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BBC in the service of I$raHell propaganda

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Women looking out of women cry as men carry body of young man out of home in funeral procession

Israel’s slaying of university student Saji Darwish was not deemed newsworthy by the BBC.

Over the last five weeks, the trend in BBC reporting to ignore events that show Israel in a negative light, while affording coverage to tenuous claims from the Israeli army that it has uncovered Palestinian “terror” plots, has become quite glaring.

On 19 March, a 14-year-old Palestinian child, Yussef Shawamreh, was shot in the back and hip by Israeli soldiers as he foraged for edible wild thistles on his family’s land in the occupied West Bank.

The child bled to death. His two friends, aged 12 and 17, were seized by soldiers dressed in black fatigues and wearing black face masks, and taken to a nearby illegal settlement, in handcuffs and blindfolds. There they were beaten for failing to answer questions in Hebrew, a language neither understands.

By any standards, the cold-blooded killing of a 14-year-old by soldiers, and the subsequent abuse of his young friends, is appalling. The media outcry if the boy had been Israeli and his killers Palestinian can only be guessed at.

As it is, with the dead child being Palestinian, the BBC ignored the story. The previous week, the BBC also failed to report on the killing on 10 March of university student Saji Darwish, also in the West Bank.

Saji, a university student, was shot in the head by Israeli forces as he tended his goats.

Prevailing news agenda

When challenged by Palestine Solidarity Campaign on its failure to report on the killings of young Palestinians by the Israeli army – two in nine days – BBC Online’s Middle East desk wrote back saying: “There is no mandate to report every killing.”

And so killings of Palestinians went by with the BBC’s journalists feeling under no obligation, or mandate, to report any of them.

Pressed further, the Middle East desk wrote back again to say: “The fact that we did not report the death of Yusef Abu Aker Shawamreh [sic] should not be construed as evidence of bias.”

The Middle East desk added: “There can be occasions where an incident does not get mentioned, possibly as a result of the prevailing news agenda.”

So what was the prevailing news agenda around the time of these youths’ deaths?

According to BBC Online, it would appear to be an overwhelming concern with Israel’s security, and the threat the state claims it faces from Palestinians.

On 5 March, BBC Online ran with the storyIsrael ‘halts weapons shipment from Iran.’

The article begins: “Israel says it has seized a ship carrying advanced Iranian weapons made in Syria that was heading towards Gaza.”

The alleged weapons were surface-to-surface missiles.

The story continues: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the shipment was a ‘clandestine operation’ by Iran, and added that the weapons would have been used against Israel.”

Credulous BBC news team

The BBC’s source for the story is, in its own words, “the Israel Defense Forces.” There is a link from the BBC’s page to the story on the Israeli army’s website.

The story is based entirely on the claims of the Israeli prime minister and Israeli army officials, and doesn’t even begin to question how surface-to-surface missiles could possibly be smuggled into besieged Gaza.

Nor is the timing of the Israelis’ find questioned by the credulous BBC news team. The announcement came just days before EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s relationship-building visit to Iran (which denied any involvement in the shipment).

Instead, the Middle East desk chose to run a corresponding feature headlined Israel’s clandestine battle with weapons smugglers.”

An incredibly lengthy report, written by the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus, it claims to reveal how the “major shipment of weaponry heading to the Gaza Strip from Iran throws a spotlight on alleged ongoing attempts to arm militants there, and Israel’s aim to thwart them.”

The feature continues in predictable BBC form, with subheadings such as: “So how does this compare to previous Gaza arms interceptions?”

All Israeli allegations of where the arms were headed and what they were to be used for are taken as fact. There is no critical analysis at all of Israel’s sudden announcement.

“Israel has lied”

However, while the BBC remained oblivious to the absurdities of claims that a missile-loaded ship might be headed to Gaza, under land, sea and air blockade, and to the possibility that it was acting as a pliable conduit for Israeli propaganda, more sceptical news organizations challenged Israel’s allegations.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz ran a story headlined: Netanyahu’s display of seized ship: meaningless Hollywood-style propaganda.”

Columnist Amir Oren writes: “From David Ben-Gurion’s time to the present, Israel has lied when it believed it had to.”

In its report Doubts surface on Gaza destination of rockets seized by Israel,” the respected news agency Reuters quotes an unnamed US official as saying: “You look at those things and it’s obvious they couldn’t have been slipped into Gaza.”

Even the right-wing Times of Israel chose to cover the story from all angles, and not just from Israel’s perspective, as the BBC had done. Its report is headlined:Iran arms ship may have been bound for Sinai, not Gaza.”

Correspondent Marissa Newman refers to investigations by US and Middle East intelligence analysts which concludes that: “Israel may have obfuscated [the ship’s] real destination in order to spare Egypt the humiliation of conceding the security unrest in the peninsula.”

Fact or speculation?

Compare these reports, responsibly analyzing the possibility that this story was no more than Israeli propaganda, with the BBC’s decision to use Israel’s claims as an opportunity to manufacture a feature on how an embattled Israel is fighting a “clandestine battle” with weapons smugglers.

Even when US doubts about the story began to emerge, the BBC refused to report on them, sticking with the Israeli side of the story which paints Palestinians in Gaza as violent militants.

Questioned on why the BBC is so willing to believe and report on all Israel has to say, the online Middle East desk replied: “The veracity of all stories can be called into question if there is not independent verification, but this depends on the reliability of the source and the credibility of the available information.”

And who is the source for this story? Back to the Middle East desk: “The article makes it clear that the announcement has come from Israel, i.e. that is the source.”

In other words, the BBC’s news teams are willing to throw journalistic values to the wind and accept Israel – a country which remains implicitly dishonest about its nuclear arsenal – as a credible and reliable source, in a way it probably wouldn’t do with any other country.

The Middle East desk certainly places what Israel has to say above what US and Middle East analysts have to say. Asked to follow up its original story by reporting on their doubts about the arms shipment, the Middle East desk replied that “to comment further would be purely speculative.”

So, according to the BBC, what US officials have to say is speculation, but what comes out of the mouths of Israeli officials is fact.

Promoting Israel’s viewpoint

On 21 March, BBC Online ran another story that could be viewed as propaganda for Israel under the headline: Israel uncovers longest Gaza tunnel.’

The BBC’s source once again is the Israeli army, and a link is provided to the story on the army’s website as verification for its authenticity.

The BBC reports: “A spokesman said it was the longest tunnel found to date and was meant for use in attacks on Israeli civilians.”

The story came five months after a similar BBC story headlined Gaza ‘terror tunnel’ uncovered inside Israel.”

In the intervening five months, BBC Online carried no stories on how tunnels between Gaza and Egypt have served as a lifeline to the Palestinians, held under an illegal blockade for seven years. When the BBC reports on tunnels under Gaza, they are solely “terror tunnels.”

And so, in March, the BBC ignored the killings of Palestinian youths in the West Bank, choosing instead to run dubious stories on arms shipments to Gaza and “terror tunnels,” both of which propagate Israel’s hasbara viewpoint of Palestinians as terrorists hellbent on its destruction.

The truthful image of Palestinians that Israel does not want promoted – that of victims of unprovoked Israeli aggression – is kept from BBC audiences.

This week, BBC Online airbrushed another historical moment from its news pages. This time it was the comments of US Secretary of State John Kerry, blaming Israel for the breakdown of talks with the Palestinian Authority, which the BBC decided to withhold from its licence fee-paying audience.

