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Mattis versus Trump


While the media treat the US primaries as if they were a competition between Trump and Cruz on one side, and Clinton and Sanders on the other, a whole machinery is now being set in motion to block the real estate promoter, who is threatening the interests of the WASP ruling class. In this article, Thierry Meyssan exposes the stakes which, for the moment, no-one has mentioned publicly.
This article is intended for a well-informed electorate.

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The United States primaries, which are intended to be the preparation for a confrontation between the Republicans and the Democrats, have progressively deviated to become a contest for the control of the Republican Party.

While on the side of the Democrats, the duel between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may be resumed as experience in the service of the rich against idealism in the service of the greatest number, all attention is now focused on the combat opposing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination.

Cruz is a pure product of a private military «psychological operations» agency. In terms of foreign relations policy, he has gathered a team composed of people who were trained during the Cold War around senator Henry Scoop Jackson, and who remain hysterically anti-Soviet. He has taken position against any form of legal limitation of US power, and thus against the very principle of international law.

Until last week, we did not know Donald Trump’s position on this matter. At best, we had noted his contradictory remarks on the question of Israël. He has strongly criticised the pro-Israëli prejudice of successive administrations, declared that he is neutral concerning the Israëli-Palestinian conflict, and then went and made an ultra-Zionist profession of faith before the AIPAC.

Finally, Trump was invited last week by the The National Interest to give his first speech on foreign policy. This magazine is published by the Nixon Center, a group of survivors from Henry Kissinger’s old team. To everyone’s surprise – but probably not that of the organisaters – «the Donald» did not have anything to say about his position on various subjects, aimed at satisfying one lobby or another, but instead delivered an analysis of US policy and describing its total overhaul.

According to Trump, it was fundamental error to have attempted to export by force the Western democratic model to people who had no interest in it. He delivered a criticism of neo-conservative ideology, which has held power since the coup d’etat of September 11th 2001. Now we understand why the event was organised by the friends of Henry Kissinger, partisans of political «realism » (realpolitik) and scape-goats of the neo-conservatives.

After having denounced the gigantic human and economic waste of the neo-conservative policy, for the countries concerned as well as for the United States themselves, he continued with an indirect attack on the «military-industrial complex», blaming the general excess of weapons in the world. There was no mistake – for the first time since the assassination of John Kennedy, a presidential candidate was denouncing the omnipotence of the arms manufacturers, who have eaten up almost all of US industry.

It may seem surprising to make such an attack before the friends of Henry Kissinger, who have contributed more than others to the development of this complex. However, recent US history can explain this turnaround. All those who have fought the military-industrial complex have been gagged or eliminated – John Kennedy was assassinated when he opposed the war against Cuba; Richard Nixon was eliminated by the Watergate affair when he made peace with Vietnam and led the détente with China; Bill Clinton was paralysed by the Lewinsky affair when he attempted to oppose rearmement and the war in Kosovo.

With a certain sense of provocation, Donald Trump placed his project for a new foreign policy under the slogan «America First», by reference to the association of the same name which existed before the Second World War. This group remains in peoples’ memories as a Nazi lobby which attempted to prevent the «Land of Freedom» from going to the help of the British, who were under attack by the perpetrators of the anti-Jewish genocide. In reality, «America First», which was indeed diverted from its mission by the US extreme right, was originally a huge association created by the Quakers, and denounced the World War as a confrontation between imperialist powers, and consequently refused to take part.

And so the adversaries of Donald Trump are presenting him in a false light. He is absolutely not an isolationist like Ron Paul, but a genuine realist.

Donald Trump was not a politician until now, but a real estate promoter, a businessman and a television presenter. This absence of a political past allows him to envisage the future from an entirely new angle, without being bound by any previous engagement. He is a dealmaker, the sort that Europe met in Bernard Tapie in France and Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. Two men not without fault, but who renovated the exercise of power in their own countries by shaking up the ruling classes.

To block Donald Trump, the Republican Party organised an alliance between Ted Cruz and the last candidate in the running, the ex-television presenter John Kasich. Both of them have agreed to give up the Presidency and to work together to prevent Trump from obtaining the abolute majority of the Convention delegates. In this way, the Party would be able to propose a new candidate, as yet unknown to the public, during their Convention.

Confidential opinion polls have already been organised, funds collected, and a campaign team has been built around General James Mattis, a man who swears – cross my heart – that he has no plans for a political career. However, quite clearly, the ex-Director of CentCom would be happy to assume the role of a new Einsehower. Indeed, in 1952, the winner of the Second World War did not take part in the primaries because he was still commander of the Forces in Europe. He slipped into the competition almost at the end, and was massively nominated by the Republican Party Convention as their representative.

General Mattis is reputed to be an intellectual. He has collected a vast and celebrated private library on military strategy, but seems to be interested in History only from this perspective. Today a researcher at the Hoover Institution (Stanford University), he came to Washington to consult, and gave a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). This think-tank, traditionally close to the oil industry, is today mainly financed by Saudi Arabia.

After having predicted a «horrible» future for the Near East, the «warrior monk» (according to the nickname given to him by his subordinates) concentrated on denouncing the peril of the Iranian Revolution, and calling for war against Iran. By doing so, he took over the programme that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had been obliged to give up when faced with the objections of the other Generals.

