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Marianne Azizi
Brutal beating of Arab Man by 8 police in Tel Aviv
As one young man was senselessly attacked outside store, Israelis protest against racism by police

The video shown in the Channel 2 news article of the beating of a 19 year old youth

It was shot today outside the branch Super Yuda in Central Tel Aviv, near Rabin Square, beating a young man just because he was an Arab.  This has raised a storm in Israel.  A spontaneous demonstration was made by Israelis claiming this was not accidental, but incitement and racism.  Signs said “racism begins in the Government”, “police racism does not condemn ME”, “Solidarity against Racism”

Two police approached the man and asked him for his ID, followed quickly by 6 others who started to beat him up.  Cameras show the event.  A horrified crowd of onlookers watched with one elderly lady shouting at them to stop.  Kobi Cohen, the employer said it was unbelievable, they didn’t leave him for a minute.

The uncle of the youth in an interview with Channel 2 said “The police are supposed to enforce the law and protect civilians, but they are criminals.  They are destroying the social fabric of society built here for 68 years, our partnership and coexistence and will destroy us all.  This man is 19, he went to Tel Aviv to work and save money so next year he can go to school.  We do not know the severity of his injury and the trauma and how this will effect his future.  The police should give us confidence and this is what they are doing?”

Following the incident, MK Dov Henin from the Minister of Public Security – “we will ask for answers about what seems, on the face of it, a lynching in broad daylight, an attack of an innocent citizen by police just because he’s an Arab.” Henin added: “The problem is  much more widespread.   There is an evil wind of racism blowing through ministers and MKs of power, translated into an unbearable reality of violence. ”

Israeli police responded,  “The suspect refused to identify himself while cursing and attacking police officers and biting one of them, so they had to use force. Two of them were evacuated for medical treatment. In accordance with procedures, the material is sent to examine the PID”.

At the end of a discussion that lasted into the night, Judge at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court  decided there was no need to keep him in custody, and he could be released to house arrest at his parents Hura, provided they do not contact any of the parties involved in a fight. The young man was taken to hospital for investigation at the end discharged.

It is well known in Israel the police are brutal.  It is also non discriminatory.  Last week hundreds of protestors chanted ‘corruption, corruption’ against the State for the fase imprisonment of Roman Zadorov.  Moshe Feiglin, ex Knesset member said in his speech that half of the Knesset were afraid to speak out.  Other items on Channel 2 showed senseless brutal acts by police against citizens, Jew or Arab in a country increasingly becoming a Police State.  One Jewish man who wants to be anonymous told me he’d been arrested and beaten several times because his skin was dark.  Despite showing his ID, he was accused of stealing it and suffered horrendous brutality.

Tonight on the news it was announced that Mr. Netanyahu himself would be the subject of police investigation into allegations of false accounting on expenses.  The word on the street is the corruption is so deep in the police and prosecution it will be a waste of public money, and most agree he and his wife Sarah are widely known to have stolen enough public money already for ice cream, candles, furniture, water and travel.

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Nazi Jewish extremist arrested in Dawabsha murders case to be released in two weeks

Image result for Dawabsha family PHOTO

Nazi Jewish extremist arrested in the wake of a deadly arson attack that killed three members of the Palestinian Dawabsha family in the occupied West Bank last summer is to be released from Nazi custody, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Nazi regime prosecutors decided not to extend the administrative detention of Meir Ettinger — Nazi Gestapo Shin Bet’s leading suspect for the case — when his remand expires at the end of May.

Two Nazi suspects were indicted for murder for the incident in January, five months after suspects belonging to a Jewish Nazi terror organization set the home of the Dawabsha family ablaze, killing 18-month-old Ali Saad immediately.

The infant’s parents, Riham and Saad, later died from severe burns, leaving 4-year-old Ahmad Dawabsha the only surviving member of the family.

Ettinger, 23, was detained in August among several suspected Nazi Jewish extremists in raids following mounting outrage and calls for a crackdown on Jewish extremism in the wake of the arson attack.

He was allegedly detained “because of his activities in a Jewish extremist organization,”  Nazi Gestapo Shin Bet said at the time. Police said he was suspected of “nationalist crimes,” but did not accuse him of direct involvement in the attack in which the toddler died.

