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Zionist Report admits they are Descendants of Khazars


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Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine,

Khazar Jews_1876Khazar Jews 1876

By Batr Sartre

Are you intellectually and emotionally prepared to confront a new twist to Israeli claims for identity and a political homeland? If you are, test to what extent you have an open mind. The article, Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine, will present a position that is difficult to imagine. When political necessity confronts hallowed claims, what will a determined Zionist do to sacrifice their fundamental assertion for legitimacy? Ponder the significance and full extent of the implications.

“Israel seems finally to have thrown in the towel. A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums has just issued a secret report to the government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars. (Whether this would result in yet another proposal to revise the words to “Hatikvah” remains to be seen.) At first sight, this would seem to be the worst possible news, given the Prime Minister’s relentless insistence on the need for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” and the stagnation of the peace talks. But others have underestimated him at their peril. An aide quipped, when life hands you an etrog, you build a sukkah.

Speaking off the record, he explained, “We first thought that admitting we are really Khazars was one way to get around Abbas’s insistence that no Jew can remain in a Palestinian state. Maybe we were grasping at straws. But when he refused to accept that, it forced us to think about more creative solutions. The Ukrainian invitation for the Jews to return was a godsend.”


Oy vey, woe is me. How such an admission could be seen as anything but a capitulation to the critics of the legitimacy for the state of Israel? Another critical viewpoint by Wayne Madsen in Israel’s Secret Plan for a “Second Israel” in Ukraine, is the perfect summary of the precarious creditability dilemma that such an admission presents.

“Zionists have long argued that the land claimed by Israel was the biblical birthright of the Jewish people who were forced from the land in a so-called diaspora after repeated conquests by various empires. Proof that Ashkenazi Jews, which make up a majority of the Israeli Jewish population, have no historical link to Palestine would call into question the entire premise of Israel as the historical 5,000-year old homeland of the Jewish people.”

As expected, the mere disclosure of such a secret government report has intensified the Christian-Zionists Problem – Khazar DNA, as written earlier this year. Never fear there is no shortage of arguments that attempts to discredit any proponent of Are Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Khazars?

“But in a new article in the journal Jewish Social Studies, Hebrew University researcher Shaul Stampfer argues there is no evidence from Medieval Jewish, Islamic or Christian texts that such a conversion took place.

“The silence of so many sources about the Khazars’ Judaism is very suspicious,” Stampfer tells Haaretz.”

When persuasion fails, attack the messenger as seen in Must a Jewish State Be Zionist?

“Shlomo Sand, a secular Israeli professor at Tel Aviv University, is notorious for his banal theory that Jews today have no connection with the Land of Israel because they are descended from non-Jewish Khazars who converted a thousand years ago in the Caucasus. No unbiased academic takes this seriously.”

All this arcane and esoteric disputes surely should be resolved with simple Home genetics kits could identify millions with Jewish roots, right?

“Just as the State of Israel has invested resources into the study and promotion of archeology, in part to demonstrate and strengthen the connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, by investing in the fields of genetic research and molecular anthropology, Israeli scientists could be at the forefront of this growing field not only to demonstrate the historical connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, but to help refute studies that manipulate data in order to undermine that connection,” said Noah Slepkov, author of the JPPI study.

Slepkov was likely referring to some who claim that the Jews of today are unrelated to the Israelites of the Bible such as Israeli academic Shlomo Sand, whose book The Invention of the Jewish People, which claimed that contemporary Jews are the descendants of the Khazars, Berbers and other groups.”

Up to this point the intense push back is expected from the defenders of Israel. Nothing surprising from this response! However, in the essay Top Israeli scientist says Ashkenazi Jews came from Khazaria, not Palestine, the work of a “Johns Hopkins University post-doctoral researcher Eran Elhaik describes a group of widely respected geneticists, including Harry Ostrer, professor of pathology and genetics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and author of the 2012 book “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People” is analyzed.”

“Interestingly, while anti-Zionist bloggers have applauded Elhaik’s work, saying it proves that contemporary Jews have no legitimate claim to Israel, some white supremacists have attacked it.”

Now for the surprising variation in critiquing the Rethinking the Khazar Theory! This section is written by no other, than Davis Duke, himself. Review the original article, for a long list of DNA studies that seem to reject and conflict with Eran Elhaik research. Nevertheless, Dr. Duke argues that the claim of special rights for the “Chosen” which resides in the Talmud culture is entirely part of the tribalism no matter the particular genetics of the Zionist.

