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Indian Killing Diplomacy


By Sajjad Shaukat

Diplomacy which is defined as an art of negotiations to resolve an issue has many meanings, if a single word is added with it. For example, shrewd diplomacy, sham diplomacy, power diplomacy, peace diplomacy etc. might be cited as example. In this regard, a Pakistani prisoner, Sanaullah Haq who received serious injuries, and died on May 9, this year because he was badly beaten by an ex-Indian army man who was supported by the Indian concerned officials. It was open retaliation of New Delhi for an assault on Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh who died in a Pakistani jail in Lahore due to an attack by his fellow prisoner.

As the assault on Sanaullah Haq came a day after the death of Sarabjit Singh, which clearly shows that it was conducted deliberately as part of Indian killing diplomacy.

In this context, Hindustan Times revealed on May 5, 2013 that Sarabjit Singh, an Indian spy had gone to Pakistan for an operation managed by a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official who later became the intelligence agency’s chief. It further pointed out, “A former intelligence official disclosed, “Sarabjit managed to accomplish the task given to him…still the agency [RAW] had executed many such missions in Pakistan in the early and mid1990s…Sarabjit had been awarded because his case was highlighted due to his sister. His family is also being compensated. But there are many cases in which the spies came back from Pakistan knocked the doors of courts to get their dues.”

On the other hand, India’s External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid stated that Sarabjit Singh’s death would cause a setback to the efforts to build relations with Pakistan and that there would be a pause in the engagement with it. In fact, by showing lethargy approach towards Sanaullah Haq, Indian government is making Sarabjit episode as another pretext to put the Pak-Indian peace process on the back-burner. In the past too, New Delhi has always used some unjustified occasions to delay the solution of various issues, especially the Kashmir dispute. Notably, on the one side, India has been emphasising to strengthen the Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) with Pakistan to normalise relations, but on the other, it has been giving a greater blow to the CBMs.

While, in his lecture on terrorism, delivered at the International Centre in Panaji, Indian former special secretary of RAW Amber Sen said, “The Indian state appeared to have over-reacted over the death of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan.”

However, Sarabjit Singh was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for spying and deadly bombings which killed 14 innocent people in Pakistan’s cities of Faisalabad, Multan and Lahore in 1990. But Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari commuted his death sentence into life imprisonment on June 26, 2012.

It is mentionable that Pakistan’s top officials and members of the civil society strongly condemned attack on Indian prisoner, Sarabjit and expressed sorrow on his death. But, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned Sarabjit incident, calling it ‘barbaric and murderous attack, but remained silence over Sanaullah. It is another display of New Delhi’s selective morality which Indian rulers employ, while dealing with Islamabad.

Last year, Pakistani government released Indian spy, Surjeet Singh who was handed over to the Indian authorities. He was given death sentence in 1991. But President Asif Ali Zardari commuted his death sentence into life imprisonment.

Surjeet openly admitted that he was in Pakistan to spy when he was arrested in 1982. In this regard, he disclosed before Indian reporters that he was sent to Pakistan by Indian secret agency RAW for espionage purposes.

Quite opposite to the admission of Surjeet, on June 29, 2012, Indian Home Secretary RK Singh told a news conference in New Delhi, saying, “We do not accept this that Singh was Indian spy…it is completely wrong.” However, it shows Indian illogical approach as New Delhi denies facts in order to conceal the presence of other Indian spies in Pakistan.

Surjeet Singh also revealed, “Sarabjit Singh is a terrorist and terrorists are not released.” On the other side, Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna stated on June 25, 2012 that it was now “time for Sarabjit Singh to be freed.” Like Indian home secretary, even external affairs minister defended the Indian agent. It indicates that Indian high officials are deliberately and officially supporting RAW agents to destabilise Pakistan which is the only nuclear country in the Islamic World.

Besides, Indian spy also pointed out, “All Indian prisoners are treated well in Pakistani jails. Sarabjit Singh is also doing well there…I was treated well by prison officials and I am thankful to them.”

Despite the fact that Sarabjit was Indian spy, but He was given a state funeral in the Indian Punjab.

It is notable that India has arrested hundreds of Pakistan’s citizens, often accusing them of being spies after they have strayed across the land or maritime border due to unconscious mistake. It also includes some tourists who went to India. Quite contrary to the well-treatment of Indian spies in Pakistani jails, RAW and other security agencies employ various techniques of torture on the so-called Pakistan’s suspected persons. Most of the Pakistani nationals have also been killed in Indian jails, while a majority of them have been killed by Indian security agencies in fake encounters.

Nonetheless, both Surjeet Singh and Sarabjit Singh were responsible for the string of blasts in various cities of Pakistan in which several innocent persons were killed. They were also behind other terror-activities in Pakistan.