De facto, the confrontation which is looming opposes the partisans of Henry Kissinger’s realpolitik – who are attached to the principles of the Peace of Westphalia, in other words an international order founded on the Nation-states – and the partisans of the neo-conservative ideal of global democratisation, in other words the destruction of national identities and the imposition of a régime of universal governance. In a word, it’s the vision of Richard Nixon against that of the putchists of the 11th September.

Keep in mind :
- Donald Trump, candidate for the US Presidency, wants to limit the power of the military-industrial complex. He is taking up the colours of John Kennedy (assassinated), Richard Nixon (Watergate) and Bill Clinton (Lewinsky).
- According to Trump, it is unhealthy for the United States and for foreigners to attempt to export by force the Western Democratic model, which does not correspond to their aspirations.
- The military-industrial complex is preparing the candidacy of General James Mattis, and a war against the Iranian Revolution.

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The Protocols Of The Elders Of Labour


By Gilad Atzmon

Now that Jewish domination of the Labour Party has been clearly established, Jewish power is no longer a vague or mysterious concept. We should listen to the words of a few of the prime Elder Jewish oligarchs and learn from them about the future of the Labour party and its political role.

The following videos were not forged by a Russian Tsar. They are believed to be authentic documentations of Jewish Labour donors and peers.

 Sugar Man

Elder oligarch Lord Sugar doesn’t like the current state of the Labour Party. He wants the party to rid itself of left legend Ken Livingstone for relating the historical truth about the intensive collaboration between the Zionists and Hitler.


 Ultra capitalist Sugar (the UK’s Trump) further insists that working class











Ken Livingstone “shouldn’t be allowed near” the party of Britain’s working people.

In the past we tended to believe that the Labour party cared for the working class and was willing to oppose the interests of capital. The following videos suggest the contrary. Our Labour party is working hard to appease a bunch of Jewish donors.

Lord Cashpoint Levy

Elder Zionist Lord Levy, aka ‘Lord Cashpoint,’ was Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser at the time Britain launched a criminal Zio-con war in Iraq. The wealthy Jewish businessman has never before shown concern over racism or Islamophobia. Apparently, Lord Cashpoint invests a few of his shekels in the Labour party, not because of the Party’s goals, but because he wants the Party to clamp down on critics of one people who happen to be his. – from 4.40 sec

One Righteous Man
Not all Labour’s learned elders are domination aficionados who employ their shekels


Semi Elder Foster

Semi Elder Michael Foster was unwise when he revealed the fiscal reality







of Jewish domination of the Labour Party. 

This video shows Foster specifying under what conditions he will send money to Corbyn. He is emphatic that in return for his donation he expects the Jewish State to be supported.

One Righteous Man

Not all Labour’s learned elders are domination aficionados who employ th












eir shekels to promote the interests of one horrid state. Sir Gerald Kaufman serves to convey the message that there is Jewish reason and ethical thinking.  Sir Gerald Kaufman proves that there is at least one good Jew in the Labour Sodom.

Lord Janner

And speaking about Sodom… One cannot conclude a commentary on Labour’s Elders without mentioning the infamous Lord Janner who was lucky enough to escape justice by dying just ahead of his trial. Lord Janner was a prominent Labour MP and a Labour peer. He was the head of the Jewish community. He was the founder of the Holocaust Educational Trust. He was also allegedly an active paedophile, at least the equal of Jimmy Savile. From a political perspective, it would be fair to say that Janner used the completely wrong method to promote‘Labour values’ and‘working class politics’ amongst the young and British orphans.

The Labour party and the BOD that claims to represent British Jews are yet to distance themselves from Lord Janner.

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Russia is Politically and Militarily Castrating Erdogan in Syria

What has infuriated NWO agents is that Asian countries like Japan seem to be waking up. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to meet with Putin in order to discuss economic exchange.
"Is the question about Turkey and Erdogan? If that is so, then we have been given them tranquilizers in Syria."

“Is the question about Turkey and Erdogan? If that is so, then we have been given them tranquilizers in Syria. Ask Erdogan and he’ll tell you.”

A Turkish woman who identified herself as a poet wrote to me last October to complain that her beloved president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was not aiding and abetting terrorist. When I pointed that the evidence showing that Erdogan is guilty as charged is an embarrassment to riches, she responded by saying that Assad deserves to go because he “has killed more than 300,000 people…”

I told her to do a little research on some of these issues, to which she responded: “I will not because I am sure [Erdogan doesn’t support the Syrian rebels]. But you should!”

I really had a good laugh over this because the lady contacted me and to tell me to listen to her opinion, but she was not willing to do just a little research. My last response was: “And you are interested in the truth? Very good!”

No serious person now denies that Erdogan has been sleeping with terrorists. But Erdogan and his terrorist regime have fallen on hard time because Russia seems to grab them by the balls and is castrating them in Syria.

It has been reported that Erdogan is probably not going “to launch a ground operation in Syria due to the Russian Airspace Forces there.”[1] Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declares:

“I do not think that anyone will decide to play dangerous games and carry out any provocations due to the fact that there are Russian Aerospace Forces stationed [in Syria].”[2]

Lavrov moves on to say: “Our assessment is absolutely clear: the Turkish leadership has committed a crime and an error” [3] in supporting terrorist cells and then pretending to fight terrorism.

