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Zio-Wahhabi Religious Police Outlaw ‘Tempting Eyes’


In the latest affront to women’s rights, the U.S. ally has announced that it has the right to cover women’s eyes—’especially the tempting ones.’ David Keyes on how they’re defending the outrage.
“I love the looks of you, the lure of you
The sweet of you, and the pure of you
The eyes, the arms, and the mouth of you
The east, west, north, and the south of you”
—Cole Porter

It’s a safe bet that Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, spokesman of Saudi Arabia’s religious police, isn’t a fan of Cole Porter. “The lure of you” is precisely why Nabet announced yesterday that the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will cover any women’s eyes that are deemed “tempting.” “The men of the committee will interfere to force women to cover their eyes, especially the tempting ones” he said. “[We] have the right to do so.”

What are “tempting” eyes? One Saudi journalist mused on condition of anonymity that they are “uncovered eyes with a nice shape and makeup. Or even without makeup, if they are beautiful, the woman will be in trouble.” The Orwellian-named committee did not provide a definition of tempting, but if they happen to rely on Merriam-Webster, then it means “having an appeal.” What is an appeal? According to the dictionary, it is “arousing a sympathetic response.” And what issympathetic?  “Showing empathy,” according to Merriam-Webster.

So there you have it. To allow a women’s eyes to capture the unfettered glory of the world, one must empathize with her very existence. But the religious police—massively funded by King Abdullah—cannot do this. “It’s so stupid,” the Saudi journalist tells me. “I don’t know what to say. They have to stop this. Many people will oppose this in the country. They won’t be silent.”

“I don’t know what tosay.They have to stop this. Many people will oppose this in the country. They won’t be silent.”

Perhaps they won’t be, but the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has some of the most powerful backers in the country. Prince Naif, recently appointed heir to the throne, has said: “The committee is supported by all sides … It should be supported because it is a pillar from Islam. If you are a Muslim, you should support the committee.” No surprise, then, that King Abdullah awarded this draconian body an additional 200 million riyals (about $53 million) in March.

How should America respond to this latest affront to Saudi women? Perhaps it can sponsor a contest of the most tempting eyes in Saudi Arabia. Women will send in pictures of their most tempting look and the winner will get to accompany President Obama during his next meeting with the Saudi dictator.

If Congress reconsidered the recent $60 billion U.S.-Saudi arms deal, the religious police might quickly find it “tempting” to stop treating women as property.

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Livni’s Facebook reply to Naftali Bennett shows true face of ‘Israeli’ ‘moderates’

By: Ben White
Tzipi LivniTzipi Livni

The Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu is a coalition that includes open opponents of Palestinian statehood. Many of these hard-right rejectionists, supporters of expanding the illegal West Bank colonies, occupy senior positions within the cabinet.Given this political reality, some politicians and analysts in the West suggest that if only the Israeli government was led or at least more influenced by ‘centrists’, then progress in negotiations with the Palestinians would be possible.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who has also been serving as Israel’s chief negotiator in the collapsed US-led peace talks, is often considered the kind of ‘moderate‘ that everyone from Brussels to Washington – and indeed, Ramallah – would prefer as premier.

Last Friday, Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett took to Facebook in order to respond to comments from Livni about ceding territory in the context of a deal with the Palestinians.Bennett affirmed that his position on the matter was informed by both political rationale, as well as his belief that “the land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel.”

Livni’s response was instructive. Posting on her Facebook account, Livni accused Bennett of opposing a peace agreement even at the potential “cost” of “the international isolation of Israel, economic collapse and ostracizing.” She continued:

You know what, Bennett? I too believe in the historical right of the People of Israel over all of The Land of Israel, but unlike you I also believe in the right of young people and the future generations to live in a Jewish and democratic state, [a] secure [state], with recognized borders and [a state] being a part of the free world, a state which [they] can take pride in, and in Zionism which had established it.

Livni then added: “My interest is not to establish a state for the Palestinians, but to give our young ones this state and this future in The Land of Israel.”

Israel’s Justice Minister, in other words, believes that all of historic Palestine belongs to the Jewish people – on this, Livni and Bennett are in agreement. In addition, Livni is clear that she is not motivated by a desire to establish a Palestinian state. Rather, her priorities are to protect both Israel’s international standing, and Israel’s Jewish majority.

Nothing here about international law, still less the Palestinian right to self-determination. Instead, it’s all about the settler-colonial obsession with demographics, and a presentable apartheid. And this, from an Israeli ‘centrist’. No wonder the boycott continues to grow.

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Jewish Cult leader sentenced to 30 years for sex crimes



Goel Ratzon was convicted of rape, sodomy, relations with a minor, indecent assault and fraud
Times of Israel

A Tel Aviv District court sentenced notorious cult leader Goel Ratzon to 30 years in prison Tuesday for a multitude of sex crimes.

Ratzon, who presented himself as a spiritual guru, was convicted in September of multiple sexual offenses, including rape, sodomy, sex with a minor, indecent assault and fraud. He was acquitted of holding one of his victims in sexual slavery against her will.

“If we would have issued a sentence for each count separately, the sentence would have been in the triple digits,” the judges wrote in their verdict, explaining why the sentences largely run concurrently.

Ratzon, 64, was also ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of shekels in restitution to his victims.

Earlier in the day, Ratzon’s sentencing had to be delayed after he failed to appear in court because prison officials had left him behind in his cell.

The Prisons Service blamed the oversight on a computer glitch.

Ratzon was discovered — as the result of a TV report and an ensuing police investigation — to be presiding over a harem in Tel Aviv of some 21 women, some of whom had entered into a relationship with him while still teenagers. He was arrested in 2010.

He is believed to have had up to 32 “wives” starting in 1991. He has also fathered at least 49 children, although some media sources estimate more than 60 children were involved in his cult.

Ratzon himself has maintained that he had done nothing wrong, and famously said after his arrest that “petting young girls wasn’t rape.”

Following Ratzon’s arrest, the fate of his former “wives” and offspring became an issue in itself, as the state found that the women and children were unable to support themselves and had been traumatized by their experiences. A 2011 Haaretz report noted that the group collectively had received millions of shekels in aid, but were still in “dire straits.”


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Libya War ”4”: ‘rape’ propaganda plunges to new depths of desperation


By the Editor.

Hat tip to Scott Creighton – his recent article CNN’s Misogynistic Cell Phone Porn Propaganda, brought this to my attention.

The Libya war propaganda drive has plunged to new depths of cynicism, depravity, and a downright embarrassing lack of credibility.

Over a week after the ICC’s completely baseless claims of ‘rape being used as a weapon’ by Gaddafi’s forces, today CNN is running a propaganda set-piece that is so blatantly invented it makes one cringe with embarrassment for this rabble of liars and propagandists.

CNN claims that rebel forces have found mobile phone footage on ‘Gaddafi loyalists’, which allegedly shows them ‘raping women and torturing people’. Lo and behold, the story completely falls apart upon the most cursory inspection.

CNN plainly admits that they “cannot confirm when or where the video was shot“. To make matters worse for the propagandists behind this nonsense, there is no date to the video, and the men in the video are not even wearing Libyan Army clothing – they are dressed in civilian attire. But it gets better.

Their story revolves completely around this unverifiable mobile phone footage, and the testimony of NATO’s proxy ‘rebels’. On top of this CNN doesn’t reveal who their source is, and instead they parrot baseless claims from rebel spokespeople:

“We were able to confirm that rape was used as a weapon of war because it was systematic.”
~ Rebel spokesman Abdullah al-Kabeir

Without performing even the most basic journalistic duty of providing evidence, CNN simply forwards this completely unfounded claim from a rebel spokesperson.

According to CNN, Al-Kabeir also tells us:

The rebels have many videos showing other types of torture, and a few depict rape, he said. He did not know exactly how many videos there were showing abuse.

But his next admission really exposes this utter fabrication for what it is (emphasis added):

“There was a commander here at the eastern front in Misrata named Mohamed al-Halboos; he ordered all the (rebel) fighters to give him all the rape videos they find on Gadhafi soldiers’ cell phones. I heard that he used to destroy every rape video he got,

We are supposed to believe that Gaddafi’s forces are ‘systematically’ raping women in Libya, but all of the evidence has been destroyed.

It’s not just CNN that’s partaking in this onslaught of propaganda. Today, Time is running some similar ‘just trust us’ journalism. See the following report regarding doctors working in Benghazi (emphasis added):

They talk for hours about the rape of women. But it’s only stories. They have never met a victim.The medics don’t deny that others in the hospital may have treated rape victims. But they say the stigma of sexual assault runs so deep in Libyan culture that the raped are virtually forced into social exile, unable to wed, a humiliation to their entire family, choosing to remain silent rather than to give voice to the crime they have suffered.

That the likes of CNN and Time even expect anybody to believe this farcical nonsense demonstrates the contempt in which they hold their audience. The sheer laziness of this propaganda reflects how desperate NATO now is, spectacularly failing to achieve its objective of regime change using the ‘humanitarian intervention’ myth.

