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CIA Agents Confirm Obama Told Them Not To Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens – The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya


UPDATE 3.: SEAL’s father Charles Woods on Hannity: WH officials “murdered” my son…

The father of a former Navy SEAL killed in the Libya terror attack last month said Friday that U.S. officials who denied a request for help while the diplomatic compound in Benghazi was under attack “are murderers of my son.”
Charles Woods was reacting to accounts by Fox News sources that a request from the CIA annex for backup was denied by U.S. officials. His son, Tyrone Woods, was killed in the Sept. 11 assault.
“They refused to pull the trigger,” Woods said. “Those people who made the decision and who knew about the decision and lied about it are murderers of my son.”
Woods said he forgives whoever denied the apparent request, but he urged them to “stand up.”
Sources also said Tyrone Woods and others, who were at the CIA annex about a mile from the U.S. consulate, ignored orders by their superiors to stand down and not go to the consulate to help. Woods went to the consulate, and hours later he was killed back at the annex.
Charles Woods said his son’s action “does not surprise me.”
“I wish that the leadership in the White House had the same level of moral courage and heroism that my son displayed,” he said.

UPDATE 2.: BREAKING NEWS!!! Obama a Hitman or Terrorist Arms Dealer??? Why He Hid the Truth of Benghazi…

Published on Oct 29, 2012

Was Obama finished with our Ambassador to Libya where the Arms Trading was concerned???? Did he believe Chris Stevens was going to go public with what he knew about this administrations illegal trading of weapons to the enemy??? Was this like the dreadful murderous colladeral damage of ‘Fast and Furious’ ???

The Turkish leader left the meeting he was having with our Ambassador 1 hour before the attack without being touched, while the building was being watched by the attackers, according to the reports coming from onsite officials at the time, to the white house and to the internet.

The whitehouse WATCHED THE ATTACK on Benghazi go down, via drone recon. They were told as it went down it was a terrorist attack and while it happened THE WHITEHOUSE WATCHED OUR PEOPLE DIE FROM THE SITUATION ROOM!!!
And then lied about it!!!

Hillary Clinton said the buck stopped with her, taking the fall after the lies were being outted and blame had to be placed. I have always said,it is a deadly dangerous business to be one of Hillary Clinton’s ‘friends!!!’ Any ‘friend’ of hers involved with the Whitewater Scandal could tell you that, if any of them were alive today! Every last one of them, even the ones who went to prison, died mysteriously! Remember Vincent Foster… Foster’s death became part of a broad investigation of President and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s financial dealings in Arkansas when Whitewater records were discovered to have been in his office six months after his death. He was found sitting up – dead – in Virginia State Park. Some theorized he died elsewhere, was wrapped in a carpet and brought to the park. Strangely, his death was ruled a suicide.

I said it on the day this took place, and I will say it again. This is a false flag. It had nothing to do with a 13 minute Youtube video. But for the public to know who the terrorist was who did it, would point the finger at the person who sold the terrorist the weapons to do it with!!! And that would be inconvenient just now. As he is trying to win a presidential election!

UPDATE 1.: CIA agents confirm Obama told them not to Aid Ambassador Chris Stevens


Published on Oct 29, 2012

CIA operatives have now confirmed that they were told by the Obama Administration to hold back and not come to the rescue of Ambassador Chris Stevens or the other 3 USA officials butchered in Benghazi Sept 11,2012.rescue


John Christopher Stevens was an American diplomat and lawyer who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya from June 2012 to September 11, 2012. 














After American diplomatic facilities in Libya came under sustained assault by militia forces, the Obama administration – including the president and Secretary of State themselves – spent days insisting that the attacks were a spontaneous reaction to an obscure YouTube video that insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

The intelligence community was incensed at what some called a “cover up” of the administration’s mishandling of the situation.

As more information trickled out, the administration was eventually forced to admit that the attacks that claimed the lives of Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans were acts of terrorism.
But the “cover up” hasn’t stopped there. Information continues to emerge suggesting poor preparation for the anniverary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and potential disregard for the safety of personnel there. Stevens requested a prolonged stay for a 16-member security detail there, for instance, but that request was denied.

The Obama administration owes the American people a full, honest explanation for its actions in Libya. Its rhetoric does not match reality, as Heritage’s new video indisputably shows.

An Incriminating Timeline: Obama Administration and Libya

The latest incriminating information on the U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya indicates that the State Department turned down a request for additional security from concerned U.S. embassy staff.

New evidence shows there were security threats in Libya in the months prior to the deadly September 11 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Despite these threats, the State Department left its personnel there to fend for themselves.

And when the terrorist attack did take place, the Obama Administration peddled the ridiculous story that an offensive, amateurish, anti-Islam YouTube video was to blame in order to avoid characterizing the murders of four Americans as terrorism.