Lavrov also implies that the West and of course Turkey do not abide by democratic principles precisely because they continue to propound their “expansionist ideology” at the expense of the majority of people on this planet. For example,

“Ankara still maintains a military presence in Iraq despite the express wishes of the Iraqi government, which never authorized Turkish forces to enter and has repeatedly demanded that they leave.” [4]

There is more: “Turkey had violated Greek airspace 1,800 times last year, while NATO remained tight-lipped.” Lavrov concludes: “This kind of explicitly expansionist behavior can’t lead to anything good.”[5]

Lavrov is right. And this just shows that NWO agents and their lackeys have never been in the business of fighting terrorism and spreading democracy. If that were the case, then NWO agents would be going to war against countries like Saudi Arabia.

For example, Frank G. Wisner is former ambassador to Zambia, Egypt, the Philippines and India, and served as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and as Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs. Wisner knows very well that Saudi Arabia “has fueled the growth of violent extremist organizations around the world.” Wisner also knows that

“human-rights groups have long argued that Saudi Arabia fails to adhere to international standards of conduct; its military intervention in Yemen has only sharpened this criticism. And most recently, new demands to release information connected to the attacks of September 11, 2001, have revived debate about official Saudi involvement in those tragic events.”[6]

But how does Wisner respond to all the evidence against Saudi Arabia? Listen to him:

“But to launch reckless attacks against a nation that has been a steadfast friend of the United States since its founding seventy years ago is to imperil our own security—and our own standing in the world.”[7]

The plot thickens: as long as a terrorist state supports the New World Order agenda, then it is all right. Saddam Hussein was not involved in 9/11, but we went ahead and decimated Iraq anyway. Saudi Arabia is involved in 9/11, but we still have to treat the regime as an ally. We obviously have a diabolical situation here.

Wisner moves on to contradict himself by saying that Saudi Arabia “is an essential partner in our global counterterrorism effort; on more than one occasion, Saudi intelligence has enabled us to thwart terrorist attacks designed to kill American citizens in large numbers.”[8]

Does this joker really want us to believe that 9/11 was just a simple mistake on the part of the Saudis? How is this guy going to convince the American people that the country that was involved in 9/11 should really be considered as a friend? And why did we slaughter and maim innocent people in Iraq and literally destroy the country? The Associated Press itself has recently declared:

“This is what victory looks like in the Iraqi city of Ramadi: In the once thriving Haji Ziad Square, not a single structure still stands. Turning in every direction yields a picture of devastation.

“A building that housed a pool hall and ice cream shops – reduced to rubble. A row of money changers and motorcycle repair garages – obliterated, a giant bomb crater in its place.

“The square’s Haji Ziad Restaurant, beloved for years by Ramadi residents for its grilled meats – flattened. The restaurant was so popular its owner built a larger, fancier branch across the street three years ago. That, too, is now a pile of concrete and twisted iron rods.

“The destruction extends to nearly every part of Ramadi, once home to 1 million people and now virtually empty. A giant highway cloverleaf at the main entrance to the city is partially toppled.

“Apartment block after apartment block has been crushed. Along a residential street, the walls of homes have been shredded away, exposing furniture and bedding. Graffiti on the few homes still standing warn of explosives inside.”

This is actually the freedom that the Neoconservatives were talking about way back in 2002 and 2003.

"Time to work for the common good."

“It’s about time that we start to work for the common good.”

In any event, it is quite obvious that people are rising up against this New World Order agenda. Russians in particular do not believe that Putin is a Hitler. In fact, “Over 80 percent of Russians approve of the work of their president, and the number of Vladimir Putin supporters is high even among members of opposition parties.”[9]

One would think that after NWO agents spent years of political manipulation and psychological warfare against Putin, the population would eventually rise up and overthrow the man. In fact, over thirty anti-Putin books have been written in the past five years alone!

Yet Putin is alive and well and is still telling NWO agents that he is just warming up.[10] What has infuriated NWO agents even more is that Asian countries like Japan seem to be waking up as well. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to meet with Putin in order to discuss economic exchange.

Jonathan Berkshire Miller and Aiko Shimizu of the Nikkei Asian Review declare: “Japan could benefit greatly from a comprehensive renewal of ties with Russia.”[11] That would be the death knell of the New World Order. If a country like Russia can stop a diabolical process in Syria, imagine if Japan steps into the plate.

You are welcome to believe that Putin is part of the New World Order, but you are not free to say that he has not been destroying the New World Order in Syria. In other words, you would have to show why Putin is resisting the essentially Talmudic plan in Syria and still be a part of the New World Order. That is a contradiction. You would also have to prove that Putin’s war against the oligarchs in Russia is just a show. Putin even compares some of those people to “cockroaches.”

So, before you lump Putin with the New World Order, make sure you have rigorous evidence to support your claim, otherwise you are going to look like a mindless and tasteless comedian who does not even know what a contradiction is.

[1] “Turkish ground op in Syria unlikely due to presence of Russian air force – Lavrov,” Russia Today, May 5, 2016.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Ibid.

[5] Ibid.

[6] Frank G. Wisner, “America Still Needs Saudi Arabia,” National Interest, May 5, 2016.

[7] Ibid.

[8] Ibid.

[9] “Putin continues to ride high in popularity polls, latest research shows,” Russia Today, May 5, 2016.

[10] Alternative media has played a major role in deconstructing the lies and fabrications against Putin. VT in particular has been on the front line neutralizing those lies and fabrications. For example, when the so-called Panama Papers came out, it was Gordon Duff who first argued that they were a scam most likely perpetrated by Mossad agents in Israel.

