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The ANSWER Coalition is calling for demonstrations to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28

People have been taking to the streets across the
United States for over a year to oppose a new war in
Syria. The above photo was taken at a demonstration
on  Aug. 30, 2013

The U.S. bombing of Syria has begun.

We in the ANSWER Coalition oppose this war and are calling for demonstrations to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. This war, like the earlier ones, is being sold on the basis of misinformation and fear. The United States is a major part of the problem and cannot be the solution to the current crisis in Syria and Iraq.

This new aggression is loaded with irony. The Pentagon spokesperson says that the bombing is directed against the self-named Islamic State (ISIS) forces that have gained control over large swaths of Syria and Iraq. But it was precisely the arms transfers and funding of ISIS by the U.S. government’s principal allies in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, that have allowed the Islamic state to grow strong in its struggle to topple the secular Syrian government led by Bashar Al-Assad.

We, in the U.S. anti-war movement, are exposing the fundamental truth that the Obama administration conceals from the people: The so-called Islamic State or ISIS wouldn’t exist today as a major force either in Syria or Iraq if it wasn’t for the U.S. military aggression that smashed the secular, nationalist governments in Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011, followed by the U.S. government’s catastrophic support for the armed opposition against the similarly organized government in Syria.

The U.S. bombing of Syrian territory is taking place without the consent of the Syrian government. It is one more U.S. violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty. The Syrian government had offered to cooperate with the United States in a joint military struggle against the reactionary forces of ISIS. That offer has, however, been immediately and categorically rejected by all in the U.S. ruling class political circles who have already announced that the Syrian government must be destroyed. Obama and the Pentagon and the CIA and, last and least, the bribed and corrupted talking heads in Congress are determined to use the attack against the Islamic State as a pretext to carry out regime change in Syria by military means even though the Syrian government has been the most effective military force in struggling against the so-called Islamic State.

The real objectives of U.S. imperialism are to locate permanent Pentagon military bases in Iraq, Syria and the entire resource-rich region of the Middle East. This is the goal: the projection of permanent imperial power and domination in a region that contains two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves.

For the past 24 years, the United States has relentlessly bombed Iraq and now it is bombing Syria. Neither Iraq nor Syria has ever attacked the United States or its people. This enduring war against previously colonized peoples is justified with shifting and changing rationales. But it is illegal. It is an expression of modern-day imperialism. It is causing chaos and destruction in the targeted countries. And ultimately it will fail to satisfy its objectives because it is based on the fantasies of those who have become drunk on that now-familiar toxic combination of unbridled arrogance and military power.

The majority of people of the United States oppose this endless war in Iraq and now Syria. It is not in their interest. At any moment this or that poll will announce that the American people favor military action of some sort. This is paper-thin propaganda. If the country and its people were actually threatened, the Commander in Chief would not have to go on national TV and promise the people that this war will involve “no boots on the ground.” There is no clearer indication that the motivation for the new imperial war is not just flimsy but false.

Demonstrations will be taking place nationwide to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. A list of demonstrations will be available soon at Please send in details of planned demonstrations to

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Supreme Court refuses request to appeal against demolition orders for all homes in Umm el-Hieran


Supreme Court: “This case is not one of primary public importance.”

On 15 September 2014, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected Adalah’s request to appeal against the Be’er Sheva District Court’s decision, which permits the demolition of all homes in the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Umm el-Hieran in the Naqab (Negev). As a result, the villagers have exhausted all legal possibilities available to them to cancel the demolition orders against their village. The Israeli authorities plan to demolish the village in order to establish a new Jewish town called “Hiran” over its ruins.

According to the Court’s decision, “There is no explanation to be found in the conditions of the case to justify the possibility of granting the appeal, because this issue has no primary public importance beyond the parties in the specific case.” The Court’s decision focused on technical matters pertaining to legal action taken by the planning authorities, but it failed to address the serious human rights problem of demolishing an entire Arab Bedouin village and displacing all of its residents so that Israeli Jewish citizens may benefit from a new town. Nonetheless, Adalah will soon submit a request to the Court to stay or stop the implementation of this decision until another decision is made in the case of the eviction against the residents of Atir-Umm el-Hieran, which is still pending before the Supreme Court (Case citation: HCJ 3094/11, Ibrahim Abu al Qian et al. v. The State of Israel)

The residents of Atir-Umm el-Hieran, represented by Adalah, have been involved in a tenacious legal struggle for nearly a decade and have been appearing before Israeli courts in regards to two parallel cases: (1) the case of the demolition orders issued against their homes, and (2) the case of the eviction orders against the residents which is still pending before the Supreme Court and awaiting a decision, expected in the coming months. If the Court accepts the residents’ appeal in the evacuation case, it would reopen the opportunity for the residents to demand the cancellation of the demolition orders.