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Libya War ”3”: USCENTCOM buys software to impersonate social networkers & bloggers; blogosphere shows tell-tale signs amid war on Libya


By the Editor. UPDATED Thursday August 4th,click here to go to the update.

At a time of war, destabilisation, and great upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are being increasingly relied upon by those seeking information. Allowing to-the-second updates from the on-the-ground journalists and ordinary citizens, even major news outlets are beginning to circulate reports originating from these sources.

In an ominous development in March this year (in the lead-up to the war on Libya and the destabilisation of Syria), US Central Command – USCENTCOM – purchased a piece of software allowing US government employees to assume multiple fake online identities, complete with false backgrounds, supporting details, and IP address masking functionality. On top of the universal deception that takes place in the corporate media, it is evident that the goal of this venture is to spread propaganda and disinformation. These fake identities with a full portfolio of background information and supporting details, will carry a sheen of authenticity otherwise reserved for the likes of Wikileaks.

For $2.76 million the US government purchased the product developed by shadowy California-based ‘cyber security’ firm Ntrepid. Ntrepid’s website is very scant, offering no information whatsover about the company or its products, and being only one solitary page. After several requests for comment from US paper The Washington Times, Ntrepid and its executives refused to respond.

A March 2011 Mashable report speaks of how,

Using the software, one member of the U.S. military can control up to 10 different fake accounts that appear to belong to civilians living in other countries.

The Washington Times report from March 1 tells of how USCENTCOM (which is responsible for US military operations in the Middle East and Central Asia) will target social media websites. The software used by USCENTCOM purportedly allows its users to post messages,

creating the appearance that they are logging on and posting messages or other contributions from anywhere in the world.

This is echoed by the military procurement documents that were obtained by The Washington Times:

“Personas must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world,”

In the same March 1 report, former CIA director and retired Air Force General Michael V. Hayden boasts that these ‘military information support operations’ using social media, are the cutting edge of US military and intelligence activities.

When a computer user logs on to the Internet, they do so using a unique cyber location known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Startlingly, Ntrepid’s software allows the IP address to be masked and faked, creating the illusion that the user is logging on from a different geographical location to their actual point of origin (even to the actual companies running the social media sites). On top of this, the software provides its users with real-time local information such as local news and weather pertaining to their ‘pretend’ location, allowing these fraudulent ‘sock puppet’ personas to appear even more authentic to other social media and web users.

Most obviously this development suggests that the US government, and the wider military-intelligence axis that is perpetrating the illegal war on Libya and destabilisation of Syria, now seeks to manipulate and control the flow of information on social media networks and blogs.

The ‘Disappointed Palestinians’

It will come as no surprise then, to see manifestations of this agenda in the ‘blogosphere’. In June I wrotebout the ‘disappointed Palestinians’ letter, that was posted anonymously to the ‘Yansoon’ blog, and was also picked up by Mondoweiss amongst others. The completely anonymous letter is a paradigmatic example of this disinformation agenda at work, and I urge you to read the letter and my response in full.

In the comments section of the Yansoon letter, you will see ‘Libyans’ posting comments so mindlessly pro-war and so factually baseless that it beggars belief. Take this comment by ‘Another Libyan’, wherein they say, (again in Queen’s English):

My rather extended family is in Tripoli. Is there a chance that the bombing could injure one or more of them? I’ve been aware of that from the beginning. Do I want the bombing to stop? Absolutely not. Am I insane? Certainly not. I know reliably that that is the sentiment of the majority of the population of Tripoli”…
(Emphasis added)

Moreover, from my own experience of using Twitter this disinformation agenda has been visible, with a myriad of ‘Libyan’ users posting update after update of pro-NATO, pro-rebal propaganda. It is difficult to know whether these accounts are indeed shills posing as Libyans, or if they are simply second generation Libyans living abroad (in the States, for example), who have been groomed into circulating this dupery. One thing is apparent though – as with the ‘disappointed Palestinians’ letter – they display several tell-tale signs of this ‘sock-puppetry’ in action.

I’ve noticed several common themes (as with the ‘disappointed Palestinians’ trickery):

  • The users have an excellent command of the English language, and they make very few spelling mistakes. This is completely uncharacteristic of somebody whose mother tongue is not English;
  • They practically never post in Arabic. Again, completely uncharacteristic of people who are ostensibly indigenous Arabs;
  • They repeat typical neocon/Zionist memes and talking points such as: ‘freedom and democracy’, and they often target other enemies of the US/Israel in their ‘tweets’. This is another marked similarity with the ‘disappointed Palestinians’ letter;
  • They breathlessly circulate reports from globalist institutions such as Human Rights Watch, even ones from over a decade ago (the Abu Salim prison massacre is a popular one)

Take the following Twitter user, @SecularLibya, who really does tick all the boxes. The user’s name on Twitter is listed as being ‘MargBar Khamenei’, which, in English, translates to ‘DeathTo Khamenei’, presumably referring to the Supreme Leader of Iran. Not only does this ‘Libyan’ inexplicably choose to target Iran, the arch enemy of the US and Israel, but they also target North Korea – that other bugbear of the globalist axis:

Again, notice the impeccable English used. And even more laughably, read the user’s bio. It literally reads as though it was written by NED, or another one of the US State Department’s democracy-perverting NGO’s, speaking of the need for a ‘democratic’ and ‘liberal’ Libya.

Also notice the user’s avatar wherein he invokes the ‘Abu Salim massacre’, an event toted by globalist-Zionist funded Human Rights Watch as the trump card in the propaganda war against Libya. Abu Salim is an event for which there is no physical evidence, and HRW’s report on the event hinges on the testimony of one person who is now residing in the United States. Laughably, HRW even admits that they cannot independently verify a single detail of the man’s claims.

Whether indeed these users are paid shills, or just second generation ‘Westernised’ Libyans living abroad and groomed into spreading this drivel, these blathering idiots are by far the most vocal. That fact speaks volumes about the success of the US-NATO social media propaganda campaign.

Following is a hand-picked list of Twitter users who zealously post pro-NATO, pro-NTC propaganda. You’ll even see some of them re-tweeting the US State Department and very frequently posting links to and – both US fronts. Paid shills or otherwise, the utter crap they talk is priceless entertainment:

Updated – Thursday, August 4th:

This evening I came across a suspicious user account posting tweets about events in Syria:

These dramatic and completely unverified reports characterise most mainstream reporting on Syria.

The following Washington Post report compares the ‘Ramadan Massacre’ to a 1982 massacre of tens of thousands. It then goes on to admit that,

It’s not known how many people have died; foreign journalists and other independent observers have been kept out of Hama. But Syrian opposition sources reported at least 55 deaths on Sunday, and by Monday some counts exceeded 100.

The article proves nothing and does not name its sources. Instead it suggests the ‘Ramadan Massacre’ is comparable to the killing of tens of thousands, and offers zero evidence. This is the modus operandi for mainstream reporting on Syria.

But the aforementioned London-based Syrian lady – Rime Allaf – with over 2,200 followers, has a reason for her hollow cries of indignation. Her website bio lists her as being an Associate Fellow of Chatham House – the UK arm of warmongering corporate U.S. think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations:

Rime Allaf is a writer, broadcaster and consultant specializing in Middle East affairs, and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House.

She was also previously the Managing Director of a consultancy firm in Damascus, advising multinationals wishing to move in to Syria:

She was previously the Managing Director of a consultancy in Damascus, advising foreign companies entering the region on political, business, legal and social issues. She was a member of the founding board of directors of the British Syrian Society,

Neoliberal apostle and globalist footsoldier, as you can see she was also one of the founders of the British Syrian Society, a non-governmental organization aiming at ‘enhancing relations between Britain and Syria’. The group proclaim to be independent, while admitting that they are not. Fawaz Akhras, the co-chair of the BSS told Syria Today in March this year:

We are completely independent. We do not accept financing or donations from either government. We thrive on our memberships and the generosity of people who believe in our objectives and want to support our aims and sponsor our events. We employ only one person, an office manager, while the directors are volunteers. Our events are privately sponsored by companies, banks and other organisations.

Regarding events in Syria, thousands of media consumers simply accept unquestioningly reports from by US-backed ‘opposition sources’ such as the lady above and the ‘Syrian Human Rights Committee’, which is also London based.

The ‘Ramadan Massacre’ in particular, is a cynical attempt by the corporate-Zionist media to exploit the righteous indignation of Muslims and garner support for intervention and regime change in Syria. We must take unproven reports and sensationalist claims coming from globalist-backed sources with a pinch of salt.

Armed conflict is taking place in Syria, and, like Libya, the media is grossly misrepresenting the situation in order to manipulate opinion. Every war is preceded, accompanied, and followed, by a wall of deception and propaganda. Only the naive fail to notice it – it is as much a component of war as the physical weaponry that tears apart lives and nations.

