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HAND OFF SYRIA LONG LIVE ASSAD DEATH TO THE ZIO-NATO RATS هكذا استقبل قائد الوطن في الرقة واهل الرقة بانتظار الجيش العربي السوري

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Church of Scotland report challenging Jews’ ‘divine right’ to Palestinian homeland unchanged


Impertinent complaints politely sidestepped


The General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, Edinburgh. Photo: Wikimedia

by Stuart Littlewood

The Church of Scotland’s revised report ‘The Inheritance of Abraham?’ has now been released ahead of their Assembly .

The Church felt obliged to change some of it after Jewish leaders sought to interfere, one complaining that it was “an outrage to everything that interfaith dialogue stands for…  and closes the door on meaningful dialogue”. Another said “it reads like an Inquisition-era polemic against Jews and Judaism.”

The Israeli ambassador moaned that it belittled the deeply held Jewish attachment to the land of Israel in a way which was “truly hurtful”.

So do the changes amount to a caving–in to Zionist meddlers?

I soon gave up comparing the two versions word for word to spot the difference. The press release gives no clues either. In it, Convener Sally Foster-Fulton simply says:

Sally Foster-Fulton

“We believe that this new version has paid attention to the concern some of the language of the previous version caused amongst the Jewish community whilst holding true to our concerns about the injustices being perpetrated because of policies of the Government of Israel against the Palestinian people that we wanted to highlight. The views of this report are consistent with the views held by the Church of Scotland over many years.”

Cool under fire, this lady.

The report’s key conclusion remains that “the Church of Scotland does not agree with a premise that scripture offers any peoples a divine right to territory”. At least they stand firm on that.

They also recap on what they already believe, and here’s where disagreements might flare up. For example…

·       Israel is a recognised State and has the right to exist in peace and security.”

Yet Israel’s right to exist seems somehow inconsistent with the Church’s statement that scripture does not bestow a divine right to someone else’s land. Even if the Church believes that the UN’s 1947 Partition Plan was morally and legally right, what does it say to the Jewish terror groups that were driving Palestinians from their homes before the ink was dry and before the state of Israel was declared? What about the hundreds of towns and villages not even allocated to the Jewish state in the UN Plan but erased by Israel in order to implant itself. What about the systematic ethnic cleansing and the criminal occupation of additional Arab territories in the 1967 war? Perhaps the Church should remain silent on the ‘right to exist’ question, at least until Israel declares its internationally recognised boundaries and halts its illegal expansion.

·       “There should be a Palestinian State, recognised by the United Nations, that should have the right to exist in peace and security.”

Israel doesn’t recognise the Palestinians’ right to a state.

·       “We condemn racism and religious hatred.”

The Jewish state is a racist entity.

·       “We are especially concerned at the recent actions of the Government of Israel in its support for settlements, for the construction of the security barrier or ‘the Wall’ within Occupied Territory, for the blockade of Gaza and for the anti-Boycott law.”

“Recent” actions? Israel has been building illegal settlements since 1967. Gaza has been blockaded since 2006. The West Bank has lived under permanent blockade for decades.

·       “We assert our sincere belief that to be critical of the policies of the Israeli Government is a legitimate part of our witness and we strongly reject accusations of anti-Semitic bias. We regularly engage with and critique policies of all Governments, where we deem them to be contrary to our understanding of God’s wish for humanity.”

Well said.

Central to the Church’s discussion is this excellent passage…

“To Christians in the 21st century, promises about the land of Israel shouldn’t be intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory; The ‘promised land’ in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This ‘promised land’ can be found or built anywhere.”

The report’s key conclusions appear the same as before. Christians should not be supporting any claims by any people to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory… It is a misuse of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) and the New Testament to use it as a topographic guide to settle contemporary conflicts over land.

And regarding Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory the Church remains committed to the following principles (previously set out and agreed by the General Assembly):

That the current situation is characterised by an inequality in power, therefore reconciliation can only be possible if the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the blockade of Gaza, are ended.

The Church of Scotland condemns violence, terrorism and intimidation no matter the perpetrator

The Church of Scotland affirms the right of Israelis and Palestinians to live within secure and fixed boundaries in states of their own.

The Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank are illegal under international law.

The Church of Scotland should do nothing to promote the viability of the illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

That human rights of all peoples should be respected, and this should include the right of return and / or compensation for Palestinian refugees.

That negotiations between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority about peace with justice must resume at the earliest opportunity and the Church of Scotland should continue to put political pressure on all parties to commence such negotiations, and asking all parties to recognise the inequality in power which characterises this situation.

That there are safe rights of access to the sacred sites for the main religions in the area.

