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Zio-Wahhabi King Sanctioned Chemical Weapons Use in Syria


 Saudi Chemical Weapons in Syria 97c0b

The King of Saudi Arabia is the only absolute monarch on earth. In his country, you are either the King, or related to the Royal family, or you are nobody. Residents have no freedom, democracy or human rights. They are renowned as the world’s chief exporter of a political ideology known globally as Wahhabi Islam.  There is no covert or public action taken in Saudi Arabia without the express sanction of the King, and/or the Royal family.  Saudi civilians or officials are not allowed to act on their own. Chemicals uncovered in Syria are Saudi made, and used against Syrian civilians by the Radical terrorists who are fighting the Syrian government.

The US is complicit in the Saudi project of using the Takfiris to overthrow the Syrian government. Not once did the US do anything to pressure its ally Saudi Arabia to cut off the channels of arms and chemical weapons.

Summer of 2012:  Jordan’s financial dependence on Saudi Arabia led to the establishment of an operations center in Jordan, including an airstrip and warehouses for arms.  Saudi-procured AK-47s and ammunition arrived, Wall Street Journal reported, citing Arab officials.

Zahran Alloush, the late commander of Jaysh al-Islam (Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s personal brigade in Syria) was one of the terrorists who had close relationship with Saudi intelligence services.  Alloush was an expert in rocket attacks, and he bought 500 kilos sarin gas and cyanide, with an officer named Ayhan in the Turkish intelligence agency, from one of the countries of the Caucasus and an Eastern European country.  He transferred these chemicals through Turkey into Syria. Saudi officials paid the cost of buying toxic gases through the local staff of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, to the sellers of toxic gases account. The chemical gases were transferred to Turkey and Lebanon.  The four cargoes came under the guise of petrochemicals into Syria. One cargo from Turkey and three others from North Lebanon were transferred with the help of a political character associated with Saudi Arabia.

December 2012:  CNN reported that the US military was training anti-government fighters with the securing and handling of chemical weapons. The Destructive Wind Chemical Battalion threatened to use nerve gas and released a video where they killed rabbits as a demonstration of what they planned on doing in Syria.

March 19, 2013: Chemical weapons attacks were reported near Syria’s two main cities: the Khan al-Assel village west of Aleppo, and the Damascus suburb of al-Atebeh.  At least 31 civilians died from inhaling the gas used, livestock were also killed at Khan al-Assel, additionally a number of Syrian Arab Army soldiers guarding the village died.  This was widely viewed as a revenge attack on the large village because the terrorists had attacked them previously and the civilians and soldiers had fought back to repel the terrorists.

March 20, 2013:  The Syrian government requested the United Nations conduct an investigation of the attack on Khan al-Assel.

March 21, 2013: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad submitted a written letter to the United Nations demanding an independent investigation into the chemical attack. The same day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the United Nations would conduct an investigation on the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria, in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

May, 2013:  Carla del Ponte, a U.N. commissioner on Syria, concluded that the rebels, not Assad, were probably responsible. The Financial Times reported that Saudi Arabia has emerged as the main group to finance and arm the terrorists.

May 30, 2013: The Turkish government stated that they have found sarin gas in the home of Radical terrorists connected to Syria.  Turkish security forces found a 2kg cylinder with sarin gas. The owners of the home were members of Jibhat Al-Nusra, a terrorist group supported by Saudi Arabia.

June 13, 2013: The Obama Administration announced their conclusion that Syrian government forces have used chemical weapons against rebel forces.  Because of this, they decided to begin supplying the Syrian “rebels” with small arms and ammunition for the first time. The U.S. government reached their conclusion after the C.I.A. acquired blood, urine, and hair samples from two Syrian “rebels” who were in a firefight with Syrian government forces in mid-March near Damascus. The samples contained evidence that the soldiers were exposed to sarin gas.  The US report did not prove where those terrorists had been originally exposed to the sarin gas.

July 22, 2013:  The terrorists attacked Khan Al-Assal and killed all the witnesses of the previous chemical attack as part of a cover-up.

August 4, 2013:  Radical terrorists entered a small village named Ballouta, near Latakia, Syria and very near the terrorist enclave of Selma on the Turkish border.  They massacred 220 unarmed civilians in their own homes.  They kidnapped 100 very young children with a few older girls.  They kept them in an underground basement in Selma for over 9 months, when they released 44 of the 100 kidnap victims on May 7, 2014. Nothing more is known about the fate of the remaining children.

August 18, 2013: U.N. chemical weapons experts arrived in Damascus to begin an investigation at Khan al-Assal and two other locations.

August 17 and 19, 2013: According to the French newspaper Le Figaro, two brigades of terrorists that were trained by the Saudis, and the Jordanians crossed from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan into Syria to launch an assault.

August 21, 2013:  Videos and reports begin to emerge of an alleged large-scale chemical weapons attack near Damascus.  All four videos were posted by YouTube user HAMMORIAFOREVER. These clips allegedly show a number of men and women lying dead on the floor, some with foam on their mouths. Some people appear to be suffering, with other attempting to help them. Another video shows a young child victim of the alleged attack, staring blankly at the ceiling and shaking uncontrollably among a group of other deceased-looking children.

Almost immediately, the parents and relatives of some of the 100 small children kidnapped at Ballouta on August 4, 2013 begin to recognize the faces in the new videos shown non-stop on global TV media. They begin to contact officials and humanitarian activists, such as Mother Agnes Miriam.

August 21, 2013: Syrian opposition activists claimed that a large-scale chemical weapons attack occurred at the suburbs of Damascus, the East Ghouta region.

August 26, 2013:  Syrian President Bashar Assad announced that his army did not use chemical weapons in the August 21 attack in East Ghouta, near Damascus.  Pres. Assad felt the claims of his use of chemical weapons were politically motivated.  A convoy transporting the UN investigation team of chemical weapons was attacked by snipers in Syria.  This was the team requested by the Syrian President, who had arrived just 2 days prior, to investigate the terrorist’s use of chemicals in Khan al-Assel earlier in March.

The BBC Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, queried why the Syrian government would want to use such weapons at a time when UN inspectors arrived, and the military had been doing well in the area around Damascus.

August 29, 2013: The British Parliament voted against supporting military action in Syria.  This is now cited by Sec. of State John Kerry as the reason US plans to attack Syria in Sept. 2013 could not have been carried out.

August 29, 2013: Yahya Ababneh, a reporter on the ground in East Ghouta, collected the testimonies of witnesses who said certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the gas attack.  The Mint Press News report, which was contributed to by Dale Gavlak, quotes a female insurgent fighter who makes the link to Saudi Arabia clear. She says that those who provided them with weapons didn’t tell them what these arms were or how to use them, and that they didn’t know they were chemical weapons. “When Saudi Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people, he must give them to those who know how to handle and use them,” she is quoted.  Abdel-Moneim said his son and 12 other rebels were killed inside a tunnel used to store weapons provided by a Saudi militant, known as Abu Ayesha, who was leading a fighting battalion. The father described the weapons as having a tube-like structure while others were like a huge gas bottle.

“We were very curious about these arms. And unfortunately, some of the fighters handled the weapons improperly and set off the explosions,” a well-known terrorist leader in East Ghouta who uses the initial “J” said. More than a dozen terrorists interviewed reported that their salaries came from the Saudi government. Rebels interviewed said Prince Bandar is referred to as al-Habib, which is a term of endearment in Arabic, by terrorists in Syria. Al-Nusra Front, have acknowledged that the weapons were imported by Saudi militant, a field commander. The Saudi militant told them Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi intelligence chief, provided these Chemical Weapons.

The U.K. Daily Telegraph exposed secret Russian-Saudi talks in which Saudi Royal Prince Bandar offered Russian President Vladimir Putin cheap oil in exchange for toppling Pres. Assad.

September 16, 2013:  UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon delivered a report on the UN investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The report concluded that chemical weapons were used on August 21 on a relatively large scale, and that the victims included civilians. The report cited evidence of the nerve agent sarin both in the environment and present in victims of the attack.  The report did not state who used the chemical weapons.

Oct. 4, 2013:  Russian diplomatic sources have told a Russian news agency, “Based on data from a number of sources a picture can be pieced together. The criminal provocation in Eastern Ghouta was done by a black op team that the Saudi’s sent through Jordan and which acted with support of the Liwa Al-Islam group,” a source in the diplomatic circles told Interfax.  Liwa Al-Islam is an Takfiri armed group operating near Damascus headed by the son of a Saudi-based Salafi cleric.

