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Quebec journalist: Jews can make any government submit to their wil


The organized Jewish community in Canada is in an uproar over some frank and truthful commentary put forth by a veteran journalist in Quebec. The Times of Israel reports:

A veteran prominent Quebec radio host has come under fire for making derisive comments about the Jewish community.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs condemned Gilles Proulx for comments he made in a recent newspaper column but said it was “disappointed and troubled” by the lack of public outrage.

Proulx, 74, wrote that the Jewish community can make any government “submit” to its will.

In a later television interview, he said Jews have historically fueled hate and persecution against them, including in Spain and during the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. Proulx has previously made other allegedly hateful on-air comments about Jews, immigrants and other minority groups. […]

We see, once again, that the organized Jewish community represents the most tyrannical and anti-free speech demographic of Western society. Any criticism, however mild, or even open, frank discussion of Israel, Jewish power and influence, Jewish criminality, and the organized Jewish community generally is hysterically demonized and equated with “anti-Semitism”, “bigotry”, and “hate”.

All this man did was state obvious facts about the nature of the organized Jewish community, namely that it can in fact make any Western government “submit” to its will, and he is being attacked by the Jews in Canada.

The Jews have essentially made any and all criticism and open discussion of their tribe, its actions and behaviors, and the nature of organized Jewry socially and culturally unacceptable in the West, and are constantly championing and demanding legislation designed to effectively end the First Amendment by banning “hate speech”.

If the Jews ultimately get their way, the only group of people one will be allowed to openly and unashamedly criticize will be White Western peoples and our traditions, heroes, religion, and values. Due to political correctness, this is basically how mainstream society currently operates.You can rail against the “White supremacist system” and the “White man” all day long in America. But don’t you dare say anything mean about the “poor, powerless, persecuted” Jews, illegal alien invaders, radical, perverted homosexuals and sexual deviants, or violent, rampaging Blacks. After all, criticizing those groups is “hateful”, “intolerant”, and “bigoted” – major thought crimes in the upside-down, politically correct Marxist paradise formerly known as Western civilization.

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Pakistan: Compelling Army for Action


By Sajjad Shaukat

More than ten workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and two policemen were killed,

several persons were injured including policemen, while many of them were taken hostage, and

police vehicles were burnt, as pitched battles took place between the followers of PAT chief

Dr. Tahirul Qadri and police in different cities of Punjab on August 8 and 9, this year when

PAT activists clashed with police in Model Town, Lahore after the city and the province of

Punjab were virtually sealed off by the authorities with containers and barricades to stop the PAT

workers’ participation in their Youm-e-Shuhada (Martyrs Day).

Acting upon similar planning of the civil government, in a crackdown, police has also arrested

several workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and detained motorcycles to prevent its

supporters from reaching Islamabad in connection with August 14 long March (Azadi March)

along with their leader Imran Khan who said that he would sit there as long as his demands are

not met by the government.

While criticizing the present government of PML (N) led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and

his brother Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of the Punjab province, PTI chief Imran Khan on

August 3 vowed to end what he termed is the ‘Sharif family monarchy’ in the country by his

Azadi march. Khan explained that there was no real democracy in Pakistan, and the sit-in at

Islamabad will not end until a ‘new Pakistan’ is made.

Meanwhile, in a press conference, on August 11, Imran Khan revealed as to how PML (N),

Najam Sethi, an employee for Geo TV was made PCB chairman as a gift of rigging in the polls,

while the ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Justice

Khalilur Rehman Ramday including other high officials also played his role in this regard.

It is notable that some analysts are indicating differences of opinion between Imran and Qadri,

when they talks about revolution in the country. But fact remains that pointing out rigging

in the polls and the multiple problems faced by the country as well as the people, in one way

or the other, both Imran and Qadri pledged to make a new Pakistan, and they are not against

democracy. Their real intent is that the entire electoral exercise is deeply flawed. Hence, they

emphasized the introduction of electoral reforms in Pakistan, because the issue is that this

corrupt system must go. Now, Tahirul Qadri has also announced that his revolution march will

also join Imran’s long march on August 14.

In the recent past, Imran Khan contacted various political and religious parties like PPP, MQM,

PML-Q, JI and PAT to increase pressure on the PML-N government for overhauling the Election

Commission of Pakistan (ECP) due to the rigging in the general elections 2013. The PPP leader

of the opposition Syed Khurshid Shah had also endorsed Imran Khan’s call for resignation of all

members of the ECP. In these developments, some analysts had remarked that a grand alliance

of the political parties will be concluded for mid-term elections or a massive movement could be

launched against the rulers.

Now, the tension has increased between the ruling party on the one side and PTI, PAT PML-
Q on the other in wake of police crackdown and violent clashes. In this respect, some ministers

has been saying that Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri want to create civil war in the country like

Egypt and Libya, and they will be responsible for martial law in the country. While on August

8, PTI chief Imran Khan said, “If the army steps in, it will be because of you…the high-handed

measures (that the government) is taking…we have the right to peaceful protest. If they try to

stop it, then there is likely to be violence.” He elaborated that when he was demanding justice, no

While condemning the strict measures by the government, and deployment of Army in

Islamabad, under the pretext of article 245 of the constitution, various leaders including the

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Sirajul Haq and the PPP leader Syed Khurshid Shah who tried to

defuse the tense situation through dialogue urged the government not to try to stop the PTI long

march on the Independence Day, as peaceful protests are part of democracy. They also hinted

that military can take over in the drastic circumstances. Besides, some other political leaders

and analysts have also been stating that the ongoing system of democracy can be derailed, and

martial law can be imposed in the country.

It is mentionable that in May 11, 2014, country-wide protest rallies led by leaders of PTI and

PAT, PML-Q and JI were held against the rigging in the elections, demanding a corruption-free

state, instead of a system that brought corrupt politicians in parliament. In this context, Tahirul

Qadri and Imran Khan stated in their speeches that there was no parliament, and denied the

presence of democracy, constituted of good governance and purity, as the country is being ruled

by some particular families, while poor people of the country are deprived from basic necessities.

Undoubtedly, democracy has displayed its success in the west, but, it has proved to be fruitless

in Pakistan. Therefore, it is generally said that “any instrument can be misused.” Pakistan’s

politicians and media have always claimed that they nourish democratic ideals, but, we could not

establish this system on a strong footing due to irresponsible approach of our political entities

including responsible media.

Past experience proves that our political parties have worked on undemocratic principles

like hostility for the sake of hostility, formation of alliances and counter-alliances to win the

elections. Much time is wasted in retaliation against the previous government instead of fulfilling

the promises, made with the voters during election campaign. So, they forget the real aim of

public mandate by resolving the economic and social problems of the masses. In this context,

they also misguide the general masses by forming extreme opinion among them towards their

opponents. In fact, concentration of wealth in few hands has created a privileged class of

landowners and industrialists who contest elections winning the same against each other again

During the election campaign, they employ all means, fair or foul to defeat their opponents

and capture political power. They mislead the general masses through, false propaganda and

Besides, various mal-practices such as horse-trading, nepotism, bribery, illegal obligations and

other forms of corruption are very common among our political leaders. Past experience also

shows that an alliance of different parties is formed to launch a mass movement to topple the

government, which ultimately leads to military rule in the country when there is no third option,

because state can not survive in anarchy.

