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Nazi Supreme Court Approved “Child Trafficking” of Muslim Children


Israeli Supreme Court Approved “Child Trafficking” of Muslim Children

Israeli Supreme Court Approved “Child Trafficking” of Muslim Children

Richard Silverstein wrote in Tikkun OLam in 2015:

The child welfare system in Israel is draconian, arbitrary, capricious and all-powerful.  It marshalls state power to an antiquated notion of normative cultural and family values.  If you do not fit the consensus definition of a fit parent you will lose your children.  And there will be nothing you can do about it.

Silverstein reported:

…a Palestinian man married a Jewish woman and they had twins in 2010.  Because the woman was mentally ill, child welfare officials removed the children from her care and placed them into foster care.  The foster parents were Orthodox Jews.  This decision was, of course, a violation of child welfare regulations according to Hannah Beit Halachmi, which require children to be fostered by parents of their own ethnicity.  But when you work for the state in such capacity, the rules don’t apply.

The foster parents initially consulted with the father about major decisions including education, health, etc.  They then requested to adopt the children.  The father objected and sought to retain guardianship.

In an earlier decision, the lower court ruled entirely in favor of the father’s claims, finding the authorities acted deceitfully and trampled on the father’s rights.  That they never considered him as a suitable parent, never offered him any assistance or training to help him deal with being a single father, and misled him into believing the children would be taken away temporarily, when authorities intended all along to offer the children permanently to the foster couple.  Child welfare officials made false statements about both parents in order to justify their illegal actions in removing the children from the father’s care.

The Orthodox Jewish adoptive parents appealed this decision to the Supreme Court.  In a truly bizarre ruling, the Court came up with a new theory of parental rights that enabled it to rip the children from their father and award them to adoptive parents who would convert the children to Orthodox Judaism and reject every vestige of their father’s ethnic identity.  The justices placed a fig leaf over the decision by declaring that the father would retain guardianship (in order to “preserve his dignity” according to the racist phrasing of the Ynet article), but just not be entitled to make any significant decision about their care or upbringing:

The Supreme Court ruled that the foster parents can decide on issues such as education, nutrition, health and other issues related to the lives of the girls, but they would have to consult with the biological parent on outstanding issues such as surgery. In other words, the biological father will remain the guardian “of honor” but the job of raising them will be almost completely in the foster care family’s purview.

“Honor” like this I’m sure he can do without.  This is a totally invented judicial construct which is something like the Christian concept of “godfather.”  An honor without substance.  It is a sham ruling that usurps the father’s real and natural rights.  Besides losing the rights enumerated above, the justices reduced his visitation rights to once every two weeks.

The justice who wrote the majority decision, Elyakim Rubinstein, is an Orthodox Jew.  I have no doubt that he is offended by ‘miscegenation,’ the intermarriage of Jews and Muslims.  The idea that a Muslim father would raise the child of a Jewish mother as Muslim, he must certainly have found objectionable.  But he could not articulate a legal ruling in such a fashion since it would be rightfully derided as racist, so he created an artificial legal fig leaf and used it to conceal his underlying motivation.

Israeli family law expert, Yossi Nakar, adds that Israeli law specifies clearly that the religion of a child may only be determined by its parents and with their consent.  In the absence of these children’s mother, this duty would fall to the father.  Since the Court refused to grant the foster parents full custody of the twins, they should have no right under Israeli law to determine what religion these children should have.

Israelis who’ve supported the Court’s ruling have done so arguing the children are Jewish under Israeli law because the mother was Jewish.  This is false.  Israeli civil law does not adhere to halacha in this matter.  But it is telling that pro-Israel advocates assume Israel is essentially a theocracy that strictly adheres to halacha…

This is the very same Supreme Court liberal Zionists celebrate as a champion of human rights and democratic values.  Of course, they forget Justice Aharon Barak hasn’t been the chief justice for a decade or more.  Now, there are even proud settlers sitting on the Court.

I do not believe that any child welfare authority of any western nation would make such a racist decision.  They would first seek a Muslim family for foster parents for such children.  They would never permit such an alienation of affection and identity between children and parent.

Beit Halachmi, in her own denunciation of the case in Facebook, called it “state-approved child-trafficking.”  Other Israeli child welfare activists accuse social welfare officials of collusion with Jewish parents seeking to adopt children.  They say that having a single agency charged both with removing children from parental custody and offering children up for adoption has a built in conflict of interest.  Such an authority would be more inclined to remove children if they had adoptive Jewish parents ready to take such children.

