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1438866278_content_thumbLATAKIA:  Let there be no doubt that the Russians are in Syria as soldiers, pilots, advisers and trainers.  The evidence at hand is overwhelming.  The issue of Chinese involvement remains murky at the present time.   Yesterday and today, the SAA and PDC under the umbrella of the SAAF, savaged the Saudi-financed and British-controlled terrorist Alqaeda in the following areas:

Al-Rawdha Village:   The SAAF pounded this area in order to soften up the ranks of the Alqaeda vermin positioned around it.  Once the bombardment was complete, ground commanders ordered mechanized infantry to assault the rat positions.  The victory was so complete there was time to undertake a field assessment.   17 rodents were counted.  All were Chechens.  They have not been positively identified yet.

Al-Murayj Village:  Another assault linked to the one at Al-Rawdha saw newly refurbished Sukhoi bombers strafe rodent positions near the Turk border as infantry prepared to assault the area.  All rodents were killed here with few exceptions.  A total of 21 vermin were counted most of whom were Chechens:

Khattaar Muhammad Ghaanim

Idrees Hassan Qaraqisli

Bilaal Tabanja (Leader of Kateebat Al-Saadiq Al-Ameen, a/k/a “Abu ‘Umar”)

Fawwaaz Tabanja

Abu Reesha Village:  SAAF blew up 2 pickups with 23mm cannons and a truck laden with ammunition provided by the Erdoghani Turk monkeys.  Aerial assessment put the death toll at 10+.

Sankoofa Village:  SAAF very active over this abandoned village.  No details available.

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