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“Justified Vengeance”, The Pretext for Bombing Gaza: Was the Netanyahu Government behind the Killings of the Three I$raHell Teenagers?

Global Research

The pretext for bombing and shelling Gaza was the death of three Israeli teenagers allegedly killed by Hamas.

‘Operation Protective Edge (OPE) directed against Gaza is reminiscent of the infamous 2001 Dagan Plan entitled “Operation Justified Vengeance” in which the deaths of innocent Israeli civilians had been envisaged and foreseen by IDF military planners.

The deaths are then used to muster the support of the Israeli public as well as provide a justification for a “legitimate” counter-terrorism operation in the eyes of the international community directed against the Palestinian occupied territories.

Contrived behind closed doors in July 2001, the Dagan Plan (named after Mossad chief Meir Dagan) was slated by its IDF and Mossad architects to be launched immediately following the next high-casualty suicide bombing, would last about a month and is expected to result in the death of hundreds of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians. (See Ellis Shuman, Operation Justified Vengeance: a Secret Plan to Destroy the Palestinian Authority, Intelligence Ploy behind the “Suicide bombings”, Global Research, February 01, 2006)

‘Operation Protective Edge (OPE) directed against Gaza was planned well in advance of the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers. Prime Minister Netanyahu has called up 40,000 reservists. In the wake of the shelling and bombing raids, a major ground operation scenario is envisaged.

Moreover, similar to the logic of the Dagan Plan, the head of Israeli intelligence (Mossad) had “predicted” the kidnapping of the three teenagers. Under the title Mossad chief’s chillingly prescient kidnap prophecy, Haaretz confirms that

“Mossad chief Tamir Pardo had “outlined a scenario that was spookily [sic] similar to the kidnapping of three teens missing in the West Bank” (Haaretz, July 13, 2014, emphasis added)

Israeli civilian deaths are blamed on Hamas without evidence to justify military action against Gaza. The ultimate objective of “Operation Protective Edge” is to break the institutional base of the Hamas leadership and destroy Gaza’s civilian infrastructure, with a view to eventually carrying out the annexation of the Gaza Strip to Israel. As of July 13, Israel is reported to have struck 1,320 sites within Gaza, resulting in 167 deaths and more than 1,000 injured (Mannam News, July 13, 2014)

Were the three boys killed by Hamas?

Israeli press reports intimate that the three teenagers could have been executed by the Al Qaeda affiliated jihadist entity the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) which just so happens to be supported “covertly” as well “overtly” by the State of Israel.

Under the title Jihadist group takes credit for teens killings, the Times of Israel confirms that:

A new Palestinian jihadist group pledging allegiance to the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the killing of three Israeli teenagers last month in the West Bank, … as well as other recent deadly attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians…..

The actions were carried out in honor of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State, the reincarnation of the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (ISIL)declared last month, the statement said.”(Times of Israel, July 3, 2014)

The ISIL (renamed the Islamic State) (see image) constitutes the main Al Qaeda rebel fighting force in Syria directed against the government of Bashar Al Assad. More recently, ISIL brigades have entered Iraq, confronting government forces.

While ISIL is an Al Qaeda affiliated entity funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, retribution by Israel for the deaths of the teenagers was directed against Gaza rather than Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

The supportive role of the US and Israel to the Al Qaeda affiliated entity is not limited to the realm of covert operations. The Israeli military (IDF) is supporting the jihadist entity out of the occupied Golan Heights. Moreover, amply documented, there are Western and well Israeli Special Forces within ISIL rebel ranks.

In March, an Austrian military officer of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the occupied Golan Heights “confirmed that Israel has provided large-scale logistical and military support to the [ISIL and Al Nusrah] terrorists and rebels in different parts of Syria”

The UNDOF official confirmed the existence of “a joint operation room” between Israel and the Al Qaeda rebels pertaining to “the delivery of [Israeli] assistance to the terrorists.”

This assistance is not limited to logistics:

“According to the Israeli Channel 1 television, security sources informed of a new missile system named Mitar, established in Golan forgiving backup coverage to anti-Syria militant groups.

The system includes middle-range and long-range missiles, according to the report.” (Al Alam May 3, 2014 emphasis added)

An IDF military hospital in the occupied Golan Heights was established to treat wounded Al Qaeda rebels.

In February, The Jerusalem Post reported that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahus visited the IDF field hospital in the occupied Golan heights, which was set up in support of the jihadist rebels operating in Syria. The hospital was set up to treat wounded Al Qaeda rebels.

The Jerusalem Post acknowledges that the hospital is being used to support the jihadist insurgency. Netanyahu referred to the Hospital as the place which separates the good in the world from the evil in the world.

The good, according to Netanyahu is Israel, which in a bitter irony wholeheartedly supports the Al Qaeda freedom fighters in Syria; the bad refers to Iran which supports Bashar Al Assad.

The good, the prime minister said, is Israel, which saves lives from the daily slaughter taking place in Syria. This is the true face of Israel.

The evil, he continued, is Iran, which is arming those carrying out the slaughter. (Jerusalem Post, February 19, 2014)

While the IDF field hospital was established to support Al Qaeda in an operation coordinated by IDF Special Forces, Netanyahu casually accuses Iran for its support of terrorist groups around the world. (JP, February 19, 2014)

Netanyau does not deny his government’s support of the jihadists. The IDF top brass tacitly acknowledged that global jihad elements inside Syria are supported by Israel:

Netanyahu toured the Golan Heights with Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz.

At a lookout point overlooking the Syrian border, OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Golan briefed Netanyahu on the presence of global jihad elements inside Syria, as well as on the work being done to fortify the Israeli-Syrian border fence. (Ibid)

Inline images 1

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Shakes Hand with an Al Qaeda Terrorist

Is the wounded terrorist an Israeli intelligence asset? In the image below:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon next to a wounded mercenary, Israeli military field hospital at the occupied Golan Heights border with Syria, 18 February 2014″ (ibid, emphasis added)

Who killed the three Israeli teenagers?

Ironically, the same jihadist group which is reported to have kidnapped and killed the three teenagers is supported by Israel’s IDF out of the occupied Golan Heights.

A mere coincidence.

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Truth: The First Casualty of Economics, Banking and the Ukraine


Dear Reader, I opened my eyes and stared at the hard packed dirt that substitutes for grass in Paris’s famed Tuileries Garden. I struggled to raise my head and peer over the lip of the Grand Bassin Octagonal. My eyes were greeted with the majestic view of the Louvre, basking in the warm early morning glow of the unseasonably hot sunshine that had Parisians reaching for their sunscreen in the middle of March. I struggled to overcome the explosions occurring inside my head, the result of the three bottles of Andezon, Cotes-du-Rhone Syrah [an impertinent, cheeky and inexpensive red wine] I had consumed after last night’s International Economic Symposium held at the uber-swank Hotel George V Paris.

My behavior was quite understandable and forgivable

Before you judge me harshly for drinking myself into a stupor and passing out in the Tuileires Garden let me share with you what the world’s greatest economists and bankers postulated about the current state of our global financial system, economic progress and political environment at last night’s meeting. I suspect, Dear Reader, that what you are about to learn will convince you that my behavior, rather than being deplorable was quite understandable and forgivable.  I will explain how the word ‘Truth’ is now merely hollow collection of letters with no meaning.

How to keep a straight face when discussing economics in public

The 415 attendees at last night’s meeting filled the Georges V’s captivating and majestic Salon Vendome to capacity. The topics for discussion for the conference were as follows:

1.              Global Debt and Money Printing,
2.              The Ukraine
3.              The Banking System
4.              How to score a cushy job as a talking head on a major media outlet
5.              How to get a tenured position at a university [with a decent pension plan]
6.              How to keep a straight face when discussing economics in public

It was the discussion of the first three points that caused me to reach for my medication

Obviously the majority of the conference would focus on points 4 and 5 and 6. Personal enrichment was always a ‘hot topic’ at these sessions. However it was the discussion of the first three points that caused me to forego my usual medication [American as Apple Pie, Jack Daniels] and reach for the cheeky French wine I mentioned earlier. [I was in Paris after all].