On October 2, a letter was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R–CA) and Jason Chaffetz (R–UT), Chairman of the National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations Subcommittee. The letter detailed 13 known security threats against U.S. facilities in Libya in the six months prior to September 11.

On October 10, the committee will hold a hearing on events in Libya and seek answers from the State Department. Also on October 10, The Heritage Foundation will host a public panel discussion on the events in Libya titled, “Intelligence and Security Failure: Attacks in Benghazi and Across the Middle East Reveal Ongoing Threat of Terrorism.”

To help our readers follow the path to tragedy on September 11 and its aftermath, below is a chronology of key events:

April 6: IED thrown over the fence of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi…

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100 Reasons Why President Obama Is NOT The Same As President Bush



Obama and Bush; image@NPR

Obama and Bush: 100 different ways in which two presidents governed; image@NPR

President Obama and President Bush should never be compared to one another. Ever. These men couldn’t be more different when it comes to policy, personality, and decision-making. In fact, let us count the 100 different ways in which the two men governed; differences that will remind us all why we should be glad that Bush is not still in the White House.

1. Bush started the war in Iraq and Obama ended it.

2. Bush lowered taxes on the wealthy and Obama raised taxes on the wealthy.

3. Bush tried to give Social Security to Wall Street and Obama protected it.

4. Bush left office with a $1 trillion deficit and Obama has lowered it.

5. President Bush ignored the War in Afghanistan and Obama made it his focus.

6. Bush didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden; Obama did.

7. Bush sanctioned torture and Obama ended torture.

8. Bush opened the Gitmo prison and Obama is trying to close it.

9. Bush instituted the failed No Child Left Behind education program and Obama ended it.

10. Bush relied on military force while Obama has relied on diplomacy.

11. Bush nominated mostly men to the Supreme Court and Obama has focused on nominating women. (Bush nominated one woman, but she was totally unqualified for the position.)

12. Bush nominated white men to the Supreme Court while Obama has nominated a white woman and a Latina.

13. Bush was placed in office by a conservative-leaning Supreme Court in 2000 while Obama won each of his elections legitimately.

14. Bush took unilateral action in foreign policy while Obama has worked more with our allies.

15. Bush responded poorly to natural disasters like Katrina, while Obama has responded more than adequately to disasters like Irene and Sandy.

16. Bush detained terrorists without due process and Obama has had terrorists prosecuted successfully with due process.

17. Bush deregulated big banks and Obama reinstated some of those regulations.

18. Bush never signed an Equal Pay for women bill while Obama did. It was the first piece of legislation he signed.

19. Bush tarnished America’s reputation around the world and Obama is restoring it.

20. Bush invaded a country illegally while Obama has done no such thing.

21. Bush had a cooperative Congress for most of his administration, while Obama hasn’t.

22. Bush used fear to control the American public while Obama has not.

23. Obama instituted healthcare reform that covers millions of people; the topic was not on Bush’s agenda.

24. Obama ended ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’. President Bush continued it.

25. Obama supports marriage equality and Bush does not.

26. Bush supported anti-union policies while Obama supports unions.

27. Obama has expanded land and water conservation programs more than Bush.

28. Obama has provided generous subsides to alternative energy producers. Bush didn’t do this.

29. Obama instituted tough emissions standards for cars and factories. Bush did no such thing.

30. Obama believes in climate change and that mankind has played a big role in that change. Bush is a climate change denier.

31. Under Obama, the stock market has eclipsed 15,000 points. It never got that high under Bush.

32. Obama created the Consumer Financial Protection Agency to protect consumers from unfair banking practices. Bush allowed the banks to use unfair practices at will.

33. Obama is pursuing gun control laws in response to tragic mass shootings while Bush took a hands-off approach.

34. Obama has cut defense spending while Bush only increased it.

35. Obama is bringing clean energy to the armed forces. Bush did not.

36. Obama has created more private sector jobs than Bush did.

37. Obama is for reducing and eliminating all nuclear arsenals. Bush withdrew America from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty which is the opposite of Obama’s stance.

38. Obama supports Planned Parenthood while Bush did not.

39. Obama supports a woman’s right to choose while Bush does not.

40. Obama and Bush both support fighting the AIDS epidemic, but only Obama supports the use of condoms as part of the fight.

41. Obama hasn’t landed on an aircraft carrier to falsely declare mission accomplished. Bush did.

42. Obama has taken far less vacation days than Bush.

43. Obama has written personal checks to Americans in need. Bush never did that.

44. Obama isn’t being used as a puppet by his Vice-President. Bush kinda was.

45. Obama hasn’t used 9/11 as a political tool. Bush did that for nearly eight years.

46. Obama signed the American Recovery Act, also known as the stimulus, to save the economy. Bush chose to save the banks.