It is noteworthy that in 2011, during the Memogate case, some political entities and media

commentators were saying that martial law will be imposed in the country. The then Chief of

Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani stated, “The Pakistan Army has and will continue to

support democratic process in the country.” As Army was acting upon the principle of non-
interference in political affairs, therefore, the previous government completed its tenure.

However, in case of Pakistan, it is owing to the lack of pre-conditions for the success of

democracy like education, tolerance, responsible media and political consciousness that general

masses become an easy prey to the system, conducted by shrewd politicians who deceive the

At this critical juncture, Pakistan is facing multi-faceted crises such as soaring prices, energy-
shortage, unemployment, crimes, lack of health facilities etc. Besides, the country has

perennially been facing subversive activities in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi and

other parts of the country where security forces and law-enforcing agencies are coping with the

militants. And our Armed Forces are successfully obtaining their objectives in North Waziristan

Agency (NWA) through military operation Zarb-e-Azb against the terrorists who had challenged

the writ of the state, and had frightened the entire nation by their terror-acts.

Nevertheless, in wake of the present political unrest which is turning to violence, we must know

that it has been created by the rival politicians themselves, not by military. If there seems to be

no compromise particularly between the PTI-PAT and the ruling party PML (N), Armed Forces

which are already coping with external and internal threats as part of their duty are responsible

to tackle the unresolved challenge. So, our own politicians can compel Army to take action, as

everyone wants that civil war-like situation must be avoided.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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SYRIA: مجاهدات نكاح المحارم

Women helping foreign-backed militants in Syria
Some British women are travelling to Syria to marry militants fighting against the Syrian government, a new report shows.

ليس غريبا بعد فتوى إرضاع الكبير وفتوى زواج المسيار وزواج المتعة والزواج بنية الطلاق والزواج الصيفى أن تخرج فتوى اسمها جهاد النكاح.فكرتها بسيطة. تتجه نساء مجاهدات إلى ساحة المعركة وتقدم أجسادهن هبة للمحاربين.

كثيرون أنكروا الأمر واتهموا المخابرات السورية بتلفيق الفتوى وفبركة القصص. لكن وزير الداخلية التونسى صدم الجميع حين أصر على وجود تونسيات ذهبن إلى سوريا ومنهن عدن حوامل إثر زواجهن (الشفهى) من محاربين ضد الجيش النظامى. (يتداول عليهن عشرون وثلاثون ومائة مقاتل يحملن ثمرة الاتصالات الجنسية باسم جهاد النكاح ونحن ساكتون ومكتوفى الأيدى)، حسب قوله.

مدير الأمن العام التونسى مصطفى بن عمر أعلن عن تفكيك خلية لجهاد النكاح فى جبل الشعانبى يتحصن به مسلحون مرتبطون بتنظيم القاعدة فى بلاد المغرب الإسلامى. حتى عثمان بطيخ حين كان مفتيا قبل شهور صرح بأن فتيات تونسيات تم التغرير بهن وأرسلن لسوريا لأجل جهاد النكاح وكثيرات منهن حملن من مقاتلين فى جبهة النصرة.

كذبوه وطالبوا الوزير بنسب وأرقام. النفس البشرية أميل لتكذيب هذا الخبر المقرف، لكن ماذا لو كان صحيحاً؟

ولما افتراض عدم الصحة. الإسلاميون أصحاب ماض عريق فى اختراع وتبرير وشرعنة أشكال مختلفة من الاتصال الجنسى. فالضرورات تبيح المحظورات. وتتغير الأحكام بتغير الأحوال.

الجهاد والجنس. أو الجهاد والدعارة. والثمن الذى يدفع للمرأة فى هذه الدعارة الدينية بطاقة لدخول الجنة.

بن عمر قال إن أنصار الشريعة التى صنفتها تونس تنظيما إرهابيا تنتدب العنصر النسائى بالتركيز على القاصرات المنتقبات، وأن خلية جرى تفكيكها تتزعمها فتاة من مواليد 1996. كل الشروط المعروفة للدعارة مكتملة. الشبكة، القوادة، القاصرات، الرجال.. وحدها التسمية اختلفت وتحولت إلى الجهاد.

فى بدايات تداول الفاجعة جاء اسمه (جهاد نكاح المحارم)، قيل إنه على لسان العريفى فأنكره، ثم على لسان ناصر العمر. وهو يبيح للمجاهد نكاح إحدى النساء المحرمات عليه كأخته أو أمه أو ابنته إن لم يجد امرأة أخرى يتزوجها خلال جهاده. ليست المسألة فى صحة الفتوى من عدمها، فقد اجتزنا مرحلة التدقيق، ولم تعد الدقة تكترث لنا، لكن المسألة فى بشاعة الفكر الذى توصل لاختراعها. هنا فى أرض الإسلام كما يقولون، البذاءة تصل مرتبة الإنسانية. وتتحول الأرض إلى منبت خصب تنتج كل أفكار الهمجية.

تبدأ الفتوى ثم تتهم حتى من مطلقها بأنها شائعة بعدها تتحول لتطبيق رسمى. إنها عملية تحضير المجتمع نفسيا على الاعتياد، مثلما حدث وقت زواج المسيار. فى الماضى كان شرط الإشهار لزاما عند عقد أى زواج، وعدم الإشهار يبطله. فجأة ألغى الشرط وتغيرت أمور ودخلنا عصر انتهاك حقوق الإنسان باسم الدين. وأبيح زواج المسيار. من أباحه؟ أصحاب الذقون الطويلة والعمائم، الذين يتمتمون بذكر الله ليل نهار.

يحرمون الزنى لكن يبيحون المسيار والمتعة. يحرمون البنوك لكن يبيحون النهب والسرقة. يكفرون الغرب لكن يعيشون فى أحضان أمنه. يدعون للجهاد