Incredibly, the BBC begins its article in a way that placed the blame on the Palestinians for the collapse of the talks, a claim made by Israel. Once again, the BBC reported from the viewpoint of Israel. The US perspective that Israel precipitated the breakdown was not reported.

So why is BBC Online’s Middle East desk seemingly so determined to shield Israel from bad publicity by withholding important news stories from its audiences, while, on the other hand, pushing anti-Palestinian stories provided by the Israeli army?

Could it be anything to do with the desk’s editor, Raffi Berg, who took up his post in August 2013, and was exposed by The Electronic Intifada for having sent emails to BBC journalists asking them to promote the Israeli perspective in their reporting?

It is, of course, impossible to say. But what can be said, by just looking at its reporting of Israel and the Palestinians over the last five weeks, is that it is becoming almost impossible to hide the pro-Israeli bias of BBC Online’s Middle East desk. For that, the BBC should surely take collective responsibility.

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WORD condemns widespread police brutality


Police say “get back,” women say “fight back”!

The ANSWER Coalition actively supports the work of Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD)

Santa Rosa PD officers kill 13-year-old Andy Lopez, Oct. 22, 2013
Albuquerque PD officers kill James Boyd, March 16, 2014
San Francisco PD officers kill Alejandro Nieto, March 21, 2014

The above-mentioned police murders have all occurred in the last six months. They are not isolated incidents. Police brutality is an epidemic in a society where poor people and people of color are criminalized.

Each of these police killings were instances of extreme brutality carried out against people who had committed no crime. Andy Lopez was a middle school student going to play with friends. James Boyd was a homeless man trying to survive in a world where services are being cut. Alejandro Nieto was a student and worker eating dinner in a neighborhood park.

WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) has joined in rallies and protests to demand justice for the victims of police brutality. We have joined in actions against racist stop-and-frisk policies like those implemented in New York City.

We are an organization fighting for full rights for all women. This includes the right to live in communities free of the fear of police repression. Our family members and ourselves have a right to live without the fear of being beaten or shot by armed cops merely for being Black or Latino or for being a poor person trying to survive.

WORD joins with communities across the United States in demanding that killer cops be jailed, that independent investigations take place in all cases of police brutality and that racist stop-and-frisk policies be ended immediately.

The epidemic of police brutality is coupled with increased attacks on social services like public transportation, education and funds for people’s needs. Women—and particularly women from communities of color—suffer the effects of impoverishment at extremely high rates. Our communities need jobs, education, health care and housing, not racist brutality and repression.

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Reportbacks from International Women’s Day actions


The ANSWER Coalition actively supports the work of Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD)

Los Angeles, Calif.
San Francisco, Calif.
New Haven, Conn.
Washington, D.C.
Chicago, Ill.

On International Women’s Day 2014, WORD organized actions in cities across the country under the banner of “Women’s Rights Are Under Attack, What do we do? Stand up, fight back!” Across the country, we demanded Stop violence against women – Drop the charges against Marissa Alexander – Full reproductive rights now.

International Women’s Day is historically a day of action for women’s rights that was born out of working women’s struggles for better wages and fair working conditions. It is celebrated across the world as a day of mass mobilization against the oppression of women in all spheres of society. From Los Angeles to Albuquerque to Philadelphia to New York City and elsewhere, people gathered in rallies, marches and forums to defend women’s rights against growing attacks mounted by right-wing forces in the United States.

Below are reports from some of the cities that held actions that day.

Los Angeles, Calif.

At Pershing Square in Downtown LA, WORD Los Angeles held a street rally to raise awareness about the case of Marissa Alexander and violence against women. Pershing Square is in the middle of one of the busiest streets downtown and is one of the busiest Metro station stops. Holding placards and banners, WORD activists distributed hundreds of Marissa Alexander fact sheets and signed up scores of people to support the movement.

Students from L.A. City College, Santa Monica City College, Rancho Cucamonga, East LA City College, California Institute of the Arts and others were represented. Joined by AF3IRM, MEChA – UCI, ANSWER Coalition, campus feminist groups and more, a speak-out covered the issues that were being highlighted at the action. WORD organizer Jacqueline Villagomez spoke about the case of Marissa in Spanish, and WORD organizer West Seegmiller gave a powerful speech on anti-trans violence, issues facing trans youth and told the story of CeCe McDonald.

Chants of “Free Marissa—We’ve got to fight back!” and a banner reading “Drop the charges against Marissa Alexander—Fight racism and Domestic Violence” (carried on one end by a six-year-old girl named Sally!) led a march around the park, along LA’s busy downtown streets. The rally continued after speak-outs around Pershing Square demanding the charges be dropped against Marissa. The favorite chant of the crowd was “When women’s rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back!”

Participants joined a social event at the WORD office afterwards and discussed building the women’s movement.

San Francisco, Calif.

A crowd gathered at 24th and Mission Streets to celebrate International Women’s Day in San Francisco as part of a speak-out sponsored by WORD SF. Sacramento labor organizer Yeimi Lopez and WORD SF organizer Sarah Carlson emceed the event. Speakers addressed the ongoing issues of violence, racism, poverty and attacks on reproductive rights that continue to oppress women. A significant component of the event was devoted to the recognition of the women who have come before us in the struggle for equality, and the need to continue to organize and fight.

New Paltz, N.Y.

POWER organizer Gloria spoke, saying “This is not a protest, this is a celebration … but we must continue to challenge sexism, and we must do it as organized women.” Members of the community were very supportive of the event. One young woman had never spoken out before delivered an impassioned speech criticizing the system of oppression that denies women full access to health care and allows violent and sexist treatment of women to continue. She noted that a year ago she would never of imagined joining a speak-out in defense of women’s rights but the current conditions had propelled her to become an activist. She encouraged others to do the same.

New Haven, Conn.

WORD’s chapter in New Haven, Conn., was honored to join the Love-a-Fair, a grassroots community event held on the Green in the center of the city. The event included a broad clothing and food giveaway for the homeless and poor, and a lineup of speakers and performers from local schools and community organizations.

New York City, N.Y.

Organized by homeless rights activist and New Haven community member Jesse Hardy, the event brought together hundreds of people from the area to speak about coming together, organizing, and providing and receiving much-needed services. WORD took part in the program by speaking about Marissa Alexander’s case, International Women’s Day and the importance of community gatherings like the Love-a-Fair. WORD’s presence included people from many backgrounds: students fighting against rape on campuses, lawyers, workers, LGBTQ rights organizers, and others from all over Connecticut and out of state.

The action was extremely successful, pooling over a hundred signatures on the petition to free Marissa Alexander, and establishing meaningful connections between WORD and the heart of the New Haven working-class community.

Washington, D.C.

Syracuse, N.Y.

In D.C., WORD organized a speak-out and rally in a busy area of Columbia Heights, a multinational neighborhood in Northwest. Dozens of people volunteered to carry banners and signs demanding that the charges against Marissa Alexander be dropped and that violence against women end.

Hundreds joined the speak-out, picking up literature and signing petitions demanding justice for Marissa. Speakers from the community and supporters of Marissa Alexander took to a public mic to demand an end to violence against women and an end to the persecution of Marissa. WORD organizer and domestic violence advocate Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture demanded an end to violence against women everywhere, explaining that women in D.C. and around the country are “fighting for our lives.”

Dozens of other visited an action table, where people sent letters to Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s office demanding that charges be dropped. People also wrote messages of solidarity with Marissa to spread on social networking.

Chicago, Ill.

