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Blaming Iran for Shi’ite Unrest Throughout the Middle East

Empire or Empathy?


A few minutes exposure to U.S. cable news gives the viewer the impression that Iran is relentlessly carving out an empire in the Middle East. This is approximately as absurd as the proposition that Vladimir Putin is striving to recreate the empire of the tsars. Talking heads who never think to mention Israel’s wars of aggression since its inception (much less its nukes), or the pattern of NATO expansion (= U.S. imperial expansion) since the end of the Cold War, bristle with indignation at any reported shipment of Iranian arms to some Shiites (or anyone, really) somewhere, or any Russian effort to thwart the expansion of a hostile military alliance along their borders.

The fact is, Iran has not invaded another country since the 1730s, when Nader Shah waged war on both the Ottoman and Mughal empires and established an ephemeral empire stretching from the Caucasus to the Indus Valley. In modern times Iran has been the victim of repeated attacks and encroachments on its sovereignty—by Britain, tsarist Russia, the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union just after the Second World War, and Iraq (with U.S. blessing and support) from September 1980 to August 1988. But it has not directly attacked any of its neighbors.

In 1953 the U.S. itself engineered a coup in Iran against a democratically elected prime minister (to prevent his plans to nationalize the oil industry). It imposed on the Iranian people the brutal, tyrannical rule of the Shah up to 1979. In the latter year, in the most genuinely mass-based revolution in Islamic history, the Shah was overthrown. Ever since then the U.S. has held Iran in the cross hairs, applying economic sanctions, freezing its U.S. bank-holdings, even providing Iraq in the eighties with military aid and satellite intelligence as Saddam Hussein waged an aggressive war against his neighbor. All to punish the Iranian people for having the audacity to (at least try to) shuffle off the shackles of imperialist hegemony.

Recently, as the USA Today headline put it: “Arab League agrees on military force to combat Iran.” But why is it necessary for that league (of 22 U.S.-backed states) to combat this peaceful country? Because as Nabil Elaraby, the Egyptian who serves as its secretary-general, put it during a recent news conference, Iran has intervened “in many nations.”

But how has it intervened? By supporting with funds and weaponry south Lebanese forces fighting Israeli aggression and occupation? Why should the Arab League find anything wrong with that? Should the Arab League oppose Hizbollah, perhaps the most powerful political party in Lebanon, its support largely earned by forcing the Israeli occupiers out in 2000?

Has Iran intervened in Syria by supporting the internationally recognized Syrian government, as it fights an armed opposition dominated by al-Nusra al-Qaeda forces and the hideous Islamic State? If so, has it intervened more than the U.S.—which is barking orders to Bashar Assad to step down, supplying arms to the opposition (many now in the hands of ISIL), and openly boasting of its plans to create a mercenary force for Syrian regime change in Jordan?

The U.S. not so long ago threatened missile attacks on Syria, on the dubious pretext that the regime had used chemical weapons against its people and thus deserved such punishment as could only be properly inflicted by the “exceptional” nation and global policeman. Obama was at the verge of pulling the trigger when deft Russian diplomacy checked his hand. Has Iran ever behaved so irresponsibly as has the U.S.—in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen—herever it sets its feet?

Has Iran intervened in Iraq—that proud nation with a glorious past utterly destroyed and humiliated by the sadistic U.S. invasion and occupation, now facing the Islamic State nightmare that was obviously generated by the stupid smashing of the Baathist secular state—by assisting its regime (placed in power by the U.S., not Tehran) from the advancing ISIL crazies? And if it has, doesn’t the U.S. secretly welcome that intervention, because the troops it trained itself proved to be impotent in the face of the child-beheaders?

Has Iran intervened in Bahrain, a country where, during the Arab Spring of 2011, there were huge peaceful demonstrations crushed by Saudi troops? The opposition was rooted among Shiites, who constitute 65% of the island nation’s people, ruled by a Sunni monarch whose regime oppresses their faith. But there seems to be little evidence of Iranian involvement. It was hardly necessary. The discontent was and is born out of local circumstances.

Has Iran intervened in Yemen, a country whose modern history has been shaped by British, Saudi, and Soviet rivalries, and which has a complex ethnic-religious make-up that includes a huge Shiite minority population (maybe 35%) somewhat sympathetic to Shiite-ruled Iran? A country forced by the U.S. since late 2001 to cooperate with its “War on Terror” rejected (according to one poll) by 99% of the Yemeni population?

There may be some substance to the allegation that Tehran is materially supporting the Houthis. In 2013 the Iranian vessel Jihan 1 was seized off the Yemeni coast and the 9 crewmen on board arrested for smuggling. The cargo included Katyusha rockets, heat-seeking surface to air missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, explosives, ammunition and Iranian-made night vision goggles. But eight of the nine arrested were soon released, there were reports that the ship was bound for Somalia, and Iran denied any responsibility.

Of course, if Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are materially aiding the Houthi movement it shouldn’t surprise anybody. How many armed opposition movements has the United States supported, from the “Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front” defeated ignominiously in at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, to the Kurdish Democratic Party peshmerga in Iraq in the 1970s, to the Contras in Nicaragua and Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 1980s, to the “National Transitional Council” in Libya in 2011 and today’s (small, disintegrating) “Free Syrian Army”?

Last September when Houthi forces took Sana’a (virtually without a fight, and with apparent widespread support), the Iranian regime and press were enthusiastic. They might have noted that a Houthi-dominated government would be a return to the status quo that existed between 1918 and 1962, when northern Yemen was governed by Shiite imams. They owed nothing to distant Iran and indeed from the 50s were beholden to Egypt for support.

But now Saudi Arabia—which in its fanatical intolerance of Shiite “heresy,” and in its fear of its own Shiite minority (maybe 25%) has even indicated its willingness to cooperate with Israel to topple the Tehran regime—wants to depict events in the neighboring nation as the result of a conspiracy by the Iranians in league with their fellow heretics.

The Saudi-led “coalition” that has amassed to fight the Houthis is a coalition of Sunnis who want to curb growing Shiite power in the region. That is the basic issue here. Iran is by far the largest Shiite-dominated state in the world, and while its foreign policy is not actually driven by a pan-Shiite strategy, it is depicted by Shia’s intransigent foes as the headquarters of Shiite advances everywhere in the world.

In fact the type of Shiism embraced by the Houthis (one of three forms of Shiism currently practiced in Yemen) differs substantially from the form prevalent in Iran. Most Yemeni Shiites are Zaidis; most Iranian Shiites are “Twelvers.” They have different ideas about the origins of religious authority, the roles of historical figures, and the concept of “occultation” (ghaybah) of the Mahdi. (This latter is a messianic figure descended from the Prophet who will eventually return to establish peace and justice in the world.)