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Impasse in Cairo

by Stephen Lendman
At midnight local time Wednesday, the current 72-hour ceasefire ends unless extended or both sides agree on what’s been so far elusive. According to senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan, “these three days (in Cairo) are the last opportunity as far as we are concerned.”
“If there won’t be advancement towards the (legitimate) demands of the Palestinian people, I anticipate the delegation will leave Cairo.”
Mousa Abu Marzouq is Hamas Political Bureau deputy head. “The Palestinian side is not talking about any outcome or details of what have been discussed,” he said.
“The Israeli media seems to be suffering from a diarrhea of information despite lack of results. Underestimating the Israeli stances will cause a negative, but expected, outcome.”
Qais bul-Karin (Abu Leila) is a Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) member. He’s part of the Palestinian negotiating team. Gaps between both sides remain wide, he said. Palestinians told Egypt “this ceasefire is the last.” 
At the same time, a Palestinian official said its side is losing trust with Egypt as a mediator. If Israel insists on its terms, the situation could explode. The same holds if Israel maintains its hardline position.
It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. Israel doesn’t negotiate. It demands. It offers nothing or false promises to be breached later. Whatever the outcome in Cairo, expect life in occupied Palestine and besieged Gaza to remain largely unchanged. Expect justice to remain denied. Expect largely status quo conditions to persist. Expect conflict perhaps to resume.
It’s hard imagining Hamas and other resistance groups settling for continued injustice in the wake of 2,000+ lost Palestinian lives, many thousands injured, large parts of Gaza left in ruins and hundreds of thousands forcibly displaced. Or accepting clearly unacceptable Israeli demands.
They include demilitarizing Gaza to defenselessness against certain to come future Israeli onslaughts. Netanyahu rejects ending a lawless eight year blockade except for minor easing too little to matter. It’s easily reversed at Israel’s discretion for any reason or none at all. After Tuesday talks, Palestinian officials said conflict ending terms fall way short of what resistance groups justifiably demand and deserve.
Israel remains hardline. Egypt is no honest broker. It favors Israel at the expense of legitimate Palestinian rights. Ths clock keeps ticking. As this is written, it’s hours away from possible resumption of conflict. An unnamed Israeli official said no progress was made so far. “The gaps are still very wide.”
Both sides negotiate from separate rooms. They don’t meet face-to-face. Mediators shuttle between them. Proposals and counter-proposals are exchanged. This type arrangement makes tough talks harder. Fundamental genocidal Israeli policy remains unchanged.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon ordered Israeli forces to prepare for possible resumption of fighting. When the current ceasefire ends, “(i)t could be that shooting will erupt again and we will again be firing at them,” he said.
Defrocked and reinstated Israeli Foreign Minister likely spoke for other Israeli hardliners. They dominate Netanyahu’s extremist coalition government. No peace is possible unless and until Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups are vanquished, he said. Without eliminating them, “we won’t be able to move on to any satisfactory agreement – not in terms of security or diplomacy,” he added.
“It cannot be that the State of Israel is unable to defeat 26,000 who are sitting here near us and simply threatening every other day and violating the quiet.” Israel must defeat Hamas to “prevent the next operation. The time has come to say ‘Enough.’ “
“The State of Israel cannot allow itself (to engage in) a war of attrition, and that’s why we have to get to the point of defeat, even at the price of escalation.” “If the current cease-fire is on its way to collapsing, there’s no need to threaten a harsh response.”  “No harsh response – defeat. Taking the initiative into our hands, even at the price of a significant escalation. Finishing it off in the shortest possible time.”
Lieberman and likeminded hardliners want war without mercy. They want to legitimate Palestinian resistance crushed. They want their fundamental rights denied. It matters little how many Palestinians die, become injured or displaced. Official Israeli policy is state terror writ large.
It’s been ongoing for decades. It continues now. A litany of Big Fat Lies justifies the unjustifiable. Western support lets Israel get away with crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Washington generously funds Israel’s killing machine. It automatically vetoes Security Council resolutions hostile to its interests.
Palestinian rights don’t matter. Legitimate resistance is called terrorism.
Fact: Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups don’t threaten Israel’s survival or security.
Fact: They respond only to Israeli initiated aggression.
Fact: They do so legally in self-defense as international law permits.
Fact: Israel blames them unjustifiably for its own crimes.
Fact: It fabricates reasons to launch lawless aggression and other hostile acts.
Fact: It terrorizes West Bank Palestinian communities multiple times daily.
Fact: On August 13 alone, Israeli soldiers and police kidnapped over 50 Palestinians from their homes.
Dozens of other Palestinians were injured. Israeli forces broke into dozens of homes pre-dawn. They smashed doors, broke windows, and ransacked them. They terrorized sleeping families. They left young children traumatized. They assaulted Palestinians with batons and rifle buts.
Eyewitnesses said soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets, concussion grenades, tear gas and live ammunition directly into homes.
Fact: These type incidents occur multiple times daily throughout occupied Palestine.
Fact: Mahmoud Abbas and other PA officials are complicit Israeli enforcers.
Fact: They do little to protect the rights of their own people.
Fact: Their rhetoric against Operation Protective Edge rings hollow.
Fact: For the second time in two days, Israeli warships violated ceasefire terms. They opened fire on Palestinian fishermen near Rafah. No injuries were reported.
Fact: Throughout much of Operation Protection Edge, AIPAC proliferated Big Lies. They continue.
Fact: It unjustifiably accuses Hamas of Israeli crimes.
Fact: It calls premeditated naked Israeli aggression “self-defense.”
Fact: It ludicrously claims Israel wants peace, but Hamas rejects it.
Fact: It supports Israeli crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.
Fact: So does Washington unconditionally.
On August 4, Amnesty International (AI) called for halting US shipments of fuel Israel uses to wage war on Gaza. It urges an arms embargo amidst clear evidence of war crimes. According to AI’s head of arms control and human rights, Brian Wood:
"By continuing to supply fuel for military vehicles and fighter jets being used in atta-cks resulting in mounting civilian deaths and horrific injuries, the US government will have more blood on its hands."
Israel’s “relentless air and land assault has caused overwhelming destruction since the offensive began on July 8,” said AI.
It wants “the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to be referred to the International Criminal Court.”
Under the US Foreign Assistance Act, no security assistance may be given “any country the government of which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violation of internationally recognized human rights.”
Washington exploits a loophole in the law. It lets Obama continue to aid and abet Israel in “extraordinary circumstances.” They amount to premeditated naked aggression against a civilian population.
“By persistently turning a blind eye to the devastating human cost of its immense arms and military fuel shipments to Israel, the USA is brazenly flouting basic human rights principles,” said Wood.
America and Israel are pariah states. Their human rights records are deplorable. They’re guilty of every high crime imaginable and then some.
They’re partners in high crimes against peace. Palestinians remain isolated on their own.
It remains to be seen what follows sham Cairo talks. Expect no substantive positive change.

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Pakistan: Lesson on the Independence Day


By Sajjad Shaukat

The Independence Day which is celebrated every year on August 14 has come at a time when

Pakistan is facing multiple threats of serious nature internally and externally. These are not only

worrying all the citizens, but are also creating division between the rulers and the opposition

parties including rival politicians, taking the country towards anarchy.

On the one side, the present government of PML (N) led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has

been celebrating the Independence Day with jubilation, while on the other, workers of Pakistan

Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by their Chief Imran Khan including coalition-parties like Pakistan

Awami Tehreek (PAT) and PML-Q have been protesting against the government, and are

determined to take Imran’s long March (Azadi March) to Islamabad on August 14. Imran Khan

has repeatedly said that he would sit there as long as his demands like resignation of the Prime

Minister Nawaz Sharif, impartial investigation regarding the rigging in general elections 20113

Pointing out rigging in the polls and the grave problems faced by the country as well as the

people, both Imran and Qadri pledged to make a new Pakistan, and are not against democracy.

Their real intent is that entire electoral exercise is deeply flawed. Hence, they emphasized the

introduction of electoral reforms, because the issue is that this corrupt system must go. Tahirul

Qadri also announced that his revolution march will also join Imran’s long march on August 14.

Meanwhile, the civil government has virtually sealed off Rawalpindi, Islamabad and the Punjab

province with containers and barricades to stop, especially the Azadi March. In the crackdown,

police has also arrested several supporters of PTI and its coalition partners and detained

motorcycles to prevent its supporters from reaching Islamabad.

All the efforts for reconciliation, made by the PPP leader of the opposition Syed Khurshid

Shah and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Sirajul Haq have failed. Because of the tough stand of

the government and long marchers, situation has reached point of no return. Therefore, some

ministers and political analysts are remarking that civil war in the country may be initiated like

However, during this very day, Pakistan is in the state of war, being waged by the security forces

and intelligence agencies against terrorists. In this respect, our Armed Forces are successfully

obtaining their objectives in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) through military operation Zarb-
e-Azb against the terrorists who had challenged the writ of the state, and had frightened the

entire nation by their terror-acts. Pakistan has perennially been facing subversive activities in

Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi and other parts of the country including tribal areas

where security forces and law-enforcing agencies are coping with the militants.

