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Who is Endangering the Global Security?


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By Sajjad Shaukat

Russia’s Defense Ministry hosted the fifth Moscow Conference on International Security, held in Moscow on April 27-28, 2016 with the participation of high military officials and experts from around the world to discuss the fight against terrorism and other pressing security challenges.

Besides, security problems of Asian-Pacific region, war and peace problems in Europe as well as global security and military interaction were discussed at the forum.

The special attention was paid to the Middle East region—traditional and new challenges as threats to the international security and role of the armed forces in countering them. Fighting terrorism and security cooperation remained as top priority on the agenda.

In this context, Russia’s analyst Martin McCauley said on April 27, this year, “Only Russia and the US, the two major global powers can bring a solution to the many problems threatening peace…unless they make concessions to each other and share information, the progress is unlikely to be achieved.”

He elaborated, “Russia invites NATO members to the conference every year. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don’t. But there is not many to be seen at today are meeting, why so?…the head of America’s National Intelligence Agency, James Clapper stated…there are Islamic State [ISIS] cells already in England, Germany and Italy. Therefore, the Americans are saying things which perhaps they should have been saying in Moscow.

But they have been saying these things and they are warning Europe that there is a formidable threat from Syria, from jihadists returning from Syria, North Africa, Iraq…the Americans say that more and more closer cooperation between states is necessary. They are…saying that it’s very, very important to collaborate. But of course, their top people should be in Moscow saying that.”

In this regard, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, “Security cooperation with Russia was one of the projects frozen by NATO. Why are they unwilling to work together in this sphere? is very unfortunate. There is this so-called Cold War between America and Russia at present. At a time when information sharing, working together against terrorism, working together to solve more problems are not really on the table…and if they are willing to do that and make concessions to the other side…then progress can be made in Syria. But if they continue to argue we are supporting [Bashar al-] Assad, from the Russian point of view; the Americans they say, Assad has to go before we can really get down to business…that approach is blocking progress. Compromise has to be made.

It is very important for Russia and America…Moscow underlines that in a world where security is becoming more important and a threat from jihad and Although in their speeches at the Moscow International Security Conference, the representatives of the USA and other Western countries emphasized on the joint cooperation among the major countries including Russia to fight terrorism and other related-challenges to the global security, yet in practical terms, these Western states prefer American shrewd diplomacy against Moscow.

Notably, in their speeches, Russia’s Defence Minister, Sergey Shoygu, the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, including top military experts, while indicating that terrorism is the fault of the West pointed out, “The US and Nato…causing global insecurity and waging an information war against Moscow…the rise of terrorism was partly the result of attempts to transfer the values of Western democracy to countries with their own mentality, spiritual values and traditions…this had exploded North Africa and the Middle East…the biggest threat is the adventurous military and political policy of some countries like the US and its close allies in the Middle East.”

However, as regards the question of security, renowned power-theorists, Morgenthau, Waltz and Kissinger see international relations as constituting a search for security in the world where there is no super agency to impose law, and where maximization of power is the only route to state security. This is because of this reason that America and its allies of war on terror have, so far, wanted security only for themselves, including Israel, and seek to guarantee it through lethal force.

In the past few years, heavy aerial bombardment and ground shelling by the US-led forces-and-supported terrorist outfits like the Afghan-based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Al-Qaeda, Al-Nustra Front and ISIS killed millions of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq (During the Anglo-Saxon occupation) Syria, Libya and Pakistan. A similar pattern of the US-backed state terrorism could be noted in case of Palestine, Kashmir, Somalia, Yemen and In order to ensure the security of Israel, America jeopardized the safety of the Middle East, then of Asia and Europe, including the US and the entire world by playing double game in relation to Al-Qaeda, ISIS and their affiliated militant groups.

Besides the past terror attacks, the recent ones by these outfits, especially ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, America, France and Belgium, and in some African countries might be cited as instance.

Particularly, due to their failed adventure in coping with the Afghan Taliban and Syrian forces-backed by Russia, America and its Western allies have already made themselves insecure as ambush assaults and suicide attacks continue on the coalition forces in Afghanistan, while in case of Syria, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front) are still fighting to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad whose army has liberated several towns and cities from the control of the CIA-assisted these terrorists, and the rebels.

In the recent months, Russian President Vladimir has displayed as to how fight the ISIS and Al-Qaeda, as Russian military compelled these terrorist groups to vacate most of the regions of Iraq and Syria. Now, under the cover of countering Russia and by following paradoxical policy openly, American President Barack Obama has announced to send additional troops in Syria, and its Western partners (NATO) are also supporting the US in this respect.

Various other drastic developments such as American support to Kurds, Turkey’s continued crackdown on Kurds, exaggeration of the threat of the so-called threat of Islamophobia in the West-especially Europe, persecution of the Muslims, implications of the migrant-crisis, controversial Turkish-EU refugee deal, forced returns of refugees by the Turkish authorities to war-ravaged Syria, protests and violence at the Greek border in connection with more than 50,000 refugees etc. are likely to produce more terrorism by threatening the international By blindly following their anti-Russia rhetoric, now, the US and its Western friends have totally ignored the dangers of their flawed strategy.

Even, they do not bother for violation of the sovereignty of an independent state. In this connection, on April 13, 2016, the UN-brokered, Libyan unity government rejected the US-led British plan of deploying troops for anti-ISIS mission, because the head of the North African state’s new government turned down the offer of Western soldiers’ deployment. Similarly, violations of the sovereignty and extrajudicial killings have continued for a long time by the CIA-operated drone attacks on Pakistan and some African On the other side, by utilizing the vicious circle of terrorism and the dual policy of America, some Western countries, Israel and India, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and TTP also employ double game.

Besides working for CIA, Mossad and RAW, these militant outfits have, also, been motivating the common Muslims for suicide attacks and terror-related activities as part of Jihad. Otherwise, Jihad does not permit suicide attacks and prohibits any sort of terrorism.

It is owing to the double game of the US-led Western World that ISIS which is most dangerous terrorist group than Al-Qaeda is rapidly spreading its tentacles to all over the world by giving a greater setback to the global security through suicide attacks and bomb-blasts. However, both the terrorist outfits have massacred several innocent Muslims and Christians, and are further making the safety of the human beings insecure.

It is also due to the irresponsible approach of the US-led West that the Muslim militants who have been fighting against the Israeli-led imperialist powers through ambush rocket attacks and suicide bombers have broken the myth of old model of power-based security which only safeguards the interest of the major countries at the cost of the small states.

Nevertheless, war-mongering hidden strategy of the Western powers against Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Yemen will further expedite extremism among the young men, turning them into suicide bombers, radicalizing a vast region from Pakistan to Syria, ultimately making America, Europe and Israel insecure—besides endangering the world peace. Such a covert policy will result into recruitment of more terrorists, and consequently massive hostility and resistance against American-led Israeli dominance of the world’s status quo.