In September 2003, the Magistrates’ Court issued ex parte demolition orders on all the houses of the twin villages without taking into consideration the existing residents, who lived on the land. The villagers learned of the court’s decision only after a period of time, when reports of the police’s intention to execute the orders were revealed. In 2004, the state then issued evacuation orders for all the residents, claiming that they are “trespassing on state land.” Important to note, however, is that the villagers have been living on the land by order of the Israeli military governor in the 1950s, who relocated them to this area in 1956 after they were forcibly displaced from their village of origin, Khirbet Zubaleh, in 1948.

For more information:

Adalah’s press release, Supreme Court to Attorney General: Why not include Umm el-Hieran into the area’s new master plan, rather than demolish it?” 12 June 2014

Adalah’s press release, Israeli Supreme Court Hears Adalah’s Appeal against Evacuation of Unrecognised Bedouin Village of Umm el-Hieran to Build New Jewish Town on its Ruins,” 25 November 2013

Adalah’s report,”Nomads Against Their Will: The Example of Atir-Umm el-Hieran

Watch the video Umm al-Hieran Unrecognized Village v. Hiran Settlement by Adalah and the Negev Coexistence Forum


Read more about the Israeli government’s planto forcibly displace thousands of Arab Bedouin citizens in the Naqab (Negev)

Read More: Umm el-HieranUnrecognized Arab Bedouin villagesNaqab (Negev)Supreme CourtArab-Bedouin citizens of Israel

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National Park Plan approved over confiscated Palestinian lands in East Jerusalem


“The National Park plan is illegal and dangerous, as it will deepen Israel’s control over Palestinian lands in East Jerusalem”

On 10 September 2014, the Israeli National Council for Planning and Building (NCPB) issued its decision to approve the establishment of the “National Park – The Slopes of Mount Scopus” project. This project will annex nearly 700 dunams of lands belonging to the Palestinian villages of Al-‘Issawiya and At-Tur in occupied East Jerusalem.

The decision cites some members’ claims that the plan achieves the principle of “preservation of the natural landscape”, and furthers “cultural, religious and historical” principles. The Council’s decision fully adopts the Israeli Jewish and Zionist narrative of the history of Jerusalem, pointing out that this area is the “place where Israelites entered the Promised Land” and the road that “King David took when he escaped from Jerusalem.” According to the decision, it is also the place where Jeremiah, “one of the Hebrew prophets, came through when he arrived in Jerusalem,” with reference to the biblical narrative.

The Council critiqued the local and national committees for approving the plan “without conducting the necessary checks on the impact of the plan on the Al-‘Issawiya and At-Tur villages in terms of their future development.” However, the Council did not consider this deficiency to be a sufficient problem to warrant the cancellation of the plan based on the objectors’ requests. The Council only decided to return the plan to the national committee for planning and building to look into its borders, and into the question of whether or not the plan obstructs the needs of the two villages.

The Council’s decision to approve the plan and refer it back to the National Committee for some reconsiderations, if any, came after many appeals were submitted against the decision of the National Committee approving the plan. Adalah and the Arab Center for Alternative Planning, in coordination with the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem, and other legal organizations submitted many appeals in the name of the organizations and the Al-‘Issawiya development committee.

The council rejected the objectors’ claims that the plan is “illegal because it is applied on occupied lands and therefore violates international humanitarian law. These international laws prevent significant changes from being made in the occupied territories unless there is a military need or if it is in the interest of the protected population, namely, families in East Jerusalem.” The Council instead views East Jerusalem as an area in which Israeli law applies and where Israeli authorities have the right to implement land projects.

