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Say it ain’t so…


A few days ago I posted Jews: The why and the how, about the remarkable correspondence between psychopathy and aspects of Jewish identity

Then today I saw this on the same topic. It’s called Israel the psychopathic nation and is from Veterans Today. It was sent to me by Ron Johnson of Rochester, New York who introduced the piece thus:

We are all aware that we inherit certain personality traits from our parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents. I can identify certain of my traits that are clearly like one parent. In Judaism there is a long history of marrying within the limited community. That is how races came to be defined by geographic isolation – actually, using the canine analogy, artificially inbred for traits, these so-called ‘races” in people are more appropriately identified as breeds.

The trait of tribal, or breed, ethnocentric chauvinism, is reinforced by the systematic exclusion of non-conforming individuals with unusual traits from the breeding pool. Baruch Spinoza is a famous example. At age 22 he was declared herem, excommunicated by the Amsterdam Sanhedrin because he proclaimed that the Gentiles were the equal of Jews. If he later married, it would likely have been with a Gentile and lost to the Jewish progeny, along with his rebellious attitude. Later, after Spinoza became famous, the Jews embraced him as “one of us”, long after his death, when he could not resist.

The mixed marriage rate among US Jews is something like 50%. A softening of tribal chauvinism is foreseen; not good for Israel.

Well, this has all got me thinking but for now, I’d just like to make two points:

First, like pretty much everything else in this world, psychopathy seems to be on some kind of spectrum and also, since nothing is too awful if taken in moderation, could it be that, just as a psychopath, with his lack of emotion and total will to succeed, might make an excellent brain surgeon, so if managed properly, might there be a place in this world for Jewish psychopathy?

And second, could it be that after a lifetime of self-obsessed navel-gazing, years and years of driving myself and everyone else mad, my oh-so-special Jewishness comes, not from history or destiny (and certainly not from God) but is no more than a collection of symptoms?Say it ain’t so.

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