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The presidential campaign: Democracy for whom?

By Kyle Joseph
The presidential campaign: Democracy for whom?

Ted Cruz raised $31 million when he announced his presidential bid.

When they first become radicalized, many progressives adopt a well-meaning, but fundamentally naive analysis of U.S. politics. Although they acknowledge the rampant conservatism, avarice, and imperialism guiding modern-day America, they often refer to our system as “broken,” as if these tendencies violate society’s intrinsic logic. In this view, our country has no structural bias towards any given class, and it would provide a democracy for everybody if it could only work “properly” again.

For example, when Ted Cruz raised $31 million right after launching his bid for the presidency, scores of progressives denounced this as a tremendous insult to fair elections. Yet only a few extended this to a broader critique. Most of them continued to treat the capitalist U.S. as an inherently good system gone bad.

Unfortunately, a cursory overview of U.S. governance, both historic and contemporary, paints a far more horrifying picture. The United States  never sought to give everybody an equal voice. Further, its socioeconomic makeup will prevent this from ever happening, unless we upend the present order to build a new one.

Make no mistake: the system works beautifully, for the capitalists who constructed it.

“But wait,” your inner history student might say. “Didn’t the founding fathers draft a constitution geared towards universal equality?”

First of all, we should put little stock into what the word “equality” must have meant to white, patriarchal slaveholders, who certainly didn’t view the people they shackled and slaughtered as human beings. Still, their anti-democratic inclinations ran even deeper, as exemplified by James Madison’sclaim that the U.S. senate should “be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.”

Statements of political intent rarely arrive with such clarity.

In addition, these words reflected more than the subjective wants of a few would-be oligarchs: they came to define this country’s central structures.

While the system has a democratic “shell,” and while this apparatus has become more inclusive over the past two centuries, it also features strongbonds between the capitalist system and state institutions.

These connections constantly secure and reproduce the dominance ofmoney in the political process, such as when one branch of government rebuffs growing progressive sentiments in another by delivering reactionary verdicts based on a constitution that enshrines private property. If this sounds absurd, one should remember the Citizens United verdict, or read last year’s Princeton study on the lack of statistical impact by the popular will on Congressional activities. The researchers found that “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”

As Lenin wrote, capitalist states boast an innate, class-based orientation, since they find themselves “bound by thousands of threads to the bourgeoisie, permeated through and through with routine and inertia.”

So when we see presidential candidates rapidly raising millions, or elected officials routinely betraying campaign promises for corporate interests, we should hold no illusions about the system’s ultimate function. The rich built it to keep the working class away from the seat of power, so our perpetual oppression represents a feature, not a defect.

Capitalism is compatible with one form of democracy, and one form only: the democracy of the bourgeoisie, which necessarily implies their dictatorship over the toiling masses.

Where, then, do we go from here? Although reforms can be beneficial in the short term, only revolution can build a new structure, a structure that will allow and depend upon the mass participation of workers in politics.

The system ain’t broken, but it sure as hell needs to be smashed.

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Police murder of Freddie Gray sparks outrage

By Baltimore Liberation
Police murder of Freddie Gray sparks outrage

A huge community outpouring on Baltimore’s streets

Hundreds of angry protesters gathered in front of Baltimore City’s Western District Precinct on Wednesday night to demand justice for the murder of Freddie Gray by Baltimore police.

Freddie Gray, a 25 year old Black man, was arrested on April 12 in front of the Gilmor Homes and was beaten by police officers while in custody. At some point during his arrest, Gray sustained fatal traumatic injuriesincluding a severed spinal cord in his cervical (neck) region, and was taken to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center after long delay by the police. Gray died in the hospital on Sunday after multiple surgical attempts to stabilize his critically ill condition.

The rally drew many youth, who demanded answers about why Gray had been arrested and brutalized, why medical treatment had been delayed, and that the killer cops who inflicted Gray’s injuries be arrested and tried for murder. Protesters made it clear that they were sick and tired of police aggression on the local Black community. 26 year old Shaun Young told Liberation News he grew up near the site of Gray’s arrest and felt he could relate to the incident. “I grew up approximately two blocks away from where he was killed. I’m a year older than the young brother, he’s basically me in my eyes…we need to do something.”

