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armyALEPPO:  This is one city where our Intel is magnificent.  My wife’s nephews and their wives give us constant updates about the situation.   Yesterday, the SAA struck hard at Nusra/Alqaeda positions all around the western side of the city supported by militias and local citizens committed to killing all the British-supported rodents infesting this country.  Lt. Yusuf Dhaaher, another nephew who was one of the heroes at the Central Prison constantly gives us information about events in the city.  He sounds extremely upbeat as he recounts stories of rats defecting, killing one another and blowing themselves up with their own contraptions.

Salaahuddeen Quarter:   The rats thought they were going to give everybody a big show by performing live at the Hamdaaniyya arena.  The proposed program included rats walking a tightrope, rats running in a wheel and rats firing firecrackers in celebration of the American Independence Day.  Unfortunately, the rats did not take out a permit from the city licensing bureau and ran afoul of the army.  In an incredibly stealthy move by the SAA, the 35+ rodents found their extravaganza under fire as SAA marksmen took positions high up in the stadium and began to pick off the rats like bobbing apples in a barrel.  So sad.  These were the only Syrians out of a group described as mostly from the Caucasus:

Wadee’ Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Khaaliq

Durayd Muhammad Minkaara

Mufeed Ahmad Al-Jaamoos

‘Abdul-Hameed Karaawiyaa

Sulaymaan Idrees

Baab Al-Nayrab:  10 rats killed or wounded with one pickup with 23mm cannon disabled and confiscated for use in killing British contractors in Turkey.

Saahat Al-Na’naa’iy:  In this square, the Syrian Army backed elements of the Internal Security Directorate and killed 4 rodents belonging to Nusra.  Their names have not been revealed for reasons having to do with the documents they were carrying most of which were stolen from Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Heavy fighting reported in these areas: Al-Sukkari Quarter Baab Al-Hadeed, Al-Ma’aadi Quarter.

Al-Layramoon:  Wael reports 21 rodents have surrendered to the Syrian Army asking for Amnesty.  The ranks of the rats are collapsing leaving only foreigners to do the fighting and dying.

Al-Jabbool Village:  A van with rodents and ammunition was set ablaze by SAAF bombers.  Estimated number killed over 5.

Jubb Ghibsha:  This village is abandoned and is home to a bunch of malodorous filth supported by the illegitimate regime of David Cameron.  It is Nusra occupied and it is Nusra-dead.  The SAAF dropped a thermobaric bomb on the rats killing a slew while they were snoozing.  I have no other details.

Jibreen Village:  Details emerging vaguely at this time. Heavy fighting.

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