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Q: When Will the U.S. Dollar Collapse? A: Look East! Here’s Why


If we want to better understand the answer to the elusive question of “When will the fiat US dollar collapse?”, we have to


 watch the petrodollar system and the factors affecting it….This is critically important, because once the dollar loses this coveted status…the destruction of the dollar is going to wipe out the wealth of a lot people, and that will cause political and social consequences that will likely be worse than the financial consequences.

The three points to understand here are:

  1. You absolutely must be internationalized before the US dollar loses its status as the premier reserve currency. Internationalization is your ultimate insurance policy.
  1. The U.S. dollar’s status as the premier reserve currency is tied to the petrodollar system.
  1. The sustainability of the petrodollar system is linked to Middle East geopolitics…. continue reading here


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10.  What Would USD Collapse Mean for the World?

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What would happen if someday the rest of the world decides to reject the U.S. dollar and that process suddenly reversed and a tsunami of U.S. dollars come flooding back to this country? It is frightening to think about. Just take a moment and think of the worst superstorm that you can possibly imagine, and then replace every drop of rain with a dollar bill. The giant currency superstorm that will eventually hit this nation will be far worse than that.Read More »

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Making War, Not Peace, in Syria


by Stephen Lendman



On January 22, so-called Geneva II peace talks begin in Montreux, Switzerland. On January 24, they’ll continue in Geneva.

They’re dead on arrival before beginning. Radicalized elements dominate anti-Assad forces. They reject peace.

So does Washington. Syria is Obama’s war. US-supported death squads wage it. Obama didn’t target Syria to quit. He wants Assad ousted.

He wants a pro-Western stooge replacing him. He bears full responsibility for what’s happening. He’s been ravaging and destroying Syria since March 2011.

He’s not about to stop now. He’s gone all out to perpetuate conflict. He deplores peace. He rejects it out of hand.

His agenda is war without mercy. It shows in countless atrocities against Syrian civilians. Conflict without end continues daily. Resolving it peacefully is more illusion than reality.

Washington decided years ago to oust Assad. War on over half a dozen regional countries was planned.

Conflict without end rages in Afghanistan. Saddam and Gaddafi were toppled. Iraq and Libya remain cauldrons of violence. War on Syria shows no signs of ending. Iran’s turn awaits.

America is a warrior nation. It’s addicted to war. It’s been this way from inception. It’s history is blood-drenched. Things are worse now than ever.

The business of America is war. Militarism writ large is the national pastime. It’s a hugely destructive addiction. Over-the-top ideologues make policy.

Project for the New American Century (PNAC) neocons haven’t gone away. They reinvented themselves. They’re now called the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).

Their agenda remains unchanged. Imperialism writ large reflects it. They believe achieving unchallenged dominance requires:

  • significant defense spending increases;
  • replacing independent governments with subservient pro-Western ones; and
  • “accept(ing) responsibility for American’s unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.”

America’s war on humanity rages. Freedom is vanishing in plain sight. So is social justice.

Enemies are invented. They’re needed to perpetuate conflict. Dominance involves controlling world markets, resources and cheap labor.

It means perpetual war against peace, stability and security. It’s about plundering the world for profit. It’s about making it unfit to live in.

Syria reflects what can happen anywhere. It’s population numbers around 22.5 million. An estimated nine million are internally or externally displaced.

Misery defines their status. Obama bears full responsibility. He’s a war criminal multiple times over. He wants Syrian sovereignty destroyed.

He wants war, not peace. Waging one after another lets US war profiteers gorge at the public trough.

Plunder assures obscene profits. Business is better than ever. America’s permanent war policy assures it.

Military spending is hugely wasteful. A previous article discussed a black hole of Pentagon unaccountability. Trillions of dollars are wasted.

Massive waste, fraud and abuse reflects official policy. Enormous grand theft persists. Sweetheart deals, bribes, kickbacks and over-billing are commonplace.

Was isn’t hell. It’s a bonanza. It’s hugely profitable. Why else would so many conflicts be waged?

Blank check corruption sacrifices peace, equity and justice. Out-of-control warmaking persists. Don’t bet on Geneva II changing things.

So far, five permanent Security Council members, Arab League countries, EU representation, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and 26 other nations will participate in Geneva.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said:

“(T)he overwhelming majority of countries is aware that there is no alternative to political and diplomatic means in settling the Syrian crisis, what Russia has been insisting on from the very beginning.”

“(T)he political process should contribute to consolidation of efforts of all Syrians in the war on terrorism.”

The ministry stressed the importance of “finalizing a representative composition of external delegates and inviting influential regional players to secure a lasting settlement in Syria and to fulfill future solutions of the conference.”

“Russia and the United Nations believe that Iran should be added to (the participant) list.”

Washington blocked Iran’s participation. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded, saying:

“There are signs of the positive impact Iran could have on the (conflict) settling process.”

“Almost everybody talks about it in private conversations, and some officials have started speaking publicly in favor of Iran taking part in the conference.”

“(T)hose who oppose the participation of Iran do this coming from ideological considerations rather than common interests.”

UN/Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi downplayed US obstructionism, saying:

“Our partners in the United States are still not convinced that Iran’s participation would be the right thing to do.”

“We have agreed that we will be talking a little bit more to see if we can come to an agreement on this question.”

“On Iran, we haven’t agreed yet. But it is no secret that we in the United Nations welcome (its) participation…”

Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman will represent Washington. Her presence isn’t encouraging.

She’s no honest broker. She’s no peacemaker. She represents Washington’s imperial agenda. She’s militantly anti-Assad.

In congressional testimony on Iran, she lied to Senate Foreign Relations Committee members. She shamelessly accused Tehran of deception.

“We know (it’s) part of (Iran’s) DNA,” she said. If she said this about virtually any US ally, she’d be fired. She argued against Iran’s legitimate uranium enrichment right.

She wrongfully blames Assad for Obama’s war. She disgracefully accused him of atrocities committed by US backed death squads.

Deputy Foreign Ministers Mikhail Bogdanov and Gennady Gatilov will represent Russia.

