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Watch: stand up for hope, justice and peace in Palestine


Every Christmas Palestine celebrates the birth of one of its own, Jesus Christ. Palestinians, continue to yearn for justice and peace in the Holy Land and, this year, their hope is renewed as they prepare to receive his Pope Francis I.

Let us hope that he does not disappoint them, as his predecessor Pope Benedict did, shamelessly.



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2 Palestinian children try to commit suicide in Zio-Nazi Camp


The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees and Ex-detainees on Monday said that two Palestinian children tried to commit suicide in an Israeli prison.

Hiba Masalha, the ministry’s lawyer, said that the two prisoners tried to commit suicide in the Hasharon (Telmond) and the Ofek Juvenile prisons, both in central Israel.

Masalha identified the two as 17-year-old No’man al-Rajabi from the West Bank city of Hebron and 15-year old Mohammed Abu Romouz from occupied Jerusalem.

She added that al-Rajabi is suffering from psychological disorders due to torture by Israeli security forces since his arrest in 2008. She added that the prisoner hang himself with a robe but his comrades saved his life in the last moment.

The lawyer said that Abu Romouz tried to commit suicide after the Israeli Prison Service rejected his demand to be transferred from the section of civil prisoners to the security one.

According to recent Palestinian statistics, Israel is holding 234 Palestinian children in its 23 prisons and detention camps in Israel and in the West Bank.

The ministry said that “holding Palestinian children in Israeli prisons violates the Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits an occupying power from transferring the population it is occupying to its own territory.”

It added that “incarcerating minors, especially holding them without charge in administrative detention, violates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

The Israeli army’s operations against Palestinian children have been the target of complaints for a long time.

In 2011, following sharp criticism by human rights groups over the arrest, interrogation and trial of Palestinian minors, the Israeli army raised the age of minority for Palestinians by amending the relevant military legislation. Until two years ago, only Palestinians under 15 were considered minors, in contrast to 18 within Israel. Since this change, suspects under 18 are tried as minors before military judges who have received training as juvenile judges.

On September, the ministry said that the Israeli forces arrested 10,000 Palestinian since the outbreak of second intifada in September 2000. The Second Intifada, also known as the al-Aqsa Intifada, broke out in September 28, 2000 following a visit by Israel’s then-opposition leader Ariel Sharon to the Al Aqsa Mosque.

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Ostreicher’s flight proves guilt, says Bolivian prez



Times of Israel

Jacob Ostreicher’s flight from house arrest in Bolivia to the United States proves he is guilty of money laundering, Bolivian President Evo Morales said.

“From the moment he fled he’s a confessed delinquent because why would anyone escape if they didn’t commit a crime?” Morales told reporters on Monday, the Associated Press reported.

Ostreicher, who had been held in prison and then under house arrest in Bolivia since 2011, escaped from Bolivia earlier this month and has not been seen in public since reportedly returning to the U.S. on Dec. 16.

Ostreicher, who had a flooring business in New York, invested money with a group involved in a rice-growing venture in Bolivia and was managing the business when he was arrested on suspicion of money laundering. He also was accused of doing business with drug traffickers.

In June, Bolivian authorities arrested 15 people — including government officials — on charges of engineering his arrest in the hope of extracting a cash payment.

Despite those charges, Bolivia did not release Ostreicher, a haredi Orthodox father of five, and his case drew the attention of leading lawmakers in Congress, including Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), and Sean Penn, the movie actor and human rights activist.

On Dec. 18, Penn told the AP that he was with Ostreicher and that he was receiving medical care in an undisclosed location after being removed from Bolivia in a “humanitarian operation” aimed at saving him “from the corrupt prosecution and imprisonment he was suffering in Bolivia.”

Family members told local media that Ostreicher had been missing for a week before they learned he had entered the United States.

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Hizbullah Praises Hero Issawi’s Victory, Congratulates Christians on Christmas



Dec 25, 2013

Commenting on the victory of the will of freed Palestinian prisoner from “Israeli” jails, Samer Issawi, who was released after the Zionist enemy yielded to his conditions; Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Experiments show day after day that the will of freedom and the spirit of jihad are always victorious in face of the occupation’s chains and arrogance.