47. Obama is working to end the War in Afghanistan. Bush began the war and could have ended it sooner had he not focused on Iraq.

48. Obama did more to save the auto industry than Bush did.

49. Obama toppled Moammar Gaddafi without placing soldiers on the ground in harms way. Thousands of soldiers were killed in Bush’s quest to topple Saddam Hussein and he never got Bin Laden.

50. Obama kicked banks out of Federal Student Loans, something Bush never did.

51. Obama expanded Pell Grants for low-income students, which is another thing Bush didn’t do.

52. Obama created Race To The Top to reward states for education reform, something else Bush didn’t do.

53. Obama increased fuel efficiency standards for vehicles. Bush didn’t.

54. Obama signed a new GI bill for returning veterans. Bush didn’t.

55. Obama also expanded the budget of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs more than Bush did.

56. Obama tightened sanctions on Iran while, if Bush were still in office, America would probably be embroiled in another war in the Middle East.

57. Obama issued new EPA regulations that will cut mercury and other toxic pollution. Bush weakened the EPA.

58. Obama signed a major overhaul of the food safety system which desperately needed it after the Bush years.

59. Obama expanded national service by tripling the size of AmeriCorps, more than Bush ever did.

60. Obama has protected more wildlife areas than Bush.

61. Under Obama, the FDA now approves of making the morning after pill available over-the-counter to women as young as 15. Bush never did that.

62. Obama is pushing to make the federal government more energy-efficient. Bush didn’t.

63. Obama cut the Reagan-era missile defense budget, something Bush never did.

64. Obama is increasing programs to combat cyber warfare more than Bush did.

65. Obama is pushing for a new space shuttle and manned mission to Mars, whereas Bush wanted to go back to the moon where we have already gone before.

66. Obama is improving school nutrition despite Republican attempts to classify pizza as a veggie.

67. Obama is encouraging a national push to get fit and eat right to cut healthcare costs and prevent diseases. Bush didn’t do that.

68. Obama has expanded hate crime protections, especially for the LGBT community, something Bush largely ignored.

69. Obama has avoided scandal despite petty attempts by the GOP to make up scandals. Bush, on the other hand, was involved in scandal after scandal.

70. Obama forced BP to quickly compensate and set up a fund for victims of the Gulf oil spills, again proving he is better than Bush at responding to disaster.

71. The Obama Administration is more transparent than the Bush Administration.

72. Obama is spearheading a movement to bring broadband internet to every corner of America, also something Bush did not do.

77. Obama’s EPA declared carbon dioxide a pollutant for the first time in American history. Bush could have done this, but didn’t.

78. Obama supports funding of stem cell research and lifted the Bush ban on the research.

79. Obama aided South Sudan in declaring their independence. Bush didn’t.

80. Obama saved Americans $4 billion dollars by ending the F-22 program. Bush didn’t.

81. Obama has aided African-American and Native American farmers, something Bush didn’t do.

82. Obama dared to slash the salaries of bailed out bank executives, whereas Bush didn’t.

83. Obama hasn’t started any wars since becoming President. Bush involved America in two of the longest wars in our history.

85. Obama has lowered taxes on the middle class more than Bush.

86. Outsourcing skyrocketed under Bush; Obama is reversing this and now jobs are coming back to America.

87. Obama has been cool under pressure while Bush was more reactionary and indecisive.

88. Obama established a credit card bill of rights to better protect card holders. Bush did no such thing.

89. Obama established the White House Council on Women and Girls. There was no such council during the Bush Administration.

90. Obama ordered financial agencies to establish Offices of Women and Minorities to promote more diverse hiring. Again, Bush didn’t.

91. Obama increased minority access to capital, thus helping minorities in ways Bush never did.

92. Obama negotiated a deal with Swiss banks to permit the US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals. Meanwhile, tax evaders had a field day under Bush.

93. Obama extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees, which Bush never did because he is anti-LGBT.

94. Obama protected gay and lesbian partners’ visitation/healthcare decision-making rights, which Bush also never did because he is anti-LGBT.

95. Bush was a child of privilege who had every advantage that money and social position could provide. Obama was a self-made man who crafted his success from his own efforts and abilities.

96. Obama is extremely strategic in his thinking and planning and seems able to look past the immediate moment and defer gratification to achieve a greater future good. Bush had no such skills or vision.

97. Obama understands the true personal and economic costs of warfare, unlike Bush, who involved us in two wars while deeply cutting taxes.

98. The 9/11 attacks occurred under Bush’s watch, not Obama’s.

99. Obama has a Nobel Peace Prize. Bush does not.

100. Bush is a conservative Christian and his decisions and actions were largely faith-based while Obama’s decision-making has a rational, scientific basis resulting from a consideration of facts, data, and logic.