Adalah Attorney Suhad Bishara emphasized in the appeal that any amendments to the plan made by the planning and building committees would be “very marginal and will not change the colonial nature of the plan.” Despite the danger in annexing lands and what may result by those acts, “more important is the principle issue, which is that Israel seeks to deepen its control and influence over East Jerusalem and change the character of the region and its Palestinian identity, and promote the settlements through geographic contiguity between the settlements.”

The Civic Coalition condemned the NCPB’s decision to approve the plan to establish a “national park” on the lands of Al-‘Issawiya and At-Tur. The Coalition considers the decision to be dangerous in that it reinforces the narrative and religious claims that aim to tighten control over the occupied city and “Judaize” its sites. This plan is only one in a series of Israeli policies whose overall aim is to forcefully displace Palestinian Jerusalemite families.

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Adalah demands investigations into Nazi killings of 7 children in two different incidents of suspected war crimes in Gaza


Last week, Adalah sent two letters to the Minister of Defense, the Military Advocate General, and the Attorney General demanding an immediate investigation into violations of international humanitarian law in two separate incidents in the Gaza Strip. The first event was the killing of four children from the Bakr family – Ahed (10), Zakariya (10), Ismail (10) and Mohammed (11) – and injuries of others by a missile fired by the Israeli Navy while the children were playing football on the fishermen’s beach in Gaza. This event was witnessed by and reported on extensively by the international media. The second event was the killing of three young boys from the Shuhaiber family – Wasim (7), Afnan (8) and Jihad (8) – from an air strike on their home while they were on the roof feeding pigeons.

In the letter about the killings of the four children on the beach, Adalah Attorney Nadeem Shehadeh wrote that, according to the testimony of a child who survived the incident, Nasser Bakr, on 16 July 2014 the Israeli navy fired three missiles against a group of children who were playing on the beach to escape the atmosphere of frequent bombardment in the residential areas. According to Bakr’s account:

“We were so bored from the war and wanted to go to the beach to play; we thought it would be fun. Ismail dared us to pretend to shoot him. And then he ran and hid in a shack. The first explosion occurred. We went towards Ismail and found his body on the ground. He was bleeding everywhere and he was burned. I cried loudly and we ran. I ran fastest and looked back. My friends were running. But a second explosion occurred. I looked back again and saw Zakariya, Ahed, Mohammed and Ramiz all lying on the ground and screaming. Muntaser, Mohammed Khamis and two guys I know from the Abu Watfa beach resort ran towards them to help. But then there was a third explosion and every one of them was then on the ground. I started crying for them.”

The next day, on 17 July 2014, the Israeli Air Force launched a missile at a group of children who were on the roof of their home in the Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City. According to the testimony of Sam Shuhaiber, the father of two of the children killed and uncle of the third, the children had gone to the roof to feed the pigeons. Shortly after they got to the roof, a massive explosion shook the entire building, and the three boys were killed.

Attorney Shehadeh wrote in the letter that these two attacks constitute grave violations of international humanitarian law, especially regarding the need to distinguish between civilians and military targets, and the obligation to protect civilians during the fighting. Attorney Shehadeh stressed that these events must be immediately and independently investigated as required by international law, and the perpetrators must be held to account for these serious suspected crimes.

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A few days before the October 2000 anniversary, Meni Mazuz, the Israeli Attorney General from 2004 to 2010, was appointed as a new justice to the Supreme Court. In a cruel twist of history, the same man who closed all the investigation files on the killings of the 13 protestors in 2008, was selected to defend the constitutional rights of all Israeli citizens, including their right to protest.
In Adalah’s view, Mazuz’s appointment does not advance human rights in Israel, especially the rights of Palestinian citizens. The Supreme Court is increasingly legitimizing the Knesset’s discriminatory laws and the Israeli government’s oppressive policies, ignoring Palestinian citizens’ constitutional rights and relegating their just demands for equality and anti-discrimination to procedural questions.This is why the Supreme Court can claim that there is “no public interest” in the demolition of an entire Arab Bedouin village like Umm el-Hieran in the Naqab, and refuse to accept their request to appeal to save their homes. This is also why the Supreme Court can uphold the Admissions Committees Law, which furthers segregation by essentially preventing Palestinian citizens from living in hundreds of small communities built on ‘state land’ in the north and south.


