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Nazi at forefront of international organ trafficking: Report


A new report has shed light on the prominent role played by Israelis in international organ trafficking.

The US daily New York Times said in a report published on Sunday that transplant brokers in Israel have pocketed enormous sums of money by arranging overseas kidney transplants for desperate patients who are paired with foreign donors.

Through the story of an Israeli woman, identified as Ophira Dorin, the report showed how easy it is to illegally purchase a kidney via transplant brokers in Israel.

Dorin told the daily that she paid USD 175,000 for a kidney transplant surgery which was arranged by brokers to take place in Costa Rica. However, a confidential Costa Rican court document shows that the donor, who was an unemployed 37-year-old man, received only USD 18,500 for his kidney.

“My situation was critical,” she said, adding, “I didn’t feel very good, and my condition was getting worse. Even if I knew it was illegal, I don’t think I would have done anything different.”

Based on the New York Times analysis of major organ trafficking cases since 2000, Israelis have played a ‘disproportionate role’ in organ trafficking.

The Israeli Health Ministry has said less than 10 percent of the Israelis are registered as organ donors. That is in part due to religious restrictions regarding death and desecration that have kept deceased donation rates so low among Israelis.

The Costa Rican authorities announced last year that they had uncovered an international organ trafficking ring that specialized in selling kidneys to Israelis and Eastern Europeans.

In 2012, at least 10 Israeli citizens were arrested for membership in an organ trafficking gang.

Israel admitted in 2009 that it had harvested organs from dead Palestinians without permission from their next of kin in the 1990s.

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Saudi Arabia prosecution demanded “death by crucifixion” for Sheikh Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr, 55 years old for opposing the Saudi regime.
Nimr is an activist for Human Rights.

Sentence waited for August, 24

Sign the Petition to save the life of this Scholar and Teacher of non-violent struggle for Freedom.
Al-Nimr words:

It is required that there be widespread intellectual and political freedom, and that is our primary demand, these are our rights: justice and freedom, sweeping justice, and that no person’s livelihood is targeted, equal opportunities, equality whereby there is no difference between governor and governed; there is equality, Allah Almighty created hman beings all equal.


What Do Jews Say About Palestine and Gaza?

Global Research

What Do Jewish Voices Say?

Forget what others say about Israel.  Let’s listen to prominent Jewish voices.

313 Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide have signed a letter stating:

As Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine. We further condemn the United States for providing Israel with the funding to carry out the attack, and Western states more generally for using their diplomatic muscle to protect Israel from condemnation. Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.


Nothing can justify bombing UN shelters, homes, hospitals and universities. Nothing can justify depriving people of electricity and water.

We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. “Never again” must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!

And .

A prominent Jewish leader says that Israel has intentionally targeted civilians in order to terrorize the Palestinian population.

A number of Israeli soldiers have confirmed this.

A number of prominent Israelis say that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is apartheid.

All 6 former Israeli security chiefs have 

Israeli soldiers have spoken  about Israel cruelty towards Palestinians.

The Israeli high court found that Israeli soldiers used Palestinians as human shields 1,200 times.

A holocaust survivor and Israeli Minister both say that labeling criticism of Israel “anti-semitic” is a TRICK.

Jews have repeatedly staged massive protests in Tel Aviv against the occupation and bombing of Gaza.

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Crime Against Humanity: What Makes I$raHell an Apartheid Regime

Global Research
Israel and South Africa's Apartheid Regime: a Marriage of Convenience and Military Might

When talking of apartheid, people spontaneously visualize the period between 1948 and 1999 when the strict rules of racial segregation were in place in South Africa. “Apartheid” is an Afrikaans word, which means the state of being apart. Apartheid laws were abolished following the general elections in 1994 and after a set of intensive and breathtaking negotiations between the ruling National Party and the outcast African National Congress preceded by the historic decision of President F W de Klerk in releasing the iconic ANC leader Nelson Mandela after serving a 27-year-long term in prison.