Ettinger was reportedly the brains behind a June 18 arson attack on a shrine in northern ‘Israel’ where Christians believe Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes, and wrote a “manifesto” calling for the destruction of the modern Nazi state of I$raHell.

Ettinger’s coming release was seen by many as emblematic of what activists and rights groups have called a culture of impunity for Jewish Nazi settlers and soldiers committing violent acts against Palestinians, while also providing a unique example of administrative detention being used against an Israeli.

He was among the first Jewish extremists to be held in administrative detention by Israel.

Nazi regime widely-condemned policy of administrative detention is almost exclusively used against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory, with numerous rights groups claiming it represents a grave violation of human rights and contravenes international law.

The policy allows the Nazi army to hold prisoners indefinitely without charging them or allowing them to stand trial, as Nazi authorities can renew a prisoner’s detention every three to six months without reason.

“Administrative detention and all other administrative steps taken by Israeli law enforcement are anti democratic and against all human rights — for Palestinian and Israeli suspects,” Gilad Grossman, spokesperson for the human rights group Yesh Din, toldMa’an on Tuesday.

“If there is evidence (Ettinger) was involved with the Duma case or any other criminal act, charges should have been filed and the court allowed to rule.”

Because administrative detainees are held under secret information and evidence that cannot be accessed by the detainees or their lawyers, any connection between Ettinger and the Duma case is purely speculative, Grossman noted.

Nazi regime decision not to conduct a transparent investigation into Ettinger’s suspected role the case is also indicative of the general lack of law enforcement in the occupied West Bank.

According to Yesh Din, over 85 percent of investigations into violence committed by Nazi Jewish settlers against Palestinians are closed without indictments and only 1.9 percent of complaints submitted by Palestinians against Nazi Jewish settler attacks result in a conviction.

According to Grossman, the dearth of adequate policing by Nazi army in the West Bank is largely due to lack of ability as well as willingness to address ideologically-motivated crimes against Palestinians.

Attacks by settlers are often carried out under the armed protection of Nazi forces who rarely make efforts to protect Palestinians from such attacks.

Over 500,000 Nazi live in Jewish-only settlements across occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank in violation of international law, with recent announcements of Nazi Jewish illegal settlement expansion provoking condemnation from the international community.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), there were a total of 221 reported Nazi Jewish settler attacks against Palestinians and their properties in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem in 2015.

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Nazi attacks mount on Palestinian fishers in Gaza



Two more Palestinian fishers were attacked and detained off the coast of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, 17 May, Ma’an News reported. Samih and Ibrahim Zayid were attacked by Nazi gunboat while fishing, ordered off the boat, and detained; their boat was towed to the Ashdod port.

This comes after the detention and boat confiscation of 10 Palestinian fishers on Sunday, 15 May. Two of the fishers, Khamis Baker and Hasan Madi, remained imprisoned while the other eight were released. Two more fishing boats were confiscated on Sunday. Another fishing boat was damaged and submerged by the gunboat’s attack; the damaged boat was later recovered by Palestinian fishers. Dozens of shells were fired at the fishers and their boats; the fishers were ordered to take off their clothes, jump into the water, and swim toward the gunboats.

While Nazi regime in April expanded the fishing zone designated for Palestinian fishermen to nine nautical miles in the southern Gaza Strip, and retained the six-mile zone in the north, fishermen regularly report detentions, live fire, and boat confiscation within these limits,” reported Ma’an.

According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Nazi forces detained 71 fishermen and confiscated 22 fishing boats throughout 2015, and opened fire on Palestinian fishermen at least 139 times over the course of the year.

PCHR noted that it “considers that attack as a grave violation of the fishermen’s right to sail and fish freely and to protect their property in the Gaza waters. Moreover, PCHR believes that such attacks against Palestinian fishermen constitute a form of collective punishment against them which aims to target fishermen and their livelihood. Furthermore, PCHR calls upon the international community to provide protection for Palestinian fishermen and their right to sail and fish freely, and to stop all forms of collective punishment against fishermen and their property which violate the international humanitarian law and the international human rights law.”