This time, Samer Issawi has achieved a great victory against the Zionist oppressions as he forced the enemy to bow to his own conditions despite the attempts to break his will.

Thus, he succeeded to be released according to his conditions away from those of the brutal occupation.

What was achieved by prisoner Issawi forms a great accomplishment that deserves to be an example for all the prisoners and Mujahidin.

This victory further offers a compelling evidence that the confrontation with the Zionist jailer is not a battle with no horizon, but rather a way that each detainee can follow to reach freedom.

Hizbullah, which considers the issue of prisoners and detainees in the Zionist enemy’s jails on the top of its priorities, expresses its pride with this great success Issawi has achieved in his battle against the enemy.

In parallel, Hizbullah congratulates the hero, Issawi, the Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine to which he belongs, and the Palestinian people , who fathered this stainless hero, who humiliated the tyranny of occupation.

On the occasion of the birth of Prophet Jesus [PBUH], Hizbullah issued the following statement:

With the approach of the end of each year, lamps of compassion illuminate, manifesting the holy teachings of Jesus [PBUH]. 

He is the Spirit of God, His Word and tidings to people ,and guider to truth, goodness and beauty, and teacher of mercy , patience and sacrifice.

It is the birthday of purity, innocence and the kind word. It’s the announcement for readiness to sacrifice, patience on the pain , and victory over the temple’s traders and looters of the poor and vulnerable on earth.

The birth of Jesus, is the day of unity for all the faithful people on the road to God, love for His slaves , and compassion for all His creatures.

On this occasion, and blessed days , Hizbullah sends its warmest congratulations to the Christians and Muslims on earth, and particularly the Lebanese Christians.

It also prays to Al-Mighty God that these days are repeated on the Lebanese people and they have reached reconciliation to their situation and unity in their word to build their home and protect its children.

Hizbullah also hopes that Palestine- Prophet Jesus’ [PBUH] birthplace-and its people enjoy freedom from the abomination of the Zionist occupation and that the banner of freedom and victory is raised over Palestine . 

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Pissing On Jesus–Just a “Drop in the Bucket” as Far as Jewish Interests are Concerned



“Dishonoring Christian religious symbols is an old religious duty in Judaism. Spitting on the cross, and especially on the Crucifix, and spitting when a Jew passes a church, have been obligatory from around AD 200 for pious Jews. In the past, when the danger of anti-Semitic hostility was a real one, the pious Jews were commanded by their rabbis either to spit so that the reason for doing so would be unknown, or to spit onto their chests, not actually on the cross or openly before the church. The increasing strength of the Jewish state has caused these customs to become more open again.”

—Professor Israel Shahak, former Israeli citizen and holocaust survivor

“I still remember old Jews spitting while passing by a church, and cursing the dead while passing by a Christian cemetery. Last year in Jerusalem, a Jew decided to refresh the tradition. He spat at the Holy Cross carried in the procession along the city. Even today, Jews in Israel refer to Jesus by the demeaning word Yeshu (instead of Yeshua), meaning “Perish his name”. In a similar pun, the New Testament Gospel is called “Avon Gilaion”, the booklet of Sin. These are the endearing feelings that the friends of Christian Zionists maintain towards Christ.”

—Israel Shamir, Israeli Jew turned Christian writer and anti-Zionist

Honestly, as crazy as it sounds, I don’t know what stinks worse, the very-Jewish “comedian” Larry David pissing on a picture of Jesus in one of his recent shticks or a bunch of pissed-off Christianites pissing and moaning over it.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m not outraged too, but at the same time I can’t help but laugh as I watch the gathering storm.

And again, it’s not for lack of outrage on my part, but rather because the shock value has worn off for me. Once you realize this kind of thing (meaning the Jews defaming Jesus in the most banal, vile and vulgar ways) is as natural as a baby with poor potty training messing his pants, there’s a certain amount of, “Well DUHHH, whaddya expect???” to it all and you sort of learn to “go with the flow”, no pun intended.