This stance seems pretty robust to me, and the Church’s support for refugees’ right of return is very welcome. However it also raises questions. Why, having already emphasised that the crisis in the Holy Land is characterised by “an inequality of power”, call for the two sides to be thrown together again in fruitless negotiations? Negotiate what? Freedom? Is that negotiable? The return of stolen lands and property? Is that negotiable? These matters are already decided by international and humanitarian law and numerous UN resolutions waiting to be enforced. How can the Church approve so-called ‘negotiations’ while one party is still under illegal occupation with a gun to his head? What justice is likely to come out of that? The Church does urge the UK Government and the European Union “to do all that is within their power to ensure that international law is upheld”, but that surely must come first, rather than relying on discredited talks.

The report going in front of the Church’s Assembly appears unchanged in substance and has cleverly sidestepped objections. The only caving-in, so far, has been the senior clergy’s agreement to listen to the Zionists’ impertinent demands in the first place.

I can only wish the Assembly an enjoyable week ahead and, on this issue, firm judgement.


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Assad–IsraHell is helping Syrian Puppets



Times of Israel

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Saturday accused Israel of backing rebel groups, and said he wouldn’t step down before elections are held, rejecting a demand by the country’s opposition that any talks on ending the nation’s civil war lead to his ouster.

Israel provides Syria rebel groups with “logistical support and is even instructing them which targets to attack,” he said.

“For example, the rebels attacked a military site containing a radar installation that defends Syria from the penetration of foreign aircraft, especially from Israel,” he charged.

On Friday, Amos Gilad, a top Israeli Defense Ministry official, said Israel was not seeking to topple Assad, though unnamed Israeli officials have said Israel would bring him down were he to retaliate for any further airstrikes on advanced weaponry being transferred to Hezbollah via Damascus. israel carried out two such strikes earlier this month.

Assad’s comments to the Argentine newspaper Clarin were his first about his possible role in any political transition since the US and Russia agreed earlier this month to try to bring the two sides to the table at an international conference. Such a gathering is envisioned for next month, but no date has been set, and neither the Assad regime nor the Syrian National Coalition, the main Western-backed coalition group, has made a firm commitment to attend.

The Syrian president’s remarks highlighted the difficulties the US and Russia face in getting the two sides to agree on the terms of transition talks and brokering an end to Syria’s bloody civil war.

In the Syrian capital Damascus, meanwhile, a powerful explosion went off in the Ruken al-Deen neighborhood, killing three people and wounding five, Syrian state TV reported. It said the blast was caused by a car bomb and that experts are dismantling other explosives in the area.

More than 70,000 people have been killed and several million displaced since the uprising against Assad erupted in March 2011 and escalated into a civil war.

Assad has dismissed those trying to topple him as foreign-backed terrorists. Many in the political opposition say Assad and his inner circle cannot be expected to negotiate in good faith after they brutally suppressed peaceful protests.

In the interview with Clarin, Assad likened himself to the skipper of a ship riding Syria’s turbulent seas, saying “the country is in a crisis and when a ship faces a storm, the captain does not flee.”

“The first thing he does is face the storm and guide the ship back to safety,” Assad was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “I am not someone who flees from my responsibilities.”

An audio clip from the interview was posted on the Clarin website, with his Arabic comments dubbed into Spanish and translated into English by The Associated Press.

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Naziyahu Prefers Rebels to Assad

Netanyahu: Not true that Israhel prefers Assad to rebels

Times of London report quotes senior Israeli intelligence officer who ‘does not represent the government’s position,’ prime minister states.


A Friday report in the Times of London, according to which Israel prefers the regime of Bashar Assad than see a takeover of the country by rebel Islamist militants, is untrue, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a meeting of Likud ministers on Sunday.

“The statements attributed to an Israeli intelligence officer do not represent the Israeli government’s position,” Netanyahu said, according to a source present at the meeting.

The prime minister stressed that Israel is not intervening in the Syrian civil war and is not taking a position concerning who should rule the country.

The Israeli official told the Times: “Better the devil we know than the demons we can only imagine if Syria falls into chaos, and the extremists from across the Arab world gain a foothold there.”

According to the Times, the senior intelligence officer in the north of Israel said a weakened but stable Syria under Assad is not only better for Israel but for the region as a whole.

Another defense official was quoted saying it is more likely than initially estimated that Assad will remain in power.

“We originally underestimated Assad’s staying power and overestimated the rebels’ fighting power,” the source said.

The report in the Times comes a day after the United States said the Russian missile shipment to Syria will embolden Assad and prolong the conflict.

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‘I hate Arabs because this is a Jewish state’


Transcripts of the interrogation of Jamal Julani’s assailants paint a picture of racism and brutality

Times of Israel

The police on Thursday released transcripts of the interrogation of the teenagers accused of brutally attacking and seriously injuring Jamal Julani on August 17.