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees, a Palestinian grassroots organization, works with fishers and farmers in Palestine to defend their land and seas and their right to farm and fish in the face of occupation attacks. Saad al-Deen Ziadah of UAWC said that “Most of these attacks and violations occurred within the allowed fishing area by Nazi navy forces. These arrests are generally carried out under very intense situations – Nazi navy shooting bullets and shells at the fishermen and their boats. It has been recorded that the Nazi navy targets the outboard engine of the boats, which is the ‘soul of the boat’, as the fishers say.”

UAWC video on Palestinian fishers in Gaza:

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PLC member Abdel Jaber Fuqaha arrested by Nazi occupation forces in dawn raid



Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network 

Abdel Jaber Fuqaha, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, was attacked and arrested by Nazi occupation forces on Tuesday, 15 May, after a dawn raid by occupation forces on his home. Fuqaha, 49, who has been arrested several times and has spent years in Nazi camp, most frequently under administrative detention without charge or trial, is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council representing the Change and Reform Bloc, allied with Hamas.

After Fuqaha’s release in 2011 after 27 months of administrative detention, he was arrested again in 2012, and then again in June 2013. He was last released in April 2015. He has spent over six years in Nazi camp; he was beaten during his arrest and his home ransacked. He is one of seven members of the Palestinian Legislative Council currently imprisoned in Nazi camp, including prominent Palestinian leaders Ahmad Sa’adat, Marwan Barghouthi, Khalida Jarrar, and Hassan Yousef.

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Demolished Home In Wadi Joz , East Jerusalem


Image result for ISRAELI Demolished Home CARTOON

Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine – The 14 members of Abu Sadam’s family remain homeless after their home was destroyed by the Nazi Army in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the Hizbet area of Wadi Joz, Jerusalem.

The family are calling for solidarity and support and would welcome visitors to join them.

If you want to help please contact:

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Nazi regime return bodies of brother and sister shot dead at Qalandiya


Nazi on Monday morning returned the bodies of Maram Salih Hassan Abu Ismail and her brother Ibrahim who were shot dead by Nazi Jewish Gestapo at the Qalandiya military checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah in the occupied West Bank on April 27.

Sources in the Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee told Ma’an the bodies were returned at Ofer Nazi detention camp, which is illegally built on private Palestinian lands in the towns of Beituniya and Rafat. Only ambulances were allowed to enter the detention center and bring the bodies.

Maram, a pregnant mother of two, and her teenage brother Ibrahim were shot and killed at the notorious Qalandiya Nazi checkpoint last month, after they allegedly threw a knife in the direction of Nazi forces.

However, witnesses at the scene said the two siblings posed no threat at the time the Nazi officer killed them, as they mistakenly entered the wrong part of the checkpoint and did not understand Nazi soldiers speaking to them in Hebrew.

Nazi Justice Ministry’s police investigation into the killings was dropped after it was revealed a privately contracted security guard had killed Maram and Ibrahim, rather than a police officer as had previously been thought.

The funeral procession started from the Palestinian Medical Complex towards the siblings’ home town of Qatuna, where thousands were waiting to receive the bodies, which were taken to their family’s home before being buried in the town cemetery.

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi offers to change stance on the Nazi regime


Saudi Zio-Wahhabi and its allies have asked the Nazi regime to resume Middle East negotiations under new terms which include changes to Riyadh’s “peace” initiative, Zionist media reports say.

The kingdom, its Persian Gulf allies, Jordan and Egypt have been sending messages to the Nazi regime through various emissaries, including former British PM Tony Blair, the Zionist newspaper Arutz Sheva reported.

“They are expecting to receive from Israel a response and are also expecting Israel to make gestures toward the Palestinians”  in the West Bank, the paper said.

The Saudi “peace” initiative, unveiled in 2002, offers to normalize ties with the illegal Nazi regime by 22 Arab countries in return for Nazi regime of Tel Aviv’s withdrawal from the illegally occupied West Bank.

Nazi regime has rejected the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi initiative due to the fact that it calls for ‘Israel’ to accept the right of return for the Palestinians who were forced to flee their homes under the Nazi occupation.

