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“The Jews are behind all that is wrong in the world,” according to Islamic preacher and professor of Quranic Studies, Imad Hamato, the host of a weekly Palestinian Authority TV program on  Islam.

To back up this typical anti-Jewish Muslim hate speech, Hamato went on to say that the Quran teaches that  humanity will never “live in comfort… peace or fortune or tranquility” as long as “the Jews are causing devastating corruption throughout the land.” The solution for Muslims, according to the professor, is to fight and kill  Jews: “Our real Jihad is to take revenge.” 


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YEMEN: Muslim worshippers were cursing I$raHell


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A video recording of a deadly terrorist attack at a Shiite mosque in Yemen revealed that worshipers were chanting a slew of anti-I$raHell. 

one of three committed in a pair of mosques, was carried out by Zio-Wahhabi RAT’s during weekly prayers. At least 142 people were killed and 351 were wounded in the attacks, carried out in the Houthi rebel-controlled capital city of Sana’a.

preacher conducting a sermon at the al-Hashoosh Mosque, leading the crowd in an impassioned cry against I$raHell, the United States.

“Our belief in Allah will increase after today. We will triumph over their deceit and their arrogance. Allah is with us,” the preacher said. “Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse upon them. Victory to Islam. Allahu Akbar,” the worshipers recited en masse. Then Zio-Wahhabi terrorist roaming among the mosque’s patrons detonated himself, causing a scene of mass panic.

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Afghanistan: India’s Drug Smuggling Verified


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By Sajjad Shaukat

While echoing Hobbes and Machiavelli, Morgenthau opines that in international politics,

countries act upon various immoral activities like deceit, fraud, falsehood and so on. In one way

or the other, they also follow these tactics to fulfill their selfish aims. But, in the modern era of

electronic and social media including open diplomacy, it is difficult for the sovereign states to

continue mal-practices of the past, as sinister politics has been replaced by world’s new trends

such as fair-dealings, reconciliation and economic development.

In this respect, the news item, “India accused of using Afghan soil for Heroin smuggling”,

published in the leading daily Dawn on March 18, 2015 verified previous reports of India’s

involvement in drug smuggling from Afghanistan.

In the recent past, a released video by Washington Free Beacon pointed out that the US Secretary

of Defence Chuck Hagel disclosed during a speech at Oklahoma’s Cameron University in 2011,

“India has always used Afghanistan as a second front” and “has over the years financed

problems for Pakistan on that side of the border.” Earlier, the then NATO commander in

Afghanistan, Gen. McChrystal had revealed: “Indian political and economic influence is

increasing in Afghanistan…is likely to exacerbate regional tensions.”

In fact, by availing the golden opportunity of the 9/11, India has signed a number of bilateral

agreements with Kabul, during the regime of Afghanistan’s former President Hamid Karzai in

getting its hold in Afghanistan by manipulating US strategy. New Delhi which has already

invested billion of dollars in Afghanistan, signed a wide-ranging strategic agreement with that

country on October 5, 2011 also includes to help train Afghan security forces, while assisting

Kabul in diversified projects. Apparently, it is open strategic agreement, but secretly, India seeks

to further strengthen its grip in Afghanistan to get strategic depth against Islamabad.

In this regard, stiff resistance of the Taliban militants against the occupying forces created

unending lawlessness in the country which has become a most suitable place for Indian secret

agency RAW to implement a conspiracy to fulfill its country’s strategic designs against Iran,

China and particularly Pakistan, while achieving collective goals of the US against these

countries including Russia.

Especially, based in Afghanistan, Indian consulates including agents of RAW, who are also

supporting Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), are behind various acts of terrorism in Pakistan

such as target killings, bomb blasts, suicide attacks, assaults on civil and military installations

including churches, religious leaders etc. to destabilize Pakistan. They have also perennially been

arranging similar subversive acts in Balochistan.

As a matter of fact, with the cooperation of ex-president Karzai and Afghan intelligence-National

Directorate of Security (NDS), and with the tactical assistance of American CIA and Israeli

Mossad, RAW has well-established espionage network in Afghanistan, which has also been used

for smuggling of drugs so as to obtain Indian sinister designs in the region, particularly against

While, poppy cultivation has risen to all time high, and Afghanistan has become one of the

biggest contributors of drug proliferation in the region and beyond. And, Afghan government has

failed in controlling corruption and implementing rule of law, while international community

especially major donors are averse to such malpractices.

According to some sources, modern weapons of Indian, American and Israeli origin are available

in the markets of Afghanistan. Smuggling of latest arms from west to Afghanistan is also being

supported by the drug mafia of Afghanistan. In this connection, Afghan President Karzai’s real

brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, and high officials have been found involved in drug smuggling for

raising funds to support insurgency in Pakistan with the support of RAW.

It would not be out of context to mention here that primarily these are the Afghan drug Barons

and Warlords like Hamid Karzai and his brother in whose interest it is to keep the region in state

of war. It is also a known fact that Qasim Fahim, Vice President of Afghanistan is also a warlord

and a drug baron. In the recent past, American troops destroyed poppy fields, but, they failed in

stopping poppy cultivation, because India was involved in supporting Afghan warlords and drug

In this connection, on November 2, 2009 John Burns, the chief foreign correspondent for The

New York Times, while answering questions about a New York Times article about Ahmed

Wali Karzai, exposed his ties to the nation’s opium trade. And on October 27, 2009, the same

newspaper pointed out, “The brother of the Afghan president and a suspected player in the

country’s booming illegal opium trade…in a large area of southern Afghanistan where the

Taliban insurgency is strongest, undermines the American push to develop an effective central

government that can maintain law and order and eventually allow the United States to

withdraw…on at least one occasion, the strike force has been accused of mounting an

unauthorized operation against an official of the Afghan government.”

