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Why The Next War With China Could Go Very Badly For The United States



In a future conflict with China, we could see U.S. planes falling out of the sky or great naval vessels sitting dead in the water after being hit with EMP blasts.

By Michael Snyder

End of the American Dream

Most Americans assume that the U.S. military is so vastly superior to everyone else that no other nation would ever dream of fighting a full-scale war against us.  Unfortunately, that assumption is dead wrong.  In recent years, the once mammoth technological gap between the U.S. military and the Chinese military has been closing at a frightening pace.

China has been accomplishing this by brazenly stealing our technology and hacking into our computer systems.  The Pentagon and the Obama administration know all about this, but they don’t do anything about it.  Perhaps the fact that China owns about a trillion dollars of our national debt has something to do with that.  In any event, today China has the largest military in the world and the second largest military budget in the world.  They have stolen plans for our most advanced jets, helicopters, ships and missile systems.  It is estimated that stealing our technology has saved China about25 years of research and development.

In addition, China is rapidly developing a new generation of strategic weapons that could potentially enable it to actually win a future war against the United States.  At one time such a notion would have been unthinkable, but as you will see below, the next war with China could go very badly for the United States.

The Washington Post is reporting on a confidential report that was prepared for the Pentagon, and what this report says about the extent of Chinese cyber espionage is absolutely startling.  Will China know ALL of our secrets at some point?  The following is a brief excerpt from the Washington Post article about the theft of our military technology by China.  It turns out that Chinese hackers have gotten their hands on plans for almost all of the new cutting edge weapons systems that we have been developing…

Some of the weapons form the backbone of the Pentagon’s regional missile defense for Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf. The designs included those for the advanced Patriot missile system, known as PAC-3; an Army system for shooting down ballistic missiles, known as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD; and the Navy’s Aegis ballistic-missile defense system.

Also identified in the report are vital combat aircraft and ships, including the F/A-18 fighter jet, the V-22 Osprey, the Black Hawk helicopter and the Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship, which is designed to patrol waters close to shore.

Also on the list is the most expensive weapons system ever built — the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which is on track to cost about $1.4 trillion.

One military expert that the Washington Post showed the report to was absolutely stunned…

“That’s staggering,” said Mark Stokes, executive director of the Project 2049 Institute, a think tank that focuses on Asia security issues. “These are all very critical weapons systems, critical to our national security. When I hear this in totality, it’s breathtaking.”

The experts said the cybertheft creates three major problems. First, access to advanced U.S. designs gives China an immediate operational edge that could be exploited in a conflict. Second, it accelerates China’s acquisition of advanced military technology and saves billions in development costs. And third, the U.S. designs can be used to benefit China’s own defense industry. There are long-standing suspicions that China’s theft of designs for the F-35 fighter allowed Beijing to develop its version much faster.

But it isn’t just hackers that the U.S. military needs to be concerned about.

The truth is that the Chinese are stealing secrets from us any way that they can.

For example, the Chinese use attractive young women to seduce our defense contractors.  In fact, as the Washington Times recently reported, one 59-year-old American man was recently charged with passing very sensitive secrets to a 27-year-old Chinese “honeypot” that he was seeing…

A U.S. defense contractor who works in intelligence at the military’s Pacific Command in Hawaii has been charged with passing classified national security information to a 27-year-old Chinese woman he was dating.

Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 59, is accused of sending the woman an email in May with information on Pacom’s war plans, nuclear weapons and U.S. relations with international partners, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Honolulu and unsealed Monday.

The complaint goes on to allege that Mr. Bishop told the woman over the telephone in September about the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons and about the ability of the U.S. to detect other nations’ short- and medium-range ballistic missiles.

Another way that China is gaining a strategic advantage over the U.S. is by getting the U.S. military to become increasingly dependent upon them.  According to Forbes, now the U.S. military is even leasing a Chinese satellite for communications purposes…

American dependence on China grows by the day. The latest news is that the United States has been reduced to leasing a Chinese satellite to handle communications with U.S. military bases in Africa. Surprising, isn’t it? The nation that launched the world’s first communications satellite (I remember it well – it was called Telstar) has so lost its manufacturing mojo that it has to rely on its most formidable military adversary to provide the hardware for some of its most sensitive communications. This at a time when underlying unemployment rates among U.S. manufacturing workers remain at near-depression levels.

Isn’t that crazy?

And a recent Senate report discovered that many of our most advanced weapons systems are absolutely riddled with counterfeit Chinese parts…

A recent Senate report, titled Inquiry Into Counterfeit Electronic Parts In The Department Of Defense Supply Chain, “uncovered overwhelming evidence of large numbers of counterfeit parts making their way into critical defense systems.”

The investigation found 1,800 cases of counterfeit electronic parts involving over one million suspect parts in 2009-10 alone, thereby exposing “a defense supply chain that relies on hundreds of unveiled independent distributors to supply electronic parts for some of our most sensitive systems.”

The report concluded, among other things, that China is the “dominant source” of counterfeit products that enter the DoD supply chain, that the Chinese government does little to stop it and that the DoD doesn’t know the “scope and impact” of these parts on critical defense systems.

Who in the world would be stupid enough to allow one of their greatest strategic enemies to supply large numbers of parts for key weapons systems?

Apparently we are that stupid.

Things are particularly bad when it comes to semiconductors

Senator John McCain commented: “We can’t tolerate the risk of a ballistic missile interceptor failing to hit its target, a helicopter pilot unable to fire his missiles, or any other mission failure because of a counterfeit part.” Calling the issue “a ticking time bomb,” Brian Toohey, president of the Semiconductor Industry Association, commented: “The catastrophic failure risk inherently found in counterfeit semiconductors places our citizens and military personnel in unreasonable peril.”

It would be bad enough if we just had to worry about counterfeit parts failing.  But what if China has a way to shut some of those parts down in the event of a conflict?  What if some of those parts contain “Trojan Horse” computer chips or malware?

That may sound crazy, but unfortunately Trojan Horse chips can be extremely difficult to detect.  The following is from a recent Forbes article

As the Defense Science Board pointed out, Trojan Horse circuitry is almost impossible to detect even with the most rigorous analysis. This is particularly so if a saboteur can accomplish matching subversions in both software and relevant hardware.

And as I mentioned above, China is rapidly developing a vast array of new strategic weapons which may enable it to actually win the next war with the United States.

For example, China has been developing a new generation of inter-continental and submarine-launched nuclear missiles.

The submarine-launched missiles are of particular concern…

The Ju Lang-2 intercontinental missile is the second generation of Chinese submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

It’s a closely held secret, and details are sketchy. If it lives up to what public military intelligence says it is, it’s a huge get for China, especially with their new sub fleet.

The missile is believed to have a range of 8,000 km, and can carry conventional or nuclear warheads.

Do you remember a few years ago when a Chinese sub fired a missile from just off the west coast of the United States?

We didn’t know that the sub was there.  If that missile had been fired at Los Angeles it would have been destroyed long before we could have ever responded.

And don’t think that a first strike by either China or Russia is inconceivable.  As I have written about previously, the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal has already been reduced by about 95 percent, and Obama seems absolutely determined to whittle it down even more.  In fact, there has been talk that the Obama administration ultimately wants to reduce our arsenal down to just 300 warheads.  If Russia or China knows exactly where those warheads are, it would be very easy to take them out in less than 10 minutes with a submarine-based first strike.

And China has also reportedly been developing very sophisticated EMP weapons.  The following is from a WND report…

In 2011, it was first revealed that China was developing EMP weapons to be used against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict, especially over Taiwan, according to a 2005 National Ground Intelligence Center study.