In Chicago, WORD celebrated International Women’s Day by joining Out of the Shadows: No More Deportation Rally. The rally was held at Federal Plaza, where people came out of the shadows as undocumented and stood in solidarity with all oppressed people.

WORD placards read “Full Equality for ALL,” which was the sentiment that was shared among those involved in the rally. The rally included musical performances and speakers, including women speaking out to demand an end to having their families torn apart and inhumane treatment by ICE. Speakers also addressed their experiences of being undocumented women. Sara Bruseno shared: “That girl in 2010 was afraid … I couldn’t imagine that that same girl in 2013 would stop a deportation bus.”

WORD Chicago attended the No More Deportation Rally on International Women’s Day to stand in solidarity with our undocumented sisters and brothers. Many signed a petition stating ‘Equality for ALL’ because the undocumented struggle is real for many women that remain oppressed with unjust laws and stigmas within the United States. We will continue to stand with our undocumented sisters and brothers not only on IWD, but every day because the struggle for women’s rights has no borders.

Albuquerque, N.M.

People gathered at a rally organized by WORD in Albuquerque to speak out for International Women’s Day. The event was also endorsed by Albuquerque Center for Peace & Justice, Cop Watch, Feminist Caucus of the Humanist Society of NM, Get Equal, National Organization for Women (NOW), Raging Grannies and the South West Women’s Law Center. A multinational group of women, both young and old, spoke out against sexism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, transphobia, racism, and in solidarity with the immigrant community. In Albuquerque, progressive forces defeated a proposed abortion ban this past November but the anti-choice forces are threatening the right to abortion yet again—particularly targeting women’s health clinics. This was an important rally for women’s rights attended by women who have been fighting for women’s rights for decades and women who had never been to a rally before.

New Paltz, N.Y.

International Women’s Day was celebrated in New Paltz March 6 at an exciting public meeting in the auditorium of the State University of New York, organized primarily by Mid-Hudson WORD. An audience of 120 people, about half students, attended the two-hour meeting that produced 92 signatures to free Marissa Alexander. The event began with the video of a five-minute feminist version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” depicting the long struggle for the right to vote.

Among the speakers were three women members of the 30,000-strong United University Professions (UUP) representing academic and professional staff in the SUNY system. They included Donna Goodman, an elected union delegate and chair of the WORD chapter; Ilgu Ozler, Professor of Political Science and International Relations and chair of Mid-Hudson Amnesty International; and Lydia Johnson, of the UUP Stony Brook chapter and president of the local Coalition of Labor Union Women. Other speakers included Leah Obias of the Filipina activist organization Damayan; Himali Pandya of Grace Smith House (a women’s and children’s shelter in the region); Daniella Monticciolo of the campus Feminist Collective (and campus rugby team); and Kelvin Then of the campus slam poetry group Urban Lyrics.

Goodman led off with a discussion of the long, hard struggle to win past victories in the quest for female equality and the need for even sharper struggles to win new gains while protecting earlier advances from being dismantled by the right-wing War on Women. Calling for building a fighting independent women’s movement, she identified future targets including pay equity, ending violence against women, and demanding that the political system come forward with significant social programs for women and all working people. Ozler reported on the international struggle for women’s rights, and Johnson reached back from the 1800s until today to name a dozen women who made important contributions to building the union movement, concluding “A woman’s place is in her union.” Obias told a hushed audience about the super exploitation and cruelty that is the lot of so many low-wage Filipina workers who emigrate to the United States in search of jobs and income to help support their families back in the Philippines. Few if any of the students seemed aware of the suffering of these virtually trafficked women and they loudly applauded a brief film depicting the work of Damayan in organizing and standing up for these workers.

Over two dozen organizations endorsed the indoor rally, including New York Civil Liberties Union, Mid-Hudson Valley Planned Parenthood, Working Families Party, Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW), Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation, Upper Hudson Central Labor Council, and United University Professions (UUP, SUNY NP chapter), as well as student and local groups.

New York, N.Y.

On March 8, over a 150 people gathered at St. Nicholas Park in Harlem to celebrate International Women’s Day in struggle. At the rally WORD members and their allies in Association Pro-Inmate Netas, Damayan Migrant Workers, Planned Parenthood, New York State Youth Leadership Council, Marea Violeta and the ANSWER Coalition addressed many topics, including the history of International Women’s Day, demanding justice for Marissa Alexander and against attack on women within criminal justice system, the inequality that still presents itself for women in the workplace, and the need for reproductive justice and access to healthcare, to name a few.

An inspiring march form Harlem to the Bronx ending at Hostos Community College following the rally. WORD organizers held a banner that read “Stop the Violence Against Women Everywhere” and handed out flyers demanding that the charges against Marissa Alexander be dropped. The community was very receptive as the march passed through the streets chanting “Marissa means we got to fight, no justice means we got to fight back, racism means we got to fight back, sexism means we got fight back.” Many onlookers joined in the march.

In her closing remarks, WORD member Graciela Pichardo stated: “It is our duty—as we stand here and think about Cece McDonald, Marissa Alexander, Islan Nettles and the many other women whose attempt to defend themselves was dismissed, whose attempt to defend themselves was ignored, or who did not know they could defend themselves—to exercise our right to self-defense. And when I say self-defense I just do not refer to our right to fight back with guns and fists, but also to fight back as a collective body, to fight back in the form of building a militant women’s movement that will destroy this racist, patriarchal, anti-LGBTQ and transphobic system. We cannot continue to wait for the system to work for us, because the truth is that we cannot reform a system that was never made for us. The time to organize and defend ourselves is now.”

Syracuse, N.Y.

People gathered in Clinton Square in downtown Syracuse on a sunny Friday afternoon to celebrate International Women’s Day. Maddie Horrell, a Syracuse WORD organizer, gave a speech about the three demands that they would make: to drop all the charges against Marissa Alexander, to stop the attacks on reproductive rights, and to stop violence against women. Her speech also emphasized the relationship between race, class, and gender in the women’s struggle, touching on the need to include trans voices and stories in the struggle around domestic violence and reproductive health.

After the main speech, Maddie opened up the floor to comments in an “open mic” style, and three speakers from the crowd shared their own thoughts and stories. During this time, a workers’ rights activist from Syracuse shared a tearful story about young migrant women who come to Upstate New York to work on dairy farms, and the many ways in which they are exploited.

The event was quite interactive; in addition to the “open mic” period, tables also stood around the plaza at Clinton Square with paper and markers, inviting participants to share their own answers to the prompts “I’m Here to Resist …” and “I’m Here to Defend …” as well as to add to the stated list of demands. Overall, the event proved very successful, rousing and inspiring, attracting new students who expressed interest in getting involved, and attracting passers-by to join the struggle.

Philadelphia, P.A.

In Philadelphia, WORD members co-sponsored an interactive forum with the Black Student Union at Temple University. The discussion focused on making the connections between women’s oppression and issues impacting the community, and the need to organize around these issues. Students and community members attend the event. During the discussion period, those present made the connection between the struggle for justice for Marissa Alexander, mass incarceration and this system’s failure towards providing women true justice. All the students agreed that women should be organized in every community and especially on the Temple University campus.

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April actions across the country to demand an end to drone warfare


End U.S. drone wars now!

Drones have increasingly become one of the most deadly weapons in the U.S. war machine’s arsenal. The Pentagon’s secretive use of drones against the people of Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and many other nations has led to the deaths of thousands of civilians, all in a cruel attempt to exert imperial control over these countries.