[11] “Japan’s Prime Minister Invites Putin to Tokyo Despite Washington’s Fury,” Sputnik News, May 5, 2016.

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Palestine: Nazi officer attacked by Nazi Jewish settlers 

IDF officer attacked by Jewish settlers near Hebron


Police say army liaison assaulted by Havat Gal residents when he came to inspect suspected illegal construction

ed note–to many observers who don’t understand the associated deeper implications, this falls into the ‘so what?’ file. Others–who operate in the all-too-common default mode that seems to predominate within certain neighborhoods in this ‘movement’ will make the claim that ‘everything is a trick’ and therefore somehow this is all ‘for show’.

The truth however is that despite the appearance of being monolithic, oftentimes Judaic interests diverge rather than converge, and as such, sometimes the hyenas take a break from their war against Gentiledom long enough to be at each others’ throats rather than at ours.

During the period of Roman occupation of Judea, a group of radicals known as the Zealots advocated for all-out war against Rome in cleansing the ‘Promised Land’ of Gentile influence. Specially-designated assassins known as the Sicarri were tasked with murdering not only Roman Centurians, but as well other Jews who were deemed ‘not sufficiently patriotic’ vis a vis the Zealot agenda. Jews operating within the ‘business class’ and who had formed a comfortable relationship with the Romans and who personally benefited from the occupation in terms of both money and influence opposed what the Zealots were doing, knowing that war with Rome was suicidal and that they themselves would pay a heavy price for any uprisings.

We see a virtually identical repeat taking place today, as ‘left’ leaning Jews understand how precarious the entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm is and how those ‘rightwing’ elements threaten to bring down the entire Judaic construct that today enjoys a very comfortable arrangement with ‘Rome’ in terms of Jewish control of Western finance, influence, media, politics, etc.

It is based upon this that we see this gangwar taking place these days, both in Israel proper and in ‘Greater Israel’–meaning the rest of the world–between the radical forces of modern day Zealotry and the more ‘moderate forces’ who understand that a worldwide awakening of Gentiles to the inherent pathological nature of Judaic influence could signal the destruction of thousands of years of planning/progress in the same way that the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Times of Israel

A group of Jewish settlers on Sunday attacked an Israel Defense Forces officer in the Hebron-area outpost of Havat Gal, police said.

The liaison officer serving in Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) had arrived in the area to inspect reports of illegal construction when “several youths” from the community shoved him, according to police.

The officer lodged an official complaint with police, who came to Havat Gal later on Sunday to search for the perpetrators.

The only shared city in the West Bank, Hebron has for decades seen almost daily friction between its community of several hundred Jewish settlers and its much larger Palestinian population.

In January, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon sparked a minor political crisis when he ordered the evacuation of several dozen Jewish settlers from two Hebron homes that he said were illegally obtained from their Palestinian owners.

Lawmakers from the right-wing Jewish Home and Likud parties, including senior cabinet ministers, subsequently leveled harsh criticism against Ya’alon over the decision to remove the settlers. During the evacuation, Palestinian residents of Hebron attempted to enter the buildings and a clash broke out between the Jewish settlers and their Arab neighbors, the IDF said at the time.

The city — home of the Tomb of the Patriarchs revered by both Jews and Muslims — is populated by some 200,000 Palestinian residents with approximately 500 Israeli settlers living in the center, protected by an army-patrolled buffer zone. The situation is a constant source of tension, and the area has been a focal point of Israeli-Palestinian violence during the recent months of unrest.

From October to the end of March, 29 Israelis and four others were killed in a spate of Palestinian terror attacks, many of them in the Hebron area. Around 190 Palestinians were also killed, some two-thirds of them while carrying out assaults and the rest during clashes with Israeli forces, according to Israeli officials.

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The Case Against Hillary Clinton


Eric Zuesse

The case against Hillary Clinton (click onto it at that link) seems to me to be so strong (and I’ve checked the soundness of all of its sources), so that I’m even asking myself whether I shouldn’t vote the Presidential line at all (or else vote there for a ‘protest’ candidate, which is effectively the same thing as not voting at all) on November 8th, or should instead even go so far as to vote for Donald Trump, in order to prevent her from becoming President.

Then, I saw recently a reader-comment at a news-site where the unpalatable Presidential options were being discussed, and one “patriot” said there that on November 8th, anything would be better than a vote for Trump, to which another person responded:

Not so; I’ve never voted Republican in my life, but if Hillary is the candidate, I’ll vote for Trump, because he has no record in public office (and what he says contradicts himself routinely so can’t be believed), whereas she has an extensive record in public office (and she lies almost as much as he does, and so her words also are null), and that record is disgusting:

Since I wrote that, I was forced to ask myself whether I would vote for Trump if the only real alternative turns out to be Hillary; and, I concluded that, yes, I would, and that the reason is precisely because I don’t trust either candidate, but that only in the case of Hillary am I certain that she as President would be catastrophic. At least with Trump, I have no way of knowing what his real policies would be.

This isn’t to say that I agree with what either candidate says, or would be saying as President; it’s to assert that only Hillary has an actual track-record regarding public policy — and that it’s catastrophic.

A proven catastrophe is far worse than a merely possiblecatastrophe; so, if Hillary Clinton turns out to be the Democratic nominee, I shall vote for Donald Trump, and then just hope that the worst things that he had said regarding public policy were lies, and that the best things that he had said regarding public policy reflected his actual beliefs.

