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Jewish Lobby ”15”: US taxpayers paid more to ”Israeli” defense budget than ”Israeli’


The Israeli army’s chief of staff states that in the past three years, “US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers,” according to a report in the Jerusalem Post, a prominent Israeli newspaper.

by Alison Weir

According to the report, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazimade the statement during a Ashkenazispeech on September 11th. In it he emphasized: “We must preserve ties with the United States. I believe this is a security necessity.”

According to the newspaper the speech was at the Calcalist Conference, which appears to be an annual event in Tel Aviv sponsored by the Calcalist newspaper, an Israeli Hebrew-only daily financial newspaper. It is is part of the group that publishesYedioth Ahronoth, the largest circulation newspaper in Israel.

American taxpayers give Israel over $3 billion per year (over $8 million per day), more than to any other nation, despite the fact that Israel is smaller than New Jersey and is in the top 30 richest countries in the world.

Per capita, Israelis receive $10,000 more U.S. tax money than average.

Some of the other top recipients of US tax money, Egypt and Jordan, were provided this assistance in return for diplomatic recognition of the Israeli state.

According to the Congressional Research Service, Israel is given this money in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year. Americans then pay interest on money they have given to Israel, while Israel makes interest on it.

In recent years Israel has reported a lower unemployment rate than the US and a better account balance.

Ashkenazi’s statements are extremely significant, since this is the first time that an Israeli leader has pointed out that American taxpayers pay more to Israel’s defense budget than do Israelis.

If the costs of the Iraq war, which was largely pushed by Israel partisans in the Bush administration, were added into the equation, the American tax money on behalf of Israel would quite likely dwarf the amount paid by Israeli taxpayers.

Some top economists predict that the cost of the Iraq war will be $3 trillion.

Israel has a population of about 7 million people.

Today, Israel partisans are similarly pushing attacks on Iran.

Israel has frequently been accused of using American funds in violation of U.S. arms control laws.


Ashkenazi and War Crimes Accusations


IN 2010 Turkey issued an arrest warrant for Ashkenazi for Israeli forces’ killing of 9 civilians, including one who held American citizenship.

In 2008 a complaint was filed at the Hague accusing Ashkenazi of war crimes. Accusers stated:

On 27th December 2008, the suspect, Chief of Staff, ordered the Israeli army to attack densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip. For three weeks, 1,500 tons of bombs were dropped from the air on residential neighborhoods in Gaza and tens of thousands of artillery shells were fired from tanks. For 3 weeks, the army damaged and destroyed houses, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, water and electrical plants, killed more than 1,300 people, hundreds of them children, and injured about 5,300 people. Thousands of houses were bombed or shelled and 50,000 residents were made homeless, without shelter.

Prior to this, the suspect was part of a group, which implemented a siege on 1.5 million people in the Gaza Strip, denying them a regular supply of food, water, medicine, fuel and electricity for 18 months.

According to international law, it is absolutely prohibited to bomb residential areas in a way that interrupts the lives of civilians; to carry out executions without trial, to collectively punish; to destroy or damage hospitals, schools and homes. The prohibitions against collective punishment were enshrined in the Geneva Conventions after the behavior of the Nazis in Europe during World War II when they destroyed entire villages to punish residents for sheltering the resistance. 194 countries agree with the prohibitions of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

In December 2008, a complaint was filed in the Hague against the suspect, on suspicion that he had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity for ordering the siege of Gaza.

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White House quietly sets new Afghanistan withdrawal deadline: Never


Despite “withdrawal,” thousands of U.S. troops to continue occupation

With no public discussion or explanation, the White House signed a new deal on Sept. 30 with the government of Afghanistan to keep 10,000 U.S. troops occupying the country. There is no plan or timeline for a full withdrawal of U.S. troops — ever. The deal includes nine U.S. military bases across the country “until the end of 2024 and beyond.”

Make no mistake — U.S. troops will forever be attacked and killed as long as they are in Afghanistan, like the four U.S. troops killed in September.

The eventual drawdown outlined in the agreement, in other words, ends with permanent U.S. bases and permanently garrisoned U.S. troops. Like all the other promised drawdowns in the past, this one too is subject to change.

The millionaire politicians in Washington have decided on their own that the country’s longest war, which has long been opposed by a large majority of the U.S. public and troops, will never end.

Service members and veterans are already battered by 13 years of disastrous occupations. The White House is now telling our community: “You will continue to die. You will continue to lose your limbs. You will continue to come home with the psychological trauma of war. You will continue to leave your families behind. Why? Because we have decided so behind closed doors. And your lives are so meaningless to us that we don’t even owe you an explanation.”

The President’s only statement called it an “historic day,” proudly attributing this major decision — to never end the unpopular, costly war — to “two years of hard work.”

In recent months the insurgency in Afghanistan has increased its attacks. That is what awaits the remaining troops abandoned forever in Afghanistan. Those nine U.S. bases will never cease to be targets of a widespread armed insurgency that was mostly undeterred even by the largest-scale U.S. military operations.

Washington has sentenced U.S. troops to an endless cycle of death, maimings and trauma. As a top U.S. military commander anonymously revealed, the war is like “a ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon which never ends… the only difference is the cartoon does not claim lives, but here we lose men every day.”

A kick in the face to service members and their families

Nearly five years ago, on December 1, 2009, President Obama gave a major speech at West Point on “the way forward in Afghanistan.”

It was a much-anticipated and widely watched speech. Public opinion, inside and outside the military, wanted the long war to end. Everything about the speech was chosen tactically, from the venue to the words. Everything was explained carefully. He delivered the news people did not want to hear.

I watched that speech in a room full of military families, whose loved ones had been on repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan for the past eight years. Some had been wounded, most saw them change with PTSD, and some had been killed.

They all cried and held each other when the President explained that the war wasn’t ending now, as they were hoping. It would instead intensify, greatly increasing the number of troops on the ground to fight a growing insurgency.

In that speech, he said to them, “I know that this decision asks even more of you — a military that, along with your families, has already borne the heaviest of all burdens.”

But his painful announcement came with an assurance: that after this brief, 18-month surge, “our troops will begin to come home.”

This was the main public message — we know you’re exhausted, but it will all be over soon.

Behind the scenes, the Pentagon and White House were forming a very different plan.

Permanent extension of war gets no such speech

The promise of a withdrawal in July 2011 was quickly abandoned and extended to 2014. When with withdrawal was supposed to begin in 2011, the Pentagon instead announced a surprise deployment of an additional 1,400 Marines.

The President gave no major speech to service members and their families explaining why this had to happen. We continued to wait. The years 2009 to 2012 became, by far, the deadliest of the war.

But 2014 remained the stated deadline for the end of the war. Vice President Joe Biden assured everyone that U.S. troops would be “totally out, come hell or high water, by 2014.”

Soldiers and Marines prepared themselves for what they thought would be their last tour. Mobilizations against the war declined as there was a commonly-held belief that the war was at its end.

Now we can see that was all a lie.

How come the President, in reversing his promise and demanding the ultimate sacrifice from service members and their families, didn’t give a speech like he did at West Point in 2009? What happened to Biden’s “hell or high water”?

In 2009, U.S. casualties were surging in Afghanistan and the hugely unpopular Iraq occupation was ongoing. The U.S. government had a lot of difficult public relations work based on anti-war sentiment among the population and the growing body count that was making the headlines.

It wasn’t our lives that Washington cared about. It was managing the political fallout and embarrassment. They used a carefully crafted speech to quell frustrations and give the impression that the end was in sight.

The new agreement will mean permanent deployments, injury and death. They are hoping to sweep it under the rug, so that no one will make a big deal out of it or even notice — except for those tens of thousands of U.S. troops who will rotate in and out of the war.

Just five days prior the U.S. government decided that U.S. troops would also start deploying back to occupy Iraq, a story that was also minimized in U.S. newspapers.

Who cares what rich politicians say? Refuse to go!

The occupation of Afghanistan, like Iraq, is based on lies and false rationales.

The politicians and generals will continue to throw our lives away, regardless of the will of the people, without even an explanation why we must sacrifice indefinitely.