Something to be scraped of the bottom of one’s shoe

Dear Reader, as part of my commitment to be honest with you most of the time, I should clarify that my attendance at the conference was not as an invited guest. As you may know my career as an Economist/Journalist/Barista has had its challenges. My continued attempts to expose the lunacy and danger of our current economic and banking strategies had turned me into a pariah within the community of bankers and economists. I am shunned at all gatherings of financial luminaries. Rather than with a smile and a handshake, my fellow economists and bankers greet me with a derisory smirk. Generally, my colleagues make me feel as if I am something to be scraped off the bottom of one’s shoe. Last night, in order to attend the conference I had secured a temporary job with the George V as an usher. My assignment was to help the economists navigate the theatre style setting of the Salon Vendome and stagger to their seats. This simple task was made ever so difficult for the attendees as a result of the copious amounts of alcohol consumed at the magnificent dinner, sponsored by one of the many industry lobbying firms hoping to curry favor with the economists. While food had been served at the dinner it was clear that the attendees had found their sustenance in the libation the hotel provided.  One of the sommeliers indicated to me that 1500 bottles of  Emmanuel Rouget Cros Parantoux Vosne Romanee Premier Cru [1985, $800 USD/bottle] had been consumed at dinner.

It’s a Rich Man’s World

As I watched the world’s foremost economists stumble their way to their seats like a barrel of immature orangutans, I had no reason to doubt the sommelier. The lights dimmed, Abba’s classic hit ‘Money, Money, It’s a Rich Man’s World’ blasted over the sound system. [This particular song is the adopted ‘National Anthem’ of the world’s Bankers and Economists.] The keynote speaker took the stage.

My old friend and BFF Gustavo Laframboise-Pierre

Dear Reader, words cannot describe my stupefaction when the key note speaker turned out to be none other than my old friend and BFF, Gustavo Laframboise-Pierre. Gustavo is the esteemed Director of Global Statistical Creation at the European Central Bank [ECB]. Gustavo and I had significant ‘history’ together. For many years he had been my principal bookie ‘back in the day’ on Wall Street when I made obscene amounts of money selling all manner of noxious, toxic [triple AAA rated of course] subprime mortgage pools to unsuspecting investors. At the same time Gustavo plied his bookmaking from the comfort of his previously enjoyed 1995 Honda Civic, usually parked conveniently on Hanover Street to better serve his Wall Street clientele. Sadly most of my earnings were depleted by the compulsive bets I made with Gustavo.

Gustavo’s non–existent moral compass ensured that he excelled

In any event Gustavo’s life changed forever, when a senior member of the ECB, while in New York to visit his paramour placed, with Gustavo, a staggeringly large and incorrect wager on the outcome of the 2010 World Cup. The only way the debt could be settled was to offer Gustavo a highly paid sinecure with the ECB. Because Gustavo lacked morals, ethics, and the ability to discern right from wrong, it was decided that he would become the ECB’s Director of Global Statistical Creation. His job was to fabricate statistics that would support the fantastical and bizarre monetary policies being implemented by Central Banks on a global basis. Gustavo’s non–existent moral compass ensured that he excelled at his job. It was Gustavo who created words and terms like Ring fencing, quantitative easing, whatever it takes, ‘tapering’, to help put a benign spin on the actions of Central Banks.

Overture, Dim the lights, this is it, the night of nights [with apologies to Bugs Bunny]

A hush overwhelmed the room as Gustavo approached the microphone. [Well, to be accurate the sound of random snores indicated that a number of economists had succumbed to the effects of the libation they had enjoyed with dinner.]

How to pretend to believe what one is saying

Gustavo confidently began his presentation: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the 2014 International Economic Symposium. Before I address the important issues of protecting our pensions, how to become a talking head on television and how to pretend to believe what one is saying when talking with the media, I am required to discuss some notional economic issues. This will ensure that our sponsors our able to claim the cost of this gabfest as a tax deduction. I ask your patience and indulgence as I discuss some economic matters before we get to the ‘good stuff’.

Profligate, permanent, ponderous and profuse

Gustavo moved on to next section of his presentation: He lectured to the economists: First on the topic of banking and the economy I am pleased to announce that Global Government Debt has now reached 53 trillion dollars. This could not have been achieved with your help. Had the leading lights of the economic community not been willing to suspend common sense and proclaim, in lecture halls, newspapers, interviews, books and on television that profligate, permanent, ponderous and profuse government debt was the road to permanent prosperity, there would have been a disaster. Internal studies completed by Central Banks indicate that had the world governments decided not to gorge themselves on debt, over 100,000 bankers and economists would have lost their jobs. It is a testament to your influence, and might I say, your keen interest in self-preservation that made it possible to avoid the devastating impact of bankers and economists losing their jobs.

I had become a ‘cautionary tale’

Need I remind you, that if any of you are tempted, by your conscience, or concern for the 99% or your base interpretation of right and wrong, to publicly expose the inevitable disastrous end game of global debt accumulation, you will be shunned, you will be an outcast, and you will be ridiculed, destined to rejoin the 99%. As he said these chilling words, his gaze turned in my direction, followed by the stares of everyone in the Salon.  A soft spotlight captured me in its glare as I leaned against the wall. Clearly I had become a cautionary tale for all economists and bankers. I was being used as a threat to the bankers and economists in attendance. Do as we say or you too, could become David Hague. Yikes! I must admit Dear Reader, this hurt me, but not as much as the Doobie I had been smoking while listening to Gustavo. When the spotlight captured me I had surreptitiously held the doobie behind my back. It was now burning my fingers. Mercifully the spotlight was finally shifted back to Gustavo and I was able to extinguish the remainder of the burning Sinsemilla.

Special mention goes to economists and bankers in Canada

He continued his remarks; you have all been outstanding in your ability to anesthetize the public into accepting runaway debt. Special mention goes to economists and bankers in Canada who were able to shift the public’s attention from a billion dollars wasted on a non-existent Gas Plant in Ontario to a debate regarding the  Mayor of Toronto’s pathetic yet ultimately inexpensive behavior .

This conference would be held in the cafeteria of a newly renovated Alcatraz or the Bastille

The second landmark event achieved recently was the Federal Reserve’s ability to run their balance sheet over 4 trillion dollars reflecting their leadership in the area of money printing. Once again, this milestone could not have been reached without your help. Had economists chosen the path less travelled and used their influence to describe in detail the inevitable consequences of runaway money printing we would not be here today. In all likelihood this conference would be held in the cafeteria of a newly renovated Alcatraz or the Bastille. Yesterday, the newest member of our banking elite announced that the Federal Reserve would remain accommodative  for a very long time. Kudos to Janet Yellen for acquiescing and acknowledging that money printing is not a strategy it is now a way of life. On behalf of the 1% let me simply say thank you.

Can you say ‘Risk on’

Gustavo smiled at the room as he announced the momentous news that margin debt, [based on figures released yesterday by the New York Stock Exchange], has reached an all time high . He observed, as you know ladies and gentleman the smartest minds in the world work in the financial industry. They have collectively recognized the genius of our approach to monetary policy. Not only are they willing to bet their own money but they are willing to bet other people’s money as well. They have finally heard our message that we Central Bankers have got their back. There is complete confidence in the banking system that we will inflate the market forever. Furthermore Wall Street understands that if there is a minor hiccup such as the notional ‘Financial Crisis of 2008′ we Central Bankers, and our acolytes in government will step in and bail them out. I encourage you to beg, borrow or steal [just kidding, he snickered] and invest all your money in the world’s stock markets. They are headed to infinity and beyond!