That center study said the Chinese were developing a family, or “assassin’s mace” of EMP and high-powered microwave, or HPM, weapons to be used by a technologically inferior force such as China’s, against U.S. military forces.

The once secret but now declassified study pointed out that the Chinese could detonate an EMP weapon some 30 to 40 kilometers over Taiwan or – by inference – a U.S. carrier strike group – and destroy the electronics capability on which U.S. network-centric strategy depends.

But an EMP weapon does not have to be a high-altitude weapon that affects a large area.  Smaller scale EMP weapons could take out a wave of fighter jets or a carrier fleet.

In a future conflict with China, we could see U.S. planes falling out of the sky or great naval vessels sitting dead in the water after being hit with EMP blasts.

But isn’t China our friend?

That is what most Americans and most American politicians seem to believe.  They seem to think that China is our “buddy” and “trading partner” and that we will never have a military conflict with China.

But that is NOT how the Chinese see things.

The Chinese regard the United States as their greatest strategic threat and as an enemy that needs to be vanquished.

That is why they are constantly spying on us, hacking into our computers and stealing our technology.

That is why they are feverishly building up their military and preparing for a future war with America.

So what do you think?

Do you believe that war with China is in our future?

If so, do you think that we will win?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

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Total Blackout by Corporate Media on the March Against


A Total Censorship Blackout by Corporate Media News on the March Against Monsanto as Millions March Worldwide

The Global Harvest Initiative hosted the symposium on agriculture to learn ways to double agricultural output to meet rapidly growing global demand anticipated by the United Nations.WASHINGTON – SEPTEMBER 22: (L-R) Patricia Woertz, CEO of Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ellen Kullman, CEO of DuPont, Samuel Allen, CEO of John Deere, and Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto, participate in a symposium at the Newseum on September 22, 2009 in Washington, DC. The Global Harvest Initiative hosted the symposium on agriculture to learn ways to double agricultural output to meet rapidly growing global demand anticipated by the United Nations. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

By Avalon 

A coordinated censorship by omission media blackout of the global March Against Monsanto is taking place all over the world. While search results from Google produce about 179,000,000 results, there are but a handful of Corporate News Channelscovering this global event. Quoting an interview with David Barsamian on the state’s control of the news:

There is a structural relationship between media and state power. They are closely linked. Who are the media? Not just in the United States, but around the world, they’re a handful of corporations that dominate what people see, hear, and read.

Corporate influence and power over the media explains why the March Against Monsanto has to date received little to no coverage in the Major Corporate News Channels.  Although the reference above is to state power, one can draw a reasonably conclusion that corporate power has an even greater influence on censorship – as described by the ACLU on Censorship:

Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. Censorship can be carried out by the government as well as private pressure groups.

Moving on…

Alternative Media, being the genesis of the global March Against Monsanto, demonstrating not only the power of Alternative Media, but the organizational capabilities in exploiting Social Media.

List of sites that covered the March Against Monsanto:

Interestingly, the Huffington Post article ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protesters Rally Against U.S. Seed Giant And GMO Products,which is sourced from the Associated Press (AP) and received 9,911 Likes on Facebook. In the HP article, Monsanto is quoted as saying:

The Food and Drug Administration does not require genetically modified foods to carry a label, but organic food companies and some consumer groups have intensified their push for labels, arguing that the modified seeds are floating from field to field and contaminating traditional crops. The groups have been bolstered by a growing network of consumers who are wary of processed and modified foods.

The U.S. Senate this week overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would allow states to require labeling of genetically modified foods.

The Biotechnology Industry Organization, a lobbying group that represents Monsanto, DuPont & Co. and other makers of genetically modified seeds, has said that it supports voluntary labeling for people who seek out such products. But it says that mandatory labeling would only mislead or confuse consumers into thinking the products aren’t safe, even though the FDA has said there’s no difference between GMO and organic, non-GMO foods.

However, state legislatures in Vermont and Connecticut moved ahead this month with votes to make food companies declare genetically modified ingredients on their packages. And supermarket retailer Whole Foods Markets Inc. has said that all products in its North American stores that contain genetically modified ingredients will be labeled as such by 2018.

Whole Foods says there is growing demand for products that don’t use GMOs, with sales of products with a “Non-GMO” verification label spiking between 15 percent and 30 percent.

In the final analysis, it’s an informed and educated consumer that can and will bring about any changes to Genetically Modified Organisms ood and Seeds. One thing is for certain, the March Against Monsanto is proof that when the people want a change they can effect change through unity and cooperation.

To further educate the public, an incredible new documentary has just been released by Gary Null and Richard Gale

– Seeds of Death: Understanding the Deception Behind GMOs


Seeds of Death

Published on May 24, 2013

In preparation of the global March Against Monsanto, you are invited to watch our award-winning documentary Seeds of Death free. The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta — are determined that world’s populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them. This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet’s future if Big Agriculture’s new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.

A Question and Answer fact sheet deconstructing Monsanto’s GM claims and Big Agriculture’s propaganda to accompany the film is available online:

Lastly, quoting an article authored by Science Reporter Matt McGrath which appeared in BBC World Service dated October 4, 2012, titled California battle over GM labels

It is estimated that around $40m will be spent mainly on TV advertisements, in an attempt to convince people to vote for or against. The vast majority of the money,according to an analysis by independent researchers MapLightcomes from big biotechnology firms includingMonsanto and Du Pont who, between them, have contributed around $12m.

Incidentally, a BBC article posted on February 14, 2012 states clearly the finding in a French court:

A French court has found the US biotech giant Monsanto legally responsible for the poisoning of a farmer who inhaled a powerful weedkiller. Correspondents say the case could influence rulings in other countries on the use of pesticides. Monsanto says it will appeal against Monday’s verdict by a court in Lyon. Paul Francois, 47, suffered from dizziness, headaches and other problems after examining a sprayer in 2004 which contained Lasso, a product now banned. The court linked Lasso directly to the farmer’s illness. It ordered a report on his condition, to establish the amount of compensation Monsanto would have to pay him.

Source: US firm Monsanto ‘guilty’ in France poisoning case

Also, an article posted March 28, 2013 on by Anthony Gucciardi of explains that Monsanto actually wrote the now infamous Monsanto Protection Act!

Two other recent articles from Anthony Gucciardi are must reads – they are:



Seeds of Death

A Question and Answer fact sheet deconstructing Monsanto’s GM claims and Big Agriculture’s propaganda to accompany the film is available online:

US firm Monsanto ‘guilty’ in France poisoning case

March Against Monsanto 

Global Harvest Initiative

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My Family Died for Nothing


(Mahmoud Ezz Eddin Wahid Mousa lost 6 members of his family in an IsraHell attack)

At approximately 20:30 on 14 January 2009, during ‘Operation Cast Lead’, Zio-Nazi forces carried out a drone strike at the house of Ezz Eddin Wahid Mousa Family, in Gaza City. At the time of the attack, the Mousa family members were sitting in the tin-roofed front yard of their house and had just finished having dinner. As a result of this attack 6 members of the Mousa family were killed and another member was seriously injured.

Mahmoud Ezz Eddin Wahid Mousa (28) was severely injured in the attack, when several shrapnel from the missile pierced his body. Among other injuries, Mahmoud sustained several injuries in his right hand and right leg, impairing the nervous system in both the limbs. More than four years after the attack, Mahmoud has still not fully recovered from his injuries, despite having been treated in hospitals in the Gaza Strip and Egypt. In January 2010, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) filed a civil compensation case before the Israeli court on Mahmoud’s behalf but, on 27 February 2013 the case was arbitrarily dismissed on the grounds that certain Israeli legal provisions, in particular a 2012 amendment to the Israeli Civil Tort Law, absolve the Nazi State of Israhell of any liability arising from the damages caused by Israeli forces during a ‘combat action’.