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Libya War ”2”: Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?

Global Research
Who are the Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?

Peter Dale Scott’s Libyan Notebook
[Editor’s Note: Author’s selected quotations and analysis]


The world is facing a very unpredictable and potentially dangerous situation in North Africa and the Middle East. What began as a memorable, promising, relatively nonviolent achievement of New Politics – the Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt – has morphed very swiftly into a recrudescence of old habits: America, already mired in two decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and sporadic air attacks in Yemen and Somalia, now, bombing yet another Third World Country, in this case Libya.

USS Barry launches a Tomahawk missile in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn in the Mediterranean Sea, March 19, 2011. US government handout

The initially stated aim of this bombing was to diminish Libyan civilian casualties. But many, senior figures in Washington, including President Obama, have indicated that the US is gearing up for a quite different war for regime change, one that may well be protracted and could also easily expand beyond Libya.1 If it does expand, the hope for a nonviolent transition to civilian government in Tunisia and Egypt and other Middle East nations experiencing political unrest, may be lost to a hard-edged militarization of government, especially in Egypt. All of us, not just Egyptians, have a major stake in seeing that that does not happen.

The present article does not attempt to propose solutions or a course of action for the United States and its allies, or for the people of the Middle East. It attempts rather to examine the nature of the forces that have emerged in Libya over the last four decades that are presently being played out.

To this end I have begun to compile what I call my Libyan Notebook, a collection of relevant facts that underlie the present crisis. This Notebook will be judgmental, in that I am biased towards collecting facts that the US media tend to ignore, facts that are the product in many instances of investigative reporting that cuts to the heart of power relations, deep structures, and economic interests in the region including the US, Israel, and the Arab States as these have played out over the last two decades and more. But I hope that it will be usefully objective and open-ended, permitting others to draw diverse conclusions from the same set of facts.2

I wish to begin with two ill-understood topics: I. Who Are the Libyan Opposition, and II. Where Are the Libyan Rebel Arms Coming From?

I. Who Are the Libyan Opposition

1) Historically:

“If Muammar Al Gaddafi behaved paranoid, it was for good reason. It wasn’t long after he reached the age of 27 and led a small group of junior military officers in a bloodless coup d’état against Libyan King Idris on September 1, 1969, that threats to his power and life emerged – from monarchists, Israeli Mossad, Palestinian disaffections, Saudi security, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO), British intelligence, United States antagonism and, in 1995, the most serious of all, Al Qaeda-like Libyan Islamic fighting group, known as Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya. The Colonel reacted brutally, by either expelling or killing those he feared were against him.”3

Gaddafi and Nasser in a 1969 Photo. Getty image

2) National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL)

“With the aim of overthrowing Libyan strongman Muammar Khadafy, Israel and the U.S. trained anti-Libyan rebels in a number of West and Central African countries. The Paris-based African Confidential newsletter reported on January 5th, 1989, that the US and Israel had set up a series of bases in Chad and other neighboring countries to train 2000 Libyan rebels captured by the Chad army. The group, called The National Front for the Salvation of Libya, was based in Chad.”4

“US official records indicate that funding for the Chad-based secret war against Libya also came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Iraq. The Saudis, for instance, donated $7m to an opposition group, the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (also backed by French intelligence and the CIA). But a plan to assassinate Gadafi and take over the government on 8 May 1984 was crushed. In the following year, the US asked Egypt to invade Libya and overthrow Gadafi but President Mubarak refused. By the end of 1985, the Washington Post had exposed the plan after congressional leaders opposing it wrote in protest to President Reagan.”5

“The FNSL [National Front for the Salvation of Libya] was part of the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition held in London in 2005, and British resources are being used to support the FNSL and other ‘opposition’ in Libya…. The FNSL held its national congress in the USA in July 2007. Reports of ‘atrocities’ and civilian deaths are being channeled into the western press from operations in Washington DC, and the opposition FNSL is reportedly organizing resistance and military attacks from both inside and outside Libya.”6

3) National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO),

“The main group leading the insurrection is the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition which includes the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL). The NFSL, which is leading the violence, is a U.S.-sponsored armed militia of mostly Libyan expatriates and tribes opposed to al-Qaddafi.”7

4) Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyyah al-Muqatilah bi-Libya (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, LIFG)

“The LIFG was founded in 1995 by a group of mujahideen veterans who had fought against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Upon their return to Libya they grew angry about what they viewed as the corruption and impiety of the Libyan regime and formed the LIFG to create a state that would show what they believed to be the true character of the Libyan people.

The most significant LIFG attack was a 1996 attempt to assassinate Gadhafi; LIFG members led by Wadi al-Shateh threw a bomb underneath his motorcade. The group also stages guerilla-style attacks against government security forces from its mountain bases. Although most LIFG members are strictly dedicated to toppling Gadhafi, intelligence reportedly indicates that some have joined forces with al-Qaida to wage jihad against Libyan and Western interests worldwide. ….
As recently as February 2004, then-Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that “one of the most immediate threats [to U.S. security] is from smaller international Sunni extremist groups that have benefited from al-Qaida links. They include … the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.”8

“In recent days Libyan officials have distributed security documents giving the details of Sufiyan al-Koumi, said to be a driver for Osama bin Laden, and of another militant allegedly involved in an “Islamic emirate” in Derna, in now-liberated eastern Libya. Koumi, the documents show, was freed in September 2010 as part of a “reform and repent” initiative organised by Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son….

The LIFG, established in Afghanistan in the 1990s, has assassinated dozens of Libyan soldiers and policemen. In 2009, to mark Gaddafi’s 40 years in power, it apologised for trying to kill him and agreed to lay down its arms. MI6 [British Intelligence] has been accused in the past of supporting it. Six LIFG leaders, still in prison, disavowed their old ways and explained why fighting Gaddafi no longer constituted “legitimate” jihad. Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, another freed LIFG member, denied the official claims. “Gaddafi is trying to divide the people,” he told al-Jazeera. “He claims that there is an Islamist emirate in Derna and that I am its emir. He is taking advantage of the fact that I am a former political prisoner.”

Derna is famous as the home of a large number of suicide bombers in Iraq. It is also deeply hostile to Gaddafi. “Residents of eastern Libya in general, and Derna in particular, view the Gaddadfa (Gaddafi’s tribe) as uneducated, uncouth interlopers from an inconsequential part of the country who have ‘stolen’ the right to rule in Libya,” US diplomats were told in 2008, in a cable since released by WikiLeaks.

The last 110 members of the LIFG were freed on 16 February, the day after the Libyan uprising began. One of those released, Abdulwahab Mohammed Kayed, is the brother of Abu Yahya Al Libi, one of al Qaida’s top propagandists. Koumi fled Libya and is said to have ended up in Afghanistan working for Bin Laden. Captured in Pakistan, he was handed over to the US and sent to Guantánamo Bay in 2002. In 2009 he was sent back to Libya.9 US counter-terrorist experts have expressed concern that al-Qaida could take advantage of a political vacuum if Gaddafi is overthrown. But most analysts say that, although the Islamists’ ideology has strong resonance in eastern Libya, there is no sign that the protests are going to be hijacked by them.10


Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Members released

“Fierce clashes between [Qadhafi’s] security forces and Islamist guerrillas erupted in Benghazi in September 1995, leaving dozens killed on both sides. After weeks of intense fighting, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) formally declared its existence in a communiqué calling Qadhafi’s government “an apostate regime that has blasphemed against the faith of God Almighty” and declaring its overthrow to be “the foremost duty after faith in God.” [3] This and future LIFG communiqués were issued by Libyan Afghans who had been granted political asylum in Britain…. The involvement of the British government in the LIFG campaign against Qadhafi remains the subject of immense controversy. LIFG’s next big operation, a failed attempt to assassinate Qadhafi in February 1996 that killed several of his bodyguards, was later said to have been financed by British intelligence to the tune of $160,000, according to ex-MI5 officer David Shayler. [4] While Shayler’s allegations have not been independently confirmed, it is clear that Britain allowed LIFG to develop a base of logistical support and fundraising on its soil. At any rate, financing by bin Laden appears to have been much more important. According to one report, LIFG received up to $50,000 from the Saudi terrorist mastermind for each of its militants killed on the battlefield.” [2005]11

“Americans, Britons and the French are finding themselves as comrades in arms with the rebel Islamic Fighting Group, the most radical element in the Al Qaeda network [to bring down Gaddhafi]. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted the risks of the unholy alliance in a congressional hearing, saying that the Libyan opposition is probably more anti-American than Muammar Gaddhafi. A decade ago, this very same delusion of a Western-Islamist partnership in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya ended abruptly in the 9/11 attacks.”12

“In an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Mr al-Hasidi admitted that he had recruited ‘around 25’ men from the Derna area in eastern Libya to fight against coalition troops in Iraq. Some of them, he said, are ‘today are on the front lines in Adjabiya.

Mr al-Hasidi insisted his fighters ‘are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,’ but added that the ‘members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader’.