A huge roar of laughter overwhelmed the room

Moving on let me briefly discuss the Ukraine. As you know the Ukraine owes western banks around 65 billion dollars . Between the International Monetary Fund, European and American banks, much of this money was made available to the Ukraine in the last 6 years. The purpose of the loans was to help the people of the Ukraine. A huge roar of laughter overwhelmed the room. Everyone knew that the money loaned to governments never benefitted the people. It was stolen, siphoned, purloined, or dissipated by commissions, bribes, finder’s fees and just plain sticky fingers. All ‘the people’ were left with was the debt. One would need a team of archeologists to find any benefit enjoyed by the people of the Ukraine resulting from the vast sums of money borrowed on their behalf.

It would be problematic, to say the least

Once the laughter died down Gustavo continued, it is very important that we keep the World’s attention focused on the issue of ‘Democratic Process’ in Ukraine. It would be problematic, to say the least if the public ever realized that the only motive for caring about the Ukraine was to protect European and American banks. The virtuous loop of money travelling from banks and International Agencies to the Ukrainian Government, then to be siphoned from the Ukrainian Government’s pocket into the hands of the Oligarchs and thus back to the western banks in the form of deposits must be allowed to continue. Imagine what the impact on the stock market and the luxury housing market would be if this tsunami of money stopped flooding through our banks. The room collectively shuddered at the thought. Gustavo continued, what is occurring now is a classic win-win situation, the bankers win and the Oligarchs win. [I thought to myself, if you included the Ukrainian people it would be the classic win-win-lose situation, as the people of the Ukraine will be forced to live in penury for generations due to this ‘virtuous’ monetary and fiscal policy.]

Once again the audience erupted in laughter

The western banking community has observed with great consternation that Russia is attempting to unilaterally, undemocratically, reshape the map of this region by annexing Crimea. They are attempting to infringe on the sacred and sovereign territory of the Ukraine. We cannot condone such a gesture, which will ultimately disrupt the free flow of capital held by Crimean, Ukrainian and Russian Oligarchs into western banks. Once again the audience erupted in laughter and derision. Gustavo stifled his own laughter at his own  ‘Bon mots’,

Borders in Europe, like socks, are changed almost daily

He continued, borders in Europe, like socks, are changed almost daily. Borders in Europe have changed 2,308 times over the last thousand years. At the same time the Great Powers have imposed, changed and re-imposed borders throughout the world whenever their diplomats or geologists have discovered something of value. The hard part, as always is putting a palatable spin on the dislocation to ensure that members of the 99% will sacrifice their blood and treasure to achieve the required change. The peace, prosperity, freedom and tranquility enjoyed by Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent is a testament to the skill and foresight of the Great Power’s ability to wisely reshape the world. Throughout these tumultuous changes I am pleased to report that not one banker or economist ever lost their job or their fortune due to political upheaval. Once again you should be commended for your contribution to this singular achievement.

During the break there will be an open bar

Finally, let be briefly comment on our banking system before we take a two hour break. I am empathetic to the exhaustion you feel after I have required you to concentrate on economic matters for 15 minutes. During the break there will be an open bar. He continued, I am pleased to announce that 6 years after the so called ‘financial crisis’ we have achieved a 100% protection rate that back in 2008 was thought to be unattainable. Remarkably we have been able to ensure that not one banker or economist has been charged, fined, jailed, fired or inconvenienced despite the fact that under our watch we made 15 trillion dollars disappear.

This collateral damage is a necessary consequence of progress.

The net worth of the 1% has now exceeded pre-crisis levels. Sure there have been some wars, civil strife, famine, and unemployment as capital is stolen, misallocated, and wasted. This collateral damage is a necessary consequence of progress. We have been able to ensure that no new laws limiting banks behavior have been implemented.  Stress tests and capital requirements for banks have been completely eviscerated to accommodate bank behavior that enriches the banks in the short term and will require more bailouts in the future. Banks are ‘good to go’ as we prepare for the next crisis. Once again, give yourself a pat on the back. Your ability to foist absurd yet plausible rationale on all your public communication ensures that the public will willingly acquiesce to whatever the next idiotic iteration our policies espouse.

There would be an open bar

The audience leapt to their feet to provide Gustavo a standing ovation. Dear reader, I have attended enough of these meetings not to be fooled by the applause. They were not acknowledging the wisdom or insights provided in Gustavo’s speech. Rather the economists were expressing their enthusiasm and approval at Gustavo’s remark that there would be an open bar during the break.

Straight into the Bermuda Triangle

There you have it. Dear Reader the inmates have taken over the asylum. Our financiers, economists and bankers have set sail on a course straight into the Bermuda Triangle. That the ship will reach land some day is indisputable. That it will land badly is incontrovertible. The 99%, who seem to have adopted the Ostrich as their ‘National Bird’ would be well advised to ponder these matters to prepare for the consequences of our current economic policies.

I made my purchase

As the audience, energized by the end of the presentation and excited at the thought of an open bar jumped over chairs and tripped over each other to get to the bar I asked the sommelier where I could acquire some cheap wine. Following his directions I made my way to a local market and made my purchase.

It is only fun until somebody gets hurt.

With three bottles of wine in hand I settled into one of the comfy chairs surrounding the Grand Bassin Octagonal in Tuileres Garden. Our current economic and banking strategy reminded me of something our mothers used to say to us when we were growing up. [Usually in reference to playing with matches, scissors, darts or other sharp implements] Our mothers told us “It is only fun until somebody gets hurt.”  I thought about the future we were leaving our children. Maybe we can extend and pretend long enough to ensure the repercussions of our economic and banking strategies land on our children’s heads rather than our own. Perhaps we can ensure that it is not us but our children who are required to ‘pay the piper’. I consumed the wine, toasted the Eiffel Tower, visible in the distance and fell into a blissful sleep.

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Rosenberg’s rubbishing of BDS misses the point


The point being that if the Zionist state is not dismantled and eradicated it will most likely take the region and quite possibly the world to hell. I wrote in my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, that the red warning lights of Armageddon are twinkling.

By Alan Hart


In an article asserting that the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) Movement is “irrelevant”, M. J. Rosenberg has written, under the headline The Goal Of The BDS Movement Is Dismantling Israel, Not The ’67 Occupation, “The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is two states for two peoples.”  The question he chose to ignore – I wonder why?  – is this: What are the most likely future scenarios if Israel’s leaders remain totally opposed to the creation of a viable Palestine state on all of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with either East Jerusalem its capital or Jerusalem an undivided, open city and the capital of two states?

But first let’s take a brief look at Rosenberg’s critique (rubbishing) of BDS.

He opened it by noting that the University of Michigan’s student government voted down a resolution that would have begun the process of divesting from companies doing business with Israel. Then this:

“The reason why BDS keeps failing despite the almost universal recognition that the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the blockade of Gaza are illegal and immoral is that the BDS movement is not targeting the occupation per se. Its goal is the end of the State of Israel itselfIn its view, all of historic Palestine is occupied territory; that means Tel Aviv and Haifa as much as Hebron and Nablus… Israel is not going to dismantle itself and Jews will not be the first people in the world to relinquish the right to self-determination.”

Rape of Palestine. Hope Destroyed. Justice Denied.  (William A. Cook)

A question I would like Rosenberg answer is this. Since the Jews are from many different homelands, with very few of them having any biological connection to the ancient Hebrews, how could they, all Jews everywhere, have had a “right” to self-determination IN PALESTINE (the right claimed by Zionism and given substance by ethnically cleansing the land of Palestine of about three-quarters of its indigenous Arab inhabitants)?

The argument that the UN partition plan gave Jews a right to self-determination in a part of Palestine is easily dismissed for the nonsense it is. The UN had no right to assign any part of Palestine to alien Jewish immigrants without the consent of the majority Arab population. (And prior to that Britain had no right to give Zionism a spurious degree of legitimacy with the Balfour Declaration).