On June 28, 2012, BBC reported, “in recent years, several Indians returning from Pakistani jails have admitted to spying for Indian intelligence agency RAW” and some have criticised India’s government for abandoning them.”

It is mentionable that in April 2011, Gopal Das, one of Pakistan’s longest-serving Indian prisoners, was released after President Asif Ali Zardari intervened in his case.

Upon his release, Das also acknowledged that he was an Indian spy. Similarly, Kashmir Singh, sentenced to death in Pakistan in 1973 for spying, was released in March 2008. Afterwards, he also confessed that he was spying for RAW.

As a matter of fact, the recent statements of RAW officials and admission of the Indian spy-prisoners clearly prove that with the tactical assistance of American CIA and Israeli Mossad, RAW has set up its espionage network in Afghanistan, which is in contact with its spy-network in Pakistan.

Apart from it, India’s several secret training camps are present in Afghanistan from where highly-trained militants, equipped with sophisticated weapons are being sent to Pakistan’s various places to conduct suicide attacks, target killings, bomb blasts, assaults on civil and military installations, forced abductions and sectarian violence regularly.

Indian RAW, CIA and Mossad have also been supporting the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and another separatist group, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) including other militant groups which have been committing various subversive acts in the province of Balochistan. The main aim behind to fulfill secret strategic designs of US, India and Israel. On a number of occasions, BLA and Jundollah claimed responsibility for terror-attacks which killed a number of innocent people.

Some Indian Muslims and foreign insurgents who are particularly backed by RAW have joined the ranks and files of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Sipah-e-Sahaba, BLA and other religious sects. They have also got the membership of MQM, ANP and PPP. Besides killing the leaders and persons of the rival religious parties, and attacking the offices of the political parties so as to sabotage the elections which were held in time— these miscreants also target the Pushtuns, Urdu-speaking people and even the people, belonging to the interior Sindh in order to fuel ethnic violence so as to weaken Pakistan.

Meanwhile, some reliable sources suggest that India has planned judicial murders of almost all Pakistani prisoners who are in Indian jails. While indicating New Delhi’s designs, Pakistani Government, media and politicians must denounce Indian Government and media for celebrating death of a convicted terrorist Sarabjit Singh as their national hero.

No doubt, new revelations of RAW officials and Indian released prisoners in wake of continued acts of sabotage in Pakistan have exposed Indian killing diplomacy.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Syria Not Worth a Crisis With Russia


by Eric Margolis

The vicious Syrian civil war has put the world’s two biggest nuclear powers on a collision course over a small Levantine nation of no strategic interest to Washington. This cannot be allowed to go on.

News that the US and Russia will hold a Syrian peace conference this month is most welcome and long overdue.

As Benjamin Franklin so wisely noted: “there is no good war, and no bad peace.”

Moscow has been calling for such a conference for two years. But Washington rejected the idea in hope the Syrian rebels it was backing would prevail. However, now that the Syrian war is in stalemate, the US has opted, albeit reluctantly, for a diplomatic effort to end its war before the whole region goes up in flames.

Syria is the latest example of Henry Kissinger’s famous quip, “being a US ally is often more dangerous than being its enemy.”

The Assad government in Damascus was for decades a tacit Western ally that suppressed militant Islamists, kept its border with Israel quiet, and interrogated prisoners for US intelligence services. Damascus even muted claims to its Golan Heights, illegally annexed by Israel after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

But good behavior and cooperation did not help Syria when the US, Britain, France and Israel decided to go after Iran, Syria’s leading ally. When Syria’s President Bashar Assad refused to join the US-led alliance of western powers and conservative Arab states against Iran, his nation’s fate was sealed.

“The road to Tehran runs through Damascus,” went up the cry. Syria was marked for Iraq-style destruction.

In Syria, Washington encouraged growing animosity between Sunni and Shia Muslims which it had found so useful in breaking Sunni resistance in Iraq. Theological differences were turned into bitter political rivalry as Iran also continued inflame the Sunni-Shia dispute across the Muslim world.

What began in Syria as a small, non-violent protest against the Assad regime was met by typical brutal repression and quickly grew into a national rebellion. Recalling the western-engineered uprising that overthrew Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi, the West and its Arab allies quickly armed, financed and directed Syria’s insurgents. As in Libya, the cutting edge of the rebellion were militant Islamists.

France, Syria’s former colonial ruler, played a quiet but important role, supplying the rebels communications gear and anti-tank weapons. France seems intent in reasserting its former colonial influence in West Africa, the Sahel, Lebanon and Syria.

The US stayed in the background, providing finance, advanced equipment and political support, letting ally Turkey do most of the work.