Anyone who would say in response to this, “But that’s to believe in the horrible policy-prescriptions from Trump” would be missing the point here: this point is the exact opposite: I don’t believe what either of those candidates say; I know that they’re both pathological liars; but, only one of them has an actual record, and it’s catastrophic. Hillary offers not only her lies but something real (a record that’s highly relevant to the office she’s seeking) — and it’s repulsive. Trump, by contrast, offers no relevant track-record at all on public-policy matters. That’s not a virtue on his part, it’s a lack of the worst possible vice (a vile record of actual policies while in public office), for a potential U.S. President.

Given a choice between a proven psychopath, versus merely a possible (or even a likely) psychopath, I’ll definitely opt for the latter. It’s the only intelligent thing to do. Anything else would be suckerdom.

If you want to see her actual vile record on global warming, click here, and here.

If you want to see her vile record against the public and for the top 0.001%, click here.

If you want to see her exploitation of women and Blacks to win elections, click here.

If you want to see her actual support for the Citizens United decision she condemns, click here.

If you want to see her solid record of backing American invasions, click here.

If you want to see her actual support for mega-rich tax-evaders, click here.

And, as far as Trump’s promises about any of these things, they should be ignored as much as her promises about them should be. Even what he has actually done as a businessman isn’t necessarily an indication of what he’d do about the governmental policy-issue. In fact, Trump’s most blatantly bad promises (such as regarding immigration) are far more likely to be quickly abandoned by him as President, than Hillary’s are if she becomes President, because whereas Hillary’s (such as blocking single-payer health insurance) are supported by the Establishment, Trump’s are opposed by them (which is why even Republican donors have been donating more to Hillary’s campaign than to Trump’s campaign). (What do those Republican mega-donors know that the general public don’t? They know Trump.)

When life offers a choice between bad options, one still has an obligation to make that choice, and to do it intelligently. In the case of voting (or else not voting) for the President of one’s nation, it’s more than merely an intellectual obligation: it’s one’s civic duty. That’s why I, as a person with progressive values, will vote for Trump if Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee.

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Torture: Stopping Terrorism… Or Is It Terrorism?


Daniel McAdams

Just ten years after America was shocked at the treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and just a year and a half after the Senate torture report, a recent poll suggests that three-fourths of the population would support torture of terrorism suspects. Have we so quickly forgotten the fallout from the CIA’s shameful practices, where innocents were tortured for information they did not possess? Have we forgotten that torture is a moral outrage, is itself a form of terrorism, and does not even work? Have we forgotten that the “ticking time bomb” scenario is a Hollywood fiction, not a reality? Or is the media manipulating the population into supporting Washington’s interventionist foreign policy with carefully-worded polls designed to show more support for torture than really exists. Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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Detroit Resumes Water Shutoffs That Could Impact 20,000 Customers


Image result for NO WATER PHOTO

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department announced it will begin turning off water service for as many as 20,000 of its customers who are behind on paying their bills. The shutoffs resume after a stoppage in mid-November.

After delaying the shutoffs by one day, Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Director Gary Brown gave the go-ahead on Tuesday to begin addressing service for customers who owe more than $150. Those who owe less than $150 and are only a couple of months behind will not be targeted, Linda Clark, a spokeswoman for DWSD, told the Detroit News.

Clark said as of early Monday, there were about 20,000 customers who could face shutoffs, though many people are attempting to update their payment status.

“We’re receiving payments (on overdue accounts) every minute,”she said. “We’re also getting more than 250 phone calls coming in an hour. There aren’t any hard numbers at this point. It’s difficult to say because of the number of payments we’re processing.”

No particular area of the city will receive more attention, Clark said, adding that customers who are at 150 percent of the federal poverty level or below can receive assistance for paying their bills. The DWSD also has payment-installation plans available. About 30,000 of DWSD’s 200,000 customers, both residential and commercial, on are payment plans, the Detroit News reported.

Activists have encouraged customers behind on payments to seek out installation plans.

“I can’t take one more summer of shutoffs happening,” said DeMeeko Williams, chief coordinator for the Detroit Water Brigade, an organization that offers assistance to DWSD customers facing water shutoffs.

Read more:

In April, the DWSD said that, in order to save money, it was ceasing to post shutoff notices on homes of customers behind on payments. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan disagreed with the decision, saying he will ensure the notices will continue, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Detroit’s original decision to cut off water services for thousands of people in 2014 sparked criticism from around the country and the world, with some United Nations experts saying denying water to people could be a violation of human rights.

Following a visit to Detroit in 2014, Catarina de Albuquerque, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the human right to water and sanitation, and Leilani Farha, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, said Detroit’s water shutoffs occurred at an“unprecedented scale.”

“It is contrary to human rights to disconnect water from people who simply do not have the means to pay their bills,” de Albuquerque said.

In February, members of the Detroit Water Brigade offered testimony to the United Nations Commission for Social Development regarding water shutoffs in Detroit and the tainted water supply in nearby Flint, Michigan.

Read more

© Mike Segar

“All eyes are on Detroit and Flint now: We live in a developed country, developed cities, but we’re living in Third World conditions,”Beulah Walker, a chief coordinator of the Detroit Water Brigade, said prior to the meeting.