“I have come to believe that the Khazar theory is one more piece of controlled opposition as illustrated in Orwell’s 1984 where Emmanuel Goldstein is supposedly Big Brother’s opposition, but in fact he is part of the Big Brother apparatus.

How convenient it is to suggest that Jews are not a race, not a related people that gives them a unity and strength in conflict with other peoples.

One cannot explain the power of Zionism unless one understands Jewish tribalism.

Jewish tribalism (racism) and favoritism and preference for fellow Jews combined with discrimination against non-Jews ultimately enables them to take over almost any institution.

Without Jewish racism, Zionism could not flourish, for that is what gives the Jewish extremists its enormous economic, media and political influence.

Christians who propagate the “Khazar theory” should not forget that the Talmud is perhaps the most anti-Christ tome ever written. The Talmud portrays Jesus being boiled in human excrement—“forever”!

The Talmud as well the gospel recounting of the Jewish persecution behind the crucifixion of Christ all took place hundreds of years before any supposed Khazar conversion”

Let’s pull all this information together to sort out a rational understanding of the political considerations that threaten the stability and well being of the planet. Historically it is undeniable that large number of Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia migrated out of that area. Many resettled in Israel. Most adopted pro-Zionist politics. Since the former Khazar empire region was the departing homeland of so many inhabitants who profess to be Jews, it is preposterous to contend that any tribal group can maintain a pure racial identity.

When a Jew resides in Israel are they not called an Israeli? What do you call a Jew living in the Ukraine – a Jew or a Ukrainian? Likewise, when a Jewish migrate from Khazarian descendant moves to Israel and becomes a citizen, do they lose their roots from their own lineage? Whether they purport to be from a bloodline of a racial tribe or simply a convert to a particular religion their association with their country of origin remains.

Could it be that this astounding disclosure of a hidden past is nothing more than a ploy to recapture influence if not actual territory in a former land of settlement? If this is the case, the issue is one of political power and not one of religious inevitability.

Zionism is a political doctrine. All the conflicting genetic research is designed to serve a political agenda. If an Israeli came to Palestine from the Ukraine and practiced the teachings in the Talmud, that person most likely will be a Zionist.

The objection to the state of Israel is that its political precepts and policies are rooted in Babylonian Talmud teachings. When David Duke states that “One cannot explain the power of Zionism unless one understands Jewish tribalism”, the complimentary lesson is that Zionism cannot be fully comprehended without understanding Talmudic admonitions towards non Jews.

Consequential doctrines that profess superiority privileges should be condemned. Sadly, opposition towards a race, no matter how impure its genes have mixed over the centuries, when its politics maintain Jewish supremacy, is often labeled as anti-Semitic. Natural animosity towards such Jewish chutzpah is defensible in a world which disobeys the true revelations in the Torch.

Preparing Jewish converts, from the Khazars lineage, need not to be based solely upon DNA. What is important is that the political objectives of Zionism be recognized as harmful to humanity. Religion is not the issue, because Zionists reject their own biblical mores.

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‘Blasphemer’ Executed by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS in New Method to Spread Fear

‘Blasphemer’ Executed by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS in New Method to Spread Fear
Zio-Wahhabi ISIS evils have released photographs which appear to show the beheading of an ‘alleged blasphemer “by show a man being executed by a masked man, wielding a meat cleaver.

His beheading is believed to have taken place in Hama in Syria.

Zio-Wahhabi ISIS is increasingly using propaganda to encourage would-be terrorists and spread fear among those working against Zio-Wahhabi ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

It follows a video released by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS which week that warns ‘America will burn’ and threatens a repeat of the 9/11 atrocity that saw the twin towers destroyed.

The 11-minute video features some of the group’s most brutal killings – such as the beheading of American journalist James Foley and the brutal burning of Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh as he stood in a cage.

The twin towers and still images of Osama bin Laden are also shown during the short video.

Propaganda is increasingly being used by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS as a way of attracting new recruits and gaining notoriety.

The latest photographs follow a video released last month which show eight suspected informers, all dressed in red jumpsuits, being executed.

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Delivery of S-300 to Iran Have a Clear Message


S-300 air defense systems
S-300 air defense systems
President Vladimir Putin said Russia’s decision to lift ban on delivery of S-300 air defense systems to Iran had a clear message to all nations, IRNA reports.