In the present era of globalization, there is a direct relationship between internal and external security. If America and its allies intend to convert Syria, Pakistan and other Muslim countries into “failed states” by causing instability, they, are, in fact, creating external insecurity which is likely to further harm their larger geo-political and economic interests on regional and global It is mentionable that in the aftermath of 9/11, even some Western think-tanks have recognized inter-relationship between economics, politics and terrorism. They agree in light of the US fake global war on terror, failed strategy, prolonged war against terrorism and defeatism in Afghanistan that religious fanaticism and stiff resistance of the Islamic militants are linked to political and economic injustices.

Taking cognizance of these facts, the US and its major allies must abandon their anti-Russia strategy and should not create obstacles in the Geneva peace talks on Syria, which would, now, resume on May 10, 2016, while the US Secretary of State John Kerry had agreed to keep the Syrian president in power and for a unified state of Syria. They should also note that division of Syria, as envisaged in the “CIA Plan B” will likely to culminate into uncontrolled terrorism which will jeopardize the security of every nation.

In wake of the social media and modern international trends like renunciation of war, peaceful settlement of disputes and economic development, these so-called arbiters of the world politics must not depend upon old power factor for obtaining security in sense of Henry Kissinger (As already mentioned), which has failed. Otherwise, more collapsed states will cause more poverty, more lawlessness and more terrorism. Instead, America and its allies should give economic and security aid to the less developed states—for the development of infrastructure, particularly to those countries which have deliberately been made by these big powers unsafe.

They must also agree with Moscow to resolve the Syrian question through political process. And they must also pressurise India to settle the Kashmir issue with Pakistan, as its solution is essential for the Asia-These multicultural Western powers should ensure the national interests of their own nations and those of the other nations or small countries in accordance with international law and on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit—the aspects which are necessary for global.

In the present world of rapid interaction among the countries and international integration, Washington and its partners like Europe and Israel must know that security is a two-way traffic.

If they need security, states like Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Libya Pakistan etc. also need the same. Security cannot be obtained by endangering the security of these and other weak states, especially the vulnerable Muslim countries.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations.
Courtesy Veterans Today

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ICC Puts Savers at Risk to the Dollar / Debt Bubble


The negative earnings on millions of Americans’ life savings may be the pin that punctures the international Currency Clique bubble.


The US Central Bank (FED) is part of an International Currency Clique (ICC) that has created tens of trillions of new dollars. The US dollar market has been prevented from collapsing only because the Euro, the Pound and the Japanese Yen are even more inflated than the dollar. We are dubbing these four the ICC. Each central bank electronically prints its own currency to prop up its respective economy through the sale of “bond” (“bunds” in Europe) and other debt instruments. Each also prop up the other’s currencies, as if all are controlled by a giant hand. This is our strange money world, where central banks scheme together to control all major currencies. The International Currency Clique has driven interest rates down, in several countries to literally negative rates, where investors must pay the banks and treasury to hold their money. The clearly robs savers by destroying the real value of saved money, as indicated by the nominal interest banks pay the public in the USA.  Yes, the big issuers have concocted a scheme to keep each other’s currency stable within certain ranges, no matter how much money each one must print to keep it respective economy afloat.  The Achilles heel of the system is the saver. When we begin to pull our deposits out of non productive bank accounts and low paying government debt, the ICC will collapse. Where will this money go?  Probably much of it into gold and silver.

On might ask, how does the ICC overcome competition from developing, resource rich countries?  It ever so simple, The ICC threatens, or make war on financial competitors, which is why the Middle East oil producers have remained under the Dollar orbit.  We have discussed these killing wars in many papers, beginning in 1991.

But no money printing program, no contrivance of IMF, BIS and other supra-banks can rescue the overpriced government bond markets from collapse. The US Treasury debt, elevated by wars and domestic scams, has finally crossed the breaking point where even the most optimistic and gluttonous bond traders at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan doubt if the can  keep the Treasury bond market afloat longer. This market is the Achilles heel of the dollar. Holders of self-managed IRAs, pensions and investment plans need to get free of long-term Treasury Bonds because these can lose 1/3 to 1/2 of their value in a major downturn.

A caveat about your author:  neither I nor anyone else I know is fully qualified to predict the timing of the crash of US Debt bubble (which means the dollar).  It appears nothing this large has ever happened before.  Your author did spend a prior life, before there was a We Hold These Truths, in the investment business.  I “experienced” Wall Street training, with dozens of lectures about the effectiveness of the FED in controlling our financial destiny.  I did not begin to comprehend the meaning then, but I did many years later.  Fortunately I am not the only one talking about the risk to savers of US Debt collapsing. Bill Gross seems to be one of these.

An advertising sign for a real estate company reading "Keep Calm There's no Bubble" is seen on a building in the Marina district of Dubai November 19, 2013. REUTERS/Caren Firouz (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Tags: BUSINESS CITYSCAPE REAL ESTATE) - RTX15JNW

Optimistic advertising in the Marina district of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 19, 2013. REUTERS/Caren Firouz

Gross is without much doubt, the most famous bond investment manager and promoter of our day.  He is responsible for building a half trillion dollar management company called PIMCO, although he no longer works there.  Unlike me, he is a self-made billionaire.  David Floyd, writing for Investopedia on April 11, 2016, in a story entitled Surviving Negative Interest Rates quoting Gross:  “Other things to avoid include high yield debt and ‘the seemingly momentum driven higher prices of Bunds and Treasuries that negative yields have produced, since a 30 year Treasury at 2.5% (yield or return on capital)can wipe out your annual income in one day with a 10 basis point increase.’”  Here Gross is referring to an increase in yield or total return on investment, which is the same as a drop in market value.  Please think of price and return on bonds as a seesaw in which ends always move in opposite directions.

The story continues:  “He (Gross) begins his letter with a solar metaphor: the sun, which sustains and nourishes life, will one day devour the earth. The sun, in this image, is the ‘global, credit based economic system’ which, according to Gross, ‘appears to be in the process of devolving from a production oriented model to one which recycles finance for the benefit of financiers.’  He cites astounding growth in credit, from $1 trillion in the U.S. in 1970 to $58 trillion today.  To Gross’ thinking, negative interest rates in Japan and Europe are what happens when this debt star enters its death throes.  Investors are left with almost nowhere to turn, as bank deposits, equities, Treasuries and Bunds have returns that are ‘inadequate relative to historical as well as mathematically defined durational risk.’” (my emphasis)

Bond language can be confusing.  But is there anyone over 15 who does not know our national debt is approaching $19 trillion?  And that number does not include all the unfunded liabilities, including the deficit in the Social Security Fund and the Veterans’ Pension Fund.   Few are alarmed, because the dollar continue to seem strong in international markets.  After all, it is still the reserve currency for the world.  If the dollar is somewhat on a par with other major currencies, few worry that the return on their own bank deposits is near zero.  Nominal return on money that is being diluted by inflation is confiscation.

We will look at Treasury debt, the instruments through which every boated dollar is issued.  Unfortunately enormous amounts of savers’ dollars have been converted into these debt instruments and are in harm’s way.  Central banks absorb the surplus of bonds (debt) issued to keep the price moving up, but they cannot buy all the debt!  The bulk of Treasury debt is owned by individuals and developing countries’ governments who cannot afford to hold bonds unless they are convinced the price will not go down.  After three decades of rising bond prices and declining interest rates (remember the seesaw) reality is setting in; very slowly at first, but like all markets this one will accelerate.  Treasury bonds may, in a very few years be worth as little as half what they sell for today!  How would you like to have your entire retirement in these–Social Security does!