Many U.S. service members have taken the correct and courageous stand to refuse to deploy to Afghanistan.

That is the only option service members have left. Only taking control of our own lives can end the pointless and unjust bleeding in Afghanistan.

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Jewish Lobby ”14”: Jews are underrepresented in the U.S. military and its leadership


By all measures, anti-Semitism has declined markedly in American society over the last century, and being Jewish is no longer a barrier to advancement in most fields. But while Jews are heavily overrepresented in American government, business, banking and entertainment, they remain relatively underrepresented in positions of military leadership.

Yet as the activist Mikey Weinstein has written in With God on Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military (St. Martin’s Press), the army is hardly immune from hate crimes against Jews, or from attempts by Evangelicals to convert Jews to Christianity. The recent scandal in the Air Force, in which senior cadets attempted to proselytize Jews, is unsurprising, according to Weinstein, in the context of an institution in which recruits were taught that they were fighting just as much for “Team Jesus” as for their country

By Ted Merwin

They knew all about his military exploits, his extraordinary record of combat in both the Second World War and Vietnam. But Mick and Barrie, the two sons of Melvin Zais, who rose to become a four star general in the United States Army with battlefields named for him all over the world, did not know that their father was Jewish. “It was easier for him to go along with my mother, a Southern Baptist who insisted on raising her sons as Christians,” Barrie, who also went into the military, recalled. “It was better for his marriage and better for his career.”

By all measures, anti-Semitism has declined markedly in American society over the last century, and being Jewish is no longer a barrier to advancement in most fields. But while Jews are heavily overrepresented in American government, business, banking and entertainment, they remain relatively underrepresented in positions of military leadership.

Part of the reason for this stems from the relatively small number of Jews who volunteer for military service. According to Department of Defense statistics, Jews, who make up about 2 percent of the overall population of this country, make up less than a third of a percent of the total number of those serving in the armed forces. There are many reasons commonly given for this, including the fact that Jews, with a median age of 41, tend to be older than Americans as a whole, who have a median age of 35.

Since the end of the draft in the 1970s, moreover, the military has tended to draw overwhelmingly from the working class and from the relatively uneducated. This represents a sea change over time. While more than a thousand military officers of all faiths had graduated from Princeton in 1956, half a century later there were only 16 military officers graduated from all the Ivy League schools combined. As Kathy Roth-Douquet and Frank Schaeffer argue in “AWOL: The Unexcused Absence of America’s Upper Classes from Military Service — And How It Hurts Our Country” (Harper), this has led to a dangerously widening gap between the military and the civilian leadership of our country.
Allen Falk, an attorney in Matawan, N.J., who served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, is the national commander of the Jewish War Veterans. Falk warned that counting Jews in the military is often fodder for anti-Semites, who charge that Jews are unpatriotic or have stronger loyalty to Israel than to the United States. He thus chafes at the question of numbers. “Jews are very well represented in the different branches of the service,” he said.

After the Second World War, Falk insisted, the armed forces became the most “egalitarian” establishment in society, in which you were rated more on your ability than on your background or religion. Falk conceded, though, that the military has historically had what he calls a “Southern Christian” ethos, in which military officers were disproportionately drawn from the South, which has a lower Jewish population than other regions of the country. In addition, the children of active duty personnel — known as “military brats” — have frequently inherited the mantle of leadership from their fathers.

Military insiders claim that stereotypes of Jewish men as neurotic and un-masculine still persist, and they can lead to subtle, even unconscious discrimination on the part of army superiors. Since only a tiny percentage of those serving in the armed forces ever ascend to high positions, any disadvantage, whether real or perceived, can be magnified throughout the often lengthy course of a military career. One sees this dynamic in Philip Roth’s classic short story, ”Defender of the Faith,” in which a Jewish army major is cleverly manipulated by a Jewish serviceman who appeals to their shared ethnic roots in the face of prejudice from other officers.

Just two years ago, the late historian Seymour (“Sy”) Brody posted, on the website of the Florida Atlantic University, a list of close to a hundred Jewish generals and admirals in the American military. But while Jews have fought in every American war since colonial times, the history of anti-Semitism in the military is also well documented.

As Joseph Bendersky wrote in his exhaustively researched book, “The ‘Jewish Threat’: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army” (Basic Books, 2000), anti-Semitism was endemic throughout most of the 20th century in all ranks of the Army. Nor was this peculiar to the army; Victor Krulak, a much-decorated Marine Corps officer known as “Brute,” denied his Russian Jewish roots in order to rise in the ranks; he later contested Lyndon Baines Johnson’s handling of the Vietnam War, a move that historians believe cost him a promotion to commandant.

Is anti-Semitism still a factor in the military? There are certainly Jews in top military positions, including Norton Schwartz, chief of staff of the Air Force. Steven Blum, chief of the National Guard, and Robert Magnus, a four star general in the Marine Corps, both recently retired. Some distinguished Jewish veterans have even been Holocaust survivors, including Corporal Tibor Rubin, who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valor in the Korean War and Major General Sidney Shachnow, who became a Green Beret in Vietnam.

Some experts on the military claim that anti-Semitism has largely been eliminated by the armed services in this country. At a time when women, blacks, Muslims, homosexuals and other minorities are serving openly, anti-Semitism seems like a thing of the past. “Prejudice is well past frowned upon in the military,” noted Norman Rosenshein, an army veteran who serves as president of the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, an institution in Washington, D.C., chartered in 1958, that celebrates the accomplishments of American Jewish soldiers. “If you come near the realm of bigotry, reprimands are very serious, and will cost you rank.” While Jews often do not “broadcast” their religion, he said, they also find no need to conceal it.

Yet as the activist Mikey Weinstein has written in “With God on Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military” (St. Martin’s Press), the army is hardly immune from hate crimes against Jews, or from attempts by Evangelicals to convert Jews to Christianity. The recent scandal in the Air Force, in which senior cadets attempted to proselytize Jews, is unsurprising, according to Weinstein, in the context of an institution in which recruits were taught that they were fighting just as much for “Team Jesus” as for their country.

In some ways, it is easier to be openly Jewish in the military than ever before. Accommodations are made so that kosher food can be provided and soldiers can celebrate Jewish holidays. Yet just as the number of Jewish soldiers has declined dramatically since the draft ended after Vietnam, the number of chaplains has plummeted as well. While in the 1960s it was expected that newly minted rabbis spend at least two years in the military, nowadays few rabbis begin their career in this way. As a result, there is a shortage of ordained rabbis available to assist Jewish soldiers in fulfilling their religious needs.

Rear Admiral Harold L. Robinson is a Reform rabbi and longtime chaplain in the Navy. He organized the historic ceremony in October unveiling the memorial at Arlington National Cemetery dedicated to the 14 Jewish chaplains who died while on active duty. Robinson opined that the culture of conformity in the armed services militates against the full acceptance of minorities. “The military is all about belonging to a team and fitting in,” Robinson said. “It’s life and death. Being Jewish is to be distinctive, and that puts an extra stress on Jews. Some deal with it by trying to downplay their Jewishness, and their Jewishness can suffer as a result. There is a perception among Jewish service members that it is more difficult to be serious as a Jew than it is to be serious as a Protestant or Catholic.”

Robinson believes that the true number of Jews in the military is more than 10,000, which is twice the number published by the Defense Department. Robinson is often called upon at the last minute to find a rabbi for the funeral of a soldier who has been killed in action and had no religious affiliation listed in his file. Indeed, between 20 and 25 percent of new recruits do not list a religious preference, according to Robinson, when they fill out their initial documents.

To its credit, Robinson said, the military is attempting to become a more tolerant, open institution. But its culture of uniformity is very deeply entrenched. “Admirals and generals pick aides who remind them of themselves 20 years earlier. This gives these aides an enormous advantage later on in terms of being promoted, because they understand all the workings of command.”

While the military remains a microcosm of American society, Robinson added, it thrusts issues of diversity into especially sharp relief. “It’s a reflection of the larger society, but in much more starkly defined terms.”