This is indeed what happened in this instance.  This activist website calls what happened to this Palestinian father “trafficking on behalf of the adoption industry.”  There are even rumors that adoptive parents may pay off welfare authorities to find them children to adopt.  Given the level of corruption in Israeli government agencies this is an entirely possible scenario…

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AP Erases Video of Nazi Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy


AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy

Israeli children are dressing up as Elor Azaria, who shot prisoner in the head as he lay on the ground [VIDEO]

Stonewalls Queries during “Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know”

By Alison Weir | If Americans Knew 

In the midst of journalism’s “Sunshine Week” – during which the Associated Press and other news organizations are valiantly proclaiming the public’s “right to know” – AP insists on conducting its own activities in the dark, and refuses to answer even the simplest questions about its system of international news reporting.

Most of all, it refuses to explain why it erased footage of an Israeli soldier intentionally shooting a Palestinian boy.

AP, according to its website, is the world’s oldest and largest news organization. It is the behemoth of news reporting, providing what its editors determine is the news to a billion people each day. Through its feeds to thousands of newspapers, radio and television stations, AP is a major determinant in what Americans read, hear and see – and what they don’t.

What they don’t is profoundly important. I investigated one such omission when I was in the Palestinian Territories last year working on a documentary with my colleague (and daughter), who was filming our interviews.

On Oct. 17, 2004 Israeli military forces invaded Balata, a dense, poverty-stricken community deep in Palestine’s West Bank (Israel frequently invades this area and others). According to witnesses, the vehicles stayed for about twenty minutes, the military asserting its power over the Palestinian population. The witnesses state that there was no Palestinian resistance – no “clash,” no “crossfire.” At one point, after most of the vehicles had finally driven away, an Israeli soldier stuck his gun out of his armored vehicle, aimed at a pre-pubescent boy nearby, and pulled the trigger.

We went to the hospital and interviewed the boy, Ahmad, his doctors, family, and others. Ahmad had bandages around his lower abdomen, where surgeons had operated on his bladder. He said he was afraid of Israeli soldiers, and pulled up his pants leg to show where he had been shot previously.

In the hospital there was a second boy, this one with a shattered femur; and a third boy, this one in critical condition with a bullet hole in his lung. A fourth boy, not a patient, was visiting a friend. He showed us a scarred lip and missing teeth from when Israeli soldiers had shot him in the mouth.

This was not an unusual situation. When I had visited Palestinian hospitals on a previous trip, I had seen many such victims; some with worse injuries. Yet, very few Americans know this is going on. AP’s actions in regard to Ahmad’s shooting may explain why.

We discovered that an AP cameraman had filmed the entire incident. This cameraman had then followed what apparently is the usual routine. He sent his video – an extremely valuable commodity, since it contained documentary evidence of a war crime – to the AP control bureau for the region. This bureau is in Israel.

What happened next is unfathomable. Did AP broadcast it? No. Did AP place the video in safe-keeping, available for an investigation of this crime? No.

According to its cameraman, AP erased it.

We were astounded. We traveled to AP’s control bureau in Israel. With our own video camera out and running, we asked bureau chief Steve Gutkin about this incident. Was the information we had been told correct, or did he have a different version? Did the bureau have the video, or had they indeed erased it. If so, why?

Gutkin, repeatedly looking at the camera and visibly flustered, told us that AP did not allow its journalists to give interviews. He told us that all questions must go to Corporate Communications, located in New York. He explained that they were on deadline and couldn’t talk. I said I understood deadline pressure, and sat down to wait until they were done. When he called Israeli police to arrest us, we left.

Back in the US later, I phoned Corporate Communications and reached Director of Media Relations Jack Stokes, AP’s public relations spokesman. I had conversed with Stokes before.

Over the past several years I have noticed disturbing flaws in AP coverage of Israel-Palestine: newsworthy stories not being covered, reports sent to international newspapers but not to American ones, stories omitting or misreporting significant facts, critical sentences being removed from updated reports.

I would phone AP with the appropriate correction or news alert. One time this resulted in a flawed news story being slightly corrected in updates. In a few cases stories were then covered that had been neglected. In many cases, however, I was told that I needed to speak to Corporate Communications. I would phone Corporate Communications, leave a message, and wait for a response. Most often, none came.

Several times, however, I was able to have long conversations with AP spokesman Stokes. None of these conversations, however, ever ended with AP taking any action. Some typical responses:

  • The omitted story was “not newsworthy.”
  • The story deemed by AP editors to be newsworthy to the rest of the world – e.g. Israel’s brutal imprisonment of over 300 Palestinian youths – was not newsworthy in the US (Israel’s major ally).
  • Burying a report of Israeli forces shooting a four-year-old Palestinian girl in the mouth was justified.
  • Misreporting an incident in which an Israeli officer riddled a 13-year-old girl at close range with bullets was unimportant.