Nazi Regime: Repressive and Brutal Treatment of Palestinian protesters




Another year passes on the anniversary of the October 2000 events, and the murders of 13 young Palestinian citizen protestors by the Israeli police are absent from the minds of the Israeli authorities, as if it they never happened.  In the past year, the police continued its repressive and brutal treatment of Arab protestors, while the Ministry of Justice’s Police Investigation Unit, “Mahash”, continued to cover up cases of police brutality committed by its officers by failing to investigate or prosecute them.

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US Now Admits it is Funding “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong


Global Research

Just as the US admitted shortly after the so-called “Arab Spring” began spreading chaos across the Middle East that it had fully funded, trained, and equipped both mob leaders and heavily armed terrorists years in advance, it is now admitted that the US State Department through a myriad of organizations and NGOs is behind the so-called “Occupy Central” protests in Hong Kong.

The Washington Post would report in an article titled,Hong Kong erupts even as China tightens screws on civil society,” that:

Chinese leaders unnerved by protests elsewhere this year have been steadily tightening controls over civic organizations on the mainland suspected of carrying out the work of foreign powers.

The campaign aims to insulate China from subversive Western ideas such as democracy and freedom of expression, and from the influence, specifically, of U.S. groups that may be trying to promote those values here, experts say. That campaign is long-standing, but it has been prosecuted with renewed vigor under President Xi Jinping, especially after the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych following months of street demonstrations in Kiev that were viewed here as explicitly backed by the West.

The Washington Post would also report (emphasis added):

One foreign policy expert, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive subject, said Putin had called Xi to share his concern about the Wests role in Ukraine. Those concerns appear to have filtered down into conversations held over cups of tea in China, according to civil society group members.

They are very concerned about Color Revolutions, they are very concerned about what is going on in Ukraine, said the international NGO manager, whose organization is partly financed by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), blamed here for supporting the protests in Kievs central Maidan square. They say, Your money is coming from the same people. Clearly you want to overthrow China.

Congressionally funded with the explicit goal of promoting democracy abroad, NED has long been viewed with suspicion or hostility by the authorities here. But the net of suspicion has widened to encompass such U.S. groups as the Ford Foundation, the International Republican Institute, the Carter Center and the Asia Foundation.

Of course, NED and its many subsidiaries including the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute do no such thing as “promoting democracy,” and instead are in the business of constructing a global network of neo-imperial administration termed “civil society” that interlocks with the West’s many so-called “international institutions” which in turn are completely controlled by interests in Washington, upon Wall Street, and in the cities of London and Brussels.

Image: While the Washington Post would have readers believe NED is in the business of promoting “freedom of expression” and “democracy” the corporate-financier interests represented on NED’s board of directors are anything but champions of such principles, and are instead notorious for principles precisely the opposite.

The very concept of the United States ”promoting democracy” is scandalous when considering it is embroiled in an invasive global surveillance scandal, guilty of persecuting one unpopular war after another around the planet against the will of its own people and based on verified lies, and brutalizing and abusing its own citizens at home with militarized police cracking down on civilians in towns like Ferguson, Missouri – making China’s police actions against “Occupy Central” protesters pale in comparison. “Promoting democracy” is clearly cover for simply expanding its hegemonic agenda far beyond its borders and at the expense of national sovereignty for all subjected to it, including Americans themselves.

In 2011, similar revelations were made public of the US’ meddling in the so-called “Arab Spring” when the New York Times would report in an article titled,U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” that:

A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington.

The article would also add, regarding NED specifically, that:

The Republican and Democratic institutes are loosely affiliated with the Republican and Democratic Parties. They were created by Congress and are financed through the National Endowment for Democracy, which was set up in 1983 to channel grants for promoting democracy in developing nations. The National Endowment receives about $100 million annually from Congress. Freedom House also gets the bulk of its money from the American government, mainly from the State Department.

Image: US Senator John McCain on stage in Kiev, Ukraine cheerleading US
funded sedition in Eastern Europe. In 2011, McCain would famously taunt
both Russia and China that US-funded subversion was coming their way.
“Occupy Central” is one of many waves that have hit China’s shores since.

Pro-war and interventionist US Senator John McCain had famously taunted both Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and President Xi Jinping’s predecessor in 2011 that the US subversion sweeping the Middle East was soon headed toward Moscow and Beijing. The Atlantic in a 2011 article titled, The Arab Spring: ‘A Virus That Will Attack Moscow and Beijing’,” would report that:

He [McCain] said, “A year ago, Ben-Ali and Gaddafi were not in power. Assad won’t be in power this time next year. This Arab Spring is a virus that will attack Moscow and Beijing.” McCain then walked off the stage.