Several speakers addressed their outrage towards the Baltimore City police department and local politicians. Robert Dunn, a 10 year old student, silenced the crowd with a fiery talk. “We’ve been dealing with this for too long and we want justice!”, Dunn yelled from the top of his lungs.

Despite a militarized and heavily-armed police presence at the rally in front of the precinct and around the periphery of the neighborhood, protesters showed absolutely no fear and were determined to fight back.  At one moment, tension rose and, in the midst of shouting “Who’s streets? Our streets!” a struggle with the line of cops along the barricades began with more people rushing to join. Two people made it over the line and were arrested immediately. People continued chanting, “All night, all day, we gonna fight for Freddie Gray!”

The rally was emceed by Atty. Malik Z. Shabazz from Black Lawyers for Justice, who called for thousands to join for a major protest and march from Gilmore Homes (1640 Balmor Court) to City Hall on Saturday April 25 at 3pm. The action will be sponsored by groups such as Black Lawyers for Justice, Nation of Islam, Black Lives Matter (Baltimore), Ministers of Defence (Baltimore), Baltimore Citizens for Justice, Pastor Ted Sutton, Lions Out The Cage, and National Black Men’s Movement.


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Free Purvi Patel — Sentenced to 41 years for a miscarriage!

Free Purvi Patel — Sentenced to 41 years for a miscarriage!

Purvi Patel

Originally posted by WORD on April 23.

WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) joins the call to demand freedom for Purvi Patel, a 33-year-old Indian-American woman in Indiana who was outrageously sentenced to 41 years for miscarrying a pregnancy. This is the first conviction under a state’s feticide law against the pregnant woman herself, rather than a third party, for which the laws were originally intended. Using inconclusive evidence, Purvi was convicted on two contradictory charges: “feticide” and “neglect of a dependent.” “Feticide” requires that the fetus was still in the womb, unborn, while “neglect” requires that the child was born before it was neglected. It is outrageous that a prosecutor not only brought these charges in the first place, but that a jury found her guilty, and a judge moved forward with sentencing.

Most of the feticide laws that have been enacted now in 38 states were designed to protect pregnant women from crimes of violence, like domestic violence or car accidents, not to protect fetuses from pregnant women. The interpretation of the feticide statute in Indiana is setting a dangerous precedent. The door is now open for other state fetal homicide laws to be used to prosecute the very women that the laws were supposedly designed to protect.

In 2004 a federal law was passed, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, inspired by the California murder of Laci Peterson, who was killed by her husband when she was seven months pregnant. The federal feticide law and most state fetal homicide laws have specific exemptions clarifying that these statutes do not apply to pregnant women with respect to their own fetuses. But Indiana’s feticide law from 1979 does not have such an exemption for pregnant women making it legally possible for a woman to be jailed in Indiana for having an abortion or a miscarriage.

Although Patel is the first woman to be convicted for feticide of her own fetus, many more women have been charged and prosecuted with feticide in the past. Lynn M. Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, and Jeanne Flavin, a sociology professor at Fordham University, chronicled similar cases from 1973 to 2005, and found hundreds of arrests and charges against pregnant women for harming their fetuses. Paltrow and Flavin show how the feticide laws that were used against women who engaged in self-destructive acts, like suicide or drug use, are racist in nature and disproportionately target African-American women, poor women and women in the South. (“Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Pregnant Women in the United States, 1973-2005: Implications for Women’s Legal Status and Public Health,” published by the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, January 15, 2013)

Another Indiana case that invoked the feticide statute recently involved a woman named Bei Bei Shuai, who attempted to commit suicide in 2010, and was eventually charged with the murder and attempted feticide of her then-unborn fetus. The charges were eventually dropped, but only after she had spent over a year in jail.

The fact that the only two women in Indiana prosecuted for committing feticide against their own fetus are Asian American is part of an overall targeting of Asian and Asian-American women by right-wing opponents of reproductive rights. There are now eight U.S. states with laws prohibiting “sex-selective abortion.” Laws against sex-selective abortion have been considered by 21 additional states and by the federal government. Sex-selective abortion bans are an increasingly common form of abortion ban; they were the second-most proposed abortion ban in the United States in 2014. This is part of a racist campaign that wrongfully accuses Asian American women of engaging in this practice.