The religious differences between them are as significant as those between Lutherans and Baptists, both of whom are Protestants (as opposed to Roman Catholics) but whom have not always been allies historically. To suggest that all Shiites from Afghanistan to Yemen are in cahoots to establish a new Persian Empire is just stupid.

Surely there is a serious fear factor here. Perhaps 25% of Saudi Arabia’s 16 million people are Shiite believers. They are concentrated in the oil rich east, in a swathe of territory facing the Shiite-majority island nation of Bahrain. Like those in Bahrain, they embrace the Twelver version of Shiism that prevails in Iran. (Zaidi and Ismaili Shiism flourish along the Yemeni border.) The Wahhabis governing Saudi Arabia have historically oppressed these minorities, even destroying their holy sites. Leading clerics in the theocratic state repeatedly denounce them publicly as apostates from Islam.

Last Thursday I read a headline: “Imam of the grand mosque in Mecca calls for all-out war against Shiites.”  According to the report, a Saudi Sunni cleric named Abdul Rahman al-Sudais has stated in a video clip, “Our war with Iran, say that out loud, is a war between Sunnis and Shiites. Our war with Iran…is truly sectarian. If it was not sectarian, we will make it sectarian… The Jews and cross [Christians], I swear by Allah that they will have their days…The prophet said that Rome will be conquered …Our disagreement with Rafidha [“rejectors,” a disparaging term for Shiites] will not be removed, nor our suicide to fight them… as long as they are on the face of the earth….”

That’s pretty unambiguous, I’d say.

This problem, you will say, has nothing to do with the U.S. And it shouldn’t. But it does! I keep hearing on CNN and MSNBC “Iran is believed to be supporting” the Houthi rebels in Yemen. “Is believed”? What does that mean? The same folks say “it is believed” Iran has a nuclear weapons program, although the entire U.S. intelligence community has repeatedly said they don’t think that’s true. “It is believed” should be translated, “We want you to believe.” It’s that simple.

By WHOM is it believed that Iran is supporting the Houthis? you want to ask. I cited above some inconclusive evidence. But here you have the voice of true conviction, the echo of a State Department talking point. How many would believe it if it weren’t repeated again and again, without substantiation?

In a leaked cable dated Dec. 9, 2009, U.S. ambassador to Yemen Stephen Seche reported matter-of-factly: “Contrary to ROYG [Republic of Yemen Government] claims that Iran is arming the Houthis, most analysts report that the Houthis obtain their weapons from the Yemeni black market and even from the ROYG itself.” Who profits from contending otherwise?

I suggest that those who see things in religious terms (like the Saudi leaders), and fear the prospect of religious pluralism within the Islamic world, and the reasonable empowerment of Shiites along the Arabian Peninsula littoral, benefit from a propaganda campaign that tars all Shiites with the brush of Iranian associations. Again, it is like the Cold War-era smearing of all kinds of people and movements with the charge that they had to be receiving Soviet or Chinese support. And those in this country who want to attack Iran, and always seeking justifications for such an attack, jumps at any Sunni accusation of Iranian (Shiite) “aggression” to build the case for U.S. moves against the Islamic Republic.

Of course the Shiites of Iran feel indignant at the oppression of their coreligionists in many countries in the Middle East. But are their responses a bid for empire, or statements and gestures of empathy? It’s not like the capitalists in Tehran and Masshad are profiting mightily from Iran’s support for allies in Syria, Lebanon or anywhere else.

The agreement announced April 2, between the 5+1 powers and Iran, is a significant step back from the U.S. road to war with Iran encouraged by the curiously paired Israelis and Saudis. It’s a signal that the neocons who have dominated U.S. foreign policy well into the Obama era, in alliance with buttheaded politicians rooted in the Christian-Zionist right, are becoming less able to vilify at will, spouting disinformation unchallenged to reach the goal they hardly endeavor to conceal: the total destruction of the status quo in the Muslim world, and its abject surrender to the U.S. Empire.

Still, with the odious Netanyahu spurring them on, they try. And this, strangely enough, means drawing on sensationalist Saudi charges of Iranian ties with regional Shiite communities. The sneering Zionist makes common cause with Salafists presiding over an anti-Semitic culture, versus a country that constitutionally insures its religious minorities representation in parliament.

Iran must be depicted as hell-bent on expansion, although there is little evidence for this. And even if the U.S. is backing off from the nuclear hysteria, conspicuously breaking with its Chicken Little fear-mongering ally on that point, it is still collaborating in the vilification of Iran as a fearsome empire-builder.

The well-educated youth of Iran tweet one another, sharing laughs about U.S. perceptions of their country and the manifest ignorance about their region prevailing in the west. They know their ayatollahs aren’t responsible for the Baathists in Syria, Hizbollah in Lebanon, the Bahraini activists or Yemen’s Houthi militants.

But they know the Manichaeans in Washington, whose brains are wired to think “Good vs. Evil,” are happy to take their cue from their Saudi Sunni friends who want to smash the Shiite presence whenever it gets uppity. They in turn guide the U.S. press, who will continue to tell its audience “it is believed” Iran is the root of all evil in the Middle East. And they’ll never betray the slightest knowledge of, or insight about, a significant historical conflict between religious communities in the Middle East.

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Ukraine “Disappears” Opponents of the Kiev Regime. Abductions of Independent Journalists

Global Research

In Odessa the same city where the Ukrainian civil war started on 2 May 2014 with a massacre of opponents that had been carefully planned by a team connected to the U.S. White House there are reported to be two bloggers for the Voice of Odessa political site who were seized by the Security Bureau of Ukraine on April 7th, and whose whereabouts are unknown. This report appeared in the local Odessa News.

The Voice of Odessa site was formed right after the massacre, in order to get an independent investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of that massacre, in which officially 46 people were burned, shot and clubbed to death, but unofficial estimates run over 200, all victims who have not been heard from since, and some of whom had allegedly even been abducted from hospitals after the massacre.

This reports translated headline reads “SBU Detained Activists at Kulikov Field. Kulikov Field is the square or plaza in front of the former Odessa Trade Unions Building, which is the building where the massacre-victims, who had been printing and distributing pamphlets opposing the newly installed government, were murdered, by Right Sector troops in plain clothes, and also by mercenaries in the private army of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, who had allegedly announced in advance that he would pay $5,000 per corpse. (There has been no reported follow-up, regarding whether he actually paid everyone who participated, or how he paid them.)

The report on these disappearances says that the names of the missing bloggers are Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, and that both women were seized at around 10 in the morning of April 7th. Furthermore, “one of the detainees seized during the search is now lacking her home computer, telephone and other personal belongings, which presumably, were also taken by the state security force.

Whereas none of the perpetrators of the massacre has been prosecuted, the regime is trying to eliminate its opponents. On the same day that the two bloggers were seized, there was a related headline, “SBU reported on the closure of a number of sites for anti-Ukrainian propaganda. That news report carried the following statement, from the SBU:

“The security service of Ukraine … has discontinued operation of a number of Internet sites that were used to perpetrate information campaigns of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

Presumably, the abduction, and perhaps elimination, of Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, was part of that discontinued operation by the SBU against aggression of the Russian Federation.