The U.S. functions as a death squad government, permitting the president and military leaders to create secret “kill lists” of people who have been selected for assassination. There is no due process, no trial, no evidence. The individuals are selected to be murdered and they are killed, and many civilians who are nearby also die. Drones are the weapon of choice.

The ANSWER Coalition has been in the streets organizing and demonstrating against drone warfare, including a major national demonstration last year in Washington, D.C. Click here to read reports from last year’s day of action.

The ANSWER Coalition is supporting actions across the country being organized this month by a wide range of anti-war organizations to continue to build the movement against these killing machines. As the drone program expands abroad and drones are used more and more by police and border patrol for repression in the United States itself, it is a crucial time to stand up and fight back. The ANSWER Coalition urges all of its supporters to attend these important events.

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Venezuelan government defends population


Dismantles fascist strongholds

Right-wing street barricades are more than physical barricades; people in affected neighborhoods are virtually kidnapped, with food, fuel and services blockaded. It is a form of terrorism against the population.
Child being rescued from nursery set on fire by right-wing terrorists on April 1

While the U.S. government and media support the Venezuelan opposition to the Bolivarian Revolution and portray it as a peaceful movement, the violence of this movement is exposing the right wing’s true nature.

There have been dozens of violent actions by fascist organizations, intent on carrying out terrorist plots in several urban areas of Venezuela. While the attacks are not widespread through the country, they are nevertheless causing serious destruction where they hit.

Almost 40 people have died, with at least half of those killed through outright assassination by fascist gangs. Theses gangs have ambushed pro-government supporters and National Guard members.

In the past few days, the government of President Nicolás Maduro has launched an offensive to take back control of the barricaded neighborhoods and to arrest the leaders of the “guarimbas,” the name given to the violence.

The right-wing violence began on Feb. 12. Right-wing extremist leaders Leopoldo López and María Corina Machado had publicly called for street violence to “remove the government.”

They, the Venezuelan corporate elite and U.S. imperialism, are violently opposed to the ongoing radicalization of the Bolivarian Revolution. Recent government measures include restrictions on corporations’ profit-gouging of the population and widening expropriations.

Maduro has mobilized the National Guard, the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) and Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to re-take the most entrenched areas of fascist operation, such as municipalities of eastern Caracas and the far western state of Táchira, bordering Colombia.

Táchira has been the most challenging area, where for several weeks the fascist groups maintained dozens of massive street barricades.

It is important to understand that these are more than just physical barricades that block streets and traffic. When anyone tries to cross them or remove the barricades, they are met with violent attack. People in affected neighborhoods are virtually kidnapped, with food, fuel and services blockaded. It is a means of terrorism on the population.

The mayor of San Cristóbal, Daniel Ceballos, openly supports the terrorist attacks and took active part in the violence, covering his face with a bandana. But he was identified because his eyes, nose and other parts of his face were sufficiently visible to identify him.

Ceballos was quickly arrested, tried and sentenced to 15 months in prison, along with the mayor of San Diego, Vicenzo Scarano, in Carabobo state, west of Caracas, for refusing to act against the violence or to support the police forces in quelling the attacks.

After a four-day operation that ended March 30, the PNB and National Guard restored order in neighborhoods of San Cristóbal, Táchira.

With the clearing of the fascist outposts, the people are also being mobilized to defend their neighborhoods with the help of the state’s forces.

U.S. media distorts reality

And yet, the international media led by the U.S. press claims the Venezuelan government is engaging in repression and “militarizing” Táchira. They say nothing about the fascist terror.

What has actually taken place is the liberation of more than 39,000 people in San Cristóbal’s neighborhoods who were held captive.

On April 2, after the barricade demolition in San Cristóbal, Gen. Miguel Vivas Landino of the FANB told a television interviewer, “First of all, a revolutionary, socialist, Bolivarian and Chavista greeting. … We have been more than three hours in a community gathering, in conversation with the barrios, among them Sucre, Pirineos, to hear the people’s concerns and address their needs. There are a great number of needs here. … We have distributed 12,000 tanks of cooking fuel, because trucks couldn’t travel here.

“We have dismantled 56 barricades and collected 18,000 tons of garbage from the barricades. … We are very committed to our people, following the instructions of our Commander-in-Chief Nicolás Maduro to bring peace and tranquility, through services, food and to guarantee them peace, and to keep them from being mistreated by the violent groups.”

Right-wing parties like Voluntad Popular, whose leader Leopoldo López is currently under arrest, have been exposed through government operations as directing and carrying out the violence. Aragua Governor Tareck el Aissami announced the discovery by authorities of 100 tons of fireworks and detonators in the state of Aragua, just to the west of Caracas. Materials of such mass quantity could easily be used as explosives.

The two men in possession of the materials, Willian Sánchez Ramos and Edward Tovar Vargas, are leaders of Voluntad Popular. They were stopped in their SUV packed with heavy arms and arrested. The armored vehicle was also equipped to spread gasoline in the streets. A 21-year-old woman was arrested with them who carried nail bombs.

El Aissami accused them of leading an attack days earlier in the neighborhood of San Isidro, Chacao municipality, which he described as a “terrorist attack, well-planned, premeditated, they began a series of violent attacks on the neighbors’ housing. … It coincides with the assassination of [National Guard] Captain José Guillén Araque, close to San Isidro, armed bands … when the Guard arrived, he was ambushed and assassinated.”

One critical incident was in Caracas’ eastern municipality of Chacao, state of Miranda. The headquarters of the Ministry of Housing and Habitat was firebombed on April 1 by the fascist gangs that set off destroying property in the area after following right-winger María Corina Machado’s staged procession to the National Assembly.

Machado was one of the 2002 coup leaders against then-President Hugo Chávez, and a signer of the order cancelling the Constitution at that time.

On March 31, Machado was removed by vote of the National Assembly delegates for accepting the post of Alternate Ambassador for Panama to the Organization of American States. The OAS is dominated by U.S. imperialism and its headquarters are based in Washington, D.C. Panama’s government is allied with Washington, and gave Machado the post to give her a platform to speak and denounce the Venezuelan government.

The National Assembly revoked her deputy status, declaring her in violation of articles 149 and 191 of the Bolivarian Constitution for accepting another country’s position.

After her exhortation to the youth in the crowd, they proceeded to carry out multiple acts of violence, the main one being the burning of the Ministry of Housing. It was burned extensively, and a nursery for 89 children was destroyed.

U.S. imperialism funding fascists

Ever since the victory of Hugo Chávez’s first presidency in 1998, the U.S. government has financed opposition groups within Venezuela. The stated objective is “promoting democracy and democratic civil society organizations.” But the real plan, a multi-faceted strategy, is to destabilize, discredit and overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution.

Washington had its fingerprints on the April 2002 coup, helped direct the oil-industry shutdown in 2002-2003 and fashioned the opposition’s election intervention in 2010 after the U.S.-inspired abstention by the right wing failed in 2005.

Today, U.S. officials admit at least $5 million has been funded annually for the right-wing opposition. On the ground in Venezuela, the U.S. Embassy has been exposed for encouraging youth and student organizations to conduct terror attacks.

Students who support the Venezuelan revolution have denounced a “silent strike” being enforced in the major private universities by right-wing professors and rectors. Those schools include Central University of Venezuela, University of the Andes, University of Carabobo, and others. Some 60,000 students alone in Carabobo are unable to attend school. When students and professors have tried to resume classes they are threatened by violent groups.

Venezuelan intelligence agencies and popular investigators have exposed the receiving end, with fascist youth being recorded, asking how much and when they will receive funds, etc.