Zais, the son of the general who concealed his Jewish roots even from his own family, recently attended a funeral at West Point of a fellow soldier from his own graduating class. “If you asked me how many Jewish cadets were in my class of 596, I would have counted only six or seven,” he said. “But when I went back and looked at the names on the wall of the Jewish chapel, I found 23 Jewish names. I guess that there are a lot more Jews in the army than people know.”

– Ted Merwin teaches religion and Judaic studies at Dickinson College, where he directs the Milton B. Asbell Center for Jewish Life. For the last 11 years, he has served as theater critic for The Jewish Week.

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Jewish Lobby ”13”: If Americans Knew: Political Zionism


George Orwell once wrote: “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” Perhaps by rediscovering the past, we’ll gain control of the present, and make a better future for all our children.

by Alison Weir

If Americans Knew, What Americans need to know


Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Alison Weir, president of the Council for the National Interest and executive director of If Americans Knew. Thank you. 

There are full citations in my book[ Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the United States was used to create Israel ] for everything that I’ll be saying, and some of it will be quite surprising. So I want you to look at the citations if you would like.

For most of my life, I knew very little about Israel-Palestine. I was deeply aware of the Nazi holocaust, sympathetic to Israel, and had seen the movie Exodus.

But then in fall of 2000 the departure of my youngest child for college coincided with the eruption of the second Palestinian intifada with its images of children throwing stones against tanks, and I finally began to pay attention to a distant part of the world that I had thought had little to do with me and my family.

When I paid attention, I noticed how one-side the news coverage seemed to be, providing far more information from and about Israelis than Palestinians.

Growing curious, I looked into what the internet had to offer and discovered a wealth of information directly from the region from Palestinians, Israelis, and others that revealed a far darker reality than our media were reporting – a reality in which Israel’s massively powerful military, it appeared, was using extreme violence against a population that was largely unarmed, killing many and injuring multitudes.

The strategy, I read in a report by an Israeli academic, was to keep deaths below the level that would trigger world outrage, while maiming as many as possible; a common practice was for Israeli snipers to target knees and eyes. In the first month alone over 7,000 Palestinians were injured, including numerous children.

I noticed little of this was being reported by one of my main news sources, NPR’s Linda Gradstein, and I began to notice a pattern of media filtration that continues through to today, in which some facts are repeated and some never reported.

While we are repeatedly told that rockets are fired from Gaza into Israel, we seem never to be told that over 10 years of largely home-made rocket fire has killed a total of 29 Israelis – nor do we learn that during this same period Israeli forces have killed 4,000 Gazans.

We tend to hear, often in detail, about Israeli children who have been tragically killed. We hear far less often about the Palestinian children who were killed first, and in far larger numbers. It is my view that all of these deaths are tragic.

After several months of researching such information, I finally decided I needed to go and see for myself if things were truly as bad as I was beginning to believe.

I quit my job as a small town weekly newspaper editor and traveled over to the region as a freelance reporter, traveling throughout the West Bank and Gaza in February & March 2001 – long before rocket fire from Gaza – and took photographs of what I saw.

When I returned, I began an organization (If Americans Knew.Org) to tell Americans the facts on this issue. 

I also began to study it intensely. I was especially curious about the U.S. connection, reading book after book by respected authors and scholars.

I was completely unprepared for what I found.

I discovered an extraordinarily powerful and pervasive special interest lobby of which I had previously been almost entirely unaware.

Israel's Abuse of the U.S.  Against Our Better Judgment.  Alison Weir 534x397

Even more surprising, I discovered that this was just the latest incarnation of a movement that has been active in the U.S. for over a century. A movement called “political Zionism” – its adherents are called Zionists – that has profoundly impacted my nation and others, and yet that many Americans do not even know exists.

I discovered that political Zionism, a movement to create a Jewish state in Palestine, had begun in the late 1800s, and that by the early 1890s there were organizations promoting this ideology in New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Boston, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

By the 1910s the number of Zionists in the U.S. approached 20,000 and included lawyers, professors, and businessmen – and was becoming a movement to which, as one historian put it, “Congressmen, particularly in the eastern cities, began to listen.”

By 1918 there were 200,000 Zionists in the U.S., and in 1948 there were nearly a million.

While politicians from both parties increasingly saw Zionists as potential voters and donors to curry or at least placate, the U.S. state department opposed Zionism, believing it was counter to both U.S. interests and principles.

President Taft’s Secretary of State Philander Knox stated in 1912 that Zionism involved “matters primarily related to the interests of countries other than our own.”

A U.S. commission that studied the situation in Palestine in 1919 concluded, “the project for making Palestine distinctly a Jewish commonwealth should be given up.”

In 1947 American statesman Dean Acheson stated that supporting Zionist objectives would “imperil not only American but all Western interests in the Near East.”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that a Zionist proposal “would prejudice United States strategic interests in the Near and Middle East,” and predicted, “the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations….”

Such memos and reports go on and on…

During this time, however, Zionists were working strenuously – and ultimately successfully – to combat such wise recommendations.

They employed a wide variety of strategems – from open public advocacy to various covert activities. Their initiatives targeted every sector of the American population – including Jewish Americans, the large majority of whom for many decades were either non-Zionist or actively anti-Zionist, and who still today most likely are misinformed on what is being done allegedly in their name.

In 1943 a Zionist organization, in the words of its leader, launched “a political and public relations offensive to capture the support of Congressmen, clergy, editors, professors, business and labor.” A directive ordered: “In every community an American Christian Palestine Committee XE “American Christian Palestine Committee” must be immediately organized.”

An annual report crowed: “We reach into every department of American life.”

Rabbi Baruch M. Korff, a confidant of President Richard M. Nixon

Rabbi Baruch M. Korff, a confidant of President Richard M. Nixon

When Britain failed to accede to Zionist demands, an American rabbi named Baruch Korff fomented a plan to drop incendiary bombs on London that was only prevented when a young American aviator divulged it to the Paris Police. 25 years later Korff, his terrorist past expunged from the public memory, became close to President Richard Nixon, influencing his Middle East polices. Nixon jocularly called him “my rabbi.”

Louis Brandeis, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court In office June 1, 1916 February 13, 1939, Nominated by President Woodrow Wilson

Louis Brandeis, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court In office June 1, 1916 February 13, 1939, Nominated by President Woodrow Wilson

Perhaps my most surprising discovery of so many surprising findings involves an extremely well-known and highly regarded Supreme Court Justice – Louis Brandeis.

According to a 1978 article in the respected scholarly journal American Jewish Historical Quarterly, by Dr. Sarah Schmidt, an Israeli professor of Jewish history at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a book by Peter Grose, former editor of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic correspondent for the New York Times, and associate at the JFK School of Government Harvard, Louis Brandeis was a leader of “an elitist secret society called the Parushim, the Hebrew word for ‘Pharisees’ and ‘separate.’”

According to Schmidt and Grose, this society promoted Zionism throughout the U.S. Its initiates underwent a solemn induction ceremony in which the inductee was told:

“You are about to take a step which will bind you to a single cause for all your life…… until our purpose shall be accomplished, you will be fellow of a brotherhood whose bond you will regard as greater than any other in your life–dearer than that of family, of school, of nation.”

Grose writes “The members set about meeting people of influence here and there, casually, on a friendly basis. They planted suggestions for action to further the Zionist cause …”

Peter Grose was managing editor and then executive editor of Foreign Affairs from 1984 to 1993. Previously, he was senior fellow for the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations. He was also a foreign and diplomatic correspondent for the New York Times and was appointed to its editorial board in 1972. Among his previous books are Israel in the Mind of America and, most recently, Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles

Peter Grose was managing editor and then executive editor of Foreign Affairs from 1984 to 1993. Previously, he was senior fellow for the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations. He was also a foreign and diplomatic correspondent for the New York Times and was appointed to its editorial board in 1972. Among his previous books are Israel in the Mind of America and, most recently, Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles

“As early as November 1915,” Grose writes, “a leader of the Parushim went around suggesting that the British might gain some benefit from a formal declaration in support of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine.”