Despite this unresponsive pattern, when I learned firsthand of an AP bureau erasing footage of an atrocity, I again phoned Corporate Communications. I no longer had much expectation that AP would take any corrective action, but I did expect to receive some information. I gave spokesperson Stokes the numerous details about this incident that we had gathered on the scene and asked him the same questions I had asked Gutkin. He said he would look into this and get back to me.

After several days he had not gotten back to me, so I again phoned him. He said that he had looked into this incident, and that AP had determined that this was “an internal matter” and that they would give no response.

Palestinian boy

Footage of this boy being intentionally shot by an Israeli soldier was erased by the Associated Press. Photo: Reuters

While I should have known better, I was again astounded. AP was blatantly violating fundamental journalistic norms of ethical behavior, and clearly felt it had the power to get away with it.

Journalism, according to the Statement of Principles of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, is a “sacred trust.” It is the bulwark of a free society and is so essential to the functioning of a democracy that our forefathers affirmed its primacy in the very first amendment of the Bill of Rights.

According to the Society of Professional Journalists, one of the four major pillars of journalistic ethics is to “Be Accountable.” According to the SPJ’s Code of Ethics:

“Journalists are accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers and each other.

“Journalists should:

  • Clarify and explain news coverage and invite dialogue with the public over journalistic conduct.
  • Encourage the public to voice grievances against the news media.
  • Admit mistakes and correct them promptly.
  • Expose unethical practices of journalists and the news media.
  • Abide by the same high standards to which they hold others.”

Finally, this week, on deadline with a chapter about media coverage of Israel-Palestine, I again tried to confirm some of my facts with AP. Certainly, I felt, during “Sunshine Week” AP would respond. As part of the Sunshine campaign, AP’s CEO and President Tom Curley is traveling the country giving speeches on the necessity of transparency and accountability (for government) and emphasizing “the openness that effective democracy requires.”

“The trend toward secrecy,” AP’s President has correctly been pointing out, “is the greatest threat to democracy.”

I emailed my questions to AP, talked to Stokes by phone, and again was told he would get back to me. Again, I got back to him. Then, in a surreal exchange, he conveyed AP’s reply: “The official response is we decline to respond.” As I asked question after question, many as simple as a confirmation of the number of bureaus AP has in Israel-Palestine, the response was silence or a repetition of: “The official response is we decline to respond.”

The next day I tried phoning AP’s President Curley directly. I was unable to reach him, since he was on the road giving his Sunshine Week speeches (“Secrecy,” Curley says, “is for losers”), but I left a message for him with an assistant. She said someone would respond.

I am still waiting.

It is clearly time to go to AP’s superiors. The fact is, AP is a cooperative. It is not owned by Corporate Communications spokespeople or by its CEO or even by its board of directors. It is owned by the thousands of newspapers and broadcast stations around the United States that use AP reports. These newspapers, radio and television stations are the true directors of AP, and bear the responsibility for its coverage.

In the end, it appears, the only way that Americans will receive full, unbiased reporting from AP on Israel-Palestine will be when these member-owners demand such coverage from their employees in the Middle East and in New York. As long as AP’s owners remain too busy or too negligent to ensure the quality and accuracy of their Israel-Palestine coverage, the handful of people within AP who are distorting its news reporting on this tragic, life-and-death, globally destabilizing issue will quite likely continue to do so.

In the final analysis, therefore, it is up to us – members of the public – to step in. Everyone who believes that Americans have the right and the need to receive full, undistorted information on all issues, including Israel-Palestine, must take action. We must require our news media to fulfill their profoundly important obligation, and we must ourselves distribute the critical information our media are leaving out.

If we don’t take action, no one else will.

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Bahrain: Zio-Wahhabi regime approves military trials for civilians


Image result for Bahrain COURT CARTOON

Zio-Wahhabi regime  has approved trial of civilians at military tribunals in a measure blasted by human rights campaigners as being tantamount to imposition of an undeclared martial law countrywide.

The Consultative Council, the upper house of the Bahraini parliament, voted for the measure Sunday, less than two weeks after it was approved by the Council of Representatives, the lower house.

The move saw Manama manipulating part of its constitution, which defines the identities of those who can stand trial at such courts.

Neighboring Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime, whose influence radically sways Bahrain, has likewise redefined its anti-terror laws to expand the powers of its security forces in the face of political dissent.

Bahrain has been witnessing peaceful anti-regime protests since 2011. High-handed suppression of the rallies has led to widespread imprisonments and scores of deaths.

Hundreds of the detainees have already faced summary proceedings at military courts.