April 11, 2014: Reports emerged of an attack using chlorine-gas bombs in Kafr Zita, a village in northwestern Syria.

April 17, 2014: “The Red Line and the Rat Line” by Seymour M. Hersh is published by London Review of Books.  The veteran investigative journalist presents a compelling case of why the sarin attack in East Ghouta may have been carried out in order to force Pres. Obama into military intervention in Syria.

June 17, 2014: The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fact finding mission in Syria to investigate the use of chlorine gas concluded that it was used in earlier attacks.  However, OPCW did not assign blame for the attacks.

September 2015:  Russia intervened forcefully in Syria.

Apil 9, 2016:  “Turkey And Saudi Arabia Setup Chemical Weapons Facilities On The Syrian Border” was the breaking story on Investment Watch blog.

August 25, 2016:Saudi Arabia attacked civilians in Sana’a,  Yemen  with chemical weapons, killing and injuring a number of people in the capital city’s Ninth district, according to a Yemeni military source. Major General Abdel Sattar al-Sa’deh told FNA on Monday: “A number of Yemeni people have been killed as a result of inhaling poisonous gases in the chemical attack”.

November 11, 2016: Russian Defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov stated that experts had found unexploded ordnance and fragments of munitions that contained chlorine and white phosphorus in the southwestern outskirts of Aleppo, proving terrorists used chemical weapons.

December 6, 2016: CNN reporter, Fred Pleitgen, on the ground in East Aleppo observed and filmed chemicals, formerly in the control of terrorists. This was aired on the Amanpour show.   The chemical weapons facility was in the former elementary school Sana’a Mehaidali , located in Masaken Hanano, which had been a terrorists controlled area.

January 11, 2017: The Syrian Arab Army discovered Saudi-produced chemical weapons agents which were left behind by terrorists who had left East Aleppo.  Sulfur, chlorine and raw materials used for plastic granules were among the Saudi substances discovered in the Old City section of Aleppo.  These had been used to target residential neighborhoods in Western Aleppo, including schools, hospitals and homes.  The bags filled with the chemicals were labeled made by a Saudi company named “Sachlo” that is based in Riyadh.

The terrorists fighting inside Syria have a track record of using chemical weapons.  However, those chemicals were not supplied or sanctioned by the US.  It was the Saudi government, headed by the King of Saudi Arabia, who sanctioned the use of chemical weapons.  Regardless of which King is sitting in Riyadh, they all have the same policy, that of exporting Wahhabism, and since March 2011 they have been focused on regime change in Syria.   Regime change in Syria was a common interest shared by USA and its ally Saudi Arabia.  However, the weaker of the two became the dominate force in the fighting on the ground, and USA ended up having to sit on the sidelines watching the bloodbath in Syria.  By December 2016 it was Saudi Arabia calling the shots with the anti-Assad terrorists.  The Obama administration had allowed its policy in Syria to be determined primarily by the ambitions of Saudi Arabia to overthrow Pres. Assad.

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Moderate death squads: Conversations with former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford

Robert Ford c00c7

Former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford has a career path that lends itself to speculation as to how big a role he has played in the creation of the US NATO alliance death squads that have been marauding across Syria.  While he trumpets his sympathy for the Syrian people from the rooftops, he, undeniably, was one of the architects of the destabilization of Syria and the suffering of its people at the hands of the “moderate rebels” he trained in the art of death by proxy.  Ford, himself is on record as admitting that he knew full well that the “moderates” he trained and nurtured ran with the hounds from hell, ISIS and Al Nusra aka Al Qaeda.

Tweets bdeb9

US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, who worked closely with Okaidi, himself admitted to giving material support to ISIS and al-Nusra, stating that he “absolutely does not deny” knowing that most of the rebels he backed fought alongside ISIS and al-Nusra ~Steve Chovanec for Mint Press News

Okaidi of course is the senior FSA commander, cultivated by Ford during the birth of the war on Syria.  Okaidi was caught on camera, brazenly allying himself with Al Nusra and filmed alongside ISIS Emir Abu Jandal celebrating an ISIS victory with the full throated cry of death to the Alawites.

“My relationship with the brothers in ISIL is good … I communicate almost daily with brothers in ISIL … the relationship is good, even brotherly.” ~ Okaidi

Ford 7f841

My previous conversations with Ford have been published by various alternative media outlets and on my blog.

Disseminating Fake Information: Conversations with State Department Propagandist Robert S. Ford, Former US Ambassador to Syria

Ford’s credentials as a fomenter of sectarian division and facilitator of “regime change” forces inside target nations goes way back and is well documented. When this was mentioned during a twitter exchange, Ford took umbrage and engaged me, again, on private message.   Ford was keen to refute the accusations levied against him and his former colleague, John Negroponte.  Negroponte is notorious for his “Salvador Option”, the creation of death squads in Honduras to assassinate resistance to the US supported regime. Ford and Negroponte worked side by side in Iraq.  Ford was Political Counsellor during Negroponte’s tenure as US Ambassador to Iraq 2004/5.  During this time there is significant evidence of the death squad blueprint being re-deployed in order to suppress, torture and massacre opponents of the US regime change operations.

Whilst Ford challenged me to find evidence to support these accusations, I do feel there is a mountain of extremely well researched analysis available to verify his nefarious role in opposition make-overs & to suggest it was no coincidence that he was posted to Damascus in 2011 as the rumblings of “popular” dissent started to creep into the Western media headlines.

Therefore, currently, I am only publishing the conversation relevant to Syria.

The following is the conversation that ensued:

FORD:  Vanessa, since you like to publish our correspondence (I’ll ignore your ethical violations in publishing something without warning me in advance last time), please publish this as well: these accusations {referring to the Iraq death squads} are totally false. Reports don’t even get my title right from 2004 – 2006 when I was the political counsellor which is not the #2 in an embassy.

BEELEY:  My ethical violations? I don’t even know where to begin with the US violations and yours as their representative.  You publish on a public forum, you know the risks as we all do. Those accusations are not only made by one or two media outlets. They are widely available on the web, if you like I can compile a list for you.

FORD:  One person exchanging messages with another via social media doesn’t relieve the author of an article from the ethical requirement as an author of informing the other person in the exchange that the author is going to publish. New York Times, Washington Post, European Press, Foreign Policy blogs, etc all operate that way. I will give you credit for publishing my remarks in full. I won’t give you credit for telling me in advance that you were going to publish them.

Oh, and 2 other things:

  1. if Bashar Jaaferi is your idea of a real diplomat, then I just want to ask if you think it ok that he denied that there was any starvation in Syria
  2. As for the number of people in the 2 towns [Kafarya & Foua], I used UN figures. If the “chief surgeon” has better numbers, well, that may be true but who is he, exactly, where does he work, how would he have access to figures (does he count the 23,000 individuals personally or does he get his figures from a third source) and how reliable is he ? UN isn’t perfect but it works through networks on the ground in Syria.

BEELEY:  Ambassador Al Jaafari made it quite clear to the UN that in reality, the US “regime change” coalition, comprising US NATO GCC & Israel are besieging 23 million people in Syria.

It is your hell hounds that you are responsible for unleashing upon the Syrian people who are wreaking bloodshed and devastation among the Syrian people. The Chief Surgeon is in Kafarya and Foua, he is responsible for the care and health of ALL civilians in both villages and his family has lived there for generations. Frankly I would put greater faith in his information than any of your already monumentally discredited information sources that we know to be regime change partisans cultivated by the US and your allies.

Why is it so easy for me to get hold of accurate information and yet the UN fails to do so time and time again. Why could the UN have tea with Ahrar al Sham terrorists in Madaya yet claim they are fearful to pass the AS checkpoints leading into Kafarya and Foua. Double standards.

Today, civilian homes were shelled in Kafarya and Foua, so your “moderate rebels” have never respected any semblance of a ceasefire. Why are Kafarya and Foua never reported upon? Why are their lives worth less than those that serve your propaganda?

Had you been listening, Dr Al Jaafari went on to explain that there are 2 categories of Terrorist siege.

1. Where the terrorists surround a town or village and cut off supply while bombarding civilians with lethal hell cannon.

2. Where terrorists are occupying a town or area and stockpiling food and humanitarian supplies, deliberately starving civilians either for propaganda purposes or to punish them for their loyalty to Syria, the Syrian Arab Army and their elected government.

FORD:  You didn’t answer my question about the Chief Surgeon. How do we know his data is more accurate than the UN’s ? On what grounds ? UN collects requests for food packets/medicine for the number of people. As for shelling, I have long denounced shelling of any civilians (which, by the way, you have not yet). I was not aware there is a ceasefire at Kafarya and Foua ? Is there a ceasefire at Madaya ? Daraya ? I don’t have a list of ceasefires in force – do you ? If so, I’d like to see it, and yes, that is a genuine question.