Rosenberg is correct when he states that BDS’s goal of “dismantling” and “eradicating” Israel is indicated by its commitment not only to ending the 1967 occupation but also promoting the Palestinian right of return. The return of large numbers of Palestinian refugees would indeed mean the end of Israel but it could have seen off that potential danger if it had been wise enough to make peace with Arafat’s PLO after he had prepared the ground on his side for unthinkable compromise – the two-state solution – at the end of 1979. Arafat and his most senior Fatah leadership colleagues were reluctantly reconciled to the view that if they were to have the support of the major powers, the right of return would have to be restricted to the territory of the Palestinian mini state. They could not say so publicly without real and hard evidence that Israel was serious about peace on terms they could accept but that was their position and Israel’s leaders were aware of it.

Arafat knew that some and perhaps many diaspora Palestinians would accuse him of betraying their cause if he made peace with Israel on terms that required to right of return to be limited to the territory of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; but fully supported by all of his most senior Fatah leadership colleagues, he took the view that it was better for the Palestinians to have “something concrete” rather than nothing at all. (As I have previously written, he also dared to hope that one or two generations of a two-state peace with Israel would lead by mutual consent to one state for all, in which case the Palestinian right of return could be considered again).

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. Oppressive Occupation  450 x 408

Now back to Rosenberg’s assertion that the solution to the conflict is “two states for two peoples”.

The point he misses, perhaps because there has not yet been a formal burial attended by Western leaders and the mainstream media, is that the two-state solution has long been dead. (In truth it was probably never alive in Zionism’s mind). So what are the most likely scenarios for the future?

I can see three possibilities.

  1. With the assistance of its Palestinian agents (Mohammed Dahlan to name only one) and the unspeakable, secret support of most if not all Arab regimes, Israel succeeds in effectively taking over the Palestine Authority and forcing the Palestinians to accept crumbs from Zionism’s table – a few Bantustans which the Palestinians could call a state if they wished.
  2. A final Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine. (This scenario could see the implementation of Zionism’s Jordan Option – overthrowing the Hashemite monarchy and saying to the Palestinians, as Sharon was hoping to do in 1982 if he had succeeded in exterminating the entire PLO leadership in Beirut, “There’s your state. Go take it.”)
  3. One state with equal rights and security for all.

Ilan Pappe   The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine book cover

Some might say there is a fourth possibility – a violent Palestinian uprising fuelled by despair. Though understandable, that would be a disaster for the occupied and oppressed Palestinians because it would save Israel’s leaders from having to create a pretext for a final ethnic cleansing).

Rosenberg asserted that a BDS Movement “dedicated to the eradication of Israel as a country is never going to achieve support other than from a radical fringe.”

In my view he is wrong to the extent that the BDS Movement is already supported by more than a radical fringe and is gathering momentum. But I also think he is right to the extent that the BDS Movement could and would gain much more support and momentum if its goal was only ending the 1967 occupation to create the space for a viable Palestinian state.

It does seem to be the case that very many people who would support the BDS Movement on that basis hold back from doing so because they don’t want to be associated with a campaign that is committed to dismantling and eradicating Israel.

In the light of the above it seems to me that the best and most effective way for the BDS Movement to respond to its critics and detractors would be to give priority to spelling out why One State For All, and thus the dismantling and eradication of the Zionist entity, is in the best interests of all – not only Arabs and Jews but all of us, governments and peoples of all faiths and none everywhere.

The point being that if the Zionist state is not dismantled and eradicated it will most likely take the region and quite possibly the world to hell.

I wrote in my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, that the red warning lights of Armageddon are twinkling.

Zionism, The Real Enemy of the Jews. Alan-Hart-3-volumes

But let me end this piece on a positive note. Properly presented the case for One State is not only about the need to stop the countdown to catastrophe for all, it is also truly inspirational. Though I will be ridiculed and abused by rabid anti-Semites for stating it, the following is the essence of the case.

The Jews, generally speaking, are the intellectual elite of the Western world. The Palestinians, generally speaking, are the intellectual elite of the Arab world. Together in peace and partnership in one state they could change the region for the better and, by so doing, give new hope and inspiration to the whole world.

If that vision or something very like it was promoted by the BDS Movement, I think its critics and detractors would be exposed for the irrelevance they are.

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GOP Aspirant Christie Apologizes To Adelson


George Washington warned us: “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils”.

Those evils were much in evidence in the Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas primary.

By James M Wall

Sheldon Adelson listens as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition, Saturday, March 29, 2014, in Las Vegas. Several possible GOP presidential candidates gathered in Las Vegas as Adelson, a billionaire casino magnate, looks for a new favorite to help on the 2016 race for the White House.  (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Sheldon Adelson listens as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition, Saturday, March 29, 2014, in Las Vegas. Several possible GOP presidential candidates gathered in Las Vegas as Adelson, a billionaire casino magnate, looks for a new favorite to help on the 2016 race for the White House. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Gov. Chris Christie as they courted powerful Jewish donors in Las Vegas.

Gov. Chris Christie as they courted powerful Jewish donors in Las Vegas.

Your heart has to go out to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (at right).

Last weekend Christie went to Las Vegas to roll the dice in the “kiss Sheldon Adelson’s ring”, Republican primary.

One of four Republican who may enter the real presidential primaries for the 2016 nomination, Christie stumbled in Las Vegas.

Halfway through his public address to the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), a convenient cover event for Adelson’s ring-kissing primary, Christie uttered a huge Zionist “no no”.

Here is a poor guy doing his best to pivot from the grime and scandal of New Jersey politics to the sunny environs of Nevada, where he wanted to do nothing more than display his deep and abiding love for Israel.

Such a pivot should have been a welcome and easy transition for a man who has spent months fighting public and legal attacks over Bridgegate, ”a scandal about a traffic jam”.

Desperate to connect to his Jewish audience, and of course, to kiss the ring of Zionist Casino Oligarch Adelson, Christie looked back fondly to a 2012 trip he made with his family to Israel.

Did  he not know? Had he not heard? A governor who has displayed considerable obfuscation skills while denying involvement in his staff’s possible use of a bridge barrier to punish a political opponent, Christie slipped up on this one, big time:

“I took a helicopter ride from the occupied territories across and just felt personally how extraordinary that was to understand, the military risk that Israel faces every day.”

His helicopter journey with his family was standard political jargon for his audience, except, that is, for one major “oops”.

Politics 101: “Occupied territories” is a term that aspiring politicos should never, ever use, when addressing a Zionist audience.

In the real world, as the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) documents, there is ample support for use of the term occupation:

In July 2004, while ruling that the wall Israel is building in the West Bank is illegal, the International Court of Justice also deemed Israel’s settlement enterprise to be in contravention of international law, and the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem to be under Israeli military occupation.

In 2005, Israel’s own Supreme Court also judged the West Bank to be under “belligerent occupation” by Israel.

In 2003, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, known as a political hardliner and godfather of the settlement movement, stated “You cannot like the word, butwhat is happening is an occupation – to hold 3.5 million Palestinians under occupation. I believe that is a terrible thing for Israel and for the Palestinians.”

Always against such realities, colonialists create their own reality by controlling language to describe the land they seize.

Native Americans have the correct term for such control: ”a forked tongue”.

The Urban Dictionary defines “forked tongue”:

A person who says one thing and does another as defined by Native Americans describing the first Illegal Aliens, the Anglo-Saxons breaking promises and treaties, with a snakes tongue for them taking their land by force with no compensation and forcing them to live in inhospitable areas like Oklahoma which Indians avoided before the advent of reservations.

Christie’s staff failed to provide their boss with a “forked tongue” Zionist dictionary.