Quoting a senior American military officer in Kabul, The New York Times elaborated,

“Hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money are flowing through the southern region, and

nothing happens in Afghanistan without the regional leadership knowing about it.”

However, besides the involvement of other Afghan entities, Indian engagement in drugs in

Afghanistan was proved in the news item of Dawn, which quoted world’s renowned news

agency, Reuters as a source and also included AFP file. It is given below.

UN officials recorded a sharp spike this year in the amount of heroin being seized from

passengers trying to fly from Afghanistan to India, a worrying trend since the Taliban insurgency

lines its pockets on the illegal drug trade.

A lack of coordination is hampering efforts to clamp down on the route, officials said, with India

blaming Afghanistan for poor cooperation in helping to track smugglers.

In January alone, officials intercepted 44 kilograms of heroin from Afghan airports in eight

separate cases, compared to 50 kilograms of heroin and hashish seized during the whole of last

year, according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime data.

Most of the cases have involved passengers trying to board flights bound for the Indian capital

New Delhi after swallowing as much 2 kg of the illegal opiate in capsules, like condoms.

The spike is an “alarming trend”, said Mark Colhoun, deputy representative to the UNODC in

“These mule are small fry,” he said. “You need to track down the networks.” The UNODC

started working with Afghan police and customs in 2013 at Kabul’s airport, and later expanded

to airports in Kandahar, Herat, and Mazar-i-Sharif. It is unclear whether the rise in heroin being

seized represents an increase in trafficking or better tracking of smugglers. But opium cultivation

in Afghanistan, which produces some 90 per cent of the world’s illegal opiates, is on the rise.

Afghan smugglers often travel to India under the guise of seeking medical care, said a senior

official in India’s Narcotics Control Bureau speaking on condition of anonymity.

Nevertheless, news of Dawn has verified Indian negative role of drug smuggling from

Afghanistan. Therefore, it is the right hour that the US-led international community must take

action against New Delhi, and by rolling back Indian network in Afghanistan, which includes

smuggling of drugs, especially Heroin for the purpose of its secret strategic goals. While the

western countries and Russia are worried about instability in Afghanistan, spilling over into the

former Soviet Central Asia and about drug smuggling pushing up the numbers of heroin addicts.

Nonetheless, western donors’ aid to Kabul for bringing stability in that country will prove

fruitless, if India continues drug smuggling in Afghanistan which has become one of the biggest

contributors of drug proliferation in the world.

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فيديو؛ الجبهة الشعبية تتصدى للمسلحين في ريف السويداءDER’AH: 

Tal Al-Haarra:  The SAA launched several attacks, which are continuing up to this writing, against Zionist and Jordanian supported Alqaeda rodents in this area which once housed a very sophisticated and effective ground reconnaissance center for the Syrian military.  It was here that the SAA could monitor the movements and flight paths of Zionist aircraft which is why the regime in Tel Aviv regularly used off-site attacks in order to avoid being detected or fired upon by Syria’s formidable air defense network.   Syria is determined to reclaim this base.  As of March 20, 2015, the SAA has killed an estimated 40+ rodents, destroyed 5 pickups with 23mm cannons here and has been able to confiscate weapons and ammunition left behind by fleeing rodents.  Also, the SAA has recovered communications equipment provided by the Zionist Khazar State and has used the systems to unlock codes and ciphers used by the terrorist cannibals.

Busraa Al-Shaam:  The disgraceful and anti-intellectual ideologies of these Takfeeri, Saudi-Wahhabist savages are on display in one of the world’s richest centers of ancient culture.  Priceless statuaries from Roman times are being smuggled into the moron kingdom of Jordan for sale to greedy, unscrupulous Turk and Zionist scum.  Yesterday the SAA pounded rat positions inside the town with mortars and FROG 7 missiles destroying 2 armored cars and a 130mm cannon provided by the Saudi Wahhabist heretic regime.  In fact, the day before yesterday, the SAA repelled 2 coordinated attacks from the East and West of the town with the assistance of local members of the PDC.  Those killed are listed as:

Ahmad ‘Abdulllah Al-Hareeri (leader of the Liwaa` ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez.   A hint at his love of the Saudi apes.  This group is pure Nusra/Alqaeda)

Sulaymaan Al-Masaalima (leader of ‘Amood Hawraan – another sub-franchise of Alqaeda/Nusra.  The Al-Masaalima clan is about to become extinct)

‘Ali Al-Masaalima (I told you so.  Leader of another Nusra clone: Harakat Al-Muthanna Al-Islaamiyya)

‘Abdul-Samad Farhaan ‘Issaawi

Muhammad Al-Ma’roof

Shukri Muhsin Al-Masri

Baasil Ahmad Al-Khiswaani (Died at a Jordanteezian Hospital in Al-Ramtha thanks to inept quacks)

Another 17 could not be identified.  Many from Jordan and Arabia.

As of this writing, the SAA is pursuing remnant rats all over the countryside and at the Citadel of the town.

Between Ma’raba and Busraa Al-Shaam:  A launcher was destroyed along with 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.

Der’ah City:  At the western neighborhood, an armored vehicle and a pickup with heavy cannon were destroyed.  All carcasses were Tunisian and Jordanian.

Inkhil:  The SAA foiled an attempted assault on the village  of Qitaa’ from Inkhil.