“Iran’s participation is important from the viewpoint of future implementation of the agreements that may be reached during direct inter-Syrian dialogue,” Gatilov stressed.

Syrian opposition elements willing to attend haven’t decided who’ll represent them.

“There have lately been signals from some (Syrian) opposition members on the desirability of shifting the time of the conference,” said Gatilov.

“This is related primarily to the opposition’s unpreparedness to announce the composition of its delegation by” the agreed on December 27 date.

“The key point is that the opposition should announce the composition of its delegation. Without resolving this issue, it is hard to expect that the conference will take place,” he added.

So-called Free Syrian Army commander general Salim Idris said FSA will attend. He doesn’t represent dominant radicalized forces. They’re waging holy war on Syria.

Al Nusra leader Abu Mohammad al Jolani rejects peace talks. He won’t recognize whatever Geneva decides.

It’s “an attempt to resuscitate the regime,” he said. Nations attending “do not represent the people who sacrificed with their blood.”

They’re “accomplices in selling out the blood that has been shed. We cannot allow the Geneva II game to fool the nation, to push us back 50 or 100 years.”

Syrians face bleak future prospects. Obama bears full responsibility. In his weekly national address, he ignored them.

He thumbed his nose at Americans. Most households struggle to get by. They’re one lost paycheck away from homelessness and hunger. Times are tougher than ever for growing millions.

Obama lied about economic growth prospects, “expanding opportunity, (and) building an America that offers everyone who works hard the chance to get ahead, and every child a fair shot at success.”

He expressed confidence about “more progress together in the year to come.”

“Have a great weekend and a very Merry Christmas,” he added.

Poverty, unemployment, underemployment, hunger and homelessness assure misery for millions of Americans.

Syrians struggle daily to survive. Prospects going forward continue grim. War without end persists.

Peace is nowhere in sight. It remains a distant hope. Maybe someday. Not now.

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تنبيه إلى جميع الفلسطينيين في فرنسا

أود أن ألفت انتباهكم إلى عودة السفارة الفلسطينية لسابق عهدها بالتآمر على أبناء شعبها وذلك بعد أن إنحنت للزوبعة وتوقفت عن التآمر على أثر التقرير الذي كُتب عنها ونُشر في أكثر من أربعين موقع اخباري فلسطيني وعربي والذي أشارت إليه بعض الصحف الفرنسية تحت عنوان :سفارة فلسطين في فرنسا، تجسس وعربدة.
صحيح أن توقفت عن النشاط المعلن في محاولة للسيطرة على جميع المؤسسات الفلسطينية و وضع أي نشاط متعلق بالقضية الفلسطينية تحت عباءتها (والكل يعرف ما هو السقف المتاح لها وما هي استراتيجيتها في خدمة القضية).
الإستراتيجية الوحيدة هو ما ذكرناه سالفاً، وذلك شأنها كشأن معظم السفارات الفلسطينية في العالم.
أعود إلى الموضوع، فبعد أن توقفت ظاهرياً عن التآمر خلال العامين الماضيين وجدت ضالتها أخيراً في عشرات الفلسطينيين طالبي اللجوء السياسي والهجرة، فعوداً على بدء.كيف يتم ذلك؟
باختصار، عندما يحضر طالب اللجوء إلى البلد فإن أول عمل يقوم به هو تمزيق جواز سفره أو تسليمه للسلطات المختصة لدراسة طلبه، وعند الموافقة تعوضه بوثيقة سفر صالحة إلى جميع دول العالم ما عدا دولته (أي فلسطين).
ما علاقة السفارة بالموضوع؟
ولإن معظم طلبات اللجوء السياسي هي طلبات غير مبررة (ربما دوافعهم اقتصادية)حيث لا يوجد أي خطر حقيقي على طالبي اللجوء فإنهم بعد أن يأخذ موافقة السلطات يتجهون نحو السفارة لإصدار جوازات سفر تسمح لهم بالعودة إلى فلسطين.وهنا يبدأ الابتزاز والمساومة والأخذ والرد:تريد جواز سفر، وتريد أن يبقى راتبك بالسلطة ماشي، وتريد أن تتمتع بحقوق اللجوء السخية ومع ذلك تريد العودة إلى فلسطين متى شئت؟ إذن عليك واجبات يجب أن تقوم بها.وأهم هذه الواجبات هي التقارير التي عليك أن تمدنا بها.ويعتمد سخاء الإمتيازات التي تتمتع بها على دسامة التقارير التي تقدمها لنا.والحقيقة أن طالبي اللجوء هؤلاء كانوا الأكثر تضرراً حيث استطاعوا أن يزرعوا الخوف والرعب في قلوبهم وبالتالي تم استخدامهم لترعيب بعضهم البعض كي يسهل استخدامهم لتحقيق مآربهم.
ثم تطور الأمر فشكلوا ما يسمى لجنة إقليم فتح ويرأسها واحد من هؤلاء ومعروف أنه كان أحد ضباط جهاز الأمن الوقائي في غزة والذي كان يرأسه محمد الدحلان.وتقوم هذه اللجنة بزيارة المدن المختلفة وتجتمع مع بعض الأفراد وتكتب التقارير والهدف تذكير البعض بهيمنتهم على النشاط الفلسطيني.وكل هذه الترتيبات هدفها إجبارهم على المشاركة بما يُسمّى مؤتمر حركة فتح (زيادة عدد لا أكثر).وأيضاً إثارة الفتن وتمزيق النسيج الاجتماعي الفلسطيني بين أبناء الشعب وهي بالتأكيد تتحرك بأمر من السفارة التي تؤمن لهم الدعم المادي واللوجستي وتستغل حاجة هؤلاء إلى الراتب في فلسطين والمساعدات الاجتماعية في بلد اللجوء.
وعليه فإني أتهم السفارة بإصدار جوازات سفر لمن لا يستحقها ومخالفة القوانين والأعراف الدبلوماسية المتعارف عليها.عدا عن استغلال ضعف هؤلاء الأشخاص وسلب إرادتهم بالإضافة إلى دفعهم للتجسس على أبناء شعبهم.
وعلى الجميع إتخاذ كافة الاجراء ات لوقف هذه المهزلة.وأدعو كافة أبناء شعبنا للوقوف بوجه هذا العبث وتفويت الفرصة على هؤلاء لمنعهم من الاستمرار في هذه الممارسات.أما بالنسبة إلى طالبي اللجوء فإني ألفت نظرهم بأن القانون لا يسمح لهم ممارسة أي نشاط سياسي فما بالكم بالتآمر على أبناء شعبهم.أنصحهم بالالتفات إلى حالهم وأسرهم وأن يتخلوا عن الطمع بالمزيد.وهنا أنوه بأننا نحمل من يستغلهم لتحقيق مآرب شخصية وفئوية خسيسة مع أن هذا لا يعني إعفاءهم من المسؤولية لأنه كما تَدين تُدان.وأنا عندما أتحدث عن مدوني التقارير فإنني أتحدث عن عدد محدود منهم يستغلون لأجل تحقيق أهداف لا تمت إلى الأخلاق أو الوطنية بأية صلة.
ولكن هل هم هؤلاء من يُستغَل فقط؟ بالطبع لا.هناك آخرين يسعون لتحقيق أطماع وأهداف شخصية كالطمع في منصب أو استعادة راتب أو الطمع برتبة وعدد هؤلاء لا يُستهان به.وبالطبع السفارة لا تألُ جهداً بالوعود والمماطلة والعروض السخية الكاذبة لحين تحقيق أهدافها بتوريط هؤلاء المتآمرين ضد أبناء شعبهم.
الكل يعرف أن الوظائف في السفارة مختصرة على أبناء المسؤولين الكبار والتعيينات تصدر من سلطة رام الله مباشرة.الحلم في الوظيفة يجب أن يكون مدفوع الثمن بِعُرْفِ هذه السفارة التي ليس لها شغل إلا التآمر علينا.وإن ظن أحدكم أن في هذا الكلام مبالغة فليذكر لي إنجازاً واحداً حققته السفارة.بالإضافة إلى ذلك فإنها تستغل تنظيم فتح أشبع استغلال في معاركها التي تديرها حيث أنها تعتبره ذراعاً لها بعد أن سيطرت على لجنة إقليمه والكل يذكر الحرب الطاحنة التي دارت بينهما سابقاً، متناسية أنه من المفترض أن تكون سفارة فلسطين وليس سفارة تنظيم فتح وبذلك أضافت مخالفة قانونية أخرى للأعراف والقوانين الدبلوماسية المعتمدة.
وحتى لا يطول الشرح أكثر من هذا أتوقف هنا وأدعو أبناء هذا التنظيم، أدعوهم دعوة جادة إلى وقف الظلم والتعسف والوقوف بوجه هذي الممارسات التي لن تزيدنا إلا تشرذم وتشتتٌ وإنقسام.أدعوهم لضم جهودهم إلى جهود أبناء شعبهم المتواضع في محاولة لعمل شيءٍ قد يخدم قضيتنا وشعبنا داخل فلسطين وأن يتذكر أن فلسطين، وليس الحزب، هي المحور الأساسي والهدف هو العمل على تحريرها وخدمتها وخدمة أبناء شعبنا وليعلم هؤلاء اننا لن نرضخ لمخططاتهم والآعبهم الأنانية وإنه بيدنا كثير من أوراق الضعط التي سنفاجئهم بها.
عاشت فلسطين حرة من نهرها إلى بحرها
أحمد الشافعي فرنسا

