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An unheard of provocation

By Fidel Castro


This morning the cables were full of reports about the unheard-of news that a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane had been hit at an altitude of 10,100 meters as it flew over Ukrainian territory, along a route controlled by the war-hungry government of chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko.

Cuba, which has always stood in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and in the difficult days of the Chernobyl tragedy provided medical care to the many children affected by the accident’s harmful radiation, and is always willing to continue doing so, cannot refrain from expressing our repudiation of the action of the anti-Russian, anti-Ukrainian and pro-imperialist government.

At the same time, coinciding with the Malaysian aircraft crime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the nuclear state, ordered his army to invade the Gaza Strip, where, over the last several days, hundreds of Palestinians have died, many of them children. The president of the United States supported the action, describing the repugnant act as legitimate defense.

Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David. As is known, young men and women from the Israeli people, well prepared for productive work, are being exposed to a death without honor, without glory. I am not aware of the Palestinian’s military strategy, but I know that a combatant prepared to die can defend even the ruins of a building, as long as he has his rifle, as the heroic defenders of Stalingrad demonstrated.

I only wish to express my solidarity with the heroic people who defend the last sliver remaining of what was their homeland for thousands of years.

Fidel Castro Ruz

July 17, 2014

11:14 p.m. •

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Machine gun racism in Apartheid I$raHell



As the bombs continue to rain down on Palestine, a professor who recently traveled to Palestine on a Faculty Development Seminar with a Palestine solidarity group shared his thoughts at a recent protest in San Francisco. He will have a speaking tour in Northern California July 24, 25 and 26 in Sacramento, San Francisco and OaklandThe following is the text of his speech.

“Israel” is an up-to-date Apartheid State.

“Israel” is a wicked Occupying Force.

“Israel” is a ‘raw,’ ‘primitive,’ viciously Colonialist State, other “neo-colonialisms” notwithstanding.

It’s a scourge upheld by another scourge: U.S. Empire

It could not commit its daily “crimes against humanity” were it not for what Malcolm X’s dubbeddollarism.

So it makes sense that when those “Israeli” colonial flags come out to resist our righteous protest of their crimes against Palestinians in particular, that Yankee rag is not far behind—once again on the wrong side of history, as it were. This is one very contemporary setter state force assisting another very contemporary settler state force in order to enforce and protect its settler-imperialist interest in another part of the world. All academics aside, it is absurd to think of settler colonialism as a thing of the past. This high-tech, Big Money settler colonialism is as brutally contemporary as the “white-supremacy” shared by “(North) American” and “Israeli” racism—it is a settler-imperialist racism of the past, present and, unfortunately, until we eradicate or disempower it, the future.

A month ago, I visited Palestine. They were shooting children in the back just days before I got there. They’ve been killing and burning them since I left.

For the entirety of my trip, a machine gun racism was trained up on my Black flesh and theirs. Soldiers in airports, at those inexcusable checkpoints and on any stretch of land or property desired by Zionism, these soldiers trained their well-funded weapons of everyday mass destruction on Black and brown flesh as the eyes and ears of their Apartheid; as the eyes and ears of their Occupation; as the eyes and ears of their Colonialism. And these soldiers were more often than not ”child-soldiers,” of one sort or another, malnourished and mentally deformed by the lies and psycho-pathologies of the rulers who say, “Palestine doesn’t exist,” because their job is to do everything in their power to bomb and bulldoze it out of existence despite the existence and resistance of Palestinians, which is world-renowned, legendary, and an awesome inspiration to us all.

One cannot underestimate the importance of traveling to Palestine to see things for yourself. This is officially Occupied Territory, so any air travel will route you through Tel Aviv—through an overtly racist abomination of an airport aptly named for an overtly racist abomination of a “man.” I speak not of Reagan National airport here, but Ben Gurion airport.

Unless you code yourself as “Euro-Jewish” in the Zionist tradition, they will treat you like shit. They will do everything they can to discombobulate and terrify and simply intimidate you. They will do their best to make sure you never want to come back again. For neither Apartheid nor Occupation nor Colonialism can afford witnesses; witnesses who come back with first-hand knowledge energized by indignation and outrage; witnesses not in a Zionist tradition but in that tradition heralded by James Baldwin when he insisted on “disturbing the peace,” or that “peaceful violence” which the world is steeped in according to Frantz Fanon. And witness we must. Disturb we must.

We must put an end to the constant murder that is “Israel.” The constant land-grab. The constant home-demolitions. The standard military checkpoint assault on persons and dignity. Themachine gun racism. The mass imprisonment and permanent, Guantanamo-style “administrative detention” without a whiff of “due process.” Etc., etc., etc… We must Boycott what they call “Israel.” We must Divest from what they call “Israel.” We must Sanction what they call “Israel.” At the same time, we must move against white-supremacist dollarism and decolonize the world of U.S. Empire, for real this time.

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Ukraine air disaster: behind the propaganda blitz

By Gloria La Riva


A building 60 miles east of Donetsk, bombed by Ukrainian planes



Crash scene from MH17. Photos: AFP Dominique Faget and Dmitry Lovetsk

Without hesitation, without waiting for an investigation into the tragic disaster of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the U.S. government immediately laid full responsibility on Russia.