But after two years of vicious fighting, the Syrian civil war appears stalemated. The cautious US President Obama seems reluctant to get US forces involved in a Mideast ground war – and for good reason. The US military is dangerously stretched across the globe and the US Treasury runs on money borrowed from China and Japan. But Obama is under intense political pressure from warlike Republicans, the religious far right, and partisans of Israel to crush Syria, then Iran.

As a result, Obama has been dithering while Syria bleeds and its war threatens to spread to Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Last week, Israel launched heavy air strikes against Syrian military targets, a clear act of war, killing some 80 Syrian soldiers.

It was unclear if Israel was indeed trying to destroy shipments of long-ranged artillery rockets being sent from Iran to Lebanese ally Hezbollah, as it claimed, or launching a campaign to defeat the Assad government by destroying its air and armored forces.

According to reports, Israel did not give the US prior warning of its air strikes against Syria. Here in Washington, many security officials are now wondering if Israel might drag the US into a war with Iran in a similar fashion.

What is clear: Syria is being ground up and pulverized. Like Iraq, it is being severely punished for a defiant, independent policy and refusing to comply with western plans for the Mideast. Syria is also serving as a whipping boy in the place of Iran – a graphic message to Tehran of what can happen if its nuclear program is not switched off.

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‘Kill the Syrians’: Turkish mobs search out civil war refugees after devastating car bomb


The mob shouted “Kill the Syrians” as they marched on the Hawam family drinks stall in Reyhanli.

Refugees from Aleppo, the family served mainly fellow Syrians, and were natural targets after Saturday’s double bombing of the Turkish border town.

“There were 60, maybe 100 of them,” said Ridar Hawam, 18, the older boy.

“They were shouting, ‘You are Syrian, you are bombing us.’ They said they should shoot all Syrians, even the children.”

Three Syrians were among the 46 killed when the two car bombs struck the town centre on Saturday afternoon. But that did not lessen the anger vented against both the refugees and the man many locals blame for bringing them to Reyhanli, the Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Three Syrians were among the 46 killed (David Rose)

Upwards of 300,000 Syrians have also flooded into Turkey, by no means all confined to a string of refugee camps along the border.

Mr Erdogan and his ministers blamed President Bashar al-Assad’s secret police, the mukhabarat, for the explosions, which would make this is the worst “blowback” the country has yet suffered for its backing of the Syrian opposition.

It was a classic terror attack. The first, smaller bomb detonated outside the town hall. As people came out to see what had happened, a second, much larger car bomb exploded at the busier end of the main street, crowded with shoppers on a Saturday afternoon, outside the telephone exchange and post office building.

It sent jets of flame into the air and shattered glass frontages for up to a kilometre around.

Hakkan Calem, 37, was having lunch with his wife at her mother’s near the post office when the first bomb went off. “He ran out and got into his car to see what had happened,” his brother-in-law, Mehmet Gezer, said at his wake yesterday. “Then the second bomb happened. He died instantly.”

Yilmaz Gelik said he saw a hand fly past him. “The back of my shirt was caked in blood,” he said. He showed graphic images on his mobile phone of the bleeding and charred corpses in the burned out cars and smashed shops along the street, taken moments afterwards.

Next to the wreckage of a motorcycle belonging to his cousin Mehmet, who is missing presumed dead, Salih Tas began leading a chant of “Erdogan out, Erdogan out”, as an angry crowd gathered at the scene yesterday/Sunday morning.

“We are angry with the refugees and with Assad,” he said. “We are angry with Erdogan because they are allowed to come here driving around, going anywhere.”

Mr Erdogan’s policy of “zero problems with the neighbours”, pursued actively during the first years of his premiership, has had spectacular consequences.

Many of the leading Syrian rebels are small businessmen who took advantage of easier trade links to travel to Turkey, seeing its new-found prosperity and democracy at first hand, and making the money with which they funded their initial arms purchases.

After Mr Assad snubbed Mr Erdogan’s earlier pleas to step down, Turkey began backing the rebels wholeheartedly, and is now calling for western intervention.

The authorities said they had arrested nine Turkish citizens from a Marxist group with links to the Syrian mukhabarat. Ahmet Davutoglu said the same faction had carried out the bombing as was responsible for the massacres of Sunni civilians in two villages near the northern Syrian town of Baniyas ten days ago.

In Damascus, the Syrian information minister Omran Zubi denied any involvement, calling the Turkish statements “unfounded accusations”.

In the wake of the bombing, gangs of teenagers roamed through Reyhanli overturning and smashing cars with Syrian number plates. The violence did not, eventually, turn personal. “They broke the windows of our father’s car but left us alone,” Ridar Hawam said.

Turkish residents attack a Syrian registered car in anger at the bombing (David Rose)

Many Syrians fled. The Alice Hotel, a haunt of rebels passing through for meetings was empty yesterday afternoon. “They all left last night,” the manager, Mustafa Ocak said.