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Britain ignores Bahrain’s human rights record to pursue business interests with dictatorship

Image result for THERESA MAY CARTOON
By Marwa Osman | RT 

Britain’s multi-million pound trade and aid strategy for programs in Bahrain needs exposed as the tiny gulf kingdom continues its chain of tyranny and torture against the Shia majority.

The British government’s unreserved condemnation of torture and inhumane treatment and punishment seems to vanish when it comes to making more money. As kidnaps, imprisonments and political executions are on the rise in Bahrain, activists and Bahraini opposition figures are troubled by the fact that the UK government is spending taxpayers’ money on these trade and aid programs, especially given the clear risk of complicity in abuse.

Habib Mohamed Habib is the latest Bahraini civilian to be kidnapped from his home the morning of Friday March 3rd 2017 as security forces deployed armored vehicles in and around Diraz, in a continuation of the Al Khalifa Monarchy’s oppression against the Shiite Friday prayers as part of their uninterrupted crackdown on civilians since 2011 in the Bahraini capital Manama.

As Habib’s family struggle to know the whereabouts of their son, traveling in and around Diraz is nothing less than a nightmare with traffic jams at every entry point of the town, which is witnessing an increase in tightened security at its checkpoints.

Meanwhile, since last June the citizens of Diraz have been experiencing an internet blockade every day between 7pm and 1am as a result of a service restriction order from the Bahraini authorities. The citizens of Diraz are increasingly being cut off from the outside world. They cannot even contact emergency services, and if somebody is caught aiding a fellow citizen he/she will disappear like Habib and hundreds of others like him.

Last week alone, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights BHRC documented a total of 17 arbitrary arrests, among whom were six children. In the same week, 129 marches took place in 40 villages in Bahrain to denounce the chain of repressions and kidnappings targeting peaceful protestors and Friday prayers’ attendees. BHRC reported that 26 marches during the same week were attacked by the Bahraini riot police and a total of 19 persons were judged in 6 politically motivated cases.

It is an open secret in Bahrain that after 6 years of constant crackdowns on millions of protestors who clamored for social justice and political self-determination, the ruling Al Khalifa regime has managed to get away with brutalizing, imprisoning, torturing and killing their own civilians under nonsensical pretexts. Although the monarchy has often expressed its desire to negotiate a political solution, promises of change have translated on the ground to a systematic crackdown.

The Al Khalifa regime has utterly failed to bear its responsibility in creating a space of dialogue in order to foster harmony, cohesion and tolerance. Instead of pushing for respect of cultural diversities amongst its citizens as a fundamental basis of democracy and peace-building, the authorities have politicized freedom of religion and successfully used it as a pretext for the incitement of hatred, violence and racial discrimination against groups of individuals and religious minorities.

International community’s deafening silence

Despite the fact that the Bahraini authorities have been only tightening restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression and association and continuing to curtail the right to peaceful assembly while detaining and charging several human rights defenders, banning others from traveling abroad, dissolving the main opposition group and stripping more than 80 people of their Bahraini citizenship, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has largely remained silent on the situation in Bahrain.

According to a joint NGO letter to Permanent Representatives of Member and Observer States of the UN Human Rights Council, Bahrain’s courts continued to play a key role last year in issuing repressive orders and granting the authorities broad discretionary powers to revoke Bahrainis’ citizenship, in some cases leaving them stateless.

The ultimate repressive order was issued on January 9, 2017 by Bahrain’s Court of Cassation upheld death sentences against three protestors convicted of killing police including three police officers in a bomb attack.

Sami Mushaima (42), Ali Al-Singace (21) and Abbas Al-Samea (27), who were executed on the morning of January 15, 2017 by firing squad, were reported by Bahrain Center for Human Rights BHRC to have been tortured during interrogation to force them to confess to the bomb attack. According to the BHRC, the lawyers of the executed men were not given access to all the hearings against the defendants, nor allowed to cross-examine prosecution witnesses during court hearings.

The shocking part about the atrocities inflicting the Bahrainis is no longer the blatant violations of the Al Khalifa monarchy as much as it is the international community turning a blind eye to the Bahraini people’s legitimate struggle for democratic rights.

UK government complicit in oppression

The US and the UK are two major western states supposedly committed to supporting human rights, democratic values, free speech and political self-determination, while, at the same time, are flagrantly partnering with dictatorships like that of the Bahraini Monarchy to advance their foreign agenda.

For instance, the government of the United Kingdom signed what the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) called a “landmark defense agreement” with the Gulf island kingdom of Bahrain in 2014. Clearly ongoing human rights abuses committed by those partners on their own citizens are not considered a shared strategic and regional threat especially when Bahrain is home to a major Royal Navy base. The multi-million-pound Royal Navy facility in Bahrain, which was founded in November 2016 housing up to 600 UK military personnel, became the staging-post for Britain in the Middle East and is designed to assert influence over the Gulf. Bahrain has paid most of the £30million-plus cost, with the UK contributing around £7.5million.

