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There are the Takfiri Satan-worshiping liars and the Salafist hypocrites who constantly point to the “Alawi” or “Nusayri” character of the Syrian government.  And there are some confused academics who have made a life theme, or even a cottage industry, out of what they erroneously believe to be the core issue in Syrian society: sectarianism.  But, let us now uncover all their lies.  Let us make their lying fester like an open wound unwilling to close so its fetid odor lingers in the walls of the sinuses like the smell of rotting sardines.

Let’s start out with facts so that people like Pat Buchanan never make the same mistake again; so that they will know the truth.  Here is the Syrian government:

Dr. Bashar Al-Assad – of Alawi descent and is known to be secular

Asmaa` Al-Akras-Al-Assad,   First Lady – SUNNI

Dr. Najaah Al-‘Attaar – Vice President – SUNNI

Waleed Al-Mu’allim – Foreign Minister – SUNNI

Dr. Faysal Miqdaad – Deputy Foreign Minister – SUNNI

Maj. Gen. Muhammad Ibraaheem Al-Sha’aar – Interior Minister and heads 3 security services –  SUNNI 

Lt. General Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj – Defense Minister – SUNNI

Lt. General Talaal Tlaas – Deputy Defense Minister – SUNNI

Dr. Waa’il Naadir Al-Halaqi – Prime Minister – SUNNI

‘Abdullah Al-Ahmar – Deputy Secretary of the Ba’ath Party Pan Arab Command – SUNNI

Lt. General ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob – Chief of the Syrian General Staff – ALAWI

Dr. Bashshaar Al-Ja’afari – Syrian Permanent Delegate to the U.N. – SUNNI

Muhammad Jihaad Al-Lahhaam – Speak of the Parliament – SUNNI

Maj. General Muhammad Mahalla – Director of Military Intelligence  – SUNNI

Maj. General Nazeeh Hassoon – Director of Political Security – SUNNI

Lt. Gen. Ali Mamlook – Special National Security Adviser to the President – SUNNI

Dr. Buthayna  Sha’baan – Special Advisor to the President on Foreign Affairs and the Palace spokeswoman – ALAWI


Dr. Najaah Al-‘Attaar is only one heart-beat away from the presidency. She is a woman and a SUNNI Muslim.

Well, folks: how do you like the lies?  And what, by the way, does it mean when an Alawi is called a Nusayri?

Alawis are sensitive to the word “Nusayri” for no good reason.  Historically, it’s a reference to Muhammad Ibn Nusayr Al-Nameeri who is believed to be the founder of the denomination we call today ‘Alawi.   When the wretched Satanist liar Ibn Taymiyya was pronouncing his idiotic fatwas and condemning minorities to extermination, it was the Nusayris who got most of his venom.  All this hatred is based on a complete misunderstanding of the tenets and doctrines of Alawitism.  I will be writing an essay on the Alawis of Syria soon, so, this is not the best forum to present the paper to my readers.  Let’s cover, however, some of the salient points which differentiate Alawis from the fake Sunni Salafists and Takfiris.

Alawis, like the Muwahiddeen (Druze) believe in reincarnation.  They don’t deny it.  They differ from the Druze is some ways as to how the soul transmigrates.  Alawis have a belief not dissimilar to old Canaanite mythology and teleology: the soul can return as anything.  Contrast the Druze males who believe a Druze only returns as a Druze male.

Alawis have an in-built liberalism and tolerance. They just don’t care about your religion unless you’re going to use it to hurt them.  Other than that, Alawis intermarry (contrast the Druze) regularly. Note Dr. Assad’s wife, Asmaa`, is a Sunni originally from Homs.  Dr. Assad’s brother, Maj. Gen. Maaher Al-Assad, is married also to a SUNNI.

Alawis have adopted the Shi’i belief in twelve imams.  They do not believe ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taalib is God!  This accusation originally leveled against the founder, Muhammad Ibn Nusayr Al-Nameeri, was the reason he and his followers escaped from Mesopotamia under threat and accusation of blasphemy and settled in the mountain fastness of the coast of Syria where people didn’t bother him.  What happened after that is a miracle of fusion.

Alawis never eat pork.  But, like many Syrians, they do enjoy an occasional bat-ha of ‘Araq (Ouzo) or a liter bottle of their national beer: Al-Sharq.  Contrast that to the Saudis, whose Wahhabist heresy bars the consumption of alcohol, but, who shame themselves everywhere with behavior so slovenly and shabby the only reason they’re not 86’ed in every restaurant is the dissolute manner in which they squander their nation’s wealth.

Of course, Alawis are known not to have this insatiable appetite to waste their money on mosques.  Unlike the Saudis, who are constantly building these mosques to some Wahhabist Satan in order to propitiate him, the Alawis prefer to pray at home or anywhere on this earth where prayer is valid.  Their religion is natural – not forced or insistent on conformism.   This does not mean they don’t have mosques.  It’s just that they have another agenda with God that doesn’t involve hypocrisy or the meaningless display of wealth.

I will have more to say on this subject in a forthcoming essay.  I just hope my readers will respond to the lies about the Alawi character of the Syrian government with more knowledge and confidence now.

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