Opposition MPs claimed Mr Erdogan had bitten off more than he could chew with his Syria policy.

“Everyone should ask why this disaster happened,” Aytug Atici, an opposition MP for the neighbouring town of Mersin, said at the site.

He said he was worried for the safety of Turkey’s ethnic Arab population, many of whom live in the towns around Reyhanli and many of whom belong to the Alawite sect of Mr Assad’s family.

Anti-Erdogan groups staged a protest in the provincial capital, Antakya, last night.

“The Alawites are afraid that Alawites and Sunnis will be pitted against each other,” he said. “Erdogan has made a big mistake. Syria was a neighbour with a fire – we should have taken water to put it out, not gas to make it flare up.”

Mr Davutoglu blamed the international community for its failure to intervene to end the war. “The latest attack shows how a spark transforms into a fire when the international community remains silent and the UN Security Council fails to act,” he said while visiting Berlin.

“It’s unacceptable for the Syrian and Turkish people to pay the price for this.”

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Holy Land church leaders say clergy mistreated


A dozen senior church leaders in the Holy Land say Israeli police “ill-treated” clergy, including a Coptic Egyptian cleric, during Orthodox Easter services.

The leaders signed a letter on Sunday expressing concern and saying policemen allegedly used force and prevented clergymen and pilgrims from entering places of worship during Holy Saturday earlier this month.

The event drew thousands of people to Jerusalem’s Old City and hundreds of Israeli police were on guard during the day.

A spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Paul Hirschson, says Israel apologized this week to Egypt for the incident on Holy Saturday, which involved a Coptic Egyptian cleric. He said the incident was being investigated.

Israeli police said they received no formal complaint about the incident.

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Launch the first non-governmental organization islamic diplomatic in defense of the Palestinian people


“Is born as a response of the International Diplomacy of the Peoples against injustice and zionist oppression and the freedom of the palestinian prisoners , says its president and ambassador of islamic human rights Faisal Sergio Tapia”

Latin America/Beirut. -From Latin America was launched the International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, as a diplomatic international non-governmental organization of Islamic human rights, humanitarian, independent, as a forceful response of international diplomacy of the peoples to the genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian People by Israel permanently, in defense of the Human Rights of Palestine and for freedom of Palestinian Prisoners, said its president and ambassador, the leader and human rights defender Faisal Sergio Tapia

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights is based under the principles of Islamic human rights, defense of justice, freedom and human dignity for all mankind, as international human rights organization Islamic in Latin America, Palestine, The Lebanon and the Islamic World, is under the principles of the Declaration of Human Rights in Islam (DDHI), also known as the Cairo Declaration (1990) held as part of the 19th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers ( Sign of Peace, Development and Solidarity) held in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, from 9 to 14 Muharram 1411 (July 31 – August 5, 1990), contributing to the efforts of humanity in the field of the rights of man, whose aim is to protect human beings from exploitation and oppression, and affirm his freedom and right to a dignified life in accordance with Islamic Sharia, a statement by the member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference which provides an overview of the Muslim perspective on human rights and sets the Sharia as its main source.

The DCDHI states that his goal is to be a guide to the OIC member states in the field of human rights, likewise the International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights are governed by the principles of jus cogens as an expression of consciousness universal law of peoples and in particular, apply the basic legal instruments of the United Nations, in particular the Universal Declaration and the International Covenants on Human Rights, the resolutions of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the Geneva Conventions of International Humanitarian Law

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, is founded by Latin American and international human rights NGOs, by the Mission Diplomatique Internationale Humanitaire and the Comite Observateur International Humanitaire with international humanitarian NGO registration

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights its under the principles of Islam condemning crimes against humanity, as the Holy Qur’an says: “… Whoever killed a human being without this having committed a crime or corruption in the earth, it is as if he has killed all mankind … “[Sura 5:32].

The Islam proclaims the protection, defense and support of the oppressed peoples of the world, through the elimination of the causes of oppression and exploitation. Islamic law is structured to eliminate oppression and exploitation by the rules mandating profitability, forbid what is harmful, as a true theology for social liberation.

Human rights must be clearly defined and specific. Human rights should not be manipulated and used for imperialist, expansionist, which today are used armies of occupation on the people.


The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights recalls the principles of jus cogens as an expression of the universal juridical conscience, the right of peoples, conducting international campaigns against the Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide on children and Palestinian women, among other territories, the complaint is ongoing and the search for truth about the bombing of the Israeli planes on the Gaza Strip, Gaza responsible Syndrome on Palestinian children with permanent psychological trauma for the massacres on Palestinian children in schools, hospitals and children’s silent genocide, genocides besides hunger where first world countries are indifferent to the hunger of children, where hunger of a child is a crime against humanity.