And Pakistan is facing multi-faceted crises such as soaring prices, energy-shortage,

unemployment, crimes, lack of health facilities, and dependence upon the US-led developed

countries, IMF and World Bank for financial aid.

Externally, Pak Army and Rangers have boldly been responding to India’s unprovoked firing at

the Line of Control in Kashmir including Working Boundary in Sialkot and other sectors. While,

the fundamentalist party BJP led by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is implementing

anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan agenda. In this context, BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, a

staunch promoter of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) stated on July 12, this year that India needed

only two years to defeat Pakistan militarily, and the only solution of Kashmir was war, as “there

is no peaceful, democratic solution.

Moreover, Pakistan’s security forces have also been facing cross-border terrorism from

Afghanistan side, encountering heavily-armed militants who from time to time, target check

posts of the Army, and other civil and military installations.

Nevertheless, it was due to the strong unity among the Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-
i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah that Pakistan became a tangible reality on August 14, 2047. But

that unity started declining after passing through various crises.

It is because of lack of unity among our politicians, leaders, security forces and media that

foreign opportunists have been manipulating the chaotic situation of Pakistan in order to fulfill

their secret agenda by destabilizing it, as it is the only nuclear country in the Islamic World. In

the past few years, nefarious designs of the external enemies can be gauged from various anti-
Pakistan developments such as subversive activities, sectarian violence all over the country, and

separatism in Balochistan.

Notably, present drastic situation cannot be comprehended by the general masses and even

the political leaders who abruptly change their opinion without logic. Therefore, they become

unintentional victim of the external plotters who succeed in creating a rift particularly between

the political groups, divided on ethnic and linguistic lines. These foreign enemies also seek to

create a division between the political leaders and the Armed Forces of our country.

It is regrettable that on the one hand, our multiple crises show that Pakistan is rapidly advancing

towards a ‘failed state’ owing to the sinister designs of some external powers, while, on the other

hand, our media, particularly most of the TV channels conduct controversial debate between

politicians and commentators, contesting internal politics. Some, political entities have ignored

the sacrifices of Pakistan’s security forces and country’s intelligence agency, ISI regarding the

At this critical hour, while deteriorating situation demands selfless unity, but accusations and

counteraccusations between the rival politicians have become routine practice. In this regard,

they opine as to what the people want, but conceal as to what people actually need?

No doubt, today Pakistan stands at the crossroads of its destiny, facing multi-faceted internal and

Nonetheless, as regards the lesson on the Independence Day, it demands true national unity

among every segment of society. The 14th August reminds that instead of creating political

turmoil, our political leaders must resolve their differences through compromise—in a

democratic and constitutional way. They must pledge that they will not exploit their regional,

provincial and political differences at the cost of the national interests so as to continue or grab

political power. In this respect, a blind dedication to one’s own political agenda, race, tribe and

creed should not be allowed to create hatred in one group against the other.

They must avoid manipulating present thorny issues in order to gain the sympathies of general

masses, and to increase the members for their parties. If any controversy has arisen between the

government and the opposition parties, it can better be settled through reconciliation.

For this aim, in order to castigate the plot of the external enemies against the country, our rulers

and politicians must also stop exploiting any crisis against the Armed Forces and ISI whose

image are deliberately being tarnished by the external conspirators.

Besides, Pakistan’s media, especially TV channels must create national cohesion among various

segments of society. For this purpose, the owners of these channels must detect and terminate

the services of some anchors who are working on the payroll of foreign enemies. As electronic

media attract more viewers, so Pakistan’s TV commentators should give a matching response to

malicious propaganda of the US-led some western countries including India and Israel which are

leaving no stone unturned in distorting the image of Pakistan, its army and ISI.

At this critical juncture, Pakistan’s survival lies in strong cohesion which is also essential for our

political leaders themselves, as at present, even a layman can note that our country is in chaos

and it seems as if there is a “war of all against all” in the sense of ‘Hobbesian state of nature.’

Undoubtedly, the lesson on the Independence Day is that it demands selfless national unity

among all the citizens, political and religious leaders, members of civil society, media and

security forces to cope with the anti-Pakistan conspiracy.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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India: Modi’s Impetus to Hindu Chauvinism


By Sajjad Shaukat

Hindu politics and culture, dominated by the fundamentalist parties such as BJP, RSS, VHP,

Shiv Sena and other similar groups which have been propagating Hindutva (Hindu nationalism)

felt pleasure, because Indian elections 2014 based on the campaign against Islam, Muslims, and

Pakistan enabled BJP hardliner Narendra Modi to get a land sliding triumph.

Prior to the elections of Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister, some people were opining

that Modi, being an economic reformer, will not fall prey to the Hindu Hawks surrounding him,

and will move ahead with his “Economic Agenda” rather than “Hinduvta Agenda.” But, it was

widely believed that he would give an impetus to the Hindu chauvinism in India.

Undoubtedly, Muslims were aware of Modi’s agenda to reduce the Muslim community in India

to second class citizens. Muslim anxiety in India is multiplying due the fact, because, during the

election campaign, Hindu majority was mobilized on ‘hate Muslim’ slogans and ‘anti Pakistan’

jargons. Hence, Modi regime is likely to target and persecute Muslims in India, while the

incessant and unjust Indian propaganda against Pakistan is beyond anybody’s cognition.

However, as part of anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan move of the BJP including other Hindu

extremist parties, Indian Prime Minister Modi is giving impetus to Hindu chauvinism which

could be judged from various recent incidents and developments, and which point towards

emergence of Hinduvta under the umbrella of Shiv Sena backed by BJP government led by

hardliner-cum-reformist Modi. Encouraged by the election-victory of the BJP, on May 28, this

year, in a provocative act to disturb communal harmony among different religious communities

in India, Rashtriya Hindu Andolan, a little known Mangalore-based Hindutva outfit and activists

from various right wing groups organized a protest in Mangalore in front of the office of Deputy

Commissioner by demanding the authorities to ban the morning Muslim call to prayer (Azan)

across the country. Moreover, forcing the Muslim employee in a Parliament Canteen by BJP

leader to break his fast by stuffing piece of bread in his mouth, statement of Deputy Chief of

Goa, declaring India as a Hindu state, opposition to declaration of Sania Mirza as Ambassador of

Indian state by calling her daughter-in-law of Pakistan might be cited as instance.

On July 12, while threatening a nuclear war, BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, a staunch

promoter of Hindutva stated that India needed only two years to defeat Pakistan militarily, and

the only solution of Kashmir was war, as “there is no peaceful, democratic solution.”

Besides, soon after assuming power, Modi government, hurriedly decided to forcibly annex and

integrate disputed territory of the State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), uncovering its intentions

to wrap up the article 370 of the Indian constitution which ensures a special status to J&K. The

aim behind is to fortify measures and continue its illegal occupation in the J&K. Therefore,

United Nations Military Observer Group India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) in New Delhi was

asked to vacate official accommodation, claiming that its role had become irrelevant, and

indicating its intention to violate UN Security Council’s resolutions on Kashmir dispute, and to

further commit human rights violations in the India-controlled Kashmir.

Furthermore, New Delhi which has initiated unprovoked firing at the Line of Control (LoC) in

Kashmir including Working Boundary in Sialkot and other sectors across Pak-Indian border,

wants to continue it.