What are the inevitable consequences of near zero interest rates which deny most Americans earnings on our bank deposits?  A lady recently showed me her savings account at Wells Fargo that earned only $68.00 per year on her $68,000 life savings, only 1/10 of one percent per year!  Her year’s earnings will buy only one nice, but modest lunch out for her and her family!

Imagine yourself and millions like you sitting on top of a giant inflated balloon that is in turn riding on a bed of nails.  The question is not, will the balloon pop, but when–and what will happen to those on it when it does?  ZIRP (zero interest rates) and NIRP (negative interest rates) are the new schemes from the world central banker monopoly.  How can the dollar be “strong” when we know so many trillions are being printed every year that the banks cannot pay a reasonable return for your savings account?

The answer is ominously simple.  The “Central Banks” of all the superpower industrialized nations have an unspoken agreement among themselves to hold up each other’s currency.  Thus the Bank of England, the EU Central Bank under figurehead president Mario Draghi, the Bank of Japan,  and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY figure-headed by Janet Yellen, to name the biggest, can all print virtually unlimited amounts of their respective currencies to buy and sell each other’s currencies in the world market.  And they do.  They balance out a parity of sorts, where each currency floats in a limited range, but no big currency ever collapses from overweight.  Each central bank is privately controlled and funded, probably by an international elite, and each one has an exclusive contract within its own jurisdiction to do this. For instance, the FED has the money franchise on America. 

A friend asks me with convincing logic, “Yes, I agree it is a bubble, but why can’t they  kick the can down the road for 5 or even 20 more years?”  The answer is simple, though it took me years to see it. The thin spot in the balloon is not the dollar itself, which the central bankers seem to be able to support, but the US government debt market, which they can not!  Each central bank supports its own currency through the purchase of its own government issued debt. The  FED has accumulated about $2.4 trillion dollars, about 13% of total bonded debts of our treasury, according to its own public statements.  These purchases cost the real owners of the FED almost nothing since laws allow it to print the dollars to pay for US Debt. And in the process of propping up the debt market the FED has conned investors and foreign governments into buying many time their phony purchases, upward to half of the near $19 trillion owed by the USA.  And Social Security and the Veterans’ Pension funds own most of the rest. The FED also acts as a stooge, the first one to jump in the line.

Printed dollars are used day in and day out to make the dollar seem to be stable in the world market of failing currencies.  Thus the FED has caused a 35 year inflation in the value of Government bonds.  The bubble is revealed in the dollar quotes for bonds.  The price of this government debt in the open market is the bubble–so stratospheric we can barely imagine it, and it is breaking as we watch. 

The piercing of the dollar balloon is unstoppable because private holders of the debt, including newer industrialized counties, China, Russia, India, and a very dubious friends Saudi Arabia, each own a huge chunk of US Debt.  More ominous yet for holder of US debt, mutual fund and institutional investors, who manage America’s ARA and pensions, which control the critical mass of outstanding US debt.  These private investors, with plus the not-so-friendly developing governments, own an uncontrollable mass of US Debt. When, not if, these holders are forced by the public to start selling, the balloon pops!  

Are the investors catching on, or will they always trust those who control the central banks?  We have quoted Bill Gross.  Now hear the words of a few institutional money managers from the April 25, 2016, Yahoo news story, “Most Dangerous Bond Market in History”‘:  

Bond investors are taking bigger risks than ever before. Yields on $7.8 trillion of government bonds have been driven below zero by worries over global growth, meaning money managers looking for income are pouring into debt with majorities of as long as 100 years. Central banks’ policy is exacerbating matters, as the unprecedented debt purchases.”

Also quoted was, “Fabrizio Fiorini, chief investment officer at Aletti Gestielle SGR SpA, which oversees more than $17 billion, said from Milan. ‘Time is against the long end of the bond market. Even if an increase in bond yields may not be so strong, the positions are so huge that the damage can be massive.’”

Another recent story tells of an international bond issuer who faced reality and paid up to get money.  The story might have pointed out that Argentina’s bonds pay investors up to 8% per year, over 80 times what Wells Fargo pays a saver.  No wonder they were able to sell their debt.  Bravo Argentina, you paid the honest price to sell your bonds.  May you never default again!

The ultimate bond insanity seems to come from Ireland and France who sold bonds that will not mature for 100 and 50 years respectively,” Bloomberg News reported last week…Ireland’s 100 million euros ($112 million) of bonds due in 2116 were issued to yield 2.35 percent … The story goes on: “The yield on German 10-year bunds has now slipped to about 0.23 percent, dragged lower by the ECB’s program of bond-buying, which was expanded to 80 billion euros a month in March. Meanwhile, in Japan, all of the nation’s sovereign bonds yielded less than 0.4 percent last week, a result of the surge in the securities since the BOJ introduced a negative interest rate earlier this year.”

An Independent financial writer Robert Mish, had this to say, and I agree:  ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) has been replaced by the new central bank rage, NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy). The only tangible result of these central bank actions has been asset bubbles that are guaranteed to pop…Today, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), finally issued a warning to the central banks of unknown and unwelcome consequences of NIRP….Negative interest rates risk backfiring the longer and more deeply central banks in Europe and Japan venture into this unconventional monetary policy, economists from the Bank for International Settlements have warned.”  Mish cites astounding growth in credit, from $1 trillion in the U.S. in 1970 to $58 trillion today.

To summarize the problem, the dollar is made to look strong because other major currencies are as bad or worse. This can be orchestrated only because the “developed” countries’ central bankers are, we conclude,  in league together.  In fact it has been impossible to learn which individuals actually own the FED and all the other central banks.

So why is We Hold These Truths passing out what seems to be investment advise?  Because we want our readers to survive for a while so they can continue to help us with our mission.  I suggest a very simple path that I would follow if I had an IRA or managed pension plan.  Even if I had left investing to the “experts” for all my life I would tell them to get out of every investment with significant exposure to long-term US Treasury debt, directly or indirectly.  That means any US debt longer than two years until maturity.  I would tell my account manager (if I had one) to get those dollars out into  gold or silver, or something linked to the metals, such as high quality mining companies’ stocks.

In the future we will post a very few, exceptional stories from others in  OUR MONEY  that make sense to us in this time of pending dollar/debt crisis.  We will post them in a Category by that name…no charge, no liability!

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“. . . that little red circle.”

A slighted edited version of the pic.

A slighted edited version of the pic.

1. As part of the deal, the State Department will have to produce 40 new reports a year on issues as diverse as Hong Kong autonomy, religious freedom and anti-Semitism. Government officials in Venezuela will face three more years of sanctions.

Doesn’t take a genius to see what’s wrong here.

2. Jonathan Cook is always worth reading.  This one quote says an awful lot. Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today’s guest editor, Haifa Wehbe. (Thank goodness she’s back.)

In the current climate, Mr Herzog and his opposition party Zionist Union have found themselves highly uncomfortable at having in their midst a single non-Jewish legislator.

Cook also correctly notes the following:

It is no longer just the state’s Jewishness that is sacrosanct. The occupation is too.

