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America’s Perpetual War on Peace – Syria in the Crosshairs – Nukes Target the U.S.


Obama at G-20 Summit

By Nigel J. Covington III


September 9, 2013 / 00:01 PST

<National Report> President Obama has announced he will address the nation on Tuesday to “make the best case” for taking military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Though most Americans do not support military action against Syrian, President Obama said taking such action was “the right thing to do.” But for who?

For the first time during the Obama administration and in an unprecedented move the White House admitted truthfully that it lacks “irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence” that Assad knew about the attacks. Assad told U.S. journalist Charlie Rose, on Sunday, there is not conclusive evidence about who is to blame and again suggested the rebels were responsible.

Chemical Attack Victims in Syria

Chemical Attack Victims in Syria

And in an incredibly stupid move intended to justify an attack on Syria (beyond the unproven claim Bashar gassed his own people) President Obama cites Bashar’s second unforgivable crime as “resisting calls from inside and outside his country to step down for the past two years.”

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Yet President Obama has resisted calls from inside and outside the U.S. to step down for the last six years. Hardly seems a just cause to oust Assad but not Obama since both would seem to be guilty of the same high-crime.

Following this line of thought perhaps its best for the Syrian people to take care of their own problem themselves as they see fit and for the American people to expect the U.S. military to protect them by executing a limited strike on Washington to remove Obama from the seat of power.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez D-Calif.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez D-Calif.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif. said: “For the president to say that this is just a very quick thing and we’re out of there, that’s how long wars start.” That’s a dangerous opinion for a high profile democrat to voice publically no matter how right she is.

America’s Perpetual War on Peace strictly benefits corporate America, meanwhile American surfs are entertained by their Commander-in-Chief as he executes another flawless performance of the Dance of The Tards.

The Dance of The Tards is an interpretive dance that originated throughout the U.S. in the tens of thousands of homeless camps known as “Obamavilles” around the country. The dance when performed as a form of entertainment that lampoons the president selling his soul to the devil (Corporate Federalism) while doing his best to hold up a false economy with more minimum wage jobs and food stamps. The performance also highlights the growing new youth culture of America’s dependent.

Spokane Obamaville Dancing the Dance of the Tards is Popular Entertainment

Spokane Obamaville
Dancing the Dance of the Tards is Popular Entertainment

On Saturday, a U.S. official released a DVD compilation of videos showing attack victims that the official said were shown to senators during a classified briefing on Thursday.

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Secretary of State John Kerry, in Paris commented on the DVD saying, “Those videos make it clear to people that these are real human beings, real children, parents being affected in ways that are unacceptable to anybody, anywhere by any standards. The United States of America has always stood with others to say we will not allow this — this is not our values, it’s not who we are.”

Kerry’s comment assumes Americans should impose their values on Syrians? Not to mention how Kerry’s words are so cold and void of any sincerity. U.S. drones have been killing children and terrorizing families abroad for years. Earlier this year, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that 176 children have been murdered in Pakistan on Obama’s orders alone, they’re commonly known as collateral damage.

With the world watching the morally superior American in iconic stereotypical fashion easily dismisses the senseless and brutal murders of other people’s children so long as the action is state sponsored as lawful and we kill them on their own soil. Why? Because rules are important.


Recent opinion surveys show intense American cynicism about military intervention in Syria, even among those who believe Syria’s government used chemical weapons on its people. And this skepticism is well deserved considering the Obama presidency has been inundated with scandal and mired down in one cover-up after another.

Rep. Justin Amash R-Mich

Rep. Justin Amash R-Mich

Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich, points out the evidence against Assad is weak and does not justify military action. He cites the numerous times the Obama administration has lied or fabricated evidence to rationalize military strikes in the past saying, “The evidence is not as strong as the public statements that the president and the administration have been making, some things are being embellished in the public statements. … The briefings have actually made me more skeptical about the situation.”

Washington insiders have been abuzz all weekend discussing the latest gossip on the hill. Plenty of lawmakers believe striking Syria is likely to lead to full scale war with China and Russia which prompted further discussion about re-enacting the draft and initiating the Stop-Loss policy.

On Saturday I met a friend who works in the White House. He is a confidential source I’ve used in the past and one I trust. He said there is plenty of talk about military deployment in a ground war in Syria. There was even mention from the Oval office on Friday about a “Fast track to naturalization” program for illegal’s willing to fight.

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