Yes, armed opposition and Al Nusra terrorists have blocked aid access at Kafraya and Fuaa, and they also blocked access to Zahra & Nubl (although latter 2 still had access through Afrin). These all were illegal but Syrian government is doing exactly the same, and on larger scale by far, according to UN and international aid organizations on the ground. If Syrian opposition calls the UN a regime apologist, well, the Syrian opposition doesn’t think of the UN the same way that you do. I won’t excuse fighters deliberately starving people in districts under siege (and I’ve seen accusations that they do but no evidence).

In any case, it still wouldn’t excuse the Syrian government from blocking aid access, per international humanitarian law – and UN Security Council resolutions.  Jaaferi denying that there was starvation in besieged towns shows his government’s lack of credibility.

BEELEY:  If you have what is equivalent to the Mayor of a community would you not expect them to have the most up to date figures. Considering the UN abject failure to enter Kafarya and Foua during the siege they cannot be considered a reliable data bank either on civilian numbers or on the situation in these villages. I can direct you to 2 excellent articles written by Eva Bartlett who has been to Syria on numerous occasions: They are worth reading as they will give a far more comprehensive view of the appalling conditions being endured by Kafarya and Foua, that is never covered by mainstream media.

Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya: Two Northwestern Syrian Villages Under Siege and Assault by NATO’s Terrorists

You talk about the Syrian government [nice to see the government legitimized] not allowing humanitarian aid through into terrorist occupied areas. Why then, did the Red Cross Spokesperson make a very clear public statement early January, clearly saying that they have NO problem entering Syrian Government held areas to distribute humanitarian aid with the obvious exception of Deir Ezzor.

Contrarily they are NEVER able to enter terrorist held areas in order to deliver aid, food and medical supplies. Dr Al Jaafari made the very clear claim that the UN had, itself, delayed delivery of aid to Madaya due to “logistical problems”.

As I have said before, Dr Al Jaafari did not deny there was starvation in Syria, he made the very salient point that the starvation is a result of crippling sanctions imposed by the US coalition, the infrastructure destruction carried out by the US coalition bombing raids that successfully wiped out water plants, power plants and other essential civilian infrastructure thus exacerbating the misery of the Syrian people as you have done previously in Libya and Iraq.

Dr Al Jaafari mentioned the cynical banditry of Turkey who have dismantled 1441 factories in Aleppo and transported them to Turkey, here is a quote from an Aleppo citizen detailing this theft and the debilitating effect it had upon the Syrian people:

“My brother saw his once rich and wealthy friend selling small items [plastics, gums, ..etc] on the street in front of a mosque, and he didn’t believe it. The friend told him that he lost everything, and he has a family to feed and needs to put food on the table. Turkey dismantled and stole his factory. His land has been burned, his properties have been either damaged or stolen, and he was bankrupt in no time at all. Each day, there is new story, real tragedies, that reach my ears and heart. All of a sudden, everything ended and people’s worlds collapsed around them. One $8 million factory was dismantled and stolen by Turkey. The owner had a stroke and died because of such losses. Aleppo’s industry has been torn apart and stolen by Turkey.”  ~ Aleppo, a City Ravaged by Islamic State & Imperialism

None of this is accounted for and none of this is recognised as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty, as it should be under your much cited International Law. So where is the duplicity in Dr Al Jaafari’s statement?

My response regarding the denouncement of the shelling of citizens. I have never ceased denouncing the shelling of civilians across Syria by your “moderate rebels” who liberally rain death down upon the Syrian people with their crude, indiscriminate and lethal hell cannon, mortars and rockets. Again I can send you a plethora of reports from Syrian civilians in Homs, Aleppo, Damascus and throughout Syria describing the horror of mortar and rocket attacks from US alliance armed, funded and supported terror factions inside Syria.

Then lets talk about the suicide bombers that have claimed the lives of thousands in Syria. I decry the shelling of civilians in Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, anywhere in the world, either by the US directly or indirectly via your weapon supply to illegal and despotic, barbaric colonizing states that use these weapons to carry out the wholesale slaughter of the besieged nations of Yemen and Palestine. The US and the UN endorses the blockade and crippling siege of Yemen and of Gaza and yet you have the hypocrisy to accuse the Syrian Government of besieging its own people.

Let me ask you something, if the US were to be invaded by armed mercenaries intent upon beheading, raping, crucifying & massacring the American people and if those mercenaries were cultivated, armed and trained by hostile states to enforce regime change against the will of the American people, would your government roll over and pack their bags in case civilians got caught in the crossfire?

Or would they deem this invasion a blatant violation of International law and a threat to national security? Would those rebels be described as citizens of the US or would they be nominated terrorists, armed militants threatening the homeland?

If those terrorists were to occupy US cities and towns, what would be the military solution? To lay siege to the towns and cities and try to flush out the terrorist nests embedded in civilian areas or to do as the US did in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 and obliterate them, carpet bomb them regardless of civilian casualties, collateral damage as they are so often described by Congress.

Until this discourse can be entered into with intellectual honesty and diplomatic transparency we are on a hiding to nothing and the bloodshed will continue. US exceptionalism has grown to mean utter lawlessness under not only International law but equally under moral and humanitarian law.

By flooding Syria with terrorists, arms, cash, special- forces, by backing armed insurgents and bombing Syria as the US and its Coalition have – they are in violation of every single International Law designed with the Nuremberg Principles in mind. Whosoever supports such a course of action as the US-NATO-GCC-Israeli Axis is doing presently, is simply contributing to the ultimate demise of the UN, as it was with the League of Nations in WWII.

FORD:  First, if you really care about Syrian civilians you will denounce the atrocities committed on all sides, not just those by the rebels. Just look at the difference between conditions in west Aleppo and east Aleppo – why is the latter so much more heavily damaged and depopulated ? The scale of crimes is not the same.

Second, I’m still waiting for you to cite independent sources not connected to the Syrian or Russian governments. For example, Syrian Ambassador Jaaferi saying “logistical problems” hindered deliveries is quite different and misleading from what the UN or the NGOs operating on the ground said. They say access blocked, not “logistical obstacles.” Please consider the independence and credibility of your sources. If you think I was paid a salary by a government to spout a line, don’t you think Jaaferi is as well?

Third, you raise a question worthy of debate about American exceptionalism; your points about Iraqi civilians suffering are not all wrong. The exceptionalism argument truly does merit discussion. but to focus on America solely, without your recognizing that the Syrians and Russians operating in Syria over the past months and years have been committing atrocities, and on a wider scale, than lightly armed rebels (few tanks, no helicopters, no jet bombers, no SCUD missiles) undermines the credibility of those raising questions about American exceptionalism.

BEELEY:  Really struggling to respond to your message as you seem to have returned back to default propaganda position. Let us take Aleppo first. Aleppo is overrun with Al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham who have embedded themselves in civilian areas throughout Aleppo, actually reducing the city down to one fifth of its original size. The SAA are besieged in the centre of the old Citadel on the Acropolis Hill. The civilians of Aleppo are traditionally pro- Syrian Government and resisted all attempts to force them to join the pseudo US engineered “revolution”.

Aleppo is the industrial hub of Syria, hence its importance as a “rebel” gain, including factories capable of producing chemical weapons, in particular chlorine. However, it’s not just a terrorist gain is it? NATO ally Turkey, terror conduit extraordinaire, is enjoying its perks of the war on Syria. 1441 factories stolen from Aleppo, you have adroitly failed to address that point of course.

If the US cares so much about the Syrian people why did you bomb the Aleppo thermal power plant in Nov/Dec 2015 ensuring further misery for the Syrian people already living under occupation from your death squads who routinely execute civilians whom they deem to be apostates, with the White Helmets on hand to dispose of the bodies, many of which were flung into the River Queik successfully poisoning water supply for the Syrian people who resisted the Al Nusra occupation and remained loyal to their Government and their people.

I have no idea how you delineate between East and West. ISIS is more to the North and East of Aleppo. Aleppo itself, as I have mentioned is swarming with Al Nusra, accompanied by your poster boys, the White Helmets who spew the propaganda that serves the US alliance “regime change” agenda.