3. And the above being the case, it is only natural to see the exact same sentiment in the race to become the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA).  We here at Mantiq al-Tayr knew we could count on Ted Cruz and as usual he came through with lying colors.

The government of Israel reiterated the reality that the Golan Heights are part of Israel’s sovereign territory,” Cruz said in a statement, adding, “Given the presence of hostile terrorist organizations ranging from ISIS to Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border, it is foolhardy and dangerous for elements in the international community to try to pressure Israel to abandon the Golan to the chaos engulfing Syria.

You have got to love the logic.  The US and it’s allies sponsor international terrorism against the government of Syria leading to the destruction of much of the country and so therefore the US must support Israel’s occupation of a real nice piece of real estate in Syria because of the “threat” these US-supported terrorists pose to a racist state which also supports the terrorists. Americans have exactly the kind of government they deserve.

4. Did I mention Israeli support of terrorists?

The vehicle was carrying Israeli-made mines with Hebrew writing on them, as well as mortars, RPG rockets and hand grenades. It was not immediately clear how the Israeli weapons got into the hands of those arming ISIS.

5. Apparently absolutely anyone can work for the Washington Post (a subset of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post which is based in the former capital of the United States) it seems.  How is this for a headline?

“If Abadi fails to survive chaos, U.S. must decide what’s next.”

The entire premise of that headline is the real problem  (the article itself sucks, but is at the same time quite revealing).  The U.S. has destroyed Iraq as a country, it may well never recover.  This has been the goal since day one.  The “chaos” – and there seems to be a hell of a lot of it – is the end game. If you understand that, then it is pretty easy to understand what’s been going on and to see who the real culprits are.

6. And you can meet a bunch of them here on May 22nd.

A slighted edited version of the pic.

A slighted edited version of the pic.

There ought to be a huge protest at this event which will feature a host of the usual suspects.  Among these suspects are Dennis Ross and Rep. Ed Royce (Yisrael Beiteinu, CA).  The conference has quite a lovely program too.  One great item is at 1o:20.  It is a panel discussion lead by Caroline Glick entitled “The future of the Jewish people and the war against BDS.”

That panel discussion comes right on the heels of an untitled address by Dennis Ross, who is now back at JPPI. Nice work if you can get it.  We featured Ross and JPPI a long time ago.

And then you can get “Comic Relief” from Dr. Ruth.  How cool is that?

Later in the day you can attend a panel discussion entitled “Does the world have an answer to Jewish Islamic terror?” (Could l you imagine if CAIR did something like this?)

Rep. Royce speaks at 4:40 and for just 20 minutes.  Maybe  you folks in California might want to ask him what he is going to say and why?

7. Okay it is video time. Boy, did the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr find some goodies for you, but I digress.

First off, here is former Hagannah member Dr. Ruth talking about Israel. She even shows a picture of  herself from those days with a bunch of guns behind her and she says in the video “Whoever is not going to give us support, watch out for me. I can still put five bullets into that little red circle.” Imagine if a Muslim did this today.  Imagine.

In case you can’t make it to the conference, you can just watch this. It’s good old Ed in love with Israel. He is actually more disgusting than Ruth.  Keep your barf bag handy.

You’re welcome.

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Nakba – The Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine


Mention the word “Nakba” to most Americans and you will get a blank stare. “Nakba” is a the Arabic word for “catastrophe” and refers to the forced expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians in 1948 from their homes, and the destruction of over 400 of their villages by the Zionists while establishing the modern state of Israel. We Hold These Truths was a co-sponsor of the North America Nakba Tour stop in Phoenix. In this 19 minute program, we lift the curtain that hides the truth about Nakba. Also, we also discuss a dubious “shared value” between the US and Israel.

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Labour MP Naz Shah, Who Backed Relocating I$raHell To US, Resigns As Shadow Chancellor’s Aide


A British Labour MP who backed the idea of relocating Israel to the US on Facebook, has resigned as an aide to the Shadow Chancellor.

Naz Shah originally shared the controversial post called the“Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States,”and posted her own comment, “Problem solved and save u bank charges for £3 BILLION you transfer yearly,”.  That was in 2014, nine months before she became an MP.

The post, which suggested the US has “plenty of land” to accommodate Israel’s Jewish population, was taken down by the politician who has now been accused of anti-Semitism.

Shah released a statement where she apologized for the post and said it does not reflect any of her views.

“This post from two years ago was made before I was an MP, does not reflect my views and I apologize for any offence it has caused,”she said.

In a second statement, the MP said, “I made these posts at the height of the Gaza conflict in 2014, when emotions were running high around the Middle East conflict, but that is no excuse for the offence I have given.”

The Bradford MP, also posted a separate link in July 2014, referring to “The Jews” in a poll about an article by fellow Labour politician John Prescott on Israeli war crimes.

Shah is currently a member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, which is presently looking into the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said the MP’s comments were“appalling” and called for “clarification” of Shah’s views towards the Jewish community and Israel.

READ MORE: Is there an anti-Semitism problem in Britain’s Labour Party? Prejudiced members to be suspended

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Documentary Film Exposes “Anti-Semitism” Trick


Prisoners of Zion

After giving the filmmaker considerable access, ADL Director Abe Foxman suppressed this film because it revealed there is precious little anti Semitism, certainly not enough to justify the ADL’s 29 US offices, annual $70,000,000 fund raising, and  Foxman’s $527,000 salary.

I would tell young Jews that Israel was the cause of the holocaust, not the other way round.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

( Revised from Sept 1, 2011) 

Yo’av Shamir’s 2009 documentary  on anti Semitism, “Defamation,” demonstrates that Jews are prisoners of Zionism as much as Palestinians and the rest of the world.

I found it painful to watch young Israelis being put in mental cages. They steel themselves in fury against the world as they watch Holocaust atrocities and are taught that Jews are universally hated for no reason. On a trip to Poland, they actually play-act being hunted by the Nazis.

As a Jew, I love my fellow Jews who have been duped and betrayed. I too was brainwashed, taught that Israel is an “insurance policy” in case of “irrational hatred” from our Gentile neighbors. Amazing how few Jews question this ruse.

I would tell these kids that Israel was the cause of the holocaust, not the other way round. In the 1930’s, only one percent of German Jews were Zionists.  Half of all German Jews intermarried. The Rothschilds financed Hitler in order to transfer these Jews to Israel, the linchpin of their New World Order. The Zionists worked hand-in-hand with the Nazis.

Jews are “hated” because many are being used to inaugurate Rothschild’s satanic plan for world tyranny.
If Jews want to understand their true position, they must realize that organized Jewry is not on the side of the angels and probably never was. It serves the pernicious agenda of the cabalist bankers. Thanks to Freemasonry, almost all non-Jewish organizations in the West — political, economic and cultural — have also been subverted.



After giving the filmmaker considerable access, ADL Director Abe Foxman, left, suppressed this movie because it revealed there is precious little anti-Semitism, certainly not enough to justify the ADL’s 29 US offices, annual $70,000,000 annual fund raising, and  Foxman’s $527,000 salary.