Two men, two very different presidencies. Due to Republican obstruction in the Senate and Republican control of the House, Obama has been unable to dismantle much of the Bush legacy that has nearly destroyed this country. If Obama had a cooperative Congress like Bush had, they would be even more different from each other. In fact, it’s likely a more liberal agenda would have been pursued by the Obama Administration, meaning the country would be stronger, healthier, and better than the nightmare that reigned during the Bush years. It will take many more years to clean up the mess conservatives left for Obama. And if Americans turn Congress blue in 2014, the clean up effort will go a whole lot quicker.

Feel free to add any additional differences in the comments section below.

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Justice for Kent State Massacre: 43 Years later

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ABOVE: Links between Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles were covered up
Sometimes people haven’t behaved properly and shouldn’t have any expectation of having their identity protected.

Maurice Frankel, director of the Campaign For Freedom Of Information

12th May 2013

By Jonthan Corke, Deborah Sherwood, Rick Lyons

A TOP-level cover-up was ordered to hide close links between Prince Charles and paedo Jimmy Savile, we can reveal today.

The full truth has been uncovered following a seven-month battle by the Daily Star Sunday.

A raft of documents was released last year showing former Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher’s dealings with Savile.

But Whitehall mandarins ordered key paragraphs to be blanked out to save people’s blushes.

We challenged that ruling under Freedom Of Information laws and were initially turned down.

It was only after a further appeal, when we said it was in the public interest to expose what Thatcher and her officials were discussing, that the information was finally released last week.

It shows Savile claimed Prince Charles had agreed to be a patron of one of his charities – and, crucially, last year someone in power had decided we shouldn’t know that fact, despite it being common knowledge that the Prince and weirdo Savile were pals.

Officials at the National Archive, which houses the documents, last night blamed the Cabinet Office, under the control of Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, for redacting the documents.

The cover-up concerned Savile asking Prince Charles to be patron of his Stoke Mandeville appeal.

The letter to Thatcher from one of her aides reads: “Even more encouraging, though again confidential at this stage, Jimmy Savile tells me that the Prince of Wales has agreed to be Patron of the Appeal.”

The nugget was contained in a one page letter headed PRIME MINISTER dated March 6, 1980, and initialled G.V.

The letter was part of a Savile file released under the 30-year rule by the National Archives at Kew, south-west London, last year.

It included pervert Savile declaring his love for the former PM, showing how well connected he was to establishment figures.

A National Archives official explained the Charles paragraph was excluded under sections 40 and 41.

Section 40 refers to information that it would breach the Data Protection Act to reveal that that person would have a “legitimate expectation” that the information would remain private.

Section 41 covers information that was given in confidence.

Two documents in the dossier are still being covered up and will stay secret for 40 years after a ruling last October when claims about Savile began to emerge.

One, misspelling Savile’s name, is described as “Letter from Jimmy Saville to Prime Minister (undated).”

The other is “Telephone message from Jimmy Savile” dated February 5, 1980.

Last night it was still unclear whose blushes were being spared by those sections ­remaining blanked out.

Freedom of information campaigners have criticised officials for misusing the rules to keep information secret.

Maurice Frankel, director of the Campaign For Freedom Of Information, said: “They often use these sections to protect the identity of people who are actually players in the decision-making process who ought to be identified.

“Sometimes people haven’t behaved properly and shouldn’t have any expectation of having their identity protected. If you persist, you can succeed in overturning these decisions.”

Former Top Of The Pops presenter Savile was a fundraiser for Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire, where he also preyed on young patients.

One paralysed woman said Savile abused her when she was 13 and recovering in the children’s ward in 1971.

Nurses even warned youngsters “pretend to be asleep” when he visited.

The hospital launched its own inquiry after a catalogue of attacks was revealed across the country, dating back to 1955.

Savile was also allowed in and out of Charles’ residence St James’ Palace when he acted as a marriage guidance counsellor for Charles and Diana.

Charles, who led tributes when Savile died, aged 84, in October 2011, had sent him cigars and gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday.

A note with the gifts read: “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country, Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.”

Last night, a spokeswoman for Charles said the redaction was nothing to do with his office. It was public knowledge that he was patron of that appeal, she said.

And the Cabinet Office added: “As a result of the review of the FOI request, the Cabinet Office decided a small amount of information may be released.

“The reason it was originally redacted is quoted in section 40 and 41.

A review decided that a small extract could be released.”


Bedroom Tax Blamed For Woman’s Suicide



Sky NewsSky News

  • Bedroom Tax Blamed For Woman's Suicide

A woman who committed suicide left a note blaming the Government’s so-called bedroom tax for her death.

Stephanie Bottrill, who killed herself earlier this month, wrote in her final letter: “I don’t [blame] anyone for me death expect [sic] the government.”