“I cannot believe that my case has been dismissed”, Mahmoud explained. “I got the news that my case was dismissed through my uncle, much later, because I was in Egypt at that time. I was receiving medical treatment in Egypt when my case was dismissed. My whole family, my parents, my brother and my sister were killed in the attack and I want to know why. Why did they kill my family? I did not file this case to get money. Money cannot bring back my family”. When Mahmoud learnt about the IsraHell legal provisions owing to which his case was dismissed, he said, “This is not a law. How can they make such a law?

They targeted my family in the attack. We are all civilians, and do not have any connections with militants. This was not a military operation; this was a civilian operation to kill my family. Why can’t they give me any reasons? It feels like my family died for nothing. I want the IsraHell judge to tell me what he would do if he were in my place. He should look at the case fairly. If his family was killed in such an attack, he won’t have dismissed the case.” Tears welled up in Mahmud’s eyes as he said, “I was sure that my case will succeed. It is a very clear case. All of us were targeted without any reason. We were just having dinner. What is wrong with that? They cannot kill us like this.”

(The tin-roofed front yard where the attack took place)

Mahmoud expressed his disappointment by saying, “The reason behind this law is that they keep committing crimes against us civilians. They know that they are wrong. My case was valid and it should not have been dismissed like this. This is not right, this is wrong. They know that we are ordinary people who don’t have the money to meet their high court fees. Till when will the world keep silent about such crimes? Till when will they keep killing us like this? What do they want from us? We had to leave our homes because of them, and now when we are trying to build our lives again, they keep killing us.”

To file the case for a review Mahmoud need a huge amount of money but his financial condition is very weak. Despite being disheartened, Mahmoud hasn’t lost hope, “If someone else was in my place, he would lose all hope. He would give up. But I won’t. I will keep fighting this case, no matter how long it takes. I am not expecting anything new from them, but I still have hope that someone will do justice. If I die before that then I will tell my next generations to fight the case. But I cannot give up my family’s dignity.”

(Mahmoud suffered serious injuries in his right leg and hasn’t recovered yet)

The medical treatment Mahmoud has received so far is insufficient to improve his condition. He explains, “After the attack when I was taken to the hospital in Gaza, they told me that they will have to cut my right leg to decrease my pain. But I did not want that. My nerves in my right arm and leg were damaged in the attack. The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah arranged for me to go to Egypt for treatment. I underwent many operations and surgeries there, and my condition improved. Now, I am at a stage where I can save my leg. The problem is that even in Egypt they cannot sure me completely.

The doctors said that I need to go to Europe for treatment, and there are better facilities there. The time is running out and if I don’t get treated soon then they will have to cut my leg. But I don’t have the money for that. I hope that somehow I will manage to get the treatment I need.” Mahmoud needs to undergo a bone-marrow transplant operation to be able to save his leg, but given the lack of financial support this seems difficult.

After the devastating attack Mahmoud’s life has altered completely, and he has been having difficulties in both his personal and professional life, “No one here will hire a person whose hand and leg don’t work properly. I tried working with the Ministry of Transport in Gaza as a receptionist for four months, but I could go there only for 10 days every month because I was undergoing treatment. I left later because it was very difficult for me. In Gaza there are so many people who are unemployed. When they can hire a person whose legs and hands work properly, why will someone hire me?” Mahmoud further said, “I was married earlier, but my wife divorced me after the attack. She could not live with me like this. With God’s grace I am engaged again. I want to start a family and lead a normal life. To do this I need to make money, but I am not able to do that because of my condition.”

Following the 2008-2009 IsraHell offensive on the Gaza Strip (‘Operation Cast Lead’), PCHR filed 1,046 civil complaints (or “damage applications”), on behalf of 1,046 victims, to the Compensation Officer in the Israeli Ministry of Defence. These damage applications sought compensation for victims following alleged violations of international law committed by Israeli forces. Because the Israeli authorities did not act upon these damage applications, between June 2010 and January 2011, PCHR filed 100 civil cases before IsraHell courts, seeking compensation for 620 victims. However, the IsraHell legislature (Knesset) and the courts, through legislative amendments and recent decisions, have imposed various legal and procedural obstacles on the achievement of justice for victims.

In dismissing Mahmoud’s case, the court relied upon the 2012 Amendment No. 8 to the IsraHell Civil Tort Law (Liability of the State), which exempts the State of IsraHell of any liability arising from damages caused to a resident of an enemy territory during a “combat action” or a “military operation”. This amendment, which applies retroactively from 2000 onwards, and specifically in the context of the Gaza Strip from 12 September 2005 onwards, widened the scope of “combat action” by including any operations carried out by IsraHell forces in response to terrorism, hostilities, or insurrections, if it is by nature a combat action, given the overall circumstances, including the goal of the action, the geographic location, and the inherent threat to members of the Israeli forces who are involved in carrying out the action.

This amendment disregards the vital question of the legality of these attacks and ignores the damages caused to the victims as a result of such attacks, which can potentially constitute violations of the rules governing the conduct of armed forces during military operations, as prescribed under international humanitarian law. Amendment No. 8 directly contravenes norms of customary international law, which establish that a State is responsible for all acts committed by persons who are operating as part of its armed forces.

Moreover, as a High Contracting Party to the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, IsraHell cannot be absolved of any liability it incurs in respect of grave breaches or serious violations, which are committed against the civilian population during military operations. Moreover, the IsraHell courts charge an average court guarantee of approximately NIS 30,000 (USD 8,000) from every claimant, and if the case does not reach the trial stage the court withholds this guarantee as ‘defense costs’.

Significantly, these decisions result in a situation whereby victims are financially penalised for having pursued their legitimate right to access to justice by filing civil cases before the courts. The judicial system is being used to provide an illusion of justice, while systematically denying Palestinian civilians their right to an effective remedy.

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President’s Obama’s Promise: Global War on Terror to Continue, with Fresh Makeup. Assassinating People Prevents Them From Attacking Us


The United States uses Predator and Reaper drones to kill people at a distance, sometimes at random, sometimes Americans or children, and after a decade of this practice, in the face of scattered popular protest, President Obama gave a speech about it on May 23 that was preceded by waves of advance media buzz that the President was going to change some of the policy in the global war on terrorism.

Who in a sane state of mind would expect any change of policy when the president gives a speech about counter-terrorism at the National Defense University?

In effect, two American administrations have followed the same pre-emptive killing policy that can be summed up simply: “Assassinating people prevents them from attacking us, whether they want to or not, and it’s not up to us to figure out what they want.”

No administration official since 2001 has put it quite that way, of course, but it is a fair summary of the country’s fear-based endless war against an abstraction, terrorism, that is made more palpable by the very actions taken to fight it.

Another way to summarize a dozen years of pre-emptive war is that the United States is within its rights to defend itself against all enemies, real and imagined.

What Do You Call It When One Man Decides Who Lives or Dies?