Considering the overt foreign-funded nature of not only the “Arab Spring,” but now “Occupy Central,” and considering the chaos, death, destabilization, and collapse suffered by victims of previous US subversion, “Occupy Central” can be painted in a new light – a mob of dupes being used to destroy their own home – all while abusing the principles of “democracy” behind which is couched an insidious, diametrically opposed foreign imposed tyranny driven by immense, global spanning corporate-financier interests that fear and actively destroy competition. In particular, this global hegemon seeks to suppress the reemergence of Russia as a global power, and prevent the rise of China itself upon the world’s stage.

The regressive agenda of “Occupy Central’s” US-backed leadership, and their shameless exploitation of the good intentions of the many young people ensnared by their gimmicks, poses a threat in reality every bit as dangerous as the “threat” they claim Beijing poses to the island of Hong Kong and its people. Hopefully the people of China, and the many people around the world looking on as “Occupy Central” unfolds, will realize this foreign-driven gambit and stop it before it exacts the heavy toll it has on nations that have fallen victim to it before – Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, and many others.

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Syria Today ”6”: The US Unauthorised Air Strikes in Syria: Against or Favouring Wahhabism and the Islamic State?


Global Research


Since the night of September 22/23, US fighter planes have been carrying out strikes with missiles and drones against targets in and around Raqqah, the city in the Northern part of Syria where are located the headquarters of ISIS self-proclaimed ‘Islamic state’. Four of the USs Middle Eastern allies are known to be taking part in these aerial strikes. They signify not just an extension in the warfare the US had previously launched against ISIS positions in Northern Iraq, but herald a decisive break with President Obamas past efforts to wind down and bring to an end the USs involvement in Middle Eastern wars. Once again, as when the US had started its aggression for the overthrow of the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussain (2003), – the current air strikes are clearly illegitimate.

They have neither been authorized by the Syrian government, nor by the UNs Security Council. Although the start of the bombardments inside Syria was preceded by efforts to craft a broad international coalition at meetings held in Great Britain (NATO), in France and in Saudi Arabia some of the USs European allies have expressly stated that the bombardments of Syrian targets lack a legal basis. Meanwhile, leading spokespersons of the USs Military Industrial Complex, such as army chief Dempsey and Defense Secretary Hagel, have speculated on an another imperial ground war, aimed at dislodging ISIS from Syria and Iraq.

To bring out the fact that the USs war on ISIS is controversial from the beginning, it is useful to look at the nature of Middle Eastern governments that have committed support to the US. Towards recruiting participants for its war plans, gaining logistical support and financial backing, the US in the first part of September held a meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where 10 countries took part. In an editorial published in the USs most respectable daily on the very day the air strikes over Syria started, the coalition resulting from this Saudi meeting was described as ‘the unlikeliest of coalitions!’ This in view of the huge funding and other backing ISIS has been receiving from countries that joined the same Saudi meeting.

Yet only a few months back one had a hard time tracing reliable data in Western media or at internet on the history of ISIS funding. Some researchers of US think tanks such as the Brookings Institution were quoted as stating that ISIS has been mobilizing support from Gulf states for years. Only recently has the worlds mainstream press woken up to the fact that Wahhabi clerics and other backers have been voicing pro-ISIS propaganda on t.v. channels in Qatar, and that the Saudi and Kuwaiti government have not hindered, but allowed ISIS-sympathizers to publicly canvass for donors. Worse Turkey, Syrias neighbor, has been facilitating oil exports from areas ISIS controls. Indeed, one wonders for how long Western intelligence agents active in the Middle East have been asleep.

US officials, pressed by these media reports, now argue that Gulf state governments should curb any funding of ISIS from their territories. But is the matter merely one of a lax attitude by Gulf states towards Sunni extremism? How come this issue is being addressed only now, whereas the rise of ISIS and other new al-Qaida-type forces started way back in the middle of the previous decade, when US forces were battling against Sunni extremist groups in the context of their Iraq occupation? The point is of course that cooperation with Wahhabism, Sunni fundamentalism´s leading current, has been built into the very strategy which the hegemonic Western powers -, first Great Britain, then the US – have been pursuing for long.