U.S. imperialism is taking advantage of the terrible tragedy to exacerbate its current hostilities against Russia and to deepen the crisis in Ukraine.

President Obama spoke on live television Friday morning to claim, “Evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by Russian-backed separatists inside of Ukraine.”

What evidence? The disaster site is not even excavated nor properly searched yet.

Obama further accused Russia more directly. “A group of separatists can’t shoot down military transport planes without sophisticated equipment and sophisticated training, and that is coming from Russia.”

The British, French, Germans—all imperial powers that joined in to sanction Russia after Ukraine’s coup—are demanding more sanctions on Russia and a unilateral ceasefire by the rebels.

There is no similar demand that Ukraine’s government stop its aerial and missile assaults on its own population, precisely in the region where the plane went down.

On July 18, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office issued a statement that “without compelling information to the contrary, it is increasingly likely that MH17 was shot down by a separatist missile.”

MH17 was flying at 33,000 feet, too high for any weapons that the eastern Ukrainian separatists possess.

Much mention has been made in the media, that only a highly sophisticated, heavy weapons system, like the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile battery, is capable of bringing down a plane at that high an altitude.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that on July 17, the day of the plane crash, radiation was detected from the radar component of a Buk-M1 system that has been deployed by the Ukrainian military in the Donetsk region, where the Boeing 777 was destroyed.

Ukraine denied it has a Buk missile system in the east. But Russia’s defense ministry says Ukraine’s military has actually deployed several Buk systems with a total of 27 launchers in Donetsk, since it began its offensive advance of thousands of army troops, the National Guard, fascist paramilitary groups, fighter jets and heavy weapons to crush the separatist movement.

Meanwhile, in a Russia Today interview, Sergey Kavtaradze, a leader of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, said, “We simply don’t have such air defense systems. Our man-portable air defense systems have a firing range of 3,000-4,000 meters (9,800 to 13,000 feet).”

Why is Washington so quick to condemn?

Even in civilian plane disasters in the United States, when the initial cause may be more evident—pilot error, mechanical failure or stormy weather—the National Transportation Safety Board and other entities take months to minutely reconstruct and examine the evidence to conclude the cause.

But smoke and fire were still rising from the terrible death scene when U.S. officials, from President Obama to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, demanded that Russia be held accountable.

Hillary Clinton, ever eager to get her punches in, warned that the U.S. must “put Putin on notice that he has gone too far and we are not going to stand idly by.”

President Vladimir Putin’s immediate response was a call for a “thorough and unbiased” investigation, a message urged by other Russian and international leaders not beholden to NATO or the U.S.

Remarkably, in response to Russia’s statements calling for an objective inquiry, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott called Russia’s response, “deeply, deeply unsatisfactory.”

The former socialist countries in Eastern Europe, now led by reactionary governments, were also quick to condemn Russia.

The MH17 tragedy in the midst of war

The terrible tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 must be seen in the context of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which was set into motion by the fascist-led Ukrainian coup last February.

After the U.S. and European Union governments helped foment the coup against elected President Viktor Yanukovych on Feb. 22, the coup “government” and later the newly elected billionaire President Petro Poroshenko, have launched a brutal aerial bombing and artillery war against its own civilians in eastern Ukraine. The violence by fascist parties against the Russian-nationality population and other opponents of the February coup prompted separatist movements in eastern Ukraine.

For weeks, Ukraine’s bombing—scarcely reported in the Western media—has rained down on densely populated cities and smaller villages in the east. First, Sloviansk was pummeled by thousands of tons of bombs. There was no complaint from the U.S. government about the hundreds of civilian casualties, no demand that the Ukrainian government stop killing its own people.

Now the eastern cities of Donetsk and Luhansk are suffering heavy casualties, with 1,500 homes destroyed in Donetsk at the hands of Ukraine’s military.

It was only on July 8 that Ukraine’s leaders promised a “nasty surprise” in the offensive they were about to launch on Donetsk, a city of 900,000.

The real aim of the U.S. and its allies

The unsubstantiated charges by the U.S. and allies against Russia and Ukrainian separatists are not rash comments made out of anger and sorrow for the MH17 victims.

They are calculated accusations by those who have shed no tears about the horrific casualties in eastern Ukraine, nor for the hundreds of Palestinians murdered in Gaza by Israel.

In fact, juxtaposed to Obama’s fury and flash accusation about MH17 is his full support for apartheid Israel’s bombing of Gaza. He only slightly tempered his enthusiasm for Israel on July 17 after the ground invasion, saying, “…we are hopeful that Israel will continue to approach this process in a way that minimizes civilian casualties.”

What a shocking statement. Casualties are okay in Gaza, just “minimize” them.

This is why the West’s unsubstantiated condemnation must be understood as a pretext to justify more aggression, more sanctions and more deaths.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union, a powerful socialist country of 15 republics, the United States and NATO have expanded their military presence in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics.

In the days to come, the anti-Russia hysteria of the media and imperialism will intensify.