Since American terror policy is contradictory and semi-secret, it appears incoherent. In March 2012 on CNN, Attorney General Eris Holder expressed the administration’s point of view in a manner suitable to Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass.” Here, rendered in the quasi-poetic form it deserves, is Holder’s explanation of lethal drone strikes:

Some have called such operations ‘assassinations.’
They are not. And the use of that loaded term is misplaced.
‘Assassinations’ are ‘unlawful killings.’
Here, for the reasons that I have given,
the US Government’s use of lethal force
in self-defense against a leader of al Qaeda
or an associated force
who presents an imminent threat of violent attack
would not be unlawful
and therefore would not violate
the executive order banning assassination….
* * *

In Holderworld, it is somehow not an assassination to commit a killing that fits the widely accepted definition of “assassination” as “the murder of a prominent person or political figure by a surprise attack, usually for payment or political reasons…. An assassination may be prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives….”

You Don’t Need Law When There’s No Political Challenge

As Holder well knows, as does Obama, both being lawyers, there is no clear constitutional, statutory, court precedent, or other legal grounding for assassination by drone. The only basis in law is untested legal argument, some if which remains secret. But as both men know, the assassination policy has solid grounding in both politics and psychology.

And so the President framed his counter-terrorism speech with 9/11, which is as logical and useful as it is exceptional and misleading, telling his audience falsely but with Humpty Dumpty mastery of words, “And so our nation went to war.”

That has been the delusional national consensus since 2001, even though it’s not war in any constitutional, historic, or honest sense.

But war justifies everything, at least for awhile. And that may be the meaning behind Obama’s speech, a sense that time may be running out on the “nation at war” meme, and perhaps it’s time for the clever leader to get ahead of the politics and the psychology by at least seeming to change course a little.

The President acknowledges much of the damage our self-chosen wars have done to us at home and abroad. He ticks off government surveillance, torture, secret prisons – but not renditions. He says, “And in some cases, I believe we compromised our basic values.”

Then he tried to sell us an inherent contradiction: “we stepped up the war against al Qaeda, but also sought to change its course,” by which he seemed to mean we stopped torturing as may people and generally tried to break fewer domestic and international laws.

But on the other hand, we should still be afraid: “our nation is still threatened by terrorists. From Benghazi to Boston….” He did not clarify when Benghazi became part of “our nation.”

At a Crossroads and Choosing to go in All Four Directions?

The President rambled on in this contradictory fashion, warning the nation that, “America is at a crossroads” and quoting Madison that “No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare” – then assuring us that our war on terrorism would continue.”

“We must make decisions based not no fear,” the President said, suggesting that we need to understand the threat we face. Then a short while later he added, “that the scale of this threat closely resembles the types of attacks we faced before 9/11.”

“Most, though not all, of the terrorism we face is fueled by a common ideology,” Obama said, echoing the recent words of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham: “the war against radical Islam, or terror, or whatever description you like.” Contrary to a good many of his fellow Americans, the President went on to assert that “the United States is not at war with Islam.”

Then he used the magic language, defining the enemy as “al Qaeda and its associated forces.” Given the limitations of the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force against the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon has been using the catch-all “and its associated forces” to argue the legality of doing whatever they want to whomever they want, or just not interfering with the free hand of the CIA or other clandestine forces.

Obama suggested that “we must define our effort not as a boundless ‘global war on terror,’” and went on to offer no boundaries to our willingness to attack whomever we define as an enemy in any part of the world.

Assassination by Drone to Remain Presidential Prerogative

With regard to assassination by drone, the President claimed “our actions are effective…. These strikes have saved lives.” He offered no serious evidence to support either claim, neither of which appears to be provable.

Amidst much vague reassurance about how drone strikes would be fewer, and kill fewer innocents, he also made an unsupported claim that strains credulity: “For me, and those in my chain of command, these deaths will haunt us as long as we live, just as we are haunted by the civilian casualties that have occurred through conventional fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

To dispel the haunting, the President immediately played the fear card again: “To do nothing in the face of terrorist networks would invite far more civilian casualties….”

Earlier in the day, the Obama Administration admitted to killing four American citizens, and unnumbered others, without any legal due process. Yet in his speech he said, “For the record, I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any U.S. citizen — with a drone, or a shotgun — without due process.”

The President went on to discuss engaging with the Muslim American community, being troubled intimidating reporters, modifying the legal basis for continued war-making, and mitigating the horrors of Guantanamo. All these are issues he could have addressed at any time during his presidency, and he offered no pressing reason for addressing any of them now. Nor did he outline any clear new direction on any of them.

Boiled down, the President’s speech signaled that he had noticed that there were problems waging global war, that he would try to make it neater and prettier, but that it would continue – be afraid.

The one apparent exception to the contradictory verbal soft talk was a fleeting comment about three-quarters of the way through. Without offering any analysis, or even any means of doing this, he said: “We must strengthen the opposition in Syria, while isolating extremist elements — because the end of a tyrant must not give way to the tyranny of terrorism.”

This echoed Secretary of State John Kerry’s comment in Jordan on May 22: “In the event that we can’t find that way forward, in the event that the Assad regime is unwilling to negotiate Geneva 1 in good faith, we will also talk about our continued support and growing support for the opposition in order to permit them to continue to be able to fight for the freedom of their country.”

Now there’s something to be afraid of.

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Report on Syria – Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire: “The Syrian State is Under a Proxy War Led by Foreign Countries”


Report and Appeal to the International community to support a process of dialogue and reconciliation in Syria between its people and Syrian government and reject outside intervention and war.

After a 10 days visit to Lebanon and Syria, leading a 16 person delegation from 8 countries, invited by Mussalaha Reconciliation Movement, I have returned hopeful that peace is possible in Syria, if all outside interference is stopped and the Syrians are allowed to solve their own problems upholding their right to self-determination.

An appeal to end all violence and for Syrians to be left alone from outside interference was made by all those we met during our visit to Syria. We have tried to forward it to the International community in our Concluding Declaration(l).

During our visit we went to refugee camps, affected communities, met religious leaders, combatants, government representatives, opposition delegations and many others, perpetrators and victims, in Lebanon and Syria.

1. Visits to refugee camps: In Lebanon we visited several refugee camps, hosted by Lebanese or Palestinian communities. One Woman said: “before this conflict started we were happy and had a good life (there is free education, free healthcare, subsidies for fuel, in Syria ,) and now we live in poverty”. Her daughter and son-in-law (a pharmacist and engineer) standing on a cement floor in a Palestinian refugee camp, with not even a mattress, told us that this violence had erupted to everyone surprise’s and spread so quickly they were all still in shock, but when well armed, foreign fighters came to Homs, they took over their homes, raped their women, and killed young males who refused to join their ranks, so the people fled in terror.

They said that these foreign fighters were from many countries like Libyans, Saudis, Tunisians, Chechens, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Emiratis, Lebanese, Jordanians, Turkish, Europeans, Australian, and these gangs are financed and trained by foreign governments. They attach suicide vests around peoples’ bodies and threaten to explode them if they don’t do what they are told. One refugee woman asked me ‘when can we go home’? (To my great delighted a few days later in Damascus I met a woman working on a government programme which is helping refugees to return to Syria and over 200 have returned to date).

Religious and government leaders have called upon people not to flee Syria and it is to be hoped many will heed this call, as after seeing so many Syrian refugees living in tents and being exploited in so many ways, including sexually, I believe the best solution is the stability of Syria so its people feel safe enough to stay in Syria. If refugees continue to flee Syria then surrounding countries could be destabilized, causing the domino effect and destabilizing the entire Middle East.