Most non-Jews can distinguish between organized Jewry and the Jewish dupe on the street. Thus, in the film, the ADL was hard pressed to come up with instances of anti Semitism. Some Black kids threw stones at a school bus; a cop was overheard making a disparaging remark; a Jew couldn’t take off a Jewish holiday.

The ADL are psychological thugs whose purpose is to portray any opposition to Israel and the New World Order as racism. For example, there is plenty of evidence that 9-11 was a Mossad-CIA false flag. The function of the ADL is to squelch this line of investigation.

According to a report by Lyndon Larouche’s Executive Intelligence Review, the ADL is a lobbying and intelligence arm of the Rothschilds.


If Abe Foxman is an indication, anti-Semitism is caused by the behavior of Jews like Foxman. The most appalling scene shows Foxman leading a delegation to Kiev where he lectures a Special Adviser to President Viktor Yushchenko.

Foxman doesn’t want Ukrainians comparing the 1930’s famine death of more than ten million Ukrainian farmers with the “Holocaust.” The Jewish holocaust is absolutely unique and there can be no equating of the two.

“Be careful not to link the two, as your genocide, our genocide,”  he says.

The Special Adviser stifled his indignation, saying merely, “Understood.”


Consider how galling this must have been to him. The Holodomor (literally “killing by hunger”) was instigated by two  Communist Jews, Josef Stalin and Lazar Kaganovitch. Official lists released in 2009 show that almost all the Communists who caused the Holodomor were Jewish. ( Jewish groups wish to obfuscate that fact.) 

Shimon Peres, the president of the State of Israel, would later advise Ukrainians to “forget history.” 

Imagine if the Nazis had won the Second World War instead of the Zionists. Imagine a delegation of rich Nazis visiting Jerusalem today and demanding that the Jews stop referring to the slaughter of European Jews at Nazi hands as a “Holocaust.”

The Nazis say: “Stop comparing your genocide to the real genocide: The massacre of 250,000 innocent German civilians in the fire bombing of Hamburg and Dresden.”

Surely this inability on the part of many Jews to see our common humanity, to be objective and honest, to see the other man’s viewpoint is a major cause of anti Semitism. It seems to originate in the Talmudic attitude that non-Jews are not human.

Why is the holocaust franchise so important to organized Jewry? “Guilt” is the shield behind which “Zionists” are used to enslave the world. Members of the ADL delegation admit in the film, we “play on that guilt.” Or as a former Israeli cabinet minister admitted, “Anti Semitism is a trick we always use.”


The film illustrates how naive many ADL officials are about their true role.  They opened up their operations to this Israeli filmmaker expecting to be portrayed as heroes.

Foxman coyly denied the ADL has special power. “The perception of the power of the Jew is one of the signs of anti-Semitism,” he says. [Foreign officials] truly believe we can make a difference in Washington. We don’t want to disabuse them!”


The film contains an excellent portrait of Professor Norman Finkelstein who is a true Jewish hero. The ADL’s obsession with anti Semitism is “pathological narcissism,” he says. “The Jews are the richest most successful ethnic group in the USA.”

Finkelstein, the author of the classic “The Holocaust Industry” (2000), was fired from academia and banished from intellectual life due to Jewish pressure. He took Israel to task for its treatment of Palestinians.  He calls Foxman a thug and compares him to Hitler, saying, “at least Hitler didn’t do it for the money.”

Like all cultural works today that reveal the truth, this film was suppressed by the Zionists.

According to Wikipedia, “After the film was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement denouncing the film, stating that it “belittles the issue (of anti Semitism) … and cheapens the holocaust. It is Shamir’s perverse, personal, political perspective and a missed opportunity to document a serious and important issue.”

New York Times reviewer Neil Genzlinger states that while these ideas deserve a thorough and dispassionate discussion, Shamir has not provided it in this film. “…it feels like just another day on the Op-Ed page.”

The documentary cost about $1.4 million to make. It grossed $17,000 in theatres. This illustrates how not only Jews, but all of us are held prisoners by the Zionist control of culture. So much for our pretensions of freedom, academic and otherwise.

Throughout history, anti Semitism was often organized by the Illuminati, (i.e. Zionists) as a way of manipulating Jews. Now false flag terrorism is used to manipulate everybody.

One of the guides on the teenagers’ tour of Nazi concentration camps in Poland said he had reservations about perpetuating this “death industry.”

“We’ll never become normal people,” he said.

That statement will apply to us all, as long as we remain prisoners of Zion.


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Identifying Biblical I$raHell Today: The Evidence


Everybody knows!

How could I be so ridiculously stupid to write a book on this subject? Don’t I know – doesn’t everybody know – that the “Jews” are God’s chosen people – Israel? That’s what everybody believes, right?

Humor me

Okay. Just indulge me for a bit. Let’s pose three questions: Is it possible that the people who call themselves “Jews” today are really not who they say they are? Is it possible that they are not the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Could it be that the consensus opinion of modern Christian belief is wrong?

Why is that important anyway?

Who cares who Israel is today? What difference does it make? Well, if you read and understood Book One, Discover the Story of Your Biblical Heritage, you probably would not ask that question. Book One proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Bible is about one people. It makes a great deal of difference who those people are today. Absolutely HUGE difference.

By the way, if you have not read Book One, do not read Book Two, Identifying Biblical Israel Today. You will not understand it or its implications. PLEASE read Book One first (order here).

Don’t believe me

Don’t take my opinion as the truth about the identity of Israel today. Just consider the facts. That’s what Identifying Biblical Israel Today does. It gives the best historical account of who Israel is today. Is it the Jews? Is it someone else? How about you? Could you be an Israelite?

What’s inside Book Two?

What’s inside? The evidence. Carefully and clearly written and documented history that proves beyond a reasonable doubt who the genuine people of Israel are today. Here is a run down of the important topics:

  • Migrations of Israel from pre-Exodus times (1493 BC) to 280 BC – covers the most up-to-date historical and archaeological evidence available.
  • Heraldry of Israel – compares the symbols used for the various tribes of Israel with the people who are traditionally associated with these symbols today
  • Languages of Israel – a revelation of the striking similarities of the Hebrew language of biblical Israel and the languages of their descendants today.
  • The origins of the Jews – a documented historical survey identifying the Jews from after the Babylonian captivity of the house of Judah to the present day people who call themselves “Jews.”
  • Judaism – where it came from, what it is and what it teaches.

All the maps, charts and pictures are included in living color, too!

The players

Before you can understand what the Bible says and what it means by what it says, you have got to know who is who. It’s like going to a play and if you do not know who the actors are in the story, you cannot understand it. If you have read Book One, you already understand the necessity of correctly identifying the “Jews” and “Gentiles.” Identifying Biblical Israel Today (Book Two) takes you to the next level and up to the present day.

Biblical Israel today

Identifying Biblical Israel Today will give you the facts to discover the truth hidden or forbidden in the the churches today about who the true Israelite people are today. Could this book help you discover your heritage? Order here.