Christie must have heard the ripples of disapproval and surprise that came from his National Jewish Coalition audience.  He then heard enough from his staff to rush over and apologize to Adelson.

The casino oligarch has yet to name his preferred 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

Who can say, the Christie apology for inadvertently speaking the truth, may turn out to be the apology that wins him the Adelson primary.

Adelson, who is chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp., a casino and resort operating firm, has two major passions: Israel and casino gambling, especially Israel.

With these passions in mind, according to Media Mattershe reportedly spent nearly $150 million in an effort to influence the 2012 presidential election with donations to a super PAC aligned with Mitt Romney and other outside groups.

“Before switching allegiance to Romney, Adelson had donated millions to Newt Gingrich. He has also given generously in the past to super PACs associated with a variety of Republican politicians, including Scott Walker, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, George W. Bush, and Eric Cantor.”

Adelson Primary. Christie, Bush, Kasich, Walker

Looking ahead to the 2016 Republican primaries, at Las Vegas, Adelson had private talks with Gov. Christie (R-NJ), Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. (Pictured to the left).

Another possible presidential aspirant, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, was a no-show to the Las Vegas RJC event.

Time magazine offers this explanation for his absence:

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is hard at work laying the groundwork for an almost certain presidential campaign in 2016, but as he broadens his support among libertarian and younger voters, there’s a budding counter campaign to take him down if he becomes a threat to actually win the nomination.

At the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) meeting in Las Vegas this weekend, Paul was nowhere to be found, but his presence was felt in the form of a straw man — and frequent worry. Speaker after speaker, from former Florida governor Jeb Bush to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, laid into Paul’s more isolationist views on foreign policy.

They never mentioned the lawmaker by name, but the message came across loud and clear.

What was clear in Las Vegas, is that a presidential aspirant cannot possibly be blessed by Adelson unless he/she demonstrates a willingness for the U.S. to engage militarily in those places dictated by Israel.

Rashid Khalidi makes this point in his careful examination of the way in which U.S. policy makers have worked to give Israel what Israel demands.

In his book, Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East, Khalidi examines what he terms the “construct” of the “peace process”:

The construct is and was always designed by its Israeli architects (and their American subcontractors) to be an impermeable barrier against true Palestinian emancipation, rather than a route in that direction.

Thus, this construct does not, cannot, and is expressly meant not to address the roots of the conflict, which lie in the unending subjugation of the Palestinians, and their refusal to accept their lot.

We should not be surprised: all of these elements are inextricably bound to a scheme originally devised by Menachem Begin to avoid such emancipation, and to ensure permanent Israeli control of, and settlement in, the occupied territories, the core of what Begin called ‘Eretz israel.’

Brokers Deceit Rashid Khalidi

Khalidi’s book is essential reading and rereading, as the 2016 presidential campaign begins.

If just one candidate of either party emerges and openly articulates the extent to which U.S. political leaders have served as “brokers of deceit”, that candidate deserves our attention.

An unlikely development, of course, but strange things have emerged in political campaigns.

Who could have anticipated that a “railsplitter” from Illinois would free the slaves near the end of the American Civil War.

The time has come for this nation to break from its Middle East policies, which are, in Khalidi’s words, “designed by its Israeli architects and their American subcontractors”.

George Washington warned us: “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils”.

Those evils were much in evidence in the Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas primary.


James Wall blogs at Wallwritings.

The picture of Sheldon Adelson is from The picture of Governor Christie (at top) appeared in Politico. It is by Getty. The pictures of the four presidential aspirants who attended the Las Vegas event, is from Bloomberg News.


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“BDS is irrelevant.” Oh, really?


Palestine. Stealing of Palestinian land by Israel with the help of the West

Rosenberg gives himself a hard time worrying that there would be no more Israel if Israelis had to obey international law and UN resolutions, and return the lands and resources they stole from the Palestinians. It’s “an actual country”, he maintains. But I bet he cannot tell us its actual borders.

by Stuart Littlewood

What maddens Zionists most is that they cannot control civil society like they can pull the strings of the spineless political élite. They fear BDS action (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) will derail their precious project for a Greater Israel. So they now sneer at civil society and try to discourage further BDS efforts. This tactic comes across loud and clear in Michael Rosenberg’s article ‘The Goal Of The BDS Movement Is Dismantling Israel, Not The ’67 Occupation’.

Actually, Israel is well on the way to dismantling itself through its own vile and unsustainable behavior. BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement) is simply giving it a helping hand.

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. Oppressive Occupation 560 x 411

A quick trip to the BDS movement’s website  will expose Rosenberg’s attempt to mislead. For a start, the three demands on Israel he highlights….

  • Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall.
  • Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
  • Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

are not the BDS movement’s demands; they are required of Israel by international and humanitarian law.

The BDS movement calls on civil society to impose broad boycotts and implement divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era. “We appeal to you to pressure your respective states to impose embargoes and sanctions against Israel. We also invite conscientious Israelis to support this Call, for the sake of justice and genuine peace.

“These non-violent punitive measures should be maintained until Israel meets its obligation to recognize the Palestinian people’s inalienable right to self-determination and fully complies with the precepts of international law…” (my emphasis).

Nothing to criticise there, surely.

Ilan Pappe   The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine book cover

The idea that the Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland is extinguished by the passage of time is absurd. They are entitled to exercise that right as soon as the reasons for their expulsion and dispossession cease to exist, which will be when Israel’s illegal occupation ends. Jews have been claiming a right to return 1500 years after the reason for their expulsion, the Roman occupation, ended and 500 years after the Byzantine Empire collapsed. They insist on expelling and dispossessing the indigenous population too. That really is taking the piss.

Rosenberg gives himself a hard time worrying that there would be no more Israel if Israelis had to obey international law and UN resolutions, and return the lands and resources they stole from the Palestinians. It’s “an actual country”, he maintains. But I bet he cannot tell us its actual borders.

Not all Palestinian families ejected in 1948 would wish to return and live among Jews who had so cruelly wronged them for so long. True, Israel might not be able to continue as an exclusively Jewish state but racist exclusivity is what was so objectionable about the Israel project in the first place.

Rosenberg also puts forward as justification for seizing and keeping Palestine the claim that Israel speaks an ancient language and has “created a new culture that is as legitimate as that of the Palestinians or any other people”. I hear that most Jews who have squeezed into Israel in recent times have no ancestral ties with the place at all.

Israelis have been building their state on an illegal and unsustainable premise. That makes it not only their problem but everyone else’s too. New Israel’s ‘legitimacy’, if we can call it that, only extends to the lands allocated in the 1947 UN Partition, and there are many who question the validity of even that. Israel has hugely overstepped its generous 1947 allocation and refused to declare it borders. Who gave the Jewish state permission to expand beyond the Partition lines into territory reserved for a Palestinian state? Why are advocates of a two state solution always talking about 1967 borders instead of 1947 borders? Why would Israel cease to exist if forced back to either of those lines?

And why is the international community still kept waiting for Jerusalem to become an international city, as the UN promised?


Discrimination, discrimination, discrimination… and more encroachment

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Global Struggle. Palestinian Flag  400 x 615

The world also waits for US Secretary of State Kerry’s much-heralded peace “framework” and wagers that it won’t be worth a rat’s ass. It is thanks to Kerry, and all his useless predecessors, that the BDS movement has had to swing into action. The aim is simply to pick up the baton of justice cast aside by craven world leaders, and run with it.

Rosenberg concludes by saying the BDS movement is irrelevant and does no good. Well, we’ll see. It is still early days but progress has already been made. BDS still needs to evolve and sharpen its targeting to include politicians in the West who fly the flag for the racist Israeli regime. That should make a difference.

In the meantime a report just released by Adalah (meaning “Justice” in Arabic), an independent human rights organization and legal centre for promoting and defending the rights of the 1.2 million Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel (20% of the population) and Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, reveals that there is no let-up in Israel’s policy of discrimination and disenfranchisement.