Many people have fled into camps in surrounding countries like Turkey, Jordan or Lebanon, all of whom are trying to manage the huge influx of Syrian refugees. Although the host countries are doing their best to cope they are overwhelmed by refugee numbers. (UNHCR’s official figure of refugees is one million). Through our meetings we have been informed that Turkey invites Syrian refugees into the country and forbid them to go back home. It is documented that Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan are mistreated. Some young Syrian refugee girls are sold for forced marriage in Jordan. From OHCHR reports we know that more than 4 million Syrians are displaced inside their own country, living in great need.

A representative from Red Cross, told us that there is freedom to do their work throughout Syria for all NGO and the Syrian Red crescent in co-ordination with the Ministry of Social affairs and under such dire circumstances, they are doing their best, providing services to as many people as possible. However there is a great shortage of funds for them to cope with this humanitarian tragedy of refugees and internally displaced population. The economic sanctions, as in Iraq,are causing great hardship to many people and all those whom we met called for them to be lifted. Our delegation called for the lifting of these illegal US-led sanctions that target the Syrian Population for purely political reasons in order to achieve regime change.

2- Hospitals: We visited the hospitals and saw many people injured by shootings, bombings, and armed attacks. A moderate Sunni Imam told me how he was abducted by jihadists, who tortured him, cut off his ear, tried to cut his throat, slicing his legs, and left him for dead. He said when he goes back to his mosque they will slaughter him. He told us “these men are foreign fighters, jihadists from foreign countries, well armed, well trained, with money, they are in our country to destroy it. They are not true Muslims but are religious extremist/fundamentalists terrorizing, abducting, killing our people”.

The government spokesman also confirmed that they have in detention captured foreign fighters from 29 countries, including Chechens, Iraqis, and many others. The Ministry of Health showed us a documentary on the terrible killings by Jihadists and the terror caused by these foreigners with the killing of medics and destruction of medical infrastructure of the Syrian State which has made it difficult to answer the needs of the population.

3- Meeting with Opposition: Our delegation participated in an open forum with many representatives of internal opposition’s parties. One political opponent who was in prison 24 years under the Assad regime, and has been out for 11 years, wants political change with more than 20 other internal opposition components, but without outside interference and the use of violence. We met with ‘armed’ opposition people in a local community who said they had accepted the governments offer of amnesty and were working for a peaceful way forward. One man told me he had accepted money from Jihadists to fight but had been shocked by their cruelty and the way they treated fellow Syrian muslims considering them as not real Muslims. He said foreign Jihadists wanted to take over Syria, not save it.

The 10th May a part of our delegation headed to Homs, invited by the opposition community of Al Waar city where displaced families from Baba Amro, Khalidiyeh and other rebel’s strongholds seek refuge. The Delegation saw all the conditions of this city and is studying a Pilot Project for Reconciliation and peaceful reintegration between this community and the surrounded non rebel communities (Shia and Alaouites) with whom 15 days ago an agreement of non belligerence has been signed through the auspices of Mussalaha.

4 – Meeting with Officials: Our Delegation met, and spoke, at the Parliament, and also with the Governor, Prime Minister and 7 other Ministries. We were given details of the new Constitution and political reforms being put in place, and plans for elections in 2014. Government Ministers admitted that they had made mistakes in being slow to respond to legitimate demands for change from civil community but these were now being implemented. They told us when the conflict started it was peaceful for change but quickly turned into bloodshed when armed men killed many soldiers.

In the first days soldiers were unarmed but when people started asking for protection the government and military responded to defend the people and in self defence.

When we enquired from the Prime Minister regarding the allegation that the Syrian Government had used Sarin gas, he told us that as soon as news came from Aleppo that allegedly gas had been used, his government invited immediately the UN to come into investigate, but heard nothing from them. Most recently however, a UN investigator, High Commissioner Carla Del Ponte, has confirmed that it was rebels, not Syrian government, who used Sarin gas. During meeting with Justice Minister, we requested that a list of 72 non-violent political dissidents currently detained be released.

The justice Minister said after checking those listed were indeed non-violent political dissidents, he would, in principal, agree to the release of these nonviolent detainees. He also informed us they they do not implement the death penalty and it is hoped that when things settle in Syria they will move to have the death penalty abolished. We also asked the Justice Minister (an international lawyer) about Syrian Government’s Human rights abuses, namely the artillery shelling into no-go areas being held by jihadists and armed opposition. The Minister accepted those facts but alleged that the Government had a duty to clear these areas. We suggested there was a better way to deal with the problem than artillery shelling but he insisted that the government had responsibility to clear the areas of rebel forces and this was the way in which they were doing it

The Ministers and Governor said that President Assad was their President and has their support. There were many people we spoke to who expressed such sentiments. However, some young people said they support the opposition but in order to protect the Unity of Syria from outside destruction, they will support the government and President Assad, until the election next year and then they will vote for the opposition. They said the Doha Coalition in Qatar does not represent them and that no one outside Syria has a right to remove President Assad but the Syrian people through the elections next year. The journalists in Syria are in great danger from the religious extremist/fundamentals,and during my visit to a television station a young journalist told me how his mother was killed by jihadists and he showed me his arm where he had been shot and almost killed.

5- Meeting with religious leaders: We attended in the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus a prayer gathering led by the Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun and the Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham with the delegate of Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazigi, and clerics of all traditions. The Assembly prayed for the peace and unity of Syria and the non-interference of outsiders in their country. They stressed the conflict in Syria is not a religious conflict, as Muslims and Christians have always lived together in Syria, and they are,(in spite of living with suffering and violence much of which is not of their own making), unified in their wish to be a light of peace and reconciliation to the world. The Patriarch said that from the Mosque and Christian churches goes out a great movement of peace and reconciliation and asked both those inside and outside Syria, to reject all violence and support the people of Syria in this work of dialogue, reconciliation and peacemaking.

The Muslim and Christian Spiritual Leaders are very conscious if the religious extremist/fundamentalists gain momentum and control Syria, the future of those who are not supportive of fundamentalists like moderate Muslims, Christians, minorities, and other Syrians is in great danger. Indeed the Middle East could loose its precious pluralistic social fabric with the Christians, like in Iraq, being the first to flee the country. This would be a tragedy for all concerned in this multi-religious, multi-cultural secular Syria, once a light of peaceful conviviality in the Arab world.


Following many authorized reports in the mainstream Medias and our own evidences I can stress that the Syrian State and its population are under a proxy war led by foreign countries and directly financed and backed mainly by Qatar who has imposed its views on the Arab League. Turkey, a part of the Lebanese opposition and some of the Jordan authorities offer a safe haven to a diversity of jihadist groups, each with its own agenda, recruited from many countries. Bands of jihadists armed and financed from foreign countries invade Syria through Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon porous frontiers in an effort to destabilize Syria. There are an estimated 50,000 foreign jihadist fighters terrorizing Syria. Those death squads are destroying systematically the Syrian State infrastructures (Electricity, Oil, Gas and water plants, High Tension Pylons, hospitals, schools, public buildings, cultural heritage sites and even religious sanctuaries).

Moreover the country is submerged by snipers, bombers, agitators, bandits. They use aggression and Sharia rules and hijack the freedom and dignity of the Syrian population. They torture and kill those who refuse to join them. They have strange religious beliefs which make them feel comfortable even perpetrating the cruelest acts like killing and torture of their opponents. It is well documented that many of those terrorists are permanently under stimulant like Captagon. The general lack of security unlashes the terrible phenomenon of abduction for ransoms or for political pressure. Thousands of innocents are missing, among them the two Bishops, Youhanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi, many priests and Imams.

UN and EU economic sanctions as well as a severe embargo are pushing Syria to the edge of social collapse. Unfortunately the international media network is ignoring those realities and is bent on demonizing, lying, destabilizing the country and fuelling more violence and contradiction.