As of early February, the Detroit Water Brigade estimated that about 17,000 people in Detroit are without running water, according to the Free Press. In January, the Detroit City Council refused to approve a plan that would have reduced rates for poor customers.

“They live in extreme poverty due to no fault of their own,” Walker said.

DWSD previously stopped water shutoffs in November 2015, a spokesman told the Free Press in February.

In Flint, the city’s 100,000 residents have been exposed to potential lead poisoning after a decision to switch the city’s drinking water supply to the contaminated Flint River. The financially strapped city was under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager in April of 2014, when it switched its source of tap water from Detroit’s system to the nearby Flint River in a cost-cutting move. Operators at Flint’s water treatment plant failed to treat the water to make it less corrosive, causing older lead pipes to dissolve into the tap water. State health authorities ultimately confirmed that elevated blood-lead levels had been found in children.

Read more

© Mohamed Al-Sayaghi

State officials long insisted the water was safe to drink. In October, the water supply was switched away from the Flint River. As of April 11, some 12 Flint residents have died with ailments associated with Legionnaires’ disease, which many believe is connected to the city’s tainted water supply.

Three officials have been charged in relation to the poisoned water, including Michael Glasgow, the city’s water quality supervisor.

Nearly 60 percent of Flint’s population of 100,000 are Black, with 42 percent of residents living below the poverty line, according to the US census.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama will visit Flint where he will meet with embattled Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. “The governor is pleased to meet with the president to help explain the efforts underway by the state to help the people of Flint recover,” a spokesman for Snyder told The Hill.

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Govt-Backed Counter-Extremist ‘Propaganda’ Program Operating Without Oversight


Counter-narratives on extremism are being peddled by a secret government propaganda program in the absence of oversight under the guise of “grassroots Muslim voices,” an investigation by a UK advocacy group suggests.

A covert propaganda program run by the Home Office has been developing a labyrinth of “authentic”Muslim voices to create counter-narratives geared towards combatting extremist ideologies commonly seen among British millennials through community groups and NGOs.

A report carried out by UK nonprofit group CAGE says this stealth government program has been in operation since 2011.

Officials Secret Act

The explosive study, which was published Monday, warns the secret nature of the project and the misinformation it spreads are a poor reflection on a government that claims to uphold transparency.

CAGE suggests public relations firm Breakthrough Media is tasked with spinning these counter-narratives and is likely protected under Britain’s Official Secrets Act (OSA). The advocacy group says the use of this legislation to cloak a government propaganda project in secrecy is a grievous abuse of government power.

CAGE insists it would never disclose data that could undercut Britain’s national security. However, it says the Home Office’s clandestine propaganda project – run by the Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU) – abandons democratic debate and due process in favor of state secrecy.

CAGE argues the root causes of “politically motivated violence and radicalization” cannot be uncovered by a securitized government response and the Home Office must embark on broader ideological terrain in order to tackle these issues.

Societal impact

Ben Hayes, who co-authored CAGE’s report, said the government’s secret propaganda project is damaging to society.

“We should be under no illusion as to what is going on here. When the government starts using community groups and NGOs to disseminate government propaganda to hoodwink the public into believing they are authentic ‘grassroots’ campaigns, it damages everyone in civil society,” he said.

“Democracy requires clear lines between the security state and the police on the one hand, and civil society, public and social services on the other.”

Hayes called for honesty with respect to state-sponsored propaganda projects.

“Having railed against ‘sock-puppet’ NGOs and introduced a ban on charities in receipt of public money lobbying government, it is time for an honest conversation about the impact, legitimacy and effectiveness of the government’s own secret propaganda programs,” he said.

CAGE Research Director Asim Qureshi, who co-authored the report, said RICU is using so-called grassroots organizations as convenient government mouthpieces.

“There is also evidence to suggest that the government is using the Official Secrets Act to hide its relationship with the role of Breakthrough Media, the PR company driving the propaganda. This suggests an abuse of power and a contempt for open society,” he said.

“The findings of this report should be a cause of concern to the British public. It confirms the hidden hand of those who wish to manufacture consent for the expansion of the security state.”

RT asked the Home Office whether it could confirm or deny the existence of the propaganda project referenced throughout the report. The department is yet to respond.

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The Pentagon Shouldn’t Get To Absolve Itself For Bombing A Hospital


Damaged Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital in northern Kunduz. (Photo: scrolleditorial / Flickr)

The Pentagon just made it official: No war crime was committed when a U.S. plane attacked the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan last year, killing 42 patients and health workers and injuring many more.

At least, that’s the conclusion of its own investigation — nearly all of which remains classified.

No war crime, despite the U.S. military having full knowledge of the hospital’s location before the bombing. No war crime, despite desperate hospital staffers calling military liaison officers while the rampage was underway. No war crime, despite their calls being routed without response through layers of lethal bureaucracy for an hour or more as the deadly bombing continued.

No war crime, says the Pentagon.

The 16 military personnel involved all will face some kind of administrative consequence, but none of them will be court-martialed. The 16 do not, apparently, include the top strategists of the U.S. war in Afghanistan — nor anyone responsible for creating or approving the system for responding to desperate calls from civilians being slaughtered by U.S. warplanes. Nor anyone whose job it is to be sure that the U.S. military doesn’t violate the Geneva Conventions’ prohibitions on things like attacking hospitals.