Between ‘Areeqa Village in Suwaydaa and Izra’ in Der’ah:  The Security Services supported by the PDC blocked an attempted assault on the fuel pipeline here.  Although the pipeline has been unused for 2 years, this attack represents more proof that the cockroaches of Saudi Arabia are intent on destroying infrastructure.  The actual event took place at Umm Al-‘Alaq Village last night.  2 rats were arrested and are now singing their arias at a Military Intelligence HQ.  Others managed to escape to Jordan.

Der’ah City at the Post Office:  A confirmed 12 rat pack was sent to the flaming mists of Hades by the SAA and PDC on March 19, 2015.  2 pickups with cannons and a mortar were destroyed:

“Abu Anas Al-Leebi” (Id pending. LIBYAN WEASEL EXCREMENT)

“Abu Al-‘Izz Al-Hawraani” (Id pending)

Talaal Mahmoud Al-Ashqar

The rest were all foreigners carrying false id or no id at all.

Al-Hameediyya in Qunaytra:  At the Al-Bawaari Factory where Nusra/Alqaeda is holed up, the SAA was able to secure crates of newly-delivered weapons and ammunition from the Zionist Abomination.  Very useful for our militias.

Fighting reported here since  March 19, 2015:  West Al-Ghaariyya, Kafr Naasij, Khirbat Al-Hajjaajiyya, Tal Hamad, ‘Itmaan, Al-Nu’ayma, Daa’il, Muzayreeb, Jimreen, Samad

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Zio-Wahhabi momentum has been virtually halted


CIA DIRECTOR John Brennan is reassuring the world that the Islamic State (ISIS) momentum has been virtually halted


CIA director John Brennan on Sunday gave an optimistic assessment of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State, saying that the terrorist group’s expansion has been “blunted.”

“Clearly, ISIS momentum inside of Iraq and Syria has been blunted, and it has been stopped,” Brennan said in an interview with Fox News, using another name by which the Islamic State is known.

Zio-Wahhabi moving in on Lebanon:

“They are not on the march as they were several months ago,” he said. “And so, our working with the Iraqis and the Iraqis now trying to push back against it, it is having some great, I think, progress.”

The U.S. has been engaged in a campaign against Zio-Wahhabi using air power and training regional forces to engage ISIS Rat’s.

ISIS starting to gain a foothold in Afghanistan:

Groups affiliated with the Zio-Wahhabi, however, have branched into North Africa in recent months, and took responsibility for terrorist attacks this week in Yemen and Tunisia.

Brennan acknowledged those gains by the ISIS, saying that the U.S. “cannot relent” in working with regional partners against the terrorists.

Zio-Wahhabi takes control of oil fields in Libya:

But he defended his past comments in 2012 that the U.S. had Al-Qaida on the run, saying that the ISIS is a new and separate phenomenon.

“There was no sense that I think either I or the president or others gave to the American people that terrorism was going away,” Brennan said. “But we’ve made great progress against a lot of these groups that had plans in place to carry out attacks.”

Zio-Wahhabi  gaining support in Zionist Kingdom Jordan

Despite his assessment that the ISIS progress had been stopped, Brennan still placed the group equal to Iran in terms of the threat it posed the U.S.

Earlier this week, former CIA director David Petraeus warned that Iran’s influence, not the ISIS, was the greater threat to stability in the Middle East.

Zio-Wahhabi stages a deadly terrorist attack in Yemen:

Brennan stopped short of agreeing with that assessment, and also said that Iran was not an ally against ISIS.  “I wouldn’t say that Iran is an ally right now,” he said.

“The Iranians are pursuing their interests inside of Iraq, some of which include efforts against Daesh and preventing that phenomenon from growing,” Brennan said, using another name identifying the Islamic State.

Zio-Wahhabi has its eye on Europe next:

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Zio-Wahhabi hackers call for jihad against individual American military

Zio-Wahhabi hackers call for jihad against individual American military personnel


1StopNews  “You, faithless US; You who worship the cross you, crusaders fighting the Islamic State , we say: ‘DIE IN HIS WRATH!’  “begins the statement issued by Zio-Wahhabi RAT’s Hacker Division.


Zio-Wahhabi hackers have posted the personal details of 100 U.S. service members they claim have taken part in the bombing of ISIS targets in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan – and called on homegrown radicals to strike back.

The targets are military United States . The information managed filtering, address and photo of 100 members of its armed forces. Most are privates but some are high and mid-level officers as Raymond Kemp, Head of the Office of Inspector General of the Navy; or Captain Andrew J. Loiselle, commander of the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush.

Photos and ID information of US military personnel put out by ISIS below is blurred here intentionally:


The group allegedly gathered the dossier from cracked military databases and made an open call for “jihad against the crusaders” using, a Polish-based social network favored by Zio-Wahhabi propagandists. “You crusaders that fight the Islamic State, we say to you: ‘Die in your rage!’” the ISIS post said.


“These Kuffar that drop bombs over Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Khurasan and Somalia are from the same lands that you reside in, so when will you take action?” the group asks. “Know that it is wajib for you to kill these kuffar! and now we have made it easy for you by giving you addresses, all you need to do is take the final step, so what are you waiting for? Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking they are safe…”

The black flag entry is a self-styled terrorist WikiLeaks titled “Target: United States Military.” It lists the name, unit and address of 100 U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marines – many of them pilots – along with headshots of each. One of the targeted is a Navy aviator from upstate New York.


“Oh, brothers in America, know that jihad against the crusaders not limited to the lands of the caliph, but a global jihad. Their war is not a war against the Islamic State, it is a war against Islam. These infidels who drop bombs in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia Khurasan are the same lands than you. So, are you going to do something about it? Know that it is their divine duty to kill these infidels! “he concludes.