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, is composed of men and women in Latin America, Palestine, Lebanon and the Islamic world committed to the defense of humanity and human dignity, Muslim brothers committed to the liberation of Al-Quds and all Palestine, against oppression and crimes against humanity carried out by imperialism and Zionism, as international human rights observers Islamic Diplomatic Mission of the International Human Rights Islamics.

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights observes the rights of the oppressed and subjugated the world, especially the oppressed in Palestine and massacres against Palestinian children by the Zionist army, as the defense of human rights of the people, the children’s human rights are children, are universal but the rights of nations, not imposition of powers that talk about human rights when you are the first to violate them in their countries and colonialist military interventions and commit crimes against people, cities, women, children and men.

“The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights and international humanitarian organization is mobilized by great feelings of love and commitment in defense of humanity, by great feelings in his heart against oppression, injustice … an authentic solidarity for their brothers suffering anywhere in the world where they are, raising their voices against the oppressor “says its president and human rights ambassador Faisal Sergio Tapia international Islamic community

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights develops the following international humanitarian diplomatic missions in different regions of the world:

* International Mission against the Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, permanent awareness campaigns: * Palestinian Rights * Completion of torture * Rights of refugees * Rights of Palestinian prisoners of conscience * Protection of human dignity.

* International Observation Mission of the Human Rights in Palestine and its territories under occupation Israeli Zionist regime

* International campaigns for the release of all Palestinian prisoners held hostage in the prisons of the Zionist oppression

* Presentation of the Annual Report on the situation of Islamics Human Rights in the International Day of Islamic Human Rights each August 5

* International Observation Mission of the Human Rights of the Peoples

* Creation of International Islamic Human Rights Observatories in institutions and human rights organizations and academic institutions and government agencies

* Masters Diploma and International Islamic Human Rights , for lawyers, human rights organizations, universities and students

*Popular University of Islamic Human Rights

* Creation of the Islamic Hospital of Pediatrics in Palestinian refugee areas

* Creation of the Islamic Human Rights Memorial Museum

* International Conference on Islamic Human Rights against Injustice and Oppression

* International Campaigns for Islamic Human Rights

* International Tribunal of Conscience of Islamic Human Rights

* Opening of missions of International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights in countries of Latin America, Africa and Middle East

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights in international non-governmental diplomacy, develops tools for building a culture of peace and human rights in defense of human dignity and life spaces open dialogue from civil diplomacy are used for the enforcement of compliance with international fundamental rights and international conventions and regional protection of peoples.

Non-Governmental Diplomacy plays definitely a decisive international role for the peoples of the world in respect of universal human rights and the fight against injustice and oppression.

The fundamental principles of human rights in Islam are justice, freedom and human dignity for all mankind, under the principles of Islam that condemns crimes against humanity, as the Holy Qur’an says: “… Who kill a human being without this having committed a crime or corruption in the earth, it is as if he has killed all mankind … “[Sura 5:32] .

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PAKISTAN: Countrywide protest on Palestinian Nakba anniversary

Thousands of protestors staged countrywide demonstrations to mark the anniversary of Nakba Day when Zionist terrorists forced Palestinians to leave their homeland for exile abroad in May 1948.
Under the aegis of Palestine Foundation of Pakistan, the demonstrations were held in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad and other parts of the country where pro-Palestinians took to streets carrying placards and banners.
They raised slogans in favour of the inalienable rights. They also chanted slogans to condemn the Israeli crimes against humanity in Palestine.
Speaking to the protestors, the PLF leaders said that the Palestinians and their supporters cannot forget the worst crimes against humanity on the day of Nakba (catastrophe). They said that more than 5 million Palestinians have to spend their lives as refugees because the Zionist terrorists massacred the Palestinians and others were left with no option but to leave their homeland to survive.
They said that Pakistani nation unanimously recognize the legitimate right of all Palestinian refugees to return their homeland Palestine. They said that all hurdles in the way of immediate return of Palestinians to Palestine (now occupied under the name of Israel) should be removed forthwith.
The PLF officials further said that the international community has failed to sort out the Palestine issue because the U.S.A. and the EU are staunch allies of the Zionist regime. They said that lip service and empty statements could never help Palestinians attain their rights. They urged the UN and other international bodies to play their role and ensure that Palestinians return and live in Palestine in peace.
یوم نکبہ پر ملک بھر میں فلسطینیوں کی حمایت میں احتجاجی مظاہرے،فلسطینیوں کی فلسطینی واپسی کا مطالبہ
ملک بھر میں فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان اور دیگر مذہبی و سیاسی جماعتوں کے تعاون سے پندرہ مئی ’’یوم نکبہ ‘‘ پرکراچی ،ملتان،حیدرآباد اور لاہور سمیت فیصل آباد اور دیگر شہروں میں فلسطینیوں کی حمایت میں احتجاجی مظاہرے کئے گئے ۔فلسطینیوں سے اظہار یکجہتی اور غاصب صیہونی ریاست اسرائیل کے خلاف ہونے والے احتجاجی مظاہروں میں ہزاروں افراد نے شرکت کی اور فلسطین پر غاصب اسرائیل کے پینسٹھ سالہ ناجائز تسلط کی شدید مذمت کرتے ہوئے اقوام متحدہ سے مطالبہ کیا کہ فلسطینی عوام کو ان کے گھرو ں میں آباد کرنے کے لئے اقدامات کئے جائیں۔واضح رہے کہ پندرہ مئی سنہ 1948ء کو برطانوی سامراج کی ایماء پر غاصب صیہونی ریاست اسرائیل کا وجود سر زمین فلسطین پر عمل میں لایا گیا تھا جس کے بعد لاکھوں فلسطینیوں کو ان کی سرزمین سے جبری طور پر بے دخل کر دیا گیا تھا۔تاہم فلسطینی عوام ہر سال پندرہ مئی کو یوم نکبہ یعنی مصیبت اور تباہی کا دن مناتے ہیں۔

فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان کے تحت یوم نکبہ پر ہونے والی اسرائیل مخالف مظاہروں میں شریک مظاہرین نے ہاتھوں میں پلے کارڈز اور بینرز اٹھا رکھے تھے جن پر فلسطینیوں کے حق واپسی اور اسرائیل کے ناجائز قبضے کی مذمت کی قرار دادیں آویزاں تھیں ،مظاہرین نے امریکہ،اسرائیل اور برطانیہ سمیت مغربی سامراجی قوتوں کے خلاف زبردست نعرے بازی کی ۔
احتجاجی مظاہروں میں خطاب کرتے ہوئے فلسطین فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان کے رہنماؤں کاکہنا تھا کہ فلسطینی عوام اور ان کے ہمدرد فلسطینیوں کے دکھ درد کو نہیں بھولیں گے اور فلسطینیو ں کی ہر سطح پر اخلاقی و سیاسی حمایت جاری رکھی جائے گی۔ان کاکہنا تھا کہ پانچ ملین سے زائد فلسطینی اپنے گھروں سے دور زندگیاں گزار رے ہیں اور پوری دنیا خاموش تماشائی بنی ہوئی ہے ۔انہوں نے کہا کہ غاصب صیہونی اسرائیل کے ظالمانہ اور وحشیانہ مظالم کے نتیجے میں فلسطینی عوام اپنے ہی گھروں سے محروم ہیں جنہیں ہر حال میں اپنے گھروں میں لوٹایا جانا چاہئیے اور اقوام متحدہ کی یہ اولین ذمہ داری ہے کہ وہ فلسطینیوں کو انکی سر زمین پر واپس لانے میں اپنا مثبت کردار ادا کرے۔
رہنماؤں نے کہا کہ پاکستان کے عوام فلسطینیوں کے حق واپسی کی حمایت کرتے ہیں اور عالمی برادری سے مطالبہ کرتے ہیں کہ فلسطینیوں کی فلسطین واپسی کے سلسلے میں رکاوٹوں کو فی الفور ختم کیا جائے ۔رہنماؤں نے کہا کہ عالمی برادری مسئلہ فلسطین کے حل میں بری طرح ناکام ہو چکی ہے جس کی اصل ذمہ داری امریکہ اور یورپی یونین پر عائد ہوتی ہے۔ان کاکہنا تھا کہ اقوام متحدہ اور یورپی یونین کے زبانی کلامی دعووں اور بیانات سے مسئلہ فلسطین کا حل ممکن نہیں لہذٰا فلسطین کی آزادی کے لئے مسلح جد وجہد کی حمایت کرتے ہیں ۔انہوں نے اقوام متحدہ پر زور دیا کہ وہ فلسطینیوں کے حق واپسی کو یقینی بنائے اور ان کو ان کے گھروں میں پہنچانے کے لئے سنجیدہ کردار ادا کرے۔

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The CIA supported Free Syrian Army has produced a video showing Abu Sakkar eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier.



by Kurt Nimmo

Sakkar is the commander of the Farouq Brigades, one of the largest units of the Free Syrian Army. In 2012, the unit merged with the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front, a coalition of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist groups vowing to create an Islamic state in Syria. It is named after Farouq from Omar bin al-Khatab, a companion of the Prophet Muhammad, and the second caliphate.

The video was described as authentic by several Abu Sakkar’s fighters and supporters, including his brother.

“I swear to God, soldiers of Bashar, you dogs – we will eat your heart and livers! Takbir! God is Great! Oh my heroes of Baba Amr, you slaughter the Alawites and take their hearts out to eat them!” Sakkar declares in the video.