The report says that the Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing continue to put Palestinian land on the market for mass housing in the illegal settlements in the 1967 occupied territories, and to sell off property belonging to Palestinian refugees, thereby further complicating their right of return.

“The State of Israel expropriated all of the assets belonging to Palestinian refugees under the Absentees’ Property Law 1950, estimated by the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine (UNCCP) to encompass more than seven million dunams of land by 1964. The state also confiscated a vast amount of property, estimated at 1,200,000 dunams, belonging to internal refugees under the Land Acquisition (Validation of Acts and Compensation) Law 1953…. Today, the ILA administers approximately 93% of the land of the state including land ‘owned’ by the State of Israel, the Development Authority and the Jewish National Fund.”

A dunam is about one-quarter of an acre.

It underscores the point that Israel “continues its illegal policy of building and settling Jewish citizens beyond the Green Line [the 1949 Armistice line], while Arab communities within its territory continue to suffer from a shortage of housing and overcrowding due to the massive discriminatory appropriation of land and unfair, inequitable planning policies….”

All the more reason to keep piling on the boycotts.

Adalah’s report can be read in full at


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Gates on Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War



From the former secretary of defense, a strikingly candid, vividly written account of his experience serving Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Before Robert M. Gates received a call from the White House in 2006, he thought he’d left Washington politics behind: after working for six presidents in both the CIA and the National Security Council, he was happy in his role as president of Texas A&M University.

But when he was asked to help a nation mired in two wars and to aid the troops doing the fighting, he answered what he felt was the call of duty.

Now, in this unsparing memoir, meticulously fair in its assessments, he takes us behind the scenes of his nearly five years as a secretary at war: the battles with Congress, the two presidents he served, the military itself, and the vast Pentagon bureaucracy; his efforts to help Bush turn the tide in Iraq; his role as a guiding, and often dissenting, voice for Obama; the ardent devotion to and love for American soldiers—his “heroes”—he developed on the job.

In relating his personal journey as secretary, Gates draws us into the innermost sanctums of government and military power during the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, illuminating iconic figures, vital negotiations, and critical situations in revealing, intimate detail.

Offering unvarnished appraisals of Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Presidents Bush and Obama among other key players, Gates exposes the full spectrum of behind-closed-doors politicking within both the Bush and Obama administrations.

He discusses the great controversies of his tenure—surges in both Iraq and Afghanistan,  how to deal with Iran and Syria, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” Guantánamo Bay, WikiLeaks—as they played out behind the television cameras. He brings to life the Situation Room during the Bin Laden raid.

And, searingly, he shows how congressional debate and action or inaction on everything from equipment budgeting to troop withdrawals was often motivated, to his increasing despair and anger, more by party politics and media impact than by members’ desires to protect our soldiers and ensure their success.
YouTube – Veterans Today –

However embroiled he became in the trials of Washington, Gates makes clear that his heart was always in the most important theater of his tenure as secretary: the front lines.

We journey with him to both war zones as he meets with active-duty troops and their commanders, awed by their courage, and also witness him greet coffin after flag-draped coffin returned to U.S. soil, heartbreakingly aware that he signed every deployment order.

In frank and poignant vignettes, Gates conveys the human cost of war, and his admiration for those brave enough to undertake it when necessary.

Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War tells a powerful and deeply personal story that allows us an unprecedented look at two administrations and the wars that have defined them.

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Reviewing James Petras’ The Politics of Empire: The US, I$raHell and the Middle East (Part I)

by Stephen Lendman


It’s Petras at his best. It’s important reading. It covers vital topics. Petras tells readers what they need to know. His analysis is masterful. Below is an account of what he said.

Washington and Israel are longstanding imperial partners. Petras does some of the best analysis explaining it.

Overview: The State of the Empire

In the 1990s, imperial adventurism increased. Post-9/11, it accelerated. One war after another followed. They continue “unhampered by congressional or large-scale public opposition,” said Petras.

At least so far. Popular opinion against Obama’s Syria war postponed it. Resuming it could happen any time. Perhaps it’s one major false flag attack away.

Other wars may follow. Iran’s turn awaits. Ukraine’s full-blown crisis and regime change aftermath happened largely beyond the timeline of Petras’ book.

He’s a valued contributor to a forthcoming Clarity Press (CP) account of Ukraine’s crisis. It promises to be the definitive analysis of what happened, why it matters, and what may follow. Watch for CP’s announced publishing date.

Zionists and militarists define their current imperial objectives as follows, says Petras:

“(1) destroying regimes and states (as well as their military, police and civil governing bureaucracies) which had opposed Israel’s annexation of Palestine;

(2) deposing regimes which promoted independent nationalist policies, opposing or threatening the Gulf puppet monarchist regimes; and

(3) supporting anti-imperialist, secular or nationalist-Islamic movements around the world.”

Resistance was greater than they thought. Washington’s Afghan war is its longest in history. It shows no signs of ending.

Iraq and Libya remain cauldrons of violence. Obama’s war on Syria enters its fourth year.

Israel’s goal isn’t creating “political vacuum(s).” It’s devastating its enemies. What follows is someone else’s problem.

Tel Aviv loves getting Washington to wage its wars. The one Israel most wants most is destroying Iran. Whether America will oblige remains to be seen.

US economic conditions were different earlier than now. Overreach makes US leaders pause before undertaking what may cause more harm than good.

At the same time, public opinion is tired of wars. Enormous sums spent waging them harm their well-being.

A late 2013 Pew Research report confirms the gap between “elite and public opinion,” says Petras.

“By a vast margin (52% to 38%), the public agree that the US ‘should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own,’ ” he explained.

In 2002, a scant 30% opposed foreign entanglements. Times changed dramatically.

Over 80% of Americans oppose Washington’s Afghan war. Heading toward 14 years is too much.

Large majorities want domestic issues addressed. They want current jobs protected. They want new ones created. They want better ones. They want living wages. They want government serving their interests equitably.

They despise Wall Street. They reject new imperial wars. Whether they’ll stop is another matter entirely.

America is addicted to war. It’s the national pastime. Policymakers believe war is peace. Out-of-control imperialism reflects it.

At the same time, public antipathy to Obama’s wars weakened his ability to wage new ones. Whether 9/11 2.0 can change things perhaps remains to be seen.

In 2001, public appetite for war was keener than now. “Intervention fatigue,” says Petras, makes most Americans crave peace.

They’re tired of endless imperial adventurism. They’re suffering under the weight of pursuing it. According to Petras, they began to:

“(1) prioritize their choice of places of engagement;

(2) diversify their diplomatic, political and economic instruments of coercion; and

(3) limit large-scale, long-term military intervention to regions where US strategic interests are involved.”

Washington isn’t going soft by any means. A new page wasn’t turned. Making the world safe for war profiteers is still policy.

Fear is stoked. It’s used to manufacture consent. It’s much tougher than before. It doesn’t stop imperial rampagers from trying. Lots more effort is required.

Large-scale ground invasions are avoided. “Proliferation of special forces” substitutes. So do an array of destabilizing policies.

Ukraine is Exhibit A. Around $5 billion was spent replacing democratic governance with ultranationalist fascist extremists.

It’s pocket change compared to trillions spent on Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s changing Kiev on the cheap.

It doesn’t always work. Wars remain a bottom line option. Libya is the optimal model. Shock and awe supplemented proxy ground forces.

Plans perhaps intend similar tactics against Syria. Objectives remain the same. Petras identified “at least eleven major or minor conflicts today engaging US empire builders to a greater or lesser extent.”

They include “Ukraine, Thailand, Honduras, China-Japan-South Korea, Iran-Gulf States/Israel, Syria, Venezuela, Palestine-Israel, Libya, Afghanistan and Egypt.”

Obama is more selective in choosing new targets. He’s only got so much money to spend.