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Zio-Wahhabi savages behead three Kurdish Peshmerga


Zio-Wahhabi ”ISIS” has released its latest beheading video of three Peshmerga soldiers as a warning to their sworn enemies on Kurdish New Year.


Zio-Wahhabi ”ISIS” has released a shocking new video, featuring the execution of three Kurdish prisoners in Iraq. Dressed in orange boiler suits with their hands bound behind his back, the Kurdish soldiers are each marched through the ruins of a bombed out building by Zio-Wahhabi Mossad agent’s.

All three prisoners are then beheaded in front of a large crowd of local residents, including a number of children. 


Each time the prisoners are individually shown being forced to  knees. They have all had their heads shaved and dressed in matching uniforms. The footage briefly stops to reveal the names of each prisoner,revealing their rank and background in the Peshmerga.


A bearded Zio-Wahhabi gives a speech, promising greater attacks on the Kurds if their government do not stand down in their fight against the extremist group. A variety of close up shots from different camera angles are used to show the prisoners waiting to be executed.


A number of heavily Zio-Wahhabi gang with their faces covered in black balaclavas are shown as the camera pans away during the dreary speech. Some of the fighters appear to be standing on top of a wall, hoping to get a better view of the execution.

Crowds of local residents can also be seen surrounding the man, waiting for the impending public execution to commence. The video ends with three Zio-Wahhabi RAT’s pulling out their knives and beheading their prisoner. Close up shots of the bloodied bodies are shown.


The video was released by an official Zio-Wahhabi Mossad agent’s  media branch in the Iraqi province of Nineveh and appears to be an attempt to scare the Kurds from Zio-Wahhabi RAT’s.



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Syria: four years of humanitarian intervention


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Tim Anderson

Humanitarian intervention is not really a legal doctrine, it is trying to put a good face on war, by calling it a ‘lesser evil’ ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ and the ‘double game’ ‘About our country, there is another more sinister plan … they want to provoke a war … to have a pretext to intervene and, with the authority of being mediator and guarantor, to seize the country … There is no more cowardly thing in the annals of free people; nor such cold blooded evil’ – Jose Martí, 1889  Maine incident, ‘Spanish American’ war, 1898 Pretexts to intervene: a long history ‘Humanitarian Intervention’: what is it?

‘Humanitarian intervention’ idea has been around for some time, but the doctrine of a ‘responsibility to protect’ is quite recent. • Bass 2009: ‘humanitarian intervention’ practised by the British against slavery and (contrary Martí) by the US in the Spanish-American war. This is opposed by both ‘realists’ and ‘leftists’. Yet Bass cites British imperial era liberal John Stuart Mill, an opponent of slavery, yet an advocate of ‘humanitarian intervention’.

‘Liberal imperialism’ does not sit well today, with the UN charter and human rights agreements, based on the right of peoples to self-determination. • The idea of a ‘responsibility to protect’ is more specific: ‘Each individual state has the responsibility to protect its populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity … The international community should, as appropriate, encourage and help States … we are prepared to take collective action … through the Security Council … should peaceful means be inadequate and national authorities are manifestly failing to protect their populations’ (UN 2005).

None of this changes international law; intervention is banned except for: 1. self-defence, 2. collective security (as authorised by the UN security council) ‘Humanitarian Intervention’: the choices Three options 1. Anti-imperial position non-intervention on principle; always be a greater evil (empires responsible for most genocides), violates bill of rights (Art 1) 2. Accomplice to war (as ‘the lesser evil’) support war – but with the history of ‘double games’, one must have regard to (a) International law, (b) Independent evidence on the pretexts, (c) observe conflicts of interest 3. Imperial position – advocate domination of entire regions Inconsistent with international law and the United Nations charter Overview – how the violence developed:

Daraa March 2011 – salafi sniper attacks armed by the Saudis (Israeli news reports ‘seven police officers and at least four demonstrators in Syria have been killed’)

Homs 2011-2012 – Farouk Brigade (FSA): “Alawis to the grave, Christians to Beirut” – ethnic cleansing of 50,000 Christians, in and around Homs • Farouk defeated in Homs, massacres in surrounding villages: Houla, Aqrab • Aleppo invasion from Turkey, 2012 – al Nusra-ISIS move into eastern Syria • Syrian Army makes progress at Lebanese border, Qusayr liberated • August 2013 – chemical weapons inspectors, incident in East Ghouta • 2014: ISIS comes to dominate parts of eastern in Syria, esp. Raqqa, US declares new ‘war on terror’, distinguishes ISIS from ‘moderate rebels’

1.The Houla Massacre, May 2012 Table 1: Houla massacre (May 2012): significant reports Source/report Method and conclusion Mother Agnes Mariam FSA previously attacked Christians and engaged in ‘false flag’ attacks, falsely blamed government Most western media reports Massacre by ‘Assad’s death squads’ British and French government Massacre from Government shelling of civilian areas; later changed this to ‘regime thug’ attacks UN Special Mission on Syria (UNSMIS) Mood went to massacre site, heard stories that blamed both sides. Could not resolve the two versions. UN HRC Commission of Inquiry Interviews in Geneva, co-chaired by US diplomat; witnesses selection assisted by anti-government groups; Commission blames pro-government ‘thugs’ (shabiha) FSA video, on Al Jazeera and elsewhere Show young boy Ali al Sayed, he blames ‘shabiha’ in army clothes with shaved heads and beards.