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime and its allies are now prepared to discuss changes to the initiative in order to resume talks between the Nazi regime and the Palestinian Authority, Zionist Channel 10 News revealed.

The daily Zionist Maariv revealed earlier this month that the Nazi regime would present a bill to the Knesset in the coming weeks, calling for the annexation of 60% of the West Bank.

According to the paper, preliminary talks have been held to annex Area C of the West Bank where more than 350,000 illegal Nazi Jewish settlers are based.

Nevertheless, there is a desire among the leadership of the Arab countries in the region to change their attitude towards the Nazi regime and to start taking an active mediating role, Channel 10 reported, citing diplomatic sources.

The report comes days after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi urged the Nazi and Palestinians to seize what he said was a “real opportunity” and renew “peace” talks.

Most extremist cabinet in the works

PM Benjamin Netanyahu, however, is set to form the most extremist cabinet in Nazi history after revealing his intention to name notorious politician Avigdor Lieberman as the new minister of military affairs.

Palestinians have denounced the planned appointment, saying the decision showed Nazi was intent on spreading extremism and expanding illegal settlements.

As the minister of military affairs, Lieberman would oversee military operations in the Palestinian territories and have a major say in policy towards the settlements.

Nazi Lieberman himself lives in a settlement which the international community considers illegal and persistent expansion of the Nazi Jewish settler units as one of the biggest causes of the escalating tensions.

He has called on the Nazi regime to treat Palestinian resistance movement Hamas the same way as the United States treated “the Japanese in World War II.”

Nazi-Saudi links

On Saturday, an Zionist website said the “nightmare” of those critical of the new Nazi cabinet “is if Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, along with Netanyahu and Lieberman, will sit on the same podium and sign a cooperation agreement.”

“But this is a reality that is happening every day, not just wishful thinking,”  the Nazi military intelligence website Debkafile wrote.

Last month, a well-connected former general in the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi military said the kingdom would open an embassy in the Nazi state if  accepted the Saudi initiative to end the Middle East conflict.

Zio-Wahhabi Anwar Eshki was asked during an Al Jazeera interview how long it would be before Riyadh opened an embassy in the Nazi state.

“You can ask Mr. Netanyahu,” Eshki replied, referring to Nazi Prime Minister Naziyahu, the Jerusalem Post reported on its website.

“If he announces that he accepts the initiative and gives all rights to Palestinians, Saudi Arabia will start to make an embassy in Tel Aviv,” Eshki said.

Zio-Wahhabi Eshki met publicly in June with Dore Gold just before the latter was appointed director-general of the Nazi foreign ministry. Gold said then Nazi regime had contacts with “almost every Arab state.”

In the interview, Zio-Wahhabi Eshki said the Saudis are not interested in “Israel becoming isolated in the region.”

In March, Naziyahu said ‘Israel’s’ relations with regional Arab countries were “dramatically warming” in what analysts said was an acknowledgement of behind-the-scenes ties.

Moshe Ya’alon, Nazi minister of military affairs who resigned on Friday, pointed to open channels between the regime and Arab states in February.

Nazi Ya’alon said he was unable to shake hands with Arab officials in public due to the “sensitive” political realities, however, the two sides  “can meet in closed rooms.”

Nazi minister later publicly shook the hand of Saudi Zio-Wahhabi Turki bin Faisal al-Saud, who himself has openly met with a number of Nazi officials in the past.

Nazi training Saudi Zio-Wahhabi forces: Hezbollah 

Sheikh Naim Qassem, deputy secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, said in April that the Nazi regime was training Zio-Wahhabi military forces under the framework of clandestine relations.

Dozens of Zio-Wahhabi military officers were being trained following secret contacts that led to military cooperation, he said.

“The Saudis are currently fulfilling the cycle of the Israeli project in public and secret meetings,” he added.