Now, right-wing U.S. Congress members Robert Menéndez and Marco Rubio are sponsoring a bill, the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014, to increase funding to $15 million.

The United States government is employing a range of tactics in its strategy of counterrevolution in Venezuela. Arecent interview with Cuban revolutionary and double agent Raúl Capote shows not only the long-term plans of infiltration and destabilization that Washington employs against Cuba, but also Venezuela.

What is taking place in Venezuela since Feb. 12 is the tactic of terrorism that U.S. imperialism and its followers now feel compelled to unleash, because the vast majority of Venezuelans refuse to surrender the enormous gains they have won.

Our duty in the United States and worldwide progressive movement is to educate the people, to mobilize publicly to defend the Bolivarian revolutionary process and to fight for an end to the U.S. government’s strategy of counterrevolution.

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Prosor calls for removal of UN official, Rima Khalaf, for anti-semitic remark





ed note–read carefully the  statements  attributed to Khalaf–there is not one sentence, one word, one  syllable  that even  borders on being factually inaccurate, and yet, the screeching Jew Proser, just  like 99% of his  counterparts, who knows that the truth is the deadly, mortal enemy of  Judaism and of  organized Jewish interests, insists on the truth being squelched out at all costs. Jesus Christ had them right from the beginning, they are the children of the Devil, who was a liar from the beginning and the father of all lies.


Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor sent a letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon recently asking for the removal of Rima Khalaf, following a purportedly anti-Semitic statement Khalaf made in a speech in late February.

Khalaf is the under-secretary-general and executive secretary for the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. She has served in that role since September 2010. The speech in question was given on February 25, 2014, at the launch of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia report. It was titled “Arab Integration: A 21st Century Imperative.”

In her speech, Khalaf denounced Israeli presence in the West Bank, saying: “The most dangerous of these [Israeli] policies is Israel’s adamancy that it is a Jewish state, which violates the rights of both the Muslim and Christian indigenous populations and revives the concept of state ethnic and religious purity, which caused egregious human suffering during the 20th century.” Phrases such as this are usually diplomatic code in which officials speak to refer to the Holocaust.

“Foreign interference comes in various forms, such as violations of Arab rights and dignity,” Khalaf said, “but its worst manifestation is the Israeli occupation of ‘Palestine,’ the Syrian Golan Heights and Lebanese territories, in flagrant breach of international conventions and resolutions.”

Khalaf added that the report advocated for prohibiting trade with Israeli settlements, “following in the footsteps of European countries.”

Prosor wrote in response that “it is unacceptable that inflammatory anti-Israel messages continue to be produced under the banner of the United Nations and using UN resources.”

In addition, he said that “by demonizing Israel, Ms. Khalaf is advancing a personal agenda rather than furthering the cause of peace or advancing regional Arab development.

Senior UN officials should lead by example and demonstrate tolerance rather than prejudice.

“We were hoping that dark opinions like the ones Khalaf expressed had vanished from the world.

Anti-Israeli incitement sounded under UN sponsorship, while using its resources, is unfathomable,” he said.

A spokesman for the UN secretary general told reporters at a briefing on Tuesday that he has “full confidence in her [Khalaf] and her work.”

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Zionist Supremacism in Action: Jerusalem Mayor Backs Vicious Racist Rabbi


An Israeli rabbi who has repeatedly made vicious anti-Gentile statements and is considered one of the most fundamentalist religious Zionist rabbis in the country has won the support of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat as the city’s next chief rabbi, according to an article in the Haaretz newspaper.


The family of Shmuel Eliyahu, who now serves as chief rabbi of Safed and is the son of the late Sephardi Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, publicly endorsed Barkat’s candidacy as mayor.

According to Haaretz, Barkat said he back Eliyahu because he thought the odds of getting a religious Zionist elected to the Sephardi post were better than getting one chosen as the capital’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi.


During his term as chief rabbi of Safed, Eliyahu has issued religious rulings forbidding Jews to rent apartments to Arabs or foreign workers, and has called for Arab students to be ousted from Zefat Academic College in the city.

Eliyahu’s nomination for the senior post passed unreported in the Jewish Supremacist controlled mass media, and was only covered in Jewish newspapers such as Haaretz and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

The total blackout of coverage in the mass media directed at Gentiles over Jewish racism stands in stark contrast to what their reaction would be if anyone else had to make similar remarks about Jews.

Consider, for example, what would happen if a Catholic Bishop, or a Lutheran minister, a Buddhist priest or a Presbyterian minister had to call for their religious communities to actively discriminate against Jews.

The same mass media which covers up Jewish racism would be trumpeting from the rooftops endless complaints about any religious leader anywhere in the world who called for active discrimination against Jews. . . .

In October 2010, Eliyahu led a petition, signed by a large number of rabbis, urging Jews to refrain from renting apartments to Arabs.

The letter which accompanied the appeal, signed by Eliyahu, said that renting properties to Arabs would deflate value of homes as well as those in neighborhood.

“You can say the word ‘racist’ 20 times,” Eliyahu once told an interviewer. “It doesn’t have an effect on me. By the way, Jewish religious law prohibits the selling of apartments to Arabs and the renting of apartments to Arabs.”

In August 2002, Eliyahu called on the Academic College at Sefed to expel its Arab students.

The realization that his nomination might bring public light onto the true nature of Zionist Supremacist racism, has caused a number of rabbis outside Israel to call on Eliyahu to withdraw his nomination for rabbi of Jerusalem.

According to an article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the overseas rabbis—mostly in America—said that appointing Eliyahu to the post would “send a message of divisiveness and intolerance.”

It is important to note that the rabbis have not disputed what Eliyahu has said—namely that Jewish racism is part of “Jewish law”—but only object to him because he has dared say it in public where the hated Goyim can actually hear him.

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Happy Easter: Purim A Festival of Hate and an Insight into How Jewish Supremacists view Gentiles


As the Jewish celebration of Purim starts on March 15, it is timely to ask what is Purim, why is it celebrated and what does it mean?  The answers to these questions are shocking–and always covered up by the Jewish-Supremacist controlled mass media.

It is vital that non-Jews acquire a fundamental understanding of the unconscionable hatred engendered by this primitive Jewish celebration of atavistic hatred, murder and revenge against their enemies, a feast called “Purim.”

According to the Jewish religion, Purim means “Feast of Lots” which comes from the Jewish contention that Haman, who was the Prime Minister to the King of Persia, Xerxes (the Jews call him Ahasuerus), planned to kill all the Jews in the empire.

Xerxes’ wife was the Jewish Esther and she with the Jewish leader Mordechai interceded with the King, to have Haman executed and allow the Jews to exact revenge upon those they saw as their enemies.

There is no archeological or historical evidence for any of this other than the bloodthirsty writings in Esther and it’s admittedly Jewish version of the events. The book of Esther records that Haman along with all of his ten sons were hanged, and that 75,000 Persians were slaughtered by the Jews.

Interestingly enough, the Jews used Jewish influence (that of Esther) over a Gentile king to do their dirty work. In one instance, the book of Esther even frankly tells how the king was fooled into believing wrongly that Haman had cut down his beloved grove of trees.

Esther explains that Haman did not do this but the angels did it and appeared to the keepers of the trees as Haman.


Of course, we don’t hear Haman’s side of things.

Over the centuries, this Jewish celebration of the murderous punishment of Haman and the supposed anti-Semites at Purim has become like a Mardi Gras celebration, but one with a shocking orgy of hate and hateful symbols, and it even includes foods symbolic of revenge and gore.