The NGO Human Rights Watch claims the cannibal Sakkar also participated in the indiscriminate shelling of Shia villages in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Geneva Convention prohibit mutilation of the dead. “Mutilation of the dead is actually a fairly rare occurrence in well-disciplined armies. This is probably as much the result of a general revulsion at such conduct as from a fear of criminal punishment,” notes H. Wayne Elliott.

The CIA’s Islamic mercenaries – supported and funded by the Gulf monarchies – have demonstrated on numerous occasions in Syria and Libya they are not beholden to international standards governing the conduct of war.

Amnesty International has documented a steep increase in war crimes committed by CIA supported mercenaries in Syria, including hostage taking, torture and summary executions.

In Libya, NATO’s mercenaries tortured and summarily executed thousands, including Muammar Gadhafi and his son, according to Human Rights Watch. Islamic militias are said to have killed U.S. ambassador Stevens and several other Americans in Benghazi.

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Afghanistan Demands Arrest of ‘American’ Death Squad Leader


The US and Afghanistan are at loggerheads again after new accusations that an American citizen has ‘disappeared’ fifteen people in the province of Wardak, where continued NATO presence has been hotly opposed.


Washington has denied any involvement.

Afghan officials say that a man by the name of Zakaria Kandahari, allegedly an ethnic Afghan, but a US citizen, has led a pro-government death squad that has terrorized locals in Wardak, New York Times reports. The newspaper says three officials have confirmed that he is being sought on charges of torture and murder. A key piece of evidence is a video tape of Kandahari torturing a local, while speaking English with an American accent.

Over the past year, Kandahari and his soldiers have also been seen throughout the area wearing NATO uniforms while riding on quad bikes in search of alleged insurgents, at least one of whom, Afghans say, has been found dismembered in a garbage container just outside the US base in the province, which is located just to the west of the capital Kabul.

Washington does not deny the existence of the video, but claims Kandahari operates a rogue Afghan unit, and is not a US citizen.

Everybody in that video is Afghan; there are no American voices,” an unnamed American official told the newspaper.

The official said that Kandahari was an interpreter for a US A-Team, based in the Nerkh district, and “went on the lam” as soon as his extrajudicial anti-Taliban campaign was discovered by the Americans, following a tip from Afghan officials.

We would have no reason to try to harbor this individual,” said the source. “We have done three investigations down there, and all absolve ISAF [NATO] forces and Special Forces of all wrongdoing.”

Allegations of extrajudicial justice by the US Nerkh-based Special Forces unit, which consists of a small core of American commandos aided by local support staff, in the region first surfaced in February when President Hamid Karzai said that the mixed teams had unleashed a reign of terror over the locals and ordered them out of the province.

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Good-bye Dubai? Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Facilities would leave the Entire Gulf States Region virtually Uninhabitable

Global Research

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”― Friedrich Nietzsche

Every Spring and Summer, during a period of low pressure over the Persian Gulf, powerful winds known as the “shamals and sharqi,” sweep down from the north and north east into Saudi Arabia, whipping up ever more grains of sand as they head south and south west across the Arabian Desert. Frequently, these sandstorms become gargantuan in size – hundreds of meters high and kilometers wide and in length of dense roiling particulate, choking the lungs of those exposed, blocking out the sun completely and, by the time they are over, burying whole towns, sometimes even large cities like Riyadh, in a meter deep or more of sand.


Sandstorm hitting Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2012

The wind speeds range from 30 to 300 kilometers per hour, and they generally take a semi-circular route, heading back out to the southern gulf and the remaining Gulf States. Indeed, on an annual basis all of the Gulf States combined – UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, suffer through literally hundreds of such sand and dust storms. And most often the winds driving those sandstorms originate from the north and north east (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and sometimes even Turkey).

NASA satellite image of typical shamal wind directions

Below is a map showing the location of Iran’s nuclear facilities and uranium mines. Now look again at the previous NASA satellite image and note the primary shamal wind direction.

Think “Fukushima x 10”: Bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities would leave the entire Gulf State region virtually uninhabitable.

Fukushima is, without question, the world’s worst nuclear disaster to date. In fact, many scientists believe, and with good reason, that the Fukushima incident, which is far from over, is the world’s worst environmentalcatastrophe.

“While the long-term repercussions of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster are yet to be fully assessed, they are far more serious than those pertaining to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine, which resulted in almost one million deaths (New Book Concludes – Chernobyl death toll: 985,000, mostly from cancer” Global Research, September 10, 2010. For a full account of Fukushima, see “Global Research Online Interactive Reader Series, Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War, The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation (Michel Chossudovsky, editor).