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Academics call for boycott of genocide conference in ‘Israel’


The Israeli Prime Minister lashed out at Iran for staging a second Holocaust-themed cartoon contest that mocked the Nazi genocide of 6 million Jews. Pictured: A cartoon from 2016 competition 

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel | May 23, 2016

In a letter to the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS), 270 academics from 19 countries have called for the cancellation of the 5th Global Conference on Genocide taking place on 26-29 June at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The letter sent to the organizers of the conference on the 3rd of May points at the hypocrisy of having the conference in Israel at a time when Israel’s actions are “increasingly being viewed through lenses of ethnic cleansing and genocide linked to settler colonialism”. The signatories call on scholars and professionals to boycott the conference should it go ahead.

John Dugard, former UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in the OPT and a signatory to the letter, commented: “There are serious allegations that Israel committed crimes against humanity in its 2014 assault on Gaza. In these circumstances it is highly inappropriate to hold a conference on Genocide in Israel.”

Citing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, the letter expresses shock “that INoGS plans to hold its 2016 Global Conference at the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University that is partially built on stolen Palestinian land in occupied East Jerusalem”. The INoGS conference website bills Jerusalem as part of Israel, defying international consensus on the issue and ignoring Israel’s ongoing and systematic campaign of displacement of Palestinians from the city.

According to Professor John Docker, who has written extensively in the fields of genocide and massacre studies, “Genocide studies is now, it seems clear, actively seeking opportunities to be complicit in Israel’s flouting of international law, not least the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

INoGS did not respond to the joint letter and it had ignored an earlier appeal by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).

Dr. Haidar Eid, a member of PACBI, said: “I am an academic living in besieged Gaza. I have witnessed three massacres committed by Israel, I almost lost my own life and saw my comrades, colleagues, relatives, and students perish in them. I have read with agony the names of 44 of our students and colleagues who lost their lives and 66 families wiped out by Israeli weapons. INoGS is lending its name to the perpetrators of these crimes in a move that is not unlike holding a conference on racism in apartheid South Africa.”

The conference is sponsored by five Israeli academic institutions, including the Hebrew University, which have been deeply complicit in Israel’s decades-long oppression of Palestinians. Thousands of academics in the UK, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, US and Brazil have signed national pledges to boycott Israeli academic institutions. The pledges are part of a growing movement to hold Israeli universities accountable to their role in systematic Israeli state violence against the Palestinian people.

The joint letter remains open for endorsements at the following link.

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AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 12-18 May 2016

Occupation Captured

Laser Intrusion

Pictured here:  An Israeli border Police man shines the laser from his gun into the windows of Palestinian homes—even when it is clear there are children by the window—during a late night version of ‘the settler tour.’ This settler tour constitutes an obnoxious show of force, power and control as dozens of settlers ‘tour’ the streets of the Old City of Hebron, flanked by dozens of Israeli soldiers and Border Police.

Scattering Children

Pictured here:  Palestinian children run and scatter as an Israeli Border Policeman aims his gun at a handful of children who threw stones at checkpoints they must pass through. Hundreds of children have been heading to school through these checkpoints to sit their end of year exams this week. Israeli Border crossed the checkpoint into the heart of the Palestinian neighbourhood of Qitoun and aimed their guns at the children, scattering all of those attempting to access their right to education.

Taking a Stroll

Pictured here: A Palestinian girl walks to school behind a platoon of Israeli soldiers who had walked through Qitoun checkpoint to patrol the Palestinian neighbourhoods of Qitoun and Abu Sneineh, with the safety catches on their assault rifles off.


Teargas Training

Pictured here: An Israeli Border Policeman, training another in how to fire teargas, helps load a teargas gun. After this, the trainee fired six potent canisters at children en route to school, after a handful of boys threw stones. The hundreds of children in the area affected by the gas were heading to to their end of year exams. This image was taken as CPTers were standing with a Palestinian girl who began to cry out of fear, and due to her anxiety about being late for her exams.


Freedom Detained

Pictured here:  During the ‘settler tour,’ in which settlers and soldiers march through the streets of the Old City of Hebron, Israeli soldiers detain and restrict Palestinians on the streets until the group has passed through. Here, four Palestinian men are detained by Israeli Border Police, even after the settlers and their visitors had walked past.

The Waiting Game

Pictured here: Three Palestinian men are detained arbitrarily by Israeli Border Police. We place this image immediately after the one above intentionally to indicate the frequency with which Palestinians are detained on the streets as they attempt to go about their lives.