It is crucial that we look behind the blazing headlines of CNN, Fox and New York Times, analyze carefully the real issues involved, and demand true justice for the victims of Flight 17: An end to U.S., European Union and NATO schemes that put defenseless people in harm’s way.


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What’s behind latest I$raHell offensive?

By Richard Becker

Israel starts ground offensive in Gaza Strip

The latest Israeli war on the Palestinian people in Gaza is now entering its 13th day. More correctly, the latest Israeli offensive in a nearly seven decades-long war against the Palestinians is now in its 13th day.

Why is this assault happening now? A brief look at the historical background can help provide context.

The current offensive has a more specific purpose, namely smashing the new unity agreement reached in April between Hamas, Fatah and the other parties represented in the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The Zionist project, which led to the creation of the state of Israel, was born in the late 19thcentury. Its central idea was the creation of an independent Jewish state. Political Zionism was a response to widespread anti-Jewish racism in Europe. But at the same time, it was a colonial project from the start, with a similar attitude toward the indigenous Arab people of Palestine as European settlers had toward the indigenous people from South Africa to China to right here in what became the United States of America.

Zionism was a nationalist movement. Once its leaders fixed on Palestine, they were dedicated to displacing the Palestinian people in order to make way for the creation of their state. Zionism was a minority movement among Jewish people in Europe until the Nazi mass murder during World War II.

When World War II ended in 1945, the Zionist settler movement was much better funded and armed than were the Palestinians, whose mass rebellion had been crushed in 1939 by the British after a three-year-long struggle. While the Zionists had organized armed units and large-scale financial support from outside, Palestinians were in a weakened position. Palestinians were subject to execution for even possessing a gun.

On November 29, 1947, the United Nations illegally voted by a narrow margin to partition, the British colony of Palestine into two states. While Zionist settlers owned only 6 percent of the land and comprised 35 percent of the population, 56 percent of Palestine was designated for the state of Israel.

In the war that followed, Israel conquered 78 percent of the land and drove out 750,000 – 800,000 Palestinians by means of massacre and other forms of terror, as has been irrefutably documented by many Israeli as well as Palestinian historians. Thousands of Palestinians homes, farms, orchards and shops were confiscated by the Israelis. What the Zionists did not want to keep, they destroyed, including 536 Palestinian villages that were wiped off the map.

Even so, the next year Moshe Dayan, then a rising military officer and later prime minister, told a U.S. diplomat at a cocktail party in Tel Aviv: “Boundaries, frontier of Israel should be on the Jordan River . . . Present boundaries ridiculous from all points of view.” In other words, from the very foundation of the Israeli state, its leaders had their eyes on expanding to take over the West Bank. And, as events would soon show, the Israeli leaders also had their ambitions set on conquering parts of Syria, Egypt and Lebanon as well.

In the 1950s, the government of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, pursued this objective through a “Second Round,” a second war with the Arab countries, and particularly with Jordan, which had taken over the West Bank in 1948.

But in order to maintain the support of world and especially U.S. public opinion, the Israeli leaders sought to justify a new war by making Israel appear to be victim rather than aggressor.

The Black Panther Party’s saying about racist cops who justified their routine brutalizing and killing of oppressed people by “masquerading as the victim of an unprovoked attack,” perfectly describes an Israeli tactic that continues down to the present day. In the U.S. and Israeli mass media, Israel is almost always “retaliating,” implying that it is acting in self-defense. In fact, the opposite has, with very rare exceptions, been the case.

In 1953, an Israeli special forces unit under the command of another future prime minister, Ariel Sharon, “retaliated” for a small-scale Palestinian raid by wiping out most of the village of Qibya in the West Bank, killing 60 people, many of them trapped in a building and burned alive. The aim was to get the Jordanian army to respond, starting the “Second Round,” which Ben-Gurion hoped would lead to the conquest of the West Bank. It didn’t and there was worldwide condemnation of Israel’s action.

In 1956, again using the justification of “retaliation,” Israeli invaded and occupied the Sinai Peninsula in coordination with Britain and France, who also attacked Egypt. This too failed and Israel was forced to withdraw.

But 14 years later in 1967—again claiming to be threatened—Israel launched the Six-Day War that ended with the Golan Heights, West Bank, Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula under Israel control. Thirty years after the fact, Moshe Dayan admitted to the NY Times that this claim was completely false.

In 1982, Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon, again, with the claim of retaliation for the attempted assassination of an Israeli diplomat in London. Had it not been for the fierce and persistent Lebanese resistance, it is likely that Israel would remain in control of southern Lebanon today.

Can anyone see a pattern here?

After the 1967 war, Israel illegally annexed Syria’s Golan Heights and East Jerusalem and began settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. Today, there are more than 500,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank. While Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from inside Gaza in 2005, Gaza has remained blockaded, isolated and dominated by the Israeli army, navy and air force. Egypt has also severely restricted its crossing with Gaza.

After the Hamas party won the 2006 Palestinian legislature election, the U.S., European Union and Israel tightened the blockade as their “democratic” response to an election outcome they didn’t like.