Syrian Government, state news and TV Four direct witnesses say attacks by armed gangs, who killed security and pro-government families German journalist Alfred HACKENSBERGER Interviews refugee ‘Jibril’ at Qara – massacre carried out by FSA gangs on pro-government families German journalist Rainer HERMANN Interviews anti-violence opposition – they say local gangs and FSA killed pro-government families Dutch Journalist Martin JANSSEN Notes large outflow of Christian and Alawi refugees from Houla; refugees at Qara blame FSA gangs Russian journalists MUSIN and KULYGINA Eight witnesses blame FSA-linked anti-government gangs, victims pro-government families Correggia, Embid, Hauben and Larson Critical review of evidence and the UN reports – say second UN report is not credible Second UN report, co-chaired by US delegate, ignores 15 independent witnesses Right, Houla massacre victims being buried Most of those killed were from pro-government families, in an opposition held area

2. East Ghouta chemical weapons incident Table 2: East Ghouta CW incident (August 2013): significant reports Source/report/evidence Method and conclusion Carla del Ponte (UN) Pre-East Ghouta: ‘Rebels’ believed to have used sarin gas in North Syria Various news reports Pre-East Ghouta: ‘Rebels’ (al Nusra) arrested in Turkey with sarin gas ‘Syrian Rebels’ and associates 1,300+ killed, including children, from Government CW shelling Human Rights Watch The CW used were only in possession of the SG New York Times Telemetry evidence links attacks to SG bases (later MIT studies force NYT to modify this claim) Lloyd and Postol (MIT) Rockets used had limited range and could not have been fired from suggested SG positions. Gavlak and Ababneh (MINT Press) CW had been supplied by Saudis to ‘rebel’ groups, some locals had died due to mishandling Mother Agnes / ISTEAMS Images were contrived, no social context, only eight people buried – who are the children?

John Mesler (NSNBC) Parents identified children in photos as those kidnapped in Latakia, two weeks earlier Seymour Hersh (LRB) Interviewed US officials. Intelligence was manipulated to blame President Assad, false claims used. Turkish lawyers and writers group Saudi backed ‘rebel’ group Liwa al Islam believed to be responsible. UN Dec 2013 report CW were used; three of five CW attacks were ‘against soldiers’ or ‘against soldiers and civilians’ The ‘Islamic Front’ claimed 1,466 killed, mainly women and children; the LCC said 1,188 victims; videos showed less than 500 bodies, not all dead. Yet only eight bodies were buried.

“[The] remaining 1,458 corpses, where are they? Where are the children?” (ISTEAMS 2013: 36-41). Other war crimes and ‘false flags’ Demonstrable crimes by the Syrian Army? – yes, execution of combatant prisoners Daraya massacre: August 2012 massacre of 245 people in Daraya (Damascus), western media reports quickly suggest ‘Assad’s army has committed [another] massacre’ (Oweis 2012). Contradicted by Robert Fisk, who observed that the FSA had slaughtered civilian and off-duty soldier hostages, after a failed prisoner swap. Aqrab massacre: massacre of 120 to 150 villagers in Aqrab – only 12-15km from Houla – December 2012. New York Times suggests ‘members of Assad’s sect’ were responsible.

British journalist Alex Thompson reports, from the evidence of survivors, FSA and foreign fighters had held 500 Alawi villagers for nine days, then murdered many as the army closed in. Lessons from Syria • ‘Humanitarian intervention’ backed through proxy armies, as well as by direct intervention • The US a belligerent party from the beginning of the Syrian conflict (March 2011) – so canot be regarded an independent arbiter • The R2P doctrine carries a great risk of aggravating serious crimes: proxy militia can carry out with impunity the worst atrocities, or manipulate their own crimes and casualties, to attract greater military support. • that contribution to aggravated violence tends to vindicate the NOAM insistence, on greater respect for the principle of non-intervention • for those who support war, great care on (a) international law (b) independent evidnece and (c) conflicts of interest

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Massive New Propaganda Campaign for War against Syria

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A massive new propaganda campaign against Syria is underway. The goal seems to be to confuse the public, distort the situation and create public support for a US/NATO attack on Syria with imposition of a “No Fly Zone”. This is how the invasion of Iraq began. This is how the public was made to go along with the US/NATO air attack on Libya.
We all know the result.  Western ‘regime change’ in Iraq and Libya destroyed the security, health, education and living standards of the Iraqi and Libyan people. The interventions resulted in mayhem and an explosion of sectarianism and violence in the region. Now the Western/NATO/Israeli/Gulf powers, supported by a potpourri of liberal interventionists, want to do the same in Syria.When will they ever learn?
Elements of the new propaganda campaign include the following:
  • Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has accused the Syrian government of targeting civilians in rebel held territories and using chlorine gas bombs. The evidence is remarkably thin: assertions plus second hand reports and video, partially supplied by Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria). We note that PHR issued similar alarms, later found to be false, regarding Libya.  If PHR is objective, why have they never condemned the US invasion of Iraq nor the US use of depleted uranium, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in birth defects?  If they are objective, why have they said nothing about rebel attacks on Syrian medical facilities such as the suicide bombing of Al Kindi Hospital?
  • Regarding the use of chlorine gas in bombs, this makes no sense from a military standpoint since explosives are much more effective. However the charges serve as a convenient pretext for international intervention since the chemical was mentioned in recent UN resolution 2209.
  • Over the past year much publicity has been generated by a photo exhibit allegedly showing victims of torture and murder by Syrian authorities. It was recently displayed at the United Nations. The true identity of the photographer code-named “Caesar” is secret, which prevents investigation of his real identity. The explanation that he needs to “protect his family” is illogical since his family left Syria and his identity would be known by the Syrian military in any event. Adding to the lack of credibility, the details of the photographs are withheld. A small sample of the photographs was “verified” by a law firm under contract with the government of Qatar. Since Qatar has been a major supporter of the armed opposition, there is an obvious conflict of interest. The conflict is compounded because the same law firm in 2011 represented the current Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has also been prominent in funding and supporting the rebels in Syria. The secrecy and lack of details about the photographs prevents any investigation into their validity, determination of responsibility for the deaths. and what the circumstances were. It is not even clear that the deaths took place in Syria.
  • Avaaz online petition calling for a “No Fly Zone” in northern Syria. Avaaz makes bold charges against the Syrian government relying on the dubious “evidence” listed above.  Avaaz did the same thing regarding Libya. We note that Avaaz and PHR have both been substantially financed by one billionaire (George Soros) whose foundation president has referred to Iran and Syria as “enemies”.
  • Syrian American Council and associated organizations includingSyrians Organizing 4 Syria call for No Fly Zone and direct US intervention against the Syrian government. With heavy funding from unknown sources they are lobbying hard in Washington and around the country. What is the success of no fly zones except in producing death, mayhem and failed states?
It’s time for all of us keep our skepticism at the ready and to push back against propaganda about Syria. A “No Fly Zone” would result in escalation of the conflict and vastly MORE deaths. Haven’t we invested enough in war and death?