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Mandela and the Mossad – I$raHell Archives


Mandela smile_1

JTA Report: Mandela received Mossad training

[Editors Note: Nothing new or surprising here…rabid Zionists playing the South Africans from both ends…courting Mandela on one and then working in the SA joint nuclear and biological weapons programs, the latter being quite nasty. The Zios wanted a bio weapon that would only kill Arabs and the SAs wanted one that would only kill black folks.

Our Intel agencies eventually knew this but of course would never tell the American people, who they worked for. Not telling people things also gives you power over them. What is in the American Intel archives on Israel is shocking beyond belief, and yet not a single warning has ever gone out about the threat as that would make our political class look like they were in the bag, which they were…are.

We have a long running issue of questionable loyalties here. The Intel people of course don’t trust the politicians, even the President sometimes, from whom they hide what they feel is too dangerous to know. So the question is, in that case, who are they working for? Who do they really report in those cases, other than themselves?… Jim W. Dean ]

"No one's friend - Everyone's enemy"

“No one’s friend – Everyone’s enemy”

(JTA) — Nelson Mandela received training from Israel’s Mossad in the 1960s, an Israeli government document has revealed.

Mandela, the former South African president and anti-apartheid leader who died earlier this month, was trained by Mossad agents in weaponry and sabotage in 1962, according to a report Thursday in Haaretz that was based on a document in the Israel State Archives labeled “Top Secret.”

The document, a letter sent from the Mossad to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, said Mossad operatives also attempted to encourage Zionist sympathies in Mandela, Haaretz reported.

Mandela led the struggle against apartheid in his country from the 1950s. He was arrested, tried and released a number of times before going underground in the early 1960s. In January 1962, he left South Africa and visited various African countries, including Ethiopia, Algeria, Egypt and Ghana.

Mandela met with the Israelis in Ethiopia, where he arrived under the alias David Mobsari.

The letter noted that Mandela “showed an interest in the methods of the Haganah and other Israeli underground movements “ and that “he greeted our men with ‘Shalom,’ was familiar with the problems of Jewry and of Israel, and gave the impression of being an intellectual. The staff tried to make him into a Zionist,” the Mossad operative wrote.

“In conversations with him, he expressed socialist worldviews and at times created the impression that he leaned toward communism,” the letter continued, noting that the man who called himself David Mobsari was indeed Mandela.

This letter was discovered several years ago by David Fachler, 43, a resident of Alon Shvut, who was researching documents about South Africa for a master’s thesis.