Consider it all–The VERY-Jewish Larry David urinating on a picture of Jesus on a VERY-Jewish TV program produced, written by, and starring Jews? IN JEWISH HOLLYWOOD? You mean TODAY, when Jews and Christians are getting along so fabulously and with the latter forking over their blood, sweat and tears in propping up the Jewish state and fighting all her wars for her in the Middle East?

Well of course they–meaning the Jews–would do such a thing. Besides the fact they cornered the market on potty humor a long time ago, as well their using Jesus’ face as a piss pot is every bit in congress with their organically anti-Christian nature as a dog lifting his leg next to a fire hydrant. This is something that Christianites more than anyone else should be aware of, as well as the fact that the aforementioned “brilliant” shtick (as it is now being described by Jewish critics) with the very-Jewish Larry David is certainly not a one-time event.

It has been like this for 2,000 years…After all, the Jews have been in a pissy mood since literally day one when Jesus came riding into town and peed on their whole “We’re the Chosen people of God” parade. By holding a mirror up to their faces and showing them what kind of jerks they really were He made Himself public enemy #1, a position He has maintained since that time. His refusing to go along with their delusional “we can do whatever the f*** we want to anyone, anywhere at anytime”collective mindset and then exposing them as the haughty, racist, self-worshiping, lying, thieving, blind, psychopathic banditos they were has resulted in a 20-centuries long pissing contest on the part of these people in seeing who could outdo the other in disrespecting and defaming the very men sent to save the world from this dangerous cult.

Truth be told, we should all be thankful in a sense that the only thing taking place (as of now) was this filthy, inbred troglodyte pissing on a picture of Jesus. It could (and probably WILL BE) much worse in the days to come. Remember, the Jews are a people whose religion teaches that Jesus was a sorcerer, a sex pervert and a false prophet who is paying for the unforgivable sin of trying to liberate the Jewish people by being boiled in a giant vat of semen and feces. Wonder how long before they try THAT stunt on TV or the big screen?

Furthermore, now that the Jews have their nuclear-armed nation and hold the bulk of the Christian West by the family jewels in terms of media, economics and control of her various governments, they know they can basically “let it all hang out” without fear of any substantive backlash. Whereas before they scurried like cockroaches when the light switch was flicked on, now they merely don their sunglasses and continue on with business as usual.

In a sense, I’m glad the whole episode has taken place. As awful as it sounds and as much as I try not to be one of those “I told you so” types, this is precisely what the doctor ordered in terms of what the Christian world needs. Now that the Jews are living large and in charge and are not bothering to hide how they REALLY feel about the rest of the non-Jewish world (and particularly Christians) it is a breath of fresh air, despite as bad as it smells. From Sarah Silverman’s “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ…I’d fucking do it again, in a second” to the recent skit appearing on Israel’s channel 10 TV with the very-Jewish talk show host Lior Shlein entitled “Like a Virgin” (depicting the holy mother of Jesus as a girl of loose morals who pleasured herself with a whole assortment of devices) to the recent urination presentation by Larry David, I cannot help but be relieved, again, no pun intended.

The reason for this is not because I get any pleasure in seeing Jesus treated so disrespectfully. If I could be king for just 15 minutes the very first thing I would do with sewer rats like Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Lior Shlein, Sarah Silverman et al is to reunite them with their natural environment by flushing them and their filth down the toilet were they belong.

Rather, it’s because events like these function as smelling salts that Christianites need to whiff if they are to ever wake up from the deadly sleep they are in and in which they have placed the rest of the world. As a result of the delusions they entertain concerning their ‘better brethren’ in the Jewish community (namely their divine status and how God’s gonna be REALLY pissed if the Holy Land isn’t occupied by these depraved creatures) they have literally set loose plague after plague upon the rest of the world, the only end in site to it all being the “Big One”, meaning Armageddon.