A resolution passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors prohibiting such legislation in the city explains: “Lawmakers across the country have successfully advocated for sex-selective abortion bans by perpetuating false and harmful racial stereotypes that such laws are necessary to stop an influx of Asian immigrants from spreading this practice and that Asian American communities do not value the lives of women … Sex-selective abortion bans encourage racial profiling of women by some medical providers, can lead to the denial of reproductive health care services to women by some medical providers, and lead to further stigmatization of women, particularly Asian American women …”

The implications of the conviction of Purvi Patel are disturbing.

Fetal homicide statutes that do not exempt pregnant women have been shown to increase infant mortality rates, according to Andrew S. Murphy, a law professor from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Murphy’s research and public health and medical experts agree that women whose actions endanger their own fetus need treatment, not incarceration. (“A Survey of State Fetal Homicide Laws and Their Potential Applicability to Pregnant Women Who Harm Their Own Fetuses,” published by the Indiana Law Journal, April 15, 2015)

A clear link has been found between high rates of maternal deaths and highly restrictive anti-abortion policies. (“Evaluating Priorities: Measuring Women’s and Children’s Health and Well-being against Abortion Restrictions in the State,” conducted by Ibis Reproductive Health and Center for Reproductive Rights in 2014) Because it is now legally possible for a woman to be jailed in Indiana for having either an abortion or a miscarriage, how much more will the death rate of women increase?

Also, the use of feticide laws to prosecute pregnant women supports the right-wing, anti-women campaign taking place to undo the gains of Roe v Wade and totally deny women in the United States the right to an abortion.

What a woman does with her own body is not a moral or ethical question, rather, it is a question of women’s health. A woman who experiences a miscarriage needs medical care, not incarceration. A woman who commits self-destructive acts while pregnant needs medical treatment, not prosecution. All women should have access to effective birth control and the right to an abortion.

WORD stands with Purvi Patel and all pregnant women who have the right to choose, the right to miscarry, the right to free healthcare on demand, and the right to protection, not prosecution.

Free Purvi Patel Now!

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Students confront AIPAC after New College bans Palestine series

By Bryan Ellis
Students confront AIPAC after New College bans Palestine series

New College of Florida

On April 23, 20 students gathered outside the Sudakoff Center at New College of Florida after receiving an email invitation to an AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) recruiting session, featuring AIPAC’s Leadership Development Director Jonathan Kessler.

“Are you pro-Israel and unsure about how to make a stand for Israel on your college campus? Are you lacking confidence in how to be openly pro-Israel amongst your far-left colleagues? Are you yourself beginning to QUESTION Israel BECAUSE of the propaganda you see and hear around your college campus? Come and discuss this STRUGGLE TO SECURE ISRAEL ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES,” said the email. “For respect of our speaker, this event is forserious students only,” it added.

AIPAC is the most influential foreign policy lobby in the United States, raising millions each year to keep lawmakers committed to supporting Israel’s human rights atrocities and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

AIPAC promotes a hardline Zionist agenda. This agenda includes attempting to sabotage nuclear talks with Iran, promoting Israeli settlements in direct violation of international law and supporting horrific Israeli invasions and the siege of Gaza.

Invited to speak by a small group of Zionist students, Kessler at first attempted to portray his purpose on campus as being “dialogue” between people of different opinions. This is an outrageous lie considering that Kessler, speaking at University of California-Berkeley in 2010, explained on video, “We’re going to make sure that pro-Israel students take over the student government and reverse the vote [for divestment]…This is how AIPAC operates in our nation’s capital. This is how AIPAC must operate on our nation’s campuses.”

For an hour, courageous students called out Kessler for his lies, dissembling and polemics. Finally, AIPAC was forced to move its meeting to the parking lot. For an hour thereafter, the students who stood up to Kessler used the room to discuss how to create a system and environment on campus that could sustain an actual dialogue about Palestine and Israel. They also discussed President O’Shea’s recent cancellation of the “Path to Peace” educational series on Israel/Palestine on New College campus.