Brandeis directed Zionist activities secretly from his Supreme Court chambers through his loyal lieutenants – one of whom eventually became a Supreme Court Justice himself, another particularly influential one: Felix Frankfurter.

A number of authors report that Brandeis was a close friend of President Woodrow Wilson and used this access to advocate for the Zionist cause, at times serving as a conduit between British Zionists and the president.

In fact, some Zionist leaders bragged, and British officials, rightly or wrongly, believed that Zionists had played a significant role in the U.S. decision to enter World War I.

Numerous individuals, both Jewish and Christian, attempted to oppose Zionist endeavors.

Dorothy Thompson was an American journalist and radio broadcaster, who in 1939 was recognized by Time magazine as the second most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Dorothy Thompson was an American journalist and radio broadcaster, who in 1939 was recognized by Time magazine as the second most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Dorothy Thompson was an American journalist and radio broadcaster, who in 1939 was recognized by Time magazine as the second most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt.

One was Dorothy Thompson. According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, Thompson was “one of the most famous journalists of the 20th Century.”

She had graced the cover of Time magazine, had been profiled by America’s top magazines, and was so well-known that a Hollywood movie featuring Kathryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracey and a Broadway play starring Lauren Bacall, were based on her.

Thompson had been the first journalist to be expelled by Adolph Hitler and had raised the alarm against the Nazis long ahead of most other journalists. She had originally supported Zionism, but then had visited the region in person. She began to speak about the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that Israel had violently forced out in its founding war to create a Jewish state on land that was already inhabited, and narrated a documentary about their plight.

Thompson was viciously attacked in an orchestrated campaign of what she termed “career assassination and character assassination.” She wrote: “It has been boundless, going into my personal life.”

Before long, her column and radio programs, her speaking engagements, and her fame were all gone. Today, she has largely been erased from history.

In the coming decades, other Americans were similarly written out of history, forced out of office, their lives and careers destroyed; history was distorted, re-written, erased; bigotry promoted, supremacy disguised, facts replaced by fraud.

Very few people know this history. The excellent books that document it are largely out of print, their facts and very existence virtually unknown to the vast majority of Americans. Instead, false theories have been promulgated, mendacious analyses promoted, chosen authors celebrated, others assigned to oblivion.

George Orwell once wrote: “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” Perhaps by rediscovering the past, we’ll gain control of the present, and make a better future for all our children.

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Jewish Lobby ” 12”: Donor blackmail Silences Criticism of I$raHell


Donor blackmail is the last front line for the Zionists as they continue to suffer defeats in the battle for public opinion.

by Dr. Lawrence Davidson

Part I – The Zionists Have a Problem

The Guardian, UK -- The British ambassador to Israel has said international support for the Jewish state among those in the political mainstream is eroding, driven by settlement expansion in the West Bank and continued restrictions on Gaza.

The Guardian, UK — The British ambassador to Israel has said international support for the Jewish state among those in the political mainstream is eroding, driven by settlement expansion in the West Bank and continued restrictions on Gaza.

Due to Israel’s brutal racism and repeated attacks on Palestinian civilians, it is losing popular support internationally. As this happens, the Zionists appear to be intensifying pressure on societal and political elites, particularly in the U.S. and other Western states, to maintain policies that support and protect Israel’s criminal behavior.

Their vehicle for achieving this goal has always been financial gifts and donations to elite individuals and institutions. These gifts and donations help grease the wheels, so to speak, of the systems of power through which the elites operate, and create a monetary dependency on, among others, Zionist donors. It also creates an obligation to respond to these donor’s needs. The result is a growing disconnect between evolving popular attitudes toward Israel and the static positions held and actions taken by the elites.

American Zionist leaders are aware of this gap and they take it seriously. However, they have a problem in that open debate and the offering of evidence can no longer win the argument for their side. In short, the Zionists don’t have a monopoly anymore on the story of how Israel came to be and Palestine came not to be. And without that monopoly the imperialist origins and ongoing racist nature of Israel can no longer be concealed.

Part II – Donor Blackmail

If you cannot win by debate, how do you combat the growing popular suspicion of Israeli and Zionist actions? You do it by pressuring the donor-dependent elite leadership of institutions, such as universities and colleges, to suppress and punish those who criticize Israel. That such action, if carried forth in public institutions in the U.S., would be a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, does not bother the Zionists at all. Their standard of rights is that practiced in the discriminatory environment of Israel and not the ideal established by the United States constitution.

ADL-Dees-great-one mis-use of anti-semitism

A good example of American Zionists subtly urging what is in fact unconstitutional behavior can be seen in a letter sent by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an aggressive Zionist organization, to top administrators at several U.S. universities and colleges.

The letter purports to offer “information and recommendations about how to respond to conflicts that may arise on your campus due to the recent conflict in Gaza.” It goes on to accuse those critical of Israel of “stifling dialogue … refusing to work with pro-Israel and Jewish student groups” and pressuring educational institutions to “engage in ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions’ activities.” The letter goes on to warn that 23 September 2014 will be a day of “action on college campuses” by such groups critical of Israel as American Muslims for Palestine.

It is interesting that the letter seeks to turn the tables on pro-Palestine groups by labeling them as the ones that seek to limit freedom of speech by advocating the boycott of Israel. On the one hand, this is a misinterpretation of the tactical rules of the boycott (which principally targets Israeli institutions rather than individuals) and, on the other, it fails to mention that Israel is a country that systematically undermines the civil rights of the Palestinians. The ADL letter also ignores the fact that Zionist organizations on U.S. campuses (Hillel, for example) actively try to suppress dialogue and debate when it comes to Israel. The letter goes on to accuse those who stand against Israel of “attempting to harass and intimidate Jewish and other students.” Actually, there have indeed been minor instances of such behavior on both sides of what is, after all, a very heated issue. However, when it comes to modeling the suppression of rights, it should be noted that Israel has turned harassment and punishment of Palestinians and their few Jewish Israeli supporters into a high art.

The ADL letter concludes with an invitation that seeks to strengthen the dependency of academic administrative elites on this highly biased Zionist organization. It states, “As one of the country’s premier civil rights organizations, ADL has decades of experience in helping administrators and students on campus respond to bigotry and intergroup strife. We would be happy to discuss the challenges many campuses face today and to assist your efforts to ensure your campus remains a place where all viewpoints can be discussed.” So said the spider to the fly.

The ADL might have been a “premier civil rights organization” in 1913, when it was founded, but soon after 1967 it went the way of most major American Jewish organizations by becoming a mouthpiece for the uncritical defense of Israel. To this end it has confused opposition to Israel and its behavior with anti-Semitism and, in doing so, has lost any ability to objectively know what civil rights means within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Part III – Tragic Consequences

Let there be light!

Let there be light!

So why would a highly placed academic administrator such as Chancellor Linda Katehi, of the University of California, Davis, accept this missive from the ADL and distribute it to all her vice chancellors, deans and, significantly, the head of the UC Davis police department?

Because, unlike her student constituency, which is evolving an accurate view and critique of Israel, she is stuck in the world of elites dominated by donors and ideologues who have always been pro-Israel.

In other words, her world remains static while the world outside her clique is changing.

It is because of the continuing vulnerability of higher education’s administrative elites to donor blackmail that we continue to witness the tragic and unjust treatment of scholars and teachers who have taken a public stand against Israel.

An editorial in the Los Angeles Times describes the negative institutional consequences:

“For any university, but especially a public institution … the encroachment of donor pressure on the administration is a harbinger of the destruction of academic freedom. Wealthy donors are able to step in and exert strong influence because public funding sources, such as the state legislature, have systematically withdrawn support for public universities. They seldom have an interest in independent, objective academic study; they’re interested in advancing their own notions of how the world works or should work – in ideology, not ideas.”