Shortly afterward, Israeli’s  Ha’aretz newspaper reported that at a meeting of leading government officials, Dov Weisglass, a top advisor to then Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, told a “joke”: “It’s like an appointment with a dietician. The Palestinians will get a lot thinner but won’t die.” The assembled officials, Ha’aretz reported, “rolled with laughter,” at the new suffering to be imposed on 1.8 million Gaza residents—most of them refugees from other parts of Palestine.

On the day after the 2008 U.S. election, Israel murdered five Palestinian civilians, breaking a ceasefire and setting in motion a chain of events that led to an all-out military assault on Gaza. In response to the murders, Palestinian resistance units fired rockets into southern Israel. When Israel launched a massive assault, it was dutifully reported by the U.S. corporate media that it was once again “retaliating.”

In “Operation Cast Lead,” the Israeli military deployed a vast array of weaponry, including white phosphorous and depleted uranium munitions, on a trapped population. More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed, while Israeli forces had 13 killed—a ratio of more than 100 to 1.

Four years later, the fatal shooting of a mentally disabled young man on Nov. 5 and a 12-year-old boy on Nov. 9, both killed by the Israeli army inside Gaza, set off the new round of fighting. Then, on Nov. 14, Israel assassinated a top Hamas leader, Ahmed Al-Jaabari, the very day that he had been presented with a proposal for a long-term ceasefire by a joint Israeli-Egyptian group. When rockets were fired from Gaza, Israel launched “Operation Pillar of Defense,” a week-long bombing campaign in which 162 Palestinians were killed and more than 1,400 wounded.  Six Israelis were killed.

In the current “Operation Protective Edge,” more than 250 Palestinians have been killed and 1,700 wounded, while Israel has had two killed.

The recurrent brutal and cowardly assaults on a largely defenseless population—the Palestinians have no army, navy, air force or air defenses—are frequently described by Israeli leaders with the racist and dehumanizing phrase “mowing the grass.”

But the current offensive also has a more specific purpose, namely smashing the new unity agreement reached in April between Hamas, Fatah and the other parties represented in the Palestine Liberation Organization.

While the Palestinian masses celebrated the agreement, both the Israeli and U.S. governments expressed shocked and angry opposition. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu launched a campaign demanding that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas break the agreement.  There would be no “peace negotiations,” Netanyahu proclaimed, as long as the unity agreement remained in effect.

Killing of settler youth a pretext

When three Israeli settler youth disappeared on June 12, Netanyahu immediately accused Hamas of the kidnapping, though he produced no supporting evidence, and intensified his campaign against the Palestinian unity pact.  On the pretext of “searching” for the settler youth, who the Israeli military believed from the day of their disappearance were dead, a massive roundup of Hamas leaders and activists was carried out in the West Bank with more than 400 imprisoned including 12 members of the Palestinian parliament.

After the burning alive of a 16-year-old Palestinian youth on June 30 by Israeli fascists in Jerusalem, massive Palestinian demonstrations and street fighting took place across the West Bank.

On July 8, Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge,” and has since carried out thousands of bombing and shelling attacks on Gaza.  The military wing of Hamas and other resistance organizations have fired thousands of rockets, which are not nearly as accurate or powerful as Israeli weaponry. Yesterday, Israel launched a ground invasion of Gaza.

As of today, July 18, the Palestinian death toll has risen to nearly 300, the vast majority civilians and many children. The Israeli death toll is reported as two, one soldier and one man working with the army. The U.S. government has fully supported Israel’s deadly assault and continued to present the Israelis as the “victims.”

In another step in the campaign to break the nascent Palestinian unity, Palestinian Authority President Abbas was included in negotiations held in Cairo for a ceasefire agreement, while Hamas representatives were excluded.

Hamas rejected the agreement on the basis that it included no end to the blockade and isolation of Gaza.

Based on a presentation by Richard Becker at an ANSWER Coalition Forum in Los Angeles, July 18, 2014. Read Becker’s book, Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire.

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Editorial Position of the Zio-Nazi New York Times Propaganda: “Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter”



Global Research

By Abba Solomon and Norman Solomon

Over the weekend, the New York Times sent out a clear signal: the mass slaughter of civilians is acceptable when the Israeli military is doing the killing.

Under the headline Israels War in Gaza, the most powerful newspaper in the United States editorialized that such carnage is necessary. The lead editorial in the July 19 edition flashed a bright green light — reassuring the U.S. and Israeli governments that the horrors being inflicted in Gaza were not too horrible.

From its first words, the editorial methodically set out to justify what Israel was doing.

After 10 days of aerial bombardment, the editorial began, Israel sent tanks and ground troops into Gaza to keep Hamas from pummeling Israeli cities with rockets and carrying out terrorist attacks via underground tunnels.

The choice of when to date the start of the crisis was part of the methodical detour around inconvenient facts.

For instance, no mention of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus June 30 announcement that the human animals of Hamas would pay after three Israeli teenagers kidnapped in Israeli-controlled territory in the West Bank were found dead. No mention of the absence of evidence that Hamas leadership was involved in those murders.

Likewise, absent from the editorializing sequence was Israels June crackdown in the West Bank, with home raids, area closures, imprisonment of hundreds of Hamas party activists including legislators.