His revelations came even as Idriss Deby Itno, Chad’s president, said al-Qaeda had managed to pillage military arsenals in the Libyan rebel zone and acquired arms, ‘including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries’.

Mr al-Hasidi admitted he had earlier fought against ‘the foreign invasion’ in Afghanistan, before being ‘captured in 2002 in Peshwar, in Pakistan’. He was later handed over to the US, and then held in Libya before being released in 2008.

US and British government sources said Mr al-Hasidi was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, or LIFG, which killed dozens of Libyan troops in guerrilla attacks around Derna and Benghazi in 1995 and 1996.” (“Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links,”Daily Telegraph [London], March 25, 2011)

5) Transitional National Council

“A RIVAL transitional government to the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi looks set to win US and other international support as momentum builds to oust the longtime dictator.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton confirmed yesterday that the Obama administration was reaching out to opponents of Colonel Gaddafi. She said the US was willing to offer ‘any kind of assistance’ to remove him from power.

Protest leaders who have taken control in Libya’s eastern cities claim to have established a transitional “national council” that amounts to rival rule. They have called on the country’s army to join them as they prepare for an attack on the capital, Tripoli, where the Libyan leader retains control.

Confident the Libyan leader’s 42-year rule was coming to an end, Mrs Clinton said yesterday: ‘We are just at the beginning of what will follow Gaddafi.’”13

6) Facebook

“He [Omar El- Hariri, Chief of Armed Forces for the Transitional National Council] remained under close surveillance by the security forces until Feb. 17, when the revolution started. It was not initiated by prominent figures of the older generation, he said, but began spontaneously when Tunisia and Egypt inspired the youth. ‘Children of Facebook!’ he declared, in English, with a broad smile.”14

7) Oil

“Libyan rebels in Benghazi said they have created a new national oil company to replace the corporation controlled by leader Muammar Qaddafi whose assets were frozen by the United Nations Security Council.
The Transitional National Council released a statement announcing the decision made at a March 19 meeting to establish the ‘Libyan Oil Company as supervisory authority on oil production and policies in the country, based temporarily in Benghazi, and the appointment of an interim director general” of the company.
The Council also said it “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.”15

Peter Dale Scott’s Libyan Notebook

II. Where Are the Libyan Rebel Arms Coming From?

Robert Fisk, “Libya in turmoil: America’s secret plan to arm Libya’s rebels;
Obama asks Saudis to airlift weapons into Benghazi,” Independent, March 7, 2011:

“Desperate to avoid US military involvement in Libya in the event of a prolonged struggle between the Gaddafi regime and its opponents, the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the rebels in Benghazi. The Saudi Kingdom, already facing a “day of rage” from its 10 per cent Shia Muslim community on Friday, with a ban on all demonstrations, has so far failed to respond to Washington’s highly classified request, although King Abdullah personally loathes the Libyan leader, who tried to assassinate him just over a year ago.

Washington’s request is in line with other US military co-operation with the Saudis. The royal family in Jeddah, which was deeply involved in the Contra scandal during the Reagan administration, gave immediate support to American efforts to arm guerrillas fighting the Soviet army in Afghanistan in 1980 ….

But the Saudis remain the only US Arab ally strategically placed and capable of furnishing weapons to the guerrillas of Libya. Their assistance would allow Washington to disclaim any military involvement in the supply chain – even though the arms would be American and paid for by the Saudis.

The Saudis have been told that opponents of Gaddafi need anti-tank rockets and mortars as a first priority to hold off attacks by Gaddafi’s armour, and ground-to-air missiles to shoot down his fighter-bombers.

Supplies could reach Benghazi within 48 hours but they would need to be delivered to air bases in Libya or to Benghazi airport. If the guerrillas can then go on to the offensive and assault Gaddafi’s strongholds in western Libya, the political pressure on America and Nato – not least from Republican members of Congress – to establish a no-fly zone would be reduced.

US military planners have already made it clear that a zone of this kind would necessitate US air attacks on Libya’s functioning, if seriously depleted, anti-aircraft missile bases, thus bringing Washington directly into the war on the side of Gaddafi’s opponents.

For several days now, US Awacs surveillance aircraft have been flying around Libya, making constant contact with Malta air traffic control and requesting details of Libyan flight patterns, including journeys made in the past 48 hours by Gaddafi’s private jet which flew to Jordan and back to Libya just before the weekend.

Officially, Nato will only describe the presence of American Awacs planes as part of its post-9/11 Operation Active Endeavour, which has broad reach to undertake aerial counter-terrorism measures in the Middle East region.

US Awacs monitor Libya

The data from the Awacs is streamed to all Nato countries under the mission’s existing mandate. Now that Gaddafi has been reinstated as a super-terrorist in the West’s lexicon, however, the Nato mission can easily be used to search for targets of opportunity in Libya if active military operations are undertaken.

Al Jazeera English television channel last night broadcast recordings made by American aircraft to Maltese air traffic control, requesting information about Libyan flights, especially that of Gaddafi’s jet.

An American Awacs aircraft, tail number LX-N90442 could be heard contacting the Malta control tower on Saturday for information about a Libyan Dassault-Falcon 900 jet 5A-DCN on its way from Amman to Mitiga, Gaddafi’s own VIP airport.

Nato Awacs 07 is heard to say: “Do you have information on an aircraft with the Squawk 2017 position about 85 miles east of our [sic]?”

Malta air traffic control replies: “Seven, that sounds to be Falcon 900- at flight level 340, with a destination Mitiga, according to flight plan.”

But Saudi Arabia is already facing dangers from a co-ordinated day of protest by its own Shia Muslim citizens who, emboldened by the Shia uprising in the neighbouring island of Bahrain, have called for street protests against the ruling family of al-Saud on Friday.

After pouring troops and security police into the province of Qatif last week, the Saudis announced a nationwide ban on all public demonstrations.

Shia organisers claim that up to 20,000 protesters plan to demonstrate with women in the front rows to prevent the Saudi army from opening fire.

If the Saudi government accedes to America’s request to send guns and missiles to Libyan rebels, however, it would be almost impossible for President Barack Obama to condemn the kingdom for any violence against the Shias of the north-east provinces.

Thus has the Arab awakening, the demand for democracy in North Africa, the Shia revolt and the rising against Gaddafi become entangled in the space of just a few hours with US military priorities in the region. “16

“Libya rebels coordinating with West on air assault,” Los Angeles Times, March 24, 2011

“Reports from the region suggest that the Saudis and Egyptians have been providing arms. Though U.S. officials could not confirm that, they say it is plausible.”17

“Egypt Said to Arm Libya Rebels,” Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2011:

“CAIRO-Egypt’s military has begun shipping arms over the border to Libyan rebels with Washington’s knowledge, U.S. and Libyan rebel officials said.

The shipments-mostly small arms such as assault rifles and ammunition-appear to be the first confirmed case of an outside government arming the rebel fighters. Those fighters have been losing ground for days in the face of a steady westward advance by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

The Egyptian shipments are the strongest indication to date that some Arab countries are heeding Western calls to take a lead in efforts to intervene on behalf of pro-democracy rebels in their fight against Mr. Gadhafi in Libya. Washington and other Western countries have long voiced frustration with Arab states’ unwillingness to help resolve crises in their own region, even as they criticized Western powers for attempting to do so.

The shipments also follow an unusually robust diplomatic response from Arab states. There have been rare public calls for foreign military intervention in an Arab country, including a vote by the 23-member Arab League last week urging the U.N. to impose a no-fly zone over Libya.

The vote provided critical political cover to Western powers wary of intervening militarily without a broad regional and international mandate. On Thursday evening, the U.N. Security Council voted on a resolution endorsing a no-fly zone in Libya and authorizing military action in support of the rebels.

Within the council, Lebanon took a lead role drafting and circulating the draft of the resolution, which calls for “all necessary measures” to enforce a ban on flights over Libya. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have taken the lead in offering to participate in enforcing a no-fly zone, according to U.N. diplomats.

Libyan rebel officials in Benghazi, meanwhile, have praised Qatar from the first days of the uprising, calling the small Gulf state their staunchest ally. Qatar has consistently pressed behind the scenes for tough and urgent international action behind the scenes, these officials said.

Qatari flags fly prominently in rebel-held Benghazi. After pro-Gadhafi forces retook the town of Ras Lanuf last week, Libyan state TV broadcast images of food-aid packages bearing the Qatari flag.

Anti-Gadhafi fighters in Benghazi

The White House has been reluctant to back calls from leaders in Congress for arming Libya’s rebels directly, arguing that the U.S. must first fully assess who the fighters are and what policies they will pursue if they succeeded in toppling Col. Gadhafi. U.S. officials believe the opposition includes some Islamist elements. They fear that Islamist groups hostile to the U.S. could try to hijack the opposition and take any arms that are provided.