The coup-established regime was not the constitutional order in Ukraine. It overthrew the constitutionally elected President, and violated the Ukrainian constitution. However, Big Brother is based upon the Big Lie. So, its the constitutional order. A good video shows the coup being carried out, but it actually started much earlier, in Spring of 2013. The same videographer also did a good video of the Odessa massacre.

Resistance to Americas Russia-hating Ukrainian regime is increasing, and its not only in Donbass the region that has formally declared its separation from Ukraine, after Viktor Yanukovych, who had received 90+% of the vote there in the last democratic Ukrainian election, 2010, was overthrown by Obama. For example, barely more than three weeks ago, on March 12th, a column of Ukrainian tanks on trucks was blocked by overtly pro-Russian Ukrainians, who even showed the pre-communist (1710/1721-1858 &18831917/1918) flag of the then-single nation of Russia (from the time when Ukraine was part of Russia), which was until the Bolshevik Revolution. The video of this event, the courageous blocking of those trucks, was headlined “People stop military, sent by Kiev government, at Volnovaha.” The people who were blocking it are visible in the video carrying the three-striped white, blue, and red flag of the Russian Empire. Russian Television on March 16th headlined about this, “Defensive blockade: Activists stop Kievs military trucks heading to Russian border, and reported that, “Activists in eastern Ukraine in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions [but not in the part thats in liberated Donbass] are blocking columns of heavy military equipment heading from Kiev to the border with Russia. Ukraine is massing tanks on the Russian border to either invade Russia (which Ukraine repeatedly has threatened to do) or else to defend against a Russian invasion (which Russia has not threatened to do). These truckers encountered such hostility that they backtracked and took an alternate route (presumably more northerly).

Officially in Ukraine, all opponents of the Obama regime there are terrorists. (Thus, the governments constant bombings of them are in an Anti Terrorist Operation or ATO.) The Obama team told its people to use this terminology because gullible individuals anywhere will oppose anyone who is merely labeled a terrorist even when the actual terrorism is on the part of the U.S. Government and its installed regimes, such as is the case in Ukraine.

The United States has become George Orwells Oceania. He got all the basics right. He is already the modern Nostradamus. However, Big Brother, the U.S. aristocracy, isnt publishing that fact. Now, why would that be the case? Publishing that fact would confirm that theyre collectively Big Brother. That explains why the Brookings Institution is urging Obama to bomb Donbass longer and harder, and why over 98% of the U.S. Congress are urging him likewise, even though over two-thirds of the U.S. public who have any opinion on the matter, are against it. Obama, who did the coup, hasnt pursued the extermination-program with the persistence that Big Brother demands. Big Brother demands more follow-through on his part. And, apparently, theyll get it.

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London’s Camden Council censors criticism of I$raHell

Camden Council logo

By Ruth Tenne*

In the wake of January’s terrorist attacks in Paris and the unprecedented mass solidarity with the right to “freedom of expression” as claimed by Charlie Hebdomagazine, it is quite distressing to see that Camden Council has decided to block the reputable website Redress information & Analysis in all the public computers of its libraries – a total of more than 100 computers – on the grounds that the website publishes material which is “intolerant and “anti-Semitic in nature”.

As a user of Camden’s public computers, I was appalled to learn in the wake of Israel’s war on Gaza in July-August 2014 that I could no longer access my own articles which were published by Redress Information & Analysis. As a result, I lodged an official complaint addressed to the head of library services in Camden.

In recent years a number of websites have been blocked by Camden Council for criticising Israel’s policies. However, in the past, whenever I complained about the blocking of such websites, the then head of library services in Camden looked into my complaint and, after investigating, unblocked them.

This time the new head of library services, Rachel Brignall, who relegated my complaint to one of her managers, refused to unblock the website . Having encountered a similar response from Camden Council’s cabinet member for customers, culture and communities [Councillor Abdul Hai], I decided to take up my complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO), hoping that its investigator would look into my complaint and thoroughly examine the grounds for Camden Council’s refusal to unblock Redress Information & Analysis. Unfortunately, the LGO’s investigator, who took more than six months to respond to my complaints, issued a draft decision which officially rubber-stamped Camden Council’s decision to block the website.


My response to the draft decision of the LGO investigator (see below) clearly demonstrates the fact that the LGO’s so-called “investigation” was merely a whitewash contrived to lend authority to Camden Council’s unjustifiable decision to block Redress Information & Analysis. The points made in my response were as follows:

I was sorry to learn that you upheld Camden Council’s decision to block the Redress [Information & Analysis] website and would like to contest this decision on the following grounds:

1. You said in your draft decision that “the council has a duty of care to all its library users. It needs to ensure material accessed from its public computers complies with its Library Acceptable Use Policy”. However, nowhere in your draft decision did you indicate that you had tried to look at the material posted by Redress [Information & Analysis] in order to investigate the evidence and see whether the council has any grounds for claiming that the website is intolerant and anti-Semitic . In fact, the examples cited by Camden Council’s cabinet member, Abdul Hai, (letter dated 6 August 2014) include some lines from an article by Lawrence Davidson who examines the reasons for the persistently violent behaviour of Israelis, arguing that this “pathological disposition to violence will have grave consequences for Jews unless they take a stand against Israel”, as well as a post by another source [Tali Shapiro, an Israeli] which claims that “Israelis celebrate the slaughter of Palestinian children, call for murder of Israeli Arab legislators”.

I hope you would agree that the above examples merely express a critical view of Israel’s policies, as had been reported by various sources of the media, including the national press (see, for instance,this), rather than a genuine evidence of anti-Semitism or racist policies against a minority group or Jews . Moreover, Sam Eastop, Cluster Manager (Libraries), who responded to my initial complaint, seems to have based his argument that the website of Redress [Information & Analysis] displays intolerance against a minority group on a second-hand information, noting that he has been informed “that an inspection of the front page, for example, demonstrates a few articles that are considered anti-Semitic in nature”.

Likewise, Abdul Hai’s letter (6 August 2014) also seems to base Camden Council’s decision to block the website of Redress Information & Analysis on the grounds that “the site was also found to contain a number of violent images and at least one very graphic image of a mutilated body. Images of this sort do not meet the terms of use for public PCs in Camden libraries and alone are sufficient”.

Employing such argument as an excuse for blocking an internet website seems quite ridiculous since the internet and the press quite often include graphic images of mutilated bodies and corpses which could be easily accessed by the users of Camden libraries’ computers (as you know all the national and local press have an email edition which could be accessed by public computer users).

2. In your draft decision you state that “In July 2014 Ms X tried to access a website which publishes articles which are of particular interest to her. She complained to the council about its decision.”