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Why would AIPAC protect Saudis from 9/11 probe?



9/11 is one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time.

Now a new 9/11 mystery has arisen in Washington: Why hasn’t Congress quickly responded to last week’s emergency request by Congressmen Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) for a Congressional resolution demanding that President Obama declassify the full Joint Congressional Report on 9/11?

Lynch and Jones termed the redacted material, which was classified by former President Bush in 2002, as “shocking.” They confirmed what Senator Bob Graham, Chair of the Joint 9/11 Investigation, had already revealed: The report implicates one or more foreign intelligence agencies in the planning and execution of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

In other words, Bush hid the fact that one or more foreign countries attacked the US on 9/11. His pretext: “National security.” But how could concealing the true identities of the 9/11 perpetrators possibly protect national security?!

Now Congress, faced with evidence that President Bush covered up a mass murder – or even an act of war – is doing nothing. Why isn’t Bush being indicted? Why won’t Congress accede to the simple request by Lynch and Jones? Because, according to VT’s Congressional sources, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is putting the screws on Congress to bury the whole affair.

Which raises another burning question: Why would AIPAC want to protect the Saudis? The many “leaks” bandied about (or should we say Bandared about) in the mainstream media all point to the Saudis as the culprits who attacked America on 9/11, according to the Joint Congressional Report’s redacted pages. Yet Israel is lobbying Congress to cover it up.

Are the leaks blaming the Saudis a misdirection ploy? Could it be that the “one or more” foreign intelligence agencies involved in the planning and execution of 9/11 included the Israeli Mossad?

Look at where the “blame the Saudis” leaks are coming from. Paul Sperry, author of the New York Post article on the Lynch and Jones request, works for the Hoover Institute, an Israel-affiliated neocon think tank. The Post itself is one of New York’s several Israeli propaganda outfits that pose as newspapers. Sperry claims that “unnamed CIA sources” told him the redacted pages of the Joint Report implicate the Saudis. Do those “CIA sources” really think the Saudis have the covert-ops capacity, political clout, and motive to attack the US and get away with it? Or is Sperry, and his real or imaginary sources, doing what the Hoover Institute and the New York Post always do: Fronting for Israel?

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, the former Director of Studies of the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College, says that only the Israeli Mossad – world champions of false-flag terror and reckless covert operations – had the capability to coordinate the 9/11 attacks. Even more obvious is that only Israel had a motive: Of all the countries that might have wanted to stage a spectacular attack on the US, Sabrosky says, “Israel is the only one that had a positive incentive. They had something to gain from it, from the American response to it. Whereas for everyone else, they could hurt us, but they might themselves be the subject of retribution afterwards, and there’s nothing positive coming out of it.”

Orchestrating a huge terror attack blamed on Israel’s Arab and Muslim enemies makes perfect strategic sense for Israel…and absolutely no sense for any other country on earth.

Of course, we know that the Saudis and Israelis have many common interests. They even have a history of false-flag terror collaboration, as we learned when Bandar Bush’s Saudi intelligence front “al-Nusra” set off chemical weapons in al-Ghouta…and then Israel mobilized all its assets to try to force the US to bomb Syria.

Whatever the ultimate truth of 9/11 may be, one thing is clear: If the redacted pages of the 2002 Joint Congressional Investigation really do show that one or more foreign intelligence agencies planned and executed the attacks of September 11th, 2001, ex-President Bush is guilty of obstruction of justice…and maybe high treason or worse. There could be no innocent “national security” reason for hiding the identities of the 9/11 attackers from the world.

By lobbying Congress to bury the issue, AIPAC also appears to be committing obstruction of justice.

If Congress continues to refuse to act on the request by Reps. Lynch and Jones to pass a resolution demanding the declassification of the full Joint Congressional Report, it too will be committing obstruction of justice.


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Arms dealer as source for divine intervention


 and they’ll be getting the band back together in Russia…

“After the collapse of the great and mighty Soviet Union so much crap has been imposed on us, especially on the younger generation,” he said. “I wrote six books to help them find their way in life.”He said he was proud of his bronze bust installed in his native village of Kurya in the Siberian region of Altai. He said newlyweds bring flowers to the bust. “They whisper ‘Uncle Misha, wish us happiness and healthy kids,’” he said. “What other gun designer can boast of that?” — Mikhail Kalasnikov 

“Blame the Nazi Germans for making me become a gun designer. I always wanted to construct agricultural machinery.” 

Kalashnikov with Vodka

by Michael Farrell

Big news out of Russia: Kalisnikov is dead at 94. Given that he wasjust  trying to make a cheap, dependable rifle for the masses so the USSR could bitchslap the Nazis, he probably did more to change the third world than anybody else except Mohammed and the guy who invited Coca Cola. Actually, seems that as human beings and Soviet Arms Makers go, he was a reasonable guy — working for him was considered a pleasure compared to everybody else in the whole goddamned country. He just kept turning out billions of the goddamned things and was one of the few efficient parts of the Soviet Military-Industrial complex. You wouldn’t want to take an AK to shooting events in the Olympics and it wasn’t all that accurate but it wasn’t supposed to be. They’re lead spray guns…but, for their particular type of house painting, they’re probably as good as it gets. Now, if you want to hit somebody more than 200 yards away, wait til they get closer. One interesting thing, a bit of insight into the Russian military mindset, is that the weapons have always been chambered 1/100th of a millimeter bigger than the applicable NATO round. Thus, they could shoot 7.62mm US and NATO if they captured some, but we couldn’t shoot their rounds…paranoia, lack of confidence in their logistical system and who knows what else.(The Soviets measured their industrial output not by units produced but by tons of material used…used a million tons of steel, built 20 tanks. Way to inflate results while giving lots of room for crooked dealings but “it is according to plan.” When someone in American business says that, it’s helpful for your sanity’ sake to ask what plan? You may be surprised…)