Nine teens were indicted on Tuesday in Jerusalem District Court. In another indictment Tuesday, seven minors, including a 15-year-old girl, were accused of similar crimes relating to the attack.

Investigators asked one of the defendants, suspected to be the main assailant, how he would respond if Julani had died from his injuries. “Great,” the youth replied, “let him die. He’s an Arab son of a bitch. What did he think, that he would curse my mother? When I attacked him I was going to stab him in the ribs to let him realize my mom is no child’s play. He knows exactly why he is in the hospital.”

The youth recounted the events leading up to the violent event.

“We went to look for Arabs, to hit them and beat the crap out of them, and I went ahead of everyone and I met the Arab who was swearing. I got upset and yelled, ‘Here’s an Arab,’ and some more guys came with me and then R. [the 15-year-old girl perceived as the instigator] got there and gave him a slap in the back. He tried to get up but I hit him with my foot in his pelvic area, and then all the guys beat him up. He had a face that required a beating.”

“I hate Arabs because this is a Jewish state,” said another defendant. “I can’t shout ‘Jews are sweethearts and Arabs are sons of bitches,’ but they are allowed to rape Jewish girls?”

The 15-year-old girl charged with involvement in the incident maintained her innocence. When asked whether she was a racist, she replied, “No, not at all. I have nothing against Arabs, in fact I had an Arab boyfriend.”

The girl said when she disclosed this on the evening of the attack, “everyone was calling me a whore before I started swearing at Arabs.”

She added the other defendants threatened her and ordered her to withhold the truth about what happened in the violent event.

The attack drew widespread condemnation from Israel’s leaders, including Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

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IsraHell is world’s largest exporter of drones, study finds


In eight years Israel exported $4.6 billion worth of UAVs, to countries ranging from Britain to India and Uganda.

The Eitan drone at an air base - Olivier Fitoussi

The Israeli designed Eitan drone. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi
May.19, 2013
Elbit Systems, which makes electronic systems for surveillance, warfare and the like, and the Hermes series of drones. Photo by Ancho Gosh

Israel is the world’s largest exporter of unmanned aircraft, in terms of the number of systems sold, a study has found.

Over the last eight years Israel has exported $4.6 billion worth of unmanned aerial vehicles, according to a study by the business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

UAVs, or drones, constitute nearly 10 percent of Israel’s total military exports.

Unmanned equipment exports are a relatively volatile market, the report shows.

Israel had $150 million in UAV exports in 2008, a figure which increased substantially in 2009 to $650 million. Exports of the small surveillance planes peaked in 2010, a record year for drone sales, to $979 million.

Sales since dropped off: In 2011, exports of UAVs slumped to $627 million, and in 2012 they declined further to $260 million.

Frost & Sullivan notes that this last figure does not factor in a major deal signed with India for the upgrade of unmanned aircraft. If that deal were to be included, it would boost the average annual export figures in the sector by about $100 million.

Israel’s average overall military exports over the past eight years have been about $6.1 billion a year. UAVs constituted about $578 million of that figure.

Israel is considered a powerhouse in the field of unmanned aircraft, primarily due to the Israel Air Forces’ impressive squadrons of UAVs. These include the Eitan, which boasts a wingspan of up to 26 meters; and the Hermes 450, which according to foreign reports can be armed to carry out targeted killings from the air.

Just over half of Israel’s UAV exports from 2005 through 2012 were to Europe, according to the report, with a particularly large number of aircraft supplied to Britain’s Watchkeeper UAV program, a joint project of Israel’s Elbit Systems and the French multinational firm Thales. Watchkeeper aircraft are based on Elbit’s Hermes 450 UAV.

Drones were also sold to Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain.

A third of the exports from 2005 to 2012 were destined for the Asia-Pacific region, including Azerbaijan and India. About 11 percent of the foreign sales, totaling $508 million, were to customers in South America.

The United States accounted for a mere 3.9 percent of Israel’s UAV export sales from 2005 to 2012.

Customers in Africa, including Uganda, Ethiopia and Nigeria, represented 1.5 percent of drone exports, about $69 million.

Not all UAV exports were intended for military use, according to the report. Some equipment was reportedly sold for domestic security and for use in urban areas.

Israel’s overall military exports are expected to grow in the next few years as Israeli firms continue to sign new orders with foreign customers, says Eran Flumin, who heads Frost & Sullivan’s Israel operations.

Israel’s unmanned aircraft are meanwhile being aggressively marketed in markets where demand in growing, such as Africa, the Asia-Pacific region and South America, he said.

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Illuminati Exposed on TV Talk Show (2013) AWESOME!!