Debt reduction curtails open checkbook warmaking. Special forces in over 120 countries do it on the cheap if needed. So do CIA elements operating virtually everywhere.

China and Russia comprise Washington’s bottom line targets. It’s hard imagining planned war on either of them.

Co-opting neighboring states substitutes. So does surrounding them with US military bases. Weakening and isolating them matters most.

Perhaps regime change by a thousand cuts is policy. Strategy is longterm. Overreach may defeat Washington’s agenda.

Perhaps China and Russia intend letting America overspend until bankruptcy. They’ve got their own problems to resolve at the same time.

Unity between them with likeminded allies is their best defense. America makes more enemies than friends. It’s influence is declining.

China’s star is rising. Russia hopes to ascend at the same time. How it weathers things over Ukraine remains to be seen. Whether America prevails is unclear.

The battle for Ukraine’s soul continues. It’s longterm. Russia drew a red line. It’s defending its vital issues responsibly. Putin isn’t rolling over for Washington. Nor should he.

Obama has a tiger by the tail. He’s in bed with fascist extremists. They’ve got a mind of their own. He may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Putin’s patience may best him. Public Ukrainian anger may defeat him. It’s unclear how things will go. Knowing either way won’t happen soon. Nor in other parts of the world.

Even superpowers can’t prevail everywhere, all the time. Eventually they learn. Some do the hard way.

Obama’s wars made America weaker. New ones may be counterproductive. Nothing will be resolved any time soon. Major struggles are longterm.

Modern day Spartas may succumb like earlier ones. Living by the sword usually means perishing the same way. America may spend itself to death. Hegemons risk overreaching and failing.

Obama “relied on a wider variety of interventions than (his) predecessor,” said Petras. He subcontracted more to European allies.

France took the lead in Africa. Washington wants Japan and South Korea bearing a greater Asian burden.

It’s “part of the long-term US strategy to encircle and limit China’s economic expansion,” said Petras.

Middle East control and “undermining Iran” is prioritized. “The principal strategic weakness in US empire building policy lies in the absence of domestic support.”

Zionist power remains the wild card. It’s deeply embedded in Washington. Media support is overwhelming. So are powerful monied interests.

War is their national pastime. Aroused public opinion is the best defense against it. Revving it up now is needed more than ever.

The Obama Regime’s Military Metaphysics Rejects Diplomatic Opportunities

Obama prioritizes belligerence over diplomacy. He never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to pursue peace.

Replacing independent governments with subservient pro-Western ones is prioritized. Adversaries are ravaged and destroyed. Hegemons operate this way.

Opportunities for peace are spurned. Bullying takes precedence. Obama sacrificed a “Grand Bargain” with Iran to serve Israel.

Israeli “land-grabbing” overrode Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Destabilizing Venezuela is prioritized. Regime change matters more than normalized relations.

“Obama’s Snowden caper revive(d) the Cold War,” said Petras.

Obama’s war on Syria rages. He’s allied with perhaps uncontrollable death squad extremists.

Afghanistan is a bottomless pit of war. It could continue for another decade or two. Taliban fighters show no battle fatigue.

Containing China may end up a losing proposition. Lost US opportunities overall may not resurface. At least not in the short run.

“The world view of the Obama regime is one of mirror looking in an echo chamber,” said Petras. “(I)t cannot visualize and accommodate the interests of rivals, competitors or adversaries, no matter how absolutely central they are to any meaningful compromise.”

“The give and take of real world politics is totally foreign to the world’s Chosen People.” They only know how to ” ‘seize power’ and create military facts, even as they then spend a dozen years and billions of dollars and millions of lives in endless wars, bemoaning lost markets amidst serial diplomatic failures.”

“The epitaph for the Obama regime will read:

They fought the Wars.

They lost.

They turned friends

into enemies.

Who became

Friends of our enemies.

They stood alone, in splendid isolation,

And said it was their only choice.”

The Decline of the US (and everyone else…)

Post-9/11, America “suffered a series of military defeats, experienced economic decline, and now faces severe competition and the prospect of further military losses,” said Petras.

Some analysts believe US decline began decades earlier. The greater it overreaches, the faster its political and economic advantage wane.

America makes more enemies than friends. It aims to isolate Russia, China and other independent states. It may end up shooting itself in the foot trying.

Latin American countries reject US aggressiveness. They overwhelmingly oppose efforts to oust Venezuela’s government.

In late March, Organization of American States (OAS) members refused to hear fascist legislator Maria Corina Machado discuss ongoing Washington manipulated violence.

She opposes democratic governance. She backed the aborted April 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez.

She’s involved in instigating ongoing violence. Venezuelan National Assembly members want her investigated.

They want her charged with treason and incitement to crime. She’s provoking civil war, they said. She’s a Washington favorite.

Washington lost Asian influence to China. At the same time, it forged closer military ties with Japan, the Philippines and Australia.

The same holds in other areas. Empires don’t fade easily. At the same time, they don’t last forever.

In the end, they all die. America won’t be an exception. None existed earlier.

Washington stands “totally alone” against Cuba, says Petras. OAS nations are “no longer a US haven.”

At the same time, reports of US imperial decline are “overstated…(T)here is no alternative imperial or modern anti-imperial tendency on the immediate horizon,” Petras explains.

Longer-term tells a different story. The 21st century began as America’s. It may end as China’s.

Cyber-Imperialism: The Logic Behind Mass Spying: Empire and Cyber Imperialism

Edward Snowden revelations about NSA spying connected important dots for millions. He’s a gift that keeps on giving.

He explained what everyone needs to know. Doing so “provoked widespread protests and indignation and threatened ties between erstwhile imperial allies,” said Petras.

Obama presides over a homeland police state apparatus. “One of (its) essential components (is) an all-pervasive spy apparatus operating independently of any legal or constitutional constraints,” he explained.

Big Brother watches everyone. Claims otherwise don’t wash. Electronic and telecommunications surveillance is sweeping.

It’s pervasive. It targets everyone of potential interest. It operates globally. It’s a power unto itself. It’s unaccountable.

As technology advances, it promises worse ahead. No one can escape its spying eye. It monitors world leaders. It cracks encryption protections.

It listens to phone calls. It monitors emails and text messages. It accesses financial and medical records.

It conducts espionage to get a leg up on foreign competitors. It does so with electronic ease.

Huge stakes are involved. Empires need to do more to hold on to what they have. They want their power enhanced.

They want total unchallenged control. They want what’s not easy to get.

The ” ‘Global War on Terror” (GWOT), became an open-ended formula for the civilian warlords, militarists and Zionists to expand the scope and duration of overt and covert warfare and espionage,” said Petras.

It “provided the ideological framework for a police state based on the totalitarian conception that ‘everybody and everything is connected to each other’ in a ‘global system’ threatening the state.”

“This ‘totalistic view’ informs the logic of the expanded NSA, linking enemies, adversaries, competitors and allies.”

A Big Brother world is no fit one to live in. It exists. It seeks omnipotence. It wants total control. Civil liberties and human rights are discarded in the process. They’re disappearing in plain sight.

Police State: The Domestic Foundation of Empire – Fabricating Terror Conspiracies

America’s only enemies are ones it creates. Its war on terror is fake. It’s waged to stoke fear.

Supportive propaganda rages. Media scoundrels march in lockstep. They hype what demands denunciation.

They do it without supportive evidence. None exists. They regurgitate official lies. They repeat them ad nauseam.

Alleged global and domestic threats are fraudulent on their face. Warnings repeat anyway. Lies substitute for truth. They wore thin long ago.

Most people are fooled anyway. Many pay no attention either way.

“By evoking a phony ‘terrorist threat’ abroad and its detection by the NSA, Obama hopes to re-legitimize his discredited police state apparatus,” says Petras.