Most of all, the vile core of the Times editorial was its devaluation of Palestinian lives in sharp contrast to Israeli lives.

The Times editorial declared that Hamas leaders deserve condemnation for military actions from civilian areas in the dense Gaza enclave — but Netanyahu merited mere expressions of concern about further escalation. Absent from the editorial was any criticism of Israels ongoing bombardment of homes, apartment blocks, hospitals, beaches and other civilian areas with U.S.-supplied ordinance.

At the time, there had been one Israeli death from the hostilities — and at least 260 deaths among Gazans as well as injuries in the thousands. The contrast illuminates a grotesque difference in the Times willingness to truly value the humanity of Israelis and Palestinians.

In the morally skewed universe that the Times editorial board evidently inhabits and eagerly promulgates, Hamas intends to terrorize Israeli citizens while Israel merely intends to accomplish military objectives by dropping thousands of tons of bombs on Palestinian people in Gaza.

A keynote of the editorial came when it proclaimed: There was no way Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was going to tolerate the Hamas bombardments, which are indiscriminately lobbed at Israeli population centers. Nor should he.

While sprinkling in a handwringing couple of phrases about dead and wounded civilians, the editorial had nothing to say in condemnation of the Israeli force killing and maiming them in large numbers.

Between the lines was a tacit message to Israel: Kill more. Its OK. Kill more.

And to Israels patrons in Washington: Stand behind Israels mass killing in Gaza. Under the unfortunate circumstances, its needed.

When the editorial came off the press, the Israeli military was just getting started. And no doubt Israeli leaders, from Netanyahu on down, were heartened by the good war-making seal of approval from the New York Times.

After all, the most influential media voice in the United States — where the government is the main backer of Israels power — was proclaiming that the mass killing by the Israeli military was regrettable but not objectionable.

The night after the Times editorial went to press, the killing escalated. Among the calamities: the Israeli military shelled the Gaza neighborhood of Shejaiya throughout the night with nonstop tank fire that allowed no emergency services to approach. Eyewitness media reports from Shejaiya recounted scenes of absolute devastation with bodies strewn in the streets and the ruins.

Two days after the editorial reached Times newsprint, over 150 more were counted dead in Gaza. No media enabler was more culpable than the editorializing voice of the Times, which had egged on the Israeli assault at the end of a week that began with the United Nations reporting80 percent of the dead in Gaza were civilians.

The Times editorial was in step with President Obama, who said – apparently without intended irony — that no country can accept rockets fired indiscriminately at citizens. Later, matching Israeli rationales for a ground invasion, the president amended his verbiage by saying: No nation should accept rockets being fired into its borders or terrorists tunneling into its territory.

An important caveat can be found in the phrases no country and no nation. The stateless people who live in Gaza – 70 percent of whom are from families expelled from whats now southern Israel – are a very different matter.

By the lights of the Oval Office and the New York Times editorial boardroom, lofty rhetoric aside, the proper role of Palestinian people is to be slaughtered into submission.

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Nazi committing “deliberate massacre” in Gaza


Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi has accused the Israeli Wehrmacht of committing “war crimes” and carrying out a “deliberate massacre” of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“This morning, it’s nothing short of a massacre, a deliberate massacre. War crimes committed daily. But now there is a deliberate shelling and bombing and destruction of whole areas, of residential areas,” Ashrawi told Australian TV channel ABC’s “This Week” programme on 20 July.

These are war crimes being committed before the world, before the eyes of the whole world and I just can’t understand how people sit back and say [it’s] self-defence. I just can’t take the language, I can’t take the propaganda, I can’t take the mantra that Israel has a right to defend itself. Against whom? Against innocent civilians? More than 80 children have been torn to bits. Is this self-defence?…

Look there, there is no human being who cannot be affected by this. Unless you lose the last vestiges of humanity, you cannot allow this to go on. It has to stop…

Mr Obama, and the Congress, and everybody has to know that these are human beings. Think of your children. I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother. I cannot tolerate to see torn limbs. I cannot see grown men break down and sob. I cannot see people – a whole nation in a state of trauma…

These are all human beings and they’re being abstracted and they’re being anonymously shelled by the strongest army in the region and they are defenceless… They are hemmed in by land, by air, by sea and then if they try to dig tunnels as a way out – what do you expect? …

If they respond in any way, they are not only labelled as terror targets, they are dehumanized, they are terrorized, and they’re being killed. It’s not just adding insult to injury, it’s just double and multiple murder. You’re maligning a whole nation, and you are giving Israel the time and the means to continue with these massacres and these war crimes. One day they will be held accountable…

There has to be immediate intervention to provide the Palestinians with protecting, to curb the Israeli violations and to hold Israel accountable.

Needless to say, it would be naive to think that governments or even the United Nations would intervene to protect the Palestinian people and hold Israel accountable for its crimes. Unless forced to, that is.  And the only power that can force them is civil society. That is you and I, acting collectively.

