be able to sue the movie’s director for libel. It’s time to give IDF soldiers a say in the public debate.”

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Likud’s MK Yariv Levin, said the committee’s approval was an important first step toward “guarding the dignity and honor of IDF soldiers.” Levin added that it would put an end to the “open season on the blood and good names of our fighters.”

The legislation was opposed only by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) and Health Minister Yael German (Yesh Atid).

A Livni spokeswoman said that the justice minister voted against the motion because it clamps down on free speech and could have a “boomerang effect,” meaning that “instead of strengthening the IDF, the bill could weaken it.”

“Jenin, Jenin” purported to document events that took place during the Second Intifada. It prompted five IDF reservists to sue Bakri for defamation, arguing they had been depicted as war criminals. The Supreme Court ultimately dismissed the case although it ruled that the movie falsely accused and slandered the soldiers.

Im Tirzu, a right-wing group whose stated mission is to fight anti-Zionism and delegitimization of Israel, praised the preliminary passage of the motion.

“Today, an important step was taken in the fulfillment of the unwritten contract between the people and the IDF, whereby soldiers are prepared to sacrifice their lives in order to enable Israelis to live, and for the state of Israel to be sustained,” the group said in a statement. “In return for this sacrifice, civilian society and elected officials respect those who make those sacrifices, as they act from a deep sense of morality. The Knesset, in providing legal recourse for soldiers, has taken a very moral step.”

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