Apartheid was officially and nominally eliminated from the face of the South African society, and it’s around three decades that the white minority and the black majority of the country are living alongside each other in peace, equality and tolerance.

Apartheid laws were truly repulsive and unjustifiable. For example, based on the Extension of University Education Act of 1959, black students were prevented from attending the universities which were exclusive to the whites. Or by virtue of the 1953 Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, segregation was enacted in all public places, including the administrative buildings, airports, terminals, etc. Even there are people who recount that in the painful days of apartheid, the black men were not allowed to drink water from the faucets that were made for the white citizens.

Now, for the people of South Africa, apartheid is only a past memory that will be never rejuvenated and born again. However, in another part of our world today, there’s a nation that is living under the miserable conditions which make them feel as if an apartheid regime is ruling them. The subjugated nation of Palestine whose homeland was stolen and taken from them around six decades ago in the most repugnant and inhumane way, are now subject to the atrocities of a colonial regime whose behavior, practices and policies are precisely reminiscent of the black and horrific days of apartheid in South Africa.

There are incredibly close similarities between the policies and actions of the apartheid regime in South Africa and the Israeli regime that is considered by the United Nations and other international organizations as an “occupying power.” Israel has established a system of racial discrimination against the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem Al-Quds that many legal experts and international lawyers have argued constitutes a crime against humanity.

From a legal point of view, it’s clearly demonstrable that the Israeli regime is simultaneously violating several internationally-recognized conventions and treaties of which it is a signatory, and most interestingly, when Israel commits acts in violation of these conventions and treaties, no voice is raised in protest by those who had introduced the treaties and are responsible for upholding them. “Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel” has listed some 50 laws passed by the Israeli parliament (Knesset) that discriminate against the Palestinians in all areas of life, such as their right to political participation, access to land, education, state budget resources, medical services, and criminal procedures based on their race and nationality.

A minor example is The Economic Efficiency Law (Legislative Amendments for Implementing the Economic Plan for 2009-2010) passed in 2009 by the Knesset. One of the articles of this legislation stipulates that “children who do not receive the vaccinations recommended by the [Israeli] Ministry of Health will no longer be provided with state financial support in the form of child allowances.”

According to the Adalah center, this provision mainly affects Arab Bedouin children living in the Naqab (Negev), since most of the those who do not receive the vaccinations belong to this community due to the inaccessibility of health care in their villages. It concludes that as a result, these children are denied medical services on charges of being Palestinian!

Another instance is the Israeli government’s refusal to grant the Palestinian citizens living in certain villages and cities the right to take part in local council elections as a result of The Regional Councils Law passed in 2009. The Zionist entity even retains the right to revoke the citizenship of those Palestinian citizens whom it identifies as harmful to its national security. This right is guaranteed by virtue of the Amendment no. 10 (2011) to the Citizenship Law (1952). Those Palestinians whose citizenship is annulled cannot take part in the elections and will face serious difficulties in terms of their freedom of movement, especially in the East Jerusalem Al-Quds where they may want to take part in congregational prayers in the holy mosques.

The Israeli regime has also prohibited any kind of advocacy activities by the Palestinians who call for the boycotting of Israeli goods produced and manufactured by the illegal settlers in the West Bank. This right is safeguarded by the Law for Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott (2011) also known as the “Anti- Boycott Law.” The Anti-Boycott Law, passed on 11 July 2011, enables the filing of civil lawsuits against anyone who calls for boycott, and creates a new “civil wrong” or tort. The law also provides for the revocation of tax exemptions and other legal rights and benefits from Israeli associations if they call for or engage in boycott, as well as academic, cultural and scientific institutions that receive state support.

But the illegal conducts of Israel and its discriminatory measures against the Palestinians do not simply come from the Knesset, and the Israeli government itself is at the forefront of imposing harsh restrictions on the Palestinian citizens and trampling their most essential rights, which not only violate those conventions and treaties that Israel had long ago ratified, but also amount to crimes against humanity and run counter to the principles of international law. For example, in March 2012, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) issued a comprehensive report, detailing all forms of racial discrimination that the Israeli regime has been practicing. CERD, for instance, had expressed particular concern about the segregation between the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Israel, including the separate educational systems in Hebrew and Arabic or two separate systems of local government for Jewish municipalities and “municipalities of the minorities.”