Nevertheless, New BJP led-Indian government is vigorously pursuing an aggressive agenda of

jingoism to strengthen its hold in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Besides keeping pro-
movement leadership of Kashmir under detention and house arrest, masses are being subjected to

worst kind of psychological trauma with a purpose to weaken the ongoing Kashmir movement.

In this context, Indian refusal to repeal draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act

(AFSPA) and the Public Safety Act (PSA), continuation of oppressive regime through barrel of

gun, search operations to harass innocent masses especially the youth, undemocratic attitude

towards peaceful protestors (wherein recently a 15 years old youth has been shot dead in

Kulgam), creating environment for revocation of article 370 of Indian constitution to absorb IOK

as state like Bihar and Punjab, conspiracies to divide Kashmir on communal lines by creating

separate and protected colonies for Kashmiri Pandits, and setting side Pakistan’s efforts to

resolve the core dispute of Kashmir including other issues between both the neighboring

countries might be cited as example.

It is notable that abrogation of article-370 was one of the election slogans of Modi’s BJP. Now,

Modi’s government has accorded top priority to this issue and intensified the efforts towards its

attainment. Article 370 protects people of J&K in matters of citizenship, ownership of property

and fundamental rights, besides acting as jugular vein between State government of J&K

and central government of India. New Delhi is also making large scale propaganda to justify

revoking of article 370 at all possible domestic and international forums.

As already stated, BJP led India is trying to change demography of IOK by settling Pundits in the

valley by offering hefty financial incentives. It is aimed at getting legitimate control over IOK.

Such a move has always been rejected by all leading political parties of IOK.

It is the right hour that Pakistan’s high officials and media must expose the real intentions of the

Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi who is implementing Hindu chauvinism as per agenda of

BJP, Shiv Sena and other Hindu fundamentalist parties.

In this respect, Pakistan’s internal entities must show Indian evil designs to suppress Kashmir

movement, and make all out efforts to bring IOK under Indian fold. In this regard, BJP- led

Indian government’s inner psyche to promote Hindutva philosophy also needs to be linked—

Indian extremist Hindus’ desire that India becomes a classical Hindu state where all others are

to be treated as second rate citizens, as Hindutva thinking does not accept outsiders as Indians.

This is particularly in reference to Muslim community and Christians living in India. These

internal entities of Pakistan must indicate perennial human rights violations by Indian security

forces against people of the Indian-held Kashmir, shameful criminal silence by world opinion

builders and key communicators regarding atrocities on Kashmiris, draconian laws, arrests of

the Kashmiri leaders on any plea for an indefinite time and illegal detentions—rape of innocent

women, extra-judicial killings of Kashmiri people including the youth.

While on such human rights violations, the state and Indian security and law-enforcing agencies

appear to be in connivance. Thus such organized crime goes on in IOK on behest of New Delhi.

The aim is to maintain calm and suppress the voice of people of Kashmir.

Pakistan’s internal entities, especially media must point out the practice of enforced

disappearances, perpetuated under the auspices of two black laws, AFSPA and Jammu Kashmir

Disturbed Area Act as an enduring legacy in Indian controlled Kashmir since 1989. They should

widely promote the veteran Kashmiri Hurriyat leader, Syed Ali Gilani’s appeal to the UN

Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, about taking steps to initiate investigation into the gross human

rights abuses, being committed by Indian troops in the occupied Kashmir.

Meanwhile, BJP government is stressing the need to open cross LoC routes between IOK and

Gigit-Baltistan (GB) under the gambit of providing relief to divided families between IOK and

GB, besides boosting the depressed economy of GB. There are scores of wicked objectives

behind this move including exploitation of sectarianism and projection of human rights violation

in GB against Pakistan. Opening of LOC routes will afford India to engage in recruiting agents

and contracting favorable audience for promoting Indian chauvinism, based upon its aggressive

policies and anti-Pakistani propaganda. Such a jingoism of New Delhi, in the long run, would

instigate anti-Pakistan sentiments, and promote separatism on the lines, followed in Baluchistan.

It will realize India’s longstanding dream of accessing Central Asian states through GB. This

scheme would also help India to contain China’s presence in GB by restraining their economic

interests. So, our media must expose Indian designs, behind opening of cross LOC routes.

Particularly, educate domestic masses of GB and opinion builders of Pakistan that India wants

to manipulate sensitivity of GB by targeting depressed economy, sectarian divide and divided

kinship. New Delhi, wants to open LoC between IOK and GB for fulfilling its own vested

interests at the cost of our country.

It is mentionable that on the one hand, Modi is projecting himself as a young, secular and

energetic Indian leader, having a vision to bring economic reforms in the country, besides

fostering friendly relations with neighboring and regional countries, while on the other hand,

his projected image is being eclipsed by various statements and actions of his party leaders,

challenging the secular status of India.

We can conclude that BJP’s hardliner and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving a

greater impetus to Hindu chauvinism which could destabilize the whole region in the modern era

of renunciation of war, peaceful settlement of disputes and promotion of human rights.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Bill Clinton’s “Neocon-inspired Decisions” Triggered Three Major Crises in our Times


Global Research


“In 1936, I declared that it was not the Covenant of the League that was at stake, but international morality…The Charter of the United Nations expresses the noblest aspirations of man: abjuration of force in the settlement of disputes between states; the assurance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion; the safeguarding of international peace and security.“ Haile Selassie (1892-1975), address to the United Nations, Oct 6, 1963.

“The beauty of the Glass-Steagall act, after all, was its simplicity: banks should not gamble with government insured money. Even a six-year-old can understand that…” Luigi Zingales (1963- ), (A Capitalism for the People, 2014).

“Today, Congress voted to update the rules that have governed financial services since the Great Depression and replace them with a system for the 21st century…This historic legislation will better enable American companies to compete in the new economy.” Lawrence H. Summers (1954- ), U.S. Treasury Secretary, November 12, 1999.

“We are aware that NATO membership for a unified Germany raises complicated questions. For us, however, one thing is certain: NATO will not expand to the east.” Hans-Dietrich Genscher (1927- ), the German foreign minister, (February 10, 1990, promising Russia that NATO would not expand to Eastern Europe.)

“I think it is the beginning of a new cold war. I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever…It shows so little understanding of Russian history and Soviet history. Of course there is going to be a bad reaction from Russia, and then [the NATO expanders] will say that we always told you that is how the Russians are — but this is just wrong.” George F. Kennan, (1904-2005), U.S. diplomat and Russia specialist, (in 1998, after the U. S. Senate voted to extend NATO to include Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.)

An eye-popping new book has alleged that U.S. President Bill Clinton had his White House phones tapped in real time, for the benefit of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The book also reveals how the Israeli Prime Minister could have used taped conversations of the American president regarding Mr. Clinton’s 1990s sexual scandal in the White House, to exert pressure on him to release from prison a convicted Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, who had been arrested in 1985, for espionage against the United States. In fact, the Israeli surveillance activities in the United States may be very widespread.

I suspect that such illegal activities and the fact that an American president (and other members of the U.S. administration) could have been placed under electronic surveillance and could have been potentially blackmailed by a foreign country will not go down well with ordinary patriotic Americans, if this becomes widely known. This comes after it has been discovered that theCIA, which works closely in tandem with the Israeli Mossad, has been illegally and unconstitutionally spying on U.S. senators.

These revelations can also encourage us to cast a second look at some crucial decisions made by the Clinton administration, fifteen years ago, because the consequences of such decisions are very much with us today.