Book Two Testimonials

“Most Christians agree that God has a chosen people, but the identification of who they are is another matter. In Volume Two, Lawrence Blanchard carefully documents and discerns the difference between the true Israel people of the Bible in contradistinction to those who call themselves Jews and are the practitioners of Judaism in the world today. This Volume Two corrects many of the misidentifications of who’s who in the Bible through the historical record, heraldry (with beautiful color reproductions) and comparative linguistics. This was an exciting and inspirational presentation. It takes the controversy out of who God chooses and dispels old myths.” – Pastor Mark Downey, KY

“I’ve now gotten mixed up which book had what in Books Two and Three. But suffice to say that I do recall with great impact, that the more I read and delved into the books with careful attention to its wealth of information, the more I came to realize that this series of books is unique in its approach. More systematically organized, more thoroughly presented in a logical chain of linked themes that brilliantly covered the information being assessed, leading to some vital conclusions. The vibrant colored historical heralds, symbols, etc. of our history are the best collection I’d seen anywhere.” – FL, MI

“Volume 2 pulls together information from many sources as it gives an overview of the history of the 12 tribes. It then traces the heraldry and languages of Europe with the 12 tribes and Hebrew language. Vol. 2 makes a strong case the 12 tribes are the ancestors of Northern European people of today. Great intro for anyone interested in our national heritage.” – GB, NY

“Dr. Blanchard does not spiritualize away God’s Covenants and Promises to Israel nor does he Judaize the Gospel. Identifying Biblical Israel is a fascinating Biblical journey into the mostly unknown migrations of the presumed lost tribes of Israel. You will soon discover upon reading through just a few short chapters, that something is profoundly amiss in present day Judeo-Christian theology. I have always wondered how the Caucasian people have been rooted in Biblical Christianity and been some of the most advanced civilizations among the nations, and yet, presumably, we are mere “Gentiles” of no real Biblical significance. When you read this book, you will no longer hold to such fallacious beliefs.” – Pastor Dave Barley, ID

I just finished Book II (Identifying Biblical Israel). To say that I have learned from this book would be an understatement. I would like to thank your diligence on your research. I know the Holy Spirit has helped guide you. I could write an entire dissertation on the teachings of this book. I now have the knowledge due to this book to look at the Bible and align my family crest as well as the crest of many nations to Biblical Israel. Brother Blanchard gives the reader a wealth of sources they can dissect the migrations of Israel with. This book also gives the reader the blessings and structure the 12 tribes were given by Yahweh. Book I and Book II are an essential tool for showing the truth to new believers and are relevant to Bible scholars who have studied Biblical Israel for years. So far this series is the most educational I have studied. It is full of nuggets. – Lonnie Underwood, KY

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RAW, Heading Towards Decay




By Sajjad Shaukat

Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) which was created in 1968 to wage continuous secret battles against the regional through its agents, assumed a significant status in formulation of Indian foreign policy.

While waging their secret wars, RAW’s agents have their presence in almost all regional countries, implementing various tactics of psychological warfare. In this context, M. K Dhar in his book, “Open Secrets, India’s Intelligence Unveiled” points out, “RAW’s operations against the regional countries are conducted with great professional skill and expertise, which include the establishment of a huge network inside the target countries.

It has used propaganda, political dissent, ethnic divisions, economic backwardness and criminal elements to foment subversion and terrorism to weaken these states in consonance with Indian regional ambitions.” However, application of these nefarious designs varies from country to country. In this regard, dismemberment of Pakistan, interference of RAW in Sikkim, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibetan regions etc. might be cited as instance.

Although RAW has still been exploiting every sinister trick and tactics to poke its nose in internal affairs of India’s neighbouring countries, yet the agency has been faced with embarrassing fiascos and national security failures, especially the defections from within its ranks due to the unexplainable despair and despondency, haunting its senior officials.

On 17 April 2016, it was reported that three officers of RAW, “willingly fled” to a large Western country which has a history of accepting and facilitating such disappearances of Indian intelligence officers. All were posted on senior levels and had shifted their families to that Western country much before they themselves disappeared. Two of the officers were handling two South Asian countries, while the third was handling a large East Asian country. It is assumed that all three were working for the Western countries for long and in all likelihood have passed on vital information before disappearing.

This is not for the first time that officers working for the Indian spy agency have “willingly disappeared”. As per official records, since the creation of the agency in 1968, nine such like instances have been reported with the famous defection case of Rabinder Singh (Joint secretary in RAW) defecting to the United States in 2004. Most of the other agents had defected, while they were posted in Western Europe or North America.

Apart from defections, Indian intelligence agency RAW is also plagued by other problems identified as over bureaucratization of the system with allegations about favoritism in promotions, corruption, ego clashes, no financial accountability, inter-departmental rivalry etc. The agency also suffers from ethnic imbalances in the officer cadre. The agency officials have also developed strong tendency to manipulate their status for unlawful activities.

A former chief Ashok Chaturvedi is accused of utilizing funds for personal/family leisure trips. Many officials have suffered seriously at the hands of senior officials on sexual harassment as well. On August 19, 2008 a female Director (Language), namely Ms. Bhatia who had served as head of RAW Training Institute in Gurgaon,  tried to commit suicide in front of Prime Minister’s Office, alleging inaction and wrong findings of a sexual harassment complaint, filed against a joint secretary, who was on deputation to RAW. In order to conceal his crime, she was discharged from duty on the ground that she was mentally unfit.

Another factor attributing to the defections of the agency is low wages as compared to other departments of the Indian government. It has been reported that the salary and other benefits of intelligence officials are at par with the state police and clerks. Moreover, risk allowance in both the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and RAW has been reduced to 15 percent, whereas central agencies like Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI) get at least 25 per cent risk allowance.

Indian government under BJP has tried to appease the growing frustration in the ranks of RAW and IB officials by announcing a revision of their pay structure, however, the claim still need It is also acknowledged by the Indian officials that domestic intelligence agency is facing a shortage of over 7,000 skilled professionals to generate and disseminate crucial intelligence input. According to government figures released in 2013, IB had only 18, 795 personnel against the sanctioned strength of 26,867 officers. External spy agency RAW has strength of around 9,000 officers, including field agents serving on deputation. The RAW cadre is shrinking by the day and in 2012 the agency was forced to seek the help of Department of Personnel & Training to tide over the manpower shortage.

As regards the sinister plots of RAW in targeting neighbouring countries—particularly Pakistan is of special focus, which has deepened the negative image of the Indian intelligence agency.

In this respect, the role of India in destabilizing Pakistan has become naked after the arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav, on March 24, 2016. Yadav openly admitted that he was the serving agent of Indian secret agency RAW in Balochistan province, and during his stay, he contacted various Baloch separatist leaders and insurgents, including Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, to execute the task to damage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project (CPEC).

Addressing a joint press conference with Federal Minister for Information Pervaiz Rasheed, Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Lt. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa disclosed on March 29, 2016, “Kulbushan that Yadav was an active officer of the Indian Navy prior to his joining RAW. He also served as a scrap dealer and had a jewelry business in Chahbahar, Iran, after he joined RAW in 2013.

In a video, during the press conference, Yadav confessed that he spied for India. Yadav admitted that he was assigned with the task to create unrest in Karachi and Balolchitan to destabilise Pakistan and to target the Gwadar Port. Yadav also revealed that he was funding Baloch separatists along with other terrorists—he was captured, while heading Iran.