Donor blackmail is the last front line for the Zionists as they continue to suffer defeats in the battle for public opinion. Unfortunately, their activities on this front have resulted in dozens of ruined careers, and no doubt there will be more in the future. As Stephen Lendman has observed, American Zionists have collectively taken on the role of a modern-day Joe McCarthy now attempting to purge higher education of those critical of Israel. In so doing they join the ranks of other dubious pressure groups such as those who would purge the teaching of evolution from the classrooms and censor books in our libraries. And, in the case of the operatives at the ADL, they go about this corrupting process while proclaiming themselves a “premier civil rights organization.” Well, you know the old saying: actions speak louder than words.

Gaza: Is this a war on children? | Channel 4 News

Published on Jul 23, 2014

Jon Snow has been speaking to youngsters in Gaza City about their lives and how they’re coping with living in a warzone. And he also talks to Dr Mads Gilbert – a Norwegian doctor working at al Shifa hospital – who is treating some of the children.


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Jewish Lobby ”11” : Earth’s alpha predator: Zionist Mafia


Humanity free of Zionism . . . try to imagine the horizon, the potential for positivegrowth and decency—the sheer humanity of disarming the elite. Imagine the elite global war/genocide machine dead in its tracks.

by Rand Clifford

Actions trump lies. Evidence does not lie . . . so how has the American public been so brainwashed by lies, in light of so much evidence? Are Zionists that intelligent, or is the American public that unintelligent—and how did even that obvious question become a “third-rail issue”?

Totally uncool, our tradition of being outsmarted by Zionists even to the point of “Rothschilding” our descendants’ future.

Is it possible for the American public to think their way out of Zionist enslavement . . . or is Gaza a preview of our future?

There certainly is genius behind creation of the terms, “conspiracy theory,” and, “anti-Semitism.” Mere concepts, these two seem among the highest human inventions in terms of neutralizing independent thought. Both terms are amazingly popular and effective; a function, perhaps, of both being technically meaningless—a reliable Zionist mind-control touch, confusion.

● “conspiracy theory” was born to describe anything that questions official, establishment positions. Problem is, in the realm of establishment positioning, by definition, everything is conspiracy, putting the term conspiracy theory in the same league as “wet water”

● “anti-Semitism” refers to Semites, “A member of any of a number of peoples including Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs” (Merriam-Webster). “Anti-Zionist” is a meaningful substitute for anti-Semitic—but watch that “third rail”

9/11 was trademark Zionist false-flag testing of what they might get away with, a pushing of boundaries that, magically, stayed in bounds. Zionists third-rail magicians still brag about 9/11.

Merriam-Webster defines “third rail” as:

1: a metal rail through which electric current is led to the motors of an electric vehicle (as a subway car); 2: a controversial issue usually avoided by politicians

Touching that third rail supplying power to trains means electrocution. Politically, third-rail issues are just as not-to-be-touched; same thing socially . . . regarding “politically-correct” conversation, third rail issues beg for the spouting of “conspiracy theory” or “anti-Semitism,” often both.

Sweet success, utter hubris

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s early reaction to 9/11 success was: “It’s very good!”—that was before he corralled his hubris, adjusted his face, and said, “Well, it’s not actually good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel.”

Zionist complicity in, if not masterminding of 9/11 . . . if you wonder about that, check out this celebration of “Purim.” Don’t miss this year’s winners in the amateur costume parade —twins dressed up as the Twin Towers being blasted by “airliners”—bitchin’ smoke, flame and chutzpah. [1]

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said to Israeli foreign minister Shimon Peres on October 3, 2001 (twenty-two days after 9/11 success): “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” [2]

Two problems with Sharon’s hubris: historically, above all the Jewish people are crucial Zionist tools; little evidence suggests that the American public has any idea who is in control, or how far politicos they vote for are removed from actual power. Still, Sharon actually told some truth.

J. William Fulbright

Senator J. William Fulbright, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee said on CBS’ Face the Nation, October 7, 1973: “The Israelis control the policy in the Congress and the Senate.” [3]

Senator Fulbright’s candor got him unseated by a candidate laundered in by the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC—currently veiled as the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee). AIPAC defeated a senator courageous enough tell the truth—a US senator, not a Zionist drone. We used to have a handful of our own senators.

While money taught Fulbright a lesson, with Zionist domination of American mainstream media (ZMM), America’s public brain has been washed, spun. . . .

Standard Zionist chutzpah regarding ZMM orbits the idea, “We tell Americans what to think. If we change our minds, we’ll change their minds.”

Dr. Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote recently, relating to Zionists: “We own the media, Hollywood, the banking system, Congress, and the White House. If we said the Fishy-Smelling Underwater Kingdom of Atlantis was a legitimate state, and a giant squid was its prime minister, we could make you believe us.” [4]

Blaming the Jewish people for Zionism seems similar to blaming Americans for being under Zionist control. Zionists have proven over centuries that Jews are, in the name of greater Zionism, expendable. Zionist sacrifice of Jews, with perceptions managed Zionistically, offers stellar opportunities for concoction of history in Zionist favor. [5].

Americans resist thinking for themselves—at least publicly, wary of being pecked by the flock for being “different” (chickens excel at that). Regarding Americans courageous enough for intelligent inquiry and analysis into evidence bleeding under the wall of ZMM . . . you are being watched as the Internet is being Zionized.

Wikipedia is now recognized by Zionist Israel as “ . . . THE major source of information in the world.” It’s even advertised with standard Zionist chutzpah that Wikipedia is “ . . . under constant, paid review of Zionist assets.” [6]

By way of deception thou shalt do war

In addition to being the motto for Mossad (Israel’s “CIA”), “By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War” expresses their style of committing false-flag atrocities and blaming them on scapegoats, enemies they want the US to destroy. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967, is a vivid display of Zionist style.

It was the fourth day of Israel’s Six-Day War of expansionist aggression against Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. A long-planned war to invade and annex Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula.

A calm and clear June morning in the Eastern Mediterranean, where the USS Liberty patrolled international waters fourteen miles from the coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Liberty was the world’s most sophisticated intelligence ship, a $40,000,000 signals intelligence platform (SIGNIT) with a crew of 294.

About 6 am local time, an Israeli reconnaissance plane spotted the USS Liberty just outside of Israeli coastal radar.

Israeli planes flew out and repeatedly circled the ship on eight different sequences over the next eight hours . . . and then—

Unmarked fighter jets attacked the Liberty at 2 pm, initially targeting the command bridge, communications antennas, and four .50 caliber machine guns placed to repel boarders.

After the first wave spent their ordnance, consecutive new waves of fighters added napalm to the rocket and 30 mm cannon fire. Liberty was able to contact The Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean about nine minutes into the attack. The aircraft carrier USS Saratoga launched fighters to aid the Liberty . . . but before making visual contact, the fighters were ordered to return to the Saratoga. Fighters were also launched by the USS America, and were also ordered—again by the White House—to stand down!

Did LBJ Cover for Israel ?

Never before or since in US history have planes been launched to aid an American ship being attacked, and ordered back before reaching fellow service-members under fire. On June 8, 1967, it happened twice.

Any refusal to help fellow service-members under attack is a criminal matter.

President Lyndon Johnson was noted as saying: “I don’t give a damn if every man drowns and the ship sinks. I don’t want to embarrass our allies.”

Forty minutes into the attack, fighter jets disengaged and three unmarked torpedo boats closed in. Five torpedoes were launched—one blasting the Liberty’s research spaces, killing another twenty-five crew. Torpedo boats then raked the Liberty port and starboard with cannon and machine-gun fire, targeting anyone who came above decks, firefighters and their equipment especially.

The Liberty was ablaze and listing when her seriously-wounded captain, Commander William McGonagle, gave the order to abandon ship.

Torpedo boats machine-gunned Liberty’s crowded lifeboats, sinking two before Israelis realized that news of their treachery had gotten out of control. The torpedo boats suddenly broke off their attack and started radioing the Liberty—“Do you need assistance?”

An Israeli naval officer notified the US Naval attache’ at the embassy in Tel Aviv that Israeli forces had mistakenly attacked an American ship:

“We’re sorry. . . .”

Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty is an American monument to shame forty-seven years old. Even Zionist-fantasy screenplays cannot sink the evidence. President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara may have had no problem sacrificing the USS Liberty and her crew to the cause of greater Zionism, but virtually everyone else high in the US command chain considered Israel’s “mistaken identity” claims to be pure lies.