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Neoconservative Ideology “Supports US Financial and Military-Political Imperialism”


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I had been wanting to interview Paul Craig Roberts for a long time already. For many years I have been following his writings and interviews and every time I read what he had to say I was hoping that one day I would have the privilege do interview him about the nature of the US deep state and the Empire. Recently, I emailed him and asked for such an interview, and he very kindly agreed. I am very grateful to him for this opportunity.

The Saker

The Saker: It has become rather obvious to many, if not most, people that the USA is not a democracy or a republic, but rather a plutocracy run by a small elite which some call the 1%. Others speak of the deep state. So my first question to you is the following. Could you please take the time to assess the influence and power of each of the following entities one by one. In particular, can you specify for each of the following whether it has a decision-making top position, or a decision-implementing middle position in the real structure of power (listed in no specific order)

  • Federal Reserve
  • Big Banking
  • Bilderberg
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Skull & Bones
  • CIA
  • Goldman Sachs and top banks
  • Top 100 families (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dutch Royal Family, British Royal Family, etc.)
  • Israel Lobby
  • Freemasons and their lodges
  • Big Business: Big Oil, Military Industrial Complex, etc.
  • Other people or organizations not listed above?

Who, which group, what entity would you consider is really at the apex of power in the current US polity?

Paul Craig Roberts: The US is ruled by private interest groups and by the neoconservative ideology that History has chosen the US as the exceptional and indispensable country with the right and responsibility to impose its will on the world.

In my opinion the most powerful of the private interest groups are:

The Military/security Complex
The 4 or 5 mega-sized banks too big to fail and Wall Street
The Israel Lobby
The Extractive industries (oil, mining, timber).

The interests of these interest groups coincide with those of the neoconservatives. The neoconservative ideology supports American financial and military-political imperialism or hegemony.

There is no independent American print or TV media. In the last years of the Clinton regime, 90% of the print and TV media was concentrated in 6 mega-companies. During the Bush regime, National Public Radio lost its independence. So the media functions as a Ministry of Propaganda.

Both political parties, Republicans and Democrats, are dependent on the same private interest groups for campaign funds, so both parties dance to the same masters. Jobs offshoring destroyed the manufacturing and industrial unions and deprived the Democrats of Labor Union political contributions. In those days, Democrats represented the working people and Republicans represented business.

The Federal Reserve is there for the banks, mainly the large ones.The Federal Reserve was created as lender of last resort to prevent banks from failing because of runs on the bank or withdrawal of deposits. The New York Fed, which conducts the financial interventions, has a board that consists of the executives of the big banks. The last three Federal Reserve chairmen have been Jews, and the current vice chairman is the former head of the Israeli central bank. Jews are prominent in the financial sector, for example, Goldman Sachs. In recent years, the US Treasury Secretaries and heads of the financial regulatory agencies have mainly been the bank executives responsible for the fraud and excessive debt leverage that set off the last financial crisis.

In the 21st century, the Federal Reserve and Treasury have served only the interests of the large banks. This has been at the expense of the economy and the population. For example, retired people have had no interest income for eight years in order that the financial institutions can borrow at zero costs and make money.

No matter how rich some families are, they cannot compete with powerful interest groups such as the military/security complex or Wall Street and the banks. Long established wealth can look after its interests, and some, such as the Rockefellers, have activist foundations that most likely work hand in hand with the National Endowment for Democracy to fund and encourage various pro-American non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in countries that the US wants to influence or overthrow, such as occurred in Ukraine. The NGOs are essentially US Fifth Columns and operate under such names as human rights, democracy, etc. A Chinese professor told me that the Rockefeller Foundation had created an American University in China and is used to organize various anti-regime Chinese. At one time, and perhaps still, there were hundreds of US and German financed NGOs in Russia, possibly as many as 1,000.

I dont know if the Bilderbergs do the same. Possibly they are just very rich people and have their proteges in governments who try to protect their interests. I have never seen any signs of Bilderbergs or Masons or Rothchilds affecting congressional or executive branch decisions.