The UN committee has also condemned the vociferous and loathsome rhetoric of the Israeli officials against the Palestinians, branding their public discourse a representation of xenophobia and racism. It has demanded that “all racist and xenophobic statements by public officials and religious leaders directed against Palestinians and against asylum-seekers of African origin should … be strongly condemned.” The extensive report goes on to list the other types of racial bigotry directed against the Palestinian people and even calls the continued blockade of the Gaza Strip a form of racial discrimination that should be lifted immediately. It goes without saying that the arbitrary detention of children and women, as well as the adults, and keeping them in jail for long periods of time without any charges or trial are among the other Israeli practices which the CERD has denounced.

It’s quite evident that Israel’s policies and actions resemble the dark days of apartheid in South Africa, and can be categorized as the crime of apartheid. However, Prof. Richard Falk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, has recently argued that for Israel to be held accountable over committing the crime of apartheid, it’s not necessary that its actions and policies be compared to those which were implemented in South Africa from 1948 up to 1999.

“By the 1973 Convention and the Rome Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court, apartheid is authoritatively considered one form of ‘crime against humanity.’ It does not depend on establishing a ‘resemblance’ to the racist structure that existed in South Africa during its apartheid period,” he writes. “What is necessary for the crime to be committed is systematic discrimination against a specific group identified by reference to ethnicity, race, religion, and encoded into its governing structure,” and this systematic discrimination is what the people of Palestine have been long subjected to.

According to Prof. Falk, “settler only roads, the separation wall, checkpoints, and insecure residence permits, especially in Jerusalem are some of the expressions of this overtly discriminatory regime that would seem to qualify as a massive instance of the international crime of apartheid.”

Prof. John Dugard, who is another prominent international lawyer and a predecessor to Richard Falk as the UN rapporteur on Palestine has also drawn the same comparison between the apartheid system in South Africa and Israel. In his 2006 book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has presented the same analogy, likening the Israeli regime to the apartheid regime in South Africa.

It’s not too difficult to conclude that Israel’s policies against the oppressed Palestinians are neither humane, nor justifiable, nor defendable. The fact that Israel has turned into an apartheid regime, is crystal clear, and even some former Israeli officials such as Ariel Sharon have implicitly confessed that they have established an apartheid regime in the lands they have stolen and invaded. Ariel Sharon had once told the former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema that ” “bantustan model” was the most appropriate solution to the conflict in the West Bank. The term “Bantustan” historically denotes the separate territorial areas designated as homelands for the blacks under the South African apartheid state.

Apartheid is recognized as an international crime, and there’s The 1973 International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid which clearly sets out the conditions under which the actions and policies of a government can be identified as resembling the crime of apartheid. Israel is now committing this crime overtly, ostensibly and unequivocally, any conscious man attests to it. Is there anyone who dares to hold Israel accountable and punish it?

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I$raHell Kills Unborn Child In Pregnant Woman’s Belly (GRAPHIC)




There are only so many ways to say this … the Israeli government is responsible for war crimes against humanity.  The American government hands over $3.2 billion a year in handouts from the American taxpayer because the Israeli government has some very wealthy friends who donate millions to the politicians who blindly support Israel’s interests even when they conflict with our own.

And for that $3.2 billion a year in welfare – not only do we get nothing … we’re now accomplices to grave war crimes.

I can’t share this tremendously graphic picture without potentially violating the terms and conditions of our Google advertising but I can link it.  Do not open this link unless you have a very strong stomach and are able to see the truth for what it is.  We are not responsible for your reaction to the picture which you can see HERE.