Path to Peace series canceled

In January, 2014, Sarasota’s Peace Education and Action Center, Center for Religious Tolerance, Women’s Interfaith Network, and ANSWER Suncoast organized an educational series called “Finding a Path to Peace.” Three of the events were scheduled to be at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center and two of them at New College of Florida. However, when the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee found out the series would feature Palestinian voices and films depicting the devastation of Palestine, they sent out an “Israel Advocacy Alert.”

“After reviewing the full program to be presented, we object to it in its entirety,” said the Jewish Federation. “It is blatantly anti-Israel. It is not a dialogue for peace, but an attack on the State of Israel and the Jewish people who support it. [bold in original]  …Through the Heller Israel Advocacy arm of The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, an interfaith alliance of pro-Israel advocates, we will be reaching out to the New College Administration.

After the president of New College received a barrage of threats from local Zionists with financial and political leverage over a sensitive scholarship program, New College pulled out of the “Path to Peace” series in January. Four months later, AIPAC came to New College.

Students know what’s happening. They refuse to remain silent.


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Protest and rebellion alive in the streets of Baltimore


Demand justice for Freddie Gray

By PSL Baltimore
Protest and rebellion alive in the streets of Baltimore, demand justice for Freddie Gray

Photo: PSL Baltimore

April 25 marked a day of mass protest and rebellion against the Baltimore Police Department and the killer cops responsible for the unjust murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray.

Thousands poured into the streets for heroic and militant action against police brutalityand city corruption, and to demand justice for Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured by Baltimore police while taken into custody on April 12. The crowd was remarkably diverse, and people from all walks of life came together to march with the Gray family through Baltimore’s West Side, downtown and Inner Harbor. With consciousness at such a high level, even rival gang members from the Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples, Folk Nation, Pirus, and Black Guerrilla Family set aside their differences as they marched together in solidarity with fists in the air for Freddie Gray.

Demonstrators gathered at 1 p.m. for a rally at the intersection of N. Mount and Pressbury Streets in the heart of Gilmor Homes public housing where Gray was arrested. Chanting “All night, all day, we will fight for Freddie Gray!” and “No justice, no peace! No racist police!” the people’s voices resonated throughout the entire Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood as police helicopters and a drone surveilled the gathering. Full of anger and rage, protesters marched around the neighborhood attracting many more local residents to fill the crowd until 3 p.m., when another group of demonstrators joined in.

From there, the march made its way to North Avenue and headed south on Pennsylvania Avenue, shutting down traffic on these major streets. Energy remained high throughout until the march stopped for a moment of silence in front of Shock Trauma, the hospital where Freddie Gray died. After paying respect to the late Freddie Gray at his site of death, marchers continued through downtown Baltimore down Pratt Street past the Inner Harbor, shutting down the city’s largest commercial area, to the plaza in front of City Hall.

Protest turns into rebellion

Knowing the current political establishment would be unresponsive to the people’s demands, tension rose between demonstrators and the police as protest turned into rebellion and anger into rage. Standoffs between the people and the cops began on Pratt Street near Camden Yards, where thousands of others showed up for the Orioles baseball game and were placed on lockdown because of the demonstration, with broad rebellion spreading to multiple fronts between the Inner Harbor and the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood.

Militant protesters, mostly comprised of residents from the city’s West Side, began smashing in police car windows until cops in riot gear and on horses arrived to confront them. Protesters stood strong in numbers while facing off with the cops, who were decked out in shields, armor, helmets, batons, pepper spray, tasers and sidearms. The crowd shamed the police and highlighted their racist nature by comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan. Amidst hours of confrontation, peaceful protesters were tear gassed and eventually chased in an attempt by the police to intimidate and disperse the crowd.

After sundown, men, women and children from the local Sandtown-Winchester community reconvened in front of the Western District Precinct, where more lines of cops stood in riot gear behind a fortified barrier, outnumbered and in fear. The chant “Who’s streets? Our streets!” echoed throughout the night as protesters courageously faced off with the cops. Around 8:30 p.m., the people stepped up the confrontation and began throwing eggs, glass bottles, trash cans, and other heavy objects at the armed cops. Over a dozen riot police with shields stepped out from the barrier to push the people back, with little success due to overwhelming resistance by the people of Sandtown-Winchester. During the offensive, one protester began vomiting uncontrollably and gasping for air as he stood with broken ribs after a forceful blow to the abdomen by police batons. More blunt projectiles rained down on the riot cops as they retreated behind their barricade.