The Egyptian weapons transfers began ‘a few days ago’ and are ongoing, according to a senior U.S. official. ‘There’s no formal U.S. policy or acknowledgement that this is going on,’ said the senior official. But ‘this is something we have knowledge of.’

Calls to Egypt’s foreign ministry and the spokesman for the prime minister seeking comment went unanswered. There is no means of reaching Egypt’s military for comment. An Egyptian official in Washington said he had no knowledge of weapon shipments.

The U.S. official also noted that the shipments appeared to come “too little, too late” to tip the military balance in favor of the rebels, who have faced an onslaught from Libyan forces backed by tanks, artillery and aircraft.

“We know the Egyptian military council is helping us, but they can’t be so visible,” said Hani Souflakis, a Libyan businessman in Cairo who has been acting as a rebel liaison with the Egyptian government since the uprising began.

“Weapons are getting through,” said Mr. Souflakis, who says he has regular contacts with Egyptian officials in Cairo and the rebel leadership in Libya. “Americans have given the green light to the Egyptians to help. The Americans don’t want to be involved in a direct level, but the Egyptians wouldn’t do it if they didn’t get the green light.”

Western officials and rebel leaders in Libya said the U.S. has wanted to avoid being seen as taking a leadership role in any military action against Mr. Gadhafi after its invasions of Iraq and Afganistan fueled anger and mistrust with Washington throughout the region.

But the U.S. stated clearly it wants Mr. Gadhafi out of power and has signaled it would support those offering help to the rebels militarily or otherwise.

A spokesman for the rebel government in Benghazi said arms shipments have begun arriving to the rebels but declined to specify where they came from.

“Our military committee is purchasing arms and arming our people. The weapons are coming, but the nature of the weapons, the amount, where it’s coming from, that has been classified,” said the spokesman, Mustafa al-Gherryani.

The U.S. official said Egypt wanted to keep the shipments covert. In public, Egypt has sought to maintain a neutral stance toward the rebel uprising in Libya. Egypt abstained during the Arab League’s vote calling for the U.N. to impose a no-fly zone on Mr. Gadhafi, according to people familiar with the internal Arab League deliberations.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian laborers are believed to still be in Libya.

On the other hand, the Egyptian military’s covert support for the rebels suggests that it has calculated that Mr. Gadhafi is unlikely to remain in power, at least in the eastern half of the country, and therefore Egypt is eager to begin to build good relations with the rebels.

Rebel forces in the past 24 hours appeared to make some progress fending off pro-Gadhafi forces’ assaults and have rolled out new weapons for the first time since the uprising began last month. Among them are rebel tanks that have taken up positions on the front lines in recent days. Rebels also launched fighter-jet attacks on government positions on Wednesday for the first time so far.

The tanks and fighter jets are believed to have been among the weapons seized by rebels from defected units of the Libyan army in the eastern half of the country, but they have received spare parts or trained mechanics from outside the country to help them deploy them, some rebel officials have speculated.
-Sam Dagher and Adam Entous contributed to this article.18

Benjamin Gottlieb, “Egypt Arms Libyan Rebels As Gaddafi’s Conquest Continues,” NeonTommy Annenberg Digital News, March 17, 2011:

Arms shipments from Egypt’s military have begun flowing across the border into Libya with U.S. knowledge, Libyan rebels and U.S. officials said Thursday.

Made up mostly of small arms, such as assault rifles and ammunition, the shipments are the first confirmed reports of an outside government supporting rebel fighters with weapons. Rebels have been loosing ground for days against pro-Gaddafi forces aiming to end the conflict before foreign intervention plans are finalized.

Although the U.N. approved a “no-fly zone” over Libya late Thursday, rebel forces fear that any planned foreign intervention would be too little to late.

No-Fly Zone

The shipment of arms indicated an unusually bold response by an Arab nation intervening in a conflict outside its borders. There have also been rare public decrees for the West to intervene in the conflict – the Arab League voted 23-0 last week encouraging the U.N. to impose the “no-fly zone” over Libya.

In spite of reports of arms flowing across the Egyptian boarder, Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Menha Bakhoum told Reuters that Egypt would not be involved in any military intervention in neighboring Libya.

“Egypt will not be among those Arab states. We will not be involved in any military intervention. No intervention period,” Bakhoum said.

Bakhoum was responding to comments by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who said Thursday that discussions were on the table regarding Arab involvement in U.S. and European intervention in the conflict.

Clinton has said repeatedly that the U.S. desires involvement from a neighboring Arab nation in any planned intervention.

A Libyan rebel government spokesman in Benghazi, Mustafa al-Gherryani, said rebels have begun receiving arms shipments from neighboring nations, however he declined to reveal their origin.

“Our military committee is purchasing arms and arming our people. The weapons are coming, but the nature of the weapons, the amount, where it’s coming from, that has been classified,” he said.19

Yoichi Shimatsu, “Mideast Revolutions and 9-11 Intrigues Created in Qatar,” New America Media, March 1, 2011

“It may puzzle and perhaps dismay young protesters in Benghazi, Cairo and Tunisia that their democratic hopes are being manipulated by an ultra-conservative Arab elite which has underhandedly backed a surge of militant Islamist radicals across North Africa. Credible U.S. intelligence reports have cited evidence pointing to Qatar’s long-running support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and jihadist fighters returning from Afghanistan.

The links to Qatar uncovered by anti-terrorism investigators in the wake of 9-11 need to be reexamined now that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an on-and-off affiliate of Al Qaeda, has seized armories across half of the North African country. Libya’s well-stocked arsenals contain high-power explosives, rocket launchers and chemical weapons. LIFG is on the State Department’s terrorist list.

Most worrying, according to a U.S. intelligence official cited by CNN, is the probable loss of chemical weapons. The Federation of American Scientists reports that, as of 2008, only 40 percent of Libya’s mustard gas was destroyed in the second round of decommissioning. Chemical canisters along the Egyptian border were yet to be retrieved and are now presumably in the hands of armed militants.

After initially letting slip that the earliest Libyan protests were organized by the LIFG, Al Jazeera quickly changed its line to present a heavily filtered account portraying the events as ‘peaceful protests’. To explain away the gunshot deaths of Libyan soldiers during the uprising, the Qatar-based network presented a bizarre scenario of 150 dead soldiers in Libya having been executed by their officers for ‘refusing to fight’. The mysterious officers then miraculously vacated their base disappearing into thin air while surrounded by angry protesters! Off the record, one American intelligence analyst called these media claims an ‘absurdity’ and suggested instead the obvious: that the soldiers were gunned down in an armed assault by war-hardened returned militants from Iraq and Afghanistan….
According to a Congressional Research Service report of January 2008, ‘Some observers have raised questions about possible support for Al Qaeda by some Qatari citizens, including members of Qatar’s large ruling family. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, Qatar’s Interior Minister provided a safe haven to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed during the mid-1990s, and press reports indicate other terrorists may have received financial support or safe haven in Qatar after September 11, 2001.’

The national security chief, Interior Minister Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, is further mentioned as paying for a 1995 trip by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed ‘to join the Bosnia jihad.’ The report recalls how after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, FBI officials “narrowly missed an opportunity to capture” the suspect in Qatar. ‘Former U.S. officials have since stated their belief that a high-ranking member of the Qatari government alerted him to the impending raid, allowing him to flee the country.’”20

Peter Dale Scott
, a former Canadian diplomat and English Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, is the author of 
Drugs Oil and WarThe Road to 9/11The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War. His most recent book is American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection and the Road to AfghanistanPeter Dale Scott is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).  

His most recent book is American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection and the Road to Afghanistan.
His website, which contains a wealth of his writings, is here.


1 “Defense Secretary Gates, who recently warned against any further protracted US ground war, said on March 23 that the end of military action in Libya is unknown and could last longer than a few weeks. ‘I think there are any number of possible outcomes here and no one is in a position to predict them,’ Gates told reporters in Egypt” (C-Span, March 24, 2011).

2 Interested readers may wish to consult my first exploration, “Googling ‘Revolution’ in North Africa.”

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Created by the CIA and Mossad in 1981, the NFSL was part of a plan to destabilise Libya using a ‘fifth column’ of fighters and insurgents, and this surreptitious and chequered history stretches to the present day. As the current leader of the NFSL pleads in front of the White House for war on Libya, easily-led liberals and naive Libyan expats are seduced by Orwellian references to ‘freedom’ and ‘revolution’, words used to cloak the true intentions of the NFSL, its affiliated groups, and their imperialist creators.

Walking hand-in-hand with USCENTCOM’s cloak and dagger social media disinformation programme, there exists a whole network of US-funded groups and ‘movements’ that seek to pervert the sovereignty of independent nations, through political action and propaganda.

These groups don’t hide behind assumed identities; these ‘Libyans’ and ‘Syrians’ shout their real identities from the rooftops. A cursory glance at the profiles of these people however, always reveals the same thing: they reside in London or the United States, often never having even set foot in their ancestral homelands. In spite of this, their drama-queen testimonies and YouTube videos profess to offer a unique insight into current events.