Johnson ordered that all inquiry into the matter conclude: mistaken identity. And the Liberty sacrifice remains the only serious naval episode never to be investigated by Congress. The only one—even though evidence is explicit that, with full knowledge and intent of targeting an American ship, Israel attacked the USS Liberty with unmarked (camouflaged) planes and boats, fourteen miles off the coast of Egypt. Exactly what happened has never really been an issue; it’s all about how much the US will allow Zionists to get away with.

Liberty’s damage included 861 holes the size of a man’s hand and larger, thousands of .50 caliber machine gun holes, the torpedo wound, fire damage. . . . But, instead of sending the Liberty and all of its gathered intelligence to the bottom, along with 294 Americans, Zionists had to settle for only 34 dead crewmen, 171 wounded, and a nightmare of evidence and witnesses.

Israel clings to the fantasy of mistaking the Liberty for the Egyptian El Quiser, a rusted-out old horse transport. Some immediate problems with that were:

● lead pilot of the first wave of Israeli fighters argued with headquarters about the Liberty flying three American flags. Ordered to ignore the flags and attack, the pilot refused—so did another pilot; both flew back to headquarters as the attack commenced, both were arrested after landing, and jailed for years

● radio arguments between Israeli command and the disobeying pilots were heard by radio monitors at the US embassy in Lebanon. Israeli commanders ordering pilots to attack an American ship—and the pilots’ refusals—were also picked up by radio operators in Germany, Spain . . . many places

● Richard S. Sturman, a surviving USS Liberty radioman, said: “Two Israeli pilots, commencing their strafing-run, reported to their headquarters that the USS LIBERTY was an American ship. They were ordered to attack nonetheless! Those two pilots, refusing to attack, returned to their base, were arrested, court marshaled and given harsh jail sentences.”

In 2001, it was revealed that a US Navy EC-121 surveillance aircraft with top intelligence-gathering sophistication electronically recorded from high altitude the entire attack on the Liberty. Such immaculate evidence didn’t seem to matter.

And Israel did chip in $6 million, apparently the market price for 34 Americans killed, 171 wounded, plus the material damage—the $40,000,000 SIGNIT platform called the USS Liberty was sold as scrap for $102,666.66. Numerology . . . mark of the beast, anyone?

The home front

Congress is pathetic. Recent polls reflect 11% of American adults believing Congress to be a good reflection of the views of the American people. Basically, a 90% disapproval rating for Congress. People might be waking up.


Another poll revealed a 10% favorable view of America’s “political media”—another 90% disapproval.

Polls showing a mere 29% of American consumers of ZMM trusting Zionist perception management called “news” might also sound encouraging, unless one considers that 99% of Americans polled think Iran is a threat to the vital interests of the United States. Iran is “our” enemy, despite Americans knowing almost nothing about Iran, and Iranians—it’s all ZMM propaganda. Ever seen the movie, “Argo”? [7]

So how was a population with 29% trust of ZMM essentially 100% programmed by what they don’t trust into believing lies about something they know virtually nothing about? [8] Perhaps the same way Americans have been programmed to accept the “Federal Reserve System” for 100 years, even renewal of its charter for another 100 years.

Before 9/11 birthed the “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) to aim American blood and treasure at Israel’s enemies, 189 of Earth’s 196 recognized “sovereign” nations had a Rothschild-controlled central bank. Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea were those last seven nations resisting Rothschild enslavement.

Now, only Cuba, North Korea, and Iran remain free. Notice how high Iran and North Korea are on our list of enemies?

Please see “The Incredible Debt Spider” for more information regarding the fed, and Rothschild-controlled central banking. [9]

Debt, forever

Debt that can never be paid off, only grow. Power of creating money from nothing and loaning it to nations at compounding interest . . . the “magic” of Rothschild-controlled central banking. America’s infection is called the “Federal Reserve System,” a private, for-profit corporation independent of the federal government. The Fed has no reserves, is simply a system for transferring wealth from the people to the elite via national debt, GWOT, “benign global hegemony” (Partnership for the New American Century), bank bailouts . . . whatever it takes for, as George Bush I stated, “The continuous consolidation of wealth and power into higher, tighter, and righter hands.” [10]

The whole Rothschild Usury Mill (RUM) offers only one destiny or conclusion, only one horizon: Rothschilds will own the entire planet. They are already closer to global ownership than few people other than the elite might imagine. The US has a potentially-fatal RUM infection. On the horizon we see imminence of bank “bail-ins.” Austerity, raiding of personal bank accounts, pension funds, “entitlements”—whatever “low-hanging fruit” might keep the RUM scam-of-all-time going a little longer.

Are there any flashes of hope on the Rothschild-controlled horizon?


The Real Enemy


How’s this for a textbook Zionist mind-control twist? Our “best friend” that has given us more ever-accelerating grief and extracted from us more blood and treasure than all of our “enemies” combined has as a number-one enemy called Iran. Zionists are willing to spill every last drop of American blood, divert every American social expenditure to fund war crimes, and exhaust American treasure not already plundered by the GWOT, TARP, the Fed—all those classic symptoms of runaway RUM infection . . . building up to their ultimate usury coup de grâce, WWIII. But. . . .

After years of saber rattling, and employing perception-management devices all the way to Hollywood’s Academy Awards to convince Americans that the one nation that might actually save us from Zionism is enemy number-one, Zionists are yet to attack Iran. What’s in the way?

Apparently, something Zionists cannot Zionize. Treachery, duplicity, blackmail, bribery, extortion, fraud, terrorism, car bombs, pitting Israel’s enemies against each other—nothing in the obscene Zionist toolkit offers any succor. Are Zionists potentially at the mercy of their obvious, ultimate nemesis, humanity?

More specifically, are Zionists being thwarted by human invention for the good of humanity? Tesla kinds of power?

J.P. Morgan and his Rothschild masters did a masterful job of scrubbing Tesla from public consciousness. [11] But now, is “another Tesla” threatening the Zionist grip on humanity—a genius from Iran no less? His name is Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. [12]

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian nuclear scientist

The longer Iran goes without being attacked militarily, the more likely it seems that, through the genius of Keshe and other brilliant minds, Iran is developing technology to render all modes of modern warfare obsolete. Could there be a greater gift to humanity than immunity against Zionist aggression—or a more obvious reason for Iran to be Zionist enemy number one?

Could Keshe be the most important person on Earth to protect from Mossad?

Humanity free of Zionism . . . try to imagine the horizon, the potential for positive growth and decency—the sheer humanity of disarming the elite. Imagine the elite global war/genocide machine dead in its tracks.

If we have any chance of outsmarting Zionism, one of our greatest allies might be mass awareness of Zionism itself. Not ZMM propaganda, but truth. Then again, after being vaccinated by ZMM for so long, might Americans be immune to truth?


1. Israel Celebrates Successful 9/11 Operation on Purim Holiday

2. Zionist Lobby AIPAC Is Running America

3. Put Option On America, Part 3

4. Top Ten Reasons Why Israel Actually IS a Legitimate State

5. Perfidy by Ben Hecht

6. Wikileaks, the Zionist Hydra that Won’t Die

7. Ben Affleck could be hanged for war crimes: US intelligence expert

8. 21st Century Wire TV—’FOCUS ON IRAN’—Part 1

9. The incredible debt spider

10. Truth, By George

11. From Reptiles to Humans: A Three Brain Odyssey

12. Keshe Foundation

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Ilan Pappe on Hard Talk

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Ilan Pappe joined the board of Deir Yassin Remembered in the good times – but then so did lots of other ‘good Jews’ – Marc Ellis, Jeff Halper, Norman Finkelstein and Jeff Blankfort etc. But when things got tough and their solidarity careers were threatened they all left. But ten years later, Ilan Pappe remains.