This is breaking news and unverified as to the details but it comes via Hamde Abu Rahma – a very well respected photographer based in Bil’in, Palestine; some of the details via Facebook HERE (as long as the link will stay up):

Im sorry for this painful picture ,but the truth is painful some time .  this pic show how The Israeli Soldiers Are Targeting Pregnant Women As You Can See The Mothers Womb Was Directly Targeted Resulting In Her Being Killed As Well As The Unborn Baby’s Head Being Penetrated Killing Them Both Instantly. but after many asked me to delete this pic after 2 mints i did because its so painful and i respect all of you ,then so many people asked me to post it again because the world must see the truth and i think this is right people must see what’s happened to this little girl before even she get born . did you asked your self how the people in Gaza feel when they see those pics in real ? how the children feel when they see their brother and sister killed front of their eyes ? and in the same time we hear the Israeli Generals says that No Civilians in Gaza the children are guilty and deserve to die and no law in this world to stop those criminals ..

It’s clear in the picture that the child was shot while in the womb and the mother’s belly was targeted.  For those who don’t know – there is a popular t-shirt that is sold that depicts this very act … 1 shot, 2 kills.  You’ll see that this shirt sold in Israel highlights the benefits of shooting a pregnant Palestinian.

And when you read the constant, knee-jerk defense of these war crimes – just remember that not only does the Israeli government own our political system via lobbying and donations but they also spend millions to promote pro-Israel propaganda on social media.  In Israel – they even give free scholarships to students who are willing to spread government talking points (source).

I could tell you a lot of things.  I could share example after example of Palestinian children being murdered by the Israeli government including the 400+ in the past 4 weeks (source).  I could say Israel is an apartheid state engaged in ethnic cleansing and war crimes (source).  I could say that the international community stands against it with the lone exception of the United States (source).  I could say that Israel has devolved into a fascist society who actively celebrate the murder of Palestinians or as it is known in Israel … “mowing the lawn” (source).

I could say a million things but instead I’ll just let you come to your own conclusions with things we’ve written beforeHERE.

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Why I$raHell wanted a ceasefire now

By Richard Becker
Beit Hanoun photo

Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza after Israeli air strikes

After nearly a month of inflicting death and destruction on Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces withdrew on August 5, as part of 72-hour ceasefire agreement. Negotiations are now underway in Cairo over the terms of a more long-range truce. After subverting previous ceasefires, it is clear that Israeli leaders wanted the latest agreement.

Gaza, whose population of 1.8 million is 80% refugees from other parts of Palestine crowded into an area of just 139 square miles, has suffered more than 1,860 killed and over 9,600 wounded since the Israeli military assault began on July 8. The vast majority of the casualties on the Palestinian side were civilian victims of Israel’s indiscriminate bombing and shelling.

On the Israel side, 67 were killed, all but three soldiers. At least 640 Israel soldiers were wounded. Although the Palestinian losses were exponentially greater, the Israel losses were five times those in the last ground invasion of Gaza in 2008-9.

The U.S.-funded and armed Israeli military deployed a wide range of high-tech air, land and sea weaponry. The Palestinian side has no air force, navy, armored units or air defense system. Thousands of homes were destroyed, schools, hospitals, mosques and Gaza’s only power plant were repeatedly hit. Entire neighborhoods, like Shejaiya in Gaza City were turned into rubble. Most of Gaza has little or no electricity and there are acute shortages of water and other necessities.

The cost to rebuild Gaza is estimated at this point at $4-6 billion, three to four times Gaza’s annual gross domestic product.

While proclaiming their supposed “concern” about civilian casualties, there can be no doubt that Netanyahu and his generals waged a deliberate campaign of terror directed against the population of Gaza as a whole. The repeated bombing and shelling of UN-run facilities in which tens of thousands had taken refuge was neither accident nor mistake. Those attacks were meant to send the message that there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, that resistance to Israeli domination was futile and surrender the only option.

It was a campaign of terror carried out by a terrorist state.

It’s the same message that repeated Israeli massacres from Deir Yassin in 1948, to Sabra and Shatila in 1982, to Jenin in 2002, to Gaza in 2014 were meant to convey. But despite the indescribable suffering they have been subjected to over the past century at the hands of imperialism and Zionism, the Palestinians continue to resist.