pussy riot in lockup

Then the two remaining imprisoned members of Pussy Riot were releasedWhile Amnesty International and various other organizations are taking credit (and I have a Free Pussy Riot T-shirt hanging on my door from Amnesty…) this has more to do with PR, the Olympics and the fact that the higher Russian judiciary appears to not be a totally subservient piece of the Putin Pot Pie that is the Rodina these days. It also helped them stay in jail that they were really pains in the ass. This is part of the IRA and Gandhian playbooks by the way — if in jail, be as uncooperative as you can be, but do it nonviolently and within the law if possible. So, the two women and their parents refused to be quiet, filed legal briefs and appeals, talked to journalists who kept their case public and were just irritants. Now, there is obviously some modification of the Soviet-Imperial Russia approach, since under the KGB or any other Organ of State Security in a reasonable awful totalitarian regime, they’d have been killed falling up starts or through a window or committed suicide or been eaten by wolves or something. Instead, petty bureaucracy ruled — harassment, assignment to mindless jobs with impossible quotas, poor food, poor medical treatment. And, people like Journalist-Human Rights Activist and LBGT activist Mash Gessen reached a wide audience keeping the part of the western World that is conscious of these things awake to their situation. Magazines like Mother Jones, Le MondeThe New York Times and so on would splash a story occasionally. So, in a general amnesty for political prisoners, it was pretty obvious that they’d be included along with people like Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, the Oil Oligarch imprisoned for tax evasion.  So, under the amnesty law, about 1000 people will be released, out of probably 25000 eligible as non-violent offenders.
Pussy Riot rehersal
So, before we get excited about 7 pardons for kids jailed for possession of small amounts of crack cocaine, we should demand a helluva lot more…pardons, amnesty and honesty.

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Xmas greetings to the UK Government



Xmas greetings to the UK Government…

and a reminder of the misery its inaction perpetuates across the Holy Land

by Stuart Littlewood

“So this is Christmas

And what have you done?”

Hello, the holly-decked halls of Westminster. Be of good cheer, all you chaps in your little festive bubble. I thought you might enjoy this Xmas message from Lennon/Ono… my era but oh so relevant today .

At this important time who can forget how the British government, after its eager support for the Iraq war and its antics in Afghanistan and Libya, was itching to unleash more death and destruction a few weeks ago, this time on the Syrians while simultaneously imposing relentless hardships on the citizens of Iran?

And who can forget the British government’s backing for Saddam in the Iran-Iraq war and, earlier, the economic ruin it inflicted on Iran’s fledgling democracy in order to reinstate the dictatorship of the Shah? It’s little wonder, as I was told in a recent letter from my Tory MP, that we live in a world where terrorists and other extremists are becoming ever more ruthless. Yessir, the Tory Party’s foreign policy, and indeed Labour’s, work like a charm when it comes to stoking up hatred around the globe. And that suits the industrial-military complex just fine. It puts us all in harm’s way, of course, and does no favours for the innocent civilians of the countries we destabilise. We are bombarded with horrific images every day of the squalor, misery and massive injuries suffered by countless refugees and other displaced persons. But don’t let things like that worry your noble heads, ladies and gentlemen of Westminster. Prime minister Cameron doesn’t. He rushes to South Africa and basks in the reflected glow of Mandela’s memory. It’s so much easier than actually trying to emulate the great man.

Nowhere is Britain’s foreign policy more misguided and cruel than in the Holy Land, where our political elite have pimped for the insane Zionists for nearly a hundred years. Instead of constantly reciting the mantra that US-supervised and AIPAC-orchestrated negotiations are the only path to peace they ought to read what Richard Falk says in the interview Stealing Palestine posted here [your link].

Please note Professor Falk’s remarks about the dreadful Christmas in store for the children of Gaza. Cameron insists that Israel’s enemies are our enemies. Does that include these poor kids and their families? If not, what have he and the rest of you done, as John Lennon asks in his Xmas song? Anything to protect them? No. And please do not repeat the tosh written by minister Hugh Robertson about “expressing concern”, “calling on Israel to ease restrictions” and “providing practical assistance”. We’ve heard it all before ad nauseam and, let me tell you frankly, it’s insulting.

The British government knows, or should know, that peace in the Middle East – and maybe worldwide – hinges on justice for the Palestinians. Everyone who has been paying attention also knows that the only language the despicable regime in Tel Aviv understands is sanctions and boycotts, appeals to reason having been contemptuously brushed aside.

Naturally I wish our rulers at Westminster a peaceful and plenteous Christmas luxuriating in the snug safety of their leafy constituencies. But I wonder how many will lift their heads from the trough long enough to spare a thought for the misery their predecessors created in the Little Town of Bethlehem and all across Palestine, and which their own inaction now perpetuates.

Palestine’s president Mahmoud Abbas is not someone I normally look to for words of wisdom. But parts of his Christmas message this year are very moving and bear repeating here:

“We celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem under occupation… This Christmas Eve, our hearts and prayers will be with the millions who are being denied their right to worship in their homeland. We are thinking of our people in Gaza, trapped under siege, and of those who are prevented from worshipping in Bethlehem. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Al Dbayeh Refugee Camp in Beirut, along with all of our Palestinian refugees – Christians and Muslims uprooted from their hometowns in 1948 and who, since that time, have suffered the vicissitudes of a forced exile.

“Our prayers are with the churches and mosques of Jerusalem which remind the world of the Arab identity of our occupied capital… On this occasion, we are reminded of the sad fact that more Bethlehemites will be lighting their candles in Santiago de Chile, Chicago, San Pedro de Sula, Melbourne and Toronto than those in Bethlehem. To them we say that Bethlehem is their town and Palestine is their country. We will continue working tirelessly to give them the freedom to decide where to spend Christmas.

“Christians are not a minority here: they are an integral part of the Palestinian people. Orthodox, Catholics, Armenians, Assyrians, Lutherans, Anglicans, Copts, Melkites, Protestants and others are all part of the rich mosaic of this free, sovereign, democratic and pluralistic Palestine we aspire to…

“On behalf of a people struggling for justice that will lead to peace, we remember the birth of Jesus Christ in a humble grotto in Bethlehem. His message, for us, as for millions around the world remains as pertinent as ever. ‘Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill’.”