In the synagogues Jewish children beat branches recreating the beating of Haman. They have skits where they symbolically hang children made up to look like him.

They also scream and shout and curse his name in Synagogues during their reading of what they call the Megillah (the Jewish account of their massacre of Haman and the Persians). Here is quote from the most respected newspaper in Israel, The Jerusalem Post in an article called “How to Purim,” By Robin Treistman:

The reading of the Megillah can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half. What factor causes the variance? Simply the reaction to the name “Haman.” If the crowd goes wild every time the name Haman is read (which happens in most services) the reading can get drawn out. The point of this custom is to “beat” or take revenge on Haman. We boo, hiss, beat, and curse Haman.


Even more disgusting than this display of hatred in a house of worship are the foods especially prepared for Purim, the two most famous are Hamantaschen, or “Haman’s ears,” and Kreplach. Hamantaschen are triangular-shaped dough pockets meant to symbolize Haman’s ears and Kreplach are dough pockets filled with ground beef symbolizing the beaten flesh of Haman.

Does this sound appetizing? I am not making this up. Here is a quote directly from Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv from their pamphlet created by the faculty called The Laws and Customs of Purim:

1.”Haman Taschen” (Oznei Haman = Haman’s Ears): In the Ashkenazi communities these triangular baked pockets filled with poppy seed or other sweet fillings are ever-present. The custom originates in Eastern Europe, Ashkenaz (Germany) and Italy. They have become the most well known and widespread Purim delicacy in all communities the world over.

2. “Kreplach”: chopped meat covered with dough, also triangular in shape. The name has received a popular etymology: “Kreplach are eaten only on days on which there is both hitting and eating: Yom Kippur eve – the custom of Kaparot, Hoshanna Rabba – the beating the willow branches, Purim – the (symbolical) beating of Haman”.

Wherein does the difference lie? It appears that the source of the difference is in the nature of the threat on the two different occasions in history. Haman aspired to destroy, kill, and eliminate the entire Jewish people – physical destruction. Antiochus [Chanukah], on the other hand, desired the cultural assimilation of the People of Israel.



What is the lesson of Purim to the Jewish religion and to Jews everywhere?

The rabbi of the oldest synagogue in Washington, D.C., Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, explains it to his fellow Jews on the Internet in his article, “Bringing the Light to the Nations,” Purim, 5764.

Rabbi Herzfeld is no lightweight Jew. His synagogue is important enough to be referred as the National Synagogue of the United States and Herzfeld is National Vice-President of a major Jewish organization, Coalition of Jewish Concerns—Amcha.

Rabbi Herzfeld tells that most Jewish commentators understand the lesson as need to commit genocide on those seen as enemies of Jews, not just on the transgressors but their descendants as well. Here is an excerpt:

Most commentators understand the Purim story as correcting King Shaul’s failure to wipe out Amalek. The first king of Israel was Shaul the son of Kish. He was appointed king by the prophet, Shmuel. Shmuel commands him to wipe out Amalek—to kill all the people, as well as all the animals. Shmuel defeats Amalek, yet he shows mercy upon the King of Amalek, Agag, and allows him to live. In addition, he takes the best of the animals as booty. When Shmuel hears this he tells Shaul, “karah Hashem et mamlachut Yisrael me-alekha, God has torn away the Kingship of Israel from you.” Thus, Shaul loses the kingdom on account of the fact that he did not kill Agag and the Jews took the booty of Amalek.

Mordechai is a descendant of Shaul. He is Mordechai ben Yair…ben Kish, from the tribe of Benjamin. Mordechai does battle with Haman the Agagite, a descendant of King Agag. Mordechai defeats Haman and kills not only him, but also his ten sons. Mordechai shows no mercy upon Agag’s descendant Haman…

As most commentators explain, Mordechai fixes the damage done by Shaul’s sin. Where Shaul could not kill Agag, Mordechai kills Haman; where Shaul took the booty of Amalek, Mordechai does not allow the Jews to take the booty of Haman.

The lesson is clear, when it comes to Gentile enemies, you must show no mercy, completely wipe them out, “kill all the people, as well as all the animals.” Mordecai, the hero of Purim, doesn’t make that mistake, and he sees the lesson as very clear, Jews today shouldn’t make that mistake either.

The mainstream Jews as represented by the National Synagogue take this message to heart. Unfortunately, many other Jews have done so as well. One Jew who did so was Rabbi Baruch Goldstein who on Purim in 1994 went into the religious Shrine of the Patriarchs and while they knelt in prayer, Goldstein used a machine gun to kill 30 and wound 150 Palestinians.

Fortunately, there are a few courageous Jewish rabbis, a small minority, who recognize the hate and extremism promoted by Purim. Rabbi Arthur Waskow speaks about it in his article, The Renewal of Purim and the Fast of Esther.

…The hilarity of Purim will be shadowed by the horror of the Purim of 1994 — the mass murder of 30 Muslims prostrate in prayer, carried out by a religiously committed Jew who said he was acting in the name of God

…The date of the Hebron massacre was no accident of timing: Purim itself played a role in creating that horror….

Another Jewish voice, Rabbi J. Jacobs also reveals the hateful nature of Purim and the association of non-Jews, such as Palestinians, with Amalek.

In recent years, some have likened the Palestinians to Amalek and, as such, have justified any violence against this people. It is no coincidence that Baruch Goldstein, a fanatical Jewish settler in the West Bank, chose Purim day to carry out his 1994 massacre of Palestinian worshipers in Hebron. When equated, by those of a certain political viewpoint, to the contemporary Jewish experience, the Purim story becomes an incitement to violence and not simply a satire about a distant time and place. The seriousness with which some have understood the megillah’s apparent sanction of mass murder demands that those of us bothered by the ending of the story offer an equally serious ethical response.


However, the ethical response has not come, and Jewish groups around the world are ramping up the hate engendered at Purim toward a man the Jewish extremists consider the latest Haman.

According to The Jerusalem Post on February 26, 2007, Jewish extremists in Israel are organizing 10,000 Jewish children to pray for the death of former President Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Feb. 26, 2007 8:59
Kids’ prayers aimed against Ahmadinejad
By Matthew Wagner Hoping for a modern-day re-occurrence of Purim’s miraculous story of redemption from a Persian ruler, a Jerusalem-based kabbalist hopes to battle Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear threat with children’s prayers.

On Sunday at the Succat David elementary school, Rabbi David Batzri, head of the Shalom Yeshiva, launched a nationwide campaign to enlist 10,000 young children in a prayer rally against Ahmadinejad before Purim.

The caption on the photo accompanying the article reads:

Ultra Orthodox boys attend a special prayer calling for the death of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at a religious school in Jerusalem, Sunday.

Understanding the genocidal and hateful source of the Purim story is essential to understanding the radical Jewish extremism that permeates far too much of the mainstream Jewish community.

In the Purim story, a supposed conspiracy to kill Jews in mass is used as a justification for Jews to commit a genocide of their own that they boisterously celebrate every year for 2500 years.

They use the lesson of Purim as a lesson not of love and redemption, but a celebration of hate and the need to be completely merciless with their enemies.

Now, Zionist extremists with extensive power in media and governments around the world are planning a new genocide. This time it is against Iran. Similarly to their campaign of lies and influence with King Xerxes, they lie to our leaders and public and tell us that Iran has genocidal intentions not just against Israel but to the world. They even tell us that Iran is a threat to America.