Take Khaled M. – this mid-twenties American-born Libyan grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. According to his own potted history posted by him on Twitter, his father, Mohamed Ahmed, helped to found the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (the NFSL), a Libyan opposition group created with the goal of effecting regime change in Libya:

Of course the ‘founders’ of this group are merely figureheads. The NFSL (currently head-quartered in Lexington, Kentucky) was created in Sudan in 1981, by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad. Finances were funnelled in by the CIA and Saudi Arabia (who donated $7 million), as well as Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Iraq. When Khaled M. disingenuously claims that his family was ‘on the run from Gaddafi hitmen‘, moving between Sudan, Iraq, London, the US, and Morocco – in reality his family was moving between the countries that financed the NFSL, as his father received instructions and directives from his imperialist paymasters.

Further affirming the US-Israeli connection, the Paris-based African Confidential newsletter reported on January 5th, 1989, that the US and Israel had set up a series of bases in Chad and Central and West African countries in order to train Libyan rebels who were to form part of the NFSL.

In the summer of 1981 the CIA-Mossad alliance mounted covert military operations to destabilise Libya and ultimately overthrow Muammar Gaddafi. This operation mimicked current events in Libya, almost to the letter:

The details of the plan were sketchy, but it seemed to be a classic C.I.A. destabilization campaign. One element was a “disinformation” program designed to embarrass Kaddafi and his government. Another was the creation of a “counter government” to challenge his claim to national leadership. A third — potentially the most risky — was an escalating paramilitary campaign, probably by disaffected Libyan nationals, to blow up bridges, conduct small-scale guerrilla operations and demonstrate that Kaddafi was opposed by an indigenous political force.

“A Plan to Overthrow Kaddafi,” Newsweek, August 3, 1981, p. 19

On May 8th, 1984, the NFSL in co-ordination with its CIA-Mossad controllers mounted a murderous assault on the Tripoli compound of Bab al-Azizia in an attempt to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi escaped unharmed, but over 80 people were killed in the attack. Muammar Gaddafi has been in the crosshairs of the CIA, Mossad, and MI6 for over forty years, with several assassination and destabilisation attempts being mounted.

Moving to the present day, the NFSL has played a central role in the current destabilisation and civil war that has afflicted Libya. As part of the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (aka. the NCLO –formed in London in 2005), the NFSL helped to organise the initial February 17 ‘Day of Rage’. Riding on the wake of the Arab Spring, the Monarchy flag-flying NCLO took this opportunity to initiate yet another multi-phased attempt at regime change on behalf of its foreign masters.

The groups that fall under this umbrella are very active online, especially on social media websites. The latest poster child, Khaled M. – literally a son of the CIA-Mossad-created NFSL, is no exception to this rule.

CNN, the very outlet that has been responsible for spreading preposterous anti-Libyan propaganda, has published a short profile of Khaled. How many revolutionaries can you name that have been profiled by CNN? Rhetorical question. In his interview he boastfully admits that he “grew up wanting to assassinate Gadhafi”. In his defence, being raised by a CIA-Mossad collaborator probably does that to you.

Here Khaled is in front of the White House expounding a dramatic plea for action on Libya:

He takes the opportunity to repeat some of the crass lies and exaggerations that have defined mainstream reportage on Libya. He instructs activists to go to (and @Feb17Voices on Twitter), where they can see videos of “soldiers’ bodies being burned, that refused to kill their brothers and sisters in Libya“. If you hop along to (the actual location of the video), you will see a short clip of a number of charred corpses, but absolutely nothingother than this can be verified. Knowing that they’ve simply framed unverifiable footage within their own sick, invented narrative, of course the Feb17 webmaster appends the video with a disclaimer: “This footage shows the burnt bodies of soldiers who apparently refused to shoot at the protesters when they were ordered to.”

In his plea Khaled M. lauds the Feb17 movement as being a source of “confirmed, legitimate news from credible sources”. If you visit@Feb17Voices on Twitter you will notice that the feed is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Al Jazeera Arabic, with select reports being translated into English, prefixed with ‘AJA’. You’ll also see a litany of ‘tweets’ prefixed with ‘LPC’, meaning ‘live phone call’. None of these ‘live phone calls’ mention names or sources, they all have to be taken on faith alone. Apparently this is confirmed, legitimate, credible news.

Ibrahim Sahad – leader of the NFSL, co-founded by Khaled M’s father, can be seen here talking to Lateline from right in front of the White House. As can be expected from a paid asset of US imperialism, he calls for the international community to step in on Libya, while painting the completely false picture of Gaddafi using force against ‘unarmed protesters’, as opposed to heavily armed insurrectionists.

The Feb17 movement and the EnoughGaddafi group operate not out of Libya, but out of British and American cities; the CIA-Mossad-created NFSL is self evidently nothing more than a tool of its foreign masters. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, reading the feel-good revolutionary lyrics coming from an aspiring rapper who is literally a conduit for the most counter-revolutionary force on the planet.

On a not unrelated note, remember the anti-Libyan, fake ‘disappointed Palestinians’ letter posted on the Yansoon blog? Well it’s truly of no surprise that Shirien D, the drudge that runs Yansoon, is now Khaled M’s personal assistant:




By: mouqawamah music

New York City, New York. On September 8, 2011 – three days before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement warning of a credible, specific, but unconfirmed terror threat in New York City and Washington DC. Most obviously, a terror threat that is at once credible and specific, and yet is unconfirmed, is self-evidently contrived.

Keeping true to the decade-long history of scaremongering based on the mythical ‘war on terror’ narrative, the al Qaeda ghost has been recruited again, as has the fantasy of the bin Laden raid of May 01. We are told that the ‘threat’ emanates from Pakistan (as predictable as the clumsiest of scripts), and is as a result of the killing of long-dead Osama bin Laden – an event so obviously staged it makes one question the mental health of any person subscribing to the myth.

The staunchly pro-Israel New York Times is running the most vile, racist scaremongering propaganda one could imagine. Short on specific details of course, but heavy on racist, vague alarmism. The paper warns of two “American citizens of Arab ancestry” who are both between 5 and 6 feet tall, one of whom has a first name that is common in the Middle East.

Owing to this tide of fearmongering and hateful rhetoric, there is now an escalated police presence in Manhattan, with police officers carrying M16 rifles. Police checkpoints stop vehicles in rush hour. A 3,000-flag memorial in Battery Park. Tearful Americans pay their respects; the emotion and the fear is palpable. Never Forget.

‘Never Question’ is the true underlying meaning of this emotive, Orwellian motto that has been seared into the American psyche like brands on the hides of cattle.

Rational thought has been obliterated by emotion, fear, and psuedo-patriotic jingoism. The ‘Never Forget’ mantra, and the flags and plaques in Manhattan attest to the exceptionalism of ‘American suffering’, a concept so disingenuous it makes any honest, aware person sick to their stomach. Every shade of human life, from America to Afghanistan, and from Iraq to Libya, is precious. But the tears shed at Ground Zero are not rooted in universal compassion; they are rooted in a grotesque sense of false victimhood and superiority, and a resounding ignorance of the most important event of this generation.

The emotion, fevered patriotism, jingoism, racism, and fear. The Manichean myth of good versus evil and America’s unique role in it. These are the metaphorical strands of wool that are weaved tightly together and hauled over America’s eyes, shielding the lies from scrutiny and keeping the truth shrouded in darkness. The truth is not palatable to those who believe in the inherent goodness of their leaders and their supposed allies. If the Iraqi and Afghani victims of 9/11 were honoured, flags would cover every square inch of Manhattan and more.

Alas, it is important that Americans be distracted. They must be kept in an emotional haze, deterred from questioning the official account, because even the most cursory inspection exposes it for the monstrous lie that it is.

The official narrative is so bizarre and fantastical, it is an absolute wonder that so many fail to question it. The most basic, central elements of the story stretch even the most childish imagination. The laws of physics, immutable as they are, are the arch enemy of this fantasy. In this ‘idiot’s guide’ of sorts, I will focus mainly on the events in New York, in spite of the reams of lies and contradictions relating to all events that day. The events in New York City comprise by far the most obvious ‘smoking gun’, and I hope that the reader will be spurred to perform their own objective research.

The official myth

What are the chances of the world’s most advanced military infrastructure being thwarted by ‘camel jockeys’ who could not even fly small Cessna-type private aircraft? NORAD – the body responsible for America’s airspace defense – is hugely adept and experienced at intercepting hijacked aircraft. Still, it was thwarted by men using not technological weaponry or physical sabotage, but nothing more than box cutters.

Aside from the inexplicable failure of America’s air defenses and the Pentagon’s unrivalled military defense system, what are the chances of these inept and inexperienced amateurs stepping into the cockpits of gargantuan, advanced commercial jet aircraft for the first time, only to slam at high speed into their respective targets with clinical precision?