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SAUDI ARABIA: SHAMELESS ZIO-WAHHABI السعودية “صامتة سياسيا” تجاه العدوان على غزة

وزير الخارجية السعودي سعود الفيصل

وزير الخارجية السعودي سعود الفيصل
باستثناء اعلان الرياض تاييدها للمبادرة المصرية لوقف العدوان الإسرائيلي على قطاع غزة، لم تقدم المملكة العربية السعودية على اي جهود سياسية او دبلوماسية تجاه هذا العدوان.

ونقلا عن موقع “رأي اليوم” فإن مراقبين عرب يقولون إنه باستثناء تقديم الحكومة السعودية تبرعات لقطاع غزة في حدود 50 مليون دولار، لم تستقبل العاصمة السعودية اي مسؤول فلسطيني بما في ذلك الرئيس محمود عباس.

صحيح ان العلاقات بين السعودية وحماس مقطوعة بسبب علاقات الاخيرة القوية مع الرئيس المصري السابق محمد مرسي وانتمائها الى حركة الاخوان المسلمين التي وضعتها المملكة مثل مصر على قائمة الارهاب، ولكن هذا لا يعني عدم  القيام بأي جهود لوقف العدوان، وممارسة ضغوط على الولايات المتحدة في هذا الخصوص بحكم دورها ونفوذها ومكانتها.

وكان لافتا استقبال امير الكويت الشيخ صباح الاحمد لخالد مشعل رئيس المكتب السياسي لحركة “حماس”، لان العلاقة بين الحركة والكويت لم تكن قوية في الفترة الاخيرة، ولم يزر السيد مشعل الكويت منذ سنوات.

ومن المنتظر ان يقوم بان كي مون امين عام الامم المتحدة بزيارة الى المنطقة، يبدأها بالدوحة ثم الكويت ثم القاهرة ثم القدس ثم رام الله ثم عمان بحثا عن وقف اطلاق النار في غزة، وسيلحقه جون كيري وزير الخارجية الامريكي، ولا توجد مؤشرات او تاكيدات رسمية تفيد بان زيارة الرياض واردة على جدول اعمالهما حتى الآن على الاقل.

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Nazi’s openly rejoice at the death of Palestinians in Gaza


Symbol of Hinduism Swastika -

A “villa in the jungle” is how Israeli war crimes suspect Ehud Barak once described the Jews-only state of Israel.

The description conjures a picture of culture, civilization and harmony amid a sea of barbarism. It is a picture that is the exact opposite of the world’s only surviving apartheid state.

The real picture is one of a colony of narcissists who believe that they are theÜbermenschen, superior beings who are a cut above the rest of humanity. The real picture is one of sadists who take pleasure at the pain and suffering of their fellow humans.

As the Palestinian civilian toll of Israel’s latest onslaught on the Gaza Strip exceeds 400 dead and 3,000 wounded, Israelis have turned the hilltops bordering the Strip into an open-air cinema where they gather to rejoice as their air force and artillery murders their fellow human being a few hundred metres away.

If ever there was a picture of barbarians and psychopaths, this is it, as you can see from this article by Harriet Sherwood in the Guardian newspaper. Here are some extracts.

As the sun begins to sink over the Mediterranean, groups of Israelis gather each evening on hilltops close to the Gaza border to cheer, whoop and whistle as bombs rain down on people in a hellish warzone a few miles away.

Old sofas, garden chairs, battered car seats and upturned crates provide seating for the spectators. On one hilltop, a swing has been attached to the branches of a pine tree, allowing its occupant to sway gently in the breeze. Some bring bottles of beer or soft drinks and snacks.

On Saturday [19 July], a group of men huddle around a shisha pipe. Nearly all hold up smartphones to record the explosions or to pose grinning, perhaps with thumbs up, for selfies against a backdrop of black smoke.

Despite reports that millions of Israelis are living in terror of Hamasrockets, they don’t deter these hilltop war watchers whose proximity to Gaza puts them within range of the most rudimentary missiles. Some bring their children.

In the border town of Sderot, which has been struck by countless missiles from the Gaza Strip in recent years, one family gathers on a top-floor balcony, draped with an Israeli flag and banner of the army’s legendary Golani Brigade. A house with a war view may even command a premium price these days…

The thud of shellfire, flash of an explosion and pall of smoke are greeted with exclamations of approval. “What a beauty,” says one appreciative spectator…

On a nearby hilltop, an ugly scene develops as a group of Israeli men threaten a photographer, accusing him of being a “leftist”. We are warned against asking for interviews, as another cheer goes up.

This is the country on which the United States and its satellite states in the West have spent countless taxpayer money and on whose behalf they have bankrupted themselves on pointless wars.

This is the country that has made the US, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia and others the most hated on earth and turned them into targets of terrorism.

An investments well worth it?

Judge for yourselves.

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“The I$raHell Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater I$raHell”?

Global Research

The concept of a Greater Israel according to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, is a Jewish State stretching ’From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.’

Rabbi Fischmann, of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, stated to the UN Special Committee on 9th July 1947 that:

The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon’, wrote Michel Chossudovsky. (1)

Thus from the Nile to the Euphrates. Herzls detailed thesis was written in 1904.