Indeed, the fuses of three major crises still smoldering were lit during the U.S. Clinton administration (1992-2000), especially during Clinton’s second term (1996-2000). People tend to forget such matters while they concentrate their attention solely on current events. However, it often happens that what we are witnessing in current times has been years in preparation, long after the initiators have left the political scene. What the George W. Bush administration did and what Barack Obama is doing have been a continuation of policies that the Bill Clinton administration initiated in the first place.

What are these three crises that one can trace back to “innovations” introduced by the Bill Clinton administration in the late 1990s?

1- First, there is the Clinton Kosovo Precedent of wars for “humanitarian” reasons.

The current crisis of multiple wars being waged today around the globe, in direct violation of the United Nations Charter, originates largely in that precedent initiated by Bill Clinton.

The Preamble solemnly establishes the main objective of the 1945 U.N. Charter when it says “We the Peoples of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…” and to this end, “armed force(s) shall not be used, save in the common interest…”

As the current United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon reminded the world last year, according to the U.N. Charter, agreed by all the member countries, “the use of force is only legal when it is in self-defense [against an armed attack] or with a [formal] U.N. Security Council authorization.”

—That is what international law says.

Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, indeed, formally prohibits any war that is not to maintain or restore international peace (Article 42) or that is not undertaken in individual or collective self-defense (Article 51). There are no exceptions for “preventive wars”, “so-called humanitarian wars” or any kind of war of aggression.

However, in 1998 and in 1999, the Democratic Clinton administration decided unilaterally to join the on-going Kosovo War in Yugoslavia without an explicit mandate from the U.N. Security Council, instead relying for the first time not on legality but on an extra-judicial arbitrary argument of political legitimacy for “humanitarian” motives to protect “human rights”.

This was done without even a resolution by the U.S. Congress, and with the sole reliance on the NATO alliance as an instrument of military intervention. (In that case, it was NATO air military operations.) The Kosovo War has been described as “the first war for values” and has opened the Pandora Box of wars of choice, outside of the international legal framework of the United Nations Charter.

Since the Kosovo Precedent of unilateral humanitarian intervention, war of aggression has become a matter of political will rather than of strict legality, the intervening countries using different versions of their “national interests”. In other words, the world has gone back to before 1945, before the creation of the United Nations, when powerful countries could go to war whenever they felt that it was in their national interests to do so.

The demise of the United Nations as a legal framework against war was greatly accelerated by the Bill Clinton administration’s decision to sidestep the U.N. Charter in favor of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The world is less secure now that the United Nations has been de facto sidelined in its principal mission of preventing and stopping wars.

2- Then there is the Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999

In the 1990s, super large American banks launched a $300 million campaign of lobbying efforts to have the Roosevelt-era-Glass-Steagall act repealed. That important 1933 law had prevented American banks from gambling with government insured money by merging risky and uninsured investment banks that underwrite securities and commercial banks that take insured deposits.

However, powerful bankers, some of them having important posts within the Clinton administration, such as Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary (1995-1999) and a previous co-chairman from 1990 to 1992 of the large investment bank Goldman Sachs, argued that things had changed and that the limitations imposed by the Glass-Steagall act on their banking activities were hindering their capabilities to “innovate” in the types of financial products they could create and sell to investors, not only in the U.S. but all over the world, thus preventing them from being competitive internationally.

Initially, the Clinton administration was reluctant to gut an act that had prevented the abuses and predatory banking practices that had preceded the Great Depression. However, after some tremendous pressure had been exerted on the Clinton administration, from outside and from within, President Bill Clinton finally signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act, on November 12, 1999, as a bill newly renamed the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act under the names of Senate Banking Committee Chair Phil Gramm (R-Texas), House Banking Committee chair James Leach (R-Iowa), and Virginia Representative Thomas Bliley (R-Virginia).

This allowed commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to consolidate, but without giving the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), or any other financial regulatory agency for that matter, the authority to regulate large investment bank holding companies.

Largely unregulated super large banks and large insurance companies used the newly acquired liberty to engage in Ponzi finance practices, as they have often done historically and as it should have been expected.

Indeed, they proceeded with creating new financial derivative products that turned out to be very toxic and which became an important cause of the subprime financial crisis of 2007-09.

What we know, moreover, is that the 2007-2008 financial crisis has resulted in income and wealth losses of trillions of dollars by American families and of subsidies in the trillions of dollars for large banks, thus resulting in a massive wealth transfer and damaging the U.S. economy for years to come.

3- Thirdly, there is the cancellation of the Bush I-Baker promise to Russian Prime Minister Gorbachev not to expand NATO

As the German foreign minister Genscher’s quote above indicates, it is widely accepted that after the Warsaw Pact, (the Eastern Europe military alliance), was dissolved in the early 1990s, and after the German reunification, it was at the very least implicitly promised that NATO would not take advantage of the situation to encircle Russia militarily by expanding in Eastern Europe. For example, it was reported that U.S. Secretary of State James Baker in the George H. Bush administration and German foreign minister Genscher, after a meeting on February 10, 1990, had agreed that there was to be no NATO expansion to the East.

Moreover, this was also the understanding of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet president at the time, when he said that there was a promise not to expand NATO “as much as a thumb’s width further to the East.” In the past, Jack Matlock, the US ambassador in Moscow at the time, confirmed that Moscow was given a “clear commitment” to that effect. Therefore, Gorbachev’s mistake may have been to have taken the western politicians’ word too much at its face value instead of requesting a formal agreement.

In any case, the informal agreement not to expand NATO to encompass Russia’s former partners in the Warsaw Pact held for a few years, that is until President Bill Clinton, on October 22, 1996, saw it to his advantage during his 1996 reelection campaign to promise to enlarge NATO to include Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia.

In other words, in 1996, Clinton stopped enforcing the promise made by his predecessor. The rest is history, and NATO was from then on transformed from a defensive military alliance into an offensive military alliance under American control. It went on to include not only Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, but also countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, and Slovenia, among others, thus pushing its military infrastructure right up to the Russian border. Recent attempts to draw Ukraine into NATO are only a continuation of an aggressive policy of expanding NATO and of isolating Russia, initiated by the Bill Clinton administration in the late 1990s.

Under the influence of American Neocons, Clinton rejected the idea of a peace dividend to be reaped after a reduction in military expenditures due to the lessening of the Soviet threat and the end of the Cold War.


The geopolitical global chaos that the world has been going through in the beginning of this 21st Century, the devastating 2008 financial crisis that imposed such heavy losses on so many people, and the threatening resurgence of the old Cold War with Russia, all have causes that can be traced back to short-sighted and disastrous decisions made by the Clinton administration in the 1990s.

The failed subsequent administrations of George W. Bush and of Barack H. Obama merely followed in the path open during the Clinton era. This is something that future historians will need to consider closely when attempting to understand the thread of events that created the apparent current chaos in many fields today.


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Posted by: Syarif HIDAYAT

According to the latest poll for the Peace Index, which is conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and the University of Tel Aviv, 48 per cent of Israeli Jews believe that the force used by the army was appropriate, while 45 per cent actually think that too little force was used. (Photo: MEMO)

Tel Aviv, 24 Shawwal 1435/20 August 2014 (MINA) – An overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis think that the Israeli occupation regime army used either the “appropriate” level of force or “too little firepower” during its latest aggression, dubbed “Operation Protective Edge”, in the Gaza Strip.