I am sorry to say that this is a factual error as I made it clear in my initial complaint to Camden Council (addressed to Rachel Brignall, Head of Library Services of Camden Council, 5 July 2014) that I ask for the website of Redress [Information & Analysis] to be unblocked in order to have access to my own published articles there, noting that “Redress [Information & Analysis] is a very reputable and world-renowned website that had published a number of my own articles in the past and has always been kept accessible to Camden libraries’ users”. Furthermore, I included in my original complaint a link to my latest article in Redress [Information & Analysis] , entitled Laying the foundation for Palestinian statehood, which has now became inaccessible to me and all the users of Camden libraries’ public computers.

Who’s intolerance?

I made this point again in my email letter (13 July 2014) to Abdul Hai, Camden Council’s cabinet member for customers, communities and culture, noting that I find it quite surprising that the Redress [Information & Analysis] website was blocked on the grounds of being intolerant and anti-Semitic and adding that “I myself am an Israeli-born Jew and, as you could see from my complaint to Rachel Brignall, the website twice published my own articles” – attaching also a Redress [Information & Analysis] link to my article on Palestinian statehood.

I went on to say: “Perhaps I have to remind the members of ICT [information and communications technology] that Camden is a home for many communities who hold and express different views, and what is considered as “intolerant ” by members of ICT could be regarded as a mere criticism, or different point of view, by other members of Camden’s communities (as my published articles on Redress [Information & Analysis] website may obviously demonstrate)”. I have to add that my articles have been published on various websites, periodicals and books, both in a private and public capacity as a member of Jews for Justice for Palestine (JFJFP), Independent Jewish Voice (IJV) and Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign (CPSC). I believe that Lawrence Davidson, whose articles in Redress [Information & Analysis] were cited by Camden Council as being intolerant and anti-Semitic, is also Jewish, as many thousands of Jewish and Israeli members of civil society in Britain (as well as Europe and the [United] States who have the courage and integrity to criticise Israel’s policies against the Palestinian people, in spite of the harsh reaction from the Jewish mainstream community, from which I have suffered many times in the past .

3. In your draft decision you argue that ”The council uses software to monitor the content of websites accessed from its computers. It believes this is the most practical way of making sure inappropriate material is not viewed on computers in its libraries. The council’s review of website Y found content which it deemed breached the policy.” You went on to conclude that “I am satisfied the council properly reviewed the website and assessed its content against the policy. For this reason I cannot conclude there was fault by the council.”


Yet, it seems strange that your draft decision solely refers to the policies and procedures used by the council, taking the council’s claims on face value without trying to access and investigate theRedress [Information & Analysis] website and check whether, indeed, the website’s articles/reports give ground to the council’s claim of intolerance and anti-Semitism .

Furthermore, the advice I received from the information officer of Liberty, (forwarded to you on 17 December 2014) regarding the blocking of Redress [Information & Analysis] quotes comprehensive guidance on “the management of controversial material in public libraries” published by the Museums and Libraries Archives Council in 2007, which says:

“It is the role of a library and information service that is funded from the public purse to provide, as far as resources allow, access to all publicly available information, whether factual or fiction and regardless of media or format, in which its users claim legitimate interest. Access should not be restricted on any grounds except that of the law. If publicly available material has not incurred legal penalties then it should not be excluded on moral, political, religious, racial or gender grounds, to satisfy the demands of sectional interest. The legal basis of any restriction on access should always be stated.”

What this means is that in order to comply with the HRA [Human Rights Act] , and with industry guidance, libraries should only block access to material that has incurred legal penalties or which is determined by them to be prohibited by law (so as to meet the “proscribed by law” component of the admissible restrictions under the ECHR [European Convention on Human Rights])”. The Liberty adviser, who did look into the material posted on the Redress [Information & Analysis], went on to say: “I have only had a chance to skim a few of the articles on; however, I agree that there is a strong case that the library has blocked political speech which is not sufficiently threatening, abusive or insulting to any religious or racial group as to engage the Public Order Act (or any equivalent legislation).”

Liberty’s view is also supported by the fact that the council blocked the Redress [Information & Analysis] website on 4 July 2014 – just when Israel’s raids on the West Bank, which were followed by its war on Gaza, started. It is also clear from Liberty’s advice that my initial complaint does not refer, or relate to, the breach of Human Rights Act, as you seem to maintain, arguing that: “Ms X contends the council’s decision to restrict access to website Y is a breach of the Human Rights Act. This is not a matter the ombudsman should consider because it is for the courts to decide if the council’s actions amount to a breach of the Human Rights Act.” In fact, my complaint is clearly based on my civil rights as a user of public libraries’ computers, as guided by “the management of controversial material in public libraries” (2007), and on being a taxpayer resident or a “customer” (a much publicly-contested term used by the council) of Camden Council whose libraries are funded by the public purse.

Only Camden Council

4. Finally, you maintain in your draft reply that “the council’s review of website Y found content which it deemed breached the policy. I am satisfied the council properly reviewed the website and assessed its content against the policy. For this reason I cannot conclude there was fault by the council.”

You will possibly be surprised to learn that, having seen your draft decision, I decided to contact a number of public libraries in London which I chose at random. Perhaps, quite expectedly, the librarian staff of those libraries, who came from the boroughs of Hounslow, Richmond, Fulham and Hammersmith and Westminster, told me,without exception, that the Redress Information & Analysiswebsite is fully accessible on their public computers, and invited me to their library, after I told them that the Redress [Information & Analysis] website is blocked by Camden Council on all its library computers. Furthermore, a member of the library staff at Westminster (Marylebone Library) responded by saying that he does not understand why the Redress [Information & Analysis] should be blocked. He was happy to renew my expired user card of Marylebone Library ,and invited me to use their computers and access the Redress [Information & Analysis] website as much as I wish.

In view of the above-stated points, I hope that you would carefully reconsider your decision to uphold Camden Council’s unreasonable and baseless blocking of the website of Redress Information & Analysis. I would like to add that I regard my complaint as being concerned with a point of principle and, therefore, would be happy for the final decision to be placed on the website of the LGO with my full name and the title of the website in question (Redress Information & Analysis), thus ensuring full transparency and accessibility to the public and the media”.

Unfortunately, the LGO’s investigator seemed to ignore all the above-stated points of my response to her draft decision. This time she did not take a long time to come back with her final decision which simply reiterated the procedural points she made in her previous draft decision, stating:

“I have found no evidence of fault in the council’s decision to restrict access to website Y from public computers in its libraries. Therefore I have ended my investigation of this complaint.”

Regrettably, Camden Council’s decision to block the Redress [Information & Analysis] website, which was upheld misguidedly by the Local Government Ombudsman, demonstrates a wrong interpretation of the meaning of “democracy in action” – of which local government in Britain is so proud.