In summary: the war in Syria is not as depicted a civil war but a proxy war with serious breaches of International laws and the Humanitarian International laws.. The protection of the foreign fighters by some foreign countries among the most powerful gives them a kind of an unaccountability that pushes them with impunity to all kind of cruel deeds against innocent civilians. Even war conventions are not respected incurring in many war crimes and, even, crimes against Humanity.


During our visit to Syria, our delegation was met with great kindness by everyone and I offer to each one who facilitated or hosted our Delegation my most sincere feelings of gratitude. We witnessed that the Syrian people have suffered very deeply and continue to do so.

The entire population of 23 million people are under tremendous threat of continued infiltration by foreign terrorists. Many are still stunned by the horrors and suddenness of all this violence and worried their country will be attacked and divided by outside forces, and are all too aware that geopolitical forces are at work to destabilize Syria for political control, oil and resources. One Druze leader said ‘if westerns want our Oil – both Lebanon and Syria have oil reserves – let us negotiate for it, but do not destroy our country to take it’.

In Syria memories of next door Iraq’s destruction by US/UK/NATO forces are fresh in people’s minds, including in the minds of the one and a half million Iraqis who fled Iraqi’s conflict, including many Christians, and were given refuge in Syria by the Syrian Government.

The greatest hope we took was from Mussalaha, a non political movement from all sections of Syrian society, who have working teams throughout Syria and is proceeding through dialogue to building peace and reconciliation. Mussalaha mediates between armed gunmen and security forces, help get release of many people who have been abducted, and bring together all parties to the conflict for dialogue and practical solutions. It was this movement who hosted us, under the leadership of Mother Agnes-Mariam, Superior of Saint James’ Monastery, supported by the Patriarch Gregory III Laham, head of the Catholic Hierarchy of Syria.

This great civil community movement building a peace process and National Reconciliation from the ground up, will, if given space, time, and non-interference from outside, help bring Peace to Syria. They recognize that there must be an unconditional, all inclusive political solution, with compromises and they are confident this is happening at many levels of society and is the only way forward for Syrian peace.

I support this National Reconciliation process which, many Syrians believe, is the only way to bring Peace to SYRIA and the entire Middle East. I am myself committed to this peaceful process and hope that the International Community, the Religious and Political Leaders as well as any person of good will will help Syria to bypass violence and prejudice and anchor in a new era of Social peace and prosperity. This cradle of civilizations where Syria occupies the heart is an enormous spiritual heritage for humanity, let us strive to establish a non war zone and proclaim it an OASIS of Peace for the Human Family.

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Ask the BBC to Report on the Bilderberg Meetings


This petition asks the BBC two things: (1) to explain why it has failed to report on Bilderberg meetings for the last 59 years, and (2) to report on forthcoming meetings and subject the Bilderberg group to public scrutiny.

Why is this important? The Bilderberg Group Conference is a secretive meeting of the most powerful and influential people in politics, media and business and have occurred annually since 1954.

Despite the obvious public interest, the BBC has not once reported on proceedings, nor even attempted to bring the secretive proceedings to public scrutiny. Any time the Bilderberg conference has been mentioned by BBC reporters, it was to mock “conspiracy theories”, without asking the basic “five W’s” of journalism: who, what, why, when and where. If these meetings were of no public interest, presumably they would not be attended by people such as George Osborne, Peter Mandelson and Ed Balls.

They have also been attended by many former prime ministers including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher. The BBC is complicit in maintaining the secrecy of these meetings and withholding possibly important information from the public. The BBC has deliberately failed in its mission to “inform, educate and entertain”. The BBC has failed to serve the public interest, as obligated under its Royal Charter, for which the BBC Executive Board must be help responsible.

This petition asks the BBC two things: (1) to explain why it has failed to report on Bilderberg meetings for the last 59 years, and (2) to report on forthcoming meetings and subject the Bilderberg group to public scrutiny. The forthcoming conference is thought to be at the Grove Hotel in Watford from the 6th to the 9th of June. We look forward to the report from BBC News.

Sign the Petition Here!

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PCHR Congratulates Sha’awan Jabarin, Director of Al-Haq, for having been elected as FIDH’s Vice-President


On Monday, 27 May 2013, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) held its international bureau elections during its 38th congress, entitled “Human Rights and Democratic Transitions: Experiences and Challenge”, in Istanbul in Turkey from 23 to 27 May 2013.

Mr. Karim Lahidgy, an Iranian lawyer, was elected as the FIDH President succeeding Ms. Suheir Bolhasan.  Mr. Sha’awan Jabarin, Director of al-Haq, the pioneer of the human rights movement in Palestine, was elected as FIDH’s Vice-President.  Mr. ‘Ezz Eddin al-Asbahi, Director of Human Rights Information and Training Centre (HRITC) in Yemen, was also elected for the same position. Aminah Abu ‘Ayyash, a Moroccan human rights activist, was elected as the Secretary.  During the congress, al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights’ was awarded with FIDH’s membership.

It should be noted that Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), was elected to preside the congress, while taking into consideration that he finished his fourth term as the FIDH’s Vice-President. Sourani had occupied the position for 12 consecutive years during the 34th, 35th, 36th and 37th congresses in 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010.

FIDH is a non-governmental organization based in Paris, since 1922. It is one of the leading international organizations dedicated to defending human rights.  It has 168 member organizations active in 122 countries throughout the world, including a number of Arab human rights organizations, PCHR being one of them.  FIDH holds its Congress every three years; during which members define strategies for action and elect the International Bureau of FIDH.

PCHR regards this day, of FIDH Bureau election, a special day for the Palestinian human rights movement.  This day witnessed the approval of al-Mezan Centre’s membership (Al-Mezan is a Palestinian organization active in human rights field), and electing Sha’awan Jabarin, one of the most prominent Palestinian human rights advocates, as FIDH’s Vice-President.  Sha’awan Jabarin is a highly acclaimed human rights defender,

PCHR congratulates Mr. Sha’awan Jabarin, Director of al-Haq, for being elected as FIDH’s Vice-President.  PCHR also considers Jabarin’s appointment as international appreciation for the Palestinian human rights movement and for al-Haq, which is the pioneer in defending Palestinians’ rights.  Jabarim spent 8 years in administrative detention, and was banned from traveling by Israeli forces for 17 consecutive years.

PCHR also congratulates al-Mezan Centre for its membership in FIDH.  PCHR is looking forward to further efforts and the important work to be done by Palestinian human rights organizations under the umbrella of international organizations and networks in support for human rights causes and the rule of international law, and seeking accountability and prosecution of war criminals.


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US demands Hezbollah pull out fighters from Syria




Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria ‘dangerous,’ says State Department spokesperson; White House says idea of no-fly zone for Syria still on table


The US State Department urged Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia on Wednesday to withdraw its fighters from Syria immediately.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said it was “unacceptable” and “dangerous” that Hezbollah had sent fighters into Syria. “We demand that Hezbollah withdraw its fighters from Syria immediately,” she said at a regular daily news briefing.

The US demand came a few days after Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah’s speech in which he reiterated his group’s commitment to the beleaguered Syrian regime.

“We will continue to the end of the road; we accept this responsibility and will accept all sacrifices and expected consequences of this position,” he said.

The US is concerned that Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian civil war will drag Lebanon into the conflict and foment inter-sectarian violence in the country, concerns which were reinforced by recent violent outbreaks in Beirut.

The Americans hinted that increased involvement in Syria will lead the US to boost its aid to the Syrian opposition.