During the opening of the new Naval Support Facility (NSF) in Manama, Britain’s first permanent military base in the region since 1971, the Telegraph published an OpEd by Fawaz bin Mohamed Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s Ambassador to London, who claimed that King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa outlined the Gulf Cooperation Council’s interest in a free trade agreement between the UK and the GCC, which would significantly increase the UK’s access to the GCC’s £1.3 trillion market; a market estimated to grow by a further £400 billion by 2020.

Relative to its size, Bahrain already hosts a large number of British companies. The Bahraini Ambassador to London put the figures at “500 British brands, 90 British company branches, and 350 Bahraini-British business partnerships”. These businesses operate in some of Bahrain’s key sectors, including banking, accounting, law and industry. Meanwhile bilateral trade between Bahrain and the UK generated a staggering £432 million in 2015 alone, which would simply explain why the UK would choose to remain silent on all the human rights violations in the tiny gulf kingdom.

These bilateral relations are signed and sealed with Bahraini blood, says Ali Alaswad, former Bahraini Member of Parliament who was elected in October 2010, but resigned in February 2011 in response to the Governments’ crackdown on peaceful democracy protesters.

After his home was targeted by security forces, AlAswad left Bahrain and now resides in London where he continues his political work to achieve a democratic Bahrain. As I spoke with MP AlAswad, he emphasized that the UK’s current disappointing stance towards ignoring the human rights violations in Bahrain provides “a green light to the Bahraini government to abuse the basic human rights of the civilians which permits it to become more violent against the Shia majority and the Bahraini opposition.”

AlAswad told me “it doesn’t matter who you are in Bahrain, if you dare to demand for your basic rights then you will be in grave danger, which is why if the UK government as a strategic ally to the Bahraini government doesn’t use its ties as a strong card to support the oppressed Bahraini people to at least secure their basic human rights as enlisted in the declaration of human rights, then the UK is whitewashing the Bahraini authorities’ shocking human rights record by deliberately blocking official criticism of the Kingdom especially at international forums like the UN”.

The UK government is now seen by human rights activists and Bahraini opposition figures as a complicit in the tiny gulf kingdom’s tyranny against the outcry of the legitimate and basic demands of the Bahraini civilians until an official statement is issued from the UK government to condemn the acts of oppression of the Bahraini monarchy against its people.

“How do you expect the majority of the population to react when they see their leaders and clerics being detained, unlawfully imprisoned and even sometimes deported from their own country?” asks MP AlAswad.

Sheikh Ali Salman, a Shiite cleric and head of the Al-Wefaq opposition party, is now sentenced to serve nine years in jail for allegedly inciting hatred and calling for regime change by force.

The Bahraini authorities then went overboard when they stripped the highest religious authority in the country Sheikh Isa Qassim, a 79-year-old cleric, of his citizenship in June 2016 over accusations that he used his position to serve foreign interests and promote sectarianism and violence. This happened a week after the government of Bahrain suspended the Shia opposition group al-Wefaq.

The implications of this arrest is sending shockwaves on the streets of Manama, Diraz, Sanabes, Karbabad, Karzakan and Barbar with protestors refusing to back down. This resistance is prompting even more oppression and kidnapping from the Bahraini authorities.

Earlier this week, Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi, said through his twitter account, that targeting Ayatollah Qassim is triggered by his brave and firm stances, to demand legitimate rights for the oppressed Bahraini people. The deputy SG also stressed that Ayatollah Qassim is a red line, and the repercussions of crossing that line would go beyond the country’s borders.

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‘They destroyed our homes, injured our kids’: Sanaa residents speak of horror of Saudi Zio-Wahhabi bombings



Zio-Wahhabi King Shaloom

Residents of one neighborhood in Sanaa say it has been hit by 37 bombs and rockets from the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi led coalition since Riyadh began intervening in Yemen. They have nobody to help them in the dire situation, they told Ruptly news agency.

“Our homes were destroyed because of the aggression and we didn’t receive help from anyone, no one provided us with mattresses, blankets or food. We have absolutely nothing left inside our houses. All this because of the aggression,” one resident said.

Another said their home was destroyed by three rockets during a raid.

“Once we were hit by the rockets we started running away and everything was destroyed. There was fire and then we were homeless and lost everything and it started raining. We lost everything because of this aggression,” she said. “What did we do to deserve this, to be shelled? They destroyed our homes and injured our kids.”

One man said almost three dozen houses have been destroyed by the coalition in the Al-Masanie neighborhood, and many survivors have nowhere to live now.