In a meeting with visiting Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani, Putin said such a decision urges all world countries to be faithful to their commitments undertaken by the framework agreement reached by the Security Council members plus Germany in Lausanne on April 2.

US, France, UK, Russia and China, the UN Security Council members undertook to pass a resolution at the top decisionmaking body to terminate all the sanctions adopted against Iran over the nuclear dispute so far.

The new resolution would set a precedent under the international law for the United States and the European Union to follow suit by revoking the unilateral sanctions.

The new Security Council resolution will challenge the legal foundations for the unilateral sanctions.


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Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Seriously Rising


Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Seriously Rising
Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Seriously Rising
Food and water shortages in Yemen following Saudi-led aggression all night and day near 3 weak cause Aid agencies have warned of a rising humanitarian crisis in the Arab country.

Residents said warplanes from a Zio-Wahhabi-led coalition of countries pounded residential areas in Aden, AFP reported.

Humanitarian groups have struggled to bring aid into the country and said the situation in Aden was deteriorating rapidly.

“Shops are closed. We have a problem of food,” said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, the Yemen representative of Doctors without Borders (MSF).

Aid workers said Sana’a is also suffering, as airstrikes hit the capital and supplies dwindle.

“There is a food and water shortage. People are unable to move,” said Marie Claire Feghali, the Red Cross spokeswoman in Yemen.

Zio-Wahhabi started its unauthorized aerial bombardments on Yemen on March 26.

The Zio-Wahhabi -led attacks have drawn international criticism after claiming the lives of at least 2500 people, mostly women and children, and razing thousands of housing units to the ground.

Also, thousands of people have been injured during the attacks as the Zio-Wahhabi offensive enters its 20th consecutive day.

Some western countries, including the US, have backed the Zio-Wahhabi aggression despite international calls for a swift halt to the attacks.

Today Zio-Wahhabi Warplanes Target Several Regions across Yemen. TEHRAN (FNA)- Zio-Wahhabi  airstrikes targeted several areas across Yemen on the 20th day of the monarchy’s air campaign against the Arab country.

According to reports, Saudi warplanes pounded the provinces of Bayda, Sana’a, Shabwa and Ad Dali’ in their latest airstrikes on Tuesday, killing and injuring large groups of people.

Dozens of women and children were among the dead. Two power stations in Bayda and Sana’a also came under the Zio-Wahhabi air raids, leading to a blackout across the cities.

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Zio-Wahhabi ISIS Suicide Bomber’s Vehicle Explode & Flies!

Watch: ISIS Suicide Bomber
Watch: Zio-Wahhabi ISIS Suicide Bomber’s Vehicle Explode & Flies!
It is a car being driven by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS suicide bomber detonates mid-air seconds after it is blasted skywards by an explosion on the ground.

Video shows the Zio-Wahhabi  terrorists attempting to launch an attack on Kurdish Peshmerga forces, reportedly near Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

The footage is the latest in a string of videos released by Kurdish forces which show Zio-Wahhabi ISIS launching bungled attacks in Iraq.

Watch: Zio-Wahhabi ISIS Suicide Bomber’s Vehicle Explode & Flies!

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Mass grave of 200 people killed by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS Found in Anbar

Mass killing by ISIS elements
Mass killing by Zio-Wahhabi ISIS elements
A mass grave containing the remains of some 200 people has been found in Iraq’s western province of Anbar, where Zio-Wahhabi Takfiri ISIL terrorists have been active over the past months, reports say.

Iraqi media on Sunday quoted Sheikh Naim al-Gaoud, the leader of Albu Nimr tribe, as saying that the grave was uncovered in the town of al-Qa’im, located nearly 400 kilometers (248 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad, near the border with Syria.

The bodies belonged to civilians as well as the workers of Iraqi interior and defense ministries, he said, adding that most of the victims had been decapitated.

Zio-Wahhabi ISIL terrorists have purportedly used the area as a collective burial site for civilians and security forces killed recently.

At least 14 mass graves have been discovered since the strategic city of Tikrit was liberated from the Zio-Wahhabi ISIL in late March, with Iraqi security sources saying that the mass graves contained the bodies of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers massacred by Zio-Wahhabi ISIL outside the northern city.

Tikrit had been seized by Zio_Wahhabi ISIL in June last year. The city’s recapture is crucial for the Iraqi army in its quest to take control of the country’s second largest city, Mosul.