Apart from his historical analysis of who did what to whom in 1948, there’s a lot Professor Pappe stands for with which I don’t agree but, like Gideon Levy in my previous post, there’s a lot I admire and respect.
Here, under Stephen Sacker’s relentless, often bullying but still well-informed barracking, a lot of Pappe’s contradictions are laid bare.BTW, what to my mind is noteworthy: How come the premier voice, at least certainly the premier historical voice in Palestine solidarity is an Israeli Jew?

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The world is sick of ”Israel” and its insanities



By: Gideon Levy

What a cruel world: Three yeshiva students were kidnapped, and the world isn’t interested; three mothers are crying out, and the world doesn’t answer. It’s all because the entire world is against us; it’s anti-Semitic and hates Israel. The Anti-Defamation League is already preparing a report. But the truth is, that’s just the way things are: When you openly thumb your nose at the world for years on end, eventually, it thumbs its nose back.

The three mothers went all the way to Geneva. One of them went abroad for the first time in her life to go to the United Nations Human Rights Council. But the world, and the council, went on their merry ways. It’s the irony of fate: About two years ago, Israel officially suspended cooperation with that council; together with the Marshall Islands, Palau and the U.S., it opposed the council’s very establishment. But now, in its distress and the mothers’ distress, it has turned to the council, which is indeed hostile to Israel and spends more time on it than on any other country. Suddenly, Israel needs the world. It even needs the UN, which all of a sudden isn’t the worthless body Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion once termed it.

It takes considerable effrontery to demand that the world interests itself in the fate of three abducted Israelis, and considerable chutzpah to be disappointed by the fact that it has kept silent. Granted, Israel tried to move heaven and earth, and its ambassador/propagandist at the UN gave a moving speech in an effort to scrape up a few more public diplomacy points against Hamas. But once it was paying attention already, that bizarre world was more interested in the campaign of collective punishment imposed on thousands of West Bank residents after the kidnapping.

That’s the way things are with the world-that’s-entirely-against-us: It’s more interested in the half-century-old occupation; it’s more upset over the fate of three million Palestinians than the fate of three Israelis.

The world has no lack of kidnapping victims, but none of them ever got the attention received by kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. With the three current kidnap victims, however, Israel no longer had a chance.

Over the last two weeks, which I spent in Sweden, I didn’t run across a single mention of the abduction in the media. Not one.

That’s what rotten fruit looks like. The world has no reason to be more interested in the fate of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gilad Shaar than it is in the fate of their age mate Mohammed Dudin, a boy of 15 who was killed by live fire from Israeli soldiers in Dura last Friday.

The body of 15 year old Mohammed Dudin killed by the Israeli Defense Forces in Dura during operation Brother’s Keeper, 20 June 2014

The body of 15 year old Mohammed Dudin killed by the Israeli Defense Forces in Dura during operation Brother’s Keeper, 20 June 2014

It has no reason to be especially moved by the haunting words of Rachel Fraenkel, who related that her Naftali is a good boy who loves to play guitar and soccer, when Mohammed was also a good boy, who helped his father build their house during his school vacations and sold sweets to help support his family. Rachel wants to hug Naftali?

Jihad, Mohammed’s bereaved father, also wants to hug his son. Incidentally, nobody brought him to Geneva. He remained alone with his mourning, at the wretched house whose construction hasn’t yet been finished, and perhaps never will be.

The world is a mess, as they say. In Iraq, Nigeria, Syria and even Ukraine, the situation is far crueler. Yet the complete lack of interest in the kidnapped Israelis doesn’t stem from that alone.

It’s impossible to demand sympathy from the world when Israel ignores the world’s decisions; it’s impossible to demand action when Israel is perpetuating the occupation; and it’s impossible to demand solidarity with the fate of Israeli victims when that same victimized Israel continues to kill, wound and arrest innocents as a matter of routine.

Now Israel is discovering that it’s no longer the center of attention as it always was before, and that the fate of its kidnapping victims no longer stops the world in its tracks, not even in the United States.

The world is sick of Israel and its insanities. Unfortunately, the world has also lost interest in what happens here. When Israel was a more just country, the world identified with its victims. It continued to do so even when Israel became less just. But now, when Israeli rejectionism is hitting new heights and its oppression of the Palestinians is returning to what it was during the very worst periods, the world has started getting tired of it all. Even the kidnapped Nigerian girls interest it more.

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Jewish Lobby ”10”: Put on trial American officials loyal to I$raHell for treason


US officials who are loyal to Israel should be put on trial for treason by the American people – Mike Harris


Put on trial American officials loyal to Israel for treason: Expert

“It’s time for the United States people to rise up and purge these Israeli loyalists out of our government and put them on trial for treason because they’re betraying their oath of office, they’re betraying their oath to the constitution and it’s time to eliminate them from our presence and have an independent US free of Israeli and Zionist control,” said Mike Harris, an editor at Veterans Today.

“We have a very large number of people serving both in our Congress as well as bureaucrats within the government, who are more loyal to Israel than they are to the interest of the US,” he added.

American officials “take their orders from Tel Aviv; they have no loyalty to the American people, they have no loyalty to the American military and it’s their goal to have the US fight wars to the benefit of Israel at the expense of our treasure and lives of our young men and women in order to advance Israel’s goals,” Harris said.

The US government has long been “corrupted and infiltrated” by Israeli agents and US officials loyal to the Zionists, he said.

“The United States has been corrupted and been infiltrated by a foreign intelligence agency and by foreign interest,” he told Press TV on Monday.

Harris believes US President Barack Obama is “not necessarily eager” to use the excuse of ISIL to carry out strikes inside Syria but he is under pressure to do so from pro-Israeli elements in the country.

Read at Original Source:

Also see:

National Summit to Reassess the U.S.—Israel “Special Relationship”

Source of America’s Wars — Kristol Clear


Poster4-320x240 Take back America

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Jewish Lobby ”9”: AngloZionist Empire is at War with Russia


I am sorry that it took me over 6400 words to explain all that, but in a society where most “thoughts” are expressed as “tweets” and analyses as Facebook posts, it was a daunting task to try to shed some light to what is turning to be a deluge of misunderstandings and misconceptions, all made worse by the manipulation of the social media.  I feel that 60’000 words would be more adequate to this task as it is far easier to just throw out a short and simple slogan than to refute its assumptions and implications.

My hope that at least those of you who sincerely were confused by Russia’s apparently illogical stance can now connect the dots and make better sense of it all. 

Vineyard of the  Saker 

Information Clearing House

The context:  Russian Response to A double declaration of war

From left, French President Francois Hollande, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Obama, Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi sit together September 4 to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

From left, French President Francois Hollande, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Obama, Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi sit together September 4 to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

Listening to Poroshenko a few days ago and then to Obama at the UNGA can leave no doubt whatsoever about the fact that the AngloZionist Empire is at war with Russia.  Yet many believe that the Russian response to this reality is inadequate.  Likewise, there is a steady stream of accusations made against Putin about Russia’s policy towards the crisis in the Ukraine.  What I propose to do here is to offer a few basic reminders about Putin, his obligations and his options.

First and foremost, Putin was never elected to be the world’s policeman or savior, he was only elected to be president of Russia.  Seems obvious, but yet many seem to assume that somehow Putin is morally obliged to do something to protect Syria, Novorussia or any other part of our harassed world.  This is not so.  Yes, Russia is the de facto leader of the BRICS and SCO countries, and Russia accepts that fact, but Putin has the moral and legal obligation to care for his own people first.

Second, Russia is now officially in the crosshairs of the AngloZionist Empire which includes not only 3 nuclear countries (US, UK, FR) but also the most powerful military force (US+NATO) and the world’s biggest economies (US+EU).  I think that we can all agree that the threat posed by such an Empire is not trivial and that Russia is right in dealing with it very carefully.

Sniping at Putin and missing the point

Now, amazingly, many of those who accuse Putin of being a wimp, a sellout or a naive Pollyanna also claim that the West is preparing nuclear war on Russia.  If that is really the case,  this begs the question: if that is really the case, if there is a real risk of war, nuclear or not, is Putin not doing the right thing by not acting tough or threatening?  Some would say that the West is bent on a war no matter what Putin does.  Okay, fair enough, but in that case is his buying as much time as possible before the inevitable not the right thing to do?!