“Some people rented other houses and some other living in tents. Their situation is so bad especially since there is no income anymore. Those families’ situation is miserable,” he said.

“The situation in this neighborhood is very bad,” another person said. “For more than a year they were targeted by rockets launched by fighter jets, which belongs to the alliance, the Saudi-American alliance. The houses were destroyed and people are living in a miserable situation.”

Since March 2015, when Riyadh sent its troops to prop up a pro-Saudi president ousted by rebel forces, an estimated 10,200 people have been killed in Yemen fighting. Up to three million were displaced, bringing the already-destitute Arab country to the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

Civilians in Yemen are suffering from a lack of basic supplies, including food, medicine, and fuel, partially due to a Saudi Zio-Wahhabi naval and air blockade. Civil rights groups say the Saudi intervention in the country may amount to war crimes.

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Defense Executive Pleads Guilty to Defrauding US Aid Program


Image result for Yuval Marshak PHOTO


A former executive of Nazi Jewish-based defense contractor has pleaded guilty for his role in schemes to defraud a multi-billion dollar US program to finance foreign military purchases, the US Department of Justice announced in a press release on Monday.

Yuval Marshak entered his plea to one count of mail fraud, two counts of wire fraud and one count of major fraud against the United States in US District Court in the state of Connecticut, the release explained.

“This conviction is the result of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service’s (DCIS) ongoing effort to identify and investigate fraudulent activity targeting the Department of Defense and its programs that support America’s national security and foreign policy objectives,”  DCIS Northeast Field Office acting special agent in charge Leigh-Alistair Barzey stated in the release.

According to court documents, Marshak carried out three separate schemes between 2009 and 2013, in which he falsely certified that all items sent to ‘Israel’ had been made in the United States, as required by law, the release noted.

Marshak also falsely claimed that no commissions had been paid, when a company in Connecticut that was controlled by a relative received undisclosed payments, according to the release.Two US companies have already settled charges with the Justice Department in connection with the FMF contracts.

Earlier this year, the New Jersey-based defense contractor Octal Group agreed to pay $460,000 in fines and restitution for covering up an agreement with Marshak.

A second company, Hale Products, Inc. paid more than $60,000 and agreed to cooperate with the Justice Department investigation.

In addition to fines, Marshak faces a maximum prison sentence of 20 years for wire and mail fraud charges, ten years for major fraud against the US government and 20 years for international money laundering.

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Nazi Police Beat Relatives of Freed Palestinian Prisoner


Five Palestinians said they were pulled from their vehicles, violently assaulted, and detained by Nazi forces at a checkpoint in occupied East Jerusalem, after returning home to welcome home their relative who had just been released from Nazi Camp.

Moussa Darwish was set to be released from Ktziot Nazi Camp in the Negev region on Sunday after completing a 12-year sentence, but the newly freed man found Nazi Gestapo officers waiting for him outside the prison, who immediately redetained him.

52-year-old Ahmad Darwish, pictured with a black eye inflicted by the police beating

Nazi forces prevented the group of family and friends from approaching Darwish, after they had traveled from Issawiya in East Jerusalem and arrived to the prison.

They were notified that Darwish had been taken to Israel’s Russian Compound detention center back in West Jerusalem for interrogation. After several hours, Israeli forces again released Darwish.

However, Darwish’s friends and relatives  Ahmad Darwish, 52, Ibrahim Darwish, 42, Mansour Darwish, 28, Muhammad Ubeid, 25, and Saeb Dirbas, 23 — said that upon their return to Jerusalem, their three vehicles were “ambushed” by Nazi forces who had set up a flying checkpoint at the entrance to the city.

Mansour Darwish, the former prisoner’s cousin, said that their group encountered a crippling traffic jam caused by the checkpoint.

“When we tried to pass the checkpoint, our cars were stopped one after the other. Without even asking for our IDs or driving licenses, they made us step outside, and officers from the Nazi police special Yasam unit started to beat us violently — and we had no idea why.” … continue

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Nazi minister wants Lebanon ‘sent back to Middle Ages’


Image result for Naftali Bennett CARTOON

Nazi Naftali Bennett

Nazi minister says “life in Lebanon today is not bad” compared to Syria, adding Tel Aviv should target civilians in a future war with the country and send it “back to the Middle Ages.”

Nazi Naftali Bennett has said all aspects of life in Lebanon must be targeted in a future war with Hezbollah, because the resistance movement is now an important part of the Lebanese people.

“Today, Hezbollah is embedded in sovereign Lebanon. It is part of the government and, according to the president, also part of its security forces,” Zionist newspaper Haaretz quoted Bennett as saying on Sunday.

The daily referred to statements made a month ago by Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun who ruled out outside pressures to disarm Hezbollah.