While Liberation News remained at this struggle, several other conflicts of similar character occurred late into the night in other parts of Sandtown-Winchester. Contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative of “outside agitators” and “rioters” causing the escalated events, the rebellion against the Baltimore Police Department and struggle against police brutality was led mostly by Baltimore’s West Side residents, those most affected by the murder of Freddie Gray by the police.

Revolutionaries, progressives and all people who stand against police brutality must recognize this fact and support the Black community of Sandtown-Windchester as it fights for self-determination in their struggle against decades of racist police terror, no matter what tactics they choose.Liberation News and the Party for Socialism and Liberation give a revolutionary salute to the family of Freddie Gray and all the heroic women and men who stood up to the racist police forces in Baltimore!

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sana-idleb-3Al-Qirmeed Military Base and Al-Qirmeed Factory:  We are at war with Turkey, the Zionist Khazar State and Jordan; and General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, Syria’s Defense Minister,  is in Teheran today and tomorrow to discuss that issue with his counterpart, Maj. Gen. Hussayn Dehqaan.  This meeting comes on the heels of another important one that joined the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian Foreign MInisters, also, in Teheran a few days ago to discuss ways of coordinating the war on terror.  These meetings take place at the direction of the president, Dr. Bashshaar Al-Assad, who has now decided to confront the architects of terrorism in Ankara, Tel Aviv and Amman.  The attacks on both Idlib City and Jisr Al-Shughoor have made it clear that Turkey is now a combatant against the Syrian Army and Syrian people.  The Jordanian government’s abandonment of the Naseeb Crossing, an act of pure economic suicide, is also proof that the dwarf monarch of Jordan is taking his cues from Saudi apes and cockroaches.  The ability of Alqaeda to operate in the Qunaytra zone is also proof that the Zionist Entity is hell-bent on bathing in a shower of missiles.  What we did not tell you is that Hizbollah is very much a part of these discussions and is briefed on every point.

The Turk rats are determined to extend their reach to Syrian Army-controlled Areeha, a city of thousands who have now advanced their best young men and women as volunteers to fight with the Syrian Army. Areehaa is the Aramaic/Arabic form of the word Jericho (which is mispronounced shamefully by the European counterfeit Jews of Europe and Khazaria.)  As I write, the Syrian Army high command is organizing a massive new force made up of troops which left Idlib, troops which left Jisr Al-Shughoor and those from the Al-Qirmeed Base.  All these locations are close to the Turk border.  The rats could not mount any such attack were it not for the Turk pimps and vermin who provide them with haven and logistical assistance.  In the case of the Kasab Crossing, Turk military personnel participated openly in helping the rats to lose the battle for control of that Armenian town.

Everybody knows that Aleppo has fallen to the Syrian Army.  This singularly valuable prize city would have been a perfect bargaining chip to effectuate the “transition” to Sunni Muslim Brotherhood rule as envisaged by the malodorous Erdoghani Turks.  But, things didn’t turn out right for them.  So, they opted for another assault on Idlib which is even more advantageous for the plague-carrying rats.  The terrain favors small groups of terrorists and gives them greater invisibility.  There are areas of Idlib which are notorious for bigotry and make ideal breeding grounds for pre-Cambrian grubs and other forms of infectious flies.

After the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor, the Alqaeda rats sent around 800 behind a convoy of suicide trucks all driven by nihilist perverts from the Saudi Arabian kingdom of heresy.  At Jisr Al-Shughoor, the SAA maintains a well-equipped force at the southern entrance near the National Hospital which was a scene of incredible delight yesterday when the SAA killed over 200 Chechens trying to oust them from their positions in order to murder the patients and staff at the hospital – a staff apparently made up of mostly Christians and Alawi professionals.  Big flop.