On the other hand, the Council for Foreign Relations is influential. The council consists of former government policy officials and academics involved in foreign policy and international relations. The councils publication, Foreign Affairs, is the premier foreign policy forum. Some journalists are also members. When I was proposed for membership in the 1980s, I was blackballed.

Skull & Bones is a Yale University secret fraternity. A number of universities have such secret fraternities. For example, the University of Virginia has one, and the University of Georgia. These fraternities do not have secret governmental plots or ruling powers. Their influence would be limited to the personal influence of the members, who tend to be sons of elite families. In my opinion, these fraternities exist to convey elite status to members. They have no operational functions.

The Saker: What about individuals? Who are, in your opinion, the most powerful people in the USA today? Who takes the final, top level, strategic decision?

Paul Craig Roberts: There really are no people powerful in themselves. Powerful people are ones that powerful interest groups are behind. Ever since Secretary of Defense William Perry privatized so much of the military in 1991, the military/security complex has been extremely powerful, and its power is further amplified by its ability to finance political campaigns and by the fact that it is a source of employment in many states. Essentially Pentagon expenditures are controlled by defense contractors.

The Saker: I have always believed that in international terms, organizations such as NATO, the EU or all the others are only a front, and that the real alliance which controls the planet are the ECHELON countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand aka AUSCANNZUKUS (they are also referred to as the Anglosphere or the Five Eyes) with the US and the UK are the senior partners while Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the junior partners here. Is this model correct?

Paul Craig Roberts: NATO was a US creation allegedly to protect Europe from a Soviet invasion. Its purpose expired in 1991. Today NATO provides cover for US aggression and provides mercenary forces for the American Empire. Britain, Canada, Australia, are simply US vassal states just as are Germany, France, Italy, Japan and the rest. There are no partners; just vassals. It is Washingtons empire, no one elses.

The US favors the EU, because it is easier to control than the individual countries.

The Saker: It is often said that Israel controls the USA. Chomsky, and others, say that it is the USA which controls Israel. How would you characterize the relationship between Israel and the USA does the dog wag the tail or does the tail wag the dog? Would you say that the Israel Lobby is in total control of the USA or are there still other forces capable of saying no to the Israel Lobby and impose their own agenda?

Paul Craig Roberts: I have never seen any evidence that the US controls Israel. All the evidence is that Israel controls the US, but only its MidEast policy. In recent years, Israel or the Israel Lobby, has been able to control or block academic appointments in the US and tenure for professors considered to be critics of Israel. Israel has successfully reached into both Catholic and State universities to block tenure and appointments. Israel can also block some presidential appointments and has vast influence over the print and TV media. The Israel Lobby also has plenty of money for political campaign funds and never fails to unseat US Representatives and Senators considered critical of Israel. The Israel lobby was able to reach into the black congressional district of Cynthia McKinney, a black woman, and defeat her reelection. As Admiral Tom Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: No American President can stand up to Israel. Adm. Moorer could not even get an official investigation of Israels deadly attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

Anyone who criticizes Israeli policies even in a helpful way is labeled an anti-Semite.

In American politics, media, and universities, this is a death-dealing blow. You might as well get hit with a hellfire missile.

The Saker: Which of the 12 entities of power which I listed above have, in your opinion, played a key role in the planning and execution of the 9/11 false flag operation? After all, it is hard to imagine that this was planned and prepared between the inauguration of GW Bush and September 11th it must have been prepared during the years of the Clinton Administration. Is it not true the the Oklahoma City bombing was a rehearsal for 9/11?

Paul Craig Roberts: In my opinion 9/11 was the product of the neoconservatives, almost all of whom are Jewish, Dick Cheney, and Israel. Its purpose was to provide the new Pearl Harbor that the neoconservatives said was necessary to launch their wars of conquest in the Middle East. I dont know how far back it was planned, but Silverstein was obviously part of it and he had not had the WTC for very long before 9/11.

As for the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, US Air Force General Partin, the Air Forces munitions expert, prepared an expert report proving beyond all doubt that the building blew up from the inside out and that the truck bomb was cover. Congress and the media ignored his report. The patsy, McVeigh, was already set up, and that was the only story allowed.

The Saker: Do you think that the people who run the USA today realize that they are on a collision course with Russia which could lead to thermonuclear war? If yes, why would they take such a risk? Do they really believe that at the last moment Russian will blink and back down, or do they actually believe that they can win a nuclear war? Are they not afraid that in a nuclear conflagration with Russia they will lose everything they have, including their power and even their lives?

Paul Craig Roberts: I am as puzzled as much as you. I think Washington is lost in hubris and arrogance and
is more or less insane. Also, there is belief that the US can win a nuclear war with Russia. There was an article in Foreign Affairs around 2005 or 2006 in which this conclusion was reached. The belief in the winnability of nuclear war has been boosted by faith in ABM defenses. The argument is that the US can hit Russia so hard in a preemptive first strike that Russia would not retaliate in fear of a second blow.

The Saker: How do you assess the current health of the Empire? For many years we have seen clear signs of decline, but there is still not visible collapse. Do you believe that such a collapse is inevitable and, if not, how could it be prevented? Will we see the day when the US Dollar suddenly become worthless or will another mechanism precipitate the collapse of this Empire?

Paul Craig Roberts: The US economy is hollowed out. There has been no real median family income growth for decades. Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman used an expansion of consumer credit to take the place of the missing growth in consumer income, but the population is now too indebted to take on more. So there is nothing to drive the economy. So many manufacturing and tradable professional service jobs such as software engineering have been moved offshore that the middle class has shrunk. University graduates cannot get jobs that support an independent existence. So they cant form households, buy houses, appliances and home furnishings. The government produces low inflation measures by not measuring inflation and low unemployment rates by not measuring unemployment. The financial markets are rigged, and gold is driven down despite rising demand by selling uncovered shorts in the futures market. It is a house of cards that has stood longer than I thought possible. Apparently, the house of cards can stand until the rest of the world ceases to hold the US dollar as reserves.