As cynical as it sounds, IF (and that is a BIG if) there is any outrage on the part of our Christianite leaders, rest assured it is not necessarily because they are offended at Jesus being treated so disrespectfully by Jewish interests. Rather it is because it puts them in the difficult position of having to conjure up a believable explanation to their mindless, non-thinking followers as to why the wonderful, innocent, enlightened, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow Chosenites would do such a thing, while at the same time trying to avoid discussion of the obvious–the fact that it is all intrinsically tied to the organically anti-Christian behavior on the part of Jewish interests.

That’s assuming anything about it gets said from the priests, pastors and preachers across the fruited plane at all. Almost down to the last “man” (and I use that term lightly) they have all testified to the fact their fear of getting sideways with the Jews overpowers their fear of getting sideways with God. More than likely, it will be the Muslim groups making the most noise (as is usually the case) rather than the lukewarm, Judaized Christianites who will simply fall back on the old, worn out and misapplied “turn the other cheek” and “meek as doves” routine.

What whining from the Christianites that does take place however will actually be more unbearable than the snickering on the part of the Chosenites, if such can be imagined. As bad as it is (the idea of defacing a picture of Jesus in such manner as accomplished by the bigotted troglodyte Larry David and his partners in La Kosher Nostra) it does not compare with the greater sins done to the millions of people in the Middle East born out of both support for and silent acquiescence to Jewish demands from the Christian community in the west. Where was their outrage over a million Iraqis being killed in 5 years of war for the benefit of world-wide Jewry? Where was their outrage when for-the-most-part Christian villages were bombed into oblivion by the Jews in the summer of 2006, killing over 1,000? Where was it when–a mere 2 days after Christmas–the same Goddamned Jews producing, directing, acting in and celebrating the recent “Piss Christ” episode bombed Gaza, resulting in 1,500 men, women and children being incinerated, shot and blown to pieces?

Having stayed quiet over the assault on Jesus’ teachings with regards to the genocide waged by the Jews in the aforementioned places, they really ought to just stay quiet over this one as well.

Now some, in the interest of drawing some imaginary, non-existent distinction between the very-Jewish Larry David and those “good, religious Jews” who would NEVER resort to something as pornographic as emptying their bladder on a religious picture of Jesus will try to say it is a case of comparing apples to oranges.

Not true. Larry David can be considered a “good Jew” for what he did, whether he is a true believer or (as most Jews are these days) an atheist. According to the law handed down by Moses it is the duty of all “good Jews” to stone to death anyone who comes amongst them preaching different traditions, which certainly Jesus did. Since they cannot stone to death a man they already killed 20 centuries past, the least they can do is subject his memory to a continued death, which they most certainly do on a daily basis through their control of the media and churches in the west.

Of course, the real pisser in all of it is–as always–the staggering hypocrisy associated with it. If it were a “Christian” show written by, produced, directed and starring “Christians” and one of its skits featured two Christians going into the house of a Jew and dowsing a copy of Anne Frank’s Diary we’d all be in a real big mess for who knows how long. 

When Jews do it however, it is “bright, witty, brilliant and hilarious”. And yet they still have the gall to wonder why they are the most persecuted (translation–hated for good reasons) people in history. The silence on the part of all the typical noisemakers (ADL, SPLC et al) constantly shilling about the dangers of “anti-Semitism” in shrieking tones proves they obviously are not worried about it in the least.

And the real miracle is that without missing a beat, the anti-Islamic chorus warning about the “dangers of the Islamic fifth column” will continue as if the aforementioned had never even taken place.

Given that the contribution to our modern world by Jewish interests is–with few exceptions–mere raw sewage (be it war, economic exploitation, pornography, murder of the unborn, political/cultural corruption and a general malaise as far as morality goes) this latest outrage is for all intents and purposes a mere drop in the bucket, again, no pun intended.

What those in the Christian world offended by this latest display by the very Jewish Larry David need to realize however is that the Jews are just-a-getting’ warmed up and that, as bad as it is now, we ain’t seen nothin yet.

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Putting things in perspective…


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