Now imagine several large nuclear reactors (Iran’s Bushehr reactor output, for example, is 1000 megawatts, compared to Fukushima Daiichi’s largest reactor which had an output of 784 megawatts), along with several uranium enrichment plants, and certainly military storage sites and quite likely even uranium mines, all bombed to dust within a matter of days. Moreover, unlike the Fukushima Daiichi reactors which suffered only partial meltdowns with much of the fuel rods and spent fuel storages remaining mostly intact, “all” of Iran’s nuclear fuel would be exploded into the atmosphere. And let us not forget that the US-Israeli military ordinances employed to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities would certainly be tipped with depleted uranium, and very likely would include some mini-nukes.

Indeed, in regards nuclear disasters and environmental catastrophes, Fukushima would absolutely pale in comparison to that caused by the bombing of Iran’s nuclear sites. The nuclear fallout from such an event would be extreme, to put it mildly. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians would likely die within the first year of such a strike, while millions more would die within a decade or two of some form of radiation-induced cancer. And since a significant portion of that nuclear fallout would end up either immediately, or over the course of the next weeks and months in the Arabian Desert, where the winds, year after year, would gather it up along with the particles of sand and dust into gigantic roiling irradiated storms (remember, “hundreds” of such sand and dust storms annually), not a person living anywhere in the Gulf State region would be safe from exposure. The Persian Gulf, too, would soon be so irradiated and toxic and lifeless that it might as well be renamed the New Dead Sea.

Some statistics worth recalling: The half-life of cesium-137 is just over 31 years, while that of strontium-90 is approximately 29 years. Plutonium-239, the most dangerous of the above-mentioned radioactive substances, has a half-life of 24,110 years. And uranium, which is the primary target and which will make up the largest percentage of the fallout, has a half-life ranging between 700 million to nearly 4.5 billion years, depending on the type of uranium used—U-235 or U-238. It’s also worth noting that it takes an estimated 20 x the half-life years listed for the radiation from such contamination to dissipate entirely.

Of course, a lot of that radiation would also enter the jet stream, which would then carry it around the globe, depositing it as nuclear fallout everywhere. No nation, no body of water, would be spared. It takes but “one” inhaled or ingested “hot” particle to produce a life-threatening cancer.

Calling for, even so much as contemplating, such a genocidal event is madness; actually carrying it out would be insanity beyond description.

We must conclude, therefore, that the US-NATO-Israeli alliance is bluffing. Shortly before each and every scheduled P5+1 negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program, the corporate/government controlled mainstream media in the West ratchets up the threats, with Israel insisting that they will soon bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities if their nuclear program isn’t shut down. We’ve been hearing these same threats for more than a decade now. The very fact that the other Gulf States in the region are in support of the US-NATO-Israeli alliance also suggests that such threats are all smoke-and-mirrors, attempts to scare Iran into accepting whatever demands US-NATO and Israel want.

Surely, the Gulf State monarchs especially are aware enough to realize that, even if Iran is planning to develop a nuclear weapon (for which no evidence whatsoever exists), a nuclear-armed Iran would be far less of a danger to them than a bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities, which would positively guarantee their demise. Even Israel, which is only 1100 kilometers away from Iran, and also experiences regular severe sand and dust storms, would likely suffer dire consequences as a result of the radiation fallout from such an attack.

Has such absolute insanity infected the minds of the Western powers to such a degree that they actually would attack Iran, and in so doing destroy the entire Gulf State region, further irradiate the entire planet and themselves, and quite possibly set off World War III? Or is it all just smoke-and-mirrors, scare tactics and rhetoric, and saner minds will in fact prevail?

Let us all hope and pray for the latter.

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British Lawyer Fined $12K for Anti-Semitic Rant


Angry After Jewish Man Cut Line at Doctor’s Office

A British lawyer who in 2009 said she “couldn’t stand Jewish people” during an office rant was found guilty of discrimination by a tribunal.

In a ruling published last week, the Solicitor’s’ Disciplinary Tribunal in London fined Danielle Morris, 34, some $3,840 and ordered her to pay $8,060 in costs for the remarks, according to a report by the Lancashire Telegraph daily newspaper.

Her comments came after a Jewish man cut in line at a medical center before Morris, an assistant solicitor at Mulderiggs Solicitors in Rawtenstall near Manchester and mother of two.

Morris later commented to a receptionist at her firm “I cannot stand Jewish people.” The comment was heard by a Jewish colleague who asked her “not to say that.” But Morris replied: “I don’t care; I cannot stand them ever since an incident at the Bardoc (medical center).”

Morris’s lawyer said in her defense that she had “not been aware of the long history and persecution of the Jewish people and because of her age had had limited direct contact with those who had been familiar with the discovery of the Holocaust or the attitudes which had led to those events.”

The tribunal said that it heard that she now had a “greater understanding of the offense that she had caused and the context in which her remarks could be seen.”

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