Her son Steven, 27, said she was struggling to cope after being told to pay £20-a-week extra for two under-occupied bedrooms at her home in Solihull.

He told the Sunday People: “I couldn’t believe it. She said not to blame ourselves, it was the Government and what they were doing that caused her to do it.

“She was fine before this bedroom tax. It was dreamt up in London, by people living in offices and big houses. They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.”

Ms Bottrill died 10 days ago. She was 53.

In the days running up to her death she had told neighbours: “I can’t afford to live any more.”

Describing her case as a “tragedy”, shadow chancellor Ed Balls told Sky News’ Murnaghan programme the bedroom tax was “driving people to the edge of despair in their many thousands across the country”.

Solihull Council Labour group leader David Jamieson, who knows the family, said: “I’m absolutely appalled this poor lady has taken her own life because she was worried how she would pay the bedroom tax.

“I hope the Government will sit up and take notice and reconsider this policy.”

The bedroom tax means people of a working age in social housing who have a spare bedroom will find housing benefit claims reduced by £40 to £80 a month.

Ms Bottrill had lived in her £320-a-month home for 18 years as she raised her son and daughter, but she could not cope with the extra £80 she had to find every month.

Mr Bottrill said his mother wanted to work, but there was no way she could.

As a child she was diagnosed with the auto-immune system deficiency, Myasthenia gravis.

The illness made her weak and she had to take constant medication.

Doctors had told her she was too ill to hold down a job, but she had never been registered as disabled, so she lived without disability benefit.

Neighbour Rosie Hough, who used to see Ms Bottrill every day, told Sky News: “She did say some things about her problems about the rent and that, and having to find the extra money and that but I would have never have said that she was a woman who would take her own life.

“It’s absolutely shocked the whole street. We just can’t comprehend that she has gone.”

Brian McCann, who lives a few doors away from Ms Bottrill’s home, said: “We knew that the tax had affected her because the girls had all chatted in the street and she was really worried about it.”

Sky’s Political Correspondent Sophy Ridge said: “Downing Street isn’t commenting on what it says is a personal matter but clearly this will lead to calls for the policy to be changed.

“Downing Street knows it is controversial. That’s why some amendments have been made to the policy already, saying armed services personnel and foster carers won’t be affected.

“Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has argued consistently that he thinks this policy is a fair one, but certainly I think this row is going to keep going.”

The Samaritans said that “although a catalyst may appear to be obvious, suicide is never the result of a single factor or event and is likely to have several inter-related causes”.

:: Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 or CALM on 0800 58 58 58.

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Wake Up America with: Zionist Hagit Ofran

Wake Up America with Sammi Ibrahem Apr 11, 2013

By: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

Today’s program features Hagit Ofran from Israel, head of the organization ‘Peace Now’.

The interview is very instructive for many reasons, not the least of which is that Sammi’s guest, despite wearing the garb of a peacenik, is in fact a Zionist who admits that her ‘peace work’ is being done to keep Israel from being isolated internationally. In other words, the reason she gives for working for ‘peace’ between Jews and non-Jews is to keep Israel ‘the Jewish state’, which she fully admits is her goal.


Download Here


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Our dear departed comrade, Godfrey Andries Cremer, born on 10 May 1943 was taken from us one year ago.  He died unexpectedly and far too early, from pancreatic cancer, on 26 March 2012.

To mark the anniversary of his death, we are publishing a series of tributes paid to him by those that knew him well, and valued him so highly. The first of these tributes is paid by Iris, his lifelong partner, friend and comrade, and another founding member of the CPGB-ML.

Iris and Godfrey shared their lives and their dreams together, and worked throughout Godfrey’s life to build a movement that could promise a better world. A world without poverty, racism, discrimination, exploitation, famine or war. A world where all can develop their abilities and potential, for themselves and the common good. A world in which the economy is dedicated to serving the interests of the masses, not a clique of parasitic billionaires; where the waste of unemployed talents, and prematurely terminated life is the exception, rather than the rule.

This and other contributions were made at a memorial meeting held in April 2012, attended by many of his closest friends, family and comrades, who packed into Saklatvala Hall to share our sorrow at Godfrey’s passing and our joy that he has enriched our lives.

Despite our sadness, it was an inspiring and uplifting celebration of the 50 selfless and meaningful years Godfrey devoted to the finest cause in all the world – the fight for the liberation of mankind.

Godfrey’s deep love for humanity, his profound marxist understanding, and his determination to use all his talent to serve the working class by building a truly revolutionary movement dedicated to their emancipation from wage slavery, and a communist party capable of directing that struggle, were his consistent motivating forces, and his enduring legacy.

It was this higher cause and meaning that enabled him to harness his creative powers and live an outstanding and exemplary life; a life full of passion and joy, free of black despair and wasted, petty and meaningless years.