On Wednesday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Hezbollah sent between 3,000 and 4,000 fighters to Syria to fight alongside President Bashar Assad’s forces.

Earlier, the main United Nations human rights body condemned Syria and its use of foreign fighters in combats in Qusair, a town on the west of the country.

At the same time, the White House stated that President Barack Obama does not rule out the idea of a no-fly zone above Syria.

“Every option available to the president remains on the table when it comes to our policy towards Syria, That of course includes the possibility of a no-fly zone,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told a news briefing.

Meanwhile, discussions on a possible multi-lateral peace conference in Geneva are still ongoing. Though the Syrian foreign minister announced the regime’s willingness to attend, the opposition conditioned its participation on an internationally backed agreement to end Assad’s rule.

In an official statement the rebels said: “The coalition congratulates the international efforts to finds a political solution, all under the principles of the revolution.”

Concurrently, the US objected to Iran’s participation in the conference since it claimed Tehran is not interested to bring about peace to the war-torn country.

Nevertheless, the US official stance is that Iran’s participation will be determined by all countries involved.

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Why Disinformation Works. In America “Truth has no Relevance. Only Agendas are Important”


Have you ever wondered how the government’s misinformation gains traction?

What I have noticed is that whenever a stunning episode occurs, such as 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing, most everyone whether on the right or left goes along with the government’s explanation, because they can hook their agenda to the government’s account.

The leftwing likes the official stories of Muslims creating terrorist mayhem in America, because it proves their blowback theory and satisfies them that the dispossessed and oppressed can fight back against imperialism.

The patriotic rightwing likes the official story, because it proves America is attacked for its goodness or because terrorists were allowed in by immigration authorities and nurtured by welfare, or because the government, which can’t do anything right, ignored plentiful warnings.

Whatever the government says, no matter how problematical, the official story gets its traction from its compatibility with existing predispositions and agendas.

In such a country, truth has no relevance. Only agendas are important.

A person can see this everywhere. I could write volumes illustrating how agenda-driven writers across the spectrum will support the most improbable government stories despite the absence of any evidence simply because the government’s line can be used to support their agendas.

For example, a conservative writer in the June issue of Chronicles uses the government’s story about the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to argue against immigration, amnesty for illegals, and political asylum for Muslims. He writes: “Even the most high-tech security systems imaginable will inevitably fail as they are overwhelmed by a flood of often hostile and dangerous immigrants.”

The writer accepts all of the improbable government statements as proof that the brothers were guilty. The wounded brother who was unable to respond to the boat owner who discovered him and had to be put on life support somehow managed to write a confession on the inside of the boat.

As soon as the authorities have the brother locked up in a hospital on life support, “unnamed officials” and “authorities who remain anonymous” are planting the story in the media that the suspect is signing written confessions of his guilt while on life support. No one has seen any of these written confessions. But we know that they exist, because the government and media say so.

The conservative writer knows that Dzhokhar is guilty because he is Muslim and a Chechen. Therefore, it does not occur to the writer to wonder about the agenda of the unnamed sources who are busy at work creating belief in the brothers’ guilt. This insures that no juror would dare vote for acquittal and have to explain it to family and friends. Innocent until proven guilty in a court has been thrown out the window. This should disturb the conservative writer, but doesn’t.

The conservative writer sees Chechen ethnicity as an indication of guilt even though the brothers grew up in the US as normal Americans, because Chechens are “engaged in anti-Russian jihad.” But Chechens have no reason for hostility against the US. As evidence indicates, Washington supports the Chechens in their conflict with Russia. By supporting Chechen terrorism, Washington violates all of the laws that it ruthlessly applies to compassionate Americans who give donations to Palestinian charities that Washington alleges are run by Hamas, a Washington-declared terrorist organization.

It doesn’t occur to the conservative writer that something is amiss when martial law is established over one of America’s main cities and its metropolitan area, 10,000 heavily armed troops are put on the streets with tanks, and citizens are ordered out of their homes with their hands over their heads, all of this just to search for one wounded 19-year old suspect. Instead the writer blames the “surveillance state” on “the inevitable consequences of suicidal liberalism” which has embraced “the oldest sin in the world: rebellion against authority.” The writer is so pleased to use the government’s story line as a way of indulging the conservative’s romance with authority and striking a blow at liberalism that he does not notice that he has lined up against the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence and rebelled against authority.

I could just as easily have used a left-wing writer to illustrate the point that improbable explanations are acceptable if they fit with predispositions and can be employed in behalf of an agenda.

Think about it. Do you not think that it is extraordinary that the only investigations we have of such events as 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing are private investigations, such as this investigation of the backpacks: [1]

There was no investigation of 9/11. Indeed, the White House resisted any inquiry at all for one year despite the insistent demands from the 9/11 families. NIST did not investigate anything. NIST simply constructed a computer model that was consistent with the government’s story. The 9/11 Commission simply sat and listened to the government’s explanation and wrote it down. These are not investigations.

The only investigations have come from a physicist who proved that WTC 7 came down at free fall and was thus the result of controlled demolition, from a team of scientists who examined dust from the WTC towers and found nano-thermite, from high-rise architects and structural engineers with decades of experience, and from first responders and firefighters who were in the towers and experienced explosions throughout the towers, even in the sub-basements.

We have reached the point where evidence is no longer required. The government’s statements suffice. Only conspiracy kooks produce real evidence.

In America, government statements have a unique authority. This authority comes from the white hat that the US wore in World War II and in the subsequent Cold War. It was easy to demonize Nazi Germany, Soviet Communism and Maoist China. Even today when Russian publications interview me about the perilous state of civil liberty in the US and Washington’s endless illegal military attacks abroad, I sometimes receive reports that some Russians believe that it was an impostor who was interviewed, not the real Paul Craig Roberts.

There are Russians who believe that it was President Reagan who brought freedom to Russia, and as I served in the Reagan administration these Russians associate me with their vision of America as a light unto the world. Some Russians actually believe that Washington’s wars are truly wars of liberation.

The same illusions reign among Chinese dissidents. Chen Guangcheng is the Chinese dissident who sought refuge in the US Embassy in China. Recently he was interviewed by the BBC World Service. Chen Guangcheng believes that the US protects human rights while China suppresses human rights. He complained to the BBC that in China police can arrest citizens and detain them for as long as six months without accounting for their detainment. He thought that the US and UK should publicly protest this violation of due process, a human right. Apparently, Chen Guangcheng is unaware that US citizens are subject toindefinite detention without due process and even to assassination without due process.

The Chinese government allowed Chen Guangcheng safe passage to leave China and live in the US. Chen Guangcheng is so dazzled by his illusions of America as a human rights beacon that it has never occurred to him that the oppressive, human rights-violating Chinese government gave him safe passage, but that Julian Assange, after being given political asylum by Ecuador is still confined to the Ecuadoran embassy in London, because Washington will not allow its UK puppet state to permit his safe passage to Ecuador.

Perhaps Chen Guangcheng and the Chinese and Russian dissidents who are so enamored of the US could gain some needed perspective if they were to read US soldier Terry Holdbrooks’ book about the treatment given to the Guantanamo prisoners. Holdbrooks was there on the scene, part of the process, and this is what he told RT: “The torture and information extraction methods that we used certainly created a great deal of doubt and questions in my mind to whether or not this was my America. But when I thought about what we were doing there and how we go about doing it, it did not seem like the America I signed up to defend. It did not seem like the America I grew up in. And that in itself was a very disillusioning experience. [2]

In a May 17 Wall Street article, Peggy Noonan wrote that President Obama has lost his patina of high-mindedness. What did Obama do that brought this loss upon himself? Is it because he sits in the Oval Office approving lists of US citizens to be assassinated without due process of law? Is it because he detains US citizens indefinitely in violation of habeas corpus? Is it because he has kept open the torture prison at Guantanamo? Is it because he continued the war that the neoconservatives started, despite his promise to end it, and started new wars?