The UK did so from well before the founding of Saudi Arabias Wahhabi kingdom (1932). Further, Western allies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states may finally been seen to distance themselves from ISIS, – but the reality is that the ideology and practices of these countries rulers and their Wahhabi clergy closely resemble those of ISISs top leadership! Just as in ISIS Caliphate, people who dont conform to the countrys strict laws are regularly beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Just as in areas liberated by ISIS in Iraq, numerous Sufi shrines have been demolished here in the past. Saudi rulers have pledged to the US that they will help train fighters against ISIS, and have proposed that Saudi clerics inculcate these combatants with proper Islamic views. Yet is there any sharp line of demarcation between Saudi Wahhabism and ISISs extremism?

Clearly, after over a decade of unsuccessful efforts to combat international terrorism, US foreign policy is enmeshed in a web of self-inflicted internal contradictions. But then there may be other, hard reasons explaining the US decision to forge an alliance with cousins of ISISs Sunni extremism. Here Qatar is probably the most telling example right now. Though Qatars rulers profess their own variety of Wahhabism and have been enthusiastic supporters of Sunni fundamentalist forces operating throughout the Middle East for years, – the tiny Gulf states air base Al Udeid hosts the regional headquarters of CENTCOM, the command centre of US military personnel and hardware in the Middle East. Given the controversy over Qatars role in helping ISIS get funding from people who have amassed oil wealth, – its rulers have now been told to keep a low profile and tone down their international role. Yet no incriminating revelations by US think tanks or press reports prevent the US from maintaining the closest possible arms trade-ties with the government of Qatar. In the middle of July last, US officials announced that negotiations had been concluded towards the sale of Patriot missiles, Apache helicopters, and other weapons, valued at 11 Billion US Dollars! And this deal was stated to be the very biggest arms trade-deal of the US in 2014.

Some six years back, Obama was elected the US’s President by the American people on an anti-war ticket. Yet being put under huge pressure from the side of the USs transatlanticized Military Industrial Complex, he has launched air strikes that are causing massive devastations and further disruption of life in both Syria and Iraq. Just a year ago, in September of 2013, Obama felt compelled to call off air strikes planned against Syrias government of Assad. The evidence over the use of chemical weapons was shaky, and Russia mediated a sensible compromise.

This time round, the relentless, nightly aerial bombardments are ostensible directed against Assads jihadi opponents, meaning the barrel of Obamas gun is now pointing in reverse direction. Surely, the current air strikes were preceded by a publicity offensive that was well orchestrated, and a significant part of the public in the West believes the strikes are justified. Yet as the above story on the new war alliance the US has crafted with Arab states indicates, – by no stretch of imagination can it be argued that the current war systematically aims at weakening the international influence of intolerant forms of Islam. Already, critics argue that the air war only threatens to prolong, nay vastly increase the suffering of people all over the Middle East. As did the wars initiated in 2001 and 2003, respectively against the Taliban in Afghanistan and against Saddams Iraq. The UN should immediately take the US to task, demand it halt its unjust war waged with intolerant Wahhabi regimes, and take its own responsibility.

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British PM David Cameron: “Non-Violent Extremists” Including “9/11 Truthers” and “Conspiracy Theorists” are Just as Dangerous as ISIL Terrorists

Global Research

Dear Mr Cameron

I write this open letter to you in response to your recent speech at the United Nations calling for military intervention in Iraq and Syria over the threat of ISIL. In particular I would like to make mention of your reference to the so called threat to society of what you have termed non-violent extremists, including those who are attempting to bring forward information and evidence about 9/11 which contradicts the official version of events.

Putting aside the direct issue of ISIL for a moment, I find this position on 9/11 evidence to be quite incredible. It is a position that is either extremely ignorant, or it is a position that goes against freedom and democracy in British society to such an extent that it is scarcely believable. Huge numbers of extremely credible and professional people across the world are now bringing forward incontrovertible facts and evidence showing us that the events of 9/11 have been systematically covered up, and that the public has been deceived and manipulated on this issue at a quite incredible level. Just like the public was deceived and manipulated about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq


While you are labelling these people who bring this evidence forward about 9/11 as non-violent extremists, are you aware of what is currently happening in New York City regarding 9/11?