I have been told of the Al Nusra aka Al Qaeda tactics to drive people out of their homes, defecating on the floors, burning furniture, intimidation. These same Al Nusra mercenaries who have decimated Aleppo with their Hell Cannon and mortar fire. The same Al Nusra mercenaries who have dug tunnels under the ancient Citadel and then detonated them under ancient heritage buildings in an attempt to get to the SAA marooned on the Acropolis hill, tactics repeated across Syria with no regard for civilian life. The same Al Nusra mercenaries who have systematically maimed, wounded, starved and terrorized the people of Aleppo & not only Aleppo.

These are your “moderate rebels” that you are defending while they tear the fabric of Syrian society apart. Consider my sources?! You do not have one source on the ground in Syria that is not funded directly or indirectly by the US or UK government and you talk to me of independent sources!?

The big difference is that the US is a hostile nation violating every aspect of International Law by enabling, arming and funding a proxy army comprising of 90% non-Syrian mercenaries that is invading and destroying an independent sovereign nation. The US may have outsourced its murderers and assassins as has been CIA practice for decades but nobody is buying it any more.

The US & its allies are the instigators and perpetrators of the crimes against the people of Syria. Syria is resisting your attempts of a hostile takeover and under your beloved international law their right to do so is unquestionable. The Syrian government represents the majority of the Syrian people and as such their reports are far more representative of reality on the ground in Syria than your fifth columnists embedded with terrorists under whichever brand name they have affiliated themselves to.

So I put the question back to you.  Find me one single independent source that is not working to promote the US alliance agenda. Personally I prefer to listen to the Syrian people but I understand from your standpoint that would utterly undermine the illusions you have been feeding people for the last 5 years. Illusions which are currently melting before your eyes as the SAA and allies advance and destroy your agents & assets.

I understand that must be very painful for you, to see the plans you worked on for years be destroyed by the Axis of Resistance to US & Israeli hegemony in the region. The implications are immense for the US roadmap in the Middle East..that must be a bitter pill for you and Congress to swallow.

Finally I come to your preposterous statement of “lightly armed rebels”. Really here you become a caricature of the double speak and duplicity of the US government. I only have to go to something as mainstream as Wikipedia to demonstrate the ridiculousness of such a statement.

In addition to TOW missiles, Hell Cannon, Grad missiles and an assortment of heavy artillery, tanks, missile launchers, they have the chlorine and various chemical weapons ingredients so kindly supplied to them by Turkey, which has been proven. The use of chemical weapons by terrorist gangs has even been accepted by the UN, your chosen bastion of credibility.

Remember the heinous truck bombing of Aleppo’s Al Kindi hospital in December 2013, your “moderate rebels” had enough explosive for that mass slaughter, never mentioned by your propagandists. Your Frankenstein monster is creating hell on earth for the Syrian people, the least you can do is to take responsibility for it and ask forgiveness for the suffering you have imposed upon them but this will never happen. Instead the Syrian Arab Army and allies will clear up your mess and sweep Syria clean of the cancer you introduced. To even suggest that they should be denied the right to do that, is criminal.

Finally, you said, “If you think I was paid a salary by a government to spout a line, don’t you think Jaaferi is as well?”   Fortunately not every world government adheres to the pitiful White House standards of dishonesty, deceit and hypocrisy nor should they be judged by those who uphold none of the guiding principles laid down by their founding fathers and instead do all in their power to desecrate all that is decent and humane in this world.

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Media Propaganda Campaign – White Helmets Receive $ 100 million from the US and Westerrn Allies

  • Aleppo Solidarity ff67d

The one-sided Western media reporting against the Russian and the Syrian government is skyrocketing as the fall of eastern Aleppo comes to a close. Both governments are accused of committing war crimes as if the other side consists of fighting angels and not Western-supported and financed US mercenaries and terrorists. The war is presented only from the atrocities committed by Assad or the Russians. Since the so-called civil war broke out in 2011, which was initiated by the CIA and other Western and Arab intelligence agencies in order to manufacture regime change in Syria, according to the Libyan model, the Western media blame only Bashar al-Assad and later Russian President Vladimir Putin as the only evildoer.

From day one of the instigated “uprising” against Assad, the Western public has been constantly misinformed by one-sided reporting or even fake news produced either by the CIA, the Pentagon or by a London-based public relations company, Bell Pottinger. For their fake videos and other disseminated lies, they received $ 540 million, which means that the American taxpayers have paid for being lied to by their own government. This company has already served almost every rogue state or political thug around the world. Another Western lie pretends that Assad is supposedly killing his own people. If this holds true, he would have been overthrown by his own people long ago. Why do people flee from the terrorist held areas into Assad-controlled territories, if he would kill them? If one thinks for just a moment, everybody can tip the scam. This is not a justification of the atrocities committed by the Assad regime.

With the start of the US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria the mainstream media have lost their credibility because they never questioned the arguments and the “proof” that were presented by the US government, although serious doubts were obvious right from the start of the instigated wars that aimed at the annexation of resources. The mainstream media were the main cheerleaders for the toppling of the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and now Bashar al-Assad, although their regimes were “less” brutal and “bloodthirsty” than the ones the US created through its policy of chaos.

On “Ron Paul’s Liberty Report”, independent journalist Vanessa Beeley, sets the record straight on the situation in Aleppo. Since 1979, the US has been siding with terrorists, beginning in Afghanistan via Libya till Syria. They have been supporting all terrorist groups, comments Beeley. The last ceasefire in Aleppo was used by the US and its Western allies to supply the terrorists with missiles and other weaponry. Beeley who just came back from Aleppo contradicted the picture drawn by the Western media. The terrifying situation created by the different terrorist organizations such as hostage taking, killing, raping and torturing the people of Eastern Aleppo are dismissed by Western media.

She also had interesting things to say about the so-called humanitarian organization “White Helmets”. Beeley describes them as a fake group. The organization was created by the West and has the task to build the foundation of a “parallel state”. They receive over $ 100 million from the US, UK, and other Western countries; Germany supports this “humanitarian organization” with $ 7 million. According to Beeley, they are trained in Turkey and “they act as terrorists”. Apparently, all of them are “volunteers”. Why do they need then such an enormous amount of money, asks the journalist?

Actually, the much lauded so-called humanitarian organization „White Helmets“ seems to be an asset in the Western-led war against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. They look like a party in the Western-led terrorist front to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. They closely cooperate with the different terrorist organizations in Syria. Surprisingly enough, they were awarded the „Alternative Nobel Prize“ by the „Right Livelihood Award Foundation“, although many of their rescue missions are fake.

The CIA spin against an apparent Russian meddling in the American electoral process has to be seen in a larger context. So far, no evidence has been shown and none of the other 15 intelligence agencies have supported the CIA accusations, not to speak of the FBI. The made-up scandal by the CIA was not a hack but a leak by somebody who didn’t want to see Hillary Clinton as the next US President. One of the aims of these unfounded rumors could be to influence the Electoral College that meets on 19 December in order to formally elect Donald Trump as the next US President. Beyond that, US Congress should be positioned against Trump’s soft policy towards Russian and his nominee Rex W. Tillerson as Secretary of State.

Despite the heavy anti-Russian sentiments within the Washington political establishment, “The Brian Lehrer Show” on WNYC interviewed Stephen Cohen, Professor emeritus of Russian history, who said that liberals and Democrats have all lined up viewing Russia and Putin as evil. There are more urgent points to discuss between the superpowers right now such as the role of the intelligence agencies that have produced no “public facts” to support the view that Russia hacked the Democratic Party emails. Donald Trump is criticized for his “wisdom” saying that he refused to demonize Putin and wouldn’t it be great if the two countries could cooperate instead to fight each other. Whether Cohen’s criticism will lead to a more rational and open debate has to be seen. Right now, the destructive and war-prone forces in Washington have still die upper hand. Even President Obama has joint the crowd and threatened Russia with retaliation despite zero evidence. The speech of UN ambassador Samantha Power at the UN Security Council shows an apparent moral superiority and hypocrisy that is unrivaled. Craig Paul Roberts talks to the point of the whole CIA spin: “What we are experiencing in the delegitimization of Donald Trump is an extraordinary rejection of democracy by elements in the government and by the presstitutes.”

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Zionist Contra ‘The White Helmets’ Wins an OSCAR

White Hemets Oscar 0ed18

Hollywood is the largest manufacturing facility for fake news. Every year, they are throwing out hundreds of products that are fake and have nothing to do with reality. Consequently, their awards, the Oscars, are awarded to fake products. It’s not surprising that a fake humanitarian organization in Syria, the “White Helmets”, received this award for the “best” foreign language documentary. Fake comes to fake. Propaganda and deception come to propaganda and deception.