Is it because he attacks with drones people in their homes, medical centers, and work places in countries with which the US is not at war? Is it because his corrupt administration spies on American citizens without warrants and without cause?

No. It is none of these reasons. In Noonan’s view these are not offenses for which presidents, even Democratic ones, lose their high-minded patina. Obama can no longer be trusted, because the IRS hassled some conservative political activists.

Noonan is a Republican, and what Obama did wrong was to use the IRS against some Republicans. Apparently, it has not occurred to Noonan that if Obama–or any president–can use the IRS against opponents, he can use Homeland Security and the police state against them. He can use indefinite detention against them. He can use drones against them.

All of these are much more drastic measures. Why isn’t Peggy Noonan concerned?

Because she thinks these measures will only be used against terrorists, just as the IRS is only supposed to be used against tax evaders.

When a public and the commentators who inform it accept the collapse of the Constitution’s authority and the demise of their civil liberties, to complain about the IRS is pointless.

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Cracking The Bilderberg Nut


As the stuffed dolls of mainstream media will expectedly persist in their silent obedience in all things Bilderberg, the hearts of activists and bloggers alike are again beating the drums of desperation- signaling with bells, horns, trumpets, or whatever instrument is needed to incinerate the dreaded silence that has hung heavy on journalism for many-a-decade.


by Jurriaan Maessen


O there’s plenty of chatter swelling up into the airwaves about a range of non-issues and trifles to clot up the ear, usually put out by a particular type of male or female automaton screeching through the TV-screen on a balanced dose of Prozac and amphetamines.

In leading mankind further into a Faraday’s cage of disinformation the establishment media has accomplished a few things. The most important one of which is the discrediting of their own reporting- or non-reporting-, as they continue to collectively gloss over the event, subsequently digging a deep and terrible hole for themselves from which, in the end, there is no climbing out. It’s a case of professional self-mutilation really- a lucid, self- imposed state of comatose slumber that serves to transfix the populace on the disinformation-units coming straight out of the Bilderberg machine. The machine is still spitting out the packages, but now the assembly line is starting to fail at distributing them.

The annual tradition prescribes that the Anglo-American establishment will gather around its favorite deity from June 6 to June 9 in England’s green and pleasant land. Right there, in the seclusion of deep woodland shade, the participants will be busy working out in more detail how to further bankrupt the West in order to “equalize” world power under Agenda 21- and all of these deliberations occur in a most relaxing atmosphere it must seem, as if among friends. Investigators, activists and bloggers are of course now jumping into the gap left vacant by migrating “journalists” over the course of more than half a century. Is say “migrating”, but one cannot really migrate from somewhere one has never been.

Regardless, in order to somehow break the spell of silence placed on Prince Bernhard’s baby by successive generations of globalist-controlled media outlets, it seems the “alternative” media are now starting to crack this solid shell of secrecy surrounding Bilderberg. The beginning of a beginning. Unfortunately the Chatham House Rulebook is a nut not easily cracked. It requires on our part creative mad inventiveness and bold adventurism to break these Rules by which Bilderberg participants are required to hold their tongue.

What is Bilderberg? An unelected, mostly unregistred “steering committee” summon a great many folk to them every single year for three days. The summoners consist of top-level bankers and aristocratic misfits. The summoned consist of a variety of elected officials, swarms of them, drifting in secret to a luxurious location somewhere in the North-West. Imagine this: these officials are all rotating to what Bilderberg itself describes as a “private meeting”, but they do so in their capacity of influence- and they’re sworn to shut up at that! In addition, the entire mainstream media apparatus vowing a solemn vow of silence. Not only is something rotten in the state of Denmark, something is stinking to high heaven in the state of Denmark. But, as with all things mechanical, an apparatus may be put to a halt by a single bolt.

For any interested and adventurous scoundrel there may still be vacancies at the upcoming Bilderberg conference. So, if you live somewhere- anywhere in the vicinity of the Grove Hotel and you are in need of a quick buck, perhaps you may still attempt to temporarily join the present hotel staff- who will no doubt welcome an extra hand in what is sure to be New World Order busy season at the hotel venue. The Grove website says: “We are committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations and, to do that, we need exceptional people.” Indeed. Exceptional people are in rich supply within the alternative media. If you are of a somewhat believable age and in the possession of some inconspicuous recording equipment, it’s definitely the job for you. Besides, the Grove appears to be a generous employer, promising future staff members “discounted accommodation for yourself, friends and family; sabbaticals and career breaks for long service employees; staff accommodation near The Grove; complimentary staff canteen as well as access to our hotel gym”.

If you are of believable age and in the possession of some inconspicuous recording equipment, it’s definitely the job for you. Although no mention is made on the starting wage for fresh staff members (in any case you’ll be paid in devalued fiat money), take into account that you’ll be recording some interesting stuff for posterity, making you the prime candidate for a star on the alternative media’s walk of fame. What are you waiting for? Perhaps there are still jobs available at the most bizarre of elite gatherings and- again- don’t forget to bring a camera or other recording device (preferably small sized and well-camouflaged) with plenty of back-up equipment as well as a secure line with the outside world in case your cover is blown by Bilderberg security.

If you’re selected on such short notice to assist the staff, you will enter the premises on what David Gergen calls “an understanding”. It will be a great example of a grassroots intelligence operation, for once not in the service of the new world order’s one percent, but as a representative of the uninvited 99 percent kept well outside the deliberations taking place. As a member of the staff you may be assigned to do such things as valet parking, baggage handling, waiting on transnationalists in the main dining area. It allows for a lover of truth to infiltrate the elite confab with a relatively simple audiovisual device. And besides, it’s not without historical precedent. It’s not the first time an employee blew the whistle on the strange dealings of the power elite. Five years after Alex Jones’ successful infiltration of the Bohemian Grove in the year 2000, a former Bohemian Grove employee named “Kyle” shot over five hours of video with a pen camera.

He, like Alex Jones, was able to smuggle it out of the encampment for all the world to see. But his infiltration was not easily accomplished. While “Kyle” was working in the area, he was approached many times by older Grove participants who wanted to know if he “slept around”. It has been widely reported that Bohemian Grove members regularly fly in male and female prostitutes to prey upon in between seminars. Let this be a warning to anyone considering a last minute position at the Grove Hotel for infiltration purposes. You may put yourself in a position where you’ll be fighting off elderly globalists begging for certain “favors”.

Anyone not willing to put themselves in harm’s way (to hell with posterity!) will want to consider outsourcing any spying activities to technological gadgets such as drones the size of mosquitoes swarming the Hotel with the specific aim of irritating the hell out of Henry Kissinger. How’s that? One might deploy mechanical pigeons perhaps, to dump excrement on Shell’s entire board of directors. What the hell: we could enlist some grim-looking smurfs to spy out the proceedings at this year’s confab. They could enter the Hotel through the sewer at the risk of exiting the toilet inside at the exact moment David Rockefeller is taking a dump.

But seriously. Either an infiltrator is sent, or the judicial system in all concerned nations begin an investigation into the participation of elected officials in an unaccountable and nontransparent summit. You call it.

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