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9/11 truth vs. Takfiri terror


Kevin Barrett, for Press TV


A new anti-terror alliance is shaping up in the Middle East. Its most powerful weapon: the suppressed truth about 9/11.

In her article “Security arc forms against Mideast terror,” Sharmine Narwani writes of a rapid regional re-alignment “guided primarily by the ‘security threat’ posed by the proliferation of extremist, sectarian … fighters in numbers unseen even in Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Narwani is not just talking about the Takfiris who are running wild in Syria beheading Christians, traditional Sunni, Shi’a, and Alawi Muslims, and anyone else who disagrees with them. The same kind of terrorists are also committing countless atrocities in Iraq, while sectarian extremism is likewise growing in Libya, Lebanon, and elsewhere.

In response, governments in the region and around the world are re-orienting and re-aligning. Even the USA, the failed world hegemon, is on the brink of a 180-degree shift. Narwani explains: “The Americans are in an extremely difficult position: to tackle the spread of extremists, they will have to support military and security solutions from old foes in the region – Iran, Syria, Hezbollah. For starters, this means that 30-plus years of ‘policy’ will literally be flushed away and Washington risks alienating longtime regional allies. Moreover, a successful outcome, i.e. eliminating extremism, will almost certainly mean the ascendency of Iran and the downfall of the US’ ally Saudi Arabia – among the many other reverberations throughout the Mideast that this will entail.”

US policy pivoted away from the Saudis and their Israeli allies in the wake of the August false-flag chemical weapons attack near Damascus. Seymour Hersh recently revealed that top US officials knew in August that Saudi Intelligence chief Bandar Bin Sultan, rather than Syrian President Assad, was probably responsible. At first, the Obama Administration tried to deceive the world. Then it began to re-think the wisdom of helping Bandar and his band of Takfiri terrorists overthrow Assad.

The downfall of Saudi Arabia as a US ally is evidenced by the sudden re-opening of long-dormant 9/11 investigations and lawsuits focusing on – who else – Bandar Bin Sultan, sometimes known as “Bandar Bush” due to his position as an honorary member of the Bush (crime) family. In Washington, D.C., Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) are sending chills up Bandar’s spine by calling for the declassification of the 2002 “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Jones and Lynch say they are “absolutely shocked” by the report. They say it reveals that one or more foreign states were deeply involved in the 9/11 attacks. Though the report is classified, leaks have revealed that it targets Saudi Arabia, whose intelligence service apparently ran fifteen of the nineteen patsy “hijackers” who were – in reality – never even on the planes.

This story isn’t new. Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), Chair of the Joint Committee on 9/11, has been saying the same thing since 2002. Graham charges the Bush Administration, which classified the Joint Inquiry report, with orchestrating a cover-up. Many suspect Graham was forced to retire from the Senate due to his speaking out on 9/11 – just as Sen. Mark Dayton (D-MN) was forced to evacuate his entire staff from Washington and announce his retirement due to death threats he received after denouncing the US military’s lying to the American people about why America’s air defenses stood down on 9/11.

Dayton and Graham were lucky; they were merely forced out of the US Senate. Two other Senators who wanted to investigate 9/11, Tom Daschle (D-SD) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) were mailed ultra-weapons-grade US military anthrax, which fortunately did not kill them but did succeed in shutting them up. The one Senator who would never shut up, Paul Wellstone (D-MN), was murdered, along with his wife and daughter, in a rigged plane crash. Wellstone’s colleague and friend, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) confirmed that Wellstone had obviously been murdered, calling the killing “a message to us all.”

9/11 is a sensitive and dangerous topic in some quarters.

And yet today, as the US pivots away from Saudi Arabia and Israel, the 9/11 case is being re-opened – not only in the US Congress, but also in the federal court. A recent ABC News story headlined “9/11 Families ‘Ecstatic’ They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia” reported the 2nd Circuit Court’s ruling re-instating a 9/11 family members’ lawsuit against the Saudis.

The million-dollar question: If the 9/11 case is re-opened, will the investigation stop with the Saudis? What about their American and Israeli accomplices?

A recent article by Paul Sperry of the Hoover Institute, published by the New York Post, ties President George W. Bush to 9/11 conspiracies involving then-Saudi Ambassador “Bandar Bush.” Sperry describes Bush and Bandar breaking out expensive cigars to celebrate the success of 9/11: “The two old family friends shared cigars on the Truman Balcony [of the White House] while discussing the attacks.” Bush and Bandar’s cigar celebration occurred on September 13th, 2001, just two days after 9/11.

Could the truth about these events change the world?

9/11 officially launched the “war on terror,” which is actually a disguised war on Islam. Ironically, the West’s invasion of Muslim countries, and its controlled demolition of the rule of law, have created far more terrorism than they have stamped out.

The myth of 9/11 – the claim that “al-Qaeda extremists were responsible” – has helped fuel the rise of Takfiri terrorism. The Takfiris imagine that heroic al-Qaeda hijackers struck an immense blow against the West on 9/11.

The revelation of the truth about 9/11 would humiliate the Takfiri terrorists.

The truth is that the Saudis and “al-Qaeda” are hapless, inept patsies. The Saudis can’t even fly and maintain the military planes they buy from the US with unearned oil money; while the four pilots blamed for the 9/11 attacks could not even fly Cessna training aircraft, much less jetliners.

The nineteen alleged hijackers (or the intelligence agents who impersonated at least some of them) were alcohol-abusing, drug-snorting playboys. The Mohamed Atta who supposedly trained in Florida for 9/11 was an aggressive loudmouth who was fluent in Hebrew and whose favorite food was pork chops. This “Atta” walked into a Small Business Administration office shortly before 9/11 demanding a loan to buy a crop-duster. He let it be known that he wanted an aircraft to drop chemical weapons on Washington, DC, and ranted about his love for Bin Laden. “Atta” grew violently angry and refused to leave unless the SBA official handed him hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to buy his crop-duster. The SBA person thought “Atta” was crazy and chased him out of the office.