However, confession of Yadav fonfirmed nefarious activities of RAW which has been exploiting sub-nationalists, mass murder of innocent civilians like Hazaras, Balochis, extremists organizations etc. for spread of terrorism in Pakistan.

Besides, based in Afghanistan, RAW in connivance with the Afghan intelligence-National Directorate of Security (NDS), has been supporting subversive activities in Pakistan. In this connection, RAW-NDS nexus is “devils unison” to destabilize the region by promoting extremist terrorists organizations like Aghanistan-based Daesh or ISIS, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Jundollah (God’s soldiers) etc. in weakening Pakistan, its province of Balochistan, Tibetan regions of China, and Sistan-Balochistan of Iran by supporting terrorism and promoting acrimonious sense

of dissent and political volatility.

And, due to growing influence of a particular group of Indian Police Services (IPS) and Indian Army over RAW, this intelligence organization is rapidly turning into a “Hindu fascist” entity, promoting and supporting Hindu radicalization of Indian society in collaboration with the exrmist outfits like RSS, BJP, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc. In this respect, since the leader of the ruling party BJP Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, various developments like unprecedented rise of Hindu extremism, persecution of minorities, forced conversions of other religious minorities into Hindus, especially, assaults on Christians and Muslims including their places of worships and property by the fanatic Hindu mobs, ban on beef and cow slaughter, inclusion of Hindu religious books in curriculum, creation of war-like situation with Pakistan etc.

have verified this collaboration. In fact, in connivance with RAW, the Hindu fundamentalist outfits have been promoting religious and ethnic chauvinism in India by propagating ideology of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism).

It is mentionable that RAW has always adopted “an ostrich approach” and cared nothing about the boiling lava of uneasiness in the employees in the wake of myriad problems.

Nonetheless, it is owing to these reasons that Indian RAW is rapidly heading towards decay.

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Yehoshafat Harkabi

Former Military Inteligence Chief

Anti-Semitism Row ‘Damaging’ Labour Campaign

The row has been unhelpful for Labour activists campaigning ahead of Thursday’s elections, a shadow cabinet minister tells Sky.


01 May 2016

Ken Livingstone and Sadiq Khan.

Video: Corbyn: Party United Against Racism 

Sadiq Khan has admitted the row over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has damaged his chances of being elected London Mayor.

He said Ken Livingstone’s controversial comments linking Hitler and Zionism had made it “more difficult” for Jewish voters to back him in Thursday’s election.

The former minister also said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had acted too slowly to tackle concerns about racist views in the ranks.

Sky News election coverage promo.

Mr Khan told The Observer: “I accept that the comments that Ken Livingstone has made make it more difficult for Londoners of Jewish faith to feel that the Labour Party is a place for them, and so I will carry on doing what I have always been doing, which is to speak for everyone.

“There are too many examples in our party of people having these views, and action does not appear to have been taken quickly enough.”

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone speaks to the media after appearing on the LBC radio station in London

Video: Ken Regrets Anti-Semitism Row

He added that the upper echelons of the party needed training “as clearly they don’t understand what racism is, and there is no hierarchy when it comes to racism”.

:: Livingstone Won’t Say Sorry For Hitler Comment

Mr Khan’s comments come as voters prepare to go to the polls for local elections in England, and government elections in Scotland and Wales.

Shadow cabinet minister Jon Ashworth told Sky News the anti-Semitism row had been unhelpful for those campaigning on the doorstep.

“The past few days have been very depressing for Labour activists who want to see us winning next week,” he said.

300416 Shadow chancellor John McDonnell MP

Video: McDonnell: Ken Should ‘Apologise’

“People touring TV studios going on and on and on about this hasn’t been helpful.

“I hope Ken, who has been doing that, now pipes down a bit.”

Appearing on LBC radio yesterday, Mr Livingstone refused to apologise for his claim that Adolf Hitler had supported Zionism, but he did say he regretted inflaming a row about alleged anti-Semitism within Labour.

:: Livingstone Condemned By Top Israeli Politician

Mr Livingstone, who has been suspended from Labour along with MP Naz Shah, said he was confident of being able to return to the party ranks following an investigation.

300416 Ken Livingstone screengrab outside LBC radio

Video: Ken Sorry If People ‘Offended’

He said he’d had “quite a lot of texts and tweets from Jewish people saying, ‘we would like to come along and support you at this inquiry'”.

But in a letter to Mr Corbyn, Israeli Labour Party leader Isaac Herzog said he was “appalled and outraged by the recent examples of anti-Semitism by senior Labour Party officials in the United Kingdom”.

:: Ken ‘Can’t Remember’ Why He Made Hitler Remark

Joining the annual May Day rally in London, Mr Corbyn reiterated that he and his party “stand absolutely against racism in any form” – but the row appears to have affected voter confidence in Labour.

A poll carried out amid the controversy gave the Conservatives an eight-point lead, and experts tip Labour to lose up to 150 council seats in England and face a hard night in Scotland and Wales.

Jeremy Corbyn says nothing in response to questions about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

Video: Corbyn Silent On Anti-Semitism

The survey, by Opinium for The Observer, showed Labour on 30% to the Conservatives’ 38% – with UKIP on 15% and the Liberal Democrats, SNP and Greens all on 5%.

It was based on 2,005 online interviews with UK adults from 26-29 April.

The 12 London mayoral candidates are: Sian Berry (Green Party); David Furness (BNP), George Galloway (Respect Party), Paul Golding (Britain First), Zac Goldsmith (Conservatives), Lee Harris (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol), Sadiq Khan (Labour), Ankit Love (One Love Party), Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrats), Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party), Peter Whittle (UKIP), Prince Zylinski (Independent).


Get Corbyn! Labour’s Anti-Semitism Inquisition picks off Corbyn’s allies one by one

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Shulamit Aloni former member of Zionist Minister    
See: Democracy Now May 12,2013     ”
Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism Inquisition shifts up a gear in bid to wreck Labour’s election chances and remove the “loose cannon”

By Stuart Littlewood

With important local government elections a few days away the campaign against alleged anti-Semites reached a crescendo over the weekend, with the press and TV corps in full cry.

Their main quarry was former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, now suspended from the party; their instrument a Labour MP bully-boy called John Mann, who happens to be chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism. But no-one is in any doubt that the ultimate aim of this operation is the downfall of Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

The stooges’ revenge

Zionists have a serious problem with Corbyn. His election to the leadership was a surprise brought about by a sudden influx of new supporters weary of sterile and corrupt politics. They had no time to groom him, not that he’s capable of being tamed like previous leaders.

Corbyn has a long record of support for the Palestinians and other justice causes. As a loose cannon in a carefully controlled political battlefield, he has to be disabled. One way to do that is to pick off his allies one by one and, with the help of a compliant media, derail his party’s election prospects.

Livingstone’s “crime” is a remark about Zionists collaborating with Nazis in the 1930s. Though factually correct, it’s not the sort of thing the Inquisition likes to hear. So, is it a flogging offence? Hardly, but such is the paralysing fear of being on the receiving end of an anti-Semitism smear that few in the party (or mainstream media) have the courage to say so.

