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Pentagon Wants To Place A Power Radar System In Ukraine


US Government Is Getting Ready To Make Its Move In Syria, Turkey Is Now Allowing The Us To Use Its Airbase To Carry Out Strikes In Syria

Greek parliament approves more austerity for the people. Greek adds 10% tax to everyday supplies. Greek stores close down. UK retail sales decline. Fannie and Freddie are in the same spot as they were back in 2008.Caterpillar just reported one of the worst quarters for sales. The economy is in the worst shape, even worse than in 2008.

Obama creating more executive orders to allow illegals stay in this country. US Government introduces a bill to hide those foods that are GMO created. Pentagon wants to place a power radar system in Ukraine. US Government is getting ready to make its move in Syria, Turkey is now allowing the US to use its airbase to carry out strikes in Syria.FBI is pushing the agenda that the IS is worst terrorist organization they have ever seen.

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