Smiling Against the Odds

Pictured here: Palestinian schoolboys smile as they head to school for their end of year exams. As they were doing so, Israeli Border Police checked Palestinian cars, without search warrants, and had been aiming their guns at children, as pictured above in this photo essay. If their exam was in resilience, these boys would pass with flying colours.


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Gaza Despair, Nazi Culpability, Unfit to Print in The NY Times

Gaza Despair, Israeli Culpability, Unfit to Print in The NY Times


By Barbara Erickson | 

Gaza made the front page of The New York Times recently, with an article highlighting the fears of residents who suspect Hamas of building tunnels under and near their homes. The topic was ready-made for the newspaper, fitting perfectly into the Israeli (andTimes) spin on the besieged enclave.

According to the accepted narrative, the problems in Gaza are due to Hamas, and Israel is free from blame. Thus we find the tunnel story played prominently on the front page under the headline “As Hamas Tunnels Back Into Israel, Palestinians Are Afraid, Too.”

There is much cause for despair in Gaza—fishermen and farmers come under attack, drinking water is ever more scarce, patients are desperate for adequate medical care—but the Times has failed to highlight any of these issues, which are so clearly due to Israeli actions and policies.

The official Israeli line is that Hamas oppresses the residents under its control, and Israeli political leaders use this charge to help justify their airstrikes on Hamas sites and other actions, such as restrictions on the delivery of building materials to Gaza. The Timeshas been a willing partner in this effort.

So it is no surprise when the newspaper informs us that Hamas has rebuilt many of the tunnels it used during the assaults on Gaza in the summer of 2014, and this is causing anxiety for some Gaza residents who live near signs of underground construction work. They fear that Israel will bomb their neighborhoods to destroy the tunnels.

The story is just what the Israeli army press office ordered, and the Times willingly promotes this propaganda effort even as it shows little interest in even more urgent concerns that plague the residents of the strip. It had nothing to say, for instance, when Israel arrested 20 Gaza fishermen over less than a week this month and confiscated seven of their boats (here and here) even though they were fishing within the approved limit set by Israel.

Israeli harassment of the beleaguered fishermen has been a constant over the years: According to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Israeli forces detained 71 fishermen and confiscated 22 fishing boats in 2015, firing on fishing boats at least 139 times, wounding 24 fishermen and damaging 16 boats. The attacks have continued without letup this year.

The Times, however, has almost totally ignored the subject. The paper took notice briefly last month, when Israel announced new rules allowing Gaza boats to sail farther out to sea, and the story most certainly made the grade because it was a chance to show Israel in a benevolent light. The Times has been silent on the issue ever since.

Farmers with land near the border fence also face frequent attacks by Israeli soldiers who fire live ammunition at workers tending their fields, and Israel has destroyed crops and farm buildings, spraying fields of spinach and peas with herbicides and leveling land with bulldozers.

The Times has failed to report these incursions as well, although the United Nations documents them in weekly reports, and other news sources routinely tell of the assaults.

According to the UN, as of May 16, the Israeli military had made 30 incursions into Gaza this year. Its forces entered the enclave at least 56 times during 2015. These mini invasions—which include tanks, bulldozers and live fire—are breaches of the truce agreement made to end hostilities in 2014, but the Times has not seen fit to report them.

Instead, the newspaper prefers to raise the alarm about possible attacks from Gaza via the tunnels, ignoring the relevant context: the frequent shootings and other assaults by Israeli forces and the nine-year blockade, which finds not a single mention in the tunnel article.

Israel blocks the entry of needed medical supplies into Gaza, denies doctors the right to upgrade their skills in foreign countries and prevents many patients from leaving the enclave to receive the treatment they need. It has destroyed electrical equipment, wells and water treatment plants, and the lack of potable water has reached such a critical stage that only some 5 percent of the water in Gaza is safe to drink.

The Times, however, has shown no interest in exploring these crucial issues. It follows a prescribed narrative in deflecting blame from Israel and demonizing Hamas. The tunnel story fit this bill and thus merited a prime placement on page 1 above the fold.

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