Everything around the “White Helmets” is fake. It’s a foreign transplant and a propaganda tool of Western powers. Almost 100 percent of the story about this “humanitarian” organization is untrue. There are no Syrians involved. The White Helmets were initiated by the British military contractor James LeMesurier and is funded (about $100 million) by the different Western governments such as the American, the British, the German and other ones. It’s a NATO ghost organization. The members are not volunteers, they are well paid. The “White Helmets” have no telephone number in Syria. If one wants to get in touch with them, one has to contact Al-Qaida. Their headquarter is alongside Al-Qaida’s. The Real Syria Civil Defence can be reached by dialing 113 inside Syria.

The “White Helmets” have little to do with Syria. The campaign is based in New York City, and the manager is an Irish-American woman, named Anna Nolan, who has never been to Syria. Even their website is fake. They beefed it up with video footage from a documentary produced by the BBC in 2010 that showed dancing kids and education under the Assad government. Videos are spread that show staged rescue operations.

After the terrorists left Aleppo, the White Helmets went with them in the mountainous region above Damascus in order to help poisoning and shutting off water sources. The documentary is a total manipulation. His producer has never set foot on Syrian soil. The video footage plays in Southern Turkey where the trainees relaxing in a hotel and talking on cell phones.

The Pentagon has a liaison office in Hollywood and they pay for propaganda movies and supply military hardware if need be. The promoters of this fake organization who run it will perhaps receive some extra million US-Dollars for their “fine” job. What this whole show revealed to the world is the interconnectedness and the boldness of the Western political and cultural class with the terror organizations in Syria.

For years, the alternative media has been exposing the “White Helmets” as “one of the largest, most complex war propaganda operations” created by Western powers. The independent British journalist Vanessa Beeley went to Aleppo and learned that the “White Helmets” never helped civilians but only wounded terrorist from Al-Qaida and the al-Nusra-Front. There is a real civil defense in Syria. The White Helmets are supporters of terrorist which disguised themselves as paramedics. The organization is another mosaic in the joint struggle of the West and the terrorist organizations against the legitimate Syrian government. The fact that Hollywood was hoodwinked by the producer of this fake documentary shows how closely this media conglomerate is interwoven with the rulers in Washington and its NATO allies. It’s a shame.

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US Hiring Mercenaries with $1,500 Daily Wages for War in Southern Yemen

 US mercenaries in Yemen 2852f

“The US has dispatched American security mercenaries to Southern Yemen for further cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition,” a Yemeni intelligence source told FNA in Sana’a on Saturday.

The source noted that the US will pay each mercenary $1,500 per day, and said, “The mission of the US mercenaries is to commit crimes and hurt the Yemeni civilians in Yemen.”

He said that the mercenaries have been recruited from different parts of world.

The source also warned that the Saudi-Zio-Wahhabi led coalition intends to hire more Blackwater mercenaries after its recent defeats in Bab al-Mandeb operations and sustaining heavy losses.

In a relevant development on Thursday, at least eight Zio-Wahhabi mercenaries were killed after Yemeni forces clashed with Saudi-Zio-Wahhabi backed forces loyal to resigned fugitive C.I.A agent Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi for the control of a strategic coastal city in Ta’iz province.

The clashes took place in the Red Sea port city of Mukha, when pro-Hadi forces backed by the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi air force began a major offensive on to recapture Mukha which overlooks the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Strait that connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden from Ansarullah fighters.

Earlier on Wednesday, Yemeni troops also shot down a Saudi Zio-Wahhabi unmanned aerial vehicle in the northwestern province of Sa’ada.

A military source said the reconnaissance drone was struck while collecting information on the positions and movements of Yemeni forces and their allies in the Baqim district of the province.

Two high-ranking Saudi officers and several soldiers were killed when a powerful explosion ripped through their vehicle Northeast of the al-Hathera district in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern border region of Jizan.

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi military sources said Major Abdullah Bin Shaiban Hassan Hamdi was among those killed.

Separately, Saudi Zio-Wahhabi warplanes carried out four airstrikes in the Harad district and another in the Midi district in Yemen’s Northern province of Hajjah but there were no reports about possible casualties and the extent of damage.

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi jets also targeted Yemeni soldiers off the coast of the al-Khawkhah district in Hodaida Province, though no casualties were reported.

Furthermore, Saudi Zio-Wahhabi aircraft pounded the city of Sirwah, which lies about 120 kilometers East of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

The Saudi Zio-Wahhabi war on Yemen, which local sources say has killed at least 13,100 people, was launched in an attempt to bring back the former government to power and undermine the Ansarullah movement.

As you read this, Yemen is currently besieged by a Saudi-Zio-Wahhabi led ‘Coalition against terrorism’ which has so far spent most of its time dropping bombs on unarmed and innocent Yemeni civilians. The UN made clear last year that the number one cause of civilian deaths in Yemen was due to the Saudi-Zio-Wahhabi led coalition bombing of the country.This bombing campaign comes as a result of Saudi’s forceful attempt to bring their ally and exiled C.I.A of Yemen, Mansur Al-Hadi, back into power after he was rejected by the General People’s Congress and 3 days later ousted from the Presidential palace by Yemeni revolutionaries back in late 2014.

Forces loyal to Saudi Zio-Wahhabi C.I.A agent Hadi have mobilised a military offensive in the South and have succeeded in occupying major southern cities, including the large port city of Aden. These Saudi Zio-Wahhabi backed pro-Hadi forces are made up of various factions including southern Yemen separatist militias, foreign Persian Gulf paid mercenaries, ex-army defectors, and most importantly radical Salafist fighters with loyalties to Al-Qaeda.

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How the War Broke out in Yemen

 yemen2 9fcf5

Yemen has seen its fair share of wars throughout its recent history, building a reputation for itself as a battle-hardened warring nation. This common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is the majority of the Yemeni people are kind hearted and humble folk who just want to live a life without fear of a bomb being dropped on their head as they sleep or witnessing their children losing limbs after trying to pick up an old hidden mine or cluster munition. No people are born ‘war-like’ but the sad fact is some people are born into a region plagued by war, Yemen is one of those countries most heavily affected by monstrous conflicts in our modern history.

As you read this, Yemen is currently besieged by a Saudi-led ‘Coalition against terrorism’ which has so far spent most of its time dropping bombs on unarmed and innocent Yemeni civilians. The UN made clear last year that the number one cause of civilian deaths in Yemen was due to the Saudi-led coalition bombing of the country. [1] This bombing campaign comes as a result of Saudi’s forceful attempt to bring their ally and exiled ex-president of Yemen, Mansur Al-Hadi, back into power after he was rejected by the General People’s Congress and 3 days later ousted from the Presidential palace by Yemeni revolutionaries back in late 2014. [2] Forces loyal to Saudi Arabia & ex-president Hadi have mobilised a military offensive in the South and have succeeded in occupying major southern cities, including the large port city of Aden. These Saudi-backed pro-Hadi forces are made up of various factions including southern Yemen separatist militias, foreign Persian Gulf paid mercenaries, ex-army defectors, and most importantly radical Salafist fighters with loyalties to Al-Qaeda. [3]

The Al-Qaeda Emirate of Yemen

Al-Qaeda has a long history in Yemen, for years Yemen was seen as the biggest hub for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and a key base of operations for training and radicalization of new takfiris ready to travel abroad and commit acts of terror against the West and across the Muslim world. Since the 9/11 attacks, Yemen has been one of the biggest targets of the USA’s drone strike operation targeting terrorists with around 113-144 drone strikes launched, 42 AQAP leaders killed and numerous AQAP bases destroyed. This drone offensive has been a massive failure; Al-Qaeda’s influence in Yemen has continued to not only endure but also expand greatly. Now, under the massive social turmoil and collapse of both the Yemeni political & security apparatus, AQAP has flourished as one of the major power holders in the country.

Things have become so prosperous for AQAP in Yemen that the group now runs a de facto mini-state, flush with funds from raiding the local central bank of a possible $100 million in 2016 and consistent levying of taxes from the thousands of residents and businesses that live in Al-Qaeda run towns, villages and cities. [4] If the ISIS caliphate capitals are Raqqa and (the soon to be liberated) Mosul then AQAP capital is indeed Al-Mukalla, a southern port city in Yemen, home to at least 300,000 people. [5]

Al-Qaeda is doing very well under the current circumstances and Saudi Arabia’s so-called ‘coalition against terrorism’ has done nothing to combat Al-Qaeda’s rise to prominence in Saudi’s neighbouring country, Yemen. Now it seems Al-Qaeda elements are actively fighting alongside Saudi’s Pro-Hadi proxy forces in southern Yemen trying to push back the Yemeni army and Houthi allies in the north. [6]

Saudi Arabia’s coalition against terror sprung into life after the Houthi’s, who are associated with Iran and Shia Islam by both Saudi and Al-Qaeda, led a popular revolution which ousted the Hadi run administration but all the time AQAP, a recognised Salafist terror organisation responsible for massive terror attacks across the globe, was growing in power the no such response was incurred by Saudi or its Persian Gulf partners.