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The People’s Spring: The Future of the Arab Revolution


by Samir Amin

Book review
Samir Amin: “The last Marxist in the Arab world” according to a friend of mine!

The timing of this book couldn’t have been more appropriate. Amin has been writing about the use of political Islam as a tool of imperialism to undermine secular regimes for years, but in the decade following the second intifada of 2000, when armed jihad was raging against US, British and Zionist forces from Basra to Helmand, the thesis seemed counter-intuitive to say the least. The events of the past year and a half, however – with Islamists again acting as imperialism’s shock troops, in Libya and Syria, whilst simultaneously pushing neoliberal globalization to parts of Egypt even Mubarak couldn’t reach – have shown that ‘political Islam’ is as useful to imperialism as ever.

This book charts the development of the Middle East, and Egypt in particular, over the past 2000 years, from its rise and fall as a ‘hub’ of the world’s trading systems, through its stop-start attempts at modernization during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to the decline that followed Nasser’s defeat in the six day war. But the most interesting sections are those tracking the developments of the last 50 years.
Intriguingly, 4/5 of the book was written before the social explosions of early 2011. By outlining the growing social pressures and conflicts which preceded them, Amin shows that the explosions were, in fact, far from unexpected. But he also shows that if the capture of these uprisings by the Muslim Brotherhood was not exactly destined (Amin does not believe in such things), it was also eminently predictable.
Since the time of Sadat, Amin argues, the Egyptian state has actually been complicit in the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s power. Nasser’s defeat in 1967, and his death in 1970, resulted in a capitulation to imperialism, and a corresponding decline in living standards – and in the regime’s legitimacy. To compensate, the state sought instead to gain religious legitimacy by systematically handing over powerful institutions – namely television, education and the courts – to Islamist control. This whole process deepened following the collapse of the USSR, which led to a fresh wave of neoliberalism and impoverishment, along with a renewed attempt to channel opposition in a purely religious direction. Thus, for Amin, the apparent ‘contradiction’ between the Sadat-Mubarak state and the Brotherhood is pure theatre – Egypt has been run by what amounts to an alliance between the two forces for a long time.
Imperialism, meanwhile, has been complicit in the process, allowing its Saudi friends to pour money into the Muslim Brotherhood, who are then able to provide essential services (such as healthcare) where the state has been forced by IMF diktat to cut back. Today, they fully support the Brotherhood’s takeover of the country. As Amin explains, “the single aim of Washington and its allies Israel and Saudi Arabia is to abort the Egyptian democratic movement, and to that end they want to impose an Islamic regime under the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood – the only way for them to perpetuate the submission of Egypt”.
The Brotherhood – through their full support of Empire regime change policy in the region and the reduction of the Egyptian economy to an informal ‘bazaar’ market system – are the perfect allies for Empire in its quest to push back the possibility of Egypt’s emergence as a strong, independent state. Their programme is one of capitulation to the US military and globalized capital, whilst upholding the Zionist status quo. No wonder Cameron and Hague are so gushing in their support.

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Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, to Visit Palestine

Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, to Visit Palestine


Ramallah, May 19 (Prensa Latina) President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, will soon visit Palestine, announced the Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riyad Malki, according to a note released here by official sources.

The foreign ministers of Lithuania, Finland and Greece also plan to travel to the territory of the Palestinian autonomy, adds the source.

President Ortega has accepted an invitation to travel to Ramallah and coordination are ongoing, said Malki, who described the visits as evidence that Palestine is acting in a dynamic way in the international arena.

Last November the General Assembly overwhelmingly approved granting Palestine the status of non-member observer state, despite the aggressive campaign of the United States (U.S.) and Israel to prevent it.

Malki also announced that a mission from the United Nations Organization for Science and Culture will travel on May 20 to Jerusalem, which the Arabs call Al Quds, to investigate the actions of the Israeli occupiers aimed at changing the Arab character of that city.

One day later, May 21, is expected the arrival of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who has not provided many details of the purpose of his visit, foreign minister added.

Kerry is scheduled to attend the next day’s a lecture of the self called Friends of Syria, convened to Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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GOOD NEWSIran executes spies working for CIA, Mossad


Iran executes two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad. (File photo)

Iran executes two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad. (File photo)
Iran has executed two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad.

The two men, who were sentenced to death by Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, were hanged at dawn on Sunday.

The Mossad agent, identified as Mohammad Heidari, had been found guilty of collecting Iranian classified information and providing the intelligence to the Israeli spy agency in the course of several meetings outside the Islamic Republic.

Heidari had received sums of money from the Mossad in return for the acts of espionage.

The other spy, Kourosh Ahmadi, was convicted of contacting CIA agents and providing them with intelligence on Iran.

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