Godfrey faced his final moments with the same optimism and fortitude that characterised his life. His abiding certainty was that his life’s work was a great gift to humanity – and we salute him for it.


Being a British communist – A tribute paid by his lifelong friend and comrade, Harpal Brar


Iris & Godfrey – a tribute from his wife, lifelong friend and comrade, Iris

Words for Godfrey – from Joti Brar


A tribute to Godfrey – from his friend and comrade, Kathy Sharp


A tribute to Godfrey – IWA Greenwich & Bexley


A tribute to Godfrey — from his brother Adrian


A tribute to Godfrey – from his friend Kwame


Funeral oration by Harpal Brar


A poem for Godfrey — written and recited by Ella Rule

2. Bedroom Tax

Read CPGB-MLs new Leaflet: Axe the Tax!

Look out for local events. Print out leaflets or get in touch with Iris, Zane or Paul to get hold of some!! Give them out far and wide.


3. Stalin Society October 2012: Cuban Missile Crisis, A presentation by Giles Shorter now released. Watch it and share it please!!

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –


4. US Threatening North Korea with Nuclear War – Defend the DPRK (Party statement to follow soon – look out for it)

Paying tribute to Godfrey Cremer – join the struggle to liberate humanity. Build a mass party of the British working class.
Now you can apply on line 😉
6. Korea Videos:
Harpal Brar, chairman of the CPGB-ML, speaking at a meeting with the ambassador of the DPR Korea, on Sat 13 April, explains that the cause of the current tension on the Korean peninsula is not the North Korean people or government, but the provocative and aggressive stance of the USA, which has threatened the DPRK with nuclear attack since the 1950s, and has again stepped up its aggression in the vain hope of bullying the North Korean state to give up its newly acquired nuclear deterrent.
N Korean Ambassador’s speech:
N Korean ambassador answers British workers’ questions:
With reference to historical fact (rare among the assertions of bourgeois journalists and politicians) Harpal shows that the North Koreans’ stance is one of peace, and defense against the unbelievably aggressive stance of the USA. The latter, since murdering 4 million in the genocidal war it waged in Korea between 1950 – 53, has staged relentless military hostilities to subvert the sovereignty and security of the tiny North Korean nation, culminating in its current exercises involving more than 200,000 military personnel and simulated nuclear attack on major cities in the DPRK using B2 stealth and B52 nuclear bombers as well as F22 stealth fighters.
We must not submit to US nuclear blackmail, because it threatens not only North Korea, but each and every one of us. That is why peace-loving, progressive and anti-imperialist humanity must support the DPRK, and support its just stance of anti-imperialist resistance and self defense.
This meeting has since been reported by the Guardian newpaper (UK):
And has been widely syndicated:
and many more if you search google “North Korean ambassador speech CPGB-ML”
More on the DPRK
Statement – US Stoking flames of war in Korea
YouTube – Videos from this email


I Confronted a Drone Pilot



I had the chance to talk to an Air Force drone pilot operating out of Whiteman Air Force Base, and astonishingly, he admitted to me that he took part in strikes on wedding parties in Middle East & Asian countries said to harbor terrorists.

by Aaron Dykes

I confronted him with some of the troubling news that has emerged about the secret White House kill list and the apparent readiness to destroy the lives of innocent bystanders in pursuit of a target – women, children and elderly villagers who are all considered nothing more than “collateral damage.” Clearly, he didn’t want to hear it.

Did he, too, find these people dispensable? Did he share the cold rationale of our leaders that it is “worth it” to kill these civilians to target an enemy? I tried to find out when I saw him during a wedding I attended, all while I was deeply aware of the unsettling irony that the celebration we were attending was seen differently than theweddingsfunerals and other gatherings that U.S. airstrikes haveunofficially declared to be venues of war.

Horrifyingly, the use of airstrikes to kill rescue workers in a “double tap” when they come for the bodies of drone victims has beenrepeatedly documented, as well.

Perpetual wars spilling across many borders is now a foregone conclusion. The public pays it little mind. Drones take this even further, targeting individuals determined to be combatants – without a declaration of war against their country and without formal charges, allegations or complaints against those individuals.

Due process is effectively dead. The White House, the Pentagon, and the pilots who operate their predator drones have become judge, jury and executioner while the public isn’t even told who is on their kill list, or why.

Drones are coming home to roost, too. Estimates are that U.S. skies will see some 30,000 drones within the coming decade, andsurveillance is not their only purpose. While they may not be equipped with missiles to target suspects, the use of tasers and other less-lethal weaponry for law enforcement and border security functions has already been proposed.

How far will things go? And how far removed will their operators be from the situation? Will they retain the judgement to know when things have gone too far? Or will the lives they hover over become mere blips on a screen?