The truth is Saudi’s coalition is sectarian to the core. The Saudi state religion is the same Wahhabi-Salafi ideology which Al-Qaeda’s strict interpretation of Islam also adheres to. The same can also be said about ISIS, who have also begun springing up officially in Yemen since early 2015. ISIS is another radical Salafist organisation which has also utilised the conflict in Yemen to open up branches in areas of the south and expand its presence in Yemen; Saudi Arabia and its coalition have done little to stop this in comparison to the efforts made by the coalition to tackle the so-called ‘Iran-backed Shia Houthis’.

It has been only a few days into the new American Presidents term, yet already his administration has launched drone strikes targeting AQAP & ISIS targets in Yemen. [7] Drone strikes have proven to be an ineffective and heavily overused tactic by the US in Yemen, so unless some other element in the current stalemate of the Yemen war changed dramatically, all we can hope to see in the future is a continued empowerment and growth of Al-Qaeda’s emirate in Yemen and possibly the beginning of a new ISIS mini-caliphate.


ISIS and Al-Qaeda have competed for power over the political domination of the Salafist world dating back to the organisation’s origins in Iraq and the group’s official break away from the Al-Qaeda franchise back in 2014. At one point Al-Qaeda became almost completely irrelevant when the ISIS caliphate spread rapidly across Syria & Iraq but now with the military defeat of ISIS looming in both those countries, Al-Qaeda has now re-established its former title as the leader of the radical Sunni world and created its own self-declared Emirate in Yemen. [8] Al-Qaeda has re-established itself as a respected organisation across a sizeable chunk of the Arab Sunni community while ISIS has built a gruesome reputation which seems to resemble a death cult rather than a passable Islamic organisation. The groups cruel and bloodthirsty reputation has created a barrier for its future ability to expand and recruit in new areas.

Al-Qaeda has a much more favourable legacy which many Sunni Muslims who look to them with admiration rather than fear or disgust as most do to ISIS. In countries which have a sizeable downtrodden and impoverished Sunni community, Al-Qaeda’s acceptance among the general population becomes more obtainable. This level of acceptance can be found in much of the Sunni-majority southern Yemen. ISIS may never be able to recreate its exploits in Syria & Iraq but we may see an attempt by ISIS to challenge Al-Qaeda’s dominant hold in politically unstable Sunni majority countries like Yemen, Afghanistan or Libya, which can only mean more future bloodshed.

The Future for Yemen

There does not seem to be a realistic end to the costly fighting in Yemen anytime soon on the horizon but what is clear is the fact that Al-Qaeda is taking full advantage of the failed state and further expanding its influence across the so-called ‘Saudi liberated areas’ of southern Yemen. Suicide bomb attacks, assassinations of Yemeni officials [9] and the infiltration into normal Yemeni society including in the major cities is all forcing the last remaining legitimate Yemen authorities to accept a slow but gradual takeover of south Yemen society by Al-Qaeda and become acquiesce. [10] Saudi’s sectarian coalition will not take on the responsibility of pushing back the major gains both Al-Qaeda and ISIS have made, in fact, Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies probably see a major Salafist takeover of a traditionally diverse multi-faith Yemen a positive geopolitical update.

Al-Qaeda has land, cities, oil revenue, freedom to operate and a sophisticated smuggling trade on the south Yemen coast which bring in any supplies needed to fuel their Salafist Emirate. [11] All of this can be taken away from them by force in the future but what is much more damaging to the hope of a better future for Yemen is a growing support and successful propaganda being deployed by Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen. Al-Qaeda has launched a massive public relations campaign in Yemen with propaganda that shows Al-Qaeda members building roads, providing basic services which the government failed to do and defending the people from a corrupt northern Yemen elite which has dominated Yemeni politics for decades. Al-Qaeda is building a support base in southern Yemen that will become a powerful tool in ensuring the survival of the organisation.

As proven in north Yemen with the Saudi bombing campaign against the new Sanaa-based government, a popular movement can be near impossible to defeat using the basic modern military tactics. It is undeniable that the joint Saleh-Houthi alliance in the north has massive popular support among northern Yemenis but also equally undeniable is the fast growing popularity of Al-Qaeda and radical Salafism in the south.

The future possibility of a joint unified Yemen is at huge risk, the north-south divide is becoming wider by the day. The Saudi siege and the west’s support for the coalition’s bombing campaign in Yemen are creating massive resentment and misery among the population across all of Yemen. The lack of schools, hospitals, jobs and basic services due to the massive loss of infrastructure in this conflict will create an abysmal future for the youth of Yemen who are growing up in a theatre of constant war. I think the UK Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell, who visited Yemen mid-January 2017 [12], was absolutely correct when he said upon his return to the UK that Britain’s support for the Saudi Coalition “will stoke a further generation of terror” and lead to “threats to Europe.” [14] The resentment being created in Yemen by the west’s continued support for the Saudi coalitions aggression in Yemen will be long felt and cannot be fixed with more bombs.

Under the current rate, Al-Qaeda’s Emirate will continue to grow in popularity, size and wealth. By the time ISIS is militarily defeated in Iraq & Syria we may find that Al-Qaeda (possibly ISIS too) has created an even greater Emirate in Yemen. Al-Qaeda & ISIS are both franchise organisations which can spring up in any country at any time. Suicide lone wolf attacks are incredibly difficult to defend against may become a much more regular occurrence the future. What the West is involved in now with Saudi Arabia is creating massive hatred and resentment towards the West which provides Al-Qaeda with the perfect environment to recruit young radicals with a vengeful eye on the west.


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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family Stealing 65% of Yemen’s Oil in Collaboration with Total

Pump Jack 8a056

“63% of Yemen’s crude production is being stolen by Saudi Arabia in cooperation with Mansour Hadi, the fugitive Yemeni president, and his mercenaries,” Mohammad Abdolrahman Sharafeddin told FNA on Tuesday.

“Saudi Arabia has set up an oil base in collaboration with the French Total company in the Southern parts of Kharkhir region near the Saudi border province of Najran and is exploiting oil from the wells in the region,” he added.

Sharafeddin said that Riyadh is purchasing arms and weapons with the petro dollars stolen from the Yemeni people and supplies them to its mercenaries to kill the Yemenis.

Late in last year, another economic expert said Washington and Riyadh had bribed the former Yemeni government to refrain from oil drilling and exploration activities, adding that Yemen has more oil reserves than the entire Persian Gulf region.

“Saudi Arabia has signed a secret agreement with the US to prevent Yemen from utilizing its oil reserves over the past 30 years,” Hassan Ali al-Sanaeri told FNA.

“The scientific research and assessments conducted by international drilling companies show that Yemen’s oil reserves are more than the combined reserves of all the Persian Gulf states,” he added.

Al-Sanaeri added that Yemen has abundant oil reserves in Ma’rib, al-Jawf, Shabwah and Hadhramaut regions.

He noted that a series of secret documents by Wikileaks disclosed that the Riyadh government had set up a committee presided by former Saudi Defense Minister Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz. “Former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal  and the kingdom’s intelligence chief were also the committee’s members.

Al-Sanaeri went on to say that Saudi Arabia has tasked the committee to implement the project to dig a canal from Saudi Arabia to the Arab Sea via Hadhramaut in order to become needless of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandab straits.

He reiterated that new oil reserves have been discovered in Yemen’s al-Jawf province which can make Yemen as one of the biggest oil exporters in the region and the world.

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family follows the very policy of the Jewish Nazi regime

LLYemeni 3976a

Have you ever wondered if there was a pattern to the madness which is the Middle East, and the many wars the region has witnessed over years? At which point should we look for the agenda behind the bloodshed, and the apparent nonsensical violence nations have had to grapple with? Is War a cultural Middle Eastern trait? What is the common denominator?  I hope I don’t sound patronizing here but trust me, there is a pattern and there is an agenda. Wars don’t just happen, they are waged and more often than not carefully planned out.

Forget the political platitudes politicians and officials have served you over the years – that peace and security are what governments want to achieve, and what officials will thrive to protect! Governments since the dawn of time have pursue one goal, and one goal only: Control.