“As long as Israel occupies land and covets the natural resources of Lebanon, and as long as the Lebanese military lacks the power to stand up to Israel, [Hezbollah’s] arms are essential,” Aoun said.

“The Lebanese institutions, its infrastructure, airport, power stations, traffic junctions, Lebanese Army bases – they should all be legitimate targets if a war breaks out,” Bennett said.

“Life in Lebanon today is not bad – certainly compared to what’s going on in Syria. Lebanon’s civilians, including the Shia population, will understand that this is what lies in store for them,” The Nazi added.

Nazi Bennett said heavily targeting civilian infrastructure, along with additional air and ground action by the Nazi troops, will shorten the campaign as it will accelerate international intervention.

“That will lead them to stop it quickly – and we have an interest in the war being as short as possible,” he said.

Nazi Bennett’s approach is not new for the Nazi officials. In 2008, the head of the Nazi army’s Northern Command, who currently serves as the army’s chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkot, presented the “Dhahiya doctrine.”

This picture shows the aftermath of Nazi bombing of residential buildings in Dhahiya in southern Beirut in August 2006.

It referred to Nazi heavy bombardment of the densely-populated Shia quarter in southern Beirut in the 2006 war because buildings in the neighborhood were identified with Hezbollah.

Haaretz said Hezbollah was able to launch more than 1,000 rockets into the Nazi state in a single day of fighting, leaving Tel Aviv with either no or limited solution to confront them.

Nazi Bennett said hunting rocket launchers during a war is almost impossible, adding Hezbollah has learned to deploy them in a more sophisticated manner, thus the regime must hit civilian targets.

“If Hezbollah fires missiles at the Israeli home front, this will mean sending Lebanon back to the Middle Ages,” he said.

Nazi Bennett served as a reserve officer and commanded an elite unit sent deep into southern Lebanon to find Hezbollah’s rocket-launching squads during the second Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006, which ended after 33 days.

Many Nazi leaders admitted that the war marked a defeat for Tel Aviv, dealing another serious blow to its military’s myth of invincibility.

Last week, Nazi Minister of Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said at a Knesset committee meeting that the Lebanese army was now “a subsidiary unit of Hezbollah.”

Hezbollah fighters are currently helping Syrian troops confront Takfiri terrorists and prevent the conflict from spilling over into Lebanon.

In a series of interviews with Lebanese media last month, President Aoun said Hezbollah operations “complement the actions of the army and do not contradict them.”

“They are a major part of Lebanon’s defense,” he said.

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Cool facts about I$raHell Refuted


Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Threat to World Peace

Will the Royal Family Celebrate 100 Years of Shame by Endorsing Israel?

Israeli Defense Executive Pleads Guilty to Defrauding US Aid Program


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Settlers Kill Israel’s “Better Self”



(Left, Settlers) 
by Ran HaCohen
Israel’s vanishing democracy stands out even while the entire world is drifting away from democratic values. Netanyahu’s coalition government is systematically emptying the country’s democracy, passing a new law every other day aimed at intimidating and silencing any dissenting voice.
Thus, whereas the right-wing enjoys major donations from abroad – from Sheldon Adelson to American evangelists to Jared Kushner – left-wing NGOs in Israel are being singled out and delegitimized, in a Putin-like manner, by a series of laws for “being financed by foreign governments”, and their activity is progressively hampered.
A moderate left-wing NGOs like Breaking the Silence (former Israeli soldiers who talk critically about their occupation experience) is denied access to schools, with an art gallery closed after hosting an evening with it.
If several years ago it was radical Noam Chomsky who was not allowed to enter the West Bank, now a law prohibiting entry of all BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) supporters is coming up. Recently, even the vice president of a liberal Zionist Jewish-American organization that donates millions to Israel was detained at Ben-Gurion airport, undergoing hours of a humiliating interrogation with insinuations of “disloyalty”.


