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Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander: US preparing for attack



Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Navy, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, said the US is preparing for an attack against its navy and is worried about Iranian speedboats that can travel twice as fast as US warships.

Fadavi said that the Iranian boats can launch missiles, and that the navy is working on increasing their speed from 60 knots to 80 knots so that they can travel three times as fast as US warships, the Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.

The senior Revolutionary Guards commander said in an interview to Fars that Iran’s navy has been practicing for the past few years how to destroy US warships.

He said the US has become dependent on its aircraft carriers in order to project its air power, making them a high-value target, adding that Iran constructed “replicas of the US aircraft carriers” for training.

“They [the Americans] know nothing. We have been making and sinking replicas of US destroyers, frigates and warships for years, and we have sunk the replicas of their vessels in 50 seconds through a series of operational measures.

“We practice the same drills on replica aircraft carriers because sinking and destroying US warships has, is, and will be on our agenda,” he added.

Fadavi’s fellow commander, Rear Admiral Majid Zamani, said that Iran had mounted advanced radar and communication equipment on the speedboats, Fars reported.

“We have today built highly advanced hulls which are appropriate for high speed and raging seas, state-of-the-art propulsion systems and advanced nano-coverings for the speed vessels,” Zamani said while addressing a forum on speed vessels in Tehran on Wednesday.

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