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Dangerous Radicalization of India


Image result for INDIA FLAG



By Sajjad Shaukat

Indian society is intensely witnessing violent waves of radicalization in the form of vandalism of

Christian Churches, forceful conversions of Muslims and Christians in the name of Shudhi

(purification) or Ghar Wapsi, ban on beef and cow slaughter and inclusion of Hindu religious

books in curriculum. In these terms, dangerous radicalization of India needs immediate attention.

The gravity of Hindu radicalization is so intense that the US President Obama and New York

Times also cautioned India over the minority issues.

Although New Delhi has been destabilizing all regional states through its well-planned and

deliberated strategy, however, its major focus has always been towards Pakistan, a policy of

In this regard, Pakistani people can not afford to remain forgetful to the agony of the tragedy at

Army Public School Peshawar—carnage incident which resulted in killing of more than 140

children. It was undoubtedly carried out by Ajit Doval’s stooges in connivance with the Tahreek-

e-Taliban Pakistan, as he is fond of exploiting radicalized proxies. Ajit Doval, the ex-spymaster

is now National Security Advisor of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the recent past,

Doval attempted to stage a drama of “explosive boat” to defame Pakistan before the arrival of

President Obama to New Delhi.

It is also an undeniable fact that Ajit Doval’s cronies are creating law and order problems in

Balochistan. Doval in his recent lecture clearly threatened that Islamabad will lose

Balochistan—a video is a clear confession by India that it is behind the separatists in the

province of Balochistan and has a huge network of its operatives against the state of Pakistan.

Undoubtedly, Ajit Doval has been targeting Pakistan as a part of “Offensive defensive” doctrine.

In this context, as per agenda of the Hindu ruling party, BJP including other extremist parties like

RSS, New Delhi accelerated unprovoked firing at the Line of Control in Kashmir and Working

Boundary across Pak-Indian border.

Reportedly, Indian government has refused to issue visa for the city of Panipat to Pakistani

couple Rana Shaukat Ali and his wife Rukhsana to visit graves of their five children who lost

their lives in the Samjhota Express blast in 2007. They have been granted Indian visa only for

Noida, thus not allowing the couple to visit the graves of their children. This shows Indian

present government’s insensitivity to the grief and pain of the bereaved couple. It also raises

serious questions about Indian extremist rulers’ intentions to bring the perpetrators of Samjhota

However, as part of anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan approach, leader of the BJP and Prime

Minister of India Modi is giving impetus to Hindu chauvinism. Indian society is rapidly

radicalizing, as unprecedented rise of Hindu extremism has posed serious threats to the very

existence of the minorities there.

While, the constitution declares India to be a secular state, granting equal rights to the religious

minorities, but in practice ideology of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) prevails. Hindu politics and

culture, dominated by the fundamentalist parties such as BJP, RSS VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv

Sena including other extremist outfits have been propagating Hindutva. Provocative utterances of

their extremist leaders have resulted into unending violence against the Muslim and Christians

including other minority groups, while creating war-like situation between Pakistan and India.

Radicalization of India by Hindu fanatic parties could be judged from various recent

developments. On May 28, 2014, Rashtriya Hindu Andolan, a Mangalore-based Hindutva outfit

and activists from various right wing groups organized a protest in Mangalore in front of the

office of Deputy Commissioner by demanding the authorities to ban the morning Muslim call to

prayer (Azan) across the country. Besides, forcing the Muslim employee in a Parliament Canteen

by BJP leader to break his fast by stuffing piece of bread in his mouth, statement of Deputy

Chief of Goa, declaring India as a Hindu state, opposition to declaration of Sania Mirza as

Ambassador of Indian state by calling her daughter-in-law of Pakistan might be cited as

Besides other anti-Muslim incidents like the discovery of the unmarked graves of thousands of

the innocent Kashmiris, killed by the Indian security forces in the Indian-held Kashmir, pre-

planned destruction of the Babri Masjid (mosque) in 1992 and genocide of the 2500 Muslims in

2002 in the then BJP-ruled Indian state of Gujarat, and participants of the Indian high officials in

the events especially be cited as instance.

In this connection, on March 29, 2015, a report under the caption, “Pakistani girl molested, Pune

cop held”, published in Indian newspaper, “The Hindu” said that a Pune policeman has been

booked for molesting a minor Pakistani national at her residence. Anand Gidde, attached to the

Pakistan desk of the Foreigners Registration Office, visited the 13-year-old’s house on March 24

ostensibly for verifying documents and molested her.