A majority also expressed their support for the government’s restrictions on the freedom of expression during the war, as well as for the mediation efforts led by the post-coup government in Egypt, according to Middle East Monitor (MEMO) report quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA).

According to the latest poll for the Peace Index, which is conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and the University of Tel Aviv, 48 per cent of Israeli Jews believe that the force used by the army was appropriate, while 45 per cent actually think that too little force was used. Only 6 per cent said that Israel used excessive force against the Palestinians.

The Israeli government barred Israeli reporters from entering into Gaza to cover the war, thus Israelis were not exposed to the horrors taking place in the Strip. Israeli strikes have left more than 2,000 dead and 10,000 wounded, in addition to causing massive destruction to civil infrastructure, homes and businesses, leaving many without a place to sleep or work.

On another note, 97 per cent of the Jewish Israeli respondents said that the performance of the Israeli army during the operation was “was very or moderately good”, while only 3 per cent rated the army’s performance as “as not so good or poor”.

58 per cent said they were in favour of limiting the freedom of expression during times of war, while 39 per cent believe that these restrictions are unnecessary.

92 per cent of the Jewish population said the aggression on Gaza was “justified” while 58 per cent said that Israel should not respond to any of Hamas’s demands for a ceasefire and instead should continue fighting until the Palestinian resistance movement surrenders.

Some 44 per cent believe that Israel has achieved most of its goals as a result of the war on Gaza, while 48 per cent said that only some of the goals set for the operation have been achieved and 6 per cent said that Israel did not achieve anything from this operation.

As for the Arab Israeli citizens, 65 per cent believe that no goals have been achieved.

Regarding the mediation efforts in Cairo, 60 per cent of Israeli Jews trust Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi “to act as a fair mediator”, with only 38 per cent not trusting him.

On the other hand, 55 per cent of Israeli Arabs do not trust President Al-Sisi, while 31 per cent trust him to mediate the conflict. (T/E01/IR)


Nazi continue their offensive on the Gaza Strip



  • ·Israeli forces launch a new offensive on the Gaza Strip.

–          24 Palestinians, including 20 civilians, and an Italian journalist were killed.

–          The civilian victims include 5 children and a woman.

–          13 Palestinians, 12 of whom are civilians, including 3 children and 3 women, died of previous wounds.

  • ·Israeli warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes targeting houses and civilian facilities.

–          36 houses were destroyed and dozens of others were damaged.

–          9 mosques were attacked and 4 of them were destroyed.

  • ·Israeli forces continued to use force against peaceful protests in the West Bank.

–         2 Palestinian civilians killed in protests against the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

–         62 Palestinian civilians, including 17 children, were wounded.

–         3 civilians were wounded in protests against the construction of the annexation wall.

  • ·Israeli forces conducted 49 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

–         2 Palestinian civilians, including a child, were killed during Israeli incursions.

–         92 Palestinians were arrested, including 74 ones who were arrested in Jerusalem.

  • ·A Palestinian child was killed and 2 others were wounded in 2 separate explosions of objects left by Israeli forces.
  • ·Israel continued to impose a total closure on the oPt and has isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.

–         Israeli forces established dozens of checkpoints in the West Bank.

–         At least 2 Palestinian civilians were arrested at military checkpoints in the West Bank.

  • ·Israeli forces continued to support settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.

–         Israeli settlers attempted to run down a Palestinian woman in Beit Safafa village, south of Jerusalem.

–         Israeli settlers set fire to a car in Yassouf village, east of Salfit.


Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (07 – 13 August 2014).

Killing, Shooting and Bombing:

During the reporting period, Israeli forces continued their wide-scale offensive on the Gaza Strip. They killed 24 Palestinians, including 20 civilians, and an Italian journalist in the Gaza Strip.  The civilian victims include 5 children and a woman.  They also wounded 95 Palestinians, including 92 civilians.  The wounded civilians included 14 children and 8 women.  Israeli warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes on civilian targets.  Israeli naval forces carried out several attacks on Palestinian areas.  In the West Bank, Israeli forces killed 5 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children.  Two of these civilians were killed in protest against the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, 2 others, including a child, were killed in Israeli incursions into Palestinian communities and a child was killed by the explosion of a suspicious object left by Israeli forces.  Additionally, 73 Palestinian civilians, including 22 children and a woman were wounded; 62 of these civilians, including 17 children, were wounded in protests against the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, 6 others, including 3 children, were wounded during Israeli incursions into Palestinian communities, 2 children were wounded by the explosions of 2 suspicious objects left by Israeli forces and 3 others were wounded in protests against the construction of the annexation wall.

Israeli forces continued their brutal and immoral offensive on the Gaza Strip before a 72-hour truce was declared.  They continued the policy of collective punishment in disregard for the international law and humanitarian law, which ensure protection for civilians in times of war, and in violation of the principles of necessity, proportionality and distinction. Israeli forces continued their aerial, ground and sea attacks throughout the Gaza Strip, causing more civilian casualties and damaging civilian facilities.  They destroyed several houses, mosques and other civilian facilities.


During the reporting period, Israeli forces conducted at least 49 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank. During these incursions, Israeli forces arrested at least 92 Palestinians, including 74 ones in Jerusalem.  During their incursions, Israeli forces killed 2 Palestinians, including a child, and wounded 6 others, including 3 children and their mother.

Restrictions on movement:

Israel continued to impose a tight closure of the oPt, imposing severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.

The illegal closure of the Gaza Strip, which has been steadily tightened since June 2007 has had a disastrous impact on the humanitarian and economic situation in the Gaza Strip.  The Israeli authorities impose measures to undermine the freedom of trade, including the basic needs for the Gaza Strip population and the agricultural and industrial products to be exported. For 7 consecutive years, Israel has tightened the land and naval closure to isolate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, and other countries around the world. This resulted in grave violations of the economic, social and cultural rights and a deterioration of living conditions for 1.7 million people.  The Israeli authorities have established Karm Abu Salem (Kerem Shaloum) as the sole crossing for imports and exports in order to exercise its control over the Gaza Strip’s economy.  They also aim at imposing a complete ban on the Gaza Strip’s exports.

Israeli forces have continued to impose severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians throughout the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem. Thousands of Palestinian civilians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip continue to be denied access to Jerusalem.

As part of using military checkpoints and border crossings as traps to arrest Palestinian civilians under the pretext they are wanted, Israeli forces arrested 2 Palestinian civilians at a military checkpoint in the West Bank.

Settlement activities

Israel has continued its settlement activities in the oPt, in a direct violation of international humanitarian law, and Israeli settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.

On 07 August 2014, an Israeli settler threw stones at Ritaj Ra’ed al-Hantouli, 16 months, when she was with her family in front of their houses in Bab al-Magharba area in the south of the Old Town of Jerusalem.  She sustained bruises and cuts to her leg.

On 09 August 2014, an Israeli settler attempted to run down ‘Ola ‘Olayan when she was on her way back home in Beit Safafa village, south of Jerusalem.

On 10 August 2014, a number of Israeli settlers from “Taffouh” settlement broke into Yassouf village, east of Salfit.  They set fire a Volkswagen Caravelle taxi belonging to ‘Atallah Yassin Jouda, 52, which was parked in front of his house.  The settlers also wrote hostile phrases in Hebrew and signed them by “Price Tag” on the walls near the taxi.  Israeli soldiers stationed on the watchtower at the entrance of the settlement stated that they saw 4 Israeli settlers in the area, and that the owner of the taxi could file a complaint against them. The taxi was extensively damaged.