Are you aware that more than 100,000 New York residents have just signed the petition calling for a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 through the High Rise Safety Initiative?

Are you aware that through the fundraising efforts of public groups in the US, there is currently a massive digital screen in the centre of Times Square showing rolling video footage of the controlled demolition of World Trade Centre Building 7 to three million New Yorkers? This is footage of a collapse of a massive 47 story building (not hit by a plane) that most people have not even been aware of or seen before now. How can this level of information cover-up be possible in this day and age?

Are you aware that many members of US Congress are now demanding that President Obama release the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission Report because there is information in those pages that will shock the nation, according to the two members of Congress who have been authorised to view the pages?

But yet you have just stated to the world that you consider members of the public to be non-violent extremists and a part of the ISIL challenge if they merely wish that these facts, evidence, and information about 9/11 be made available to the wider public and that appropriate investigations are held.

I repeat my previous point. To make that statement to the world as you did, you are either extremely ignorant about this issue, or you are attempting to take a position which is so at odds with a decent, free society that it beggars belief. I find it difficult to believe that the Prime Minister of Britain would be unaware of what I have stated here, and therefore I have to believe that it is the latter scenario that is most likely.

Just to reinforce my point here, according to what you have said, because of their views on 9/11, or because of the evidence they have brought forward, you consider the following people to be non-violent extremists who are a part of the challenge that society faces with the ISIL threat:

· Members of US Congress who have called for the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission Report to be released

· 100,000 members of the New York public for formally supporting and requesting a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 on 9/11

· Dozens of first responder fire fighters who risked their lives on 9/11 and who lost 343 of their colleagues that day, including those who formed the organisation Fire Fighters for 9/11 Truth

· More than 2,200 professional architects, engineers, and demolition experts from the organisation Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

· Norman Minneta US Secretary of Transport during 9/11 who had his formal testimony to the 9/11 investigation panel stricken from the record

· Richard Clarke US Head of Counter Terrorism during 9/11

· Numerous family members of the victims of 9/11

The above list is just a very quick start, but gives a feel for the type of people who you are now labelling as non-violent extremists and a part of the battle against ISIL because of their views about 9/11 or the evidence they are bringing forward. According to your speech to the United Nations, we now need to bring in legislation that will be able to shut down internet sites that bring forward the information and the evidence that the people listed above have been trying to highlight for investigation. That to me sounds like extremist behaviour. In fact, that sounds to me like the words of someone who is supporting an attempted cover up of monumental proportions.

It seems that everyone now acknowledges that we were deceived and manipulated on the issue of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to take us to war. It also looks like we have been deceived and manipulated on a grand scale regarding the true facts about 9/11. So, on this basis, why should you or anyone else believe one word about what the United States is saying about the threat of ISIL?

You have already attempted to take the UK to war in Syria on the basis of alleged evidence against the Assad government that has since proven to be inconclusive at best. Now just a few months later you are once again attempting to take the UK to war with Syria, this time because you now have conclusive evidence of a new and different threat. Meanwhile, you consider anyone who holds views about 9/11 that are contrary to the official story to be non-violent extremists.

Putting aside the direct issue of ISIL, which seems to be clouded in uncertainties in terms of exactly who they are, who and how they have been created and supported, and what their wider threat is to the world, I find your comments at the United Nations about the other aspects of this issue to be quite incredible.

9/11 is the event that launched the so called global war on terror and military action in the Middle East. It is now incontrovertible that we have been deceived and manipulated on a large scale about the true facts of 9/11. Getting the true facts about 9/11 runs right to the heart of all the issues we currently see in the Middle East and the so called war on terror. For you to label ordinary, caring, and patriotic members of the public as non-violent extremists simply for asking these questions about 9/11 and bringing forward this evidence, and to state that these types of internet sites should be censored, then I have to say that it is you who are the extremist, in the extreme.

The truth facts and evidence about 9/11 are now coming forward and there is a tidal wave of growing awareness as people are now getting to see this information, as shown by what is happening in New York City as we speak. It cannot be covered up by any crude efforts by the UK government to censor the internet or to give these people an extremist label. It is far too late for that. For anyone in office to continue to support the attempted suppression of this information will simply result in them being positioned on the wrong side of history.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Drew MSc

UK Facilitator – Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth



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