Quoted in the same article is Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya on The Yinon Plan (1982) … a continuation of Britains colonial design in the Middle East”:

(The Yinon plan) is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

Israeli strategists viewed Iraq as their biggest strategic challenge from an Arab state. This is why Iraq was outlined as the centerpiece to the balkanization of the Middle East and the Arab World. In Iraq, on the basis of the concepts of the Yinon Plan, Israeli strategists have called for the division of Iraq into a Kurdish state and two Arab states, one for Shiite Muslims and the other for Sunni Muslims. The first step towards establishing this was a war between Iraq and Iran, which the Yinon Plan discusses.

At the time Yinon wrote, the eight year, Western driven Iran-Iraq war was into its second year – with another six grinding years of loss, tragedy and heartbreak, valleys of widows, orphans, maimed, on both sides of their common border. The toll on life and health was compared to World War 1. Iraq of course, in an historic error, had virtually been fighting a proxy war for an American regime, even then obsessed with Islam, which, in Iran they had decided was the wrong sort of Islam. What the faith of a nation thousands of miles away had to do with Capitol Hill, remains a mystery.

The day after that devastating war ended, the US replaced Iraq over the then USSR as the country which was the biggest threat to America. A devastated, war torn nation of, at the time, just under seventeen million people. (2)

Then came the dispute with Kuwait over alleged oil theft and Dinar destabilizing with the then US Ambassador April Glaspie personally giving Saddam Hussein the green light to invade should he choose. The subsequent nation paralyzing UN embargo followed, then the 2003 decimation and occupation – another orchestrated downward spiral – and tragedy and now open talk of what has been planned for decades, the break up of Iraq.

File:Greater israel.jpg

Greater Israel requires the breaking up of the existing Arab states into small states.

Mission accomplished for both the US with its long planned redrawing of the Middle East and North Africa and Israel, through whose friendship with the Iraqi Kurdish autocracy, was set to become pretty well a partner in an autonomous, independent Iraqi Kurdistan. Dream come true, from the Nile to the Euphrates, the final fruition of near seventy years of manipulation and aggression for domination of the entire region.

The all is also the vision of the super hawk, dreamer of destruction of nations, Lt Colonel Ralph Peters since the early 1990s. Here is his 2006 version (3.) Peters is a man whose vision of eternal war is seemingly an eternal wet dream. Here, again, for anyone unaware of the Colonel, is a repeat of that dream (US Army War College Quarterly, Summer 1997):

There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts … around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. (US armed forces will keep) the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.

We have entered an age of constant conflict.

Peters would make some of historys most megalomaniacal expansionists look like gift offering peaceniks. His cartographic monument to arrogance: The New Map of the Middle East Project, of geographical restructure in far away places of which he gave less than a damn, was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006.\

It was surely no coincidence that on 1st May 2006 Joe Biden, long time Member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations now US Vice President of course – and Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Committee, joint authored a New York Times piece (4) urging the break up of Iraq, dividing the country on ethnic lines: … giving each ethno-religious group – Kurd, Sunni Arab and Shiite Arab … their own ethnic and political ghettos. Ignorance on wide inter-marriage, inter-relations, until 2003, inter-communities at every level for millennia, mixed neighbourhoods, shared celebrations, religious festivals, joys and heartaches, boggle the imagination. The deluded article is entitled: Unity through autonomy in Iraq. Think non-sequeta, think mixed marriages, does the husband live in a Sunni ghetto and the wife a Shia one, for example?

The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security. A five point plan of ghettoisation, destruction, delusion and wickedness, the US-Israeli game plan for Iraq, with the UK as ever, tagging along dreaming of days of empire when, with France, Iraq and the regions borders were imperially tinkered with just short of a hundred years ago (5.)

Aside from the shaming arrogance and illegality of the plan, ignorance is total. Clearly there is no knowledge in the great annals of the US State Department, Department of Foreign Affairs or the CIA of Iraqs religious and ethnic minorities, also co-existing for centuries: Christians, Mandaeans, Yazidis, Turkmen, Jews, Zoroastrians, Bahai, Kakais, Shabaks and indeed those who regard themselves as non-religious.

By October 2007 Joe Biden had: attempted to create a reality when an overwhelming majority of the US Senate voted for his non-binding Resolution to divide Iraq in to three parts … (with) the Washington Post reporting that the 75-23 Senate vote was a significant milestone in the severing of Iraq in to three, wrote Tom Engelhardt (6.)

Engelhardt is seemingly the only eagle eye to have picked up that: “The (tripartite) structure is spelled out in Iraq’s Constitution, but Biden would initiate local and regional diplomatic efforts to hasten its evolution.”

The Constitution, written under US imposed Viceroy Paul Bremer, is of course, entirely invalid, since it is illegal to re-write a Constitution under an occupation.

Only the Kurds, eager for an independent State, welcomed the plan.

What, ponders Engelhardt, with forensic reality, would be the reaction if Iraq, or Iran for example: passed a non-binding Resolution to divide the United States in to semi-autonomous bio-regions?

He concludes that: such acts would, of course, be considered not just outrageous and insulting, but quite mad. In Iraq however: at best it would put an American stamp of approval on the continuing ethnic cleansing of Iraq.