At the same time, he “seeks to cover-up (his) most disreputable policies, despicable ‘show trials’ and harsh imprisonment of government whistle blowers and political, diplomatic and military defeats and failures which have befallen the empire in the present period.”

Petras calls Obama “the Master of Deceit.” He’s polar opposite what supporters want. He wages multiple imperial direct and proxy wars. He plans new ones.

He wrecked the economy. He looted the nation’s wealth. He consigned millions to unemployment or underemployment.

Poverty, homelessness and hunger increased on his watch. He heads America toward full-blown tyranny.

Monied interests own him. He supports wealth, power and privilege. He let popular needs go begging.

He destroyed hard-won labor rights. He wants education commodified. He wants it made another business profit center.

He wages war on whistleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, Latino immigrants, and environmental and animal rights activists called terrorists.

He’s a con man. Petras nailed him before taking office. He called him “the perfect incarnation of Melville’s Confidence Man. He catches your eye while he picks your pocket. He gives thanks as he packs you off to war.”

He spurns human need. He ignores rule of law principles. He deplores democratic values. He tolerates none at home or abroad. He wages war on freedom.

The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition

Recent US history witnessed “the virtually unchallenged rise of the police state,” said Petras. Diktat power rules. No mass pro-democracy movement confronts it. It rages out-of-control.

Bipartisan complicity supports it. So do media scoundrels. It reflects McCarthyism writ large. Anyone can be targeted for any reason or none at all.

Constitutional rights don’t matter. Arbitrary rule replaced them. Police state powers reflect it.

It’s “the dominant reality in US political life today,” says Petras. It’s largely unchallenged. Dismissiveness substitutes for mass outrage.

Obama gets away with murder and much more. Media scoundrels hype state-sponsored fear-mongering. Fake threats persist. Dissent is increasingly criminalized. Wars substitute for peace.

Part II continues discussing Petras’ new book.

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Gaza Needs Your Voice NOW!

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Harry Fear: The Globalised Heart (Video)

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Harry Fear is an independent British filmmaker maker and journalist, based in Gaza. Harry is well-known for his reporting of the Gaza war in November 2012. He lectures on the Israel-Palestine conflict, Gaza and media bias in Europe, North America, Australasia and Malaysia. He trains Palestinians on outreach to Western audiences. He’s also co-director of the Welcome to Gaza Convoy that takes media-making delegations to Gaza. In this talk, he discusses the significance of love in relation to parts of the world that have been stigmatised in the media.

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What if Hamas dumped all its rockets?

Hamas rockets

West Bank Palestinians do not fire rockets, yet there is no sign of an end to their misery and oppression

By Stuart Littlewood

The slaughter of innocents is necessary to stop Gaza rocket-fire. That’s what Israel says.

“This isn’t about rockets from Gaza,” says Unite.

The union Unite is to be congratulated on its no-nonsense analysis and statement expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. Especially at this horrific time.

Unite is the biggest union in the UK and Ireland, with nearly 1.5 million members. Its mission is to strive for a society that places equality, dignity and respect above all else.

No justice, no peace

The statement on Palestine is an easy-to-digest description of the Holy Land situation in blunt language. Here is a key passage:

There will be no peace and no justice unless the root causes of the conflict are addressed. The roots of the conflict lie in Israel’s decades-long illegal occupation of the West Bank, the building of illegal settlements in the occupied territories, the forced take-over of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, and the effective establishment of an apartheid system that systematically removes the most basic human rights of Palestinians.

Unite “calls on the UK government to demand the Israeli government halt its military action and to make it clear that should it fail to do so then a move for international sanctions will be launched within the United Nations Security Council and the European Union”.

Unite believes the Israelis’ attack on the Palestinian people is merely cover for their intransigence during the peace talks and an expression of their future intent. “Israel is clearly concerned that the Palestinian people are finding a new unity and that the justness of their cause is gaining increasing international recognition and support.”

And it neatly debunks the Israeli propaganda myth about rockets.

This isn’t about rockets from Gaza. It’s about Israel fighting to maintain its control over Palestinian lives, and Palestinian land.

It’s about Israel feeling able to commit war crimes with complete impunity. It’s about the world media indicating that Palestinian lives are worth less than Israeli lives. It’s about the fact that Palestinian children are being killed at the rate of one every three days. It’s about millions of Palestinians living under illegal occupation.

It’s about the brutal siege on Gaza, and the third military assault on a trapped population in less than six years. It’s about more than 60 laws that discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel.

It’s about Israeli state racism and apartheid. It’s about ethnic cleansing. It’s about colonization, and over 500,000 settlers. It’s about Israel’s systematic violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.

Besides approving boycott and divestment, Unite goes the whole hog and call also for sanctions against Israel for its continued illegal occupation, flouting of international law, and construction of an apartheid regime.

You can read the statement in full here. One can only hope it reaches the widest possible public. Hopefully too it will encourage other major unions to take a more active role in securing Holy Land justice, if they are not already involved. Nothing would concentrate out politicians’ minds more.

The only thing I would add to Unite’s excellent briefing is sharp condemnation of US and UK policy that seeks to deny Palestinians the right to go to international law and insists that the only route to peace is through lopsided talks. This position is morally indefensible, and those who advocate it may face the wrath of the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

What if…

On the point about Israel’s repeated military assaults on Gaza’s trapped population, a Palestine Liberation Organization report reminds us that since 2006 (when Hamas was democratically elected) Israel has launched no fewer that six major onslaughts – “Summer Rain”, “Autumn Clouds”, “Warm Winter”, “Cast Lead”, “Pillar of Defence” and currently “Protective Edge”. These have caused 2,423 Palestinian deaths and 7,000 injured, not to mention the massive wrecking of homes and vital infrastructure – essential context for any conversation.

I entirely agree about the rockets. During Israel’s infamous “Cast Lead” operation five years ago, in a piece entitled “The carnage in Gaza is not about Hamas rockets”, I posed the following questions…

What if Hamas dumped all its rockets in the sea tomorrow? Would Gazans enjoy the same freedoms as other nations? Would they be able to open their sea port to foreign ships and rebuild and operate their airport? Would they be able to import and export and carry on trade and develop their economy and prosper like other countries?

Would they be allowed to exploit and develop their offshore gas field? Would their fishermen be allowed to fish in unpolluted waters? Would their young people be able to come and go and take up places at foreign universities?

Would Israel clear out of Gazan airspace permanently? Would the Israeli navy cease its piracy and stay out of Palestinian territorial waters? Would you and I be able to visit Gaza direct?

Fat chance. None of this would suit Israel. So Gazans would be no better off. Their tormented half-existence would continue.

There are no rockets coming out of the West Bank. Yet the illegal Israeli occupation there continues and so does the ethnic cleansing, the land theft, the illegal settlements, the colonization, the demolition of Palestinian homes, the throttling of the economy, the abduction and “administrative detention” of civilians and the massive interference with freedom of movement. Nothing has changed for West Bank Palestinians who do notfire rockets. There is no sign of an end to their misery.

The bloody assault on Gaza therefore has much more to do with Israel’s ambition to expand racial dominance in the Holy Land and make their occupation permanent than crude and erratic rocket-fire from the resistance. Hamas and the Palestinians holed up in Gaza are simply in the way of the Grand Plan and have to be removed or totally subdued.

Nothing has changed – certainly not the aggression of the blood-soaked delinquents in Tel Aviv.

These words are printed on a tee-shirt I sometimes wear. They cut through the propaganda crap straight to the true cause of the recurring unpleasantness in Gaza (and the West Bank).

They stole my land,
burnt my olive trees,
destroyed my house,
took my water,
bombed my country,
imprisoned my father,
killed my mother,
took my job,
starved us all,
humiliated us all,
But I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.
So they stole more of my land,
burnt my olive trees,
destroyed my house,
took my water,
bombed my country…

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