Israeli Violations Documented during the Reporting Period (03 – 09 July 2014)

The full report is available online at:


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More gems from the pen of America’s most outspoken political dissident, selected and arranged in a collage by Lasha Darkmoon
THE  COMING  DOOM (Click to expand)


Perhaps the Russian government thought that only Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, and Edward Snowden would be subjected to Washington’s lies and demonization.

It was obvious enough that Russia would be next.

It is hardly surprising that Washington now targets Russia.

The world has given Washington carte blanche to do as it pleases. We have now had three administrations of US war criminals welcomed and honored wherever the war criminals go. The other governments in the world continue to desire invitations to the White House as indications of their worth. To be received by war criminals has become the highest honor.

Even the president of China comes to Washington to receive acceptance by the Evil Empire.

The world has made no effort to hold Washington responsible for its destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and Gaza. The world has not demanded that Washington stop murdering people in Pakistan and Yemen, countries with which Washington is not at war. The world looks the other way as Washington creates the US Africa Command. The world looks the other way as Washington sends deadly weapons to Israel with which to murder women and children in the Gaza Ghetto. Washington passes Senate and House Resolutions cheering on the Israeli murder of Palestinians.

Washington is accustomed to its free pass, granted by the world, to murder and to lie, and now is using it against Russia.

Russian President Putin’s bet that by responding to Washington’s aggression in Ukraine in an unprovocative and reasonable manner would demonstrate to Europe that Russia was not the source of the problem has not payed off. European countries are captive nations. They are incapable of thinking and acting for themselves. They bend to Washington’s will. Essentially, Europe is a nonentity that follows Washington’s orders.

If Washington has its way, Russia will survive only as an American puppet state.

Washington has succeeded in using transparent lies to demonize Russia as a dangerous aggressive country led by a new Hitler or a new Stalin, just as Washington succeeded in demonizing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Qaddafi in Libya, Assad in Syria, Chavez in Venezuela, and, of course, Iran.

Washington’s incessant lies alleging “Russian aggression” have created Russian aggression out of thin air. John Kerry and the State Department’s Marie Harf issue new lies daily, but never any supporting evidence. With the stage set, the US Senate, the NATO commander and the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are busy at work energizing the wheels of war.

Senate bill 2277 provides for beefing up forces on Russia’s borders and for elevating Ukraine’s status to “ally of the US” so that US troops can assist the war against “terrorists” in Ukraine.

NATO commander Breedlove is preparing his plans for stockpiling war material on Russia’s borders so that US/NATO troops can more quickly strike Russia.

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, is at work preparing American opinion for the upcoming war.

Washington now has in motion the wheels of war. Once the wheels of war begin to turn, momentum carries them forward. The foolish, indeed utterly stupid, governments and media in Europe seem unaware of Washington’s orchestration of their future or lack thereof, or they are indifferent to it. They are dooming themselves and all of humanity by their insouciance, their heartless indifference, their couldn’t-care-less attitude.

Unlike Washington, Putin is willing to share the evidence that Russia has about who is doing what in Ukraine. It is a simple matter to establish that Washington organized a coup that overthrew an elected government, supports violence against those who object to the coup, and has turned a deaf ear to Russia’s repeated pleas for Kiev and the separatists to negotiate their differences.

Putin should make it clear to the world that Washington continues with provocative military steps against Russia, with force buildups on Russia’s borders and calls for more buildups, with S.2277 which reads like a US preparation for war, with provocative actions and accusations by top US generals and government officials against Russia, and with efforts to isolate Russia and to inflict economic and political injury on Russia.

Putin should make it clear to the world that there is a limit to the provocations that Russia can accept and that Russia believes that Russia is in danger of preemptive nuclear attack by Washington. Putin can describe Washington’s withdrawal from the ABM treaty, the construction of ABM bases on Russia’s borders, and the announced change in Washington’s war doctrine that elevates US nuclear forces from a retaliatory role to a preemptive first strike role. These actions are clearly directed at Russia.

And China. Wake up China! You are next!

Putin must state clearly that the likely consequence of the world continuing to enable Washington’s lies and aggression will be not merely another disastrous war but the termination of life.

As horrific as Washington’s recklessness toward the Middle East is,Washington’s recklessness toward Russia is many orders of magnitude greater. Washington has convinced nuclear armed Russia that Washington is planning a nuclear first strike.

China is aware that China faces the same threat from Washington. China’s response to Washington’s war plans against China was to demonstrate how China’s nuclear forces would be used in response to Washington’s attack on China to destroy the US.

The only country on earth that needs war is Washington, and that is because Washington’s goal is the neoconservative one of exercising hegemony over the world.

When the Malaysian airliner was destroyed, before any facts were known Russia was blamed. The British media was especially primed to blame Russia almost the instant it was known the airliner was downed.

Washington used the downing of the airliner, which probably was Washington’s doing, as an excuse for another round of sanctions and to pressure its European puppets to join the sanctions with sanctions of their own, which Washington’s EU puppets did.

The belief that Russia is responsible for the downed Malaysian airliner has become fact in Western capitals despite the total absence of even a tiny scrap of evidence in behalf of the claim. Moreover, even if the accusation were true, is one airliner worth a World War?

Washington’s propaganda campaign has succeeded in turning Russia into a threat. Polls show that 69 percent of Americans now regard Russia as a threat.

It is my opinion that the irresponsibility and recklessness of the Obama regime is without precedent. Never before has the United States government or the government of any nuclear power gone to such great efforts to convince another nuclear power that that power was being set up for attack. It is difficult to imagine a more provocative act that more endangers life on earth. Indeed, the White House Fool has doubled up, convincing both Russia and China that Washington is planning a preemptive first strike on both.

Wherever one looks in American politics one sees crazed people, psychopaths and sociopaths who should not be in political office.

If merely 10% of the nuclear weapons in the US and Russian arsenals are used, life on earth terminates.

The extraordinary propaganda being conducted against Russia by the US and UK governments and Ministries of Propaganda, a.k.a., the “Western media,” have the purpose of driving the world to war that no one can win. European governments need to rouse themselves from insouciance, because Europe will be the first to be vaporized due to the US missile bases that Europe hosts to guarantee its “security.”

As reported by Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, the Russian response to the extra-legal ruling of a corrupt court in the Netherlands, which had no jurisdiction over the case on which it ruled, awarding $50 billion dollars from the Russian government to shareholders of Yukos, a corrupt entity that was looting Russia and evading taxes, is telling. Asked what Russia would do about the ruling, an advisor to President Putin replied, “There is a war coming in Europe.” Do you really think this ruling matters?”

The West has ganged up on Russia, because the West is totally corrupt. The wealth of the elites is based not only on looting weaker countries whose leaders can be purchased, but also on looting their own citizens. The American elites excel at looting their fellow citizens and have wiped out most of the US middle class in the new 21st century.

In contrast, Russia has emerged from tyranny and from a government based on lies, while the US and UK submerge into tyranny shielded by lies. Western elites desire to loot Russia, a juicy prize, and there stands Putin in the way.

The solution is to get rid of him.

The looting elites and the neoconservative hegemonists have the same goal: make Russia a vassal state.

The Western elites and governments are not merely totally corrupt, they are insane. As I have previously written, don’t expect to live much longer.


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