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Hacked by the Islamic State (ISIS) blocking broadcasting for several hours



Individuals claiming to belong to the Zio-Wahhabi (ISIS) brought television broadcasts to a halt and hijacked TV5 Monde websites and social networks. 

France24  TV5Monde’s Director General Yves Bigot told FRANCE 24 that the attack appeared to have targeted the network because it has such an international reach, being broadcast in more than 200 countries. “Obviously this sends a huge signal worldwide,” he said. “This very powerful cyberattack was so that everyone would talk about it.”


The hackers posted documents on TV5Monde’s Facebook page purporting to be the identity cards and CVs of relatives of French soldiers involved in anti-IS group operations, along with threats against the troops.

“Soldiers of France, stay away from the Islamic State! You have the chance to save your families, take advantage of it,” read one message on TV5Monde’s Facebook page. “The cybercaliphate continues its cyberjihad against the enemies of Islamic State,” the message added.

Bigot said that the network itself did not appear to have been targeted in the message. “[It’s] about French policy in the Middle East,” he said.


Wassim Nasr, FRANCE 24’s expert on jihadist movements, noted, however, that the message – written in Arabic – contained plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes, indicating that “the authors are not Arabic”.

David Thomson, a journalist at FRANCE 24’s sister radio station RFI and author of a book on French jihadists, added that the so-called “cybercaliphate” that the hackers had referred to in the attack “is not an official arm of the IS group”.

The Paris-based company was able to partially resume television broadcasts by 1:00am local time (2300 GMT) after a three-hour blackout, Bigot said, but added its systems had been “severely damaged” by the “unprecedented attack”. “We’re still not able to produce our news programmes,” he told FRANCE 24, adding documentaries and other pre-produced programmes were being shown instead.


TV5Monde regained control of its social networks by 2:00am Thursday, the director-general said, but television broadcasts were likely to take hours, if not days, to return to normal. The attack would have required weeks of preparation, he added. The hackers accused French President François Hollande of having committed “an unforgivable mistake” by getting involved in “a war that serves no purpose”.

“That’s why the French received the gifts of Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher in January,” it said on the broadcaster’s Facebook page, referring to the twin attacks by Islamist militants in Paris that left 17 people dead over three days and deeply shocked the country.

France is part of a US-led military coalition carrying out air strikes against IS group in Iraq and Syria, where the jihadist group has seized swathes of territory and declared an Islamic “caliphate”.

More than 1,500 French nationals have left France to join the militants’ ranks in Iraq and Syria, where they represent almost half the number of European fighters present, according to a report released Wednesday by the French senate.

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by John Kaminsky

The hollow-eyed inhabitants of the land of the free and the home of the brave now robotically sing a twisted tune that is not under any circumstances to be believed. The manic echo of its “war on terror” anthem reverberates down the trash strewn corridors of the insane asylum the United States of America has become, where independent thought is now a crime and blind allegiance to a fabricated history and an artificial reality is required for social acceptance in a nightmare world turned absolutely upside down.

In order to convince everyone of this “terror threat”, the United States and its Jew handlers have invented ISIS, or ISIL, a supposedly Islamic terror group that miraculously never attacks Israel yet receives regular infusions of money and weapons from both the U.S. and the notorious Jewish state. The sad part of this macabre fairy tale is that 80 percent of Americans believe this fabricated successor to Al Qaeda is a genuine foreign enemy. Yet they remain oblivious to the fact that they themselves are funding this treacherous menace to their own lives.

Americans also fail to realize their out-of-control leaders are creating the conditions for war all over the world, because the U.S. economy has always depended on the sale of weapons, PLUS the Jewish objective has aways been to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world. Americans also don’t recognize the limitless power of Jewish controlled media that manages to convince the brain-damaged majority that these terror threats are real and must be expunged by ever more violent actions against unsuspecting innocents all over the world.

Jew-controlled America engineers the theft of the government in Ukraine and the next day U.S. newspapers trumpet the news that Russia has masterminded the overthrow, and committed the crimes that America has underwritten and the Israelis have executed. Almost immediately, America masses troops, strategically positions ships, and publicizes the need to start World War 3. On the heels of the U.S. rapes of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, war-weary American citizens bicker over trivialities with their families, turn off the TV news and head for the mall, unwilling to challenge the lies and incapable of contemplating the consequences of their blithe ignorance.

ISIS and Ukraine are but two of the hundreds of affronts to sanity that the so-called Western powers are wreaking on nations it wishes to subdue and control, but perhaps the even greater damage these perpetual war promoters are creating is the damage they inflict on their own citizens by flooding their countries with uncivilized Third World immigrants that deliberately bust their budgets, accelerate crime necessitating increased police aggression, and generally create the conditions in which all of their citizens will be caught in brushfire race wars, with citizen input into government behavior completely prohibited.

The twisted inventors of political correctness import the dregs of the world and turn them loose around the country for future crime wave activities so that a merciless police presence will become necessary to curb their savagery. The powers that be shower immigrants with gifts and benefits as America turns its back on those who built the nation, loyal generations who gifted their sweat and their lives in the belief that their efforts would guarantee a safe place to live for their children, but which has turned out not to be true. The streets of America are simply no longer safe. If the criminals don’t get you, then the killer cops surely will.

Public media in the United States provide plenty of exposure to a panoply of presidential candidates, but they all say the same thing about who controls the money supply and why they should be allowed to continue stealing from everyone, and why it is necessary to fund Israel and destroy and destabilize all of Israel’s neighbors in the name of democracy turned demonic that leaves all these countries in ruins.

That you can never trust what this U.S. government says is an obvious foregone conclusion, and something the Indians learned long ago. The latest lie from its Strangelove doctors at the Centers of Disease Control insist Jewish circumcision is a healthy thing to have done, even as it strips the capacity for compassion in young males while becoming a hideous dessert in the mouths of monstrous molesters known as rabbis

As the American dream turns rancid, teachers in elementary schools instruct their immature students in the perverted art of fisting while reminding their pupils it is wrong to challenge authority under any circumstances, no matter what that authority says.

Homosexuals are adulated over all for their “courage” as the concept of the family, critically wounded when the women were forced to work and further injured when it became cool to be gay, now faces permanent extinction as “authorities” debate the legalization of pedophilia — and at the highest levels of power in the world can be heard a snickering over these horrific practices that have created all the missing children who have been Washington’s deepest darkest secret for longer than anyone dares imagine.

The great secrets of America’s ugliness remain obvious for all to see yet hidden from the official public transactions of this disintegrating superpower. The president himself and all his Jewish handlers eagerly OK’d the destruction of America’s iconic skyscrapers and all the 65,000 cancer deaths of New Yorkers it produced from the airborne radioactive fissile material that was used to bring down the Twin Towers.

Today, even though everybody knows the real story, authorities strictly refuse to talk about it, and all those people who lied about it are still proudly running for president and still talking about new ways to obliterate Israel’s adversaries, with a preference for raping and murdering foreign leaders in their own streets.