Similarly, in the recent years, assaults on Christians, their churches and property have been

executed by the Hindu mobs in various cities of India. In this respect, at least 100 Christians

have been assassinated by Hindu extremists, mostly in the state of Orissa. In the recent past,

frequent incidents of gang rape, specially the rape of elderly Nun shows the ugly face of India.

Hindu fanatics are tightening the noose around the minorities in India.

It is mentionable that apparently, India claims to be the largest democracy, acting upon the

principles of liberalism and secularism, but in practice, all political, economic and social fields of

the country are divided on the caste lines.

In this context, Tim Sullivan of the Associated Press wrote, “There’s a lot of lip service to saying

‘I’m an Indian first, and ‘I’ do not believe in caste,” said D’Souza, a prominent campaigner for

Dalits, as India’s “untouchables” at the very bottom of the caste system are now known.”

Sullivan elaborated, “When it comes to sharing power, to interaction and to sharing social status,

low-caste Indians are very much marginalized.”

Nevertheless, various facts verify the misdeeds of Hindu fundamentalist parties which have

missed no opportunity to radicalize the national politics of India.

It is noteworthy that on November 7, 2011, leader of the VHP, Pravin Togadia, in his furious

speech questioned the past of Muslims and Christians, and further gave a call to Hindus to

capture the Islamic holy places in Arab and Vatican of Europe.

It is worth-mentioning that forced conversions of other religious minorities, especially Muslims

and Christians by the Bajrang Dal, RSS etc. have also continued with the backing of the BJP-led

Particularly, a recent report of Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Testimony by Human

Rights Watch presented before US Senate Committee on atrocious attitude of Hindu majority has

highlighted the plight of minorities in India.

While, some of the extremist Hindu groups are not in favour of a separate and distinct culture for

minorities—a Hindu fundamentalist namely Prof Balraj Madhok suggested that the minorities

must adopt Indian (Hindu) names.

Now, Hindu fundamentalism is increasingly widening its influence everywhere including

bureaucracy, media and educational institutions. The hate campaign unleashed by the extremist

forces is keeping the minority wholly preoccupied with defending their basic human rights and

Hinduization of India is so intense that it has even affected the outlook of Indian Armed Forces

which were generally boasting of their secular posture. In this context, Rear Admiral Vijay

Shankar announced that henceforth new naval cadets would be supplied copies of Ramayana for

Hanuman (Hindu deity) temples are increasing in Cantonments. Hindu religious festivities are

celebrated whereas Muslim and Christian festivals are not celebrated.

State TV and Radio departments do not lag behind in Hinduization of the society as morning

sessions are usually started with “Vande Mataram.”

It is the right hour that the West and especially the US must abandon its double standard by

taking appropriate steps against maltreatment with the minorities in India. Otherwise, dangerous

radicalization of India by Hindu extremists may cause World War 111 or clash of civilizations in

wake of global war against terrorism.

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ADL hyping “right wing extremism” ahead of OKC bombing anniversary


Several fire-damaged cars located in front of a partially destroyed multi-story building.


The Anti-Defamation League, one of the most sinister and subversive anti-American organizations operating in the United States, is hyping the alleged threat of “right wing extremism” ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. According to a recent press release from the ADL:

Twenty years since the Oklahoma City bombing, anti-government extremists and white supremacists who share an ideology and worldview similar to that of Timothy McVeigh still pose a threat to society, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors the activities of extreme right-wing groups and movements in the United States.

“People don’t necessary realize that the growth of anti-government extremists was just as dramatic in 2009 and 2010 as it was in 1994 and 1995,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “The growth of the sovereign citizen movement alone was the highest extremist-related concern among law enforcement in 2014. White supremacists have also engaged in many shocking acts of violence.

“While after 9/11 America appropriately focused security and intelligence on the danger of Islamic extremism, which has largely protected us from that threat, it is important to recognize the continuing harm caused by right-wing extremists,” Mr. Foxman added. “There are still a disturbing number of violent acts and plots stemming from extreme right-wing movements that have targeted Jews and other minorities, government officials and buildings, and law enforcement officers.” […]

“In the year 2015, the U.S. is still in the midst of a right-wing extremist surge,” said Dr. Pitcavage. “The 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is an opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing threat of right-wing extremism, a singularly pernicious form of homegrown violent extremism that not only took so many lives in April 1995, but has taken hundreds of lives in the years since then.”