We don’t know for sure, because the vast majority of the official report on the Kunduz hospital assault was redacted — blacked out — so no one without top security clearance could read even the Pentagon’s own assessment of what happened. Apparently Congress, the press, and the public are all supposed to be satisfied with the explanation that the cause was “a combination of human errors, compounded by process and equipment failures.” The official write-up adds that “fatigue and high operational tempo also contributed” to the “fog of war” — that old standby for excusing large-scale attacks on civilians.

No one should be satisfied with this internal investigation. There’s an urgent need for an independent, international investigation, as Doctors Without Borders has been demanding since the attack took place last October.

The press release from U.S. Central Command quotes Army General Joseph Votel, the current Centcom commander. “The fact this was unintentional, an unintentional action, takes it out of the realm of actually being a deliberate war crime against persons or protected locations,” the general insists. “That is the principal reason why we do not consider this to be a war crime.”

General Votel can consider whatever he likes, but he doesn’t get to re-write international humanitarian law on his own. Some war crimes do include specific intent — a charge of genocide, for instance, requires the perpetrator’s intention to destroy, in part or in whole, a racial, ethnic, religious, or other group. Other war crimes, however — including violating the Geneva Conventions — do not require that kind of specific intent. (Criminal law has a similar distinction. Some crimes, like assault or battery, are based on a particular action; a separate crime is committed when there is assault with intent to kill.)

In this case, the 4th Geneva Convention, Article 18, states unambiguously that “civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm and maternity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict.” Criminal negligence may be involved rather than criminal intent, but that would still be a crime.

Yet Army General John Campbell, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, insists, “The label ‘war crimes’ is typically reserved for intentional acts — intentionally targeting civilians or intentionallytargeting protected objects.”

“Typically” is a slippery word. One might conclude from Campbell’s words that U.S. military personnel right up the chain of command are indeed “typically” liable for war crimes when they, just for example, order the bombing of heavily populated cities to force regime change, or a drone attack on someone from the kill-or-capture list despite his nephew being at his side. But in fact U.S. military personnel are virtually never charged with war crimes.

And despite the years of brutal U.S. assaults launched in the name of the global war on terror, there is still nothing “typical” about an attack on a civilian hospital whose location was well known to the military, whose staff was desperately calling to try to stop the bombing, and who lost at least 14 doctors and other staff, 24 patients, and four caretakers in the attack. So regardless of whether it’s true — or acceptable — that “typical” war crimes involve specific intent, that is certainly not a requirement for determining what a war crime is.

On May 3, the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming member states’ obligations to protect hospitals, the sick, and the wounded in war zones. Given recent years’ escalation of attacks on hospitals and clinics — from Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza, to last year’s Kunduz bombing, and last week’s attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo, which killed at least 50 people — such a resolution is urgently needed.

Quite likely the devastating attack on the hospital at Kunduz was in fact a war crime. Possibly it wasn’t. But there’s no reason in the world for anyone to accept that an internal Pentagon investigation — in which almost all of the 3,000 page report remains classified — is somehow sufficient to determine the answer. An independent, international investigation is crucially required. Letting the Pentagon investigate itself simply isn’t good enough.

This piece was reprinted from Foreign Policy In Focus by RINF Alternative News with permission.

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The Zionists’ war on Corbyn: What you need to know

Jeremy Corbyn looking afar

By Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis

The knives are out for Jeremy Corbyn, the first leader of the British Labour Party not to subscribe to the imperious, hegemonic values that underpin the British state.

Corbyn has a long record of support for the Palestinian people and other justice causes. His landslide victory in the Labour Party’s leadership election in September 2015 was a humiliating defeat for the Zionist lobby, in the shape of the Labour Friends of Israel group, which up to that moment had been in complete control of Labour’s leadership. As Asa Winstanley put it, in an article in Electronic Intifada,

For career-minded, rising Labour MPs, joining Labour Friends of Israel was long seen as the place to be…

Under Blair, Jeremy Corbyn was a backbench MP, and a gadfly of the big business- and war-friendly clique that had captured Labour’s leadership. He voted against Blair’s party line hundreds of times.

The scale of Corbyn’s victory – almost 60 per cent of 422,664 voters – last summer put the right on the back foot.

So now they are resorting to ever more desperate tactics, blaming alleged “anti-Semitism” in the party on Corbyn’s leadership.

Media collusion

In an open, democratic society, it is the duty of the media to scrutinise and question politicians and others who hold positions of power, so that the public can make informed decisions.

However, Britain is a democracy in form only, not in substance. True, people go to the ballot box every few years to vote for the party of their choice in national and local elections. But many do so in ignorance, not so much informed as brainwashed and manipulated by right-wing media – some openly right wing while others, such as the Guardian and the Independent newspapers, disguising themselves as progressive liberals.

In the ongoing row over alleged “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party, no mainstream media outlet – no major newspaper or broadcaster, whether the BBC or Channel 4, the UK’s supposed public service broadcasters – has seriously challenged the accusations that have been levelled against members of parliament Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah or Labour councillors and ordinary party members up and down the country. Not one media outlet has bothered to do even the most basic research into the accusers and the accusations they are making.

Instead, it has been left to relatively small, independent online media, such as the Electronic Intifada and the Middle East Eye, and campaign groups, such as Jews for Justice for the Palestinians and the Jewish Socialists’ Group, to do what the mainstream media should have done: to challenge, scrutinise and correct the questionable information that has been put in the public domain.