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Yeshiva teacher faces sex assault charges


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

Rabbi Yosef Kolko, 39, on trial in New Jersey for allegedly sexually abusing socially awkward boy whose family members were ostracized by haredi community for taking allegations to civil authorities


A former yeshiva teacher is on trial in New Jersey on charges he sexually abused a socially awkward boy whose family members, prosecutors say, were ostracized by their Orthodox Jewish community for taking the allegations to civil authorities.

Rabbi Yosef Kolko, 39, met the boy in 2007 at religious school-run summer camp in Lakewood where he was a counselor. The boy was 11 at the time, and authorities say abuse continued until early 2009.

Kolko has denied the charges, which include sexual assault and child endangerment.

The boy’s former therapist testified Thursday that the boy told her in late 2008 he no longer needed help with his social skills because had had made a new friend, Rabbi Kolko.

“He’s my best friend. He’s the only one who understands me,” Dr.Tsipora Koslowitz recounted the boy telling her.

Koslowitz said she told him that best friends were typically around the same age but he didn’t understand.

At the end of a therapy session in February 2009, she said, the boy told her he had a secret. She said she had another patient coming in, so told him to tell her father. She said she thought it had something to do with bullying.

But that night, she said the boy’s father called her to say it was about sexual abuse.

“He said it was Rabbi Kolko,” she said.

The therapist did not report the allegation to authorities because for her, the allegation was only hearsay, she said.

Molestation, oral sex

The boy’s father, also a rabbi, initially brought the allegation to a rabbinical court, or beit din. But unsatisfied with the way it was being handled, he took the case in mid-2009 to Ocean County prosecutors.

Prosecutors said the family was ostracized by the Orthodox Jewish community as a result. The family has since moved to Michigan.

A flier was circulated in Lakewood, a community with a large Orthodox Jewish community, saying the boy’s father had made a mockery of the Torah and committed a “terrible deed” by taking the case to state prosecutors, the Asbury Park Press reported. The stance reflects beliefs among Orthodox Jews that conflict should be addressed within the community and the rabbinical court.

The boy took the witness stand Wednesday on the first day of the trial, testifying how he wanted to remain close to Kolko, even though his actions made him uncomfortable, because Kolko was his friend and he had no friends in school or camp.

The boy described a series of encounters with the rabbi, who would pick him up in his car, including molestation and oral sex and occurring in such locations as an empty classroom, a storage room, Kolko’s car and the basement of a synagogue, the newspaper reported.

At one point, the boy testified, Kolko told him he was getting help and that if the boy talked to authorities it would ruin his career, the newspaper said.

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Naida Hosan, Soldier, Says She Faced Harassment Over Muslim Name


Naida Hosan Muslim Harassment

Sgt. 1st Class Naida Hosan is not a Muslim – she’s a Catholic. But her name sounded Islamic to fellow U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and they would taunt her, calling her “Sgt. Hussein” and asking what God she prayed to.

So before deploying to Afghanistan last year for her second war tour, she legally changed her name – to Naida Christian Nova.

This did not solve her problems.

Instead, matters escalated. Nova complained to her superiors about constant anti-Muslim slurs and jokes. She says they responded with a series of reprisals intended to drive her out of the Army, leading her to consider suicide.

“My complaints fell on deaf ears every time,” said Nova, 41, a member of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division based at Fort Bragg, N.C. “Any time I would say something about it I was treated like I didn’t know what I was talking about or that I’m an idiot or that I was a Muslim sympathizer. It was just a very lonely feeling.”

Determined to remain in the service for at least eight years, until she is eligible for retirement, Nova recently re-enlisted. But she agreed to tell her story to The Associated Press because “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else if I can help it. It’s a horrible to feel like people are against you when you are supposed to be on the same team.”

Fort Bragg spokeswoman Sheri L. Crowe said the Army would not comment on the case, and referred questions to the U.S. Department of Justice. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina, assigned to defend the Army, also declined comment.

But her account is supported by an affidavit filed by an old friend, Sharon Deborah Sheetz, who said that Nova had confided in her about the harassment she had suffered, telling Sheetz that she was so unhappy that she no longer wanted to live.

A Farsi linguist who works in military intelligence, Nova’s multicultural background exemplifies the kind of soldier Army recruiters prize – U.S. citizens with ethnic ties to a part of the world many Americans can’t find on a map.
Nova’s father, Roy Hosein, was born into a Muslim family on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where his parents had emigrated from India. He converted to Christianity after meeting Nova’s mother, a Catholic from the Philippines, and became a U.S. citizen shortly after his daughter was born in New York. He changed the spelling of his family name to Hosan in the hope his children would avoid discrimination.

“He Americanized it,” his daughter explained. “He got Hosan from Hosanna. He kept hearing it in church.”