McVeigh, the primary perpetrator of the attack, who had both anti-government and white supremacist views, is not viewed as a “hero” among most right-wing extremists. In the immediate aftermath of the bombing, anti-government extremists rushed to disassociate themselves from McVeigh’s actions, and today most see him as a patsy of the government or as a “government plant.”

The most widely accepted conspiracy theory about the bombing among domestic far-right extremists is that the U.S. government itself was somehow responsible for the bombing.

“The Oklahoma City bombing still stands as a potent reminder that the U.S. faces threats both from abroad and from its own extremist fringes,” Mr. Foxman said. “We must have the wisdom to respond effectively to violence from all sources of extremism. That would be the most positive way to pay homage to those who so tragically lost their lives on April 19, 1995.” […]

There are a few points worth making about the latest efforts of the ADL to demonize and hype the threat allegedly posed by “right wing extremists,” and their continued promotion of the officially sanctioned narrative explaining the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City roughly 20 years ago.

First, as many readers are probably aware, the official narrative alleging that Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry Nichols were responsible for the bombing is entirely false. The documentary film A Noble Lie is an excellent source that critically examines the official narrative, debunking it in its entirety.

Secondthe ADL had foreknowledge of McVeigh’s activities, and was likely involved in the actual operation, which was then used to crack down on and demonize “the extreme right” (i.e., the militia movement, racialist and nationalist groups, etc.). Obviously, the ADL has a major interest in perpetuating and reinforcing the false official narrative of the OKC bombing.
Finally, the ADL and allied groups (the Southern Poverty Law Center, for example) are constantly hyping the alleged “threats” from various groups, including “right wing extremists,” anti-abortion activists, and “Muslim fanatics,” providing various organizations of the federal government, local and state law enforcement agencies, and federal and state legislative bodies with “intelligence,” “advice,” and “training” in order to “deal with” or “combat” these alleged threats.
In many cases, as with the Oklahoma City bombing, the ADL and criminal factions of various governmental agencies are actually involved with planning and setting up “terrorist attacks,” which are then used to further demonize and crack down on the various groups or entities the ADL does not like.
It is time Americans recognize how subversive anti-American groups like the ADL operate, and what their true agenda really is.

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العمليات الميدانية ليوم الأحد..لماذا تفقد رئيس هيئة الأركان وحدات الجيش بريف ادلب  IDLIB:  Lt. General ‘Ali Abdullah Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, and many high-ranking officers came together in the military base at Mastouma just south of Idlib City to share views on the strategy to annihilate the rodent Turk-filth now infesting this northern provincial capital.  The SAA is still controlling the southern entrances and neighborhoods of the city with the entire population having been already evacuated to government-controlled refuges in both Hama and Latakia provinces.  The presence of General Ayyoob is inevitably an harbinger of big things to come at Zero Hour.

The Syrian Army has begun massive reinforcement of the area not to mention taking up positions opposite terrorist fortifications recently built, but, still,  inadequate to block the advance of the SAA’s formidable phalanxes of newly refurbished T-72 front line battle tanks given cover by the Syrian Air Force.  Witnesses have seen areas being prepared for installation of fixed heavy artillery and berms for missile launchers.  With no civilian population to worry about, the terrorist rodents will die alone squealing into their cellphones for help which will not come.  In this battle, thousands of Ba’ath Party irregulars, PDC militiamen and Lebanese volunteers will take part in the extermination of the cockroaches.  Gosh, I wish I could be there to watch it and/or participate.

With no civilians to worry about, expect Soros propaganda/lie-machine Human Rights Watch to issue indictments over the use of “barrel bombs” which “indiscriminately” kill non-existent civilians.  If the truth be told, expect thermobaric bombs to suck out the innards of the crawling pigs now pillaging the homes of innocent Syrian civilians.  But, as the SAA begins to liberate whole areas of Idlib, the chorus of terrorist-supporting gargoyles will attain a high-pitched crescendo of boorish, ear-splitting codas filled with Sturm-und-Drang worthy of an Anton Bruckner symphony.  The U.S. will demand an investigation into “possible” war crimes by the “Assad regime” (tee hee hee) – after all, killing Obama’s favorite cannibals is now verboten!

Idlib City:  The Syrian Army clashed with scurrying rodents in the center of town and killed or wounded 41,  according to spotters.  The terrorist-supporting pigs confirmed the deaths of these porcine-like cockroaches on their websites:

Hassan Kurdi

Saleem Kurdi

Khaalid Haaj Lattoof

Bishr ‘Abbaadi

Our congratulation to the Kurdi family of oafs for the wonderful contribution to Satan’s Mausoleum for Misfits.