The duplicity, the stifling of accurate perceptions not permitted to be discussed, creates a tension that splits families apart, people disagree, stop talking and never resume the thread. In the pregnant silence, America has long since fallen apart.

So it’s no wonder that in the real neighborhoods of suburbia, people are desperate. So many people seem cut off from their dysfunctional families. Many who lost their jobs a long time ago, exhausted their benefits, and borrowed from friends are well past the point of being turned away by everyone. With nowhere to go and nowhere to turn, they find themselves staring at the empty days pursuing addictions that ameliorate the gloom but speed them toward their doom.

The same could be said about America as a whole.

Doing the bidding of its Jewish controllers, the United States is at war with more countries than you can count, as well as its own people. Israel, America’s heartless landlord whose billionaires get to pick U.S. presidents, is at war with every country in the world, robbing all of them in preparation for destroying all of them.

Americans have become zombies who fail to realize their out-of-control government is the scourge of the world. These zombies comprise the larger part of the U.S. population. The rest of the world will cheer when America’s massive murder machine is finally rendered impotent, but then it will react with an incredulous horror when the reality sinks in that the people who will run the world after America is gone have no intention of permitting either freedom or liberty, the two most important things America once promised but ultimately failed to provide.

A sinister veil of approved thought casts a perverted pall over public policy and private lives. People are simply not allowed to talk about certain subjects, nor question government actions that in previous years would be considered illegal and out of the question. The president has issued an executive order stipulating he may imprison or murder anyone he chooses. The police seem eager to kill without questioning all those who don’t fit the profile of those who are suitably affluent and well connected.

Although media have always been blatantly biased toward those with money and power, never before have the lies being told by the major newspapers and TV outlets been so egregiously false and criminally irresponsible.

But America lives on false propaganda now. If you don’t go along with the artificial reality, you can lose everything you worked for all your life. You can lose your future. You can lose your life.

Sooner or later, this Frankenstein government will come to take your life, after of course it has stolen all of your possessions. You could wait for that to happen, or perhaps while you’re waiting, you could work on ways to make sure these criminal freaks like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton get run through a giant meat grinder and wind up in little bleeding pieces, which is exactly the condition they’re inflicting on everybody else.

It is madness to think you can control the world, or to even want to, but the impulse itself is symbolic of a deeper madness — the delusion that you can somehow cheat death. Now, this line of thinking would be meaningless to talk about except for the fact the entire world is governed by it, especially in the monotheistic religions, which hold eternal life like a sword over the heads of the faithful it commands to murder others.

I could at this point say that what is happening in the world was prefigured by a perfect blueprint for all this chaos, mayhem, and bloodletting in the pages of that demonic dissertation known as the Talmud, but a majority of citizens might think it more important to call that an anti-Semitic remark and ignore the destruction of the world it is causing.

Is there anybody out there blind enough who still thinks that America is a “good” country?

And what kind of people are those who think America is good, who ignore the facts at hand and pretend, as they raise their circumcised plastic children with no conscience who have been vaccinated into reproductive sterility, that if we fail to observe what is happening — or say that all these things are circumstances that we cannot control so why worry about them — that the final knock on your door after which you will never again be returning home creeps closer every day.


Under the hijab, porn is alive and kicking



Despite prudish mores and bans on public displays of affection, salacious clips abound on websites in Muslim countries. And there’s a rising demand for porn actors who come from those societies.

ed note–herein lies one of the major distinctions between the organized Jewish interests presently in control of the Obama admin and those presently in control of Israel.

Netanyahu & co want to see the countries in the Middle East consumed in a dramatic mushroom cloud that will one day be written into the Judaic religious texts as yet another Yahweh-engineered mass murder of Gentiles like Passover and Purim. Those in control of the Obama Admin want to see the region, its religion and culture die a slow, seemingly imperceptible death by the Depleted Uranium known as Hollywood.

This is the reason for the ‘deal’ with Iran, as a means of opening the floodgates of corrupt, corrosive Jewish culture dispensed from Hollywood so as to turn Iran into a base of operations for dispensing this poison to the rest of the region.


Tour books for Middle Eastern and North African countries recommend that tourists show consideration for cultural codes, respect the locals and dress modestly. Not only when visiting mosques or churches, but in city streets and village alleyways as well. The most popular tourism sites, such as the pyramids in Egypt, are more accepting of visitors wearing short pants and skimpy dresses, according to the books. A group of Russian tourists apparently took that assumption a bit too far.

Earlier this month the newspaper Al-Masri Al-Youm reported on a short pornographic film that was shot in the area of the famed Giza pyramids, near the Sphinx, by Russian-speaking tourists. The clip has been online for over nine months and features salacious scenes, including oral sex. Clerics and others who consider the site an important part of Egypt’s local heritage and history were furious. The offensive clip was seen as an effort to undermine the country’s dignity.

Protesters have been calling to enforce Egyptian laws against kissing and other public displays of affection at tourism sites, and to reinforce police presence there. But the head of the government antiquities department maintains that tourists have their own culture and cannot be subject to prohibitions imposed on Egyptians.

Foreigner’s “own culture” is definitely the issue here. Because it’s not that there’s no porn in the Arab world. On the contrary. Considering the severe restrictions and prohibitions that apply to the behavior of unmarried people – both written and unwritten – it’s no wonder that of the eight countries with the highest rate of surfing of Internet porn sites, six are Muslim. Pakistan is in first place, Egypt in second.

In recent years there have been experts in the Arab world, mostly women, who speak openly and publicly about sex and sexual practices in the Arab world, and call on women to recognize their own sexual needs and demand satisfaction. But this openness is limited to “permitted” relations – i.e., in the framework of legal marriage. Even watching porn is accepted by some Muslim clerics on condition that the couple watches together and that it helps to bring them closer, to increase sexual desire and to strengthen their marital bond.

But as in every traditional society, prohibitions against relations other than and outside marriage in the Muslim world are rigid, and young single men are becoming increasingly frustrated. Young Arabs remain frustrated, forbidden even to hold hands in public with their girlfriends unless they are at least engaged.

“An Educational Film,” an Egyptian movie made in 2000, tells about a group of young men who get hold of a porn film and keep trying to find a way to watch it without interference. Despite their best efforts they encounter one hitch after another.

“It may look like a stupid comedy,” said an Egyptian friend in his thirties. “But you have to understand that when it came out, it ‘spoke’ to me and my generation more than any other film. I see it as a super-critical film that speaks about the problem that bothered us most at that age and nobody talked to us about it.”

Porn, is an escape, he explained, adding, “Imagine what a distorted idea an entire generation of young people have about sex.” He expressed the paradox that porno, despite its excesses and dangers, still symbolizes freedom for young men.