Third, on the issue of the USA vs ISIL, several comment here accused Putin of back-stabbing Assad because Russia supported the US Resolution at the UNSC.

And what was Putin supposed to do?!   Fly the Russian Air Force to Syria to protect the Syrian border?   What about Assad?  Did he scramble his own air force to try to stop the US or has he quietly made a deal: bomb “them” not us, and I shall protest and do nothing about it?  Most obviously the latter.

In fact, Putin and Assad have exactly the same position: protest the unilateral nature of the strikes, demand a UN Resolution while quietly watching how Uncle Sam turned on his own progeny and now tries to destroy them.

Who finances ISIS ?

Who financed ISIS ?

I would add that Lavrov quite logically stated that there are no “good terrorists”.  He knows that ISIL is nothing but a continuation of the US-created Syrian insurgency, itself a continuation of the US-created al-Qaeda.  From a Russian point of view, the choice is simple: what is better, for the US to use its forces and men to kill crazed Wahabis or have Assad do it?  And if ISIL is successful in Iraq, how long before they come back to Chechnia?  Or Crimea?  Or Tatarstan?  Why should any Russian or Syria soldier risk death when the USAF is willing to do that for them?

While there is a sweet irony in the fact that the US now has to bomb it’s own creation, let them do that.  Even Assad was clearly forewarned and he obviously is quite happy about that.

Finally, UN or no UN, the US had already taken the decision to bomb ISIL.  So what is the point of blocking a perfectly good UN Resolution?  That would be self-defeating.  In fact, this Resolution can even be used by Russia to prevent the US and UK from serving as a rear base for Wahabi extremists (this resolution bans that, and we are talking about a mandatory, Chapter VII, UNSC Resolution).

And yet, some still say that Putin threw Assad under the bus.  How crazy and stupid can one get to have that kind of notion about warfare or politics?  And if Putin wanted to toss Assad under the bus, why did he not do that last year?

Sincere frustration or intellectual dishonesty?

But that kind of nonsense about Syria is absolutely dwarfed by the kind of truly crazy stuff some people post about Novorussia.  Here are my favorite ones.  The author begins by quoting me:

“This war has never been about Novorussia or about the Ukraine.”and then continues:
That statement is too vacuous and convenient as a copout. Do you really mean to say that the thousands of people murdered by shelling, the thousands of young Ukrainian conscripts put through the meat grinder, the thousands of homes destroyed, the more than 1 million people who have turned into refugees… NONE of that has anything to do with Novorussia and Ukraine? That this is only about Russia?  Really, one would wish you’d refrain from making silly statements like that.The only problem being, of course, that I never made it in the first place :-)

Of course, it is rather obvious that  I meant that FOR THE ANGLOZIONIST EMPIRE the goal has never been the Ukraine or Novorussia, but a war on Russia.  All Russia did was to recognize this reality. Again, the words “do you really mean to say that” clearly show that the author is going to twist what I said, make yet another strawman, and then indignantly denounce me for being a monster who does not care about the Ukraine or Novorussia (the rest of the comment was in the same vein: indignant denunciations of statements I never made and conclusions I never reached).

I have already grown used to the truly remarkable level of dishonesty of the Putin-bashing crowd and by now I consider it par for the course.  But I wanted to illustrate that one more time just to show that at least in certain cases an honest discussion is not the purpose at all.  But I don’t want to bring it all down to just a few dishonest and vociferous individuals.   There are also many who are sincerely baffled, frustrated and even disappointed with Russia’s apparent passivity.  Here is an excerpt of an email I got this morning:

I guess I was really hoping that perhaps Russia, China The BRICS would be a counter force. What I fail to understand is why after all the demonisation by the U.S and Europe doesn’t Russia retaliate. The sanctions imposed by the West is hurting Russia and yet they still trade oil in euros/dollars and are bending over backwards to accommodate Europe. I do not understand why they do not say lift all sanctions or no gas. China also says very little against the U.S , even though they fully understand that if Russian is weakened they are next on the list. As for all the talk of lifting the sanctions on Iran that is farcical as we all know Israel will never allow them to be lifted. So why do China and Russia go along with the whole charade. Sometimes I wonder if we are all being played, and this is all one big game , which no chance of anything changing.In this case the author correctly sees that Russia and China follow a very similar policy which sure looks like an attempt to appease the US.  In contrast to the previous comment, here the author is both sincere and truly distressed.

In fact, I believe that what I am observing are three very different phenomena all manifesting themselves at the same time:

1) An organized Putin-bashing campaign initiated by US/UK government branches tasked with manipulating the social media.
2) A spontaneous Putin-bashing campaign lead by certain Russian National-Bolshevik circles (Limonov, Dugin & Co.).
3) The expression of a sincere bafflement, distress and frustration by honest and well-intentioned people to whom the current Russian stance really makes no sense at all.

The rest of this post will be entirely dedicated to try to explain the Russian stance to those in this third group (any dialog with the 2 first ones just makes no sense).

Trying to make sense of an apparently illogical policy

In my introduction above I stated that what is taking place is a war on Russia, not hot war (yet?) and not quite an old-style Cold War.  In essence, what the AngloZionists are doing is pretty clear and a lot of Russian commentators have already reached that conclusion: the US are engaged into a war against Russia for which the US will fight to the last Ukrainian.  Thus, for the Empire, “success” can never be defined as an outcome in the Ukraine because, as I said previously, this war is not about the Ukraine.  For the Empire “success” is a specific outcome in Russia: regime change.  Let’s us look at how the Empire plans to achieve this result.

Caught on tape!

Caught on tape!

The original plan was simplistic in a typically US Neocon way: overthrow Yanukovich, get the Ukraine into the EU and NATO, politically move NATO to the Russian border and militarily move it into Crimea.  That plan failed.  Russia accepted Crimea and the Ukraine collapsed into a vicious civil war combined with a terminal economic crisis.  Then the US Neocons fell-back to plan B.

Plan B was also simple: get Russia to intervene militarily in the Donbass and use that as a pretext for a full-scale Cold War v2 which would create 1950′s style tensions between East and West, justify fear-induced policies in the West, and completely sever the growing economic ties between Russia and the EU.  Except that plan also failed – Russia did not take the bait and instead of intervening directly in the Donbass, she began a massive covert operation to support the anti-Nazi forces in Novorussia.  The Russian plan worked, and the Junta Repression Forces (JRF) were soundly defeated by the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF) even though the latter was suffering a huge deficit in firepower, armor, specialists and men (gradually, Russian covert aid turned all these around).

At this point in time the AngloZionist plutocracy truly freaked out under the combined realization that their plan was falling apart and that there was nothing they could really do to rescue it (a military option was totally impossible as I explained it in the past).  They did try economic sanctions, but that only helped Putin to engage in long overdue reforms.  But the worst part of it all was that each time the West expected Putin to do something, he did the exact opposite:

  • Nobody expected that Putin would use military force in Crimea in a lightening-fast take-over operation which will go down in history as at least as amazing as Storm-333.
  • Everybody (including myself) expected Putin to send forces into Novorussia.  He did not.
  • Nobody expected Russian counter-sanctions to hit the EU agricultural sector.
  • Everybody expected that Putin would retaliate after the latest round of sanctions.  He did not.

There is a pattern here and it is one basic to all martial arts: first, never signal your intentions, second use feints and third, hit when and where your opponent doesn’t expect it.

Conversely, there are two things which are deeply ingrained in the western political mindset which Putin never does: he never threatens and he never postures.  For example, while the US is basically at war with Russia, Russia will gladly support a US resolution on ISIL if it is to Russia’s advantage.  And Russian diplomats will speak of “our American partners” or “our American friends” while, at the same time, doing more than the rest of the planet combined to bring down the AngloZionist Empire.

A quick look at Putin’s record

As I have written in the past, unlike some other bloggers and commentators, I am neither a psychic not a prophet and I cannot tell you what Putin thinks or what he will do tomorrow.

But what I can tell you is that which Putin has already done in the past: (in no particular order)

Putin success

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