Premeditated smear

In his article in the Electronic Intifada, Winstanley reminds us that smears of “anti-Semitism” against Corbyn started even before he was elected.

During his leadership campaign in the summer of 2015, the establishment media worked itself into a frenzy of anti-Corbyn hysteria, led more than any other paper by the liberal Guardian.

One of the recurring themes in this campaign was Corbyn’s long-standing support for Palestinian human rights.

Because of this, attempts were made to say outright, or to imply, that Corbyn was a secret anti-Semite, or that he associated with, or tolerated “notorious” anti-Semites.

Although these hit jobs gained some traction, they were soon debunked, and ultimately seemed to have little impact on the leadership election.

This dishonest theme is now being revisited, and the culprits are visible for anyone willing to see.

Key facts

Alex Chalmers

A key player in the campaign to smear pro-Palestinian activists in the Labour Party, Alex Chalmers falsified stories about “anti-Semitism” and hid his own affiliation to the pro-Israel lobby.

Alex Chalmers posing with failed Labour Party deputy leadership bidder Caroline Flint

Alex Chalmers posing with failed Labour Party deputy leadership bidder Caroline Flint

In a public Facebook posting in February, Chalmers, the co-chair of the Oxford University Labour Club, resigned his position over what he claimed was anti-Semitic behaviour in “a large proportion” of the student Labour club “and the student left in Oxford more generally.”

As “evidence”, he cited the club’s decision, in a majority vote, to endorse Oxford’s Israeli Apartheid Week, an annual awareness-raising exercise by student groups supporting Palestinian rights.

“This connection was clearly designed to smear Palestine solidarity activists as anti-Semites – a standard tactic of the Israel lobby,” Winstanley correctly notes in his Electronic Intifada article.

What Chalmers does not disclose is his affiliation to Britain’s Israel lobby.

Chalmers has worked for BICOM, the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre.

Funded by the billionaire Poju Zabludowicz, BICOM is a leading pro-Israel group in London.

Chalmers once listed an internship with BICOM on his LinkedIn profile, although the page was deleted some time in February.

The same day Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour Party, BICOM posted a tweet with the words: “Save your pitch fork for Corbyn.”

Chalmers has been accused of disseminating a false allegation that a left-wing Labour student at Oxford had organised people into a group to follow a Jewish student around campus calling her a “filthy Zionist”, and that he had been disciplined as a result.

However, as Winstanley points out, the accused student said she had reason to believe Chalmers may have been behind the dissemination of this smear.

Moreover, Paul Di Felice, the current acting principal of the Oxford college in question, confirmed to the Electronic Intifada the authenticity of a statement from its late principal denying all the allegations. “I have found no evidence of any allegations being made to the college about” the student “involving “anti-Semitism”, or indeed anything else, during his time at the college,” the statement read.

Jeremy Newmark

Another key “anti-Semitism” smear monger who has been at the heart of the witch hunt for Labour left wingers is Jeremy Newmark, the chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement.

Jeremy Newmark is the chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation

Jeremy Newmark is the chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation

The Jewish Labour Movement is affiliated to the UK Labour Party, the Israeli Labour Party and the World Zionist Organisation which, according to the UN, pumps millions into building in the occupied West Bank through its settlement division.

Newmark also worked as chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, an anti-Palestinian lobbying group behind numerous attacks on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

Wes Streeting

A right-wing Labour MP and Israel lobby stalwart, Wes Streeting has participated in Israeli government efforts to cast the Palestine solidarity movement as “evil”. He also featured on the radio, together with Newmark, where he claimed that Labour has “now got a problem” and that people think the party is “apathetic to “anti-Semitism”.

Wes Stressing is a loyal Israel stalwart

Wes Stressing is a loyal Israel stalwart

Streeting is a longstanding member of Progress, a right-wing faction within Labour which continues to support former Prime Minister and war crimes suspect Tony Blair.

In 2009, when Streeting was president of the National Union of Students, he attended an anti-BDS working group in occupied Jerusalem.

The visit was organised by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Louise Ellman

Louise Ellman, Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, is Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement and Vice-Chair of Labour Friends of Israel

Louise Ellman is a veteran rabid Zionist

Louise Ellman is a veteran rabid Zionist

She frequently appears on TV warning of Labour’s problem with “anti-Semitism”, without offering a shred of evidence.

In 2009, while the Gaza Strip was being destroyed by the Israeli Wehrmacht, she said at a pro-Israel rally: “We should stand together to stick up for Israel.” She said “nobody is entirely innocent” in Gaza, not even children.

A rabid warmonger, Ellman voted “very strongly for” the Iraq War, “very strongly against” an investigation into that war and “very strongly for” renewal of Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons programme.

The biggest enemies of Jewish people

Ironically, by conflating Israel and “the Jews”, the smear mongers mentioned above are in fact among the biggest enemies of the Jewish people. As Jamie Stern-Weiner says,

When Israel’s hated prime minister declares himself ‘representative of the entire Jewish people’; when Israel’s apologists cast wholly legitimate criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic; and when leading Jewish communal organisations take every opportunity to come out in support of Israeli war crimes – in short, when Israel and its supporters systematically blur the boundary between Israel and Jews – they cannot complain if some people take them at their word.

So, if you are genuinely against racism – all forms of racism, including anti-Jewish racism – now is the time to take a stand against these bigoted stooges and pimps of Zionism.

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