Possibly the empire has put too much stress on Europe by involving Europe in a conflict with Russia. If Germany, for example, were to pull out of NATO, the empire would collapse, or if Russia can find the wits to finance Greece, Italy, and Spain in exchange for them leaving the Euro and EU, the empire would suffer a fatal blow.

Alternatively, Russia might tell Europe that Russia has no alternative but to target European capitals with nuclear weapons now that Europe has joined the US in conducting war against Russia.

The Saker: Russia and China have done something unique in history and they have gone beyond the traditional model of forming an alliance: they have agreed to become interdependent one could say that they have agreed to a symbiotic relationship. Do you believe that those in charge of the Empire have understood the tectonic change which has just happen or are they simply going into deep denial because reality scares them too much?

Paul Craig Roberts: Stephen Cohen says that there is simply no foreign policy discussion. There is no debate. I think the empire thinks that it can destabilize Russia and China and that is one reason Washington has color revolutions working in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. As Washington is determined to prevent the rise of other powers and is lost in hubris and arrogance, Washington probably believes that it will succeed. After all, History chose Washington.

The Saker: In your opinion, do presidential elections still matter and, if yes, what is your best hope for 2016? I am personally very afraid of Hillary Clinton whom I see as an exceptionally dangerous and outright evil person, but with the current Neocon influence inside the Republican, can we really hope for a non-Neocon candidate to win the GOP nomination?

Paul Craig Roberts: The only way a presidential election could matter would be if the elected president had behind him a strong movement. Without a movement, the president has no independent power and no one to appoint who will do his bidding. Presidents are captives. Reagan had something of a movement, just enough that we were able to cure stagflation despite Wall Streets opposition and we were able to end the cold war despite the opposition of the CIA and the military/security complex. Plus Reagan was very old and came from a long time ago. He assumed the office of the president was powerful and acted that way.

The Saker: What about the armed forces? Can you imagine a Chairman of the JCS saying no, Mr President, that is crazy, we will not do this or do you expect the generals to obey any order, including one starting a nuclear war against Russia? Do you have any hope that the US military could step in and stop the crazies currently in power in the White House and Congress?

Paul Craig Roberts: The US military is a creature of the armaments industries. The whole purpose of making general is to be qualified to be a consultant to the defense industry, or to become an executive or on the board of a defense contractor. The military serves as the source of retirement careers when the generals make the big money. The US military is totally corrupt. Read Andrew Cockburns book, Kill Chain.

The Saker: If the USA is really deliberately going down the path towards war with Russia what should Russia do? Should Russia back down and accept to be subjugated as a preferable option to a thermonuclear war, or should Russia resist and thereby accept the possibility of a thermonuclear war? Do you believe that a very deliberate and strong show of strength on the part of Russia could deter a US attack?

Paul Craig Roberts: I have often wondered about this. I cant say that I know. I think Putin is humane enough to surrender rather than to be part of the destruction of the world, but Putin has to answer to others inside Russia and I doubt the nationalists would stand for surrender.

In my opinion, I think Putin should focus on Europe and make Europe aware that Russia expects an American attack and will have no choice except to wipe out Europe in response. Putin should encourage Europe to break off from NATO in order to prevent World War 3.

Putin should also make sure China understands that China represents the same perceived threat to the US as Russia and that the two countries need to stand together. Perhaps if Russia and China were to maintain their forces on a nuclear alert, not the top one, but an elevated one that conveyed recognition of the American threat and conveyed this threat to the world, the US could be isolated.

Perhaps if the Indian press, the Japanese Press, the French and German press, the UK press, the Chinese and Russian press began reporting that Russia and China wonder if they will receive a pre-emptive nuclear attack from Washington the result would be to prevent the attack.

As far as I can tell from my many media interviews with the Russian media, there is no Russian awareness of the Wolfowitz Doctrine. Russians think that there is some kind of misunderstanding about Russian intentions. The Russian media does not understand that Russia is unacceptable, because Russia is not a US vassal. Russians believe all the Western bullshit about freedom and democracy and believe that they are short on both but making progress. In other words, Russians have no idea that they are targeted for destruction.

The Saker: What are, in your opinion, the roots of the hatred of so many members of the US elites for Russia? Is that just a leftover from the Cold War, or is there another reason for the almost universal russophobia amongst US elites? Even during the Cold War, it was unclear whether the US was anti-Communist or anti-Russian? Is there something in the Russian culture, nation or civilization which triggers that hostility and, if yes, what is it?

Paul Craig Roberts: The hostility toward Russia goes back to the Wolfowttz Doctrine:

Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.

While the US was focused on its MidEast wars, Putin restored Russia and blocked Washingtons planned invasion of Syria and bombing of Iran. The first objective of the neocon doctrine was breached. Russia had to be brought into line. That is the origin of Washingtons attack on Russia. The dependent and captive US and European media simply repeats the Russian Threat to the public, which is insouciant and otherwise uninformed.

The offense of Russian culture is also thereChristian morals, respect for law and humanity, diplomacy in place of coercion, traditional social moresbut these are in the background. Russia is hated because Russia (and China) is a check on Washingtons unilateral uni-power. This check is what will lead to war.

If the Russians and Chinese do not expect a pre-emptive nuclear attack from Washington, they will be destroyed.

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