Why a ceasefire now?

While the Israeli military has once again inflicted unspeakable death and destruction on Gaza, it did not achieve victory, as evidenced by the disarray today inside the Israeli political establishment over the announcement that Israel troops were being withdrawn. A military spokesperson announced that it had “achieved its objective” by destroying 32 military tunnels.

Extreme right wing politicians howled about “not finishing the job.” Typical was Uzi Landau, tourism minister from the Yisrael Beiteinu party, who said “the operation ended with no achievement that ensures quiet.”

The real objective – destroying the Palestinian resistance forces in Gaza – was clearly not achieved.

There were several factors that brought pressure on Israel to claim “success,” announce it was withdrawing its troops, and seek a ceasefire.

1)  Failure to achieve military victory, significant army casualties killed and wounded, and the prospects of a protracted and debilitating campaign.

2)  Intensifying clashes in the West Bank with at least 10 Palestinians killed and hundreds wounded in protests supporting Gaza. On Aug. 4, one Israeli was killed and soldier wounded in attacks in Jerusalem. The Israeli government feared that continuation of the assault on Gaza could lead to a new intifada or uprising in the West Bank, and possibly extending to the Palestinian population inside the 1948 borders of Israel.

3)  Israel’s rapidly deepening international isolation, with many governments condemning the Gaza operation and withdrawing ambassadors, and a worldwide protest movement that brought millions of people into the streets of countries around the world.

4)  Growing criticism by the U.S. government, Israel’s principal funder, armor and protector, of Israel’s blatant attacks on civilians. While the U.S. continued its political and military support – including an emergency re-supply of ammunition – the Obama administration was increasingly concerned about being so closely identified with the Israel’s terror campaign, and the prospect of new mass upheavals in the region. In an unusually strong criticism, on August 4 White House spokesperson Josh Earnest described the latest Israeli shelling of a UN school housing 3,000 refugees as “appalling” and “disgraceful,” labels usually reserved for enemy governments.

His thuggish “no one can tell us what to do” rhetoric aside, Netanyahu is no more immune to objective forces than any other political leader or regime. The combination of facts on the ground in Gaza, in Occupied Palestine as a whole, and in the world compelled the Israeli government to take a step back, at least for the time being.

There is no guarantee that a longer term ceasefire will be reached. All those who stand for justice for the Palestinian people must remain on alert, and continue the struggle to immediately end the blockade of Gaza and force the U.S. and Israel to provide reparations. In the long run, real self-determination demands the right of return for all Palestinian refugees, and an end to the Israeli apartheid system.


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Khamenei: US’s treatment of black people is an anti-human rights act like its support of I$raHell


Iranian supreme leader takes to Twitter in wake of controversial shooting of black teenager by police, calling the US “an enemy of human rights”.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Photo: REUTERS

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei continued to attack the human rights record of the United States on Sunday, on the background of the shooting death by police of a black youth in Ferguson, Missouri that has sparked unrest.

Khamenei has taken to Twitter in recent days to criticize arch-enemy America, declaring that, “Brutal treatment of black ppl isn’t indeed the only anti-human rights act by US govt; look at US’s green light to #Israel’s crimes.”

The Iranian leader called out the US for what he considers its hypocrisy on his Twitter account: “Today the world is a world of tyranny and lies. The flag of #HumanRights is borne by enemies of human rights w/US leading them! #Ferguson.”The US has in the past called out Iran for violating the rights of women, gay people and political dissenters, even sanctioning the Islamic Republic for the violations.”Look at how US govt treats black community! It’s not about 50-100 years ago but it’s about today!” Khmaenei tweeted.

“Racial discrimination is still a dilemma in the US,” he wrote Sunday, posting photos depicting police discrimination and brutality, as well as bruised and beaten black victims of the violence.

The shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer has sparked protests in Missouri, which have at times turned violent.On Saturday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and announced a curfew to go into effect between midnight and 5 a.m. CDT (0500 to 1000 GMT), after a week of racially charged protests and looting over the August 9 fatal shooting in the suburban St. Louis community.Tensions ran high all week but escalated on Friday evening, pitting mostly black protesters against mostly white police as the demonstrators swarmed through a residential and retail district that has become a center of the unrest, and some in the crowd looted a handful of stores that night.

Brown’s family and supporters have demanded for days that the officer who shot Brown be held accountable. The US Department of Justice is investigating the shooting for any civil rights violations, and the St. Louis County Police department has also launched a probe.

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From rage to rebellion — to revolution


This statement is being distributed in the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis.

A protester in Ferguson throws back a tear gas canister towards the police.

All the politicians are calling for calm and peace. Fighting back in the streets, they say, accomplishes nothing. They say the people have to work within the system to bring about change.

But what has the system ever accomplished? This is the same “new Jim Crow” system that let George Zimmerman walk free. This is the same system — with the same prosecutors and judges — that is locking up young Black men left and right. This is the same system that has always been based on poverty, unemployment, gentrification and racism.

This Special Issue of Liberation is being distributed in Ferguson, St. Louis and around the country.Click to make a donation to support the costs of printing or order copies for your city.

There can be no peace with this system!

The poor Black communities of St. Louis are tired of being disrespected and beaten down. The Party for Socialism and Liberation stands with those in the streets — they have every right to rebel.

Every worker in this country was taught that the current form of the U.S. government was the byproduct of a revolution. The Declaration of Independence says it is “the Right of the People to alter or to abolish” an abusive and oppressive government — in fact “it is their duty to throw off such Government.”

Revolution is upheld as a righteous thing —as long as it happened over 200 years ago!
Revolutionary action, and even violence, is upheld as a necessary thing — as long as it was led by rich white men and slaveholders!

But the minute that Black people or other poor and working people begin to rise up, they say “slow down, be calm.” The media and politicians call them animals and criminals.

In reality, the system is criminal. The cops are the real gang. The banks and corporations are the real looters. The officer who shot down an 18-year-old for crossing the street is the real animal.

This is not the time to stop fighting back. The task of the moment is to fight back with increasing levels of organization and coordination.

The state is highly organized and centralized. It is deploying military tactics — from the federal government down to the local police — to defeat the people’s uprising. It has trained and prepared its personnel for scenarios like this.

While the people do not yet have equally strong organizations, every night they are learning — and learning fast. Just like in Egypt or in Gaza, the people are learning how to fight more effectively, how to differentiate friend from foe, and the lessons for tomorrow’s struggles.

From the mass protests can emerge a national mass movement. And from that rebellious movement can emerge revolutionary fighters and organizations, dedicated to defending and serving the communities under attack.

The whole world is watching St. Louis. Regardless of what the mass media says, poor and working people are applauding every righteous blow against this racist system!

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Palestinians share tear gas advice with Ferguson protesters

As authorities crack down on protests, Palestinians stand with teargassed Missouri residents.
A man watches as police walk through a cloud of smoke during a clash with protesters August 13, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri.
Ferguson, a suburb of the US city of St. Louis, has erupted in protest over the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. After local police cracked down on protesters, some on social media noted displays of solidarity from across the globe.
People in Gaza are tweeting information on how to handle tear gas to the citizens of Ferguson.
  1. Local authorities in Ferguson have begun responding to nightly protests with tear gas and rubber bullets. Palestinians on Twitter could relate, and shared words and images of support with the US protesters.
View image on Twitter
The oppressed stands with the oppressed. stands with .
View image on Twitter
We stand with people of Solidarity from