Control over people, control over nations, control over regions, control over natural resources, control, control and more control. Of course such a quest for control has taken different faces, and adopted different languages over the centuries … colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, communism, secularism …. Each and every governing system carries within destruction when wielded by tyrants. And though philosophers, and prophets may have offered systems which indeed would guarantee a degree of justice and fairness in this world, how many times have we falter in their implementations? Always … Such is our human nature. We are a greedy and ambitious people after all. Imagining that leaders are anything else but greedy, ambitious people is foolish … When I say leaders, I mean political leaders … there are still among us an intellectual elite which thankfully has managed to raise itself above the fray to offer true guidance. But now is not the time to discuss them. I leave this for another book, and another subject matter.

As the French would say the Middle East is “a feu et a sang” (on fire and in blood) That it is …. That it is and much more …

Libya, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen … how many more will fall to the fires of war so that a covert elite could claim control over a people left defenceless? Let me ask you this: of all the wars we have seen play out on our TV screens, what has been the one constant?

Every nation touched by war has seen its military complex crumble to the ground. Actually it’s more than that! Let me rephrase that statement – wars have systematically broken out in those nations which happened to possess a powerful military. It began with Iraq, then Syria … Libya was kind of the exception to the rule although one cannot deny that Libya’s disintegration made it possible for radicals to break into Africa … and then of course Yemen.

Now, why is that important or even relevant? Why would Iraq or Syria have anything to do with Yemen? You would be quite right to wonder. At first glance Iraq, Syria and Yemen have little in common – except of course for the Terror which infiltrated through their borders.

Let’s discuss perspective and political agenda for a second. Since before the Ottoman Empire the Middle East has inspired much envy … the land of milk and honey Pope Urban said as he called for the crusades. Today it is not religious liberation powers are brandishing to justify colonialism but democracy-building and counter-terrorism. Different times, different banners – but the same cold and calculated ambition.

The Middle East you might have notices is not exactly defenceless. And though Western powers have been keen to play their fire power and military technology up, as to better project political might, the MENA was nevertheless home to several mighty armies. Mighty armies have a nasty habit of standing in the way of imperialism. Mighty armies often take umbrage when foreign powers become insistently dismissive of their territorial integrity, and/or right to self-governance.

What better way to weaken nations’ ability to resist foreign pressure but to lay waste their armies?

THIS is what Iraq, Syria and Yemen have in common.

Another point to consider: who is fighting Yemen? Saudi Arabia – while the kingdom is known for its immense wealth, its military power left something to be desired. For all its political bravado, Saudi Arabia does not have a real army to back its imperialistic claims … which is exactly why Riyadh has systematically hidden behind its clergy, and its money to exert control.

Today the kingdom is trying its hands at war. You will note that rather than use its own military Riyadh thought best to use others’.

Let me share with you some of the insight several military officials were kind enough to share with me.

In this war against Yemen, Saudi Arabia set itself several goals. On top of the list figures the annihilation of Yemen’s military power, then the fragmentation of Yemen’s territorial integrity, followed quickly by sectarianism. Why keep a nation whole when divisions offer so many opportunities? In many aspects I believe that Saudi Arabia is following the very policy Israel has followed against Palestine. I actually would go as far as say that Saudi Arabia has perfected Israel’s policy as far as political bias and prejudices go.

Saudi Arabia is following the very policy Israel has followed against Palestine.

Even though Yemenis stand persecuted under Riyadh’s fire, it is Yemen’s Resistance movement whose legitimacy has been called into question. As the kingdom has bulldozed its way through a long list of war crimes and crimes against humanity; it is still Yemen’s freedom fighters who have stood accused of treachery. How many times have we been told that Riyadh’s bombing of schools, hospitals, NGOs and other civilian infrastructures do not constitute any international law violations, when the Houthis’ very breath has been labelled as nefarious?

Here is how General Ali al-Ahmed … not to be confused with Gen. Ahmed Ali Saleh told me in an interview I conducted for Shafaqna: “Saudi Arabia’s real war is not as much against the Yemeni people than it has been against Yemen’s ability to defend itself, and stand united under one banner. Since the late 1970s Yemen has been ruled by a military man [President Saleh] who, more than most, understood the need for Yemen to remain a strong military power in Arabia. Where Yemen might not hold a candle to the riches of its neighbours, its military force has forced Persian Gulf monarchies to look onto Yemen as a strong regional player. Yemen’s fall from grace with Saudi Arabia came after President Saleh offered his support to Iraq in the 1990s. It is Yemen’s determination to follow independent policies which changed Riyadh’s outlook. Yemen went from being a powerful and useful ally in Arabia, to a threat to be contained.

Today’s war has been a long time coming … From a Saudi perspective Yemen’s military power had to be broken down, and its military institutions laid waste to. Just look at Abdel Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s policies … look at what he’s done to the military and you will understand that Yemen’s so called transition of power has been a long military erosion.”

Indeed … while in power Hadi has systematically dismantled Yemen’s military institutions. From the dissolution of the Republican Guards, the Special Forces, and the Presidential Guards, Hadi has also worked to retire any general who ever showed any loyalty to President Saleh.

The general added: “President Saleh is a military man who understands the importance of a strong military to support, and lead a strong nation. Riyadh has no real army, no real military power safe from the one it has bought out. Yemen in that sense posed a threat too great for the kingdom to ignore, and so war was declared.

But what about peace I asked! “There will be peace of course … wars do not last forever, but it will not be the peace many might expect. It will not be a peace where you have a clear winner and a clear loser. Alliances are much too intertwined and overlapping for peace to be a simple diplomatic, or even political exercise. I worry the people will pay the price, while officials get to divide power and Yemen’s wealth. I’m old … I see things differently those days. I see how the Yemenis were betrayed by their officials and how Yemen here ‘through the Resistance movement] has a chance to reclaim its future.”

The general makes an interesting point – it’s not when peace will be brokered which should worry us, but rather what it will mean for Yemen’s future.

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The unspoken exploitation of children in Yemen; trafficking and child soldering

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If the United Nations and all well-thinking Western nations have made a point at ferociously denouncing child soldering and other grave child rights violations over the years, they have nevertheless allowed for their political allies, mainly Saudi Arabia – through its many proxies, to dabble in such crimes without ever fearing repercussions.

A kingdom made immune to all criticism for its leaders hold the strings to great many purses, Saudi Arabia has once again proved to be a patron for all things despicable, and morally reprehensible – still, it is at others it is pointing a disapproving fingers at.

Yemen, you might have guessed it stands once more in the eye of the storm – this time over the issue of child soldering.

Over the past few weeks several media have looked at Yemen, alleging that the Resistance movement, headed by the Houthis, has launched a grand underage recruiting campaign in order to find arms to carry its guns … And though the message has so far remained veiled in semi-polite political chatter, the intent behind such momentum is evident: further de-humanizing, and vilifying Yemen’s popular forces against Saudi Arabia’s military campaign.

Since Saudi Arabia has proven unable to break Yemen’s resolve militarily – even to the tune of one inhumane humanitarian blockade and ferocious air bombing campaign, the kingdom is looking now to discredit Yemen by projecting its crimes onto the impoverished nation. A sad excuse for a government Riyadh has resorted to slander, and hypocritical humanitarian grand-standing to better tarnish the image of a movement, which, quite frankly scares the living daylight out of al-Saud.

A corrupt theocracy, Saudi Arabia does not understand the essence of popular legitimacy … nor does it comprehend that Yemen is more than sold-out politicians whose loyalty remains tethered to their bank accounts. There are powers in Yemen which still sit above the fray – untouchable for they are anchored in national sovereignty – fuelled by popular will.

For all its military might, and the number of its political alliances Saudi Arabia super-coalition of power has failed to manifest any real victory. And though Yemen was broken into through the seaport of Aden, a Saudi-outpost at the southern tip of Arabia, one enclave means little before the will of an entire nation. If Yemen was breached, it has yet to be broken. Many greater empires have tried, and all have failed. It is likely Saudi Arabia will learn that history lesson the hard way.

Keen on playing the political card to rally waning support to its cause, the kingdom has relaunched the old debate of child soldering in the Yemen, alleging through various channels that the Houthis are trafficking children to their canons.

Only really it is its agents, and its patsies which have … In this eternal game of cat and mouse, in this grand media play Riyadh has starred in, it is always the unbearable “other” who has committed abdominal crimes, and never the righteous kingdom.

But there is no righteous kingdom, only a tyrannical dynasty which has stopped at nothing to see erect its house over the region. In its pursuit for power, and riches, Saudi Arabia will now burn and pillage its heart content, to then accuse its victims of its own unspeakable crimes.