Since the Internet has become omnipresent, porn has become so accessible that it sometimes serves as a sex guide for beginners, whether Arab or Western. British writer Martin Amis claims that Islamic terror stems from the sexual frustration of Muslim men, who find release, for example, by flying planes into phallic buildings.

Homemade sex clips

Porn is just about as accessible to young Arabs as it is to young people in the United States, and watching it is no longer such a big deal. The authorities in Muslim countries are, however, trying to reduce the phenomenon, either by cancelling satellite porn channels or by restricting Internet access. In Lebanon young men who distributed pirated porno movies have been arrested and tried; in Iran porn distributors risk the death sentence.

But Muslim men don’t seem about to give in. In Saudi Arabia there are those who sell “cards” that are used to break the code of pornographic satellite stations, and Internet restrictions can also be bypassed there.

Men and women all over the Arab world not only watch porn, they film themselves engaging in sexual relations or masturbating, and post the clips on the Internet. These are watched by Arabs from various countries who want to hear sex talk in their own language, and by surfers everywhere who are tired of the rigid and monotonous Western model of beauty. These film clips show voluptuous women and hairy men.

To become real porn stars, however, Arabs still have to move to the West. Three Arab gays have become famous in this genre. One of them, Tony Aziz of Lebanon, said that many gay men from the Arab world write to him, expressing admiration for his courage and thanking him for what he symbolizes for them.

Young Lebanese porn star Mia Khalifa, who is extremely successful, could develop her dubious career only in the West. She was born in 1993 and at the age of 7 moved with her family to the United States. In October she began her porn career. In her films she is almost always seen wrapped in a hijab or wearing a keffiyeh or an Arab kerchief over her shoulders, perhaps fulfilling the exotic Oriental fantasy of Western surfers.

That may be the reason for the anger in the Arab world whenever “Westerners” are involved. The West has always seen the East as a mysterious and mystical place, whose sons and daughters are both terrorists and objects of attraction, “noble savages.” It’s not that there’s a total denial of sex or porn in the Muslim world. What bothers its people is often the prying by outsiders who attempt to analyze the phenomena and reach unequivocal conclusions. For its part, however, it is doubtful whether the West is actually “proud” of the fact that porn has become part of the “white man’s burden.”

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World Jewish Congress’ Ron Lauder–Anti-Semitism in Europe ‘akin to 1930s’



WJC head tells congressional committee that US cannot sit idly by as attacks targeting Jews on the up

Times of Israel

A prominent Jewish figure urged the United States on Tuesday to beware of surging anti-Semitism in Europe and warned that seven decades after World War II Jews on the continent are having to look over their shoulders once more.

World Jewish Congress (WJC) president Ronald Lauder told a congressional committee in Washington that the United States could not sit by quietly, with events such as the recent attack in France underlining the growing threat.

“Once again, like the 1930s, European Jews live in fear,” said Lauder, a billionaire businessman who inherited a fortune from his mother Estee Lauder’s cosmetics empire.

“The United States can and must speak loudly and clearly to condemn this evil for what it is –- the radical Islamic hatred of Jews.”

“To defeat this new flame of radical Islamic terror and survive… the United States must lead,” stressed Lauder, whose mother was Jewish and in whose faith he was raised.

The WJC represents Jewish communities in 100 countries.

Lauder, who was joined by Roger Cukierman, a French Jewish leader, and Dan Asmussen, a Danish Jewish leader, noted that anti-Jewish attacks recently had hit France — in Paris and Toulouse — as well as in Copenhagen.

Danish society “itself is not and has never been anti-Semitic and many of the threats facing Danish Jewry — like in the rest of Europe — come from marginalized and radicalized Muslims, and these form a small minority of all Muslims in Denmark,” Asmussen said.

Cukierman added: “This is a war against Western modern civilization. And the Jews are seen by these Jihadists as a privileged target.

“We Jews are the sentinels at the forefront of this war. But we are not the only victims. Military forces, policemen and women, journalists were also targeted and killed.”

Since the attacks in Paris in January that left 17 dead, France has been on the highest possible alert with thousands of police and troops deployed at sensitive sites, such as media headquarters and synagogues.

But counter-terrorism officials say this will do little to prevent an attack like the one on the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

A bipartisan task force to combat anti-Semitism around the world was established by the US House of Representatives.

The task force launched Tuesday is designed to educate Congress about anti-Semitism, which its members referred to as “the 21st century face of this age-old bigotry.”

Congress members will share ideas with the executive branch, foreign leaders and other organizations on combating anti-Semitism. It also will promote Holocaust remembrance through teaching tolerance and confronting hate.

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Shocking Passover Blood Moon Predictions by Zio-Nazi Rabbi


Image result for Rabbi Amram Vaknin PHOTO

Source: breakingisraelnews

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.” (Joel 3:2)

A mystic rabbi living in southern Israel is urging all Jews to pray and repent as the third Blood Moon of a tetrad cycle approaches.

Rabbi Amram Vaknin, who similarly predicted the events of the Gaza flotilla and the Carmel forest fire in 2010, and Operations Pillar of Defense (2012) and Protective Edge (2014), warns that Israel is facing great judgment and potential danger at this time.

One of Rabbi Vaknin’s students, Gil Nachman, spoke to Breaking Israel News and, quoting the sage, explained that the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, dam, which is 44, alludes to the 44th president of the United States.

Vaknin predicted that the 44th president would bring bloodshed (dam) to the Jewish people. It should be noted that the rabbi made this prediction before President Barack Obama’s election to office.

Vaknin believes that only 44 plus one, or 45, can counter the danger represented by the blood moons. This, he says, is Adam, or Man, which in this case refers to the Messiah.


The mystical sage Rabbi Amram Vaknin with his student Gil Nachman, praying for the Messiah at the Western Wall, April 1, 2015. (Photo: Yehudis Schamroth)

Rabbi Vaknin called for a day of prayer at the Western Wall this past Wednesday to encourage the arrival of the Messiah and the redemption of the Jewish people and the world.

According to their Facebook page, “In these critical times, Am Israel must join together to pray to Hashem to send us Mashiach Ben David!!!”

The repeated number four is also noteworthy, as in addition to the value of 44 and the four Blood Moons of the tetrad, this will be the shortest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting a mere four minutes, 44 seconds.

The repeated number four is also noteworthy, as in addition to the value of 44 and the four Blood Moons of the tetrad, this will be the shortest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting a mere four minutes, 44 seconds.

Rabbi Vaknin is not alone amongst Jews in associating the current tetrad with Jewish redemption. With the first and third Blood Moons in this current tetrad cycle coinciding with Passover, and the second and fourth with the Feast of Tabernacles, the connections to times of redemption run deep.

The Talmud states, “In [the Hebrew month of] Nisan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt, and in Nisan we will be redeemed.” Likewise, the Feast of the Tabernacles is associated in Jewish tradition with the battle of Gog and Magog, the final war that is said to precede the final redemption and arrival of the Messiah.