Kooreen:  The terrorist websites have confirmed the deaths of 20 rodents.

Qumaynaas:  I have been promised big numbers of dead cannibals here.  Idlib City is being surrounded.

Sirmeen:  7 kms to the NE of the city, 3 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed.  These belonged to Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya and Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya. 

Heavy fighting here:  Kafr Roomaa, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Jabal Al-Arba’een to the southeast, Kafr Laataa



مقتل عشرات الإرهابيين من داعش بعمليات للجيش في ريف حمص Action, big time, in the eastern area.  SAA, having made the natural gas fields “Menschenfresser-rein”, is now pursuing the hairy, disgusting fly-borne grubs into every part of the desert.

South Al-Shindaakhiyya:  The SAA swooped down on escaping larvae from the ISIS heresy and killed 11.  Their carcasses were searched, but, contained only fake documents – some stolen from Syrian refugees in Turk-Occupied Hatay Province.  No names

Umm Sahreej:  According to Monzer, our army is generally in much better shape physically than the rodent-recent-recruits thrust into battle willy-nilly by the subarachnoid slobs in Mosul.  He says infantry is now following fleeing filth with a two-step-for-one rhythm enabling our soldiers to properly pick off the scavenging zombie excrement at will.  Because this area is desert, their carcasses will preserve for a very long time barring the intervention of the opportunistic buzzard or vulture.  Bon appetit!

Mushayrifa:  This little village is under ISIS control.  Is that why nobody lives there?  Korrekt, Meiner Fleissiger Student!   Even a common fly would know better although, I have heard that the camembert-like body odor of Islamist savages is a magnet for vermin.  No accounting for taste.  A nest was invaded rudely by our soldiers yesterday and the entire pack was sent to Obama-Odorama in Hell.

East and West Al-Habra Villages:  SAA supported by Hind helicopters hounded hieing whore-mongering hedgehogs yesterday.  The fatalities were 7.  The carcasses were left to exsiccate in the wind like so many basturma rolls.

Al-Rastan:  The Nusra/Alqaeda group lost 4 rodents yesterday near the Vocational Academy.  No names.

Skirmishing reported here:  Dayr Fool, Rajm Al-‘Aali.





By: Radioyaran

Why is the Yarmouk camp suffering? The true reasons, not western propaganda

April 11, 2015 radioyaran Syria

Reading through western (and probably Gulf states) media these days one could think that Syrian President Assad and “his” army (otherwise known as the Syrian Arab Army) from one day to the next simply decided to destroy the Yarmouk refugee camp and kill its Palestinian inhabitants through a siege and bombardment.
The same sources go as far as claiming that the recent take over of the mostly abandoned camp through the IS militia even serves Assads interests.
The silly and easily refutable fairy tale of Assad secretly collaborating with IS is achieving sort of an “evergreen” status among many of the above mentioned media:

It´s time to shed some light on what has been going on in the Yarmouk camp since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.

Whenever western media reports of any places being shelled in Syria the impression is created that this can only have been the work of the Syrian Army. This is an early case of such shelling hitting the Yarmouk camp:
“Two mortar shells struck the camp in the early hours of Thursday from the nearby Tadamun distinct. The Syrian government said armed “terrorists” were behind the carnage…An alleged opposition battalion, Saif Al-Islam, reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the Palestinians in Yarmouk camp are in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.”

So, at first the rebels attacked the camp claiming that it´s Palestinians are “guilty” by being supporters of Assad. Then they infiltrated the camp and began “arming sympathetic Palestinians to fight a pro-Assad faction in a Palestinian enclave in Damascus“.

It is clear that the rebels, the so called “moderates” of the FSA brought trouble to the camp:
“Residents at Yarmouk…said gunmen had been seen in the streets and some people kidnapped in recent days, eight of whom had been killed. It was not clear who was responsible.

A bomb exploded on Wednesday under the car of a Syrian army colonel in Yarmouk, although he was not in the vehicle, the opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. A Syrian rebel commander claimed responsibility, calling it a “gift to Jibril’s people which will be followed by others”.”

Another resident confirms the assertion regarding the FSA being the harbinger of problems, devastation and suffering:
“Muhammad Tamim and Iptisam and their two adult children fled their home not far from the Palestinian Yarmouk camp in Damascus four months ago. Their parents and three elder children are still there.