Yesterday, that is Sunday at night until Monday at dawn, the noisome rodents launched 3 bomb-laden trucks driven by Saudis into the area of the hatcheries where an SAA outpost was located.  Some of our soldiers were killed in the first explosion although they had been told to abandon the site.  In any case, within minutes, another truck was detonated by remote control near the entrance to the military base.  And then, in an unprecedented wave of kamikazi-style attacks, a third truck was detonated beyond the first 2 allowing a regiment-sized group of rats to enter, all wearing suicide belts.  Ten of the rodents blew themselves up inside the base, but for naught.  The commander of the base had already given the order to withdraw in 3 organized phases.  The withdrawals were to Mastoomaa and surrounding hills where the SAA maintains a large base, the second at Areehaa and the third at Museebeen.

Simultaneously, Syrian Army regulars struck a severe blow to the efforts of the Turk and British-aided rodents by wresting control of Al-Ziyaara from a group of bearded vermin establishing artillery control over the area all the way to Al-Mastoomaa.

As of this writing, the SAA maintains complete control over the strategically important towns of Kafr Najd, Al-Muqbila, Nahlayyaa, Areehaa (where the Latakia-Areehaa Highway remains open) and Al-Ziyaaraa.

There is also a reported movement of troops northward to the southern entrance to Jisr Al-Shughoor to relieve defending forces.  The SAAF is bombing heavily in this area to prevent rats from impeding the smooth flow of troops to the National Hospital.


الجيش يقضي على إرهابيين ويصادر أسلحتهم في كمين بمنطقة اللجاةFighting and aerial bombardment reported in these areas: Ma’arbaleet, Al-Ziyaadiyya, Bizaaboor, Majdalyaa, Qumaynaas, Kafr Laataa.




وفد عسكري سوري برئاسة وزير الدفاع في طهران لمواجهة الإرهاب

Lt. General Al-Furayj meets with his Iranian counterpart to discuss implementation of the Syrian-Iranian Mutual Defense Pact in Teheran. Watch for new developments on the Golan and Turk fronts.  All of us have had enough of diplomacy. 



UK’s complicity in Yemen conflict



Britain claims that the Zio-Wahhabi regime’s aggression against Yemeni people is legitimate, referring to Zio-Wahhabi rulers’ legal arguments.

They invoke Article 51 of the UN charter. Article 51 asserts that sovereign nations have the right to engage in self-defense, including collective self-defense when under attack.

Technically speaking, Article 51 governs international conflicts and not domestic disputes and is not applicable to Yemen’s case.

London also supports CIA agent Abd Rabbuh Hadi Mansour. The man has overstayed his term in office, resigned once and even fled his country, putting his legitimacy under serious question.

Meanwhile, London Portobello’s antique dealers are rubbing hand as the Yemeni conflict may provide them a new business opportunity.

According to reports, the war on Syria prospered British underground antiquities

A short walk in London Portobello with a keen eye can quickly expose how London has now turned to a fanfare for smuggled Syrian and Iraqi pillaged artifacts.

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Zionist Bitch Angelina Jolie Calls for War with Syria


Image result for Angelina Jolie PHOTO

This Zionist Bitch should not be an Ambassador to the UN and should shut her ugly vulgar Hollywood mouth. Jolie is a blood line affiliate to this Jewish/Zionist/NWO Elite. Why doesn’t she go back to doing what she is best at- breaking up married couples!

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I$raHell criticized for touting Nepal rescue while Gaza is still in ruins

Submitted by Ali Abunimah

Carrying the flag: A photo published by the Israeli army shows its personnel preparing to deploy to Nepal (via Twitter).

The director of Human Rights Watch has criticized Israel for touting its emergency aid efforts for earthquake-devastated Nepal while it continues to block reconstruction in Gaza.

“Easier to address a far away humanitarian disaster than the nearby one of Israel’s making in Gaza,” Kenneth Roth tweeted in reference to Israel’s announcement that it was flying 260 Israeli army medical and military personnel to Kathmandu.

“End the blockade!” Roth demanded. Earlier this month, 46 international aid agenciesurged sanctions on Israel if it did not end the tight siege on Gaza that has prevented the rebuilding of a single home in the eight months since Israel’s devastating assault last summer.

“The blockade constitutes collective punishment; it is imposed in violation of [international humanitarian law] and, according to the UN, may entail the commission of war crimes,” the report, signed by Oxfam and Save the Children, among others, states.


Israel’s ongoing blockade of devastated Gaza amounts to “war crimes,” aid agencies say .