Moreover, this year in Israel is a Sabbatical, or shmitta, year, a time in which the land of Israel is commanded to be left fallow. notes a statement by the Sages in the Talmud which says, “In the sixth [year there will be] voices [of war], in the seventh [there will be] war, and at the end of the shmitta, the [Messiah] son of Jesse will arrive.” Although the Talmud never states in which seven-year cycle in history this will be fulfilled, the website suggested that thus far, our modern period fits the description.


The Blood Moon phenomenon has attracted much attention of late thanks to the efforts and solar discoveries by Root Source’s Bob O’Dell and Gidon Ariel.  Not everyone is an agreement as to what the Blood Moons signify. According to O’Dell, “All the prior blood moon tetrads point to a pattern of blessing on the Jewish people. They are good news for the Jews. They are a great indicator of God’s love and commitment to the Jewish people to preserve them, and a warning to those who stand in opposition to Israel.”

A so-called “Blood Moon” is a total lunar eclipse, the nickname stemming from its stellar red color caused by the bending of the sun’s rays around the Earth.

When four occur in succession without a partial lunar eclipse between them, they are noted as a tetrad. These tetrads are fascinating on their own, but the current tetrad marks only the fourth time in five hundred years that all four Blood Moons of the tetrad fall on Jewish holidays.

The Hebrew-language website delves into the Jewish perspective on this celestial phenomenon. The Talmud discusses the significance of astronomical events in human history, stating that a solar eclipse is a warning to the nations, while a lunar eclipse signifies danger for the Jewish people, who are likened to the moon.

The Sages go on to explain that this is because God sits in judgment at those times, and human actions and choices are being weighed. It is a time when our mistakes may come back to haunt us.

Rabbi Vaknin adds his voice to other religious leaders calling on their followers to pray for peace and security in Israel. Christian leaders Mark Biltz and Bob O’Dell have organized a prayer gathering for Christians worldwide to pray during the 4 minutes and 44 seconds of the total lunar eclipse late Friday night.”

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Racist Jewish Rabbi compares Obama to Haman


Racist Jewish Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat says Obama disrespectful to Naziyahu, I$raHell, ‘future of world.’

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, chief rabbi of Efrat, on Saturday night compared US President Barack Obama to Haman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Mordechai.

Speaking at the Jerusalem Great Synagogue, the American-born Riskin said that he could not understand what was going through Obama’s mind.

“The president of the United States is lashing out at Israel just like Haman lashed out at the Jews,” he said.

“I’m not making a political statement,” he clarified, “I’m making a Jewish statement.”

When a woman in the audience shouted out that he was being disrespectful to the US president, she was booed by the crowd. Riskin said he didn’t need any help from the audience.

“I am being disrespectful because the president of the United States was disrespectful to my prime minister, to my country, to my future and to the future of the world.”

Just as Mordechai was focused on saving the Jews of Persia from destruction, he said, so Netanyahu is focused on saving Israel and the world from destruction.

He said more than once throughout his address that he was proud of Netanyahu, and added that he did the right thing in speaking to Congress “even if it angered Obama.”

Riskin drew an analogy between the conquest of Babylonia by ancient Persia and the armed conflict between Iran and Iraq.

In relation to Iran, he said that the only difference between Iran and the Islamic State was who would be using power to control the world.

Closer to home, he said that one of Israel’s greatest tragedies is that the rabbinate is enmeshed in politics.

Alluding to Shas leader Arye Deri, Riskin declared that he didn’t know how someone who went to jail for bribery could be put back into the same place without ever admitting to his guilt or expressing remorse.

Riskin insisted that this was not compatible with Jewish philosophy.

“What we’re all about is compassionate righteousness and moral justice,” he said. “We have to have a free voice that is not politically fettered.”

Riskin was not the only prominent rabbi to criticize Obama over the weekend for his diplomatic policies.

The World Values Network, founded and run by American rabbi and public figure Shmuley Boteach, took out a full page advertisement in The New York Times on Saturday comparing the deal being drawn up with Iran on its nuclear project to the Munich Agreement signed in 1938 by British prime minister Neville Chamberlain with Adolf Hitler, widely seen as an act of appeasement that emboldened the Nazi leader.

The Times ad bore a picture of a pensive-looking Obama with an inset picture of Chamberlain holding aloft a copy of the Munich Agreement that he infamously declared to represent “peace for our time,” just 11 months before Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland marking the beginning of the World War II.

The ad described Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a “terror overlord” and a “Hitler-wannabe,” and said that the deal being discussed with Iran would “enable the world’s foremost sponsor of terror to become a nuclear power.”

It called on Obama to demand that Khamenei personally and publicly repudiate his threats against Israel, that Iran cease support for terrorist groups and for the US president not to approve a deal that “allows the potentially catastrophic one-year-weapons-breakout period, which endangers Israel, the Middle East, America and the world.

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Ohio Jewish Rabbi Arrested In Sex Abuse Of Girl




TOWSON, Md. —An Ohio rabbi accused of sexually abusing a girl for years in Baltimore County was extradited to Maryland on Wednesday.

Frederick Martin Karp, 50, of Beachwood, Ohio, is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center. The state wanted no bail, saying Karp is a flight risk, but after his attorney explained Karp was not fleeing, the judge set bail at $500,000.

Karp’s wife and brother-in-law traveled to Baltimore and sat in on his bail-review hearing. In court, Karp sat with his head down, at times rocking back and forth.

Karp was brought back from New York, where he had fled after charges of sexual abuse of a minor, perverted practice, and second- and third-degree sex offense were brought against him in Maryland earlier this month.

Baltimore County police said they learned on New Year’s Eve that a girl had been abused by Karp. According to the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office, the abuse occurred from July 2009 to early December 2014 when Karp visited the girl’s family, with whom he was friends. The alleged abuse occurred from the time the girl was 7 until now. The prosecutor said in court Thursday that the 12-year-old’s two sisters disclosed that they too had been inappropriately touched.

Police said Karp is a rabbi in Ohio and also goes by the name Ephraim Karp. Detectives said they went to Cleveland in mid-January to interview him. After an arrest warrant was issued, detectives went back to Karp’s Ohio home, but he wasn’t there. Neighbors told police Karp was at the airport headed to Israel.

Baltimore County police said Karp was found at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, where he was taken into custody and charged.

In court, Karp’s attorney showed the judge documents proving that Karp was going on a previously planned trip to meet his wife. That trip had been paid for in September. The judge ordered Karp to relinquish his passport and ordered him to stay in Maryland.

Police said the investigation into Karp’s actions continues. So far, they said it has not indicated that there were any incidents of abuse at any Baltimore-area Jewish facility.

Karp was the director of spiritual living at Menorah Park Center for Senior Living in Beachwood.

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