“As soon as the FSA enters an area, the combat units follow and engage in action.  There’s no way we can live in the middle of a battlefield. Syria is headed towards a catastrophe,” said Muhammad”

As early as January 2013, foreign fighters were seen in the camp hiding among civilians in order to attack the Syrian forces:
“Foreign nationals are using the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus as a base to fight the Syrian government, a former adviser to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said Saturday.

“We’re calling committees in the camp and people there told us that foreigners are shooting at anyone that moves,” Bassam Abu Sharif told Palestine’s Ma’an news agency.

“They’re using the camp and the people of the camp as shields to attack government forces.””

Another report from the same time (and more than 2 years ago from now) mentions the presence of Al Qaedas Syrian affiliate, Jabhat al Nusra (Nusra Front):
“Some fleeing Palestinians refugees at the Maznaa crossing mention that they fear that al-Qeada affiliates are taking over Yarmouk camp and want to establish an Islamic emirate…But there are sections where the Al Nusra Front is very much in control and are actively setting up social service centers and training bases for arriving recruits from a number of countries as well as, regrettably, some Palestinians…”

A further confirmation from January 2013: “Nusra was at the forefront of fighting in that city’s Yarmouk district.”

Accusing the Syrian Army of systematically starving the Yarmouk camp people are misleading. Due to its vicinity to the center of Damascus and the heavy presence of Al Nusra and other radical groups the Syrian Army has cordoned off the northern entrance to the camp, while the rebels control the southern entrance and the adjacent districts such as Tadamon or Hajar al Aswad. Yarmouk is thus a huge risk factor for the government. Under such circumstances every army has to take strict measures to minimize the danger of attacks, infiltration and weapons smuggling into the capitals inner ring.

Nevertheless the Syrian Army has on several occasions evacuated people from Yarmouk to safe areas and attempted to bring in aid convois which was prevented and sabotaged by the REBELs:
“The convoy was cleared to proceed beyond the checkpoint and the Syrian authorities provided a bulldozer to go ahead to clear the road of debris, earth mounds and other obstructions.

The bulldozer was fired upon, hit by direct gunfire and forced to withdraw, though with no casualties. Thereafter, bursts of gunfire, including machine-gun fire, erupted close to the trucks and UNRWA vehicles, suggesting a firefight.

Also, one mortar exploded very close to the convoy. The convoy withdrew at this point following the advice of the security escort and returned safely to Damascus.”

The strategic geographic position of the camp is highlighted again here:
“The Islamist armed groups of the opposition saw the camp as the Syrian government’s Achilles’ heel and nothing else, a prize-catch in their desperate quest to “conquer” Damascus; the perfect springboard for their intended “jihad” against the regime’s main stronghold, practically putting a target on the camp’s back and turning its entire refugee population into a huge block of human shields held hostage to the flick of these groups’ military whims…

The armed opposition’s all-guns-blazing infiltration into, and subsequent control over Yarmouk in late 2012 has plunged its Palestinian refugees headfirst into the throes of the Syrian war; transforming the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria into a “hostile territory” for the Syrian Army…For the Al-Nusra front and other Islamist fighting militias; taking control over the camp was primarily a matter of scoring territorial advances against the “infidel” regime, it constituted the closest front they’ll ever manage to get to Damascus, only this “pyrrhic victory” has had the camp caught in a tight militaristic death-grip where foreign backed insurgents are wreaking doomed havoc inside the camp (including looting, arbitrary seizure of properties and taking on human shields), and the Syrian army is giving the area the full “military-zone” treatment; imposing a full-fledged siege on most parts of the camp, particularly its northern entrance which connects directly to Damascus. ”

The same article raises a valid question: Why are the militants inside the camp well-armed and well-fed and apparently not suffering from hunger and thirst while the civilians have been dying?
“the curious fact remains that while the civilian population is suffering the lashes of hunger, thirst and dwindling medical supplies, militants inside the camp appear to be largely unaffected by the siege. On the contrary these groups seem to be well-armed, fully weaponized (at least to the extent that

enables them to retain full military control over the majority of the camp despite the ongoing siege) and on multiple occasions have even instigated clashes and firefights with the Syrian army.

This begs the question: what prevents these militants from using their own supply routes and active ammunition channels to soften the impact of the regime-imposed siege on the civilian population inside the camp, keeping in mind that areas bordering Yarmouk from its southern entrance are controlled by the “rebels” themselves? “


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