They combine the repeated lie that Iran’s President called for “wiping Israel off the map” with disputing (with not a single concrete fact) Iran’s peaceful pursuit of Nuclear energy, a pursuit that has allowed U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) inspections.

As always the double standard with “the Chosen” is striking. Israel has never allowed inspections of the chemical, biological and nuclear weapons facilities.

In another article in the Jerusalem Post giving Internet lessons for young Jews, it says:

“And recognizing the sly Haman who wants to destroy us is important, because there seems to be a Haman in every generation.
And so on Purim we celebrate our escape from a long line of “Hamans” that stretches down through history and around the world! ”
To these hateful Jewish extremists the new Haman is Ahmadinejad. If they are successful in creating hate and war against him, in murderously attacking Iran and us in the process, they will unleash war, terrorism, economic depression and untold suffering for millions of people all over the world.

The final paragraph of The Jerusalem Post article is itself a lesson the depth of self-deception about Purim to Jews themselves, and deception about Purim to us, the Gentiles of the world.

This Purim custom is a way of letting our fellows know that we are celebrating the survival and continuity of the Jewish people and a way of expressing our love of our neighbors.

And what better treat to deliver on this occasion than a plate of “Haman’s Ears”?

Yes, how could I be so “anti-Semitic” not to think that eating a plate of Haman’s ears is a wonderful expression of love for your neighbor?


Many of the Jewish extremists are now insanely lobbying for the “nuclear option” against Iran. If these Jewish supremacists have their way and are able to manipulate a catastrophic war against Iran, will they invent new foods next year, perhaps microwaved meat symbolizing the radiated flesh of hundreds of thousands of nuclear radiated Iranians.

What better way for Zionists to “express their love of their neighbors than a nice plate of “Haman’s ears.”

This year at the time of Purim, the world needs to know and understand the Jewish extremist hatred that leads us into horrific wars against the enemies of Israel.

We hear constantly about the threat of Muslim extremism. When will we hear about the far greater threat of Jewish extremism that seeks to lead the world to Armageddon in Iran. Unless we prevent this act of Jewish hatred and murder, not only will the Iranians terribly suffer, but so will Americans and people all over the world.

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Anti-boycott I$raHell bill halts in NY Assembly


" You just can't make this stuff up"... Jim W. Dean  ( Dov Hikind in his Purim costume on left )

” You just can’t make this stuff up”… Jim W. Dean ( Dov Hikind in his Purim costume on left

Anti-boycott Israel bill halts in NY Assembly

Dov Hikind, formerly of the Terrorist Jewish Defense League, originally submitted the bill

… by  Press TV, Tehran


Leading the way against academic terrorism

Leading the way against academic terrorism

[ Editors Note:  America Israeli Lobby extremists continue to dig a hole for themselves, proving once again that they are under the Talmudic sway that the rest of us are here to serve ‘you know who’. 

Their immediate response to the American Studies Association (ASA) Israeli academic institution boycott resolution, was a terror campaign against all New York universities, to defund them for having ‘unapproved opinions’ by the Lobby.

But the Zios must be scraping the bottom as they had to dig up old terror group member Dov Hikind of the Jewish Defense League to introduce the bill.  Obviously he must rate throw away status when the Lobby holds Abe Foxman back from unleashing some claim that the boycott is the forerunner to exterminating all Jews…and “Send your money in now so the ADL can save you all.”

Abe Foxman

Abe Foxman

With each failed effort, fear of Jewish Lobby Terror is going down and more and more stories of their past nasties will begin to surface…and there are many of them.

Their gentile targets will finally figure out what they should have long ago, that there is safety in numbers, and they should take the offense when attacked.

That the push back is coming from academia and at the State political level is also a good sign. The Lobby has had a commissar network all throughout American universities, doing ongoing sniff tests on all of their people as to whether they are ‘pro Israel’ enough.

And if not pro-Israel enough, they are subject to the lynch mob treatment by drumming them out of their careers like they did with VT’s own Dr. Kevin Barrett, but they failed with Dr. Kevin MacDonald at California State University where the effort blew up in their face. The ADL was caught red-handed with the rope in their hands.

Dr. Barrett got the Hebrew Klan rope treatment

Dr. Barrett got the Hebrew Klan rope treatment

So brighter days are ahead folks, but only for people who fight back. Please, those of you in New York State or who grew up there, get on the phones and call your state reps to see which way they are leaning and treat them accordingly.

If a lot of calls start coming in, more than in the past, a buzz will get started that “the times they are a changing”.

This is the quickest and cheapest counterstrike that we have in our hands now. Once targets of the Lobby see that there is support now for fighting back, they will not go down on their knees as quickly as in the past.

The politicians will begin go see a definite risk in being one of their stooges. We have been waiting a long time for this.  Carpe Diem…Seize this Moment… Jim W. Dean ]


Anti-boycott I$raHell bill halts in NY Assembly

A bill targeting academic groups that boycott Israel has halted in the New York Assembly after it passed the state’s Senate.

Last week, the New York Senate passed the legislation which seeks to cut state aid to universities that take part in a movement to boycott Israeli academic centers.

However, three committees in the state’s Assembly did not discuss or vote on the legislation and Assembly woman Deborah Glick, the chair of the Higher Education Committee, said on Monday that the bill will be reworked and will come back to the Assembly in a different form.

“We hope that New York legislators have realized that it is inappropriate for them to deny state funds to universities in an effort to silence political speech activities that they personally disagree with. The right to engage in human rights boycotts, used to oppose segregation in the US South, the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and now aimed at achieving equal rights for Palestinians, is protected by the First Amendment,” said Dima Khalidi, Director of Palestine Solidarity Legal Support and Cooperating Counsel with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Barbara Bowen, President of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC), also said, “This dangerous legislation must not become law.”

The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn Democrat who is also a former member of the Jewish Defense League that was classified as a “terrorist group” by the FBI in 2001, and state Sen. Jeff Klein, a Bronx Democrat, after the American Studies Association overwhelmingly voted in December to ban Israeli universities from collaborating with their campuses.

The organization said the reason behind its decision was that the Israeli institutions were “a party” to policies “that violate human rights” as Israel’s “violation of international law and UN resolutions” continues and the “impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian scholars and students” is well-documented.

The ASA is the largest and oldest association involved in interdisciplinary studies of American culture and history.

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Conference on International Law and the State of I$raHell


Legal scholarship on Palestine-Israel and international law has largely focused on the Israeli occupation since 1967 of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and the illegality of Israel’s settlements and apartheid colonization in these territories.

This conference will include focus on the legality of the creation and the nature of the Jewish state itself.

An international interdisciplinary conference will be hosted by the Law School at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom, 24th-26th October, 2014.
International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism.


This conference seeks to analyse the challenge posed to international law by the Jewish State of Israel and the whole of historic Palestine – the area to the west side of River Jordan that includes both what is now the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967.

For its initial existence, the State of Israel has depended on a unilateral declaration of statehood and as well on both the expulsion (some would say the ethnic cleansing) of large numbers of non-Jewish Palestinian Arabs in 1947-49 and the prevention of their return.  Furthermore, the Jewish nature of the state has profoundly affected the economic, constitutional, political and social life of those non-Jewish Arabs who were allowed to stay. Up to this day, as recently confirmed by its Supreme Court, Israel does not recognize an Israeli nationality but officially has a list of 139 ‘nationalities’, of which only the ‘Jewish nationality’ bestows some vital privileges.  This fact generates the possibility of the exclusion of non-Jewish citizens of Israel by racial gerrymandering and the existence of two layers of Israeli citizenship and an inherent differential between Jews and non-Jews.