What are the chances of jet fuel melting steel into a liquid – a scientific impossibility? What are the chances of steel-framed skyscrapers disintegrating into dust in their entirety due to localised fire and damage – yet another physical impossibility?

What is the probability of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon and leaving no physical evidence? What is the chance of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon – the most guarded structure in the world, covered by a no-fly zone and anti-aircraft missile batteries – at all? Flight 93’s ‘crash’ in Pennsylvania stays firmly within this realm of fantasy. Not a single aspect of the official narrative can stand up to scrutiny.

The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center

At 08:46 on the morning of September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center complex. At 09:03, United Airlines Flight 175 impacted the South Tower. At 09:59 the South Tower underwent a global, immediate disintegration wherein violent explosions reduced the entirety of the 110-storey steel-framed structure to nothing but dust in under ten seconds – the approximate time it would take a solid object to fall the equivalent height in a vacuum. The North Tower was to undergo a ‘collapse’ in an identical fashion at 10:28.

The two 110-floor steel-framed Twin Towers each contained forty-seven steel columns that ran through the structures like a series of spines. Not only were these gigantic steel columns sheared and broken down from top to bottom, but the entirety of the concrete, masonry, and building materials contained within the towers were reduced to dust in violent explosions. This is impossible as a result of a gravity-driven collapse caused by localised aircraft impact and the resulting fires.

The true nature of the ‘collapse’ of the World Trade Center towers is revealed in the presence of molten steel underneath both sites. We are not talking about steel heated to the point of weakness; we are talking about steel being converted into a liquid. Steel melts at approximately 1,500 degrees C (or approximately 2,700 degrees F). Even under optimum conditions and given all the time in the world, it is scientifically impossible for jet fuel to melt steel, as jet fuel burns at approximately 280 degrees C (or 550 degrees F).

Indeed firefighters and first responders have witnessed molten steel at the sites.

This video is also instructive. NIST engineer John Gross desperately tries to deny the presence of molten steel when told of witness tesimonies together with NASA thermal imaging photography that demonstrates the intense heat present at Ground Zero weeks after the event.

The third skyscraper to collapse at freefall speed that day was World Trade Center 7. WTC-7 was not hit by a plane, and yet it fell in an identical fashion to the two towers: freefall, through the path of greatest resistance, and exhibiting all of the telltale signs of controlled demolition including multiple explosions before and during ‘collapse’.

Suggesting foreknowledge, the BBC reported the fall of building 7 twenty minutes before it had even happened, at which time they promptly cut their news report.

Countless eyewitnesses have testified to explosions in the WTC buildings even before the impact of the planes, and nowhere near the impact points of the planes, including the basement levels.

Why have these testimonies not seen the light of day since the events ten years ago?

It is painfully obvious that the three towers were demolished with explosives. No rational adult can disagree with this in light of the evidence. ‘Al Qaeda’ could not possibly have rigged the towers with explosives for a controlled demolition. Not only would this require technology and expertise that is far beyond their capability, but it would require unfettered access to the high-security buildings beforehand – something which could only be attained with official complicity.

Following this line of inquiry, a rational person will conclude that the same party that planted the explosives, also flew the jets into the targets; even if it was known that ‘al Qaeda’ was planning to fly jets into those targets, it was simply not guaranteed that they would pull it off and indeed it was extremely unlikely given their extreme piloting inexperience. This left the possibility of one or more towers being rigged with explosives from top to bottom, without a plane having hit and therefore no basis on which to demolish the structures.

This seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to ‘pull’ building 7 and simply use the excuse of ‘fire’ to explain this staggering event.

This is why WTC-7 has already been rebuilt and recommissioned with practically zero press attention; they wish to remove this event from history altogether.

For answers we must look to ardent Zionist and Rabbi Dov Zackheim, then Comptroller of the Pentagon under Bush. From 1987 – 2001 he was CEO of Systems Planning Corporation – a company making advanced aviation systems one of which was the Flight Termination System, used for remote piloting large jet aircraft.

Owing to media censorship by omission, staggering numbers of people continue to accept the official account of the 9/11 terror attacks whether relating to the events in New York, at the Pentagon, or in Shanksville.

Following is live TV coverage of the ‘crash’ of Flight 93. Witnesses tell of no debris that could identify a plane crash, nothing larger than a phone book, and debris that is spread over an area of many miles. None of this is consistent with a plane crash. Again, this has not been mentioned on a single mainstream news outlet since that day.

Aside from the overtly obvious cover-up of the events in New York and Shanksville, the FBI refuses to release its 80 videos showing what really hit the Pentagon. No physical evidence of Flight 77 having hit it exists, and it’s downright embarrassing to think that so many believe a commercial airliner could have simply flown into the most guarded military structure on the planet.

Contrary to prescribed opinion, Osama bin Laden did not claim responsibility for the attacks; he outright denied it a mere two weeks afterwards. Three months later the CIA asset would be dead, leaving the way clear for the media manipulation that would ensure the al Qaeda apparition was alive and well.

If the real perpetrators of 9/11 were identified to indignant Americans, righteous tears of bereavement would morph into tears of uncontainable rage. Congress would be purged, government would be dissolved from top to bottom, and the $3bn in annual aid to the Zionist entity would be halted in the blink of an eye. 3,000 innocents died on 9/11. Ten years on and millions are dead, maimed, orphaned, displaced, tortured, humiliated, and subjugated as a direct result of the Zionist ‘War on Terror’. We all must stand up and be counted, there really are no excuses for continuing to buy this abominable lie.


Nazi Ambassador to the U.S: “When the people of ‘Israel’ are in the Land of Israel, we’re not occupiers. We are home,”

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer: “When the people of Israel are in the Land of Israel, we’re not occupiers. We are home,”

Dermer with his boss

Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu with  Nazi ambassador  Ron Dermer in Washington

From Haaretz

Oct 27, 2014

Although the American administration views Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a partner for Middle East peace, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer says that it is “an embarrassment that anyone in the world embraces this man as a peacemaker.”

“Well, we should not be surprised,” Dermer added. “After all, the same people who embrace Abbas libel the soldiers of the IDF as war criminals .Despite the fact that no army in history has gone to greater lengths to get the civilians of the other side out of harm’s way.”

Dermer was speaking in San Antonio on Sunday at “A Night to Honor Israel” organized by Evangelical pastor John Hagee, found of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). Often described as “the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States,” Hagee and CUFI often align with the most right-wing positions of Israeli politics and have been described as “extremist” by former Reform leader Rabbi Eric Yoffie.

Dermer described Iran as “a monster” and its spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei as “an evil wild eyed fanatic looking to rule the world.” The Israeli envoy, whose relations with the Obama administration are often described as strained, said that Israel is concerned about a possible nuclear deal with Tehran that would leave Iran “on the threshold of developing the world’s most dangerous weapons.” He scoffed at efforts to reassure Israel about it.

“We’re told not to worry, that UN inspectors will prevent Iran from breaking out or sneaking out to build the bomb. Well, I’m sure you all feel as safe as I do knowing that a few Inspector Clouseaus at the UN is all that stands between fanatic Ayatollahs and nuclear bombs.”

Peppering his speech with extensive references from the Bible as well as vintage Americana such as the 1980’s TV series Dukes of Hazzard, Dermer said that despite the dangers, he was “supremely confident” of Israel’s future “because of the strength and leadership of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Dermer railed against criticism over Israel’s recent campaign in Gaza, saying “We have had to defend the truth in a world of lies. A world in which Israel, a nation that shows unprecedented compassion against genocidal enemies, is itself shamelessly accused of genocide.” He said that Abbas’ recent UN speech, in which he accused Israel of genocide, was a “disgrace” and that the depiction of Israel as “occupiers in the Land of Israel” was “a Big Lie.”

“When the people of Israel are in the Land of Israel, we’re not occupiers. We are home,” Dermer said.

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by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

It has been an undeniable fact for quite some time now that Hizbullah, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, has transcended the position of a mere guerilla movement – albeit the most successful, fearsome and disciplined one in recent memory – and transformed itself, through its victories, sacrifices, dauntlessness, grassroots support, battlefield innovations and readiness, ideological impenetrability and steadfast commitment to its doctrine and principles, into a regional powerhouse which is capable of redrawing the map of the region in the favor of the Resistance Axis – of which it is the heart and soul – and its supporters throughout the Arab-Islamic world (1). Hizbullah’s intervention in Syria solidified this newfound status and set a precedent that if there is a regional struggle that the Mouqawamah deems vital to its strategic interests, it can and will intervene in whatever way it sees fit (2),for the struggle against the US-“Israeli” Empire in one place throughout the Maghreb and Mashriq, tends to be inextricably linked to others.