The Atta who visited the SBA was obviously an intelligence agent creating a “legend,” not a cunning terrorist planning the biggest attack in history.

“Al-Qaeda” is a fake organization consisting of idiots, dupes, patsies, and infiltrators, along with a smattering of mercenaries, drug smugglers, and brainwashed extremists. “Al-Qaeda” operatives like Abdulmutallab the Underwear Bomber forget their passports, yet manage to board planes with the help of well-dressed security men. They are too stupid to know that plastic explosives will not explode without a detonator. They are barely capable of getting a match lit in their pathetic efforts to burn their own feet, or their own crotches, with the equivalent of sterno camping fuel.

Mohamed Heikal, the Arab world’s leading political commentator, literally broke out laughing when he was told that the attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon were being blamed on “al-Qaeda”: “I laugh because I know what is there. Bin Laden has been under surveillance for years: every telephone call was monitored and al-Qaida has been penetrated by American intelligence, Pakistani intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Egyptian intelligence. They could not have kept secret an operation that required such a degree of organization and sophistication.”

Yet, the Takfiri terrorists in Syria rally behind the black banner of “al-Qaeda.” The Takfiris include large numbers of prisoners fresh from Saudi jails. Fighting alongside the common criminals are mercenaries, fanatics, and passionate but unsophisticated young men drunk on the myth of the “magnificent 19” who supposedly brought down three World Trade Center skyscrapers with two jetliners.

By puncturing that myth with 9/11 truth, we can ruin the “al-Qaeda” brand forever, and strike a powerful blow against Takfiri terrorism.

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Angel Face – Uri Avnery


I$raHell the fractured society reveals itself with no surprises

by  Uri Avnery

Uri has taken risks for his stances

Uri has taken risks for his stances

[ Editors Note:  The Israeli Left has long pushed for peace and dignity for the Palestinians, but never regretted the cause of their suffering. They never suggest leaving, and nary a word is heard about WMD or involvement in international terrorism and organized crime.

As I was once briefed by an experienced Intelligence official, I would always miss the boat on trying to figure out Israel if I viewed it as a country, but should look at it as a ‘base’. I admit I was a little slow on picking up on it…a little stumbling block over a item like, “a base for whom.”

He helped me out with the statistic that 90% of the GNP for Israel took place outside the country. That rang a bell…off shore corporations, no taxes paid into Israeli coffers, and never any legal problems as they always funded whoever was in government.

Uri’s piece below is understandable. The Right Wing wants to heavily tax funds flowing into NGOs in Israel that support traditional Jewish Left causes there. I would simply call that giving them the Palestinian treatment, as Uri has come close to getting with his beatings and stabbings over the years, and the Knesset considering passing a special law that would have him arrested.

So yes he is for the underdog and that is admirable. The irony here is that if not for foreign ‘donations’, some of which flow from being another country’s junk yard dog, Israel would be a third world country exporting its educated Jews to the rest of the world, with door always wide open, and still playing the victim to their fullest when it suits them.

Uri's first attack - by Israelis

Uri’s first attack – by Israelis

Of all people Uri should know that racism runs deep in much of Jewish society, especially the supremacist branch with their blanket racism toward all non-Jews.

That they would open their arms to black immigrants is hardly any surprise, nor is expecting them to be concerned with public reaction anywhere.

After all, this is the country that has the longest list of UN resolutions against it, and is still in the UN. So who is the dummy there?

Hard core Jews have always backed open immigration for ‘other countries’, using the Jewish Left as a front, when the real purpose was to use the new immigrants to shift attention from themselves as the threatening immigrant group.

It worked. They got away with ‘Do as I say, not as I do.” Uri has been around long enough to know this, but he never attacks the root cause, Zionism itself. Sure, Israel would be a nicer country if the 15% leftist crew was a 100%, but when the Labor party was in power, they demonstrated themselves as proficient Arab exploiters and killers.  Uri knows this, too… Jim W. Dean ]

Ayelet Shaked - Israeli Knesset

Ayelet Shaked – Israeli Knesset

SEEING HER face on the TV screen, one is struck by her beauty. It is the face of an angel, pure and innocent.

Then she opens her mouth, and what pours out is vile and ugly, the racist message of the extreme right. Like seeing a cherub parting its lips and revealing the teeth of a vampire.

Ayelet Shaked may be the beauty queen of the present Knesset. Her name is enticing: Ayelet means gazelle, Shaked means almond. But she is the instigator of some of the most outrageous right-wing initiatives in this Knesset.

She is also the chairwoman of Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home faction, the nationalist-religious party of the settlers, the most radical rightist party of the current government coalition.

Her latest exploit is a bill which is now being debated in the Knesset, which would levy a huge tax on donations given by foreign “political entities” to Israeli human rights associations, those who advocate a boycott of Israel (or of the settlements only), the indictment of Israeli officers accused of war crimes in international courts, and more.

All this while immense sums of money are flowing from abroad to the settlements and their supporters. A large share of these sums is practically donated by the US government, which allows their exemption from US income tax as philanthropic. Much of it comes from American Jewish billionaires of dubious repute.

IN A way, this Gazelle is the face of an international phenomenon. All over Europe, extreme fascistic parties are flourishing. Small despised fringe groups suddenly expand into large parties with a national impact. From Holland to Greece, from France to Russia, these parties propagate a mixture of super-nationalism, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and immigrant-hatred. A deadly witches’ brew.

The explanation seems to be simple. All over the place, the economic crisis has hit the people hard. Unemployment is high. Young people cannot find jobs. The victims look for a scapegoat on which to vent their anger. They choose the foreigner, the minority, the helpless. That has been so since antiquity. That’s how a failed painter named Adolf Hitler became a historic figure.

For politicians without vision or values, this is the easiest way to success and prominence. It is also the most despicable. An Austrian socialist said more than a century ago: “Anti-Semitism is the socialism of the fools”.