Legal scholarship on Palestine-Israel and international law, involving issues of self-determination, human rights and constitutional law, has largely focused on the Israeli occupation since 1967 of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and the illegality of Israel’s settlements and apartheid colonization in these territories.

Alongside these debates there has been a persistent if marginalized scholarship examining and analyzing problems associated with the creation and the nature of the Jewish state itself and the status of Jerusalem.

UN Palestine Partition Plan Never Approved  Arial Black 36

This research has combined historical scholarship and legal analysis and problematized the manner the State of Israel came into existence as well as what kind of state it is. The issues explored linked reflections on the relationship between international law and: identity and injustice; violence and morality; nationality and citizenship; self-determination and legitimacy, responsibility and exceptionalism. 


The motivation for this interdisciplinary conference is to examine the role international law can play in political struggles. The search is for certain steps enabling movement and dynamism and allowing ongoing critical reflection about transitional justice and the tension between political pursuits and international law. The conference will seek to overcome doctrinal limits and contradictions by bringing to light ideological and existential fetters that perhaps render international law the very instrument of rationalization of violence and suffering. The question to be debated is what international law demands with respect to any envisioned constitutional basis for historic Palestine. This basis must constantly be subjected to the dynamic constitutional challenges of equal citizenship for all through a framework of equality and liberty as well as through social, economic and cultural rights.

The organizers will invite a range of legal perspectives, and in turn, disagreements, in international law regarding the Israeli state including, of course, whether such a focus is itself legally justifiable and defensible in the context of the emergence of legal and political entities more generally. In organizing this conference, it is felt that there are enough questions that justify rigorous academic exploration and public debate without partisanship.

Given the urgency of responding to – indeed the urgent responsibility to answer for and to avert – the persistent suffering in historic Palestine, it is time to give a scholarly, academic platform to the exploration of pervasive disagreements regarding the legitimacy in International Law of the Jewish State and the status of Jerusalem.   Given recent developments in International law, particularly the dynamic nature of its self-understanding and in turn, its responsibility, radical disagreement and arguments become possible that defend a conception of the kind of protection international law ought to be offering.  It is thus time to bring together leading scholars in international law, in both doctrine and jurisprudence, some of whom do not necessarily write on Palestine and ask them to explore architectures of arguments that could respond to the suffering that afflict historic Palestine.

The conference will thus include focus on the legality of the State of Israel rather than merely on whether its actions, either within its borders or in the Occupied Territories, comply with international law, human rights law and humanitarian law.

Palestinian refugee camp in 1948 near Damascus, Syria.  600 X 459

Palestinian refugee camp in 1948 near Damascus, Syria.

The conference will, however, consider the relationship between the nature of these actions and the nature of the state itself.

The conference will be the first of its kind because it links three main interlinked pillar-themes:

  1. The legality, validity and legitimacy in international law of the Israeli state, a state whose very nature, indeed itsraison d’être, is based on constraining both the egalitarian, transformative potential that constitutes the impulse of international law as well as any free internal constitutional reflection, giving as it does constitutionally entrenched, privileged citizenship to Jews.
  2. Responsibility: the conference explores the challenge posed by Historic Palestine to ethical reflections on legal principles that demands the answerability of and action by, actors in International Law.
  3. The question of exceptionalism and the law is a key theme in legal and constitutional reflection, and Palestine serves as a place within which to explore this notion of ‘exception’. On the one hand, as to whether and how to address its inbuilt non-egalitarian basis but also, on the other hand, whether to make it a moral exception that allows toleration of some of the injustice as ‘reasonable injustice’.   The suffering of European Jews is often cited as a justification for the existence and nature of the state in the geographical location of historic Palestine, thus eschewing structured suffering inflicted on the non-Jewish Palestinian Arabs by that state.  Relatedly and additionally, debates will ensue as to whether there is any ground to hold Israel as exceptional in comparison with other unjust regimes, especially given the fact that many states, including the United States and Australia, were established with extreme violence towards indigenous populations.

The conference will link legal, ethical, political, historical and philosophical issues that follow from these pillars.  In so doing, it will have to consider the extent to which the legal challenge posed by historic Palestine necessitates a meditation on the nature of international law itself: what it is, what it is for, and to what extent the state is an essential actor with a duty to respond to and avert structural and systematic injustice and suffering. Depending on the views taken on these questions, legal arguments can overcome conventional limits of many of its doctrines including self-determination, international criminal law, peremptory norms of international law, states’ and United Nations responsibility, state recognition and indeed the whole basis for norm creation and enforcement in international law.

Self-interpretation of international law, moreover, will be linked to some argumentative possibilities within it, for instance concerning the challenge posed by historic Palestine to international law’s dependence on the notion of ‘a state’. Nothing short of the contestable limits, and thus potentialities, of international law is at stake. The conference will include a detailed examination of Israel’s domestic law, the reflexivity of Israel’s constitutional structure with reference to its own domestic law, and its structural ability or inability to observe international legal obligations.

In considering these issues complex questions arise concerning the relation of law and morality, the philosophy and history of international law, and wider subjects ranging from the history of Palestine to general philosophy. The conference will therefore be highly inter-disciplinary, enabling the formation and contestation of appropriately informed legal arguments. Last but not least, the connection between the constitutional Israeli municipal law and international law demands critical and refined exploration and debate.

A Platform for Debate 

Recognizing the moral as well as legal complexities these issues raise, and the intensity of emotions involved, the conference’s purpose is to open up and serve as a platform for scholarly debates rather than an activist aim of adopting a firm normative position. In exploring possible legal arguments and disagreements that relate the jurisprudence of international law to its various doctrines, the conference will provide a wide range of perspectives and outlooks. These can explore and contest radically different views concerning the legal duty and capacity of international law, jurisdictionally and in terms of institutional responsibility, to enforce a reasoned position with regard to the prima facie case for asking the question of the legal validity and legitimacy of the Israeli state. In turn, it can examine the condition of validity for any future polity that can be envisioned in historic Palestine.

Palestine and International Law  Henry Cattan

Palestine and International Law by Henry Cattan

Dedication of Conference and Book

The conference and the book of its proceedings will be dedicated to Henry Cattan (1906-1992), a leading Palestinian international lawyer, indeed a legal prophet, who long ago mounted a challenge to the validity of the state of Israel and the legal and moral authority of those institutions that brought it about.

Papers and Panels

The conference will be plenary and will consist of invited keynotes and panels each consists of three or four 20 minutes papers.   Substantial time will be given for audience participation.

Please send a title and 250 words abstract and a 150 word biographical note to:  Please include personal details, institutional affiliation and email address.

Deadline for panels and papers Friday 25th of April 2014


The conference will have its webpage linked to Southampton Law School Website from April 2014.

For general inquiries concerning themes and nature of conference please contact:

Professor Oren Ben-Dor, Law School, University of Southampton, UK,

Professor George Bisharat , University of California Hastings College of the Law, US,

For General inquiries regarding organisation, registration and accommodation please contact:

Ms. Jo Hazel, Event Coordinator, Faculty of Business and Law, University of Southampton,


The proceedings of the conference will be published as an edited collection and the whole conference will be documented and filmed.

Fees and Funding

We will be able to either fully fund, or to substantially assist with the funding of, contributors’ expenses who will give papers and keynote addresses.

There will be a conference fee £50 people on wages, students £30 and not fees for the unwaged.  Payment will be made with the online registration, please follow the webpage for alternative method of payment.

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