Despite the fact that more than 100,000 people whose homes Israel destroyed remain without permanent shelter, “no permanent housing has been rebuilt,” it adds.

More than 2,200 Palestinians were killed as a result of the Israeli assault, including 547 children. At least 11,000 Palestinians were injured.

Despite the urgency of the aid agencies’ pleas for Gaza, the report was virtually ignored by world media.

US ambassador joins in

The latest reports put the death toll from Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal and dozens of aftershocks at more than 3,000 people, with much of the devastation concentrated in the capital Kathmandu.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro was also quick to exploit the tragedy, tweeting that the US and Israel “have [the] same response: announce immediate rescue & relief assistance.”

Shapiro has been utterly silent about Israel’s tight blockade on Gaza that continues to prevent relief and assistance.

Disaster propaganda

Israel’s use of international disaster aid to burnish its blood-soaked image is a well-worn routine and amounts to official policy.

“You are being sent to an important mission,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the army personnel bound for Nepal. “This is the real face of Israel – a country which does all in its power in such moments.”

In 2013, Israel deployed assistance teams to the Philippines after thousands were killed by Typhoon Haiyan.

It mounted a sophisticated multimedia propaganda effort, including a dedicated Twitter account and YouTube videos, to boast about its efforts.

The Electronic Intifada blogger Benjamin Doherty termed this kind of propaganda bluewashing.”

Doherty, writing before Israel’s latest devastating attack on Gaza, noted that Israel’s much-touted aid efforts were far from exceptional, and in the context of events in its own region, minuscule:

A humanitarian catastrophe in Syria has pushed millions of refugees into neighboring countries, while Israel has made small efforts to provide health careto a few Syrians. The Israeli army’s minuscule efforts to provide relief for a handful of Syrians are over-exposed in the world media, while refugee camps and cities in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon are overcrowded with Syrians escaping violence. There is no other country that does so little and makes so much noise about it.

Israeli effort unexceptional

Indeed, dozens of countries and aid agencies are rushing assistance to Nepal. Given the relatively large size of its military budget, Israel’s contribution to the relief effort is not out of line with what other countries are offering.

In addition to supplies, the UK has sent seven search and rescue crews, four search and rescue dogs and a team of trauma doctors.

Qatar announced it had set up an “air bridge” with several aircraft flying large amounts of relief materials and a field hospital. Turkey has also offered to send a fifty-bed field hospital.

Iran said it was already working with its neighbors to send urgently needed supplies and rescue teams.

Pakistan has dispatched four C-130 military transport aircraft carrying relief supplies and a 30-bed hospital.

Despite the outsize publicity for its aid missions, Israel actually ranks near the bottom among leading free-market economies in providing foreign aid to developing nations,” according to a Hebrew University study.

Official policy

Aid missions to countries including Rwanda, Armenia, Turkey, Haiti, the Philippines and Macedonia in recent decades have helped “bring respect to Israel,” Reserve General Shuki Shemer, the Israeli army’s former chief medical officer, observed in 2013. “Missions overseas contribute to Israeli hasbara.”

Hasbara – the Hebrew word for “explanation” – has come to mean state propaganda in the context of government efforts to improve the country’s image.

Indeed, this was a specific recommendation of the Reut Institute, the Israeli think tank which created the roadmap Israel and its allied organizations have used to sabotage and attack the Palestine solidarity movement and fight so-called “delegitimization.”

“In relation to the struggle against delegitimization and re-branding Israel, Tikkun Olam has great significance because it creates a dissonance with the demonized image of Israel that is advanced by the delegitimizers,” Reut said in its influential 2010 report on how to fight Israel’s critics.

Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase meaning “repairing the world” that forms an ethical value in many modern interpretations of Judaism.

It is also the banner under which Israel, the self-described “Jewish state,” carries out its aid missions and thus becomes a convenient tool of hasbara.

Israel may seek to demonstrate it believes in repairing the world, but it definitely does not believe in repairing Gaza.

“Human trafficking”

The earthquake in Nepal has thrown light on an international practice that some say amounts to human trafficking.

As part of its “rescue,” Israel is evacuating 25 babies born to Nepalese surrogate mothers, nine of them prematurely.