However, the US Administrations commitment is clear, Joe Biden, a self confessed Zionist, stated at the annual J Street Conference in September 2013: If there were not an Israel, we would have to invent one to make sure our interests were preserved. (7) Think oil, gas, strategic aims.

Biden assured his audience that: Americas support for Israel is unshakable, period. Period, period. (sic) He stressed a number of times the commitment that President Obama had to Israel. His own long and deep connections, he related, stretched back to a meeting with then Prime Minister Golda Meir when he was a freshman Senator and latterly his hours spent with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The latest meeting was in January this year when he travelled to Israel to pay his respects to the late Ariel Sharon and subsequently spent two hours alone in discussion with Netanyahu.

It is surely coincidence that subsequently the rhetoric for the division of Iraq accelerated. Israel has had military, intelligence and business ties with the Kurds since the 1960s viewing them as a shared buffer between Arab adversaries.

In June Netanyahu told Tel Aviv Universitys INSS think tank: We should … support the Kurdish aspiration for independence, after outlining what he described as the collapse of Iraq and other Middle East regions …(8) Iraqs internal affairs being none of Israels business obviously does not occur (apart from their outrageous historic aspirations for the region in spite of being the newly arriving regional guest.) The howls of Israeli fury when even basic human rights for Palestinians in their eroded and stolen lands are suggested for the last sixty six years, however, metaphorically deafen the world.

Of course Kurdistan has now laid claim to Kirkuk, with its vast oil deposits. The plan for the Northern Iraq-Haifa pipeline, an Israeli aspiration from the time of that countrys establishment can surely also not have been far from Netanyahus mind. An independent Kurdistan, which indeed it has enjoyed almost entirely within Iraq, since 1992 and immediately betrayed the Iraqi State by inviting in Israel and the CIA – would herald the planned dismemberment of Iraq.

It is darkly ironic, that whether relating to the break up of their lands or ghettoisation of those of Iraqis and Palestinians, this mirrors the plan of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of ethnic cleansing, who, after the outbreak of Word War II arranged for Jews to be concentrated into ghettos in major cities … he also devised plans for Jewish reservations.

Additionally he was an architect of forcible expulsion, one of the charges brought against him after he was captured by Israels Mossad and Shin Bet in Argentina in 1960. He was tried in Israel, found guilty of war crimes and hanged in 1962. Ironically his pre-Nazi employment had been as an oil salesman (9.)

Can Israel and the international community really be planning to mirror Eichmann by repatriating and ethnic cleansing? Will nations never look in to historys mirror?











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Psychological versus mortal danger: the Palestinian-I$raHell conflict in real time


Marianne Azizi writes:

As I sit looking at social media, messages are flying around from both Israelis and Palestinians; the dominant emotion is fear and justification for the action on both sides.

Marianne Azizi

Marianne Azizi

But one side is a nuclear power, with armed forces, weapons and a strategy, and the other has random missiles with no real aim.

Some 1.8 million people are squashed in a small area – the Gaza Strip – scrabbling for shelter, as 29 people lost their lives today. The score is 29 Palestinians vs 0 Israelis. The rest of the world is watching Brazil and Germany with a score of 7-1 to the Germans. Ironic? [Editor’s note: at the time of publication the “score” had risen to 41 Palestinians dead and more than 300 wounded vs 0 Israeli dead and 0 wounded.]

Messages fly in – we are under attack – guess which side is saying this? Both of them write this. Both are under attack, and both sides are defending themselves.

I have friends and family in Israel and fear for them but I know they are only in psychological danger. I have friends in Gaza and I fear for them because they are in mortal danger. This is the difference.


Pro-Palestinian groups are sprouting up all over the internet, wanting to protect and save the Palestinian people from death, affected by photographs and garnishing their attitudes against Israel.

It will get them nowhere. The UN, US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Arab neighbours cannot change the mindset fixed in the Israeli governments psyche. They won’t listen to popular arguments.

If millions of people in the UK campaigned against the Iraqi war and lost, it seems likely the growing pressure of ordinary people will have the same effect upon Israel’s policies, a zero score.

One person in Israel writes she can hear rockets firing constantly while simultaneously a Palestinian writes that the rocket fire is scaring the children. We will continue to comment, give opinions as the 24 hour news channels and internet fill up with the blame game.

But there is a voice in Israel, a small quiet one that is trying to grow. Breaking the Silence – a website set up by soldiers to tell their stories of brutal orders they didn’t want to carry out; voices for peace; voices begging for a real process for Human Rights for Israelis and Palestinians alike are leaking out and trying to get the media to listen to them.

So let us listen. Let us search for those voices of reason. Talk about the need for a human rights process and channel. Dare Israel to risk treaties which will enable Palestinians, but also enable Israelis a channel and a voice for their own rights. They don’t want to live in poverty any more than a Palestinian. Israel is all smoke and mirrors. Yes, it should have a right to exist but not at the cost of confining people to a ghetto, and shooting them for daring to object.

I shall hold my breath tonight and this week for all the people I love in the region. I cannot distinguish between them, the Jew or the Arab. They are just people and when we stop caring for human beings, we can be sure when the time comes they might not care about us when we need them most.


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