It is within this context that a seemingly bizarre and largely unreported event took place just a few weeks ago in Yemen. Upon a closer look however, the strangeness actually becomes rather elucidated and the reasons behind the terribly obvious lapse in media reportage on the aforesaid event are exposed. On September 26th, 2014, two alleged members of Hizbullah, along with three alleged members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), were released from prison in the Yemeni seaport city of Aden (3).The release came just days after the Houthis – also known as Ansarullah, a powerful political-military movement which has clashed with the Western-Zionist-Saudi-backed Yemeni regime for decades – stormed Sanaa, and, on behalf of the oppressed Yemeni people, imposed righteous conditions on the corrupt, US-installed puppets masquerading as a functioning government.

While the story most certainly must be taken with a grain of salt, as all stories about Hizbullah that aren’t from a direct Hizbullah source should be, it is granted immense credence by none other than Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbullah’s Secretary-General and the most triumphant revolutionary in the world today, who, just a few days before the release of the alleged Mouqawamah members, unprecedentedly saluted the Yemeni people for the agreement achieved via the Houthis’ mini-revolution and described it as a historic opportunity to alleviate the myriad problems plaguing their country (4). It is certainly fathomable, considering the way Ansarullah smacked around the despotic, backwards Saudi regime’s army in December 2009 and killed over 130 of its soldiers (5), that the Houthis’ recent military gains are simply the result of their own astute battlefield prowess and experience. However, the rapidness of these gains, along with the Hizbullah-esque strength, commitment and offensiveness displayed in achieving these gains, most recently in the strategic city of Hudaydah (6) and the crucial city of Rada’ (7), strongly indicates that they have indeed been assisted with a friendly hand.

Moreover, in this particular instance, the fact that men from Hizbullah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were working together shouldn’t be seen as the typical sectarian drivel being spewed by the tyrannical GCC regimes and their hateful, propagandistic media outlets, as Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, chief of the aerospace division of the Iranian Revolution Guard Corps, humbly noted that, “Hizbullah used to depend on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in certain areas in the past, but today they gained experiences and techniques that drive us in the Revolutionary Guard to ask for their help (8).”

In other words, the student has attained the level of master. It is also telling that Brigadier General Hajizadeh’s beautiful, revealing statement came within the same one-week span (9-23-14 to 9-30-14) of Ansarullah’s triumph in the Yemeni capital, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s lauding of the Yemeni people’s victory and the release of the alleged Hizbullah and IRGC members. And since Hizbullah and Iran are within the same axis – alongside the Syrian Arab Republic, which Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has repeatedly referred to as the “backbone” of the Resistance bloc – and are in constant contact and coordination with one another, whether on Syria, occupied Palestine or other fronts, it is not just plausible but highly likely that the two worked together on a front as critical as Yemen, as the Houthis’ victory brought about what Saudi dissident and noteworthy analyst Fouad al-Ibrahim described as the “fall of the Saudi project” and the toppling of the Saudi dynasty on Yemeni soil (9).

The war against Zionism – and ultimately, the complete liberation of occupied Palestine – is Hizbullah’s raison d’être, and with the decades-old alliance between the usurping Jewish entity and its monstrous counterpart in Saudi Arabia growing daily, a blow inflicted on the latter is indeed a blow inflicted on the former. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah hasn’t pulled any punches on the matter, once calling Netanyahu the “spokesman” of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other dictatorial Arab regimes aiding the conspiracy against Syria (10), and pointing the finger right at the Saudi monarchy for seeking hegemony in the region and operating the Takfiri terrorist organization known as the Abdullah Azzam Brigades which bombed the Iranian embassy in Beirut last November (11).

When examined from this angle most distinctly, it quite literally makes all the sense in the world for Hizbullah and Iran to strike back at the Zionists’ Saudi ally in a calculated, covert way that not only represents minimal risk but would also pay maximum geopolitical dividends. Hence why the Zionist media failed to dive on this story and publicize it in some hideous, libelous way; something to the hilariously moronic effect of “Iran and Hizbullah terror offspring pursue expansionist agenda in Yemen”. Such publicity was nonexistent and the usual warmongering shrieking which emanates from Jewish supremacist ideologues across the mainstream media’s echo chamber was silent because no matter how one slices it, World Zionism and its surrogates took a major hit in Sanaa at the hands of Ansarullah, and, ostensibly, the Yemeni revolutionaries’ allies in Hizbullah and Tehran.

Meanwhile, as Hizbullah and the IRGC were allegedly aiding their liberationist brethren in Yemen with intelligence, weapons and logistics, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance was reportedly engaged on another front, that of negotiations, with the sectarian fanatics in Riyadh over the fate of Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr, who has been unjustly imprisoned and barbarically sentenced to death by crucifixion for the “crime” of relentlessly and articulately criticizing the Wahhabi Kingdom of Horrors for its plethora of oppressive policies. Conducting the back-and-forth through a channel within Saudi Arabia’s Beirut embassy, Hizbullah diplomatically intervened in an attempted to save the courageous cleric’s life (12). Though the Mouqawamah’s sincere overtures have been rejected by the House of Saud, and the vile monarchy has upheld the absurd death sentence of al-Nimr, Hizbullah continues to fight for him. The Party’s latest statement has blasted Riyadh’s “exclusionary and repressive” behavior, slammed the utter illegitimacy of the sentence and demanded that the verdict be overturned so the Ayatollah is released immediately with dignity (13).

There have been a sickening amount of commentators, many of whom from the “leftist” and “solidarity activist” ends of the spectrum, who have ignorantly said that Hizbullah’s extraterritorial interventionism will eventually hinder or hurt it in the long run, but the absolute contrary is the gleaming, beaming reality. Despite alleged covert operations in Yemen, a secret diplomatic intervention on behalf of Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr and ongoing fighting in Syria, where Hizbullah just neutralized 55 Takfiri terrorists in the Qalamoun Mountains on October 14th, 2014 (14), the Lebanese Islamic Resistance is as focused on the homeland as ever.

Hizbullah not only thwarted an attack on its bases in the eastern Lebanese city of Brital in the first week of October, leaving over 70 thugs from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS wasted (15), but the Mouqawamah’s Hassan Ali Haidar unit – named after a Resistance fighter martyred a month earlier in the midst of dismantling an “Israeli” spying device which subsequently exploded – also carried out an operation against enemy number one, the genocidal, illegitimate Zionist entity, in illegally occupied Shebaa Farms, wounding several occupying soldiers (16). Indeed, even the “Israeli” enemy’s terrorist defense minister admitted that, “Hizbullah accumulated more self-confidence than we thought (17),solidifying that despite the vehement efforts put forth by the criminal Jewish usurpers in their war on Syria and the Resistance Axis as a whole, Hizbullah has adapted, adjusted and gotten mightier.

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Na’im Qassem stated categorically that the Takfiris are merely linked to the Zionist regime while the slaughterous monster which has been occupying holy Al-Quds and all of Palestine since 1948 remains the Mouqawamah’s top priority (18). And Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah himself, dressed in military fatigues in a show of oneness between leader and his men on the battlefield (19), during a meeting with Hizbullah fighters and generals in the eastern Bekaa Valley right across the border from intensive fighting between the Resistance and the Takfiri tools of “Tel Aviv”, sternly stated that, “Despite the major changes in the region and the rise of ISIS, the Resistance is still strong, present and ready to repel any [‘Israeli’] aggression (20).” It is for this reason that the chants of “Long live Hizbullah!” and “Labaykah ya Nasrallah!” should be omnipresent within geopolitical discourse.

Where other resistance organizations have lost the plot and gone astray, Hizbullah’s path couldn’t be straighter and narrower. Where other political movements have become ideologically corrupted, infiltrated and disillusioned with the struggle, Hizbullah is as pure as it was – if not more so – than when it first began the struggle against “Israel” three decades ago, even before the Party’s namesake came into being. Hizbullah is now so abyssally entrenched in the regional equation that no power, local or global, can move without first calculating how the Resistance might react to any decision that may be undertaken. And with Hizbullah’s doctrine dictating that when a people are being oppressed, Hizbullah’s Islamic and Arab duty compels it to stand with them and come to their aid if possible, as evidenced by decades of support, in various forms, to the Palestinian Resistance and highlighted most recently with the martyrdom of legendary Mouqawamah commander Fawzi Ayoub (21), it is high time that this phoenix-fresh paradigm be accepted by all, including each and every naysayer who dies of rage at the very thought of Hizbullah’s past, present and future success.

Just as the case is when something malevolent occurs in the world and one looks for the dirty hands of the usurping Zionist entity, it can now be noted with a fair degree of certainty that a similar principle can be applied vis-à-vis Hizbullah when a victory is achieved by the downtrodden and subjugated. Wherever there is oppression in the Maghreb and Mashreq, one should look for the long arm of the Resistance, reaching out politically and spiritually first and foremost, but if such an option is feasible, militarily and logistically as well. As if the burial of the “Greater Israel” project in 2000 and the destruction of the neocon-concocted “New Middle East” scheme in 2006 weren’t enough to cheer about and reflect upon with hopeful smiles, Hizbullah has once again given the world’s oppressed a reason to be optimistic, from Yemen to Saudi and back again.

~ The End ~


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