Much more than leftists, government-directed violence and incitement is aimed at the 21% Palestinian minority in Israel, as can be seen in the recent incident in Umm al-Hiran, a Bedouin village in the South. Its inhabitants – Arab-Israeli citizens, some of them serving in the army – had been moved to that location sixty years ago by Israel, that now decided to dump them at yet another location in order to construct a Jewish suburb on the village ruins. Arriving to demolish the village armed to the teeth, Israeli forces claimed an ISIS-inspired resident accelerated his car towards the forces, killing one policeman, and consequently shot dead. This story – reminiscent of the terror attacks in Berlin and Nice – was immediately propagated by police and cabinet ministers in an outrageous campaign of incitement smeared all over the media and social media.
By now, however, pressed by NGOs and remnants of the critical journalism, investigation has revealed that the Bedouin car driver, an admired 50-year-old schoolteacher, had no affinity whatsoever to any Islamist radicalism, no intention to commit any attack, and was just leaving the village with some of his belongings after telling his wife (herself a PhD college professor) he didn’t wish to witness the demolition of his home. He was first shot in his right knee by the police, consequently lost control of his car on the steep slope, and was finally left bleeding to death in his car, while police were preventing medical assistance that could have saved his life.
This is the typical treat Netanyahu’s government is giving its Arab citizens: discrimination, ruthless violence, incitement and fake accusations. Remember how Netanyahu portrayed Israeli Palestinians as “heading to the polling stations in droves, taken in buses by Left-wing NGOs” in the last elections, how by the same token he passed a law to impeach elected Knesset members, and so on.
Israel’s critical media too has been under fire for very long, pushing the country to place 101 in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index, next to Uganda and Kuwait, worse than Tunisia or Lebanon. Netanyahu is in control of the biggest Israeli daily, financed by his “friend” Adelson, while several other media are owned by other rich “friends” and allies or dependent on Netanyahu’s authority as Minister of Communications. Freedom of speech has been amended to exclude calls for boycotting settlements or settlers, with a follow-up law now in consideration to cut funding to universities with lecturers who back such a boycott. The list is getting longer every day; That’s not what democracy looks like.
Does this sellout of democracy go hand-in-hand with enhancing Israel’s Jewish character? The very opposite is true. The Ten Commandments, the quintessence of Judaism, are permanently, consciously waived.
Having coveted their neighbors’ lands, water and all other resources for decades, Israel has now replaced “Thou shalt not steal” by the notorious “Regularization Law”, which only Ha’aretz keeps referring to by its true designation: the Land-grab Law. This law – which even Netanyahu had claimed “it would take us to [the International Criminal Court in] the Hague”, but later, as a leader of principles, supported it – represents a new peak in the Israeli land-grabbing in Occupied Territory. So far, Palestinian lands have been massively confiscated if they could be declared “state lands” with no private ownership – as if Israel were the state to whom the Palestinian occupied territories belonged. Other lands, including private ones, have been confiscated “for public use” – for the construction of roads, industrial zones, military and security installations of any imaginable kind, and so on – with the “public” in mind being always the Jewish settlers, never the Palestinian inhabitants. All these methods and other dubious practices, however, have not satisfied the settlers’ appetite, who have their houses built on undisputedly privately owned Palestinian land in dozens of Jewish settlements. The new Land-grab Law legitimizes this theft as well: now Israel sanctifies taking private lands from Palestinians not just “for public use,” but also to build private homes for Jewish settlers. “Thou shalt not steal,” settlers exempted.
The case of Elor Azaria shows how Israel waives the Commandment “Thou shall not kill” as well – “thou shall not murder” in the Hebrew Bible. Azaria, a young soldier, arrived at a scene in occupied Hebron after a Palestinian had tried to stab a soldier and had been shot. The Palestinian was lying severely wounded on the ground, surrounded by many soldiers and constituting no danger to anybody, when Azaria cold-bloodedly shot him to death. Since the whole incident was recorded by cameras, cover-up failed and the soldier was put to trial. He was accused of man slaughter, not of murder, and sentenced to ridiculous 18 months in prison. More importantly, his trial exposed massive support for his crime not just among the rabble, but also by senior politicians up to PM Netanyahu. Not surprising, given that even a so-called liberal like MK Yair Lapid claimed “you have to shoot to kill anyone who pulls out a knife or screwdriver,” not just the far-right-wing like Minister Bennett, who added “I killed a lot of Arabs, and there’s no problem with that.” “Thou shall not kill” – unless its Palestinians.
Why did all that happen? Why has Israel stopped being democratic and Jewish? Because the Israeli state has by now been colonized by its own colonizers. The small minority of settlers and their extremist supporters have taken over most of the country’s positions of power – the Knesset, the government, the military, the police, almost the entire media – and subjugated them to their immoral, fanatic colonialist project.
 New Supreme Court judges have just been nominated: even in this liberal stronghold, settlers are now over-represented by a factor of 3: less than 5% of the population, almost 15% among Supreme Court judges are settlers. Each of the anti-democratic and anti-Jewish measures mentioned above can be traced back to the interests of settlers and settlements – including the willingness to turn a blind eye on anti-Semitism in the new American government for the hope it would give Israel a green light to entrench the Occupation, to confiscate and annex even more Palestinian land. The settlements have always been the greatest obstacle to peace – even Mr. Trump understands the notion that “every time you take land for settlements, there is less land left” – but now they destroy not only Israel’s chance to live in peace, but also its very existence, and its justification, both as a democratic and as a Jewish state.


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