  1. fter images of Ferguson police using tear gas were disseminated on Twitter, Palestinians Rajai abuKhalil and Mariam Barghouti drew on their own experiences to express support with protesters in Missouri.
View image on Twitter
Made in USA teargas canister was shot at us a few days ago in by Israel, now they are used in .
  1. The two went on to share their advice on dealing with tear gas.
Solidarity with . Remember to not touch your face when teargassed or put water on it. Instead use milk or coke!
Always make sure to run against the wind /to keep calm when you’re teargassed, the pain will pass, don’t rub your eyes! Solidarity
It feels so weird using my experience from and Israeli oppression to give advice to . Much love and solidarity.
The fact Gaza tweeting to the people in Ferguson how to stop tear gas and Ferguson crowd chanting “Free Gaza” is amazing

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From Rodney King to Ferguson: Covering US Racism as an Event


Video footage of the beating of Rodney King by Los Angelese police officers in 1991 sparked widespread public outrage, but did it really lead to a deeper and more complete understanding of how race operates in modern society? (Image: Public domain)

While following events in Ferguson on Twitter, I noticed a small-but-steady stream of tweets from African-Americans irritated by users who were suggesting that, because there was police militarization and the use of excessive (and deadly) force against citizens and journalists, Ferguson was now like Gaza, Iraq or other international trouble-spots. These citizens were not irritated because they found the comparisons to be unfair, they were irritated because they felt these comparisons suggested that the use of excessive force was somehow new or unusual. For these users, the US had not become this way…it has always been this way. To suggest otherwise was to view the events in Ferguson in a social and historical vacuum, divorced from the everyday realities facing African-Americans resulting from generations of structural discrimination.

These were powerful observations.

Our view of the politics of everyday life is often obscured by an excessive media focus on events and individuals rather than on structures and long-term social processes. This is a broad statement, I know, but I think it holds. Events and individuals are media-friendly. They are easily packaged, built up, sexed up and torn down. Events and individuals are also excellent when searching for explanations, excuses, scapegoats or heroes. Life becomes simple this way. Wars are battles between good and Evil. Poverty is the result of individual failure. Crime is a question of individual responsibility. Politics is a battle of individual will. Racism is personal prejudice. Looting is a breakdown of law and order.

Context, history and structure would only muddy these unnaturally clear waters.

Unfortunately, events and individuals are often our only touchstones for understanding much larger, complex, long-term structural issues. And this is a problem. I can no more understand the true functioning of US politics by watching coverage of a Presidential debate (or even an entire election) than I can understand structural racism in the US by watching coverage of the 1991 beating of Rodney King or the 2014 killing of Michael Brownin Ferguson. Of course, I can bear witness to the results of structural prejudice and inequality by watching these events, and I can get a sense of how that prejudice and inequality is a viscous circle.

What is lost in sporadic event-based coverage, however, is the everydayness of racism in the US (or anywhere, for that matter), and this is the point made by the Twitter users I mentioned at the start of this piece. A full accounting of how such prejudice permeates society requires constant attention and explanation, and a focus upon the things that make everyday life difficult for many citizens in the US: housing discriminationjob discrimination, subtle racism in the form of looks and comments, and overt racism in the form of police harassment or media invisibility — things that white Americans rarely experience. And, not to forget the long-term implications of practices such as the death penalty and “3 Strikes” laws upon how minorities in the US have little trust that their system of justice is blind.

This isn’t a critique of all of the journalism coming out of Ferguson — some of which is excellent — but it is rather a critique of journalism in general.

Take Iraq as another case. Prior to 9/11, what did people know about US relations with Iraq and Afghanistan? Or about US politics in the region? Very little. Then, starting in 2003 we were absolutely saturated with media coverage from Iraq and Afghanistan, and there were good journalists doing good reporting during the invasion and occupation. But, after the countless television hours and acres of paper used, can we honestly say that people in the US have even a basic grasp of the social, political and economic implications of an operation that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians? Or why the US even went to war to begin with?

In the same way, if race and racism are only discussed in relation to widely-mediated stories such as Ferguson, the Los Angeles riots or the O.J. Simpson trial, then they also become isolated. When an issue as fundamental to society as racism is routinely addressed only during periodic upheaval, then we weaken the links between that upheaval and everyday history, making it an event we just cover…and then move on.

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