In February 2016, the UNICEF asserted in a report that Yemen’s “children make up a third of Yemeni fighters.” According to its findings children as young as 14 years-old have been enrolled to fight, the victims of a system which has preyed on destitution and a misplaced sense of duty.

“Children sometimes volunteer to join the conflict,” said Anthony Nolan, a Unicef child protection specialist.”

“Driven by a lack of resources, or a desire to seek revenge for their families. Their recruitment threatens to prolong the conflict for generations to come,” he added.

Now, while the UNICEF admitted in its report that child soldering has occurred across the board, and is in no way symptomatic of the Resistance, it still presented the issue as being Houthi-like.

Here is what Julien Harneis, UNICEF’s representative in Yemen, told the Huffington Post this January: “In Yemeni culture, it’s considered that you come into manhood at the age of 14 or 15 years old, and part of being a man is taking up a weapon. Yemen has the second-highest amount of arms per capita after the United States, so there’s a very strong gun culture in Yemeni society … More children have been drawn into armed groups than was the case in the past … it is something we see more frequently with the Houthis.”

I marvel at the UN’s ability to pick and choose what crimes it will feel outrage over and which it will simply ignore. If Yemen’s unlawful humanitarian blockade and Riyadh’s genocidal campaign against Shia communities only ever resulted in a few whispers, false allegations of child soldering have echoed loud across media channels. The real question everyone should be asking of course is whose child soldering?

While I will not deny that thousands and maybe tens of thousands of children have had over the past year to carry a weapon when they should have been at school getting an education, blame should not fall on those communities which have had no choice but to see their children’s innocence sacrificed to the pyres of war.

Yemen’s children have been forced to carry weapons for they face a fight to the death with the House of Saud.

Hundreds of communities in the Highlands have suffered brutal air raids and ground assaults by mercenaries. And when all able men have gone to join the Resistance it is often women, children and the elderly who have been left to stand and protect whatever left is there to defend.

Can we in all honesty expect, let alone demand that self-defence be denied, when self-defence is all there is left?

And yes, children should not have to fight! Yes, children should be allowed to be children … Saudi Arabia robbed Yemen of that right. Yemenis should not be made to carry the burden of guilt.

But self-defence is not what the Unicef and other media have referred to … The Unicef clearly stipulated that the Houthis have enrolled under-age boys into its army so that it could oppose Saudi Arabia military coalition.

According to Houthi officials, reliable military sources and NGOs in Yemen such allegations are outright fabrications.

The Houthis have not employed children in their army! It is those in alliance with al-Saud who have. Those powers the West knows only too well since only a moment ago they were deemed political pariahs – the remnants of an era Western capitals wanted to see gone; the time of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood.

That old dragon has surfaced again with the appointment of General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar – the very man, who, under President Ali Abdullah Saleh massacred the Highlands to better reinvent Northern Yemen a Wahhabi outpost. Gen al-Ahmar was called to serve on Abdel Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s pretence government this February as Prime Minister and Vice-President. Surprise, surprise his anointment was confirmed by al-Saud Royals.

A high ranking leader of al-Islah party – an umbrella coalition of tribes and political factions, Gen. al-Ahmar was confirmed by Wikileaks as the mastermind behind former President Saleh’s failed assassination attack back in 2011.

But that’s not all, in April 2011 Human Rights Watch slammed the US government for supporting Gen. Al-Ahmar after it was established he liberally practiced child soldering. He then was the head of the 1St Armoured Division.

Salah Iryani, a former adviser to President Saleh explained in an interview this April how radical members of al-Islah have encouraged militias to recruit children for their suicide attacks – hoping children would look less conspicuous to Resistance fighters.

“Children in remote villages have been forcibly recruited by militias linked to al-Qaeda and al-Islah … it is difficult to tell the difference in between the two those days … children have been radicalised, children have bene abused and their families co-opted into a military complex for which human rights means nothing,” said Iryani.

But this is not all.

What the Unicef failed to talk about in its eagerness to de-legitimize the Resistance is that human traffickers have thrived in the south – in those very areas the Saudi-coalition is said to have gained control over.

Hundreds of children have already gone missing … sold to an industry which ekes a profit out of misery, destitution and helplessness.

Of course few will be those who dare push the issue forward since it would entail challenging Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia’s genocidal campaign in Yemen reaches new height

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While the world remains transfix on Aleppo, arguing political agendas as civilians are caught in the crossfire, Yemen has almost completely fallen off the map – the forgotten war of a forgotten people, whose land has been ravage by wanton brutality.

Yemen you see stands a moral and political stumbling block Western powers have been unable to rationalise to their audience – how does one go about justifying genocide? And so silence has been offered where outrage should have reigned.

Yemen’s war has been muffled out … censored even, so that none would witness what horrors Saudi Arabia has committed against an entire people in the name of hegemonic imperialism. If it is adjectives you are after I would advise to look at the litany of images rights activists have posted on social media, featuring famine-ravaged children, injured civilians, and exploded civil infrastructures.

And although you may argue that wars are by definition destructive, and bloody, I would defend that even wars have rules. Wars should never become a rationale for cold-blooded murder.

And yes Yemen stands in a region of the world so remote from Western shores you may imagine yourself safe from all repercussions … But are you? Safe that is? Are you truly safe when your own governments allow for dangerous weapons of war to be sold to murderous regimes for their coffers hide dizzying wealth? Can you, in all honesty warrant political support to those regimes which advocate death on communities on account of their differences?

I doubt any sane person would … and yet the world has stood behind Saudi Arabia, offering not a whisper before its bloody persecution of Yemen. Yemen has been exploded, burnt, starved, defiled, and denied – still state officials have argued sectarian adjectives to deflect blame and deny responsibility.

I have seen Yemen Resistance fighters labelled as Shia rebels backed by Iran too many times to believe it was by accident. Why would a people’s creed matter? Why this sudden need to offer qualitative religious adjectives when discussing Yemen, when Yemen has acted in self-defence? Why allege political connections devoid of any factuality if not to engineer a pre-approved narrative?

I hate it to break it to you but Yemen is not another proxy in between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Yemen is very much alone in this deadly struggle … Yemenis are not taking their cues from Tehran when it comes to defending the integrity of their borders. Why would you assume they do? Why would anyone assume that faith automatically implies political allegiance? Talk about prejudiced bigotry, and Orientalism.

In all truth Yemen could have done with an Iranian alliance. At least then the war-torn nation would not have had to bear military interventionism on its own; at least then Yemen would have had a friend to stand in its corner, rather than face annihilation alone.

If Yemen is a proxy it is for Western powers covert imperialism. If Yemen should in fact be defined by great many adjectives, it is to condemn Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist agenda – this expression of neo-theofascism Western capitals have enabled and essentially weaponised.

Let me tell you what your indifference bought Yemen.

In early October a funeral hall in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital was double-tapped by Saudi warplanes to make a point. What point would that be? That Yemen owns not its sovereignty, political future, or religious freedom.

Over 140 were killed and an excess of 525 severely injured to satisfy Riyadh’s political vindictiveness. Not even the United States could bury such a criminal act.

Here is how the Guardian covered the event: “The dead and wounded include senior military and security officials from the ranks of the Shia Houthi rebels fighting President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi.”

Here we are again with the Shia label … what about we gave Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi his own … it would be only polite. Here is what reports should read:  twice-resigned, once runaway renegade Wahhabi-sympathiser former President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi? At least those adjectives we can back up with empirical evidences.

Before such unwarranted attack the world presented but timid condemnation. What is it that the say? “The customer is never wrong.”

Indeed, in our dystopian capitalist society one does not anger wealthy patrons, especially not when their military endeavours have allowed for billions to be made on the blood of the innocent.

Saudi Arabia has been given a licence to kill, its ruling elite is quite determined to make the most of it. According to the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies over 13,000 civilians have perished as a direct result of Riyadh’s aggression since March 2015; tens of thousands have been injured and over 3 million people have been displaced.

To such grim figures you need to add 2 million severely malnourished children, 7 million critically food insecure people and 26 million men, women and children in need of immediate humanitarian aid.

… Yemen stands still under a humanitarian blockade. In negation of every law under the Sun, Yemen has been condemned to a slow death so that the kingdom would claim victory.

Today this insane colonial campaign against Yemen could explode dramatically tensed geopolitical dynamics and turn one local conflict into a global military struggle. America’s attack on October 13, 2016 – however tactically limited it claimed to be – could lock competing powers into a deadly embrace. If Syria is anything to go by, Yemen is setting up to be the world’s next military flashpoint.

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