She reported for basic training two months after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“Before 9-11, my last name never raised an eyebrow,” she said. “But after 9-11, I felt compelled to tell people I am a Christian and felt I had to prove I was loyal to the United States.”

Her first deployment was to Iraq in 2005. She said other soldiers, including her supervisors, mocked her family name and made crude jokes.

“I was called Sgt. Hussein, as in Saddam Hussein,” she said. “Even when I would correct them on the pronunciation of my name, I was still called Sgt. Hussein. I was asked what God I pray to. And there were a lot of references to hajjis, used as a derogatory term.”

Hajiis, in fact, are Muslims who have made the pilgrimage to the Saudi Arabian birthplace of the prophet Muhammad. But Nova said she regularly heard U.S. troops use the word as racist slang for enemy, terrorist or suicide bomber.

“My uncle is a hajji, because he made the pilgrimage to Mecca in 2005,” Nova said. “I would stand up for what I thought was right and say, `Not all terrorists are Muslims and not all Muslims are terrorists.’ That just opened the door for more harassment.”

Mikey Weinstein, a former U.S. Air Force officer who founded Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said Nova’s experience is not uncommon. Military personnel who are Muslim or perceived to be of Middle Eastern descent are often targets for discrimination, he said.

“When a Muslim soldier, sailor or airman stands up for themselves, they are the subject of vicious reprisal and retribution,” said Weinstein, who is Jewish. “What (Sgt. Nova) has gone through is horrible, but it is typical.”

In 2007, while serving in Harrogate, England, Nova said co-worker told her and others a racist joke about Muslims. When she objected, Nova said, a supervisor warned her to stop making trouble. Instead, she filed a formal complaint with the Army’s Equal Opportunity Branch, the program charged with ensuring the military provides an environment “free of unlawful discrimination and offensive behavior.”

Within days, Nova said she was removed from her job and ordered to take a “command directed” mental health evaluation.

“In writing, the referral said my values were not in line with mission,” she said. “They considered me a `Muslim sympathizer,’ that I was too loyal to Muslims.”

Rather than address her complaint, Nova said, the Army transferred her to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. Though she hoped to make a fresh start with her new unit, word of her complaint followed her to North Carolina.

That treatment worsened after a November 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas. Maj. Nidal Hasan, a Muslim, is charged with killing 13 people. His name sounded a lot like hers.

Nova changed her name shortly before deploying to Afghanistan last year. She arrived just after worn copies of the Quran were found to have been burned with trash from a U.S.-run prison outside the capital of Kabul, a widely reported incident that triggered violent protests.

The Army responded by initiating a new training program on the proper handling and disposal of Islamic materials. But Nova said she discovered that her unit trashed and burned documents collected through intelligence gathering that contained what could be considered sacred writings.

Nova conferred with an on-base military chaplain, and suggested designating a special box for Islamic materials so they could be disposed of in a more appropriate manner.

“When I brought this up, I was told `Sgt. Nova, you can’t bring your religion to work …,’” she recalled. “I changed my name, but that didn’t change other people’s ignorance.”

After just two months in Afghanistan, she said her commanders removed her from her job and ordered her back to Fort Bragg.

With the help of a Fayetteville lawyer, Mark Waple, she filed a formal complaint with the Army’s Inspector General in October seeking a voluntary discharge due to being subjected to “adverse treatment and negative, prejudicial remarks … concerning the Muslim faith.”

Nova said she grew so depressed that she considered suicide. She checked herself into an on-base hospital for treatment, staying for about a week before returning to duty.

After learning of her IG complaint and hospitalization, Nova’s commanders at Fort Bragg responded by filing paperwork to involuntarily end her military career and bar her from reenlistment for “ineffective leadership.”

Nova’s Army performance review from a few months earlier, a copy of which she provided to AP, shows her as meeting expectations in all categories, with her senior commander rating her potential for promotion and increased responsibility as “superior.”

The forced discharge could have imperiled Nova’s ability to get a civilian job, denied her Veterans Affairs medical care and educational benefits.

After exhausting her administrative options for fighting her case, Waple helped Nova file a complaint in federal court alleging discriminatory treatment and asking a judge to prevent her discharge.

Rather than fight the case in court, the Army retreated. Shortly before a key hearing before the judge, Waple says he got a call from Army lawyers informing him that the disciplinary action against Nova was “completely off the table.” She, in turn, agreed to drop the lawsuit.

Nova re-enlisted in the Army on April 8. She recently married, and is preparing to ship out next month to attend a senior leadership course and then report to a new assignment in Germany.

“I want to put all this behind me. I want to move on to my next duty assignment …,” said Nova. “My beliefs aren’t any different from what the Army states as its beliefs and values. I would like to be treated fairly.”

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