“Many Israeli male couples have fathered children with the help of surrogate mothers in Nepal because surrogacy is illegal in Israel for same-sex couples,” The Guardianreports.

Israeli government officials said they would be fast-tracking the interior ministry paper work to allow the babies, who are Nepalese citizens and would not be considered Jewish under Israeli law, to enter the country.

The usual procedures require DNA tests to prove that a baby’s father is Israeli.

There has been a push to legalize surrogacy for gay couples in Israel in order to get around this problem and to recruit them into Israel’s war against the so-called “demographic threat” from Palestinians.

“Legalizing surrogacy for gays in Israel would allow ‘Jewish eggs in Jewish mothers,’ Fred Hertz has argued.

Jewish gay activists see surrogacy for same-sex couples as important for “maintaining the demographic advantage over non-Jews,” Hertz, a lawyer and pro-Israel LGBT advocate, has explained.

While the babies are being airlifted out of the country, there is no word on the fate of their mothers.

Commercial surrogacy, where people from rich countries pay for women in desperately poor countries to carry a baby for them, is a rapidly growing industry in places including India, Thailand and Nepal, which has a per capita GDP of just $730.

The practice of commercial surrogacy is illegal in many European countries. Non-commercial surrogacy is allowed in some European countries. Some US states allow commercial transactions, but the attraction of countries like India and Nepal is that they are far cheaper.

2010 article in Mother Jones on India’s “rent-a-womb” businesses described “gestational dormitories” in what amount to “baby factories,” and allegations that women face procedures that may endanger their health.

India has recently enforced new restrictions on its $1.5 billion dollar a year commercial surrogacy industry.

Last summer, Thailand launched a probe after nine surrogate babies were found in circumstances that suggested they were being trafficked to, among other places, Australia.

The poorly regulated global industry gained notoriety last year after an Australian couplewas accused of abandoning a baby whose gestation they had contracted with a woman in Thailand, after learning that the boy, named Gammy, had Down Syndrome.

Thailand is considering outlawing the practice.


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Israeli Organ Stealing – Harvesting Haitian Body Parts?

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Baltimore Police Caught On Video Beating And Arresting Reporters During Protests


“They just swarmed over me. I got hit. My head hit the ground. They were hitting me, then someone pulled me out. I kept shooting it. As soon as I got up I started taking pictures.”
By Reagan Ali and

The mainstream media wasn’t particularly interested in covering the massive protests in Baltimore last Saturday. But once they heard about isolated incidences of violence at the rallies demanding “Justice for Freddie Gray” the began scrambling to hone in, while ignoring the rampant police brutality at the same marches.

Outside of the local area, the media has been silent on the police on the scene beating and arresting journalists, after first attempting to stop them from recording.

The lack of coverage is both striking and surprising, in that this was the media being attacked by violent riot cops, and yet the media is by-and-large ignoring these attacks on the First Amendment.

Last Saturday night, thousands flooded the streets of Baltimore to protest police murder of Freddie Gray. Gray died a just over a week ago after having his spinal cord severed by police who took him into custody after being filmed harassing him on the street.

Just outside of the Western District headquarters in Baltimore, reporters filming the protests that raged all of Saturday found themselves targeted by police violence. Police swarmed a small cluster of reporters withcameras, taking a few of them down and beating them.

photo editor for City Paper, J.M. Giordano was tackled to the ground, with nearly half a dozen officers beating him, even though he had done nothing but filmed the police.

The crowd yelled “He’s a photographer! He’s press!”

Giordano explains “They just swarmed over me. I got hit. My head hit the ground. They were hitting me, then someone pulled me out. I kept shooting it. As soon as I got up I started taking pictures.”

The City Paper added that “He says the guy who was next to him (who did not throw anything, he is sure) got arrested and was loaded into a van. Joe was not. He thinks it is because police recognized him as a local reporter and figured arresting him would cause a backlash.”

“The[ police] tried to block me from shooting,” Giordano said.

The police also attacked City Paper Managing Editor, Baynard Woods, who filmed the incident. Reuters photographer, Sait Serkan Gurbuz, was attacked and arrested. Police charged Gurbuz with disorderly conduct.

Check out the video below. Do you see any “disorderly conduct” from anyone but the police?

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