Social reformers may believe that the whole thing is instigated by the world’s billionaires, who are concentrating an ever larger part of the world’s assets in their hands. The gap between the upper 1% and everybody else is growing relentlessly, and the beneficiaries are financing radical right-wingers to divert the anger of the masses in other directions. Stands to reason.

Uri - Reflecting on the state of Israel

Uri – Reflecting on the state of Israel

HOWEVER, TO my mind the economic explanation is too simple. If the same phenomenon appears at the same time in so many different countries, with different economic situations, there must be more profound reasons. There must be some elements of Zeitgeist in it.

I think that we are witnessing a basic cultural breakdown, a crisis of accepted values. This kind of upheaval generally accompanies social changes, often caused by economic and technological breakthroughs.

It is a sign of social dissonance, of disorientation. On the eve of the Nazi revolt, the German writer Hans Fallada wrote an immensely successful book called “Kleiner Mann was nun?” (Little Man, What Now?), expressing the despair of the newly disinherited masses. Many little men and women around the world are in the same situation now.

In Israel, too. Last week, we saw a spectacle that would have shaken our grandparents to the core. Some 300 black people, many of them barefoot in the biting cold of an exceptionally severe winter, were walking dozens of kilometers on a central road.

They were refugees who had managed to flee from Sudan and Eritrea, to walk all the way through Egypt and the Sinai and had crossed the border into Israel. (Since then, a wall has been erected along the Sinai border, and this stream has practically stopped.)

Hard economic times are always a bad time to illegally immigrate

Hard economic times are always a bad time to illegally immigrate

There are now about 60,000 such African refugees in Israel. Thousands of them are crowded in the most run-down slums of Tel Aviv and other cities, causing deep resentment among the locals.

This has proved a fertile breeding ground for racism. The most successful agitator is another beautiful member of the Knesset, the Likud’s Miri Regev, a former army chief spokeswoman, who is inciting the inhabitants and the country in the most primitive and vulgar manner.

Looking for a solution to the problem, the government built a large prison in the middle of the desolate Negev desert, unbearably hot in summer and unbearably cold in winter. Thousands of black refugees have been crowded there without trial for three years. Some called it a concentration camp.

Israeli human rights associations – the same as above – applied to the Supreme Court, and the imprisonment of the refugees was declared unconstitutional. The government thought again (if thinking is the right word) and decided to circumvent the decision.

Not far from the forbidden prison a new prison was built, and the refugees were put there for one year each.

No, not a prison. Something called “Open Live-in Facility”.  We are good at naming things. We call that “verbal laundry”. This “open” desert prison is closed during the night, but inmates are free during the day. However, it is far from anywhere. The inmates must register three times during daytime – thus making it impossible to go anywhere, not to mention finding work.

It is from this “open” prison that the valiant 300 have walked out and marched all the way to Jerusalem, some 150 kilometers, in order to demonstrate in front of the Knesset. It took them three days. They were accompanied by a few Israeli human rights activists, mostly female, their light faces very conspicuous among all the black heads.

How do African immigrants just walk into Israel by the thousands?

How do African immigrants just walk into Israel?

In front of the Knesset they were brutally attacked by specially trained riot police. Each demonstrator was surrounded by half a dozen bullies and violently thrown into a bus, which brought them to the old non-open prison.

I AM dwelling on this incident because I am profoundly ashamed. Racism is not a new thing in Israel. Far from it. But whenever we accuse our gazelles of racism, they answer that this is pure libel.

There is a conflict between us and the Palestinians, strict security measures are called for, this has nothing to do with racism, God forbid.

This is a very dubious argument, but at least it has some plausibility. But we have no national conflict with the refugees. No security considerations are involved. It is racism, pure and simple.

Let’s imagine that suddenly, in a remote corner between Eritrea and the Sudan, a Jewish tribe had been discovered. Its 60,000 members want to come to Israel.

The country would be in a delirium. The red carpet would be rolled out in Ben-Gurion airport. Both the President and the Prime Minister would be there, ready with their most banal speeches. They would receive an “absorption subsidy”, free housing and work.

So it’s not an economic problem, nor a question of absorption, housing or employment. It’s not even a question of skin color. Black Jews from Ethiopia are readily welcomed.

Prostitutes leave with no clothes on their backs

Prostitutes leave with no clothes on their backs

It’s simply THAT THEY ARE NOT JEWISH. No room here for other people. They would take away our jobs. They would change the demographic balance.

This, after all, is a Jewish State! OR IS it? If this were a Jewish State, would it treat refugees this way?

A hundred memories float into our minds. Of Jews being hounded from country to country. Of the mighty United States of America rejecting Jewish refugees on a German ship, fleeing from Nazi persecution.

And later exterminated in the death camps. Of the Swiss pushing back Jews escaping from the concentration camps who had made it to their border.

Remember “The Boat Is Full?” If this really were a Jewish state, would it try to bribe African states to accept these refugees without asking what would happen to them there? For a refugee from the hell of Darfur, Zimbabwe is as foreign as New Zealand (unless one subscribes to the theory that “all blacks are the same”.)

If this really were a Jewish state, would the Minister of the Interior, a Likud functionary, send his force of goons to go hunting for refugees in the streets?

No, this is not a Jewish state. The Bible commands us to treat the stranger in our midst as we would want to be treated ourselves. “Also, thou shalt not oppress a stranger, for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt!” (Exodus 23:9) Amen!

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More hard truths from David Duke: Jews and Race:

More hard truths from David Duke.

Like so many of these things, this clip illustrates the contradictions between how little and yet how much this outright racism informs ordinary Jewish life.

Little, because to the average, perfectly nice Jew, such blatant racism is just abhorrent yet how much, because it still underpins our very being.

Towards the end of the clip Dr Duke says “I want to state clearly that I understand the Jews wanting to preserve their heritage. Every people has the human right to do so. But no-one has the right to ethnically cleanse, murder, torture and oppress another people from their own land, homes and businesses as the Jews are doing right now to the Palestinians” 

I’d agree with that one hundred per cent.

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