Strange how the latest upsurge in allegations of anti-Semitism has coincided with the ambassadorial appointment to London of Mark Regev, former chief of Israel’s propaganda machine and spokesman for Israel’s extremist prime minister.

Jewish exceptionalism

Regev was given a platform on the BBC’s flagship Andrew Marr programme at the weekend to complain about anti-Semites targeting the collective Jew: “If you’re saying… the Jewish people don’t have that right… to sovereignty and independence, you have to ask why you are holding Jews to a different standard. And there is a word for that.”

Yes, and the word is Jewish exceptionalism. Israeli Jews are not, and never have been, punished for defying UN resolutions and international humanitarian law. On the contrary, they are allowed to continue their crimes with impunity and rewarded by the West with eye-watering generosity.

As for Regev’s “collective Jew”, Israel insists on being recognised as the Jewish state, implicating Jews generally. As for the right of the Jewish people to sovereignty and independence, that is something they have consistently denied the Palestinians, whose lands they covet, occupy and creepingly annex. Israeli politicians, including Binyamin Netanyahu, have gone further and declared that they will never allow the Palestinians self-determination.

So let us view the Labour Party’s freak-out over anti-Semitism in proper context.

An Israeli wise man – the former military intelligence chief and professor of International Relations, Yehoshafat Harkabi – warned some years ago that the Jewish state, which was supposed to solve the problem of anti-Semitism, could actually become a factor in the rise of anti-Semitism: “Israelis must be aware that the price of their misconduct is paid not only by them but also Jews throughout the world.”

However, not all Jews outside Israel are Zionists or supporters of the Israeli regime. A large number campaign energetically against it, so it is wrong to blame the worldwide Jewish community. On the other hand, Israel claims to be “the only democracy in the Middle East”, in which case the government of Israel acts in its people’s name.

A New York Times obituary quotes Harkabi as saying: “I am for finalising the conflict, and you can’t do that without recognising that the Palestinians, like any other human group, deserve the right to self-determination.”

That right is still denied.

What about Labour’s links to Zionist criminals?

The trouble with UK Labour is its ignorance. That goes for other political parties that harbour Zionist stooges. If members knew the truth about the situation in the Holy Land they would never swallow the false narrative peddled for years by the likes of Regev and Israel’s flag wavers such as Blair, Cameron and the Friends of Israel group – a UK version of the all-powerful AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] which dictates US foreign policy.

The trouble with UK Labour is its ignorance… If members knew the truth about the situation in the Holy Land they would never swallow the false narrative peddled for years by the likes of Regev and Israel’s flag wavers such as Blair, Cameron and the Friends of Israel group…?

Friends of Israel repeatedly question Corbyn’s past association with Hamas and Hezbollah. But, as they well know, Hamas and Hezbollah were created out of necessity to resist Israeli aggression and are regarded as terrorists by no-one except the Washington-Tel Aviv axis and US-Israeli stooges in London and some other capitals – a number of which have evidently crept into the Labour Party.

For a branding-iron, George W. Bush used this definition: “The term “terrorism” means an activity that

(i) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and
(ii) appears to be intended –
(A) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(B) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(C) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, kidnapping, or hostage-taking.”

The joke is that it describes the behaviour of successive Israeli governments perfectly.

The media’s baying hounds and Labour’s fanatical inquisitors are entitled to question Jeremy Corbyn’s past connections, as long as they also ask Corbyn’s critics about their links to the Israeli terror regime.

Are Palestinians children of a lesser God?

We shouldn’t focus entirely on Labour. The biggest Zionist-occupied organisation outside America and what we loosely refer to as the Christian church is the British Conservative party. Eighty percent of its MPs and MEPs are reported to be signed-up Friends of the rogue regime and it was the recent Conservative-led coalition that reneged on Britain’s solemn obligations under the Geneva Conventions specifically to allow wanted Israeli criminals to come and go in the UK without fear of arrest.

Membership of Friends of Israel has long been a useful qualification in securing a place on the parliamentary candidates list and is said to be a stepping stone to high office. Hopefuls are “groomed” on Tel Aviv’s propaganda conveyor-belt. Under the title “Team Cameron’s big Jewish backers” the Jewish Chronicle in 2006 reported on the individuals bankrolling David Cameron’s bid for power and provided a fascinating insight into how the pro-Israel lobby infiltrates government and destroys the principles of integrity and accountability once prized in British public life.

As soon as Cameron became Conservative leader he proclaimed: “The belief I have in Israel is indestructible – and you need to know that if I become prime minister, Israel has a friend who will never turn his back on Israel.” Good dog.

Even after a series of bloodbaths by the Israeli military in Gaza such people remain Israel’s special Friends. Will they still be comfortable when the next assault blows to smithereens hundreds more children, again shreds and incinerates thousands of innocent men and women, maims many more and destroys still more vital infrastructure…

Those who sign on as a Friend of Israel surely realise that they embrace and endorse the whole hellish Zionist enterprise, including the terror and ethnic cleansing on which the state of Israel was built, the dispossession and expulsion of native Palestinians at gunpoint and the discriminatory laws against those who remain. They signal that they accept the abduction of civilians, including children, and their imprisonment and torture without trial. And presumably they are happy supporting and legitimising a religious war that humiliates Muslims and Christians and prevents them from visiting their holy places.

There is no room here to detail Israel’s cruel interference with Palestinian life at every level or describe the human misery it causes every minute of every day. Sufficient to say that anyone who defends these outrages deserves scant consideration of their feelings.

Even after a series of bloodbaths by the Israeli military in Gaza such people remain Israel’s special Friends. Will they still be comfortable when the next assault blows to smithereens hundreds more children, again shreds and incinerates thousands of innocent men and women, maims many more and destroys still more vital infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, power plants and clean water supplies?

Do they really believe Palestinians are children of some lesser God?

Oh, and Friends of Israel squeal “anti-Semitism!” at the very mention of BDS (the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement). Why? Respected Palestinian lawmaker Dr Hanan Ashrawi explains how BDS is “a legal, moral and inclusive movement struggling against the discriminatory policies of a country that defines itself in religiously exclusive terms, and that seeks to deny Palestinians the most basic rights simply because we are not Jewish”.

Practising BDS simply means you avoid purchasing Israeli goods or services and decline normal contact with individuals and organisations that are connected with or support the racist creed that squeezes the life out of the Holy Land. And you continue to do this until Israel ends its illegal occupation and honours its obligations under the UN Charter and international humanitarian law.

If Labour Friends of Israel don’t know these things they should take the trouble to find out. If they don’t also know about Zionist ambitions for a Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates (the Yinon Plan), they should find out.

Corbyn knew of the Zionist threat to himself long before he became leader. At the outset he should have established a competent media group to anticipate trouble and formulate necessary communication strategies, including the case for curbing the use of the party as a platform to advance the interests of a foreign military power.

Now, instead of taking the fight to the troublemakers he’s letting them tear Labour apart. And Regev sits on his doorstep laughing.

As I sign off, a petition calling for MP John Mann to be disciplined has reached 19,000 signatures. Mann, a rabid pro-Zionist, started a shouting match with Livingstone in front of the cameras, putting rocket-boosters under the Inquisition and bringing the party into disrepute.

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